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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/14/2024 Lawful Defense/John Tatar & Real History/Courtenay Turner

Published May 14, 2024, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Studying the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 14th day of May 2024. Welcome to our show today. I'm going to jump right into this right now with my friend John Tater. Fabulous John Tater. How are you doing today, John? I'm doing very well. Very well. Awesome. You're a little quieter than you were before we got online. I don't know what's happening here. i didn't do anything there you go gotta get close to the microphone maybe so are you treating us with a song today yeah I think I got a good one I put this one together for it took me a while to get it together but I finally got it okay yes all right let's hear it I think I'm ready I never know if I'm ready depending what you're gonna play all right here it goes On a cold November evening On a train bound for D.C. I met up with a crackhead He was stung out of his brain So he began mumbling About the big guy who's his father Abusing little children This resident is insane He said, my father made a fortune From robbing from the people Those that he had liked to by the power of his seat. That the Democratic Party held a fraudulent election. Now he's president of this country so he could lie, steal, and cheat. So he rolled another duty with his eyes all glazed open. Barely could light the end of it without singin' off his hair. Then the night got deathly quiet. And his eyes rolled in his forehead. Said, if you're going to rip off people, these are words that I could share. You've got to know how to roll. Know how to tote them. Know that Billy lied when he said he did not inhale. The big guy is my pappy. And it really makes me happy. Because as long as he's the resident, I will not go to jail every criminal knows that the secret to surviving is knowing that the DOJ is the department of just us if you practice political correctness you will be forgiven No matter what the crime is, this is the government you can trust. You got to know how to roll. Know how to talk. Know that Billy lied when he said he did not inhale. That big guy is my pappy. And it really makes me happy. Because as long as he's the resident, I will not go to jail. When he finished speaking, Turned back toward his laptop. Crushed out his doobie. And faded off to sleep. But I know he is mistaken. His world will soon be shaken. Cause Trump has made a promise. And it's something he will keep. You've got to know how to roll. Know how to talk. Know that Billy lied when he said he didn't want any help. The big guy is my pappy, and it really makes me happy, because as long as he's been resident, I will not go to jail. You got to know how to roll, know how to talk, know that there ain't life when he said he did not inhale. The big guy is my pappy, and it really makes me happy, because as long as he's been resident, That's funny. So, yeah, we've got it. We got a real problem up there because there's definitely a two tier justice system. You know, I went to the arraignment of Stephanie Lambert and stuff yesterday and I taped it. Um, and I was able to bring a camera in the courtroom, which was kind of interesting the way that, cause they said, no, no, no. And then I watched a couple of mainstream media guys colluding on how to get into the, into the, uh, the courtroom. So I stood next to them. I'm like, so you, can you guys tape? Cause they told me no. And they're like, well, yeah, you just got to fill out this paper. So a paper. So I went to fill out the paper, knocked on the window. The woman was the first woman walked away from me. The second woman finally brought the paper forward, filled that out. And I was able to tape in the courtroom. But it was it was definitely it was definitely interesting. I just got to say that. And the prosecutor, his name, I can't say his name, Chris, Chris. Kunis or something like that, or Richard, Richard, Chris Kunis. And the guy was, the guy was so obviously, uh, running a hit job on these two ladies. It wasn't even funny. He was trying to silence Stephanie Lambert. In fact, if you want to see it, I can put it up here, at least the part of it, because it's, it's pretty close, but he was literally comparing the sentence on Stephanie Lambert for not showing up for court, which was a, uh, kind of one of those things that was a mistake by her attorney. She didn't think she had to go. He said he had it handled. And so she didn't go. And then all of a sudden they've got her in contempt of court for not showing up while she thought it was handled. So they're trying to stop her from talking, from talking about the election machines, tabulators, or talking to anybody else who's talking about it. He tried to stop her from having the ability to work with clients across the United States on fighting election fraud. I'll call it fraud. Nobody else will, but I will, you know, rigging and such because it's fraud and they're doing it with intention. So if you want to see this guy, he was, he was, it was kind of crazy. Actually, here, I'll bring it up just for a minute. We can do part of it. See, see, I'll see how the sound is. It's on my telegram channel and I'm going to post it to, to, uh, X today, but Stephanie's going to come on, on Monday, next Monday and talk about it. So Richard, Chris, can you hear it? It's a little rough, but I'm listening. So he's talking about the possibility of her being out because she's dangerous for a possibility of tampering with elections. So here you go. Here you got the AG prosecutor who doesn't even show up. To this where everybody drove from all over the state to be there. This Yahoo doesn't even show up. He compares her to her sentence. She needs to have a sentence that that, you know, she's she's she's a danger to our elections. She's a danger to them hiding their shit is what it is. And cause she's going to get out there and put it out to everybody. And then this guy comes on and compares her to, well, you know, if it was a person who was, who is a pedophile, they shouldn't be out in the community. And even the judge was kind of like, shaking her head like, what are you talking about? It was sort of like it was character assassination. It doesn't come across here good enough, but you should go to my my Telegram channel and I'll put this up on X. But it was obviously a hit piece to stop her from fighting or talking about anything in the elections. I mean, the whole thing was crazy. And I'm going to tell you what Stephanie Scott, in my opinion, uh, refused to refuse to obey a, an order, which is an unconstitutional order. It's not a law or anything from Jonathan Brader and his, his, uh, nut job circus up there in the board of elections. She decided not to follow these, these rules that they handed down to, um, you know, to destroy the information or whatever. She just said, no, we're not going to do it. And so she's the one that did the right thing. The whole rest of them were doing the wrong thing. So there was a couple of mainstream media guys there, Craig Moger, and I can't remember the other guy's name. He was from Fox 47. And the guy goes, Well, I don't know anything about this. And I said, yeah, it's because you guys aren't doing your jobs because, you know, the mainstream media is a bunch of gutless hacks who refuses to do investigative journalism. You just show up and push the narrative. Well, those two guys went after Stephanie if she came out and answered the question in normal, rude language. obnoxious behavior. They were trying to feed her questions to set her up. And she's like, well, this will all come out. She was very gracious. And all I could say is that those guys need to learn a little bit of class because they have none. And it was kind of a You know, it's like typical mainstream media classless nonsense. I mean, they sound like BLM when they go after people that they're supposedly, you know, interviewing. No, this is like BLM training to be to set people up and catch them so that you can hang them. They're not interested in the truth. They were interested in catching them, you know, feeding them, feeding them talking points. that they had to answer. And she answered his questions beautifully. And then they just kept pushing on it. It was ridiculous. And one more thing I'm going to bring up is Scott Ogney kind of went after him a little bit. And I think this was Stephanie's answer is to try to set her up. Dominion is attempting to silence me and remove me as Patrick Burns' attorney. I provided evidence of law violations and criminal acts that Dominion committed to law enforcement. I did that in Dominion's trying to remove me as the attorney, and no surprise, today the Attorney General worked with Dominion to cause me to appear in this court. I represent Stephanie Scott, the Clerk of Adams Township. Stephanie Scott refused, as the Clerk of Adams Township, to follow unlawful instructions from the Secretary of State. She was requested that she delete election data of the law. Stephanie sco and that's that is the na We look forward to putti and for staff in the witn them under oath. We know will prevail. This is not This is about data and th and understanding the election process defense's office continues to use and lie to various communities from lynch detroit and now adams township and we look forward to proving our case in court so the machines that uh were allegedly not turned over are those going to be uh part of this case? You're going to obtain all evidence at trial here and we've already won this case and you're going to see that. Stephanie has followed all of the law. I have followed all of the law. I'm an advocate that they're trying to silence. I need to go, but thank you so much for talking with me. So it was, it was kind of, it was kind of interesting. And then Scott Ogney went after the mainstream media guys, which was pretty epic. I got to thank Scott. I like Scott. He didn't pull any punches. And he had some great gain yesterday with his Locust Sandy investigation. So if you want to see the rest of it, there's all kinds of videos there that I took. And I was going to live stream it, but they were trying to keep me out, as it were. So I decided to do exactly what the mainstream media guys did and just record it. So that's why I didn't live stream yesterday. But I do still have all of the videos. So there you go. And I wasn't a jerk to Stephanie and everybody like the other guys were. I just sent you my document after we were talking about the corruption and what's going on with them. I thought we could look at my document if you want to. Sure. Is that what you want to do right now? Because we can go to that. We could. It's either way. Because you're talking about the corruption of the DOJ. Yeah. The entire judicial system is corrupt. And the judges in the judicial system are totally unconstitutional and corrupt. And so this is a case of my, I'm personally fighting this one. This is my case, defending a garnishment. And it's a reconsideration. So, uh, yeah, if you want to, we can talk about it. We can even read through it. It's not very long. It's only a couple. Get this thing saved to your file here. I actually have a Tater file. Uh, to give a little background, uh, this was a credit card company. Uh, this guy, uh, Charles Hugh, uh, uh, Charles, what the heck's his last name? Hern. Hernan is a collection agency for a credit card company, Michigan Education Credit Union. And I paid him in beans and I sent him all the documentation about the payment. Not only did I send him the documentation, but I put it all in the box with the beans. And in court, this attorney says, he never opened the box he just sent it back to me but he then in court quoted pinto beans I never told him I sent him pinto beans how would he know I sent him pinto beans if he didn't open the box in court he's lying uh and he has committed fraud in court on the record so anyway If we want to take a look at this, this is a defending motion for reconsideration as per Michigan court rules 2.119 sub F regarding the order of objections to garnishment. Because the judge ruled against me, even though I pointed out that he lied, even though I pointed out that I sent payment to him on such and such a date, and that's in here. The judge still ruled against me and gave an interesting that the bank itself turned the money over to the collection agency before it went to court. And that and that again was a violation of the law because you can't give you can't give money to you can't take money from my account and give it to somebody else before some sort of a court order was issued. So I called the bank and the bank says, hey, no big deal. We're just going to wait and see what the court says. Well, you're doing it above and beyond before you should have done it. You violated the law right then and there. So the bank is involved and the bank's going to get sued also. I'm going to sue the bank. I'm going to sue the judge and I'm going to sue the attorney. But anyway, we'll take a look at this. It says now comes. john j tater in jury proprio which means I'm standing on my own rights and files this defendant's motion for reconsideration as michigan court ruled 2.119 sub f regarding the order on objection to garnishment in the above caption manner. I, John Tater, do hereby state and claim that Judge McConnell, in his hearing held on April 24th at 9 o'clock a.m., issued an order and objection to garnishment against the defendant, and such order was dated for 24-24 in the above caption manner. This is just the court setting up the court to let the court know what's going on. I do, John Tater, hereby state and claim that Judge McConnell, having issued an order mentioned above, such order being served on defendant on April 24th, 26th, 2024, and defendant motion now being submitted within 21 days time limit as established by the Michigan court rules 2.119 sub F. So you got to quote all this stuff. Otherwise, the judge says, hey, you didn't quote the right Michigan court rule. In fact, he used the Michigan court rule against me by saying that I didn't have the correct questions to ask in his courtroom. And that's why he ruled against me. But the correct question was one of the issues in 2.119 sub F says. that the fee that the garnishment was or that the money was already paid, which I said it was. But he disregarded that payment and he says you did not follow the Michigan court rules. So anyway, I, John Tatar, do hereby state and claim that Judge McConnell orally stated on at the hearing held referenced above that none of the defendant objections were properly worded as to the ability to claim an objection as per MCR 3.101 sub case of two. And that objection was that I had already paid the fine, but I didn't spell it out properly for him. So therefore he ruled against me. I, John Tater, do hereby state and claim that in accordance with the Michigan court rules, the judgment had been paid, quote, and stated in defendant's objections filed on April 17th contained in objection one, that payment had been made and was received by plaintiff on nine, nine and a half years ago, which it was. I, John Tater, do hereby state and claim that Judge McConnell, in his failure to follow relevant case law, ignored the ruling as contained in Montgomery Ward's versus Eugene Glazier and contained in defendants filed objections, which reads. And however you interpret that, sir, that was part of the Montgomery Ward versus Eugene Glazier. said to Eugene Glazer, you can pay that fee and whatever you believe you should pay it. And that's a relevant case law that was ignored by Judge McConnell. Number six, I, John Tater, do hereby state and claim that Judge McConnell failed to follow relevant United States Supreme Court case law of Norton versus Shelby County. which holds that a payment of a debt expressed in dollars can only be satisfied with fiat currency if the defendant ratifies such fiat currency to be a tender voluntarily by the defendant. This narrative argument is controlling and enforce an enforceable only if the republic i.e. the state of Michigan Republic still exists and therefore the rulings contained in Norton versus Shelby County Supra as part and parcel to the United States Supreme Court and law of the land. So I'm hitting him with Norton versus Shelby County that says payment of a debt expressed in dollars can only be satisfied in fiat currency if I agree to do so. I, John Tater, do hereby state and claim that Attorney Hernan has committed fraud upon the court by stating that under the penalties of perjury that the defendant's payment being made as per Montgomery Ward v. Eugene Glaser, as stated above, was returned to the defendant nine and a half years ago. Attorney Herndon states, as mentioned above, that shown on proof of such return being completed and carried out by the post office service besides his oral testimony, which is insufficient as he has failed to submit documented proof that such return was accomplished. He just said he returned it. He didn't return anything. So my conclusion is this. I, John Taylor, do I state and claim that it is the utmost importance and requirement by the existence of the republics that the court heed and follow my follow my following instructions. And I did it in big, bold letters. Please note that one must read and understand the whole content of Norton in which to understand the definitions and use of terms de jure along with the other terms of the Republic. And last statement is I do here state and claim that based upon the foregoing motion brief and the defendants required for reconsideration of the order on objection to garnishment to vacate the entire vacate in its entirety that the court issued an order based upon the content of this defendant's motion order that the garnishee Huntington Bank returned defendants funds immediately, including interest, and that this case be closed as justice will have been served as the jury republic still exists and not only to inform but also in substance that's it wow but it's hitting them right between the eyes so we're going to see how the judge handles this because he has violated two supreme he's the violated the supreme court case and case law in his rulings and we'll see if he backtracks or if he ignores this and if I have to write him up in the judiciary for violating court case law as he is required to do because he is an inferior court. We'll see what he does. Then I'm going after the attorney for his lying on the record in court fraud. Why not get all three of them? Get them all. Get them all at the same time. They're all guilty of something there. It shows you where the Justice Department, how the judicial system works, and the fact of the matter is that they can ignore whatever they feel like they can ignore. Supreme Court cases by an inferior judge just ignores it. He doesn't have to pay any attention to it, so he thinks. Yeah, they feel like they're above the law. It's like there's a two-tier justice system, and it's kind of crazy. You know, it definitely is crazy. So, yeah, there you go. Well, I appreciate you sharing that with us because I think the more that we read through your cases and how you're actually writing this stuff up and communicating, the more we learn by example. So, you know, I hear a lot of people saying, oh, just jump in and do this. Not you. But I mean, there's a lot of people out there that are just like, you know, you've got to act on this. But if you go in half cocked on everything all the time, you're not going to hit the you're not going to hit the target of the the goal that you're trying to accomplish in a in a legal situation or a, you know, unlawful situation is what we have right now. So so I appreciate you sharing that with us. Yeah, the problem is if you scattergun it and shoot for everything, they find one of them that they can get out of and they use that against you. And they say, oh yeah, you said this and this isn't correct and therefore we rule against you. That's why this is very short. This is pointing out exactly what he did incorrectly and the fact that he violated basically judicial canons. by not fall and and the and the supreme court and the intern and the uh constitution by not following the supreme court and by not following case law he's in violet he violated the law the judge did the judge is supposed to presumably know all the law violated the law and how can you have justice in a in a in this corrupt system with this kind of nonsense going on and of course In my song, I talk about the crackhead, and I talk about his father. He should have went to jail, the crackhead. He was on drugs when he bought a gun. He violated the law. He should have been put in prison for that. Yeah, and they kind of just, no big deal. If you're part of the club, you get away with murder. You know, you do anything you want if you're part of the club. Because, you know, and I really have a lot of questions on how many judges and people are, if they drank the Kool-Aid, if they took the money, or if they're being threatened. I think there's some of both going on there. But even if you're threatened, you're still responsible for doing the right thing. That's my opinion of it, you know. Yeah, like the judges. like the judge that's that's uh on uh trump's case and finding him nine thousand dollars for speaking and threatening to throw him in jail violating his first amendment right that judge needs to be strung up he needs to be kicked off the bench he is a crumb he's a criminal and um he's not the only one there are plenty of other ones all of the prosecutors that are trying to prosecute trump They're all criminals and people need to wake up and see that. Well, I think the statements that Stephanie Lambert said is that this is that we won this. We've already won this. And you're like listening to her going, we've already won this. And then she said, this is we're going to get Nestle and Benson on the stand. So, you know, instead of listening to the headlines that are going around, you know, that they're putting out there. you have to look behind in like a game theory type way. What are they actually doing with this move? When you're dealing with criminals, they don't always understand a straight and direct approach. That's what they do. They're trying to subvert it. So, you know, they can't say anything. Stephanie, if Stephanie can't say it, other people can't. This is the corruption that we are facing as Americans because we have given up or we have been asleep while they have taken over the rule of law out of this country. And now they're trying to run it by the rule of man. And you can't run a republic by the rule of man. You've got to run a republic by the rule of law. Then it's fair for everyone. If you violate the law, you go to jail or you pay a fine. If you can't do that, if you can't go by rule of law, then they make up the laws that go along as Judge McConnell in Westland does. He makes up the law. It doesn't fit his narrative and therefore he adjusts it or changes it or ignores it. Well, it's just like the Jay Sixers. So I decided to run a long show today. So I've got Courtney Turner. We have Courtney Turner with Real History at 10. And then 11 o'clock, Tom Hamner and Stephanie Hamner are going to be on. Tom was a Jay Sixer who was thrown into the gulag as a political prisoner for the insurrection, the real insurrection, which was from our own government. the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Insurrections, and the Capitol Police, and all of these morons that orchestrated this, just like how they orchestrated the fake Whitmer kidnapping, which turned into a big nothing burger. And you know what? That arrogant little piece up, she sits here and walks around, prances around the state of Michigan like she's all that in a bag of chips, and you're sitting there looking at her going... You're, you're, you're, you're so not a bag of chips. You're so not all that in a bag of chips. You're a criminal. And so, you know, you've got Whitmer, Nestle, Benson are criminals, but all the people seated in the legislature are criminals. They all committed treason. Almost all the clerks in the state were involved in this, whether they knew it or not. And, you know, because I talked to a couple of them and when there's questions asked, they have the duty to to chase this down and to bring things. No, no, no, no. I did everything right. I did everything right. That's their pet answer from all of them. I did it right. I did it right. I'm not saying you didn't do it right, but I'm saying that we had a fraudulent election and it was knowingly done. They did it with foreknowledge. They did it with planning. This thing was so planned out. It was amazing. You know, they couldn't, they couldn't run the government with any, any planning that, you know, that they, that they, you ever hear about the guy that did a stamp? He, this is, this is really interesting. It was one of the things that I remember from college where, where, you know, I had a real good, a couple of real good law professors and, And one of them said, threw these cases out. There was a guy that decided to enter a contest for, you know, he could win like a million dollars for entering a contest for artwork. So he sent a letter in and he said, if this gets to you, it's because I made it past the postal system. And he painted a stamp. He actually created a stamp. That was an exact duplicate of one of the stamps in the United States. And so he said, it gets to you. It passed through the system without being detected. So it's got to be good. And to the point that the law professor said, if he was that good, why didn't he just do stuff that was honest instead of trying to get past a system? And, you know, that's the whole lesson there is that we should do the right thing. If the people in Michigan and Lansing would have worked as hard of having an honest election, we really would have had something and everybody would have won together. But they don't see it that way. They see it's all for them. They don't care about anybody else. As long as they're beating everybody in control, they win. Well, you know what? When you really win is when everybody wins together. And they don't have that figured out yet because these people are corrupt, satanic, Luciferian morons that are sitting up there that are just, you know, they're spending full time, full time just serving themselves. It's crazy. It is. It is. Well, that brings us to Section 3 of the Constitution, Article 2, Section 3 of the Constitution, where we left off 100 years ago. Yeah. So we're still, I'm still working on the letter for local stuff, but I've been a little busy, so we have to, um, I have to finish up stuff, some stuff. Yeah. Well I had, um, we went out to Utah for the national nominating convention of, of the party. I just want to tell everybody, cause everybody's out there. Why is Brandenburg not supporting president Trump? All right. I have never wavered on supporting president Trump. Do you know why Randall Terry got the nomination? for the Constitution Party? Well, I was there when he spoke, yeah. And I thought he was pretty sharp, and he actually showed up. Yeah, he was the only one that showed up, right? Well, no, the national one was in Utah. And what was really interesting about that was he's like, I'm not going to win. But he said, what I can do is he said, I can take votes away from Biden. I don't think Biden's going to have many votes to take from him. Well, but he's like, I'm not going to be taking votes in this direction. But he said, I can take votes away from Biden. And so when you look at that, honestly, a third party is the great disruptor. It's the great disruptor. Since these fools in the Republican Party can't get together, we've got three Republican parties kind of operating in the state. I know, yeah. So frankly, these fools couldn't work together. They would rather see this nation burned down. then say, you know what? Maybe you're right. Let's find a way to work together and unite the state. Will they do that? No, they'd rather fight. These fools in this state would rather burn this thing to the ground than to concede anything to the other side or say, remove them all. Let's do this the right way. Well, we know those money bags in Michigan that have been in control of the Republican Party for a long time. They're fools. Those people have an agenda on the list, and that agenda is to stay in power. They don't care what it costs the country. They don't care what it costs us individually. They just want to stay in power. Yeah, so what do they do? They've got the establishment with Michonne and Marion Sheridan and who else is sitting there with it? Schindelbeck and such. They're sitting there like lurking off to the side with the Grand New Party, kind of lurking. But then you've got the Christina Caramo group who she had to be removed. If you look at the financials, she had to be removed. And so not only that, and they're like, oh, that's why Hookster got in. No, Hookster got in because you guys are idiots and allowed him to get in who committed treason and signed that Patriot Act twice. So it's not, oh, it's not, nobody was holding a gun to their head to vote Hookster in. So what I know right now is neither of them are in. Melinda Pago's running that faction of the party. So you got so many different people out there that are claiming Republican Party. These fools would rather see the United States burn than get together and try to work together with each other. that completely complete a bunch of idiots. But anyhow, I digress. I'm so sick of these people. I don't know how anybody could stomach one second with this political nonsense that's going on. I'd rather see Terry get his, you know, hat in the ring as a disruptor. At least he's doing something. Instead of instead of torpedoing President Trump every every step of the way. But, you know, he came right out. He said, I will not win. But he said, this is what I'm going to do. And I can take votes, votes from Biden. I'm like, he's our guy right there. We've got to get these Demo stupids out of office. You know, the Demo rats and they're not Democrats. That's the problem. We got to get the Marxists out. and unite as a nation, not as Republicans or Democrats or Constitutionalists or taxpayers or any of this. We all have to stand together. And there's not one leader in this state that could unite the party in the Republican Party anywhere. There is not one. There is not one actual leader. All we have is a bunch of cult cult members sitting at the top. People at the bottom are running around. Good. We got to do something. We got to do something. We can't get Biden in. So they follow these people who don't want who don't want a big fix. It's incredible. But I digress. So anyhow, back to the Constitution and let's get away from political nonsense. Article 2, Section 3 says, he shall from time to time give to Congress information on the State of the Union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient. I got to stop right here because when they give the State of the Union Who is he supposed to be given the State of the Union to? Congress. Not to the people. Not to the people. And the problem with the State of the Union to the people, as per Biden at this moment, Biden used it as a political speech when he did this. He had nothing. There was no state of any union at that point in time. He was just trying to brag about what he was doing. So that was nonsense. But it shouldn't have come to the people anyway, because it's being used incorrectly. He may on extraordinary occasions convene both house or either of them in a case of disagreement between them with respect to the time of adjournment. He may adjourn them in such time as he shall think proper. He shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed and shall commission all the all of the officers of the united states here again it says take care that all laws be faithfully executed the laws are made up from where where did the laws come from congress yes from the legislature not from the presidents not an executive order correct and whitmer's uh did you hear that whitmer's passing a new executive order based on this uh so-called bird flu that's coming on board. She needs to be arrested because you know what happened? You're throwing these dead birds in our dumps in order to spread it by the carrion. If people don't understand what's happening here, you know, her little executive orders, little prancing Whitmer there, you know, the child, the child as governor, you know, she, she, she couldn't, she couldn't fix anything. She could, she could fix the thing. So they're dumping infected birds in the dumps. Now, if there was really a biohazard or they wanted to contain it, wouldn't you incinerate them so it couldn't spread? No, they're going to put it right dead center in the middle of farm ground to infect anything that comes in contact with a bird. This is like the bird flu. OK, we're going to kill all the chickens. Why the hell are you going to kill all the chickens? and not go after all the songbirds since all the birds are allegedly spreading it. So they're just killing off our food supply and blaming it on the chickens. I don't even think it exists. I really don't. I completely disagree. I'm not believing one word that comes out of these liars' mouths because they're proven to be liars. I agree with you there. I don't believe any of it. believe any of it I think we need a resolution against whitmer whitmer's uh you know insanity of uh spreading bird flu and alleging that she's part of it instead of making sure that even if even if it's even if it's uh they want to say it's true well if it's true then if it is true you hang them with their own words if it's true by their own words which I don't believe it's true at all you know they're spreading it and they're doing it intentionally that's right So, yeah. Intentionally. All right. Section four, the president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for the for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. Sam, that's the whole government right there. Biden fits every one of those. Treason to the United States with supporting China and so on and so forth. Bribery with all the millions of dollars he and his son have taken, and that's on the record, proven. And high crimes and misdemeanors. Well, high crimes and drugs in the White House? I don't know. What's a high crime? What do we consider a high crime? How many people has he Genocided by sending money to Ukraine and by supporting that fiasco that's going on over there. And nobody stops them. You've got only a few people that are even willing to speak out against it instead of doing any actual, you know, hardcore actions to put an end to it. None of them are quoting the law. They're just spouting opinions. You can't fight it based on opinions. You've got to back it with the law. Yep, you've got to back it with the law. That's the problem, again, we have in our country that we have given up the rule of law for the rule of man. I talked about this all 30, 40 years ago when I was teaching school. that we live by the rule of law. We don't live by the rule of man. We cannot let man take over at this point in time. 30 years ago, I was talking this stuff. And look where we are today. We have totally given up the rule of law for the rule of man. And we allow it to happen. We, the people, continue to perpetuate this through our voting, through our supporting of these morons that are in office. we know they're wrong but well he's a friend he's he's my next door neighbor he's a good guy you know so he lied about such and such or so he did the wrong thing here but he's my neighbor he's a good he's a good guy that kind of nonsense so we have to wake up folks if you're going to put somebody in office he's got to be somebody that's going to be he's got to have integrity number one he's got to be honest and he's got to follow the law, the rule of law in our country. Otherwise we have, it's a lawless country. All right. We're going to go on to article three, which is what article? Judicial. Article three, judicial branch is correct. As I think it was Hamilton, maybe it was Jefferson that said the fall of the Republic will be led by the judiciary. You can watch it because they're paying them off and bribing them. You've got Soros money behind them and every other corporate entity that are funding these campaigns. Do you elect people or put people in the office such as, what was that last Supreme Court justice who couldn't say what a woman was? They put her in the Supreme Court for all... Well, Ginsburg wanted the age of consent to be 12. Are you kidding me? Yeah, she's another Ginsburg. I mean, half of those people on the Supreme Court are nuts, and we put them there. We didn't put them there. We elected a president that put them there, and that president was nuts, so we elected somebody nuts in the Supreme Court too. Anyway, moving on. the the judicial power of the united states shall be vested in one supreme court and in such inferior courts as congress may from time to time ordain or establish the judges both of the supreme and inferior courts shall hold their office during good behavior well we're totally not there none of them have good behavior so what do you do with that and shell at at stated times receive for their service a compensation which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office. So here, in good behavior, what's good behavior? Following the law, having integrity, not being biased. Not taking bribes, no bribes or payments or anything like that. Not trafficking kids or enabling other people to have unlawful actions or immoral actions. Exactly. Following the rules, following the Constitution, following the rules of the office. There should be job descriptions for each person, and I don't think they actually have job descriptions. If they do, they're not paying attention to it. Well, they do have a job description, and they are not paying attention to the supreme court is is coming back on board because uh of what trump did with some of the justices brought in some better judges uh number one and uh you know they've they've backstopped us the second amendment so the uh uh political hacks don't take the second amendment away or try to or try to create laws that make it very difficult for the citizen for the right to bear arms. Bearing arms means arms and ammunition, weapons and ammunition. Do you have the right to bear arms? And our political pundits, dingbats, corruption, whatever you want to call them, public functionaries, the president specifically trying to pass gun laws, trying to get the BATF and FBI and those organizations, which are also criminal, to try to restrict the use and carry of the use and the bearing of arms from the public. The governor would kick them right out of the state. Yeah, should. Should. Yeah. OK, moving on. Section two. The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under the Constitution, the laws of the United States and through treaties made or which shall be made under the authority to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and councils. to all cases of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, the controversy to which the United States shall be a party, controversy between two or more states, between a state and citizen of another state, between citizens of different states, between citizens of the same state, claiming lands under grants of different states and between states or the citizens thereof and foreign states, citizens or subjects. Now, if we back up here a minute and we look at this, the judicial power shall extend to all cases. That is Montgomery Wards versus Eugene Glazier that says you can pay your fee to the state in whatever you desire or whatever you think is right constitutionally or norton versus shelby county that we have to have a de jure court system with de jure judges because the republic demands so um Judge McConnell hasn't done either of those, so we'll see how he fits into that category. So when you look at, when you go after a judge, you go after him based on, ah, this is Article 2. He violated Section 2 of Article 3 of the Constitution, and he should be removed from the bench. Okay, in all cases affecting ambassadors and other public ministers and councils and those in which the state shall be party, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. In all other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions and under such regulations as Congress shall make. The trial of all crimes, except in cases of impeachment, shall be by jury. Oh, really? Okay. And such trials shall be held in the state where the said crime shall have been committed. Oh, the case of John F. Kennedy when he was killed in Texas and then he was transported to Maryland That was a crime committed in that state, and it shall have been tried in that state. Kennedy should have never left Texas. That all should have happened right then and there, and that's according to the federal Constitution. said all crimes shall have been committed, that crime was committed in Texas and Kennedy should have been handled in Texas. But we know what happened if that would have happened, then the truth would have came out. And those people, President Johnson, I shouldn't even call him the president, would have been held liable along with the CIA and the FBI and George Bush. They would have never got to the presidency. Yeah. George Bush disaster wouldn't have happened. That's right, because they were all involved in that. But the Secret Service drew their guns on the Texas Rangers, and the Texas Rangers blinked and let them take the bodies. Should have never happened. Should have never, ever happened. That's not the only time that the Constitution was violated, but that was a very serious violation. um all right but we're gonna know that the trial shall be at such place or places as congress may by law have directed all right number section three treason against the united states shall consist Only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Well, the whole government screwed on that one, too, because they violated all of it. That's right. We're bringing in Palestine into the United States. We're bringing all of those foreign people into the United States. We're levying war against the United States. We're not levying war. They are. The government is levying war against the United States. People need to wake up, man. People need to wake up. We're being invaded. We are being invaded. Or in adherence to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. How about giving aid and comfort to the illegal aliens that are coming in? Absolutely. $2,500 a month or something like that. I'm all about having some, you know, I'm all about, honestly, we need to be celebrating mass deportation day. And I'm not talking about being on a Boeing 747 or 727 or anything or, you know, I don't really care. I don't care what they're on. I say we pack them into cargo planes and ship their behinds back. There's no comfort part of it. Quickest way from point A to point B. Yep. That's it. They're out of here. And the parade starts. The minute every single time one of those planes leave, we shoot off fireworks in celebration of you are out of here. Maybe we'll have a day like that. Instead of Independence Day, we'll have a go-home illegal alien day. How about this? Get the hell out day. Get the hell out of here. we're not we're not paying for your free lunch anymore no person shall be convicted of treason unless under the testimony of two witnesses oh I'm one witness that uh biden has committed treason are you the other one yeah okay we got two witnesses yeah the same word act or on congress or confession in an open court well that'll never happen Well, I don't know, John, maybe you and I should just do this together. This would be great. Can we do it? Yeah, I think we need to do that. How do we start that little effort? I don't know. I have to think about that one. But anyway, we know of all the acts of treason Biden has committed. We know of the acts of treason that the Democratic Party had committed. committed when they brought on board Barack Obama, because Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen. So he could never have ran for president. And in fact, some of the states argued that point, but The court said that it wasn't up to the individual person to argue it. It was up to the Democratic Party to argue that point. So here's where the judicial system kind of twists the laws and the rules and makes it fit their criteria. So this was brought on board by a corrupt judicial system, which allowed a non citizen, non-natural born citizen to run for president and to cause the destruction and corruption of our government and caused Biden to do what Biden's doing because he's pushing Biden. He's in charge of Biden. He's the corrupt individual and people need to see that. People need to understand that this corruption started way back even before George Bush, but George Bush was the I would say the pivotal point of the true corruption of this country. Do you actually believe that Biden is actually Biden? Whether he's a figurehead or somebody else, it really doesn't matter at this point because he's sitting in that position and he's dictating policy. So whether he is Biden or Joe Lunchbucket acting as Biden doesn't really make any difference. Hey, I just got an iced coffee brought in, so I'm pretty happy right now. That would be nice. I don't have that. I have no one to bring one to me. All right. So basically, this corruption goes all the way back to George Bush, where he really kind of pulled all the stops out. And he ran Bill Clinton. uh and his son uh bush jr and I um may have been even a may even go back to george bush I don't know but bush was bush was absolutely the uh evil the devil of our country at this point in time was worse than he's the one who was involved in the assassination of kennedy uh just absolute terrifying person that we considered putting in office anyway moving on congress shall have the power to declare the punishment of treason but no attainer of treason shall work work corruption of blood or forfeiture except during the life of the person attended obtained And basically what I recognize this or look at this and say that declare the punishment of treason, but I believe that the punishment of treason should probably be, according to this, a hanging or somehow eliminating or as they did to Benedict Arnold, but Benedict Arnold wasn't He did bad, but he didn't do half as bad as what these guys are doing in office right now. So hanging, whatever. It comes with a pretty final punishment from what I understand. Yes. So crimes against humanity is ranked right up there with that too, that somebody commits crimes like that, they have forfeited all of their rights. They have forfeited their rights even to remain here. And there's a lot, do I believe in capital punishment? I absolutely do. I think there are some things that people have to be removed from our system is not perfect. So you gotta be darn sure. of when you go down that path, because unfortunately right now, until we have a complete health cleaning, it's just like having a constitutional convention, a convention of states. That's the dumbest thing anybody could get in because we don't have the brainpower or the integrity to actually to actually go there for that it would it would it would take away our last defense so with that said I i believe that when things are done correctly um that that such as capital punishment it's a correct thing but you got to have people who have integrity because right now if we gave that much power to our government you know who they would go after you me stephanie lambert they would use it to weaponize it against the people and that that's the problem I mean all of this stuff works if there's integrity morality if people are are willing to um do things for the right reason but we got a mafia running you know global crime syndicate running this nation and the world so the problem is is that the more the more power they have the more they're going to abuse it just because that's in their nature these people are evil and so so you know we've got to be very cautious you know even to say something like that I'm sure that there's going to be a craig mauger out there somebody else who likes to bend the truth to their to their mainstream media crap. But, you know, but when, when you look at, when you look at their ability to weaponize everything, we, we, we've got to remember to focus on the fact that every single one of the criminals that has committed treason, they got to be removed. And we, we have to have a complete house clean from top to bottom. It, we, you can't, you can't make the system work as long as criminals are sitting in the seats. That's, that's the first thing that has to happen. And then we can start talking about putting it back together and having these things corrected, but you can't build on something that is nothing more than a pile of crap. That's what we got to work with right now. You know, you listen to people say, well, you know, president Trump, who should have done this, that, and everything. Oh yeah. Really? What are you doing from your sofa there? What do you do to criticize the man? The man got in office. Who's he going to trust? because they were all crap sitting around him, except for some of the people that he brought in as he's working through who's the person that's going to be going to stand there correctly or incorrectly. You take over something like that, a seat, whether it's in a company or anything else, you're going to have a lot of sifting to do before you get to the bottom of the problem. There's some things you can do right away. Quickest thing is to fire them all, you know, and try to start over. I mean, that's the quickest way. I have actually done that in a company, fired everybody. I was like, I was so done with it. I'm like, we're done, over. And then, you know, take a little bit of a pause and then get it restructured because there wasn't enough there wasn't enough integrity in the situation to go forward. And if I'd brought new people in on top of them, they would have just taught them how to do everything wrong. And so there's, you know, and or you have enough of a consequence to hold them accountable. So it's like, okay, I know what she did that was wrong. We had one person who was running one of the companies that we have. She, if we would not have stepped in and had a, Nice talk with her. Like, you know what? We know you did the wrong thing. We know exactly what you did. You should go to jail for life. However, we're going to give you a chance here to redeem yourself in some way or another. But one wrong step and you're going to jail for life. and uh and and there will be no backing down from this and and once we did I mean she did pretty well for quite a while um but but a person who's predisp has a predisposition for that you can never totally trust them because they you can't totally trust them ever ever ever again so you know that's that's one way to work with somebody who's gotten off the rails it's possible but There's a decent amount of work involved in it. You've got to have a big enough hammer to keep them on the rails. So there you go. Sitting behind the scenes. It's Courtney. Hey, Courtney. All right. Before you cut me off here. Courtney, how are you doing? Good. How are you? I don't cut you off. You leave when you want. I just wanted to say the Convention of States is a wasted, useless effort. Because if we would follow the Constitution that we have presently and follow the laws of the Constitution, our country would come back in line. Norton versus Shelby County puts the government in a structure that it should be following. And the Constitution itself lays out the laws pretty well. We haven't advanced in some sort of new kind of, I don't know, what do you want to call it, new age where we have to change the laws of the Constitution. We don't need to. We just need to follow. Have you ever listened to those weapons presenting it? Yeah, I've heard them. Oh, man, they're like wacko, like nuts, like BLM wacko nuts when they're trying to push their agenda. Of course, because it's an agenda. They don't really want to know the truth. They just want to push their agenda. Anyway, we're going to be at Nicholas on Wednesday live. If you can make it out there, that'd be great. And if not, we will see you two weeks from now on Zoom. Uh, if anybody needs directions to Nicholas, it's on telegraph, just north of 10 mile road. And we're there on Wednesday between five and nine. It's a face to face, come and have a dinner or whatever with us and join the meeting. And that's it. Very good. Thank you so much. I always appreciate you so much. And I learned so much from you. It's amazing. Well, thank you for those compliments. I love your systematic thought process. You know how you go through things. So I appreciate that very much. Well, you have a great day. And now I'm cutting you off. How's that? And we'll see you next Tuesday, okay? On Tater Tuesday with the fabulous Mr. Tater. Have a great day, John. Thanks. Bye-bye. Have a great day, everyone. Bye-bye. Okay, here we go. Bye-bye, Dawn. Hey, Courtney. Hey, how are you? Well, I can talk now. Last week at this time, I sounded like a 90-year-old lifelong smoker. Oh, no. I lost my voice entirely. Oh, my goodness. It was like I was struggling just a little bit. Yeah. You're feeling better? Oh, yeah, yeah. Okay, good, good. Yeah, I got sick, too. I was really congested. I'm still a little bit congested. They've unleashed another bioweapon on us is what it is. Well, you know what they're doing here? They're actually throwing dead birds, which I think they've infected them. There's a farm out here that the FDA spent two days at. what a convenient way to infect birds you know since I have no trust in the fda whatsoever no you know they were only supposed to talk about like weights and measures not not anything else that was it they weren't supposed to put their stamp of approval on things it was just as their truth and is their truth and weights and measures now they've gotten themselves so bloated and out of control that now they're like king of the castle here on everything But yeah, they were at a turkey farm for two days out here checking for bird flu. Now, I'm pretty extra sure that these vaccines are giving them everything else. It's like spreading it like, you know, like the plague. And then it's on the dead birds in the dump. You know, wouldn't you think that if it was a biohazard where, you know, you're going to throw dead... Clearly, they don't understand the life cycle of anything. Throw the dead birds out there, watch the carrion, pick it up and spread it all over the state of Michigan. What a convenient way to spread disease. Seriously, that's terrible. Yeah, these people are... they're not even stupid. They're diabolical. Yeah. I agree with that for sure. And everybody seems to have the same symptoms too. So. Oh, really? What, what symptoms are people having? You know, a lot of sinus gets in your chest and your, and your throat, but, but you know, just a whole lot of, of, stuff and, you know, and, uh, you know, it just seems like it's not, it seems like it's too similar. It's just like with the COVID stuff. Right. Dudes, you just been hit with another bio weapon out here. That's what's going on. Oh, Yeah. Wow. Well, for me, I mean, the congestion is pretty bad and I got really sick. So did my fiance, but the worst thing for me now is like, it seems to be lingering kind of in my head and it's really affecting my eye. So it's really making me concerned because it's a, It's the eye I don't see out of, but it's a very complicated eye and it's been like twitching and very inflamed. And I do think it's I think it's the congestion. I think there's pressure. You know, you know what I heard? OK, so I've been I study all the natural stuff. Yeah. On this last round, it got bad enough that I did take antibiotics because I was really not doing well. And so I thought, well, I better hit it with something here. So I ended up doing that. And I'm not a person who does any kind of drugs. I'm not, I don't like the prescription drugs. I don't like over-the-counter drugs. I don't like any of it. You know, I'd rather go out and eat some leaves that I know have, you know, antimicrobial properties and such. But one thing to look into that there seems to be an awful lot of evidence that nicotine. I'm hearing that. Yeah. Yeah. And that they've really engineered it to make it addictive, not because nicotine is addictive in itself, but that they put chemicals in it to make people addicted to it, which I think probably has some merit. But yeah, you might want to go out and buy some of the little stickers or get the gum and see if it works. You can be our guinea pig and see if it works, you know? Right. Yeah, I do hear that. I do a show with Dr. Lee Merritt weekly. And she's a big proponent of that, the nicotine. Nicotine? Yeah, or patch or whatever. Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. I think it's Dr. Brian Artis whose theory was that it's because of the snake venom and that impacts the nicotine receptors. So if you take nicotine, it will help to buffer against it. So I don't know. I guess it's worth trying. Yeah. Try, try whatever, you know, try anything that can't make us, it can't make it. That's not great for glaucoma. That's the only thing. So. Oh, nicotine isn't? No, it's not. So. Well, I've never smoked a cigarette in my life. Yeah. I'm like one of those people that when I was younger, I thought, why would you do this? Right. You know? And so I just, I just never, I've never even smoked a cigarette. And I saw him like on all. Well, I was just at a three day ball with everyone smoking cigars. So you would think if that was going to help that I should have gotten some reprieve, but no. Where were you? A friend of mine, he does something called Restoring Men, Restoring History. And he did, it was like a three-day, like, ball, essentially. You know, one day was the main ball, but the conference. And it was restoring elegance and camaraderie. I love that. Yeah, it was lovely. I think, you know, for us it was a bit hard just because we don't really have the time. for that sort of thing. Um, you know, and, or the money really, you know, to buy like the nice clothes and, but it was, but it was a really beautiful concept. So, and he's a good friend. So we went, we went to support, but yeah, it was, it was a lot. So now we're like, we feel really behind. Yeah. I had dreams all night about work. So yeah. Yeah. You know what I've come to really realize is when we go to these events and such, because I've gone to some pretty bougie events and such, what I can tell you is that quite often the more people pay for their outfits, the trashier they look. Yeah, this wasn't like that. I mean, it really was very lovely. It was the concept of it was really beautiful. It was really this idea that, you know, we've gotten so far away from valuing anything, you know, and there's there what you wear is not just like a it's not so much about the dollar sign. That's what it's become, you know, is about how much. But there used to be there was a time, you know, where people put a lot of value in in like how they presented themselves to the world. They didn't just go out wearing sweats. They didn't just go out wearing, you know, half naked or whatever, you know, like it was, if I'm going out in public, I want to present myself. It was a matter, it was a sign of respect. Like, you know, the, the saying your Sunday's best it's because you don't want to go to church looking like You know, scrub. It's not about how much you spend on the outfit. It's about, you know, restoring elegance. And the concept I really did think was beautiful. It's just, you know, I was like, if I was in my 20s and I was a socialite or I was a senior and retired and just had, like, much more disposable income and time, it would have been much easier to enjoy. I just felt like we're at a time where we're just... there's just so much work so and I felt very fine yeah I'm kind of a fashionista like I like clothes if you saw my closet you would be like donna you have a sickness you know but I really do I really like to um you know to to dress well and and but I also like to slob around my barn with my jeans on and my cowboy boots I mean I like I like you know kind of both sides of that of that I'm with you. But one thing I do know about when people dress really well, their behavior changes. So that's what Pullman was all about with the Pullman cars, the train cars. His whole mindset, and this is what I have always done with my real estate, is that I believe that when people... When people have better surroundings, their behavior raises to meet the occasion. Yeah. So if you have people living in, you know, rat roach infested places, the behavior is probably going to be reflective of the fact that they're under stress. They're used to just being, you know, living on a trash heap and such. Whereas if you try to make things a little bit nicer, then they, you know, people feel proud. They want to be part of it. Their behavior comes up. That's why I think that like the arts and art art in general is so important. It's important. You know, the music is important. The the you know, the beautiful things around us is important. You know, it's all it's all things that that feed our soul. And it's it's important we put time in that. No, I agree. Like I said, I thought the concept and, you know, he's a good friend. I really wanted to support. I really love the concept of it. It was just, you know, stressful for me. So, yeah. What was so stressful about it for you? I'm curious. Because there's so – so we do a lot of shows. Like today I have four shows. Oh, wow. Yeah. So it's like, and people think that, you know, the shows are just like this, this, this part and that part takes time. But for me, it's all the research. It's like, you know, I printed out figures like this, you know, I've got, got a show on a book like this uh so I mean it's just the amount of research that goes into it it's very it's a lot it's a lot of work intensive yes and so for me I feel like I'm just always very behind and we never have so with all the time that it takes to do all of that there's never time to catch up on like the business end of it and I can't keep going if we don't make money like I just there's not enough time for me to go get another job like there's not enough hours in the day you know like last night I actually slept seven hours which was I really need to for my health because that's taking a toll so it's just yeah so that's what's stressful is I just feel like we're that was time that we could have been catching up on things we never get that time so Yeah. It's a, so many ways that you can go and it's easy to get distracted from the core of what you're, what you really, you know, we all need to do that. And it happens to all of us because you're like, Oh, I want to help here. I want to help here. I want, you know, good people want to always be helpful, but we're out to our own, you know, detriment. Yeah. Yeah. So I got called to go down to that Stephanie Scott, Stephanie Lambert arraignment yesterday. And I was like, Oh man, They're like, we really need you to come down here, which is very flattering and beautiful. And I love being part of all this. And I mean, I really do. And I was like, oh, I've got this, that and the other thing. So I recruited more help up here on what I'm doing around here. Like we're getting our bees today, our new bees. Great. I just started taking bee pollen. I used to take it, but I haven't in years. Yeah, you know what's really fun with bees is like if you sit there, because I like to sit there by the hives and watch them and they recognize faces. So if you're not afraid to get stung, you can sit out there and they're like, oh, that's Donna. Oh, that's Courtney. They know who you are. It's kind of cool. And you become friends. It's really cute. But you'll watch them fly back with pollen. And some days, some days bees will come back with red pollen and they got the little sacks on their arms. And so do you know how that works? No. OK, let me show you, because you'll think this is really cute. OK. Sometimes we just got to do cute stuff, guys, you know? Yeah. It doesn't always have to be serious here. Here, we'll see if we can find pictures of bees, honeybees with pollen in their little legs. Because it's really cute. Oh, here's a couple of really good pictures. So this is great. So see these little sacks right here? Yes. So they got crap all over them. But what they do is they stuff them into little pouches. And so they have their little pouches that they come back with. Little pouches. And sometimes those little pouches will be red or yellow or Or orange, depending on what kind of flowers are in bloom and what they're picking up. And they're squirreling away in their pouches to bring back. Look at this. Look at this guy here. That's amazing. Oh. You can see it with the leg extended center here. You can see where the little pouches are. And these guys are a mess. Look at these guys. They got frigging pollen all over themselves. Oh, my goodness. Yes, that's a big. And that's how they, you know, that's how they. pollinate or make the vegetables and fruits and flowers bloom and all that sort of thing. Oh man, look at this guy's pouches here. He's good at it. Actually, it's not a he, they're the she's that are doing that. The male bees are kind of worthless. Yeah, yeah. They don't do anything. They don't even really work. They just sit there and they consume. They consume. They have one purpose, and that's to mate with the queen. And the queen has one flight. the drones chaser, the lucky man in gets to, he gets to mate with her and then he dies. And then the rest of them kind of go, well, guess I missed that one the rest of their lives. And they go sit back and drink beer on the sofa and watch all the, all of the worker bees work. Wow. If you have a drone heavy, uh, uh, hive, you kind of got a problem. Yeah. Because all they do is eat. Oh, wow. That's funny. Yeah. We have in the neighborhood, there's like a little, I guess it's a hive, but it's really like a box. It's a hive. Yeah. Yeah. So it's cute. Show you what it looks like. We've got our new ones. I bought new ones. I had old ones, but I decided to expand it. And I'm calling it my beatorium. So... there's my fancy word for my bees set up. Yeah. They're my, it's in, I've put together a beatorium. Oh, let's see. We've got, oh, I said, came up with like a rash when I put it in hives. See, that's, that's how it is. You know, you gotta be specific. So here you go. Here are Here is what a hive looks like. OK. And so. Yeah. Like this. Sometimes they're like little flat roof. It's a flat box. Yeah. Yeah. So on the top here is the feeder. That's the that's the bee feeder. And then you start out with your bees down here and you have frames in your in your beehive like that. And so ignore these, ignore the, this is what you don't want to have happen. That's a wasp nest anyhow. But that's not how they build it. So, but anyhow, you have, you can have swarms and such. So, but yeah, that's a, that's a bee. I think it's confused. They have no idea what they got here. So, but that's, that's a beehive. And so you have different boxes and you can add to the beehive and make them taller. So like typically you'll have like two, you know, you can add two, have two big boxes on the bottom and then you can add two or three of these smaller ones. And that's kind of where you take your hive out of. And then this is where they breed and they, raise babies and such. And then up here is where you have the feeder. So I digress. Yeah. Yeah, they're cute. And they're really important to the entire ecosystem. So where are we going to go with this today? I don't know. I've been working on the changing images of man document. That's what I've been kind of immersed in lately. So, but I don't know. We were a few weeks off because you were busy and then we were both not feeling good and we're back. So we could literally go anywhere. Yeah. I don't know what's been on your mind. I've been working on that document. They, they now have another one, the The Changing Images 2000. I'm pretty sure they're working on another one because it seems like every few decades and we seem overdue. And then I've also been doing a lot of work on theosophy and the new thought leaders, the evolutionary leader cults that are, you know, pretty much trying to create a one world religion and take over the world. What do you know about Betsy DeVos and Amway? I know quite a bit. I did a show on that one, actually. Let's go there, because she decided to poke the bear and make a statement against Donna Brandenburg, which probably wasn't her best move. We've got to get rid of Donna Brandenburg type thing, falling just short of having nefarious plans involved in that little statement. But they've got the, what is it, Seven Mountains? that the seven mountain pastors or something like that, that thought, that thought thing, like the Kenneth Copeland kind of guys and other all around Dallas down there. So what do you know about, what do you know about Betsy DeVos? Let's go in that direction since she resigned January 7th after J6. And I've got the next, the next guest coming on is a J6er who they kidnapped and They were targeted and CPS kidnapped his daughter just through his wife in jail. And he just bonded her out, you know, and because CPS is the largest human trafficking organization on the planet. Yeah, I mean, I know more about Amway, but... Let's go there. She was pretty, obviously, involved in all of that. They were tied to all of the 17 Sustainable Goals. That was, you know, a huge part of their agenda. Michigan Dutch Mafia going on here. I mean, that's what it is. It's the Michigan Dutch Mafia. And it's like, I'm part Dutch, so I can say whatever I want, you know? Right, right. yeah um so yeah I i had interviewed someone who like worked there for most of his uh most of his career and uh it then and his parents were involved as well and he became kind of a amway whistleblower because he said yes Yeah. No Judah. Yeah. Yeah. Friends with Judah. He's a good guy. He's great. Yeah. So he, uh, yeah, he talked about how they were, I mean, there's a lot of, uh, you know, speculation as well that they might be involved with some sort of, uh, sex trafficking rings, but he said he can't prove that part, but he can prove that they're very tied to all of the UN goals. Um, and that they, you know, they're claiming to be like a, a very American forward, uh, capitalist company, but they're, all of their agendas are tied to the ESG and, you know, the other 17 sustainable goals. So, yeah. Yeah. I got a lot of news for you guys that this is a global outreach. And of course, if we, if we, uh, say a prayer at the end of every time we speak and such, that justifies our existence. I mean, that's exactly what's going on there with a lot of these people. It's like they'll claim a religion and victimize the population, just like Just like, you know, you're you're just in case anybody doesn't know you're Jewish and I'm Christian. We get along fine. And the Middle East got along just great to a certain degree. I mean, there's always been fighting. Right. But but really, when the Khazarian mafia came in. There's really no evidence that there was ever a Khazarian mafia. I actually did a three and a half hour episode on that. And I was very open to it. But there's no evidence for a mafia. Like top, top historians can't even agree on what year the king converted to Judaism. Right. So some think it was 740, some think it was 839, somewhere around there. And people say, oh, well, you know, it's around there. Like, how many people do you know who live a century? That's a huge difference. And they can't even agree on that. And then what they do with this Kazarian Mafia theory is there's all these, and I've seen them, like these very long, lengthy articles where somehow they connect something that happened in 700 or 800, you know, A.D. to the Rothschilds. You don't even know what year the king converted, but you somehow can prove that with almost a millennia apart that they're connected to the Rothschilds. There's no way to prove that. And this is just pure speculation. Global crime syndicate is what's going on here under whatever label they want to use. Sure. But the Khazarian mafia, you know, to me, it's very reminiscent of like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which we know was a Russian disinformation pamphlet. And that's not to say that, you know, there aren't principles in there that clearly the power that shouldn't be subscribed to. I think absolutely. I think they were definitely revealing something in there. but they've attributed it specifically to the Jews. And we know it was a disinfo campaign. Like we, we, we have verifiable evidence of that. And yet people still point to it as evidence that somehow the Jews are behind everything and the Khazarians and, and it's the same thing with the Khazarim mafia. There's just no evidence for it. I'm, I was very open to it. I did some really deep research and the bottom line is I just couldn't find it. You know, I went searching and searching and I see a lot of speculation, a lot of allegations, but there's, There's no evidence for it. I'm like, I think that there's, I think that there's all of these, these groups though, that claim they they'll claim a religious affiliation. Sure. And, and then I, you know, whether you want to call it the Kazarians or not, I mean, the proof is there that this is what they do through infiltration, the people that are running the world and they've infiltrated every single nook and cranny of our society. And unfortunately, unfortunately, You know, look at how Christians, you know, true Christians have been demonized by by, you know, some of these other groups that are like claimant frame at people and this, that and the other thing. Instead of, you know, we should be working to serve God on this planet, period. Um, and, and they've done the same thing. You know, my doctor is a Muslim and I think they're wonderful, wonderful people. And, you know, I've had great talks with them. I'm like, man, you guys are, you guys are, um, you know, they're, they're, they're really, they were really ashamed to tell me that they were Muslim. And so I was sitting in there one day and we had this wonderful talk and I'm like, what's your background? What religion are you? You know, because I had no idea. And they're like, well, you know, well, we're kind of like this, but not like what you see on TV. And so, you know, it's like it's like the same thing. And I was at I was at a conference with several several Jewish gals. And they're sitting at the table and we get talking and they went absolutely hysterical. I mean, hysterical when a subject came up on how the Jews have been beat on and this, that, and the other thing. And I'm like going, we're sitting here talking and this entire table, no one has said boo about this. anything that should be normally offensive, you know, it was, we were talking about stuff and all of a sudden they go off on a tangent of being insulted. And it's like, nobody here said anything insulting, you know, there wasn't, there wasn't a, you know, go get the Jews kind of thing going on or, or, you know, the Jews are behind every bad thing on the planet. It was just like, we were talking about fashion and then all of a sudden they go, Ooh, they're like off in crazy land. And I, and I'm like going, I have, you know, I have no idea where this got. So, uh, because we were like, um, there were a couple, I didn't say anything. Somebody at the table, I said, just so you know, nobody here, nobody here said anything against you or Jewish people or anything. That wasn't the intention, but name was brought up and all of a sudden wacko land started. And I was like, how, how can you get so attacking everybody at the table? Because you didn't like the name that was brought up. It was Donald Trump's name and they went absolutely berserk. And I was like, I was like, I don't think he dislikes Jews. You know, he's got a couple of his family and such, but. You know, it's kind of funny because you have like the two sides. You have the people who are like, I hate Donald Trump because he's a Zionist and he's a true shill. And then the other people think that he's anti-Semitic. I'm like, you guys can't win. You know, it's one of those discussions that it's going to be a lose lose discussion because everybody is so convinced that they're right. And instead of listening to each other's point of view, it's like, no, I'm right. I'm right. I know. Right. No, you don't. Nobody knows. We've been lied to for centuries. Oh yeah. We need to talk about things and, and, you know, people need to say their opinions or what they think in order to correct what we have wrong. And that's okay. It's okay to say you're wrong. That's healthy. It's like, I can't find the book. I have it somewhere here on the shelf, but I can never, you know, I don't have good like aim with my vision. But this book is The Campaigner. It's by Lyndon LaRouche. Okay. And it's called The Secrets Only Known to the Inner Elite. And he does actually a good job in there of talking about like the mystification of Judaism through the Babylonians. And how, you know, they used them as a cover to infiltrate. And I mean, it's certainly not just Jews. They've done this with every religion, as we're seeing now. We know with the infiltration of the churches and capturing all the institutions, essentially. But he does do a good job, I think, of kind of outlining some and connecting some of those threads. And I think a lot of like what he describes is what people talk about when they're saying the Kazarian mafia. There's just no evidence for that. And it's just become like a great buzzword. Oh, it's the Kazarian mafia. It's like, really? Can you explain to me, like, who's the head of the Kazarian mafia? Do you know? And how and how has that lineage traced? I mean, we're talking about the mafia. I'm kind of like. I'm like this, the precursor to the global crime syndicate. And so that's when I when I say Khazarian mafia, that that to me doesn't track any way, shape or form even close to the Jewish lineage. I think straight up. And I think that's what most people understand it to be is that because it's become agitprop and it's totally become agitprop to target the Jews. I mean, if you look on Twitter and type in Khazari Mafia, that's exactly what it's become. So I understand that that might not be how you're using it. That is exactly what it's become. And so that was why I did a three and a half hour episode on it. Because I was like, if there really is a Khazari Mafia and it's somehow like a Jewish cover Mafia, like, let's uncover it. I want to know the truth. But there's just, I know we've got the Dutch mafia here and it's like, I'm not afraid to say it. So I'm pretty extra sure there's a Dutch mafia. There's a Kazarian mafia. There's a Chinese mafia. There's all this sort of thing. Sure. And there are Jewish mafia. I mean, there's absolutely Jewish. I mean, there's a whole joke. I'm from right outside New York city and there's a whole joke about the Jewish and the Italian mafia. I think the godfather did a whole thing on it. uh, the movie. Um, but you know, there, there are Jewish moms. Cause now all the Italians are going to be pissed, you know? No, there are pizza bagels there. They have a different approach to that one. But yeah, but with the Kazarian Mafia, because it has become agitprop, I thought it was important to get to the root of it. And I just don't, there's just no evidence. That doesn't mean it's not there. I'm open to the possibility that it's there. I just, I can't find anybody to point me towards any evidence of it. And I, as a journalist and as a researcher, I'm not going to just use labels that don't have any evidence behind them. You know, you... if I'm going to create a narrative or foment a narrative I want to see some evidence for it and I just don't there's and I can see that it's at your prop it's like what you know the slogan crisis king has become I'm not saying that there aren't christians who have always believed that But prior to two years ago, I never heard a single one of them use that statement. They may have lived it, they may have believed it earnestly, but you never heard them say it. Now it's like every media figure is out there like, you know, and it's with a twinge. It's not It's not with this pride of that's how they live their lives. It's with bitterness. They're doing it as Agipro. And it's so clear. It's infiltration. I mean, and I think we can all agree on the fact that every single sector of our society is infiltrated and there's lots of words, there's lots of words, you know, to define what it is. And we don't have a good dialogue or a good word to define what we have. You know, out in West Michigan here, the Dutch mafia, because these, these people coming from the Netherlands are right next to Brussels. And, you know, it's like, all I have to do is look at what the Dutch mafia is doing here and extra, you know, it's like the proof is, is not necessarily that I even have to look at what's happened in the past. It's what's going on right now. You can connect it to the past. But, you know, when you look at dual citizenship and such, this is wrong. And, you know, we've got so many people in power that I don't think that we should have that at all as part of our nation. And, you know, you're either an American or get the hell out of our country. you know, stand with America or get the hell out of the country. That's all I got to say. And I don't care where somebody came from or what they, what they, you know, what they identify as, you know, I agree. ass. Who knows? I mean, a frog in a blender. I mean, this has gotten so stupid. It's gotten so stupid is that people stop becoming, you know, human beings and then they try to catch it. You know what the greatest thing is? I've got several friends who are gay and lesbian, okay? And And people that I know, because I talk to everyone. I don't sit there and say, oh, I'm not going to talk to the gays or lesbians or anything like that. Well, that's exactly who I want to talk to. Okay. He's a dumb argument. And so the one guy comes up and he goes like, well, what do you think about gay marriage? And I'm like, it's a stupid discussion and I'm not going to get into it with you. And I said, what my discussion is on this is why is the government involved in marriage at all? It shouldn't be. It shouldn't be. And I'm like, you're going into so many bad areas right now. You're going into the discussion has gone into everywhere except for where it should be. Right. And so we're using all these dumb social discussions to stop the United States from working. And he's like, oh, I never thought of that. I said, well, let me break it down for you. This is only about the ability of the government to own your assets. Yep. They become the third party. So it's like they become essentially like if you had a trust, they'd be the executors of the trust. So they become the executors of the trust. Yeah. They're the executors of everything, including marriage, including children. If you acquire children. Absolutely. So I'm like, stop talking about gay marriage, Christians, people who are gay, lesbian. I don't care who you are. I don't care. It's a dumb discussion. Yeah. Ignorant. And so it's like, let's have the discussion of getting the government out of our lives so that they stop owning us, our stuff, taking our kids through CPS, et cetera. Yeah. It is. I had a conversation with one of the senators here, and she actually proposed a bill back in 2015 to stop the requirement of marriage licenses. And the reality is that there is no legal binding. You don't have to have a marriage license, but people think they do. And they trap you through all the accoutrements. They say, well, then you won't get the the social security benefits, you don't get the medical benefits. You know, these are the ways that they kind of lure you into doing a civil marriage license, but there is absolutely no legal binding just that stipulates that you have to have one. So, you know, and ultimately you can do a lot of all those things that they use as, you know, enticements. You can do through trust. You don't have to do it through the civil marriage. So, yeah. It's a government. The less the government touches, the better off we are. I agree. It only devolves into paying for votes. I know. And manipulating the system and then dividing us. And it's really to create power for the state. So the state becomes the parent, essentially. Right. Well, and if everybody doesn't agree with the subgroups, then the subgroups goes after because you don't like me. We're victims. We're victims. It's like, You're not a victim of me. I don't give a rip what anybody wants to live their life like, you know, as long as you're not infringing on the rights of others. It's not our it's not for us to determine that, you know. And so in so many ways, they have just constantly, you know, when if you got married and even I don't know when they stop this, but they required a physical examination to get married. Yeah, yeah. They did. I think in some states they still do. But what's interesting now is because they always play the Hegelian dialectic. So now you've got the Christian right who are saying that only Christians should be able to be married. I don't know about that one. So I clearly hang out with only Christians because they're saying that marriage is a sanctity of the church. Although I have news for these people. One of the oldest marriage contracts is a ketubah and it is not Christian. But They're claiming that marriage, the definition of marriage, is a Christian definition. And therefore, you know, anybody who's not Christian married in the church should not be allowed to get married. And I was like, I agree that there shouldn't be civil marriages. I think the government should be out of marriage. But this, you know, this false dialectic, that this is what they keep doing. It's like it has to be one or the other. It's like, no, the marriage existed. It existed long before Christianity, actually. You know, so I agree. I mean, like a ketubah is a Jewish contract. That was before Christianity. I'm pretty sure it existed before the Jewish religion started. I don't know about that. I think formal. I don't know. Yeah. I actually think the Jews created the institution of marriage. And I think they did it to protect the children. This is. And I could be wrong on this, but what I've read is they did it to protect the children because the Jews were being raped and pillaged so much. And this is part of why they're a matriarchal lineage. It was a way of knowing which children were part of the family. And I think that they did do it. It was a business arrangement, but it was a way to protect the children because they were persecuted so much and because they were being raped and pillaged. So I am actually pretty sure that they were the first to do, you know, an institution of marriage and have it be, you know, between a man and a woman. There's other, there've been other arrangements, familial arrangements throughout history, but I might be wrong on that, but that's what I've read. So, yeah. Yeah. It's good to provoke a subject. I like you. Yeah. And like I said, I'm open to maybe I've read, you know, information that wasn't factual. I'm certainly open. I haven't done a deep dive on it, but I have read that, that it was the Jews who created it. institution of marriage. But that was before Christianity. So these Christians were arguing that it should only be, it can only be done through a Christian church. That's just ludicrous. I think it's ludicrous anyway. I mean, it's a contract between two people. I believe it's two people under God. Not everybody has to believe that, but You know, that that's what I believe it is. So it's a contract that's, you know, honoring your your creating vows between your commitment to each other under God. OK, so I find it to be pretty wackadoodle to have it say that it's only Christians should be married. It's ludicrous, but I'm telling you that's going to go. Well, it's going to be just like it happens. It's like, well, they're not Christian enough. We have to approve. And we're going to go, you know, it's like because we're going to try to usurp God. And Christian, which sect of Christianity gets to have the marriage? Yeah. Right. Some Christians think other Christians aren't really Christians. I know the same thing. And, you know, it's like that's what that's what my doctor said one time said, yeah, I'm not Muslim enough for my for my in-laws. Right. And it's like, OK, so somebody's not Jewish enough for their family or whatever, you know, whatever it is. It's like this. This is not a game. It's the same game. It's the same game. Yes. Yeah. So, but I just see this so much of this is whatever they can't accomplish through, you know, they're typically the, you know, quote unquote, left wing Marxist angle. Then they infiltrate through the right wing religious groups. That seems to be a very common tactic I'm seeing right now. And it's just using, but both of them are marching towards the same goal. So I'm going to throw a spoiler out here on the whole thing. So were Adam and Eve Jewish? No, because Judaism came when the tribe of Judah was instituted. So when you look back in history, I'll like throw some zingers out there to you. Were they Jewish? No. I don't know. Were they any religion at that time? So there you go. There's my argument right there. It's like, was marriage instituted before Judah was born? Yeah. Were they married? I believe they were because Abraham took Sarah, was married to Sarah. and Zipporah. So it's like, so were they, and Zipporah wasn't, was from the, another. This way I was saying the institution of marriage though. I think the institution of marriage is different. I'm getting them confused, but Sarah and, and Haggai. And so it was like, Haggai, I don't think he married Haggai, but it was like, you know, you look at, you look at Zipporah or not Zipporah, I'm jumping around to Moses there. Sorry. skip the track. So, but you know what I mean? It's like, it's like Abraham and Sarah, Sarah was his wife. He wasn't born yet. That was pre-Jews. So, I mean, I mean, if you look back through history, so, so if you want to, so I knew that was going to get everybody all riled up because all the Christians are like going, Oh, she said pre-Jewish. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Like, Well, when was Judah born? When, when was, when was all of the, the ritual for sacrifice, you know, instituted? Well, yeah. I don't know what year that was actually. You had Cain that like killed, you know, you had Adam. Yeah. I don't know what year that was though. Do you? I don't know. It's like, it's like, you know, when you talk about, you know, Judah and such, you can go back and go, every 20 years of generation, let's look through every generation and try to figure out the exact time. Who knows? You are not going to convince me that anybody knows the exact date of anything. But you get broad generalities. You know, which generations followed which generation and such. But Jews... I'm just from Judah. And Judah was not born, you know. So let's go back to history and say, was it pre-Jew? Yes, it was. So it's kind of like one of those silly arguments, in my opinion, but... so be it sure um just like creation okay I want you to think about this here I'll throw another one so I had this discussion with a friend of mine at least according to a very quick search judah was born in uh 1565 bc okay now we know yeah yeah okay so that's a that's I mean that's even before the ancient greeks Yeah, but you can go back past that. So the name Jew came from Judah. Yeah, yeah. And so when you look at some of this and when did sacrifice start, that would be Abraham. Right. And so you can go back there, but was Abraham right after Adam and Eve? No. I mean, so this is one of those discussions that's kind of like, well, we can get in the weeds in this and get into all kinds of stupidville on this. But it comes down to the fact that that right now where we live, that the, that, you know, the government should not be in our marriages. No, absolutely not. No. So I might be wrong. And I do agree. Yeah. I mean, yeah. I don't think there's probably, there's a lot of things we agree on. I don't think that's a, Yeah. That's not like, yeah, we're like working out the finer points here. Yeah, no, but there's so much, I mean, I'm doing a lot of research right now. That book was actually very helpful on the, like the ancient Greeks, like Plato and Aristotle, the Neoplatonist. And this is, and I think it really is interesting because there's so much of what, you know, their belief system. I think they, the, The inner elites, as he describes them, I would say the powers that shouldn't be or the parasite class. But I think they've really weaponized the philosophy and the way that we're taught. And this is I bring this up because this is pre-Christianity. And a lot of there's this huge movement. I think it was done through St. Thomas Aquinas. Christianize Aristotle. I don't see him as fitting the mold of Christianity I don't really think he fits the mold of most traditional religion at all actually, but there's this there's this kind of a path through education where we do what's called periodization. And so it's a very, uh, it's nominalism. Essentially you put a little package on, okay, well this is Aristotle and it's Aristotle versus Plato. And then, you know, it's a, you have the, uh, the renaissance period and then you have the enlightenment and and they do it through chunks but then people lose the nuances and people want to make it like this this again this dialectic and like I see it all the time with aristotle and plato and I'm like how much of either of them have you read because there are elements of them that you know you can see this through line where they've been utilized and weaponized and in some places they really converge and they agree with each other. People forget that Aristotle was Plato's student. So it's not like they disagreed on everything. It's not Aristotle versus Plato. It's like, which aspects of his thought do you think influenced things that we're seeing today? Or you know, influenced other thinkers that, and it goes down the line that way, but it's not, it's not so black and white. And I think because people don't really read and we live in a soundbite culture, you know, they hear a name or they hear a time period. And this is often how things are taught in school. I mean, I remember it, you know, it's taught in blocks. But you're not taught the nuances. I mean, if somebody were to, I'm not a journalist, I don't journal, you know, like, but if somebody were to read like my journals throughout my life, it's not like my thoughts are all consistent. You know, one would hope, I even read my papers from high school and I'm like, wow, you know, like my viewpoints have changed quite a bit. And then some of them are like, oh, I still think that. I can't believe decades later, like I still have those thoughts. And that, you would think that that should be normal. That should be the sign of a true, authentic, intellectually curious person. But we don't look at things that way anymore. You know, it's a, okay, this person thought this and it encompasses everything. So you mentioned their name and then here's a little bow that goes around it. And I think that's very dangerous. Mm-hmm. Oh, we got to be able to change and like I said, be okay with being wrong sometimes. Yeah. But it's not even just that it's like, we have to be able to take the nuances of things and understand the thread and the impact of those aspects. Not, not just put everything into a box. I just think that that's not productive and I think we lose so much there's so much value that can be gained in really uh taking the full you know comprehensive work of of any work of any text of any thinker or any time period even you know I mean one of the most common things I hear uh and this is definitely add your prop to try and subvert the Constitution but keep hearing like the Enlightenment was the root of all the problems the root of all the evil And it's like, really, which enlightenment? How does this work? Where does this go? Because so like I'm I'm kind of lost here on a couple of these things that you're talking about. Yeah. Okay. So like which ones? The Enlightenment is the, what are they talking about? Well, see, that's just it. So I keep asking these people who are parroting this trope, I'm like, which Enlightenment? I mean, we've got the French Enlightenment, we've got German Enlightenment, we've got the British Enlightenment, we've got the American Enlightenment, we have the Counter Enlightenment, we have the Scottish Enlightenment. They didn't all believe the exact same thing. And I think what's happened is that So a lot of people, because again, we live in a soundbite culture. People are now hearing, oh, our founding fathers of the United States were Masons. And this came out of the Enlightenment period. And the Enlightenment is what brought us liberalism as we have today. But what they don't understand is the term liberal itself has been hijacked. Classical liberalism is not the same thing as the liberal left that we see today. I think they usurped that word. in order to turn it against itself. And classical liberalism is entirely different from liberalism as we know it today. And I think that That was intentional. They've redefined, they redefined the terms all the time. But I think that because of this thread and the, you know, the abuse of the language that, and because people don't do, a lot of people don't read and they don't have full context of history. They don't understand that liberal is not the same as classical liberal. And so now they've just pinned it. The classical liberalism really did come out of this enlightenment period, which was not all reason and not all faith. It was a marriage of the two. And I just find it ironic that these people who are so anti-Enlightenment, one, can't define which Enlightenment, which thinker they're opposed to. And moreover, they wouldn't have the technology, because most people are doing this over either, you know, a screen or on a social media platform. They wouldn't have the technology, nor would they have the First Amendment freedom of speech to be able to tell you that the Enlightenment is so evil. Yeah. the root of all these problems, but I hear it all the time. And that's just one example. And this is, this is the, you know, this is the detriment of having a lack of context, you know? So then you have just this one aspect that has been, you know, put into a box and they, they lump it together and people don't really have an understanding of where that even came from, where that concept came from or, you know, what milieu it was in originally. Yeah, it's the propensity for people to grab onto headlines instead of question it, whether we're right or wrong. And God forbid, should you talk about those uncomfortable subjects that people just like send them over the edge into crazyville, you know, instead of, huh, let's ponder this a little bit, because there might be something, even if it's not exactly what's being said, a lot of times it'll be just like one step off to the right or the left on finding what is an extra bit of information that we didn't have beforehand. But it's just unfortunate because it's so hard for people to back out of what they have. They just know it's true. You know, it's they just know it's true. You know, I keep hearing about the, you know, the QV and the all of this financial reset. And I'm like, why are you so obsessed about financial reset? Right. What? You know, that's that's honestly, that's my first question. Right. when, when people talk about it, it's like, well, that'd be great. But is, are you basing your salvation or your stability going forward on whatever monetary system is, is not coming for, you know, it, it, it perplexes me. Right. Because there's such an obsession with this. And I'm like, okay, well, I don't know, maybe, maybe not, you know, just because somebody says something, doesn't mean that there's any truth to it whatsoever. And what's the obsession? Why is there such an obsession? There is obsession. You're talking about like the quantum financial? Yeah, the quantum, the RV, the this, that, and the other thing. And when I listen to people talk about it, what really kind of surprises me, I guess the surprise is, oh, we got to be first in, we got to be first, first, first, first, first. Yeah. And it's like, I'm not really sure that's the best plan to take. You know, it's like, I don't know. But, you know, God will provide. And this is from Abraham. God will provide wherever we stand. If you truly are standing with him, it doesn't matter if we're in the valley with a lot or on the mountaintops. Abraham said it best. You know, doesn't matter where I am. God will provide for me. And the obsession with the worldly systems is just kind of perplexing to me. Yeah. Well, I think there's a lot of grifts going on with that. So I think that's kind of where that's coming from. I'm not saying for everyone. I'm sure there are people who are very genuinely. I think so. But for me, I mean, I look at it and there's a little bit of a problem for me because I'm like going, you know, I don't really think we should put our trust in this world or the structures of this world. I really don't. I think, you know, we put our trust in God and and, you know, let that, let that be our direction, period. You know, of course we work and we do things to, to, you know, to make the world a better place. You know, I've got, you know, of course I've got my chickens and I got my bees coming in just because I like to grow things and we give so much stuff away. It's, it's, you know, just because we enjoy sharing. So, I mean, I mean, if we put, if we put ourselves in the position of taking care of each other and sharing and, looking and seeing what needs to be done and then just without, without concern of getting it back. Right. You know, just give away, see what happens. Yeah. Do the right thing about taking care of the world. I think that's really important, you know, but, uh, Yeah. But anyhow, so everybody out there, this is how a Jew and a Christian can agree on things. Yeah. I mean, I don't see that as being like a big deal. I don't know. I agree with people on lots of things. I'm just not like... That's the rhetoric coming from both sides. There's rhetoric that's coming from everywhere. I treat people as individuals. Like there are things I'm going to agree with you on. There are things I'm going to disagree with you on, but it's not about the label. Right. I mean, I agree. I don't think every Christian agrees on everything. Right. At least I'm pretty sure. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, we can't even get the Republican Party to agree on two things. Yeah, well, that's for sure. That's another crazy. But I mean, I guess I say that I guess I say that just to throw it out there and provoke be a little provocative. Right. Because because there is such division. And, you know, to to your point. that when somebody throws out Kazarian Mafia, it's insulting to you. It's something that's a problem. And it's like for me. It's not that it's being used as agitprop. And it's being used as agitprop without any real evidence to substantiate it. That's the problem I have with it. I mean, if there was really a Khazari mafia, great, let's uncover that. I mean, let's do some genuine research. Let's dig up the historians to do real work. But I'm not finding any actual evidence in being used as agitprop. Like, that's very clear. So what I think is I think that this is the same group of idiots that's been going on from the beginning of time. They're Luciferians. And I think that what happens, so when I say that it is a packaging, because you've got these people that package themselves. They subscribe to Satanism and Luciferianism as a practice. And they repackage themselves in so many different ways. You know, whether you want to call them the Dutch mafia or whatever you do, I don't really give a crap. Because whatever label they're under, they've been under, they've operating under, it doesn't matter. It's the same. It's evil is what they operate under. And they victimize people all over. You know, it's just like the Palestinian and the Israeli conflict. Okay, let's just go through, throw a, you know, water on the hornet's nest here. But I mean, the whole thing, do I believe that it's either the Jews or the Palestinians are in the right? No, everybody's in the wrong there. There's no heroes here. There is no heroes because it's the people that are being victimized by these rulers who are absolutely evil. You have the UN and the British intelligence promising the same land to opposing groups of people and you expect there to be peace. I don't know. I don't know if it's you or me, but maybe I'm thinking wrong here, but there's the spook network behind the scenes that these people never come to light. And that's the problem. And who loses in the end? People do. And they don't care because they victimize people. So I see Tom's behind the scene here and he's a J6 or something. Yeah, they had their child kidnapped by CPS. And, you know, it's clearly that they are targeting the families behind J6. Now, you can say whatever you want to say, anybody out there. But the Capitol Police are part of this. There's no two ways about it. The FBI is part of it. We can throw them right into the same bailiwick of these Satanists that have been going back through time because they sold out to evil. And they don't serve the people or God's world. And it's despicable. Yeah, no, I absolutely agree. So we need to come up with a better word. Yeah, we definitely do. I mean. I think that there's, I really just talk about the different through lines. I mean, right now I've been really focused on the theosophy, which now they call themselves new thought. You know, they call themselves new age for a while, but it's essentially a Luciferian belief system. And you trace this, but then, you know, you get these arguments. Yeah. I never thought I'd be like arguing with people about the Neoplatonists. They're like, they're not theosophists. I'm like, the Theosophical Society themselves says they were influenced by the Neoplatonists. It's like, is it my word? I'm not projecting. This is the same argument, though. It's like, they're not Jews. They're not Christians. Well, they're not. No, they're not, and I've made that very clear. No, no, no, but I've made that very clear. I mean, I've done like seven shows on this, and I've made it very clear. I'm not arguing with you. I'm just saying that. But the people will argue with me, and I'm like, I'm talking about proto-theosophy, right? So the Theosophical Society started in 1875. The New Age movement was popularized by Madame Blavatsky, didn't start with her, but she popularized it, and she did start the Theosophical Society. But you have these schools of thought that were very influential to the codification of theosophy. And they themselves attribute Neoplatonism as being a huge part of their influence. And so I've said this, I've shared the aspects. Again, this is like not all Neoplatonists agree on this, everything. And I've shared different aspects of various thinkers and the different points that were influential to the school of thought of theosophy. And, but the argument that I keep getting is, no, you're misinterpreting it. You're misreading Neoplatonism. I'm like, no, I'm telling you what the theosophers themselves have said. But this is, yeah, it's the same kind of an argument. It's kind of, it's like, it's a, it's, you either have people that are there, they're sold out to good or they're sold out, you know, into God or they're sold out to evil. And you can divide, divide things very quickly by that. And, uh, you know, with looking across the global landscape here and what's going on between the countries. And then, you know, the fine grain of what we believe, you know, is there too. So, well, thank you. We will certainly go in a million different directions. I love it. I like getting into things that provoke communication. Yeah, absolutely. I think it's important. And then to have that communication so that we can, you know, not only hear, but be heard. And be able to talk with each other and, you know, and not have to always agree. Totally. And sometimes we're agreeing and we just use different words. Sure. But we actually do agree, but we're using different words to express the same thing. Yes. And people get caught up in that. So it's like underlying principles, all the same. But anyhow, love you to pieces. You too. Thank you. It sounds like you've got like four other or three other interviews today. I do. Yeah. Find out. So it's got Courtney Turner dot com. You've got it right there in the. Like Courtney, C-O-U-R-T-E-N-A-Y-T-U-R-N-E-R dot com. That's kind of like one of those cool ways, Courtenay. It's like Courtenay. I always say that so the people who are listening and they don't see it, they know how it's spelled. Yeah, it is Courtney, but it's spelled like Courtenay. And people like to tease me and call me Courtenay all the time. That's the French way. Well, there you go. Well, I'm going to let you go and we will see you next week. And then I'm going to quick play my little intro here. And then we've got Tom Hamner and Stephanie Hamner and their beautiful family. And we're going to have an update on what the criminals in our nation are doing to everyday Americans, especially our J6ers. So we'll see you next Tuesday. Okay. Thank you. You too. I'm going to go to go to a quick break here and I'll be right back. Good morning and welcome to the third hour of Brandenburg News Network today. I am Donna Brandenburg and it is the 14th day of May 2024. And I'm going to welcome my guests on. We have Tom Hamner and Stephanie and I don't know who else is going to show up, but welcome. Hey, how you doing, Donna? Good. How are you? Looks like he got a phone call on his phone. That usually freezes up the video. Let's see what happens here. So there you go. So let's do an update today. And what's going on in the Hamner family? So since we last talked, I went to St. Louis, Missouri with my son, where we attended the court hearing for my wife. It was an extradition hearing. Got to see her. And then we... contacted a local bondsman. This guy was incredible. Not only is he a patriot, but he didn't have to go through his insurance company because he handles all the bonds between him and his partner. And so being a patriot and everything, they really helped us out and allowed me to get Stephanie bonded out, which at 8 o'clock last night, I picked her up from the St. Louis County facility, and we went back and got some things together, and then we drove straight back to Colorado. Well, welcome home. You've had quite a journey. So just so everybody knows, a quick recap here. So Tom was a J6er, and he was thrown into the gulag for a while. Got out, his wife Stephanie took their daughter, Liliana, to a concert in Nashville. They were targeted. Liliana has got autism and they were targeted and she was taken away. There's no way you can look at this and not say that the people involved were targeted. And I'd like to know who those two women were that came to the bar. I really would like to know who they are because I I've got a hunch that they were probably part of this fedsurrection nonsense to target families. I just have a hunch on that as well as what was done in Tennessee. It was done. Every single person that touched this was in the wrong. They broke the law and it's not, you know, the state law. They have broken the law and the way that this was handled. They have taken this child away from them for 16 months. So again, When, when Stephanie was able to, based on the law that's on the books, she went and got her daughter and was headed back home and they grabbed her in Missouri and threw her in jail. So now they're, she bonded out last night. She's out. So these guys are all together, but we've got some real, real struggles ahead of us. One thing that we talked about last time was All the links we had talked about, all the links that we were talking about. Can you email me all of those links that we discussed of all the people that were involved so that we can put that out there and get everybody on board so that they can contact these people who have been involved in the kidnapping of your daughter, the incarceration of your wife. and the lack of following the law from step one to the last step on this, on this journey. Cause I'll, I'll put, put that out there. And then the other thing is, is that the give, send and go account too. We'll put that, we'll put that up there in a minute, but so tell us exactly what's, what's happened to Stephanie going to come on today. Yeah, so we're trying to time this so that she's at the end of the video visit she's having with Lily so everybody can meet the rest of the family. Lily's going to be live from where she is in Tennessee. Mom is here at the house with me. And so once we do that, then we'll get to say hi to Liliana. Oh, I would love that. Who it is that we're fighting for and help you relate to how important it is to work hard to pave a great future for the children of America. This is just amazing because, you know, when they come after any one of us, they go after all of us. And, you know, and of course they want to victimize or go after the weakest in our society or, you know, and this is what a predator does. They will peel people off or groups off. in order to go after those groups that's the mo of of these predators in that that the parasite class we'll call them the parasite class I think that that's probably the best word for it who have who've wiggled into our government into the you know the department of just us who is only out there for just themselves instead of serving people so what would you like to cover right now Well, it's funny. So since we talked last, so on Friday, I think is when we talked in the morning. In the afternoon, I was able to get a hold of the customer relations person for DCS and the Tennessee government. I was able to share the pictures that we had put on the screen that I shared with you with her, and she was taken back. Stephanie was calling from where she was being held, so I had to keep calling her back, but she sounded genuinely concerned. There's people everywhere that are sprinkled in with a bad. Well, this lady, Christy, was like, we can catch up either later this evening because I had to get off the phone to get another call from my wife. Or we can, you know, we'll talk on Monday. So I didn't get a chance to call her on Friday, but I did on yesterday and I called three times with no answer. So to the state of Tennessee, let's be a little bit more proactive with the situation that's happening in your state. And if you could just reach out, let us know that something's being done or see how you can help us as the parents. So that's kind of where things are right now, aside from us driving all night last night just to get home so that we could enjoy the comforts of what we know. Yeah, it's always nice to be home, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. So do you think the scale is going to be helpful on your case? Like I said, she sounded genuinely concerned. Yeah. that was an act or she's actually working on getting some answers. That's yet to be told. I hope to be able to have good news about that and say that, yeah, this person stepped up because that's her job and did more than what your average person may do, especially in that city. When you send out those links to me for the people, could you also quote the laws that they broke? Yeah, that would be great because I'll try to put this out as a nice little package for everybody because I actually have had people ask me. They're like, did you get the information? And I'm like, well, I think everybody's kind of busy right now trying to actually end his wife's unlawful imprisonment there in Missouri. and get her out and get the family back together at home from the party. They put a $100,000 bond on my wife because she's just that dangerous. That hardened of a criminal that she cares. Yeah, the crime, caring about her kids after CPS, the criminals kidnapped Liliana. However, you could go beat up a cop in New York City and get out with no bail. Here you go. Just don't do it again. But you go rescue your child from the abuse and neglect and the disfigurement that's been caused to her. And you're deemed an animal of society, a criminal, somebody that should be kept away and not given the chance to present their case or even defend themselves. Yeah, I think this is like, if people understood that, I'm going to go ahead and put one of the pictures up there so that people can see that this is an injury caused. I'm going to call it just cause. This is a CPS injury caused to their daughter. And so they're saying, okay, we're protecting children. No, they're not. They're not protecting children. They're trafficking and victimizing children. And she had a semi-permanent form of birth control installed in her, which tells you everything you need to know about what their intention is. It's not good. No, no. I don't think they have anything of an intention other than making sure that they get the money that is given out from the state or government or whoever is giving it to them. They just want to make sure that they get that check. If you've got the kids in, if you have the children, if you have enough children, then you can get X amount of dollars. So it's a money game. That's all it is. The kids, they're not doing it. From what I've seen for my daughter and the stories that she's shared with us, I don't understand why we don't have more oversight with these agencies so that they can actually... help develop, you know, successful young individuals rather than trouble damaged youth, which is what they're with. I mean, from the picture you just showed, it would be evident that that possibly is the, you know, nine out of 10 girls in there. That's, that's really, that's just, it's horrific. So while protecting her, can you tell some stories that wouldn't like, you know, that would be appropriate to share? Well, I think the one that opened our eyes earlier this year, my wife found a lady whose daughter had died in the facility at the hands of staff that had been investigated. And nobody was brought up on charges. So however they did the investigation, they were able to protect the staff that were involved. From our understanding from the reports, there was up to 15 staff involved with this young lady's passing in the Rose Center, which is in Memphis. And so my wife was lucky enough to meet the mother through some sort of ads or she was posting some stuff on Facebook. And she came across this lady's story. And so she contacted her and she found out quite a bit of interesting documented information about what happened. And that happened. And here's the funny thing is it was so hush hush. I understood it to happen this last December, which means that my daughter was in the facility when this took place. So, you know, how many more kids in there have been hurt severely in a way? And nobody's reporting it because the parents might have just given up. They make it so difficult for the parents to, you know, visit with the children, interact with the children. It's a 24-hour lockdown facility, you know, controlled entries and exits. It's like being in jail. I mean, from my experience, I got to visit her in Nashville or in Memphis at the Rose Center, and it was – it reminded me of the visiting room in the federal prison I was in when they came to see me, you know, while I was in Florence, Colorado. How long were you – How long were you locked up? I was locked up for 26 and a half months, including the halfway house in Denver, Colorado. So, yeah, it was interesting. And so here now my daughter's, you know, Experienced the same thing, but I didn't end up getting injured like she has been in DCS. So I'm with grown men, some of them convicted killers doing life in prison, and I didn't come out with 18 stitches or a broken arm. I don't believe that I have any scars from my 26 and a half months, but she's been in this level three or level four for approximately... eight to 10 months total. And she's got a scar that's going to be on her for life physically. And God only knows how many things are scarred internally that, that it's going to take years, years and years of love and nurturing to, to work through so that she feels loved and understands how important she is, you know, because this is, this facility hasn't strengthened her self-esteem. Let's put it that way. Yeah, it sounds like it's pretty horrific and I'm so sorry for you and your family and everybody out here that's I'm sure listening and will listen to this. It's important for people to understand that there are people behind all of these actions. This is not a faceless crime. This is not a This is not a protection. CPS is not about protection. They suck at it. I think the biggest thing is it's time to understand that the things that happen to these children, it's not accidental. It's because of carelessness, lack of accountability. The people that do have integrity are so afraid of losing their jobs, they won't say anything about the people that don't have integrity doing these things, not being punished for – Reprimanded, punished or reprimanded, nothing's happening to these people that are causing these injuries and deaths all over the nation and all of these agencies. Yeah, it's really too bad. And we have to talk about it. We have to bring this stuff out in the light because, you know, everything that it sounds like it's one way, things are so upside down. And they use our emotions in order to say, oh, yeah, we got to protect the children. Really? Well, you know, you're not protecting the children. You're using people's emotional triggers to, in fact, kidnap these children. And I've heard that they're getting about a million dollars per kid. When it comes down to, so if they can kidnap children from their families and, and, you know, a drum up a whole bunch of charges that don't amount to anything. They, they will take a child away because that's their income stream. And any of these people that are working for these organizations. You know what? If you touch this, I'm going to tell you, God's going to get to the point that there's no coming back from this. You do not touch a child. You do not harm them. You do not take them away from the family. You do not destroy the family. This is not okay. And even if the gal, what's the gal's name that was transporting Liliana? Christisha. Christisha. Christisha, Miss Christisha, who just is, oh, I'm just a transport. I'm just taking this kid to be safe. No, you're not. You're in a crime syndicate that is kidnapping children. You're part of it. So they went to a safe house. They went to a police station. And then they ended up at DCS. And so within those three stops, not even getting to the facility that she was at, was rescued from, she had those three stops. At any one time, Christina could have ended up in a situation, as far as I know, where she was overpowered, carjacked, uh, put in a situation. She's a lone woman with my, my daughter. Um, you know, or maybe they had, they have partner transports, but I would believe it is, but at any point something could have happened, but were, was I notified the whole, the whole time? No, it was, uh, her grandpa that sent me a text, uh, letting me know that he has spoken to Liliana and, uh, And none of the people from the facility, Christina was the only one that answered yes, she was with my daughter. But that was, I never got another response that, okay, we're here and she's safe, like back at Mountain Youth Academy. I can understand if she had to stop at a safe house and stuff, I get that, but still... I didn't know what was going on with Lily. What's the role in a safe house? She's, you know, what would, what would a safe house be in a transporting a child back to where did they stop overnight there? Was it one of those things? That's what I, so it was an overnight stop at a safe house. Yep. Yep. And a police station, a safe house. And then they ended up at a, a DCS office to spend the night as well. So it took two nights for them to get back. It's just shocking. It is. It's really chilling. So how is Stephanie doing and how did her incarceration go? She was in just elevated spirit the whole time. She was very positive. She felt that she had a really good understanding as to how things were going to pan out right now. It was great that I was able to make it up to her. We had our flight canceled. in Dallas. And so we ended up having to rent a car and we made it up there in about 11 hours. My son and I, we contacted Daryl Tulloch, a Bales bondsman up there in Missouri. And the guy was awesome. I explained the whole thing. I told him, I said, you know, I don't know if you want to touch this. It's, you know, it has the potential of having a lot of exposure. You know, people Got a phone call. Are you there? Yeah. Oh, and we're gone. Let's see. He'll come back on in a minute. Sometimes when, when there's a phone call that comes on, when somebody connects to their phones, then we'll have an interruption on it, but I'm sure Tom will be right back on. That does happen on occasion. So let's see what happens here. This is a crazy story and, uh, okay. Yeah, sorry about that. I just put my phone on do not disturb and hopes that doesn't let that happen again. Yeah, he's using the device out there to visit with Lily that I used last time and she's using one of the other devices to record because we were advised to record every interaction now when it comes to that facility early on. Wow, this is just this is so crazy so. So anyhow, so Ileana is talking to Stephanie right now? Yep, yep. They were just at the door when that call came in. Oh, that's cool. Hi. I'm just getting this plugged in because you're about to die over here. Oh, are you? You are. Oh, okay. This thing. Hi, guys. Hi, Stephanie. How are you? How are you? Good. Let's see this. So glad. Yeah. Say hi. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm awesome. I'm just awesome. It's so nice to see you. We've been, we've been talking to your wonderful mom and dad and having a great time, you know, just getting to know, getting to know your family. Yeah, it was good to meet you too. I'm glad to hear that. Thank you so much. So I heard you had some adventures there. So what's going on right now? What's the happiness in your life? My family is definitely the happiness in my life. I mean, it's really all I have here. I'm out right now. All I have is them. They're definitely my biggest support, my only support through everything I've been through, whether I'm upset with them, which is not very often, or whether I'm going through something here that they can't really control. They're still always there for me, and it keeps my head up. Well, that's awesome. So, you know, there's people out there that are listening to this, you know, listening to you talk right now. What would you like to ask people to do to help you? Can you think, what would you like? You want to come home? Oh, yeah, most definitely I want to come home. It's hard being here, being away from who I love most. So, you know, I love my family. I want to be home, definitely. I don't know what... people can do to get me there. There's a lot of corruption. It's rough, and with all the high, high people, it's hard to fight back on that corruption, but it's possible, very much possible. If I could ask one thing from the people, it's to stand strong, not only for our family, but for themselves and other people. Standing strong is going to show the people who are part of this, the very bad people, the people who do what they shouldn't be doing and it's gonna show them that we the people will stand for what's right. Do you feel safe where you are right now? I don't feel, no, no. Tell them about your clothing attire and that they're already neglecting you right now even as we speak. Currently, I'm on SP, a suicide precaution. Oh, yeah, right. What had happened, they put me on for no specific reason, just as a precaution for whatever reason. This morning, I found out that I'm not allowed to get any pants or long-sleeve clothing, which in general, even without socks, it's a very bad health concern because I get cold very easily, and my skin begins to discolor, and I will turn purple. um so I've had to explain that neglect that's a concern to my health and they're like it's just our policy I said your policy shouldn't be putting kids health in danger it really shouldn't so the staff walking behind you all have sweaters on by the way which is really really interesting to note you guys that all the staff wear sweaters in a 64 degree cold facility but require my child who is blue and purple and freezing cold to the touch to not be warm we're talking to the advocacy group So there is no court order restricting any sort of contact with anybody. So can you get my child a long sleeve shirt and pants, ma'am? I'm going to remove the other party from the call. Can you get my child a see what's going on there? That was kind of beautiful, actually, to see what was actually going on because they're trying to hide what they're doing in there. And the fact that she should be able to speak for herself without having anybody manipulate that. That is just so wrong. Well, I'm sorry. She's very articulate. She's a very smart little girl. She's very smart and very articulate. Highlighted her right there. This is what we've been dealing with for months, and you guys just got to witness firsthand. So, yeah. They just cut my court-ordered visitation short. They do not have a court order restricting access from anybody, and they just cut my visitation short. I'm required mandatory five hours minimum per week. They've already violated the court order this week, and they're just going to keep doing it. Did they cut the call off? Yeah. Yes, they did. I'm like speechless right now. I'm totally speechless on the fact that it went in that direction. I thought it was beautiful that we got a chance to talk to her. Yeah. And, you know, it's like I just want to hear, and I think everybody does, just wants to hear what she's, you know, what her thoughts are, not what somebody else's are, having a prison matron sit over the top of her. That's not okay. I love how they wait until she's telling them the violations that they've made against her with the negligence and the freezing cold temperatures. I love how they wait to chime in to interrupt the phone call until they've done something wrong, right? Yeah. Just beautiful. Well, I'm really sorry for what's happened to your family. And, you know, I'm really glad that, you know, that Tom was able to get you out. Can you talk about the situation or what from your perspective? So listen to Tom's side of the story on what happened in Nashville as well as, you know, Missouri. Would you like to tell everybody, you know, the thing from your perspective, what you'd like them to know? And what we're trying to do. is get the names of people that people out there can contact to try to get through to somebody that can help you. Sure, absolutely. So I'm sure that he's already put the judge on blast who's behind this whole corrupt scheme, which is magistrate Enoch Elijah Wilhoyt. He is out of the Davidson County Juvenile Courthouse, 100 Woodland Street in Nashville, Tennessee. That's where it starts, the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. There are higher-up attorneys involved. Shea Jolly would be the name of one of them. Isabel Mamis was the first one. We already had her recuse herself because of all kinds of things. So we're just knocking them down. TJ Cross-Jones is a very corrupt attorney for my daughter who is still trying to hold her hostage. Thomas Miller is my daughter's guardian at Litem. Corrupt. They're all involved in this entire thing. Boy, oh boy, it goes really, really, really, really high up the chain. As far as Governor Bill Lee, the Attorney General, I have notified them already. filed an affidavit of truth, affidavit of fact, a constitutional challenge, and according to their own Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure and Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure, anytime you are questioning or challenging a statute that you feel is in violation of the Constitution, you are required to serve the AG, which I did. And my affidavits went unrebutted, which An unrebutted affidavit for everybody that doesn't know what that means. An unrebutted affidavit stands as fact. That means every truth that I put in my affidavit stands as fact, unless they rebut it within a certain number of days, which they did not. So the AG has known about this. For God, I want to say six months at least. I find it really interesting that we were getting a lot of warnings that said that when people were looking at our stuff up, some investigative people, they were like, well, some sort of case got closed out on the 6th or dismissed. And I was like, what? We didn't have anything go on on May 6th. I find it highly interesting and unusual that May 10th, I was supposed to be scheduled for an all-day disposition hearing, okay? A disposition hearing is supposed to be the very last thing that happens before your child comes home. It should have happened, you know, 15 months ago. But, you know, let's just say an all-day disposition hearing where the court says, okay, great, you did everything that's required of you 15 months ago. Now let's send the kid home, right? No. So that was supposed to happen on May 10th. But of course, then I got arrested. Well, my daughter tells me they went ahead and had the hearing without me. Funny how they do that too. When I'm required and I have every right to attend my own hearing, even behind bars, like right here's a video cam. Here's WebEx. They do it behind bars all the time. They go and have a happy hearing without me. Totally against the law. And it only lasted 15 minutes. And they're trying to get her to agree to go to her grandparents now all of a sudden. Because they're like, well, we don't think you're going to be seeing your mom. Your mom's going to Tennessee. Your mom's like, yeah, no, I'm not. Try again. That didn't happen. That plan of theirs failed. Huh? Yeah. I don't remember what that is, but you can tell them in a minute. Sorry. I don't remember what, what that one is. Um, so, so basically on, I, on May 6th, I just found out that they went ahead and sealed the court documents for the 55 page habeas corpus that I filed back in, I believe it was February 1st. Okay. So no. So, so yeah, I do have a copy of that. Could you share that with me because I will publish it. So I want to look into some things first because there are only certain you have to go about publicizing a sealed court document the right way. So but I do have that. And that's the first thing that I thought of. But I did look into the laws related to that because I can be held civilly liable. Not that it matters because the hundreds of millions of dollars that are gonna end up in my hands from this tort claim that I have against them is gonna be, you know what I mean? I don't know what they could really do to me civilly that's gonna counteract all the money that we're gonna get from this. It doesn't even matter to me at this point. There are certain things that you do have to be careful with. So I am going to look into that because again, everything is going to come come out with the wash. Also, discoveries already being requested by investigative agencies and all kinds of the states are coming together at this point, which is exactly what we needed to happen. Did you tell her about the fact that our representative called the DCS worker? Our representative called the DCS worker as he was in the process of trafficking my child for a second time. And he said, you are literally In the process of committing a criminal act right now, you are trafficking this child right now because the law, the federal law says, bring her back to Colorado. Even now, even a second time or a third time. It doesn't matter if I'm in Missouri. It doesn't matter. They still should have just brought her back to Colorado. So they just committed another crime. and now everybody's watching and I'm just like you know this just keeps getting better and better I mean I'm never gonna stop I'm never gonna stand down they do not understand the they just have no idea the nor do they seem to care just the bigger hole that they're digging for themselves publicly and on a national level at this point, you know, my daughter was a little bit worried. I said, you know, this was all supposed to happen. This was all part of God's plan. He may not have revealed it to us in every single detail, but I never, ever for a second question, what was happening? I knew that I was going to be free. I knew that it was going to be very short lived. And I knew that everything that was happening was going to mean launching everything forward. And that was the only way to do it. Honestly, that wasn't my intent was to get her to Colorado where we have some protections here. My intent was not to get caught up in another state. So I'm glad that everything turned out the way that it did. But the overwhelming response that we've had on a national level investigative wise is really coming together when you have, you know, multiple sheriffs of multiple states over crossing jurisdictions working together cohesively. You know what I mean? this is exactly what I needed because, you know, I'm just a girl, right? I'm just a, oh, I'm just a distraught parent or whatever they want to make me out to be, you know? I'm just a manic conspiracy theorist. I've heard a lot of things at this point. But the fact of the matter is I have Let's see, four key pieces of evidence that nobody else has. You want to know how many pieces of evidence Tennessee has? Zero. Do you want to know how many certified custody orders Tennessee has? Zero. Do you want to know what I have in my office that I'm going to go dig up later? certified custody order because I am the only certified custodial parent for my child full custody 100% certified in my files they do not have that number one the second thing is that the statute that they used to kidnap my child 37-1-101 that's TCA that stands for Tennessee Code Annotated okay I have the original The original 37-1-101 that they do not want the world to see, that was never made into law, by the way, only applies to Indian children. That is what is notated in my habeas, by the way. That should be noted because they know, they're like, oh no. 10 days before my disposition hearing on the 10th, I had to file a certificate of readiness. And it has to list your exhibits that you're going to present and your own whatever defense, even though I was already found guilty, so it's not much of a defense. And I wanted them to be aware of what I had on them. I've had it this whole time, but now I've got backing. Now I've got standing. Now I've got representatives. I've got agencies, okay? So you can't deny me now. You're done. So... So I listed on the certificate of readiness. Oh, wow. The petition for custody with emergency removal, which I don't know if my husband sent that to you, but that I will definitely make public. No problem. That has the illegal statutes that they used to kidnap and traffic my child. the 37-101, which I've been fighting, jurisdiction, subject matter, and personal, this entire case, citing that they had none. My child is not an Indian. So then they went and they passed, supposedly, House Bill 2271, amending statute number 37-1-101, okay? So for a short period of time, it convinced most people, most people are still convinced that it's law, that 37-1-101 no longer just applied to Indian children, but in fact applies to any child, white or otherwise, who happens to be in Nashville Right? Just temporarily, right? If you're just passing through, we're just gonna go ahead and rewrite Title 25 real quick while nobody's looking, okay? Pretend it's a law to kidnap your child so that I can commit healthcare fraud. OK, so that they can get all of the grant money from Biden for 10 care to institutionalize my child for 15 months. OK, so when I say it's a lot, it goes way, way deep. It goes way, way, way up. And every single agency that I have reported this to you for a year that has denied me is going to get brought down. They are gonna be included in my writ of mandamus. They are gonna be included in my tort claim because I reported 10 care fraud, healthcare fraud, all this stuff, abuse. I reported it and reported it and screamed and reported it and kicked and screamed officials, okay? and they all ignored it, okay? You cannot dispute evidence. They have none, I have it all. So I have the original code, the unannotated code, what it used to be, and I have all of their crossing outs. Like we wanna change these words to say this, and we wanna, and it's a thick stack. And it's all of the annotations that they wish they could have made in House Bill 2271. And having to get prepared for disposition, I go and pull out all my hundreds of files. I have a ton of dirt on these people. And I'm reading through it. And I just so happen to go on the Tennessee Gov website and be like, huh, I wonder what ever happened to House Bill 2271. I mean, I'm a little bit more knowledgeable now that I participate in the state's assembly. And I'm like, I know how house bills work. I'm like, huh, let's go track this. Oh, guess what the status is? Never passed into law, ever. Never passed into law. Still shows as pending. Not only that, but 37-1-101 amendments never even made it as far as they're not even on there anymore. Fraud. Fraud on its face. Done. That is it. One document, one thing. I don't need anything else in addition to the certified custody order. So these people are a joke, honestly, and I am not afraid because the truth will set you free. Well, I'm proud of you for standing up, you know, and for fighting for your child. I really am. And we really have so many things that are in this nation that are just so wrong, set against we the people, that it takes somebody that's as strong as you and your husband to stand when things go wrong and call it out, call out the law, lawfully conduct ourselves. and uh you know it's it's a it's a shame and I'm so sorry I mean all I have to do is look at this picture of what happened to her and that's pretty much all I need to know right there Because you know what, if that happened in a family, the family would be in jail for this. But it seems like CPS has a different set of rules that they work under. Yeah, absolutely. And what's really, really interesting is that I have in her medical records When she was hospitalized the, you know, second or third time at a facility called Trust Point, I have in her medical records, and they probably don't even know that I saw this. They probably aren't even aware that it's in there. And I don't care. I'll just go ahead and tell them. Right in her medical records, plain as day, Trust Point said, we recommend level four residential right now. Before that injury, before that injury even happens to my child's, they said put this girl here do not let her out and they ignored everything and they let her out anyway and she continued to digress just like the experts said okay you know in 14 and 13 years that she was at home she has never had a scar on her body She has never made herself bleed or injured herself to the point of needing medical hospitalization, okay? She had only been hospitalized or had to go to seek mental health emergency treatment for three days, once or twice a year for a couple of years. We had it very well managed, very, very well managed. So how did it go from that to this now? Tell me that. Yeah, well, I tell you what, I have a special needs daughter and what people people don't realize how hard it is on the families because because we you know, America has been kind of misled on when you have when you special people in your lives. that you you learn to cope in ways that in an institution they would never ever be able to do because you you're with them all the time and you you know the things that bring them comfort you know the things that can distract them you know you know the best place for people is if if we can manage it is to be with the families not throw them into to an institution that's the last ditch effort. Breaking the law should be the first thing that everybody sees is that Tennessee broke the law. Period. Federal laws, their own state laws. I mean, there have been over 100 crimes committed against our family since those laws have been broken. I mean, it's just astounding. It's absolutely astounding how long this has gone ignored. Yeah. And I mean, starting out with, you know, the J6 fedsurrection, because the FBI, that was a setup. And this is totally a deep state setup. And if you listen, have you ever listened to Ivan Raiklin's breakdown on this? He's an intelligence officer. He traces it right back to the Capitol Police. He's got it all laid out. It's amazing. and on what actually happened there. But there's so many people that I know that I've talked to who are J6ers who have been not only targeted, but continue to be targeted by the, you know, by the Gestapo that keeps wanting to bury this stuff in their, in their, in their, their quest to subvert Americans. And I mean, you, President Trump, the, his entire family, the sham trials that are going on here. He's right. People in Colorado. I mean, it's, you know, they're coming for our property. We have so many different court cases going on right now. They are trying everything, everything. at all angles at all times. They want to keep me as busy as possible. So I have no time to do the work that I need to against them. You know, that's their whole goal. I see, I see exactly what's happening and you know, It makes it, it definitely makes it challenging. That's why it's gone on for so long is because I'm just one person. And, you know, when I'm battling this and battling that and our businesses are struggling and all these different things that you have to go through fighting this fight, you know, it sure makes things drag out a lot longer. But, I mean, at this point, this facility where my daughter was in, they did okay for a while. They promised her they weren't going to hurt her. We were never going to do the things that the other facility did. And it was literally within a matter of a month before they were doing illegal restraints for 27 minutes causing injuries on my child. And I've already put them on notice for the tort claim that's coming. So, you know, don't lie to me. Don't lie to my child. Don't tell me that you're not going to hurt my child and then turn around and do just that. Because I'm going to come for all of you. what what um can people do right now to help you I know you have a good give son go account right yeah so right now we have I guess I just had to scrape together all my bond money miraculously and I was like just get me out before I go to tennessee because if you guys if I ended up in tennessee the whole system is corrupt there's no you know what I mean that would be a battle that I would not want to face so I'm like get me to so I'm gonna I'm going to ask people out there, if anybody knows, has a direct connection to Governor Lee, please reach out to him because he has the ability to step in and write the situation immediately. Just like the Inspector General and the Attorney General. Also, we're working on making connections to the Johnson County Sheriff Wormley, Worley. Clifford Worley. We have a couple of other constitutional sheriffs that are going to be reaching out to him. Mountain Youth Academy is the name of the facility, and I put them on notice today. I said, you know what, you guys, you're going to have 24 hours to come up with the certified custody order because I've got sheriffs on their way to my house right now, and they're already working with other states and other sheriffs, and they're already going to be working with Mountain City sheriff, which is the ones who put out this fraudulent, fake, unlawful arrest warrant for me when I am the custodial parent. I am the only one with a certified custody order. And I said, so you guys are going to have 24 hours to get that because if you guys are going to sit here and hold my child without demanding that from DCS, I said, then your whole system, I said, I will bring you down. Your facility is getting shut down. The sheriffs are coming. We're coming for you. Oh, that's just horrific. So with the Give, Send, Go, and then if I can get an email, as we were talking to Tom about contacts of anybody who's touched this so that we can reach out and say, you have to do your job. And I don't mean to be in a threatening way, but as in a way to instruct them on what the law is. what needs to be done and to write part of the solution to this and write. And then, you know, a lot of help with discovery. Everybody's asking me for discovery right now. I mean, I just got out of jail. I do have a whole process for discovery. They've denied me discovery this entire time. And we've got sheriffs and stuff on it. Like they people I've got sheriffs trying to get access to the police reports and stuff. I'm like, we'll do it. They're the sheriff. You know what I mean? I would love to get access to... No, you can't play this. This is going off, baby. It's corrupted. You can't let him play on this one. All of our devices. We've had cyber intrusion, title fraud. I could go on and on about the crimes, but it's pretty bad over here. But the sheriffs are the ones that should be pulling this kind of stuff, or any type of people that know investigative agencies that, you know, really have ties to Tennesseans who are working on getting together. Tom, what email address are we giving them? Our GiveSendGo is going to be forward slash PatriotsFight. for anybody that would like that donation information. And then I was using, I was using my email, which is stop the agenda at However, I now have, you know, my seventh phone that's now been hacked and corrupted. So I'm not going to, I'm not going to recommend that email. We're going to, Tom, are we using the work email? Yeah. Okay. It's going to be the email address to contact, huh? Yeah. The email address to contact is going to be Hamner, H-A-M as in Mary, N as in Nancy, E-R-T at That's G-R-A-N-I-T-E and then transformations is plural. Yeah, that's going to be the best case scenario for us right now. I want to get access to court records. I just had two hearings identical back to back for the same exact thing. It is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. I had an extradition hearing. I did not stand under the judge. That means I do not rise for the judge. That means I do not consent. I do not understand. And when the judge asked me to approach the bench, instead of go to the podium for my own hearing, I told the judge, I said I did not feel comfortable approaching the bench for my own hearing, and I'm only doing this under threat of duress. I'm here representing a third party interest in the case under special appearance. I do not consent. I do not understand. And I do not understand the nature of the cause against me. What authority do you have over my living, breathing soul? I stand under the laws of God. OK, that is to jurists. That is the only way to stand against a corrupt judge and a corporation called the judicial system. OK, and they did not like that. They drug me out of the courtroom in shackles because they were terrified. the judge did not ask me to leave he didn't threaten me with contempt he didn't even answer my question I just got drug out and I thought well that's strange you know that's what happens when you stand you have to be fearless okay like what are they gonna do arrest me for contempt I'm in jail I mean this is the best time to stand they cannot do anything to me and so Then I thought, well, okay, great. Well, Tennessee's not going to come and get me because I did not sign the waiver for extradition. That means that Tennessee has to fight and produce documents, right? I'm like, yeah, good luck. They don't even have a certified custody order. I'd like to see what documents they produce to come and pick me up. So I thought that was laughable. And then I had another hearing just yesterday morning. And I didn't know what the hearing was for. It wasn't in the system that I was like, is it a bond hearing? Is it a, I don't know. My husband drove all the way out there to be a part of it. And there's lots of witnesses this time. I said, no, I'd like to see them try to drag me out of the courtroom now. This is going to be funny. And it was, guess what? The same extradition hearing that I just had. And I'm like, why am I having my extradition hearing all over again I already told the judge I do not stand under them so it's a different judge right next door first it was in division 35 then it was in division 38. And the exact same exchange of words. Are you, this is not, and is this your birthday? No, ma'am. No, ma'am. I do not consent. I do not understand. What authority do you have over me? I do not understand the nature and the cause against me, right? It's my arraignment. It's their job to prove and explain to me what my charges are and how they can hold me, right? They can't even do that. So they didn't drag me out of the courtroom this time, but I thought, how bizarre is it? It was like Groundhog Day for me. I've studied law a long time. I've seen a lot of things. Never have I ever witnessed an identical hearing for the same person back to back, two days apart, with the exact same exchange of words. What was the reason? My thought is that the first time that I was in front of the first judge, first of all, I don't think it was a court of record. They had the door locked from the public, so the public could not access it. Very, very bizarre. I said, well, this is strange. The second hearing was full of lawyers, public defenders, prosecutors, people in the audience, right? Why are we doing this all over again? Okay. There are lots of questions to be asked. You wrote down the names of their judges. It was a Warner. And Warner and Baker, Division 35 and Division 38 out of St. Louis, Missouri. So it was St. Louis Department of Justice. I would love to look into those two individuals. I would love to get the court transcripts, if there are any, if it is in fact a court of record. Okay, let's find that out. Video of court, anything. He was taking his video, but I don't know if the audio was great. I'm like, strangest thing that even happened in Missouri. I was like, this is bonkers. Wow. This story just keeps getting, it just keeps getting more complex all the time. So I appreciate you coming on today and anytime, you know, anytime we can do an update, if you want to do a weekly update, I know a lot of people would want to hear what you guys say because I think the best thing we can do is get this information in the hands of other Americans and have them contact people and, you know, to try to get some help to get, you know, to resolve this because we can't have the government breaking laws and that's what they're doing. And unless we stand together, it's just going to keep getting worse. So are there any other closing words you'd like to say today? And then we'll come back at this at another time. yeah no I think that's it I'm looking forward to I'm looking forward to having the sheriffs come out and meet with us we've already spoken with you know yeah yeah anybody that you guys can drum up anybody that has ties to other sheriffs agencies or to el paso county or to colorado in general I know we have an army of um fellowship um people at the capitol today meeting with governor polis You know what I mean? It's coming down on all angles and we just need as much pressure as possible. Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, that would be pretty funny. They're the ones that launched that fake, you know, Mets alert, missing an endangered person against the right. I would like to see that, you know, people need to start asking questions. Show me the certified custody order. Let me see it. We need to demand that from DCS. We need to demand that from the Davidson County Juvenile Court. They do not have a single thing. Well, well, thank you. Thank you so much. And we will send me everything you have that you feel comfortable to that you feel comfortable with sharing. And we'll put that out there and try to try to, you know, get you some more support as far as Give, Send, Go and some of the other things you have going on because your family is truly really, really been through the ringer here. You know, I it's kind of shocking, actually. Yeah. I'm so thankful to be back home with my six-year-old. He is literally the one that has suffered the most in all this. He's had, he's had his dad taken for two years, followed by his sister, you know, then he gets dad home, then followed by his mom. Sissy's still gone. I mean, it is absolutely atrocious. Well, lots of love for Ben. He's so, he's so cute. He was on last time and what a, what a precious, what a precious little child. Yes, absolutely. Well, let's say, let's say a prayer and then we'll schedule it to come back on again. Okay. All right. Thank you. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much for this time that we can spend together. And I ask your favor and your blessings on every single person. Thank you for John and Courtney. Thank you for being able to discuss things openly and for giving us the ability to have free speech under the Constitution of the United States of America. Thank you so much, Tom and Stephanie and Liliana and Ben. And we ask your favor to rest mightily upon this family, that they would see you walking with them every step of the way, and that you would defend them, that you would prepare the way for them, but that you would defend them, that you would expose all forms of evil around them so that it could be exposed and then removed. We thank you for the freedom that we have in Jesus Christ, our precious Lord and Savior. And we know, we know that you can save us. You can redeem us. You can redeem all situations, no matter what. And we put our trust fully in you in this situation with Liliana. And we ask for your protection over her in this facility that she's in. We ask that you would turn the guards' hearts and the people's hearts who have committed these crimes to you. They would stop this nonsense and that she would be able to go to her family shortly, pave the way for a smooth transition, suggest that there would be no lasting harm to parents and what this child has gone through while his family has been targeted from a weaponized, the weaponization of our government, the offices. And we ask that this nation be turned back to one nation under you. It's the only way it's going to work. We're sick about seeing the situation, Father, and we need your help. And humbly we come before you to ask you to redeem the situation and make it right by the blood of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray. We love you. We love you. And we're thankful for everything you're doing for all of us and for this family because we know that this prayer is answered. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Thank you so much. Let it be done. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. And I will get those documents sent over here momentarily. I'm going to go find my certified custody order, and we're going to get on the phone with the sheriffs and get them scheduled to come out here. Yeah, whatever I can do to help you guys. You know, if you need the camera on for more, even if it's any time of day or night, or if you need just... just to have somebody to vent to you. You got my phone number. You can always call. I wake up pretty easily. So never, never feel like you're alone because God will always bring somebody with, you know, to you whenever you need, you know, whenever you need somebody, he will be there for you and he'll bring to you what you need. I do believe, but I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. And now it's time for the rest of us to stop up and write this nation. That's completely upside down. But, uh, Anyhow, thank you for being on today. And we just want to go to that show. Go to because I'm the best non-conceiver who's ever non-conceived in the history of the United States. With the rightful president of the United States, President Donald J. Trump about this. And just so you guys all know, God bless everyone out there. God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. It starts here and it starts here with a big heart. Never let things get you down. God, God allows things to be in order to expose things, to bring evil to the surface so that can be dealt with and to help us grow and get out of our comfort zone. I can't even imagine how much you've, you've learned Stephanie. What a, amazing warrior these battles. Not that I would recommend going this path for anyone, but the things to be thankful for are the wonderful things that you've gained in knowledge and knowing how to fight. and how to do the right thing, even when you're being persecuted. But God bless you. And anytime you need everybody out there, there's a wonderful group of patriots that will step beside you. Thank you, Donna. I'll catch face later in the week. Bye, guys. Bye, guys. And I'll be seeing all of you tomorrow with Liberty Essentials. And I got to think who I've got on after Liberty Essentials, but we'll be there tomorrow. So anyhow, have a wonderful day today and know that you're loved.