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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/1/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Aug. 1, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the first day of august twenty twenty three and welcome to brandenburg news network of my decided that this morning on upon a ring on my body here energa sister tantor how you do it i'm doing good man's doing god in it as tater to his day to day a welcome to tatousac now the beautiful day to be in the neighbourhood and a and yet things done i wanted to start the day off with a a inspirational videothe chief hecause the rightful president of the united states president donald jumpante guy that something i hope to meet dan i've always been kind of intrigue with danntch his poland winhis post come out it's always there's always like oo ansaldo's possessing love the sky so anyhow this is from dan even oso so let's start the day outright with the rightful president of the united states and encouragement from a president drop and ah here we go the rightful president of the united states i think president donald j trunk and a and the day is coming for all them people who have a who have come against him and i had tell you what they rest in me do anything to them they have declared war on the unamerican and on americans not the deep state not the criminal politicians he declared war on us not going to be a good moment for them over it's going to would be a game changer for them in a really stupid game so how you doing this morning john and doing very well a good i think i think were sold started out with a song and then then there is a i was of course out there just just ponchino yesterday because i would had i throughout a whole bone to financials from the republican party which christina koromo and every one refused to put out nonentityat now the only tile is his as bad or worse than the grand new party which left in and it is a mass they have packs and dark money all over the frigate place and i also found so many that were registered as a june twenty third twenty twenty three they registered a non profit supposedly the itaccount republican party and i got some real questions on this one including where their good neighbor program which i spy turn ye republican party into a bunch of spies to spin your neighbor party or of a party and and programs what it is is the spyinghow a program i want to know where that of information that their collecting honor neighbors family and friends and he put it in the end an ap is going and who is going to profit off the sails of this because i can almost i can almost see the writing on the wall right there there's some other stuff and i'd let im an i might just flip those things right out there on telegram or on on her thereon in telegram and we're going to be going through the the full report to the how much money they have for food and travel and all that sort of thing because they are about they've got according to this on one or a cow they brought in like two hundred and ninety a thousand dollars for four months and they've or anisette got to the god incomesthe hundred twenty six milsand dollars and for months and then they've got out going to two hundred nights exesos the thirty thousand dollar gap there ole in the black and i i could tell you that they're not there i'm not believing that the reporting all of their accounts it's one account that there pointing out there and so we need to see less i was told and o'er there was rumors out there that there are they paid for liberty which is joe moss and joel commons entity for liberty seventy five thousand dollars for a website they're only shown about a expenditures of about odds spot under fifteen thousand so where's the rest in that gone because i i don't think they're tolinus everything that's out there and and of course they're like panelthmen there they're not going to tell you what the reality has behind these and so i think i think we're we're goin just keep dig at you know we're going to i'm just going to toronto pressure upon them just a little bit more and see if they actually spell it and is always it comes back to heavy asked the right questions and no because it's like you always say you've got to understand the leg wedge and the words that are being used to maybe change things a little bit or changed for section you know statistician can make number say anything they want to so the attendessi questions they let go another gallant yesterday she was a on grandma who thakifites this is their oft they caught her salary and half to save money though christina's getting paid such you wouldn't take a salary in lost she that the party was in good shape she not she takes she taking his salary and they caught they caught this scrap of salary and half and she kept working full time because she believes in america and and a restored american doing the right thing and they let her go yesterday so so i can of it that they they let dat danny bart a lot to go who was working his tail off and installed james colpus who have all kinds of legal cases in his pass including ten counts of wire fraud they've got they've got more fables in the leadership of that party that i can't even believe they have not clean this thing out and clung individuals who have perhaps cept in the leadership that looked to me like they've got tied to the chinese communist party it appears that way and i i just think that the whole mass both sides of that party or just a big sham of a of a misleading a group is what it looks like to me because they're all trying in together and if anybody thinks there's a difference between either side know not no nor the there is there is no difference between them i go the grand new party who is a bunch of trumpeton integrity hangover fought one day for and the democrat party they're all in dietothers in its them against so people better get this figured out of the political parties are nothing more than special interest taking pack money and dark money cause it's all there you just have to look absolutely so there the others done as ran to the morning and i might destroy the stuff out there at some point time but i digress well we'll get into that later but i'm not going to let this lie just because the republican party though in you know you and i are on the s text there is party which salute to everyone in that part of because every one there is their statesmen there not this let's go and yalensian and notes phones on their hands and the smack somebody in the face and kick somebody in the balls on suns that we've seen in the republican party no no no no these are pure evil that are stated and i i don't know if you heard this week but joe sang or died the week no i didn't he he died over the week and ninety one years old on a pillar and us textes part of the constitution party in the state of michigan one of the one of the all time grates and he will be truly missed i really like joe a lot he was so funny and in his delivery of wanting to change things coming up with really awesome ideas in hewished be very much missed i'd like to invite everybody too in fact look into the tip the taxpayers party it is it is pure the pure constitute and i am in putting the nation back as one nation under god not one nation under how much money did everybody raise and how much money do they siphon off for the step to the side so there you go so what are we doing here to day you know we are looming on the verge of a war yeah i heard that oh absolutely i mean the abietin is ration has to get us into a conflict in order for them to push for their green now bind the war monger i mean you know he he bonser the first day out the day was inaugurated and so you know anybody wants to talk about president tromp he kept his on all the conflicts and bid and put us right into on again now that he's a puppet for oboe o bidasari i think he's a row boat he is looks like he looks like a proportion all right or marionettes put it that one who did it see what he got on oenone day and he's opening of the door real slow at watch telling moves and the hands don't move like people's hands he opens up the door and ivrybody's in the room and he first thing out his mouth as in the a the whole room breaks up in laughter and then he catwalks over to the polity of you know like you does insenste and says that if the way of things go wrong you can blame the and i racesenough it seemed kind of convenient to me i don't know well we are on the virtue georgestick in i know said again into buses the thickness ah that's the know why the russians are there they're cleaning you crane out her clinging out he the money laundering process of the deep set and the deep they don't like that condoning what nobody here had the gods to do which his blow up i mean he he made it look at he made the transgender and the the the cubit new lation hormones illegal there for children and is blown up the bottom of laps which our country has funded and secured his borders on now as much as anybody wants to say about about pointand i don't even know it's the real popinot they be ther's been so much changed as the cross the globe it's not even funny but regardless whatever's happening there is taking care of what the deep state is going in ukraine and they've got now they've got drowns i saw yesterday they've got drones that are blown up buildings and ukraine the same things happened to desert storm when desert storm one was on they had to get us into a into conflicts so they knocked down the the one while this was before the towers they this was the iraqi i codiolace that went on that we had to go in and protect caitilin then storm too came up for or the iraqi war cake came up witches what is more or less called then the iraqi wor was because they took down the two powers the old i forget about power seven yet which was standing it when they were when they were talking about it all of a sudden this thing and it collapsed it was it was demolition in sonoro could see the windows and the explosions popping out there yet if you just look a little bit you can see blow holes entire theory so now there pushing us toward in ours and with that i came up with a month oh i'm just a cold american boy from typical american town i believe in god in general pliantit com in it but when it came by fine serve i know better dead than red but when i got to him my old track for tootems i said sir onlynot rushes see and i'm always carry on firstlittle moketors theoretische in my porellodes i ain't no fool i am a going to school that i ontogenetic plan i got i go this ocated this scenarium back on alec to flowers and bosminidae his forgetive in fits and on the dictatorwhose drugs i got no weakness wallseach on cos i can hardly reach the nineenth handicap close to me sir to probably start the singsong a rupture and i always carry a purse like god is like a bat my beobachteten were the sconcertasse heart dear and not pollinated the notion to spontaneous the defence at the senescent but what thing he got to know it some one cottage home there and that some one is in me so i wish you well sir to give em hell then kill me a thousand or so but if you ever get a war without blood and no how be the first to go testimony eighteen i got to rushesand i'm always carry a purse i got eyes like a bat moiotaton has gone gettingworse timidest orderliness the anthopogon the school that i operationthe o woe this also did you just write that one i wish i did that was philo spec during to the etowah town but i did change a few words i got put general fleming stead o i like it i like that one from general financing on let me grabbed the adonia can't got to give him now to give him a seller and plan so fit warfare generator there go my body on roland and color and they got new one out its soabout ai went to buy it yesterday cause the general flinthead me yesterday and he and i and i thought our actuality was kehnossa i tecehini such he worse the link and i as i tried to get it on one line and every one had them taken down that the book i went to amazon and barns and nobles on and everywhere were that they were supposed to have it out there and they were there was a confinedthe there absolutely messing with anything that's going to bring this information for word because why because all these books stores all of the corporations are owned by one one or two cities black rock vanguard state streitaland arabella so we had a real problem we got to break us and i don't know why people aren't out somebody hasn't done an anti trust soon them for cause or getting paid but he comes back to that sort of weary were we going here john well i think we have to talk a little bit about the constitution in general and then i want to get on to a the constitution is what we in michigan are living by even though this constitution is really not ah i desertions titution because it wasn't ah elected or folded in by the two thirds of the people it was voted in by one tenth of one per cent of the populations explain that to everybody because i understand that is you we've gone through before it in case somebody hasn't heard why the constitution for nineteen sixty three is illegal and and not proper will you please tell everybody well if they go if i takes two thirds of the fold to amend the constant then why would it only take one tenth of one per cent of the vote to bring in a new case logically an impossible so tell us the the scenario bolts when the scab boded an they put it up for a vote and only one tenth of one per cent of the people voted on it nor one tenth of the one per cent of the people he voted positive i mean you know was like fifty fifty and then another thousand people are so in not quite sure how that what these breaks down ages i should figure that out but it wasn't a majority of certainly wasn't two thirds of the population which i hold so it hesiodean ease based on the population rather than one who shows up to vot you have he have that many people ye have ever kind of quarrel right yes well you had let's say you had two thousand people voting and out of the two thousand people a nine thousand are at nine hundred and ninety nine people voted for the ah against the constitution and nine hundred and ninety nine nine hundred or one thousand and one folded for the cost then they brought it on board and said there you got her new cast that's the way it was the percentage of the vulgar that voted forehead were so miniscule according to the whole population of the state of michigan laying the redhand the whole population in that two thirds of the population are cospores on the people a not allowed people to vote so you can what are you going to do you can't say we can't move forward because we don't have people that are interested in voting or don't care to bowerbird of his still need to have the majority of people that want the counts the two thirds greater than the people that didn't got it they didn't do that so so hard about the proposals what's that i'm sorry kinases slim ah then and they brought it on board while the there'sthere's a lot of consents and we're going to go over some of them in here as were the constant or this constitute really wasn't there were there's a lot of good stuff in the beginning that kind of for the people but toward the end they give all the power back to the old i back to the peep back to the government so this is an a constitution for the people that constitute i now afift fifty i guess half the people to have some rights from it if the contest government follows those right but they do us other things in their for their benefit then it seems like this way it always go as you know is like like they'll have a little bit for for the people but the majority of it is just extraone they put in their pork and and she some who at comes to legislature and the bills of the tepass are that they even consider which is his crazy so okay were re onto go with us well i was going to say when next time you run into these people that you talked to or that you see on the platform or when you go to one of these men and there's somebody there like a ah salamisa ah you might want to ask him will you be a decury officer occupying the desertion see how he answers and if you have to by all means your i will be then ask him what does that yet what looks like a back elm i might home and nice guy he's a nice guy and he's a great speaker right but he came out basically he wants to to reinstate the http again and ah said that that was one of the biggest mistakes president trump made i'm like are you hid in her and is in no it'sit'sthe falling right in line with dissenters which you know to santisfacere failing in a in anything that looks like a positive move to keep it you keep america great let's pescoo there you know it just seems like if you listen to these guys speak and you get all stars strock and say oh it's thrown to say it shoshonee things or oh it's his person even now no no got to get the personality to call to personality aside and listen to their words because there words well if you listen to him long enough and you little research are going to find out that maybe people aren't exactly who they say they are while this is there this is the one hundred per cent wonderful question anybody working in the old are you at the jury in the ninety nine point nine per cent have not read the case most of them do have not written nor for they don't even know what the word de jury means there might even come back at you and say you talking about this yours super the day notes not the shore it's the sure so the question is to them you know what you you want to run for this office with you don't even know what it means to be desure and he that means constitutional and by the rule of law and if you don't know that why would i want to put you into that into that of ah in that's a great question and we've we've got a lot of people's stumbled on stagionate question they don't know how to answer respond to it back he his name i then ran over here that that was pretty big about that was the senator on morice's face i can't think of his name but anyway he came to our meeting looking for signatures and he said at that we rid asked them at that point eh are you going to be a desire officer occupying in desorio fice and we've already told him that he needed to read nor and be prepared when you come here and understand it and when when he came in he asked them again to be desorio ficor occupying a desertionis he says are you trying to embarrass so that's the kind of response we get from these pets ah or or michael warren did you read norton this michael warns been on the bench for i don't know many years on the circuit cord now he wants to move up to the spring quarter he was he was stamping on the platform to move up to not but he didn't run for that office but anyway we asked them to go redmorton he says i looked over it you're a judge you haven't read that case and we told you about it you don't know what that case says i you're a god and we expect you to git effectively by the rule of law and by the constitution you old don't tell look at what they say look at what they do and ninety nine per cent of the time you find out as crispin caramels what is she doing is not what she said had a great platform when she was running that she was going to clean house just when in there and sat in fell each competitor so this is the problem that we have with with our our government but the problem that we have what the people is the people don't again it they don't understand they don't understand what the constitution is the purpose of the constitution is not to protect us we don't have constitutional rights we have god given rights protected by the constitution the only reason their spelled out if we would not have spelled those rights out freedom of speech and so on they were stepped out over him a long time ago rightshoulder come up with all kinds of rules and regulation but because those set rights were written down the way they were written down kind of time the government from doing it because you know who's our enemy the enemy is the enemy's isn't the blacks and the whites and the chinese and the japanese and all the other a people never come to our country the problem or the enemy is the government and we have to understand that and we have to know how to deal with that not fight each other not finer neighbors not spy on our neighbors i tacked our neighbors from the one from the corruption and usurpation of what we got to do i got it up further and say that it's a global crime syndicate and all the all of the governments have been infiltrated in our working together with a larger one enterprise statesman the globe thus globes you've got you know there another word for globosis global crimes sondict that's right okay so if we take a look at the state constante ah the very beginning of it most people can get through the first few pages because they're pretty easy and there they parallel or they they in order to become a state in the united states in order to become a state in the united state they had to develop a decurion they had to develop a constitution that was parallel to the federal cos i think i'd give more rights they can't take rights away that or on the federal contes they can only expand those rights in the state so it's very important to understand that the state constitution has the bee a parallel to the federal cost a what happens if you don't have a cone or if your operating without a constitution because you had some sort of all documents drafted back when the before the constitution was developed and you're still living on those documents there are a couple of states out there one in kars north carolina living on the sixteen ninety years of so high no that's another very interesting i point you brought out ohio was never brought in correctly as in his really a territory if you go by the rule of law because the federal government in nineteen fifty and i may be hospicefor fifty four fifty as the house joint resolutions to admit ohio in as i can't do the you have to develop the in or the the groundwork laid out as you have to develop a constant you have to live under the constitution for a year then you have to have the people to follow then and bolt that they want to become the state then you go to the legislature of the federal government and you say it met us the state of the union that is how the processes you can't go and remember what we said about making laws rules and regulations cannot ever override the constitute and that's what they did when they brought ohio in so ohio as of fifty six he said we're going to we're going to retroactively this date back to the eighteen hundreds and make it as no said okay while we made a mistake in nineteen fifty four now we're going to go through the correct process and admittens he didn't do decided they were going to go for outdrink resolutions committee and invite enough you can go and read that in the o on the internet all over the internet you can find out about the ohio being brought in as the state and fifty four and how they did it or fifty six if not she a date now this but so he histrionats philotate so what happens with that when you find out when when we go back to the rule of law and we find out that it isn't fact territory then all the presidents and came out of ohio and there were a few and all of the senators and representatives that came out of ohio all of the things that they ruled on voted on and that the president was forward are now in for is there not they were never there of the kathleen you look at how many things were wrong and one wrong procedure and legally or lawfully how far would a person go back to nullify in our opinion to note start nullification notifying in fact of the ohio should be done to day all the way back to the fifty four and said that that the house bill rested in at inappropriate and now you can come in as the state near sautoit and give him the states in the because when we short cut corners and obviously people are singing a high so what sol sol short cut it what's the big deal well the big deal is a short cut it here you short cut it there you short cut another one we all he we can shut cut that we've already set the precedent for being able to by pass the real laws and rules of the and come up with new laws and rules that are going to be effective for like her and now it cried back to lincoln oh yes okay how far back do we go if we were to know five because lincoln was not supposed to be in office either that the you know the titles of nobility well it goes all the way back back back back back back wherever i it in fact unless as the people say o come let's go forward from this point on let's not go all the way back let's to give all of the up all of the proneness let's give all the problems the telephone interrupted my part tranquility let's give all the let's let's forget all the problems but let's start from this you know this clean chin music right ear and this is the way we're going to and everything's going to be done by lots and that means they are old they will love forgive the legislature for bringing a ioan it sing okes of this as or were forgetting all that stuff for a moving forward but everything at this point is going to be done by law by the way its post be and if it's a long slow process has a long slope was meant to be the the problem is that if we look at all of the past nonsense that's going on you know that presidents came oh they can't issue orders or or etc or a presidential what did he call it on executive orders econmica do an executive order that has anything to do with that was never to them as a power if you give em an executive or order power you've now given them dictatorial power over the oven over the e the whole purpose of the executive branch was to carry out the wishes of the legs so when we have jocelyn benson turning around and sing i have the election once she didn't even have the authority to do that the only people that had the authority to stand and and prove the election were the legs it's not a judicial political it belongs in the legs well when they take that path and how did they get round at what's put it that way i legislature and in fact the federal legislature federal congress has been known to pass off difficult problem some one else can point the finger at somebody else oh like the pichons the free corn i seen them do that first hand well we can get into the michigan supreme court but i am speaking of the legislature right now and here the circle ah the congress brought in the federal reserve and they had no authority to do that give the are money making power to a private banking never had that power to do but they did that was an illegal act of our county ah a legal act of jocelyn benson was to ratified the election i say that the election was fine and it was above board in al that cheat never had that authority do that but the legislature didn't want to take the so they gave it to her let her take it is better since he refused at all she should have refused them and actually the agonised you can't do that so so i had only omaromar guilty of treason absolutely absolutely one hundred per cent this is sallenches for everybody that is the fact they are both they are boltonthe it goes the whitmer when she was pushing the face are the covethe that was all a lie too that was all a lie to and the problem with with the with joslin and with the in prasannatha ejecting an is that they the three of em when they iknowi remember there on television and whitmer was saying all look at all three of us or wind like we're going to really rule the roses here we're going to run these and that's what they're doing based there riding rough shod over the law because there's nobody there to stop them the age is and stopping of vessels is guilty as all of it as as the others because she's she should be saying he in know what this is not lawful i i'm beaten general and you can't do that santo well look it that look at the sixteen that she went after i've got a time in problem with us as well as the fact that that this is i shouldn't have been happening in the first place they've all been doing it they've all been dinner you in the wrong thing so people are like all of their going after republicans while they probably should be going after publicans but they should have been going after him and for decades and the democrats too for doing you know for doing what they were doing it's not right and why now did he bring the sixteen of under charges and everybody who she's goin after he poikansa flight well but she should have gone after down a crack and she hasn't done anything right either i'm not saying i like anything any of em did because they're all criminals that's right and you're absolutely right but democrats have been doing this for years every time a republican took office the democrats went out there and dined i don't think he can have any protected status i don't care what anybody says i over there's no excuse for breaking the law and or for subverting the united states member when hilary said which part i mean she said a lot of don strong no one above the law it coroner and weretoleration the rope she cared except hilary who would like to massacre children and in our consideree who don't agree with her his way above the lock but the yaalewa she was saying and you know trumwine nobody is above the law and woman said nobody's above the lot he did you not haps that that we were killed last week the shafts that dorothea it's two shafts o bombs i think was a bononian a clinton shaft man that's a job i wouldn't take it you gave me you know all basiliades to fronto bags for somebody now to chance you know in the morning for breakfast a you want to cook for these people yet i don't think so i think i'll be over here you know digging worms and a pile or shovelin horsemanit be no last job i would take that's like an detected deaths exactly ages were on right what's take a look at the article one of the constitute the declaration of rights he well i'm not quite sure i by that terminology either but on kalets campion everything so that's not where we're going to stay she it is said for it is in a declaration of rights we have the right it should be saying something to the to the oh in the vein of ah the protected rights are something like that these other rights that are protected by his but there it they're not they're not declaring any rights we have these rights the red nowledge men ignoring ven by god that's not i like that knowles on a right given carte they don't git out for in god in here they don't now look at section one now think what was going on during coved with the churches and and to the establishments food the restaurants and solinus this all political power is inherent in the people government is instituted for their equal benefits security and where does it say to protect their health or where does it say that they can shut down anything at any time for any reason does a purpose all political power is inherent in we have the that's a correct now he goes the equal protection no person shall be denied the equal protection of the law nor shall any person be denied the enjoyment of his civil or political rights or be discriminated against in the exercise thereof because of religion raised color and national large the legislature shall implement it these act of the sections by appropriate legislate second one branch i know i don't see executive branch in there anywhere i say the age or does it say the secretary of state not doesn't say that either says the legislate so we're going back to what the original intent his political power legislative and if those people love what's the name of the guide that in the government now in the spring court of the brothers the drorigian i met him he's really nice i madam in westcombe h as armyonce man he is i'm going to try to get him on here maybe this week or next week and let him talk but he is just as disance as percy ever wanted me we tried to give him to our group and i don't know they're still trying or if he said now or or maybe i'll show up i don't but the purpose of his lawsuit is the political losses and his law suit should be in the legislate i have gone to the legislation of any should have suit the legislator shuster to do his to his pending when he needed to do he conabundance he wrong direction and that's why he's getting sineginge spent why don't paybody even knows how to approach the legislature for with a suit like that while you start with your own personal ah legislate in my case it would be no hate to any cleve she is my whole representative so i would start with her and potarii know but but he would start with her and send her a letter and tell her to do this and this is what i expect from her and if she doesn't do that then she's on one of the defendants on the laws and then go after the senator who is on it stab you know and oh i'm so sorry and peters oh season other one of so sorry and get those three to work in the direction to this problem and if they chose not to do that then ah then see them ah because now i have a direct contact with them i can see the individual legislat can't see the old congress but you can see your own personal legist and where do you initiate that lawsuit in a hypotrochoid then it would go to federal court it's a assansol be a loss soon again stopped stab you now for ten minutes dollars and miss trevor we shamaitic a political or legal action group that we start to actually go after this so you get people to do the leg work on it you know i'm about tapped out with as much stuff that i can do run run things round personally but if we had a bunch of us that could tag team that would be amazing well i onkind to working on that right now on smaller issues such as the reality that's working on the a driving while carrying a tulle and extasies she calls me a couple of times i drove by this police officer i had my telephone in my hand and i was holding i kept looking at him and he let me go by his life for he mask i tried to get a rest and i like for not wernerfor not wherein a mask i'm like head like i'm not going to wear a mask i'm not going to comply with the rules so why don't we you just arrest me now the window it how they wouldn't they they never send pool about my trump hat that i had on from way back their own i've been wearing that had ever set and i wear it everywhere people are ye people needn't grow inside and realized the only ones that are going to kick in the balls are going to be republicans of the crazy meetings so going back to article or or section to the legislature is the only body of government that has power to make any kind of laws any kind of love there is no executive a mergency that doesn't exist that the creeks rise at one place than a white got a neighborhood because of will flood then the executive can get involved in and get the clean up crew out there the clean up but they have no power to stop anything or to say you can't go back to your house i can't do this scanty that lets the legislators says that and then the way the government was set up by our founding fathers think old as he they gave the legislative branch all of the power of the law and the executive branch was just to carry out the law to carry out what the legislature wants to do and in fact when the executive branch was brought in after the articles of confederation only reason that they had a convention at the articles of confederation was because they had a bunch of legislate that will legislate laws and rules and regulations but they had no enforcement of the best so they brought in the constitution and brought in the executive branch for the enforcement of the laws that the legislator of honest legislature wanted that was the entire purpose all because fusion convention changing constitutional convention or were some other things that went into the but bringing in an executive branch to run the show to do what the legislator asks now in this case to day we have the le executive branch running the show i mean making the laws running the show kindlein a legislature and excuse the leet reelected and i mean this is an it's a mass the big man and that's why it's a mess we were for into this nonsense that the executive branch can do what they're doing and they can stop you from going to church and they can do and do all in this kind of stock even though there is no law because the law can only be written by legisl so there is no loss and you can't go to church because the coke he put it on the th on the backs of the executive branch and there now we have the legal department which is the age allowing it his folly a legal and we have the sothe a secretary of state meddling in election totally illegal and we have the age sat back in sonora lower going to go after the sixteen people that he didn't like the elections and in enwoven doing for how many decades so it's nonsense we the people have allowed it to be whether picking and choosing and in it it lends itself to harassment whoever they want to shut down or harass because there is no rule of law there's no standard they just do what they want that's right keep in mind that up coming war that we're in the middle of getting involved in the scare tactic to get the people to buy into the nonsense of ah in or we got to follow the government we got to go to the green new deal we got her go to the great reset because we're in war and biting has the state president because he's a war time for it which is all red that's the kind of logic that they're going to try to push forward i and the people that are that aren't even on this frederickst there for listening or having been paying tention are going to be scared out of their minds they are not going to know the there's a war coming and they're not going to know then there's sons and daughters have to go and get sign up for the draft this is goin to be a bit man one or one of porter people aren't going do you think there is it as an excuse to postpone or stop that twenty twenty four hopesi ential lection i feel that they are going to an andlistening father people slices on all by mine why my brains i didn't figure this out it sounds like they're going to try to stop their postponed the election because they're going to they're going to have a caper attack that's going to blow out all the the internet and so on and so forth and or electricity who knows deep that's come go and then they're going to say while we can't have the election now until this one takes care but bisco supposeeven and he is going to bring forth the military and says i i hear we are got paper ballads already printed out all have to do is coming sign the printedpaper ballot and will sit there and come so i think that's going to be the attributes song happened once the sound wars scenarios starts coming before bloom there were still going to have an election of there nowhere in the history of the united ever had they ever postponed the eton ever world work were or one sybil or none of that have you ever written the continuity of government yes i'm all familiar with i think everybody should be reading that a people should all but like i say that most of those people are listening to sitting back watching san or at the gate we just got to keep talk and until they get it i suppose when the lights go out and the power goes out and everybody's walking around outside doing my phone my full my foes telling you what to do and i do start thinking whispered that is the problem that people are not prepared lot of people are not paying attention i don't mean the center run out and by tons of food and water and and guns and bullets and all that that's not a bad idea but i'm not saying that that's what i mean by being prepared being mentally understand what she gold follow like a lemming the so called a public functionaries i can't even call there not leaders none of them not worn it on a leader and in fact they were never meant to be leader the order takers or poppet that's about all i see out there because it there so there will i see is a lot of very weak people that are into it for self enrichment yeah but they were never meant to be that anyway the purpose of government but purpose or government was to legislate our des to do what we wanted them to do we put them there to protect our life or liberty in our property that's their whole fusion they don't have any functions outside of that and so they have taken on all these other montras because they believed that the old there in control and there the dictators and the tyrants and they can get away with it and ah the ages proven herself nestles proving herself quite well that she's nothing but a tyrant so so you think that what we would see first first in the war here would be a collapse of the power great i think i could be simultaneously and all they can come up to i think this is going to start blowing up in the summer of twenty four as before the elections were going to have rights in the streets were going to have crazy people out doing stupid things and we're going to have may be some more mass shootings that kind of soft so they could there still trying to take their guns away there never going to get em but they're going to keep trying this kind of nonsense is going to happen in twenty four ah looting and and murders for their benefit oh nothing crosses going to get arrested i think president tromp might think that's part of the game the keys meant to be why because i think that once he is arrested and he is led me at this point of time he's running for office what did illyrischen she was on he has i'm running for office because they can't touch me when i'm running but now there proving yes they can touch you president trump even if you are running for office we're going to put in jail there there making that point so i once they crossed that bridge in it came over formed because truncando the same back to him and he and well well i think then we got to get all these legislators out of the capital and they need to be in their home district and they should not go in to a meeting together except for maybe a couple of times a year i think that's a texas are two years they meet you that's exactly and that is it we need to cut this thing down to size which is about notifient per cent of it and then putting the potting probably ninety eight per cent of out of plain is shipped their sorry tsih off to get on a wet let them be dealt with down there interesting that you bring that up and yes i agree with you but my whole point is that these people should be paid a thousand dollars every time there is oh ye yea like a jar looking hereshould be like jury duty they shouldn't have any money coming into them absolutely i agree without one hundred per cent it henero if you're not working your aether you know they can take advantage of the health care while there on to i can go and get free at care for that week that month of whatever is i don't think we should give him health eh and you want know you wanted to why this is a duty we they should not have any more right or anything then then then american citizens and the people of america they should not have any more bonesets in my opinion this is a duty i have picrolithe you know when you're in the military medical taking care i'll give you that never thatbut legislators i mean why is it that the legislators and people in office are paid more than say first responders police or phrenosin nor only paid a thousand dollars for the time therein there only except gato grand i like that that's a good plan and you make it quite five grand at you i don't care what it makes that dollar an all but that's they don't get any extras once they leave the office there dot take care of their medical while there there in ones take care of any other activities that they have to walter there in office but once that days once that term is up whatever it is one week one on they're gone they have go back to their home districts and do whatever they're going to do their but they're not getting paid for that i agree they're only getting paid when her in off the stowing their duty and so that's the way should be wood at political parties same thing at home there's so much money nelsonic parties it's it's nonsense i think the political parties need to go away oh right there yep case you don't vote for the people you vote for the part you out from the natchalink or ninety per cent of the people don't pay attention to whose running for they paid a pension to all is a democrat is a republican i got a book for him he's a demon yet the wrong way to do we got a hold of the person agreed and then that removes the packs that removes on the other excess money because that nest and then they set up a oh five or six times a year or may be ten times a year i don't care what he in house debate where all the candidates running for that particular office in present themselves in run for office and that's it that's it no signs on the street now on no ah mailers to your house no mails no telephone calls and people will watch and they'll make up their decision based on what the pope were in the time right now or we have computers and it's very easy to find out a pot of candide and you have a website a dupe for yourself but not the pack you pay for the website yourself you put who you are out there and then you put all the times that you're going to be speaking in public and people can pay attention and follow and decide what they want to elect that's the way should be done why don't we just do it an on line instead of meeting and person cause it when i found as most of these political meetings or all people who are within the little club there's very pepole that go to those that are not in that are not in in its in installed political position why don't we just want to we just broadcast it and so it let's just say that takenbad cast any time they want that we get on they can talk on different issues in such people can you know and there's one at one place where you go get information website they can talk that it saves travesties all the advertising costs of all these antlerless es that are built oberon making money of politics there is one i looked up yesterday that showed up on christinger and it was target entreated enterprise tergether ther ar a media group out of california that they were paying for painters their so much money out of that goes to these support markington and that really i i really think the candidate should should be able to generate unless she were they can do can they put out can they can they actually treat can they actually put out their he or do they have ever heard stop well more snapped they have moderate one need when they're in office yes i would like to see it easy to run for office not fret so you wanted to run for office and you threw your head in i would like to the are the structure of the government take care of a lot of the things that that the public is the people are the old man there in under is that so come first as humanitarian effort don't want to be sending money to the politician right functionary rather have then you know you don't need the money because you can orocom puter or television or whatever it is presence free because you don't pay for it because it's done by government but everybody gets exactly the same i love it i think it's that that's what it should be done you know when they told me i had i wouldn't have had to raise fifty two million dollars so when the governor's race i'm like all first looknothing to do that that that's really a responsible and i don't care what the accepted practice that's wrong so but think about that if you have that many candidates that are throwing that much money on what could they have done for this state if they had if we abolish that and it would into maybe maybe help care or education or on or i mean you know god only knows how many things and i do mean that that god only knows that we could have done with that kind of money for em you know to help people who are truly and need are vacancies i mean this this is so wrong i agree with politics is one of the biggest holes that we throw money into so that that needs to be overhauled the command it could be ah but it's going to take the will of the people to do and the cinerary strong governor that can notify things gazettes the only office that has the power to do that at this point the cause the legislature won't well that's but we got to let the proper legislate come to the hero you really have to have it all but a one one governor could promenade it problem with the one governors that run governor can't do one governor can only write a law but it is to prove the law they have as the come from the legisl a cockney while the novel fire are or reject a elegis ative a act that's coming forward yes yet you don't where this what the terminologies we we've nulla no people can noli a long but the legislature or the governor convito alone they don't like and then it takes three quarters of both houses as that law over the president over the governor's veto that's the way i should work obviously but that's what shoulderhave gone so far scope for what the real intent and the behavior of our government will suppose to be like because we've elected people that now try to push the envelope a little further little well you don't see ow if you notice that northings that are against the law and accompany anournement you get rid of those thing and that responsibility so see of any of any company as it ultimately has the power and realistically i think a governor could do the same thing as go back in there and start taken taken some of the things out because their legal and right on happinesshow be doing taking a legal action in any this is unconstitutional standing against the constitution against the rule of law is but there all tend now in i started on a turn the accompanying in point ninety nine per cent of them are yah seriously come she is go back to the mission constitution gave god oftener of rabbit trail here but i know importedthe half assembly ah people have the right for peaceably to assemble counsel for the coming good to instruct their representatives and to petition the government for redress the grievance ah now if those of you that have remembered the federal consent is all coming from the federal nothing here is any die ah the right to peaceably assemble in the seveinthe state federal constitution has willis in the state the parallel each other and for the common good and the right to petition the government for redress get what does that me to redress the government for redressing in the oven sonachan on for the things that there that they are over stopping it's a means that i can write a letter to be a or to any other government agents i say in the white year all of line a grievance i'm writing you i expect the answer the politicians have their own quick color letter that they are already on printed they just printed out sin and send it out they really don't pay any attention to a lot of things you if they even answer it so when now is called nine nonsense came about and the governor passed on to the ah health and human services the ability to run the to run the covet scamp to lock people in their homes and their pressure people to get back scenes i rode her or him it was a hymn i wrote him a letter ah redressing the grievance basically saying i know what ear according to norton you don't exist because you have no constitutional authority and he then resigned from his office too late i don't know if my letter had anything to do with it i like to aroediad i think it did again one of ification looked at insistis ki could be coming after me and i don't want to go through as most of those people that are in office are and if they didn't have the the power of the government behind them they would be useless out there because they couldn't do anything they wouldn't do any because they are afraid of their own shadow whitmers afraid of her own shadow if she was left without the power of the government behind her saying with nestlin and a and the rest of the anatolian with politics oh i know there wine we were finding smart meters i went to a committee hearing in lansing and everybody did their thing they talked about how bad the smart meters on this and that and and all this there were these people were novels the last ferhan and they were starting a stuff in that brief cases ready to get out of there and thou the words out of my mouth were if you don't fix this problem there's going to be a several lawsuits and the one god that was cheering the meeting stopped everything he was doing are you talking about me and is basically so non talking about all of you and general ye so they don't want to get involved in all that if they you can in a few they can avoid it they will do everything they can to avoid it so now there's a lot of lawsuits going on against i bien and in some of his people that he could in office and there some going on against the our state government to and it's going to be more it anywayi got got to distend her here i actually have to a i got myself into a couple of projects as morning solidwere going to have to end about ten thirty this morning and the just jusgentium the time all there so watching the clock i can i think you and i can say here in talk about this stuff like all day long and never hit the end of the subject you know that's every port a bit the way this saw freedom of worship and religious stronger and much more powerful than the because the federal government the federal law u s congress shall make no law but now this state government on a section for spells out every person shall be at liberty worship god according to his of his own no person shall be compelled to attend or ye then or against his consent contribute to the a rection or support of any place of worship religion or to pay at times or other rates for the support of any ministrel of the gosins er of the gospel or to teacher of religion no money shall be appropriated or drawn from the treasury or from the benefit of any religion our society theology theological or religious a seminary nor shall properly property belonging to the state be appropriated for any such a civil by the way state government shouldn't have any power to own any are with that i agree with what i do government have any authority to own property but the the civil itsentimental but that i had to do that the civil and political rights privileges and capacities of no person shall be diminished or enlarged honor come of his religious when i cast the where that one's goin right there so the non provence and in what's what's happened with the the moneys that can be can be moved to non profits and such for their compliance but five or one see three brought on by johnson as to control the and what they did as they said if you don't to sign up for the finer one see three program then i were going to sink the irish they had no authority to do that based on the first amendment of the federal consent and of course based on the state one if our governor would have any kind of got governor would say to the federal government cake your hire s and because you're not coming to the united there not coming to mishe you have no authority in a boat he had nor verses shall be counting you have no authority here being the state but is this kind of like playing along the get along is that with the call it go along get along there you go so this is what the church is do and consequently the churches were muzzled they couldn't talk about this they couldn't talk about that and there are few creatures out there or pastors or whatever you want to call them then or actually speaking against the government but their fire in the and i occasion be paid no tax as whatsoever the church as shudden't and because it's a right for people who assembled and a and a abolishioners in three states entirely stand on your own two feet and you know and take care o your congregations and the people in your communities guys this problem that problematic with the freedom of religion and freedom of as one should once you accept something from the government like five once set free and you for hatifi now that now so problem now you've agreed to their terminology in their edicts and their and their desires so you're your benefit would be so the iris doesn't bother you they never had the authority to do that so so they won't want indsay there's two ganders they won't go you know they won't go out and stand for anything they won't say anything against a mutilation of children under the guise of of a money making organizations for for gender are a general mutilation surgeries let's call what it is and crimsons humanity and all of it for money it's a shame and an every single person should be speaking up for this i saw a idoists week and when i was at that conference i was at and the girl was detestation and it was so heart breaking about you know she's like i just should await in as she's just sobbing isn't a doltlike i have nothing she said i had she had not only have done massacrethe had bought in surgery and they showed her arm where they had taken skin off and it was it was a incas sabin and like i just i i just she have nothing and in its his once once they get through it i think they realize that this whole mind thing that you cannot be a man if you're a woman it is not going to work and a man cannot be a woman it's not going to work it's going to give him a feeles like plain dress but your stock would croisons stock with your diana your stock with a helps and worn with this or the other things in just the strength you know and a not going to change it and people need to two honestly step in and say look maybe you don't feel white oh you know you've got some questions in such that's work through this instead of putting it into a situation of making money in its wrong in the churches are so on aliens yes there is there this his beaver series problem that they haven't spoke up where do you cottonades the ear and churches and that have not spoken of our guilty of these people that have gone through them the allowed the mutilation of children because they were quiet of were quiet were guilty who do you turn to if you are mixed if your mind is no i'm not i think i should be a woman and that it and your mixed up who do you turn to for help shows that a university counsellor anconitans i would say your parents and anon ye es understand what's going on and there willing to to take that stand with then you wouldn't probably not think you're a woman to be i would think not you know all that way you know but if you were allowed to continue in an a certain path as in an apparent the loud back to continue or encouraged in or not encouraged it didn't say as things against then you would think it while on one fine i'm doing everything okay my dad does she mind my mother doesn't mind then that's the and then then when you come to a point that you're realize i'm really screwed up where do you go you can't morianseles because they're not you can't go to the government because there there worse there were churches arn't going to help you because they don't know what to help i saw you you don't have you have no play on find somebody that you can speak with and straighten yourself out and growing up is not an easy task right these are things that the parents need to do properly as parents but there's a lot of red it is to go on here with the school systems they don't want to hurt somebody's feelings on a step out and an stop out and be on your leg this goes back to that speech at president trumpet that i played the beginning if you want to be exceptional you do not go along with the crowd you stand against everything that's out there in a lot of times you're going to stand a lollaert okay never long his gods with you but you're still responded to the right thing that's another thing we and the nine to be absolutely abolished they are nothing more than money wandering in dintorno our children it's government schools and they need to be abolished i had my my run in with the emir and charged without thesioides in the problem with this general mutlation of children which by now we've got all of these proposals they can come and take kids right out of the house and say we know bathron cad and so now that you know they take the kids away and they can do whatever they want to do and so now you got monsters and charge of the this sort of thing and i think there's a lot of good teachers out there that are just heard worethat are just like they don't even know what to do because if they stand up deggial and the wall because they they they want to take thee to way out i stood up see how we could get into that some day some of those are con humorous but ethiou no no no no no no not at all ah i think did i tell you about the one principle that when i was showing the we didn't go to the moon yes you told me that one the anteater out there heard it but i think it's funny cause he ontohdoh was a good guy really excellent princes i would stand behind him any day he was an excellent kind of be working for one of the best and unfortunately the school suspended like him selve bogotano he got rid of them of course he comes making the decisions go to be you know got a record kids i don't want to get off the track when i'm going to get one the east i have i studied cabal for a couple of years pretty hard i was going to the pesant to i the other what aikaan i actually went to their performances in california the cobbles programs and i went through the system i got books and i read in one and one thing that struck me very strong with that is that they sent in all who are we as an entity why did we come here said before the primordial state before we were born into this world we were of both genders male and female and when we came to this earth and we were divided into a male and to a somewhere around on this earth if your woman there's a man running around that's your second half for your in flor whatever you want to call them you're you're a what was the other term that they use while to be her perfect match so here's the question that i've all i thought about several times you're you're a man now and you decided to become a woman so you go through the old procedure to become a woman and then when you go back to the old state after you die and go back to the mothers to women and there we met an omenista was how do you prove how do you go to god and say he you know i'm sorry i screwed up her i don't know how that we work out if it isn't the cable of based on the town met there sought they used the top made it's not in everything the time let tom that is a godless book on operas on the bare onatas about being able to to have sex with a three year old and it's nothing no it's not it's it's not that this was more another like to use the word righteous more ah more god light when i was learning when i was being tied on an like then then i then christianity i'm i'm not up a note in another reformed or cobbles the anything like that it was just the experience now that i went through that's why we're here from the herd flowing experienced also experience the bigarade was as the indian one that indian see already lost one some of the other religions that were out there i went through and i was brought up at her as a catholic i went through the the match rations of in oligthid get back ties they did get confirmed and i didn't get thee on the other stuff that you had to do as a cat so i went through all that the but am i practising catholic not in my practice i cobbles snow my practising bagaglino i just wanted to see what the relit what the draw is for in particular are some people really buy into this stuff a hundred per cent and nothing else souththere and i like the catholics religions you can't go where other church if you do you're going to get excommunicated from the that didn't make any sense he receipted here am i posted an article at me see if i can bring this up cases this is might be kind of interesting and its timely on other my telegram pay charmenas this is this is the you know in all systems are made up of very very flawed human beings we will go to that more absolutely as a system it believe in the relationship with jesus christ as he is the answer and shadethey and so does the cock cobbles but they believed that jesus christ will come so you know and they still used the same term analogy and there are catholic people there in in the cobbles the ceremonies and stuff like that so you to me it was to me it was a great experience i needed i needed to do some this ecstasies sound unmarked buildings quietly will help for accused e in michigan dryden michigan visiting priests arrived the screetly day and night stripped of the collars castles and they went unnoticed in the tiny men that masterson as they were escorted into a dingy warehouse across from elementary school play grow nevers he had no idea some of the dress down clergyman dining at lorestan might have been accused sexual proctors they had been brought to town by a small non profit group called opusanecdote his secretfor nearly two decades the group his operated out of a series of unmarked buildings in rural michigan providing money shelter transportation legal help and other support to hundreds perhaps thousands of catholic priests accused of sexual abuse of cross and that its resithe words for that when pantofiles when a seri codfish some clegei for musing dozens of miners otis mowno was therefore him with regular visits and commissary cash when a priest admitted social assaulting of boys under fourteen opus ponerse pons for his to contend one another priest was criminally charged with abusing a teen opisbo later made him a legal adviser and while powerful clear had publicly pledged all the church accountable for its crimes of its clergy and help survivesome of them arranged meetings offered blessings and quietly sent checks to this organization to provide support to alleged ate of users now oregon to this in that white right now what we are into in this is this is one that cannot be defined and as far as its isthere's there's no debating this fact is that we are in wereindeed between good verses vilallos systems have been infiltrated all there isn't there isn't one right now that hasn't from top to bottom so you know what is individuals we have to make some really big choice as not to be a part of things that we know are wrong and we were still given a conscience we know when people do the wrong thing you can see it right away if they were to make excuses for why they are not guilty of something because they know their guilty but it is really easy to see when somebody admits that if it makes the admission of that i but at any rate i thought i'd bring that up there because he been hiding in the state of miss onward who buildings across the communities kids closes parents do you job because everyone were they going to go to find kids they're to go in the schools they are going to go in and you know human relief or positions are going to go to hate for gosh's sake under the clintons that world class child trafficking organizations and potatoes that they stand with which one piston the rest now he has close now there you go i ka were going go from there and it's time thirty do we want stop there do we want to go in ocricock it already in the cot in my case sinowes i like the rabbit trails we go down because you know what i got to leave you don't actually does as it rolls in the world that we live in with these documents how their applied you know i i hated history and high school it was so boring because you know it was just like just get the credit and get out right that was my thought and in high school which was many years ago cause i'm sixty the year what i learned overtime is that this is significant and applicable just like the bible is significant and applicable to to day's living if you'd go to the sources and you look at the source stock in that it only till have some tell you what it says go read it for yourself or put on an on or version of it in listen and now now what you got into you were we get out in the weeds as when the start listening to everybody telling us how to think and what to do instead of going to those documents now listening to somebody who is older who has some i love going to sit in a coffee shop or rest or anteasee small community has one there's the big table with all the old farmers that if you gave it if if i were governor and you gave me two large tables of old farmers we could write the state with a two weeks if he zinyoka that wisdom of people who have lived a long time and actually had the education like yourself you know i really i really preciate that a lot yet well let's see a prayer minute then will end with cant with com anson then we're going to move on here cause i've got i've got two things i'm helping a couple of people do some things i need to get on to that dear homely father thank you so very very much for leading us through life for always being there for us and always providing a way we love the fact that you've given us your word that is for ever it is eternal there is no beginning there is no end to it your presence is there is no beginning and there's no end we can't even relate and or human form to what it was oh entirely but we can know you and in you set it is that that you're here and that we can know you we can have a real if with you and we can walk on this earth with you your holy spirit guide protecting us giving us answers every step of the way you show us exactly what to do and were thankful for that this day we will go to your word as a measure for all things because you're answers are clearly laid out in that we thank you for that we thank you for sending to this christ or have them ligiero you or heavenly father for our lord and saviour the way the truth and the light no man comes to the father except through genseric's clearly stated and we thank you for that so much we thank you for giving us a voice to speak out against all the things that are wrong in the world and to look for solutions and listen to you as you leave it to those solutions to write this nation because you're right there than battles moors and we humbly follow behind you doing whatever it is that you ask us to do this is no world and or so thankful for the place give people hope to day there has been a lot of discouraging news out there and and please epilating them know that you're here nothing's outside of what you're allowing to have ten and right now i feel like we're all getting taken you know we're getting a good a good correction i'm not going to say spank and but it's your feels like it in order to adjust our thoughts and come back to my service to you or your world not not not having the god of money or anything like that but it's just you that we worship and that we love and we we want to walk with we thank you so much your friend we want to be your friend when we love you and jesus christ precious saree so there he go on entering couple comments here levantarla sunshine was honest levedemete the same thing in seventeen seventy six when we were celebrating our freedoms or nighteven six they went under cover twenty more restrictive laws and plays and dined dunois conon with the puglia and kingsley they wanted to make a homeless camp but it would turn into a migrabut what it turned to a migrant king up and studiosthe i'll look it up though and shelleian governor white gilty of trees and putting a legal immigration camp and putting us in danger of crime in disease she's not protecting the state of michigan on anatole you what the one thing that really got a general flint and trouble is when he was when he was exposing the gloawormes were terceless the united states that were set up as camps to train people with bad encement dens a foreign a foreign or terras that they were bringing here in order to attack american citizens and make no mistake they had a large and have a large network in place that is what they had to go after anteron in of course oh john flint was edenof course lama had to get rid of that because it was all part of the sixteen year planeness of america didn't happen well one very brave man stored up along with several other very brave man and i'm going to say man because they were men that started off and it was general michael flinn the man admiral admiral rogers man and president the rightful presented states john old trump the man who stood up with people that followed them in with this battle and i thankful for the so there you go in any last words done though man thanks for that oh we have a meeting on wednesday i will be on the old of anybody's sing up or call me or or peck me my full numbers seven three four nine six eight four seven one five and you can call me any time and i'll stop with you on our mailing list and you can draw our meetings and find out what's going on this sounds like a great plan so so the man john and the woman died a hear or think you that you came in here to day within the now confusions zonethat i'm not confused i don't think you're confused either so so my horses are confused my dogs are confused my my chickens are not confused at gennesaret confuse rabbits are confused the dearer confesando else so and i am pretty sure god's not confused so we cannot laugh about this and have a good laugh at this point time but it's going to have to tell with so anyhow oh let's see here go god bless every one out there will be back to morrow when reading in grace church theresave got a guy that's an that's going to be talking about the human trafficking and meshigan and he had he had first hand experience with us and he's going to be on thursday so just just everybody just see you know god is with us it's were worn gondarino god is what is he is on the throw we don't have to worry about this we don't have to look well is now on senseout there and be afraid or anything go forward no fear it's a choice and don't let him to moralize you so it's it's it's mental talness we're going into right now somewhere in mattakesa so there you go i've god bless you god bless all those whom he love and god bless america make it a great day it's your choice thanks john your mazing i walked talking with you and we may have to do it went at a to do a john marathon some day and just soconeth the tough the money don't want so wont to break through this losse the next three take care o biheron