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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/4/2024 Election Infrastructure Crisis & What's behind the news?

Published April 4, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Jeff Buongiorno and a team of cyber experts have been investigating the crisis in our election infrastructure! Recently the information went viral and we will discuss current acceleration in information uncovering the fraud and theft in failed processes in our elections. Jeff Buongiorno is a cyber and data consultant who has worked in the IT field for over 30 years. Jeff built a successful Cyber company that works with US Manufactures in implementing business process and computer systems to accommodate the processes. Jeff accumulated over 100 IT certifications throughout his career and considers himself to be a jack of trade and Master of none. He is currently running for US Congress FL District 21 for a second time. Jeff has been an election reform activist since Nov 4th, 2020. Today we'll discuss a National Crisis caused by vulnerabilities in our election infrastructure. We will try to connect the dots between a vulnerable election infrastructure and the anomalies found in the data, some reaching the odds as farfetched as one in 15 trillion. 10am Detailed information and analysis about the things in the news, background stories with Ralph the IT Guy and Karen the Riveter! Tech Time with Ralph the IT guy discussing how to protect your data in the unstable world of technology and News and encouragement with Karen the Riveter!! X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. It's the fourth day of April 2024 and welcome to our show today. I have a gal that comes on the show or that she's in the chat quite often and she sent me a Bible verse this morning and I thought it was wonderful because I'm hearing a lot of people out there that are having a great deal of consternation, a little stress about what's going on right now. And I don't know about you, but There's a lot of crazy stuff going on, but the real meat of what's going on out there, it seems like the silence is a little deafening. So in those times when we're facing problems, The best thing to do is go back to God and look at what he has to say just to give us an encouragement. So today, this is from Psalm 94, 19 through 23. And Debbie sent this to me this morning. When the carers of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute? They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death. But the Lord has become my stronghold, my God. my stronghold and let's hang on a second. My God, the rock of my refuge. He will bring back on them their iniquity and wipe them out for their wickedness. The Lord our God will wipe them out. And that's Psalm 94, 19 through 23. So there's encouragement for today. I'm going to go ahead and put that on my Telegram channel after I'm offline. But just remember, whatever we're seeing that's happening out there, there's things that we can count on. The fact that God never changes and he's always good all the time. So we can go forward without any fear and just say, you know what? Papa's going to do something with us and we don't have to be afraid. We don't have to think that we're carrying the world on our shoulders because we're not, this is his game. You know, this is his, his earth. I guess our game is bad work. This is his world and he's got things under control. So just go forward today and feel okay with it. My first guest is Jeff on journal. I should have like, like theme music for Jeff, the beast man. And, uh, I wanted to bring you on today. I talked to you a little bit about it before we got on today because I am fundamentally offended when people take, I appreciate when they pass works on of other people. But I'm extraordinarily offended when they do not cite the person where the work came from. Chris Kyle is a perfect example of that in Michigan and watching like Phil O'Halloran and Lori Skibo jump on it and Gateway Pundit and such. And it took them a little while to catch up. and get their brains going in the right direction, right? But they took credit in order to steal the headline from the person that actually did the work. And why this bothers me so much, and I'm just saying this, Jeff has no idea what I'm gonna say right now. I'm sure he's like going, oh gosh. Why this bothers me so much is because people that do the actual work are capable of doing that kind of work. They are capable and they did it without anybody else's prodding per se. And if they do it one time in one direction, they're capable of doing it in another direction. And so instead of looking at the people who are spinning or taking their information, we need to go to the source and give them the credit that is due to them so that we get the eyes not on, say, Gateway Pundit or on all these other things, but go to the source, the person who did the work, because guaranteed they're going to repeat it again. And they're going to do it selflessly just because they want their work out there. And one of the most selfless things that I heard you say yesterday in a text between a couple of us Because you texted me and said, oh, this is so exciting. This information is getting out there. He never drew the attention to himself. And I'm sorry, people, but Jeff was the one that was doing the work behind the scenes with a handful of other people out there. And no matter where you see this, Jeff needs the credit as well as the people that stood with him. for doing this actual work, not the people spinning it. And shame on any of you for not going back there and giving him a voice to get out there. He's got the guts to run for office, and people are not giving him the credit due. He's going to get in office, and he's going to tear the doors right down, right off the hinges, and go after the criminals in office. Because number one, he's smart enough to do it. Number two, he's got a proven track record. of not having to take somebody else's information, but getting behind the scenes and know what's going on. So with that said, welcome this morning, Jeff, the one behind the infrastructure crisis, the CISA information and that sort of thing, working with some really amazing people. And I have another one of your friends on next week, Wednesday, Todd Buffington again. And I got to tell you, I'm just really, really honored and grateful to know you. Thank you. Thanks for having me on. Thanks. Thanks for the encouragement. Thank you for everything that you do. This this all goes back. This investigation started back in at the Mike Lindell, a cyber symposium in Sioux Falls. And I've been focused on, you know, as we titled our chat group is election infrastructure. And, you know, this this whole data drop which it appears to be on um on and and the have voter registrations I this was brought to my attention by um marley hornick initially and marley hornick is with uh american sovereign group and and she's doing some great work and you know she's she's the one that initially brought this to my attention and um you know I kind of uh um I didn't let it go. I've been following it, and I've kind of connected the dots between, well, what is a four-digit voter registration? What we're looking at is a slow boil of laws in that started back in 2002 with, uh, the help America verify, uh, I'm sorry, the hub America vote act. And that was, um, you know, that was recomposed over the years and it got, you know, less secure. It made our elections less secure and it really brought them, you know, to where they were federalized to a degree. And, you know, we never want our elections federalized, right? Each state is sovereign. But what the trend that I'm seeing, number one is that you have these data dumps. They look like data dumps in Texas, 229,000. I had the numbers up Arizona. They're just astonishing and they don't make sense at all. They don't line up with other states. And if you want to, well, so getting back to the initial, you know, taking credit and how this got out there, You know, number one, Marley brought the information to me, and I just, you know, I didn't let it go. I was like a pit bull with a bone trying to get this out there. And, you know, I do have further information that connects the dots that I'm working on, you know, disseminating that to the people. But if you want to show my screen that I shared, you know, this is up to this tweet that really drew attention to it is up to 6200. almost 63 million views. And it was by an account named End Wokeness. And so they tweeted this out. And I'm not sure if the screen is up. There you go. You can see the number of views here. That's quite substantial. And you have Elon Musk who commented on it. And Now that it's out there and now that every conservative news media group has reported on it and I'm involved in some of these monthly Zoom meetings and I've been calling this out in these Zoom meetings amongst the groups and they really got a lot of traction and now the title of the next Zoom meeting is exactly this. Having said that, I can't take all the credit. I mean, I did follow through with this vehemently. And there are some folks out in the Twitter sphere who reposted and reposted and reposted, which finally got it to, you know, some of these big name accounts like NWokeness and DC Drainer. So, you know, I'm grateful for all the folks involved in in helping me get my posts and this information out. And I also did Real America's Voice. I want to thank Jeff Cruer. He had me on in August. The interview got Trump-gated. I should say Trump-gated because this was the day that Trump was in at the Iowa – In Iowa, there was the Iowa State Fair, and they cut into the interview in the middle of my explanation. So, you know, Jeff Creweir in Real America's Voice, you know, had this out there. I did John Frederick's radio with Matt Rinaldi, the Texas GOP, and, you know, he just didn't want to hear it. He said this is, you know, total nonsense, and I just found out now that he's not running reelection which I think is a good thing for texas because you know where there's smoke there's fire we still haven't gotten to the bottom of this but I do have more information for everyone and um so you know that's as far as that goes you know taking credit it's not about me it's about getting you know the bringing the power back to the people and you know just uh there's a there's a lot on the cyber side now that is deeper and more difficult for people to grasp, that that's next on the agenda to get out to the folks. Well, and I appreciated talking to you yesterday because I met with a township clerk that is kind of in that, we did everything right. There was no cheating here. And I really believe that she really believes that. And I showed her the map that Seth Keschel put out because I bought the counties of Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon. And there's so many people that have this, oh, it was fine and this is the way it went. And the only way to combat this is to put real information out there like you're putting out there that is tangible and irrefutable. And I just want to thank you and everybody else for all the wonderful work that you've done. I'm just amazed and honored to stand with you. Well, thank you for that. I lost your camera. Oh, there you go. Yeah, I was just, you know, I got crazy eyes. I got like four monitors going, so I don't want to look like I'm Hunter Biden. Me too, and after all, you're like. I don't want to look like I'm Hunter Biden on a binge. So I want to share another screen. So there's a couple of more points that I want to get through. Okay, I'll take that one down. I'll take this one down for you. We have to remove that and then go back and put the other one on. We're getting this. This is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table. All right. So it's down or it's still up? It's down. Okay. Terrific. So let me make basically the next couple of things pertaining to the situation I want to get through are. I want to present right now as a statement by the, uh, Jane Nelson. She's the secretary of state in Texas. So she came out and put a press release out yesterday afternoon, DC Drano. He, uh, he put it out in a tweet. So let's, let's just take that and I'll add it to the share it in one minute. It is coming three, two, one. You should have it. Bam. Okay, so if we take a look at her statement, right? And this is something Lara Logan's been talking about, how you have to really dissect the words of politicians and what they mean. And what she's, is my screen still up? Or did I move it? Okay. Well, it kind of went down, but yeah, you're on. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I'm sharing the entire screen at the window. So I want to drill down on this statement on this tweet and let's see. So it's larger for the audience. I love having tech guys on because when things go like this, you know, you can actually have somebody that understands how to run the technology, you know, and it makes my job real easy because I don't have to find workarounds. Yeah, so she came out with a statement, Jane Nelson, Secretary of State in Florida. I mean, sorry, in Texas. And so there have been recent and inaccurate reports about the voter registration process and ID requirements in Texas. Please see the statement from Secretary of State Jane Nelson below. It is totally inaccurate that 1.2 million voters have registered to vote in Texas without a photo ID this year. The truth is our voter rolls have increased by 57,000 since 2024. This is less than the number of people registered in the same time frame, so she's given us these statistics. But here's the crux of it, okay? She says, when Texans register to vote, they must provide a driver's license or a social security number. Okay? She says, when individuals register to vote with just a social security number, the state verifies that the social security number is authentic. Which is Which is not. It's crap. You can't do it that way. Well, she uses the word Texans when she talks about driver's license. And then she uses the word individuals, which suggests that they're not Texans. So, you know, why the change in semantics? And then we know that this is a lie. Absolutely. Well, because it goes on while she goes on. While federal law allows individuals to register to vote without a photo ID, Texans must actually show proof of ID to vote. So how I'm reading this is she's talking about voter registration with a comma. And then she says Texans must actually show proof of ID to vote. So she's saying, again, Texans. She's not saying individuals. And here's the thing. Number one, she talks about these Social Security numbers are verified. They're verified by the same federal government who's been weaponized against the people at all levels. So that's the first call out. The second call out is she keeps flip-flopping from Texans to individuals and photo ID and Social Security numbers, which is exactly what I've been calling out on this, which is, Basically, we've created two classes of citizens, those who vote by mail, who only have to show – who only have to provide a four-digit social security number to obtain the ballot and to cast the ballot. And this is basically – my pinned tweet – Has Texas, Ohio, and Florida, in my opinion, the three most important states, you win those three. Until mail-in ballots, you won those three states, you won the country. That's a great bellwether for the entire country. But now we know that they're into the politics. the densely populated urban areas, and they're pulling their fast ones on us. And this is basically, in my opinion, this is the most important thing that they need to – execute in order to to pull off a steal and that's the use of the four-digit social security number secretary nelson is saying that you need photo id if you're a texan to vote but that's only true if you vote in person and there's even holes in that but I want to stay pointed the fact of the matter remains that you can request a vote-by-mail ballot by only producing four digits of a Social Security number, and you could cast that ballot. And so she's lying. This press release is a flat-out lie. She's deceiving the people. Tremendously misleading. Yep. And you have the same thing. There was tweets. I don't have them readily available by Stephen Reicher from Maricopa County. You know, he's saying that it's patently false. So my thing is, and maybe these registrations, which this is the disagreement that Matt Rinaldi and I had, I said, this has to be looked into. He said, well, and the funny thing is he's using the same statistics that Jane Nelson is using. We've increased strictly 7,000. You know, it's the same talking points and it's the same talking points that, you know, when I went to Tallahassee and I questioned the state legislators on why these election laws in Florida have been weakened, well, we want to make voting easier and, you know, cheating harder. It's, But it doesn't work that way. But my point is they all have the same talking point to say it's you know, it's a term leadership capture. They're all coach say the same things when they're challenged on this. The local clerks, you know, the person that you saw yesterday, everything's perfect. That could never happen. I've approached some council members and there's like, well, you know, the government takes care of that. So I'm not going to question it. this is yesterday it was yeah we did a re-hand count and it matched the tapes and blah blah blah and I'm like I don't think you understand the failure points along the entire system and we need to be open to the fact that and I think this is true with all of us that we all of us need to be open to the fact that things aren't the way it always appears and that we don't have all all supreme knowledge of stuff so we have to continue to ask questions and dig down into areas that we may not be familiar with. Well, you know, and this is where... And, you know, this really eats at me, and it's... Like everyone else, we're very concerned with what's going on. But I've seen things that I can't unsee on the technical side, and I'm pretty good at connecting the dots. And the recent law changes that have been dropped by... in lockstep by multiple states. Number one, social security numbers in general were never meant to be ID. I mean, it was plastered on our social security cards. And this is the scheme that they've come up with. Where are these numbers coming from, right? Someone is putting through these numbers, whether you believe Jane Nelson or you believe Stephen Rescher or you believe Garrett Archer, who's always defending Maricopa County. He's called a data guru or something, a data guru on Twitter. And they're all, you know, they're defending this. Well, they're not registrations, but there's so much volume. And where are these numbers being pushed in from? And I believe it's being pushed. They're being pushed electronically. And there's a connection between the CBP one app. And this data transmission. And now we're looking at a, you know, this is cyber warfare. This is a war on elections because we can further connect the dots to CISA, right? CISA is basically this, you know, the censorship nerve center that was censoring anything that was any kind of comments that were derogatory towards the 2020 election. They had Chris Krebs, the director who came out and said it's the most secure election ever, the 2020 election. We know this is nonsense. We know that CISA is a censorship nerve center of the country. They're working with different agencies. Mike Benz did a great hit on this. Tucker Carlson, episode 75. Everyone should watch Tucker Carlson, episode 75. And it explains how CISA and these NGOs are all working together. So what's going on now from putting the tea leaves together taking this information and looking at a recent executive order signed by Joe Biden stating that CISA must grant unique privileges to its contractors. And this pertains to critical infrastructure. Our elections are considered critical infrastructure. But it also, we have to take a look back at the .gov Act. And the .gov Act of 2019 It gave system authority to become what's called a top-level domain, TLD. In tech, we love our acronyms. TLD, top-level domain registrar. So they're on par with GoDaddy and Network Solutions, which the government should not be in business. They basically are a competitor now. to godaddy and network solutions and you know some of these other ones cloudflare so let's introduce cloudflare so now what Now what CISA did is they're going to all of the local voting jurisdictions, and they're saying you have to have a top-level domain of .gov. You have .com, you have .gov, you have .org, .edu, et cetera. So anything under .gov now, CISA is the top-level domain registrar. Very important. They're also forcing the use of Cloudflare. And I recently became pretty proficient with Cloudflare. It's a newer technology. And what they've implemented is something called zero trust network architecture. And I don't want to get too technical, but basically, if you're a cloud, if you're... DNS. So DNS is very important. This is where the entries are that map the URLs to the IP address that we can resolve. Website. There's also something called the MX record for email. And there's some security settings for email that basically decides whether email is spam or junk or to be blacklisted. So CISA now as top level domain registrar, they're using their every single .gov domain. domain is on a Cloudflare DNS server, which means that you're basically joined to the zero trust network architecture, which is one big global network. Now, it makes it very simple, and I use this professionally, where you just send an email out to a domain, that person accepts it, and they become part of this global network with a little tool. We used to call it a VPN, right? a virtual private network, you had to click on it, go to your work, people still use it, it's very popular, but this is a, I mean, it's a great technology, but it's easy to leverage. So you open up what's called a warp client. You get your email sent to your domain, you accept it because it trusts you because your domain matches the top level domain. Now you fire up your work, your warp, it's called the warp client, And you're part of this global network. So now CISA has control of this and they grant unique access to their contractors. This is clearly stated. I think it's executive order 14029. So now we have what now you take a look at that. You take a look at what happened with with the SolarWinds Orion breach. And every voting jurisdiction had this management software running, which basically, now we don't need to have a big, huge breach like that because we just handed our sovereignty, our keys to the castle, our security to CISA and any top-level domain that has .gov as their extension for their environment, for their infrastructure. So this is very concerning. These registrations, they're not... Basically, we're exchanging data. We're exchanging identities. They're flying back and forth between the, between the states. We don't know where they're going to land. We don't know if they're going to push them directly to a poll book. We don't know if they stole those 70 identities from AT&T because they needed more, right? You heard about the breach from AT&T. Expand on that one. They said $7.6 million. Now it's up to $70 million. $70 million now? Yeah, where it potentially impacted. So this basic global network that they've constructed through executive orders and passing seemingly innocuous laws like the .gov Act of 2019, and then there was one in 2020. But basically, you now have CISA who's under – Who's the director of CISA? Who does CISA report up to? DHS, the people, Mayorkas, the people that are executing this border invasion now have this umbrella under them. This is the hitmen on the side of the cyber warfare. And these registrations, I don't care what Jane Nelson says. I don't care what Garrett Archer says. I don't care what Stephen Reicher says. The potential for fraud is amazingly high. And there's... We cannot give blind trust and faith to these organizations. We've seen it already. They stole 2020. I don't care what anyone says. They stole 2020. But now the nexus between CISA, between the – executive order between dot gov between cloudflare between warp client between all these registrations that are being you know that the states are basically saying okay we'll give you a social security number mr federal government and you and you okay it I'm not okay with that and no one should be it is unbelievable how connected all of these that this is really a an incredible master plan of taking down the United States and our elections through so many different coordinated organizations. Have you ever done like a relationship mapping on this so that people could see the graphic on it? Have I done? I have not. I have not. I'm still, you know. Oops, sorry about that. Yeah, you know, that would be great. I can help you with that, actually. Actually, I can help you with that because it's something I'm working on is doing a relational mapping. Well, yeah, you know, I'm down and dirty, and I'm looking at the tech side. I'm looking at that. You know, basically there's no one fighting. There's a guy from CISA, you know, between Chris Krebs and a guy named Paul Rosenzweig, and, you know, you have all these top-level people that are basically, you know, orchestrating this there's no one there's no one countering on the cyber front there's very few people countering mark elias too and you know my theory on this whole thing of four digits social security as being id to me it's a violation of the 14th amendment equal protectionism clause and that needs to be tried in court you can vote you can request a ballot you can vote with the social security number only the last four digits number one never should have been accepted as identity. Number two, if I'm a person, if I'm an in-person or early voter, I go to vote, I have to show photo ID. So there you have two separate processes that are separate but unequal. I want to just bring up one more point, and hopefully I can find the screen. I'm going to stop my camera so I don't have the crazy eyes going back and forth. And let me try to find this tweet that I put out yesterday. that is very consequential. So, okay, so here's one thing, two things now, I'm still sharing, correct? Okay. Yeah, I just put it up. Crazy eyes are done, I'm back on the camera. So the most recent data dump on, so basically they're a few weeks behind. I think it was yesterday, it was April 3rd. They just released March 23rd. They left off Texas. You know, all of a sudden, you know, you have this tweet going viral, 62 million views. The Social Security Administration website that puts out the data that we're supposed to trust omits Texas. Is that coincidence that someone did, you know, just have a, I mean, so is this intentional? I mean, I think so. Why? How convenient is that? Okay. So now I went further and I looked back in the way back machine. And so let's, let me just see if I can pull it up quickly. And. Yeah, so this woman, Kim Wexler, I don't know her. I mean, I think that's an actress's name from one of those Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad. I'm not sure if that's her real name. But she's got a bigger following on Twitter. She retweeted a lot of my stuff and got this out there for the other guys to pick up. But here's the clincher. So these registrations... Or, you know, supposed to be, you know, manual in nature and used for, you know, the greater good. You know, everybody has to register to vote and we need them and, you know, we can't have, we can't block access. But here, let's just take a look at this. So when did COVID start? When was it? So look back in the way back when she not too long ago with our COVID pandemic. It was really bad right around March 11th, 2020. Remember? The first day they banned the flights. I never forget. I was in, I was in Hartsfield airport that day. I had to fly out that day. It was, it was like Star Wars bar watching everybody come in and out. But I know for, you know, so we all know it's, this is, this is history of our country that everything was shut down. Remember March, April, 2020, it was a terrible time. So wouldn't you think that, don't you think maybe that these transactions might slow down during covid the the county agencies are closed no one's right going for driver's license the week of so march 21st I took a look at texas 64 000. so where are they coming from if these agencies are closed how are there 64 000 and the next week I i don't have the slide made for but it goes back up to the hundred thousand So this is my point. It's cyber warfare. They're being pushed into the system somehow, some way. And Jane Nelson might say, oh, this is crazy. This guy's put a tin hat on him. Those registrations don't show up. They're going somewhere. It's intentional. This is by design. It's not just something that we can ignore. And it culminates, you connect the dots with CISA being a top level domain registrar with Cloudflare. All of their DNS is in Cloudflare. DNS servers, which now joins them to the zero trust network architecture of a global wide area network where basically by sending an email to a domain, maybe it's, now you spoof And MX record, not spoof it, you create another email server, which we saw it when we did our forensics and the LA Times wrote an article about this presentation that I did at CPAC that, you know, these guys are crazy and you should arrest them for having connections. But we found Exchange servers running in virtual machines. the host server so you have like a parent and a client parent and a child host and a client so these virtual machines are running on the on the parent server that they used in Mesa County and we see exchange email servers running and we all know that multi-factor authentication you want to get your email verified you get that email it comes from that you verify it so this whole can of worms has basically needs to be examined because the Cloudflare, the culmination of CISA becoming a competitor to GoDaddy and Network Solutions as a top-level domain registrar is a formula for failure for the entire system. Nobody's looking at it. No one's connecting the dots. Well, it's being rigged. I mean, completely rigged at such a base level that say, let's just talk about the clerks and everybody else. They would have no idea that this is running behind the whole thing. Because they're looking at their little piece of the pie. And as you said, they're not connecting it to the fact that there's this whole infrastructure running underneath it that's going to subvert it no matter what they do. Well, it's a coordinated slow boil. First of all, the social security number, it cannot be accepted as ID. And they're also playing games with the social security number and the connection between the job numbers reports. So they're looking at the numbers, the social security number. They've reduced us to four digits. or nine digits, the entire social security number. But basically, if I go out and my social security number, I get a new job. It's a side job. It's a night job. It's a part-time job. You know, that counts as a new job, right, in the job number report. So those numbers are totally skewed. I don't know how they're figuring out unemployment, right? I'm not digging into that right now. This is more important. We have to, you know, 2024 is do or freaking die. But I believe that every time a person gets a second job, That job is knocking someone off the ledger who's unemployed, and they're saying, oh, we've got 3.7% unemployment. I don't believe any of it. I don't believe GDP. Everything is revised. I don't believe the inflation rate. I don't believe any of it. It's crazy. The government is telling us we can be trusted. We see Is your next guest coming on? I think they're going to come on probably close to 10, but so you got time. Okay. So, you know, I mean, I'm the recap, the main takeaways here, or you have the secretary of state coming out and putting a patently false statement press release on our website. Okay. It's disproved already that, you know, it's not true. I don't know if she's lying, but I think it's intentional. You know, I looked her up, Jane Nelson, and she was 20 years in the Texas Senate. So she's a skilled politician. She used the commas in the sentence where, you know, you need photo ID to register to vote if you're a Texan. But if you're an individual and you need a Social Security number like this run on almost like a run on sentence, the semantics that she used is something that I learned from Lara Logan on, you know, how. how to really dissect their statements. And it's obvious that she's separating Texans and photo ID and individuals. Number one, just another red flag. Second red flag, why did HAV reporting exclude Texas on the March 23rd data dump that was available to the public On April 3rd, the night after the Elon Musk and Walt Disney's D.C. Drano, Donald Trump commented on all this, went viral. The next day, they withhold Texas. Number two. Number three. How was their $64,000? of these registrations, transactions, whatever you want to call them, the week of March 21st, 2020, in the height of the pandemic. How did this happen? I believe it's a data exchange. I believe the CBP One app is part of the equation. And this is all under the purview of a guy named Alexandra Mayorkas. who is the director of the DHS, who is under impeachment by the House of Representatives, and who the House of Representatives decided to fund, even though they were accusing the man of a crime. So it's a flat-out shit show. You can't even make this stuff up. You couldn't make it up if you tried. No, you couldn't. And are you finding a lot of people that are pretty well open to what you're having to say on this? Are the people in your area, your voters, too, for your run, are they listening to you? You know, we got to talk about that. The news is trying to silence you. Yeah, you know, I... I ran last cycle. Nothing's changed. So, you know, I call on every America First candidate. You have to join. If you're really legitimately America First and you're not a selected candidate and you're not a rhino, what chance do you have to win? So I'm not – you know, I fought the battle and I – Really, honestly, I never expected to be Brian Mest, and I went into that race very late because I knew that Palm Beach County was so corrupt. I can show you data on Palm Beach County. I can show you that there's a company called... What the heck is it? I forget the name of it right now. Cornerstone Solutions and Cornerstone Solutions is a vendor for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections. Her name is Wendy Satori Link. She was appointed by Governor DeSantis because we had a corrupt Democrat who DeSantis fired. Now he appoints this woman, Wendy Satori Link. Now she says she's going to serve one term and she's going to clean things up and get out of there. She doesn't want she doesn't want to stay there forever. What does she do after that term is up? She switches to Democrat and she runs for reelection. So now we've been stuck with her for like, I don't know, seven years or something. But but here's my point. she's a liar cornerstone solutions a palm beach county supervisor of elections vendor that she's paid thousands of dollars to as a consultant is also the campaign manager of the palm beach county sheriff and of the supervisor of elections and there if you look at this at the um at the filings for the um For donations, it's called FEC in the Fed. I forgot the name of the state. I was more concerned with Fed as a federal candidate. But the sheriff paid Cornerstone Solutions as a political advisor for mailings on December 15th and September 30th, right before the 2020 election, $200,000. So this is the same vendor who is a... for the supervisor of elections who has this, you know, unique access, the exact language that they use in the executive order. I think it's 14029 on CISA. So we have all this unique access going on. So, you know, I'm... I'm not going to run around and kiss babies when we have CISA stepping on the people, censoring the people, and creating a global network to basically pass along the data that they're showing these numbers, the data, the records, the transactions. We're seeing them on So for me to go around and kiss babies and run for Congress while this is an open issue, it just doesn't make sense. And any America First candidate should know that. I can't say that for Donald Trump because Donald Trump, you know, has the ability to swamp and to beat this whole thing. You know, he's, so I'm not calling that Donald Trump. Number one, a hundred percent. Well, you know, you have candidates like me. How can I go up against Brian? When he's on Fox news twice a week and, you know, and he talks about the same five talking points, you know, that's a great point because right now Fox news is no better than anybody else. Fake stream media. And I'm kind of, I think everybody should be aware of this and be done with this nonsense and stop listening to these news, these pay for play news stations that are out there and go to independent journalists because, and I mean, truly citizen journalists who are actually digging into things such as yourself, who was digging into this and then also ran, ran for, is running for Congress because all the fake stream news, get their talking points. They're nothing more than part of the machine. Well, you know, when I went to Congress, I had my own unique access to the supervisor of elections and they invite you in, come look at the ballot, blah, blah, blah. So, you know, I started asking questions to the IT guys. There's something called the IDRAC, I-D-R-A-C for Dell and I-L-O for HP servers. And this is basically a back end. Integrated lights on is ILO. So if the server is offline, it's plugged in, but the power isn't all the way up. It's plugged in. It means the ILO, internal lights on. And you can have it. So we use this for management tools. I do manage services for my clients. We do hosting. We do all kinds of stuff. And sometimes the power might go off, but it's still plugged in. And you can come in through a back door. Either if it's a Dell, it's called the iDRAC. And if it's HP, it's IL, or they both have them. And there's this... Your connection, right, your traffic is not in any logs. It's undetectable. And I asked them, so I have my unique access. I go in for the LNA test, which is total bulk wrap. And I started asking them about ILO. What do you guys got going back there, HPs, DALs? Oh, I forgot what it was. It was DAL or HP. Oh, so you got eye drag? Yeah, you guys can connect. And yeah, I'm like, well, you know, I started digging in on that. And, you know, we started to get the sweaty upper lip. And you could, you know, you could tell that you're hitting the nerve center. And, you know, through my... you know, access as a candidate, I was able, so this is part of the reason I switched kind of last minute and everyone's saying, oh, you know, you're carpet bagging to the next district north, which still is part of my county, but there was a woman, she's America's first woman And, you know, Melissa Marsh, she's like, oh, you know, you're a rhino. You're coming in to split the vote. I'm like, no, I really just want access to the three counties because that district covers Palm Beach County and Wanton County and St. Lucie County. So I wanted to get a feel for what's going on in those three counties and how they're handling elections and, you know, the tone of the people. And it's a. We have problems in Florida. I called out Wayne Allen Root. He said that Florida is the gold standard. By no means will it be the gold standard. Put it this way. If you're a local voting registrar, if you're a secretary of state, anything voter-related where there's data and where you have DNS entries for your firewall, your – your email is dot gov and you're you're on cloudflare if you're a public official out there if you if your domain ends in dot gov and you're on cloudflare and this is your registrar go check you have no security system and their contractors have unique access you have no security don't let them fool you well and here's another thing that I'm kind of wondering as you're saying this if they've got backdoor access to all of this, isn't this a kind of a security for all the people that are in the government to put them in a position to potentially be blackmailed by putting things on their servers or things that they didn't put out there? Is that potential? Do you see that as a potential problem? I mean, yeah. I mean, that's what I'm seeing. You can, you know, I don't think they, you know, I think that these... We're under leadership capture. I mean, and is it, you know, done electronically? Is it done, you know, the Black Eye Club? I don't know. You know, I want to stay to the points and the risks. I understand, but, I mean, that's an important point there, too, is that to raise the temperature here on the threat level that is there because this is far-reaching implications. So my point is, too, I saw the Supervisor of Elections handbook, and it recommends that you go to a top-level domain of .gov. And I went through all 67 voting jurisdictions. There are 67 counties in Florida. Each one has its own voting jurisdiction. Each one has its own infrastructure that has a server that serves that county. And 30 of the 67 were on .gov. The other 37 still were on .com. And if you look at the 30, these 30 voting jurisdictions equaled 15 million of the 27 million people in Florida. But The jurisdictions like Santa Rosa that were on .com, it was 80-20 Democrats to Republicans. So it's not a high-value target, right? .gov, they didn't push the issue. And I don't know if they're retaining their sovereignty, if they're voting, if the SOE is smart enough to say, no, I'm good with my own .com. I don't want to use Cloudflare. I want to stay off this global network. I think they are slowly acquiescing and turning things over because I've been staying on top of that. I've been checking and .gov, and some of them are running side by side, and that's not a good sign. But you could tell it was prioritized, you know, where Dade, Broward, In Palm Beach, that's where most of the heavily dense population is. They were on this, on DocGov first. And I also had the pleasure of paying my property taxes for Palm Beach County. due March 31st, and I want to pay the Palm Beach County, and you would think if they wanted to secure it, really tight security on, this is people's, their addresses, this is their parcel ID, this is their property, this is what they've worked all their life for, right? We hear about squatters, but we also have the electronic squatters too, right? Which is a problem that's been going on for a very long time, where they steal your title. But if this .gov, so here's my point, If .gov is so superior and so much secure, which, you know, my feelings on it, why is it that Palm Beach County property appraiser, where you pay your taxes, where you put your credit card, where your domicile is, where most people, it's the biggest investment that they have, is their house, is their property. Why isn't that behind property? a .gov top level domain. I asked that to Ann Gannon, our property tax collector. So it's making no sense why .gov is in voting in Palm Beach County and in Florida, but still our tax collectors and all of our vital information, probably social security numbers, credit card numbers, parcel numbers, addresses, you know, deeds, titles, whatever it may be, it's still .com. What's your thought on that? Why are they doing it that way? My thought on that... You're really only interested in sabotaging the elections? I'm focused on... Yes. I'm... I only have so much bandwidth and we have eight months until seven months until the next election. RNC has to step up. Someone has to step up. You know, I mean, if Elon Musk would just charge an extra $10 a month and put that towards a legal fund, I'm sure that, you know, all the 52 million people that viewed this tweet and who commented on it, this situation, we paid $10 a month for a couple of months to go after, you know, to invoke lawfare. What's Christina Bob doing right now at the RNC? She was, you know, brought on as an attorney. Listen, Conservatism is about self-reliance, right? So do we start to go, you know, and I've been saying this from day one, right? There's so much to go on now. We have this legal theory, and I'm not a constitutional attorney, but I do believe that you have two classes of citizens that are accomplishing the same goal. They want to vote, but we have two separate but unequal processes, and it really puts the sovereign citizens at risk. The Texans, as Jane Nelson, the Secretary of State, calls them, who use a photo ID and the quote-unquote individuals who don't. So we have that in potential lawfare, right? 14th Amendment, Section 1, equal protectionism. Then we have the Delaware case, okay? The Delaware judge ruled, very simple. You look at the state constitution, and I know that people say, well, the state legislators, they write laws. A state law cannot be repugnant to the state constitution. I don't care what anybody says. And in Florida, it clearly delineates that – Federal elections or just elections shall be held the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month, okay? Election day, not election month. So all of this nonsense with early voting and vote by mail 45 days in advance, we have a ruling in Joe Biden's home state saying that, no. When you mail an early vote in, when you mail a ballot out, you're basically – you're voting. The election started. It's not constitutional. You can't do that. So why isn't anyone using that as case law? And the third – and that's even before I get into the nitty-gritty about the obfuscation of the reporting in Florida and how there's – it's a law 98.09812A. And basically you're – Can you say that number again? I'll do a slide on this on Monday. I want to get this out there too. There's just so much to get out. This is at the local level. And this basically connects the dots where they, if there's, so it's, I'll give it to you again. I call it, it's very simple. Let's just call it the one to 29 law. Okay. We're going to give it a nickname. One to 29 law. It's 98.0981. Okay. And I just colloquialized it, call it 1 to 29. And what it says, when it comes time to reporting the election night results, that if there's a ballot group in any precinct in any race, if the number of a ballot group is between 1 and 29, you don't have to report the detail. We have to give you the aggregate for that precinct and that race, which means you have... You have these three groups or four groups. You have mail-in ballots, you have day-of ballots, and you have early voting. You used to have provisional, but they took that off. So now there's three ballot groups. If any one of those ballot groups in any precinct, so a small precinct, right, 1,000 voters, is between 1 and 29, they only have to give you the aggregate number. And it's a way to hide the... obscene number of vote-by-mail ballots that are coming in and how they're dominating, we know on a big level, it's, hey, it's easy to accept, well, there was 42%, you know, mail-in ballots, and there was only 28% day of and 13%, well, whatever. But when you look and you see it itemized by line in a precinct where you know the people, and you're going to say, there's no way that 800 people in my little precinct voted by mail because I saw 400 of them that day. So, Under the guise of, you know, what's it called, the legion, halogen logic where, you know, you debate back and forth and there's always a, you know, like you came for the good, like the Patriot Act, you know, you paid for, you came for security. What the position of these state lawmakers, and I've questioned many of them, they're saying, well, if you know the precinct, and you know the ballot group, and you know there's only 10 voters, you could look at the precinct, you could see how they voted, you could exclude the voters, and you could figure out how they vote. So they're trying to protect... The few, meanwhile, they're obfuscating the detail to the masses. We wrote a little program and we took the 2020 results and 40% of the total detail of the 2020 election There is no detail. It's an aggregate number. And this is, again, so I was on a constitutional rant. This is basically, this law is repugnant to the reporting and the transparency that's stated in the Florida State Constitution. They're full of crap. They're saying that, well, we care about the little guy, and if it's between 1 and 59, the ballot group in Precinct 1573 says, that a bad actor could go in and figure out that, you know, that the 78, the 82 year old lady who never, you know, watches Fox news, never leaves the house. We can figure out how she voted, but no, it's an excuse to obfuscate. It's an excuse for withholding transparency. And if you, the biggest abuser, get this in the 2020 race, it wasn't Joe Biden. It wasn't the Donald Trump race. It was the brick Bradshaw race for sheriff. And again, You can connect the dots with that because, you know, they say he's a great sheriff, but no. He was a tyrant when it came to school board meetings, when it came to COVID, when it came to masks. He arrested a 66-year-old lady in a bagel store for not wearing a mask. So this was all part of the hit. And so I want to start to connect the dots now to all this crazy data transactions that the Secretary of State in Texas is denying. Stephen Risher from Maricopa County. They're caught in lies. They're bashed to the wall. You have hundreds of thousands of these transactions, wherever they're coming from, during COVID, while everything is shut down. How is that possible? It's cyber warfare. And it's all connecting the dots. It flows down to the state level. And you have these local state laws allowing people to register and to request ballots by mail, to vote by mail without ID. And also, you have the obfuscation law, the 1 to 29 ballot group law, which... basically covers up the crime that's starting at the top down with the federal government and all this nonsense with these hundreds of thousands of social security numbers and being flushed through the system. And I don't know if they're going to the actual local voting jurisdiction. Who knows? They might push these numbers right to the poll books for all we know. Well, what we've really learned is that we can't trust anything coming out of the government, and we are catching them in bold-faced lies. and misleading statements in order to continue to cover up their crimes from top to bottom. That's for sure. Yep. So I think that's a great little summary of what's going on here. Do you have anything else you want to add to that? I think I'm pretty much talked out by now. Well, I really love today's show. I really do. Because there was so much information here and you connected the dots just beautifully. And I really appreciate I really appreciate all the work that you've done and the people that are standing with you in the in that chat to that, you know, that have put so many hours into this. So thank you so much. And I'm looking forward to talking again Monday morning because I really do think that this is one of those things that we've got to consistently chip away at so that anything new that comes out, it's got to be out there. And the more we talk, the more we post this sort of thing, the more people are going to actually see the truth in very irrefutable numbers and proofs that are out there so that they can't just say, well, we did everything right, like that clerk. Well, that's fine. If you're looking at like this much slice of what's going on out there, you might've done everything right by signing your name to something, but that doesn't mean that the whole election is correct. And we've got to look at it as a whole. Listen, these people that are elected officials, these people that are hired to work our elections and they, they, If they had the skill set to realize what's going on behind the scenes, number one, they wouldn't need to outsource to these consultants. And that's the problem, is they're outsourcing to these consultants, and they have the keys to the castle. And we don't know the nexus between the consultants, CISA, and this whole web of... of tech people, right? You know, most of these tech guys, I call myself an only Glock, right? An only, you know, it's a, it's a SIG, not a Glock, but I call myself an only Glock, not a tech only Glock. I'm on your guy's side. When most of the tech people are, they're bought and paid for, they're, they're on the other side. And these people that work at the local level just have blind faith and trust and they should not. And that is part of the problem. They're, they just, they don't have the skillset. If they did, they wouldn't be doing the jobs they're doing. Well, they would start listening to what people are coming forward to them instead of defending their position. would be listening and trying to act on it when things were brought before them but right now everybody's in a you know like a defensive mechanism and what I told that clerk is I said um she said well a third of the clerks in the state of michigan have resigned and I'm like okay I said can we get them together to talk I said people need to start singing like canaries and get in there and say this is what I saw that was was wrong instead of saving their own tails jumping in here and helping everybody do the heavy lifting of bringing everything until the last rock is unturned, bring everything to the light so we've got a complete picture of this. If they're not helping, they're hiding something, in my opinion. And ignorance is not an excuse in any way, shape, or form. So they're kind of choosing the sides that they're going to be on, in my opinion. And even if they're doing it through feigned ignorance or actual ignorance, it's not okay. Yep. All right. So I need to get on a prepare for my next guest that are waiting here too. So, so thank you so much, Jeff and tell everybody how they can get ahold of you with your website and such so that they can, they can get ahold of you and support you. Yeah, I'm on Twitter. It's my full name, at Jeff Bongiorno, which is 10 letters long and hard to spell. Just go to at vote. My website is VoteBongi, B-O-N-G-I dot com. And all my socials there. I'm basically just sticking to Twitter right now. Thanks. Yeah. And you guys can go to any of my channels too. And I'll repost Jeff's stuff because I think he's extraordinary. And thank you for all the work you've done. You're welcome. Thank you. You bet. Well, let's go to the next. Let's go to the next segment here. I'm going to take a real quick break and we'll be right back with Karen and Ralph. Good morning and welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. It is April 4th, 2024 and welcome on the show today, Karen and Ralph. We got a lot to talk about. Good morning. What's happening in Ralph and Karen world? Well, I was just listening to Jeff and there is so much wrong with our election systems all over the country from local to national. And it's easy to listen to somebody like him who's examining all of these issues in detail and get bogged down in it and go, this is just hopeless where there's nothing we can do. And we might as well just let go and whatever's going to happen is going to happen. I know there are people out there who are giving up, but there are also some victories happening. And so I wanted to point at that because I, I had to, catch up a little bit this morning because I was offline yesterday and it was great to just take a day away from Telegram for a day. And one of the first things I saw and shared today was that Wisconsin had a vote along with their primary that they defunded, I call it a defunding, the private funds from their elections. This is the amendment they made And it prevents somebody like Mark Zuckerberg from spending money in their elections. They learned that he had funded a lot of things in their state that made a difference in some way. And they didn't find that that was appropriate. And they took an action. And I think every time we have a victory like that, whether it's a local or a state or a national level, We should be pointing that out, too, because it is a sign that people are learning and they are willing to take action. And it should be highlighted as some form of victory. We've got to be able to expose things in order to address them. That's great news. There's another one, too. Tarrant County, Texas, is ordering sequential pre-numbered ballots for their election. to prevent some unlawful activity in our election process. And here's one way we can do it. So there's a second one that just came out today. And they're happening everywhere, but they sometimes don't get as much attention as the negative points. So I think it's a good thing to point those out sometimes. Absolutely. And really go down and look into the restructuring or what we need to do to actually take the nation back. You can't just tear it down without having a plan. And so I keep telling everybody, run for something, run for anything. If you're just an honest person, you don't have to know everything. You'll learn along the way. And there will be people that will help you too. But But you have to have the guts to do it and the determination to stay with it because it's a little bit of a brutal arena to jump into. But if you like to fight a little bit and fight for things that are right and for the future of your family, it's a great term of service. So what's on your mind today, guys? I want to go through the chat a little bit because Rob has been beast posting and so has Charlotte this morning. But we can get to that in a minute or we can move forward. What do you want to do? There's another thing I was thinking about as I was listening to Jeff and something else I think people don't really consider too much when they're talking about using computers to tabulate stuff like this is computers are not infallible. Even if the software is written absolutely perfectly, they're not infallible. As an example, okay, this is going to get kind of a little bit technical, but computers are susceptible to cosmic ray bit flips, where information and memory can be corrupted by a cosmic ray flying through the atmosphere, flying through the building that you're in, and hitting the memory in your computer. And you see this... You see people talk about how rare this is on Earth and that it's real common to have to deal with this kind of thing in satellites and other spacecraft because you don't have the Van Allen belts of the Earth that redirect some of the cosmic rays, and you also don't have the atmosphere. But here on Earth's surface, you see people talking about, oh, that doesn't happen that much here on Earth's surface. But when you get into building servers, servers have a type of RAM called error-corrected RAM, ECC RAM. And what that does is it actually watches for bit flips and can fix them. It has like a special correction math in there and stores a little bit of extra information about everything that's stored on the server so that it can correct that. Well, when I built my last computer, I decided I wanted to have error-corrected RAM in it. And it was a pain in the neck to build that computer as a desktop system rather than a server system. The nice thing is that it allows me to log those events so I can see when they happen and when the rating is corrected. And it happens not infrequently. I'm going to take a guess and say I probably see at least three to four bit flips per month on that. So when people say that it's rare anywhere near sea level instead of out in space, it's not as rare as you might think. And every one of those bit flips is something in memory that could potentially have gotten corrupted if I didn't have error corrected RAM. How unusual is it for people to have that error corrected RAM on their computers? Because we've talked a lot about people protecting their data and protecting themselves online and what you can do personally to do it. How uncommon is that? Well, pretty much nobody runs with error corrected RAM on a home computer unless you've got I'm going to back that up a little bit in that if you've got a really, really modern computer with DDR5 RAM, DDR5 RAM, they finally decided that that was enough of a problem that they integrated it into the spec. So anything that has DDR5 RAM has error corrected RAM. It's not as good as server error corrected RAM. It's not quite as complete of error correction, but it's a step in the right direction. Could it help against any other kinds of, of electronic or otherwise attacks? Um, potentially, uh, but like it could probably help to a certain extent, I would think against like, uh, Spectre and, uh, Rowhammer attacks, uh, really more of like the Rowhammer attacks, but, uh, it's not, it's probably not going to help a ton against like an EMP or, or a, uh, um, coronal mass ejection. Um, it's more about protecting against, uh, cosmic rays than anything. And like I said, it's, it's been found to be common enough that they actually integrated that into the spec so that all new Ram now is going to have that in it. Um, But if you don't have DDR5 in your computer, I can almost guarantee you that you don't have error-corrected RAM. It was very much a servers-only thing until very recently. Or if you built your computer very, very specifically to use server RAM. Well, that's a good thing to take into consideration. I mean, we all need to be aware of the changing climate. in the cyber world because it's quick. Things change so fast. It's hard to keep up. It's really hard to keep up with them unless it's your full time, your full time devoted to it. So thank you for sharing that today, Ralph. Yeah. So you think about like the electronic voting machines and the tabulators and all of that kind of stuff. Yep. And how, how much of that stuff could get bit flips just from cosmic rays and have nobody even know. Well, and the people that are working in the elections, they're not, they really are not, they're, they're, they're, they're, everyday Americans, most of them, right? So there's very few that are going to have that expertise behind it. So to all you serious techies out there, we need you to jump into this game a little bit and fight for the transparency and talking about the deficiencies and the weaknesses in the system and where they are so that people can have more eyes on it and such and also fight for those actions to be corrected. I think that's really important. I'm going to go to the chat here a minute. And Charlotte, SSA and HAVA or HAVA is where Michigan has theirs. I think we have worried Michigan. I hit them up on sanctuary cities and people are really correcting them. A statement came out that Lansing is declared, but that others have not fully committed. Yeah, Lansing's a sanctuary city now. You know what? I got ideas on that. I'm going to put my ideas out on this. I'm going to finish this one. I've got four screens going right now. So I have noticed a few very good corrections and know that we the people are taking control. Keep going on those meeting, Michiganders. and calling local gov. Yeah, there's a shot to you, Karen. There you go. So Charlotte's the queen right now. I think I have slotkins on Wednesday. Michigan media bashing Trump over death statement of Michigan woman. Nestle bashing white supremacy groups and stabbing out wishing happy arab months in the news update today oh my god turn the mood media off all right it's all you are is like drinking from it's not a fire hose it's a sewage it's a dump that is literally feeding sewage into every single person's psyche by watching these ridiculous ridiculous mainstream media and without thinking you know just not questioning it you know we don't need to be questioning everything so I i have another way to look at the sanctuary cities okay So if they have a sanctuary city, provided that we all agree that God is in control and God is good all the time, right? Maybe it's a setup for the biggest sting in the history of the world. So think about this. What if they have a sanctuary cities and people that are commies and liars, cheats and thieves are congregating there? What a great place to pin them in and lock them up. I'm okay with sanctuary cities. At least we've got them aggregated in one spot for easy to ease of finding them and cleaning the coop out there because it's all, this is like a chicken coop. Let's put them in the chicken coop so we can go in there and shovel one area out instead of random areas across the state. That's what I would rather have. Let them set up their sanctuary cities. That's great. Then when they can all go there and we can pick them all up, Now, I like watching the news sometimes. I watch the evening news, the local. I typically watch an ABC. But I get a kick out of it. And lately, I've been reporting as I'm watching what they're saying. Because it tells me a lot. Like... When Trump went to Grand Rapids, they show they they act like they're all non-biased and they're showing that there are people who are not supporters of Trump. They didn't say opposition. People who are not supporters of Trump and the people who are there to support Trump. And then they have they call everything that Trump says rhetoric rhetoric. This is a term used for a negative connotation. It's not that he had a speech or that he made such and such comments. He had rhetoric. And if you can catch those subtleties and point them out, they lose power. So I've been catching all those things, you know, when they say Trump this and that and they don't call him former president or they repeatedly call him United States. They were going to stick with that term right there. Well, yes. Yes. Well, that's the thing. They've been calling him lately. I noticed they call him former president and they say they put a stress on former president. Why are they doing that? Because they don't want people to think of him as president. Former President Trump was in Grand Rapids and spewing rhetoric that made, he's against all immigrants. No, that's not what he said. He's never said that. But that is, if you can hear it, if you can watch with careful eyes and ears, then you can learn what they're trying to put out in their narratives and you can react accordingly. Well, let's just take all these terms back. Okay. I'm all about trans. Let's be trans transparent. Okay. That came from Ivan Raiklin. I love that man. He's a, he's amazing. Great work that Ivan does. So yes, we're all about trans. We want to be transparent. And did you see the study that most that came out that most kids grow out of their need by the time they're 15 years old. So these parents that are mutilating their children, If they waited and I've heard heartbreaking stories of people that, that basically had surgeries that they can never recover from. And they're like, I wish I would have, I wish I would have waited. Like my life feels like it's over. That's what people say. So how about we just be transparent on it? Reparations. Let's talk reparations. I'm all about reparations. I think we should do reparations. And you know what kind of reparations I would do? Let's claw back every dollar of ill-gotten gain from these politicians, remove their citizenship because they're treasonous bastards, and take all of their assets, which they have gotten illegally, unlawfully, and traitorously, throw them on the table and and take it and divide it against what actual Americans, actual citizens, and use that to fund some different efforts. Like, I don't know, maybe deportation day, national deportation day, and or national, let's refund all the money on unlawful taxation and all this kind of nonsense that the money laundered away and give it back to the American people. I'm kind of a fan of that. So there you go. There's the Brandenburg plan for reparations right there. Clot back from all of them. Oh, maybe all the corporations and such that have overstepped, usurped what they should have been doing. How about Nestle, who has with $250, a $250 loan. A permit has pulled millions and millions and millions of gallons of water out of the state of Michigan. I think we should have reparations from Nestle. How about we do that? We should go ahead and go after Nestle and have reparations. Claw back that money and give it out to the people that have been stolen from, their assets been stolen from. I'm all about that. What do you say, guys? Sounds like a plan. I agree with you. Yes. And you know what? And it's like, quite honestly, I think we should talk about these. Let's claw these terms back. I think this is important. Go ahead and use the terms that they're using. Use them right in their face. Only help them understand the definition of what they've done. I was talking to somebody yesterday about the private membership associations. I think we should be running with this full on. And she was saying, I don't really understand how it works. And I'm like, well, this is pretty easy because this is what the Clinton Foundation had done to hide what they were doing. They had private foundations, but they structured it like Taramar and such as private membership associations and such. So it gets them out of the purview of the law. Just like Taramar, when they went to prosecute some of these people that were involved in Taramar, what they had done, I don't know if you guys remember this, but I thought it was fascinating. The Maxwells and such, Ghislaine Maxwell was all involved. They went ahead and they claimed the ocean as a sovereign nation, really, and they called it Terramar. So anytime somebody wanted to be prosecuted, they would say, well, we're a citizen of Terramar. Well, then you're not a citizen here. You have no rights. Well, let's talk about that with all of these people that claim dual citizenship with other country, specifically Israel, that are in positions of power in our government. How in the world are they... Can they say that or what is it, Ilhan Omar, the traitor up there, and say she's a Somali first person and on and on. All right, get the hell out of the United States, babe, because you know what? You're either an American or you're not. And that's just the way it is. When you come to America, it's to be a nation, one nation under God, not one nation, having our nation sold off by pieces. to the disastrous nation that you came from, that you didn't have the guts to stay and fight there. So she comes here in order to move funds to those other nations. They should be run out of town on a rail, every one of them, for the traitors they are. And people need to be using not the soft words. Okay, we're going to sit here and we're going to talk with our soft words. No, call them out for what they are. They're traitors. And they should be run out on a rail. All of them. I think I said, I mentioned before that in the movie, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? They actually run a politician out on a rail. And I had never seen or really considered what that would look like. Where that phrase came from, I don't know. But they put them on a great big wooden post, set them on it, and a whole bunch of guys came in with this post, set them on it, and then ran out the back doors of the township hall or whatever that building was. It was fantastic. It was like a public tarn feather. But not as painful. It's just embarrassing. They've stolen. I want everybody to understand the corrupt terms here. They have stolen from America. We are America. They have stolen from the people of America. They've stolen our assets by allowing China to buy farmland and such. And developers developing farmland. And they're like a stray dog that's going to come and crap in your yard. You're going to have to clean up after it. They're going to leave you the mess. to pay for the infrastructure it's going to require. What's the benefit to the citizens of America? Zero, nada, nothing. And then they go on and they're a parasite. They eat another piece of property up. This should absolutely be called out because they're disabling us from having the amount of land, the land in these local cities, and they basically have turned them into 10 to 15 minute cities. All you got to do is look at Kentwood next door to where I am. Kentwood is affectionately known as Rentwood because that used to be a really nice area and the people in government turned it into a disaster. The city is a disaster. When you look at what they've done through mismanagement, uh, absolutely no forethought whatsoever. And if they can, if they can plug houses or apartments into every square inch of that, of that city, they're going to do it. And it's a shame. So now you got people in these 15 minute alleged cities. What does that mean? That means that they're completely and totally dependent on the government instead of having the ability to maybe raise raised foods and such, they outlaw chickens, they outlaw being able to have anything that looks like or that helps them provide. They're trying to outlaw gardens in areas right now. You can't have a garden because, well, this is what the commies say, you're taking the water of the state to take care of yourself. But in the same breath, they go ahead and they give it to the corporations like Nestle, So that all the people are is just a cog in the wheel of these corporations. I think we should claw back. I would love to see us go after every single asset of Gretchen Whitmer, the trader. Claw it back and say, you're done. Give it back to the people of Michigan. Well, did you see the Harvard University endowment buying up both water rights and vineyards in California? Yeah. I didn't see that one, but I know that there's two people that basically own all of the water rights in California right now. I do know that. Yeah, the water right now, that is a big battleground. It's going to be worse, too, as we go forward. They're trying, when you look at anything that's a natural resource, that's what they're really going after. And so we have to be really mindful on that. I had a discussion with a guy this week about the nonsense and what they've done with, you know, fishing license and hunting license and such and why they choked some of that down. And a real telltale situation that you can look at in the state of Michigan was, okay, this is how these morons in office think, which to me is just like, I can't even put this into words, okay? All they are is snake oil salesmen. That's it. That's all we got in office because if any of them wanted to do something, they would have and they haven't. So this is perfect idiocy, perfect political idiocy. So we had a problem with moose in the UP. Oh, no, we have problems with moose. So the environmental Nazis decide, well, we're going to do it the natural way. We're going to throw wolves in. and let the wolves take care of the moose. Okay, let's see where this is going to go. So now we've got a wolf problem. Who would have thought? And so the wolves got in there and started to kill off the moose. And so now we have a wolf problem. And so then what they decided to do was hire a bunch of game wardens or whatever you want to call it to go out there and shoot the wolves. Now, I don't know if it's just me, but let's think this through just a little bit. What if, just as a thought here, and that would have cut like the payroll right off the bat. What if they would have said, okay, hunters and sportsmen out there, we need to have some moose thinned out of the herd here because it's kind of getting out of hand. And they said, okay, guys, go out there and hunt away. Let's take some of the population down here. And I don't even know if that's the right answer because I haven't looked at the studies and anything coming out of their mouths is a lie. So we need to go to like actual sportsmen to find out what's really happening on the ground because they actually want to conserve it. They don't want to destroy it. They want to conserve and protect it, right? So why don't you guys go and create food for your families and your friends and take some of the take some of the herd out and open this up. Why is it that they're not doing this? Why is it that they're not doing enough? Instead of throttling it back to the licensure, why are they not doing something to promote some of these things so that there's more food that people can actually pull from the state? Well, I want to back this up a little bit here too, Annette. Who determined that Who determined the proper number of moose to figure out how many moose there should be to figure out we have too many moose? Exactly. And I don't even know where to get the data because they're a bunch of lying bastards, right? Well, even if they have the data, who's to say that there are too many moose? Yeah, well, who made that decision? Yeah, who made that decision? How do we know that that isn't the proper number of moose and it's been too low? Yeah. It's like, I don't know who died, made them God. That's all I got to say on that. And you know, so, I mean, the whole thing is backwards instead of serving that one. I can tell you who did it. It's the insurance age. It's the insurance industry that did it. Cause Oh no, car crashes. We got to get the numbers down. Cause then we don't want to have to pay out for car crashes. That's what's driving all of this. Right. Have you ever looked at the data that they collected on the number of The decline of flying insects. How about necotoids? Well, they didn't go into a conclusion, but they figure that the number of songbirds is way down from what it used to be because they figure that the number of insects, flying insects, is way down from what it used to be. And the way that they figured that out is by – they started – I think it was back in the 50s or 60s. They started counting the number of bug splats on windshields per certain amount of distance or something like that and compared it with the number of bug splats on modern cars. And it's – I think in – I'm thinking it was somewhere between 10% and 25% of what it used to be. So the number of flying insects has gone down dramatically. As a result, the number of songbirds has gone down dramatically. But you sure don't hear about them trying to boost the number of flying insects, like mosquitoes and flies and stuff, do you? Maybe the insects just learned to avoid the roadways. Yes. You have to look at all the angles, Ralph. That's called like natural selection. We're just taking out the stupid bugs. That's what it is there, you know. Maybe they just evolved to not fly. Yeah, that's what they are. We've got like kiwi bugs running around on the ground now. Did you hear that there was a wolf shot in the lower peninsula recently? I think it was January. Somebody thought it was a coyote. shot it, put something about it on social media and it ended up cause I don't know if they got in trouble or not, but it, it turned out to actually be a wolf. I go out because I'm on horses out, out, you know, out in the woods a lot and I've ridden in different places. I've actually seen, seen some version of, and I don't know if they're Kai wolves or if they're actually maned wolves because I've seen them a couple of times that, and they're real, they're real elusive. Usually you can smell them before you see them when you're out in the woods. I think that people that are out in the woods a lot, they've got a heightened sense of awareness around them. And you can smell them like a half, you know, a quarter to a half mile away, depending on the season, whether they're in season or out of season. But those things are some really freaky looking things. I'm going to tell you what they've got. They've got because, you know, wolf has longer legs than coyotes. I'll usually come up on a den of coyotes at least once a year. That's what I'll see. But the Kai wolves, which is a half breed between either a wolf and a coyote, or sometimes you'll have like a fox and a coyote or something, because they do breed together. So you'll see something that doesn't look quite right. You don't really always know what it is. But a Maine wolf is really tall and they've got much more of a reddish or an auburn color than anything out there. And I've seen them right here around the Grand Rapids area, the maned wolves. Isn't that a Mexican species? Well, I think they're in Canada. They're definitely in Canada. So when you look at the range, the Canadian range is part of it. Well, they'll go up across the lakes. But they're here. And just like I've got an old friend, an old friend. And he grew up on the – I won't tell you exactly his story because it's really funny, but that's one that you want to be prepared for, for what he went through as a little kid. Because his mom and dad had a five-acre ranch right on – they had multiple ranches, but they had a five-acre ranch right on the border of Mexico. And he – He said, yeah, he said, it changes your whole perspective when all of a sudden you've got somebody to cross the border illegally with a knife to your neck when you're about 12 years old. And he said, it changes your perspective on what you're allowed to get through real quick as a 12 year old. His stories are hilarious. But anyhow, they had horses over by Port Huron and his neighbor said, had a horse that had claw marks on its back. And he said, nothing can you, I can't, you cannot mistake that. He said, that's a cougar. And he said, and we have them here in Michigan. You'll see that there's a lot of times they're really elusive. So the DNR is not going to admit to what they've dropped in this state because they have. Any of us that are out there can see through their bullshit because it's what it is. That they've dropped things here without necessarily acknowledging it. Sort of like the lack of acknowledging the SR-72 thing. That's out there, which is really interesting. Really, really interesting. So because I like aircraft and and kind of scrubbed it, but not entirely. You know, you can find things on that, but they won't acknowledge what they're actually doing, which really makes it fun. Yeah, that's our 72 is pretty interesting. Really interesting. Prospect of a combined cycle engine looks pretty, pretty neat. Yeah, we've got all kinds of technology out there that they kind of sort of hint to. But it's like if you go to the movie Maverick and you zoom in on the plane that's in the hangar and you see the contrast change, you can see they are giving a nod on that right there. And it said SR-72. So it's there. They've got more than that. Guaranteed they've got more than that. And yeah. And that's kind of an interesting area to go down into and actually cut past their nonsense. Because you can do it if you're a little bit persistent on things. Yep. Go ahead. Well, I'm about to change the subject a little bit. So if you had something to add to that, go ahead, Ralph. Oh, just on the subject of animals. I didn't realize until just a few years ago that we have jellyfish in Michigan. Mm-hmm. I thought that was pretty neat. And there's sightings of those things all over the place. I've never seen one before. But it's the one species of freshwater jellyfish. And we have them here in Michigan. I think this is really interesting how they've changed things so that we can't, we don't have access. People don't have access. And then they like brainwash people into not looking at them. It's just like rennet for making cheese. You can make rennet out of, there's three other plants that you can make rennet out of without having to go to an animal protein. So there are all of these things, but if they, there's so few people that know how to dress out an animal and make and have it ready for production of anything. And people are really scared of that sort of thing. So I feel dressed dear. Though I don't eat meat now, And the reason why I don't eat meat is for, is for health reasons. And I'm going to go down that, that path with everybody at some point in time, because I think people would, would probably find it interesting. I don't use health issues in order to manipulate people's emotions. It's like stick to the, stick to the facts and it has to be good for everyone. You don't use emotions in order to steer people or brainwash them. And I'm fundamentally opposed to that, which is why I never really talked about anything. But, But they want to keep things out of our hands so that we're afraid and have to go back to them to be the source on everything. So there's other ways to do that. And I did forage for food for quite a few years. There's more nutrition in the food that we can forage for than the commercial crops we have. So here's a gimme to everybody out there. This is a chip shot and a real easy one for everybody to look up. That would be purse light. For gardeners, purslane is the bane of our existence. And I'll tell you why. It grows everywhere. There's tons of it. You really can't get rid of it if you pull it up and you throw it off to the side. It's going to throw the roots down and it's going to grow where you throw it. But it's kind of a cool, let me look it up for you to show you. Because this is real interesting. I had somebody tell me, I was talking to a real good friend of mine. His name is Beer at the Parade. He's one of the people in We The Media. I'm very good friends with him. And I was telling him all the stuff that I just happen to know about food preservation. Because I can pretty much preserve anything. and how to forge for things and look for food and nutrients, medicines, all that sort of thing. It's really, really quite easy to do. And he's like, you should really teach classes on this. And I'm like, well, yeah, but I'm on Brandenburg News Network and I can't do everything. Hang on a minute. I want to try a pawpaw one of these days. I've got that figured out too. I'm going to go, I'm going to go buy those suckers because I've got to figure out where to buy them. And there's lots of different, oh, you can buy seeds for purslane? Who in their right mind would buy seeds for purslane? I'm sorry. Okay. This is like, this is like, it's everywhere. Okay. But okay. So you know what's going to happen today, don't you? I'm going to have to buy some seeds for purslane because now I'm curious. So not that I don't know where to find it, but I am going to absolutely. So it's got a little leaf and it looks like a little tiny jade leaf. So I'll bring up this screen right now. You're reminding me. I had a 500 level botany course in college that I had to take for my minor. And I hated everything about it because I'm an animal person, animal behavior. Like my husband and I, he signed us up for the animal behavior observance study for the eclipse. We might go to the zoo for it, which would be really interesting. But animal behavior, I know. Botany, no. On the first day and all we did in that class, we had two exams. And I got an A minus, by the way, because I worked my butt off for it. But all we did was go into various environments and he would point out various plants and we would collect some and preserve it in the drying room so that we could study it and He pointed out something really, really simple, like a violet or something. I had no idea what it was. And he called on me first. And everybody looked at me like, what is wrong with you? How do you not know what a violet is? I've got to say this. It was like, you know, not like a, and it probably wasn't a violet, but I'm saying it was to them without a flower. it looked very obvious because they were familiar with it. And I wasn't, whatever it was, until later on. And so when I passed, there was two exams. I got a C on the first one. On the second one, I skipped other classes so I could study for it. I got an A- in the course. And he saw me in the hallway, and he's like, Karen! Karen! He was completely shocked that I had passed. Yeah, I had to learn the hard way. So it's still hard for me, but I can still remember some names of plants and the things that we learned in that course because I had to have them hammered down so much. Okay, so I'm going to go down here and I'm going to look at some of these things and I will tell you what's not purslane and what is purslane. So personally grows out. It looks like it starts from a central point and it kind of just like grows out from there. And so what you want to look for is this configuration of leaves right there. And it grows real close to the ground. It crawls away. It's like a, like a metal. They've got, when I looked this up online here and did the search on DuckDuckGo, they've got a mix. And so that's not, that's not the purslane that you necessarily want to eat right there. You want something that looks like this. It's got kind of like a thickish. Here's a real good picture of it. It's got kind of a thickish compared to the leaves, a red type of a, of a, a vine structure and it's a weed, but it was brought over here as an agricultural crop. And then once they got into the hybridized crops and the big ag crops, excuse me, then they abandon these because it just takes longer to harvest. But with that said, it is so nutrient dense. It's more nutrient dense than spinach. So this would be one, if you're going to start really looking into things, and I'm not going to say just go eat whatever you find on the ground. And don't blame me if you pick up the wrong plant because I'm not there to point to you the exact plant. That would be me. that you know don't go out there and go it's a dandelion that's got to be close enough to personally let's just try this a minute which well you can eat dandelions too but you know what I mean that's the point is that take a little time and find out exactly what it looks like maybe what I should do is do nature walks with the camera and show people what they're actually looking for like lamb's quarters another one it grows everywhere And mallows. Mallows grow everywhere in Michigan. And those are easy to find. And through the season, there's always something that you can literally walk out your door, find, and eat. It's really amazing. Speaking of dandelions, you can make rubber out of those. Yeah. Because they're so full of natural latex that you can, they're very rich in that. And you can actually make rubber out of that. That's the white substance on the inside of dandelions. Yep. Yep. So that's a latex base. And there's another thing I had to think about in a minute because I just bought this. It's asafetida. And it's from fennel. Fennel or fen, Greek? I got to think a minute. And it has the ability to lower blood pressure as well as it's from the carrot family. And, uh, you know what, I can go grab, grab a package of this and that it's really interesting, but all of these things are really, really easy if you put a little time into it. So this is another part of not only growing your own food, but knowing where to look to find it. You can have high, high concentrations of vitamin C in spruce tree needles, and you can throw that in a cup and make tea out of it. And you'll get, you'll be able to get your vitamin C right there from, from, uh, uh, you know, from spruce trees. Hang on a minute. I'm going to grab that ass. It's got a weird spelling and such. Asafoetida, I think, is what it's called. And so let me grab that a minute. You may talk amongst yourselves. I'm going to grab it off the counter here a minute. Just make sure that if you're collecting for food, what you collect is from a safe area or, you know, it's not got fertilizers and pesticides and so on on it. I collected some pine needles from a tree that's actually on the other side of our fence. It's on the neighbor's side of the property. And I found out later that he had sprayed some trees over there for the gypsy moth. And I don't know that he sprayed the tree I got the needles from or if they would have been toxic. And I rinsed them at least before making a tea out of them. But it was like, oh, I hadn't even thought about that. I went to the trees on our property after that. This is the new stuff I just got in and I'm going to start experimenting with this because I've done this for many years. I experiment with all kinds of things. And, uh, I, I will tell you because of my health, uh, history, I literally turned my body into a human experiment because I want to know how it's going to, how things are going to work, um, whether it works or it doesn't. So here's my asafoetida, organic asafoetida powder. And I've got two different types coming right now. And it's kind of a resin. Um, but the, the, uh, uh, It's an overseas type product. I don't believe that we're making it here right now, though we should be making it here, as well as a lot of the other cottage industries that we should be having to put these corporate marauders out of business right now. but I have a picture of some of the benefits. Let me post on my telegram channel a minute. Well, you talk amongst yourselves a minute and I'm just going to keep going. By the way, I went back to that show from last May in which you were talking about microgreens and part of it. And I like to show so much because so much of it is so relevant even today. Like it totally, it would sound like a show we would do this week, but, um, I shared that with the summary I originally wrote again a couple of days ago. Yeah. And, um, so I got a library book on sprouts and microgreens and, um, great book it was really simple I read it I read through the whole thing while sitting on the couch near my husband watching tv one day and I kept telling him what I was finding very simple um lots of pictures and so it was really easy to read but that's what I liked about it was that um It was easy to learn about sprouts and microgreens. It wasn't complicated. It wasn't overwhelming. Our next step is I want to try some different types of sprouts or microgreens that are available locally in whatever stores so that I can kind of experiment and find out what I would like to eat. And then I want to get some seeds and get started with, I might use trays like you have and And I might get some of those. I want to find out what I want to raise first so I know what kind of trays I want. But I'm really excited to. What's that? Well, and look at the nutrient count, not even just what you like, but the nutrition. Because if you're going into a time of crisis, which I believe we are, you want to look at the nutrition count, not necessarily what you like, but what you need. And so like if you're sprouting, say, beets and beets are easy to sprout. And so is alfalfa is easy to sprout. Broccoli is easy to sprout. So let's just say you can you in the by volume, the seeds, you want to get big, fat, wonderful, nutrient rich seeds so that you've got all the nutrient in the seeds. So you don't have to augment with like a fertilizer or something, which I can do because I've got compost from the animals. Right. But if you don't have that and you're in an apartment, you literally can raise as much food in an apartment or where you are, as long as you have a water source and you prepare it ahead of time for any of your needs, no matter what. And so you think about the nutrition. So beets have really unusual properties that other foods don't have. And so you can get, you can kind of sort of piece it together so that you're not on a starvation ration, which you can live on say like beans and rice, it's a complete protein. Quinoa is a complete protein and such, but all of those other plant, enzymes and such that you would get out of plants that are so important to our diets to live. You think about not like, okay, you know, like a really, a really immature person will say, well, I'm going to stock up on ice cream or something like that, you know, because I like it. Well, it's like, no, you've got to think about your body functioning and how do you stay the strongest, the longest, and what do you need to do that? So here is that chart on asafetida, and it's got the ability for asthma relief, lowers blood pressure, help for IBS, blood sugar control, FOD maps, diet-friendly, and reduces flatulence. Now, that's a pretty quick screenshot of it, but there's other properties of this. And it's sort of a resin. Let me quick look this up. So I'm not misspeaking because you know, that's what happens. My hard drive is halfway full most of the time, but, um, Well, I think too, another thing people need to be mindful of when they're doing preparation like that is, uh, look into the long-term stability of different things before you try and just, you know, stock up on stuff and store it forever. Make sure you're storing it properly. Like for example, one of the best resources that I've ever found for that is looking into what both the Mormons and the Seventh-day Adventists recommend for storage procedures for various things. Like white rice, you can keep for a very, very long time. Brown rice goes bad quicker, even if you store it perfectly. So there's a lot of things that are like that that research it properly. If you're going to store sugar long term, don't use an oxygen absorber in it because it turns it into a brick over time. There's all kinds of stuff, though, that people have researched this. People have researched food storage for a long time. Leverage that work, you know, learn from what other people have figured out over, you know, decades or in some for some foods, several centuries, at least of food storage experience. That's what I was doing yesterday was researching. We want to raise some more meat again this year. And I was thinking, you know, if let's say we lose power and we lose fuel so we can't even run a generator. If it happens for a length of time, I would really be upset at losing a lot of meat that we think is good because it's frozen. What if it's not frozen anymore and now it's going to all go bad and that's all your meat source? So I would like to do something different with some of that. Well, how this has to be planned ahead for. So I was researching canning meat. Never done it before. My husband was like, that's a lot of work. I don't think you want to do that. And I'm like, doesn't matter what I want to do. That is the easiest thing to can on the planet. Seriously. It did. When I read about it, it's like, I think the thing is, it's time consuming because of the butchering process. And in our case, in the last few years, we tend to raise two dozen birds at a time. And when we slaughter and butcher ourselves, it takes a lot of time. a lot of time and sometimes it can be backbreaking to go through that process. So to go further and do things like cubing it, I mean, you can't just parcel it out or freeze a whole bird. That takes a lot less work. But to have to minimize the fat content and take the skin off and cube it and then do canning, that's a whole other step that takes time. And if you've got a lot of birds, how are you going to do that? We might have to butcher less. at a time and do it over a number of days. So it just means more planning. Like chicken, just throw the, throw the chicken right into the jars with the bones in it and everything I've done. Right. You know? Yeah. I read about that too. Yeah. We need to get together and I'll show you how to can this because it's really kind of, once you learn the basics of it, you can anything and everything. It's amazing. I'm going to read this. Let me quickly, I'm going to copy this source because this is from Healthline. And I think this is really significant and I'll tell you why. I just posted that little poster on my Telegram channel and I'm going to throw a source in here a minute. So if you go to at Brandenburg for MI, you will find my the one source there's lots of sources out there. Yeah, fat fingers. I just liked my own post didn't mean to do that. Let me let me see if I can make this thing work a minute on online. And I want to read some of this to you. And I you know, I was praying is so funny. You know how God is God is hilarious. He really is. He's funny. I got up this morning and I said, I feel like I need to make a change in the way I'm doing things here on Brandenburg News Network a little bit. And I'm like, I'm like, what do you want me to do? Right. I don't care what it is. Just tell me what you want to do. And I'm, I'm your girl. And so friend got online and we were talking or we were talking this morning and I said, you know, we both are researchers and I'm like, you know what? We got to give people something to research or do because they want to be a part of this. And this is what she, she brought up too. She says, everybody wants to be a part of this, but they don't know what to do. So I almost think that we need to do something that's kind of like, what I would do is a research, a person who will research a topic and throw it out there and say, okay, everybody researched this topic. And then we're going to, we're going to come together with all of this stuff and put it out there. So people know so that you can be part of, you can be part of Donna Brandenburg's little research team here that I'm going to get moving forward on. Besides the fact that I'm still working on those things to remove the machines at the township level, not doesn't mean I'm going to stop that. But what I'm saying is that I think I need to be, a little bit more resource-oriented because that's my happy spot right there. I love doing this kind of stuff, and I like looking it up on the fly. So I'm going to read this article on asafoetida, and it is from the dried sap or gum resin obtained from the roots of the ferula plants. So that's a sister to, say, carrot celery, okay, in that food group. commonly dry ground in coarse yellow powder and used for either culinary or medicinal purposes. So there's a common spice with Indian food. Okay. So it's a food. It's not a synthesized medicine. Okay. Think about that. And we can heal our bodies. God give us everything we need just by understanding where he put it and how to use it. And it's always in the dosage. It's never in what you're looking at, it's always in the dosage because like, I'm going to throw this out there and dear God, please don't anybody that I'm going to tell you what it is. There is a plant, a common plant out there, which is listed as poisonous. It is not poisonous and it actually can help heal in many, many different directions, but you got to know how to take it. And I'm under which can, which conditions, and it can turn around, say, multiple symptoms of a sickness very very quickly very quickly so anyhow I would say there's multiple plants like there are multiple plants like that and there's multiple substances like that so if I throw things out there I'm going to have the black men you know showing up or the men in black showing up at my door from the you know the farmer the medical mafia here oh brandon what you doing so we're going to go to foods for right now and then maybe at some point time I'll teach some advanced natural medicinal techniques because it all works. And you mentioned that this was used in Indian food as a spice. Yeah. Something that I learned recently is that turmeric, I just recently learned how frequently turmeric is adulterated with lead compounds. There is a ton of that that goes on because there's two different lead compounds that can kind of mimic the natural color of turmeric. And so there's a whole industry behind taking like low quality turmeric, shipping it off to polishers, which add a whole bunch of lead to it, basically send it off to wholesalers that then like package it up and sell it. Um, and, uh, so that's one too that, you know, it's got a lot of benefits to turmeric and curcumin, but, uh, you gotta be real careful that it's not adulterated. Well, and there you go. There we go back to needing to go local and grow your own food or know who's growing it. I just found a local source for Einhorn, uh, wheat, which is an old, uh, I decided to take some farm tours. And cause I'm getting myself some sheep. Okay. That's what I want to do. My goal is to get some sheep. And by virtue of the fact that I'm looking, looking around for sheep and I'm going to different farms and such, because that's what I do. Found a local source for Einhorn wheat, which is, it's an old grain. It has gluten in it, but it's a digestible type of protein. So I'm kind of excited about that. So I'm going to go down. And so asafoetida is known for its strong, pungent odor, which sometimes it's called stinking gum or something like that. And what I know is it's a combination, smell, whatever, or spice of, say, garlic, onions, garlic. and uh garlic onions and a few other things so it's it's known as like a stinky stinky um uh gum or something in air and uh ever aviatic I can't say this morning hing it's also called hing is used to aid digestion and gas as well as bronchitis and kidney stones Okay. Kidney stones, there's another way to get rid of kidney stones. And I can even give you the recipe for that because I learned that from a person who was a, a medicine, a Native American medicine woman years and years ago. And it works. If you can pass it, this will, this, this other thing will pass it. I'll give you the recipe for that in a minute. So traditional, traditional uses of this are pretty, pretty, far-reaching, right? So it's a food. So it's high in, and it's a high, the compound, let me read the exact words of this article. The compounds help protect your cells against potential damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. As a result, antioxidant properties may also protect against chronic inflammation, heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. This is kind of an interesting little compound here. And it also contains high amounts of phenolic compounds such as tannins and flavonoids, which are known for potential antioxidants. And test tube animal studies have found that it exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant activity. And so we need to research this. But there's so many things that can be proved out naturally by this and other compounds that we really have to look at this. And so let's just say, well, we're looking around the state of Michigan right now, like potentially down in Brandenburg is, and I've seen all the Walgreens close. They're closing and the Rite-Aids close. And The pharmacy is kind of, it's kind of a stealth thing. You can watch it. You can watch these things close. Well, what are you going to do if you can't get something to help yourself in the event you can't get, say, like, I don't know, the Sudafed they've locked down or the other things to make you more comfortable or actually get rid of things. You need to know how to use the compounds and the plants and the things that God provides for you. to have food and also create medicines. It's actually a very easy thing to do. And, and, uh, I'm a, I'm a doctor disser. I don't like doctors because, um, my, my, my journey through this is, was, it was a, an abysmal failure. And I walked away from doctors years ago because I just, my, my choice was, is that these people have their, they put you on a rat race, uh, on a little treadmill on a medical treadmill. And, uh, they have no interest in curing any of us, none of us. And so that is my personal opinion on this. The system is geared through insurance companies and such to create a income stream of above 250, while with inflation, $259,000 per patient who is a cancer patient. So you're just a dollar amount to them. And so we're going to have to really question everything and maybe even go our own paths a little bit. And there's a lot of ways to do that. So kidney stones. You want the rest of your kidney stones? Sure. No, let's not do the recipe for kidney stones. Let's let everybody wonder. Yeah. I was just contemplating the structure of your question. You said, do you want the recipe for kidney stones? And I'm like, no. Okay. Recipe to clear kidney stones. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. Recipe to clear out kidney stones. Now, what I was told, and this has been used in many times, and people around me have used it, and it absolutely works. if you can physically pass a kidney stone, so, I mean, you've got a kidney stone the size of a gopher head, it can pass it, okay? That's just the way it is. Everybody knows how big a gopher head is. Well, yeah, it's smaller than a gopher. Sorry. Sorry. So at any rate, I'll try to get away from my little obscured made up references here. But if you've got a, if you've got an apple sized kidney stone or walnut sized kidney stone, you can pass it. Okay. You're going to have some, have some help with this. However, I am a smallish person after all. Yeah. If you're small, you're smaller, right? So if you, if you have to pass, if you, if your body can physically pass it, this will work. work according to everything I've seen, the evidence I've seen, firsthand evidence with people around me, as well as a group of people, Native Americans, that says it works every single time. So now cue the broadcast getting cut off to make sure the information doesn't get out. Yeah, watch. Watch this thing. Watch this puppy cake. And if it does, that's okay. I will post it to my Telegram channel. So it'll be there. You can find it. So you take an orange... and you take a lemon, a lemon and an orange, a whole orange and a whole lemon, and you cut it in half, and you put about half a gallon in a pot of half a gallon of water in a pot, and you put it on your stove, and you throw those half of the lemon and half of the orange in there, and you get four silks off of four ears of corn, and you throw that in the pot with the water, and and the orange and the lemon. So the orange and the lemon is that you cut it in half. Do you only put half of the orange and half of the lemon in there or do you put both halves in? Both halves in with the skin because the oil comes from the skin. This is a good thing to talk through because sometimes you forget that it's not just a recipe, it's why. There are oils within the orange peel as well as the lemon peel that work on your body. so you're going to cut them in half and you're going to throw this in the water and you're going to put the silks of the silks of the the corn in there and four spring sprigs of of uh of mint in there and you're going to bring it to a boil and you're going to simmer this and you're going to simmer it for a long time so like maybe maybe I don't know a couple hours just let it simmer for a couple of hours you're getting all the oils out you're getting all of the good compounds in this out. And you're going to take it off the simmer and you're going to let it sit there until it cools down. And then you're going to pick up the orange and the lemon with what's left of the skin and the inside and such. You're going to squeeze it. You're going to squeeze it out when it's cool enough not to burn your hands. So squeeze it all out and squeeze the things in there out so you're getting all the elements of this out as much as you can. And then you're going to strain that. And then you're going to take that strained juice and water that you have, and you're going to, you know, put it in. You should have about a half a gallon of liquid there. And you're not going to sip on this during the day. You're going to drink it, not to the point of making yourself sick. And only you can know how many fluids you can take in at a time. So check with your doctor first if you want to, you know, if you want to do that. You go ahead and check with your health professional, right? There's my disclaimer. but go ahead and drink it and drink it down. Don't sip it over six hours, but you want to drink this like you would anything else. On an empty stomach works really well. And then just wait because I had a guy that worked for me that did this. And the first time he did it and he was in terrific pain. It didn't dislodge everything the first time. The second time he did, All of the kidney stones came out. Couldn't believe it. And so you may have to do it a couple of times. And, you know, drink it like you would some juice. You know, you're going to drink it. You're going to start, you know, you're going to start drinking it. You know, here's my glass of water here. So you're not going to. No, not a baby sip. You're going to go in and start drinking. And you may take a few minutes break and wait and such. This is how I would take it. And so at any rate, and it's my opinion and such, you know, but you should check around and make sure that you check with your health professional if you feel inclined to do that before you try something like this. But this is all food. It's all food. So if you take it in like you would food and consider it to be food, then you dose it the same way you would food. So same thing with if you want to do a fenbendazole cleanse or anything, you have to look at the dosage and what you need to take to get the job done without hurting your body. So right now I'm doing a fenbendazole cleanse and I'm doing 444 milligrams a day, 222 in the morning, 222 at night. And I can tell you that there's absolutely nothing. a, um, a change. And that's why I lost my voice. If you still hear my voice is a little bit funky. Um, uh, it does, it does, uh, there is changes that I noticed immediately from this. And a lot of it had to do with my lungs, which is really interesting. My lungs and my throat. Another guy I know is on a, on an ivermectin, uh, cleanse right now. He's out in Colorado, completely lost his voice for a while. So you had to take a little bit of iodine in order to, um, take some of the symptoms down and such. But it's all there. You just got to be willing to look into it yourself. Do not trust Donna Brandenburg. Look into it yourself. And unless I'm sitting right next to you as your mother in a mother capacity, which got appointed the mother of the whole planet, just so you know, that's my job here. But unless you have somebody that's walking right next to you, you're going to take the responsibility of the outcome of the choices that you make. We've already always had that, but the medical community, the medical mafia has done a bang up job of shutting people down and telling them not to think. And when I tell my story, not for reasons of manipulating anybody, but to tell you what I went through medically, you're probably going to be really shocked because I firsthand experienced this. And basically gave them this little trophy. You knew that was coming, didn't you? Yep. And walked away. I have a question about your recipe. When you said mint, are you alluding to peppermint or any kind of mint? Because there's lots of mints in Michigan. We have wintergreen. Yeah, I've done spearmint. Lemon mint. I've done spearmint because I grew it. And so spearmint and peppermint, either one of those, I think will work just fine. Okay. You could, for that matter. I don't have kidney stones that I know of. I'm just writing it down for future reference. If I know somebody that. If we go into a time of a crash of some kind, this is arming you with something in case it goes down that you may want to try. And if you're in a crisis situation or an emergency situation and you think about this, and let's go back just to the purse lane right now. Where do I get food? All the grocery stores are closed. Food, and I always go to complete is zero, ground zero. If something happens, what do you have if you hit ground zero at any point in time and you have nothing that you normally count on? Well, you got what's in your head. And you can start assessing the situation and then build the plan based on the assets you have on hand. So if you have one asset that you know about, purslane, and purslane grows in the summertime, so there's none on the ground right now that I've seen. So purslane and such, but there's other things that are growing right now that are kind of a chip shot. But you have to know what's growing at which time of the year and how you process it, what part of the plant you can eat and such. Anything a horse can eat, you can eat. So there's there's the and not all and not all plants that all the animals can eat can humans digest well, like we can eat grass. You can eat grass just like some of the other animals, but it's going to upset your stomach a little bit. So you're not going to want to go out there and graze on grass. I'm going to just tell you that right now. Other than besides the fact it sucks, you know, it doesn't taste good to us. But you you can you can say, OK, I know I've got these nutrients that I can get here and maybe I'll just eat a little bit of it and and such. But I wouldn't recommend ever eating grass and and for a number of reasons. especially in mass. Can you chew on it? Look at the farmers. They're always chewing on weeds out. If you go out in the farming communities and you'll watch people, and this was years ago, you'd see them, they'll be sitting there chewing on a weed, you know, they just chew on a weed, just something to do, you know, and I'll give them kudos because it's better than smoking, you know, because they were smoking back then. But, you know, chew on a weed and they knew what it was. So any other questions? I kind of wish too that we could bring back some of the current species that used to be native here in Michigan and were purposefully eradicated to save the lumber industry. Mm-hmm. There's a ton of good nutrients and health effects from the from the Ribes family of fruiting bushes. And that would be great if we had a few more of those growing. But in a lot of cases here in Michigan, there's a lot of counties that you actually have to have a permit to grow them. And there's kind of a good reason for that. Okay. I want to put the good reason out there is that, that between currents and like pine trees, like the white pine tree, they will share back and forth a fungus, which destroys the trees. So there's a, there's a separation in the old, in the old varieties of the currents. Yeah. But anymore. New ones. So they, they, they should deregulate this. and allow the fungus-resistant varieties to flourish. Yep. The white pine blister rust-resistant currants, there's several species of those. And it would be great if we could bring some of those back because, boy, they're incredibly nutrient-dense. It's like the pawpaws. Pawpaws, Michigan pawpaw, there's like 52 varieties of pawpaws. Didn't know that. And I don't know if anybody knows that. But each plant creates about 50 pounds of fruit in a season. Now, the problem with it is it's hard to preserve because it's kind of it's called custard fruit. And so you have to when it's ripe, it's going to come ripe all at the same time. So you're going to either have to have something a way to freeze it or preserve it or freeze dry it. Or you might be able to make like an applesauce type product out of it. that you can put on top of other foods or eat by itself. I don't know, but that's one of those things that, that I'm, I'm going to be planting this year. I've got, I got my plan. I got my source. I got the type I want and, and how, how I'm going to be planting that this year. Cause it's all awesome. Just, just curious, you know. Another native Michigan fruit. And yeah, there's a bunch of good native Michigan fruits and plants that have over time just become less common because they're not the big agricultural crops. Well, I want everybody to think about this. All of the corn subsidies that were put in place in order to produce ethanol, that was basically a farm subsidy that benefited no one. And I want you to think about this. If we could trade out these big ag crops that are almost wholly owned by foreign interests and big corporations that go back to local farming and know how to do this really well. We control the food supply and keep the poisons out of it, but think about the switchgrass. Switchgrass is a native plant. You plant it once, let it grow. You don't have to irrigate it because it's native, just exactly like the pawpaw, how the pawpaw works, because it's suited for the area. Let it grow. You don't have to use herbicides or pesticides on it because it's already built in because it's native and it will flourish in those areas. And you can mow it at the end of the season just like you would as any other kind of a crop is mow it, pick it up just like you would a hay or something. And guess what? Ta-da, there's your ethanol source right there. So if we got rid of all the corn subsidies and nonsense, which has a negative, it has a negative benefit because it costs more to produce it than what it produces. So it's actually, it has to be subsidized. The corn has to be subsidized. And so if we went back to switchgrass and go back to managing the way that this should be, think about this. You don't have to irrigate. That just cuts the cost right there. You have no irrigation costs. You don't have to use any Any herbicides or pesticides on it, better for the ground. We're not poisoning ourselves with glyphosates and such. But what about the big corporations buying up the water rights and the ability to produce glyphosate? Yeah, there you go. It's all tied in. And then you mow it at the end of the year. You don't have to plow. You don't have to disk. You don't have to do all of these normal things that they have to do. I mean, they're not doing a lot of the plowing and disking right now with no-till because they just pour all kinds of chemicals on the ground to kill the living soil. And so we don't get the nutrients out of it. And you mow it, you take it off, and you turn it into ethanol. And there's so many uses that you can do that without poisoning the ground. Same thing with hemp. We could do the same thing. Um, you know, with, with growing hemp, you can make plastics out of it. You can do all sorts. The plastics are 50 times stronger than what you can make out of, out of petroleum products. And, uh, It's, or not petroleum, out of steel. So now you cut down the steel, some of the steel, downsides of steel and that sort of thing. I mean, there's all sorts of these things that we can do. So I look at this whole system falling and I'm like, bring it. Today's a good day. God, bring this whole system down because you know what? We're going to stop seeing our country and our countrymen, our friends and family poisoned because they just don't even know better. What say you? Well, every now and then I think of the Walking Dead series because there's an abrupt ending of all resources provided publicly. There's no more fuel in the tanks. There's no more groceries being delivered to the stores. There's no more pharmaceuticals unless you raid a store or someone's house, and then people fight over what's left behind. If somebody has an injury, there is a... a tough time of looking for antibiotics and then who knows how to use it. There's not a lot in that series where you see somebody who is a scientist type who survives the initial wave of horror, you know, so there's not, there's no botanists on the walking dead. There's no agriculturalists. There might be a few farmers. There was a farmer at one point and he lasted a while, but, um, And he was able to teach some people about farming and they ended up producing a community that could sit in one place and farm with a protected environment to keep the hazard out but You know, that kind of prepares my mind, at least, you know, what would happen if there are no resources for whatever reason? And what have you got to rely on? What's in your own neighborhood? Is there a pharmacy? Stupid people got during the toilet paper test. Yeah. How long does all those resources last? You know, when the pharmacy or the grocery store gets broken into, that's not perpetual. You know, once it gets rated out, there's nothing left. And over time, you know, then suddenly you have farming communities with a few horses that they've managed to save and learn how to use the hard way. And if that would ever happen, which you've talked about from time to time, then this knowledge, what would potentially last as books? You wouldn't have the internet to go and research like I've been doing. It's critical that we know these things and also Also, I've been working for years on figuring out how to bring semis full of food into areas. And I'm kind of working on a bunch of projects all at the same time right now. One of them is creating communities or ways for small communities within about three mile radius in order to... But not just even a three-mile radius. That was something that a friend of mine that we were talking about would work very, very well. But in small communities that you could really, yesterday I was talking to somebody and realizing the need for companion industries for farmers. And so I'm like, well, there's so many easy ways to do this. It's incredible. But that goes back to decentralizing and localizing the production into, say, cottage industries. The only thing that they would have a problem with that I can see is the supply lines. And so somebody who's done any work on supply lines or raw materials and such would be real necessary to get them to the cottage industries unless it's locally. I mean, there's certain things that you can't get in certain areas just like that are the raw materials there. You know, you're going to have in areas of Michigan, we have a lot of clay in Michigan in different areas, a lot of clay. Believe me, I grew up in a gravel pit and the different stones and such. So you have these deposits just like just like you have oil, you know, oil or petroleum deposits, crude or natural gas. There's all sorts of these natural resources, but they're not like you don't just like drop a drill in anywhere and hit it. They're in different areas. same thing with like say granite or marble, or, I mean, we can, we can go into this, just all sorts of elements that are out there or where do you find them and where is it the easiest to find them? Do you need them or can you find something like, and this, this is a bad example because I'm jumping from like a mineral or elemental discussion into something like the rennet. You know, if we're thought to think about rennet for making cheese, But you can do that out of plants. And so to look at all this stuff, how do you replace what you don't have locally? Is there a way or a process you can do that? Or do you need to have a supply line to somebody who actually has those resources in order to make trade? Yeah, the logistics is a lot of that stuff is complicated. is certainly an important element of that. And kind of going back to the whole mineral thing, I find the whole idea that a lot of the... There have been artifacts, Roman artifacts, which were made out of copper. That the only way that they could have made those out of that copper, the only place on Earth that had that particular mix of copper was in northern Michigan. Yeah, it's Michigan because it's a special kind. Yep. It's super high purity copper nodules from northern Michigan. And it's like the only place in the world that has that particular metallurgical mix to it. And they found this in... ancient Roman artifacts. So think about that, that, you know, you think of logistics being kind of a modern thing for, for the long distance transportation and being able to trade very, very long distances for resources. But think about that doing trans Atlantic trade in the Roman era. That it's, it's pretty well proven that that, that that was going on. There's a lot of that, that they try to refute that because they don't want to really, well, they, they want us to think that ancient peoples were stupid and they absolutely weren't. But yeah, that that's one that, I mean, think about setting up that supply chain for taking copper mine in Northern Michigan and getting that over to, to Italy and, And then making it affordable? We don't even have the technology to build the pyramids that they did. I mean, how are you going to build the pyramid or Solomon's Temple? We don't have the technology today to do it. Yeah, people in the past weren't stupid. I think we've gotten dumber is what's happened. I would agree. We've gotten way dumber and lazier, too. I would agree. One of the... most impressive feats of modern engineering that I can think of is the transition from black and white TV to color TV. I, I still don't understand how in the world they worked out all the math to make that work. It's amazing to me that, that they were able to do that. And nowadays I, There's a lot of technology nowadays, but a lot of times we solve problems now by brute forcing a solution through greater computing power or greater industrial capacity to be able to work with a low yield process or that kind of thing. We just waste a whole bunch of resources making something when, man, there were some incredibly creative uses of various precursor technologies back in the past. And if you study those, it's really interesting. Well, look at the batteries, the lithium batteries and such. And, you know, all the cobalt that they're mining. How many tons do they go through to get cobalt out of these mines? This is absolutely absurd. And here's my question. Okay, I'm just going to be like throw this against the wall and see if it sticks here because never really talked about this again. But what other resources are they obliterating going after one particular mineral there? that they don't even maybe know is right under their nose. So they destroy all of it just to get the one thing because somebody in the green, you know, the green, you know, Save the Whales, Save the Whales eco-Nazi group there hasn't really thought this thing through. So they grab the headline and go, oh, you got to do this and somebody's funding it, right? Because it's a money laundering through the green initiatives out there. And so how much are they destroying just because that's where they're going for the money, not the long game. They're not playing a long game. They're playing a short game and that ends in destruction. Well, it's like, I'm kind of, I don't think the lithium ion battery powered vehicles are a good idea. It's a bad idea. I'm not anti-electric vehicle, but lithium ion batteries are really, they're a, If you're going for sustainability, they're a terrible technology because they're going to wear out. And that's where most of the cost of the vehicle is when you end up having to get it repaired down the line. They can't even sell them without the subsidies. It goes back with ethanol. Ethanol is a negative product. Yeah. It can't work without subsidies. Yeah. You look back in the past, we had nickel iron batteries around, you know, early 1900s. We had electric vehicles in the early 1900s that ran on nickel iron batteries. Nickel iron batteries are so much more durable than lithium ion. And a lot of those batteries from, you know, around 1900, some of those still work. It's... you have problems with the leakage currents on them, but boy, if you were to build an electric vehicle with nickel iron batteries, instead of lithium ion batteries, a nickel iron battery powered vehicle would be a great thing. You could charge it off of a whole bunch of different sources, just like you can with, you know, pretty much any electric vehicle, but it would be something that you could use darn near indefinitely. It wouldn't be a forced planned obsolescence kind of a thing. when the battery hits end of life and you know, just a few years. What about a hydrogen fuel cell? And some of those, the water, the, the, you know, the hydrogen fuel cells, alcohol fuel cells. Yes. And they're not even talking about that. And if you could do like an alcohol fuel cell or something, you can source it locally. Yep. That's what they want. They want to continue to centralize so that they can turn everybody into their little ant farm of, uh, of, uh, taking advantage of what's going on here. And alcohol fuel cells, what do you get as a waste product? Vinegar. we'd have really clean streets, wouldn't we? Yeah. So there you go. Well guys, how about this? Let's wow. It's 1130. This is amazing. You know what? I love sitting here talking about this with you guys. You know, it's kind of fun to be friends. I was waiting for you to look at the clock. I'm like, this is fun. I didn't say anything. Yeah. Well, you know, that's just it. I, I went on my little farm tour yesterday and, And I ended up in a place where they're making cheese and they do cheese making classes. And I'm like, I'm doing the next one because I want to see exactly what they're doing and how they're doing it. And I could post the pictures I took from it. It was pretty amazing, the different types of cheeses that they had. And they had rigged up their own waiting system for pressing out cheese. for pressing out the cheese. And you want to know what was crazy. So I don't know if everybody knows this, but we own a agricultural farm drain tile business. And what they used to press the cheese in instead of like the traditional cheese wheels, they had these 12 inch dual wall drain tile pipes And they throw it in there. They put their wooden wheels on top of it or the wood. And then they've got a little weight that they just put on top of that thing and press it right down through the drain tile. So they've got the perforations to get rid of the liquid. I'm like, dude, that is cool. So one of those innovations that they put together, I'm like, whoa. So that was fun. So I think I'm going to, I'm going to go ahead and take their class. I know a little bit about it, but not enough to put it into practice in any meaningful way. So anyhow, any last words, guys? Let's say a prayer and go on to our days. We've got problems to conquer. Sounds good. For me, I'm glad we're having this kind of conversation because I went down to the library and I checked out seven books on gardening topics. And I'm trying to figure out what I want to grow and how I'm going to grow it this year with my husband and kids. And I have lots of questions that are unanswered right now. But having a book in your hand for anything that you think you might want to do is a good thing. And I'm also reading dieting books, not dieting, but like proper diet for me. Like wheat belly is one I'm learning a lot from. I'm glad you were talking about the wheat diet. Um the einhorn wheat you're investigating they've been Toxifying us through wheat for so long and it's causing so many health issues What can we do to avoid that? Well, we're going to have to change things up, but you got to educate yourself a little bit first And that's what I'm in the process of doing this year And and so I'm going to add a garden a garden a vegetable garden to my meat garden donna um Good. Hey, Hey, I'll give you, I'll give you a gimme. I'm working on some vertical gardens right now too. I was like, I've got way too much energy. I got to have something to do where I drive myself nuts. Right. And so yeah, so I've got I'm going to be putting together some vertical gardens. If you want one, I'll give you one and can provide you the compost and everything else you need to be able to grow things. And the nice thing about a vertical garden too. So like when you grow plants on the ground, great. You can do that anywhere. Not a big deal. As long as you're, you're, If you've got sandy soil, grow things like, I don't know, strawberries, that sort of thing. You need to know what kind of soil you have, but you can grow things on the ground. You're not going to grow root vegetables in a clay-based soil. You have to have more of a sandy, loamy soil for that. And so you've got to kind of know what you're growing and what's their favorite place to be. Otherwise, you're going to have kind of like mediocre results. But anyhow, use a vertical garden. If you can grow things like your greens, lettuce, anything that is – think about salad, any type of a salad thing. You get it off the ground just a little bit, and then the bunnies don't mess with you. Mm-hmm. That's what we're thinking. We're thinking of a raised bed of some sort. Get away from some of the cutworms, too. They'll cut things off at the root. Those little buggers will cut it off just like they went through your garden with a knife. Diatomaceous earth. That's another thing everybody should have on hand. Get some diatomaceous earth because that works phenomenally well for anything. You get some pests anywhere, you throw that down, and what they do is the bugs walk through it. And if they lick their feet and it's a, it's kind of like ancient shell and it cuts up. Let me get a screenshot. They lick your little feet and then they lick it off their feet and it goes into their digestive tract and cuts up their digestive tract so that, um, It dehydrates them from the inside out. It works real good. Decent way to demite chickens, too. Annoys the heck out of them if you just throw it all over them, but it helps with the mites. Yeah, they dust themselves anyway, so we're just we just like help them redust themselves. So anyhow, let's say a prayer guys and go on our day. I can sit and talk to you guys all day long. We are, we are in fact, very good friends and we could sit and talk all day long. And we're all a bunch of nerds. I mean, not just sort of nerds. We're like super nerds. So somebody watched me doing plane tracking the other day and he goes, Oh my gosh, you're a nerd. I'm like, this should have been evident, real, you know, You know, when somebody can get excited about a good pair of socks, you know you got a nerd on hand, right? So anyhow, dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very, very much for this day and giving us the ability to have wonderful friends around and people that we can walk through this life together and solve problems and have a great time playing. It really is playing, taking it out of What am I going to accomplish? What do I have it into? Well, let's be curious and look into this. And we just love it that you've given us so many opportunities and things to look into. And it's like being on adventure. It's like an adventure camp here, you know, things that are beautiful that are growing and the animals and each other and so many things to figure out and just be curious about. Thank you so much for all that you've given us and all you've done to us leading us through. And the fact that no matter what happens now or in the future, You are good all the time. And we have nothing to worry about because wrath is not safe for your children. And we know that you're here protecting us like our good father. And we thank you so much every day. We want to make you happy with what we do. We want to listen to your commands and the things you tell us not to do because we know it's not because you're trying to keep us from things, but you're trying to keep us safe in a world that you've given choice. People have the ability to walk and do the right thing or the wrong thing. And you're giving us good guidance to not get ourselves into trouble. And we're very thankful for that. We never want to get in your presence and have you say, well, how is that working for you? And disobedience to not following your rules. We want to follow your rules. And obedience is always better than sacrifice. So we just want to obey what you're telling us to do and listen to you, not because it's an action of subverting us, but because you're protecting us. And we thank you for that so very much. Thank you so much for this day ahead. Thank you for Jeff and Karen and Ralph and all the wonderful people out there like Charlotte and Rob and Leb and Hawks and so many people that jump on the chat so frequently. And I'm very grateful for every single thing that they contribute and screenshot their posts quite often so I can keep track of it, including what Charlotte posted this morning. I did screenshot that. And we just thank you for the family that you've given us and the hearts that you've given each and every one of us to care about each other that drives us into what we do every single day. And you've been a great friend to us. We want to be a wonderful friend to you. All glory and honor to you and everything. Only things in us that are good that will stand are the things you put there. Because we didn't even know how to love. You had to teach us that. And you had to do it first to even show us what it was that we were supposed to do or what that looks like. And we thank you for the gift of love that you gave us in our Savior, Jesus Christ. And in Jesus Christ's precious name we pray. Amen. So here we go guys off to the races here. We're going to have a day to explore. So there you go. Um, go to because I'm the best non-conceiter who has ever not conceded in the history of the United States until we write that 2020 and 2022 stolen, fraudulent, fake election that we had and shame on everybody that had something to do with it and join us so that we can throw this out in the light and fix this thing. Um, and, uh, With that said, God bless you all. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Have a great day. Make it so. Make good choices. Make our Papa up there here. He's not really up there. He's kind of right here. But make our Papa proud of what you do today and be a blessing to those around you. And we'll see you tomorrow.