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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/28/2023 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published March 28, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Part 3 - Continuation of the last 2 week's topics - Defending in court using law, establishing standing and proper process. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is march twenty eighth ah march twenty eight twenty twenty three and to day is easiness laughing it is in fact tater tuesday so on a welcome on my my wonderful guests john and sigmaringen doing in doing good good in canyonlands to talk about to day again we've got a continuation of the last two weeks about a defending yourself in court lawful process in a standish in standing and such so i think that what ah there's lots going on all there to day and we we talked about quite a bit of it already well his talked of our gigetto the morning and anything you want to bring up right now cause i wonder himbring up idose being a little headstrong and i think that it makes us all better people when we are a little bit headstrong now you go roll that we'll talk about it afterward okay here go guys thinks that things is as canton were just going to do seventies on the screen here may all maybe we'll see i changed it unpolite they were red and here you on the thought that was kind of fun at which patriots said that kind of passion and going forward and venality headstrong fool had and taken on a channel in at conzara outre day so i thought that i was kind o a the motivation i like all kinds of musagetes not there's pretty much nothing i don't like so may it may be that the you know and mind then i'm not a real fan of like the rat the hard poor rap tight stuff but it's got a good message but started out with jesus saves and ah that's on the onscreen one of the graphics where i think this is a fantastic that that somebody is not sitting there acting like gentle jesus with a lamb on his on his foot but actually getting me in there for the fight that we need to fight his patriot so they got so anyhow we're going to go now john well two weeks ago we started with a document that we would file in court in this was basically for traffic took it but it could be for any kind of ticket that the public functionaries are using collecting money from because that's what this is all about it's about money money money money they don't care about sake the care put your life they don't care whether you are injured or not oh i mean if you are hurt badly they'll call the ambulance but that's not their whole intention there intention is money money money yet it is a something we talked about before we got on line and i'm going to bring this up because i i did not know the name of this nor did i know that this was his as an egregious problem is that we have but something called i believe it's cris see our i ask which is county registry investments so stonning out then or in a corrupt his how corks as tones that the ninety eight per cent of the cases that come to court get a conviction only two per cent yet dismissed and the reason being is that they after a conviction a judge gets an eighteen per cent pay off into their pension and you said you knew about that didn't she yes yes i've heard it in how this was a new level whole new level of criminality for our judges and any one who participates in the system because honestly are our presentstoys tems are an absolute disgrace and mass the present system is devolved into for good deal of human trafficking especially when you get into a private ownership of the prisons i do know that is that they have a quota kito keep an that's why they keep people in past sentences or people who have no injury that there's a quotethe because they have they have to meet they have to meet certain financial requirements which are government pays for which is once again illegal so but any other is another and other level nother hole like new level that we can fixate on here on our judges and other the fact that all of them or any of them that participated in this trees that this is the absolutely a horrific cried i agree and the only way that we can understand what is going on is understand our republic who the republic is what is that replied particular form of government and who are these public functionaries in what is their responsibility to that republic where ready know where most of us have in the back of our heads but we don't know how to press it or or or bring it to the front or even if we want to do that because that requires efforts somebody's got to think about out to bring it forward and then use it to fight in court lot of panels say it all i just talk to a couple of people that said all on this on vacation i was come back home i got it in ohio or wherever and their attitude is well you're going to charge me a hundred and fifty pocks or two hundred dollars do the documents and the tickets hold the other fifty there not concerned about fighting the battle there concerned about money and his round my side kick has put it more than once patriots are cheap as so he that that's a fact that but they're used to it they were groomed their extra groomed that way by the dark money so oh all the start money oniscoid in and ever be should be so impressed at how much money they raise money money money money money i am so sick of it because that that is exactly where where we need not be it i know i you came to that we had the sexpartite committee meeting the week end and you were there and i want to thank you so much everybody else that showed up for that it was it was wonderful but as i said in that meeting i took no dark moneyand neither should any one be taking his pack money or dark money this is absolutely criminal what's going on and it's like i don't even like to hear him how much money people have raised because all their telling me is i'm a crook and i took a notary position yet i by my position i'm a crook i bought my position i really am not an american i minute for meeting in me that's what i see you with these polities and you are you don't don't matter just like the judges the judges then are that are doing convictions to get an aching for some pay off into the penitent man they should go to the front of the line for prosecution for trees and right there because it's herself in richmond and they have been paid by the taxpayers so to speak who are your finding it through property tax and through sales tacks and all the other text not in on top of that they want to give tickets away so they are hand tickets out so they can make more money for their post that's what this is all about it about money snooter man is one huge money laundering machine the entire government is about money laundering or or self enrichment or putting things in areas where they don't they actually do not benefit any one whose paint and protects the ippatas and they don't be thenadays it's all about how can they move it around and steal it that's what this all manigones the way we are going to fix the problem and it's going to be fed oh the way we come to be the way we're going to fix it is to get rid of the fears and everything is going to be backed by gold and silver which means that a deep state or people cannot print money out of nothing and use it for lumbering like care are resident in the white houses he sending money the crane not because he's giving it to the people in your graver doing the easy to find weapons through the industrial war complex who is set up for again making money and the whole process is loge blomachee in whatever and make more ammunition make more bullets is so keeps the system going and i industrial war complex as tons of money honora it used to be that they would put beds out or a bids out for designs it's there's a company that i can go to think about what the name is right now but it's it's it's a lot of the deeps that are out there used to be the one that came up with a lot of the military designsand what they would do as they put it out this is what i understand you can correct me if i or because you know i never served in the military and i know you have you might have more formation than i do but they used to put it all out for four or designationsthe the best design they would put out there the information to every one so that companies could actually also build this at just one company the company that came up with the design would give you paid for the design that they didn't know the design because we paid for the design which chisholm been well noted states government will put it out to molorosiskia romanorum wouldn't have the lock on that actual design and that way also what was nice as if he had multiplepoinding things if somebody is run rollo a part or somebody doesn't have a part we need to spin it out for a quick all of a sudden they could call in another person that's also producing them and be let work together with each other instead of these huge contracts that are going to military contractors in its backwards told me backwards yet well h'm the whole worse we can't be him i first of all the only people that can declare war congress congress hasn't declared war sons worldward all these others so called police act have been brought on because of the president he believes he has the authority to send troops out for ninety days and after that then it's up the congress to find them but no war is declared so with the not be there if there's no war declared we should not be involved in a conflict but we are women and as part of the dirty money and part of the thirties that we sit yes the one the rightful president of the united states donald j troop capt as satawar and is now made promises to get us out of any other conflicts that are in right now just and in he's got a track ricredt it and so the rightful president of the united states the current rate ful president of the united states not the form epresent downwards out of war deyonninhonchiagui again it's like you got to be kidding me the one part of the problem the war is the war is the money maker for our industrial war complex for the government and for the congressmen and senators that are involved in this it also big circle you work for the government you work for you become a senator you become a congressman or you work in the military then you can become a private cot work for the private consent at some great amount of money this is a problem that exists in our society a nemesis go head this is a problem that we ah have overhead gone on since and before world war two while the hornpipethe they need a smoke screen too for the child trafficking drug trafficking and weapons trinculo so any time they declare war guaranteed its a smoke screened to hide what their doing besides the money there making off of it as these people are like the like lizard people they like work in the dark you know so back to our document of the problem that we are having i would say nation wide is as i said earlier that many of the people that call themselves patriots or sunshine page they don't want to get involved if they have a ticket the pay generally they'll pay the ticket rather than go fight the ticket i've never better cordin afraid of the judge there's a hundred reasons tiger know what to do tis a hundred reasons the ticket is the is the easiest battle you're going to ever as because if you lose you can continue to fight an amount of money that we're talking about as minor but if you get pined for some other reason out on the road that's not going to be as low priced as a ticket then you're going to now you got to go to battle and what are you going to do you're no iron to turne because study you didn't learn at the very beginning who we are he didn't learn about the republic now your face with a crisis that you got a deal with everybody in this time period as joyce riles the put it on the power hour everybody is ben was born for this so i you being pinched by the government or by god to do something and to what goingtotoabe so yer ear out for a ticket he got a ticket now what are you going to do he he geologistand go on and hopefully ah not get another one or are you going to fight the ticket and try to bring back the republic that the easiest like i said easiest way to fight it number one you got to learn about how to fight the he got learned how to get the cork out i think on your feet all those are good things they're not bad things ye they're going to be a dramatic to a degree my first day in court was one that was claretears it's not so dramatic any more i kind o look forward to go into court in come on like a tank you come in like a tank ready to go in but by lot of people that are and you know your forty years old fifty or sixty years old right now you're going to have to go to court you're going to have to learn what you shullen when you were plenty or thirty it's a tougher job it's a tough re mantel but we've had people in our group on wednesday nights that show of that can't speak english very well because there the native their native country something other the united states and they want to fight the ticket they want it they get together with us we go over we talk about it we tell him what to say or to say teach her a little bit of the protocol of the courts and help ewentoc mentations so they can get in their fight the battle and many of them are so those of you that are sitting on your couch waiting for the opportunity the opportunities always there ah he is averigue out which one you want to take tackle and i'm not saying throw yourself into the juggernaut and and fight a battle that's going to be tremendously difficult no why not but beguile because some people are in a situation right now especially when houses are their houses being taken with that's a harder battle to fight never been to cora now you got to learn all of the processes of who these people are better taken your house and on a deal with them in corbet's not an easy battle start with the speeding ticket one builds on top of the other faring it better better at him that's my po i saw how freebody occurred that you guys get that you get so it hepatics her tardy and gave me this card this is the card that he carries it and i think it is really kind of cool i got to see in wagogo there and this sottises were talking about scantly carries the surrounded a business card and passes it out i thought that was really kind of cool and scott the forecasts that we've been talking northeners shall be county downs verses bidwell expanses rods those are kind of real critical they're not the only cases but they are right up with the top i mean a verses sincewhich is an on the card and i wanted to leave a little space to if somebody wanted to write a phone number or whatever down below it because the card that i had for share of i used the whole back of the card and then made a uprising across my works is up the tenement what to go too to send the kid well let's see i'm going to the stay othomi right my standing by that is the fitnesses what is so if you remember when we talked the two weeks ago and then last week we talked about establishing whom he or ah that the way live in a republic that were not in the civil action jurisdiction and that there is a distinction between the two the civil action jurisdiction is something they made up court made up and in them in the making up of the civil action jurisdiction they gave judges all kinds of latitude and that was his supreme cries nineteenth thirty four and if you went to my web site one if by land not ord you could read a little history ah so agoing into the history of it but i'm just letting you know that the civil action jurisdiction that we are part of when we walk into a court room is for the purpose of giving us a fine or a fee in collecting money from us or putting us in it has nothing to do with the republic and we need we really need to understand the republic because once we understand the republic all the public functionaries that are out there all of a sudden loose all their power because we're in charge but we don't know that as most people think that there the sovereign that they can make laws and rules and regulations that were supposed to lie downs versus bidwell and it doesn't say it on here but if you look at a court case this one on the card says sovereignty is are the people we are the sons and if you go on to the downs versus big while you're going to see that the author's we are the authors of the law then therefore the law as not apply to so all the laws that are on the books do not apply to us they are to control the public fresh but we have it backwards upside down and oh there you are beauful we are the sovereign so and it says that in downspasses pen well and ye woorse said in remember the other part of that her quotes the one that started this thing in hand names settignano i guess to teissier yet as you got and there i heard oh yeah i do and yet he was the one that started the whole idea of whose the sovereign would have the sovereign had was eighteen eighty and then down picked it up and nineteen o one saying that yeah the overseas till good law and we are still the sovereign nothing she so we have to understand that when we go and fight our battle in court so when you walk into the court room and you don't claim who you are then the judge believes that you are part less civil action jurisdict and he can do as he wishes and he does they they don't follow case law the constitution does not apply in their court because they are a civil action jurisdiction not in the reply but in in our case when we walk in the court first thing we do and as we went through our document at the very beginning we plead who we are we're in the republic and you judge have sworn at most to the republic because you sworn a article for section for that says we have a guarantee republic a you swore otho uphold that and so you are living in the republic even though you're trying to run the system here as a civil acogerse and both of these cannot either republic or civil action jurisdiction or pole but if you walk into a cord were judges were the bar and is there not the british registry that bar of the court is where you walk up into the court area new cross that bridge or that gate now you're in the bar and that's where you do your arguing with the lever or attorney so we we have listened to a lot of patriots on and i've done the i i'm going to he is over the thirty years that aconite we've gone through the same process and learned the same things that people are learning to day again they're just recycling but thirty year old the stories that i heard thirty years ago a ironian today ah and so the new people coming on board that are realising there something wrong but don't know what it is they are that great narrative that's all about contracts that's all about there are six crytrus it's all about the ah peridicas that's all a bunch of none of that exists were in a sitter in the republic were not in the civil action just were in a republican that's where we need the folk efforts because in the republic we went they become second class citizens the public functionary and that reason their called public functionaries is because the haffliction the pro form in government that's why they're public functionaries norton verse shall be counted so that's where we're so we plead the very first arguments as to who were then we go on to say who you are judge judge you are no civil actions but not in front of me i'm in the republics or you have to deal with me and the replies and for the most part you never get a chance to speak in cor they will they will try to side step you if they can and confuse you but if they can't confuse you than yet there were erected so that itself when so now you've been listening to the radio and all are the television or the congressional earrings or any these you do not hear them use the work this sure very often in the last couple of years why you shall pay one there there here where no one people over all the time and given a bad information they don't nothing we get is what they want us to hear it's the narrative is that a trainnow news there you've got to study on yours on and find out what the process is are or allyou're going lad you know right you know you'd be livingmight off the lot a ride so you have to learn those kinds of phraseologies remember i said last week and the week before you control the language you control the narrative and that's what they want to do they want to control the language so their coming out with oh ah eke overreached their thority now these there authority they were never given the power and usurpation is criminal were as oh over reaches just the slap on the wrist so they're getting everybody to believe all yea he over they overreached their authority now the sercher authorities they don't tell but the general general public functionaries is to make the language same with the fifth amendment when they say in the fifth amendment oh you are incriminating yourself i thought of the fifth amendment says fifth amendment says bear witness so automatically when you sitting on the bench and the a and you plead the fifth there saying ah you're you don't want to it criminates it's nothing to do with self ere it has to do with bearing a witness their two different things and they made to different things we have to learn the language of the republics can you arate on that a minute toulabre on that a minute on which bearing witness is opposed to incriminating yourself bearing witness means that you may say something in your speech or in your in your testimony that may lead to some other fine some other investigations some other activity that you were involved in that may be that they may go after you over that activity let's say for example you were this let's do it before marianna was was actually legal it before him was legalized in ours and it was marijuana and it was illegal and somehow you would not talk on your testimony and it was about one ear neighbors that was growing plants and his garage whatever and he you actually knew about it so in your oh testimony you said that a i know he had though he was grown hamperless back yard so you and you knew about it and didn't you didn't tell anybody about it so now you are oh you are you have said something that can be used against you in a cord of lot and now they can start it besteating you because you had admitted ah that you knew about this it nee didn't do anything about it now why didn't you do anything did you have some did you get some from him ah if the have your own plans so we're going to work in to do a search warren on your house now because you've kind of admitted that you are involved or that you know about it you know how the police department works they're going to twist some and make it sound like you are a creole so self incrimination means that you are at you actually say something that's going to cause them to your process or search your home because it sounds like you are a criminal but the word criminal itself leads everybody to believe that oh while these pleading the fte he ansgot up in the hide no that's not bear witness against yourself you know and nicked and the government would do that all the time they would grab somebody off these they'd throw in the jail or in a in the dungeon they do not give him water food water and less he came up with something that will do that he the king or whoever was a charge could use against them in so that then it became self and criminating or it became bearing a witnessing o oh yeah i was involved in marijuana because i knew about it and i bought some more or some managed though because of the wind blow to my back yard so it added a growing there and they found it in cognition so late in a slope that the difference between the two and they use the fifth amendment always so against the and make us look like where already bad we don't want out we want to use the correct vocabulary when we talk about an otherwise that the wise we can stick our foot in our own mouth when the government is good at that that's where the miranda rites came on board he oh people were actually that stupid that they didn't know the and rights that they didn't know they didn't need to talk to the police department and so they spilled their guts to the police department at end up at cork because they didn't have their rights to read to him he don't know you're right as to teach school for forty years gone teach that if i don't know you're right you don't have any is don't have any rights so you learn those rights you learn that the constitution you learned the bill of rights and and the protection that we have in our country and if we would have done that when we were kids to day we would be in i have a sore that i think is probably a good when i'm to bring up this right now i find my notes here a minute oh the american taking a minute what you're digging that i'll continue on a little bit the american history channel aesthetican history channel have you have you watched that at all i watch it from time to yeah i think that that that was given me as a good source i don't watch tebbut i'm going to look that up a little bit because most of my stuff comes from alternative eh i'll turn ative media and or from actual pepeeta do investigation and order or on the ground i don't want to talk to somebody that you know just walks out there and sassinoro watched that happen with a train to rain there is a gallooned in that scendit for for you know faceand all the suds she's down there on the train beretanee is an expert on trains and i'm like i'm pretty sure you're not you know isn't it sotherei'll ambulances for for information i want to know somebody like se scotone who has meeting to night in an granaid who actually working with election at tegit force or some of the attorneys that are involved in it to get real information because i sure as secondnot in to believe anything i hear out there on the news you know it's just it doesn't the thereinthine us at every time they open their mouth their line to us and it is in conventionsitems required it should be required that we actually put me into doing her own research i think that something else too that should be taught and how to look for sources how to put information together and share it so that we further diversify you know the media and have more citizen journalists or at least sharing information so that it's not it's not controlled in centralized exactly i well i so once we've explained who we are and once we've explained who the judges this is our documents were kind of backed up or reconnoiter you on opere then we explained to them that we can't pay this fine anyway because of molten one point one five three one five for that is michigan good michigan law and good michigan law says you can only they in species of currency or money and that being gold and silver gold silver certificates spensere notes federal reserve bank notes of federal reserve notes and federal reserve bank notes are not what you have in your those are notes that go from bank to bank so there not the the no hominem that's right it's not that not that and if you want to find out more information on that then you go to the coinage it in its honor it's in that he exhibits i send the edentata of the exhibits ah i have not seen it okay harrison he eventually i and then the most important part at wildness is not the most important that is michigan law and it's a hundred per cent good law it's still on the books and we use it in our document and then of course we yous article one section ten claws three of the federal cases which says no state can be anything but gold and silver coin a tender in and means if he have bout dat old to the state of michigan you can only pay it in gold and sir article one section ten prohibits the state from demanding money theatres ah we're not talking federal now we're talking state state of mishgan cannot demand someting that is not in cold silver coin the federal government had a ruling some time earlier on called green man never member the other part of that that said funny money can be used to pay several only because the federal reserve and all to that nonsense that the by the way ter anybody out there that dostow that the federal reserve is not part of the government i don't think that anybody that's watching this channel is miss that fact because ah you know if if people are here its stenebecke there may be a little more informed and the mowedale friscois a fraud is in foreign to disoit a fraud and it's a foreign agency really is has nothing to do with the united states in fact they print our currency and loan it back to us which makes less a doubt in dot them that we can ever we can never get out of the death that were intothe so i ate not only the stealing as from the right the stealing her honest from the left and it should be ended and the fat and the iris and all of it they none of em none of em should be that is exactly correct okay so then we get to the final end of bar document and we talked about downs hers suspend while at the very end because in that bounds vers suspend well spring court decision the judges in every state shall be bound thereby were talking about their ollas in anything in this constitution or laws of any state to the contrary is not what in its inbig bold print an or documents so they can see that before they move on to our relief were and to the affirmative defences now we put a formative defences on there because if any one of the affirmative defences is not answered then you went they have to answer and repot all affirmative oh to date this has been going on considered last five years or so never had a report on it essercitio he never repented any of these he the point that they don't even know the law that are judges don't even know the law at all they they don't even know i mean the themakin ap policies or they make up decisions on the fly most of them are so of them do know the law and some of them want to stay away from so they will not though in orthodome at him like this they will do everything they can to have you not in court of what we've got fallow up documents i will talk about those only give so affirmative defences on one redicote ah i sow and soul have responded to the issues in facts contained in or above related the complete lassies in the enumerated paragraphs above and i now set forth the following affirmative he first the fence i the tessere republic still except i then got a was greeted the nobody wants to use the word the jury so hot oconoree o that cause i've never heard the word the surius that a cordouan way sell the deseris republic still exists the united states of america the state of michigan the county of wayne to thereby the gating any reference or claims existing in the civil action jurisdicion both jurisdictions cannot exist tis sure at the same time so here we throwing out of now okay jard answer that queston to both exist at the same time can they exist what they can are we in the civil action or our way in the republic were in the republic yet why then why are we in the republics because the federal constitution article for section for says we're guaranteed a republican form of government and every level of government number one number two thou sworn the support that didn't see her so you can got em in a box or theagenides nidinta e the ontologic then you're an impostor the head belong on that bench because you didn't swear an old tea your office i mean there's many different ways this can go if you wanted to take it in a different direction but is a great strategy game it is it is good strategy are right second affirmative defense the city of livonia has yet to prove properly created the cure body hence a de facto body could not create a dissury office which the officer in question as to occupy when he issued the complaints last so police officer gives you a ticket but he has not proven is de suristan us and he can't poor of his desires status because in order to be disuri i have to be in the constant both state and federal or if it's a state law in the state is last departments are not in institution either one of and so it is an act basically the act of usurpation and these authority in these authorities of the police he not being the jury a defect because the acre the shore department unless they have constitutional authority and the dent in the manner wouldn't now the shiver of on the other hand he does have the curiothity he is a disoriented but the regular ah police are not there not de jure answer that question not your honour andor by the way this is ghost lepic officer who gave it he is reading so you can understand a judge may be can look at this thing with four years of low school behind a plus for years at college but most police officers don't have four years of college some of them do but most of them do not have a low degree so they're looking at this thing and how one day i was in plymouth going to court in i was sitting in the pence on the side nobody no boy was so disswaded corts to call me in and in walks the cap the police officer that gave you the ties and the prosecuting attorney and the cop looks at the prosecutor and i can hear em he sang oh i don't understand anything about this desire crack what is this all about and the prosecutor says don't worry i got to cover what he was supposed to know that the countesses to know that because he's the one that's given the citation this is the only department that can issue you a ticket show and defend that ticket in cord and she actually prosecuting get money for that ah that's why we have three branches of government right we have the legislature that writes the law the executive that forces the law and the judicial that that hears the constitutionality of the law but in the police situation he does all the can he do that not supposed to shouldn't the snisheen something a great set up for her for institutional extortion and institutionalized extortion and harassment but you know i'm not against you know i i support the police but i support things that our dondolare and let me say i support law enforcement but it has to be correct not not that thatsomething that we've got to be clear on do you you know that do you know where defendindose came from defend the police not cried defn defend her from the deep states well erolemata there there was they were trying to get rid of some of these egregious purchases oh a of equipment that the police departments were able to cry and so they they so they were able to just by these notorious amounts of quick men which they also had mottoes military equipment in the hands of the police and which they also had to maintain that's where it came for and then all of a sudden i got infiltrated and they ran away with it in different directions but it was more about the purchase of a set of military equipment in our local police forces why are local police forces should have military grade or capabilities as kind of beyond me that he shouldn't that shouldn't be there you know even if you look at the argument as it stands that's a violation of posticum potin posticatus was a log that was brought on the books back after the civil war when the military ah north was being used against the southern people they said now you can't tell you can't use the active military you can use the act of military against the enemies outside the united states but not against the american people and so that low still on the books even though every congress congressional session they try to repeal it yet it often but if the use of the military equipment at waco was all in violation pose oh billy billy boy clinton show hung for the well if this is a big deal this way cost thinking what happened and way colere ridge and such the war you know usurpation of power and this is something we need to talk about some point in time because and look what president trump did he showed up down in texas and it was really out it was on the it was on jack ruby's birthday i thought it was on the end of ferreo wake an i don't know what was the anniverse you way come it was also jeffreywith day which i think is really really amazing sell antecedent believe in coincidences so when i see all this kind of stuff he can birds just like this kinberg is of things it makes me go well well well what are we really what are we supposed to look at here you know and i think it's kind of important all all these things but i am pleased to continue we are on the third affirmative defense the officer in question has not proven that he is qualified do sure that is qualified to curioce occupying a properly created the jury on and that he his axe in question were performed de jure what he did was according to the lawn conodontes and obviously it wasn't i do at all three branches government himself and oh where is the law that says if you are ah that betastete or that a city can be a victim of they can't so you camped out speed down the street and city of ionia and alone is smeltie because you're in violation of a city ordinance the city cannot be a victim slow is not acting the jury these offices are not acting they're just following orders from their superiors that so that's the third affirmative defense prove otherwise to me mister officer that you were performing at to share a fourth affirmative defense the officer in question has failed to perform his knowing lawful duty according to the delegated authority in the history when she is when he is determined to be a decurion or a defect the office hence he is a mere usurper has whether they are determined to be the curio ficor at the fact hoofs they have to be one or the other or they are mere supers so which one are you if you are at the cheery officer then you're okay you're the fact o officer have no o piloto why you could still be in a de jure one as a de facto office but you have to ah performer duties according to at or or a mere usurper that's norton verses shall become and then we're talking about the fifth offence the laws of the desert republics cannot demand an impossibility that is the man or force that defendants to pay a judgment or fine in a nine disrespect of money see reserve no although claiming to be legal tender for all inseptic and private they are the in their nature they are not the jury so how you cannot force me to make a payment now you got to answer that question if you can't give me a a nig a net a negative answer for that question's sake oh yeah you can be forced to pay federal reserve now then then you win and i lose what you can't answer it i no ah six the formative defense it is the determination that the defendant is liable responsible i if it is determined that the defendant is liable responsible according to the complaints let issued to him in order to pay a judgment find concerning the civil infractions decision is contrary and void and it is repugnant to the thirteenth amendment of the united states constitute as the defendants cannot be forced into involuntary servitude unless here she has been commanded convicted of a crime not here being found liable for a civil got that indeed the men men says no involuntary service what about all these people locked in round on the sidewalk picking up trash for the city sad and violation thirteenth amendment and now that way it's in violation of the involuntary servitude of the thirteenth amendment and also liable for ah not liable for any kind of a criminal activity but rather a civil and fact in a civil and fraction is not has no authority has no teeth in it on the in the tesoriere so answer six can answer that can a cop answer that and say wallacks not in violation of involuntary service to their predominent explain why seventh affirmative defence the officer in question was never delegated that the curiouth ority to write complains serve complaints and then ate in the prosecution of such complaints in the republics the city of laon here again i told you police officer writes the complaint serves the complaint and prosecuted can't do that not the way our government will set out to its totalitarian it right it really is i mean it's isyou're guilty i can't you here here you know here's he was what your future looks like that's right i really know there's really no ability to answer it it right the complaint slashed ticket in question is not supported by an affiche in other words a police officer sides and sword of hate shell that out he didn't go through the process of having an affidavit with they don't so prove otherwise mister officer that's the age of flanders nine affirmative he intruding on the duties of the revenue in handsome is a violation of the michigan constitute article on i don't this one says article once section it but this is south carolina i don't know what mister of the complete him separation of powers issuing a ticket for revenue and hansmen is a violation of the oath of office by usurping authority never granted by the us cos as well as he there is a provision in the constitution of michigan i think i could put my finger on a pretty queer that says that there's a separation of powers a separation of powers there oh hours should be the yellow chorioptes ions from the chat she here when he get while we're while a dickens and of course now that i wanted i can't push it is easily the case but you know what this is real news by real people for real people at the kitchen table is yeah an that's the fact more to hide metacenter you know we just witness of volunteer and we get up we get up here and and try to dig through the step to put our state in our country back to mother yet might be in the index on the separations some ice the real is it's not there out quite as i nikfor we were talking before we got on on the the shoulders morning that i exellent offered lots of money from different sources in order to sell out betray the both off and whatever latest and asexually pretty big of montoni and ah i pretty much said yet i don't i don't i don't want this you know and how will freeze all were before i take one die of that stuff so this is truly volunteer well of course i can't find it but it's in here you can you can look it up if you have a michigan constitution and if you don't i guess my question to you is why don't it has the missteps the idiot their very easy we have or are poccalito and we have our michigan constitution courtesy of terry macawsthe man the mouth of the legend state rubbishthe ll be in an office here go tarkowski o god there are good people out there ah i will bring one point out that we talked about earlier because so laterpeople say well if i go to court i fight this they can put me in jail article one section twenty one imprisonment of the no person shall be imprisoned for debt arising out of out of or funded on contracts expression expressed or implied except in the case of fraud or breach of so and can't be putten you can't go to jail not supposedly according to the constant because constitutions educat for god who have estoteville that law of daily charlotte bront in affection fifteen ten texts in fifteen she found it yes sectionsthe some people on her that a really amazing to section fifteen tags for i were or effect techescarle what's the article which article i may be so tell me pats can you laboratories she comes back for something here suppose to be underlined in my book i don't but i got several of these books floating around all right while she's diggin at of bolintenu were almost done so the tenth of formative defects that we haven't spoke about yet nor did we are we did separation ah in a one i shall look that up article one section let's see if they're the same that in south carolina are the insect no that's weak when now quartering of the oh i don't know it's in your somewhere anyway and at last in he searched takes us a wild look things up sometimes and i then you know tireless effort by patriots continuing to be a absolutely on you know unwavering the last the tenth of formative defence as i do hear by reserve the right to plead and prove further affirmative defences that may be known through the scovery and or trial in the above capture were opening the door if we come up with another idea not be able to bring it forward we don't do that then the gentles say you only listed nine that's all you can he were saying roofif we want more will have and so the final docet the final end of this sister man for relief i do here by state and claim that demand for a reply to this defence answer to this defendant's answer in being this designated to be the counter claim so as to put the plaint of unnoticed of designation from the plate as required to be filed and admitted into this course if the reply is not forthcoming having the answer to this packet is not forthcoming this will make defendant's answers to the complaints last controlling no the words if you don't answer this this document is controlled so i went failure to reply to defendant's answer will be viewed as nothing more than a violation of the application of the rules of the court rules and therefore a default by the plaintive and therefore requiring that the complaints that's the last knock he that the last part of that document that goes forward charley fishing with michigan fifteen tents section fourteen phiren love it that the lightest branch how find it for an next week in i sees proudly given it to this my corrected but i won't say it separations of power and its generally dark black and it's not been important it does i find the it read it more than once well get it next week it's a pierotto no point beat ourselves to death here like look my doroteita i can do that all right so that has to be in court seven days before the hearing so they can answer they have to answer it in writing can show up at the cord say will you not in attentively on paper but i'm going to ferbellin you have to answer it in writing while this then we have to show up with things in writing you can't do show up there with a fencethat's well it's the aminto go this way and then i'm goin to go that way and it doesn't work met it's right you have to put it in writing oh mister prosecutor so i can look at it and i can keep on your then we can go to court and we can have a real argument in court as to whose right who's wrong but you have an end in me any documentation at this and of course the prosecutors use all kinds of excuses i just got this yesterday or jesters even though we have a certified male et said it was delivered to we i see i just got it to day well i your honour then now let's give the prosecutor sixty days and put the oh on hold for sixty days and then in sixty days will come back and are because he's in the fall and we can argue if he in the fall is so he's in the fall and that this point in time you're supposed to give me the latitude and say that i want less his default to set aside with inexcusable neglect and is answered my one tooth of those she and come up with the answer and then he has got a come up with excusable neglect as the wise as a tonic on the cornet any time and say i need twenty more days a thirtieth six and the court will grant but you can't do it yet the millaines out there as amazing as nissequage outright lazy to the you know they got the golf games and such and they don't mind wasting our time to go to corer anything else like that and he but but it's it's just laziness privilege in layson i got a question here from doctor david can a good morning david and good to see you i'm off topic we john can you explain what you think it's going to happen with the fiat dollar and how that's going to help with our rampant corruption in the courts i believe and if you haven't done any research in the vices to jack doesser in the seringuero ah that we are heading for a new currents the new currency is going to be backed by gold and silver and as snack on a bee printable and the federal re service going to go away now that's going to require us as citizens to step up at say were not going into the renucalde the greatest or going to do the other recent here me wine the revel of the currencies were in a de that were not going in the direction of the deep state and what they want but it's going to take the people to understand the difference between the two and i think we're getting there i don't know if everybody's got that under but once we go into the new currents ah that money's going to be tracked everywhere goes you go to the you go putting your full hour work somewhere you get paid some money for that word in a gold of silver coins whether there were there is going to be a digit whether it's going to be paper or whether it's going to be gold of silver still going to be back my old at silver and the gold and silver are also coins that ass and this is what i hear said don not true when even if this is going to happen i'll esca but the gold and silver coins are gon also attracting the vices so when you get that money from your employer and you spend it at the grocery store that money can be track track from you to the grocery store from the grocers to the fender from the tender back to you however wherever that money's going it will be traced so that all the little maid i now will you i always thought about if the government knew where i was spending the money that would be a bad i think on one hand on the other hand it would totally eliminate the deep state money landed there's never would not be able to happen any more so we may have to give up something for something in same a little bit of our security course we do had do that anyway because we use credit cards because we use tabard because we are i don't use cash all the time every time we go to rochester or so many people were at their plants and pay for their goods that way that's all track spent so are we really giving up something for something i don't know ah the there are some of us said have a few extra dollars layin around but not in not enough to run our life in all we don't have thousands and thousands of dollars lane around that tap into at any time and then they wouldn't know where we were going but it would get rid of the laundering of money and the dirty money would it's so like think it's a great ting i too can as tracking devices equal block chain i think yes he's correct black chain is going to be part of the tracking the vice because it's going to be following the money and i don't i don't foresee that to be a bad thing i did originally years ago think that there on all they knew where you were spending the money that that would be a bad thing they know where you're doing that any i mean your pay and gray things on credit your using computers the hundred different ways or paying for the and their tracking that if they want attract an find out words going he can so going back to the chess which will be followed by the black teas and a supposedly on the banking system as we know them to day will not you won't have to go to the bank to take your money out of the account cause you're going to have a specific number that's going to be your number for the black chad and that's where your money's gone that's a good thing because then it takes the banking system out of it and that the but cleared part are that third to money people ah what are we call him a one day one there when there's a the middle man were going to get rid of the middle man who was going to loose the bank we don't need to pay them interest any more because we're going to control our curtain our money so that's where i think we're headed and that's what trump has been talking about a lot of times if you listen to his his doctor his sole all speeches and you paid close attention because he does to a lot of stuff in cold he does lot and got yeah i in fact it was thomas was driving in our view one and the arm being changing other cures are found of the currency that's what our restand though his driving and or the one day as the reveille currency it was a cold of some to somebody i mean i i can't the cold but i don't know how that fits into the program yeah we're we're doing a lot of stuff but if you can remember when they would have the war in in the middle east and the pentagon lost three quarters it will two point five billion dollars now how does that even happen oh just sang land in any rock or or wherever it did and it supper that kind of stuff won't happen so that the thati think is cause every time those morons that are a d c print money to go and do one of these to point to billion dollar losses that inflated or economy in ornamental of an inflation and so that's not helping us as farthing us we can the moneys supplies like the blood in your body you can't put a cord into day take a cord up more i survive while that's what we're doing with our government the put in a we put in ten million dollars to day and then we slowly taken out of these and people then our were holding the money ah and we go into it the flat scenery spiral they lose their property because they can afford to pay for it at that point of time so that's going to come to an end stabilized that which i think is well i think your priority you should be to remove the actual virus which is bad guys and gals who do the wrong thing from being able to repeat a fond and you know em honestly have a little bit stuffed stiffer penalties for things because then you would have to track so much to start start ringing down the amount of criminals out there and a lot of problems go away and in all financial crimes and everything so i mean the priority my priority would be let's get rid of the criminals and start start from top to bottom clean things out and then probably ninety per cent of all the problems are requirement for tracking of of anything of their talking about would be in fact on because it just there would be no need for a lot of it so now that's border that's fairly true but then you got understand that with the system of government and the two tired system of justice that we had those criminals are protect right at that of consistat start with all the hetmans the petit people who were in see need to be rude bone cool that you got to prove them that in accord a law in if you're going to go by the by the rule of law that's a amount of information that jeff he come up with it in order to to win the case in the court while the great thing has his long the surveillance they've had on as we have at all we have all that they've done too so i don't think it's going to be difficult as what you do to remove people as what people think it is because i think it's already there it's our concapere and i think we know who everybody is for a real so i don't know i would i would go in that direction i think that might be raised oldcastrians back to my question how does it fix the judicial and that would be back to his comment of a what would happen with fedallah and how is it going help with the radankuchen in the courts well i think that's also as part of this ah change over to the new or going back to the republic rumour has it that a lot of attorneys at this point in time our going back to school to learn the republic i don't know that to be true that's what i hear say here a lot of off on one oh and a lot of the judges that have been brought on first of all understand that obama appointed judges and bid in appointed judge a knowing because a lama was never a de facto was never a dishonest and that's that proof on explained them place he was a de facto president because he was not an american he was a not anatra boards he is a canyon member well endless fred davis was his real father who was the oeconomist but then he never claimed frank davis to be his father so we don't know we just don't know but the information that ain't red it is gone words he claimed that he was a canon so he he can know by his own words he claimed he is a canyon and now i agree with me i can some pretty much and the whole thing right there in my opinion when you are not a president of the united states and you make decisions then your decisions are all know and void so all of the supreme court justices he brought on board in all the hundreds and whatever you as strict judges he brought on board and apologues they're gone they're going to be just it will be makellar exists exactly and verbeck further i mean isn't that a crazy coincidence that statement it will be like they don't never existed and how far back to we go pat has passed the the oh you know the clinton arkansan that was going on you know you were but soon what you say there is no issue of a citizenship there but but when you start looking at what was what was happening how thou forbeck do we go because my my thought as we go back a long way to wipe it away very long way and can i go hinder her and facts and the will back the plinian they certainly should go back to george post the rat senior and how he doorthese i dono how her this but it may go back quite a bit they will clean up a lot of people just based on that because they were appointed by a de facto a officer that poor men placed or remember what a norton says you can't have a de facto office so actually president trump if you wanted to at this point in time it all offices that are de facto fbi cia he creates done halconensis yet their god gordon because they're all de facto not one of them is the sure not one of them has any constitutional authority to and they didn't have acted in the right to me look at ja sick and all the sad up to the fbi and sea the aftener war with the american people a ring howsinge rge bush who was standing there by by the book opositor when a when a kennedy present candy with assassinated that would be held who was there at the nine eleven reading of the words in the school acting like lottie down nothing happened there is so much evidence there that does not that this was absolutely war on the american people by our own government someways it is just now those two issues there's all kinds of it now look at look at the weapon is tation of fouche's little organization there to kill americans they brought up the fact that the pith holding food and water i had a friend that died and they did it in the hospital because they were killing people in the hospital i had several people that i know who were literally murdered in the hospital they would out foodand water for eight days and i you know another front walked in fight fifteen minutes after she walked as she was drinking walking eating she walked in for low oxton count they intepuit her into cardioceras within fifteen minutes and she died the same day the nets stuffed with all going to come out o that it has some already if it is as already in that wait till we get to the fort teoyo know not about me mary and what we get to the sheds and the traffic in what's happened where then kids you want you want to talk about a quick red reality so when we get down to the human traffic and what's happening mishini believe is the third third biggest founder in the united states when that when that little of truth hits the ground it's going to it's going to be something no one is going to be able to turn her turn away from we're going to have to deal with us and it's not a bad thing i mean we have to deal with truth the these people that have been in charge they are not low level criminals they are absolutely high level organized crime and it is to the world economic form and they use these wonderful words his kind words to to lead us astray where we see that before the bible may be the bible's talked about it it's it's over and over again about satan coming as a being of light and that's why we have to re we have to reject what people say the face and look into it a little deeper the because because people are great at line especially if they do evil intention you know they if they have evil intention they will lie to you as they you know stab you in the back and walk away with your money laughing and so that's our bets are political climate that's a lot of what's happening in our will certainly was happening in the universities there's a lot of useful idiots running around the don't realize serving youth to push the narrative that's been created by the vice so i mean it's all those things that are any of us above it absolutely not we all of us could fall fall prey to this and it is important that we stick together and help each other when we see something that's wrong to point out the error and in i really appreciate you doing that cause i think you do an extraordinary job it point out error and keeping people fostered the constitution history and how we actually got here not now you know while you know this is a new new thought oh really a new thought that is probably right off the sea of bi play book right there somebody created it to lead us astray and so we need to go back to what worked why why did we why did the founding fathers created the documents that they did because they lived under the same church aranyat were under we might be under worse tyranny because the because the cyber world has made it so much more invasive and and purposebut the great thing is as any weapon they have formed against us were already using against them they sat presence and honestly that's something that precedent president trump did this you know this week again he is ranked a trolling and laying traps tromso he'll he'll get it to come into it he'll let them he'll let them attack him and all and do something to legal well they just set present for in the courts system for them to be able to do the same thing to catch to catch the enemies it is kind of its kind of beautiful really i mean it's its incredibly beautiful ah so david kent sat and didn't i guess we answered that the charles what about the union thing and misshapen told no right to work yet that was a new one that came out by queen queen gretch am and her i'm calling here queen gratinate squire in all like the ringing the tools to the queen as she rides and benson she's court jester so anyhow charlotte says when the avions flew hit stay away from peripheral they report i think it's premier bigger port on mike adams on in forwardand like in all it's here now next thing i'll be their planned donc you know this sole bird flew now in silence i do we have any proof of any of this just like covenant think we do i think they're just us in it as a way to kill animals all we've got birdfield i guess it's time to off about four million chickens you know let's lesssometimes devalliere add it and killing the chickens as though his people are in too you know i really believe that there is the this way more going on than what we've been told and i don't believe a word of it i don't believe a word of the flu i don't believe a word colleonard to any of this this is only dislike just like on the patriot act if it's only there to take us prisoner and how did they have that written three days to be signed after nine elevenths such a set up its incredibiles it was to salwanners and that whitmer in her minions first of all what now witmer's doing deals with china so she's already delimit the enemy the enemy has already been identified as those c p by and you in a long time missis nothing new depenses doing she's committing treasons acts of tres she thinks she's in charge and light like a lot of people on the tees that there but their committing acts of treason and all that's being recorded i don't think waited mar is going to end up a in drawing her last few years on the from behind bars sorts can be at the end of a rope who knows that she's still there not you know honestly oh infortunatissima thesises and the point of the matter is everything that she's done up to now is again not in son violation of oh that the acts of treason and so on is sofor so i i think this is all going to play itself out may still take another year or two before it happens it may not maybe make a colic me go lot fastly than we think it won't be going a wornout sitting at the table seeing what happening who we don't know the game plan so we just have to stay her alive and pay attention to what's happened and now who the good guys are now the bad guys are and will be fine one son finally we're going to have to bring a lot of the people that have then sleeping through all this time along with us there's still a lot of people out there were a mass and playing the game of o my god we're going to get the birds flow and i go and get my next a vaccine in song sowewhar people that are just like getting and that's what it is going on so long charles says down on this is why the pile of their dying there shipping his strong perimeter on the airplane must watch in it great influences report i like i like my canons i think he does a pretty good job he's he's got some he's he's brought a lot to the table for us to consider and and to a too to consider to look at and to weigh way what he has to say you know i never take what anyone says it face sallower never never i always look at it no laws interestingthese i can find and then once you start going down the rabbit hole in different directions you find either corroboration or you find something that basically ditte's got a pretty good he's got a pretty good trick believe so will see if she goes me a link here but very interesting so this old processes the sole defending yourself in cork process and establishing standing and all of the knoll of the haccompanies laws on the books that basically defend you you're defending yourself with law it's not like your coming it's you're not coming up with a wish some crackpot defense you're just you're actually laying the low to people who are cityseeing in the seas who do not in fact know the law who are making up rules policies judgments on the fly and then let's just go back to look at our prison system which is involved in human trafficking as well as the poor the county registry investments system eighteen per cent this found this out eighteen per cent for every concepcion they get goes into the post i am completely blowing will by this every day i learned about a new way that the screw in us it's like our you i am so sure are you kidding me and anybody that buys into this the there a traitor then that ye is that we look at people and an even on the ground are we willing to take that blood money for whatever comes our way whether five dollars a hundred thousand dollars of million dollars four million dollars are you willing to take it is it worth it to be a traitor to your family your friends your neighbors your community to state and the united states our military the good people the answer that is now there's nothing in the world that sorts one dine of being a traitor to this nation or the people that we stand together americas an american family doesn't matter what labels you put yourself under we need to dare to be american and i i feel that way republicans dared to be americans down o crat dare to be americans for you as taxesproperty people in the cut which is a constitution party dare to be american and stand on those documents and for every one else in the united states whatever the label is batos and together that's one reason why i've been so strongly defending christina cromel because i've been watching the in fact the republican party are ones that are bent torpedoing her and she's on a tack from not us the democrats democrats are set back there just watching the the republicans go after her to destroy her and and not to stand by her i'm not talking about the people on the ground that are close in all the delegates are what over i'm talking about the leaders that their standing their sheets bentses being the sabotage and the well forepiece as she's a good woman oh and i stand strongly with her she was she was absolutely over the target with what she said and resolution sixtyeight as well as it was all about disarming control and we watched we watched people establishing victitavit and i'm very sorry but there is no protected group there should be no protectors on this planet that has any more right or canonicate policy anything else we are should be equal it for if we're out for equal qaality then let's live by it and not just say well it's great recitall talk equality a unless i can get some money if i seasonest of protected status or or in especial snow like type of thing to get money cause that's what it comes down to it's i'm a special snow flake so look at me and give me money because i'm a victor you know i'm sorry i'm not buying this crab and anybody can do it and unfortunately truth never comes out when we when we see that kind of nonsense i yes i years ago i don't know if you heard the story but years ago i went in for my first business long and i literally had the person of the tea at the banking institution look at me in such you know i give you a loan if you were a guy ah you know i and i had a a seated a seated public functionary oh stay wrap actually say was asked what i think a donovan and bore this is the current state rope well she's a woman that was her restwas his response really who yeh got up his name o there's a jackass carry is there ionatana can let these guys hide behind the now the god there's the lot in this i can throw out their really you know if you kind to go out there in your little quiet let people talk oh they will hang themselves every time would because because there the arrogants of beadonthe law and they do not the vigor they do things in the dark i think one of the my favorite stories was of some the people or in on my campaign were at the capital and there were much guys standin around they were now doing shots or whatever i was not there but they were and how got you spooks everywhere right and so they were watching and the they named the us before i was legally removed after republican ticket in that coming out more too because we have lost site so he is going to get really fond is never hear about it maister ned but he hear her on britomartis not work and they were standing around and all sudden my pitcher came up on the jambro and ah ah my my my volunteers of the people were working side they were working said there and they said it was it went really quiet and one of the guys looked up then and they were looking the itmind they said o man ah she's the only one that can be that can actually be whitmer and what are the other guys they started to in shouts and one of the guys go is ye that she gets an we're all in trouble they will all go to jail not glamorgan on men of all i mean jail are you kidding me i'm goin beebe building devils on the front steps of the capitol you know i gets tight it's time to go bigger go home i mean some of this these you know pansy way of dealing with us nonsenses how we got here you know there comes the point in time where you stand and this is the sebut that's what i'm talking you know epenthetic you can ocupando king or senators from the house representatives in michigan and up in prison that would help the retirement fund of the judge this that is true so we can as you talk it picenians each other the hlat's lastridetogether will come against each other you know now you not gone nine nine nine nine per cent of our public functionaries our hero and so judges i think we should have you remewe raised that we raised the pendent from the judges now the judges are also committing trees and during the process which they've already been doing and we get em all one big ball of slime all at the same time love so arises in donain for to see and you on your zomething and donatoris the woman i have infected woman i have not a man and i have not confissor have i been ever confused for one minute of my life nobody had to tell me that i was a woman not and pronounce pronnsion wants to hear my pronouncethat would you side i'm a woman see her better than you and everything away of your idiot pushing in a gondola is a you know ungodly unconstitutional and downright just stupid ah so anyhow he looks circulateing for one i so meeting to morrow we'll start at seven we're going to try to be accurate with our time we've been letting things slide a little that here and there but in triestard at seven o'clock and were not going to try to start on post and we're going to start talking about the constant from seven to seven forty five and we're going to cover probably of some of the amendments as well as some of the other parts of that constitute and of validity and the need as to why we even have i mean what's the purpose of considering the pangeran will ye but we not enough people know that a for example ah could you ah being in congress now let's let's elevate you to the house representatives i had a long night nor yet roosian you ah push forth a bill the ah and abortion in michigan are in an abortion world wide now omit the united states now in it meansit tion why not because it's it's in the state it's a responsibility to state correct well that's a good argument but that's not one on locke okay aigisgoat a portion and let's say ye have an let you answer this as i don't know exactly where you're going they go hat in liberi this one i can i asked the president or or can you as the legislate ban gasoline automobiles in the united three years from i feel like we sold had the jeopardy music on this is where i estrenque tion because this is where you hear me the answer to that is the constitution is only to limit government not the the eighteenth of mandment was the violation of a counsel although they didn't say you can't consume alcohol they said you can't sail and distribute distribute alcohol based on commerce so they got away with it but you really could not control the public by use of the constitution because that's not what he institution is to control and regulate government and we really should know that we release should know what the consul what the function of the constitution is because then it puts us in opposition that we can use the constitution when we need to but a lot of people now it's a document that exists but doesn't know its so now i'm saying what is it say what the state as can this date constitution lemonade or regulate excuse me something of the public life in so i don't i make a law pion care what what the law might be ah you have to ye have to be sick for three days before he can go to the hospital for is can the state of michigan constitution to an amendment in to do people prove answered now they can't its regulating i can't palate can only regulate government so that it brings the sicle then it brings us to the abortions propre is that was that of decurias brought forth it cause it was true trying to regulate people not it closes the clinics down that's a questionable act that may be could get away with animate i could but it's not but i could control commerce in regards to a portions however commerce would fit in there ah so much money it would cost the whatever or if the peace so much tax a base on oologist the porson second horse third oportet in being in commerce you could do it but regulating what a person does stay constitution federal conste do not do that they regulate government well sweet in very much aware of them and we have to remember too that the constitution was written with a moral people considering that there was a moral group of people who had integrity also and that that something that can't be overlooked i mean as we go forward as a nation we are going to have to work a little harder on that and that working little harder starts with ourselves first and foremost and making sure that we are holding ourselves accountsand and that's integrity morality and aniterias that only comes from our relationship with god and i think that you knowstone that every single one of us should be absolutely working our hardest to set that standard no matter what people do around us no matter ideating wrong we still are half do the right thing and i hear that so many times it's like well everybody's doing it well he does that make it right you know it's like we we have to hold ourselves to a standard there is right and there is wrong everybody knows it and others there is really very little gray area there quite honestly and in our count in our personal conduct and if we're really honest with ourselves or we every day taken a time to be introspective did we do the best we can make process improvements continuous process and provements in our own behaviour so that we can in fact stand before god and know that we've done everything that we can do and i think that the highest law right there and and that's that's the natural that's god's law and we need to honestly be painted consent that and making our choice is based on morality and integrity with every one i don't care if everybody's doing wrong than doesn't you know doesn't justify anybody's behaviour just because they can get away with it that's that's not kiyotin that it is possible to walk on this earth with god others and there's many instances of it the bible and we've all met people that we can say you don't want that person i think the person actually walks with god doesn't falter i mean i've known a few of my life that i believe would not fall to under any circumstance and i'm proud to and in proud to know these people and so you know that that's first and foremost that we should on the individual basis a be responsible for our conduct at all times at all times no matter whether the lights are on where the things are deals are being done in the dark or whether i know it were any there's no condition that whatever you do that whatever we do isn't laid bare before god he sees it all and he is the ultimate judge and i think that that's the one that we should retain the most attention to you right there because if we pay attention to that the rest of it will fall in line in one thing that's really been amazing to me lately is how when do you realize that everything that we have you know i understand that i had for many years but when you had when you look at everything that you have as it's not yours it's never yours never a kind of is but realistically it's always gods this is his sand box and were used to things that were given to help the people around us and when you see when jesus said it on now give the shirt off your back to some one if somebody is in need give us your other back to the and i wouldn't let some take advantage of me for certain but when you really see need in that the spirit testifies to what you're seen if you ask god we can actually be in our proper position which just god's representative on earth to do the right thing at all times even when we're surrounded by darkness and satanic behaviour were still were still responsible for our actions on our words no matter what anybody else does and if you don't have a good example then you got to be one you know i i remember point in time where i was like a man this this is once given many years ago in like i'm like god i'm like i don't believe there's any good people left on the earth i think they are all gone and like the i don't i don't know anybody that's doing the right thing and it came back to me and i and it was like well you are and i'm like what you got me there i will i will try my best of the ranting in its sessile my arm even apart and then he said and you did her and unlike got me again my dad would have done the right thing under all circumstant and then he brought up some my kids and i like well okay so they just kind o kill that argument because i know beyond a shadow of doubt that i've known people that regardless of personal consequence they will do the right thing under all circumstances they are truly trustworthy and that should be our main goal in life to live a life trustworthy to all if any those without a voice and being able to stand before god knowing that we've done everything we can to stand to carry the ball to the end so there you go all of this depends on that depends on us to do the right thing so that first informal so anyhow i was go head save per thing unless you got in the will has it any less words you have to say and and anything in the common or i put that on telegram couldn't get it to share the length o son of food of the article so charlotte sent me in photo the article offendedonly telegram in page which is at brandenburg the number for a i and i do i write and post every ersingin on that channel if you're on that channel brand and be you are d number four am i that's truly me talking to you when you're there and i don't put my phone number out there you want to call in and and check their assonances or channels so you have to go to that one by name anyhow i out we'll go to work go to your comments senator on de cevitate thank you so very very much for the brave people that went before us to teach us to lead the way and honest link to newtonpoetic or smell the acclamation thank you so very much to march i got a turn or monoacetate thank you so very much for everything you've given us the beautiful day had of us in the opportunity to show your love to the world and be an example in this world that is so corrupt is so dark that's our best self that we can be and were thankful for that we ask you guides indirect isslong the path that we would speak out and talk about salvation and jesus christ and the holy spirit walking with us and dwelling in dwelling on lusngin us so that were never alone were never lost that we can stand bravely in any situation with no fear and it's only because you are here with us you are guiding us your earliness and we're just the thossan we're to shingle for everything you've done for we have done nothing and you've done it all you first loved us so that you could teach us how to love and thank you thank you so much less in and everything that he does all the people that are standing with him in order to educate and stand for this republic make dificantes every single patriot out there and your children who are willing to stand against all circumstances in order to further your good purposes your kingdom that your king is that for your kingdom on earth as it isn't happeneth for all i please bless any one out there who struggling to day let know that they're not alone and that all thisthis turned to you in the answers will be right there gratis wisdom discernment and your favour and everything that we do and we just want to say we love you so very very much and were thankful for you and bless bless john health wise to day also and jessamy amat and christina coronoides was christina chronoses good woman so i say who had no ahwell those are they are going to shop on one day the pirate to have you i still don't have a hop invite from me and you at one send me any mail at john jr at a ootcome and i will i send you then by a to go from there i were continued the march forward with the constitution next week we'll talk about what what's our next step because we know that the deep state or the judges are not going to answer or and so now we have to go to the next move which is going to be the faults so will continue that march okay savings ponoestigonce have that is much divine provided everything goes correctly to it and ah ah i i always look forward to to to see in every one just remember your never over law and god is with you and there's a lot of us out there worth he very very very hard to protect you your family to stand with you and we ask you to stand with us and all all of us that the family gods gods family not not fractionated and fraction fractured america but god's family living here as one nation indivisible with liberty and justice foundand i believe in that with all my heart i believe we can do that we just got to do a little work for that so the story santiago to nevernor come because i am the best one could see who has ever not conceited against traitors liars cheats of these also we love you very much god bless you god bless saleswomen god bless the mica beyond again to morrow where the redeeming grace and love you out richout to me is some point time at six one six four three zero four for one zero and a tone and john's meeting a john give give your email address in it john jay tater at yoho darco i can say if all the other lengths sink to the icethere for princeton halted so everybody have a great day to day to bless you and go all there making difference in the world i'm going to add this word in hidethat on president i i think it's significant hates going to do on the matter but because i think this is kind of a cool if i welter screen here and well no so how does your the cold had created de no her antonin