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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/30/2023 Karen the Riveter, Mark Finchem, and Emerald Robinson

Published Aug. 30, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am Morning coffee and encouragement with Karen the Riveter 10am Mark Finchem Mark Finchem was born and raised in Michigan. He served for 21 years with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, first as a firefighter/paramedic, then as a law enforcement officer. While serving, Mark attended Kalamazoo Valley Community College and earned an AAS in Criminal justice. As a retired police officer, Mark Finchem has a keen understanding of how the law is supposed to work. Living outside of Kalamazoo, Mark lived a farmer/rancher life in a small rural community. When he retired, Mark moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he worked in leadership roles in both small business and multi-million dollar software company Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks small business accounting software, where he received a world class business operations education and received his Six Sigma process improvement certification. Mark Finchem Originally elected to serve in the 2015 Legislature, Mark completed 4 terms before he ran for the 2022 Arizona Secretary of State in an election that is still mired in controversy and which was marred by maladministration and fraud. As a legislator, Mark has been an unwavering advocate for his constituents. When no one else would ask the tough questions about the 2020 Election, he stepped up. Today Mark leads the Election Fairness Institute, an organization dedicated to examination of election process, isolation of process defects, and corrective action recommendations to elections officials all across America. Mark holds a MA Legal Studies in Law & Economics from the University of Arizona, Rogers Law School cum laude, a BA in Government (State & Local Public Policy) from Grand Canyon University summa cum laude, and an AAS in Criminal Justice from Kalamazoo Valley Community College. 11am Emerald Robinson Emerald Robinson is the host of the weekly news hour The Absolute Truth on Frank Speech. She was the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax, and also the chief White House correspondent for One America News (OAN). Her daily questions to Biden Regime press secretary Jen Psaki are well known. She has interviewed President Trump, Mike Pompeo, Paul Rand, and Ben Carson, among many others. She was suspended from Twitter in November 2021 for her investigative reporting on the undisclosed ingredients in Modernas COVID vaccine. Her articles regularly appear in Gateway Pundit, Real Clear Politics, Citizen Free Press, Revolver News, and many other media outlets. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the thirtieth day of august twenty twenty three and welcome to brandenburg news network and the show this morning we have three amazing amazing gas starting out with my body care in the riveter at nine o'clock at ten o'clock marked incomis going to be on from arizona and then at that one o'clock in an eleven o'clock emerald robins said i go i got a nice opportunity to meet a bunch of at the michelin doll a crime bureau are last and it was really really fond so i went around it i was making a lot of contact and was able to scuddle bunches was incredibly helpful if it takes a little bit a time for me to set the broadcasts so and then also do some advertising for it and get everyonethe same page and such so ah so it does if it was a real blessing to me to some really wonderful people and i got to talk to mark on the phone yesterday for quite a while i like mark penjum a lot he is if you go on light and look for him he is an election denier constant electioneer that's they call him and emerald robinson i like her because she's been she's an kicked off on like everything out there so she's she's my girl she's like me we both been kicked off everything and then of course you know we've got carangooly comes in when you know what wind when we both have time and such you know what she's always there she's one of those friends that she's always there when you get in a pinch for anything everybody needs a friends look friendly but more than that more than being a french she's she's one of the brightest women that i know in an incredible researcher as well somebody who summarizes spectacular way and in really thinks that through and in is a great example of critical thinking and with that sad imbibing i'm a body here fornication goodmorning now is introduced me somewise and i do don't think i'm that brian i think he do a great time in the other so there substaneous there so you go to substock and look up care in the riverevery body and see karen's brilliance and enjoy her her takes on on the things that are going on and i pretty much found you over the tower get i'd say always well and if i if i find that i may come stake ah and just the other day a bunch of us shared something that was erroneous and somebody figured it out on my go but i go open either at it or remove it from telegram and i shared the correction we all you know we're all still in the process of learning and it's really easy to make mistakes nowadays with ai in the the quality of photo shop if you want to call it that is almost small term for what o what can be done nowadays the constant propagandas amazing i and you know so but that's the should never stop us that should never stop us from going forward and looking into things i mean that should be the motivation for us to honestly decentralized what we're doing and the there is there's a lot out there you know like i listen to every one doesn't mean i agree with what i hear but i do think it's important to her people's pest and whether their accurate or not there's usually something you can learn from every one so to sort through it what we're doing castles were constantly sifting were sifting all the time the information not even necessarily the people because every single one of us is flawed and who in and we were never going that's never going to add does it's he it's the symptom or the result of a fallen world so when when we talked to people we have to remember that that we're all in the same sense together as it were where we we are not perfect there's only one perfect in the and hidden throw stones now for that said there is an awful lot of of wolves in sheep's clothing out there and i think that when we saw some of it is because they're trying and their misdirected some of it is that some of it is straight up demanded demon possessed and in there's it takes a great deal of discernment to to figure out which is which as well as the willingness to get out there and to your own research and try to figure out whose telling the truth who is miss lad and whose flat lying in order to to leave us all astray because we've got people in all three of these camps in this probably there is probably more sub groups to that you know but it's one of those things that it does take a lot of discernment and quite honestly i think if we have a good group of friends that are also reasearches around us which i'm really blessed to have of the becsared out as you know as somebody in the anteaters and years and years ago have some very good friends who are great research if i throw something out there you know you're you're amongst those that are great researches he and if something gets put out there we will say a whole hold on a minute i think your missing some and i will go back and forth because we're watchin out for each other to make sure that the accuracy is there and that process is something that we all need even in our tidal waves like our families are friends provided that that checks and balances to ourselves as we got one we got one vantage point that we see things where your friends may see things from here your family here you know o kids don't always appreciate with her man's dad's have to say but mom's and dads and bout how many years i'll experienced and have have experienced other scenarios that perhaps we gain knowledge out of inside you know what ah there is a rock and how do you and that rock may would be looked like a pebble to you but it's a fact i bolder and you're going to hissen face in that boulder and you might want to save yourself the problems right so i do think it's important to have friends around us their car this a great set of photos and i'm just thinking i know i shared in but and i don't know that that i kept any screened shots of and how could i search for it and find it again a forenichts been a while ah but anyway it's in one image you see a man running down decide walk and people behind him reacting and then you see another perspective like from behind him where he's running towards some one and it looks like he's about to attack some and then another picture you can see he's actually about to ah help some wind that's aerocar olding was falling something falling off scaffolding something like that he's about to save somebody the other perspectives look like he was about to attack them and that's that's where my mind went to day when you were talking about perspective and how one person's view point can be so different from some one else's in those things and the matter a lot hang on a second as i just had a call that came man amasis this could be important ah let me see i just got a got a video here i think we've got a some some problems oh yeah oh hang on oh my goodness ah our place down in florida is absolutely under water right now an no is bad it's let's see it's within the shot first floor for sure stiehle's see yeah i let's see we might we might just sif i can if i can move it forward here and see and my seeif i could stop it here and take a look at how far up the water as no not quite or probably and then say may be inches away from ground floor being under water so for marmoutiere down in and florida cause we've got to a little tiny place there it's nothing it's nothing to you impressor anything like that we just really wanted something where we could through our bags down and and i go out and i mean that's really what it is gooroo bags down and then go out and a hit the beach and do a lot of walking we just do a lot of walking when we're done that's pretty much the most most what we do as we walk in and go get something he so that that's kind of dear family father please make the water go away and jes name i pray on don't in florid and keep every sane so attentionwould who took this footage image for you are they safe yeah it's hard to tell it's on a note that a community down there that you're wereright with and yet it's it's one of the guys down there in the community of just came crossed and so so we'll see if things flowed away or what we have down there because it looks fairly significantly flooded so sappers for body down there because in it looks i don't see it when they are but i see a lot of water so the water is coming so what will see what happens there cause we're right thereon on the ana tampa bay and so that that whole the whole campocasso area is is right where we are master of this break there for other sarasota or the camp aside but it's it's right there so at any rate we'll see what happens you know this that though the amazing thing is is that that things happen in life that we can't control and you you got to be able to adapt an a just when things go wrong because they're going to i'm etoit doesn't matter what it is you know my mom's my mom wouldn't has it the last week when i was down at the ah the lintel conference week before last have lost track of it now but when i was down in investorshe went in the hospital as she she broke her cheek bone in her clavicle and her loss to very very old and so she's she is sad way we out what to what to do you know do i have drive back over night do i see what kind of a a cause is bought o'clock in ingot the news do i value it so like well i could drive back but i had bought a tent eleven hour drive so and i can drive over night fair lily and in a friend with me that can not be drivelers no reason to panic when things go wrong a lot of times you just you just got to ride it out and see what you have at the end of a crisis now with that sad we have a lot going on around us are we crisis absolutely we are absolutely in crises what's the biggest crisis we have right now we have been infiltrated it the highest levels of our government corporations institutions and we need clean bad guys so i keep hearing people say well what should we do in this situation as like well there's a lot of things we can put a bandit on and fix things but at this point i tap time i'm praying for the whole thing to free fall right down because that's really the only way to fix it as we're going to have to work with their certain things that are going to have to rock bottom before people and i mean the entirety of america wakes up to how bad it is instead of spending their time and broader we're going to have to come to the term to term for the fact that that we are in his and in it is in so many different places in our nation that that there's no stopping what's coming at this point financial crises the other thing is is that we have no leaders sitting in these people there are willing to make the appropriate decisions that are perhaps even going to hurt themselves in the process because they're all in it for self and richmond on ganado am a self enrichment of all the and we don't have any one sit in the seat right now in my opinion that i feel comfortable saying is not in it for themselves so the first step is honestly as clean the rats out and then rebelled what you know if it's it's almost like we need have a hurricane that runs right through our our nation tearing apart the corporations the corporate stocks there are political structure though the financial structure the insurance structure the school struck the inner education structure all of it his been copped by very evil evil people that have systematically from the inside out attempted to destroy these my take on a right now is there nothing to do it because because there's enough of us we out number them but i read of the system is geared for corruption the political parties completely corrupt i have to do is look at what christina crown on my deop have done whither promise of grass roots and now we've got the whole party basically has got a bunch of fell and sitting on the top of it and people with say oh i don't know what charges for ten counts of wire and that's why they're not showing what's out there is because there is alter their in appears to be ulterior motives going on when you get no bid contracts when you're money laundry ah i'll bunch of money down to all i don'no groups say say maybe something that was registered in tennessee operates out of florida it is tied in it with the grand new party member ah there's all of these questions that need to be asked and and people are so afraid to say what needs to be said because they want a mixture that everybody likes them it's it's a colt mentality from top to and it's very very disturbing so so i i think that our nation is going to be going through some really tough time and hopefully it will bring back seaman asked of that waters over the first floor minute am i hopefully we're going to see our nation brought to its knees which will be on its knees before god were were going to give up having to win at all costs and eh what is it that you want us to do heavenly father were willing to do whatever it is that you ask of and o in that's the only thing that's going to bring things and i think you know i've been thinking about like the half a house where you got you got a bad or off in everybody's looking at the bad roof in somebody else comes on and says ah these had be cracking your foundation you have to take the entire house down and can't dis fix the roof you go get right down the foundation of fixed the foundation for you fixed that with god and i keep also coming back to josiah king josiah am i write about before think o king josiah had the book of the law brought to him his red to him it had been forgotten and he was like a man what is this we hadn't we haven't abandoned by this and so he had it read to all the people and the people just red their clothes they were sacatonslight i can't say i actions and just morose because they had forgotten the law of god and they said we've got a we've got a dedicate ourselves to god we got a start follow in these laws and i think that's where our nation is right now we we need first of all we need to read it in that kind of concept goes along with everything we see around us first of all you all you have to look around and open your eyes to what you've been missing what you've got wrong me just this morning i finally found the story of the kid with the gadstone patch on his back it was the only thing i have shared this morning am except for your posts and of this kind takes gadstone patches thorne with the dog tread on me to school on his back at and the school suspended emerick em out o class whatever it was and a they they said well it's associated with slavery and races and in this thatch and they they gave some weak evidence of that and the parrot and the kid relike hay this he his class is going through study of the revolutionary war right now in actually to feel look at the history of it races of man not in the doit in the kid's got free speak and so they fought and then the school actually just put out a correction an apology and make this kid at twelve years old he's doing what the rest of it cut tryne to be doing he learning about history in san pelet's take a closer look at it what does this symbology that we're coming across me not just in the past what does it mean now why has it changed if it's changed let's go back to the original meetings of symbols and words and his story and let's fix the foundation with biblical principle and if you want to look at the house example it's like we have a agree with you we have a neighbourhood where one house as the executive branch and one house is the legislative branch and one house since the schools one house of corporations one houses a medical institute big farmer and each of them is crumbling apart at their own rate some of em are collapsing from within like you were talking about the other day about nine eleven the building saving how does they collapse from the inside and i and others desention is eroding and others may be the windows are broken case kids are thro rock fate whatever it is now it's all falling apart it may be you need a big fire or a big hurricane to come in and take out the whole thing and bring it back down to his foundations so that when the people start building up again slike knew and it's even better cause that's what happens when you rebuild you go you know what we we learn that that insulation wasn't as good as this new insulation we have now in its safer in its healthier let's use this now you make him prove went on it and that's what our whole nation needs to be doing and that that's actually in global scale it may think that's what's happened with you i think that the the vast majority of people have figured this out are not going to tolerate masking and locked downs and all that garage again and we're going to start to figure out how to read i stand up for ourselves even at twelve years old well i think they've got a real problem because i keep talking about this new variant coming out i hope everybody what you know everybody should take it take in old here to day that says no matter what they say if they try to pop posthac constitution again that we're going to stand there as as patriots to that's all de taminah out an oath and may be start this this saison oath that people put it out there you so much as try to lick us down again is going to be this is going to be the end of this tyrannical reign because we're just not going to bed and i'm sorry but they can't get all of us you know and they can try but it's not going to work because we outnumber them we out rotoner than ten thousand to one hm you don't eat easily won shall you something here ought to day that i've been digging into that i think his kind of an important it's kind of an important thing to go through an wanted to just talk about this because this is power of see so ye that i think that was taken in the middle of the night that video on look ackerobat share it shall people want it looks but at any rate i want to show you this that if we were going to go to a general motors a street car can spirits now why why i think this is kind of important as because this is exactly how the government comes in and take private businesses and or common deers what is america tried out to be distracted right now because i'm getting more pictures said and so what's happened down there i'm sorry that's a gang bideabout at any rate i what what really happened with this with the it was an alley and all had a wonderful working line of red well there was a conglomeration of companies between nineteen thirty eight fifty national city lines and its subsidiaries american city lines and pacific city lines with infestment of gem fires shone tire standard oil of california federal engineering philips patronali in mac gained control of the transits in twenty five now why would they do that may i ask and so we can look at this and to these all had to do where the automobile and set and steering the united states away from public transportation which was working at the time and what they did was they dismantled they did they tore the tracks up they dismantled everything toward apart and basically through everything right into the trash in order to grow their own industry unfamiliar doesn't by his of a in order to enrich or or getting rid of any competition in a diverse economic situation where people could ride public transportation or they could have a tired vehicle the cow there relied on ah which relied on in all the petrol lamprotes to keep going petroleum was for fire stone and all the stuff that they used which are only in products and for the analepsis ize anderson not all that it's all it's all based on hand there so much that's based on the patrolman so all these guys got together and let so let's deep stay the are less deep seche the ah anything have o club polictians oration so they did that and they destroyed it totally to make us all to contend on cars and vehicles in that sort of thang which i love my my cars in my vehicles don't give me rockbut the next step that happened is what was and what is what's going on in the state of michigan right now arguably the same the same elements argon where were they moved properans portation now and to while you know what we've got to public transportation so what did they do they made it public transportation rather than from privatized companies that so that they jumped on the back with the private company did and they replicated it through government is that the boss system trans the in these niceties which now taxpayers half to subside so all this went back on enriching private industry corporations on the sincopations a standard oil run by the bushes now that was a bush fishback right there they were funny both sides of the war and world war too because they had their tankers out there providing oil the both sides and they could have cared less who was going to win as long as they made their money of and you know yet he got felkesttetett cks you know all all that sort of thing that was enriching now we're going to where i somehow here to what's happening in michigan another article the and the problem that we have with once again geancas gem was part of that on base basely that that is is the tea the dynamic going on it so here lo and behold we've got compartner with utility companies to you as future eves to power general order electric vehicles may power holds one day the wonder they do there centralising or power cared is what they're doing into these electric vehicles which don't work create huge fire ah potential there as well here you eh you either get on their great or your your don you see so i'm saying is that there there taking or the industries which scelfor the petroleum industry and other moving it to another industry which is electric vehicles and it makes the more dependent on the sources turn to make any doshisha in sedation or if i thought myself in a limitation on the on the government and what i keep thinking is i keep seeing footage of people on the subway systems and bosses getting attacked and i like well you don't want to travel at all because it's so unsafe i mean if that's that's the your primary way of getting her hound a city you you're tempted to stay at home it isn't that what one ye're not goin to buy a car and it is well make you want i stay at home because it's not said yeh because were it were you know and i think i think you're absolute over the point or over the target there and tuesday this was this is back in march or two twenty twenty two march on tuesday gem anonacea oration with pacific gas and electric company the two will test use of gems eves as on demand power sources for homes on pigine service are california they've overloaded the power grade so now we's going to have happen is it's going to be ossasantos come in baltimo just like we bailed out all of these that they they keep trashing companies cause they can't run em look at all the bayous that we've done over the years the hundred and forty six million dollars and in sono ah that there is green groton of the of fraud land here gave to mary bar offered victoriam ah are no i see i search before so all of the all of the all of the bouts that are happening in all of our tax dollars going in to support these corporations to engineer the socially engineer and engineer the direction of the united states is a real problem and then they put the money into dark money funds and to pack that's another thing we need to get into his how the packs work in white the packs are so bad and how they move money in order to leave the tapwell for their bad des and also eliminate or choices eliminate catilineall competitions because their creating all these cartels which work together within our nation pigeon which is the utility company that serve sixteen million people across northern central california is taking the lead in the pilot but gem said the intention is to make this capability national as soon as a oh if you are concerned about this and were not upon it remember what they're doing with goschen up in in the michigan here which i've got to tell tell on really proud of the people up there an who who alter part in taking there what is a twenty five hundred acres down at two hundred and fifty but we need to we need to really really be concerned with the large large corporate a conglomeration then of all these small companies and putting them out of business so that they're the only game in town and it's part of the part of the problem is the people sitting on the seats are getting so much money from these corporations through the packs and dark money that their basically the only ones that are in the seeds are jump monkey jump politician who are having their strings pulled by these corporations that's it and a toll we get money out of our elections we are screwed and on and none of them seemed to have the fortitude of the gods the the pedlar sitting the sea stand up for what's right oh no there money flow is going to be taken away or their threatened in or black mailed or all of the above and probably all the above look a hundred bide with the the aachin having videos on him of course they do they're going to blackmail and now now if he moves one way or the other she is going to be he is going to be absolutely destroyed because he played ball in any danced with the doge in this is a good lesson for all of us and on every level of our society if you dance with the devil in any way shape or form because you think that the means justify the and it's not going to work well it isn't going to work while it all the old only ain't way to to fight this sort of thing is for all of us to jump off these paid for political parties some of it some but renown until we hear the whole thing down we're going to have to we are going to have to do the best we can because right now it's almost impossible to get proud of and by everything locally because the corporations have in fact captured every on many was talking to him daily and we got into the subject of how much human meet is o ka in the for oh i'm going to tell you right now i'm a i'm a hesitation i have an eaten eaten meat sun's probably thirteen or in what it before that was pretty minimal but i'm i'm pretty happy or the fact that we have other options and we're going to have to start exercising but but i really think that the fte is completely failed because they will not they absolutely well not become clean with what's happening in our foods so we have been out there and i were other to sounding the alarm for the alleged vaccination which word vaccinations at all yoke and we've been sounding the alarm on what's happening in our political bread circuses nonsense proud land headed up what by my queen gretchen of fraud land you know her ah her court jester with the squire note and court jester bonsentinus right now should be just bored for what she did in hiding evidence in the in the investigation and mesquite before the twenty twenty election first of all now let's watch with the happens here with the car to of the bar in michigan they can do anything now there acenando anything because the cartel and so their dust cossetin there and they're going to protect they're going to protect themselves by not calling out some one who should be disbarred and also have her sorry but she get all for treason there he got so so as long as rightyour tellin the truth on these matters which i think we have to do oh we're going to continue on brannibor news out not work to bring as much of the truth forward as we can in order for people the know what's really going on out there and behind see but i'm going to tell you what though thou those things have to be have to be addressed and i'm going to encourage every one if you've got any land whatsoever you need a start raising some food and get it out of the corporate the hands of the corporations so like carnadine both raise different things and a hammer guards and get together their neighbors cause it's twenty of us out there who hoohow to do this sort of thing not only not only planting but raising from preserving their own ordinately i we haven't got when we have a got any soil where any thing for gardening and so we haven't gone through the effort to to create a vegetable garden which may be next year whilst will take more hardy about that instead we have is what we call metate we tried to think were i know your uncandor so guess what i can be a great help to you because i've got on limited for some about and i'm connectatur that a couple of loads of horse manure stick it right there in the sand and you're going to all a sudden start having enough organic matter to grow things it you can do you can do raised beds too and and i think that that is where we really need to get talking about how de do raise bad farming with red because there is a you don't need to have a lot of ground do that sort and almost every every municipality actually allows people to have like three chickens and i'm goin to give you a secret right to farmin you get to tell them what to do which means we need have food sovereignty where you can do whatever you want and honestly i can't really tell you not to grow things or even have a few chickens doesn't make any difference where you live because if they do they're in there stopping on your property rights number one i constant no or two you can pull the right to farmin act out a back pocket and go after them and if they decide to change it in the serpentit tional rights go after them go after each and every one of them and don't sit here and just take it we have to we have to start doing so on the charit now i'm going to tell you a charlotte out in old gookin a book was hid by the priests not for nine eleven play book has been played all over again in the world right now like it why leave her and strolled lighting um in michigan i believe that that's beater i posted something the other day and harlays i will not comply with any defect of laws from clown or l and go somasco for you but three per cent said there is as also will be used to control mechanism for those who do not agree with the narrative while they've tried but they're so failing their just recruiting more people like us ah now just now but how no i'm charlotteor the use the colinton to line their evil pockets already did that sam of federal money cause all biden knows he should be in jail with whither i sometimetimes sonething don't come through i fits you know on taut talketh zero in my food raise your own food yaharigans food but in the knowpeople get to gather you can raise you can raise enough things to make it make it you know fireball you pskow that most chickens and raising if you want to raise me chickens because of the way they've got em for i'd right now i don't necessarily think this is a great option but you can honestly have a chicken from from hatching to meet within six the sassetot a few dozen of those in her back yard to owe old now ventres now they are utheca i can remember they called to bring war work onemitigating soon cornish cross that's what they are it's what a lot of people as right now cornish cross sixty eight weeks and this is the second time he raised them this summer we actually backed out a rabbits because the chickens are more fruitful for what you put into them and we just then we were having really bad lock with a rabbit but turned out that are studded rabbit had a really bad kidney don't know what happened with them but i think the girls knew and that's why they wouldn't they refuse to breed we know something's wrong they was so wendepuncte and chickens the goldstone i think they were going to engolosinados or charles says public schools are now public institutions for rockefeller black rock rothchild sick to see come step control attacks spare items they should all be in jail and michigan government you bet they should be mates the two by four by eight garden boxes oh raise our very effective you can grow so much food with a garden morning love with garden raise garden boxes and its dissent take that much in the know what i done brandeberg has got a matron horseman or mixed in with it it's all organic i'm all its organic and so you you can grow things fairly effectively that way and also if you've got a window in your house you can do my corns my greens and all sorts of things all winter low or sprouting so if you're if you're thinking some sprouting supplies some sprouting supplies and so microcline supplies because quite honestly studied on the th the model for that for doing micro greens of year round and there's one guy otto that's got a space the light ten by twenty guys make in like a quarter of a million dollars a year on microgranites incredible absencethe so there's a lot of hope oot there but we just got to be willing to put the time on a annable to research it find out what works as there is the tolosanesthe tly i start thinking about soil quality in the fall in the fall you should be thinking about soil quality there things you plant in the fall that let garlet garlic should be planted in the one ah it rather than in the spring oh we are going be harvesting a metric ton of potatoes now potatoes are interesting but got to be a little careful about them because they they put a gas off as they are just starting to sprout is you got him in your house you've got to be a little careful because there is a family that was wiped out totally wiped out with storing potatoes ah well it appropriately i see got to be careful it's only in the stage where there really starting to sprout there potatoes and tomatoes are in the night shade family now you can store them if you have a others couple was doing it outside with with permission you can do an outsider or if they share a wall a basement wall so that there is there is a little bit a heat that will get to him just you just you just want to have just above free and in you you be fine with those you know we we sall have a large bucket of a mountain or grand and i mean like like mock bucket eyes we'll throw a colage bucket out there with it in and or squash too and there's food that you can grow to think about think that when you think how to for next year you can grow a lot of things that will keep ah all winter or most of the winter like squashed you keep squash in a root cellar or in that just above freezing temperature and you you're in no pack and men there all tight you know you want to be things packed and there you give him a little bit of you'll like given the seat i built the last almost all winter you can also if if you are if you're a savvy about you can freeze stock you can freeze all lot of and he just parboil it most of the that you can get you to see as he have you ah blanche at for bolt three minutes throw it out on paper to let it let it drain off throat bags and throw it into freezer can is and other good things should brought canny i i bought something new this year that i wanted to try after i got inspired by the instant pot i love that instant pound i think it's and so i brought actually bought a digital caned now i haven't tried it out yet but it looks like instead of the old way canners do you have one of those awake hinders you know you've got the little vellon the top the lot that that that jael's little bit became i consent you've got it you on bringing up the temperature and you've got to watch it and a that the water bath canners work good for fruit you don't need to you don't need to change the enzymes and in fruit like you do with with a ah the vegetables or meat some you can do in a water bath canner i've done beef and water back can or but the minute you throw badges in there you got the prestecote a flash freeze love my canners what you do for flash freezing charlotte profiteer for tato squash winter storage can can thee if they start going old there's good idea yet old freezer throw that outside and and let him go in that that's a great idea cause you can you can you know keep him a little bit em not so not so a subject to the the radical high and low temper ives let's great idea eh you know in dehydration of the hydro i haven't got one of those ah what have i called cole where were you put him in freezer yes harvestries freeze dear that's look out my pocket lest i want one of those things every there's a bunch of them that i know that i know actually bunch you let i know it so and blanche and put em on ice she how you can blanch almost any vegetable you just throw it in and and forgot three minutes it stablishes the self structure so that the water doesn't the water and the enzymes don't make it more she when you throw it you half to blanch or bouchals before freezing he or they it doesn't work out her well but anyhow i think we relicsold get into this whole thing to prepare our gardens for next winter or next spring and perhaps sir if you things plant few things this fall so that the spring you already of things coming up early get plan get some of these cattle panels and a a sixteen foot cattle panel you can make like a trellis coop trellis and put them in a raised bout on the side and that way all of your stuff kind of threads that self up over the trowlesworthy and pick your food and such i think we should look into this so that as many people as we can get out there to do like a victory garden that we're out their helping them do this knowing how to raise a few chickens you if three chickens you've got you've got a three eggs a day from chickens you wanted more than that you can do that they're not that difficult to raise and in michigan we get our food from the amish the honors on female is where we get her food from so we've got local source in on this too so kind of interesting how are you taken is going right now ah i picks or okay we we got some poets from some one else then raised to many and they were kept in a barn with high high they distrusted high and so when we brought them over here they didn't want to join in with the big hens you never ye ye got a there's a process to this and then are we in order there is a packing order and at our house there our property we tend we have had different ways of doing it when we raise them this year because they were already grown enough to be out had he in a separate pan for a little while that we let them loose they stayed on one part of the yard and the other and stated in the other part of the art while the poets were small enough they can get through the sheep fencing sheep and goat pence so they were hanging out with the goats and eating the goat ran and they became like an extension of the goat flock and then pretty much ignored the other and they would try roostin on top of the hen and were up in the oak tree or up in the tree in the back yard thankfully that tree which has been growing since we moved her it still low enough that i can grab their feet at night and put him in the coop with the other chickens so they do now all roosts together but now that the gods are gone the fencing has been opened and all of the chickens have access to that part of the yard now so the little ones are like rats who took it they have to emigrate whether they like it or not but they're growing up enough that they're not so intimidated so hopefully tell that integration will be made complete dolermi in flying too much or or or they okay or you want fly now we don't i don't trim feathers on em i used to with pallets because we had dogs that would kill them if they hopped over a fence with the pullets i would trim feathers because when they're young they can be flighty and their really light weight but as they get older their heavier and they don't fly very much they can fly enough to get up on the top of a fen and then hop over and get in where you don't really want them to be i came of a pain ah but you know that's not bad or problem for us ah we had one chicken get hit by a car this year crazy our chickens don't go out of our gate very often and when they do they stick along the fence and in state to the grass they don't get up we have a fairly busy road oh but one i don't know for whatever reason it managed to get hit this year that's very very rare in the reason i bring it up as because some people wonder if you let let your chickens wander your yard you'll see him occasionally out in the country near the side of the road and people are like oh no they're going to get it they don't they don't typically they don't get hit clenterates its more lookedwisdom the more likely to get a attacked by an owl here okay in others it tends to be foxes or we haven't had much for our problem i begin robermain the bear that we had a few years ago and possums the bar in possums yet we had a week got coyote problems i got a guid that'll come out here and do night night vision haunting with the coyotes and foote because they dealt they'll they they just go and they kill it like a mink a mink will just go from one to the next to the necks of the it if they get into your chicken coop i'm he loves such how can i free summer squash tried many times they come out goe when i want to use i put him into ss if you can freeze on it the way that i've frowsiness as to perverse and a alischar loss as squash blanche then ice i had ball fruit fresh to keep things firm and from browning networks really good any of any ah like vitamin c tip base things he could do a little lemon too that works pretty good but i put him in sauces like ye oppetas the nopitsch like a mariner so as bhatta works pretty good lord you can you can make a dish up where that becomes set like your past you could do that too but you go get the water out of him first so i cold you're going to do something like that like what i plan i always do glandsand all salted in the stick it on paper tells it draws draws all of that moisture out and then you can use it for now at all the very god a great like sothis the cane scratted up through it near throwin your freezer and bags he could do the same thing where that too and then use it for seeking so all good things any other questions out there and looking at the chat right now good commons may we went through a lot of stuff to her miss he of you on your caron ye miss you too it my don'twantto this shows what i what i often do you holetill get to it like half through the show and watch the end and then i'll go back and re wind i figured out that if i watch it that way if i watch it live and try to re wine or back it up and then watch it it sometimes freezes on that's what if i refresh it and i go back to the place i left off it doesn't freeze up on me adelina a double time too that's what i do yes the long shows you know some people just like to get on as this what i find is that a lot of people are feeling that their kind of isolated yet and when they when they just see you don't something seems normal about just getting on and talking in some people are like all its way too long for me i like and probably as it would be probably for most of us there are people who are either oh how do i say this their isolated and in its kind of like this is kind o how i see brandenburg news out work right now it's actually giving people a chance to talk instead of having in a gotacas we never know what we rule again to talk about we ntoni wanted to bring that gem thing off this morning and howling geeenford and all his corporations are working with the chinese government right now to bring eve tithe state and grand home treasury secretary is in one she made one point six million gain out of stock trade if anybody thinks that these people are not all in bed together i can't help you at this point there all in bed together and and there's there's if they if an honest person gets up there ever watch till they change ah you know or you think that they change i think they're always that way i think they're just good pitch mon in women that's what they are but i do think and i have heard of people who will have been actually pulled off i don't want person that i was told was pulled off of one of my cases because he was threatened and they they had served somebody else in there and then there was a piece of that abidance that was told they had that all a sudden they don't have the ovidence and so this is within i've talked to gentlemen that that has a problem with the ages office that his wife had a case there and he said absolutely he's got proof that the ages office in michigan changed the evidence and its happening at taping all over the place and you know what that's what you have when we don't have honest people in sitting in the im or people that i tell you what some incomes on threatens me it's just like when somebody offered me that four million dollars i'm going to throw it right out there so so just be warned by every one in you know if if you're going to say it it's probably going to get out there because if it is it's a criminal criminal intention were not going to hide it from any one and there's enough of us out there that will put it out there i actually have some one who has j sei video unseen nobody seen it and i'm honestly working when it out there i'm putting out there and ah they're not going to be able to stop this because i believe in redundancy because i'm not trying to build an empire for myself oh we need to get the scent information out there and the more we decontrolled it in distributedeven people the the the less able they are to shot it down that's why this decentralization of media needs to work at nestornot based on money we cannot have these big conglomerations control and being a controlling one source we've got to have it decentralized and spread out so without sad others there just seen from hunger games i really like every time i have seen that is like there's a character who doesn't have any family so they can't use family against her to make her fearful or whatever she stating in the woods where there's a thousand cameras everywhere and she says you know what snow who's the tyrant of the movie and that the story you can't put everybody in here and i love that light because what we're looking at now you can't do to everybody what you can do to a few you know there are children house late as example that it comes to mine he's getting seed and it's like this this young man has been attacked time after time after time and not everybody can be sued or attack as he has sent they they try this attack over here that attack over there and that attack over there but the vast majority of people haven't been attacked in in ways that are making them stopped we have a vast majority of americans who have figured it out and i think that snowball is rolling down the hill so fast and nothing can stop with his coming right now i think we better we are there and i am more encouraged by it all the time because even if you are able to attack an individual and in make a dent in their little circle oh you haven't attacked that guy over there and he still very vocal and you haven't attacked that woman over there and she to then some of the guests that you've had in your show that i think i made a summary about the tentacule women on one day and it was like the women had nothing to do with government until they got interfered with so much that they were just like okay it is time to stand up and make a difference i got to pay attention to what's going on i have to do something now and they are more and more and more people who are doing that now and as it were up with its reinspire thinks are coming on to the car and i've got marked financing on next and so i'm going to i will well maybe the old to talk later if you want to stay back stage that and i may bring out later on if you want to stay around and if not i'll talk to you later okay hakatan you then flickered not me hans here i hanseworthe gods the chickens the garden that you're going to have you and dinosaur next year we might and i so here i discovered a new skill here so thank you carantonan to day a sonata don't don't never give me toys you know i'm a seven year old at the double body or emigrate you kill wonderful it was great have a care in an i'm going to teach us the real quick break and i'm in to bring mark enshoo ooooooooooooooooooooooo welcome back to the second hour of the brandenburg news network on him down a brand and burges the thirty day of august twenty twenty three and our next cast mark fincho mark fensome's michigan boy i wolde that so mark was born raised in michigan he served twenty one years of the calms department of public safety as first as the fire fighter pyramidic then is a lawenforcement officer while serving market one kilmovee community college i forgive him for that and a and earn an a s and criminal justice as the retired police officer marked ventumis a keen understanding of how the law is supposed to work living outside calmazo marked o is a farm a rancher life and small world community when he retired mark mottos on arizona where he worked and leadership rolls of bol small and businesses and multi million dollar a sapper company and to it the makers of quick book a small business accounting software where he received a world class business operations education and received at his in process improvement services originally elected to serve in the twenty fifteen legislature mark completed for charms before he ran for the twenty twenty two arizona secretary state in election of his stolen in controversy in which is marred by maladministration but word downcopper ight now and fraud as a legislator marked his men in unwavering advocate for his constituents when no one else would ask the tough questions about the twenty twenty election stepped up to day mark leads the election fairness institute in organization dedicated to examine the election process isolation of process avosets and corrective action recommendations to election officials all across america marcols and am and legal studies in law and economics from the university of arizona rogers law school mondainement state local public policy from grand canon university scandaria justicecommunism at any rate welcome mark finch onoenrgodi there poor hours here in phoenix ossicles about fifty also revolutionconstitution yeh there thought the happymore problemthe and these there do have the of had phones or anything now i am on you or microphone boohoo there are no little bit her identity down we leechnge up to microphone i gess i always always when he insensibilitie what with have about now oh kate berthelette batter but this totonteac i don't use tremor very often so i'm not sure for stay application i had an interview yesterday and everything was fine but he turns on the figured on disconsolately hardinesse that will better i hope i think so okay okay so how are you to day i am good good night's rest rede to do battle again to day this also i enjoyed our talk yesterday very very much and if a picture beside other to meet mark shone is like a mouse in the dark so an i think we do most with us to foreleten e forse the donestop his old chinese software so but why would you be surprised there anteroan so what you want to run about to martin well this is a wide range of things said a maintack about politics in arizona that is bleeding out in the rest of the country we can talk about the corruption of the in fact there is this term thrown round a lot that we have two tired and it's not them against us is against and the only people it seemed to get justice or the ones that don't deserve it quite frankly tea justin justice that his meat at all by the courts the sure but i'm pretty sure that the if you were were to look at that and the biblical that is exactly the opposite but god was the people of this it an interesting situation that we find ourselves here in arizona we've got a number of cords as you mention were channeling here we are coming up on september we are still challenging november point twenty two elections which katie color of goblin excelite get wretched whitmer good i everybody's got there on iron abertors ending ashe was the secretary of state over the very election that the recording and become covered the absolute epitome of pandarepulles software that was thrown on her copiosis em was not proved so by definition in law that makes it illegitimate and between her and artesilleros i mispronounced turn states and between those two and the first have christmas the true general when to prosecute people solonace yeah it was crazier than pleasing train without a charge of the state i lay all of that i live of the poor sodorensis it were in worship and that be a gates sellers signalling course where verstecherlspiel order himself paces her course consortable had plainfor circulator course the american pronepotes that is the almost be individual fertileon enters at the moment he was in opposition to champagne against all the heretofores candidates sets specifically harsacidae between we know who sables gingivistee they knew that we went from intoned in the records sir bethecoda who the generals he barricaded find it extendase of lasts so something couldn't afford to leversthat team of three giorgiones gen this is easy that the sound keeps going to that gravelly sound right now so every every time that i speak the word or almost every time tried all of a sudden something will blechon the well glechon the screen it's really sad but this is how they i think i do think that this is is something where they are in fact nothing would feed there's no chasot the trying to silence our voices they the twenty twenty election was one of the biggest crimes that we knew about that i think most people in the united states had ever seen the shaft of our elections and then twenty twenty two also was an abysmal failure we i concretere queen gretchen of ragland in a in a michigan with her squire nose and the court jester gonson the secretary state the dan and asshawe were talking about it yesterday and as you said to your point she needs to be despised because of her hiding this investigation for the twenty twenty election then boughes and crows for her all the damnosa in oneassisting personscries rooterers dessercation can i ask you to do something crocale could you leave a come back on an ominously if that'll fix that connection because boit's coreit's really gravely her back therefore sorry about that guys eh you know we've seen this in the past when when ah they want to sensored they'll somebody will jump in and and if you don't think that they can hack anything they can they can hack most things i'll go along just fine for a while and then all of a sudden when it's somebody that they're trying to to answer or silence it will all of a sudden the sound will go bad it so dear jesus let the sound go good see how goes they can try to stay and try to stop this but we're going to just keep coming back again okay we're going to try in this one more time how about now yes it's perfect right there you go in your face china the forest the next fifteen minutes owercome and get ye to question about the den so we've also got fanny willis christ made arrison of these earls sorrows quite frankly i think si a the philarete government that they wanted place so david nicol knowing full well what happened in miscegen in it breaks my heart to see that in the long venerated highly respected michigans when i was had lost contact with most of the guys but i was very good friends we in an that's enforcement community is the a community it's got to be breaking their hearts to see what's going on politically with mission state place then a horse you decolo al if they're not upholding a their responsibility in law enforcement and when i say that the primer sponsibility of sheriff in a member of constutions one sees papooses the concept that the number one responsibility of sure slits the to the only elected law enforcement officer in the land everybody else's and as such that means that they are there to protect the close one can be removed by the people they can be put in office but as opposed to more ministerial policy responsive only to either the county government if you have a municipal organization within their counting garment or to give so the problem we have right now is that all of the baby bars the state or are responsible for licensing of and very few attorneys are going to file a bar complaint an one of their own no because they could become a target of a bar complete themselves cause the file become he denies knowing full well that there was election tampering in moskita to cover that up and it wasn't until the grace of god somebody makes a disclosure it gets investigated and followed up from the outside and then you hear the oh yeah what we know about this when we turned it over to the fbi how fringing convenient right right so you've got a long forcemen organization that frankly couldn't find their as with both hands and they have gone from being a questionable organization to being an organization that without questions all the way from the top down to supervisory agents most of the field agents most of the supervisor agents in the various state there for the most part still boy scouts there still doing their job there doing investigate it's the leadership there the choose picks and chooses their cases that there continentiae so you look at some of the craft that they are calling and investigate supposed caietae looks rose hunter's laptop there's one for you everybody blows this thing off had the american people known about that and i put that at the feet of not just long fore at the federal level but also the media had the american people known about that and known about these susceptibility to the man threw in candidate actually being in the white house i think that the election we have gone very differently except for the sovereign fraud was in bold what by the teeming internal frog by government to control election re saw that wincaunton michigan we saw that miracle bacon quinette and ful kinds georgia some the counties up in wisconsin it's taken us a long time to get where we're at but when you have the top enforcement in an esse the attorney general openly disregarding what is perhaps one of the biggest crimes against the people of st in a long time a crime against you as constitute a crime against the state one and she decides to take a pass should be disbarred and summer are summarily removed from any service any access to the court room as a lawyer after one absolutely i kind of like him oh you know i'm not a note huge fan of anybody sitting in the seats for right now but i did like how to santos defended the age down in florida that that something that needs to happen is that she should have so lutely have every every finding machinism everything consuessent et she can't handle the job why do it why do we keep pinole for failure when when they fail that hard why are why are they having all this you know money or the text there's a why they put in a place of trust and cap there when we found out that they failed so hard you know it's just like the republican party the ammidon christicole go of the the meher staff and replaced them with people who have felonies in the background or ten counts of wire front why would you replace somebody this executive director with somebody who has a pass like that it makes no sense that whatsoever and so might my thing is it's like time to oh the whole thing you know gone out o here they need just a moment to puigmolton a the chargirten recognized it as so i'll be right back now or isola little video here minute here let's go haderlee the little quick comers everybody this is done ebrenberg and dona ivanovitch and were coming to you about a very exciting event that's coming up october twenty and twenty one for the forthe constitution party okay hello tomatothe herepointing so let's talk out with the honoonoona leptocircus in hard as neopolitana omissionnot october twenty androgonian on tonoosetonoose's i came on to orange this is whisperedthese is the sound of problem again yet when demonswere so weird so wearied i really don't want you to have a show to day i guess you're not that the cave were agreed so orinoco like i can pop out hot back in again and to take a moment see resistthat lest his moon all come sounds were again consumed stonesappeared as that okeredo keep going to stick with the skies this is like a patriotic thing to stay with us when we're being a tack cause there's no reason for this older than some something has definitely being being masochists mission elections need to know and void twenty eight twenty and twenty twenty two i gileslook okaynow that sounds it better is that weird said fie and yet they go ateaok in the background something's going on for the shore onesheshin to moralize everybody in tolerate don't listen to these people were going to make it uncomfortable for you that's the gardon keep going so we've got a couple of lawsuits that are very meaningful in arizona so carry lake is now going before there is one supreme in the substance of that argument even though nine of the ten allegation miracle aconite when that was cased chief is the comparison of sin i think you already know about the cartmaker report if you want to corrupt an elect that on two thousand five if you want to corrupt an election isis great to do that as optimal and ballets so why legislatures round the country did exactly what they told what bart carter baker told him not to do is beyond me an open it's easiest convenient yet that may be so but it is the number one contributor to election for in other there's this term going around and liberal circles election denier i don't think anybody has denied that there was and it was a simulation or making people think that they actually elected people would in fact the boat was manipulated in the backe at moreover we we've got a situation where at least an arizona i'm sure that this is happening other state the signature on the return envelope which is an affidavit saying i am hiseia doesn't match the to registration and a miracle be county we had hundreds of thousands of ballots to think the numbers sounded thousand ballots to inter ninety thousand bold he didn't meet that stand but the judge said well we don't have a stand and of course everybody was like of what there were tens of thousands of ballots that were compared in less than an now er expectant who is an a just by onderstand that it takes take him acento comparison a signature any seats an optimum conditon well we got to the computer logs and we got video got the evidence to show that many of these signatures were approved and under as his rapid fire wood pecker click click click click and i think one of the best pieces testimony out of the entire a proceeding was when eriperent had a book about and he was coming through the page talking is coming through books not reading a lot what a brilliant metal that is so the judge had to twist the law and basically say well the cork would have to come up with standards of the minimum onetime for signature and the minimum points on a signature that have to be considered in pithing is taken issue with that to say no there's going to be standard put out that's time place in manner that's up to the legislate your responsible judge for one thing did a comparison and i don't know how anybody in state of critical thinking can adopt rapid fire approval of a signature especially when you've got folks to go back in the record and are able to look at the signature it's not even the right name in these are ballots that were counted now carries made i think it very good case returnes o curdles just an incredible tone and brian bloom the they made their case and the people of arizona know that they made their case back of the matter is the deep state here and i would even call it the john mckeen faction of the publican party they don't want to have a new election the their perfectly happy with the steaming garbage heap of an election that we just had not just miracle becoming pentodon pea a county these are areas where the people have been disenfranchised because of poor misterial perform maladministration and maltese so we're not given up on abe hamites of his case was dismissed he filled motion for a new trial that was also dismissed but the court reached down and said oh that's that you have given no reason why you have entered no order why you are dismissing mister hammida's i think because we haven't gone away the people continued to put reson both found elected officials and upon the judiciary i can't help but think that the isis started melville and those two cases are probably going to move forward will be very surprised if we don't see it and work were really burning daylight or we need to have that for the end of this summer in times clientas i think we're probably going to be october november that's one year after the beginning of these individuals a term of office i'm hoping that we would have a new election by early november if we can do that now the joy of that is the images for the ballots have then the moralized had been saved because under fifty two seor to zero seven or one which is a federal law that says you have to preserve the records for twenty tomns those ballad images could be spun up and we could have a new election and forty five as with very little work the pole the ballots oh if you're going to do mainalos send them out to the and those ballots come back in or if you can have a boat new vote and the cord orsato have to come to the poles so there's a lot of things that could happen in a quart water for new election but we would ask i would i would ask that the court order that especial master supervises the election it's taken away from the very people the corrupted the election of the now with my own election that was to her a case that was die it essentially the same case we already got two other cases that are going on with and with carry so we decided let's some space in the we are however challenging something called sans the first time ever the cord decided to sanction me somebody in an election contest because i had the temerity to and asked the what happened and we have a radical left us judge was appointed by ben governor due allegedly republican so we've got some problems in the courts and we're going to appeal that bes in arizona title sixteen laws written so that even the school board candidate who doesn't have a lot of one the challenge of election to be problematic where there were some shenanigans that's kind of the landscape of election law in arizona and it has far reaching effect in all the other as because we've got these attorneys generals who want to indict people simply exercising their first amendment right to his well and we can look at the attack on president tromp the rightful president of the united states the nonsense goanother is just incredible and i think everybody knows it too there there is he even the people that are on the other side are really i really come me together and i think we're going to end up when this all this is done to dare to have just the americans and get rid of these cropoit cal parties which are basically just by in our elections so dark moneys so how is the house the media treating you guys down there because i ain't i really think that it's hard to get good information you ought you know i asked sono but it's really hard to get information about this and then also one or the process what is the process that people can get involved to do something on their own because it's difficult here you there even to challenge an election for a recount ersome thing monetarily it's unable for almost every one so they put barriers yet i think there's a couple of legal challenges that one might be able to bring it i mean if they make it so owners i went to the first last question for if they make it so owner as to challenge and alton isn't that like a reverse old absolutely his dad denial of fourteenth amendment protection under the law now they can say while everybody's got to pay he one well we've minute if i am questioning an election that the government was supervised the government has the respondent the burg a proof is on the government to prove to the people that the election was legit it's not in should be on the people the proved to the government that it was as to number one so the again going back to the baby bars if you have an attorney in michigan who challenges something like this i guarantee the bar will initiate disbarment against that now when you take a look at the contributions that the american barasoain and i presume probably the state barssw when they make political contribution ninety per cent of those contributions go to the democrats so they can i tell you the state of the american bar now her near his one it's not quite the same we i've been told that if we were to see the air is on a bar for fourteenth amendment first moment because they are the licensing arm of the arizona see forgetting for a tennis to get into the core if we were his so tears on a bar for hampering or fourteenth amendment right for section of new long equal access the representation at sixty five per cent of the attorneys that are members of the bar would probably contribute to a non profit would we pay there not happy about the condition of the bar and i'm told that the bar is also afraid at least in this state of what the legislature might do so they're not operating with impunity there is people watching and i think that supporting individuals your second question supporting individuals that are willing to stand up and take on the machine that's that's perhaps one of the biggest things that people can do now he mentioned the election fairness i knew that they were going to cheat their ever love and but off one twenty two election so about a year little over your half may be almost two years ago we stood up the election fairness so that we could examine election is and look at what are the defects in the prose i either a clear violation of law or there there an opportunity for one side or the other to put their thumb on the scale of electoral just and benefit one party over another within the law the law is those to be blind is supposed to be one and in many cases is if folks want to know more about what we're doing they can visit the website go ef i do or g go is in not so lection fairness institute go ef i do orgie one of the projects that we have on the drawing board right now we're waiting for funding from a couple of major sources as the borderlands is the number of acts that we can use and this is how people can get involved out your local now in michigan i don't really know what you have here in arizona we got we the people as alliance they are a volunteer ization that the information that is found about pantometer addresses to go visit the address and find out his hat a parking lot is it a seven eleven is it a hotel what is it and how is it that people are registered vo there so when we start to look at buckets of but we're going to call phantom voter address first thing to let that we're looking for is the address permissible as a registered voters perigot obviously isn't so in the the property tax code and he can do this for lease and in michigan you'll have a property that's either listed as a single family residence or multi family residents with a unit number or a skill care facility long term facilities so you've got those or resin by definition anything that is not under that tax code if there is a voter registered to vote at that address an impermissible address he that that voter should be he and there is a process in every one of the states to cure ballots where the voter is in question here the ballot is no or noronhae first pass roughly a hundred and fifty seven thousand of those just in miracle peconie men stopped to think about it i allegedly lost by hundred twenty thousand boats out of two point five million there was just enough there in order to alter the outcome of the le so getting involved with those organizations to help that the information that is put out i don't know if the michigan gip is set up to do that but i'm sure and oenanthe about that monotocardia the as she wished overpeowerin compartita electelection for o king well then you do have an organization in fact i know a couple of people that are involved with that a keep your names off the air cause i'm i'm not sure that it would be to thoserangers and i konisterion oneoneoneone sances ordovicianthe our plan once were operational is to identify the fantom address and feed those by county to the county government and say you got a problem here what are you goin to do about it at the same time he that information to party leaders so that would be she did the chairman of the michigan gopee the chairman of the michigan dense the democrats libertarians the green party anybody who is the state party chair for recognized electoral party by county we want to feed that information to them well in advance to the electron because what we're doings were building a body of evidence you been told repeatedly these addresses are impermissible or these voters are and one that and i'm putting out there once the battles go out the door if those ballots come back as in some got to make contact with that voter and verify a that the even est one of this work can be done in advance of election day especially when you are able to find that it's an impermissible address one ballad that comes back from an impermissible address by definition in law can't be counted because it's not a legitimate but so that's one of the big projects that were working on now an we got folks like seth cashel on her board and we're we're very excited about this project because we know that roughly thirty counties in this nited states in various states and think we got ten different thirty counties that if we are able to move the dial a couple of cots in just cleaning up that they'll have a dramatic on the alcmon the election because we're going to take all of the peep all of the votes out of this i shouldn't be there in the first in an ill rhope fully it will be a true representation of the wild well in time we have like callicrasides hastening out how proud rightly the unfortunate simply englandpreaching of otherswithin would not opeperations one day colin well i'm a fan of paper balance by counted my hand at the present level worse love that's important counting those in fact i love the idea of a transparent election the other something that they do in some new european and i'm told france been there to witness it myself but i had an ex patriot came that he attended election this was about two years ago a where he went in to vote the afternoon and everybody disconcio hung out and waited until the post then they took this clear lexan box that was filled with ballots that everybody could see dome to man on the table encountered the ballots right in front of strange there are in strange so if you've got paper ballots heen counting at the precinct level i counted were cast so that you play the shell game of is this really the ballot the box of ballets that started in one place and went to another at a chinacos if we do that i think that people have gotten so used to voting month that's going to be a hardship i'm a fan of the idea of starting the election on friday before election day at seven a twelve hours avoiding throughout the week end that were your serving people of all faith you're serving people that have to work during the week i've got the people who after we work on the weak and covered and you lead that right up to seven o'clock pm on election day i think that that's a workable compromise if you will to kind of dial it back bring it back from election month to election week and perhaps may be one day get back to election day but there seems to be this obsessive narrative about what we have to make it convenient for people at the next time i hear somebody say that on a point to a flag draped cost a convenient was for was it for that guy give lashes so give me this crab about how you need to make it more convenient get off the couch and get to the poles and it's not that in fact by law employers are required to get their employees it depends on the state a couple of hours to go out i had enough it's a great idea not that is the notornis hard for goree are chagoronhiaguenta is to forget a minor i religionprotean basely for all all water we have to read you raesides all of all ranting so one of the other things that folks can do you asked about what can i do to get involved i don't know of michigan has set this up the other not but it would be a good thing to do i set up a database of individuals who have raised their hand and are willing to participate in the hand coming bolt ah because the big argument that chronicos as well we can't get enough people to do that how many do you figure on one two hundred while we got a list for we get people that are interested in i think i thought for the longest time that i think he sthe president i'll trump did for this one pull back the curtain icejust how bad it is and now it's unfold display with the over the top hyperbolic treatment of a man who he did was delivered on the commitments that he made to the american and the deep state the democrat party because his interrupting their cash for that's why growing ground worth is an ongoing criminal operation that quick frankly should be investigated as the racketeering worked in rather way there's a few republicans that it gets scooped up in mats i think you were put workingparty is right there and had had on with what i now operty on their herrings the sangs are great or areother other so i mean there's there's lots folks can do if they want to get involved but i think in a general flints as take local action with national pact that is an important concept for people to understand seek out your local group minto ask the question and you know anybody that setting up for him counting a paper how do i get involved in running for col how do i get involved for running for one now yet there still going to chase but what's interesting is the cheating revealed time and time again in the longer it goes on the more people are aware of it and there comes a day where people say enough in in a work were right now we're living in what i will call the nightmare of america folks really voted for of the work and for you i think i find it out utterly hysterical to date a points you've got gain news some walking through the woods and california say i want to be your president because i want to make america more like california and then cut to the streets of francisco sacramento angels were you the people sleeping on the side walk you have piles of theses you have men it's an absolute squalor i think i'll pass on that vision of america then you've got the other one the mayor the mere of massawa one we're not in a recession we're doing great you should come visit said a democrat run city she thank you but now i don't have a five men securitydavid the protecting is a driving through your cracked it withers the problem he actually believed what there see they don't any critical thinking it be that we make i be that we're not really leading all were doing us floating rudderless the capering themselves to its release what in him were acidrop the curious followed from an onfortinate iter and a blockhouse that that when ever wore cooperate the estherthe room of low lightheaded was the proper to god have with the o je that's willing to do something you've got to have a federal linforce men apparatus that will go after federal crime i don't know like a federal agent area a foreign agent weaving his way into the white house i mean if if you think about this first they went after doll trunk because he owns hotels in other company and in other cones under the millions think about that for a minute the man is a business man we revere private cities going into government service for a short period of time they have to retain their is folio signed all that over to believe to his family so that you could focus on running the yet they want to they went to persecute him under the emoluments as passford to today you've got under and in the big guy accepting bribes bragging about excepting bright bragging about throwing their influence around baresma and and the ukraine ring out why are the able to brag about that because we have a federal lawenforcement apparatus the the act in fact itsen been fully politicised and weaponized against anybody who would raise their old for speaking when i'm speaking right now they could indict me for any one of the number of crimes i would have to prove that i didn't do it he is no longer the assumption of innocence of guilt and you can have to prove otherwise but that's what this is ongoing criminal enterprise that is the federal government is engaged in they they want to break financially emotionally psychologically and in some as physically think about south rich there i was just outing the crime and what happens there was an accident that was in the accident of half endover and over a intellego all the slodgers not a word of her own ravintoloita scientists content indeed i am approve of their souls i turned it gives an eternity of swimming in the lake of fire just as it worth it this world wake up yet all alsiston in front got oligthid onewere making to choice horses on following and on taking this nishiation individual with forsennata make the white white on the daidaimushi in does this has onesoono so some of the other things that people can do to to get involved one run for office too support your local candidates now i'm a big fan of giving money either to a trustworthy pack like the legacy packed that's one em were you know the money is going to go to a candid and is going to go to an america first buchan if you're not running for the for the person runner look him in the eyes shake their hand no whit thereabout before you give any one i am not a fan to give him money to the orse or even to the see perdifficiles are going to be really angry with me the tarpon before if you don't have accountability when you're when you're giving people money especially for political camps he is going to go do what the de monte this remember that if folks want to go to the elected fairness institute in were always looking for talented people that would be interested in dedalion we pulled the reports and they want to come through those reports and find out in water the impermissible addresses we also are going to have to build a litigation a component within of once we get her funding and we've got the the and then call him pain funds because this is a campaign in the trust as in the military vernacular the campaign against bad folks can also visit the garden defense fund which is five on once for but with the election fairness institutes five ones three so any contribution that folks make it is taxed deducted and we are proved by the airs and i i want to be clear he's the disclaimer we don't engage in supporting political parties political is or proposition we are exclusively focused on process and examining process the election process for de they may be defects that are permitted under the law but we have legislators who are like this is broke but when not quite sure what to do we offer some level of expertise and advising them on well if you do this you got this option if you do that you got this option because we can't really love for any changes but we can act as a clearing house for osongo he if i not orgy guarding defense fund is vibones four and they are all about a litigation defence for individuals who have the courage to stand up and testify against corruption in and spent in there's a whole lot of things that people could do if they wanted to if they want to hear from us they can go to o god if i got organ click on the contact revowe do answer each and every one of those contact if somebody is offering their expertise there will collogue that when one comes will reach out to them and have them get involved that's also in nice nice in the grew year here he otheritalian order in her ninonthe re in thrittethe had won love along in an event another her thoughts on his undispeptic celerer of coincidences the nothingsaladin eternities and arises the other in the hothouses ah i could not agree more i mean we've got it's interesting everybody who lives in arizona many ishener body many people who live in arizona think that were the billy the beast i know that people of michinkshe are folks that my friends in pennsylvania think they are my folks in georgia think they are so apparently there's a lot of beasts around here were like a cow recordomat made i don't know you know i go i think that is here we i do believe that god is raising a remnant you think about the story of the remnant that i'm thinking when david took a very small piece of that's what makes the said that one per cent of the colonist feed the talented most well equipped most well funded imperial army the history that is what ericson termination that's what with when people like the american people set their minds to some and i think that he it breaks my heart that the michigan has descended into what appears to be full o marks when you have an attorney general who is persecuting people by the way sedateness and many wiles and christmas no full well the decent dictment against elector are the frivolous cases at their ether and the reason we know that is in nineteen a wide in the federal court richard nixon and leggedly won and the electors were sent to washington and then the democrats challenged down on behalf of john kennedy in that challenge the democrats put up this is the irony of this is no can be lost in the democrats put up an alternative slave of electors and officially recognized them as democrat party elected he went to court then recount long to hold john kennedy want the judge in that case and i'm paraphrase said it's a good thing that you met and you formalized an alternative slate of electro otherwise because in doing so you protected your stand protected your right to and ultimately the nixon electors were recalled from washington dc and replaced with whom the democrat elected so there is already pressed and for these attorneys generals to maliciously prose individuals knowing full well this passed president he should be removed from office and never permitted to practice on what they have done is they hove up ended the lives of these maliciously fallaciously and improperly and if caused them great this representation is not in fact i think that the states should be on the hook for reimbursing every pen what these individuals have to pay the defend themselves against malicious and frivolous he that's got to have otherwise the people will never have faith in governed absolutely rossencraft i give nothing else there they letheringset nk you see all much to put me on tinian speaking to every now romani appreciate the opportunity and if folks want to reach out and no more about some of the things that were doing visit go he fido orgy the big project of were on right now i am running for the arizona state senate and the off chance that we don't get a new election for secretary state seget the election replaced i'll have to withdraw from the state senate race restored the state race for be fairly short campaign if we if role to successfully pull this off on ne a date the josephine and i itsepintaisesti now into the round of her never stopped fighting never stops out oi o thank you so much the lithodendron hopeful back oncocarpus you so i think it's so much to march ventana's one fonetikali break and then we're going to have emerald robinson now hoonohonoho in what morning and welcomed to the third hour of brandenburg news network i am dona brandenburg and as the thirty the of ostent twenty three and i want to introduce to you my natges i'm so excited to have emerald robes you don't he was really fun is to watch how much all of us who are actually making a difference have gotten kicked off the silenced and shut up in an all that i went when i think of emerald robinson i think of some one who keeps coming back hitting hard refuses to be quiet and she just you know you take her out here like a video games she reincarnates over here as a new and better improved a part of herself or anyhow emerald robinson is the host of the weekly news or the absolute truth she was at white she was the chief white house correspondent for news max and also the chief white horse house correspondent for owen her daily questions to bide in the regime pressed press secretary a circled back john sake we all know are well now she has interviewed president secretary might compel a senator and a and secretary carson among others think they bolted up titles a little beinishe was suspended from twitter november twenty twenty one yes all of us people were suspended at that time for intensitive reporting on the disclosed ingredients in the maderna called vaccine her articles real regularly appearing gateway ponet real clear politics citizen free press revolver news and many other media outlets you can follow admiral at gathered in to gram and truth sandra and now here to day and brandenburg news note i done no i mean i think you for the lovely introduction well come i think you are i think you're wonderful you're initiation to so many of us when when we sit getting fired and and removed and moved around it's like she's probably somebody i want to listen too because nobody gets the tacked that vicious keeps coming back and panchant without being somebody of note so thank you so much for being an well i preciate that i'm glad to be how it how are things going right now and what's going on in emeralds like oh well the grade it well now we're in the midst of starting eoforsprot butidosta is challenging kiss as facing that the woodscrest now i'm glad i i you know i don't think about it i guess the way you said it but i guess i have you know i like what you said about it video game you can buy in a different form and i'll have to say i never know that i don't know osortasen when there is no get cancer change or shot down somewhere i don't know sometimes i think i remember getting pulled off her at news back no thought okelis it i'm going to go and you know do carpinal rite for septentrionalle me like that day so you know you must never know what god has planned i've always sort of thought we you know i'll be finished when he's finished he is ready for me to be fetish and whatever he has next to live now well we're on god's time and it can be a wonderful an exciting adventure and the key is adaptadas sonlike i was in the anti community and i rode under several different names that i'd get knocked off a southeast reincarnate on myself somewhere else but but it is it is like a video game and those people that are getting a tack are the ones i think that really we should be taking serious because they're trying to shut a stout which comes to the point you know the media and all of the the media and the nonsense that is you know how do i say this that seems to be controlling who gets who is in port who has a voice and certainly this doesn't just just lent itself to media personalities every one they silenced the american population in the last two major elections and on pretty sure this went back by decades but as i was i was going to bring something upon on or i think he be got to sign right tiotohatton a daughter that's the yes so so now you you've entered the the age of of attorneys mi cro attorneys that i know that my kids they were great it bein a torneys that that age and they try to argue you out of one i here my son ya ye that's the age to find i feel like you're in at a debate every day with a ballineen his kindergarten teacher though he had her wrapped around his finger and i told her i said i like i mean if he talks out a turn or you know you have to you know you'll have to discipline him because he is very loquacious and he gets very excited about his ideas i i no i don't i think he might be a lawyer one day and i don't want to discourage his is you know i don't know how she got it but ye so my had literally might be an attorney people always say that so i get hard but in talking about shutting down speech looked on it it's been and we both in you know de platforms can soulsince or they try to at least it's only going to get worse if you look what twittering they couch it always in these nice flowery words and initiatives and sound like it really for the public good and intereststhat have something i think it's called the civic integrity project that there are talking a lot of botany don lawfulness or on one of those people that they labelsthe you know i get millions as winter inpressions it even the washington post labeled as me as one of the top earners forge widerstett one of the top in extremest influences which it you know take us like an honor and you know winterose a check for five hundred dollars an they're giving thousandsthose people and it's not about money i mean i'm fine it is just shows what they're doing ricoshomes and i know that not right so is still you know you want mustasta lot of praise from some people that look it's still it's still a censorship regime there and it's only going to get worse and they're signaling that a lot i would say donante last two days and i think you know as well as i know that any time you're really over the target they get scared and that has been a huge indicator for me as a journalist that i'm moving in the right direction cause if if you're not moving in the right direction they don't care they don't come out of the wood work they don't send you unsolicited sat at avignonthis let us solicitous statement and the secret service is particularly good at this or are they have they'll send you all you know just see awe saw your reporting this that's you know we don't have that going on and blow on that's what i know i am right there where i need to be in keeping because that absolutely over the targets of the moment that i get the kind of pshakhoh i'm over the target and is also taught me to pay when they're yelling the loudest that some one is crazy that this is conspiracy that this is dangerous at this person has no credibility i look more closely at what it persons saying that journalists or that just in openedthere analitiche over the target of something and i need to be paying attention to what they're saying yes that's true we want to listen to those people that are being pushed away and out of the out of the way because that's how they sense us that's how they shot astound and that's exactly where we should be listening so what are some of the biggest issues that you're seeing right now which really needs to get out there because i be there anything can be talked about on brandenberger i do not sense you could say anything you want and i am if it's off the side o me an i ii actually i have no problems with talking about you know mutilation of our children under the guise of transnonsense and all men sort of thing because we need to bring the truth forwardand honestly our nation has to returned to one nation under that is where we have to be we have to put god in our hearts in give him his rightful place in severing to serve our heavenly father and of all these things that have been to tear down the nation and remove god from from our nation or schools in any type of sane thought you know i think we need to talk about all those issues oh i think you're right first moth what do i think or gonitis his clear good first battle evil right to a degree that i mean i know so i'm i'm admiraly fortis so i have i lived as long as some people are lived through save the sixties i am increasingly talking to more people who have who you know so as to hear what we will arteries always with their troubles times or there's been this good verse is evil going on and you know this is nothing different but it was havingsome conversations with some people have really respects who are in the eighties and nineties last week an unfortunate enough to sit with them and talk with them and they go or cross the spectrum of industry disciplineand they all have the same thing to say to me and it really concerned me more than this is the greatest battle or this is a most traveling time that they seencount or a world and one was a casurin the soviet cold war as sir as siberia and russia so for him to say that i thought was for jiggetting but even on a spiritual level talking to christians in elderly christians they who faith who you know is through some of them you know are the children of world war two they say this is the worst so there's that but everything is over talking about childhood mutilation e goes back to elections so to me the most concerned i have as about elections in it right now to particular items are on my radar and that being the push to remove tremporth ballot altogether they figure if they can't just outrassle election and that's hops about the public support he has right you always has to look at like a sedere over the target the reason for these these indictments in trials as because in i can tell you of sitting there so woman on a plan who looks the very sisera typical democrat vote are right in this as two days ago a beautiful hispanic lady you know from a blue area she have as to get a talking to me because my kid is you know kind of being alone on boxes on the plain and she's like all you know how you know my cat i've grandchilder bloodthen we get to talking and she starts talking about copitita was a waking for her and then she opposed so as i was very surprised you know it was really the chose these things because they had to hurt they did these things as they had hurt donald truck and so that is how to and amenemhe robleria i on a plan coming back from a blue ariosto i so you know binas there at the time we get into what's going on there i mean the democrats sides also facing their all you know they're trying to remove him from trying to get him to bowl of the race i'm so they can manipulate the elections even on their side and these tack oligarchs and that was part of birleson for being alike to ho on vacation ah but the thing is if we don't have a re election if if the republic does not prevail this could be it it can be over and i'm his support i think is so broad donald trunk that's why they have to do these indictments and look yes are real push on up to remove him from the ballet to make it impossible for people to vote for donald trump so that they don't even have to worry about overcoming his support the election fraud or election crimes right their trying to rigit outright from the start and i actually agree with sakrasani who was increasingly going out there and saying i just got a phalaride now will we were talking that tellus kill he tuck across in as donohue you afraid for your life essentially when he sat down with him last week and i no downtrodden and i asked people round him a time o how were is he about himself do you feel he's protected because i think that in the day they were just take him out so i think we're facing real the nannarelli constitutional crises and i think we're in the last threshhold the last threads of our republic and we have this amount of time and it will take god you know it will take god cause the foresays are coming so hard and then there's the cove that has emerged and time for election and she just be the election twenty twenty four bertinot elles the election twenty twenty four ericthat is really what it is but where no push these deadly jobs again the boosters and butchers and ten pohickory problematic right that's where you've really see the turbo cancer resulted from that's where you really seen the sudden death as with the booster self i'm we're going to see in a matter of weeks anna if the american people are going to comply again with this round of cove to point i'm not sure they won't i'm hopeful because of the conversations i had while traveling in below states would people who were dinner crops and hopeful but we're facing a pivotal few weeks and a pavilho months in our country in our world yeah i i agree with you this whole calvanasses and they've got you know what did it started out with a bat the baths and that it moved to something else and turns out that i i think that it was actually came from a north carolina chapel hill like it looks like and now this one is they say oh it's coming out of the sewer somewhere yet right even judy mietteit would take eight hundred years for mutation at half and in the direction that it did a dozen just happen every two years on the election cycle because that's what happened every two years is a new flow there's a new something in that election and it is like clock work yet one is so i think all of us can need to be done with it and stand on the constitution the constitution is never ever pause and they don't get to tell us what to do they could tell us you know if there's a threat coming from somewhere but it's up to us to say no and we have that right to just say ought not just now but how no we are not going to shut down we are not going to mask oyeron your absolute incompetence in running this nation and were not going to listen to people who are imbecile that you know because it's the insane sanities you know the inmates are running the asylum rightnow yes they are in in in his definitely a moffit right is a crime organization and they were urged and it is not the majority of the american people but they are very good at running their operation like the mob and they have taken over now when we talk about people not complying one thing that i've been doing is an i include on my shorterbut you know i'm a little bit on the show as speaking to the choir is sometimes my separatedand gets out there that what i've been increasingly doing just at my real life in the even you know used to people will look at you like you otto heads when you admitted iermaine have no defense of the jobs ripe when they minding it i've time to their double triple tossed they have no defence was somebody mentions coventrey goanese ally if the army i have liberal friends i have lost of them is like all you should go to my gothogermanism or this one this one on get voracious uld have it on and they're going to do cotanon what people are listening and they're actually doing it because they do know it's real but they do know a won't kill you but that you can get treatment and people now on oknow that iver mckean works ride a lot of them their silent the hold out in the people who you know ten towards sonoito the propaganda and got you know oversttelse i don't work they're open now to suggestion sir i think we have said yes so people get get the apethae it on hand know that asked john i constantly shared data with people about the mask i think that's sort of how we encourage people not to comply and i think that you know it's going to be the mobs again write because even liberals were not kawith their kids being masked and not not going to school or going to slimak i mean because i knew one who what she ended up in campaigning for glen yon can never genian shebeen hard poor liberal i mean she was my theatre friend and college and her daughter became so sidled during the late downs as she struggled every day to keep her daughter alive and that was a word wake up call for her and she ain't in de i'm giving her life to the lord and i cry because it was so beautiful and i saw a lot of that he know that god worked through the pen anichat way that he reviled himself to people through it without even now the witnessing or congewei wasn't able to reach people so there was some positive out of it but it's going to be the mams again because these mo do they understand how much their kids suffered and being isolated and not getting the education and not hihting those developmental milestone in mothers grieve when their children are hurting me grieve in i think that man's will be the first and not complied terseness crazy ones out there i think by and large i they can help leave the country and i'm really praying that people don't go along with it yea because it's going to be it's the sandaleon you find out that everything that you bought into was a lie and then watch how badly it hurt our children in the the isolation that happened there i mean this is an in it was over a lie absolutely and then then the consequences of people that are having all the heart troubles in this that and the other thing now i do believe that whenever the bad guys were going to call in the the badgastein the black hats right we got spiering on here that when they do create something that there's all ready in not for i do believe that because if they didn't have that they would wipe themselves so it's a it's a logical so just like it is hilariors why they these like doctrein and doctor ralph barrack most of the people with the nigh they asked solutely new that when they deployed this bio upon which it is i mean doctor face is the head of our bitweone program according illistration ounces within the government and now he was told as that in the bush chananitis tration and that's why he got a pace too much more than anybody else in the federal government on but they knew and when they ran that suits emulation event too one all others people knew how to protect themselves they also knew that it was a relatively low death rate but they could create such fear because it is so highly infectious they also knew that they would deployed the vaccines and you get the vaccines and you get this mass compliance and surveillance as that they had been hoping to create for years i mean talking to the several sources of mean this has been in the books for a decade that they thought of it you know even twenty years and conception but they could really have done it any time within the last year ten years they were just waiting for the time they most needed it to employ it so it was really the bio weapons killed five birds with the one stone right they need to get the need to get rid of to but they also wanted to start the mass surveillance state the mask compliance and moved to this hole you know you told me and one world lovel as government that they're always pitching as selling your own nothing and be happy so they picked this time because of tromp and i think what was the spontaneous they did not mean for trumps to win in twenty sixteen it was really what i called the spontaneous outburst said democracy and you saw the shore patoecus i was in washington they realise then lost and anna people did not think it they thought they had it all under control they did not the vote their own cool laden they did not account for the people who had not voted that with come out because they still had an make it is somewhat believable right so they had and had it quite as fortified to use their own word as they then did it twenty twenty and they learned but they knew that they had so deployed this at this time in doctorhood you in twenty seventeen that trunk would face a globethe always tell you what they're going to do on astanishing so that the people who will hear will be prepared you necaise i'm like why do they always let the cat on the back as they could just do what they don't want to be so public about it but it's because we have to have warning if we will listen right so that we can prepare and they could get one of their stateness too their satanshand luciferians part of their religion as is that they have to tell people what they do before they do it and it absolves him in their crazy thinking and absolves them of any wondersas it we were completely wore compliant that we set was occatione so when we stand up and say o ke luciferians out there we do not comply we are not it were not giving our consent to your weird and sang an evil plans or your rituals or anything else like that we do not consent we will not go along with it it's wrong and so take you canaan somewhere else because we're not interested in doing this anyone yet that's that is for hollis also troteras just sort of norse asisti right and that's also a trade of the those types there just so egotistical and narcissistic that they have to sort of rag about it even before they do it again i appreciate because it tells me exactly what to look out for in what's tell other people so look out for a so in getting back that i think that though we are in a time where it's really they've got their full guns out right so it is going to be it is not going to be for the faint of heart ether we have to go into that understanding that so that we don't get overwound and we don't get discouraged because we know it's going ramleh cause they understand help hibolithes moment is and that this is you know this is the time frame and there's only a certain amount of time it is going to go one of two ways i'm so i tried and hot the two pessimistic with people and i have this conversation also if people ask sweet and the willelegies this you just focus on this and you just have set you know what you're so dark as sore he said hold feel that way because i always know there is hope and michelangelo this you know and the way he feels about in a last week when i we talked on the stage at his elector of the old age now at the election and crime summons and that his hope is always in god and so i know phil has misticos on now in the end as all okay but also said we have to be realistic about or what we're facing cost only then can we be prepared and can't we be readie to fight the battle and that's what i try to explain to them do pessimistic is not dark to me just the realistic situation in dealing with what we have we have to be realistic on what we have in order to fix if i get head turn ourselves away and only base our decisions on what we want it to be instead of what we actually have were we can never we can have resolved the i think hope i was what i call it hope im and i saw a lot of hope in being shared a prior to the twenty twenty two mider i think it can be a very dangerous he be very day determine because it leads to complacency an ape and that's why i have hope but i'm not in the business sharing hope and justified hopium because we have to look at what is there but her hope in god but look at what is there i think a lot of people have come to realize that after the shock of the twenty twenty two miticaes not i looked to the lay of the ground and lay on the ground and i didn't see any changes from twenty twenty much in fact i saw that the democrats were getting better and more and cond of estomacs more blight and because there had been enough changes in what oneskilling so i knew that there we would not take the sentence i knew there was no way with they were going a low the republicans to take the senate in was even i knew there wouldn't be huge gains in the house because they had to keep it i figured they would allow a republican majority but only to say see democracy you know but not enough to make any changes or to do anything to fit it right you can still keep them in line you shall have me now come mccarthy as the house leader and it's still just the unit party notary yes so i was not surprised by the mid term results but there had been a lot of people out there then you know i esposos sharing hopin but i think now we will come to realize okay they're going for it there holding on to their trying to hold on to power with everything they have in that we have some really really really be prepared and yet to really really fight well and i think one one of the the best things of his watching president trumps reaction to all this he's going through this all of this and he sings pretty calm cool and collected to me he seems like he just kind of moves to one thing that the noxenanda that with that no back down and then i always always appreciate that from hell because that's what leaders do you get into a crisis and in you just keep you just keep going you don't stop you you you you just keep going and eventually you're going to get a break cause god's gods and control is long as you don't the van and i that's true of every part of our life laws on this morning i got a pitcher of our place down in florida and it's up to the it's up to the bottom floor with water right now so i will have to just this sosilently but that's what we do is the leaders is you you just stay you stay with me you can't panic in crisis that's part of how this world works the world were going to go from problem to probe to probe from that always bad because problems actually move us off sunder when you look at the apathy of the american peace that was there before her president trump the people were apathetic about about a politic don't talk about politics to grant alienate everyone and now everybody's talking about it full time everybody's talking about the crazy stuff that's going on the next step is what we do to get in the game what a people do you to stand up on my first thing is don't submit you can't submit to an honor lawful government we we have to consent the government only let his only there because we not in it we stock in sending to the non son and we say no go after their oath of office we go after the things they've done a wrong the game is done and we have ways to do in that before the election is too long it feared it time to get people out by electing him how in our voting on em with unlawful voting machines we have to go after them with prose losses we have to go after them with alternative was fortiter their oath of all these things can be done right now why i think that you're right acting that's you know republicans are conservatives or just sinner you know americans tend to be so nice so so nice i don't really like to yell we don't really like to make a scene or and that the minority that the very small minority of these left as commines right cause that is what they are screamed for years and the squeaky will in no gets it so i think that people have to stop being quite they have to shop being quite as night it is see gentle they see a gentile jesus when waterthe lamb on his foot and they forget that you know he was turned and tables over and make keen fighting making a whip and going after people i think you would a little bit more a provocator than what the narrative that we've been fed is and think it was very much poco i absolutely agree with that i think that so in what pictorially struck me in in regard to thinking about this as that eh they the situation in the school district with the gods templa and that kid who i just loved the car is sitting there in his log derisive now what this says she doesn't even know her american history in her she's lecturing me and it's a charge of school you know has epulante better schools which how ever coversation extremely scare a very bless an my kids in it excellent school where he had started now learning the constitution by heart you know em along scripture and latin and his reading like you not to the grey level so i'm very thankful for my school and i wish you know say that cause i know they watched me on a lot of stuff in it is bearless but i mean this charge but here is the point the man was very good i do applaud the mother she was very very very good she's like what is his on de even know what this flag is this is in explains the very well and she's common measure but i don't think you let up with them just letting the kid back to class and i notice school is now the district has now commenced at all this was a mistake you know was her policy i think you absolutely obliterate those you come for the education you point out these these people and the school had no idea there american history ethersbodies my kid you demand their heads and you keep going you don't do say okay ye was a mistake ye know they put a macinlas he can aching still displays flag right that's what is akinside s a wit is that oh he can display his flag he got to go back to class as all over no no no no that's not where the laughleave it they absolutely take heads and that's why has to happen you have to make such an example every time they do this that it scares the next school district on the street is cares and so dissipaverint other other counties in the other states and in softening it and you do it in every case where you're on the right side it you do it every time and you do not you yell he began not then don't let out because like you say to your point they will learn that there's consequences for their action ornith erwithe retire lawn a legal or lawn forcement a policing whatyoucall it we we don't have law and order and the criminals know it they just keep going on until we start making serious examples and of people and or i really just think we needed to you know have law and order and follow the law if we could if we could do that i think we'd be far a hatt there's nobody in the seeds politically that actually seems to want to it enforced blind justice and follow the law from the border from the border problems to to local police people are getting away with murder they're doing whatever they want to do and there's no there's no countability not corporate america not in seats nowhere and not congress and you know i am dat of these strongly worded letters and an amazing sailed by on tv and is really clever whip are weeds from embers a congress he won't pull the funding when they have the power of the purse and they won't even and they always have an excuse right are they'll say we were going to cut like cooper set of the bibago's really going to put a herd on them that's really going to get christopherthat place ship shape right in line or they won't they wore it is even you know one thing that left cut like communists understand very well is that the process is the punishment they know in a lot of these cases what is personally with the indictments of the electors now i do think they're going to because the hands elected distress and judges there they are going to get indictments but i think it'll get kicks up me now i'll keep piling up in the even probably get on the supreme court i don't know what they'll do there they've been pretty wish you as but they even care okay it's not even all soil about the final and dienecus there a bankrupt the people they're going to make sure they don't have jobs they're going to make examples of them they're going to be pariahs in their community and you can even yet o ka republican elected you know congress to go with im peach of proceeding when there is so much on the record evidence now of joe bid in selling his office of the corruption and just in a gross corruption blayin in is on the record it's very everyone seen it and the camp persewit the peach on a sad world we won't ever you know sides not going to go along with it so what democrats know that a lot of times that they they they put the people through the pain and that is part of the actually their job right they see that this man has violated at of office is violated the constitution you know he sold out the american people and they don't have the honest adjust go within a beach when proceeding as a whole assets of bad example they are said that example they arranged that you don't even have to worry about that cause he done it twice and it wasn't justified with this is justified sir as an ante point they need be removed on i think we have processed to remove when before peaches of impeachment hearings and that sort of thing or so or so incumbered you know and and we've got a uses processes to get him out of somebody falls down they've got to get out and they got to get out fast and there's there is so much proof it's crazy if he can watch you as sonhayatadinchti with dan an asse that is is just its incredible to me that our attorney general was hiding in investigation before the twenty twenty election fully knew about her was with full knowledge and swept it under the carpet handed it to the federal erlendsson there because that's all the fbi they don't talk about having absolutely no credibility the fbi first of all it has no right to exist in it should be abolished same thing with the same all that should be abolished under there's the stare decisis case call called norton vesselthat says that they don't exist we were finding you know under the costage they do not exist they should be gone about like the annie and the ammi and all of these other money pits that were thrown money yet to damage our children and damaged this nation out and you know but this whole thing wodenesses got me pretty fried actually because because this is this is my home there and and she is absolutely in her little mark's way you know absolutely damaged the state and every single one of us silenced our voice voices and destroyed all credibility in election in its not as being election honies it's her she is an election denier a knowin i've been calling grudginglie she's queen graceoffered land here and her squire is not sold in the court jester as bunchinesse case joke and they i mean they couldn't run in at aunt formed the three of the let alone or legislate they they passed off the responsibility for the election to the board of canvas instead of saying hold hone we got a problem here they just they didn't want to face it and they passed it on and it was passed by you know and certify fire board a camps and that suppose de cherubins to democrats there all marks the whole the whole bunch of them are markus they they they don't allow anything to to penetrate that bel that isn't going to be in bed with him to protect the power structure continue on with the war against americans and destroy this state for self gain self enrichment in its tapped about even or even or clerks here were told by the bordelestun to the stroy a lection materials and evidence yeah i mean like it i think said it when you said their marks as it is not really incompetence this is on purpose they know what they're doing it's knowingly or seeing this and you know no one really knew how well they had planned right and then taste the twenty twenty election as predicate ty twenty two mere you see they had they put people in place in these key battle ground state they knew the state they were condonaret and i had wondered in any twenty wide bite was so keen on going to georgia cause he should not have any reason to think he had hope there and i knew something was going on so they had now done this a michigan or or zona georgia but it the other people can everywhere we focus on these key bottle round statesfood we have problems everywhere and there is these kind of take even the face republicans and there there all a part of it and so in saying that you know people have to get involved at the local level because you take back ground little by little and he can look overwhelming when you look at the big picture and you see the national see but there still and i know were running on a fine high amount of time i got it but it has to be done in people have to have digestible you know you and i might can look at it and the big in scheme and get involved on that that we need people in every locality to be looking and getting involved and volunteering and running for office and level if you're the person he says was i don't want to then you're the person of shot look at me you don't you don't have an ego at it you don't have a nurse you know idea vessel employed view and being you know applauded for doing it so you are exsol tely the person who should get involved in kheti that that's where we need to encourage people it your many hands make light work and so like if all of us that are on the side of just on our country back to be able to have the rights given by god guaranteed by the constitution stood together we we outnumber on you know a ten thousand or one so now it's just a of a point of people say i'm going to devote acounte and treat our civic duty is a part time job instead of on gospel time plain this is this is part of what we have to do is americannot the chaoenons said absolutely constitution of the specially needed during bad times not just good times charlotte says down i got my actinise taking hydrochloric when for years sank and did take care of family that did get called for three weeks and the only thing i got with a headache for a few days it does work and on those of unaco flew shot ever again got the jean therapy piscato family members did wasn't happy they did well my man the paralyzed my mom so i've got actorines many of us out there who had loved ones who were teatical heard rent go back to the i was told one time that whatever they creators always in adoot there we just had find it otherwise it would wipe them out so there is an antidote out there for the vaccine just have to find it charles well we tried and only got one clown called because the other clouds and office had handwriting for lumsdaine her wife got paid vacation for that freight thousand dollars a night from their low firm the clown so this is another thing that that we really need to talk about is how many attorneys are in positions of government and do now why in why i think that is the biggest reason is because they can claim a tor attorney client privilege on anything and hide whatever they want including plumbing a sad donations to their low firmer whatever it is they can they can hide that that compensation i think we should be extraordinarily ah so the bar the prosecutors who are deciding what can be prosecuted as well as a sore judges and i don't know if you know about this but the judge is in the prosecutors the reason why we have a ninety eight per cent conviction on money judgment is because they get part of that money judgment to go into the retirement the men of chinocrates in it yeh i resides speaking of as turns that do you think that as he became of homing a but you know we have a real problem with low far terra and there there's tones don't want to take up these important cases because they are you know there's a push to dispart them they get they have made your repercussions so i there and i know we got a couple of lawyers like her all sinner car also who works of michelangelo lot he has one man he cannot do everything he can not fight every legal case though it seems like he is out there i mean i don't know how the man is doing it at there has to be some attorneys he was so hershocking to yours argento an attorney the other day who was out there and more oh you know in the tightness of will why is it just that there afraid there fraydhun respect amongst their peres or afraid of of cancel from their fire and they said yeah that's all that an art but they're going to have to step up here and have to have some legal export stand up step up we need a mark of lies to kilner mark alias wright we need that type of you know sturler cause he's extremely good at it and he was pivotal and the twenty twenty election on the twenty twenty two meters so i would hope that now so much tornes i sent forward a count of regret not got in not getting on my own jade and you my son or producer she should have just been a lawyer a shesheshe is she really could have been a lawyer but she decided not to go on away oondote lost school now like you i should have because we need some super lawyers in the freedom fig in ohelo of people that are willing to do proskatastanton that sort of thing to say you're down and and take our go go through to men if we floated every one of these thesepeople who are part of the crimes send to kept there were with cases the like like the lionsense like what maryland tied some of the other and she's up in your hands are some of these other heroes that have done it we would be a lot farther had the you know i don't know just biteinto something that's just another car totolike the michigan bar sociation which is nothing more than a than a protection for forthere later effort menus they are serving themselves just like her politicians we absolutely couple more things in the chat here i'm a turnskin word bells sold the typical person cannot understand including congress aripas bills under you know that michigan we they have over two thousand bills a year that go in front of our legislate it is a sorry they can't read that many it's just not restamp robert stamp is he told me so and she told me so so robber stamp there not even looking to see if it's allowable by the constitute sister over san procolo care that all ride him anyway they don't write him and read him they have lobbyists right then or you know and they're not written to be understood i love what that person said you know they can they can use legal leaves right and with a bill should be easy to understand it should be written in a way that the people who are supposed to be governed by it can understand it every need to prison stuff on the ballot like andie being signed by these clowns yah that's that's a bunch of non son michiganders onedesired and andie too not talk about the twenty twenty election can't get the rough that knows about this to go public what ah they they did they have sin under and so so the people here and michigan i don't know much time you spent here i'm going to tell you what this is such a turned into a dealin such a crap hole it's not even niman it's it's unbelievable how many people are involved in this from the from the top to bottom or clerk in my township refused to turn over the electronic poland i went i foodstuff their charging people wait too much money for foes across the state i didn't have that problem but they refused to turn it over because i election or board of elections told the clerks to destroy election information they passed into the county and a pass to the state and they were directed not to talk about it or deal with with us as make us go away or to or only talk to them so they can control it all because we're passes that's what we are where a new since were now sence the heat is and we are the way said carbon so is there anything else that you want to talk about to day you know i think we had the two the two areas where i and most passionate about and again i don't never one to sound like a pastimesas i know there is always hope but i'm a realist i think we all have to be real is in mines what i try to i just try to share it with people information on a daily basis so they can see the situation where facing decide how they can go about helping or how they can adjust their lives in ordered so to deal with his you are chantepepie o do that like yourself i thank you i think we all stand together to i'm going to go out and put this then o'lochlain i tintshow up for side raised i like to go to scripture as singing or minds little that and realized that the battle is the lord's we don't have anything to be afraid of to he need to focus on a fact that god is in control his altar thinking troll and that he who guides he goes cacomantis losinghad is god on the hour schon go god and lest but i pontorson fast enter your house i walk down down towards your hole in the sphere of so he oh your righteous take your waste but let all who take refuge the matter see spread your protection do so love her a yes the righteous you comprehend with the shield it's a great place to stop there for to day so am i think ah we'll go back to the wise prayer to gather yoondo that surely i was and with a prayer i every day and to pray for the nation dear happily father thank you so very very much for karin the riveter marked fincham and emerald robinson and i asked that you would give them your favor and everything that they do that you would speak to them and through them to the people out there that that need you in their lives are a nation is suffering from a terrible spirit of crisis right now and the only thing that can fix it is you and we invite you into our lives are businesses the words we say the things we do are relations and now that you are good all the time you're always good all the time please pour your favor out in this nation we want this nation to return to what you had in mind for it that you gave the direction again the founding fathers it's one nation under you and we are willing to stand down to do what it is that you ask us to do every single day give us the wisdom to hear the to hear your voice the discerner voice and the strength the conviction absolute no fear unwavering now back down attitude to go forward into anything that you call us to do because we are willing we are always willing you've been a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you to day we love you so very much heavenly father and jesus christ's precious name we pray so there go with thank you do have any last words right now cause i always and the choosewe oh no i think it we with talks about a lot it's great to join you and talk with your audience and appreciated every one who tunes amicas i do you are the octo parts i and again i might be put in oorepeated to the choirthat i also want that your oughtestow that we really appreciate and in their fit for freedom is one oh it's all of a standing together there's this not one person it's all of us that's the key right there so that i thinkingthing go to bring and bar for governor dot com because i am not conceding to liars cheats and thieves in the nineteen in the twentieth the twenty twenty election and the twenty twenty two election we are not going to give that fight up and donald trump the rightful president of the united states agrees wholeheartedly and i think that you were going to give the plates to do to our president a rightful president president donald j trumpetisto gh times that through this ricethere go have a wonderful day nobody standing alone we love you there's so many of us fighting for you out there never feel discouraged about this this is us on a great avengers like a body adventure right i don't itdon't think of all the body moves you ever seen were all on a body adventure it now grabot's go forward and fight like were the late work the third monkey get on the horn it started to rain because that's ootright now so anyhow god bless you all god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merimake it a great day it's a choice mental totness you've got to be tough going into this it prepared get your bodies lying out to gather no who you're standin now or your talking with and realizing a knowledge that god almighty isn't charge of this his battle the fight in the battle are the lords and with that we have nothing to worry about or be afraid of it's it's going to be it's going to be okay i see an lifeless are old in it an end the rocas have a great day an i'll see you to morrow