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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/28/2023 - Tatar Tuesday John Tatar - 10:00 Scott Aughney

Published Feb. 28, 2023, 9:04 a.m.

All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar. Special Guest Scott Aughney is on at 10 talking about election integrity and current petitions and lawsuits ongoing in the State of Michigan Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is the twenty eighth day of february twenty twenty three were happenbut of difficulty right now with a sound and of a half a hiacinthe background here wilmore were were talking but i needed to a sound shekina minute seek his for some reason were having a hard time gave his to come up so just just give me a second here and i'm going to i want to see if we can pull the superbe please somebody tell me if you could hear me or not or if his soundest still offensantis couple people in there some place a me sonshipthat s see this is weird and hard to tell what's going on so anyhow in the tongarian hear me the exeter will save gard and hear me yet they can hear me okay so here's my sole check right here and were gonophore gon to go go back and live and get out o rumplement an an i'm to bring john on here sophisthe all cohere tonomasa that there's a peer thing as something were going on in the back row here and i don't know what it is so that's to get with real real news by real people for real people at the incontables so that there's going to be some places but good morning on how you doingsis ite of difficulties were we endeavored to persevere and we keep going so what's to happen on the down world this morning in isenstein this issue with the deeferenee doesn't play on her teetatota but we have several or from tithes on i would like to tackle womentall and the cousinthat i may having and as onlistening and then amos speaking of things specifically in speaking of the audience and of speaking to the people one are not her audience that should be operations will everybody said he right enheritor coststen here is the case i can at the spare since the sendisia wassenach which was an aversation i was set up years ago we would mennonitische lest we should not an otorimomentous show up and at these meetings and it was over the internal evolantes them and the reason is that such soneidanis lespoisset was a h because we were the mere and of the united states of ewerette make a bit tension and it would go to sea or they would go for modern say i'm welintone to change my daily conino paid any more income tax and then he is came down or on them and several people on to jail i then hazel who no longer with us and selenites i won't mention the other names just because they're still life ah he went to jail and the reason that even toherts hard is has an concerned this because of the cherry the curly didn't find them in a synthetic the internecine ofratanes people and these keepingthat and they hacked off and then seminomadic against those people that were speaking and trying to make a difference ah this this was going on in the seventies and eighties and then they brought one tickles in the eighth early eighties we had in betrayed we had a big gay king rarely called a clean sweep and i don't know anybody in your groupes nos about the group everybody was over there in the hole ferrywas chiefthese dancing will get to get rid of one of the sambastians while we string this comebacks and lance this is many years later are you listening meaning are you the people and tension the what's going on he the said up as ferbrache of goverment we have the legislature who is the very mescolatamente executive brantish ld be carrying out the wishes of the legislature and we have the judicial and that supposed to say whether things are constitutional or not and that's how tigranes of government was set up at the financial government was the cry that we the people will go in there and we would say how it would on a nolite slow because this is really a way that we women number two it's it's an illegal or its symphoneries by the government the campleton ereenia said before there had the only one spacehand all the other of agenorion are defectionist bastements which is one which was saddled in eighteen eighty six and basicly stated that if it isn't in the constitution if it is physically in the constitution and gives them authority for that particular branch of government that particular branch and adoperamnt peasantists president can bring a grand in as pat of his cabinet that's his hostagiamento can't do anything to change one conon within the public and you as we have this ii to one of you spokenlove his scongiurasione who's the residence he does nothing in with miss rosinella ions that he calls some executivewas a aclararse orders execute is that the constitution that doesn't exist so are you listening being to the people there listening out there where are you going to change the system now then one and lesions of there and you you've been picking on thee or are speaking about the transanimating to think dimenticasse lay and i tell you they don't know what they're talking about so i'm going to i i with some information regarding that toneles obtenido certain things and then to people can tire and they get a enteshat of the court neoteston why i think there is a different branches out there on that than have people need to do the research because there's thought there's one branches i galantuomini or other that seems to have created a lot of controversy who is not part of the general geraseni think i think that's the therof it is very concerning that i don't think that that's part of the gerolamini that was like somebody that kind of what rogue because in a lot of the organizations and in i think this is a good notornis that most organizations out there if this point time have been infiltrated by bad actors and by oniscoidea agents be part of our permanent government which is deep state in order to lead people astray but that doesn't mean in my opinion that all even a noo don't want to throw the baby out with a bath water you've got a beltsor through it a little bit but it's yes hannington doochess outfought in but she's not part of the jealous she's she's on her own little omission of destruction from what i can see so you know but but this good because i really do appreciate any one out there who is investigating his truth here stands or falls and we we need to be able to investigate and put the truth of the deaths why i'm here as there isn't there is no rock that's not going to be left unturned and we we really do have to address this situation because it's the filth that is cropped into all of our systems which is the problem and in oregon to have to deal with all it we can't i if we let one of these cockroaches loose they're just going to breed and were going to have more of them that's true and that's exactly what's going on right now with the trim came in those people that are in all their trying to bring out the comalefactors as into and follow with a hole and i think and i applaud anybody that's doing it garry smith said were lessening that's why we're a soundly i really respect your knowledge and experience we need to make your ideas materialise need to make your ideas in materialsfirst go on and on grade the assembly i think i think it's you know to your point and garry i think that that's a good point and i think that what we need to do as we need to look at all things and that when organizations or when people are founded be true then we've done our we've done thorough investigation and i'm not really i'm not release sure that i kind of think that the assembly the general assembly is how did in the right direction i think also it's like all organizations were in us were in a time where were sorting things out a little bit and there's an there's no one that's not going to make a mess stopif they are if they're intentions are good they will succeed because i believe god is with us in this time that were in so i have if you looked into the general semblait or a little bit i i i i will antoinette did i hold on the oregon state why charles simply because it's the one that came up sententiary beginning and i read through his i do know i don't know what you want to call it information and i gestationthe information that just as old master and there's a totherest ons the during samples one of them but there many organizations out there do you get your keeieyoot the bellinis three is word of this envelope for moreton for i would have become a retisense that question actually if you go to the gay put off the put up the thlinkeets on the chap for the national assembly and then the mositsan jarl assembly is got in an incredible library of documents and betteridge me in because i done it the computer remember leogaire out of computer io soi i'lli'll give you the lank here cause i think that this is a significant i'm glad you brought it out because people have to be able to say what's on their mind and if there's a concern about things it's it's important to bring that to the table because then we can address it and answer all the questions so that nobody feels like there in the dark and that we don't leave anything of sadness always appreciate that i very much appreciate those those that that process soon is skagaroot that off for the can you put those links up garrick's i always on the cat watching and then i could pass his son to john so that he's got he's got the actual assembly there their several organizations that are going after after this her for the the jury the heabily to sample and we we really do have to be careful because you'll have people i've seen this happen i sought happen in the tax the fire we seen it happen in the republican party every organization is the potential of being infiltrated and less we have really good questions being asked to hold him a commaand is about being questioned every one should be able to be questioned including myself if i make a mistake i'll say i'm sorry my intentions are good and from the heart but if i make a mistake i want somebody to say he i think i don't think i'm quite nothing formation here it's national dash a sumbltoi you go to that on some of the other splinter the splinter groups they they may or may not have you know they make they may have a problem but typically like to go into the source that i know that that when i've taught to destinating i think that lentamente crepantis tenterprise gunderson i think they are got they've got a pretty well grounded group there so the next ones michiganensian tejarthe one that you can you look at that those two and i think that the sirenoidei of this group so then we read this gensdarmen he nonsenselisten named coposition poles and hard in the people ah that's true danandaran hard in the people but the alcantaras nothing to do with anything it doesn't make you a slave in cousin make you a strong man and then the court can do what they want to win you it doesn't go therenative you which is the civil action jurisdiction be there do they talk about the civil action testation and they don't and when is this civil action jursdictionem and it happened to nineteen thirty three when the spring or decided that there winetaken law in the inland combined the two and give the judges of hindhope the as in that inocencio oh be a supreme cerbotamen and look it up it's there i sanders one judged that will to constant a lathe other judges were wont when for it my in nineteen thirty three dollars during was once found here one was well wanted to jam the the carwith no judges so we could get his stuff as through and the esprimendosi cord sagontin the problem this is all fiction fix the problem they created to your problem and now the judges are running in their own direction any way they please because they think it's the courts they think it's their situation and her back by the bar and their back by all the other attorneys i wear when fighting haveordersto the the band were fighting in and their care and their order because we don't know how to get back out of their order and back into the orlando that we please that we desire gainsayed myelinisation we can out the republic we paid out on the be judges and we then work for and they swore no office to what the sword of traffic to the constitution solitarythey saved that were not of becoming the constitution in her how can that be your honour because you sorotto that i never had a judge can be amyntasson he may not run listen to me any macroclemys that he can't stop me from speaking about the constitution and save as on apply because he knows that on will onhappiest i would love i would like to get you to gather a phone call with with some of the people on the assembly so that scabbe help each other cause you're all good people and everybody's trying to restore this nation and if we could put ourselves together he and make sure there's all kinds of clarifications so so that there's good knowledge on wesiding it working gather you know that would be a wonderful outcome because you're both incredibly incredibly knowledgeable and i think that to be able to get clarifications on all things you could help them and they could also may be help you understand what they're doing so that you could be now you put on everybody's head gets put together and you get to the bottom of this so that we can move move the line so i think that anthopolithic we should be as i would like to see where they comitissam of their positions the asked to be stuped in history can be something that they made up in the process over these hundreds of years and say while you know where are going to do this were going to bring because the gonewas anchored the train which ran not in control with the prosecutors with the winter with the ah the sociation in other words the dory was an independent body in a isthats o my life time that i came to give the date when the change but i remember a changing and the reason that had changed according to the far west because they could never wage enough curers to hold the court and that's because people were lazy and did wanted to where an o my god i got juryiolanthe my cases i am i have silliston i wish still get that i screeeee called the mean i don't to entries week how do i get out of the port to night to do and i'm saying you need to be going there you need to be part of that or i mean to see that the system is all about a day they don't want it artistcain that beaverett five dollars a day so that it's little penisseault brand should government you got in control of it are you listening and a lot of people just don't want to be involved in that and say what the far confortede while they said since the thepeople don't want a rounder and come in for jury duty while on a gilt the jury the son driver's license or whatever and we're going to put the little bit of shore got into him which they say you have to shepperton dear we're going to find you work to you and get the chicken do which she can to any way i mean if you don't stick to jury duty what do you send them nonothingnothing on your door and all you off to the jail so on the patent that we have is people don't understand that they are in charge of the law here that the charge of the government not the government in charge of the people and we then we've been macintoshes the by this this monster for a long time a police department to chase after us for a remyoans tickets we have reached the parentage the shaking and where all again and i have done the pardoncan exist if it doesn't exist in the constitution it just can't exist and i my friend araneosus de by side with no fear misdecision is now involved in the welland ossetischen because he wanted to run for that interpert of the government a governor i when we and now wind her outand found out that the thegirondists over there then are not that our defect to that they distomatose this one so soon to make this ononand so they did and therefore now it becomes all because their portobago ernment case the come for less land because if you're nestling out o follow the government nonsense in he onesowing and tying into this stuff i got in and went from bed at the same stuff in romford i but not only in bedford and less landed on church in the long and other places just as bad that the strologians which as does to be republished in it the dossiers and may be the seal of and they shine salutes and before one may become because we gratified it paramore than those he shall become peratici it and allowed it to happen rather than say no you can't think that because norton says can have the fact go on casation this is the common that we have but to enter norway back to the beginning and that mere nodes lay i were reenlisted and missiles people don't know where onlienesse they've had it they caught it right out of our schools of so you know we're were almost starting back to notesthere in educating ourselves in a how to self governed and what that really looks like and unfortunately this is given incredible hit job i american people with indoctrination with distraction with all these other things going on so that we really can't focus your absolutely right so many people do not want to be bothered by politics and we really to change the name and get out of the whole politicianthe and just go to governance the way that it's supposed to be rather than this shelter running this this nation because the whole thing is is in breachacha i think that's the biggest thing that i see is that the constitution itself is a contract the entire government is in breach of it right now and all of em to be fired and disallowed to ever take office again isochronic this son and i've heard that and are you should lose i don't use it it's not really a contract between you and me it's the way of the goverment was set up to of the redentore eighteen hundreds and it was set up on top erythera because the founding fathers believed that we needed we have certain ogier that can be trappon by government and we need it to lay it out and so they get at the gin make it contract between you and me because in order for to be contract there as the bee sending a value exchange for something of value and then we get to port of the country present exists where comewe are corinto this country and when we are born in in this country we have certain rights that are guaranteed by that and that they govern by god and that's why the contract or that's why the constitution can be a justing because it's not something to government gave us it's something we were born where after loochee out in evendoun on the one divigations that are morotinnee oh whatever oh here there the time and there in their entertainment what not those coylethat are not paying attention or the biggest child the cheltenham and there are a great number of people that are a big chunk of the prosternabat your neighbour you ask once sodisfece between how do we have to mockfisherman on de land for that question isitsaye democracy and its sad democracy is herepublic and what is that men with your your right with the step he have every single person needs to find this to be an important part of their life and that i had somebody that i read one time that said he we should continue the civics part of our life is a part time job all of us and whatever whatever it is that we should look at our time the time management perspective in the fact that how many hours a week are you giving to sell governess to most people would say none you don't it's something will say well i soliti showing he shot once a month to a to a bit session political group you know but what but that's not moving the bar or at all you know it's just a place for people to sit there and off their stress but they're really not do anything and that goes through another thing i want to talk about this whole thing the protests that are going on i am not a person who is in favor of all these protests i think it's ridiculous or looking out the window and laughin at everybody not one protestest time has really made a sizeable change we have not we not reversed anythingnor they they have made any change in it only is it another way for them to get us to run around because to all the protests that were happening and in lancing is he the people weren't even there most of them they left and saintonier there were were laughing out the window and every one because the donethere want anyway approaches his absolutely no and in my opinion most of them were probably arranged by deep state after opinatores roots on leaders sings party leaders and such but they were getting they were ably have no effect on actually changing anything cause they do they do exactly what they wanted to so i think we need a change or than ixlittle hit aginst doesn't take it doesn't take a rock sinestre out that these tacks eare not working we have to change to something that is working which would be petitioning the legislature which would be gittiventi these moons outgive in a lection and lectionary and finding ways to to remove these people from public office through petitioning process to the violation of the oath of office through this man there's many many ways to do it actually and of honestly that's where i'd put my time in his lawsuits and such the protest though they hetono of the camera to me it seems a little it seems a little low lacking because we don't even know if what were seen as the truth is just like this the trail meant no high and then the sundaythe was products up to you know up to michigan we don't even know if there's any any outran of this we don't know if there's any truth to it because i look at this whole train orandain in this too many things that are an enough to me of course you're going to have a big black when a smoke free overbody of because they had petrologists got to create not not the the necessarily divided volatileand we don't we have not done any testing or anything like that but i can tell you what you know the couplers and the barings that's the key right there to be able to make it a discernment that this whole thing was staged so we don't even know if they're trying to push people into a panic oviarias up to up tomichi we don't even know of their moving the materials up to mischief they contained it what's in it if it's actually dangerous or if it's just another fo to get people to be afraid we have no good information there notes there is another protest last week and everybody ever of course he can some the cameras were but they never really made the news the protested make nechooshat do it wasted everybody's time in my opinion it had got a few people in from what what a precalendada and is then me by these protests i don't think that there is much i don't think there's much again by any of it because it's really it's really not moving the boismarmin a few more people discussed at what's going on is certainly making a lot of people afraid now there you know and in concern but are we stopping anything were not stopping to think there onwhenever they wanted you and we in the meantime are happy having absolutely no information of which to make a decision or an actually an actual informed decision we are with the viand large we are being sold a narrative where it were were totally being sold in eranapoleon to jump on to it because they want to hate this side or that what if both sides are mine because we don't have we don't have information and and that we're being pushed into fear have it miss was that other are life we are being lied to on every side you caledonia then the hateeverything the commandress because standardpractical for gonda of the new world order had the grass roots were lion john i mean that the grass rooted been infiltrated so were were any were getting a politics and information given to based on a pennon and almost no concrete facts which is pushing people in a running missaythe way and every where everybody's running around scared the death of everything based on opinions it likeliest the bible says it says in the antisocial be a transition time or whatever disoient ways of going forward with that right but it's like it's rot wars and rumors of wars will that certainly what we have right now and of course you can watch it with the cold it everybody's running around this way and that way and you know it was it was really difficult to get to the actual information igsamin we had created all we know you know we've got this word with ukrainian potis a vaster this that nothing will poison up to the villas which our country was guilty of funding and studying up who can was right in the situation do we have any heroes out there you know i got a couple of em i could name you know but it this is based on a long term of ability to put their lives in ninety and that would be i still i'm going to come back to looking passoient donald trumped the rightful president of the nightsthose in his procedures that he had in place were sound we had no more we had no conflict what he was at the helm and onecertainly appeared to love the american people and he was consistent esssence fleshier same thing consistent consistent consistent that the news absolutely out of control now not interestand shaping the narrative and its coming herbeside by soult with great gateway pontevola stewed stewed things that were said about me when i was running as republicans issidonia billy in her why i'm going to tell you right now i missed that financial statement and that that wasn't that's my hererose to true and so you know it's a wee we cannot we cannot go by what were hearing out there just regard it go take care of your families and friends listen to god and let the thing work itself out because i do believe the good guys are in control and when we jump on the band wag a furthering the agonashi it out pushing it out and he became a weapon of their warfare because there pushing us through fear and having to be right on all things without being able to look into the details we become one of their greatest assets to subvert the united states of america well i will not waveyou obviously on the billionaire your right oenotheras when in for tenor of not very or election by the prior election i was asked how is any to have every time every one had a roman to billions of the police make it for noonoon to put one of the whole free you cease you would make a sonhave the money to writesthere the same thing over and over and over even steve van and suddenham on his show because the first questions that steve bananas how much money have you raised was how much money did you raise this herisson it's like this is crathis is buying or lections in there bought paid for by actual billionaires eachanother heroone of other have a lot of money and went the to the pestilence and where's the money coming from you know is a comin for me half the corporations cause there all of our elections are bought and paid for there is no the other are now legitimate candidates that will win in this in the united states america not ne sistently have right now because it's all run by globists it's all thought paid for by corporations and the rigging it through the entire process entire thing needs to be absolutely than he he fired the only be fired prosecuted retreats all of and then misteaches because they filled their own office that's treason and the common is that we alone askeleistaan we can care we fastening tekinteteit and that's the best letargo before when you got up a swell little fine and in these the others and and learn out of high the battle because you don't you lose so you be cassiteron bucks or whatever it's not like your ending up of being taken by the federal government or even the state of men for criminal charge regenten years in jail say the hasseites a fine is the challenge to how to go from the process of challenge and we can cover those processes in fact we do when we help people that are going to court callsthose particular high and in miss the mere successful not all of them but not so as successful and then redentore not successful do you graft to the judge by lading his old the office for treason ohonta your religataque involved because the consecuto has the prosecuted like teikimoeatipanie tholosinto to whatever reason she didn't want to because she now she's got him as a populationistischen him and antecessores pretty gerandais he he in the executive branch and you don't have the legislation ocasion you just make up the laws and go along selectionreasons said are these these prints hopelessness and office owashing ton is a pocket an he was so several the front i tigered the one into me where he had several defenselessness against him and she didn't astuteshe did she really did have a chase she had to prosecute whether it be sold and etheractually ended up in jail was not the purpose the pampas was that he was prosecuted for his violations i would otenasek somebody for breaking the law then you say i asked i guess that you know you can break that on that much and not a big deal see a louse pear at the said i have really men pick up your claws i didn't really me you got to do your home or i didn't really mean he can't hit your brother sister you know now the th we have to mean they'll sort of things and stop bad behave your i'm sorry but this this this is come this is coming to and out and the prosecutors are or some so that want and this i not i met a guy this week and i actually do see now i want me at first these to the first vice chariestera got a call it out o the say something about her both in our process of this nonsense what the computer and hesitate for the morning will see what happened i have somebody else is going to come on at ten this morning of cottonois doing a marvellous job of pushing the the line as far as election integrity and the state misetate takes some time to bring him on so thought maybe we could do that to day and so he had the sweet hand i won first vice cherotati michigan and the which is part is this the pileator the constitution party however we can't change our name to the constitution party because jolynson is a tyrannical a dictator who will not work with us we would have to start a whole brand new party rather than just change our name because we are in fact the whole recognises change came the name to the from the separateto the constitution party and they are not allowing the state of michigan because of joceline secretary state colatto elections spectacularly to or was involved in it to change the name of the sexes party the constitution prsagent man named paul from missouri and like to get on here he is in one of the most amazing speakers i've heard in a long time and he actually has a library of documents set and ready to go in order to enforce compliance to the constitution and i think it's i think it's amazing but anyhow yearinclination i love the sky and jerrine's one of the most impressive individuals i've met in a long time he's business he is so how do i say it he is he's almost presidential in the way that he presents himself incredibly knowledgeable on the constitution he was our attorney general candidate for the texford i think he's wonderful and then bill more is the william morris the second vice chair of the party so it was it was the interesting time and there were new people that step up stepped sakethat of people that were not there that had been their previously so i believe that the party is actually very very strong right now with constitutionalists who are who are committed to enforce and holding people account of all two there also office and to the constitution i was very excited about i wished there thinehold have been there with great don't he demeanor ordinacions enery to his alcoholic we'll have to get into that another day because we got ten minutes laughed and i think i think if this is a this is a is is a huge deal but we we are going to go forward and this is not politics as usual and i would like to invite every single person out there take a look at the u s textspresso join us to join us and to a to have your voice heard because we were all equal and there is no politics being played there in the sexes party right now that the party was honestly i can tell you this right now the party was cleaned out just like the republican party stood the globules and thesprtis was rest in the last in the last election and it it is so the people there are in the welcome here in the texas party too incredibly incredibly knowledgeable people not on politics but on the constitution that is the focus is the constitution the declaration of encountering documents and going back to restoring this nation from the defect government we have two what was intended by founding fathers and is an error that it was the mininthe error that's been interjected into it so i think it's amazing and i surely would like alchemy phone over all there for everybody always do six on six or three zero for for one give me a call wettings good things are happening right now and i think that the national constitution party which is the knowbecause i did sononches out to us cherice to us i antell you what this is he this is an impressive individual and we really have a lot a lot in this nation going forward and i think what we're all going to be say is saying and this is the something paul said i dare to be american dare to be american forget these nonsense parties and just dare to be american go back to the constitution and stop playing politics with that were were losing our nation because of a lack of passion for this nation to get involved and to stay out of this nonsense of dospotic nonsense of going after people sticking to the sticks in the coocoohee none since rallies which do nothing and let's let's let's take this nation back as americans nothing there can eastermay yes she ranonneroit on that's going to help to the how out of the republicans and if your democrats on you so for you athaenaion to the publican party and trying the entrepot ye i asteatosis to be shanorison that your light and is dimpled up there is connoissances of legationthe to him there's a poisoner's no dissension there's no argument in the steps it is conducted in a very professional way with the focus on setting the nation back to the way it should be run and so when when you go to the meeting of the meeting this week end was as absolutely was absolutely orderly it was orderly it was operative people would people were like you know you know this person is nominated this person is nominated one person that was nominated would acknowledge that the other person was better so for the job and would say say their better suited for the job and it was not about eagles nobody i know what he was amazing about the text there is a party that i love nobody was a position or the job everybody just wants to work and so what the point or the point is on that is that is that people are willing to take the jobs but it's they're not they're not ego driven to have the title in osee the difference is like it's like they're not ego driven to have the title they want the nation put back together in like well i it you know if you want to do it that's okay i'll help you if you want to do this that's okay i'll help you but nobody goes running up there you know with the charge and the banner or n and anything it's it's more of it's more of a cooperative effort rather than a competitive effort and and i got to say i'm really really proud to be associated with something that doesn't look like a circus which has been the history you know i wish i listened to what happened on the republican confecit was it was a one of one of my dearest friends was general she laughed half way through it she said i was so ashamed to be there and and i'm to tell i'm proud of what christine is doing i consider her friend there is so much competition in that party every single person that has taken taken part in either in either you know say that conducting business away that it's been done should be ashamed of themselves because this this should be a cooperative things as americans not this not this competition and a colt like sunthe their eagles stroked it is shameful but it you don't you don't see that in the taxesand when you see how people such as jerry then sick anisonema who's dad started pretty well started the party and mischanters gentlemen these gentlemen were there from the beginning the there statesmen they can they conduct the people there can tuckness estatesmen opolisand in proud of them i very very proud of them and you know and what we're going to be able to do going forward so so you don't what john i expect you with the next meeting aristaeneta an now osteocommata but we everything flying by my computer yet what nor essisting forward because i expect you to nestoient be cleared but i will be critical to houselet's good i mean that that important i mean it is important not to be critical of the people who are trying to do the best would be critical to to a critical thinking is part of the process and you know what if the garry said i should read some of these things on the chatheriatha very said teeters a wealth again formation and and love is tridentatis party had countyhis talking to hospitals for old eight six or eight five or eight for a second seven on constitutional going after ptoliethron away at us in health characterchanged the sex of your child give a portion take your guns what the hell i think so the congratulations shotoko just so everybody don't know this is miss really this is really a critical time and i think there needs to be decisions made henoticon i got to get the connection to scout on me just minute we we need to have the ability to this is interesting to run for the hing out of second of had promised my next gas so if you want to talk here john well i'm trying to rectify this please let me ease say the the the faces of our country of the mesentery in that we need to know is tetanisation yeh and secondcoming we need to know this norton for this shall be come cause nor wishes shall be county was so that the republic is all about nomenclature of the is what it means and i was out the factor what the means people are using those storms incorrectly he got a car and they stand using terms and correctly and the core really realizes that they don't know what they're talking about well and and i wentlike state moorson because that that convention estates none sunkets coming up again and i'm going to tell herodotas is poison to me dedatatenones states is absolutely poison you know why i went to presentation and this in onustos this one more on shows up at this presentation and she is all kinds of theatric in she jumps up and lands on her knees which she's making a point on the constitution and it was all a bunch of nonsense the attics and i sat there watching why is the initerate brain washing deep state federal deep state federalising forward and tried to shove the shove their knives and stone our throats that is poison if we touch that if we don't need to add to the constitution back to the one we can't even we can't even enforce the laws we have on the books we can't even follow the constitution that we had in the beginning so li are they trained to destroy it in order to destroy the only thing that stands in the way of this this this lawful government soon take over constitute the constant convention of states is the constitution of conventional states i misspoke there is if absolutely poison i greet you and onopordon and i'm not bad to go on ontothis waterretention many many years and there convention of states originally was to dolinsburg and to deter ones there and look at the secret cow looking the telepathic carpenter it was number one we went back to gold and silver automatically that would change and if in the second one would be if we wore them out of the oenanthes an office so many hearers knowing that a thereanentis is grand bound to drain and yet the river died in officerhis pelusiac in and on the sinological with head to a degree conisante oh sanfrancisco and we others we water we want somebody else yet the only reas why they want to to constitutions and destroyed this nation and it need so and so i can encoistre big themes down no go back to the back to the constitution and to nolooking at them what you did there are often the news again it's like these is yogathe one of these splintered groups that wants to splendors and to chant instead of going back to what works were just going to go ahead and reckon it recked and another way it's death by a thousand cots so anybody out there some brings up conventionalisation something altiscope to galesoong of the constitution has scrutinised the moment cantosentitled clay cones on operations based on the to us that festing to men then to come after the people and say i now have the indoor father hasten your income said you are ah you do sir opaline toiveenne or or intelligence in a regal you make is shining comte you and poshega which is this it is not this rochamana is unshaven chin income tax personal and come texas on constitutional to mad we don't have down to brand and burghers for govenor because i was going to pause all taxes and do it on top to bottom and give him a little bit of a vacation so they could think about the crimes that they committed what we searched shipping their sorry sing off to get all you know so somewherejust cike fighting it's going to have to believe that god is going to change this surround in one way or another we iskeep martin so john i've got so on me that i want to bring on here for the second hour of the morning you go leaving on but i wanted to tholosanae of tigouville less less bring scates for he got out a minute we'll say high and then i will as will just go ahead and keep talking kauaitshe were going to go here where you scootering dohore yourteeth the agoto be the soulsomething out a man i'm going to i'm going to go and i'm going to leave the studio and i'm in to come back on and see if i can get this puff you work and a in the ante now at last got an see what's see what's happening here hopefully scott can come back on again and we'll see if this is working otherways i'm on haverstock my computer real quick so he's try that again so might have to bring scot on through the phone here minute john now i do homehomehome the day and i'll catch a next week peseta's let's try that okay and i'm inintelignte computer right now and see if i can see her erkos what's going on you know they we know that they're screwing with our self all the time well we'll see if we can soon get the soonall right soon to bring scot on by phone he remanit oh ah how you doin i'm locationbeing wild the link is working your on actually so i think that they heveriche right now and there's something going on because i had the same problem with john this morning and so i i guess i'm trying to think how the best way to do this is ohoientos come out now holier go let's see and i don't know we'll have to see if you're if you're audias going to work here because for some reason i couldn't get your audle's see can you hear me i do computer yes but we had to be this connection i can let's see if i can get scat on here a minute i can't hear you scott can you hear me i cave if everybody can just cause for one minute otrie i'm going to try to revolt here a minute i'll be right back secutive me minute okay donald i can cariocathe i'm okay just a minute lay your semiter long i say like try again okay let's see for back again let's see can everybody do a little it is sincethere where in a see if this is this is actually working nominacon and here met a scot had you doin i'm good can you hear me songet this is so crazy so i got hodessone to do it waywith just over the phone here right now and then i'll bring it back on i'll bring it back on when we have something something is not working right this isn't the first time that this has ever haptometha all of a sudden things just turn out working and i don't know why but it's on my hand so i pologized to every one okay i and you yes i can hear i can hear you i i'm going to i'm going to see if i can if i can bring you on i don't of thistle work but if i could bring you on at least i can see your face and contakion your phone care you getting any a foe backer as tokay on the blowing now that this is so weird okay let's oh let me take you off here now you do so yourself celia so if i have my microphone muted nobody else can hear me either i this is really odd i want i'm wondering emits on my hand that tightened difficulties are on my can i ask your question could you could you come on to morrow of and then i can will because i ionthe bottle yeah let's let's try to morrow because i think this is way to important and i really i really want you i really want to get you on the show here cause i know that i know that i'm assuming that everybody out here could hear you even if your video is no let me do so chakracharas can you hear the sound is low but i can hear you okay eh all right so so let's let's go ahead do that we're going to do this we'll do this to morrow and see what if i can figure out what's wrong here with my sound okookono right thanks god and i must say that there's no key everybody what's see if i can i'm still here so i guess i guess what i'm going to do i think you guys can hear me all kaloo the chat here just for a socket because in the promised morning was i don't goodriche messificre this down i don't think that you gas could hear ah all douce love you could hear both of us okay well i could hear you and scott this is really whereso isler's attacking difficulty going on here somewhere we're going to have to fear this up and i'm going to bring scot back on sorrow in the meantime i think we're going to do is go that i'm going to go ahead and say prayer and let everybody help there i know you know you're you're tremendously and there's a lot going on behind the scenes there so much going on right now it's it's amazing some things the i think that we all don't know but it's important to continue it to ask our questions and have her questions answer so just so knows totally love all to your thank you so much for all your doing cause i'm pretty ensured that anybody that's listening to this broadcast is fully engaged with the american process in the process of taken to nation back and i just want to say thank you you know all you you make my day every single day let's go ahead save for an and this and that i'm an try to do this and see what's going on here and i'll get out get texturethose better than me no figured out the issues in the line here in order to deuometh deeper darker secrets of the internet and or how things get connected so the dear haven't we father thank you so very much for the stay thank you for for every single person out there who has stepped up and cares about taking this nation back and wants to leave a legacy for future generations we know that you you had the example with abraham where he planted a hamstriante shade was not for him nor children maybe not even scranchers it was so slow growing for future generations and that's exactly what we want to do were not in for the money where inserere love of your service to you and your creation in your good purposes were so thankful for all the good things that you've given us were thankful that we do not have to participate in the fear in the anxiety and all those negative things that were being bombarded with every single day we don't have to participate with that and were thankful for that we can always turn to you and you're always therefore good and faithful father in orbest friend we we want to walk with you on this earth please guide and direct our steps are words are deeds are actions are a relationships with other people we ask you would restore relationships and that you would continue to make our families strong that you would cut out any any activity with an withoot people that we know and that you would send your angels to protect us and your spirit to and well within us as we walk forward we love you so very much all the things that you've done are so good and we want the nation back as one nation under you into visible with harmony with liberty with service for each other with with no gain for ourselves because we have everything you given us everything we need and we don't need to be afraid because you provide an every anal situation a word just so thankful for that please let her i know how much i love and that that you're right there with them and help them to help them to get their focus off of this world to keep it on you through your word through the study of the bible through talking you through prayer all those methods that would glorify and honor you and give you richlander we love you so much in jesus name we pray a love you also very much he's that here's that time dining please go into brandegore do i have not conceding the election and yeishosai cerotes expers party that was cancaille to invite any and all of you to please to please to please check that out it's a wonderful group of a paternoster standing together no division or there's no division in its its incredibly it's incredibly orderresult feels like an organization of statesmen not a bunch of quibbling will kids who are just marry randall the time i'm so done with that i'm so sick of that that mentality that unprofessional nonsense is absolutely sickening so we're going to work in a stand on others americanisers love respect to her for stepping up and trying to fix his very broken system she's got out she's got a long sloghorne antoopolis ical parties at all any more not at all because they are too corrupted and they're too corruptible and i don't i don't believe that they are something that can be fixed and you know what president washington and george ashores about them and right now all the more are just the most other if they're takin money if they're taken money from thegaronhies to corporations and all about the money pretty erasure that's exactly what he was warning his about so anyhow just let you know your loved there's a lot of good people working behind the scenes to tostand up for you and your family to defend you because macannister we a nation of the laws and a nation where we stand as americans back in each other not not doing hippiastro wires topolica posturing that's not with this is all about it as about freedomgave by god guaranteedthe god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the miracallis to morrow with redeeming grace churchanother that and i apologize for the apologizehis we had to day i'll try to get that figuretom last so anyhow have a great day love