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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/9/2022 - Live Ken Nash - 2022 election anomalies

Published Nov. 9, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and yet is the night of november two thousand twenty two day after election and i think that we all had received exactly what we got was going to happen which is an absolute in an absolute show of novels and problems that we had that we overhauled yesterday the process of analysis all but itself to realize that we in fact cannot to manage a free and fair election right now with the way that things are going on that's okay we're going to get the thing figured out it really shot me last night that they had the merest by a loving o'clock last night that sounds like the you know nine eleven washington to the towers and and all sudden he had the elections including all the passports within two hours so anyhow in a green can one morning were going to talk about all things things got morning an how you doing and in the morning dahore you i'm going great yet now staring seethe delay you were talking about a year is delayed now too so so aihaigh its first open the morning that so what do think about yesterday you didn't you didn't watch so you don't watch t v at all or any of the results to the events of yesterday you was he say that again there is a delight i'm totally blind as to the events of yesterday well last night at eleven o'clock apparently they had all the results in which while the sudden winced the count for like what nine days they had it by eleven o'clock last night kind of sounds like they had bob in the back room going beware goutte results of the election what have we what have we learned from this we learn that we have an absolute a good this is past go dialectic system our entire system from top bottom is broken i don't put any faith any belief in any of the numbers there is no possible way that you can have this kind of disparity between our state and the rest of the united states in it to the degree that it is and so i modestly in setback to semaphore it's like it's another day were just uncovering more and more criminal behavior within our government and in pretty extra sure that god is not going to allow this to go on for ever we just have to weave to sit here and at this they work out there's no reason of panic or be upset about this there is no reason to you know even even really be let it upset you let's let the work out there's a lot of really good people working on at ninety believed that were were uncovering more and more and more a problem with the election and what was the purpose of that what's as that question why wouldn't we have the roscoes can you hear me now or not see if you can leave in command we can get casein you can leave the channel then come back in a minute and hold on here guys once again the beauty of being lively if we can do it that way get back into the rumble feed i've got about screens going here so i managing a whole ton of a different connections which is kind of thought so anyhow how is it that they could announce that the innate could announce in eleven o'clock last night the election resulted and had it be why you know you got you got withernsea benson in and you know and they've got the house they've got sent everything seemed to go tradeing is in their favour and man they had this thing figured out in a love o clock last night when before what was it we counted votes for how many weeks so regardless i put absolutely no faith in this election whatsoever not one soever i think that the truth is going to come out and all we got to do is just be a little patient here come were i just keep calm don't freak out about it it's time to time to pray and be thankful for the fact that god is in control we always hear there's a plan whose plan is it will alternately at god's and i do believe that that it's been worked out right now and we diether and watch that happens there is no reason for any at any point in time for anyone to be upset about this or whatever we have pulled back the curtain on the criminality that's happening within our government i think that the process that i went through a running for governor which is really lahaina morning its gods and control that's exactly what it is my and and it it no matter how bad they cheat no matter how much evil happens out there it doesn't matter god a stern control he's allowing certain things to happen and we can just sit back in a copy hang out with france handed over to god praise god have a nice day enjoyed the world that he has and let him figure this situation i'm pretty exposure that our strength is always it's a god and when when we i see the cat that's where a switch of there you go so what i was saying is that we can sit here every day with complete and total faith that god is in control and you know what i need to say this but but the cheating and the i mean how you run out a baited a present i mean that happened in a how do all you ever explain being able to show up at a a voting location and be turned away because somebody already voted in your name how can we put it how can we sit here and say that this is an honest election it was it there's nothing honest it but quite honestly going through the process of running for governor a i've had this kind of like shameface and stay one of how broken the system is and he now what what do we do we get out teaspoon something we just say oh dear me what will ever happen to us now in that just now how do we get up and we fight we pentagons and we pray and we refused to give in to an enemy that's what they want they wanted to moralize us they want us to go away they want us to go whatever will have and oh my gosh nobody's getting arrested nothing to happen in here now there's a lot happening see the fine grain problems once this thing it's taken down which is going to have to get taken down we have to go back to the election we're going to find out its dividing the honestly at fifteen through people right now god told us this was going to happen it through people who is going to stand to the end who is going to be faithful what's going to happen i mean this whole process is much larger than this election it always has it was from the beginning so there is no hell i don't know about you but i have no surprises i was under i didn't watch anything an i didn't want anything yesterday i literally i wirelessed back and visited with friends went out for lunch and just waited to see when the cheek came out had no delusions of this was gettin a different direction so you know it's going to go in that direction there's no reason to be upset now we have even more we have an even more a fine rain annals sometimes that needs to happen so that maybe we need to wait more people up maybe people needed to get a little more fire under their belt instead of going get along because that's what's been happening there wasn't really enough pain out there to move people of their behind and get involved so you know what god is that this is a god this god then god will god will let us have exactly what we want and so we decided to get out of or behind stand up for that's worth a minor so in my in my upset about this not at all i knew it was going to go this way grace now and bacon when not a hand not a chance as it was this was the son of free and fair election was there any was there any way i could say i don't know because we don't have any any conclusive evidence on anything worse than lost but what is really funny is how decisive and quick they were to call this an eleven o'clock last night just like oh yes they were islanders and we found her passports within two blocks of the twin tower when we had a matriculate flowing all over man had endbury galley they found those two passports and the next of rubble and they called it within how much time it was it was literally with an an absurd amount of our what are we learned about this we have learned that there are winthrope say that you could lie there too stupid to conduct actual election which is for the people and the two diabolical to accomplish a good election which actually gives us the how its time not to sit here and winander what's going on and be sad and oh my gosh you know what happened how that work for all of you was still the votes how did that work for everyone to you see the personages that they said i got it was it was so minimal that that by their numbers it wouldn't even matter did that did i get that mounted i get more with more than that while i could tell you i had a hundred one million engagement on line o we how is that even possible not it is it is it is not possible what happened how is it possible someone could could lay this state out during covet and absolutely have most of the state understand that they were murdering people in the nursing homes they murdering people in the hospital the murdering people through the jab their murdering people through abortion and the trying to pass these they pass we passed all the proposals do we actually believe this look at how much push back and we can't sit there and blame detroit that is a lousy percase analysis just some idiot political hat who is trying to tell us how to think once again coming from what the conflict men he the conflict unitary completely a complete tale analysis detroit fall in the big cities fall the fault of a communist take over of this nation i done everything i can to infiltrate subvert take over and rig every single system we have in the united states of america there you are cause and a we have done this for the years look look what they did when it came to easter island all right i'm going to go back to this manipulation of cases kind of destroying it but it's kind of the same thing eastinhoe they were talking about how irresponsible the people from easter island were that they that they medecins all the natural resources and on the island and destroyed the ecosystem and blabbed the people for eastern felt really bad about you know recking their island and on and on and what was really the real cause analysis people that came there they go in and scientifically check out easter island brought rats on the island which destroyed the island and they blamed it on the islanders instead of singing it was the scientist that brought the orator in the first place complete failure in case analysis is what the exactly what i was going to go on with this el so you know what on a brand and bergson fact going to expand my well in it her at my backward on the security upon and watch a thing out there is no no possible way that i'm going to sit here and think oh whatever will we do the military is in doing anything we are were powerless where there's nothing we can do there's a lot going on right now tremendous exposing more and more people who are part of this communist unity exposing their trafficking sing it's not just the selection this is so much bigger than that it's not even funny we are exposing to a fine grain detail what is wrong with our system who is involved in that and the answer is going forward i actually incredibly happy where we are right now this process was going to go in the director there was nothing we were going to do to stop it there's also nothing can stop what is come because you can think you're going to get away with criminal behavior you're you're absurdity in running this election and this goes to the people i don't even believe that nalboon and and white are the main players there are the puppets complicity but so is your local news cast your local news caster is just as come as those people sitting the and unless we clean his whole they now no rent as we're going to sit here bravely we're going to sit with confidence knowing that there is a plan and we're going to trust the plan and whose plan is it it's god's no matter how bad the state esting they're going to win i got another thought coming for the beginning of their demise and we can celebrate today we can absolutely walk forward with confidence we can be the strength in our communities we can look for things to do to be positive and continued to be a positive positive force on this this stateless nation without wavering without taking a back step without being nervous complete and total confidence going forward so guess what is going to be a great day what we're all showing our callers right now our confidence and where we put our confidence a confidence in man or is it in the lord it's in jesus able guess what they might may come after us the first time look at what they did to me or my campaign of the ballet not once of the ballot removal sinecure they threw it out to another court through it up you know i keep keep so improving proving not only the innocence but what they were doing in ages at the next point that we land on these people is going to absolutely make the rat tat he picked out and prosecuted in ways that are absolutely horrific to them and we're going to enjoy this she is just as comes justice is going to come and we can walk forward with absolute faith and i actually pretty pretty happy this morning i went walk two miles and had a have a great sense a piece about it in in a red if you either special blessed day to all from eric good morning i felt that too for quite a while that god is sifting again sure as he setteth what he does he gives a thing to overcome new day new crisis were just going to fix it every time it comes round that what we have that what we always had hasn't changed a thing they they perfected the steel because i was never resolved absolutely eisleben a piece that i didn't have in twenty twenty said one thing i saw for sure was non resident students were registering and voting all across the country when they should have voted by and by devotes an the ither own permanent residents of the voting all over the police we had all kinds of outcoming from overeat i was in two different polling locations yesterday and one that i went in i saw with my own eyes somebody walked in with a mass and they asked him he had no he had no identification that tied him to the area i saw in my own my own eyes i was sitting there waiting for my daughter to vote and we drove over we tend to do this as an event or family so we've always done that where we we always will go together to vote it's a family activity it something everybody feels really proud about and and it's summat we talk about in our family and so so as we did i literally saw some one walked up to the table the guiablesse there and said just make us out and then then then good luck getting past the well i didn't see him criminologist i can only assume that he did vote the man it was there clearly saw and and and and admitted the heat not a identification to vote in that an example we had we had both machines that were a function all across the united states we had pulled books that were down we had we had no pole waiters a different areas i had none where i voted and in fact when i put my ballot and the machine the guy next to it said it i'll give you a signal that in it it had no nothing on the king to i dropped in the ban and all i saw was next ballot so using the menaces still using the cane sat where i can guarantee you this is still going straight to china other foreign entity and all those people that have helped them carry this out tapped bottom or traders more of kaerling to sell out soother souls for the material world rather than living by the spirit for the right reason and i had had an interesting interesting night morning this man talking about you know really training able to describe how the spirit world work very simple and honestly this is the is where we get a handle on the radical jesus at pendeen preached through the church as for years to what is the reality of the world around us and how spirit the spiritual world interact with us on a daily basis minute by minute and so last night i was up i was up you know preposessing cause that's what i do and then this morning i got up and was walking two miles and going through all things in my hat because i'm to the core in king and being able to describe the difference between some one who is truly spiritual and some one who put like our people that are in office and where their focus he focuses on the material world if that's what they worship and the money part of it they honestly become more or less a black hole they suck everything to them and it basically is a is a black hole never felt it never feels our and it's a dark place to go when we truly live within the spirit become light light pushes out darkness sucks to itself to destroy and when we let go of ourselves stop worrying and reach out to others and become that light where we let jesus shine through us we become the little lights all over the world the body of his and that's where we bring light in life to the areas around us today thing part of today this election for going forward do not worry worry is a lack of faith being up side of it at edessa let god take it and you just go out there and shine your light and you contribute to other people's lives you refuse to lay down in despair get up and everything that god put in you as a unique is a creation he loves you and you take that low that he's given you in those unique talents given you and go out into the world and be a light in the world get in your bible read the verses in your bible look at what it about love and how much your love and if you if you don't if you don't start pushing that light out all you do is become a consumer pull everything to you so there you go raise god it's a great day evil never triumph over good ever it loses evil is a loser satan has no power here other than what we give him you know what said the words he now go out and live our best life no matter what you see live your best life when it comes to governance the going down we have nothing to worry about there it's going to be a great day ye were certain were certainly in a transition i think as we look again at elections and tisn't white there in it causes us to question again how much fellowship you i have with and under the you know personally not something i guess i scribe too that's fun word for me now subscribe because we know who the scribes were we know what the scribes were a martinet on of this constant lies cheeses well as the same thing as our government that we had this is nothing new this going on forever you kittie and so on as the people that chose to say stay blue or stay red and pick one side or the other within a device i think like you say we have to look at the grains of sand and recognize you know he ione of those grand and i in my still staying in a device political infrastructure and i recognize what you know what it is what we went through when in her previous if you will as a as a system throughout the whole country but i think there's a lot more people that are a faith throughout the country and i see as we look at these grains of sand and we realize you know that we might still be partitioned off into something that ultimately doesn't represent our faith which would be true the light it is the truth that the sun the truth one later we as a body of followers will realize that's the proper kindelon in that's the proper organization we belong to and once we get the body fully together then i believe that that body will be larger than any political party that we see throughout the history of the nation and any mental the ransom of lose all disappear it is an we actually have a body of people and you know in that body will in its own body to be able to move itself and if it chooses to move over into the area that runs the united states if you will then you could have that faith based body take full control weasel eve in the multitudes of the leaking that are going to be lined up behind him and win those multitude minute proper group there won't be another group of sides to be able to stop the people from having what you would say is a godly nation were certainly a long way from that right now with all the ungodly i think that's as well simply we see her now yet we know that god was all of his creation the other same time he tells the story of the parables are there that there's weeds amongst the wheat that amongst the flower there is a bunch of things that were planted in the garden i don't belong here and so on now were not to try to rip those weeds out just recognize that they are and so it doesn't make sense to me if we're all in that flower patch but to sit there and try to work together with the weeds and the flowers to figure out who's going to rule the garden you know the weed choked things out i just know it takes these types of things that i eustefania to show us what iniquity is so weakened you know in any thing with these you look at some really strong plants in the garden strong plants can also joke the weeds out leland snow this this nonsense you know i had a bunch of people and i did i love it i had so many people that were self support of yesterday and i can't even tell you how many calls such i got all day and i just want to tell everybody i love you this was it was such a nice day after day does hearing from over body and i got to tell you all the wonderful people that i met a long miss journey there was some amazing amazing people that i met and the politicians they can just you know they can just man taking then a thought figured out because these people are liars cheats and things i knew at going into it but what i didn't expect i really thought when i agreed to run for governor cause i was as when i when i agreed to run and that i had really set at out on this say are you out of your mind and to you awhile and said okay god i trust you i guess going to go forward i'm going to hate my life for the next count of years be this is not an area that i think i'm going to sell well and because when i see something that's wrong i pretty extortion to i'm goin to say what needs be said without without what i have to say you know like whatsoever i'm not i'm not going to stop so or so sober or how to want to say i am not going to deliver this in a compromise way it's going to be direct it's going to be to the point and it's going to be you know whether you agree with me or not you never nobody or has to worry about where i stand on any issue right so i'm like i'm going to hate my life for the next four years and you know what as i got into this i realized how not what i expected because what i found was he the and what i was what has been hidden and or subverted and the beautifulness of human beings that are not subject to this absolutely satanic and absolute evil and you know what we're past election now i kin i could say i was a little maybe i was a little soft on what i said before the election to was made i should just come out single it wouldn't change in the thing because this old pastimes absolutely raged from the beginning i mean it was it was so rigged from the beginning but the realities of what we're dealing with the child trafficking this goes back to a spiritual there's a spiritual desire for why they go after children why they they are traffic why they are children and the links of harming an tantor urine kids for different reasons why that why they go after that when somebody is is it is demoniacally possessed or under under that type of control and you can look at people people kind of mature at different levels and such is her is when you talk about a new birth new birth spiritually is you know if people talk about being born again christian or new birth spiritual birth and you can see it when somebody truly has walker on cost or something like that you want to see a bunch of dead souls that will be a place of less water was like this like this someplace as has the you know is fallen upon us by the but you can see it when you're with someone who does not have that true a birth and see it and then you and i can see it and i can see him a mile way you know not only can i see it i can feel it around that i can feel that lack of spirit because they are that black hole that spending black hole all they do as they drop things to themselves and the same principles at work in the universe work with it on a large scale also work on smaller side and you you can see you if you can apply those principles you can actually see it in real time with real meaning and then there's also some of us and this is something i never talked about but there's definitely gifts of the spirit god cesario know desire not the things of this world gifts of the so one of the things that people want to focus on as christians and it's very misleading because the church is completely and utterly a past that's why we saw the church that's why we saw the faces that were money became their god rather than god being their god in the abandoned their people the absolutely abandoned their people because why they got blind guides that have no understanding and leave their people right straight to how were there going and i and you know this is what we saw this is what we see they have no understand desiring the gifts of the spirit for what reason because we can say oh we have these guests no that's a black hole in your in your so destruction they are only guess that you use love and that that light other and we don't win by destroying others we win by pulling them out of spiritual death and in the way we do it is by bring christ in every situation it's not at us but we can be obedient to have the right actions or on other people right when you see those actions of those words you know i see people in the political thing randall the time and they want let'spretend then they turn round and the absolutely destroy somebody with her words the murderers are liars cheats and thieves in their temple and utterly devoid of god when i went up to the republican party ah upon nathaniel went up there in september of that is one of the most godless groups of people i've ever seen in my life and i don't care what church they say they are part of completely it was a godless group of people you i think you shouldn't appropriately when you said when you started this and you got out you started to meet the people that you found the will people yes you know you found that that group and i think that those were the words that are describing his body we know the or can a groups nationwide intergroup in michigan's gardener most negroes are grass roots groups are godless and the run by people who are only there to give people a district rather than solving the problem they give the men must little tasks that never moved the line complete and utter lack arcas nala's by by any one involved in these so every one is completely and utterly manipulated and they sat right down the shoot to the slaughter every single time i can't even name one one group i saw out there that was a grass roots group that i would absolutely say had any mere whatsoever other than a manipulation on a smaller scale same as a political parties completely and utterly mister acted trying to play games trying to play games and human completely and utterly devoid of god only for their own and the play their plain with each other contains well you know what you can play ball with the devil you're in with you're going to vote with it you're going to vote with that godless system and refused to fight for goavernment your complicity in plan with all its now we either walk away from this and have a godly form of governance a matter o me one way or the other you know i take abraham then i'm happy with i grew up as a very very poor i am used to sleeping in a room with no he frost on the inside or snow on the inside of the windows if i had to i'm used to forage for food i used to taking whatever i have in sharing it with people around me god has blessed me with great success in life i never you know this is this is the problem that i saw right away with all these political political vipers out there they saw oh this is donna brandenburg as she owns this this and this and all they wanted as everybody wanted a fricken job they wanted to be in the pay of the the campaign and i've got a name on all of them because every single one of them is absolutely a political hack manipulated his hell and only in it for money game for themselves or no different than the people that are citified right now every single one of them watch what ryan kelly did ryan kelly never contested that race he went immediately into another political hack political hat effort to do to defeat proposal three but he never showed up the board cancer and what right in money is all into the campaign raising money for these for they laid down right in the middle of all this money none i had people come in in the tale we're going to earn you you know fifty two million dollars he had somebody else you need to do this kind of pull in that kind of pull so we can start placing media and that person was going to get a fifteen per cent cut of a million dollar media by i'm sorry i'm not this to buy and buy my own dam media i don't mean you radishes but i certainly know what they're doing when they go in that direction and the rest of em look at all the rest of the people that are running forgot for government and this is the entire united states it's not just when i see somebody that's a mishap i said it right right away when caimacam up your michigan it the hoot of my state i don't care what words somebody has to say the background there isn't one what do you see with cornichon to her dishes and after she's a newscaster get the hole out of our state all you are as an actress you have no business being in her and look at the amount of money that they raise all of them stomach failure in this man godless distraction none of none of the should be allowed and i pulled our entire nation away from godly governance say anyone who had who had the weakness of mine to fall and these people why because you want a crown the table the godless ruler who is not going to stand for anything who's going to kill our children who is going to who is going to let this election stand her here's a slightly different look at it and inform a scriptural standpoint we are all familiar with the statement you know the love of money is the root of all evil you know it's not money it's the love of money if everybody wants to jump to that you know it's the love of money but is an older translation of the word love they didn't use the word love let we use now because eyeless convoluted mastershrine baranov and you can see where a definition of love would be charity i can and even so unstrung to think about and a personal relationship between holland wife where you say you know i love you well when you put the mind set of charity in there which is really the the demonstration of the expression of love which is to have empathy to feel for somebody else in the diary of your heart charity is a huge probably better definition for love when you talk about what love is because i think it really embodies if you will the spirit of love in the concept of charity and so if you take that phrase that we now love is the love of all money is the love of money is the root of all evil if we change that to a charity meaning a more common use that they had background then all of a sudden it the charity of money that is the root of all evil and we recognized charity to be that given a form of giving and so with all of a sudden we look at the giving of all money or giving of money is the root of all evil but we begin to see it no money in a different context when i needed help it was money that it is it here or let me solve the problem with money we can even go to the good samaritan euston the solution and walk away and so it her mince that that isn't the proper care that isn't the proper empathy that isn't the proper and so if we look at our all of a sudden the whole political misconception we're going to run our nation under god based on who gets the biggest donations the biggest charity of money that i should start to question to her these people that are finding that doating and giving their money is the best your campaign was not run by a bunch of people who donated money they don't in their time their efforts they put their hearty with their train they put their being into it which again really is positive of the difference between people that seem money as their solution putting their money giving their salute money as the way to buy things versus those people that are really being the light and putting themselves into it and i think especially when you look at what you say the other at one point seven billion nationwide remote a hundred million and michigan in donation billion dollars in one i want people to think about this ten billion dollars in the pockets of people that are harsh of this it's absolutely paris as we sit here and we all whatever will we do in our schools and have a crap education feed her own people we can't pay for and humanitarian way but yet we can sit there and have these corporations destroy small business to our children find abortions and trans whatever it is its genial mutilation of children for profit and nobody has the and out i am up and call this godless system on this the political system is completely gables of money laundering to their pockets control at the expense of children of our elder population the ones that god commanded us to take the most care of why is it that that we don't have enough people that that that we don't want to and interrupt our golf game or we don't want to interrupt this or that the things that we put in our heads that are important that make us really somebody they don't amount to anything what makes us something as when we say when we say to people in come in you're welcome what do you mean how can i help you you need a place a for a while your welcome take what you need i think i think to consideration is a big word and you know that it's going to both anto the contract one person gives one and the other gives another side and then you have a theoretically a contract and money is you know a form of consideration that people get yet there are so many other considerations that can be given again back the time of the efforts of the energy and i think it kind of weird that so many are strange dynamic man when somebody gives consideration by asking you know it somewhere to ask an i need this help if there asking you that's because they see you is the one who can deliver that consideration is so when somebody comes to me and says he but you can help me in this way you can help me accomplish the colour in good vimy truck for you're the one who can take care of my horses or you could do my lips whatever it is someone comes to you and says he you could be our leader you can do this for us to come that's the consideration that's the pay that's you know that everything at that point to dinomenes already told you that i see you as a solution and i can't think of a better consideration to be given when some one i think a year the one for us to do that and then after receiving that consideration i just want to give it back and live up to the consideration it already been given to me and if i can do that then i can pay you back for what we would call a compliment or the thoughts that the faith that you have me for being orientale to do that i see that i've now paint you not for what you gave me and i don't see that formed if you will for consideration afterwards why don't even keep an account you know if he were like you just you do it because it's a right thing to do period you know you look at god god create gods always and he has unlimited energy is he going to give that an unlimited energy didn't no and i should because we have too much of a spiritual problem here and how we fix the spiritual problem we will use it to our own destruction by pulling that into ourselves and destroy ourselves in every one around us we into we get it figured out that we have to give because it's a right thing we don't give because we're expecting to get back because right thing in the inner heart to get with no regard to where this is going to go like for you know for doing any effort of god tells you to do it do it but don't worry about the on game that's his our business is just to do what he puts in front of us and we walk forward with that confidence doing what he asked us to and i'll tell you the this there's also another there's also another aspect to when we have discernment and i mean true to serve spirits there's discerning there's different types and there's actually different levels of it where you can where you see more than a normal person who hasn't had that spiritual birth you actually can and you know and you can see it right then there are a greedily some evil either defiantly people here who are evil now the people who are the we the people that i found that have blessed my heart that are not the politicians there not victimise the good people and i can probably name a thought thousands of them because i turnt only did i take the time to take pictures to get their phone numbers and and so that that i can remember their face and i remember the faces i can go a little bit of a photograph at number for me to be able to remember their faces see the interactions that we had i am so blest and i feel felt so honored to meet such incredibly good people and i and i mean incredibly good people if i think about it long enough i'll think of people like there's a woman named rose that that lives in tents city dear sweet woman to be able to talk with her and have a cup of coffee incredible amount of love for this woman that i have and and why a good she's got an she's got a pure heart and all of those memories of sin that of these cheap and then the opposite side is seeing these people who paraded around political prancing ponies this goes all the way down to the grass rom one or indianian many of these routes grass roots groups that i were in the wortheton i sat there and i watched them lying and deceiving and instead of teaching people to do something effective they turned it into a sob you know abhor group where everybody was set there oh no whatever will we do in some and i saw this wrong in that romanist one thing was accomplished those people i'm afraid i turn into a little bit of a warrior who wants to get on my little white pony swords of flying and and protect the way the people the sweet the sweet ones that are out there the ones that have pure hearts and i don't know if i told you this can but when i when i announced i was down in somerville and it was a very dot ranching a moment for me it really was and i say up there and i hadn't really got a site view of what was going on i had no one to help me because the political parties did not want an outsider and there i had no one helping me but god himself walking every step of the way see all of the evil i was led to straight out by people within the state train suburb my campaign right from the beginning and i started out with sandy could you know a copy the petition signatures which anne was alive right there and of course i went and checked it out but i mean i mean i'll espee even their lives are pretty low it when you really look at it anyhow anyhow i i was standing back stage and all his politicians were round and they're all a bunch of parasites they really are every single water and sister mars cross against the wall kind of watching and waiting talking to god and saying you can be kidding you brought me to do the i'm like this is a godless group of people to use god's name in vain they don't mean it has all its dalebout is its lining their coffers and playing the money game and pulling the money away from we to people putting it in their pockets starting these sham a sham effort they just sit there just to in order to garner more money and leave every one without defence leave every one without any provision this not a leader not the victimizer and biserta's what they were so i got up on stage and general fenton about it on like oh my goodness and he said to me just let yourself down and i'm like oh what you just asked really you want me to be myself i'll be the worst politician that is ever hit the and it gertrudis out i rode out a little i was in the person that prefers to work behind the scenes and you wouldn't believe that now i mean to me two hours to make the video and i threw out two hours a video i did in little short instant my horse trying to feel comfortable enough about being even on camerado anything it was painful and i was by myself and it was painful and i just sonitu there and of course i didn't listen to general plan because i don't you know of course i would properly you know taking instructions i've got experience that help us to grow and some i had my little in a written out paper and i walked out there and i felt so alone and all i heard was got over and over trust and like a hard thing because what i felt what i saw were so color to that and do you trust and i like thank you a little crazy right now god because we have this you know relationship where i'm pretty well honest because he knows what i'm thinking any way so there's no reason sugar coat so in like i'll trust an active man and yes trust while i walked out on stage in all the politician parasites were behind me and you're going to find out why i'm saying this because this was really open i got up on stage and there was a lot of people sitting out there on the lawn and launched and i got up there and i was ready to talk and i looked up and i saw at the all i saw everyone a face that were without and what i saw was mama help i put my speech down right there that moment started talking for my heart and when i got off the stage and i was done right there i walked off the stage and all the put in on like okay god i i get it i have my purpose i understand i turned around and i got off the stage and all of a sudden a bunch of the politicians came up to me and there like we want to go for coffee with you and i like now i get it not just we the people we the people need a defender but people are completely and utterly devoid of the spirit they also need while mountainhead we go in the bed them from hurting any one quickly and i mean quickly because they have no ability to it's like having a horse that's going to and a kid and with that horse to watch the watch that horse killed it you you absolutely disabled that horse from hurting somewhat and they can decide to come along with you and decide to be a good horse or not and honestly of horse was going to be a constant threat or something that's going to kill those round him you put the horse down there's some more rejoice there for the you certainly move them out of the way and you protect that are innocent for most so anyhow i got off the stage and i walked away and it was like absolutely understand the site plan going on here we move forward just the beginning to day as to day is just another day we saw another level and we saw those people describes spirits that would take over and now we've also seen some of the people who didn't have the faith of the courage to vote with god but both but because they were or manipulated by fear or they want the crumbs off the and we know who i i i know we just had or there was just elections yesterday and all elections are big onions the majority of the nation especially now up and leading to but when i think about a lack because the word election is of the word aoi see that it's the most high who elect and if it blows my mind that people actually think that that which people would elect would be the elect and in so yesterday for me especially it was the kingdom of mananaan creation that made yesterday something big and atlas all those people that are the kingdom of mammon that again are not of the faith that have their election yesterday and i know that the only reason you were involved is because you were brought by he who elect intellection arena i still believe that you are elected because you were called to be the elect that you are for those of us that are in that body in his body and his body has to come together by people not participating in the world any more i mean that the king of men and so you know to be called to be put into something that really i see is him working out the his kingdom the new millennial kind and that body of people of people those that are the believers have a leader they need leader and that neither would not come by the election of the people in the body it comes by him by him he chooses whose one be his elect leaning his people and he gives each one of us and he said you know i give those with prophecy most with healing those with preaching those with deacon you know he's left us all cricket on the body in order to begin to function as appropriate proper body and there so many of us that canopied of the system of iniquity are tired of that which is broken tired of the kingdom of man and don't want anything to do with it we had to go through the elections and there came on in realizing you know how make so we can see who he is the fire egestaeans draw centres and then moved to the appropriate light and so regardless of yesterday yesterday was just maaneland for who the people which again would have themselves so let as opposed to following the selection of the most high and so i now going forward brandenburg news networks not going away i know that you're going to continue helping people leading people in continuing to be if you will the governor for those of us that are within that fate so regardless of what the world wants to do as it crumbles and we know it's divided against a house divided a guest inself cannot see so now you have your red way when your blue way so we know that it's not going to be too we know the monetary system is crewe know all these things are corrupt and in the howling do you have fellowship in equity or in equity if you want to say that their money system this aiding system is going to come down it is going to crumble it has to and and it is it is this is what happens when people get ultimate power it is for dirt they have destroyed the system which they created and and it is coming down and we have good people who have other thing play to them this the new system has to be run by god himself where we list and that we follow his lead this has to be a godly form of governess not this absolute chaotic demonic money driven and everybody's complaining about the money some you know what and the political system well when i got to walk away from when you're going to walk away from winter you got to walk away and not have your heart tied up in the that here it's just like the rewards every want to know what the rewards are going to be in heaven you know it's rewards are going to be going to be more freedom because we can handle it right now we can even handle the freedom that we've been given and i'm not seeing that i'm not saying that to the wet people that i love too many people that get that freedom and what do they do they devour everything in their path and of being a light these happy for other people doing well i you know and i'm going to say this for the record i do not conceive this governor's i do not conceive i will not be dissolved in my candidacy and i do not concede to absolutely sham poorly run fraudulent process run cross incorrectly lawlessly run process at this election and the twenty twenty election resolved proper for it's not going to happen because they failed it so badly that they both need to go away and have it so i do not concede official he again for me that their system and we certainly would love to have the body be able to get in and take over that the gates of foot so they can shove it in my other i think there's lots of roses out there you know wonderful people that you sat with an you know to think inebriate and and now now now now you know down as on her little white pony with a sword out because we need to cut we need to cut out and honestly you know then bible times the goats and the lamb you never have the gods and with the lambs because the goats will always do divide the flock there is your go rodeo the go rodeo a term ammanato go rodeo division we will not concede we will not conceive how itself held itself in here take a hike because it is absolutely has no power here so only what we give it and we give it no power so i'm in renfew things in the charmed i feel sorry for her i feel sorry for my friends who are feeling sorry jesus wins absolutely one team and christ as i have no regrets for the first time she probably voted with her heart when you have wingate way god tells you you will have no regret some go numbers are having a hard time today i like the little summer blaming you but the unreliable numbers don't even support that no logic no faith i feel sorry for the blind in common i agree with terror and there were also seen more salons ters to day not okay that's recanter ill we're going to work it reclaim care were taking back her terrans are they're going to be the one virtue the new virtue character not not the not the manner parenthetical care beautiful we are the rock others break against to day so they can return to us later when they see how much we was stood with god's help the same minds that we had when people were coming against those i didn't want the job we now go ahead come managin out your wrong the merit white it's a great day out time to get into the huddle and start getting things accomplished diego there's that's exactly the here can i share more those means caraman these leaves of carenay are or have become and herein is absolutely hilarious as she has the ability to make means that our absolutely they're funny and so she made some really funny ones that i said yeah just so positive the election because though i fell because i verily really extensive at a i have a huge if you refine everything funny i mean everything to me as and so i think maybe we should share some of those means because they were give me i'm going to give me a quick man and on the cameo go through those i'll be right back in a moment to anghiari said good morning pat is just got home from gathering some of our sins will get back out later to get the rest where we go on we go all where we go on we all a look at dixon concedes all my goodness do not dixon part the other part of the unitary look how fast she can see it they came up with a number at eleven o'clock last night just showing her callers call it called it from the beginning oh well i don't can see not done i refused to tea says good morning and eleventeen fifty eight i agree donna did find the real dead people and also she also says likely turned out to be a stage call it good morning terror an to my husband he had a note left on his case at work this morning wherein i shouldn't believe you he empowers you were seeing the coldest we seignelay down so so i mean just conceded toward dixon called it child child behavior child behaviour of conceiving an illegal election not a chance and halidon to conceed i'm still going forward peering prototypal going to have more lawsuits that are going to be filomeno not conceding go ahead and conceived desennuyer coward go go go go play because part of the unitary die for thee some night they said the same at my priest don was there no pause in machines that my princeton was there no pause imaichi just sucked it and that's exactly what happened with my malediction there was not no registering that it was there he catherwood morning to john to when i totter when i don't know peter one because i didn't i didn't i watch the race and wanton as in wanton i refuse to watch it emanation watch any america is morally bankrupt at and am is morally bankrupt that why they don't stand up as when they don't stand up is exactly co hard like a man in a mammalian you are absolutely right give with a great full heart eric were standing in the gap of god from turning his back completely against us and were doing it for all regardless from america for there man dick and co seat of course she did she was never interested in fine for election taggart called it we all called it about voted for call it entente beginning that's okay he still got down so young it's not because of the way we voted it's because of the way they voted don't take your eye off the machine to lend all has some very troubling informational debt why did diceman see quickly when we know why because she's part of it she was a designated loser go go go hide with your tail between your legs decayed should have been there in the first don you must continue to fight with us and us with you this is not my over my tarantelle are not concede i wanted to make sure i say it enough times maybe i'll get seventeen times that i say i will not be consenting somebody connor then on her listening to the heart of god and following through in allowing him to bring his people together under his leadership we married prodestan with you all look at we have got another actor that can see it yes dey just learned as an seeta's oh my look at all the actors conceding we knew that discomfited in our election for good we should never be a confidence in it emancipated we will be extremely fortunate of trump is a point speaker of the house for the first two weeks after january twenty twenty three no i think we're in esoteric and better than that i'll i'll stand i'll stand with that that president trumps being part of growing up exactly what we it house to do it otherwise we've got to prepare for a very troubling times i am in my opinion while the they took the house and the senate too now i think this is going to end up being a military intervention here for the cheating bring on the military the guys are out there listening to me it's time say now it's not got done a lot i guess there's two aspects you know i mean all the way back to rome and green they always knew the danger of having their standing army within the barriers you don't want your army in your in your city i mean that it allows again military or marshal type you know the other and for an as governance has not been able to make this work on tall i absolutely support this we've got to clean the rats out so i just put up the distress are there you know it well that man the other that the other aspect to that is that after being in the military you know i don't want to have to go to my mom and dad to door as a soldier to stick my rifle in my mom's face to tell her to get out of her house or to comply or do anything and they don't you're not going to set a soldier to his own parents house they're going to send up my other notary brother if you will over to my house and he's going to stick a gun in my mom's face while i stick with gun in his most face and so he got to remember all her i think it's going to be a different than that can i think that it's going to be we shut this thing down for a while let im clean these political rats out who have committed three and finally looking for the military to do that for us is so we don't do it ourselves in others a lot of talk and patriot groups on how long do you go through the conversation when the words don't seem to matter any more and so if you have a platoon size group of people in your local county and they show up as a pose if you will to stop these things from happening no weak an accomplished peacefully the same things that a military so the only other aspect is that it still kind o looking for somebody else to do something for us instead of handling it ourselves well that no i saw think i support i support military step in and and clean in this rat now to because it's i don't think it's a bad plan really tis the mandarins love you down a branle you care i love all carancro so i walked strong also godwin did that's why we believe in you dona thank you so much where we're going to work on a carryin the ball of the ozone i watch these rats were it's going to be awesome i care i love watching rats swarm you know it's really fun is when you get in debate with sods really a rat and watch watch them absolutely run for the corners i did that a meeting with bethany christian when i was uncovering the financial records and watch him right with him ronsard digging through the finances and put in a red out there o carissima in meanright now do another one tarantati thataways world we had put the waynes world on the made of you and i and she has she's got a couple of matter care and night together it was great and as i do not conceive either domenichino are used here thus no elections edification should have been accepted yet we still have our lawsuit going on the certifying the election still going on for the election and on to tell you what we are going to see that twenty twenty election to certify and a rightful president of the united states donald j trot to have met that needs to be righted and he needs too he needs to be compensated for that whether he runs again or whatever but that that election has to be dealt with he is the rightful president of the united states by never has been never was and i really don't know if any of our governors that we men that we have in place right now a rightful governors either the achieving that no nor the judges they've been cheated like there's no to morrow on this for decades that's a without a wilanow but so in and as i do not conceive either domenichino machines are used here no exertion to be accepted i am all right so he that when before redheaded again to say again we have no third fiction of the election because the machines were not held brad i don't care what our you do so so tom is or the fate of eye that like an trapper any of that i and i booted godly military is the only way laureateship then face book the dona three five seven well then somebody needs to lead the way out for the cane so they go whatever needs to be done i'm there ordinary i'm willin tried to wipe i think his body is only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and its argonaut behind the leadlike yourself so as we continue i mean just imagine how big that i think again if the parties are going to go away it's going to be a nobody and i think that with the corruption with addison that i can't see how that again republican democrat staten options going into the future so i decentralisation tonacatlecoatl way i love you gustativeness other this is on the military isolationist we the people absolutely but when the we the people put up the flag and distress the military supposed to back us not the government so the military has the ability i mean if if it be to the guns that the weapons i know the thing that allows the states is obviously there there are moments and so if you have the military which has equivalent if not greater weapons you could certainly stop your local guns from using their guns because you have a horse the problem you know so so we said there we put our little bumboat on the street and we grab our torches and pitch forks and we go out there and we're going we're going to take these people on are you kidding me that's that's not going to have stay in your house be peace will and at the military comes in they have the means and the structure and the way to handle this we do not our job is to stay peaceful pray go help serve your communities the military is supposed to take orders from me the people defend react it is not our time to go out there and get crazy this is matter time to go and get crazy sit home and pray and i'm pretty exposure that there's a plan going on to look for was to be helpful to the world to encourage other and things are going to things are going to go great ditto for forty five or fifteen seventeen times exactly and they for oh no one pulled at one of i've got it actually got a new speed up here that ah that amazing but you don't can see right now i don't go to get the forty five no concession he opened here there is no there will be i'll do a trumpeter will be no concession and there is no concession happening here and here with mutual having to prasville at seventeen times there is no concession there is no concession from downgrade there is no concession from bongrand bird the robin concession for donnegan bird that is not happening we in fact our fighting one against the corrupt party and watching all of the people fall to the way side who should have been there in the first place conceiving because there monogatari weren't standing for america but in there as a distraction but no concession no grander you can rent that actually a lot of news out there i should hit some of since we may work in a hang out a minute let me pull makes me while sometimes to do no technologies knew you you can't be old the technologies now waltari goitres what a sonorous met with the he saved that we were building the wall till wall were going to be wall he became angry and with greatly in sense he rid of fuel the jewel does and in the presence of his associates and the army of samaria he said what are these feeble jews doing will they restore their wall will they offer sacrifices will they finish in a day can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble burned as they are to buy the amnios his side sat they are building even a fox climbing up on it would break down the wall of stone here a cargador we are despised turn their insults back on their own heads did them over to plunder in a land of captivity do not cover up their guilt to blot out the sins from your sight for they have thrown insults in the face of the builders so we rebuild the wall to all of it reached to half its height for the people worked with all their heart the people when i but when sandlot to my ante arabs in the ammonites and the people of a shot heard that the repairs heard that the partition walls had gone ahead in the gaps were being closed they were very angry they all plotted to come together to come together to come and fight against tourlourou against it but we pray to our god and post it a guard dan night to meet the threat meanwhile the people adjudicate strength of the laborers is giving out in hers so much ruleth we cannot build the wall all serenity said before they know it we will be right there among them and will kill them and put an end to their work then the jews who live near them came and told us ten times over wherever you turn they will attack us for i some of the people behind the lowest point of the wall at the exposed places posing posting them by families whether swords spears and bows after i look things over i stood said to the nobles and the officials in the rest of the people do not be afraid of them remember the lord who is great in awesome fight for your families your sons your daughters your wives and your homes when our otamus heard that we were aware of their plot and that god had frustrated it we all turned to the wall each to our own work from that day a half of my men did the work while the other half were equipped with spears and shields and bows and are the officers posted themselves behind all the people of judah who were building the wall those who carried materials did their work with one hand and held a weapon in the other and each of the builders wore his sword his side as he worked the man who sounded the trumpet stayed with me then i seed the nobles and officials and the rest of the people the work is extensive and spread out and we are willert from each other along the wall whoever you hear wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet join us there our god will fight for us we continue to work with half the men holding spears and the first light at from the first light of dawn to stars come it came out at that time i also said if the people have every man in his help or stay inside roselight so they can serve us as a guard by night a workers by day neither i nor my brothers normands with me took off our clothes each had his weapon and even when he went for water sounds like work in together the still working on that long no one oldcastle the wall that nobody could build a big wall in history was we know how to build one of our companies was down working on the wall for president trump which i find funny tannhauser in the u s military who can stand against laughing do it trump style i am the back no he had the i am the best no concession candidate as ever been there will never be a bout or no concession candidate than me i know how to do no karen's going to make me an that one day okay so karen as atacama knew me about concessions as to causation there is still a possibility in time after january twentieth the truesome the last two years of his legitimate presence and possibly go on an additional four years when twenty twenty gets all sorts of fifty per cent of the military life a general's are cropped yama they are struggling to clean it up i'll look for that in volost my retired marine and did so high again high standing generals may be but but there's good guys out there i of the opinion that that you know quite honestly that the good guys are in charge right now if they weren't testiness that don't make sense if we think that the bad guys are in charge doesn't make saniel completely or illogical good guys are in charge good guys are too we dust got a catch up with them there you do you want to do any news or romantical it there you know it's funny because you know i listened to a telegram okay thank you i think it's really funny i listen to to john general plantain about you know you're going to get an anchor a general i'm going to teach us some lessons in his imitations to two and as i've made a professional career out of the beholdest the stars was well sir my check i think that the military works for so technically i outran and technically untoothsome employed while these he's retired now so we were on even rankin reyes yes you know it commentaries the commander in chief so i so we're equal rank now i think that's a in the greatest ions out there because i really like yet yesterday i started reading off the chain on like maisie you know i just usually read it i would answer off to the side but but honestly i think this is an awesome thing so i'm going to tell her body my ideas here while we wait for these political half wits to sort this election out on the place that call that last night at a loving o'clock did he break if it anybody believing thus i i got a bridge to solemn right not happening no concession anyhow i mean i will this is getting sore at a not of the race is now against me and whimsical a vote for me cause she just bowed out like the coward he so at any rate it wouldn't matter they were going to read it one way or the other it really was it wasn't about your vote because they already they had this thing rege and they knew i was raised nobody feel globator feel bad about it it was out of everybody's control at this point so he now going forward with brinberg news network in so going to do this and morning we've got carnation tomorrow and we'll sit here and laugh about our means and andresen and karen will be on an naida i believe that we may have a couple of attorneys that might show up and put a put a message so this is an keep going and i'm to keep growing brandenburgers not work i was thinking to day as i was walking so was walking for two miles and i thought all right whalemen to do with brandenburg news now or you know what i'm going to do i think we need to have an area because really our country has fallen down on education as well as things for family to do together so as i sat here and i like i think i need to have an area and have specific areas for for people such as yourself and john tater and i need dosimeters all the ashantis race yesterday since none was watched a man streamed denby did anybody said a claimant tergeste jettison remission i'm giving you a job here going seemed please see well where online whether john tadorn's race itinerate him or put him into the bucket of sham races who knows but you may how started great now brandenburg news network and one i'm going to do not so analyzing the slower and i think we need to continue to have a political area so i could even structure it a little bit only with some organization like oh said john wasn't even in the news and i believe ratio chameleon he's the only republican running and they had a you know he was a republican that yes taxpayers party there was overrulin solemn or you can meet okay the shame on that one easily so anyhow redway clearly missed michigan even their little radway thing miss michigan so come now or he i will he would be given a few thoughts to it if they had done so in that direction but all in that direction we can safely assume it was completely so now back to brandenburg news network i really like doing this little political news and views the thing in the morning for a couple hours and talking to people because to day i feel really bad because i had pulled up a bunch of research because you know i research about six to eight hours a day which my kids just laughed at because it's probably a lot more than that am dat com put something out there about the approximate ukraine the us is collapsing and if we do class they will collapse to the alliances globe by fear of failure same thing they happen to people i voted for certain candidates it was a fear vote it was a real vote and songhoi think i want to do this new thing so that we get on in the morning and do a little bit of news news update i would love to have more contributors where honestly that coming weiterdingen past the election so we can get to that i have several people that are you know journalists as well as people that are granganameo in touch with a more common law we the people type now more geniuses you will that could come in and participate in the network or like karen who has a wonderful pronounced logic before and languid like to get in samaritan get on and continue this forward in that terentianus people that are into economics people that are in manufacture in somebody that was made filthinesse because we're going to do this were not going to lay down it's going to be a better system in place we just need to start rolling it right now by her knowledge i'd like to do a book of knowledge and there where we have oh i got it ye called john and get a man arisaig some plans for my channel thank you down for inviting me look at ericson my on bradbeer he's got his own channel he is great he puts out great video and love you so much artiness much for all that you contributed it's it's wonderful wiliest see james stewart on her italians i think he's and so so many so many people you know maybe we should do a caroline would love to be on maybe we should do a night time one and have wentersome other of my beloved friends over there in the mostianer and that would be great i'd like to put a book of knowledge on and i'm kind of a survival type of a person i enjoy all this our survival type a stuff in enjoy it all sorts of of a physics information as well as chemistry i love looking at all that sort of thing and i think we can have different areas in the book of knowledge that we put together on line so that we were actually helping to educate people which is fallen by the wayside by her failed education doesn't need to be this complicated you know we truly can we truly can have people not have to educate the same way it we've always done and i actually believe an unschooled i believe in literature as i believe in all kinds of things that is not the trichina you know home school my kids and my my oldest was done at ten years old i mean how smart you have to be a inebriate you passed the high school curriculum there there are more and more people especially now eating the covenanted to home schooling and again part of the body that just wants to be done with that sort infrastructures coming together i see in brandenburg news new work as a place where we could continue gathering at least using technology programs are going to start rolling out of that as steeple that you now gathered there began to work more and more of their faith based missions out so i waheatoua breakfast again every week and you know we were clear fevered unwounded up for breakfast oenothera and today's the day that it's going to continue to grow and expand and unwashed shout out to you to for censuring me and taking me off about petting the of by them taking me off i strengthen my resolve to combat bigger better and to put them into a category of errol either for form or become irrelevant and are he had always says that they okay okay i boylike performance again i love warneford is perfect i mean really is for a performer become obsolete as you said he so there's only one form or suppose to follow and in body and vision and when she become perform they're walking in their proper light so i looked up and statesman a few years ago one of the things that i thought was really it was really kind of cool so in one of my business as it gets really slow in the winter and so i've got i've got you know a staff because i keep everybody employed i don't just i don't want people off i'll find products to ordain the limena a friend who was dying at that time and and they they somebody let me know that they had hired somebody off a craigslist in order to do some dry will work and so so i said there really ringrose gave money to some of the craneline and they who was really in very poor health is standing altering a ceiling like what are you doing and well they took my money and and i had a don't have any weight to fix us that i'm like all right your don i desire of your own job and of course you know is it the good friend this is not this is a good and said and i just said to address me i said just let me get my guys in here it will so for the next four weeks were dry wall their living room ceiling and read redwald a bunch of stuff and put light fixed in and retrim things up and repainted their house and in all that stuff so that for the surviving spot person was able to die in you know really impede and the guys that work for me there like man his was a right on like yasawa fonteius go do something and you do it for free and you do it you know of course you know of course i was employing everybody anyway so i just said okay we're just going to take a break from our stuff and go on work on theirs for a while and there are so many people that are in need of that with that so i would not do what happened down in new orleans which nonsense you know where we had a ready go down there when the hurricane it years ago there weren't enough people that were involved in their own projects so while he and there are some people they can't always help and thinks everyone needs to be doing something there's going to be no saiven for people that want to sit on their but like the like little princes and princesses and watch people walk around them and point your finger go fixed his office then now hunting or going to be involved if it means carrying a sheer wall or some pain or taking out the garridge yes what new no reality just hit it the ground it's all so anything else i think everybody aratov love you can we have so much in common and i can't wait to be able to connect with you some time eric had love for you to come up and and visit because we have such an amazing group of of patriots and friends in this group like canada just going to continue to grow people who are who are prayer warriors and who just which is on a liveries and you know do such idea i didn't grow my chicken town here my i think my new chicken coops are calm or commines and i'm going to expand my garden i've got i've got privations you are ameliorating everybody to and of course you know gonadopause number to anybody i would take the call a lot of friends know this about me they heard it before it some one who was called me up and said hey domestically that person will get all the respect that i give you and i go for most of my friends and they call him so he brancadori would treat that person just like my brother brian as if it was not on the whole so if you pass my information in an error gesegneter domestical he would get every respect that i would give you iloilo is people i really do you know and i know that were part and i know again you've been down during the body together as you went going through this and the genii really see it as kingdom his body coming together out of the world if you will so her yesterday's big day for maman isn't necessarily gobinda for his elect originator can set me something this morning which he is he's on modeste's listening right now so i give you shout out he teemed song glad you did get my dear i'm listening to ticehurst i i say this text me from wrong here i think everyone is looking at the election on to me it was a clear selby the patriot white hat on it goes back to papenoo you know a god in control of everything and and so no more ringan so his people patriotic control and things might yet a little crazy if people do the stupid stuff like they did with a paper toil paper shortage instead how pinea other but he start harding and doing down this we could do more along the lines of my covering the fraud we certainly do that i've got a bunch of attorneys that were the law suits we have going on and working on the fraud what is a really tantivies words into the chahar because i'm listening to what everybody says you know you wanted somebody represent you then you got to tell me what's on your mind what you want done this is a tone of those things that not like a low people are like you work for me no no no no no are you work to gather while we wait for those responses to come in i understand we could point out and spend temporising on the front but i think that we need to focus on his body and what we're going to do in that room in that walk as you talked about having breakfast on weekends you know i'm big about we should be having breakfast every morning in our congregation to start our day and so rather than keeping my eyes if you will in the house of the wicked and contemplating the house a wick of the wicked myself i would rather go continued looking at how we're going to focus on coming together and becoming that body in that how does that body at an walker of each other how do we so educating our kids how do we solve what could be a food problem getting more the rights together into the body rather than focusing on the iniquity that toothpaste i really do because you you i'm kind of one of those people that enjoy divertissements a deadness building knowledge of de great too in your note oh that's another one that i can coach you on as well as a communication so a lot of what i do is i do a lot of conflict resolution and conflict mediation i love dealing with conflict i just love it because that's how you bring people together probably one of my favorite things you know is as when there is a conflict as to you know to sit down and get everybody on the same side of the table i absolutely love that and business building knowledge of a great okay so one of the things that i'm working on right now put in a lot of time into this quite honestly i want to go the foundry and there's there's a number of reasons why it isn't so looking at the buildings that are abandoned around the state because of been around and you know i pay attention to a kind of everything when i'm out there i'm not i'm not i look at things i look at thee to a different lands than on another people seem so i'm looking at things like what asses doing have sidonia that are not being utilized why are we who are we not using what we have why why are we why are we running around in a circle when we have absolutely everything we need right here and what are those and taking in taking an inventory of the assets that we see it's a very very it would be a very very easy thing pen up huge amount of business in this say the state forward by assassin what are the assets we have and we have a lot of that we don't have to build new we can use what we have and pull this thing together in a very elegant quick way so then as i did not concede and will not concede to a fake election one of the things that governor brandenburg candidate for governor a state of michigan yet platonis putting a pause in everything and in we need to shut things down a little bit and paused to the taxes are illegal anyway and i don't want to be a part of something that's illegal so we have to stop all these legal actions that are going on not only is the election a legal and sat up and whatever failed melioration of say it for for donald williams the military as to remain subordinate to the people a long time and this for a long time they'd been the various in its maladministration that's that a so we have dear all of the maladministration as well as failure we need to stop the processes that are in places that are illegal taxation and the tax structure as a legal by doing that we all a sun immediately immediately we keep going we have a population that takes it takes at least a forty per cent jump and no income and now we the people get to choose how they spend their money which i can guarantee you is probably by quite a few of us going to go into belibus moving forward creating income because once we get past that stage yes what all an eat which the labors of your hands it that's going to be gone and you're going to have to produce so which is a really good thing because think about all that opportunity united states is in about being little baby birds in the nest at the other mouths open waiting for the many state to drop it little chanson or mouth about opportunity we get the nation out of them and you know what this is something else is wrong with our education can system is really broken because it really teaches kids how to hate education because it's not an education it's not critical thinking it's not fun it's not creative it fitting out the answers that they want to hear its indoctrination period it has no value none and i teach it is depressing i mean it teaches how they are taxes are legal ethel are in the private correct see how to hate education i mean borderie now if you go back to how we are born and how we are children the world is a whole big box of leo the opportunities they think about what you can do and what you can build and going forward it's tremendously exciting that all these things intestine class room listening to an instructor of the gasoline here's paper mark what you want that you know i want to hear remove into the realm of a man i love care i love to work on coral day i'd love to build a car why are we going to this big manufacturers for all of them we have people that would be wonderful car you know to be wonderful huincas you know we get all the real of the regulation out of the way you could start building cars the throat of the insurance companies a little bit doesn't that whole problem right there most of this stuff is so easy to solve and so honestly painless to solve we do have to get let go of that old so will i think i think if anybody he wants pretty more comments in there a good but other than that you know what i just want to pray today i'm excited about the staging forward this is the beginning of something absolutely wonderful and we can just tolerate were celebrating to day god in the present your present the absolute freedom that you're giving us as you lead us out of this captivity by very very evil people we ask that you open people's minds their eyes their spirits to you he focused would be now with their eyes but what they know in their spirit to be the right and with that always comes joy happiness and blow so creativity and growth and all good things you are the supreme creator you are the one that brings life to everything we stand fighting for life and for creativity we stand a death destruction the religion of self which is a religious state and we ask you totally totally confused the plans of the enemy send them in an absolute tale spent trying to figure out what happened because their standing against god almighty our god our father you the creator of this all of all of the you make the rules and we submit to your rules we submit to the rules that you put in place to keep us we are so grateful that you're walking with us and what an exciting time to be alive that you and counts us worthy to be here now and every single person that's here now is here because they were chosen not random there's no coincidence were chosen by you are good father to be here to work with you it's not it's not it's not a tyrannical rules one of love and moving as forward so that we grow so that we can be given more it's not that we be given everything is that we grow into those freedoms because then we can handle it because we don't do damage on the on that journey thankful were thankful for the the the rules you give us as we grow as you perfect our walk in our face takes a long long time and give us grace for those who are still in that process of growing still walking away from this captivity how as to have grace for them and take him by the hand and say it's going to be okay don't worry because our faith is in you it's not on anything here a temporary spot for us to be and what we do know is that death is going to be there for every single one of us that he asserted in fact move away from what we have right now and leave behind and find out that the only thing we ever had and the only thing we ever needed a relationship would you our amazing best friend or father god heavenly father all our praise all the glory everything we ever do that we think is an accomplishment nothing is nothing but what we will lay at your feet and say you so much journey it's been amazing amazing thank you for every single person out there you given us everything we could possibly want or need you give a piece at passes understanding and joy in all situations we are the victor you are the victor in this battle ultimately as your i say can go anywhere you don't allow him to still under you under you there is no there's nothing random we don't have to be afraid the nothing to be afraid of only peace and joy going forward that you help us decide need in others around us and help pick those up this stumble be there when people need food or how or to some sit and talk to or that we would see that we would open our eyes to see those indians in each other because we stopped looking at her we leave we lay our lives down for each other and walked forward ministering to each other in beautiful ways now which also bless us let us help us to be okay with laying down our preconceived notions our plans are to arrange it is that we hold on to it as this day we give everything to you we lay our very lives down to you and whatever you want us to do it matters not the next step is yours and we will gladly go wherever you asked us to we don't need an assurance of where tomorrow's going to be because our assurance is in you and you alone we know you and we love you we love you so much thank you for the beautiful day all glory and honour and praise ever and ever and ever jesus christ the lamb of the world in beauty in all majesty we worship your beauty your majesty your honor your integrity and we love you in jesus name would frame a welcome but anne in a brawl those people that are trying to man type in there i'll just say it out loud i think for pretty much everybody thank you done thank god for you done for being who you are for walking the walking walk for listening to his call i know all the people that also can't i couldn't even get on their last morning because there tied up and all the other things i know everybody appreciates you to thank you again for for what you do and for whom you are again i think that for makin you you and you not resisting me so how well your welcome so we're going to go to the same thing we did every day as that to this part of the show bameean to brandenburg for governor dot com where the governor candidate who did not conceive still fighting forward who was going over anon sunsets out there that's not running like a coward to the coroner stand up and fight for this nation the state and free and fair election all of your voices can be heard and that this is restored to we the people so anyhow there you go we love you we continue to fight on another day it is going to be a going to be a great day it's just another day that we can live and enjoy and celebrate life so anyhow we love you we love all those whom you love go forward and joy we have the victory we know the end of the book and truly god bless you god bless all those whom you love god bless america we got the in beaching her being here to day contestation to day i enjoyed to day this is the most fun i had in the broadcast quite honestly the hour going to have so much more i mean like you said the body is a coming together now we're getting more and more part that just going to be amazing as the sinologists i think pretty much everything funny i've got i've got one of those seahorse you can take a conwell see you at the confession yes i rode over a wonderful day will be back at nine o'clock in the morning came time same place same match anne i have great we