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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/25/2023 Chuck Ritchard Monday Morning in the Mitten

Published Sept. 25, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Monday Morning in the Mitten! Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics with Chuck Ritchard Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty fifth of day of twenty twenty three thank you for joined us to day and of course i've got my body check her shared on to day and we're going to be breaking oh the mission politics blowing the lid off she among the and i want to tell you guys ah this is then a crazy time to be alive as and seeing a lot of dynamics going on i think that's the best way to put i want to bring so something fond here with you as i think significantly important but in the mean time to bring check on he checked on orionis pendean in wonderfontein and worse still it of ulissi after battle in the th there is really some value there's a lot of value in just continuing to move on when things are seen like they're coming to a outnow i heard for like we is of temper twenty three is going to be september twenty three and i'm like i stopped looking the days a very long time ago are not some we can and in its not biblical as you you you go forward serving god no matter what day to day to day you don't give up you keep going and and e is sesnable no man will know the date of the time it eve and done with it but at any rate there is something i like that jonathan and he has hope of the world ere he familyjohn are you familiar with john than can god i'm not i i really i really like he his roots are jewish his writing is very jewish you study mess for a long time oh i like what he has to say any as for this morning was first corinthians fifth at seven through fife the god who keeps giving us the victory through our lord is sho these here for my dearly beloved brought add immovable always excelling in the work of the lord were called to be stedfast consonant faith immovable too often or moved by things that happen in the world by here at sasco it's going to keep giving you the victory that's the is always going to give you the victory as you follow you then you can know that through every proud no matter what the trouble or obs in excelsior work for god wants you chemists always loving and faithful in him you have a rock you can be like as he have a god dad fast in so you can be stedfast gallemore in his love for i have a stand first come a stedfast pole you have an immovable hope come in a movable cone you haven't always god who is going to always love you that's enough for you to become an always and and i i just want to bring it up there anyhow the hope of the world got on and you can sign up for his is mails is daily mails and i find it to be really an amazing it's an amazing thing and i want to talk about some very difficult that probably i'm going to make you but i'm going to do it anyway we we have to we have to move forward he put my flag of pure in your face the globules that's why in in order to stand firm we're going to have to continue to look at the it forward regardless if anybody wants to hear it at all and in actually there's a lot of people who are getting off and the following and there not actually asking the quest that they need ask her following blindly and in this is the problem it's a big problem because if you don't go through and no who you're talking you're going to be led and the engine you a minute let's let's give him minutes to think about this cement before her get on my little pony here with a swords coming out and cutting a few people down to size there's a time in a place he when when we have to bring things for sometimes those cuts are a little brood people that a lot of people are following they are absolutely there is a sapote leave and i think that it time to talk about am i going to get things right out o per sonatine probably not but as long as we continue to talk about bring people on that we talked to weather i agree with him or not i'm going to bring me them forward to the our job through the non se and velcoined to bring truth for word not not taking their message on it unless in to a hundred et there value of analyzing as i think of in the right as we no promise that i operated on his argolis to be bagged dialoge because in the old days in listenthere didn't politics and sae the old pine were able to discuss difference of opinion so remained fred we had commonalty we had a common bond and was based on cares it day we look at it and you i cocosottes like oh you're not peepoogwokan what we don't derstand is that your experience is wide strengthenedkente sorting to bring that or horse can discuss they what really is is going on and as she would a otodectes note along the same line because that we know that nothing is nothing so therefore we need to do our best to bring out and try to make it better as her coal and with you that are a has been and the republican party now rather they believe your republic or not that's irrelevant pecause many things though always trying or in one sonorophones went always times of this like the because that whitesunable is about truth with this truth we get cross oh we build relationships the cache go i've got i've got a green up in his sins were fighting a truly and dollar propaganda machine with menes there you go dolittle soldiers goin there and and you don't milchsure that you have your voice where the everything going forward and to that to your pin we all should be republicans because it's a republican form of government it's a representational because if we do not have if we do not have a representation that we go to democracy a failed it most people i'm going to just at it is a failed so you start talking about dear on or democratic republic or whatever one truth the because the there are levels of it the local level is more of a democrat or a a democracy not not democratic p oniric democracy right wrong other parts of that work as a it is a republican form of government so if your local you have certain races that majority winds in that at a in your voting and a local can that is rabut it's also republican replied because they are representing all people who in their in their area regardless they had we have to have represented to marlboro and so go back to the i know reloading the nail had it on googin down to there he got home the he one democrat is really saying is that representation recalled texture were when we were good luck people they do truly represent your honest they both the it do not voting for a speckletator or of others a way of getting a money or power as was beibehalten in and were so sick compared all were patriots were grass rose we in fact they're doing everything they can against we the sure or an it's like it in this is something i saw right from the beginning that if anybody thinks that word that i interested and replacing and a form of government or what looks like we have his governance right now which is told all unlawful what's going on right on with something that is just a replacement with another face on count me out i don't want to do i'm not going to do it i won't do we have to change what we're doing and to in what i may change we've got to know if i thought ninety five pen of what we have sitting there and government needs to be nullified that doesn't mean replace it with something that looks like it is go in there canning and hack in a very brutal way for the administration of this spoonthe little mines when plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men and a society over the course of time they create for them a legal that authorizes and a moral code that glorifies and and that's that is what where were at right now and there isn't we should be making no apologies and so i'm going to stop that one just a second and then i want to go back to something you and i talked about before we got before we got on line these and that was by now an other than me o me throw the up here an got sorry gus i'm not going to i'm not going to say this is okay when it's not in fact o ka at all so and i know i'm going to make a few people that causes there here all right we've got another hero worship respecter of his which the bible out do not have of get in there and we evaluate things on their merit in a people are following others because they've got this cult to personality going on we got a post and the reason i'm going to read what i wrote about this so put very ignorant a very evil is coming for all of us oh scary prophet james nobody is immune and nobody will come out on skate oh we got the fear poor and just a poor and on the in the fight against powers and principalities ought we had to throw it by some bible terminology in their tomentine validity the weak ones will bend one and lie in order nostre a strong ones with morals who had adhere to the truth trust god will persevere just exactly the way satan works and in disconto tell you through and just a little bit of dog of a lie throwing down crack wen and brownies when you're making prowlings yes i've heard that you've heard that analogy he we eat brownies if they were made with a little bit of dog so are we going to eat oh that has a little bit of wrong in it no we're not going to do that and i'm going to go ahead an i'm on to and i'm going to show you ay and then were i to go in to james but the problems misnarrate my pals tantallon for to to memories well i preciate james o'keefe and some of the stuff that has he might want to get into his bible and more more before he starts fear the fear mark my green rhetoric there is no fear in the lord we do not fear evil when jesus addressed disciples as he sat on a high place looking down for death calls satanic ritual and that's exactly what they were doing and secropian his exact word and i'm going to i'm going to put some more men behind and i tell you you are peter and on this rock i will build my church and the gates of shall not prevail against in other translations prevail against you the i will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven and whatever you bid on the earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you lose on the earth shall be bound in habit so that that came for ah matthew sixteen eighteen and nineteen god will not prevail our or evil will not prevail you it would go and with boldness covered by the blood of christ no back down attitude no fear it is got strength and he it is as and evil will not prevail it's not our god winds fear and doth loose and what was happening it when he saw this when jesus they were they were in a in a looking over a valley there is a disconfort of a hole in a the cavern wall behind and they literally though shells they believed that and they were doing ritual in front of hall itself so now to look at what was said in that post by james o which i kind of annoyed by the same more than nod betisson i'm downright kistofer because i don't refractory don't like it is not that at as go in take no pros don't that down do not be afraid and then i saw somebody else the post fear is the beginning of his fear of the lord in that means ores ect of the look don't let mass with your hat and make you afraid of anything we go in because we come in the in the name of the lord with him behind with his selves were weak went god is god that wins the battle the battle of the lord now back down go for do not do not go into this half way and don't listen if i tell you to do that has its apostate so there to go he we know that the reward and in gringaron said there's nothing to fear water edificethe was fear that another is nothing to fear as you of appointed out the fact is we lowed people to fear and can even recently in codettas not but he fears of fierce mere campaign into will consolto me we've got a stop if we got to bring the truth and that is the water if we bring the truth and now we're talking about change the key to her protopope ger on chamoised from projector positing he did some tothings is case and would we do that well you see will bring it for was he when he was in college he was her room mate of cool room of none other then and we or was he checotah were so and as or and then he now is working poor gewunden other case now the reason he got fired for work of comet second i'm just going to write this so his and we were got areas because he wrote some rueful about and all who is there conortar for the house who has his own proves a good wet more but james e the giostaire because the soliped tures of her spending money on the forest told and seen on a personal of all tea i sent them in april of twenty twenty one i sent them and has a goot animals about how bad tissingas then you know i i fondled a lot of information and i bundled the informe i gastigate why or how continendos came into the monope or inpenitent oritoga it or how they got it into the emergency did know and so that was one of the things in the rather thinks and i went nowhere i could frail why on earth we all talk about corruption and wished why when it only posteritas be read here the miser well mine found out that he was associated with the back with the wear what benemore and manages in indecence why would you do that to expel our fred selenite came down too and it was just a real i hope her to this day we haven't seen any one any of i hope no isitations on the proconnesian in roger berossano keep her so good why did the investigate two years ago three years enter his cause i didn't want they didn't want you because it is your all in on it i'm sorry rather all in on it all of german and in you can't the people that are standing out in front of the canoe that are getting all kind and i mean all kinds of me i am you as like my my little broad cast to cast her is going on but it's like fine and large no it's it's not it's not the huge audience but i will see you are in it a fighting individuls of true patriots but because a a where after the truth were not after were not after ratings were not after isanother face on out there on the news were actually trying to bring truth forward and what the people listen to it or not it he and the gateway panted isn't isn't actually as reliable is what people think however they do bring something forward for us to question and dig in and and i think that that valuable in its agreed and i know wherefore back or or i look at how the concafondi it wasn't that eseidon what we do or doing what they did and inward on the same things to when we will get it and rolls them or walketh port we do to even though the voice should like this temieran in they're getting out there there getting hard it might not be out there or put it other do shatters sophie it now the message of three and then hasten the fathers did it they fought even against an adversity like greek crit nowhad to large sorores eternity or of tablethere was were able to beat well if we do it alone now when we look at what we're to do it is important that we continue cause we have actually have so many so our grave if we know that we're not controlling god is in cocain and he is when in any one open conmacnois we can in a number of ways of gordon and what no florid into it is we look at it bridgemans report this morning the nehemoths all the trolls or up there i was said no not all of vowsno there how isn't there there i'm not going to go up there that go where one not so as a lot of trunks supporters were and the colored i was up there also never there she baby three but none the less people were able to emerge victorious well we all can do that graver idol now i only got dose but i know this there were not given up the were not consectarius and till we get some prosecutions and wise some people removed then i will declare a victory showing up showing up for another political event that to me is not of a victory at all i know and i want to say a orthopteris i know some people that went off there that our true patriots it went up there i don't have the stomach to sit there and listen to the abject bolshe thrown round up there that's the problem because they're not getting they're not getting to the corps of what needs to be and in that the problem now as you too quite conawin or when a bottle here there go on to win the war to win the war we ought he caddles that we we look at the sick ward how was was gone was strategic bottle with instratis not every one was a credit was vectored consoled when weeks the political sense we need to be able to apply at the same way but to do that we have cavilland i have not seen the plan yet cannot snowplanting or in my side if you will because i work to i no work and i don't see i think for me to swallow now in spite of that i also loke so i have to look at the pause of at the pose of a comes in i turned them into where we have to go we have to look at the negative side and say okay how do we play into to minimize or reduced we solved the pathos one of the ways and i know we can also repeat some things the people are greening up on transference a very true although we need to save that we can do the way was to look at him or of the releases you know that him bigenerous the true issue behind her in it clearly he tenenapa forward could a plan of its not been done that's what these should be gone into and i can courage any one that's in all to feeldelicate i like continues to ross allen one of one because that's what i why they i think it your absently right on that and and you're you're over the target on that shock is that with her is god to be a plane there is no maner i am not seen in or there may be a bigger plant there's god's plan for re but when i look at the political parties or people that are involved at that level i think there's a plan up higher than that quite honestly but in these political parties i am a lot of it is just a waste of their trying to keep people busy so they don't really do anything and it's just like all the whole of that's out there right now he's so much opium sap the hopium it's not is it it is just to come down to are you willing to stand up and actually do something are you going to get an office are you going to have some action but there's got to be a not just in there's got to be some action a god with losses we go forward and i do truly believe like my plan just soverey knows that my plan is to continue to be on her and the last few weeks i didn't experiment i had lots of different guests in order to give the ah i placed for conservative voice to be what i found if you really want to know the by and large the majority of them or in it just to build an ode they have gonferzation but is it is it actually is it actually going to help us as it lcpl and some of the information getting out there is probably probably valuable however think that what sharpen we've got in this is this the value of the value of this is actually being able to find some people that have knowledge that say i don't have in the education process of not only myself but the nation i'm going to do some short segments court of this cause i'm always in post reprove ment is i'm going to have several people that are going to come on to do short they had the criteria that i have they have to be willing to do this without any type of pay back because they want to bring the truth forward and they want to help get the nation and or giving the fight to actually do agatha doesn't mean personality it's got to be the guenons or so i've an a couple of belmore is going to be coming out who is now the chairman as we had our current cares for the steers part of the constitution party resigned theres no money in this guy's not whatsoever sheer and he's going to come on wednesday and we're going to talk about the founding documents it we should learn his the castle who was an who was a former presidential candidates going to becoming a friday to talk about current events the reason when i find him extraordinarily valuable is how educated he the time in the military and he has a very unique way of assassin what's going on in the world with our military say like ukraine and that some think he knows about military of equipment and strategies and i find that to be very intent think it's valuable for still be able to look at ukraine and say you crane one of the biggest lies that has been sold to the american copies and i know what you but i was done with it day and as soon as he saw that they there it's our own deeps frescoing on there and killing in and killing and killing the killing has and the money laundering is and i i don't know about you but i'm in to say right now that if i had the united states on our shores potin has in its it's not shores are roncole i'm going to say he has incredible we the united states has committed acts of war against other nation and we they they are in their right he attacked there absolutely there absolutely in the right to an and this was brought on fire fraud elections by putting people in place permitted those acts or and and i i and i believe that we're going to have to really go down as the if the united states gets in any way shape or form and they can attack us they have the ability to attack us on our own sons they ben doin it but if we are attacked by an outside and sitting in the state sanded up it is an an i'm going to stand on the in one look at it if i look at our dollars going overseas and the pocket wolston this country we don't have our our own a short often wore oinometer are you others wouldn't pack ongodlies greeting your home led forceattack we'll have quarters of that or uncontrolled begot opimmitish to all this you and trafficking going on to get all the ills of the wolf i mean through our doors and we do nothing about it and yet we shall over to help meet you can't help others what were you going to go down the road when we are ill who's going to come and help us answers nobody we have an help them though all were done israel some we we helped our own deep state which is no wondering the money through you grey just like the didthey were they were trading of hillary was so doing a weapons libya to syria this has been going on for a long time guys or our government is the biggest war machine in money making his are makin money off a killin people the job there there there making money of a killing people there making money off of war this is what this is the machine that simple and it's our nation across the world that has instigated the majority of the problems by bad policy now look at a haven president trump the rightful president of the united states kitson we have no worse so the complex are economy is good the terrenis work on the way it supposed to ease make in some gay the menithe steal the elect and oh worth is on the planet waste of the oxen joiden we have got nothing but proves going on this is what we've seen how he what do i really believe is going on i do believe the good guys are and control and that we are moving things around in some of these oh i do believe that with five fish generation warfare got there were we stand right now is that the axes that were taken have been acted where that sad i think that there's a bigger plan going on to liberate us as believers in christ and we keep our eyes on god almighty he is leading us through this and we've got it we got to go forward not with necessarily what we're see but with what are we or faith in god is what they ran in to is they would love to get somebody else there to do some stupid to get in a stupid fell in the united states and a they would live thing took and lie side shapes were missed about these as i were not doing anything to penalize how the wind over so we ought to have em land that we start with an his people over with the truth but also with or lost souls you better all the weeping out ware to help apleon to actually reach out try to because i tell you that's what's ristorato that's what the gas will in folk about our boat we need to start littorals at night there is a meeting at can county a coope he venice at all they don't want me there now it's not about me as for jaggars er or treaty grifters i e there was a orders it's going to be chaos its cold obe i think this is the one i told you about which that me on and on and on nickel mancheck and that all he and they haven't led up one great they have no ideas to create trouble and as all it's going to do it said it's your county is he because they will they will wreck and have wrecked this county and the wreck the state with that so shantyand how if markets the her bunch of marks on the large cocoa the area and in you know it's like we we've got marxism is rampant in the nation and there they're doing a lot to i honestly been doing quite a bit a study of illegal and lawful types you know i'm not a real fan of many of the common low groups because i think a lot of em are set ups just like what happened did i think a lot of the groups are seen by a political operatives that that's what my opinion is it isn't me that it negates the informed so you it's the same same thing whatever you get involved in everything's been infiltrated the schools in this this is all been infiltrated and it was by design they said they would take the united states without firing a shot a sort of get it except for nine eleven they fired and they did it the shot was plain so and that's how we got the patriot act abject is what we need to do is in the stone reinberg's plan going or i have been talking with a low bronson and darin bronson i've been talking with doctor frederick graves have been taking with a ah deposes group in some of the people there and i'm going to tell you there are ways to address us in a lawful manner but we need to get pep that are willing to and that is in fact down a branded going i'm going to start creating some more of these or creeds and pomes where we're going to figure out how to do this whither without the government and in the process to replace them put him on notice place the in a base on the failure of their oath of office so we are going forward with this but it has to be that is first and foremost serving god because we're going to lose some battles we already have i mean i'm the right now on the poster child of that continuing to keep going after being in a a having my rights violated being kicked off the ballot tis still getting on the ballot for the twenty twenty two continuing to go and that's what that that message on by the sapphire's meshes sjonathan con is all about two cause they have to have some one second or in a win every time now were not but we are going to win be in i think we already have one to a certain great we already have one the larger fight evil cannot stand for ever we're going to have to continue to push out now and i i use a four can eight than eight coon term because all of us shetaroth re that were you know in the standing with the anon for a long time in or been part of that you know somewhat part of that research and in whatever large where small way or the digital soldiers in whatever you know it's where we've all been fighting in day fagging you know what the term means pepe's taught you dat wagon in anybody out there that's pushing the sword in air enough on on hidden knowledge just what you just rest one hidden knowledge society with another one that a good point to remember his coming to with special knowledge is that sort of thing anybody that really knows it's gone on they aren't saying a word i'm going to tell you that they are not going to say a word the people have all this knowledge there run and all round in circles chasing to tail and if you look at the back grounds a lot of em are absolute one hundred percent lying there their behinds o some of merpati some of the bed charged in a court of law were cut ophelia there's one guy there in this he is he goes he goes from from the paraphrenitis to see everybody including some of my friends who are anons seeing them to shot him up and in scaling scaling a video that i took of general financing that he was being talked about it not a chance and that he's in excelling gold and selling us he's a and and he's loogers argued my local natal people like that have you too i do two and i can actually play a really good video out there on what happened because i've got that i've got a was able to find people of done a lot of work on the case as against him and and to listen to him just is that the thing that james o'keefe came out there were the fear poor we were far poor in all over the in and we got to stop looking at that we got looking his background the background is easy tanaceto madness why did they not go after michigan because we're listening to these people on the outset stepping up and the lawful a perched i i'm going to just we have to go in that direction go ahead go ahead chuck you have in a lot of points that i won otis i at about and these people this pak resumes i kep pushin for people's resumes because when we look at the in out begone and i know that people i came a clerk for a stand a piston in the christian kellyite days that what i said to my causethey don't have to crogenton have the wherewithal to build is to support the yet they go out there like there there are charlottes and there cried a john roche nother one these kids are really misleading people an old book on the pipe piper hamlet about himlantern where they were on take the rats out of the village of this guy got him out but they didn't pay him so he took the that's what these guys are other horsses as you can get and when you ask for the reserve the credentials suddenly they get angry at you and they call you out of this and that and wackwelle want is the truth you want the truth to be so that's part to about infiltration infiltration of it basinotes because that's certainly is sane ireland government and these along to it yet they do they do it can you monster the patriot actless his take a look at that patriotic with george bush george w bush the what he did it was as hordle i'm not saying that that that the anything other than that we did was to ride away when they took that patriot act and how is it affecting us he see me personally i can tell you how you know that my one may have told you that what dave my wife's call her routed through ware through why would you do that if you're trying to follow me don't have to get a war that way you can walk you could alter them send them through and not have to a hapworth then they all they did at my daughter's other spring like beaded her cause and its showed up rivers as s had it as my shoulders o calentour netherlands added friend of mine's going that loose in shell be that his gincracke stand and he had my other daughters going through russia enters each of those because i could not believe it i thought i was losing my mind until i saw it the after the second time is is not who is it asked darwincauses old else that you command that i i will of a routine if you will why would they be lecito di like me because they won't find out who it is talking to and we so that when they don't have to have a warrant why because i was a ganerasse because i am a voice against many things go lay they don't have to scuse me they don't have to have a warrant for why are tapping anything any more because there other do in his wood the five guys coesnon sense in the background they do go on they buy it from alternis same thing with the cameras on the highways of the third partlet so they drink go to them and they bite the information from a third party and therefore there not spin that's what they do this is where a done for for many many years that started away back in the bush a ministre when are before that is sirineris tracking the people that was why he bowback wailed they were tracking of the retracted to call sortwas back i weave lotiwas in de see what that was going on well what the they thought it anointingthe k was cooking in with a good a log lay this beloved of the same all the creeds could youfive at everybody goes cityfive oh yeah they're goin to stop going at gerrit yes it's is very red so self yet i could prepay a couple of videos with there's a lot of vile stuff and here i guess the coscheries with you but but there's a there's a few cases out there there's a few places in and twitter and i'll upholds apostle so that if anybody wants to and then lo who his standing with look esperson standing with because it throws into his all of them and and these people are almost all of the more date fagging all over the and in its like it's like our right guys come on if you see in one they just because you got that much hope that you want to see the happendon't mean it's going to happen at all you got to look at it for faith at face value of what's actually and if they proved out that they've got they've got em a good more that's fine but the probe is is the use things in order manipulates to bible verse without the knowledge and sam a christian and praed on that that's rampant in the state its ne but another thing is as there is there's some very good people that are plain bad guys like one antipasand belmore were raging out there i know that they were already infiltrated there were people from the good guy camp that were in their taking night they knew whoever he body with their they knew who everybody was in those she and they let them play this out in order to i think the greater good catch an all of em the same method has happened over and over again if we let people do the wrong thing goneafter out you're going to figure out who the bad people are and who the good pepe evans they're going to play their hands and so is a as a in encouragement for every one we're going through a sifting right side are you going to beyond is the because you're going to have to make some choice and and are you going to choose to continue to fight are you going to chew because your motivations not because necessarily even that you want to win but because your serving god and we don't even know what the purposes are some of the but we know that if we're letting a direction see in and and will go might my method is going in a direction that god points one i have exhausted all when eruptions are done i'll look for a window or you know are different door cause i i know that he's going to open one for and i'll go in that direction and then i pray is the direction you want me to go in i'm going to how in that direct at me if i'm in the wrong direct and he will every single time he will throw something of this in on overcome able barrier and you'll you'll know you'll go now to go back this way or he'll he'll let out just telling i mean that great os happened but with a dozen men were sometimes the motivation that i see the most people have out there there in it to always win and when at all that was not the right motivation because that leads to corruption in making compromise decisions we we go in where the thought that yes we are going to win but to take out that claws that aunt all one that is where you that's where your co opted that's where you lose are sometimes the small your gold to a two loiseaus you find the information out to actually win the war even if you lose the battle you'll win the war by finding the information you need in order to find the weak spots in the enemy and i think something that we really need to talk about you know any astorianot though we are so many wars and in it the other thing is we talk of the play under it is here to irishes war o because when i look at it will have the woman things as is the state we have to understand all about were punished as with the roof for problems have to be counted by counting we have as the tone thirteen districts forget the thirteen is that don't mean thing what matters is the three counties and on the commonality was so unique by doing that we structure of plan of the that we save our county though i don't i mean or counties understate i don't you do this the peretori at all but they won't they won't it they're using thirty i think it's thirty seven million challenge of a freshwater down and down in oh no orlans down and down in lisana oh because the salt water is ouseete fresh water so were they going to be gained at a lookin out to and i think it worthy continget that water any idea any st so great freshwater source in the world by great in great ill he sums michigan lake in all the different lake lay here on one like an carry all these the lakes that they want to suck the water from walworth destinyfate to genet thirty seven million dollars the mingos or fresh water from daily because that's what they're after there after fresh water and that is another mechanisch that is what i sound of the a tramonto years ago when the up aboutabout oh well in why because they want to suck the archer drive leads into the lake which platelike if they can't get the because it's on international water ostarbeiter that he is she with her doing yea and they there'sthere's different ways of accomplishing warfare right now they're trying to start a soul that's what they're doing with not only food supply poisoning the food supply or on now it's greisenalter and now and the water too so all this stuff if we if we would had method all it would take is one honest governor who is not in one is and we could reverse this entire i do that that is that is exactly what was that's why people are like a unirono son at not a chance i'm not running for you can't wear anything in it it's tried their trying to get me to to the trying to have me a shell somewhere else where i will just be basically newer you cannot you cannot have a in effecte the only position that has an effect in they know it is and that's why i'm not conceding her case if we had one honest governor employ ah we would could restore the united states and it would be i be very very you know and and there is there is something else that i was that i was or had been studying too lately so i do a lot of study and i'm going to go go back into soothe people that are out there building their own audience and try to make money off things i'm going to try to spend the little bit more heavily heavy time into what i was doing before which was study the stems that we have and why their failed and how oft we have right now twelve major sub stations in the united st they took out nine of them the united states would be plunged pretty much into darkness unless they've got a plan they had told the rest of us it wherewithal of power donenobroogi we go stolenper undine he there going to shut that of their shut that tap off and and oh in in the new york minute there because i'm that's the gold the gold is to starve out of freezes in a lack of any so we're going to through manipulation of the c whether warfare whether warfare they have the village to any corn they've been able to do that sense before the fit this is not nonobody looks at his this is all new it agnes look with a hand to fifth and now fast forward seventy years do we really think we know what the heck is going on we do not there not so and in they have the ability shot us right down and and eliminate all of us in a short period food water i can't grow anything lee better had ohange tacit sunshine by him in i goes down you down in the is the control mate is a way to control people they don't realize what's going on it all no no no then had to that end had to that michel and i say of the crap they the craft their shot in the people growing that a nonpariels that they shot into people and the points of the the regal repose if they all that's handishness he always emulate and life emulate cricket that we ponto machlis we talked about the russian embassy when they the mericans they've gone out the russians or bombarded by c conall kinds of spears you told no we didn't know that i'm sure we were doing the same gorgon have been for years long had just tell everybody right now if you love not his through country but your family you'd better get in fight and the sifting is going to continue to go on here and trying to set its i do i believe that the that we are being set and i don't know exactly all the methods but pretty sure it's coming from god almighty that that is had been so you know will if he studied the bible there is always a sifting going on and that's a good a hard times obsoleta but it also ah for people have god intentionstill make a stronger makes better fighters and but it also so the dead the dead wood you can't have done you know you cannot have all of the nonsense who have in more incapable of making a good decision for the right reason you cannot they cannot an sumner interfusings from the chat and were going to finish it with prayer to day why do you this is charlotte why do you go gates on all the farm land inside ere get paid to do nothing not far munit and i getting paid more scan anyone waking up the o speakin o paid to play i saw this week end that actually the republican party you can confirm this forme may be that the amigo piece so that the genista charging candidate to run on the republican party like twenty two thousand dollars you kim not this is peter playing wondride his ideas of censorious he the idea i i i will read it come he made a play pederstre well that's what i that's what i heard and so every i hope you all a jumpin off this these parties in true i believe it is to it is true but edward i heard it on a so osoitetaan people better start jumping off that political party the uni party is the republican and democrat party their work on together now in part of the us textfear which is in the vice chair which is the shon party in the state i'm not a fan of the parties the air the new chairman and i and all haste have to and the political or i that is that i think sometimes you can even be involved in something that you were toward readiness writing the system regardless as put it that way we have right now as we have the only hope we have its work in in less the military decides to pull the penny here and do something and grow a sod where we're on our own right now i feel like we can jot dropped off in the middle of the jungle and we'd better figure this thing out and that means whether without anybody's he and nature we're going to get it if this so we have to do things that that are going to write it in and of ourselves to a certain degree so it's fate play and it's wrong at all it is the centralizing power more and more and more so manasites looking to the text peers party join us if we could settle the state with all the counties have county parties in the us textes we do have a vehicle in order to reply a corrupt as how republicans democrats of something that will have a valid prose for following the party but for following the constant and constitutional charles said i don't like stand michigan cause they what they did to calvin was wrong i'm like i don't like him became he started out of the communist organization and the sorry but up to michigan got sold on a to run and he he basely sold it i sold the the sole the ah database were for money all about my this is the look in the background its communist anyhow charles i lost my vote twenty twenty twenty twenty two from commis overpowering the elections sondercloud china wants water in the dragon wants at all they'll use of land seen sin envies you got the will and love says we tried we tried to soles in the eighties total failure was too cloudy for state for them to be effective absolutely say thing we windles for when willapa or self you have to an average speed of fourteen miles an hour we are the second darkest state in the nation as far as solar rose it is a waste and it was what we really have which is a fireman and it's a high level pole solar kills ecosystems on elegates owned the sunshine countries i i think that that's all selfish should be talking about so there you go what else you have to say here this morning chuck reined with prayer because or gregor rode go i've got up i've got a couple of fucas got to make then go go isis for of today dat help her on a couple of things so i'm going to get it estinguer there but i will leave politics for a little while i've got lots to write about what happened this week and i guess operations are what happened in the word do we go from here i tink we need to do so that well plans or the plan forward because so of cheese are a critical what they don't have any any such i have the backgrounds peltiform late a plan as silences and hope if you will i think maybe think cominianus the start doing that now you can have even if forgets copied we will done our job right yet that paranoias nonsense when i heard that one christian cromwel that she greenoughs i cast enemy was going to get well well yet you got the kid ingegneri's already got it and we should never be afraid of competition you you don't see don't do stuff cause the fraid that means you really aren't all that in a bagichah if you're afraid to compete then clarence warhorse hater and i every runners that outer it were your copy or competition you worry about your are you on your marks are you know you had were you need to be at an asuinriviin for to great a record whatever you need to know as are so many so meters into the race are so many miles into the race you will i know him i own my mark was my face was my greeting re at my doing all those things right you'll care wot the competition because what because you've got your strategy alreshawe you're going to kick where you goin to kick you're all damsel so with that mine we need that here care about her come kishwe care about what it is where do we in it to ripen and we understand what it is now or customers really one and if the inferieure with what they want we have filosello those ideas and why as not happen this thought occurring anywhere even the people say they have a better idea don't have better ideas all he gave his creek i can colioptere mass because what i call him a wine even learned the difference between the wind and wind they need to understand that he i think then i think if we want the nation back we have to prove that we can at here to the constitution and selfe i think that's the tamponing right now and honestly if anybody wants to give me a call for three zero for for one zero i am a wanting to build some sort of a team that we can do some low fare to go after these and i think that we're going to need to do it in exactly that way so that we can kind of a people can do it kind of on their own going some issues and after ah as at need to be removed i think we can do that we need to instruct and i i think that it's really important to remember it is our job and duty to instruct those in office they may not even know their doing the wrong thing and less we instruct lily you know and if you don't go to these rallies they're not doing anything and half the people there it's so keep all of us busy running around wasting and keeping us off the mark of one going at this with a constitutional with rights guaranteed by the consent is of doing notice elected now when they get out of the process all of them dead violating the constitution and their oath of office they all did all our ned talked about him now its time get serious and removed the and i and i think that we need to do it in a quicker way than the voting kiss the votings are egg we've got unconstitutional processes happen in her voting there counting the ballot and secret with foreign illegal as well as were unlawful same thing with with a one day voting regina on devoting whatever now that didn't you know that this is a cancelitis is there now that the highest that they've all violated the highest law of the land they all have to be removed and so so we're going to have to do this in smart way the judges are so now the judicial of the parties are going to come and help us and the only thing the reason why i think the to marty has any any standing is cause it's no money in it and it's the grower true statesmen which is the inanition the way that any battle has ever been one and its truly the people in their truly are in there to rightless nation as is under god godly rule godly government got to the government the rights make choice as whether we agree with him or not that that could estthat has to be remembered it is about defending the rights of the individual that the constitution is nodded democrat it's about as sure the ore rights everybody's rights out a no special interest controlling it soon its longer how do we get better we get better by having discussion of my dears senegalese the back that we may not have individually the the best of gather collectedly we could come up with him we are second caon because the apologetics and forenoon of tenuous post they don't want out there absolutely well and if they turn to lock a stone again which i don't think they're going to get anywhere they spend enough eh there's been enough gain in that are i'm not really concerned about it and i think we've got people that are smart enough right now who will actually stand up and tell to go pound sand you know and i just live there lies i think that we've we progressed which is good you know we're learning and we're going to learn more and more wednesday i've got fillmore coming out and working out were going to do they'll mors in come on every wednesday at nine o'clock and we're going to do a short bed on the consent and o'er the founding fathers and this nation how it work friday's is going to be derrocase and were to to do in current events and then wednesday all i believe i'm going to be doing a short bet i i'm an oculist to help people understand how to protect themselves in the case of being hacked protect against hacking and and keeping your stuff in i with one of the reasons why to party to part authentification got put in place and a personal level and even if you tell or chiodo that which one at most you aren't going to do it because it takes a little bit of work but it you if we were going to be hit if we were ever hit when at p marconied states would lose everyting if the power greed goes most he would lose everything that had no is were talking act that detestedthe dark age is riht there are ways of protecting your but you're going to have to care enough to do it just like with the with the self governed we didn't care quick enough and now look we have we've got some options on to help try to educate in struck e one in evaluate things in for just a valuation so that we can we have solutions and also in by every single person oh i want you to get in contact the zero for for one zero quick as we to get me some meat tell me who you are so that if i'm busy doing something i will get back to you i answer every single tax that comes in i answer every single one of em is confirmed that because my yoalticitl you back on call you back or end and we can talk for a serbia going to organize i am going to organize a group of people and i don't need a tone isismerely good pope in order to to make a difference salespeople father thank you so very much for guiding us and taking us through this very serious he we can do it with joy and our hearts and unwavering attitudes going for her and iest you blessed he is in amazing person and of so thank that that you have then him and all the other wonderful patriots out there this such a blessing i think for for chuck of thanks or for his he says an he an he does to bring the truth for i thankful for for every single person that's listening to the process and let him know the ther of maze if they hung with me this long i got to tell you i'm pretty extra that that they are truly committed to you instead of running for the for the the brain candy that's out there in hope in there there there there there showing their bravery right there because we do talk about very difficult things and the difficult things are hard for a lot of people but that's the only way that that we're going to continue to go forward but at the end of the day it's your battle and were very thankful that you've concluded us in this battle there's so much that were learning and the education benefit of walking through these difficult that you've allowed us to walk you strordinary and i am thankful for the good things the bad thing the beautiful things as well as the ugly things to stand and it when things are incredibly or and i'm so proud and thankful that you have allowed each and every one of us to be to time as the make a true de to learn how to stand against all odds putting all of our trust in comes down to that you're the one that wins the spattle and it's growing or faith or resilience in our unwavering follow you step by step not knowing the plan not looking at dates but knowing that you are good all the time leading us out of kepte as you always have the and your word i will that you've given us shone shown us shows your character over and over again and we want to know you more and more every day and also be like continued to cut out everything in us and around us that is not like you business so we can have hare a goales be on earth as it is in heaven when so much very thing e the rightful president of the united states president done general admirers and all those standing with him in the quiet patriots there working in the background i know some of you and i'm very very proud to know now each in every one of you it's as amazing time to be alive we go forward and we stand we take for god almighty in the name of jesus we we bless you bless you we thank you for giving us your only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have ever last seemed like thinking walk with a sidros closer to you every single day the name of jesus christ or precious lorosa or pray so chatoospati comment is that thank you for the as great comet is that retract earlier and i don't know if you know it but i've been followed by others as well people that are on to stock in me i don't know if you're getting on but on pasponteto assisted people i enter my files and am getting him about twenty a day i've got to this been going on for about a year now and the most recent one is this larry the longer had on the top he can have some greek close to ned was there doing their put it on there on to telegram page where he laughed i come on kinds of dames that yet you know what take on the tree to the now they will hadithone may do these then comets ah when i grieve to out don't you think he show where the crew of a i'm not so it through the holes as if these lines tell me where is ulieteans er is they don't know as they can't yeslie the issue in a just just set in uncommenting or or in cordinations have become so so he relies there can captainyou and me roomothers si maybe the learned something cause i'm not afraid they're sorry be behind so i'm going to pull throw something else up here minutes shell i think this is this is about it's a matthew this is about king and of an approaching moreover if thy brother shall trespass an go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone i hear thee thou hast gained a brother but if he will not hear thee then take with thee one or two more that it is in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established in shall neglect to hear them into the church but if he neglect here the church let him be as the sheathen man and a publican fairly assay whoever shall ye bind on earth shall be bound in haven and whatsoever ye shall loose on or shall be loosed and have not i cascadelins ing call while i was on and omental this gentleman back his talk on line that and see if an this is this is a very exciting man and that i'm going to get him out once to common on wednesday because i want to hear what he has to and i to give men as to a to come on to day dissidentibus i know you got to go for the day check thank you so much of cables in all roterepetition he richard how you do in he i mean i'm on broad kit yes and i'm on my broad case straight now and i saw you call in and i didn't know it if i could introduce you just a real quick men and then a or if you want to come on wednesday and or later in the week and then find out i want here which you have saved but i'd love for you to say hide everybody here then not listening to now but i i think i'd be fine hang on so everybody this is richard hershman i see your last name pray and i can't his number in his from a wonderful patriot on this this on this channel that listens to the broad cast i believe every day a marchese and you oh you know her and ah so i just want to say a shout out to you are an embalmer and my fineman and in you have been talking about your behind them movie died suddenly whom i didn't produce it or anything like that but yes i was interviewed in the documentary wonderful woman i tell you what i'm going to take em off of the beninteso right now alceholte spot righto and say it's just a pleasure to meet you and i'd like to get you on later in the weeks if you can hold on a minute i'm just going to end the broadcast and ah let letereto that this is truly a great man who has stepped forward and i think that we're going to have some interesting conversation some an enemy broadcast with his god bless you all have faith god is leading us through this and it's going to be an awesome time to be alive just remember we serve a rivescio what we do is to serve god and his crew to say that will never quit and will do it he we love each other we are god's children and we will never stop this that's what we're here so god bless you god bless all the same love and god bless have a great day make it so starts with metal of get in the fight do something make a difference and we will see you i'm off fried cassimere i will see see wednesday have a wonderful day