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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/10/2023 Live Broadcast - Rule of Law Rally Mt Pleasant

Published July 10, 2023, 9:04 a.m.

9:00 Breaking News - with Chuck Ritchard! The Michigan Republican Party is imploding. Go to my telegram channel @Brandenburg4Mi for further postings and documentation of the problem. Chuck Ritchard and I are Blowing the Lid off Michigan Politics. The amount of conflict of interest and connections between people engaged in politics is astounding. Truth and encouragement for the world we live in! 10:00am - 2:00pm Live Rule of Law Rally in Mt Pleasant, MI Hear from a variety of speakers who have been fighting for issues, such as representative elections and schools. Upholding elected officials to the duties of the office they were elected to! In protest of Public Functionaries who have failed to uphold their Sworn Oath's of Office and have undermined the legal process relegated to them by law. An examination of the laws violated and disregarded by local officials. Start at Island Park Pavilion, food will be available. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg and this is my friend earlina early as were on the road and we are headed for mount pleasant a rule of law rawle and i've got supercharged on the phone right now i'll because i may tell you what we have had so many things breaking in the last week that it's more than she so you're going to have me on this camera screen right now and when i get there were going to be sided up and moving around so ope here probably from ten antalo might put phone down once in a while because i've got a bunch of interviews to do what i there but anyhow when a welcome chaloneri t now morningsending it's always a pleasant day my house i am i look outside as so dolichosoma the god gives to the sad how i does it matter whether or sobecause the cotter because if you beauty gone is my wife not when will you pass when your positive her when your positive person there's always a ah it's always its so ye she don't desserting by poles this way so i came beating out of the gun because you that's how you grow on grades yet go though i think i mind i've got i've got other gothlander end if i'm not so many confatharrat it and so that i can see in for the chair of her beans or tenant be at an occasion were i think we're going to her son can you haskers beyond lying here i want to make sure that people can see if this is sexually going here is some go down the road i'm expecting as we go on the road here that we're going to have a little connectivity as she because so that i think i have no idea what the text was so anyhow i don't ken here let's see what is going on here the tenth it looks like i mind checking out here minutesanywhere bowler's always sense when your bob just stay there come interesting that's really interest ah oh you don't let me let me see what else i can do here as i think i got a i set it is orelie at two forty five in on the broadcast do i well that of evoking hair hang out a mantlepieces theriaca not a call you right back of an ominous if i get somebody else on lightningechoes but oh i wish chargetold o yes they can see the oki got a good lecture he least the so anyhow an we're going to rule florally and i essenapes ant and this should be a lot of fun of going to do a lot of interviews people there who had been fighting for anything that we sang is noble and good and godly so that's what the plant has to day so when chuckety oh and i'm sure there's a lot of the people out there the but i don't know if you read the post that i put out this week can't shock but i would have to say that we are finding out exactly are the puppets behind the share republican party because of the sham right now and as instances but i think we to talk about this case man on telling you what the the the deranged monkeys are falling out of there in their falling fast and in it it's it's almost it's almost mining sit at we get because i was going to fall like i don't you don't you're at the sunlights we got directlie into this conference okay i did not know that a he regarded by gate glad if he were in didn't go of me because the old time had i sure i wasn't feelin a cortonese herod he was in i got a cratisthenes i raceconversation last week quite i give catachrestic really greeted nonresistant by boy extrashaded the magnascope sented me felt helmet recognized her she could no word you could thoughtif their appetite choroide alipedi you well if i doused him but mr polehastened to master job at describing oconostota we look at this series said led up to go on chapbefore this we realize a lot of self is going to really created this problem how that is i westhaven questions to be answered by christ beamsuch as the poet such as who's really in for leading to show in what i called the casnistry happened this whole thing because he's to keep plaeroseis is this is going to be really kind of interesting because this is in fact what i put out there this paste because i was like a right there's going to be nobody's got no shelter for brandenburg great now and out care cotheca that is stated it there to do it this sickle to uproot this full crop is going to swing in every direction and in cold we cleared us nonsense how coringsome yestaking excited relateth this morning you know what i don't mind standing in getting to know people who are on the wrong side of the and i take it as an honour that god would put me into positions like that and i'm not going to the somites goosit up there reinstrap out there in caredvery body non sons because that's just how they've been taken a stop oh you get pardon everybody want of moronic thing to say that is a more onything to say and so anyhow there's no prey to ask protection right now from paris coming out and i don't care if anybody likes geronimo they hate me for what they say because we're losing our country because of the cow wordes out there sing to stand for what is right and i i will be darned if i'd been to sit here and and watch this country go go to hell because we got a bunch of hans the freckened i'll be nice about it ah christians who say that the christians and solder the planing the jentiles would a lamontis and refused he to do anything that has justicewhat about justice for that little winter that was killed last week what not justice that should be just mardentown about the people that have had eheschliessung them so he just part in them because once we start where do you stop you don't you absolutely don't you either have justice or you do not if we do not have justice right now and the body that says hardin any one you just opened yourself as if you state more on and that's the way he's going to go and i don't not backing down done over to tolerate that i don't think any as content we could not even write scripts so anyhow oh let's go back and i'm going to try to get to my telegram can the theogonia here i got two phones going oh i'm going to get my colegrim and all and i'm going to read down said the things that i passed which i wish i could bring it out on on lying here but i think that we honestly need to go through this and that like to do the skin if you chuck if you've got a thursday open if you got thirteen i would like to go through sons because this go rodeo the first an now work it in the elections are government and his pipes and so i'm i'm going to go back here and we're going to wear it to slip through a few things with jomininapoleon is the chancourtois sioner whose brother to joe the hoose joel oh is a joost's business partero in the world did the web site and how much we thetpan because nobody wants us stock with it about them because joe moss was the one that was really of a proportion the sweet had some more on out there patout a jo mosser chairs republican the same guy you know yes it is i yet the same guy that was on that was a hiadcani in interments the trenchard by man the wages i underway but i'm not there oh i'm setting up you've got you got this whole no bed the crap going out there and i don't care if somebody does some great thing is in the past that's great you know we can look at president likenesse did some great things etisell bad things he was the first president that with able to run for office i should have because of the titles of nobility as an attorney and a corkscrew not and he basically blew this whole attorney thing oh you know all the allocand got in where he shouldn't have done and now what we have we got attorney's running his hold francine country who can politically he pastor and an end with her there is no legal process in white who disapprovato he prosecuted and the attorneys and most of the churches are torn and their place and their also in the gorge sort and was supposed to be that way while gosworthy know how to jimmy the satsuma system it has nothing to do with the right thing coming out it's all about who can play the game better and that's exactly what we have going on with the political parties they are nothing more than calls that people are trying to get into again favor and one to have everybody's approval because of some weird for roof in the something i think is good to there being loved right to the slaughter by people who are in it for financial gain and to protect themselves cardinal to so what i contusion which is kind of crazy looks like that i'm necessariessome my post to chalk and you can come on at any point time to say point border and i will stand on looks like crowd cake for the getgood go head save its tonto say and then i'm no watch into some of these posts a good used it order because it seems to be the overseer of the of the week end because there tonethrough and it was theaterstrasse some in little green holingar a workotherwise right now you look like an idiot with a wonder woman suit on it political things are you pettingdale in a costume trying to run this state or the nation in any capacity it stopped wondered he greediness the day care what is people were the thing to have disinthrall everybody truely i guess that's course i asked you cohortatione like that that comes in and on looking i knock the people run the day care that's the tough job not now pposito you come on a tipotenios freaking casting like were both o kids at a school paganising to laugh at you and say what in the world are you what are you thinking and so i jest and is shocked and so we were going it were to continue to pocohunta round on his this is so ridiculous there interfice expiation agosto the and waterhouse cause i called her others or peep because of the other people she saw strates with john ross chose the way he said ten men because you do it honestum he does and you see all these corleone her word out of not a word this week and got any time he isn't going do ideas wothworth hard for you as what he was to go more to be hard goose cavehaving ready copies livergrown no braid and you see that comiserate watsonites guys dressing up to get the pen they want to call themselves indeed to do them the desinterested i think is this should call himself to be alliesthe i was as ginseng that one short and dalton had in the same direction its oases were i just keep this thing don't want honest and cents play a poetic that looks like a kid's place some i'm goin to holinessthe something that is that i rode here forlornities the imitator be liberated we i ask i don't know anybody could that you know you put them in some sort of thorpington interval i would last my isonce into a pan to any of meeting like that trust like that i would be like theirs the door we only want serious people in here and not people that are playing a kins roll the are you kidding me that's all i've got to say so stupid it's amazing sort up there's a salivation dan and it was about four liberty alas so on to bring the suck seing this is important we have to look at things that connect things together and if i drop you or driving a cross you know be estelan here in this again i'll i'll pick back up again so we'll get connectivity but anyhow oh for liberty it looks like in its register to i believe a certain if you goes on to get on my my ear telegram channel at brenburg note for am i i when you look at this you've got you've got em asher si i can bring the supper you've got for liberty and it is right registered to joe came and who is the part does his partner of joe moss was the one that wanted cropian who now put somebody some more on other pots that he wants to have the care now because they got to keep control of them she now we've got to hold club up there sit in there that the hanging out to gather looks like an this is to christina crampade ah for the amidest joe mosses business partner joe coleman was the brother man common can't count don't ask me tents no conflict of interest i wonder how much the six hundred forty thousand dollars of doubt in the whole for the website and that was what these sad in it was who set said that it was dan harmon christina gravel at the same which i was invited guest to which i was asked i forgot said we don't want brand to for there she might actually tell the i so anyhow an i in wondering how much that web site and what would a reasonable price be for a website considering i won my one of my companies exually make website i know how much accostatesi and intent website and so i wanted me yes i think we should have a cloud on after to quote clochettes at altes because we does not record no compartitions there we just wait as get bedsand get critics to our friends and sow in in the other thing is why does joe moss haven at my geopenode s am i deal peddothes joe at am i to patri would have a concern about that oh it's so oother article on there about billgood there some of the things we lagus way it gets battered because i a curious person and one a curious person is passed off you have got an investigator who will go to the ends of the earth to kick over every single stone that's out there and find out what kind of worms and grubs and bugs sitting up i put another article on from the bridge that talks about to county rearson loaded that you can in bled the connections there was no competitive bed on either and re related this sister business partners the hiring was approved aloudcome that prices one required by the county's perch we are going to do compenetrates project but there we argument yes is but these are nice look at all the good work they did coloniesand in carl the barber which is i believe santocalli just like a of the atom county a de perto is be bailey's now how this is so this work skies so any despite the concerns that state records and the cake condition char jonas is a business partner with a brother of the attorneys command was hired on a two year contract at least two hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred dollars the first year two hundred ninety nine thousand dollars second year during the same bating the board fired former john ch and replaced it with john gibbs go loquentior which john debs onetill you there right now the pretty good reasons he gives out a aultre i heroes if there bunsen were you better question of because you're all there all into it's down makes the salary of two hundred and ten thousand dollars it is this not amazing how much these people may and these for all cross his and we have to fight to get fourteen dollars an hour for our first responders to find our hair of which don't he industrying for yet these more other cannot moses as the treasure of a just josefson fresh bone according the state violet joe called on president is related to day caliste came in the resin the common legal grow or commendatores an employer aploceras and after burneto of mosses business savoyard on i believe we should have receded himself grand hold the bridge ah and i watched this worthily petrichtich others lost region gives all told the bridge that there was no conflict nesta warned but declined to the labret wine as there is no answer jack gordon i turned to the common legal group told bridge a business relationship is not necessarily translate and a conflict of interest yet less let's go reiya head to the source and let him cut ah that the source of the no can i no contest but get your who works for calm and and ask what he thinks i'm sure he's going to give us an ovis and so we have some more nonsense and so just as we're kind of curious were an keep going who sat on the one so and we got a kind of helicopter up there right now scattered for in that set some were to go to a nice sight because we're jist got to watch the pan i count there which i condone the joy i'd betther pan and i had a few calls that in fact it to call at night guy's voice it's like eryour answers as all answered all your questions on the budget you know what i don't how the same you can have anything financially in a finishers on cannot if they want to and do so yet you've already blown it with because you're there's too many things that are questions on the outside of this that who are sandgate i play at understands at work so screwold protective source comes so we go to the king let oh what tangled while we we remember with her thus and the phone number goes and the address goes to the same one fair by the mischancier in coalition a wonderful that is why i tell you who that is that is gracein mister mike lavity so like lady friends with dan harben and pretty much everybody there like dan harben and there is no there was actually a wonderful a article out to day about how was given away services to somebody and it looks like when there was a bankruptcy that he got paid i'm not sure how that works when you give away services proponitan you get paid on the back and but we're going to work talk about that later ah so anyhow the isabel county republicans on this rally to day our pine friends fed about us standing up for the rule of law in election ante how wonder how that works this is not justice part just wait down the make no mistake as well as all of the clerks and i had pack hold back himself to me we don't want that the clerks are afraid we don't want to we don't want to talk to the we want him to co operate hosetwo kind for you pat everybody else out there how is that working for him are they cooperating not i can on the run now they're all involved a greater to the knockerthat right and to delay making dear dragon their begetter violating them the voyage oh let's just plain nicely one plain nice his thin once were niches when a play nice worth with us entered a clappering other not there in it there involved and in it is said that as incredible so anyhow we're going to go down further a like were the republican the republican both stand oil with set on the north sea selling boshsides of the war no matter better not who was goin win the goal of the keep hill side spiking and i want you to think with the sherring an address there and phone number that leads to an address in shared with mischance conserve of coalition which is i shot that occupy a correct see ogosho stonhouse to gold the windbeaten state robes so and later the shot in toward omarthat when they loved the bisetose beaten oh they thought there was they were better than the mission concerned eugene were going to go for their own organisation literinary is sound ecarte like that and it sounds like that when you coles and james chenenhron with at wantowne republicans which has nothing to do with the other the county or the republicans that came and guineas and turned i can take any and answer a crazy thing and on the order to go there next hold on we so anyhow mother the fight in and they're all connected sortubiesen ard oil in the virtues signally republicans who are just as sturdy as democrats this point there all advantagethere there tried to control the gate so we got laventie the collision there to call it which put him dead sonne with the shandean he is also the man who stated who sat full up that he was the one who recruited stick a christian a probe problems let's go down here just look at further the back ground out a ah ah james or chapman i cascades james copis is from lacounti and so as james chananaea ly because they're both part of the wing county republican committee so to say that the sky the came on and it now just came on is not connected here the new loosetrife director who kept out stana andan hartman ticked out jennie barlowe who is a good guy and i and ethical guide kicked him out for he may be doing his job i don't know but why would they bring the skanandoa all these forged laws sins behind profitente fraud i have to wonder not only do i have to wonder why they got rid of danny's going to gas and don be then going down there why the kick can all of us out because maggiore the ones then the truth and blowing the horn in what is wrong that's the disgust but what do i know him so anyhow question one sir ye take transparency give your questions answered the republican meeting didn't go so well conveniently if it broke out with some one breaking in as a distraction while revan nature why he was very not expert benapoleon sing onistors praying in front of this group it welldetesting going on in all my gosh the settersthat an expert on robert's rules and vialardo ers thrills to my understanding within then so why they had everybody there except for the fact that they're all the same club and i actually had it on good word that read then morganmorgan is house to run i also had them tell me not too long for on the nicest conditioners and here his wife congratulated the in sudden while these arouses getting on as the crested and not but magically all the sudden reveted and revet was also involved and a part of machines electioneering scheme upon macinian twenty twenty one i saw it i was there and i saw it and if any of those candidates had been for real they would have said this is the lectionary here get me off of this look this straw pole or or i done with i want if i would set take me after strophe make an honest or or i m done with you people right now and this was going to be blown from the highest of kisselin in candidates seriouseven is like on the titanic the music is playing on well the titanic is going down at the meet and roberts rules are not being followed and remember he and christine and eternal they were all on the plain going down to see presentruns so make so well christina oh well creciese to answer questions on finances and firing because of this convenient because of the fighting and the whole way the dome criticon no answers for trinsaren see or for any so we got the whole panic owe show the budget is told that not in a conversation like what we can't show because then are enemies will know our strategy and what we're doing what strategy you have no strategy anybody from the outside without seeing the bogotnos if there's no strategy there so at any rate but who there heaped from his their youngers that's what saw the meaning was scheduled on peg couldn't be there to defend herself for at any open protect what she knows because he did want to talk or to closer out for ngati don't know but i've got weston sam forgot that johnson danny borealian was never given a reason why i was fired and the executive director position given shakes coldness has been reported is there to help and it was stated to help on elected council day and hartman whose friends were joe moss who was pushing for the cromes nomination for chair along with the recruiter labored levity sorry that it put in a clip that with a time and nobody's heroine right down i'll take sources from any one and put it out there so anyhow to norton actually for a clear out there i put it up there why did they not if they were why did they not put the south olives because the present delegates states got to make him feel good keep him away from my thrilling on so nobody has control except the people on the top missis top down management no good not buying it itnot the ways so i had another club a put up there that basic was talking about mister mergers and acquisition james cobean why does is rotten and a political party comes and utterly you do not do murders lack wisions in a political party unless there played the public a private public partnership non sin as how there capturing business and his nonsense so anyhow surprisingly pissevache for another organisation the way encounter and public in committee which is not affiliate the republican party of the ore colley which a sad before and shockingly who was the first can't act under the executive committee it's mister kept somebody in the balls see so save jack james chapman said right under her with james coves who broke in the stake the cleric catinat starting in oh it is caresses like they are to me a cataseistas from a failed man here when and i played i played a throat and play out a thread to justify they would answer questions and failed to produce the financial god god justify the river for transparency cedars of thread and then they screened that while ribands of their prenions in with washoe you don't wonder what their highcolored i bought sostenitor he's an o'clock antigorite know chaillot ii dealing receaving back and orondapates plodding and god besieged you may recall the set of the sun you nitebat conches gunfire pinero from a probably the younger and answered i geswutelige stridoris hand and house on the follow another fred of one thirty fortenbury boys sunday i had the wonder laughed about a montreuille this on you won't believe this old egotistic you a picture rode to the generating in who do you think he was riding with he rolled the coneyhassett short no looking in comediographer also these getisculatin contact not just the boreal a naked borbon although where honestiore indeed quite that under his entree of bath siwash heaven was that grieved the breathing widow or that they were congregating its partycolored antidotes were armistice that i have no idea so but any house hessels with these isobelline indicavit i his distrcere to way to get it the altinat all these girls to get at the guide lordingis he logischer and now began tons these districtwith then to have little of undisclosed of a son the reasonthey the aboutthe como and odostomia regarding wecooperate what you to renown you dodecotemories incantation but that's wise we to intreate the petigree thereclose locates in until the derefore deposeth don't want to be no test it always want eroded it we we maserophot er than another felonrie hang the blessels tell me why so lady felons are involved with without politics begin him to hack out o here i am othersothers another thing o ka sowhen you're watching solido i do a lot of a research i do a lot of looking around and in establishing pattern i do some are of i'll do like aerial assessments and prepare sons i do a lot of facial assessments and i do behave your in patterns that's what i look in for in right so here's another and that we want to talk about here that i think is it there's a term that you're in here be as people people will you the same terms over and over again and especially when the coach ye other people the lot of people he ah is dull the patterns so like to parker that comes on ah my shown wednesdays ten god detonater i love to consagra go rick he uses the word on paddy all the time we got on pack this wenona the snaps tamsin i'll do my my knowledge and it's been confirmed that mike clavey spit up spit out now i want your listener what what oh what christina says with a spit up he spent up spitus casters pattern there and you can hear a start you can start making some besides i have some that absolutely sad he recruited gee that's that's what airliest it he directly as well as i'm sure other pets and the odd yet in short be i was on the fore witherly i know it yet it's so so this has been glad one corathgen and this is his term spin out spitand so my whole thought is what are the connections and sewed up we can go down the connection lines even further than that in goes past protective source which lavender is connected to them which is connected to the conservative coalition and i hope you republicans out there your head out of the sand and statthalterin we love be in republicwhich better than the democrats and you know what christian in the ideoplastic better than the grand new party gus they're all bad gone and there there all of them and the connected to stand against we the people with themselves in every single area and i tell people stop having to be part of these brain washed political cults or groups that give people the feeling that they belonged to some you know what you don't need long anything one yourself belong to god that's all one stand there and make the decisions to yourself like a normal rational adult and stud of part of this anti state thing that we've been bred washed one in every part of our society think and act herself youth listen down to brand forgot any part of this the you'll make up your bakoonins it makes sense go with it if it doesn't john shall crept i don't care i really don't because i don't mean to proval of a bunch of a dangling to in a flock they have gold or or turkeys that i'll have to sit there and and gobble together cause that's what we have and so we need to stand by ourselves and just do our things and so there you go stand by yourselves and stop having to be part of these called which are only there to and look at how much they are always they always got their hands on me at more money listen to their criticisms christine the ones that waterover now she's not a good bond razor really she's probably not a good bond razor for many were and oh i can't i feel sorry for christina away because ah you know i do but there is a lot of people that don't understand if you have not played in the game and i mean a high level game when our incorporate america there's all kinds gain and if you are if you are not here there is always some wait a trap hopefully to take down in the fontanelle whatever its constant i think he's got the experience i was told that that levity or i that labor somebody basically she was working at office macs or something like that before she got receded i'm not sure the destrere not the this what i believed she's nice person a like prisonwhen you get into dealing with some of these people and i believe ewing with a globous crimes i thought it were dealing with globes crimes sitting they had all the way through whose whose got their hands up the back side of the pope to be willed economic form and basically if you see anybody that's out there in the public there there the puppets the pope masters that you never see or sitting behind them you will not see the unless you really start dig in to find out who they are you know if there was one thing that came out he long time ago and i like it like the once they never gave you answers it was just a pure post that you were supposed to research and figure out on yourself there are a lot of people made money off of it they all wanted to make money off of this and so people started selling things like the key another cannot was just a bunch of morons all through that wanted to jump on things and put their own spit on it right and so on all in a lot of people lie in a lot people were in it almost everybody got sucked into to try to figure out what it was and then researchers would kind of you know more information back in force within there were holsters that got on to make money off of it right a researches would get in there and sherifian back and forth for the pure joy of finding the and so there are keep this cue there are an ons and there's cuocono doesn't exist as a real religion and things to see eels so anyhow in when when we look at when we look at trying to figure out what's going on here the puppet masters the one set her in charge you will probably never see but any one there is pe that kept getting put out there that there waiting exposed peak while in a mile take on it here's where i go into my own conjecture he levites not truth is just what i thought as i figured it went back to good time all the pallantini family who actually of the pulp is pope palpatine a rig so there he got not only will i had off you come after me and everything else i just don't care i don't care you know i'm not considered loth to kitspur and that sort of thing without without giving every every breath i have in my and my life so and i held go ahead then i said and i yield go had the theatres sweeten a workaway with the fact that the confused easy and i think to the poet machecriers sesisting is that i would presented part of the budget elopement the whole thing but i would then agreed to i answered questions in any male okay any milberie getting her down in a way that she was trying to get a answersainte pull across what is hortator to pe to prop his working behind the scene with the grande party there tried to take over it because there described the goidelic christianlike nor not dallied here ran on the titilation of for two years it does he gotter work together to make this dog on thing it was to see the vesicating work and come not get behind ergreifendes of the dress and the outer interests the trinitrate catedratico because once read library in littore allergies is garter wonder oeternitatis superveneoften is of fishes goettenreich is the colegiata of the wizard of osterfield fregosos ebionistic of locomotionis that treeidolatrythe what have you done and your lives and they have gone on things and you don't bonnybootes when it was all had gone i saw posed by a ashhoist about all to you know well deserved and daggers with freeholders a well deserved drink i i go for the moistening of wotan and wherever i drank it any trouble before he was brought upon the deed of your eye he got off because of the heat upsomebody got him a high price the ancon and the revolted the i want to get in too gatenois tycodnik dark money or something is we'd like to know who pay to will he talk betrays percy oh do mister roches he got upon saturday let's talk about goothanto all these guys got stopping rotherhithe you to this money from his not workin looks like you sakenobody for among his son's delivery practicedon't or work and where to christine hodge the money that runotaiteen it is exactly we need engravers aranceles greatly have transparency not to hide athenieto out there he now if if they can't throw it out there now in this sort of thing for the party the surettahorn going to be thrown it out to for everybody to see when they get in lancing it's not possible so it's like you know what an i'm just going to say this over republican out there you got what you see because you know what people are voting for all these the without them out and on one with i rechecks on people my old dog go off there and i'll make sure that i've done enough research on the it leads start the process are right or if i take some and this mississippi too that i've learned is hopotan it is case sometimes i'll take peoples on recommendations or words for it now doorbecause there's old lot of people that will tell you all this is a good person person good person good person you don't want you draw this the road to hell is paved with all these people that are good people and why would you say something down a brand and he that would be so you know what i'm not goin miss entrons of between bring back as yet least told the truth and he got the men want o hear it or not maybe uncomfortable but we need to know what is the truth nor talking trout there and so everybody's just like hole i will be soldieryand i bring it in that i don't like it but i can criticise the same way and i don't care for god is called a situation and were two of that job we're goin to greenford and some people say well you olthacus episcopi we went in to the research would get to the facts we can the pictures we know it's coloniespeople is the spikes that their calling under bellies god god commanded that circinalis billy for reasons we come sameresistance to tell us that the republican tuonre ublic an now looking on their doing behind the scenes for tentoretto group or the grand no party francegreece over in the endowing to the other sanitationthe since it's it's really it's really really sad what's going on all there and is in an o and o there's so many of its cortile watching you a watch in rome burn is nearer fiddles you know it's like it's like you you really you really have to watch this bread and circuses that's going on because it is bread and circuses in its design to distract us that whole kick whatever name de young and i think it is doing in the balls thing i'm sorry you everybody they got her showed that they were stopped at bull sides it doesn't i heard that that chap man broke his dangers something else out there so they both got hurt for being stupid and so that's what i was told lithocolletis hides one onigonri can know then i decided you are a brutal human being i preysinge you know what i just we jus gycerine say height of some of the people here and then i got it hid my spot with mister one were upon the pavilion here in another and i was not well we're up in the trip yehuda savery knows it there is an impostor out there that's trying to derail the locustan which scott one is doing right of scotousa ted this and with somebody comes on my programme like mister but did the other day and such sand all your information to mescontente i hostesses tell and he basically never mentioned to anybody else in the fineand then send send all your stuff to no because he wants to take it all that he said he wanted take all the stuff and give it to dan and not so beth's not how an investigation you'll get somebody that decides that they're going to derail it grab everything and just go i'm just going to be a heron go right to noclanter on no that's the first who at wreck the entire and st and never imagine anybody else but himself he had lost a good things to say but just like just like people the republican party you've got to think you've got a sassy and you've got to make up your mind make a good mind to gish a snake comes the snake is got the hypnotic tones what we want to know all he that broad burge's good to be layed out here you see anybody come here to day and geswaerd have it right there we cause we're losing our country because of godlessness and how organise and standing up in calling this out so i'm gonocerus out yourself thank you so much track i god bless his stay we're goin to sharparrowe the stay we love you do stay with us gives off protected and bringing truth out in all things the jessamine prayed that and so i i'm in walk on the coreyou can't you come out with if you want but butmonger i got to go and start interviewing people right now and the high wasonyou what erosion desiredand do have a great day all right were not continue report we got two hours report here so every its out there go ahead some steer friends and family and get the south there to more and more people cross the state because he in meteor right now the only ones that are in the election integrity that i think he ovules and on his locustan and clarissa here good morning in gregor you chris colon over the scene yesouskoi does she work loganwas got in a crisis good a will of his letter reason he's been on this thing and i'm glad to see it mesalinescas engineer and a glad that he is tatooche's there's a lot of really good people and like i said the ones that have that i think have got thee are the only ones that seem to have thisnight place is this crop the they can a few and infiltrators and here and you know pretty quick to point him out because i'm not putting up with his scrip as we're losing our country because of cowardise infiltration into organization they have to be called out and you know it would be great for us and a cool lad stand and all of us to sit together and sing friend cool by on things he yes but you know what the thing it is is that day that day and that ships sailed a long time ago which means that it means that we have to be able to stand and standfast what esteese and i don't really care if we hear anybody's in fee was cossington the right ski testimony how this was clarian we'll start right now just for a minute all right things talk eveheret ay i calls chackinil here we had a time that we were driving off here and lay in everybody out sewerlike now lookingjust wanted to westering everybody here and stayed that say that we're starting this rule law rallison wonderful speakers that are going to be here to day and i'll be interviewing them and try to get them i give them times so that they can get in front of people and tell their stories because this toisistaan experience is all about stories to asstanding together and started his side of longer and so i we stand together into right this nation when you see something brought jean wake for holder if people to say you're right you're right you know what your heart no that's what god gives he beltisloe at things and no one or heart was wreathings are right and on you see something that's wrong you've got to say some there's some people out there that are going to try to silence because they don't like what your secession comfortable cotoneaster day to day is hoelianae pelecypod that our wireless poinon wanting since talking about actions for making his wordling to call out those that are not working for us are local elected officials that have propped the bole and are not representing court room every one like of elections they are not listening to us and they are not following the law we want to stock about the lock may i i think there is a onwillige job when ossowatomie you know so to be able to go after your legal or on lawthere's on the local level is whetherabout and general finissons ce longtime and from local action and you know what i hate to say of a wise people all around us others people in the towns courts over there the and this is what will fighting for were fighting for us to all enjoyed being american and celebrate the fact that we are all equal under god in and that you know that we were all created he you know and which she had envoie had splendour boats are not counted when any two any of us have both that are not being counted all of our rights are silence drink their so that's what we're hemingites thetis so it was astrophotometer crossotheca nty building okwwere going to go there now and thinkingas people here already and i expected people so so were going checking on scott right now and then then we'll be back though i do you sketched or sorgasso there isn't a good see oh yeah okay so am re need oneness in first and ah i will let her know where you are a onset while canonthat renow and then if we can do that right now and you are in the can run his hand a scot one on the talkthe jones sanginetti were library now oh we we have immunity so we speak it school board meetings because we have no children and no grand children in the school regenerators coolgardie called him a covetable they don't follow for your loss so they don't follow the pylons the hide things in he also things like that and because were retired the king commenced with business his jobs i seen there not so its pin andavete the wife does it more often than i do she's more active and my copestake sure that she's face safe while she doesn't oh you kind of a big guy solisa good roll from poopoopooh very well so that's awsome wellilook ford i have sat and hostesssaying out of eminences some the coroadostonsured tomorrowori ooooooooooooooooooo i can hear her nothing i find it hieraclieovitch heriot god in a recent sasserides or chief to day sport this is so much of patriots here and we're going to go ahead and is on be oh he early enough early had he to get my things i tenorarie so we're going to have that change of changes detail here because i am gonostoma and we're going to get the speaker this is what's great when you are traveling light on your own feet and on your own power you can do things on fly so here we go there with me a minute i begettest off he can now well well go ahead in we'll go out and on go have a non stinging to see osiander mouth no he to ethelhard earning by i am thrushlike than england this ring old press round the old house also with the lucid outings potestatis that is intelligent foiano heckerthorn visioned they have got over a hundred people in the county i have found stay and of the love true o felinely now you're good i that was good information with that now as fine as that you think so cameother pointed the way is that of king on well sir we're going to wear sottosopra here it was livery now son toscano half to this turns out to antineutron ones on the concomitants out of working on there was and then this shaded the set up her letter epistol crossed that work or he goes here wait for the speaker is said there we go gossiping yes for it to day so i find lingo i can put a latrine she hear hosea he honor now a caless make sure as to scharge ups cankeep roll and here as before guy i think in the a couple of speakers tack out that's all right he'd go in and a boloniai the son is the oftendiscussed perfect that is beautiful so this is livery moon it is at her osnotsa olterations worldcatholic the newyorkheral resorte firing one it tavernake then sidestatuettes oneoneoneone another a low economioniseth to get started and horses singapore and he intimation that has been atoned i placed there so verneede come out or this is when need every one we need about the after the mentality slang to offer a prayer and then see stones about all over doingattending a change and then went countenanth governments so i had been over to ration cloris in morning every one as for the ponies you think eleanor middling follies on the inestricre morning for races covenanting persons to the vainest ation they were in as holt it may be tempting the times what or all will move when times sitooation table but we do stepanida's alley and ollasthe on a cold the word of prayer the heavenly father we do since for the beautiful day we had he for the oppertunity to come together and the sheremeto and even power to esprission of the disseveration will be here and pray for taking as we get serehelichem earlier in my life i believe did so pendletime whiting as a lowliness i was one of those that christie with lie and i always were enough just to do my hotel but i didn't actly you think i was doing anything more than bowing to the lesser in most the last as a thorny one election i just felt like an eden to you something to be informed what was bisantio put in mark point twenty one i took a free day class he changed everything for me the instructed talk about her freedoms described how the government was to work versus how it was working en enevo holder like this public servants account the halt to do what they were less in hurried us to learn nor also responsibilities thereby loss of policy in most importantly to get involved in a inmensidades regularly in park within a lesedulis service i took this tolliver seriously during the passing years lay husband joe withinstance in school or missionmore of commissioners regular insect and so seeigelei the asas when soldiering holland town as of these meetings as well i also attended several trading classes on election and government process so worn memoranda and the freedom of information and acting in the open miss i benisonthen the largest munchausian about horses who was holding pulled and were i to make the as the side nothere of many avoided the loon evolved as i am now on the township for here the helper my parents are retired salts so whereinsoever col to okeson this school or i assented my castlemore meaning to the hair of scale after noblemen have in learning their by logs the policy the meeting then had the freedom of imposts you livefamilies owing bodies theefery all this is so the freedom of information and provides the almersunset esle fallingby who doles of statutory functions in a word i colemanite his odes are available in the way to sleep that mimi done not on side and they are actually fulclere small washington some they are reeled and then not her hour legend moling servants are to operate in the spring proper heathens willie they are whole sorbonne repreve dingle under st however i was looking with that on his stand on the less it was a more yes only then yes there was a lawyer a long oftenyonder standale bi all otherwise have notexcept ed to follow on i began speaking at small more madison few months later and one of the reasons my husband might be and comment that i made a stand and speak those of the communities that cannot speak for themselves here stertebeker jobs herringspear of their child single belts and community numbers for fear of reinoso to services the voice to those tenements horsingas so there's several of us challenging dilations of the violence to the opened one example that tatianos with a war they were having issues with the basin and only tastereform no sir joined us the solorese e sedongchen oorial the ansienemant is as a next month visitashun red and twenty five when the second meditatesi ed to come this staking time viewthis rather on the bientost laid lighthearted bibles because they wanted to give every one a hand and they didn't want the easy long that the poles in probation of center that longe the same for very incurable on this important what a and most important one is spoken in prepared by him is tocsinhow is continued for the next solomatis if numeraban the drop off and the romano intended when their agreement of col bacowas never five holes again sliding her reader they came their by loss to the grievous shopping to the shestoi some of matter one another said springhouse new rule for us to pass if the to us conservatories italicizes it was they wanted to control us after several long so etendi to leading a stein of personis of thenseveral foyers these were granted is noorele over those few pots on one was submitted by the parent group in his spring of the onion to the districts for it more dated sunderlepes was too brodinatum people said of the eight hundred peeple so they have to look as the score was hard down noise until he entered on with his workingpeople over eighty period to press you get one of the more he heteroproteose thousand dollars we know realize with other districts around the station and charges entire amounting to not sit historicalconcerning their request to less a few months later there was a comment by a ford member of the men the poor requested he is hayakawa for what the administrators were his with this the school's business succate they were publicly shading and discouraging those severe request been formation which is to be available under osoyoos one other thing we done in his london vo its hiasinth obstriction comedian a gentle tacticsthe same information of the school or compensre ceived before the end we hang up eleaetheate in or which are usually a hundred of tree hundred eighteen we found it on the end opacitas summer that there was only seven age comoedy of graystanes hold the response to him coming school the quotas not mistress of the coronation was sold to ones and we not inspired concatenations we would not have known that this fine what the heels of his plan to water we picked up other seseshener ation as well since we are returned any of their son some over we were like all all of this line the open and transport we must get to find out what some strikeout some of what goes on behind the pole stores also the love leaper has consistently avoided recording on any of the public comments state by my husband or even if one were one of conescraters on the gold in the other he testificate after the meeting last consolatory was opposed for me in the newspaper when typically that the community is only aware of one side of the storing of what sinon another thing is only important at enticements in orisons will you do persons i mean i know we have life peace we out was to go back and review the vigetation but peristereon watch the responses with the community of casestarve hers and the general felicitations watchesat i can live but you were on his how the rest of people are responding you don't watch the word coppers rest are they more lying their eyes spirit anotaciones populars for expetentes in soriente est in what has been said or lies goneforever of his cold oh yes sorry her either but in person was continently the best i also spent a fair amount of time with the lection and tegeron cerns on luncheonette the past year i assented the popoi and actoresses onmaten before less to elections in the county board of cameos needs following and with the escorialthe county clericity parsons involving the pisteeseen resort and the date of piles she loved you voyons and our counterquestion so records followed by coteries these were all denied planeteer the reference silicates on the resourcesnapoleon shoshones the argosies he personate but the river side release foreland one of them these soon operimento the cone and they endlessly bot into desidis well i on courageopinion to find hispaniae shorter connected cystoseirae majority of the community frank letters and chestiness with elected public circus you do know it layonnesse for you in your times there you are selinas just he and is willing to step in solecisms for the earliest dies and the subordinates in your tone there are many of us doing things that we never would have to optinebit here we are he passed the years severamente phases in the miansaroff and we need to be willing to sell there even our own startoline fogs in order to spring on the losito take that totalities the sound ability of our elects onsets is not he frowned upon him by her own part if you'll let in passing servants and not to me the job they were like the we have a ray odissea the mouse the fight republican is not a field i know this is not a popular thence as i the party in county leaders same reached only holes on the opponents and that our cabinets are elected public service otherwise were helping to democrats to last we were all over colliergate redoing was they were listed to do regardless of marking they work for we of these as the ciamonte accents to alethopoli her it is apparent to listen to every one that is e the solitaries you're recinto represents aoristic what are you doing to me into the forest thence in the hard and challenges and faced the lesions togethers in a calentoor the people we must learn fellow insistence what are you being called to be to help in this battle were i'm trying my best he scarcely calling save your hertes and just in something even of the onesidenote long sometimes baron never imagined what we would edulis we are in settled in this country in the rose is not a less loses right which suplican potestate it is early woorsse the solo or nation as follows incisors is the state before we go to begins to we crave of the former of entoprocta guides in for his wisdom ascertains in my life estaglio as for me and my house we will serve for votes i will you to his what were you to spinealso his battle vertes times it is about the children and there is for holoholona and ever the battle and he questions for reddita any one we are in it middling fond down a do you want to ask when he to any question or comforted on a low or folding i walk with our dealing with his foil freedom of severation that i have pored he in a little disturbs the we are now required to pay for its formation popes doctors for extortion chappiani pass then if all opposite published but yet the soonest see tales required the file on poor no right they make oltraiges but these i thought twenty five hundred dollars to the artemision ortolans report on a fireiron possibility and i told them i would contain i longed upfive dollars son ones with but the theory was one very specific divine the bishareen what they competed available or freed no use of the policeman school board and claims to say an anointer out thereshe to give us the agent of packets for free incite as in terms of our election they and there were one we were actually told them it was potentially that there were no serious reasons before asking for the state of their fore they went which again as had really followed poelon soil on is not like to weston the incidence of the request it is only allowed to give the data as requested in consumable so there's a lot of enimmiten doing not what the boy is and the if you do not hear of you is told on to take up in cases what was anything of or the courts and those setshangaan on the car like at the township level can nature are you twelve dollars for bell township people to the get this material for you when you ask for a boy there might then endoored boil out which is actually thirteen et acestes a feast rector in their eexplain how much they can charge and underwood so there are so they can charge for a time of the entertaining moulding marques i see this is late really spent to a anastatica planned to hide information all of this step should be restored and is more in for it so the whole system appears to me for the forest is to be decided to keep information from people and when you can when you look at it you see the same thing happening in the republican party and most of the parties right now where they refused to come forward with his witty information that should be out there for every single person of look and so it is not only should they not be recharged i've heard of words of sixty thousand dollars for one boy to get information that belongs to us and so you know as to you her continuing his sight on because this some it is a battle in his going on across the satires here not long to know what iteration shall there that he should have acted we need a have you been able to make changes based on what you obtained through a too it has allowed us to inherit troublin to become more involved into most more closely often i do what information how ontogenesis or the public sense so that is like our agentpraise we actilly pollio that so leebody of the public and tied as for annalise so that's how were trying to the power be gone by a necessities to say levitatis petiteverole underbody of beckett so and what is one when that you've had with dealing with these forts is there anything that you can encourage us with that has made a difference and all of your efforts his biggest thing geniuses the acquietari his very edition fol to he then for mulecastana point especially the herethere a legal system is not going to support going after days so we have a bit of an allowable on thank your anita so ah said the twittering here in to talk to us about the constitution he has not arrived coming for very counting so linda richardson is for isabella county she has been doing great work our colony we of the dutch people the non of living in for nereis any more tossing to step off until syndicats here so this is linda richardson the very okay i winter its i ah pellingtonpellington and hissaloon i am working as a cleaning of though wonder files deltoidata just finished i for life i out of nine he the youssoufi had died i gave people on my list of the ninety eight the seventy two hand moved three were to see ah if he is so asiatenedos there was a in wrong edges because if i could historisoh came for on the whole part which even with atlas where i live as so a little kiss had have the lot over on it so we added to have that included in the wrong address of couples addresses ah one of the address wasn't brokenshire of wisdom the township just polefield oh so the hero down but as i learned that while well while within was rigidthe with the next township oh we were giving a list franceand on you are an integrity for so in conisantes the first one i worked on oh tis a lad of different columns he slips intension we must have a dissensions on proudhon so soon as carlstead and respect that had one whole and precedes list for what i went to the next shermancondition ctaneous oh so i went in and i spoke to the sector clere can we went through it and at what i were to some we had all these pipehad already been challenged so and he he made less so all this of his his isolaton like is of the size to that may have sons already moved some of those were already calis at her his so when i go to surmise probably will not do oh the challenge ones that are one surely less if they say can see proper all de quatre coles conceites the clerks of so seased not erscold have been different e we geisechtachs that he proportions what some of them were actresses so the list that we were given were just god checked the loud what to save time in the future we won't check them off because they probably already did charles what was whatever reason are not taken off the list at wetherbee side try to get it out dated less what that would cost us long and we are hadesthose on i o that i had in livedthose one of them wasn't even in the less that mess they had already now about that does but to overlay so one was even after this what the other the she oh i actually peoplewho had who had passed away there were friends of us my canyon that did not show off so i began people to work for this orderclear up there that are from oh there town ships secretly good because like your son i knew a lot of these a lively in my township my entire life so to last waseaten people to work in her township because if you from the town should give to limitation now with people oh i should in my town chiwere indecent i go and one to people who are not receptive were not liking nice and happy oh monster one may care me for over a half hour tell me how great water coolness i spoke to a centre in he was like he couldn't pay give no hour tornerias you so much thankyou so much so most people are very inviting and happy that you do in this he okay so so i noted the houses this is what i know i take my more i have iswhether the sesaleka er i had on and then i have antedated oh so i go to the house and i say i told them how i waterretention i i cleavewaive sont heitell me the jane alsilite here and i say this in no she doesn't i saw your car willie so the everdashing that can do doesn't live here and what has it only two people wouldn't do it out but nightertale are like the footafter nation their like cap making so much on no what is it only to people they is probably not nice but i refer listen as you let asia professions they were actually on like his apolloes emeleaste in my very and i never i did as to the how understand what he told me live a worse which i thought chapters he said nothing to do with this at an i try to explain it to the many hisses the bold defile but anyway so he most people are very receptive to this it's just a queen on the model will oh oh so then with my eponamon and right on the whole entire i took it to the county clare because he she's very receptive to gain the motor fire cleaned up here we went through each every one all nocedal and we went through the list and she said it's already been callin oh when we came to our people there had to wrong ages he would be like a caesenate er she had indeed see the one she said there haggish more or she she cracked it however so we got on his tone in it little less than hour and she like thinking grouch paternoster the next one oh so i the time concorporates own toolhouse subsided the less oh if there is it's really quite fun then get her really is except where the deckhouses by downtown revel town shops it is about caleis west yes that's where i went i went and we very replied ah me you when this is moorfield when the election of this the bolder filed yes and hunger wasted then listen this is done very help cold oh with this was said people can we were cleaning hisself people have it like to have in the latter the steellike gesteinen des senators they would have to be very fac so on when we did this queen of now anybody that would like say jane now was there ever what you know longer live that there and i haven't happened let she can not hold a deserves you have to have it verified which means sesto go to through hill concord clerk well a stage is and it lives on the like this saloon that he lives at the harrisvilles of something like that he closely but estovieren to say suppellettile has to have i frankinsenses not only said assesor but bill stakes there as the ecelino but from the hands i did not question about or even after that terrible proposal that was passed is that still the case that she passeth scottisemen which solaces challenge he chartered what would they have to use setters some fish like that gay because of that opposes like gold your idea she don't have thoughtwondered n't know how the right now if you come into mont you don't have your idea you have to fill out a these a paper that says who you are and that the clerk has to go back and verify after the election that you were qualified to bolden hers jurisdiction if he were not qualified the bolsters a gentle to the of a thousand dollars so not he sir if a cork set his shot this that is what is a place right now hopefully sisaresi lar when potato do you know the of the gretter aging hastens residence records as asebeite prior to eu doing it no i don't know ah so i could have been like this for years how many did tell me that miss sons of pateiner night through their sissitonwan i don't i just think like it that what she meant is when they are dated the clerks de there olga best which she man folionot think it's been a doors at door up day like in you whenever they do like if they find out somebody of fassola or somebody blue i think that's what she meant how it is operated in their systems there is a man power issue with getting it done and they are not allowed even though a town set knows this somebody has never voided in their talents they cannot remove them from the rolls dazzlin benson also inflated the rolls by seven hundred fowls and floss people that never registered devoted before the twenty twenty election so across the state we are dealing with that also but now no one ever goes door to door so this was an actionable item for all of us absolute yet the polifilo phil find out the addresses letter talon and then it is an empty lot you can obviously get that removed from the roll plates i pologise when to go had not one thing i insectation which was i only white understand how this happened my near the told me that she and anderother licence she told that she did not want to be registred what he was on the list as a registered on so i like a gay so i handed him on and as all the cause she could not want to be answered yes yes and just so as picked that on most quite recently i escorted my daughter is turned to the soles in davison and the lady giving her for as to which ask her you want me to register oh poor kind she said now i want to think about this whether i won to be red and i'm not here what my future is going to hold because my daughter is has moved to south carolina to be a man i for her sister walter sister and husband wore and she knew that contents we received her official registration for voting three weeks later so that's real life what happened combining within my own county it's not the county cork this was done by the state same way with the people on hawk parcutin rolls and appear that we crane didn't live there died whatever people have fought to get them off the county role holding him the all sorosis it to the state the next state thousandes has the same names bacon that's what we're battling also in were so it's crossed the more that's how base ah people like you olding people's feet to the fire oh you know i'm learning a lot about what you're doing and i made eto'tooroo in my cold starting calthrop pomposo representative was erasofines he said that what you willie or stake drivers license for it can the state is required the alderford to the don't peoplethose orderlove all then sent pepel or cold light charge or renew your drive by leslie that reside you onthouden he don't even after eton that iiconsular and it so estienne of our face he writes as as these as oh it's stroveling want to find out more of the incinerators legislation they want to hear my restive licenses they are now saying they can help the light horse but not beholden to not register too though it probably something that's going to have to be challenged and i thought this not willing potholder on one time to hold i been involved at the same level and they were the most everythin to motor more motor voter i reconditis withal hismission to be read mister sodenly have cost it has not been rectified renegades is he had run across a couple situations before the twenty twenty elections we noticed it our home than we received an astheticise request for the previous owner he had passed away fifteen years earlier what has reappeared on the voter fils and when i was looking at the cubs about six months ago i noticed that they the neighbor passed here we moved away eight years ago then the past away four years ago was back on the actor oder file even though his wife and three had been removed so we know that they were a couple of see people that were deceased at it fashions others better the twenty twenty elections another thing i tell across talking to a couple of different is that there is a system where they take people out of our vote roll in a township and then like three weeks later there adding them back was he doing with that record after they moved it out before they bring you back i'm not sure but i you said i talked the two different clerks that have so that i asked the esteemed unusual his most people don't even change their license in thirty days and to change it twice for if you think about how michigan does it hallifields they only release them on the first of the mons so you could actually have all files and bring them back within a month and you would never know in our township but that happen unless the clerks look into it shall i don't know if other clerks and finding that but i've found that he's too indelicate that if she so he so we somatologia of the most oncemaybe at towards the one for the problem is getting a clock pivoter pile and the other time other than the first of the month passesthe only time the shoguns releases so it would be the clerks themselves that would neeloo into those individuals and work with a proud of her of keepin order the track that gold so at any one in isabellahis interested working in the township we do have stephane bolting her seven can you tell these people how you went about getting the qualified olefiant o what your organizing with linda and everyone else oh any one can get the copy of the callipid borders sile from the clerk may be luck i think it's twenty five or thirty dollars he comes on tom drive and what were doing right now as working with election integrity forest they have another branch card booths on the ground where we're going through our libotan jurisdiction and the county of isabella and looking off and verifying others are registered voters at certain dresses that think not after and we are finding a time of dols like limehurst as they are i think there's about five thousand questionable registered holders on our border piles stolen secesherners scales so that a good charge of people that are showing not as that logic forests line are you willing to assist any one here that one of tones uhland's which is really quite what oh what is it argentiferously considers oh when i investiture and i well i was i will change up politiserer a to make it faster there's a lot of traveling like a roncioni you cause it run so oh there's my i was changed as i had rosythe challenge secollane and drove the cow oleosi spend or on the home oh and then when i went to talk to mandy they had already been here so oh her mind and others rely not on each to do the chains because they already have them if i was in town i might i might in there just the double catch but and it sounds to lakes like roofers of these treeroots i have went to the because we already know then that there and yet object addresses oh because some of these actors did the possess what out checked him i like people pass yet all because i like you my concobyne so she aversion because i knew he and now these people did not want war they suddenly so that is easy and i knew the couples peoplehad already jack when they meet for and then they had passed away the son if you do your own area and you know me area excesivelie the next are i don't do i don't know he how protoloph because i imply don't know what i'm working was a pressing naitanos that area so ill now allows thee so states no your merely he when yet to come of anybody he it's for what as oh cause maybe get while so she a white hapsodon so well he for for future rogers so variously then that people got up with the replantation well kept rh what i back the house and make sure as i these be for orestes how can people get hold of you they want to quisistes in my it anybody whether thank you can you all know what election integrity courses website you know that senorita if everybody has their felon at the right now you can get on a sight it's called bolder records not tom it's not enough nichols said but if you search in the search and the address for your address your neighbors address is your family's addresses scalloway down these are other address or registration it could be attached to your property so those need reported an we have found quite a few of those so far so if you go through you outen contact your clerk and verify to say to this person has my address or as his person have thus suppress is no gardiston the bodies and the vague and put them on a sailing list so then that and he he can not be voting out of door after us so we are fine the and we are finding many of the hop molto bother idea is at a not sure that led to the other knight think you voter registration that come does any one here boter records not come only a fool never change is there binds does any one have more questions for linda or stepony related to cleaning up the prolified modifia thank you and i appreciate you thank i members sucked on scott canabout permit scotomy because her men now i want up here i can set none were going to talk about this topics what this is what it's about to be american hero pay sometimes in relocatable oregon to face in any way and some of the best people that get their voice taken away are the ones that are a threat to the establishment and so so i wanted to bring scoop care because what this really is really all about is really defending each other's rights to have a voice our voices were silenced in the last two elections and the silence seems to continue or i don't know you watch the the nonsense with the republican state committee think as we can where somebody got kicked in the balls and somebody else bestrown to hers and somebody else got pulled away but this is not the way that statesmen we do not put herself together in these little tiger or of proving who is a chain who is not ok we are supposed to stand first and foremost to be an american scott one chose one of the only people that i personally have politics never espect floor and i've met a lot of em in on the road i thousands and thousands of thousands and in pretty vocal and he were going to send a horse will make sure that we get the seaman here because this is going live on my night and by not working the guys how are you how the trouble again because why kiss teneatr ots do when our system has been taken down and every one of our rights have been violating so today scot was told he wasn't welcome here from what onderstand because he did not apologize for something that he poured out that name names and you want to know something this is wrong and every level we do not silence people because we don't like what they say because we're trying to build another organization to have control over something that we think we're give us potent we have ever since person out there the right to talk with her meagre or not and with no polities that first render rights and that's what we do right so is correct he was no one in polity for what he said at any point time do any of you on any one in apology for anything you have to say or opinion that you have to say and when one person is silenced or told that they can't touch because somebody got their see wings heard because they refused to give an apology screw them because that is about one the most anti american things i have ever heard in my life and so i said disco it when he said one not welcome here and i like this is the guy that spear hated all of this election integrity stuff and i had people come on my not work trying to silence scot and stuckart of em and high checkedretreat on who has no ability to do such things and was going to run right up to the attorney general's office to otanabes tigation because they had herostratus you don't do it investigation that way only more onde you have to lay it out firing by lying and have a strategy so i really is suspitious should be here yadorite to me here just like everybody else does and the amount of work that he is pure into this is amazing and of somebody else got their feelings heard i can't help you with that so it ingratiated to go to second its park about this and the park about the fact that we have to we can't stop we can't let anybody i shut you out every single taters and here i can guarantee has had somebody telling you while you can't say that you're going to hurt somebody's seaway you know and we can go along get along it the old harietta cried for republican party as was a democrat party shut up sit down don't say your fateby yourself it is nonsense absolutely childish nonsense so anyhow he's got ford you down and could you please raise your hand if you're from isabella county of the souls osawatomie in intent of people from this solonis i had more in this county by going to meeting in his sly as a doctor baker's son in these down town here some of you probably went to it i think probably most people that no men here knows i out spoken i brushed and everything else i'm not here coinabout myself i could care less wominameshi sleep so the loaded shot going next my bed with the expectation it someday somebody is going to take me as because my involvement encouraged and i tell you what this investigation is locus savior messiah as are elections of some altar it is now or never for not doing it were not going to take it down by loss o ka we take it down i getting these people cripple and died for law prince which is expensive which has happened in this county or carry i had been taking criticisms which is fine i am suckindians whatever you are about me you're a prostitute here he did not want to take the cake and it needs to be out electore out there he was told about law breaking he was told about laptop in this county any township that had been programmed by the michigan bureau of elections to communicate at and toppleton dated during the election process are we of course operated the latest and i tell you what and nothing with it the long forcement conjoining with and he should invest my top solecon fiscated and put into an evidence can to whatever you want to call it it should not be sitting to where its going to be destroyed i believe in another week outness particularly townships okay a sorrostros secutors did not do his shop some the low horsemen did not do their jobs the communication that was going on between them against the people that were leading the investigation in this county okay and which deeply deeply unprofessional and i don't know if people distilling it see the communication spit was for by cloris but i tell you what the communication should not be coming from enforcement of from a prosecutor not the kind of communication to take his tobit i think he thought we must have been stupid that we were going to fourtheducational afterwards there wasn't the terrestres coruscate smart cause him stultas his right and she told the communications and moonbeheld they ridiculed them they ridiculed the investigation here all sorts of jokes the nigger do that but i tell you what in his deeply disturbing we have laws and place that we are having difficulty getting and forced and prosecutions brought forward okay the law that was in question here to be best scassem seven fifty that two forty eight it is a public record slow you cannot alter public records you cannot deletete you cannot ocreate fraudulent ones that was long question there was a section in that law called the venue of prosecution to three options three options the final being the county where the victims reside which issue from isabella county which is fading from rashi o car you went to the cakes he may that cleared when he set fifty three or forty seven fifty three to forty seventy talk on politics well that's not what is also offices you want partinghorace the prosecutor to nigrescunt she agreed to meet with us we haven't got that reading the case is still in the sheriff's department there the city state it was small men have already submitted the reports were their waiting of the sharks for cheese agreed to sit out that's all we asked in this countlatest out the stephanephorus and read along with the whistle blow him that would be met and joanne from election tegeter he didn't want to do it prophesies and started talking to another prosecutor another colin okay and once he did that and started spelling information that he obtained from the michigan bureau election here the woman in question is a woman named loreburn a month saltothe s this goes all the way up to the secretary state as well but your prosecutor called glory berbery or he mailed her to get information and of course lorry gave him a fairy tale which we have disproved so gay and there that's good enough for me and he went and told the prosecutor down to her county pasicles sword are yet the good the fine welcomes he gave that the prosecutor faltered formation instead of verifying it and we have talked about it an to discredit her arguments we have the law on our side and mister barborin did not want to hear it because he don't want to do the case because he thinks he lactogen wicked if he does the case gets wiped if he doesn't feel as problem if you will not be elected this process is set up to select the people that will win it's being done now through absence bolt through the electronic polo one home which is in question is counting the i just spoke about a few minutes ago that is unlawfully been program to today as during the election process this should not happen in this county to should not happen in the state and i should not astonished the getting away with it because long forced men and the prosecuted are not doing the job sir you got questions hasn't spoken me at all he doesn't understand the others he took what the michigan bereflection sides and set that sagastil lord openedfrom the mischanter elections has been telling these clerks two destroyed data a beregafol the camel destroy dat unlawfully there are two federal laws title fifty two to old seven of one entitled fifty two two old seven or two alone says that the federal election records must be retained for twenty two months to all several two cars you cannot alter love records to cannot delete them before the retention ever expires you cannot make fraudes we have evidence or making the fraudant records some course he went and whatever moreforbade said would find oka they made that clear as good she's fine he didn't sit down but the whistle woes oh teresita down with suffering chloris and rice but he did not sit on with little more we have been to bestbeing this day at this technology i'm an approaching my second year in this joan to in half year he won though the cases he's a violation of ambialet that for sixty it is woeful neglect of duty it's a mist men he is also because he talked to the prosecutor in the peritoneal cradles brother facts he is also an accessory after the fact and insolent that two for eight the public records of because he went and perpetrated the line by talking to a prosecutor in another county he spoke to an individual for the county but he would not speak to the whistle will there's a house proud with his impress crelinger's robert circulating that he wants upthough el tickness a good can be to be judged when he will not examine evidence as we have told an overwhelming evidence we have i have a an appeal that i'm going to be arguing before the making consecon one week countin that is except wantedwhich refused by a federal attorney it got set to the gosennes night i believe to the proto the prosecutor and lenfoncement pissatello met in the pure county the women bidding her head there is another gracious women like these like closet and stephen and from a pure countiesand i tell you it you're not going to your nigger when we cast it is set up if there hoping day to dor the elections on voicecome into hot the accent you'll know who's available to hold grecophobe debalpur who you can call and say he go in and there and be that's all of awful that is all a manful and it needs to be prosecuted in neebe investigated and prosecuted now this came in its bulk counting stedfastest ic job of investigating pulling the others together as ananas or finding aggressions she's another one that the ohand for all her woes this woman had taken on the secretary's state chosen best i find you know i don't care anybody wants cut me part lothed i had no problem in siccan i don't leave my eagle milk in movetis country used to be okay i love with us three of the sort sankoty when you have a corrupt elections where the record could be manipulated where de that is being done during the process and sostenere stuffe did she let ishmaelthat has back we discovered sirenformation yesterday hetly your countships and if people people deserving because we realize now that what is happening with the daisies during the process is happening much more broadly than what we anticipated earls there ragwortorange next thing we need to do here we are actually going to be initiating a small destination on hollie you story for the isodulcite and the grass soon there is the law firm that represents both inside and grasscountry as well assurance as well as a le mccold county kent county very county several of the key counties in the combustication i represented by a law from poltosta in stole they ever heard of em there is a municipal law firm for grasscountry governments isabella county government and the other ones i mention the miscegenation haydon and we've got information to being paid a hundred dollars an hour to do one thing and one thing only keep this in mind to misconducting dawson besonderte state what was her job for she came secedersas and shores draws a reader the directors michigan girl elections peace curly the chair of arachnologist ration information see what was his job attorney more tormenting a tort there holding with the torriswood they done the hard coal costing colter to represented belstone thing in one thing only and love is because of the two women and send the woman from bones from brachioni what after them and the peer because i they got word about everything that was going on a per then when after the foes to footes electronic polo da tofis these here or evidence they have a corroborating evidence port de ebore doesn't want to sit down with me or i joan totaliter mysterously has he doesn't like you kase he sinks it affects his chances to get reelected just what he's not goin to get reelected the he's not going to get reelected with his i told the prosecutor in our uncounting safe tring on friday i met with him i met with a cheer of separately for an hour there was a very good day meeting the higher and any by nor here in county is there you go it in the song i know the appear people know it's in the tip of the soles bad acts right there as sagonasko i had next ponderthere but it was a fantastic sea with the prosecutor with the herancourt locus standi and with the prose but you know what we have to crack these prosecutors ferronires agates fine i get that i understand i think scuticaria ray pressly understand i think and understand that i think bindos battery trying to understand i re tried to find out how to do it no he released the barely indications are null their deferring to each other which is very dangerous i should be the foreign to the evidence okay this showman mentioned certain pieces of evidence okay the barber has sat with me there's a lot more i wrote the other encore for everybody in his bell account come people here filed a criminaland filed to locus standi complaint from isabella county from pissible a long ocydrome some resucitaba ed on the day of that he reports the clericate he went god and it was based in the povdati was based in our investigation of piranesi ation lighters keep in mind lay forcenes telling everybody destroyed his electronic polloks on federal law and state law says they must be retained this is the problem you have several clerks in this county you have several corks down in grass she count you have several clerks and looper county well you're looking told me to do this why can't i cor told me to do this o ka what what's her name algheronotice an in all men forget for stay body and i went and settled almost two hours was great i sold his very silent and she spoke up young emonstration talk for hinted is or he had bled now there must be retted and state lost said i can somebody sketched stockinette on horseshoed has to septenosque the law bore that's all we ask for david barber in this county to do your office so that's where we're had to me that's why we're here to day is because he doesn't want to go it let your newspaper of course got to pete foreshore and stephanie and me it's waccons i'm tears i have been called for worms in my life and i even call me whatever you want i minethe but i tell you what this stores the only way we get rid of this as we get them prettily indicted and you know the hastening with parry you don't have to do it you don't you may not even have to go all the way imagine if you got severe counties that started bringing them into crestings on whirling it barhishad he set down with joan night we were to told him tassino couple of people and supinations wait so these other counties to catch a itswooat do it's an easy case i look together that the proof is overwhelming better altering the public red what's that what these can your drivers licenses state idea that is it that's your boding record right there that's the electronic poison are no what i bet don't want the court give it a special the other good he's going on it was public scenes that the detonator in the election process the streptocarpus it's the electronic polisindeton yet in your opinion i after editing that you do less as may be mine have what would david laberis first step that you would like to see done who would he be prosecuting more addressing her he find he barronnet get in both now because he met colonel complaint filed against him its conflict of interest he expressed concern to clarissa's sterne and ray he is worried about the cost will again i i might suggest i would not be for a throne you gus get twenty counties together they go after he barber cannot do it now he wandlius he's got a conflict of answers concerned is a comical plaint against tons or federal corocola and i have recommended to state criminal complaints against him again he's an accessory after the fact because what he told the prosecutor appeared counties and that is in violation of subsection he can't not now so isis what happens this pescas is can be reopened okay you do what's called a procedural motion okay and i ate and i told the women i owned right at all happy tourney look it over and will file prose and what that does you file in circoporus and we throw this guy did not do his job he called he treated a suspect in violation will state and federal carrington the same thing needs to be done in a pear calingas well state several crimes he treated this individual as a careful witness he did not call when the other witnessed that would be the whistle of lowers so his compromises whole think now it would be more like the refuse to grasscountry why because they have acted investigations are milchester gression that theonidas county to isabel the problem is this is probably going to cost david barbering war money the parashont to the prosecution to do investigation everything else we can sketch sort all over now that's what gave a parting and with his going to cause the county more because he refused to do his aloofe now that the only way that he could still do this is state charges our child and then the question is whether not the fbi and i'm not sure that it case can just be dropped especially a title yhteen tes if become of the original complaint said i want to drop i don't know exercere gone a title hardly time as a significant a section of thus a penal and that will be the only way david to do it and what would i want to do scott you enjoy an and caressesshe ray deterrents and your let's talk cultissians we we all say quine david let's come in scott worsheply and i and i can tell when the players are i believe he had asked the question to as somebody else sire outed oh what wolcolt i and i take what hetty asked me for joanne he could got to answers on who the players or we could have made this case so easy and we could have made it would look at it would cost minable money to isabel a counting because he was relying on the help of the other counties because what he could he dine ring in two people who i recommended why was holt thinking of for him to bring him his handle and the head of the house elections committee bring her ininstead bring in the former secretary state rose johnson she was the head of a sending elections committed ring the two women in a torero shepherd command let sheriff led to morson from city mapleson and then in fight long horsemen from a few other jurisdictions the nice thing about supinas you can invite a long forcement and invencons the testimony in their own counties that's a great thing about evidence and testimony rebel testimony so he could ambitiondo supeters o most two women okay why because they were the chairs and those selections and they robbed canelones okay we have find out what did you have did you give the go ahead to alter these records did you give the godhead to destroy these records before the retention peers that was it that's all we were thinking about doing any cold have been done he could have just sit on it while these other counties did much and then the isabella for swithold have gone into those count this could be nieces to question yes graniforme his representing the michiganians to a poesia before they were higher with one and the lived because of the connections these counties at white that is racketeering okay that's racketeering that's conspiracy why because they want to control the clerks not to co operate with our foes they do want co operate with clarissa they want co operate body with anna with stiffened bag did not want the county squaring all at that his poonshedagore i don't know why somebody would not want to hear what scott had to say not the one and number two i would like to have scotomata the chapters i notices here and maybe give em pretty chance to talk and then come back thensomething that he were to asswage to hear from back again he has a lot more to say i replied montalto leave i will see what kind of time but bobbins i tried to focused the morning sun october was to of covering letters to the other for any more so strode helen its tower i thought everybody all rising by it yes you need to watch wanagan book does net work to get accornes we have a federal attorney that is working with us number one dave peters is his name we have started in on profit called citizens for electoral justice we are filling a lawsuit and we're doing we're filling to one ocolte first one is what called tiarey her that achrenthal the temporary restraining order but it is going to be done blank were filing it in grand rapids in the westerne but i won't prevent wake wake to what happens in a couple of weeks it will prevent he slapped tops and he flashed strides from being altered that means they won't be able to use them for elections fame meestare on be forced to hand count what few elections are going to be alcacota let that will be interesting is to watch the mischief pure achan's fight i got to feeling it's goin to gonima goesbecome why because it has to do what we in covered first other this county but we have been covered it and five other dirt five other presents cross state of sons these electronic poll books are dining octocento to communicate out bear not most be program to do this deserere didn't do a thing with that lapostolle eventime man professor and percival all isness or talking of a i got lambasted your chair it is to congregationpont i got lamp passed by a woman that is the head united we stand o kay and i don't care i care about the troop i don't leave my eagle milk you want to rip me do we all you want one sickens jesus christ was the one be the same months o carry i figured i told some ray of the come and after so but i can tell you this and to get back to the strong in over here you don't like dave barret do this now is no state churches are now filed because we have it i pot i've already initiated filling what we want to do it his mellicholy i've started to get the jackson county shire sat thing trying to get him hargeisafresh for severe a wolfonthefold to duty that he hasn't got as far as recent barbari should be turned to neccessary after the fact is because the evidence so mansecast in the evidence somerset were provided city or pauses and still to shepherd did not get the other in somers before they spied their reports sootwas n includes evidence however to share separationthe evidence some reasons i outlined i itentify two two old seven oone that's retouched it is a criminal offence it was in there and he ignored it there veritati like teeth such and for you must report the fine time if you have now juneseyin of the law it had not he didn't know what he in do a thing that last hope he wont touch cos is work to be fenced in everything else she sat going to get elected in these because it's a system designed for selections what they're going to do is take over the prosecutors in all these retones the sark prosecuting you a bogus count charges if your pro life they're going to find a way to prosecute that's what they're going to do to these prosecutors and you know i am sorry i think his bells red count the horses woosted sirionos picakolous the elections steps eisteinsen specter over the university and to hold in the city of course and that some time we've got to start chopping we got a vestigate what happened to her but just what yet the governor the attorney general and secretary state shortereasier three four some whatever just what with every other office in this county was already and there were pretty strong o can this station master to let countenanced what he sat on to get elected with this process they will get a prosecutor that will go after ah sir pascite you for exercising your gun rice they were he prosecute the pro lifers prosecute anybody that his indifference to their gentis is why he does understand this is what favorbelinda stand this is with john knows does not derstand donteither charge seketoures and the jackson con at the onset i think we have a prosecutor south ere marble has a dunce and did you ranse a disguised on presentaneous she's willing to surround with us in corriedoon replaced are you all in order and she is receptive the prosecutor your account i think is somebody work obe able to work with backer down and can't come we believe he is pushing to get the case cause we thank you want offertory general next and he wants us locustan crippled as spacious as a as a is he with the cold poltimore died for whatever the best car we have a couple of coscore northern moschians reasearches in dickinson the sires mountaincape of stanecastle on the right side the oath right side oral and we can't get people and a cownteth to file the complete thretening to theodore on culturethe cars republican party and woman only seen the lie the elections technicians to hint this staystitching is hard to understand we get or are you willing to try quesestion and fanny ran is it in any of his did any of you understanding this technology when you first looked at youth you are to set some of us okehampton in inunderstanding softening now the lesson not but at least they tried salisatri the barge it no interest and as night comments from low horsemen and barbary further touched less dinothes case omeletteand from freshman the high school if you have that seen it asked cora said to she will send you a copy of the duty to see what your law force was like your prosecutor sank deeply on professional here a professional you are ill care of the indices i or criticised by the sole cancer and the united we stand because these relate people you know what i beteleplk something to you there to man on across the jesus not one sane crossed the on crosses of their own the calvary and idle know the aaseer there with me i used to beat the i came to jesus christ olotropic ten years o here's the face those two men on calvary which he not live nice light but one will say okay i said as indidivual tribe if you don't try you're going to have not no chance that as the porter had not those marching is this we have to find out no what don't fill the state cares okay and then we have find out whether or not if the complainant here considroit but whether not the theangelis they did then for recoudo this he could say althinou would toay on the corisanthera getting to owen talk to you with sarcasm let it let erfuellet of what war burnesi yes to me with all races okay well i'll leave my car to or to anybody wants rapportois far is it despite in barbaris con be trifuls okay the lean half we have another way to the okay that is the procedural motions succor we get we get down to real on the cases and gesseuse to grathiouth okay then is the melanconis goin to have to pay for another cartoon suppressed the bores of fool see anunder stands this can cossipore money to do that resident do it corporations i get that in it set in to him all freshies are i prefer to reserve my chewing out for serpulian democrats and lancing people misinformations fall and horned as somebody said has been driving this i don't mean my people now i has me anybody see i do this on love the country i do this because i lost em respect the people who made sacrifices to do because this is real patriots the women when they first started standing up the jaws opens on were feet into the ground you know what they cried and they got back on their feet and they got tougher than they were before he sevenfold that is what god and cortes one and the same way if i beat down by the old people in their own counties but they didn't back down they did not back down the state was that's why i'm going it's not your givenlong old turn montesinos sure i'm going this woman there's been a back a huge backward of the locust ate crinolines are and i tell you what lies republican republican party christina studiothough about election she had some bad people behind her i'm not going to name names which is your lalitaditya wonderout this with the yes yes i but your old teparte most of these patri groups went on most partaking in this individuals now i will say this she asked me what can you do or der forbes office call why didn't you set with the whistle blowers along with isabel carpet asking see if he returns to call see returned the cup he reached out he reached out somebody looking her counting but he i talked to the whistle blows have asked yourself what okay and he sets on spaciment spottycus and said sosocon stole in the technolithic sickening writes holesonce called his office david why did you not said one wire taken the perlections of words on all this fiftyseven the other evidence not just what gave it barberigo's understand subscripti too for eight it is an altering records fraud sent records the leading records all the bolts the electronic pollok you have your triassic senescant by those constablethat is when your public records no deviation by law from thetis we have come to evidence that the records are being altered and this is the problem very bitted not leave that you know he told of mirth the prosecutor look here counting elendeto i am a cause insectivore of all about published omostenus the a fine lockedin workers the specifics it was about to penthecostes ordered in published uttered in published of cares which applies to your toes but it has to do with the pendopos that's what the section had to do what was the last man prostitution which stated clearly doesn't look at the baconwhich is you and isabel county which is younger as she county which is you and i am in the peconic is you and can count peter looked at the you are to cakes this way should be charged under subsidy that tofore wilful neglect to do he may declare to more touch of stern look at the ogdens sol listened in there's a life of other things to do asked cavernous office support the offer i tell you what help out you kate mentions she does her ferstand mandy to sat on her stand the technology she obeys directed snapped along she is not forty to destroy these records before the retentive is up it is no sorry to tell these corks o cause girls the sensei will be my care stoutly and chorasan re almohad get hold of is i think there's a lot can be done but i think either i'd enogat the charge costeimonger strasse and what he can do or we perceive with a seceder motion of circuit court des refused to graeco this contekors up here to day and the hand that took a thank you but then you got the position to keep in mind said we must be persistent follow the lead these two women and and body grasson animates now why would anybody now want not to get up and talk and say there china baffles my mind right every one has something to say and i just want to really be thankful i am thinking entitle tight company and we i said we were sitting there when expert and net work need and you cannot believe what we had covered and that there might even be perilous tems riding on his machines certainly our programmes ping out on the one and if you two don't think he thinks are regionsin because it's all right there and it's going to take all of us to never shot on to all these speak the truth and to stand together and ah you know when when somebody comes up with an investigation like this who is in fashion expert at it we have to listen to it because in standneges and let them run with it so that we have the best people that's most suited for the job running the game and that you know where the withwithin with the being himself seen a seleniet which is what most he politicians are involved in right now sarradet said hermione center or clerk in fact and minime in denied my request for the luck trot bolhoon told me that they have no no information and byron's pyretogenin so i asked you settle who wiped it well nobody did so something like you just told me that we don't have anything there she is like well i just you wapentakes know it in on the ten years ocherous know who what death and there is no answer there so anyhow keep fightin everybody and jump out of these guys clerestory and the stephanian everyone involved oh so thankful for all the work that everybody started it's amazing then to down a i can't like i should let you all take a little back for break and then send you tichelis goin to get up in to so if you feel the need to move around have drinksomething heat and you the rest for them and then stand people be off with more information than you could ever engine the guys were going to keep a bright hester here on ony even as life tree going as long as i can of granteceta reissuable be given at reasoningrather goin to be here i think we geseo others now notice that there is no other mediator so if her first said granfer news not working of sosthenion and why won't we i as on oh he wore all right i can get started they evybody for needed some rats the one sound of freedom is out if you have not seen it you need to see it it's here in maclean is over and titles and it has to do with child trafficking and are elected individuals are part of the whole human trafficking child traffic such trafficking system if you don't know that i'm sorry to break the news to you but it is a fact you should go as the one so we have side twice thrown very county up next he is a constitution of poor knows lot and she is going to help us now more astesani as no solosolo well as oh is it a present my mind forget sir i wanted to relate on something said chased them many of you are aware of that there however he has incantatione where nobody can be on thy michigan in for a mission life sense see sonder see being there losing what when you saying and then as sensewhether your needles order real and you and tooserious you will have to hear resist or is oiseyse and what is gone sonettos forespoken old aftersensation you combine that with these moseses all that to uphepinge topall these beleevers and got on motorgirls indefinely dolls the loss sovereines temeritatis ses we have etinasson flecnoe have avisos every assessed through the sole and the sun i have an ancestor with that metal because i i i greatwith her voice this and here oh we have no ready he had brains only as presentfor on when in my husband away the prominence as yenglande are feronia i don't know onebetter so of how avocat how the necessities it was so many complies with what an yes in polished because we did not know what over words i didn't have led isis cried with because i thought taking it all my goodness she who knows what this could all be and i want protect me o cook evenly then i should eavestone isagoras triacetoneamines i did no light i did get tinkle happy am i hasten pademalion be basted may be goatside was colonel because i was in a fine alterations handled my hensonyou he sat without the boy asked shells and the water that man stole said to have to see and that's where the rangitane and iipolitical that's in a well so lean i statoscope sisseton i got to his so harold and i do borrowing because i was not and my grand of whose hide with those pedecorthin son now and he raised his peshechodnaia when as he and so as what i had i consolidationindependence concocted in one seminole ere day see lassie but in that for you let it fine so i propose shake cornelians for word one thing hierapolitanis have myself this selenaria were all the he in shoulders old and i was shipped in trials of percolations by etherizing get a fact we know because i was said to hold oh find oftenforgets for we were now in a way of factattested also mondesschein they fought sustenancetables thorn sittingthere ether olokauston of greycloister and sortscharles on the norwood toanother and however so there is change the hole in his re also sevenor with her assentatorily while viselike on nose where poor as she soter and anselmo home related i only in rosettelike is an aedes i when i lived in the class we had a learned age you know and all that she take that one but what the prettiness that's what short so now solenoptera the main helvellyn he had more with the inondations as well as personated but we stand they had a fectionate and sessile the oceanic he has so secessionnow constichooshion and then i also in osanotolla late down was for and i held so called and the performs he shares the three that house no some penitentiales notecopies retain the same pay oh hareneither feathers very withthat one how can he have the hatteras and the cold the halseys and find ansel there is a sad sestercesten as lancaster i more aleentirely can palenesse differ otipore oh where thereotherwise i calonnegeneral once prensados estocades packs somatogenetic shoshonees when ernestine i want to go to tessonires ollers the sogerians no mechanicsanterior posolino and that and they were so stocked shot her i don't see southey were lack going to stand that and here the other little fileuses you know and i she was living enothera the erradeens contithat and be willing enough to dislocalised meeting called and for some time points which sometimes make you know or is there in a and after we and beside this sobrante that's when that horse you don't win more sioreling so we have to face strong but also lie not on the san tocolchees where the strong itself be an the latter of each island asesinando pen such the shore and here i wolle because i had one like and how so i beecominge to brook it something horace or one precession let eteromekes and my constitootion the tetigerint we have to keep going monstrethe eyes have others and listened to her respective of wake there looked by going at wilnecote while works as one in a house to which it were not willing to do that or pointed an order to have stand where we are delayed she have to scandalise tesselated ernest so i bore for the light for and with his aforerecited astakeelee see then a house where i had to separate competitors from cranberry wisettan cope if he has anenometer that person of his tepee very good it was in all the great he had if you read als other what the attested is released her incorporate it was having him that as today when he broke his neck the racon declaring her intended the old and the hartebeeste it was these bright they just declared their hand the tone hers and the dorset oh yes sure he you gasped you have her with you all now it is to no love in year wore heeretofore collyers if you look at that respectively past massilienses or so that if you look at it toward i had one he wave another a year myself i don't think we had in going delineator and nina he sthenesteron here for sporadischer but i should as honeysett but their coco as we depend of large monoliteral that he passons for in clergymen he here what he military force or grieve i believe it's because they had got on the i do i believe everything has escapedissenters has been or saleable i presented and now there is three years were almost night he comes in to of fact for home our question and that happened relished palotherian in room decided how this country in the government's gone said of massacred on her right and i think the men in overhanding in arearen i know where most it did all these men on they went through a lot of evesham in fact is the place at one time inventionspatents all desaly processes we have seashorey you ask the staaple he had only thought of her as her guide satchels just so shoestore they could not force so and what troglodites in a and a markfourteen but atellanae had a constant but it isn't ratified or obsolete to march for some to me because i have cherchant they had a eliminates pole retire in order section to for the old i saw trees and gratified redway the other he did not he has i do not indeed i contract and the notes to the fact that any day at this federal government was different that the oldest as her consent he said had to have a peece where was pertinacious to crete well once so he whines or is oleometer toontoonee on the oeanthe other rises cold stars i have spears it is not in writing that there yet the sandbys they want homeanother yet how one of his son writing the soprano radish destroy and ignored one the and it is a so he had a form of government in arcolathe goosebeaked of democracy right no what bollergeisten to see on no he foredreamed of elis as the dinner shall repeople it's not as to rebellionassisting shoregoin what that menses that porehouse resented as there exacted up which to suppress that and our legislator we alike down to represent house what the tolbothe constitution that he also was apanathere i will hold on to depreciation the one through the self onethat all menaces and now by their creator with certain inalinable rights that among these are life liberty and it is the coolstrin governments are in toto this among men the riding their just hours strong the concept of the covers then our self evident that is they don't reactionaries of the lessees she then regnantes a male he foreshortened i rise to not come son the gores there are gold by god there celestial or art or young in the low rush accortosi what is that ned he in that and that gives them away contents or on her hypothetical take a boy forest is there a higher power than not i had five to howe you know how a poor government sailor now you're is no power higher than god come at you oh wherewhere this i have here quasi and i baselyhath say oh in a matter matterepiscopatus men who stood out on porpoisses this forever est do not here what can ye religious will prop any religious and to be safe as will is is that jerry adler that's the one and you believe it we fare just that got out one and on the floor and we wondered why our country said we have poured out that kind to his son conte sir as now she is a colossal you on foot i felt very legatees american then i can soteriopolis because that sopranino because i can i don't like his werenowsorter how cotehardies solstices because o how his sheepish so then helpers craters but the only governess and no sense of the covers worthing got her yet the only rosenbergconsented which be if we don't speak of and say something and orchis subject that their tea it's a false sisisesti because science is sincere as and the men who temperature we sat silent she long lateinische governments relate in initiates people are done with that and were using up lashes i left morals the end and sat on she presentation now more monopolologue colworthe care if this is so reckless and tore it is because the people to holly weorce rush no meintenore has to or in isbecause he told seven man she had colors to represented and of the national diet it's the next sentinel does not find it settles it will be careless those cococococan reprise to hold them and the whole alone on elegiacus so we have one of her home for at his i have it's our fault too we have sand of dacoun silas so that having got our food yes when i was sensorimotor and what he there for what i was for his part in the reprecipitated that ending and back to in these how governor wanted of the precise but silly she minethereon colentur opining initiis omission to a child that we are to and then the worcester went is the person of passing now this reverent planesare then as no whatever lanthanein poseetion in happy this and forcing on my person the happiness corruption i forfathers understood that enforced the ape there are orseferry and varies in other words nettles that so pioneersamerican career body not and i too was amoronthologosphorus hanoi on the heestorical an tied her of any body you have to consider when you i don't have the loose you're a series his face antelocation polonaises schoolmore but people correspond when the mysore stars the support of major that i did so very sad as you cannot have my orianacomfort in the majority of the in fact is a proper it also on elsesent don't burn he and his anatomical weorcingas and as it were going to lunch to eat we have to keep going for words oh but that's how it tortoiseshell i remembered herenowand brigitte snore and the more of reentry i myself will be in or not as sistertold i would drive down to the corner store and get a badganian hoschander no yet all comeshave aniensian practice as far wittefontein to cool a stephen heretefore of the house so onecopper a portly lot of cramer members ship on intestines to the follows hale to the corporate courseseers ristiisten conciliarselo gratification and cisticolae or this company an accession gentlemen to the help and he paid with what in the sending soleninities so or losing her ontologos and as really used to be the that roch a porpita sadistic then her six and medival which bees are enchanting arable to principles peticioni their parish once or visitator believing in it the fine creators the first step cecily ports of tonite to a harunari come hero three government exists we can ontioras wereright to which we cannot do laocoonta en way unless sospitator iter than god there is a hint more loss and so let to and that was none i somebody fell asked sole how absolutely cascadensis and when i behandelte senators he this in oenothera ology that on heterocercal that the comentarios assessor rothe had secured it his yes and she is more haveashare so one i had some other actresses oil of little liticonteste what i do altentting outlinerising because of rose how was i heterochaeta we are to footeven right and obey to go and i do love amontonamiento on and other countries i would say yes that is the case because of the winter coloration of stricter on merit come we to boleearth ones with hormesinda on not the torpentious so therefore i romantiticism thateron what had and what the piles as we are alone as the looking at the bible worseperhaps how will you this word that that opaline if others are oranges the lad here supermenthat of he had his own likelier she has an set out with a portion once and we can fish cod for she she could say they our poor shoes so with sashes so feathersfaster has and the persistence or torment she had had lit i heard somebody else say well the constitution had as in the time of insurrection well time in selection of love had been the differerence but if our proponer had not stood and for items that the radical come that was an interruption was not what are the fore fathers onderdeelen or sentremette sold more heterogeneous if we are willing to stand up to what we were gathered for not to insectologist to break back to let she they are in correct and that's where we need to tell again you sing your words to kinston with your er manespecially that since child right now shall andosse this scotlandthat was placed i myself was to he had a oldillegitimate government past there in the line said to the insurrectos why are we not holding over cold if the lections old home on that tree why do you not holding the there are some our rights he servicecontinued gefreolsod all the races we also about article exceptionseems is known as to the colonists it really say that this santoton and the law should be netted what shall be a osterinsel and all the horse i reteodoro the nice shall i the suppression so as tender among or over a cable even the morsels there the suppling lobelias in her severe leaving when he asked him what he containsaniseed decorate the cocoons the constitution of the volga alesano we only had piers we have desecration i wendercombes to meters before col states and we had it cannot petition which is the cascarone the government we have to remember our philippines or of madness to be consent so therefore they are for there are illinoishere law this as articlessuch more we got idiot as the shepherd not he not wetting as henry lesson sire of chords reasonseither of i rose arrachies long we have to remember that and we had to loingseach we are no secrecies there ain't no is that as toises oh we have to be willing to accept this for for we have a listener and as parsees the first one is the duty to always push your post that has and if we have to say is so he has departed to shevel you and i have been derbeiescira selmore was acerronia pine that when day and in the heat o waterplate i only now released and i shall in my hand to old solstitial you're a astonished and ever gilocourt the car i told people no i am not a revolt i am a corsancone personal conservative that work he within the republican party i do not i go here somewhere i will say this wise or i never said to what i grew of the disposing i asepopetei because of the town is she had been for so semotheesthe i tolerate so we have this served reyoking and bettanier coming in woltenscroft ah the restorica mr and and he too now that is to we have a lot of elementssensation the reporter setaceous invercolpa plotmonger they run up reconnoiter in because that holy little white oh litoritinid perpersonal in the strict a very cold oh heriot he does not and i realisethat open have a likepeople right as to anegorono home to like to people the various were stationese soothes remorse portocarrero the poorer at the beginning a very because the separation of one of interposition choisissent the secessionwas to start later insensitiveness to horror more and i have different far as you to do or not parsons i live at the rond the heroine was to give all to issessara i could not work to the second the case is tensespresent that or oculation chersonese which savonarola bothathanie place now that where horometrie her craft where i constant we have here as is the pole or in the hotel iscaredich was the torch broughtonlived to british and so the confederate state church all the air keep regrets it was very prominent thomas shoreseashore dean hurried as his sole he has a colouration of the the terms and state protection age his you i do not commanipulatione in platonopolis oh yes all phil that so that for the king what was justly potest wholesalers so now the site that will he halted beneath truth has inspired we have to totopostes city everything the what i told you to day i spect she falls and investigate what his and then ermordeten receive not always right i do lie when i cisleithania estiscome and has but i only humane the certitude as essentialities and moral we have a relation in the listenedthere quire of the citizens could remember were the ones of celeste when evil so as seniors have the virtuous and moral and ordered the antecessor where citizens pirates just lost the weeks and casinensis lads born to will likely colts for leaders who are we were to right and that's what's happened the colorous back and renfranchised on his sorcieres jonathan said he only found a never free costitucions his terror i like to attertonsthey gods but i sold i oh yeah the yoshishige kind preesoner the great holders of all governments and of social ation were seorati alliesand this hold the dolorite houstonboth shone whether one have had thirty behave as then we also are fellowcitizens that we dislike that intensest right were not over neighbor says the solos ray i worewere then in her sore still hard and now on the fellows we are so low holders is first as to finitehowever by these then of the oestrelata willing he leans and openheartedness clashes and how do we know that if that shorty to be a he has this shows hesteres on the service in said for people who are there and poses so as well organized in time comes this was on himself to be so pariwar is one of the most feculometric sortition her posteriori or omelettes tricicle hunting the halfway the sons secondaryor on single and as the the coleus why didn't think out his he only has sole to darmatrophie or of his this and collineations astenfor colonisation cooper old rise the person alone you think there goasacoalco to worry of her neether cos for so you had so the ewe have freedom now oloribus that ho ho understood that is to be centeotl for i do not like orestes i have a black for his horse in no and one gothinians the most time oh oh will you hear from the pieces oh i knows when i closed her hoplitestogether holds the folks to get the theatrical myself and one look policesomething it early in inconinconshiderate had reollets worse oh fred at one of these for your just and that's what the oolites working like the workemans he wore lotharios i don't want you antithesesthat earliness is possible on the verse personallie opposer arms and rites he found the consecushon that we have to rig and the day he preparationmelt here in the out that in less osteoporosis which faced one he was the olitory is set on his list sosodifferent out forcesubstance sitifensis at then horsesintense was reiterations in order to see pointothers agesitalian we have the havesomething to use coast we have to cable to the sonthese sonomyai and i looking clearly to me her hair tetanisation one has side rolled i don't silesiathe how are they handed to find herself we and not the protonotary i the defineetion that it now i don't know a common if you have scremerston the middle of terry sawed you pe hand not to come and remilitarise they are as they are rolled they are or now i had in having be careful what i say as we have the sheer alcoranist on right on one line because she held her silent oh all intersitas we have to decide we have a servile on the leshlator inchesinches shareholders on alone have the before enneatical and return to those of overshoes we have to be originating at the shark oh oh beweisarten then lest this is centerpieces and that as one we ormolic to so that pernoctaret in the donations or duty to follow how man time can you turn somebody in the last few months stay wince stolen and in the grand hanway and i hold hold he can will you don't crow to do him let's make it hard for that now in that supinators tests foliolis so much here pisottaient it does bishop the lad was cristoforo his classic we had chichacootta at the monte oh hal said bold and like a set postintelligent on finding this or now i have the sad oh i have in which people white stars and done no and choleric muterprobenden colony strong and the lessons passesand i am polite i ah i was one of those that i wasn't meaning to say as he was strong but i am one of those i had a dayascension oh and i've been so isanother than i had really come i cannot listen to the tory lot i helped shillingspence in very onethousandth pointers or westgothaland i remember he very tongue and i do somenot to yes i have other helping with her or to one i will live rekesenti my own eyes i with such fish mine has three o laws i oedicnemidae nothing copepodite i won a fine hands noveltoon here so i once coherent seest move a hero over to the pine ball once my home holding history now says i go to the plain welcome through that hole all those times every omicomico plane yes it's all right too i know widethat real the men the hotels and possible to do him so notheuontai sands of themselves in a place so long out of themselves had the visualises that somebody his old and i have heard of her i signed with shelley in the sand for dash in one of her complicity yes i did asked oh and then on the sister years beheld the thotists and persecute we then said she how i got here her planning her halfacentury no he comagenians as the i can't go on i have never known a tortoise in and i longmore throw i want one cause i can lay to stand up for sale here iiconsular spoliatores come in his corraterie and roared hectoliter but i can tell of my sin and one right in using my bones but they don't know there onconstitutional and pettinesses she participated he in portorico and stuart as provinces they really in order for a military osteotomies to micheneha yes is worse so we have reflected on the corroborees we are in an mindalthough her mode did you know that i constitootions the moth the portas who are here and in all my right a bowl that sir copperish we do not have a consideration that's not such a supposed me doing the one righteous and that kind of stuff but they do not have the constitutional right to his my money to give somebody for you signors who are there so called my brother in law of your pot himself your paleobotonists in the end he could himself he forestope doing that so the government had a rap that allowed them to pass yet now and sorrowes he allus finiteness it's so cold for megalesia but patsy went out every day quick to when out oriocalotes venetien that past when out theresienwiese in his strong readers rose but that hand out and what i was halted there not loosenesse that it's our thoughthere's in our moneyed we have and it is her due we have remontoirean best on our host i remarked what is as for father who has it oh he was so poor whitherever schools but he states that the hoosegow an recontres he said no country and because when you lose his country you will see and that is what i shahotinigon to acute my host and i had to provide pecoloo back hand the solons we are of the precalculated peeperville as and it is not before you get into the associate this suspicion hereford which i did know this he actually served building once i hear this before he was in this wariest the time they started and fleminghis and he certainly had it all in his smile he had us all planets and as pets spices square miles city it wasn't just a cat she was the smiles erased so you had em that's where all the old general and halls of those his toes were able to buy the goods and they had most traces of the persones there were responsories stores and the factors his plan started off he shall and as what he did he said educating the child because it aborrecido you dislike so forthe entititled facing you may as so they are in case i had to say was younger country very here taking hortie the one is i there door man alone that these you manifestions here goosegeese we are so haco if the avenger is now also as you got into the first peronosporei the relishes i forgot reconnoitres reconoscere others wenroe oh as the in the one and the nicolaitanes in the pinnotheres now then to changeover in the more to the rose the only to do the same then to her like the consuls of the solipedasingle lots or pole everest now was her oldest doll assafoetid the veteran we all hosts we long on owing he we are badly one were the in a general original staniforth inanition serpilian aginst every one of her contradictions and noontide on the inner oh i layetoolatees one on one have economised the privates of a light and not a second of the retinitis the proton we find at first wool oh as i read the seven the window whose coloring incarnification oneoneoneone then i sat resistiveness to us i am vile in all the year we have all the tension that bills he bring it not live in desolate said by the hedonistic i said to these for so he went out of citoyensis ing came out to follow salsolaceae oh wheresoever there oh oh no now as they passed for thirty men not desconhecendo monastermore we laughed the owens friday we so went to new all of my so now in her was resentimiento so you know what the man is they won't quit that had a dunsinnan he judged them to enyonnontonnyonhet i notogahano yes recorder of longpont that shall be for what senate how you found the ithanacester morterfied hon and i got and abodes shootshoot lord or a shot for some escorted he then about him his dispensationone townsanother billy even aioleis solenoid he has nothing out of osterno for happiness gotischen is now going to do their n and his entitling and mile so we're losethat long for man he potatopie beheld this at white the alresford this sounds were donothing invitation let jonas the door oh no he is or sitosterol he wore and i have the allies what is monastereven on a year little lection how manteoceras to show life is the 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long his water country was set up on undertonesone cution of water hose so oh so yes sir her to give over side rendering the rites you understand your missing his he also into oh a searcher for the mater freesay none he has the retriever a sort that rigor no and then the last nite i capable we on those endothelial enlooped your life don't i somwhat i'm saying the torment the hand and sidnacester and the lameness no one in onebones give other more ombredanne aeration austere nor boofort i one of takes in the levantine i could renoceros an hour an hour i onetorides the continentamongst nowhere her wonted by my honored classes have sositheus has remained some much more odontasteridae on one made over day no but i only to trouble freelandhouse foreshadowers of massoretic otho and i give them that my cold on the inside of the like courteous at about the one above and what did well not here with baker hunter that is she told as a very it sesquises the barbecue man is going to read us something i am bowed with everybody a body thank you for lundonioe i oporto it his orgies emery had a good forensic we are a good portensio i i don't think a lot of people really understand the sacrifice of what is ireland all the people around there just parting it up and have a good time and its great sits great ibteddeen lacklanders and exactly what this country wesser the gaines and so i thought that he may be they should all love because i don't i rode nosiness the lad he wore or two they were noticing and the rod be not more than nosdrums and the american recovery more the wedonos regulars was that for here sir so this is kind ovate of me more the regular footsoldiers eyes so it's bisness it's a bad passed him in the graphicians fall shutterthat so here we go it's called what's that eat it that pat it's called the regular by randall some players sweeton clenches the muskets a soldier labors to move and uniform a tight fit shoulder to shoulder as patriots they stand each one holding salvation and his hand the regulars advanced to a line of red coat revolution in their hearts and lumps in their throats the heart beat us strong fast study as the ponderous command roars out make ready the ten stoppering the song of glory and violence and for a moment sheer shuddering silence colonials and red coats and staring eye to eye ready to do battle in a field of rice each representing a different national claim the contours with the orders taken the regulars fight for freedom and manitaries rights as these lines preerect between the iron sides he shouldered the rifle as the hammer to it c ready send forth the affirmation of the declaration of seventeen seventy six the stamp act the postmaster an unfair taxation without the due process it represented these are the things the thomas jefferson forced along with the list of grievances against the king george sharneyford seventeen seventy six the declaration independent making a profound statements at america's freedom from great britain the failing fathers inspirational breath it me liberty forgive me she we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created col the declaration was the promise the constitution would be its sequel the young americans cock and a burning desire for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness they are the hammer came down to compare plots as the purline drops to their knees to reload fire but the second line comes the resounding blast especeries america's passed their aim was true the casualties were high and doesn't of redcoats lie dead and the rock now the british pick game very turned the volley and they do so without fault or falling fire one now his brothers all the left on the right as he ran the musket all home with all his might coppered and threat and gunpowder his pleasure in his paris as the musket glass ripped past his shoulder still undeterred as he stands the fire a blast graces his face knowing full well the honour of defending this place he stands ragged tired and torn yes as the peers of the thick smoke and has the smoke clears and up to see a red coat he fires no place chipstonethe prince throw both sides remained there standing at large until the pidatanos command roars out now he stands bay on that ready experience his coming as the regulars holds the pretty shortcoming now he stands war horn and full of holes in these are the times but try men sold he takes one last look at his brethren no words to be said even though he may die freedom will never be dead as he meets the british advance revolution fills the spine and gives him and his brother and the strength to hold the line and hold they did driving the british away taking the glory from the battle field that day from the militant the south they fought to be keep the british contain and to the glorious object of their contest was obtained for eight long years they popped the bloody revolution on a motion driving the redcoats back into the atlantic ocean and as the white flag flew and the last ten and ball hurled we the people the petted the greatest military power in the world who is at the leatherby iv new it now to care for any one that's willing and able take a trip around the county building to just let them know that we did show up that we are watching them that were not happy the so if you are interested i'm going if you're not interested i got it the hennion the it aside and the gold so i guess we're going to go take a walk and were on the the county building and an that'll be for a which thank samareth interesting to see people who are actually patriots that really want to do things on the ground and a great great group of people here interesting i want to give you now the people up here in this bellaccount woods for actually getting off the sofyan getting out here and doing commonweale that came as far as coldisatosin everybody it was his anagrates in companhos and so to walk round the county more light of now that we're here here here and that were going to continue to fight for free lections at his despite i was callistochiton i detested a patron round the go he noticed stop lowington i say that we're all going to hotelthere and i'm not sure for walking up there i think that she for walking through driving a driving there walking dodo there walked a denhalter and had the terewth i karias genterie my track here so i don't care a walk you therese a couple blocks is it is just up to hell her so well is your he take the track of their answer in early has taken the track oombool where go octogonia i think my batteries out here so let's see you like don one the trait more more you goin on him think it's i think it's those spots oh then out of the rich connected here so reinforced by re people hunting has estroite so he for you to walk up their clarions to lie so i soon at which think i thought that went well osleolite more people but we there right right ligotage it facts alas alas really great i telelogue that on the friend saw a poem that he wrote that was really really amazing that lines go it was amazed absolute onorse rightwant walk with us and there he at other was on the constellating a horoscope leaving that is exactly what they had in in township but they did stop the line that's the way that's what consort everybody see no finite laws he also it was so hesperanthas horse coming out here entoprocta the charge more rose are honore the lodovice i have a louder voice here in a low hoosieroon you senator save out to day i was every line hoeniger it never out one by desanonariahens not tortoise the gideon rosefootnote down i i are you good canary on international altissodan oneoneoneone carondolet come i know fiverather with me trying to train and try and be we came it angel heriot he realized the offer alsoanother overbearingwere hotel you weoerweard sound of freedom more i ceteraand i was surprised for there no on but all i ever hear about jackson and his how actively disne in general so a clearly we have a movement there but i was surprised so many people were there and i thought you know my goodness that people that are coming to sound agreed on he clearly are like my livewire the politics tootootootootoot i exactly i stand what he had inhaled but it doesn't help it's like you can feel the boot want to get involved with we still have to get fallenstein so one on the parting thing is and it's bad it's bad to put to moralizing but you know what is going on we do what we got to do so i see we're going to come up the swan so he left oherrighto so going to carry the thing right countthere we go bring up the rear her second do some chap i thought brightens palm was really inspiring and tell you what when the home of arsenuretted starting you and just you go on to a lot of people that kind of came here to day sold ones that carried it to the under the ones that are here and a lot of em he how complaints and at their head their records to lead it and had been finding pp and finding issues with records the like the some in githoloides everybody coe right there tooloowee not in the cave for niche had him thank you colossal cosshe spent or time rely helping me and a lot of people around the state just trying to get a tryin to get trothother it now i might also right but i do ha what how chester you have health you know as tories i don't feel like it that thick of the story it is to be his who does is it shows how corrupt everything is from love from thee even the lower level of government in how they used the processes to support them the entire process and you are right they have keep that have just enough alecto do the job but that not the critical things to her come and saddlesomething on the job as they're doing and why there coming so i believe there is general with people that jos he failed to look into what it is that the legally the following there following the santo he's got a work for the colony that or he read the morning sun well that's the problem is not like we got such a bunch of countless people and politics that they talk about things like we got red writes the by laws the by laws don't make any difference if you don't have people that are willing to stand for anything is just in this traction and that's a problem if a whack of focus and critical thinking in his side to unders even to understand the problem that that's that there in lienteries a lot of problems before the eye for himself so on our own he why why do there are less president the no one knew in him never mentioned or that's not over all your protestations inheritors were hitherto dissertations forster sir kay so the tree shows sells down to tell it telling people that you know the gas like openly telling thenyou don't ever write to the opinion that's why i'm so strong on the first emendatis that nobody gets shut down when you have something to say it's important and we have to be able to have free discussion in order to get to the bottom of the nonsense no matter what stobell be freely expressed so that as american saying to gather so that we get feridoon and what is true his age i love he can find or oh i had for my bald head like ruby oncoming the he sure i oleiferous in vii in the she pitiabilities this aboeocritus before ignoring evidence the very there's the forincompleteness you know her who has a detector laciniosa how not inerection why i done do sacketoome there's no accounting osculatory why with the citlapetel seriatopora endocrine early besides footsitter asking for his followed the law jones that's so called derangement said her not you like child stenotone post why is seasonsecond sees seven fifty dtisorter the tonocotes and sailing the time so yes the more follow her a wild her job wonihita hargrinton and seal seven fifty incorporation so now the onomatopoetic tronon one so as heseltine hondecoeter the oreocereus oportere of tooloogigra he not for that the he enjoined on the colonel no other often operationssetting no one canoe the holsteinborg staring at his old towards this epolitical gave it power coalter the fact and field having fifty doctors schermuller prosecuted i did not give him there by the well isabella county caricom a detective car ignoring havens ignoring compromise he like supporters of electric co saponis of a manipulation of public records tennessee the isonomic may abilitiesconstruction reloading overpowered the litteratores while and he or drops her how do the defective the th of officersalas for nineport had no politics here the bones in frank lib you take picture like if you are so far friend burke news topwork where in downtown molestation and then were to our picket line around the county carpadon to my pleased of course sir i is botoneros ecutor david barbarian is betonica man or his balcony coromandelicus tone had the gun got come out and argue differently or against the others the evidence points to crimes committed by or betrayers within the state government in later it is not a party specific but the cards are obvious the evidence is overwhelming and you have long forceswere prosecutes i don't want to hear it he could say on what do anything with the case and not want to be tested this is the lack of not of office pollinating not only our federal state governments were county local governments as well he deeply discouraging this is going on in the united state and in this patricke her admission of sodomite and bird blossome parted as to day and i blessed myself to be released fellow a fellow supporters of the rule of law he was the rule law does not being obeyed by those he took it at the office to uphold the law i just not read anything except when its convenience for public is for think he got of recovering the rent to day i became i'm hoping the people that view is to day well on one what they have seen what they have witnessed the courage and one for me throughout the state mission and crossed yes he's a were your listen probably being the tree isabel i count he crossed to the cave at over i i i the title the extempore the fellow oh you poor ofesi i done forceythe if no the other hence and embracing query the grace sir fairy tales slower bent is the oconostoto tore the progredientes all seven fifty the horse six year before the like if pity oh my oh so what the post now with an o peter is it old house nicopolis the sistole apocopation sisterthe and so of fifty that comforted as one so i think we're coming to me and of my battery here guys so i'm goin to say have a great day will do horometry later thanks for joined enough i hope you enjoyed the day and the fact that there are people that are actually working in standing up for the rule of lockists was what this was all about his following the law togethernational agents season i i states soon failure the reported federal plan of federal according isabel a county has my coming solicitation possessoneres of you my so there he go i think we're going to have back to our cars and i think we've got we got some word out there and some of the problems that are going on and guess what we're not going to stop on till we have free and fair elections and everybody's voice is heard so secondaria and all the patriots that had the gods to come out to day and all those who have actually put themselves on the line to fight for election integrity as and justice liberty and justice for all because his with its all about the sole and equal of its blind it should be blind justice we don't have that and with what has been dug up in our election ah not only the softer ware we all know it i don't think we need more avenine people that are actually willing to act on it and that's where i see the deficit right now so anyhow any less words got i want personally thank you everybody that came up your to participate in those that were here with us and thought and this is a challenge when you have long enforcement officials and public officials that were charged by their so office to uphold the law and they really have no intention of doing it ah is boconos cute david barbary through a lot of his actions some of them despicable actions has made a clear the law doesn't mean i a damn thing to him and he is selective in his prosecutions what it benefits him not when it serves the public when it serves the law he only applies it when the benefits there his unfortunate that this country has come to this that this state is come to this these problems are not isolated to washington dc or the city lancing it is also pervasive and or county seats and in some cases in our local municipalities but dan i want thank you again for coming on covering this walchan you all the bersanding is to day yet thinks everybody and thanks for all the hard work of rody's doing across the nashtio take this said the speckless all about america dared be americans not one party not of especial but dared the americans not stand together and will get the thing done have a great day eyes god bless you i can only your half hearts they can hold on gables you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america we get to do the