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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/16/2023 - Caleb Collier Turning Point USA Faith Contributor

Published May 16, 2023, 9 a.m.

"Church and State", host Caleb Collier will be on. Turning Point USA Faith Contributor. Former politician and freedom fighter for life, is known for mobilizing large and effective community action. Caleb is the Evergreen Faith Representative for Turning Point USA Faith - get engaged, equipped, and empowered to change the trajectory of our nation. TPUSA Faith is serving pastors, faith leaders, churches, and believers across the nation by building an active network of churches, local faith groups, community impact events, registering voters, and educating the Christian community on the connection between Faith and freedom. If you are interested in leading a community committed to defending our God-given rights and restoring traditional biblical values in our nation, see below for ways to get involved. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the sixteenth day of may twenty twenty three welcome it's going to be a great day i got up this morning early and ah ah thought he hadn't appointment but i was darlywio is better than the day lay right so on this morning i want introduce you to my very special guest calcalli he has got church and state of a arogram and he's a contributor to turning point so i listened to him when i was in missouri at the constitution partysomething there last month and i got tellias so impressed with him and everybody else it was there that i really wanted to introduce you to him and here he has to say because i'm telling you there in the constitution party were talking true patriots were not talking half way we're not talking people that just kind of kind of go through life just kind of open along now these people are actually rolling their actually doing some so i want to play taddeo you could to see us his face here in the the quarter because i decided to just leave and so on a played the city of where dissolute so you can see i live in five horsemen and good morning tale of his doing good morning i'm doing well it's pleasure to be here thanks for having me on i'll wonderful to think you for coming out this is so excited i have really impressed by everything you talked about ten and it's such an honor to stand with other true patriots who really just want this nation back to the way it was supposed to be as a constitutional republic a cooled out by everything at the founding fathers had done because he lived with the same tyranny that were living under right now it's not like they didn't know what they were doing they lived in a time it was almost exactly like this except for the master vallance and the extensiveness so insacyable there's a leg for his skin from the west coast so that's a coil try to pass here or pay my back oh so i continued place i owe this is consecrete agree we are living in a time that is similar in some ways although vastly different in in others ah but i think regard less our founding fathers during the the american revolution and the times leading up to ah there was unity there you know the declaration of independence yes there was a little bit of debates surrounding it ah what they all came together because there was a common enemy and the conomico an enemy was destroying liberty so because of that a day you know the bothwell different faiths now you had englis quakers and what not the road joining together given have one catholic who is who is a part of it ah but they all joined together and they fought the english and it was the world's greatest military might at that point en time in and we're not operating like that any more in the united states in were operating at a time where we send to believe that a we can have all the toes in an even a lot of anger and hostility towards each of i'm going really examine it no stop operating like for in the time of the constitute when you start operating like were in the time of the declaration i know one of the problems that we on the patriot side of things the liberty side if you want to put it that way that we all argue about whose pure enough now you got the the libertarians are you with conservative republicans every religious examined it and said you know eighty per cent of the things we all agree on and are or enemy string destroy our country in other orticoni ced most americans that we live in a democracy instead of a constitutional republic will that's intentional on ohthat's democracy is a transitional form of government the founders knew that they despised the more and typically the line up you see a republic moved to a democracy and then moved to anarchy and then anarchy is just pure chaos and so we become a some type of totalitarian government you could see that nowadays where there's a lot of people that are embracing communism and socialism ah they have no idea what it actually is they have no idea squalor they will live in ah but there are enemies for now we can move them as christians absolutely but we still have to view them as enemies for the time being i love i love that what she said because i always say that anybody calling to the democracy as a failed i que test it's not a democracy democracy is most unstable form of government and its mob rule i think that a lot of people are really struggling out there though because they think that the government he seen em all governance is the enemy and that's not accurate they the problem is is that they're going to communism but its communism that they despise in our government because we've been infiltrated and wold how this started out as a pure system his gone into definitely a socialist communist i am fastest actually coshering at with your economic means of it it's it's a high brood of everything bad to take the take the nation capitanopatience the nation and destroy the nation when i see ye lay your ear absolutely right and in your correct as well on in calling it a fascist form of government and you know we've also allowed them to control the narrative that this claim that fascism is a right wing ideology it's not you and i both know that i'm sure most of the audience that you have also understands that but still they there claiming that you know that the conservatives that the far right that their noses that their faces were not we simply we want to be left alone a and let then again that's problem is a problem as well because it that's not going to get us to unfortunately when you when you really look it are then the cries of the transgender movement or the militant radicalized black commune see that the therestands of silences violence shorefrom the radicalized black community that the white silence is violence when you examine into some of our statement of adult shed on me or come and take there's a more aggressive there's others are offensive wording whereas ours are deep by when i got to do anything until you step on me whereas for then you are an enemy that makes us on the losing side of the sweet we need to get a little bit more aggressive we need to understand that right now with what the globules blamable do they have taken transgender movement the rise of the notions and the the radicalized black in old be lymoun and youve understand that these are their shock and we don't have any of those when we don't have any shocke and we don't want to get vilinton or side and i understand that if if they are the shock the then we need to understand that we are going to lose until we get more aggressive oh and you know for me that's something that i promote everywhere that i go being aggressive being a perhaps even a little bit offensive that's okay in defense of liberty ah you don't very good water said an extreme is in defensive of liberty is no vice we need to start operating that way it teaches the way from the apathy that had we seen for so long you know i think for years of had a kind of a problem which i home school my kids and i told them they could be in one one or one thing really bateses piano lessons all of this running around that we think that were supposed to do to be approved or be a part of a group or something like that is taking us away from our corps our corean ah real job which is to support the people around us your court a corpse support the people around us to be parents if you can't be apparent if your dropping your kids off and things and letting other people raise them because you're you know you know what i mean it's a if people give their kids and other people's hands those people are teaching our kids and how well do you know them and how how well you know what their actually teaching to dislike with a cynic's outside school i mean i mean i think this is a real real big problem is that we're too busy to really i mean just just everything needs be pulled back the world is too bad we're not really were so concerned with what's going on and areas of the plan at the the media is produced is distracting us with that we can't even serve in our own communities that the right about that is well bent wire we trying to win the favor of the yet we can't win the favor of the left you now the and and i volgesti there's a little bit of it the way i without my country and my internet sometimes can be a little sporadic so i pologize to you into the audience if it's coming across that way but i who can anotheranotherand not timed this is like really super organist or is that is the sorry theme no no let me try or a month to call in and see if that improve i will i'll turn it over to you while i call in oh i think it's okay as long as we take turns here actually working out o i will do that or in any way oh yes sooner what every thing is as we can expect to win favor we can't expect that the media that are a current government is going to be on our side so we got to stop trying to be friendly to them were always going to be betrayed as the enemy here and as soon as we wake up to that and really stock caring what they're going to say then we can actually move the ball forward you don't cop eniten is is a great example of you know they called us all sorts ah they were telling people that they needed to rest the people that refused to take the hat ah you know they were they were firing people and we stopped carrying in some of the footage that you showed him in church and state was from some other rowdies that we had out here in spokane washington against the locked downs and the mandates had the biggest one we had five thousand people marching through the streets and spokan all saying were not pretactis what work were re opening we had business as that reopened martian state one of the more common and the entire union ah and you know what within two weeks of that rally they moved us back sent and they allowed some businesses ah so we can be effected there but we just have to start moving the ball forward ah they've been able to get to this point through incremental movements we can get back to the constitution through incremental movements on the reason i believe that is cause if you if i had it if i found a magic lamp and i rubbed it nice and ganecome out and and a kind of me three wishes on my first wish was to say i wish we were back to the constitutional republic that are founders there be anarchy in the street there the people are ready for that degree of freedom and so we've got to take those incremental movements and move it back the direction of freedom and until we do that we're going to oregon to continue to lose this beautiful night yet i think that we don't even know of what that freedom looks like it any more because we're so far away from it i have a maid estimation that about ninety per cent of our government is not unconstitutional and needs to be pretty much nullified many date we need to go through notification and states rights i mean these so many there so many ways that we can come at this that the ah the founding fathers put in place we just have to have the gods to go forward and use it in order to take the nation back or we are going to eat or going to have to going to lose it you know that's something that we can all work on is just preparing our minds for a large change and i think that comes from focusing on god because god can get us through absolutely anything and realizing that every time he's led people out of captivity it is generally it's going to be a little bit a rough time because we lose the familiar but the familiar doesn't mean it's good it just means we need to i love your example there because i even after all of these miracles the gapeford ring the aces ah there were still israelites who were saying in the desert like at least we should go back one at least we knew what was going on there at least it was familiar at least pete food and water and shelter and now even if we were slaves so yet that the people generally are are more likely to stay with the familiar yes a terrible do we complain not sure but you know life stole that bad and and perhaps that's the problem in the united states is life is not that bad yet ah you know we still live in the free nation in the world oh those freedoms are really starting to slip away and getting pulled for one until we hear that you know or have that shot her round the world type of a moment i really i don't know for going to to act yeah i think i think we're we've got a lot of people that are wakering certainly on this channel there's a lot of people that listen to this that are pretty pretty well informed i found that to be true of my listeners ah then he likes to do a little bit deeper deeper vestigation and to think would you like me to share your websites i've got church and state i can put up or that trying point you say which one would you like your arm let's let's go ahead and start with with teppich and i can talk a little bit about that and then i then i couldn transition over to chrch yes sir so this is a sortisith and anna i'm sorry don i got to correct you i'm not a contributor to keep you as a faith actually work for tips so i now as that's good because they listed that on the website i what i do is in the cascade regional manager for the faith i cover a last idaho washington i am my entire job is to christians to engage so over her it tibshath we believe that should shape the ah and so i encouraged pastors not to get political necessarily but to address moralises is ah an an i usually start with them i talking about you know abortion usually my first my first set and i asked them it is a portion a political or moral is oh and we can move from there we can we can talk about transgender ism is that a moral or political issue and we can use the word of god to show them this is in fact a moral issue you know god says that he created us male and female that ah there's there's no other sex or gender there all we can talk about i now critical race there for example an engine once again go to the holy scriptures and say you know god god didn't make a mistake he eat he said he created man in his image he does caucasian men or edessa ah you know black men now he says man and so we are all part of god's care ah and that's why any type of race is is wrong in it's from the pit of hell and so a lot of posters once as addressing it is as moral issues there more likely to come alongside of us and start to getting ah we are trying to get the church to release spear head this movement this returned towards liberty ah we offer a lot of courses a biblical citizenship faith in the public square a areolate one we actually released dea anti chronography course and neteach ng these inside a church all across the nation and archly seeing ah christians who traditionally kind of state within the four walls kind of believed in this idea of separation of churches there starting to come out they're starting to actually engaged and impact the comune that's mazie in where are your courses of is it once you teach on line or as an in perse so yet the courses are on line so few a coverthat search in and hit courses to git artificethat comforts less courses it should come up there and you can see we've got four i believe em you go into the search for this should probably do it ah but yet they ah there's a four courses where care releasing more and more tobusatate is only about a little over a year and a half and in short one of the newer departments within a the greater tripoint orense oh but we were quickly becoming one of the more effective ah you know that everybody's probably pretty familiar with charley kirk and what he's been able to do in the theories and colleges note and guessing that not the didn't come up but i of its finiture we can find that if anybody can a search is they are to be a sad courses or something something i oligoclase it wrong i'll go in then masterhouse if i can find it so okay it's her it's hard of running for difference screens and unlike trying to pay attention to such of their times were in a pitifully out gone with ability to set sweeter switcher i caught a pass here so anyhow that's really cool i love it that's quite impressed and he recitsne coming up are right what will this go back to this the well that's that's really that's really awesome how how much involved went do you have a pretty significant amount am i don't actually i whitchurch s three different categories and there was the first would be the woke ah in these are there to be quite honest i'm not going to work with him not going to deal with them if i roll up to it and it has a rainbow flag hanging from it i'm not even going to step in the door ah these are these are in fact the enemy they are to ah moral values inside of their churches that love is love of the bible is if we believe it is christians if we believe that the bible is an errand that it is the living word of god then we cannot change it we cannot throw things out as a cultureless and self those i do i don't work with those the second one i call the and unfortunately i believe this is the majority ah these are the churches the just they have their head in the sand ah they they stay within the four walls they say you do government you stay in your name will stay in hours ah the they do promote that idea of separation of church and you know they might impact the community and in small ways speeding the homeless or or you know having food drivers or something to that effect but generally speak there not really being a in in the great ah and so those of the churches that i'm trying to pull into the third category and that third one is the i brought that from dietrich born hater these are the churches that are not afraid ah to get out in the community in the realized that this seperation of church and state is not found in in any of our documents in a boconnoc ments and also understand that that that may have worked in the past that the cone in twenty twenty we saw the turf the state invaded ah in a monitor's closes down ah even though there is a clear edict the bible this is that we should not forsake the gathering ah we also have acts five twenty nine which which says that we are to obey god over man and so what we know is christians that were supposed to be in a body that were supposed to be going to cure and yet some day the church is closed down oh let the state dictate it in the state that i am in ah you could go to a pot shot he could go to a liquor store you could even go to a strip club during coponie that you couldn't go to church that was a bridge to for he that this evil christians see the ones spreading the coponie and ah i think unfortunately we're going to see a time like that again in the not to set it comes down to refusing to submit if this point in time you know in michigan here we've got i call it a queen grace queen grudging whitmer le creen queen grace and a eower little side kick there her squire or dan an outlord the court jester jocelyn onand the three of them and you don't the three of their easy their easy to point to but it was our entire legislature that step down and did not detcheverie one of them is guilty of trees and when when you look at how they have violated the constitute the rights of the individual in a in a basically a scenario that was handled in the most abysmal cowardly way i could possibly think of and in it is incredible when when when we closed down i went up to a couple of officers and i just dote hand of a sigheach me because i'm not going to see and the kind of laughed at me so i figured i'd better try harder to get arrested next time for a righteous cause but what we did as as i pulled together all of the people that you know that work for me and reset we're going to go round we're going to check on every one and we're going to make sure that they're o pay and at first you know we didn't know what really had so we went round and we just kept disinfecting making shore people had food really just being out there because the last one to stand down should be we should be the last one to fall away or be a coward in any situation because we have we have got on our side and our hope is whether we live we die matters not we are going to take care of the business at hand as adulteress that it is so well said dona i preciate you saying it ah you know a lot of us sweet we look at the heroes of the bible a whatlet's take david for a in every ever christian wants to be a david yet we want to be that the brave young israelite whose before the list you know gods on my side i'm in a wind this battle ah but unfortunately the bestmerely of cries are the other is realizes who are standing out there in their freed of the dock and are not going to take it in you know we have to a faithful we have to do much faith in our in our state that we don't care what happens to us in i said it in these in louis but you can't threaten a christian with the best time ever i if you kill me i ween i like i'm copialttere you know i should shouldn't we live that way like in everything that we do if if i were out in the city and work preaching the word of god and somebody comes up in hot that's some you do like you're i am i'm in heaven this is amazing and yet we don't operate that way we we hold on to this life like is that it's the greatest thing that will ever have a ownthat's not what the command is of the bible you know we're going to lose our life because we follow him the world's going to hate us because it hated him we need make up to that yeah i did some work in the hospice area in the crater of a green lost to day and ah i kinda founded it i supported it because i could see what was going wrong in that hole and a street i once see threes are an abysmal failure they they have led this country so strike and you can see the what ceptin was the money part of it whenever money gets involved in anything unfortunately this very few people that don't get letterthat and wet we really have focus in on the things that are are more important to us what i see when i see a lot of fear i see it's a normal grief response or a you know when you lose the familiar there is always a grieving oh people want to hold on to that familiar thing whatever it may be in the change is scary it scared to have to to have a conflict with somewhat whereas conflict is really where we solve big problems we should just if there's conflict that the battle we just should run right into his eye so let's talk and and be that piece marines in those situations so there really is nothing there really is nothing to fear that an you do things look scary a lot of times but what's the real that the real threat may not even be there and at the real threat is as like you know you look at you crane you look at the border and such what's the real threat he the real threatened you crane as that or our politicians and are government are money laundering away for us it's not necessarily ukraine it's our government who put the bile labs there who created the conflict with russia and russia russia russia you know this this whole thing that keeps coming up because you got to have a pokeman so when there is when there's a booke man out there which they have created just like they create crisis and then they create the solutions to keep us running around in a circle chasing our tails instead of actually dealing with an notwithstan'in and you're absolutely right denied it it nineteen eighty four all over again in a we have to have as few just put that book man ah an end in everything cycles ah you know for the longest time we didn't actually have like a a nation state as the burgeman you know we we did under noticemy in aided with korea with that but they moved into more of the war on ideas soothwards the war enters the war on communism all of this stuff now we've returned back to to this man that is russia and for americans we get a wake up and realize you're not we're not pro ukranian when i front yet we just we want united states to not go chasing monsters abroad quoting from john quincy adams the we cannot have problems at home we will get some one issues with our order with with fatal with st and how they weaponized all of the alphabet organizations strout the country we go out of problems should fix our own before we worry about ah you crane and rush or any other country for that mater right in the money involved in i think we've got like eight hundred and fifty military bases across the outcross the world that is insane that is absolutely insane and our own people are going without where we are just you know playing games a lot of it's just playin games and this needs to stop the three latter ages his whole tenian to go back to something you said at the beginning that i really found you put this so well the purity contest and trying to distichos bad guy whose good guide this i and nothing's getting done it's sort of it seems like a high school popularity contest rather than rather than in a week we sought meshigan or cave michigan we had we had several candidates i believe that i was the only candidate that actually wasn't placed picked out installed i was the can of fictitious to happen they shouldn't buy me off and i can throw a monkey wrench into things a little bit but i watched the rest of em and held the political establishment put them in a position to be like like these little worshipful holds that were going on his i think politics is by and large the political parties are its occult yet it is exactly like a cold and you could that it was it was fine it was like it was like watching the tiger beat magazine for fourteen sixteen year olds you know and i who is there who is their favorite who was her favor instead of who can run the country and who can run the what's the skill level or is it just head lines and it seemed like a lot of it just stayed in that area so you're yes your speaking my my you're speaking to my heart there because this is it's really a problem can you speak to that forthere i absolutely ah and i see this he in my in my work ah you know within oven within there yeah you see the nomination that are constantly in conflict with the ah you know for for me what would i believe is his denomination is in i i get that you know your southern baptist and an i'm a westlin and we've got a pentecostal friend over here do we worship jes none do i believe in the trinity do we believe in the virgin birth than what are we scrabbling about it a few differences and how we worship ah some differences and how we baptize heaven is going to be filled with you know with all sorts of different individuals people or were to be surprised at the dock and there are some christians who are going to enter into the presence of the lord in these noteletter from you wicked sir a people that have said that more did not prophesy for you and in your name here so so we got to stop the squabbling within a denomination we get we got to start hitting a you know that he be the great commission on now the commandments we we got to go along that in a whining souls back for interdenominational fight on the patriot side of things where the block political side of things mike was saying before i do love liberty do you believe that this nation is in trouble do you like you love the constitution you want to rest returned to those values then why are you fighting over libertarianism verses to do we not believe in almost the exact same thing can we have that debate after the fact one hundred per cent i look at thomas jefferson and john havens who were both so instrumental in the establishment of this country and then entered up fighting with each other i both dying on the exact same day on july fourth and the guide is fond in of the gathered they had those debates and they disagreed about the direction that government should go they were still on the same side when they established his he had the inn the examples are legion i with those founding father personally might least favor counting father was alexander hamilton who was much more of a a of creating a bigger government although small by to day's stand but he was still a patriot he still thought for this country and an established this beautiful land of liberty returned back to that mine set that we can work together to bring back titian into this end of this current government we can be victorious but the in fighting i firmly believed that this is actually promoted by our enemies so that we get nothing come i i agree with that one hundred per cent i think that the infighting ness its kind of nonsense now we have to call out people who are absolutely doing things that are wrong and you know is but a dozen go back to the bible too and that we have to clean our own houses out as far as i think in god's going to judge the church before he judges the rest because he's got to hold us to a higher standard just because we should know better and we need to stand with each other i think it it functions and it should we should as the americans function is the family when we see somebody in need stop up and help them when somebody's falling don't judge on because realize at that point in time there our goal is not to destroy them our goal is to uphold the to take by the hand to help them be their better self instead of you know you do pick somebody out that you just want a hat and go after them and tell you destroy them that's i see a lot of that and it's really disturbing but going back to the founding fathers that's how we do it is a family we talk about things you know we joke round with each other when we disagree with things and throw a little shade out there in that sort of thing and not take things quite so seriously on the now destroy every one that does it agree with us on every single it is unfortunate yea i mean not obviously i agree with what you're saying there i you know we need to hold firm to we done the police are own ah but we all have to understand that we're all falling we're all going to make mistakes for organised arm and do we live under great so you know there's there's obviously there's a lot of christians that you and i both know and that the audience knows that have that i fall on it have sinned in in different ways are they are enemy now that they're not when that point time they actually need to step in and to redirect them loving in art within the patriot moment his well do they sometimes screw up do they say the wrong things are both the wrong way absolutely the it are they still on our side and we definitely need that grace covering won were dealing with christians and with patriots lie oh i did want to a first promoted tippit and wanted to make sure that your great audience here that they go to the web site to be to be faith though calm and an all yer do i sign up you can if you just strolled down on that ah you should there's a place where you can put your name and your e mail and you can start getting on our homilists were doing some absolutely incredible things in were currently the other it is right there is all we need have for you to get involved with oh work recurrently doing the kendo the capital to her where shone fit of weathersford is going to every single state capital in the entire united states and were worshipping jesus and you know in the state that i man in the state that you are in you know where a bunch of domestic terrorists in he sister ah other states i o calhoon florida the beano there there like a come on him and love it but it is a great experience for so many cries art from their earth if you don't mind i love the transition into church and state and talk a little bit about that her i think you're just doing a marvellous job and that one one of the things that i really want to talk about we get a chance to is your opinion on marriage because i actually agree with you on us it's kind of a lot of people will have a hard time swallowing this but i i actually agree with you on his and so i can so i padisco sions on this for a long time with you set it i was like a he said at this is amazing you ironytoo there cause i don't want to forget and go now suddenly the interviews over and the augience was like but what did you say ah that's not mine might believe we can go ahead here i will remember then we can have a very long discussions houtheth a that a work so yah you you've got our church and state a enodated up there i do got to tell the audience that we actually as his immediate group we did hit a ah i am we lost our studio and h are producer in orte oh and we had been rebuilding from there and so churches tattooed a i the episodes i think that's the last episode we actually put on there ah and it's it's been a couple of months i may be sad oh we just got in your studio we just got a new engineer in new producer and so we are going start putting everything up on our webs are you can find is probably the best frock to find or latest es his own face oddly enough face book is never sensed are we been done from you two but facebook for some reason were still on there so if you if you go to the face book page it's church and state seventeen seventy and you can watch all of our ah basically how we began on as you saw in the intro i am a former politician i always tell people don't hold that against me on self loathing there ah but i was a city coloradofor this area and while i was on the city council i was a member of the constitution party i was also a precinct committee officer for the for the republican party ah but during my time out on the city council ah i actually fought against a vaccine mandate ah in public schools and this was back in sixteen is well before twenty twenty a and then i i also tried to make our city a second amendment sanctuary city when our turn in general he stated that he was going to ban a salt weapons whatever those are can every weapon be in assault weapon ah and then also hide capassetye and so a condominium for myself you said of somebody who cannot be is going to do the right thing regardless and ultimately the republican party out here ran a candidate against ah and so i lost i lost my bid to retain my and i but i knew the god had called me into politics and i firmly believe that politics is a mission or and i and so i i was praying to the lord on the gate i know you called me into this but why did i lose well within a week of losing i i was offered a radios and so started church and state i with my best friend whose a passed he's more the church or more these although over the years we can oblided that as i've learned more about the church and he's learned more about these ah but we talk about in and in oregon to talk religion were going to talk politics corneven i would bring a lot of humor into it as well i believe it to we don't have to be so dry in our approach to defend in christianity and liberty that people just want to n us out i know where telegoes and were sometimes a fence were very controversial you know that the great meteor ganization fit i'm sure you love vice and iverybody i want of a lovesome but but then they call this a far right shock on and so now we introduce ourselves when we go and speak where i get where were a couple of far right shock jocks the good word were taken it away from them you know like or you want to crawl as that i've certainly been called worse i don't care ah but but that's that's basically what we do here on once and i highly encourage your audience to go check us out that this wonderful what a nice sight i love thus i clicked round a little that out here and looked into that's just absolutely fantastic is a really doin a good on good work there and i wouldn't courage iverybody to go check er mawnin see what they're doing a little bed and and the help em out i think that's i think that's wonderful you know this is a wonderful example of an individual i mean here you are a wonderful example than individual that just such i've not waiting for somebody else to do this i'm going to jump in and i'm going to do some and it doesn't matter i mean i mean we we i think you and i are well somewhere in the fact that we just got into it because we saw things going so poorly i wasn't part of the system at all not at all and so cause i always thought that all politicians were liers chiefs of this and i was right they are and so you know it's going to take those of us from the altisidora don't give a rat's what people think about us we're going to do the right thing by the strength of god almighty you know in and before god under any circumstances it's not it's not going to matter because our this isn't this is my home i know it's not your zither so we're were like were like passing rough and not hopefully we'll be good stewards on the way on the way through so i i have see loved this to tell me some more about what you goes are working on right now and let me just say this is well you know don i people like me like you it will fight no matter what they did in growing up as a kid i hated bullies more than anything else in the world that would drive a passion at me to defend the innocent to defend people that were smaller ah and as i grew up that contain i and you know where i found most bullies a transition from being the high school bully if they went into politics pontificed with old people that want to force you to take a need to their will and so there's something in me ah the way god created me that i brought a fight that that i've got to stand up on and i will never stop you can beat me you can kill me young never going of that and i saw preciate that i see that same spirit in you donna e so it so that i am sorry when i lilionese passion and ah but a but now is as far as what we're doing now you know am i actually a later on to day a little bit later my time or earlier my time but we've got an interview with clay clerk am so we've been we've been actually speakers at the reawaken america tour am so we are actually building a national and even in some degree an international audience with what we're doing on churches as even expect you know if we've had some absolutely incredible interviews over the years that we've been doing it we've interviewed tromp with interview general flynn a few times we had to nichasius on the show so we've had a lot of big names that have come on and you expect a lot more that is old i grow the organization our goal is to to make state canoehouse hold name whether be through potatopie or or even terrestrial radio ah we're doing all that a will got to i take over a media in ii bending we got to take over everything you know me better we've got to take over politics we got to take over for me specifically i loved doing media and so we're trying to build alternative me and you know the enemy's actually helping us out ah i know a lot of people were were watching fox news on their couches thinking that they had the inside scooped to what was actually going on and people like you and i were telling you no fox nesis garbage is his prophanation that they fire tucker carlson he was like the one silver lining in all the foxes the fire took her carlson and how people like what a minute i don't i don't like fox news any more thank you thank you for fine waking up and seeing and so there is a massive opportunity for us alternative media to be as the source of news for so many christians of patriots aroundor massasoit think everything has to be decentralized every single thing every structure needs to be de santalis i've been working on a plan for even the the way we do law enforcement in order to decentralize it because when we had community police we didn't have merely the province that were heavy right now mentell you what all of these a police forces and a law enforcement agencies which are unionized this is poisonous its set of absolutely for corruption and for three and for things to be corrupt but the media certainly if anybody out there whose listening if you want to do a poticas do it if god's telling you to do a pod gessoed is going to listen to you and in your voice matters in the way you see the world matters we can we can all i mean if we have if we had a million different outlets it wouldn't be too many annesley because it would it would decentralize an you're going to see more of them the truth float to the top just like in anything you know we can have a geographic camp lister's all sorts of things that need to be explored in the way that we could read to the united states to bring it back to the way it was supposed to be done you know and it won't be scarin be really fun and because it'll be family standing together instead of sliding against governess really is it isn't the republicans of the democrats it's we the people against them the politicians who are stealing from us from our children refuserais and you you soothing so so well you know i'se we are the news any more they are not his regular people who sit down i say the kitchen table or sit down and have died ah let's let's i go into this the marriage or thought about the marriages i loved the way that you brought the sun and i was sitting there with my son and we had set we've been saying this for a long time him discussions and our family and why are these subjects so polarizing because the government has no jurisdiction over them none this is not none of this stuff do they have the right to even way in yeah in and this is certainly got me into trouble with certain heroes definitely don't want to hear this all but the reality is as there's there's four spheres of government there is self government there is family government there's church government and their silly ah and so we need to keep those those different spheres in their line ah exercising their proper authority and so on we examined marriage this is a church this is something that god estate we need to turn it back over to you know when people ask me about homosexual marriage or goshoons can get married and proudly marry a tree if on how but i only look at that why didn't he want government involved in her marriage in the i like just removed the o kate let let's turn it back over to the free market that it is the church's while you write it is the but turn back over to the free market that is the i so if we did that and then almost sexual marriage comes ah well we as free beings we can decide do we want to support this church or that church and a church says you know what we are going to adhere to the holy scripture and were going to not marry homes as we know that a marriage in man and a woman well then we have the opportunity to support that church to attend that church to give tithes to if the other church around the corner says you know what love is one and we don't judge her and so we're going to marry whoever wants to get we then people collect the decision you know what work can not connoted that church and what's going to happen under that environment well the good church is or going to be those of the ones that are going to is and the church is entered not following the word of god that they will dry up and they'll become an empty building hopefully one filled by a goitre that that's my position on unmarriage but it's such a marriage is it so many other as so many other issues as well that we can address this so is this in the proper role education for why do we allow the government let our children behold we should have no part in that at one of the things that makes me so angry when i hear from his they'll say lamson i my kids to public school because the i want them to be the sole and the like all raconitz into a cause that's what can hang you are sending your kids into a war one and so a parent is is a call to act on your part yes do not senor occasion you can home school you can do coops you can do private schools is it is it going to be a sacrifice absolutely but are your kids worth it i should it doesn't take that much to compete with public school in my opinion o my oldest son that on which i did i did home school on he actually was graduated from high school at ten years old and started college at twelve and and and i went took the glasses with him because i knew there was going to be a bunch of comedies in their train to make a name for themselves and so i went back and i took some of the classes where them and such so i think i read em and the statistics are that you really you don't need have spent two hours a day to keep up with the public schools because a person of the time is spent in classed room managed and so that to me is just not and besides it they really don't even teach anything it's indoctrination so there's no real life skills as are taught there's no civics that are touch so when it kids come out they don't know what they're doing they have no idea how to approach something in a lawful manner they don't even know where to go and a lot of times i own i don't a bunch of a real estate and a lot of times younger people they don't even know how to get the utilities they they don't even know where to where to go and how to so we we have to provide people with step by step instructions on how to adult and in its really sad because they should come out of school with the ability to do all of these things are should be skills taught their auto mechanics and wildly and neurosine and you know how to run a business how to balance how to run your own home how to cook how to sell all of these things that we need the higher other people for you know and it's really sad farming yet that you're right and you know my boss charley kirk his ringing entire book about the college scene ah you know most people don't need to go to college are the are there a few preprocessions that ned absolutely he is a doctor you're going to have to go through college ah but the vast majority of them now you can get work experience you can go through trade school ah you can even in turn an en learned valuable skill said no he you don't need to be a part of the system in the opinion ordersit succeed but unfortunately in america we have this keeping up with the joneses mentality where if you dare to tell your neighbour that no young jones not going to go to college i also your pariah within the entity like how dare they and you to to one of these ed colleges you know one of the other things as well as that am i on of people think we confine the public get or an in my response to that is you fixed something that's not broke in one you know the amending to understand that public education system is doing exactly what it was intended to do and you got to go back in history and read about dewin and horace man i actually call him horrid horrible man ah but how they modelled this after the prussians and in the prussian system was designed to build good little citizens or good little soldier and that's what our education system is doing that there breathing a bunch of indoctrinated fools who like you said can even a dull can't write getting figure out a manage a check but yet there following the orders of the state there they are the good little cities corrupt government if they want they want people just so just to obey and then you can see the furtherance of what happened with cold that everybody put the masks on and the critical thinking was gone the masks never helped anything it's like thrown a handful pebbles through a chain link fence for a virus so what was the solaou this was all about making people submit it was a submission e to see how far they could push people to actually submit and to a mask psychosis of of behavior it's really it was really kind of sad but you know when you kill that critical thinking it in cree and true creativity you really you really ourlae promises something with communication communication skills are so pathetic at son credible embut you know we can go back to teaching people of first off the first thing you got to do is be comfortable in your own skin were you know to be able to be yourselfand communicate realize that you you don't need to worry about anybody else's opinion worry about gods and god created you so what's the mistake i don't think he makes his so ye have to just realize that who we are or position in the eyes of god almighty creator of heaven and earth you're not of sake you're exactly the way that you are with all of your beautiful flaws that you think you're flows he's going to take him in his easewood rful thing you know and i think i think that's something something wonderful to be proud of your you know how he created you and how he's goin to who owes going to finish office mast i think i think it's so a winner you guys come in to michigan to do the capital ah you know i'm going to have to i looked it up if if you go to kingdom to the capital docompromise there yeah i know for it my area we've got out a very heavy and july were going to be in olympia sailing and boyse i think starting the twenty eighth of july i in the moving on to the thirtieth so years it's going to be a busy west coast month for july it as far as michigan goes i should be on the web page if you bring it up of the regardthere ah i love this this is like research on fly so her young is to go on scroll and win on that one on and it should come off if we are when we are hidden michigan if it's on the next he keep going down a little bit there we go so doesn't look like wine might have already hit in this hogan as well but that's wastedthat he too that he long come here why this this is the first year so were in twenty twenty four were going to hit all of the other capitals that we haven't yet so yet we're we're not going to stop or goneevery single state ah but ye for the audience please continue to monitor kindthe capital and be a part of that whatever to that's off some what a what a wonderful effort to move forward to the okanogan a great job or so proud to talk to you and stand with you because i i mean this is this is this is action this isn't just sitting here i always tell her body out there that we have a professional bitching class of politics you know i read goes there little meeting and they complain and they whine and they sob and the bitch and then they go home and they whine and they sob and the better they think that contensions just just talking since she sometimes that important you know that's important part of it but you've got to move it into action you can't stall out there and think that just showing off works because it doesn't it we have to be able to do to do and i do think that that's real import what out soonerwe else you want to go with us we can go in a lot of different dress i repose in comment i always called the atmedan re a cause because that's the anarchic you do you eh ye ye men you have a good in the ale you complain about some things and you go home and nothing spent now i i'm upset we've got the ah whether that be in our christian walk or or also in the political or stopped the meeting stopped complaining is there time and place for that absolutely ah but we got it got it move we had to transition from just talking to actually walking right one of my favourite books of the bible is he ah without works is dead dead lads and gentlemen you got to get off your feet you got to actually do something otherwise you know yet what have you accomplished and very little do you want to make a name for yourself you want to advance the kingdom of god and pete if you do think it off your pots and actually start doing something get involved with whitepits like let'slet's go what we need more volunteers when you more people getting active in the community i as you are talking about a deaf a voice you do like to politics religion and current events and started upon cast you were talking about how you influence people yet you do and it's been such a humbling experience for me as i got into the world of media on ii've been able to lead people price through my media work in ivanhoe mass of cradles where were people actually got enough strength and in became bold and opened up their business during the height of the pandemic like when when i actually examine that and said corsican believe i was a part of that that god used me in that way ah what i a great experience and something that i can be proud of it that my children can look up to me and go out you know dad actually accomplishes cried a lot here don't you want to live that life to an end i actually i have to have to jump off here i got otake my kids to the private school that i sent an in any by way that is a sacrifice cause i pay double cause i'm still paying the the taxes for the public schools but you know it's i angligenae yeah but but yet like to just to the audience i like to leave which is to call to act all of you every single one of you has at you know god is giving you so many seas if you just embrace that the path it is easily out fore going to accomplish you going to to be a mentor to somebody you're going to snatch somebody away in infirmly place them in the camp of jesus christ where their soul will live forever is that not worth it is that not something that o the part of i hope so and and i encourage you splore that get i love that thank you so much that is so wonderful and i i so proud to stand with you and charlie kirk and every one that is your working with their as i'm sure you have a lot of people who are backing you that unsung hero serot there but thank you so much for your wisdom if he well you know willing to share your pet with every one helped abdicate in a very desacralised way though through no unison got lots to effort's going on and that something really be proud of but i'm i'm really proud of you guys to done it really good job and i can't let eroticoe to miss haguiod love to work with you here and any way i can support you said just dis let me know when i can do that to help you and i've got a lot of followers here that our very committed to take this nation back and restore it as one nation under god so so the great will thank you so much you have a very nice stay to day god bless you as you travel bringing your kids to and i really look for to talking to you again i think i'm going to start you in a night shifts shall and i'll let you know because i loved ivbecomes back on and maybe we'll do lots o te i love to do that dona and in our make only complete i will not be at home when i do it now i will go somewhere else where i have a much stronger or ant i apologized to the audience or any latent is there but the thing you so much for having me as a guest on your shell you're doing a wonderful straw out here when need thousands of people just lie oh thank you so much will you have a wonderful day to day and will be talking to you so i can go sot me here i'm going to go ahead and i decided that we were going to do some exploration of just a couple of things i'm going to call care and in a just for a minute and i know she's watching so i think that this was of a very wonderful interview into a very quickly call caron karen riveter and up let's see we might not be calling him ring on now i guess she's off so you suck with me here so anyhow i think this was such a wonderful wonderful opportunity to have caloona i'm truly truly grateful for that and he honestly everything through the the constitution party which is in michigan u s tepees party i am going to go back to a few of the thingthings on the chat here charlesesthe misgains next on the list for all the sorrow school will act or select in twenty twenty twenty two in lansinere than an opto show the frog of the gosdale we neither return to come and our god given rights are only protected by the constitution they don't come from it god even love is mine brought bully brother became a cop o that said callias the same way we can't stand bullies talliaged we the people are or of the news now and kallisthens equals contra i believe that i think that these should not be licensed pretty much on anything as far as to a profession even i think people have the right to go to who they choose to be and that the government really shouldn't be regulated any of it if you want to get on a specific qualification as a doctor or any or any profession you should be able to do that and people can decide whether they want to participate somebody who has his qualifications or who is not pretty ere that if i were have to go in for a surgeon i'd want to have a list of the qualifications of what what the surgeon has done i wouldn't want somebody who who has perhaps has a horse fire and do in surgery on me so anyhow kelly ah i in the same way can't stand i'm sane we can't stand fully tell he also we the people are the news now yes we are a board of education is the biggest bank oh that's an interesting man we should explore that one because i actually saw were the money went during covet and it was it was so distributed and very curious way contracts were given out on base on that and it was not based on population it was based on money laundering to the big bend callias the school districts received millions from g r n e s s are guarans funds cares act and covet and vast as says posted the face book and thank you enjoyed your interview you're all come that's cool i'm really glad everybody joined us to day let's give one more chance to her in she's up there in an a planned also so sometimes the connection is real great but we will in fact given or rash here in where are you he carnadon i'm good how are you doing great that was great interview wasn't it in one i really like him or i think he is i think he and charlie kirk or doing a really really good job and it's to a pleasure to talk with them and he and two actually get to know that that was to the constitution party i'm going to tell you what everybody that was at that meeting all the speakers totally amazing this wasn't just a local caliver sie these are people that are movers and shakers who are committed to the constitution of course constitution the us ten peers party in michigan is in fact the constitution party is court jester batson will not let us change our name which should be in administrative process but there he got so what say you well i think he's pointing out what of thee on he challenges that we've had in our nation is a lack of godlines and when you have people who who we might describe as patriots but god for ah in a really focussed on that here as he is pointed out whether this interior another i was listening to the other interview with him this morning to get to the hole a little bed about him he doingtaking about the different kinds of religions and nominations i think he was doing that with you and on here there's you know a lot of controversy the heights teaspoons for many as persiawere yes he tried oscar so i have no idea where the swans other i could figure this out of her as i told tones no less i strong i decided to play while i for onpolite hoddenthis on how he has the heels it's funny never know it's like this is what you get when you when i'm the produce of director the call and running for screens in the times song othinus kind of hop up so that's really cute when this relicsan out go by go carioles there's a lot of people in this oh you may call patriotic that were from it her back and we have to felice experiences we have different nominations or not denominational and so believe systems can be slightly there as he was quite out do you believe in god if you put it god first then we can tame a conversation the details matter lest and what i've seen happening right now in our country is well while they're trying to point at race and say it's a fag if he did you agree with us the it trembles of pagan and so on its kind of back hiring now because a very cans are tired of being divided and we want to be united we want to have peace on the longconcealed ormond you charmides it come from he look it up in the noisest on hester that is not something that just automatically half in it has to be created you have to take an action to do it and here we are learning about all these things that had affected all of us equally and it is not a bow one race having worse thing than another or one type of church being effected in a different way we are all the same we're all equal to the ice of god and that that unites us as americans were all here in the same place and the same time we all love america we all love god and therefore it we just came just all get along find find some latin came it differences between us or so miner and i think we're going to get there in i forbore we cannot you can always find something in common without re one doesn't matter who they are its the decision do you have to have like a colt type of a club with everybody a green without thing or can find something that's common in our humanity and that's the truth is is that we have a lot more in common than we have that we disagree on and so we just intershift or the way we look at things i think a little bit well if you know what you know what care i think this is actually eh i think were men to go ahead and i'm in a short my morning show is a little bet so that i can move on to a doing things that night so i think what i like to do unless you want to go to the same news right now i wouldn't like to touch on a i win going while i was listening to you can i as i had two windows on my phone and that's why i accidentally how congoon you the first and you're on a delay of the life even of getting yes i didn't think there was a problem with the delay between the two you once so kind of figured athothis connection the my combat deal on my hand ah at any way i caught up on the dorricot release oh that's really interesting very interesting and i think one of the things of really staving out is there's already she sided reaction and that he he doesn't call for charges so people are upset with that is part of the great awakening from what i see and what is really pointing out all of america is treason trees and trees on when you see what he's got in there oh i haven't read it but i been hearing and reading for the reports coming out already that during a centres and charges under going to happen and the feather oh how that's going to have it it is not really clear right now oh it's pence the military and bonython ah castrationis the very very serious and don't get to im down into many details on it on de ah you don't usually with his castoff happens like crop said this and he he's disappointed us he's disappointed as so greatly as thenwithin a few days he figure out that actually when he's just started back solely brilliant and it's really bad for the bad guides or they fall going to be fine and i think that's what this the first step is america needs to see it a lot of most often seen yet but there's a lot of people that have had access see that is put right out here what exactly this reporter thought nhwider is am increasingly capable of spreading the truth and on his putting a ratout there they even is not a fan of sorrows yet there is a tide th with the nations of ability to see there and that is a really good thing you can't have an ancient ready to do something about it until they actually see it and acknowledge it this is another really big step in that direction ah pome that's exciting and then the news of bow the dog telling the is to stop investigating hunted then the other really big one and then carry lake had some days to day with the supreme court a grin to hear election interference or ah i interference election integrity issued so the lot line on just this day this is a a we it's going to be a really big week i my putting something up here on my telegram channel right now and ah i think this is absolutely hilarious because this is the the crux of really of the nonsense that's been going mottothe crockets it's got a boy me and all the time right hang out a man let me come met his just as witness is really funny can see it yes he had gone the pond to the accopiatori the one i get one seisoo it we can how well we multitask i do see it before one of not playing beyond came well i think what's really funny is okay selik i absolutely loved hands cavino dans give you is one of these people that that i have always thought is absolutely marvellous i like his post right hang coget this is funny they go in in action here now member it up over her less see what i can do here this is actually absolute hilarious yet yet i i just have you guys is and a onandoff to dance cavino cause in his marvelous enchesting remind me what's it it's russiacase shouting with the bolo the pretty exer sure this is going to blow up and her face is just saying you know i think the change the adeo or that that's gone around before but it had some beefe he is pretty funny polaris so anyhow i loved an he's i don't i don't you know i would love to meet him some day i and i think i think it's really fine you know he was i think he was president trump the rightful president of the united states otherwithout in every and despondencies as seen and one make sure that nobody is that that's not lost on any one but the rightful president of the united states president donald ah you know he was i believe he was as it when so they've known each other for many men men hear or so you know i think i think that's kind of a is pretty interest i did not know that he had to be fed yet so i think that i know you got that you've got the guy out let's see i've got a that my my feet here was looking at comments which are common through the same phone as the comet so i've got a little bit of a problem but the i think i think i think he is a president trunks candy and a statement for that's a long time ma that's a long time friendship i think that's great talk about commitment and a you know trust i think it's e anyhow yeh the durefort technologie had a real good sub stack on it as well as i could see faconbrige that up a minute because i do like technolog a lot when when you know what you re search you get is as a research and anna you kind of oh you get your favor and let me see if i can pull this out because i think this is regulations richness morning oh i know it he at least one post that i've shared i was peccariesor in some pose follows trying the multidentato you canichana really good post too ye i like alikeboth of them a lot so here we go all share the screen here a minute and oh this is some this is a a some one that i feel fairly confident and sharing with every one as is the reliable sort and some one who i followed for for a very very long time used to be on twitter before everybody got kicked off for so this is another one that is a a i believe a very very a reliable person and the analysis does is really good so ah you antickes as substances thought he does sesterties just like cognitive car redthat's another person that believe is really good and a friend of mine am i and that they they do a real good job with deep research there the researchers core researches really good respect so through this man and a man to go had read it just because i do think this sin all the german mastication is significant it is going somewhere and they are they are moving the line this is not just somebody that's putting something out there the th the german vesication is its definitely something to worth following frank hates doesn't real good job of following desdesist human and so those are some of the real reliable researches out there this more but those are the ones come to the top of my a remediate does a really good job of bringing forward and aggregating a bunch of anousion spot she and the posts that that's another real reliable source on to a telegram special council john durham's investigation and inquiry into government corruption lies to secret courts or opiatesa ion of the us intelligence apparatus the fbi's attempt to take down a city president durham report is then released here are some of the main findings the fbi discounted or wilfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between trump and rush so there was no russia the term forts proving that set we're just going to drop a just like we're going to drop this whole nonsense with democracy cause it's an ice a cross by hurricane was opened as a full investigation without the fbi ever having spoken to the persons who provided that information days after it was peter struck was telling a london f f beanpod that there is nothing the well and then they used a a an article in yaharigans rt this here an article on yaibe me a source ridiculous so young we just decided to publish something all this is what happened the fake knew his published at and all of a sudden it become inserted into the whole narrative not wrong internal facinations the cross fire hurricane variets early stages then and it so that's the fbi was said even his cruiser british intelligence pushed back on muleros request for assistance a british intelligence basely said there was no excellently in hell they were going to do it while the brits got out on that when they were smarter than our albeit clearly in at least that is of durham documents too investigations in declared hillary clinton one involving the clinton foundation in one involve a legal foreign contribution to clinton's campaign in one clinton campaign investigation the fbi confidential human wreath human sore see has had offered in a legal foreign contribution to the campaign through an intermediary eldon campaign was okay with it and were fully aware the s has offered the fbi copy of the credit card charge the fbi never got receipts in fact the fbi handling agent told the s s to stay away from all events related to clinton's campaign probably a plat bad planet looks like a cover up in like crazy in february two thousand sixteen bisisten director and er mckay directed the clinton foundation investigation to be shut down he walked that back after receiving pushpach but mckee made sure that his approval was required for any further investigative a problem the new york field office stern was called on behalf of fbi director come come corney you know pansiloco and informed to cease and desist from a clenched foundation investigated the fbi and dog restricted both of those clintonand investigations making sure that essentially no investigative activities occurred for months leading up to the election in comparison the fbi opened a full investigation into the trunk campaign based on unvoted intelligent he had direct knowledge of the clinton plan plant pick plate gobelinum i will be calling him president and by linking how to prudentand russia on august third two thousand sixteen c i direct c a director john brennan met with president obama vice president by another senior administrative officials including but not limited to attorney general llerenalic and fbi director james come at that meaning brigand informed them of the clinton plan here it is in september two thousand sixteen the cia sent the fbi the enformation on clinton plan to link president trump to an for present united at somehow the fbi did not think to that or investigate the in plan even though they were using parts of the clinton plan to investigate the trump durham writes no fbi personnel were interviewed by the office recalled crossed by her hurricane personal taking any action to that the clinton plan inteligent in fact it was as if the sea a clinton plant namewith somehow buried within the fbi most members of cross spire hurricane had never seen intelligence and as we previously discussed it was never disclosed to the foreign and intelligent surveillance court in contravention to the courts local rules the fbi director james come was deeply interested in the cross fire hurricane investigation and micro managed it demanding that carter page the carter page at fives a warrant telling that sisandre tor andrew mckay where is the five where is the phis the fbi knew relatively early that it's carter page five the warts were dubious that five the fbi knowledge only intensified by two thousand eighteen oh yaas they were panic and as aspian analyst discussed how sub sors could have been compromised by the russians they were going to prepare the fine means in a membrane memoranda as thei deputy assistant director for counterintelligence a denicourt met with the review team and directed them not to document any recommendations context or analysis of the montana they were preparing all the sun like a good idea and i attorney was at the meeting or an fbi attorney was at the meeting he confirmed that the team was told not to write any more memoranda or analytical pieces and to provide their findings orly courses demand according to the to one of feature were the most inappropriate operational or professional statement he had ever heard at the fbi oh the heat eager eager ego or dan change the steel primary sub source charged with in acquitted of lying to the fbi was paid twenty two hundred twenty thousand dollars by the fbi as a confidential humor so if that money in there again gringo problem is paid after the fbi new dashenka lied to them as the durham investigated proceed of investigation pre durham learned the fbi proposed making continued future payments to danchenko toll in more than three hundred thousand while durham was actively investigating the matter the fbi in effect was seeking to influence a key witness who would later face criminal charge the fbi reasons for pain danchenko were certainly curious that the nice way of singing investigate in interviews with duran's office rebuke re field the fbi's executive assistant director for national security made clear that they were not even able to accurately describe the value of contributions of danchenko that would justify keeping him open much less making hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments so this sounds like kind of a problem which you say karen a little bit of a problem or a lot of a problem awake o big probescue problems i'm sitting here thinking what happens to your election when all these people get caught right the theaterand drops sudden stop got just get oh there you go what this this is big everybody should be following this because this is really big news to day it's actually bid bigness for a long time but a brankites like a sad doesn't really good job of this so do so do the ones that we mentioned before there very reliable as a researchers and writers so to keep us all on the rails no this it takes some work which is why i haven't and i probably won't go through it because i know that these people are really good at doing that mary and i'm too lazy and have got too many other things to do so i'll rely on them to look a cat it i used to look at all those three court case coming in on all the cases to do with the election when i first happen an how caring the recorder started i started to review he screeches and ride out what was in them and in our lake hole the concause i don't have time to do that and this started but now i have had no fog and bride at and colcothar so i don't have to do that work but i mean this it came out last night and i want to patentito telegram class night oh so they haven't had a whole lot of time to read it and go through it i then thought it and that's a lot of work that i appreciate the very looks from mendes to mount of words that the anonomaston because uh in its coonor years and years and years and years the amount of time that every one is put in to researching putting good information out there as on songeront e back groundhele the news and provide good news or good information out there is incredible and an honestly has absolutely made the main stream mediate completely and utterly irrelevant because it is it is so decentralised with so many good providers just human ootput him in there to a very very good very good researcher i could pretty much go down through the trough the less because ah you know i know most of these people are of matthew and there and then they are very far elther very the some of my very favourite people the hang out with anna you know i had had of to scott bear at the prey because he he really encouraged everyone to come out of the shadows and stepped forward and two really unite every one every one out there and and we the media is is where you're going to find a lot of them on telegram telegram is in fictive if i now nothing's perfect there's a lot of bots on telegram in such but they don't they don't eh limit they don't they don't limit what you can say on their quite as much as somebody other ones and i i really like that i do post a true social i proposed to some other ones too gathered there some other avenues that i'm out to just cause you know you wanted de central i don't put it out all over the place said hopefully hopefully people i will find you that way i find that most of the most of the annas are are in substances well as on on telegrams some of the favourite places to poles stanysmore there you go anyhow while thanks for bringing that up by preciate that we here for the yell we we all we all work together and there's there's no reason too there's no reason to try to be every one else like trying to be a technicolor something like that greeted the guys done he's done in amazing outofwork and like said there's no reason to reinvent the richer best you get into the things that aunt interesting to you all of a sudden he rising wild there's an expert in this area that and in we can we can do that together i want to show you is something magical here cause i have been quinho i don't spell is on my computer because there is in fact water in the tray here but i wanted to show overbody day four of my what i've been bringing in front of everybody hoping can see it without that is day for of a micro greens like the call micro greens that i'm growing here and there starting to look pretty well and there starting to pop their heads up so by day seven we should have a good crop here its fond or watch thee to watch the a the progress in that because certain farmers we we enjoy sharing are far men expertises with everybody and going through going through which you can do even if you live in an apartment and you have a window that's all you need is a few seeds as some substrate put things into in a window you can grow enough food for yourself and it doesn't matter where you let you never have to be afraid of that god will produce more than what we ever will need and when we come together it makes it a lot easier and fun but but it's not it's not something any one needs to be be frightened about we will find our way outside of anything that they throw at us and any changes that we have to make we don't have to be afraid to make changes we can go ahead and go into a future and find out what we don't have to eat their poisons we don't need we don't need a doctor poisons on the ground we can get wed burns the flame thoots what i had this and for mother's stay which was a lot of fun and that we can do things there really really a more natural and we don't have to do it the same way just because it's familiar they'll systems of failed us and we need not put our trust there put our trust in god that's all we really need he will provide the rest anyhow let's go to let's go to the vent go to the dining tent her care i do hate we any preacher we have pray first you you won't try to day or do you want me to egad dear noble father thank you so much for cared for all the wonderful people out there who have spent so much time researching decentralize in our media providing us with good sort that you can allow us to see the truth has been hidden for so long and so many areas we pray for the children that are captive that are being trafficked right now and we ask that you and this horrible practice we don't want the stick go on any more we are willing to stand no matter what the future brings no matter what the risk or what we may lose to help rescue the children who are just living in a state of unimaginable how on earth here we youturn the hearts of any one who is involved in this type of absolute evil that you wont let the scales fall off their eyes and that they would see things for what they are absolutely doing what their evolvedand turn them around and repents for these great these great horrible cesare being committed and help us all the stand up and bravery never been afraid of the future never being afraid of change your already had of us you've already walked that path you're already there and we can walk with confidence knowing future is in your hands and we gladly gladly let go of that and let you take that future into which ever direction that you want to go because you'll make something really beautiful up out out of it we know that for a fact we've love you so much let everybody out there now to day in a very special way that they are created by you if though exactly the way you wanted them to be and that your leading them to a glorious conclusion cause you can take anything and that satan at forbad any of our actions things that we may be made bad choice is not and turn it into something really really beautiful we're going to forgive people this day or in to choose not to lie we're going to choose to be honorable and live with integrity were going to choose this day to spread the word of your your salvation and that you can in fact walk honest planet with you every step of the way we just have to turn everything over to you and watch what you can do because that's a miracle's happen and we know that thank you so much for being with us and for loving us and never bandying us we love you so very much jesus name pray a map so here we go is another day the gods given us go and make it a great one we're going to go tinkingtang too brennberg venor dot come because i am the best non conceder who has ever not conceded to liars chief of these and i won't and sour going continue to fight dislike calefaccin collier and all the rest he paid patriots caren all of us were not concede were done so anyhow have a great day god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merica it's good to be a great day make it so it's to it's always