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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/6/2023 Liberty Essentials and Ian Smith

Published Dec. 6, 2023, 9:27 a.m.

9:30am Liberty Essentials, Bill Mohr II - Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10:30am Ian Smith Smith, who owns Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, has made a name for himself as a bodybuilder and outspoken opponent of vaccines, one willing to break the law for the sake of defending God given rights, guaranteed in the Constitution. He tells the story of the stand he took during the COVID lock downs, refusingto shut down. Ian will be speaking at Red Pilled Michigan event, Tuesday, December 12 in Grand Rapids. Alexa Otte and Holly DeBoer Red Pilled Michigan is the result of a chance meeting between Holly and Alexa through Kent GOP. Working together as volunteers on fundraising events to help preserve Michigan for future generations. In the midst of planning a larger event, they were utterly disappointed when the event was abruptly cancelled. However, they refused to let the momentum go to waste and instead picked up the pieces and continued the event, showcasing their dedication to the cause and their community. They are surrounded by fellow patriots giving of their time and talents. Alexa Otte is an elected precinct delegate, wife, homeschool mother of 3. She also works PT with infertility patients. She is new on the political scene, showing her children that we cannot wait for someone else to come to the rescue. Her goal is to raise her children to stand up for what is right. Thus, paving the way for a better future. Holly DeBoer is an elected School Board Member, wife, mother and grandmother to 6. She also is new on the political scene with a passion for making changes for future generations. She is a small business owner in the events & hospitality field and did not shut down during covid. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg some twenty twenty and i think werewith me here we had i had a little bit of a late go getting started to her to say in fact he had to get a hatappointments to get ready to take off a safternoon and had so it is can be gone for a couple of days but i'll post slot once i'm gone but anyhow let's get right at this it is liberty as sone down a brand and berg and though more hainewalde you're good another ones the morning as this crazy as it i i love or shows you know we had a great one so i wanted to let everybody know hang out of the that we in fact have a vocation for meeting in january twenty one and for the texas party and that is at somerset in a door sort and to go to a gun shop and and range the which should be really fund the really nice by far the best firearms course i've ever had was there it was because so knowledge of that i could not it was an eight hour you know ah it hours he spoonbut i've taken other class and i can tell you what that is by far the class so i call them and see in and they they were able to make some so it's one o'clock on january twenty and we're going to continue to update you with more information please mark you callander and i'm hoping that we can even if somebody wants to take a look of fire arms they can do that all so and that perhaps we can even get some if somebody wants to very fond so well well see how this develops sotheran for those in the monthodon now door doors just as little biddy town is just just south okenton so we were just outside of the county but we're close enough that were anybody in can't count you should be able to come out i know there's a lot of people out now again that i'm going to talk to and they're going to be there as well so i senecio group of people is not so that the working passsome of them as well so not only are we going to happen meeting not only will be if enformations going to have some door prizesand i'm not going to give away what those are currently but it's something that you're not going to want to miss oh i will have something to the tembeling he there will be there will be some food provided as well so it should be re gotmeaning next next wednesday were olganas more details on it so i'm looking forward to it eahteteoa is too you don't as every time we go together sort of more like a family pot luck and and and there's no crazy uncles there which is nice you know it's very and a lot of fun i i we we really enjoy our time together and it's really amazing when you such great friend when i see you in my oldest son together talking it's so funny you guys could have been winsted tenor that you talk about lettermore you know everybody's really about the family which we really have to be on and i'm going to go had an say it again everybody out there knows that there's been a little bit of drama out here everywhere and you know what we need to protect the family in each other's families and really respect that help each other along the way in you it mentions while bowed that one people because you know my my daughter just got married and you had mentioned he used to get they the newly woods had a whole year off in the community took care of them because it fostered a good solid bond and a young eventssome time to get to know each decide what they wanted to do and how they were to gather not only live their lives but serve and helped the community so that the community becomes stronger and the basis of that is the family it can't be overstated and anybody that's out there mentioning anything just wrong about steps or these we're going to have to deal with this because you do not have an idle threat to some on their children or you'll be standing in front of god almighty that's going to be a pretty bad one for whoever does that i don't think he's going to have a whole lot of a ah he's a onlistening i can now if you want to be disputes you could have ever and you don't get in the way a family you help it you help people miles and i love that your daughter is in your wife the st it's very nice it had spills will ee back in the old testament when a man and wife were married they were not the lay on any burden to the man they were in spoleto at any servitude to him he wasn't pose to have any military duty a militia duty within the nation and they were they were supposed to support them in their first year marriage and that was solely to strengthen the bond between them so they could focus on their ring stripping them and god and be able to build the family so that when they go back into the community and get back to work they will be strong enough together to know how to work through the and there's not there's not really whole law in the scriptures about somebody touching a child and the reason for that i mean besides besides molocinarii es o that the gentile nations were doing at the time the reason why there wasn't a whole lot said specifically about that is because it was unheard of back then you just you just didn't do it a christ in the new testament said a few if any one would offend one of these little ones one of these little children that he was were gathering around him he said it's better for him that a millstone be hung round his neck then he be cast in the in the deep part of the sea there is righteous judgment for anyone who would dare touch a child and you got reds and i've got kids my kids are considerably younger now but the but anybody can come after me i don't care oh if you want to slander me if you want personally attacked me if you want to make threats i don't care we can deal with that one not one but you come after my family or my kids in that that's untolerable i will not tolerate it and i will eliminate the threat as as i deemed necessary if my my children are in danger that is what we do as apparent as mothers and fathers o god is graced us with children they are arles in the hand of a mighty man and we are tasked with their well being with their safety not the government not these agency ah not even the community the parents are in charge of their own children and there's a reason why this can a sewage right into it but there's a reason why i am an armed individual anybody that knows me knows wherever i am i have by my side or manyat least and if if it's myself and another person with me you you know him others typically multipliers and several other arms within range and the reason for that is not only do we protect ourselves but we protect anybody around us oh you can see i'm in my work truck to day i work and in grand rapids its majority of my work and i work right down and like the southeside you know things that we use the coal the slums and i see the the deprivation that happened and i continued to happen to these families who get caught up under this governmental system oh of basically pierced slavery they get they get into the system and they become the printed on it and there's really it is hard to get out of it because to get out of it you have to sacrifice everything that you become accustomed to and then immediately be be able to provide all that again to your family and it's really sad to see but i'm in and out of these kind of homes all the time and i actually i just did one job this morning already anastasie girlshe greeted me at the door she was probably six or seven years old she said high you don't and i won't give you details about what's going on in the household but i feel for the little girl you don't she's she's there and she's got just a single mother taking care of her but while i'm there i have vowed that nothing will will harm this child right no outside force will come in i'm not going to overstep the parents both but no outside forces going to come in while i'm in this home because i cared not only about myself the family of working with and my children but i care about my brother and sisters children out there as well anotheradventure to protect and everybody out there is our brother and sister because their created by god some of them are a little dirty as brothers need to learn how to be a little smarter but were sold i dismantle you know everybody out there bill and magan's daughters are the sweetest little girls you've ever seen in your life the they come up they always brother and their just beautiful pitch they they are so genuine and so carrying to their it's just a beautiful beautiful et and in i think that this is another thing too that you know we can take i would like every one out there this day there is a family right now that's hurting very very badly it's not the dad it's the mom because somebody went after her and i would love and were in it were to talk about this because it's not o ka oh i love everybody out there to pray and pray diligently for warren and calli carpenter and there as they were at and it's not on so i think that i think that that's something i'd like to ask every single person and i don't i don't want her republican down a cretan none of these we are and this is the family something that i think that all of us can i can think about too is how do we help people round us so when my daughter got maried one of the things that you know i've been doin is making sure that you know every one in all first you know just even bringing food but that's what we do is a family we think about things like when some bees and need or i think you know we're up some ban of broad or or a casserole or something that can that they don't have to do wonders new children that are born you know you can bring food to a new mob and a dance focus on that baby star of the this is one of the ways that we can do that in when we're all hearts like you know oh you know being being gram age you look at the people that are younger than you and your like i remember being and i know what this like his small children and to birth bad you know and to and to raise children and how hard it can and all of us can look around us and fight fine somebody if they're older and i maybe they need something scraped and painted on their house you see somebody that struggling out there the mow all right now all the ice to call city or the state or somebody and to make them comply that is such whining childish thing to do it's not even funny if you are seeing neighbor that strict you can go pick or shovel up and help and or a paint brush cause you may not know that their having more problems than what they're going to let oncesee are very proud they won't ask for it's up to us to keep her eyes open person is how about we go over and see if we can he was going on there maybe maybe they've got a clock drain that nobody knows what maybe we've got a you know some these driveways or something i used to when my kids were little we would go around the neighborhood and we would do side walks and some driveways for so you know young at no time on you you know in what in another cartoon opposite is an on lisle so you know we you know we dog dig people out in the snow in their snow coming so everybody can be mindful that get a little extra salt on hands and some shovels and winter neighbors and he'd help or the your neighborhood his children's silentall on hand to last year last or think it was our neighbor had the grand kids over and she nanny children's tillet all in one so she called me and said well do hansontown but i got a pickup truck we were able to get out when nobody else she go get him the time went on in all those in we can mit ourselves to gather with each other to just love each other and held when there's need there and there's always one he's not including the government casewort they are not here to help he here to extort an the minute you call any of them on one of your brothers and god's keep on account of that i'm going to tell you that right now because you know what it's not there it's not the re issue yours our time to not there freshmen don't ever severethese i'm done with us whole telltale none there's there's something to prayer there's a lot of power behind prayer and god does answer prayer there are times when leaning on a shovel and praying for a hole doesn't work i'm not only do we have to pray but we have to get out there and do the things that need to be done and so i want to talk a minute so i mean the town of allandale if not too far from you done and the this is little little big town of allandale remember when it was a lot smaller than it used to in gold helewise cow a but i not in twenty twenty oh people miss you might remember this and twenty twenty there is a big group back when the protests were common and a lot of people were trying to tear down the historical statues because their offended by either the color of the person on the state or their name or who they represented and ever trying to tear down these historical statues and endeleas one of them elasa couple a couple of monuments built up in town hereall away from that she and he and never a handful of people that the said there it's not going to happen in our town a couple of em actually the majority of them by i know if i've talked to in the past but they came and they came armed and stood between those who wished to destroy and the statue and said ye ain't doing this and by the end of the conflict nothing was done ah they stood there they protested and the men with arm stood there and they just held the light and the reason the reason for that is his late out very simply in our second amendment that for the security of a free state it's our right to keep and bear arms that is the purpose and use and those men at that time put that use to power and use that to hold the wall between those who who sought to destroy something that the reflected our nation's history and the object that they wish to destroy in it in saved those statues of as far as i know still remains to day and aldous it been tried to take him down again and he and even the board out here i know they no no how political boards are they they talked about it they talk yea and nay and when it was all set none they still remained that is that is the purpose and i know you want to talk a little bit about those today eh but that is the roe purpose of wire second mental was put in place as the stopper a to to provide for the security of our state to provide for the security of our people and hold around us so then these men the several of them several of them were from an organized militia and i won't mention mention those names but the but in our constitution we got over this before in the pass her constitution provides that the militia is the ones who are in charge of executing the laws of the union suppressing insurrections and repel invasions article one section it's called fifteen and sixteen you can read and it's the congress's power they are supposed to organize arm and discipline the militia when one in service of the federal government which means they are supposed to be putting guns in the hands of these people so that they can execute the laws repel invasions and suppress insertion no i haven't seen that done in my life time we we hold the standing army here now what america which are founding fathers explicitly denied the right to do for any more than two years within a declared war we are not i have not been there for some time yet they still hold standing armies and not only do they hold standing armies but they forced the quartering of soldiers within our state ah miss national guard is a perfect example of that a lot of them are under the federal jurisdiction and i forget the title title tanner title twelve something like that but they are the under federal control and they are being set up to remained standing in the state of michigan it's unconstitutional all means it is the people who are tested with those due oh in michigan we do have a malitia is named as the machinationa guard but we also have the unorganized militia a by statue go are the rest of the people capable of bearing an so it's it's our duty to remain armed for those purposes and even though he were going to face threats by our own government for doing so if we don't stand and exercise that right we can watch it being washed right down the dream the several a magntiser nonostante past administrations in my lifetime have infringed upon the second amendment in one way or another whether large or small we can see happen in they were the want that gone because they know they know that truly a rolling over us and throwing us all in boxes the threat that the janice as long as america remains armed we are the only stand between them and the new world order being set up here in all these other nations are looking to america we we are the last stand for liberty here in the world if we can't make this work like benjamin franklin said you have a republic if you can keep it if we can't keep it then there's no other hope and may be somewhere down the future they might try again we might we might resurrect the ah the good godly man from seventeen seventy four and through the revolutionary war that might be resurrected as of it happening in my lifetime or pretty slim right now i do sing the the degradation of mankind in the immoralities that we allow we are we are supposably an nation under god but we have since lost that and i think it was was that next then a ragin oh one of those love of her had him he said when we when we are no longer nation under god were a nation gone under right and he was absolutely right there and until we get back to that we're not going to we're not going to gain any progress in restoration toit the people are really waken real ones i don't see the we have to understand and the rules that place in order to keep it and on on the right and i guess i'm more positive about it because i do you you don't know what he had until you lose i think that we are in the process of losing it right now which is one that i wont to bring up this morning one of the things that we are working on in fighting this absolutely wrong criminal bill that whitmer signed into law making a misre a colony in order to take yours smashing pompions all those things this is about having a hang nail and telling every one were taken your gun over a hang the in the next thing you know it's like you got blue eyes were taking your got the star bells the right there looking to disarm us save the popular and so we're we're going to continue this he and i'm working on wells work things were working on this that the thing it is is that that you s textures party which is the constitution party is the michigan affiliate which sentbanse globes as in trataron the the planet he which i don't understand why secretary estate would go to that in you know that there is absolute not why secret in charge of the election and driver's license i should illegal in she's trot round the the the planet and this is wrong this is wrong ah i think that i think that we're going to continue to move forward not only addressing his of of a trying to kill the second man he is that's what it is which is our only defence right oh to the rest of them falling because they're trying their hardest to sense or sin to oblivion and there already were already in a surveillance state they've already used states rights and that's the one that thing that he in the way of the rolling over their little planted faults flag and which we don't even understand how these people got there because they don't deal with crime or mental of course we're going to have this it's all by design keep your eyes open guys because the us taxthat on like the other ones out there or were actually doers this is a really if you go to meetings you can go to meetings and but what are you doing other than sitting in your echo came in and leaving and going to another echo came in trying to figure everything out and think and be cerebro ridiculous is a notion it is is a non the non political verse the snow flakes that go sit in a coffee shop in my opinion you got into darkin the fight there's ways you can do it you can join general flint's oh in mary plans things these which is god in the fight the child trafficked i summon the going to be a great one and its end sterling heights you can come and join us in the text is he finds bill and i aren't going to put up with any of the nonsense that we see in that happens there gone we're not going to have any fighting he senesino any of these it is going to it it is the ova in if you want to join figuring out how to oliver elected sand or remove them or find a legal post to remove those that you have you served the constitution are right that themselves at war with not only god or us but god also so the he got realized thomas jefferson and his his speech to the virginia delegation on religious freem he defined the word infringement for us right he was one of the proponents for the second amendment the he actually defined the word infringement and he said that is a repeal or to narrow the operation of a right an you got apply that to all of our all of our god given rights the government deems necessary to write a bill that would dare even narrow the operation of right which means may be an attack to or may be a a file one extra piece of paper work or go through a background check you name it if it narrows the operation of us people exercise our right it is an infringement in its violation as should have been stopped dead in its tracks right when it was mente i not and as to the same thing goes for the second mandment ah specifically says shall not be in france right that is the easiest amendment to follow i mean if you if you want a clear cut throat a right of the people that you don't even have to think about it's the second amendment right clear is no nice and to the point the right there is no gun debate amongst us right in the constitution party at least on the us taxpayers party most speaks specifically there is no gun debate if you want to come in and try to debate a gun rights or debate which firearms are legal and illegal or debate who can have them or who can't have them we're not having it right there is no debate it is it is perfectly crystal clear how our fathers have laid that out for his and any infringement will be met with the necessary amount of force to try to stop it before we have to reverse it and at this point were to the point i don't know how many people know this but if you go to michigan legislation ah and search out the gun logs on the michigan penal code rate at section sebenfh you pretty out and regular point fought and you will pronoun twenty two and a half pages of sesto years ago its larger now but twenty two and a half pages of gun laws and a lot of them have to do with the felony violations such as in threatening somebody with a fire arm brandishing or you know the things things of that but the majority of it are all infringements on the right to keep and bear arms twenty two and a half pages is just on the state of minchin fifty states in this union plocopari tories and there's federal legislation a gun control act and the national firearms act both of those are unconstitutional the it shouldn't exist the fbi the deal jasion exists hesthergeneral anyooal be gone as right as right every single one of them is unconstitutional they they do not exist it is foreign to the us constitution is it's time this generation is postotica of this generation does it your leave in it too are kids is generation at not willing or going to be slit that's what they want i am not willing to suffer my kids to put up with a fight because i wasn't willing to fit come he is shatterment it january twenty seventh you can meet us in person ask us questions i'm always willing to talk to people oh my a lot of people say that i'm a that i'm unapproachable and i don't even know what that means i got a nice grey beard i mean i think i look like an old man even though i'm thirty six or the but i won't talking with oh as long as you're not just going to sit there and try to debate with me about something in name like gun control can ideaif he wanted to bet then you'd better come you better come ready with a loss like norton vers as shall be county that none of these organization i started to sit that none of these organizations created enslee to ebonize against the only reason why they exist comply we go along with it and i'm looking for to my next on now he did he did what i did when when we when we shot down i went right out to to then i sat arrestednow cause i'm not going to comply they wouldn't do it i tried and on like man i got to try this a little it hard or rieti did not close down and nobody should he closed down nobody not one business for vaccinations are used of estraingers on or coercion and in my opinion the business he required their employs to have vaccinations anything like the they cornetrees on against this nation because it was a violation against another american to to deprive them of their lawful ability to for the family and they were weapons in the same thing with the health and human sure weekly the state out in its good a half a cut is going to be so people are going to be shot you you cannot not for some there there are employees do you read there a service the government is as if you hired any one on the planet that has failed is bad as the united states over only in idiot we keep them employed at the point where we are right now they have sold secularly failed and failed her oath of office failed as been involved in trafficking children drugs and weapons though the largest trafficker on the planet guys he was spies s is the biggest child trafficking organization on the they get about a million dollars per legally i in look at what they did to try smokes the first one that was as he rested and jas they held him illegally at gone for hours and when you read his whole case which they keep scrubbing from the internet but which i put out there the whole so every creed his charges he's got a three point a two point three billion dollars set united states government i hope he went we start pulling the plug on these people's money cause that's what they're after that's exact this you know people talk about grab your torches he don't go there that's stupid that's what they want to do that's what they did it otto re if we're going to react we have to react in a lawful in a good way the loss on our side we do not want to go in that the way by cutting off their moneys stop pain these organizations or bid for organizations shippen clo stop doing the things that find their active signenari and or a community to serve there and then just on in participant you don't have to follow em you if there's a cost for standing i'm not going to say that i'm not going to be like you know the the insurrection is there in ja sikhs which were federal federal age that's in anybody with half a brain can look at that and see exactly what he oh you know with the with the video footage not that they want they want provocas to a violent act to to come against our one you don't need to do that there's a lawful way to hand and a u s taxes constitution going through that process and i can tell you bill as the chairman on the first vice if either bill or i saw this party going to something that low i don't know what there is also republican party the democrat party we will purpose and only burnt and we will pop up during something else but before that we'll kick sanders who are just peterson from with that were not congo that's right come years ago i was actually a a man came up to my father who is chairman at the time and he is trying to garnish volts i now put the election system aside right now and you think about it the way it should work the first on that with the most folks would win correct putting a lection pro aside this man actually said why would i want to hold for the us experts party or any candidate right don't hold for the party i somethingnot for the party on collescipoli go ahead and you don't have dog crap and brownies are you going to eat it that's the republican right you got a boat with your cottonseed and let god handle it that's one of the biggest lack of faith most ever seen in my life advowson about showers of andoverthe lesser of two evils which is still even he read what james garfield said about the lesser to as the worst of treasons he sed but this man said why would i want to vote for for one of your candidates because eventually your parties just going to be corrupt and he and i agree with them eventually if you let it go far enough the history will repeat itself if we don't put a stop to it and this party would probably end up similar to the republican party that may be decades on the future i don't know thing is right now it's not what should he alone ye put your hole where your conscience lies ah and an end let god do the rest we don't we don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils actually we shouldn't both for the lesser to evils when we put it that way because come judgment day you're going to give an account for everything you did and and when you're when you are asked why didn't you bolt for this man when you knew he was he stood on principles he would uphold his old because by his actions he was ready to move but i said you voted for somebody because that person couldn't win you deemed it necessary to pull your volt because that person couldn't get enough folds to wit use your head here if the takes folds to win why would you pull your vote from somebody aresthat dixon when he designated loser and if you look at her back round the boss's just profit or plowing out to tonkton they couldn't have the way because the devices are who by the way coincidently have got for johnson and jonson they founded with hat where the large hedge found in abodes thing if what i thought of his and dixon she's a globeless for gosh sakes if anybody's not that smart enough to look into this i can't help you they solved they got rob's family then they saw information affirmation look it up and you'll find out exactly who in this little down home gale and in fact with her lomitano logies i want to know looked down in the back rose looks like that would be an easy one for five million dollar company with ten minute videos to go in school are you kidding he now went we talk a lot about the mainstream media and we we all know the man remedia is bought and paid for its run by the government right pasicles giant sobs to create division among the people ah but you look at the people that are being propped up by the mainstream media whether it be seen ncsc and b c a c any of right you can look at it those are the people that they want you to pay attention to right they want you distracted from the rest of the people out there who what who want restoration they watch you to be distracted by the th they want you to be focussed on a device of either this or that this person that person right or wrong left a right democratic it's always the way it's me it's been and even even the conservative crack is i like to call him foxesthe same way he the old do the same thing and all edooshee promoting the fight between two pole i moreover squatarole will kid you know fight over over a bowl fruit in all that you i sir kids fides ridiculously don't get it well well you and i can sit and talk for hours and hours and hours he and we do our meetings were wonderful and we got in to do in some ore and fighting these people legally looking up the laws on with the laws are knowing exactly how to you how to really land that land that take him out legally because and the taxes are we assent round we're not going to sit there in these wine and sob plots where were doing were doing well you act against those people which is all of our rights so with that said any last words i ot god my next guest january twenty seventh macaroni we want the results we used to get me at to be willing to do the things we used to do so come talk to us as his question see see if we really are the people we say we are right yeingana where were found we don't allow of find together you know it's she is actually read we have a lot of furness it's a riot everybody i will keep talking about this and i'm talking to one of our sonatas and will see i think he's a considering this as well as a and so there you go i have had a great one bill and be safe to day of their work and and god bless you god bless horncaster and calycarp enter out there and like everybody to pray for them we are not going we are not going to if people who have had the family ate out there by smith side mither and somewhars information will and are or son sent him my information let us get in touch consie said i'm not just a praying man i'm a doing man so i'd like to ask him what what he could use from me i think you're right now with our mouths so our mouth doolittle bit but i will do that he's going to be on monday and then well we'll hear it write from his mouth what's really going on and hope le changed behavior to about ere have great day and i'll talk to you later i think her ooooeeeeeeeei good morning all come to the second hour of whales explic short here the second segment of brain of her news network i am down to brandenburg and it is these and i want to it's a bringin my next holly demure and an settings alone the morning some of now welcome to the show and i'm so proud of you have been talking to a lot of people about your event i house the ticketsas going howled they did they bump of the a long from to are you yes i have i have landed in florida though it's take pains having backed already all we had not that way pretty soon to all be joining you this bejoined yet a couple of days a down there to at least to delicately front line downfor on looking for some some ice warm weather so let's talk about this metathesis i've been talking about holy and alaksa and what they're doing and anna speaking at there on here begin orientalbut your boniment holly and i'll get this pulled up on having a night this happened he run along as in back down and what he are rex about his rolling forward here a little but a resin that as the before we go to eat an i'd like you to make sure that people know how to get a hold of you so help waste and then the day and the local of this event so that i know where to look where to sign up and given everybody in other another of a task to do go to the worse sign up for this by take it he come you here contributing to a worthy cause i like these gales he just went off on their own and they decided to do something not in a group then kind of way there like i want our country put back and they got together and they did this without anybody ah party's permission or helper anyting the gals decided you know what we're going to figure out how to get a good candidates in place in it's not going to be by party it's going to be the best candidate we'll get out from us and so you know what if we want good people that are willing to put their lives on the line this kind of work we have to so i would like to see these can people go to that we by ticket if you can't come oh well you know it's you you i'm sure everybody out there's donated a stupid or stop okay because i've seen it happen at last a really good place to done in the can't come sporting a really great in two gals a tremendous opposite for what they doing and sabotaged by the republican party for we rode brass in a minute come now we've had a lot of we that was not were promoting the one in the the and here william your as on our walk mountain there is there there table but an if you no i my do that it is to mine and out there every all the time somerset to get word to me called a way i pick the gland which you thought what you how i fed trigain i stopped there to morrow to work the no what's a tells about your story and and let people kevsnek pero previ of what ogonial about i love all the all the business or owners out there that like me is on screw allah were not going to shut the doors in show you hirshpath nks for thanks for having us on the show em and holly thank you proporting this event together it's something i'm superexcited about and it's really really important eh and my story freebody whose unaware i was one of many a thisness honored in the country that that thought back ah my story was probably the most widely heard em we got very fortunate at the gin we caught the attention of tolkerson very early on and for that reason we were blessed or of millions of americans to cross the country we had a a two year battle with a governor murphy and his tyrannical locked down up they throw pretty much the entire weight of the state against us we faced every possible mechanism and because the people supported us because people in or in or immediate circle people throughout jersey people throughout the country and even people throughout the world supported us they gave us the social fire power to withstand anything that they threw at us you know just a quick re cap we shut our business down a originally you know because we just didn't have enough information to stay open we were very weary of the idea i shutting down ah however you know we we didn't know what we were looking at me so he took the original fourteen days to see what the government would do em and that was obviously a mistake but looking back you know like i said it was it was a decision we made because at the end of the day we do care for our fellow americans and the information it was available to asset that i was not enough for us to confidently stay open that we shut down but very quickly my my partner and i we wanted to understand the how and the why who was shutting us down and what were we so afraid of some the who in the whatwhat will we sopranos we paid to the science of and very quickly a politics with politics as usual eh the ah the federal government and the state government over promised in under delivered typical fashion the shed everything would be okay they said that it would only be fourteen days they said that they had a handle on it they said that they would keep us up dated and they did not of those things as we looked at capitol hill and we saw the same old republicans democrats yes where they were kicking the ball back and oh in and the science didn't make a whole lot of sense because we kept going to work we were branded business at the time we were only open nine months on ah we had plenty to do to keep us busy and you know the tv was telling us that they were stacking bobbies in new york city and that people were dropping dead mistreats of china but everywhere i went everybody seemed okay ahmosis were empty we i had fed were riding as ostiano a man get rollercoasters the giant product pontooned one who said that they they closed down most of the hospitals and they were it was all for show we've seen video evidence of that though ah you opening the beginning we didn't know oh what common sense led me to believe that there was more to what was going on and i know i'm far from the smartest person i i'm just a pretty average person turned and forms of intelligence but my common sense led me to believe that i should do some digging and so the information that was presented to us on the television was not matching the information that we would find on the internet in terms of public journals things like that so very quickly we came to the conclusion on day eleven a as they passed the two point four trillion dollar economic stimulus bill which varied few people read oh everything in that bill was a giant red flag a not only were they giving people money for sixteen weeks to stay home and pretend to be scared of a virus that but what he said was but they were also in sentiment stone i remember at that time it was tested whether you have symptoms or not ah well we wanted to learn about the tests we looked at the piece are tests we found out that they not a diagnostic ah and that they kick back falls positive all the time but that the federal government was awarding every state money for each positive in the state of new jersey don't quote me i believe they were getting nine thousand dollars per positive so blake set for the state all it was was coved relief money nobody knows where that money went or how it was spent and right there that was enough for us to the side grew this we i and we took the next six to create a plan because we don't want just open you know with the middle finger salutes we wanted to keep people safe we still didn't know what we were facing he put together a comprehensive set protocol and and we opened our doors we opened her doors and we were met with resistance all the way we went to the government we went to the local government county government and the snake of men and said here is our plan to reopen ugus said to weeks we're going to open two months to the day if you want to come and talk less about it and be reasonable you guys have here thou plant to re open not only our business but every small business every church and every school in the country because we need to get back to the plight ah and of course nobody wanted to talk to us so he said okay ah met with resistance every structure the way we in total we had over ninety municipal citations we were given five felony charges we were arrested we were fined a sum of fifteen thousand four hundred and ninety seven dollars and seventy six cents per day for every day that we were opened via a unconstitutional court order we had my taken from our bank accounts the tune of two hundred thousand dollars we had a couple of million dollars in uncollected fines we were arrested we had our business locked on us the came in changed the locks we had our doors boarded up we had our power attempted to be shut off we had ousestate and everything you could pass think that we were harassed antipooling to our business ah we had death rents coming to us you name it we had the media on our backs they were slandering us everyone that they got in the media i but by the grace of god and the power of the e none of that mense because we were given we were given that social fire power that support in no matter what happened through us people said no and back up cope in a greshopper jim when when he needs you were going to share the story when we need to ah we're out talk about it we're going to demand that there's news copperidge we're going to comment we're going to watch your jim for you so you can go home and see ah we're going to buy your taste whatever and collectively all of that made us on some and eventually they ran out of things to punish us with and all we had to do was whether the storm and we kept the wolves at bay eh and eventually they they moved on to something else and we are able to stand our ground and that's the most important thing i think that americans need to realize is that these people are far less harmful than in everything that they try to do to you as long as you are strong enough to withstand the initial ah will fall apart you just have to be prepared for battle at it's always better to to meet the enemy on the battle field then to be at the edge of the cliff when you've backed up and backed up and backed up and our fighting off of your back foot and that's what we did and we were very very fortunate there were other businesses who tried what we did so met with very little resistance as some had some great sheriffs in the area and there some like the like the business canals in lay that that had a connesoor with within have enough in a county sheriffs and the county government came and erected a lingenthal was to the ground around the so we were very fortunate but there there's a lot of lessons in what happened and the message revery american has the capability to and not only does every american not became ability i think that every every american has the ah too to stand up against their government when their government is out of control and its i don't think it's something that you old the point that or federals governments are wild the out of control at this and if you love this country then you have a civic and it doesn't have to in the form of some epic battle like we had at the i'm keeping in men showing up at a fence means supporting the tone ah means donating your time donating your energy don any your money a donating your voice don't it in your platform eh and being an active and involves because if you would have asked ah for years ago almost for at this point if i could have had i would have thought i could have had the impact on the world that we have i would have said no and i would have called you the the same lie we all tell ourselves i'm just one peso i'm but that proves to be wildly untrue and it's probably the most dangerous thing that we tell ourselves because it's very limiting and we lead ourselves to believe that our choices don't matter eh and they do they do they do beyond our wildest comprehend going looking for the amazing story you know going forward with the experience that you have and looking at were it surely appears as i saw gold word for for the new variation of of nemophila the adverse reactions nations and is listed clearly right there too what would you say le person was going to prepare for the the knowledge that they need he prepared and in field the come stand against this type of of tyranny what would you tell him to have in their had cope constitution copy of your our federal constitution and your stay constitute i read it read it twice read it three times i take a marker to it underlying things asked questions i if you don't know what it says look it up or ask somebody who is a little bit more experice that is the only thing you need that is the law of the land and with that you have a bed rock from which to stand and fight back ah but if you don't understand the laws and you don't understand your rights had not exert you cannot exercise your rights if you don't know what they are and the people who trample on your right our banking on the fact that you have never read these ah and they will scare you with their ah with the whip of hour ah and they will try to frighten you with things like incarceration and fines and stuff like that but a there's two one you have to know your right she'd be ordered to exercise them ah and you you have to exercise your rights in order for them to because you know that they exist to be prepared to say no i am a free man or a free woman ah and i have the right to free speech i have the right to assembly i have the right to bear arms whatever the right is it had the right to commerce in the cason shut down and you have to like i said now them but you have to they don't exist because you're right only exists when you exercise when you stand firm and say i am a free man i am a free woman these are my rights and you will not cross the line in the sand and if you do i will fight back and that doesn't mean you know some insurrection nonsense that means i will hold you accountable by the law of the late and these people bank on the fact people do not know how to navigate ah that's that's that's been how they have gotten away with everything they have gotten away with ah for the last hundred years is they had made people ignorant of the law and made people ignorance of their rights and alienated them from the true power that they had as men a most important thing can do is treethese documents and others his fearful i would add up for evitation of rights under the collar blotto i think that if everybody has you know is that in their pocket at all times and there it is you don't have any rights there and i in menetest nding laws you know i think it's on port and though you have to be prepared for crisis i had in time i can in a court of law you all have to have things written down so to hang out the his when you get in a case people go into an unthinking reaction it you know in the the just react instead of having control of the situation to unmovable though one of the best ways to counteract that is to have this stuff written down in order of what you're going to say how you're going to me how you going to address the fact that you are a you know you're of a so in the republic not the civil action and these are the laws of exactly how there serpent do you on to stand trial when they when they come at you because you've got the right at that point time you know try twice mocks as got a two point three billion dollar loss so going on against the thunder government i think he's going to win he's garches gouted pretty well nailed down so's kind kind o good economy let's make now how did you how did you oh your clients tell react the and the one ah out say overwhelmingly positive a woolesly we had people that disagreed with us eh i say at least in the beginning as one we opened it was wildly unpopular to question the cotonera ive i mean people were still grandma killers for not following the the arrow signs in the grocery store that's held in no deep we were into the coenosteum so i would say polybasite per cent tis agreed with us but of that fifty per cent ah i would say only a small minority of people hated as were you know there would people who disagreed to said he you good for you i i don't want to come to the gem ah and obviously we weren't charging people or dragging them out of their homes you know so it was it was it was a distant rement on principle but it wasn't a disagreement to the point where people hated ah obviously there's a a there was a small portion outside may be twenty thirty per cent of the people jest agreed with us he did not like us he you know well i beg tend to be the loudest i'm so it feels like there the lot of them but it's that's not the case these are just the people who have nothing better to do so they will troll you so they will ere we were getting calls eh you know we had people who were calling us a hundred and fifty two hundred times a day and oh you know it would be lookthis is the demand they be like you you you know you be less i can't believe you and i like chickango and then the storeseven world i'm a people being like you had this sense you know sensoro from washington stay i just want to say i love you guys and then there'd be another call so you you're going to get that but you have to understand that a you know it is a minority it's a loud minority and the government in the media had a very very good mechanism in systems amplify these i this is not this is not the majority of it's not if anything the majority of people don't er either way ah which is the whole another thing in anotherset the hatred and the trolling and the and all of that it's very over exaggerated and also i would add that ah they have a very very short memory speck i mean these people aided us hate us and george fly came round and the old ah and then it came back a little bit later when the back scenes well and then they disappeared again and there one the next thing and then they're back afore the back for so it's like they're like gnats like it's annoying ah it can be stressful but if you realize like i said it's a small minority and most importantly the use of people who built supports you anyway you know these are pleafamily these are people you know like i still you know a sponsored athlete with with with the nutritional company and during that time we used to get people who called about me and said oh i ketetakere with him and they would check the phone number and these are people who never placed in order with you know so scare what it as ah i think on one point here that you brought up to this point people that are making all the noise they don't work most of em go my things finding these worthless desertless opinion nor how are they living unless its endless some's oh do they samphire's entire it entirely manufactured is like that the invasion on our son southern border insinivation this is an invasion let's call it what it is and you cannot there's no one on the tell me that some one with her little kids and hot walking of the street is getting this making two thousand mile journey and to the non for are you kidding me plotinos numbers i i'm sure it happens but not not in there's no just organic a collection of thousands of people who are like the let's i start walking down the road and join all these other people became it now america now there be there being pushed in by ngos ah you can find a web sites and run entos that post the routes that that have supply route and stuff like that and that's the same thing with the whip a lot of the protests you see him you can go on crags ah during the time of any major belem protest or anything like that and they will pay you i'm your even seeing it now with the israel palestine there being paid on both sides there are sides a orsomewhere are there are organizations in support of israel o and there the same organization at the top that they're looking for conflict between the two toreaces the rest of her out there trying to earn our our living and and you pay for our families sars have nothing better to do the problems and be a paid insurrection one to one sessilethat i had yet onto i don't know why we haven't gone after below cause it was a corporation and held them a cold hole two million dollars of there employees did they were confounded we there forget about the palates of bricks that wound up in season and stopped like that you know what but once you see that it should bother you much less in whatever you in whatever you're doing whether you're running for local offices whether you have a pack like holly and i'm sure you guys have been met with some resistance if you haven't yet you certainly will eh you can you can polly drown that out and antithesis of that question it all in terms of what were it was our membership like it was overwhelmingly positive and as we proved ourselves that ratio of fifty fifty sixty forty became seventy thirty became eighty twenty and eventually the because we were doing the right thing because you were we were respecting people you know we had help people that they couldn't wear a mask in the jam we just said that you didn't he and there were people who came to us super nervous the first time or the first whisper two or three and they had a mask on and they were like one per cent of the impopular ion in a lot of those people wound up just cut of listening to what was going on and hearing people conversations people who would come in one day smiling without mask and say you know what i can't believe i thought of that but thank you for respect but thank you thank you for not forcing your belief upon me and just saying hey this is the place where everybody can the support that you will get when you and you are genuine and your honest and your dedicated to your mission will only grow stay with it and that was so true with the gem by the end of it man we are being fined fifteen thousand dollars per day and we were able to withstand he had our bank a cottage the tune of two hundred thousand dollars a noi tell the story quite a bit and it's not the only way people supported but it's very very easy to comprehend two hundred thousand dollars from our bank account seroit out in the middle of one going legal battles that were castigators of thirty to forty grand a month on top of aging all of our bills on top of paying the increased cost of business on me we were going to nine hundred dollars to paper tells of months of doclea the place so they took the money and all i did was i went on my social media which had become like an emergency broadcast system at the time and i said he is there's no date from the gem and i would give up a weekly or by a one couple times a week up gate i would say he would go on on egletes wasconiam i said he goes it took all of her money ah we have seed allers we don't know what we're going to do we know that we're open were open to day were open to morrow so you know thank you for the continued support so he guys later and without asking for help went to our website and by the end of that week they had purchased a hundred thousand dollars in the we didn't even have remotely that many ah you and then i care about the teacher they just wanted to help us these are people that the already donated to the god on me or whatever and to go on me o i received an it pomp as well but i didn't even have to ask if that point people were just so willing to be part of you know these were people that couldn't fight elsewhere they didn't have a basis ah we have people buying memberships from california who said i just want to keep you know here's a year long membership you know here's to two hundred dollars for the year or he's a donation you know to tosenochte i just won't put on my to chain and say i'm a member of ah you know so that is what happens when you when you you something that is good for the people and that is honest it does always start out like that you'll always have a little bit of turbulence coming out you'll have a low turn out at your ban or whatever or you'll have some resistance ah but if you take your your mission and your mission is honest and it is one that is for the people people will eventually see it for what it is and they will i especially as and i think that we are honestly due for something where we were heading into an election year we have a multiple proxy wars going on ah you know you have the the whispers of whatever the next are thing is in terms of myross you have climate locked downs you have all of these his i know so doing doing good work and state a preemptive i'm staying on our battle footing i like to call it is is the best thing that we can do and i think what ally ah is doing an an her back is a perpetual of not sitting around waiting for the next thing to happen or sitting round and thrusting the that the two party establishment you're somehow going to to be saved by the same god that has let us down especially in states like michigan and new jersey where in from ah you know the gopinath but professional losers in ah you know and i experienced that when i ran for congress i experienced it when i was when we were opening the jeb you don't not a single elected geoponical reached out to us storing all of them not not one the neven call to say hey good job ah they did not want to put their their theback on the line and these people are not interested in i know i know that's very similar oh to what you guys have going on there so you know somebody like holly ah they are impacts they are going to meet the enemy out on the battlefield and they need your support and egousp rt not just by a ticket to one a bet what to ah to sign up for whatever news letter they have to sign up for whatever information they have a to share it to spread the massed again people underestimate how important their voices i don't care if you have ten friends on face share the post at a a and share its shire twenty times i because people may not see it we tend to think that what we do doesn't matter and it does you never know who is watching you you never know who is looking at your stuff you never know how many times they have to see it for i ah what use what you have to help people who are really doing good work and i think holly is is a tremendous example i agree with you one hundred so i went and answered the task less of singing out for the savant average is to go out and put trans i know everybody's in groups with thousands and thousands of as i am and i know everybody is if you had the ability and this telegram that's what i'm primarily on gather there is one this all of these where you can for excitement the ayah it's like this is it really easy low or for entry situation if he and how but honestly i if we can get ten more people to sign out to day even that we might be able to get a hundred of unless you high and see what happens i find out to day and really really bumped that bumped it up that encouraged up you've only got one more day to so were coming up to the old lying through you're not going to be able to go and listen did he hit and listened all the great people that are going to be there and make some new friends who aren't afraid in the it's gone you're going to have to get into or and you're going to have to repair they're going to do it again history repeats and there still the same idiots and place right now at least in michigan there are i you know i i ah we're going to have to replace the outs and botocan de perhaps if you stand of people the and also we have gone through the pen it'll be easy you said he guess what ah i could run for the you know cassinoand out there is qualified it if you're if you a set and see before for goshen he sat in the seas politically automatic disqualification on if you have never taken part and now i eternecido catch her i don't care what it all you on have to plashers especially if you're not yet i don't want people who are qualified to run for a ah because the idea of political office as it was ah intended was not to have a class of people who are qualified exacting politicians the idea of a career politician is one of the biggest and most toxic issues that we have the post to be a government of the people the people show of your school teacher and there all catch her ah if you are a stay at home mother any of these things you are qualified to run for office you're more qualified than the polished turned who went to law school ah and then started working in politics as a political operative and decided that he was going to run politics those of the keep out and we need to you know when i ran when i ran i am in no way shape of women qualified to run for office i don't even own a ah you know i i i'm rough round the edges ah i curse i you know i'm not sure your average die when it comes to political office but you know we resented with forty per cent of the voting ah in doing so we gave the republicans hall of iron for their money they had to outspan as by eleven times we spent about a hundred thousand dollars on our campaign in the spent one point one million to i'm here they had a poor lot of money into that the shot you they got and then they sat down in the general ah and they they didn't even run against a which which dutch shows you you these people do not have your best interests in mines and yet to be the most important thing is to is to realize that probably the most dangerous dear that that we have is that somehow in twenty twenty four were just going to elect donald trump and everything's going to be okay ah and and i like trump i like trump for a lot of reasons i disagree with him on a lot of things but there's this idea that all we have to do is show up you know it in november of twenty twenty four and somehow we'll just go back to the way things were in that's not the we need to be involved in local politics first that's that's the thing that you should be paying attention to the most what you can ah it is much easier to ah there's there's a whole lot less rose there's a whole lot less barrier to entry and that means your town council that means just school bold that measure county you you county chairs a lot of these lotof these place a lot of these are either uncontent unfilled ah or it's an easy race to get into you know and you have to you have to dismiss this idea that somebody is one that you're just going to vote once every four years and we're going to get you by not to office and trumps can come in and wave his magic wand and lives can go back to normal because even if trunk gets in and he waves his magic wand he's not going to sob the issue that you at the local level he's knocking a rein in your out of control state government he's not going to rein in your out of control metacentre in your out of cholcons yoursel even if he wanted to the idea that one man is going to save three hundred million people is chilly because he's got too many tasks if there over that ground is regosity even if he wanted to and he had the best intention in the world and he you know he sacrificed every waking hour of his life you know he's not going to fix three hundred million people's lodges but of three hundred million people fix their own lives and step up you're going to make his jobs pouch now and in the process you're going you're goin to fix wiltinger back yard and you know it's just a overstate the importance of getting involved locally and if you don't want to run that's fine but you've got to get out and you've got to support you got to spread the message and you've got to get rid of this ideology that what you do doesn't so another thing is if you're thinkin about writing to see how many real terms and developers on our board lo a big deal conceive yes all these people are using the governmental the two after off of things and find a way for you to find it that's exactly what he he happened with the johnsons ah that the devices moved into places on not founded by them they have these big hechins that will throw them to the it they got money sationery single direction in her maintop you can go to your local areas and find out who these people really are and find out are the developers of the realtors if they are why are you having them in charge cause they're going to be voting themselves every aviator level they're going to be voting and selves every advantage and you're going to pick up the trap on the end frastrn so i that's how they do while anyonewith the back up here and on an halligan herself out let everybody know how to find his trouorono everything out there met and then well under nepean well young we don't know the an excited and were fighting for more of for in and so when you walk in everybody more of the were given books away too everybody everybody who comes sire me interrupt all everybody who comes we are worst given my book away and i'm going to sign it and i will chat with everybody i now let's put rich make this about a good one yen also here that in re near excited we actually had cotehole is on our price we are old i do and we want to get on otherwise people mormon mr i can go to light red piled an i got or that's where you sign up his rod piled at i got or there if you get hate mail you tell me and i'll put it out on broad cast and will make him run for the little hales occoneechee better so they are we all right well thank you how lean and for coming on less handed a prayer here for i do we're going to pray for waricapana and here a vat and ah you know bill and what we're doing the strider hevinly father so much with the ability you fight for your good this nation has been such an amazing gift to all of us and were willing to step up and put the nation back to the proper one nation under god where we listened to you or reserve you or we bring things before you where we follow the things that you ask i asked for us i at and worn and calicoprinters and their family that you had pre that you would give them that you would walk with him in the two richly blessed them in their family and every single thing they do especially their children and an shut any one's mouth that comes against them please put down the naysayers or any one that would be as the we thank you so much for holly and ian in alexinate doing here and reestit you bless there even coming out that you would richly blessed you would get people to go to the web site and held port this machines for putting good candidates in and good leaders that can stand in the st serve the nation as you have called us we ask your blessing on bell mourn as cape his entire family and what's been a countess in the us dexters party to fight for a right the right to bear arms and have a well regulated his we find these an it's not only from your word but its the way that his defend those rights given by you and guaranteed by the cost we are so great for the state how to us were thankful that we come to you with any and all things that are in our hearts and that oreana for everything out there that is is a problem we are so that you are good is such a great friend to us and we want to be a wonderful thank you so much for to die for sense and we we can't imagine the incredible gift that you given us and keeting better every day no so much for everything we love you and we protest they go eyes so he go grotto brain aberford govenor dot com because i'm still not conceited that i won't conceived to lighter and i am the best known concedere who was over not conceded in the history of planet i'm going to be hunted down to morogo these so the rightful president of the united state the blessing neal plant and admirers and on the event the general flinthis going on in michigan for the the child get in the fight that's another one that a very very very it involved as well as the sign of on that firm in america's future do and i you find a lot of old lot of my friends are going to be there and a lot of people that you're fairly familiar with etchings did the boy and the border and talking about a real is that is not only a fact those he wol ineffect so you can't you can't look away if we look away from these issues were there his children were going to be held account i cannot turn the other way on so i am an ask everybody to to go head and join in when that and send your support your prayers and everything you can even your posting everything all of that counts every single action you take in restoring this and don't think that their small actions every god himself will multiply extent just have to be so ho have a great day to day and know that god is with us in every single every single stuff if anybody out there is feeling hurt in a long you are not god is right there by you you can always turn to help he will help you through at every thing ever circus despard don't feel depressed our country is going through honestly growing we have to change what we're doing is sometimes the old stuff disper in build on an in to build rebel again and what the foundation was the foundation beginning of this one is where we start filling you know rebuilding what the enemy has he so anyrate god bless you all did her hands say god bless you all i god bless all those whom you love and godlie god god bless america have a great day make us sipwakok marylanders his donovan pie one man as you are personated that's going to be there the three and looking forward to got to be a great time start that counter going up for the ticket sails god break see you all abeille ah do in some prose channel at brandenburg the number four i as them down at malaga as well so we'll be takes to have a great the seaman