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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/8/2023 - Update on the Border - Heather Hobbs

Published May 8, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Monday Morning in the Mitten: Special guest Heather Hobbs is an anti-abortion/anti-human trafficking advocate, who works on the southern border with law enforcement to help rescue children as well as, securing our border with new technology. She has an amazing story in her own right, deciding to keep her daughter after rape, and talks about the blessings each and every life is to all of us. Heather is also currently working to help with evacuation efforts in Sudan to rescue Americans abandoned by the Biden Administration. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

Transcript in English (auto-generated)

good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is in fact donna brandenburg and it is may eight twenty twenty three and we have a great show plan for to day because i can tell you what softens when i have the bad guoter they're not real bright and they make and so you can touch them in the it it's kind o it's kind of fond because i really don't believe in mistakes i believe everything is there for for a reason because god's in control and that's why it is so things happened for a reason but we had a great week and here it was wonderful one of my one of my and on bodies came over and had a we had a really really nice time and a wait for checkup back in again he she was on that he's gone and he's an an he's gone up here he is and i hate to a doing a hack i consorted you can as frees and up again i think they're crowing with us i well ought then back in oon line and he ascession ection must go to for on call in and did you double that day he met here we've got double chock we beech you're so amazing that we can do double chucks to day down on the line can all two of me he had enough he honor while let's go back to this and then then we'll just you call in okay adjusted just in a day up that's what we do right so hang out a minute we get chockenoe here all right seeing the second on the other side can move check from here and were his college to work as that is much better let me see again near that's much better so this is the problem is that honestly of a beckmesser what is every time we talked about anything real which is actually pretty funny i think it's hilarious and side thought we would talk about some amazing things to day because you and i have both seen ah i don't even know how to say that people do the most ridiculous things we could possibly even a magic so what if you start out talking about you are nonsense of and freemont and i'll talk about my not send up in three monthes hind of crazy people people do not realize that what they think they're doing in secret is right out there in the open and they can't get away from it they can't stop themselves through doing he shouldn't do and the annogedig caught in the meantime which is absolutely hoary pescatore beyond the sporting his fertile i i kisse one to the top cure whatever his i windiest is so can like animal house or whatever doubled on her secret probation but anyway so i got to get back on it just with all the other things going on but again the same thing you please his people play around and thus we and a good thought but the grand new party or that i call it the grain and no party go i know pres the gorgon to know where they have did pureno they have soles i call the salad no they really are just now people this grand no party has been trying to a swindle people and idea that there pack and that they will all their candidates oh wait a minute there's already a pack in each county a county party is self isopales us call what is money laundering packs as oceanit's all about money then bring it back i know age so there out there trying to read one the doing his competing with the amice taking money away for her own benefit and make an old no go no no well he says they are the rings i told that they were the price thirty four thousand dollars of which fifteen thousand winters the other executive director so where would change trio last o when statethough a saturday where was centrodontus dec i i am questioned o seebeck montefiore right now i think that lapse he practised hosted in hungry hungry what seriously assentation in i got a clip in her wit her change trio coperone is is that how this grind no party is using the money to go out a country the globulites beyond his one more acidence that these guys are rate tied in now you say oh no way well where do change freodom from it came out of that old plenary aright on one shoe now you one thing the boissere looks like grey or globes and they're going to are you up and down then as cornante part of this grand no party since granadino grand a party what was change creole talk who did the cheaile piece put out last but on the chancroid i think was twelve paces on white sp white a promises autoists here whatever is made oh that's a question and then he had mission though the year before with anointing for detroit news saying that she should resign because she she called the ontanagon noise had come a crowd she called him a races a raised his fore and he called for house hard then you got deeper now a supporting comission of gilpinthe afeitaba lady of kerseymere to his two in kick off and so he got giorno down there supporting now so always see his enforced his hypoacidity we see a grand in party that's out of control we see that no direction mister a wonderful speed car conductor leader has not renounced this active nor has he one treasure who is as a conflict of interests about five times on over an expressly with the cape county hopes to treasure there they want to get rid of them and there's a real problem here a character that one thing they do not have his character i know i said a lot i'm going to bring it back now to the ego on thursday i touched the new ego execucion thank annoiati politeto that i did not the sanhicans he clearly knew something was amiss i give them all croodles for that there on executive twenty wild onto give a presentation in carded and e the shares said no that the rotation see if people on aime billywith he made a motion to take a vote of not affiliated and atlas minute representive col fox postponed it into the next meeting why i don't know you learned to count goldies the spur me because the fact is they should take the doll that aside i remained quiet and then was asked why i couldn't told lies i could cortine in places like ecclesiastics no time and place for everything well good next men you can count on me be in there and a giving them the fool old penefit of the knowledge of what this grand no party is about i think so that it too not alienate in this hell thing just gets better by the minute because i got to the they've got all the money and none of the brains i'm not kidding you this is like this is like so funny to watch them you know expand there you know expender ammunition because the the getting down to scraping the bottom of the barrel i want to do quick commercial here for i had their hogs is going to be on around ten o'clock this morning with the update from the border which we have become really a i consider her a friend and a working on the border and working with a drawn technology we had john ferguson last week monday and a heatherstone chocalet was so he came on he and they worked together some who want to hear a we're going to do twenty minutes to day fifteen to twenty minutes at ten o'clock and then out she'll be back on a third so that all that'll be a lot on but this this thing gets better because i ended up getting a tale in the state from i what was guy's names peter what is it peter carried on and on as sisealach i noot eldred so i don't know what what he gave you reconsolate you men and so this is miss certificarse this is the exact this is a great example first fall god is not on their side every time they make a bad mistake he is just going to go old old really you think she's goin to work for you i don't think so and and here i'm just going to send you in a dark malesthat you can no forward and is gon expose your darkiness to every one so this is what i mean to i post some aromatischen change and show you because i might just post this live well i'm on line with check to their horror i'm sure the right place here and what a was what was sent to me i mistake and then old mo ono what have we done we actually communicated with donna brandon for this is going to be bad this is going to go poorly i get this this tax from help that sons me sons me this line and then all of a sudden it six to nine and in two hours later a most an hour fifty two minutes later ah how little ought years later he said oh sorry dan i sent this too by mistake so me being smart aleck that i am because i enjoyed the in smart alec and i practised my whole life at mangasarian as a son my oninvited he's like uninvited and then all and then all of a sudden comes back with unless you unite with the people in the new am i geop i hope you understand united we stand divided we find coercion right there and in the then you don't plan as hand it so coronel the talking the grand new party and so that's exactly what's that no no now because this is because it gets better because all of a sudden to hang out a minute now this was going to be one everybody out there is going to start so and i actually i am so fast a screen shotting it would make people it would make people so i get something in that ridiculous and i will actually sit there and so sir peter when i had opened up the entire day to base of who is involved in the spreading party scorpiothe which is kind of thought yes of course for in the top of the last i'm going to put this up i'm going to do i'll do what will will just like dorislas at one little path satan a time make it kind of so anybody wants to ask his process which is going to be ultimately fun please go to at brandenburg the king then just at brand bird than the number four then am i in telegram and you can watch me do it this can be ashlars cause they got to be soaked here is in fact on my channel the top of the list who do we have here avshars there are no mistakes do you think you're if anybody thinks that they're going to in fact outsmart god they're going to have a problem and going to be a large pot he's just got to show for what they are it's red here we go on go back here and i i'm going to gather on why not hang out at we're going to go back here and i'm going to present this and a minute an make sure it's big and big enough for a ryse tea there we gologo back from the top i went on as down a granberg and then randy guppy tim lolling jim carry ruth van hoven david more i asterach jim kelly marion pint by a digger ebbing monson and john m matesthese part of these well i think this early in and what of consecratory it's a patriot's one nation but was the debut of what look but but look at what but look at what they ask me to do and it was like it was basically they were asking me to throw in with the new republican party make sure no rather talking so i would want to do going to dig it deeper there i say that in the angle the otoe tresport that grating he expressed a sentiment soothed to be there in that with the great dupaty i have a problem that bill resi say that is become is more christina that's why i surprise i shaomer bashaws great is thickly even if we don't know you know where he is which steve but he knows enough about shellback and be shown and that whole thing come on to validate that a little bit molokai i'll go back i apologized the i'm off if i of based on that looks at the hoister and i was like are you kidding me crazy why would they say i mean talk about not reaching out across the aisle when the republican party literally kicked me off i say and and now there like well you know we're not going to reach out to you because you're not you're not republican i'm like are you kidding me you guys abandoned me i didn't abandon you and you tell it was the thomas everybody knows for common sense can otherward withjack apostle isaac tonelagee on not just promise also another individual and why treatment one at and recommended we talk about politics and had been back stabbing and all this the and it's always been there but i here in an aria i would say ninety per cent of the people are should be imposed i don't say that about this group there are some people in their idol and i probably say you it probably would disagree with that i don't know all but i can say some but none the less we trust perecieron old reggie right to the theater i if you i see names like change too and that proveis in the group yes so that's what i answer in love me let me go to my let me go and wash for you made war ike so i was going to go down this and it's like i was i was sitting here looking at the going i cannot believe in and maybe maybe there reaching out here a little bit so i know some people that are on their there absolutely absolutely deep stated in the there's no two ways about it that this cordinator agaricini leader old anitorgis let me let me go in here and i may have to re dab this the little bit with more information but i was sitting there going you have got to be killing me leslie on to you all the in this sort well make sure the reason i mentioned in his cool now i i can have to read that that you are you are absolutely right i've had some things that the tollere got time norton and there just in barclay to them i don't either and so i started looking randy guppy and ready got me away i ran collie ant here i have not it is a onetime but i've heard i will here on he so oi take that bet okachinsan in here and casethere goes to illtreat that and we will defer the investigation but i am glad elintapaa is on their christina croneis not costa it was of a wilderness before throw the south there but on the tall you this is this really really a crazy i will actually reduce that and tell we we get more information on that sole is unreal she parathesin in the hunted hungry it shadows were shine triolet i'm not last week on wednesday through saturday i think it was an i could i knew he was there i was told he was there when i was up in the wagon not hersbecause i asked will work all come shenstone cosine is among i was a fair in a night it some checking if i don't wear you was hollows in and hungry now we got that much money i'm told the only raised thirty thirty four thousand dollars now that's probably all they reported the probably not reported at all right sancelito this salespeople operates on the easter all day erased more than that that they say really well that is the white reports show o kay well well this is so crazy because it's like you go into all these organizations and you see such a mixed bag of good guys and bad guys in there and when as soon as that came out that i was on invited i was like i was a this is crazy it's like unless you throw in with him it's like you know what just as the vischer of the u s textes hard which is in fact a constitution you're all welcome you can come and go and hang out with us and we are going to involve or love all of you we are not going play this game and i don't care which party is in the wrong there in the wrong bigly and in this this is got to after unified with gun and i hope the dyehouse untill you right now the row were going they are in fact the ones that are the guilty of in there the ones that are guilty of the division whether its insect and i don't care you know i don't care if anybody wants me ever to show up anywhere again i'm going to tell the truth and the toronto the truth is is that we've got a problem in this this division has got to stop in with the genoa con granary is i don't have care the siding great he i can in the contes to thee i say to do or not to creation heredon't know the constitution and i know they like to claim the do but i'd like to know how many of my bevenuti or even so because i'm going to say they do clithero old thomas pain because a homeseparate lot of pain to work late and particularly because i used to think that he was a conservative his really a liberal progressive when you read it as score you realized that he isn't the guide like we thought he was he really is a progression does another day another story but i think this grand no party does disservice they talked about the reason that they formed it was because things were great and lance in them a cope we got new leadership okay so we got new leadership and wanted the grand no party to the hired they brought in the old michepicotin guilty of the whole mess and lasting in the first poet and now as saracenos we don't need that we don't want that they miss colpeo and go over to the democratic party we've seen enough of them rather a seecar will i think there's a fake or moston manics or shanting i look at that i look at his post he has no godchosen them off to a societee from where and locate his back on a nice i'm sorry that's on the lead to nowhere it can ire was correctly what he's kept beside asocibase he knew they did not have character they did have not have honesty and they do not see yet and this is when you see the behaviour here i mean i i am so the the whole republican party is i'm hoping going the right rich like christina i like christina a lot and you know i think that she's really really good go but you watch thee the division within it and you can't go just by a name any more you're younone of a party or an affiliation you have to go by individuals and i'm going to i'm going to stick with i just i just saw hohachin ed the post a little bit cause i'm going to look into this a little bit further because i think that too look at it you see all of these deep state actors and there it's like hold the fall wait a mint what's going on here but i've sigenok to the fact that christina was not is not in the pre so why is it re cronin i mean why is that in so i mean we can make a conclusion right there that we have a large problem and when you see people that you know are deep stated actorsand you know they are and and you you have to go back to will who is running the show is this just another thing like like i hate to say it that i was going to say it stand up michigan was the right is the right arm of the estalleure ulican party and so i may in our genial for another grass roots organization that is by and large infiltrated with a lot of people who are absolutely deep state which is going to be the right arm of the republican party and and i'm i'm sorry but i'm not buying this we're going to come in under every new name on the planet and we know hope people fall for i am not going there this is you know i know what i mean i i i onagree i sent you some pictures to a can see i can once am i hope can i hope decode why do they say that my good christian endorses cos who is that who sat on the first on the first picture is that why think it is et y house those pitherby house in two thousand seven and you see there behind pack holding speaking as a guy said in his herborist kind named mathematics you boredom jan in extramundane prishon madcapper ye but peck hold back is there too showers speaking of when he was running for governor this was back and took one my point malo tell you never was at my house is mechanist or there sister diane great glasses are right yeah she was at my house and the two catfish was coming up he was up again together for cackled that on that morning and i said sure all sponsored so that you did and they came up and her few people showed up i don't make a twenty thirty five i guess could it was done at the last minute nonetheless incomes moshoma and that their part of the screen new party or not the same old ideas save old arrogant ways save old of distrust always cried black of credibility when they keep my house i was on his people they were to me they were arrogant i ask the question who are the they thought they were better than everybody else conceit was it was that really was his so is shellback as she related mishap he is getting tokonomas sensesnot it michonnet the him a number of centers of the canine whatever that thing was opinando which i called the body a hundred ever so do ravineit but they gave a thousand dollars to do aopontando in pushton was part of that group rosethat's why they came at me they came after cissister spose into i resided closing in for the crowd they were and that's that sholapore what goes on it but they had a judge they are you know the inner pocket of the which shocking as the massoistas that wisconsin promote are if you noticed this shudder down and shuddered we that this is crazy and i mean i mean this this whole thing of calling everything grass or to patrick groups patras or does not just like that the republican party such as is this kind of stuff is none such because you can see who there hanging around with and i've got to the point where the political stuff is anybody to spend politics for any period of time at this point time is probably only there because they were played and the care of the club i don't give really anybody any credibility but when i see i think i might just publish the list of whose involved in this paper i think i should i rarely do i am an put it out there on the chaperoned you think i should publish the list everybody come come back in the do you want to see the list of who is in this patriot group that invited me and disinvited me and also does not have christina on the list i think we should be really concerned about this because i think we should post every single one mile and people in their indenture anybody that says there pete soda we listenafter rible vous go appetiteless s for true and just right on one does he had no clue what a patriot no clue of sac there no clue got what it really means the steed of the willing to go to the border protected alemcrin or there doing a great now are they willing to to pick themself yet in gottes and out there oh rallies are great but it goes beyond the row ageindeed more i am agesander while they think well how many rallies have you have we almost thought herself pins rallied pins the will can see can his grades what this is about heroesyou gone to i'm going to find and what do you do with the rallis nothing that they're not loving the pen just like going to the going to the political groups there putare like their like a bitch sussi and that's a and no work is done that that he will on nothing gets done unto undercolouring the list let's make a traitor he chopped on the part of the less that's make him sliding one after crateropodin at it you remember what we went through the inopinabiliter when we went to the capital noricans and see out of people there there were where we are all these people that were peter where were the grass roots where were the religious salethere was everybody there were a pity you and i and a few others outside or people inside the coat it was like i was one of the most important times to be there because it was the issue on the ballad or that they were going to go on the ballad a portion and all the other issues and they stood down where were they you were i either be you i did alive feet while you talked to those kids on these those kids were there and in fact the group could there were with their parents were from out a state they saw the necessity of it and they were there protesting a wee denham very few to now there is almost nobody there and you know when we were doing the ballot that the ballad initiatives ones said that they were as the most fore who showed up christine and i a collie who was who was the poster child for i care never showed up and seen yeh it it's crazy he was right where was the real right chantons the people there from havre county in greece you know why because they the long as they won't they easeist because that cold goes on the case the apatite they confine on why i don't guess why i don't put a lot of trust in these people is because they say one thing and do another while here's the not he is no one i coriposto this list and there's somebody on here and i'm in to throw it out there because i screened shot at every word of a conversation that they had you don't want me put it out your don't say it and she was working with ashe he whoever is in now i i i don't it is but at any rate eh it's truth and truth scopes ah like a hundred and testatment ii in a hundred different chance that as the professional offered in right there and as as soon as i didn't fly in and and fawn all over all of em i got kicked out of every single patriot chat out there i was banned from all of them for here him so ah ah we were going to say from them will he use the gender and neutral a protectorate to be i'm going over on em they're goin to wonder what he's doing they won't know what i'm doing i'm not going to be on page for for a while he will tablewhen to the ehapoo their over twenty people that are not on my princess to olmeta every time they go in on my account it shows the i got notice right i get over twenty eight day one day i had in an i think was in three hours i had keener something like that was an ugly wolcombe they were coming happy and looking for whatever reason i thought it was funny but there's nothing to hide but i'm going colorbecause is something i'm doing here got a wonder but they will know when it comes out and a great go head keeps on scooters a lot more going on than people realized in this state they are undermining i republican party a grand old party they can think that they're doing the right thing they can think and call themselves patres they have no clue you got you got a guy like chantrelle was tea party like a khat did they do what have they done in life hasn't done a thing and he was now he was reader has no education as the little education and he was he sakenow a leader make the leader is how many people are following them how many people really read what he or even understand it because she doesn't and when i see him going and owing localise oh lucius conicopoly he is not here to forget and then he say well we be godless is white the premises till he's got some conflicts doesn't he he's some internal come she has to work out but if we know what he got is doing is not honourable is not honorable for the country is gorontalo the and that doesn't dis repress with him shown mattocks take a look at my sheets she hurt the county are not counting with postesora all conchas never delivered it she's hurt that the state go p for sure were still real and proferer travesty and now she's over their crate more turmoil if you don't think so ask yourself asked why i can biersto down on the grand old party and then they brought in the shan the lithe big the woman that thinks she's a the top grogan was in the numbers she called me what's called the little post she the cry may be the runaway whence senticetis cry baby she ran away from me up in a noiselike so long odelard head lights up there he does i you want the beenmore i noceroses you what they desist or check i've got my liza people cop out here that is a people i've got a cup this as it is in the people we had got to be egoto be ourselves we got to be doin we've got to be we are o god created and i think what we see in the lot of faith plastic in all we see enough a plastic bag classic people iliaster just pretty street in this book and reading about a concord historically that the pest wonder at you know you really are wondering if the history we received in the past even grasses like god was he could rather soother president was hecanas really the great general that he was was he really or did other people really do in ages can be the right place or at the questions there greatabout well if you ride i bentonian lin you retain and basically i'm to say it and people aren't now like what i have to say but readers writings he wrote about when the people he was kind o make it a joke was laughing at us you don't you've got a republic if you once and then he rolled about how to take the people down if they got to be too powerful it was it was as making it he was he was laughing at us like nossetis easterhams generoso merica in great ideas thought that no promise can was a he was ely was the patron the process he moved creseis now as you read about him though he really was a progressive all along he was more like he was the quaker on reallyor like a cake okay he really was but he never gave reckon he recognized god he he was a desheived it eleven to this christ is his old process was andes and that the god created yes good god goes in entered the mines forenight about thomas paikis it's a good book there if nothing else even if they have half of his crew you read this stuff about some of the people characters in in in history invasion wonder it we really it is the truth story even and always wore sorrythe way our side so it's so metasomasis the spokes the red oh storedthe others and were i the victor is right the history and so we we do not have a true recount of most but we can look at the patterns we can look at we can look patterns we can look at the issues and be able to formulate a really good assessment what's going on in money always tells a story you can you can go money tells the story you and he selection the grand new party looked with looked stand up michigan dead with sat with soldano selling the selling a contact less look at what they did they sold people's personal information that they gave in those in order to and i've got a real problem with that i have a huge problem with you know how many contacts i have i have thousands and thousands i've never passed one on without somebody saying i want you to put me in contact with some one and i would never would do it over and i you know you you look at you look at what happened there i know somebody who put an event on all this is going to be found to throw this one out there and they were given a their supposedly a neutral party a neutral officer in the republican party was given twenty thousand dollars to give to a an organization of their choice gave to stand up so the comet was a communist organization that started out as such and they sold the day to base of names and then what happened so done step out of the way and moved to another position and so they all they changed physicians constantly but you always see more in together as he in a pack o once you get the names see the connections you can honestly see whose work in with who and when how what the other organization has and how they actually organize it outside of names outside of ova titles outside of having half a ainoassa to represent them as on and as it's kind of interesting so this is why i'm really concerned about all of these patriot groups and when you see him with it with these people that keep changing that keep changing oh not just there there there filiations that can make no mistake i was kicked it had nothing to do with me leaving her changing my position i am willing to stand with any one who is an american who wants to fight for these i don't need be in a call or club species we need to go back and stare be america and clean this rats nest out most of the people that are sitting in that are here in leadership positions in the patriot groups and the grass roots groups and in any that have any real traction pre exercere that they were played now not seeing all i put a lot of ground crotons don't you do they don't even have none of you ever have you ever looked at their names they don't exist there's one there's one guy that claims and i sat down with him he's like all i was brinster and strike one i was thingalways only child and open only child an old the child an only child you know trust on baby worked in the work here on count not worked in the ffashion and the street did cocaine he had all of this that was deep stakes out on like in never done drags and i've never smoked a cigarette you know it's one of the i worked and i sit there and i listened to this sky in his connection to switzerland and an everybody's falling the sky because he's got all of these high level connections he's got the high low connections cause these oneel when you talk with his his greeting in this week and i learned about an next wise he affair in old of skies for the prince governall set gracias platon so comines why it was part of history that never get everything to get i had to do and to do with the pretties othercase of pleasant britain versus mercoledi with england did you know that a bettre actually in one month took over three hundred of our ships i never heard about that did it now swept in this was ready after the change treaty we never the gintry treaty right they sent the treaty of hortense to the worst be a spring corts riesener to negotiate with a or the prince which they did about neutral steps that if chip and nutrition not es wre any military purpose they would not they would not touch a she's the so what that was was they were concerned that the u s would ably with and that we was shipped a good but the priest did believe us and because of this expanse they had some internal information how we were oceanthe prince one thing into in another and so they seized over three hundred or ships we were close to a going up gonswart we actually there was there was a bigger chance for war rate there then the then the world were on because involved is possibly nations the uninvolved he written in netherlands and he and in france in england and in condorcet states of a lot of goriot more on history of recollets or round never never ceased to mass this truth any more what is true why there i tell you god god is the only one that we can turn to right now and try to sort through this thing and to throw things out there and have discussion now or are we going to get it right every time there's so much lying on going on out there it's unbelievable but we can start talking about it and we will get to the truth and once we get there it lay up this is what's going on here but we've got to have frank honest where were we can say this this is not made in sense and then people bring their knowledge in and we find tunitella get to the to the actual truth on things which is important but there is so much that we've been taught that the latent le a lie like running running out a gas and oil that is blatantly a lie it's none with oil in no drive the praise or if we got more we've got more gas and oil in colorado than they have i sought arabia i know and not only that it's like we're going to run out now were not it's a renewed resource its if you actually study it it's actually something and that there's a debater bacterio that makes exactly the same compound so what is it it's not the dinosaurs in i mean to think of the absurdity of thinking how many dinosaurs and plants would have had to die and be compressed and right at the same time to make the amount of barrels that were put per day yea i mean how many there would be that it would it would be more if absent even even the clean as of but the principles of o that this some tore all energy remains the same clacker and they don't get that pass what they want they will make north and the other say all that goes were plied yesterday it does because your crates or use in your creed more a reason more now you not know you not show me shall we were you're doing that right i and little transfers to another type a and it's you know i done it doesn't work that way and what we've been taught in school what we've been trying school is not education that's indoctrination to go in the direction that they want us to go with there's no truth to any of it and we're going to have to start back and really rebuild and really be really sceptical on what we hear until we you know tell me clean the rats out and there's a lot of them there's tremendous mounts you know what feels good to be part of an organization it makes us feel good the problem with that is that most of the organizations that are out there that are there run like a cold instead of the way that i supposed to be with the freedom and sovereignty of the individual and protecting each other's right it's just another form of taking people captive in any way that there the way that their created but in you take and put up that one the raised i gave you i will see the ypres if you're going to do it lies hope you'd better i harwell what's herothis all all here you know it's like it's like a hatos that but but screw any of you that think that there you're going to take out a really good person like christina coromantin absolutely torpedo her because it's a grass grows it's the grass roots groups now that have have come in sockets and you know what in another coop with it on all this come i don't see that now i had aldopentose second put up here so i can't really do you know a million things that one time i would love to be able to do that moon and canadense i got to do a lot but here to go here is the ant you goin to get to give me a man to come at this so that people who are not watching right now don't jump in and think in promoting it cause i'm not i am not promoting thing or i'm not going on in it were putting to his altar so give me tell me what you want me to say about this cause i can count that it right now because he called it come i go p early predominance of he got parker's son sent to the talk what did the family i'm santapamiti in freedom to sauces take it as it's cold unity reality grass roots and established owens take outerly shemsheh the work towards oh christina you tellin me parker john with you with his mother an you telling me they want them my you be strong noulico if they do if the bit they would polsdon the grand oporteret now make no mistake if they believe god there cause it will work on help her to county kent now the county he passed their unction anchorage money and and support the candies they know the candidates better than some one that he lives over and open in county that has no clue what was miskennis not honourable any sigenot nether real questionable god thecodus to be the land he because why do you like to be pro this sir giscome group i'll tell you what asked what he's done in life asked what he's done what he's done anything okay sign that a share in the semenitch and incase i do think that this is important for us to put this stuff out here and this is why i'm i'm just torked about this group that we invite you were in i don't care i don't want to go to their stupendified to christina comewho the people voted got better things to do i can shovel stallsand not going to buy into this none that's all it is in solid me when we get the superante screens every can talk see you what we are not promoting this we are born we are absolutely i've got my second gosse's going to end up at the another in a minute so how their hosses is come in back say the hother hang out a metognatha where were like a posing as on the fly state nonsense rat here his i'm not yet put up with us now where is where is christina on us where is he why are they there this is that this is a distraction distraction and i i called the traitors i sat out tratos to americans and true republicans who voted for her and on a like temirades spires what is he what is that he's crying at this is like i began he will he's easy train to distract you know what body i can assure you that you won't make the cot for the constitution of art because i know understood in the i go ofter neale priscilla he say patronise i don't think i know christian and think that he is a good god he still with the grand no party as long as he with the grand old party i say the guys bad i don't care for this if he's a collided with the grand old party i want nothing to do with those people those people are equal those people are a bit orace as you can look at what no fillyside and you look at what cob what the daily be set about shantantay got shame for you o god o white surmises give these forthright and they got here contestation fastidioso sored do not think he dispeople are just out of the mind it is lismanini dont make a comment so might carathis on there you s cantspars association president looks like distraction from the real on organization trochitis this in lessenasecond from the us that paris party just like what they distract from the real of my gopas they got they just they keep making organizations the keep making out in cristo get everybody completely confused not knowing where to go i am un sorry all shame on all of you and anybody that anybody that follows this nonsense you need to do a little bit of research because this is what this is what they do this is political operatives ah in this is political operative you know on a long right here i see this might do and i i really look your desnouso yes in matador for a monday yeah this is this is crazy while you know that we're just going to keep thronenot here and if you don't want it said don't throw it out there because i'm going to throw it right out there for god never one to see this is nonsense were not going to play the game any more we can and you know the nation is that these people are the nations is in trouble and these guys are playing their plain politics so you know what we're going and an under tail then they the goddeserves everything they get in chucking you in kind i saw i want to take us the conversation out but my body held her homes is there she is going to be on the osteogenetic greet gone prove day anyways really well as she's going to be on for about fifteen twenty minutes could you join me back so that we can we can protonotorio back and were going to look out in this or and then charged okay that's great and they go to my if you go to my telegram channel at brandenburg for an i just walks the unmasking is going to keep happening because they there domnoff it out there on throwing out his everybody needs to hear what they're doing we need to oppose the go uncle agetascu o things i should do any ways who you may often men thanked they had their nitrogen yeanother you good out there just bad when this morning big time i am with it nice to have you on it's so it's so good to set on something to see you and i'm i got to let her body know that i had there was supposed to be on last week but then we had to make a switch out and so to day where were now far fortune had rondain we're going to have one third say again while i'm really i'm really excited to re excited to i got to me how there down and missouri at the nassaconset tion and on the committee navy for the states which was wonderful and omental what everybody out the only amazing to listen to what she has gone through and what she fights for at the border and siding and desperate a boche's antiabolition active as into human transcendant ive us and i want to introduce edokei believe we're going to be a nonsolution heard nati could be familiar with her because she was there doing is a thank you so much that i praise some into think you if there's an honor to see on what you so what we have got in on right now well i drove from houston to wichita kansas who got in at lake eleven last night had to pump out an article for a brand new mac not general plan in the admiral's artists are and so i had to get an article and by midnight she what's happening at the border formation there and in sorrow be flying too bad morris louisiana to testify as to proportion bills that are being present to bring back exceptions and essentially reintroduced so which ironically the democrats but there's a lot of polite democrats of louisiana including the norlander and the over so it's very very interesting and then right after that all i too am i florida for the railway an american tour and that will be now very one thing and then you and i will be together nashville tennessee at down riches she gave you a lot of fun crump i'm really looking for it to colobone ful so a big agenda as days all about i caught up i'm glad to be on the show and beldecius oldtime on thirst yeah i think that'll be really fun i thank you for being able to integrate you know what to do the introito at and in the big the bigge and you'll be out thrasonical about it i thought john foreskins really interesting what case are doing with the growing technology as tolly amazing and oh you know he he tell her body what's going on at the border and anything that you want to bring to keep les attention in his tedainton abortional ovism is going out because i supportable everything that had her does on mean its its amazing this is the real deals the big thing is as it's all safe and right when we talk about the one in order in the hood and mask sonthirty agenda the u nouns their directly the in there directly you say in one into freedom's away from us that god gave us he gave us our free will taking that way he currency stuff right now in what you can and can't do it's a real i definitely have a focus on himtrafficking in a portent very special to me in the sense that to in but i'm fighting all the and fighting party even nose the then down one thing but his force of order crisises really a devastated to see in witness i do encourage people that feel able bodied to and to the border yourself go down there and we stopped the cartels from coming across utilizing it to lot of different technology which john cheered some of it their serial drone doctrines their seismic censors which are things he put in the ground and cover up since back a signal if there is disturbance on the ground even very minimal disturbance you do to drop something he you drop little gumbald and it said to signal back saying and there is also the satellite phones there you know radio systems and everything's on a meshing which means they all communicate with one another tacitly makes it digital wall and then intended with that people on the ground all right in a tandem with cost sheriffs or order he every day americans are down there stopping the cartel getting the girls away from them the human traffic that are going to be used slavery or work slavery or organ harvesting those are all bad as fortunately and a lot of people his commodity and it is very high so when you see a lot of his working and feel sore working on construction companies and potier slave labor people that the cartels have he negotiated their way to get but then nearerever states never break was so it and it's hard to one the magnitude of how bigoted oh i've seen on no one rode here up in michigan there's there's absolutely bed bordered crossing busses they got paper registration tredeneck license flight and just as right on a tornado is one of omniscent undersphere that are its border crossing bust and we actually have some one that works for us who is a naturalized citizen now you know take to atestin front and he was telling us what's happening with people will get two hundred dollars to the border border on the mexican side and the united states sidesuch lavesne i know there's also as i've ben regarded i said over the last two months night containing or he that is not mine for fox sinan earning of the spakest it is from the mouse of that's crazy is not it was my mind because you know a lot of people think mexicans but they're telling me in five per cent are mexicans and then the others small per cent are so that that's that's amazing so so not only not only or retracting kids but were in having invading army coming into the nation yet as this ocurrido any within a trace and we and so so not necessarily be knowing where they are and with the catolones across the border we got a real problem only and as you know one of my very best friends she is a michigan resident the board of her not prophesie two sons her teenage sons were killed by sent me wished she's over in rochester hills and that came it was rest in michigan while we we know i know herclito people that were killed by fontana and i know all quite a few more that actually had been killed by sundolas they crossed it in woepcke of team of some of our pharmaceuticals they use that on the crosse and that if you get the kids are out there somebody that's taking it a one of one of our dear friends when i had an handlike inclining anxiety one of his friends he tone and it was found a patron the a form since caffies the good and he lied as he took it he was down before i had the good it was an instantaneous it was like pointhe was going and her voice thought that they were taking paris and this others been allotted left us that have mocked her including bidenham last seriously bill after was president when the one he shouldn't have been taking it all help but he thirteen at old as make dumb choices unfortunately the desman they deserved to die the dismine don't undress the is killing her child one about the children of the play grounds you go and ply on a playground equipment at penton and is that have been packed with is that something that we're going to use and say well it was trump and office or it was such officereven doesn't matter what side of the fence right as is there are dying and being murdered by our enemy and we are allowing it innocent tensional is intentional murder that the drug dealers in her passing this one thing know what they're doing in porto wondering if there's a money trail there to find out how much gradually get patake human beings though you know that may seem a little far fet but you know you got a wonder at this point is not not far fetched is so i don't have the number i want to say was at in dollars last year that the cartels and i know it's over one truly dollars i don't know the exact repetition people the drugs and the trout he that was there so and that was a mass of red a few hundred billion the now people want to know why would they kill the cost there's plenty of people as sell too for once said the kyrtells were getting what they want but china there not very happy about and they're not very happy with they have brain washed their they have the from seventy and to seventeen from the time the very very young constant propaganda the constant you don't musical anthems playing that you have to stop in his no their little ante the chinese people are praying washed from and they are taught to american and they have an agent they want our lands they want our property they want our rest they want what america has to offer they don't they don't want us they want the that is why the a lot of people those they want our resources we have built great infests here we are thriving there trying to take that away from as china is all about they don't care about the world they don't care about american line coping with somebody else made you could see that an end of the three and even back in that when the eighties were they would send people over in the condicons and then they covered their technology for it back and then he could see the direct formation of how they actually come dear home in desire as it's been an it's been a very well planned out invasion of the nation without firing a bullet that's exactly what they wanted to do because that way they thought what's left after the kill he sal and it's kind of amazing his enow you're like your teether that's jesus loves jesus scandalose you and i have tried other now and likely i didn't see the rest of it that's that's also you know it's it's kind of amazing how you can to have to live in this world with almost a ah ah the ability to discern your talking some one who is truly may be just living and and we all threw up his human beings and then these people that are really evil because there are a lot of people out that are very evil and we cannot give them any room or any quarter and at any way shape or form you know jesus was putting on portable from the temple when he when he saw somebody that was really evil and really bad but on the other side it happens to the folks whether thou aloofe as bucky genologia with that only write that without one goodness if you have tectonarchin your program am or anybody in the south wales is a major is its like a gas station plus the store of post it is the cheapest gasoline and their texas originated and they are conservative everybody loves back but i get all kinds there in one of his and this one i got there loves you and i trying infinite haitian online present they they have a big social media on mine presents actually the babylon a hole three or four months more if you get down the he will i wantedgood i actually hit three buckies yesterday on my way up north his every time myself that's fine the fondlove to send you the videos there so funny but as you were sorry to i ain't but i think that that's a really important thing because i mean i was going hammer fina pretty hard miss onkeep up in michigan here that really you know we need to call out and see what their attentions are when they leave the head of the amigo off and say one joined the new amieller is in and you know the people in the organization that our absolutely deep state you see if i what they do and so you got i really think pass the labels and think through things and analyze very thoroughly rather than just to believing what you hear when you talk about the border i had a bunch of investigator friends on who were down there and they pretty much did a good job of laying out some border organizations who are sitting down their basically snort con smoke and pot raising money and having whither divers half down in their camp i i i and people can't be believe it but they come out as you know were patriots were this were that now there not were using our trust against us to get money and just cristoff these a lot of peered here holland there's a lot of these listen aiding in the human trafficking and oncalled the mouth and i acted disclaimer i'm not a large network of red nothing against catholics there the southern border part of the human traffic bethany lutheran service i have and ballinacarthy an services there is another lower ones they are using merits using these ere a church is named mind you sorry met the separate them because that's a lot of things people will think you're coming after certain faith i am not coming up with that these are the names of the entities and they are aiding in the and then you have these horrible doctrine the working miss for example i'm not sure if he saw the article about stinction service i believe it was in georgia at the dotted two boys out to homosexual coupletboth were not only a raking them at videotaping it but they were selling them to other men on line and the vireos and they were adopted from we can't leave the titles any more i know both in the i found and when i was really researching on nascose i was mackmarony nine is and to show exactly what kind of money they had come in it it is unbelievable this is the business and they lost it there were eighty kids that were lost to the border and they showed off then michigan under botanist the hat and ensnare the next question is as where are the rest of all because you know that this is not a one act when there's a pattern there is repeated and so this really needs to be now everybody needs to be a little smart and not just said oh we're going to give our money or gonthro in because you become a complication we pass on how lines women pass on information that you know is is basically just trabeoline in it engages our emotions and re rudrenthat you know we have to look through it make really good decisions and in the analyse it make really good decisions on what the next now it was a areevery thing i mean right the sudden over the last couple of right here in the legislators we are boding a thing now there are replied who are calling for gun control do people really think that these are just as sudden sporadic when since there are no coins proc horrible stating and i'm not diminishing the best way to stop gun violences good gun orders to be right without the distractions to distraction the demoralisation it saw that can estate the thing that they have things now that they have gone on and were it were justin more and more but in all less the great thing is as got were old waking up to that now so that we can see what their methods are and and thereby in a saner methods and then be able to counter that with counter boatsscores all the time began adapting to do when you see something new i think that when i see in politics in general in most a mistake that are made its called target ciclaton scale when when you see that in like eager in youre not moving things don't stay saying the same and so you have to be able to move in the navigating something comes at you that's more corn than heaven and a penny on one something you've got to hold to a dabnus one things on things and one of the things as with the distractions that they shall at us we can't we can't take these in leaguesaid better with a from the therethey target your emotions and they will mean a lot of people obviously have it children or the thought of something happening i lived just down the road from one i recently i'm all the people on the prison the sheriff my friends to her people that i'm friends with absolutely horrible that they had to witness the i am very bless that in the area in the saying or thinking about the strings the thing week end i'm shopping something in the now after noon evening rickford die those those are at a very safe area i think allied over one city in america because i no safety and in jest you know good areas good activities family friendly so a lot of people they it pulls it their emotions to think this is somewhere in a a scenario i can imagine myself and just like school shootings and you've a the should be able to feel safe as she but again i will restate i used to pull your motions and identify with his many americans as as themselves in their own families and that mentality that you can imagine yourself there so that you are more likely to give up your gun rights self in your children but that is not the case giving up your it to their arms not going to stay what if somebody comes into my house and i met arms it's going to take the place so get there but when we look at cities like hyppago e were a story the other day about a shooting i took the police an hour and a half to get the their so much violence in his long ittook an to get there and weeping think about that some one comes in your house you period well and what we know that's what the satanic death called to go it on they want to kill hominythe ll kill human beings and through war then look at look at thee o the money nanteswent the slovenes and other distribution that that's going out or a two for and entities in order to sell for weapons again contrary it guilt of human trafficking of levins trafficking of dragoon we probably have cringed more of the pronaos the globe than any kind are on the wall and now is our time theinata americans to henerico the american to swap order and the gotthough all of these these organizations and catos that we've had to ah what and realized their not a frons they're not working for us they are criminal organization its international crime seneca or dealing or absolutely and don't i do without to hop off here and and you an address that this is a criminal terrible organization it is rollin unified agenda we have ready and willing to give all and fight and note what i do and i know where we are willing to sacrifice even america egerton and so i encourage all of you is to find what is comically get physically engaged do something find a mission do your part well i know one expand on that i get you don't sleep too much i don't either cause i know my heart you were we just keep me just keep going to hammer in it outright it on down to honestly this is first and foremost a spiritual battle where in a spiritual battle so we have to make choice as you know gonfanons says the local action egles national mewell that goes on and ameniore true at personal level than it is in politics you know if you decide to live this day for god you cided that to day i am never going to tell a lie again i am never going to do this again or you know and it's the process we have done if i thinks within ourselves that we're not going to do again and broke a justonemoment be different were going to do in different but we've got a wanton a personal level the standard in her own life not weary body else but because of our connection with god a point out of e that is really important and that a connecting the godreveal to live for him and knowing that it starts us spiritual level with each and every one of us have that we have to get that for is quite first every single day better even if its in small light being better at putting my mail and one spot or making sure i text more or you know it can be beggars small but we should also levels every single day it is upon because we're never going to be perfect while reon and while you are out to get out there and flipped more tables cause i know you do that the year that's not right let's go piptospatha de soto bad process so well thank you so much for being on and i look forward to thursday the southern lady lenore not the time when my pen he will drink less you to day have a wonderful day and thanks for coming in to day all right but by a right when we see if i can get chuck back on her remenant will finish up but we were talking about and i think it's a wonderful point too to bring forward here too lisping check back on i don't attacking obedience to god really acted okay ershore s as good to go there trying to change showing on provocationthe on the morrow with though we had i stopped and looks like the play the little game i want a change for as postolutely as you desire with the change the rules to go comprise or a compound to take a lemon ah i loved different aspects in or to for you don't want to do that why on every other project you're goin to keep the love in that they currently have why would you do it for these as possedette you don't need that unless you're trying to hide contact is what worries us because a grin a non organ in the seminal ducts to the school oh this could alter one to put in arise even well that will come one i heerd our greenow the propre bodies of the area the per one the virtues predecessor in the loud a cheaper apartments cause this school mixing in a hot people reading it there and selling drugs it's why that was set aside in nineteen ninety one then i was part of it we stopped him from two e pad and the greek or the pocket outhousing project other the battened be used for extended blobby not rochow single the reason now is even worse because the road several cannot support it without adding a mortals ever on oporto is its conto put out a lot more traffic out on out on henry street at the corner which is already a problem so your compound the city and you don't need to do that it's a better community you will he keep his insensateness if you will that's what these through the years now they want to open up and then comes home and i think every city calls some of the other for oreshooes and including the mayor gave us the assurance that this was not concord i think the climes come to hold people conceduto make those kind of comments we need to take it remove you you need to be honorable and resigned to pure got to go against the public see con sorry that said just where it is and by the way i was part of that at night you one and with back to get into cancer no get it we thought we had had stopped i told the we had a temporary stopped in sureenough readier we are writ back and in show that's none one nor two was house bills forty five twenty or disobedient eight crandall as cushions with changes to the a gotterimo to beyond this what i hearing is not good i think this potestolate of changing as some rules to reticence strike at my confit what there doing on the top harepeni got to git into but i'm i'm alone already corno that that's a good morning you know the the the allhow how much stuff is done in secrecy out there godfather drew their back room deals there do in these fields and then we have the fight him celeste don't know about a afterafter the back and then they throw out little to analthes these little nuggets of all were so concerned and you know that they're not because their laughing at a sucession to some of these allies they are laughing at his not asked does was used face o ho have somebody is going to be coming on next tree that has a sex information and videos that have now been shown and we are constrict what's that on porciones and this is going to yoshitoshi is going to be painful cause not one new station would would cover this and we're on throwote there and cronies were going to continue to do this because because it's not making it out there well you know all of all the stuff that's happen and lorelei as well as on to go back to it again these small groups that have to have their exclusive little group where we we hide out very thing and nobody is in nobodyknows access to it and lest they throw in with us in such a wire they hidingthe good god i got past i too was to stop the better replace right can we not to stopleton what are those came out gonestole took the car and get exactly said with business owning he i should i won't stop it all it does is delayed sure nough to came out on friday thirstier friday the dear the good that it ghoolghoola as napoleon this is why i'm concerned about these h b forty five to six pence seven twenty eight their treason look like some of them by manners because one of the ways hold it up endangered one knows heard on the penceone of the things on the bed cuteness is the color work a corklemore existed on the michigan well it turned out that's great where this is and guess what there's check in is called the jack by bird will it not in order to to move forward that they could have to prove to us that these in dangerous species on the the eques on lists do not exist now cannot be reasone statebecause one star doesn't mean anything because you could do another our seasons so you go on around oh baby there migrating still and thomas which is where the bird i gretser the won't stop this gis hold the ghosis go down cured think that's going on which i'm going and i will tell you about olibius it's not ready to go yet how many use color against the law will be long and lesse a repealing the long come off our time because that they see where i'm going with it and yes i in all the of i had communication with the ogrady on this jorasanko no i sothatthato i now others the the i don't really need the updhis doing it for credibility i was doing it for them to to eat soon board with me and get some proculiform and turns out the chief that i spoke it's not his very okay it does stop me which you well know and so we're proceed anyways stretches when i get my hat together and poured through there we're going to a regal now follow up more the guises aker the house homosporous rechasingis speaker think toolsiron to two thousand he was invited o for a chopping gives a maruana cameronbridge winners and losers i worried a thousand the people that were invited with him was a god of logisappeared out o middlin he chid guilty to an eight forty two thousan dollar giving the bribe of forty two he all good ground out the royal oak and other lodges with crown guilty or pedicle guilty take giving fifty thousands o there's ninety two thousand eighteight wiljohn go john geloious iness when not all lincoln we got only gave em in right there out he gave a thousand i did think ashdodites she said cash i had caseoses a cash ever one is i think he came there chanson clan conon his so i rest into forty ah my suspicions are not in told you singing like a cadersi carebecause he's could be called guilty this other other guys all recollect all three i think i peculiar grey or maybe thursday coleraine i forget now but anyways nonelastic now space is coming the case some fine enach because in holes other people and involves people there looking at how olento money the following the money filing their doing it the right way i can't believe they are but we'll see if they set because it's sunsets eroded block gatepost to kiteeither good in oh we know is not true we know these thises related to the chap hildris okay he i do know and i know how all i can say is how some cards is calling and it's all in the past page the line only only it's coming it's coming on provision now ask yourself why is it marked to intone one of the osmotreron races being the one to we the hammer and not an enos you know that in a now solder was reported she took up a thousand dollar trip to the florida paid poor by who by a law firm in and every city are you were of that i am not aware of that gathering all tie what you lost what's the look what's the law for i don't know i can look it up i don't know how had i got to find was one of elgon i'm a angry series what we do not clarets sisters go on wentlike me if not like you could cause we bring up as the glory by peoples o here is so cadenette thoughtthat's going on more i think he even though he was before her chief consul of the doctor and he will protect or plied her you know that you will protect her now i go on credit for doing this now i know it's a lot apron the question you got to ask is why is it datesnone repeating the drone minethe answered why is it then to so prosecuting good chap you've got to reach okay here's here's is it's too turks and caicos last mock the church on cacosintheton thereincakes and turks and caicos joceline man here let me throw the sup on the screen a minute i can respegs the iscritto we're going to go out in this like like it's time for its time for heads to roll on this crop tocat's like we you know it's a key one people this is what we do not have in the united states of america is any accountability solemnises i can drive this thing up here a minute all this is going to be really fond asitidam he gone shawanoe told after davano costiveness is can rise who resisting she accepts with canteen do an that wiwisholan with the with onesilos potheseis can go over and take a patagonero our legislators they have no shame they go where they will go and by the way that very focis goodcome out i was behind this chapelrise the crockeries were paying them to go too no don't not in discessionibus as clowes conciseness and when he comes out it's going to get a greenstone get real or greatest agree these people i go what in composing this so long and i don't peopleeither me said the only way or a clean up his spring them back hold into this rick to work are day and their districts were re tokenyn because we do not trust no well that the real answer is to clean em all and hannoverana and and let em i rotisque there for a while and because you can't you can't you cannot build in in no here i'm almost there hang on me you can not bold in and that was for a night caribbean got away paid for traverse low from you cannot build in hananisho poorly her his inough way two people accountable who are criminally not interested in being held count will you can't do it that you got it you've got a clean house a little there's no way i would keep any one on staff or any one near the that his that his violated their oath of office who has done any of the securest nessa ryston questions over eighty five thousand a knight crimean got away paid for by their city law forms less godown here read michigan a train general his cat back at critics raised questions over her luxury trip to sharks and cake on last month have been there it's expensive but i paid my own way right and the bill was in its betil allegedly potted by ther city low farm stook the twitter on wensday responding to claims made in a new detroit news article there is a surprise at the troisvallet that her eight thousand six hundred twenty nine a dollar knight stay at the ritscottie was paid for by the law of form of the prominent lawyer calling aunt marcassins a family takes the personal action ah but you don't have a lot for pay for it it's like you don't sleep you pear right here on chatting on coniongeno you know what it's the okenoke honey right your own check through this and stop you know the if you want me the really really impressed right your own check sinnot impressed at all nay there be parlay bad river i don't know what his rat pronotary sorry i'm using that peter on raadengaard i'll use it you know donatallo proditio and on discoose per on way bade copies now get it he chose now now go down your fine those on does as funny yeah we got we got a a serious ulaing on him ontimes i could bring my screen back here a minute i half chock here chuck a mow cop me see if i can get you up there on i got up there her so this is this each a absolutely multitasking portly and we're struck her when i rode yes i had your screen up this i had you petroseline ye you're in time you know there so he there you up so now tack back again oh my hand if you posthypnotic ear then they go off my my chat after a while ago herindeed morning down all subject but anne anderssen otto disclosing her pages less thirstand friday she had a whistle blow or on and prayers through your safety i veriores on sesally at streone to say it but you and i we get we get hammered for being a little tough on people will you don't this hole they'll soapproaching politics and the war government runs the way we've been doing it by run on e wings is not how you hold people accountable oh they they didn't mean it yet they did and we you know what are you going to do keep giving people a pass so that the and tell the slit your own kids throats cause there capable of it me i mean look at look at murdering whiterwere murder it third party margett's exactly what happened with the whole coletian we're just going to keep getting people pass i'm sorry this isn't a if you look into it you see what she did with nursing homes that were not making the grade they didn't have even then she was using her not every nurse and help she was using nursing homes that did not meet right othergreat standards even for them and that's where they placed these that's where they placed people and stand of either closing and down for poor care concentrating the people who were the most affected by a allowed all over the place died suddenly from from what from their revery theriodont i mean is she died suddenly i think it's going to get worse here overtime which is unfortunate and nobody feels happy about this there is no one i i'm not happy about i'm not happy that they lie to every one about the vaccines i'm not i'm not happy in neither are you we don't won't want to see anybody hurt but we sure as heck want to see these people that lie to our fellow americans are failing numbers are fed who are heavy horrible complications from they were forced it was coercion no all these people you know that i here they had the in other dinner the minethere's no way of other way of describing it themselves erased i hear two it's terrible the heart damage involved with us you know it's like it's like i got to listen to you doctor malone i was he was in missouri too and i got to talk to him and listened to him and the this was such an he's been outspoken on us and i believe you don't he was the one that was originally involved with the creation of the marine technology and it was never intended to be used i should never have been used this way and i don't think it was just the man eternally i think it was they literally were poisoning people with us and they knew it it was it was with intention that they did the and then they lied and they locked people down and made him afraid by motions and threaten him with their job with heavy food on the table and you know what it's herelike with right now with a supply line said her under attack ah the electric vehicle nonsense which people are dying for him in other countries to suple is based supplies from all rises about killing pete and centralizing the control of our power and everything else and a so that they could shut as down again and you know used the coercion again but you know what the side of that is there's a lot of us now that are like not as long as i am alive as the cooing to go through what you know we're going to continue to fight for every one in the state our commitment to the people of michigan to the people the united states has absolutely grown stronger every day stand under any and all conditions and to never ever waver if they can't do it we're going to step up and we're going to help our neighbors we will be the ones that will step forward and never bet down we're not going to be done were i king abandon the nation like our government has it's going to be we the people that stand together step forward and find ways in work were moths or americans that's to the stag in the pack we're not we're not going to give the thing up nor reative up our country not to fighting age males that comrade crossed the border from china ninety per cent of the people that come across the board are are our chinese ah or refreshin and there i mean you heard it from from how there she's down there this is what's actually happening this is an invasion and there also trafficking children i mean this is what this is all about this is not a humanitarian effort where were twere were rescuing people who are in bad condition it's not even about that annotationsin people and selling our nation out to people who would come across and kill us like those that are seated in the seats and landing and washing they want us dad their working the china a groping down here but the if then an show glomerie syndicate happy right there with so we're just worse going to keep going you know it's like to all of you americans out there or follow our fellow americans whom we love our family are friends you know what we love you so love it's amazing there's so ny people that are willing to step in front of these really bad actors as a lot of people that have lost their lives even the state of so who are going to be recognised as i i know that there's been a lot of law enforcement or stepping in front of things i think the marshals are doing it and i think there's a lot of marshals that have lost their lives in a state of michigan that will have not heard of and their very good people and those people that are tough as nails that are willing to stand together for this nation its incredible or seen incredible good that's coming forward and we talk about the bad stuff because were you a valuated you know and now it needs to be done but once once the once that's cleaned out it's going to be an amazing time to be an american and be alive because the ones that are going to be left the ones that are going to be left or going to be us and work family and were going to be standing to gather and putting the nation back to gather without the criminal enterprise involved and it's going to be fond we're going to have a great time in a willing out a barnstons like it my bared a barn gathering the sweet on it was great and he had a lot of fun loud footed led a laugh to be normal you know not does normal life not crazy stop it's just to know the cold do one thing doctor stood down in coprolites did not respond having the most of all this cried they know better they know chronometer did not there ending all the right he did not of all groner three chronicle hold was to do no harm here they knew better and what did they do they stood down look at the guy thinkers say missgoth saracen do it's soon the hospital open now the walke kainit was gone he killed his daughter i killed his dog the you know the doctor wrote a tenor he wrote a tenor do not represent to gingough er in a way that we ever gave a tenor he killed his daughter why these i think she was a consider well you saw what's happening open on you know you saw what's happening up in an on a man omitting out another article here i'll think canadawhere they have expanded a portion up to the category sent from one to twelve years old where parents can kill a child now in this is really gotten answered i'm not bring something up right now is operation nightingale and i think on this topic you see this i have not a right is shy an aide that each a in polish and this was this is horrible absolutely horrible what happened here not only and i think we're going to find out they've got a few states called out for this but this is the having to do with murdering people on her hospital well as exactly hoped look at this check this out office of inspector general operation night gallon forcement the us department held to human service as inspector general and are lawenforcement part lansing multi state coordinated lawenforcement added to apprehend individuals engaged in a scheme to self false and fraudulent nur seine degree diplomas and transcripts states involved are delaware new york new jersey texas and florida i think we're going to find out on the click on his social the recruit is hired aspiring nurses in recruits help inspiring ursus fay obtain fakeers in degree diplomas and transcripts from accredited florida baseness the aspiring nurses and i think he o let me read this animal go back to world war to the aspiring nerves who acquired the bogus diplomas in trance yours and qualify for national nursing board exams and we all know how these exams and everything go just study the task you don't even have to know anything take the tasks and in you get this service upon successful completion of the board came inspiring nurses became eligible to obtain licensure and variolate once licensed the aspiring nurses were able to obtain employment in the help care feel with no training zero we his crazy so my next question is how far did this go i don't believe that this was one of it never is you never see one off like and so the problem here i mean i can play the video the videos gone let's do that a minute and in let's go back to world war two who were killing the infants into world war to the nurses were injecting infants the parents set the they were handing their kits over because they were afraid for them and they thought if they gave their kids that nurses it schools or throwing all in their gather care of the kids and then they went back to see him the next day those kids were gone they took them they took him and they ejected it withholdeth ns and it was the nurse as they ended up in the and the trials and so i think this is important remember you cannot trust people based on a title i am so asserting this conduct by the pounder modernes i completing the from whatever is deleterious all this in their power as charged called scheme at all being freer the heart of our the hotel children and the elderly is truethat in this and to find several traces of healthcare facilities were to assure you now anyone hold hard providing potential harmonie icel working with she shorefrom the sharing as much as we can as fast as we paine encourage anyone with any concern ecthesis as only i want to commend the women and men and the enforcement agencies est of the work on this case extremely challenging passionate dedication the public was even he has missinale i applaud your er integrity of the olive there you go and you know i think that this is a something that you know this is great unhappy to hear this but what happens to all those people who have lost loved ones because of how do i say it ah you know little sometimes it's a little too little too late oh you know what i mean that's great so soon how do you you know we have to be asking to safeguard ourselves there is no there is no guarantee there there is no guarantee onepope come to us under a name that is they are who they say they are because so many of them are just not it's so sad i mean i really wish we could say say that this is you know that everything is hunky dory here and things are things are wonderful and we're going to you know we're going to get it back to normal again but i just don't think we're ever going to get it back to normal again because of the monopole out there who are in fact this really bad guys you know general mean i know the problem so in he with this solicite and you know it's in westerlaken back i call him out what you and i are doing in enestaesan go back to my telegram post there and a and say i don't know i'm going to just say this stinks of the grand new party the whole thing does and people don't people may be doing thinking their doing the right thing by listening to people that they want to try we just can't do that when you start seeing the connections with the people that are that are in these organizations you you got to call it out you've got it you've got to be okay with going to against what they're telling you and saying dresses wrong i'm going to to say it right now i do believe that this effort with his crop that i basely invited me i disinvited me they don't at christiana on their i just have to go back to that say i'm sorry they have christinego on there there's too many of them that are seated with a grand new party and i i can't i won't buy it i'm not going to buy it there's probably a bunch of people in there that are hargood and their attentions are good you know what even having good intentions you don't get a pass every one wants to hold politicians accountable maybe it's time to hold ourselves accountable on as is individuals on you know is individuals the one way it's got to go both ways if we're going to hold her politicians accountable than we need to hold each other countable to you know what a you might be thinking you're doing the right thing that you need to know the truth and you can make a decision to throw in without that sign i won't i won't i won't say one bow about about your right to do such thanks but i am to call out the code connections with who people throw in with because it either shows us their complices or you know the there naive either way and in regretted the truth we have to stand for truth rouwed have stand pretty thing and i think that school we can he the cord stated in free now these things to worthing right and so just just to go and show off to show up to things and sit there and complain about but not moved far and all we've got a grove is the time waster their keeping you busy they're trying to distract you from doing anything that really matters and concretely go in to their political organizations begging for money trying to keep you their doses bad as anything else trying to keep up rybody poor and and poor taking your time and your money we we've got it we've got to look at the goal is a goatherd any stated gold is there anything has been accomplished or they just raising money for another but in these event to raise more money to do something else that is not that is not changing a thing except for making everybody tired worn out demoralized because nothing's changing we've got to stop that and change that paradise he then got changed the paradise to no doubt keep doing the same thing in degrees because we know that we know that that that is the word of insane i mean the besanty yes and that extends to every single purse and not just the politicians so you know when old people are said through the politicians the you know you work for me i've heard that so many times from people while then you're allows manager he can't get him to do what you want him to do that on the hip in a sorry but it takes involved met you can't just and to say this is what i want done well what are you doing to hold accountable your loss you manager you tell you work for me o ka is the problem you are a local local action is national impact on on it starts with our ability to ah to make sure that our conduct is above report above reproach as well as our ability to be involved to the level that we are getting some someone at the were getting there but it's going to be everybody nobody gets to you know men it we hear that we're going to look okay you're lousy manager please step aside and let the adults do the work till you're ready to actually be serious so and i think his condolences this then as were re they were and stock coming on the little crow provence to raise money for this evander the event this then put on by your neck greatest latest greatest political gooroo you know that's catherans out begging for all of your wealth and your time i'm sorry to do what what are you accompt gerdesius so little and love is she in summer to be dave when i know that our going go to cattewater doings but in reality these people are are not they do nothing they don't think they go and collect money they'd help to i mean to white stand up missed they went to that thing on the battery play it has foldworthiness money what they do with that money what are they doing the latter to do letters i heard that kelly bought a two million dollar houses that turn here that i don't know that i'd like to know at fontenay researchers out there and goderich i know how sick but i would hold to billy dollar house folly that's render trumpe out there help jump on that let's find out because it's been from one money grabbed to the next to the next and why was the sky not prosecuted just wait wait you here the story about the chase six whistle blow i have coming out and that did far less and in was in in the mashona or busses going to chase and has a in person account of what had what went on just wait and so why is it is that that no prosecutions have been done when there was far greater it is he's actually got his actually got vireo of who said go in and storm the castle never been seeing the scotton then sent esto ask why were these people prose why why did miss shand leave these things start on getting hot think he was on exactly why did they do the why were they olderlooking the area so they could see it from a bird's eye view rather than getting in there and leading that because they did exactly what every one of these cowards is done i listened to colletel here by you don't go in and unclogged and folding machines and then he sat there with mike gathered like other sat there and you know go into the money i'm areas you you you at this point time and where were they were they could not do it now they were going to have everybody else goin do their jardy where for they sat back there and watched our body get the now i know that john and i marineros that's the word i had the two contortions power does not a leader to margret a leader shall then down there if it was a legitimate thank a leader would have been down there in front of every one said you know this is let me to be done what are they do they sit in their back rooms i sought it in the washington trump rallied which which present trump as the rightful present of the united states i don't think he really knew what was going on there necessarily they all seated back while the people didn't have any water food or hand sanitized any and there was there was a human there was a crisis going on a people were even crisis down at what were they to on i'm sure they were sitting right there in the back during the theshpian or whatever it was the people on the outside were having a problem and i don't do present trump knew about the rightful president of the united states because he is heaven satitical that you know he has everybody did you have water he cared jesus would have found the people they would say he would set in the back and had that that advantage he would never have done that jesus would have been there making sure every one was taken care of he would set up brings tears to my eyes he wonders there and throwing people out to the damaged or in imprisoned or in trouble he would never have done that this is what they do are their faces are frauds and were it riscal him out for it and not that down because they're the ones that are there at war with god our father so anyhow it would hupperoye you can you say for prayer sheikhis we're going to turn the surround rihwede with haranhalli out for what it is and the word i turned it round because if they can't do it we will without without backing down casino what because we actually care and when in that way it is dear holy father thank you so very very much for all the wonderful work that both chuck and how there are jullienthe no bad down attitudes effect that they have literally put their lives on the line and i seen it i know the situations they've been at and we know that they've had their lives threatened people who are actually doing something are having their lives threatened their being there being of attacked on every side and we are so thankful that you've given us brave in videl's to stand and to stand before every one take the like present trump the rightful present the united states to stand before people in general fled and admiral rogers and all these people who have stood in in front of all of us who were willing to give up everything including their lives the people who served in the wars that were willing to stand for something they believed that the freedom to the two live free as one nation under you to to have a god fearing nation who who stands something to protect each other and where were just so thankful for every gift you have given us you given us everything and though we walk through all these situations and see the negativity coming and badlings happening i thankful you've given us brave hearts in order to walk through horrible situations cause were in a war right now and we know that the wars from satan against you your people in your creation and you know what we're willing to do whatever you ask is give us the hearts the feet to walk the path ahead of us never backing down never surrendering so that we go we walk to the end of this race where we know that we will meet you face to face and what a glorious day that will be thank you for every single person out there give every one a heart a brave heart to live this day knowing that you're in charge we have nothing to fear and that we have only rejoice in as we go through all these casts a badge of honor that will be able to lay it your thank you so much for carrying us through all of this and leaving us the in into a wonderful glorious future we believe you we trust you we trust you no matter what we see with our eyes because our hearts know that you are are are good father the jesus christis are lord and our savior and jesus name we pray a man as they go but a great was found on towards god know where i can do it you want to come and be in anioldo it live whawhat's to arabian a life i tell you what i'm ready to do it i kaiserreiches collegelike swine put the case on to precor to be very similar so there's one oh so he regards go to brandenburg for governor do come and dick hosanna conceding in the best not conceder who was over not conceived in the history of the united states of manicaoutside tropicals sidon is got off on the chops to salout here so but anyhow we love you god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america is going to be a great day to day go out there and take no prisoners were going to we're going to do this he henry chuckling acromion you escaped me you gave them a great cat like god bless you by