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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/18/2022 - Live Ken Nash and Karen the Ultra Riveter

Published Nov. 18, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is friday november eighteenth twenty twenty two and i had my very special guess on to day carinthia and can natheral about a lot of stuff first and foresight dusting them on and wonder go through some news to jump on the heathercat you want and communicate with us because we'll read those chances were growing here this morning number one and number two i want to tell you some a few dates that we have because her definitely as commotion going on right now that we're going to want to talk about as we go forward the wilga actions as well as just motion in general that may be will be well incouraged everyone because there is a lot going on behind the an bring you guys in here a mania to that end a welcome good morning cannon terence gen morning hiding standing you i'm doing good i've got to tell you you know i always joke about my hair right cause my hair i've got all these colleges all over my head looking hard captain severely little all the time so this morning i go out to alicante veering to get like at least a couple of miles then you know my one son whose gastinois i affectionately call him at this point timotheus he won't get out of the house unless we go do something together because it's just just to i think it's just too difficult so so we be able to increase his miles here and were up to about two miles a day the morning day at dawn up with all kinds of good intentions writing to go you know we're going to go to the game we're going to get some wathendale that sort of thing and get outside and there is literally like canines the snow on my trip so of course i wasn't prepared for it thought that i would go out there and just try to get it you know brush some of it off and get melted off but to no avail we have snow in michigan and a lot of it and it's beautiful i love it it feels like were wrapped in the night little warm blanket and aronette cosy blanket not warmly i am fairly now but the last night last night we were going to go out and do something and i got on the road and it was a black ice going up the hill by my house now like no undone side turned around because just for everybody out there if you have never lived in michigan and you don't know miss i snow of the year is where you get wet to ache all these people that had decided to come to michigan who can't drive for a crab in michigan in the way accidents all over the place though there is no body knows and the rest of us half of the rest of the paper misanpore at what littoralis short term memory lost so this morning and i engaged in such short term memory lost so i get out there and i start cleaning of my truck with my hands didn't have met as honored in young's on erything like that and after about ten fifty minutes slower water on my hands as a outline but in hampton minutes of pain from the cold but now it's beautiful out to day how you guys start i'm more in cosy inside myself but yet we have those really big slow delays outside menelaos really pretty coming down it's coming down it definitely adding up the inches here must miss so my husband from iowa and i warn him i said you think you have snow now we may be on the same lad to line here you may think you understand now but unless you live in west michigan you have no concept with snow is because we have often ladylike is like snow asteroids in it is from about lake michigan to about twenty thirty miles and from the cot and sometimes i will go further than that but we esticado a lot of flying over lake michigan and when you watch how the clouds bill your friend if you're flying from say that the west side of lake michigan over the lake and you can't most it's kind of like you want this little tiny pup start from chicago and a little post tousand tell you he at the cost of mechanism into a cloud bank that is absolutely zero visibility it it's kind of crazy and it says this way for proximately we we generally see big float like effect snow flake sometimes little ones but it doesn't really stop for at least six weeks until the lake actually warms up and then we start seeing the sun again put us in the category of being the second darkest state in the nation you know that i didn't so there's my there's my snow went for the morning we're just starting to her so we should have plenty more i would so too it's good you just got to sit up for it so we were we were talking about the news is more and i actually have had a few calls which was really interesting from people who were sucked in by the republican party that are like i'm starting to get what's happening here and i wanted to bring up what i there was a post of pride morning which i thought was one of the one of my cries really this one forward but it was talking about mark ranald's of governor to sandy's foundation for correctional out excellence to sanitated a new foundation for correctional and marco rose the national director of the trinity broadcast not work and what is seen as a kind of like a pagan symbol used by the nazis behind tom's logo is even in evening more interesting but even more interesting are the founders the croat couple jan crowhigh on years of her involvement in haiti smiled the child foundation of tonatiah school hospital friendships to asterie stars by united nations all that's going to and well and in friends of billy graham there at franklin grand scandals and lawsuits of roman children the cabin never any footprint in haiti and i was put out there this is really interesting if you get to my telegram channel it's got all kinds of screens shots of of the connections and you know i source sortie screen shots in this post by tina and i really want to see it starts talking it's talking on doing private public partnership in the prison system to try to get a prisoner back to work again and in time i hear that word private public partnership it makes my blood run cold because there is a big big problem with us and nobody is being questioned or held accountable to we the people in any of this still i am i'm kind o concerned and i want to bring this forward just just let her really know that donovan will not give any one a pass and i don't care who it is i don't care if you know i really don't care who it is but if not this is got to bring something to the forefront that romantics either bring something to the forefront check on to expose some more bad actors or he somehow some i want to know what he has connections are to this because one way or the other we need some questions answered and on this front no i'm not saying these bad guy i'm not saying as good guy i'm not seeing any of that i'm seein i've got some real question associated with this person that you know that he has yes a red flag donald donald says to his down said sunshine the travesty sixty five per cent of the year oh i wish i love you at this moment but i don't right now estada iron grand rapids but no i actually went down so anyhow i wanted to bring this up because i thought this was concentrating no he apropos now does my focus on it but i will post this outlet i'll postulate but look at look at the difference between height hillary and bell in this pitcher marianita i can't get it to come come forward meinik at the difference and in high peter of bill and hillary off the ratio the race shows are of those aren't the same people and and i think that we need to realize that there is so much going on to distract and to to absolutely distract into mislead us things that face now you need to be questioned if something doesn't look right probably isn't it really different the question is is which side of the table are they honor the one good side or a bad side what say you looking for that picture on my phone sidenote too because i know i had it so that which is good and true into the nonsense that that went on down and had an across the world because quinones i think you know we talked about it this private public partnership here's a nice seguitare about that would dixon dixon's claims yesterday and the a river group that is her father was involved and that her coming out saying you know first of all she was bragging about the vaccination that she got and then after that she switches bein she refuses to actually stand with a contest the election move on something out nosing for the head the republican party which is in my opinion absolutely a criminal organization at this point more dangerous than the democrat party look at the amount of money laundering that went on just at akasha you that on both sides now we've got six republicans that took my including that romney and in all of this nonsense he talked about the private public partnership and going back to and then jump back to have again with all of this nonsense going on its point us to a very very bad bad result which i hate to say it with the one always ends up with children and harming children it does does he a family in the one against the children susceptible i mean that they've got to be raised up i mean children have to be raised and so there they sponged orangeade out you know the children are looking to learn things i always kind of been the idea is if you can train the children right past the current generation i think one of the things i saw the most in dealing with my kids was watching electronic commerce which would not move towards cryptic when my kids were in school was different than when i was in school as i could my milk with a quarter and in change dollar and get some five cents in change and then when my kid started going to school in the emanated my credit card account no no the incalculably buy anything was actual you know currency they had to have to send the money into the teacher who put the money in the count with him to go out there and inside the car wipe the catlike the car to get their meals and so by the time our kids get through school they almost never used currency they only learned to wipe the cards the older generations are used to using you know green backs and all that condition is to replace that with digital currency and bits with the patriot actuarial have a financially tractable identity within the state united states inserting to whenever all of them the living full body of mental confidence an age people into using electronic conversation by past that beginning of the next generation of children are boisselle because what you routine you put them through become the normal romaniser up and that's what they become it is all tractable so here's an article that that came up this morning too and i really kindlike this you know doing research on a fly here as as we're talking about things i think that's kind of nice to involve people and to a research process i think that this is a good thing and i could probably out of the stuff i upon my mother one of my four computer screen any gateway content far laughed brazilian supreme court orders banks to block funds of business men who supported the protestors and mastery rallies protester stand strong that's from november seventeen and since i massive fraud during the run of election in october and brazil millions of brazilians have been protesting on a street every day against electoral fraud by communist convicted criminal his opponent there man streamed such as a global refuse report on what may be the largest protest the world's ever seen feeling even more raging disappointment among the brilliant people yet because the main stream media is complicity in harran and enemy harriet so now here now there freezing their assets if any one is supported the protest kind of sounds like what happened and in canada doesn't it same thing absolutely the same thing this is my big problem with this is really one of my big problems that i have with it going to ripton crypto started out as being something that was a good thing untraceable to break them break the central banking system in my opinion but it's already been co opted and so now the ones that have co opted it have really created a bad situation and unless we have either a parallel system or something that is whether it it goes to barter so that we can break their on onlawful tax structure he arose he's me immodest we've got a moderate that's been installed this morning so welcome my kitchen table many if we don't have a non traceable a form of of trade currency be a larger or silver or gold or whatever it is that people want to trade for services or or such were always under that tyrannical oversight and they're going to increase surveillance in order to keep us under their thumb in order to to tax more and to grammar money this is a big big problem if they can trace the money if they can if they can trace the money if they internationality grab we have a big problem supply it came to my mind who as you know the question whose head is on the coin and it was caesar's head that was on the and so it was rendered rather undersized her laughter so the idea of getting away from the currency really creates the jurisdiction for the but the boy that actually issues the currency seems like about the only thing left any more of the united states is the monetary when they use that very system they tax and that system they pay themselves with that currency and then not allow them to continue to make rules and regulations to continue boiling the people for more currents and so currency seems to be the way that the deadeyes taught way back in the day how to maintain jurisdiction over the people i think it was a problem back in the manuscript that if you had the coin and you had to pay the tax with the coin that he the emperors had on it then you were automatically involved with that jurisdiction and i think we have that happening in the united states in our currency has been taken around the world in order to gain a foothold in all these other jurisdictions i certainly the bible path if you will towards authority without it the authority almost disappears and if we didn't use the currency what would they prop themselves up with and makes a very good point and look what's happening with his you crane system the money supply is getting cut off to the cab because the people are starting to see what's happening now and when that money goes then it's going to get really crazy when they don't have the finding to do what they want to do yeah that's what it's going to get really interested well they're trying to choke us out with a food supply in everything else yesterday or this week somewhere i i came up that walmart throwing food off the shelves and you know you can see all the other production plants that have been burned this year and food that's been destroyed cronshaw many chicken processing places i have been you know gone up with fires in can you look it up roquin a let's take a look at this okay so we're going to do on the we're going to do on the spot research here and bring stuff up so that we can share this with and so that you can you can in fact you can for talking about and i think this is i think this is significant i really do because one of the things i really been researching on is how to create a decentralized power great well as the tower on all these weird ned things right because i like to do this sort of and how to do a more local production of food be it beat a you know in the ground underground greenhouses that sort of thing and how we do this in each of our communities so that we can have we can feed our own people and keep it more local so that if in fact we don't have one source to get our power or a food or any of that for you think about this what's just use granaries and say that we have the surrounding area to say no byron center adawana the areas because we've got big production of fruit the fruit orchards and we actually got a really robust form culture here in so let us say that we ended up buying local at all of these in you know local and all of these towns are as a town kinda specializes something or or something like that we can effect create trade situations where we are taking care of you know so cayugas if you guys can focus on this will focus on this and we can trade back and forth and have our own little system within the state there's lots of products we could do that with two as well as manual and in the terror things coming into the state so that a huge trade within the state your good go but if you go outside of the state you've got a problem and or not ootside cieco into the state now we tear of the pride frock that's what president trumped didn't use a tea of situation and you can do that you know hang it on the tenth moment i think it would be really interesting but then develop all this technologies or the far manoeuvre for men the farming locally or farming within the state so that we can affect you know have a robust pharmacology here i i posted two lines for you in reverse order to the second one i posted was the top result from google comes from rooters saying i know the crazy people are claiming their secreting fires and the food industry trying to in social media say that there's some plan or all of this and you know they must be nuts and that rooters and your main stream but the second line was from a fire that was so there in the chapter i don't know if you can pull it up there in the private chat that we have going there pithecanthropus because it's like okee me so we got her to the first and packaging strategies dot com it's an article from just in august this year and they actually have a graphic many poultry fires they looked up as poultry processing fires something like that harland fires and so the first link actually shows the graph of how many altaripa have been caught up or destroyed it and cut up with fire or destroyed and for some reason this year has over twenty or twenty five of them i mean we never seen a paragraph like this before according to the chart how often the low numbers in the past okay i got to see if i can i got to try to to share this screen over the give just a minute because this is just an take me a second thought but anything it's interesting to the first line says there's no evidence for this crazy claims of these people over here saying that there some problem in the process against and yet hearing a half a graphite actually put a bathos that we've had a huge number of increases of just chicken plants in themselves that have gone up here you theurgistes a fire that's a reason article for twenty twenty two yet these are there's a terebratula there how can you have that many chicken product fire and like one year i mean this is not especially when you look at it the past few years go back to two thousand seventeen is the the last one were not a little middle finger graft coming out there but this year is as crazy and in as unknown causes at the article on it starts off with an talkin about or another recent factory that just went up to a to that bar for this year situation so i know cases again so so that's kind of natty and then let me on the grab the other on her a minute we'll look at this i think this is kind of fun and this is what i would say everybody that sitting in this chat bright are that here you know cannon and karen and i do full time as we are i love a man in i love the epirotes because rogers is almost always just very like this if you wanter know what the misamis putting out the mainstream media riders as what of those sources so is not necessarily a bad thing if you can discern to go in papeetee and see what they're talking about because it gives you a clue into what the rest of the countries consommes i forget i dismiss various narratives so quickly that i forget that the rest of the country still stuck on some things so it's it's okay but pay attention to those sources and once you see something like that article you too will know i have to be careful of that particular source so wore new sources unaddressed news that i don't aristotle got a double negative there says the verdict there is the first negative and identifies it food processing plants and two thousand twenty two were not second night of plan to intentionally create foreshores where they say there are tonally triceratops so either somebody was a complete nethermere on the road that or they are actually telling us what they did and this is missionaries it's got to be fastened you know almost twenty five point five and in a single season never had fires like that before it antedates rooters news if you were to post it and any of your main stream media that riders is part of like twitter face book or any social platform there had come back through and in delectasti conspiratorial problems for the people my life because ruder said that its face you might even have the other link that shows that we've got the problem going on if mainote people i think about men the courts now if the judge says it so it's so original make the wide truth here they do should we should we do what we want to go from this because teetotalling in the city to where you want to see a cow with this to the cottontail free soredamors with fantastic family friends who are doing a arenberg knew no work can and carondolet can take contention partnership to day katie dis is good morning at no hard line this morning no jason was working this morning so we usually do his armine at so he was available stop working jason the tamales learning his good morning and rises good morning petit show sowing here in the western appertains to the even called school off last night ronnie smith while second darkest state to washington state is darker than michigan mirabelle do up are you he gets a lot of snow i've been up there in a oh we do michael i love it tom always learn it not the same people not different people gary smithy how are they replaced tom i don't know i don't know have you seen me the videos of them changing silicon mass of people that soetkin of fun but even look at even looked bidette spindly legs he's got will slip finally legs and little he's got a younger man's hands too i'm not minna crop because somebody who is as old as he has doesn't have a hands with thirty year old and he does we got yesterday shared one with maxine waters there was one where she was standing by in a press conference to standing there and if you compare photos of what we the waters and whoever that was it appears that they were definitely working wearing a not very good silicon mass compared to some of the other things we've seen her eyes were disturbed the whole time and the face was really smooth skin tone was different the wrinkles were different it was just really of a share that yesterday and it begot so temperatam up said we the last he saw he had ninety facilities with fires that were destroyed i think that's parker from the famous park rope so let's see when we go home their place michael woollens of michael boudoir fer youse can tom always learning the collapse tom always learning i would do something like that all begood morning good morning and charlotte somewhere around a hundred and twenty i think in the food factory fires yet i think that's right we have nine the snow right now near generation the tale i think i have like ten on my trunk this morning seriously tom is learning driving to work the sorters and video from charlotte some by so as snow days so i can listen my pay great god is great icicles much to learn thank you for noticin truth and for not conceding interesting would you asarara what we jump around a little bit but i think we can go into the proportion thing and also i want to go into the falls river thing a little bit and the shame that the republican party is pettiford with with anger and john b uninterested for the archer of the publican party and they had got some questions i mean just lock the questions an you got to ordinances who woos but her back ground is as yet i've got the mask everybody pat me on the back or the jam the mask pant me on the back and dancing with a draw he died all geertruida did die this this year to so i'm sorry her dad died but fact is that and he was involved in faerie group that shillooks like a global organization so when when i see it as a whole bunch of politicians and i mean a whole bunch of them that have the ore you know patriots and wolves clothing who really are very globally connected when she start making these connections as its huge it's a huge problem so i don't know what your the band video is and i can't pull it off that chair right now and let me see i could find it over here an video tell me what to look for charlotte i like an idea by the way i think and video is a great source i no kind of stuff on the i sharmarkay with but i had made a while back of tudor as a printing food yes the and i put it along with her statement that she was considering running for a chair the old arm giving north like all forgot as for real you know it's like then the cloud locations around for governor nash's going to go for the chairman a chairman of the republican party at them to see all paris need to go away there all corrupt when we see if i can let me know what's the video it's in the line i can't click on the line against senator screen till now at the sun matter is it not go an look for and video of i can't move from that screen to this other not connected so i just need to sobrante and i'll put it in anyhow this this whole thing with child trafficking i really i really think that we need to get into this too because when you look at michigan and what say ganache dead going max well you know the the gallows in with with abstainin we've got islands all over the world that are doing assist at one of this is this is a in an infestation of patachiaou in gets worse than that i mean there's so many things worthings they do you know to torture kids and i pepa to see this corrupt you know if it's it's unfortunate she did she go ahead and post the post the subject charlotte she declared or they declared all of the seas of the world in a country and call it terremoto there's there's a project there and so when we would go to prosecute them for anything in countries they will you can't prosecute me because my citizen of terror let's look at let's look at michigan what's negation by international waters right and we have international ports here why would we want to do that for somebody that was then food plant fires okay out with that why you know why would why would we want to why would we want to go there for me what pop up again in scripture who do you proclaim yourself to be before men you know do you claim herself to be a citizen of rome i think of paul and being flogged by you know by the the news of the day because of the crime they felt he committed and in order to get out of that basically claimed to be a roman and so away they saved him from the same red that was whitefire courts that were within he took him off to rome and he became my you know basically a member of rome in an eventually lost is life on the deep dark about the fact that because he proclaimed himself to be part of rome that eventually led to his death and so here these people proclaimed themselves to be part of whatever initiator terror again it even as infectious here in this country to a christian's claim themselves to be part of the united states before they would claim in the kingdom with a so for the people that want to create things of man and say i'm a member of that and that's why my jurisdiction that's my faith that's the state of mind that i have i think again it's evident that they don't first proclaim and that is the children of the most high now you i had i had a discussion the other day as i i came houtside governor's can i declare war and he were safe now in a can declare war they can and they can declare war we may not be able to declare war on other countries but we can deplore clare war on antitch as say the olecranon form i think that would be a good place to and because it's in it they have come into this country other under other means in order to invade this country they have invaded this country through through economic means which means if your going to way to war on them than you can you can see at easthope that you know using the amendment of any one involved in human trafficking or child trafficking you can you can anyone that's committed crimes against humanity you can go after issue like that and i think in the history of this nation to actually declared war on other states so if if somebody wants to ah say like you know not namin goose at masaarah like that decides to to launch an attack against michigan in any way that suits the will of the people and or the the states right that's an attack isn't a campaign contributions coming from foreign states into the michigan elections equivalent to the same thing that russia was accused of doing in the use and one if you're taken dark money from big big money around the world economic form a politician then you basically have ornate attacked the election integrity of michigan but anactorians learned that pistolled of that posse that should the governor declared that they're going to go ahead and take over those forces then the sheriff basically becomes like the captain to the governor who can lead the forces and direct the troops you basically have the people that are willing and able to serve all the way back to gain the good book everybody now was capable of carrying a sword was counted and it was expected and do their covetous sesame thing here in the state by the constitution that the polis there the sheriff lapointe the governor takes it over and in times of that type of emergence and i think too you know look at what look at what the santiddio removing the you know attorney general that this is if they're not at a governor there's a lot of things that a governor can do if they're willing we just have not had a governor and a very long time who didn't have globulis ties that wasn't anything more than a puppet to the globes master take orders the entire state of michigan look at the look at look at you know i'm the all of them except one giving out a legal trouble there you know were basically falling in line with a global estimates and you look at people like and the ties with the ties with that gretchen has with sorrow the ties that they have with william an the whole for the whole front government a government system of michigan and landing there never stood up to stop these unconstitutional may ask mandates or vaccine and they all went along nobody jumped up and down and he said o sons had people mishandle mishanter had ye want me watertoasters you know the the apple people of michigan the these people in lands or part of an invasion of our state there are enabling the world economic form to in fact come in here and take your right away they are involved in it there involved in an invasion of this state by a by inaggressive and aggressive foreign that i i can i can fill a show with my thoughts on that so your anshantien to keep within fire thing and you've mainmortables the globules and saticula now and there's two aspects are i think one of the things that isn't really recognized in this country is that when you say the global ist i really feel like gets to the british english crown when this country was kind of declared to be free if you will by the declaration of independence which is a common law cause of action that was adjudicated by the most high after they had every body was freedom to contract to have their yes to have their faith and immediately they had a whole bunch of basically attorneys which are a member of the bar and the bar in a lot of patriots already as the british a creditor and so when you have the people that constituted their enmity they were all basically given their license to be members of the bar and writing a constitution is considered to be one of the superior skill in the legal arts and what we had was a whole bunch of states that were constituted by lawyers and in those lawyers are all members of that bar and into to move forward and into think that this has been a christian country that whole time at the same time it's been founded by those that hung on the tree and we continued to join enjoin enjoying that thinking that it was our country and now i see it more like it's never really been our country it's always been their country their way of manipulating and taking advantage of the christian but don't stick their noses on the book and study and study and study and now we come forward so far in that australia and canada keep popping up all the time with the united states of america which again are queens insinuates is partially nana if you were to go on to the motor vehicle to right now just for michigan to fifty seven as the mc and you looked at the definitions of state the state is actually define this anathema a possession of the united states district of columbia and the dominion of canada and so i quit it hard to believe that by signing that document so now i be come into this state which is one of a combined north america just recently doing research i came across canadians talking about good north american dream and i thought oh i thought it was always the american dream and so we have the segregation through media for so long and now with the inter network able to start that basically the same media played out on each one of the crowns and do just yesterday i came across still looking at a comic i cannot help but i mean they just let you in you go man i noticed yesterday he denounced if your they were accused of infiltrating and manipulating the australian election it was little to her that their anger locations in this that you ask canonists the more i keep digitate more i read alimentation military man is the same bankers we all know about but basically holding up the crown of england to allow it to continue basically reaping the rewards of of the planet it just i've seen by natural grass like a post and charms that shows kind of how england liquidated in the of which was one of the richest countries of the time back in the day nations of the and when you watch their ground their goals then i would stay gratooitous stay slightly above the us how to such a small island with very few resources manage to outpace a country the size of the united states with the number of workers and resources and available means just seems like it's always better ruinating but i wish it's like every move now has england in it we have news all the time of of the crown a unit it is almost as if the disputing it right or present how i feel is that if your members of the crown whether you like it or not our legal system that we run which is infiltrated the legislative branch which is the judiciary everybody's a member of the bar in our executive branch of the venerian we got again lawyers running every it also strange to think that what we thought was our country was really their country and we also what joined me and now are cinderpath consequences of it and i think they believe that we couldn't get out we wouldn't get out and of course if you look at a free masonry a little bit you have the head of the bar as the exchequer which is the head tax collector and england and accepted me sore is worthy biceped the crown and freemasonry as were you think your free and here we live under their constituted rules and laws which they adjudicate it allows control of every system we have your name and your assets your wealth is all held in that name that their supposed to safeguard for you they're supposed to help and as a whole purpose of creating government was to the people and now you basically have a name he got to get life back in order to get protected against the makololo or freeze the assets of any body who would protest against it and it's all run through this legal and in it all tied back to again the bar itself which is really in our law is known to be a carrier of the english common law it just seems like such a tool to control to manipulate that you can when you say globes i think of the un being basically all crown territories through our through the money lending and through through the crack that is the dollar that's been deployed all over the world in order to basically take up all of these little countries into the crown through the banking thank you can go out further than that to like even call it the nobility or the bloodline families and that sort of thing which leads batsay say belgian and there's some silesia but agitate if you look at the top of the top of the heap there i think is the pale of an jemimy and if you you know if you go research the families as such you can see how far back it goes which i think it's kind of interesting because he which sailor the alphabet then over and everybody talked about you know the pain people have gone to pay or when they were his you know we just go in there and we reach but it makes a lot of sense to me to go to you know god father there's a lot of references to godfather and such and check out the palace family that's kind of interesting thing and who kisses the ring there and you know every one kisses the ring there and so and in its kind of it's kind of interesting to see who owed to whom in these structures because the you know what was really interesting is to see president trump go and walk in front of queen elizabeth just walk ringrose and took control of that and she deferred to him so as sherlock like to me like they stood down he stood all of these powers structures right down and you if you if you ask the questions and you dig into things quick a little deep rather than just just looking at them at face value then you can really see what's going on but he he had the queen checkmated now you know he can't come and you know he was definitely the king in that move right there and she was she was standing down and ripresent the united states donald day trump who has still the rightful preside on the united states and we have to go back and fix the twenty twenty election i'm never going to get off that i do not concede and there you go even the crypto courtesies that we were just talking about there were some that were co opted and fraudulent and manipulable fallible and in a right now within that within that sector there's a bunch of conversation going on about kind of the proper vicinity will or the crockery currency type market and the organizations that you know coming out is as though one is actually again headquartered at just at their head quarters move right over to london and it being no one that is being implemented by the world banks or in the heart horseradish entity is now beginning to make the tie between all of central banking systems and in oftenest again the currency has come the legal system still seems to be run by that crown and in since i like to go back and look at scripture all the time don't we had the sauciness right the parecis were pretty much the teachers of the law they were the high priests originally which were the one to give the law and we know that samuel was the high priest way back in the day when the people had no king but they wanted to keep and so saw was instituted if you will as the word of god being and the word constantine and so the dukes and the royalty was always instilled on to the intellect to power by the priests by the high priest which were those that basically administered the laws for atonement when somebody violated they brought the complaint of their sin if you will to the high priest and they told him what needed to be done he done in order to balance out the scale so you know the law people have always kind of upheld the crown in the crown a pole the low people which the pope obviously through you know the early crusades and all that time was basically working together eventually was pain in england in france and belgium and every king that was out there was basically back in bed then instituted by a high priest into that same thing continues all the way through to her now we have again the lawmakers telling us that your sovereign state is sovereign which is again an imaginary thing created by man that were lawyers and the now becoming a body part to that all of the players if you will with an the government are so now soothing and so the legal system holds up the kingdom of man the kingdom of man basically holds up the high priest because the two are complicity into the side to seize a fairies as much as they disagreed about free will or have an if you will but they still are conflict and maintaining each other status of the rest of us that would still caluson it's it's really a you know if my people perish for lack of knowledge in a way we really have to look in to see you know what it is that we consider to be in authority and who is the true authority and how that plays down to us and our little every day steps as individuals the coup in this global really at this point an illusion is a global illusion and when you bring up those when you bring up those countries remember and go back to really one of the biggest threats we have is a surveillance state going on right now because they can censure have to say you why do you think that i wasn't allowed to speak or even say my name is because they knew who i was before even was running they knew that that you know that that you know that there was no possible way it was going you know because they've got a file on each one of us right so this started back a number of years ago a long time ago while the five eyes alliance and five eyes litlins included five different countries that were set up to so to circumvent the law the united states law that the united states cannot my on its own it so what they did as they parted not with five different countries and satanta i think patty bush was involved in this one and they set the thing up in order to use other people other countries surveillance to spy on american citizens and then you go forward with more and more and more so that they can shop people right down because they already know who they are as they choose winners and losers both politically but not just politically their doing it in a business capacity and or in an you know in other capacities to if people feel a little pariter targeted you probably are if you're if you're a good person in your speaking out because they are looking to see who can be compromised who will play within the system and things just kinda have a way o workin and it's it's unfortunate but that's the way it works as avarice and a green river i want to see as reproof all river group now etearchus in the acquisition of the past when he was still alive as he just passed recently to her they were participating in monitoring and facial recognition software and you know the people ten ages national idea systems for as long as i can remember but now all was sudden through the litter they created legislation to create a real id that basically requires of the states have an idea system that catiline federal system and the computers they can now link them all together and then you go ahead and take your facial recognition software that that particular group was instrumental in purchasing and acquiring in order to put together another surveillance network and so somehow some way everything that we technically really stand against and continued to reiterate that we don't want to do it you have the small body of lawyers in together with a abuilding in passing something and making it so within their organization and everybody that participates is now it into that organization through meeting requirements of the state the real idea even with the voting stock going on they wanted to get everybody on an idea carved order the low and that that idea is a facial recognition system that is into the federal government to look better government can go ahead and keep a database or search through all the different states if you will through interconnected ity to be able to know who every player is and as you point out internationally it's not that hard to do again back to conic it's not too hard to have the international players with international servers transferring things over telecommunications networks i'm an bring im an bring this back in a minute this is the map for falls for falls river group and i want you to see this because what i see here is this is all about information brokery that that's what that's what i'm seen here so let's let's look down here it's global est organization now he got out of it some years ago but then i'm not sure how far he got out of it but when you start looking at this is is all about information look at the different sectors are strategic advice to our clients and access to the right buyers investors their selling information in connection i've been looking into that michigan my finished couple of links recently to and how that playing out in moreover there was that there was an information i went i was looking through some of their stuff in the past the amount of information that they were claiming was let me see if i can let me see if i can get to it here was absolutely advisers and countries this is a global as organization like you cannot believe the other lad go temerarious consisting interduction from one business to the next in order to help create the partnership orgeat ethnology so wouldn't it be fun then i mean i'm going you know makes really simple because i must sing to you thus on learning about the stuff for people like me like to think about things more simply so you've got a global ist father and daughter is selected by the party to become god that makes her a puppet what can they do with michigan when they get you at governor set like you been saying how much much authority a governor has to shape the direction of the state how much damage could she do with our state bringing in more china more production for the global economy more control over our people in michigan and where one of those key states in elections process if you just put it down in the simple terms like that it is not good speaking of bringing in china going assent you ingrato and just some reason news on china coming into michigan we get the link in all here's a list of transactions companies and and distribution keeps a got out as a subsidiary came distribution great so i just put the link and therefore you do i a chinese company also created a california based or if you will and in its not as goshoot i bet to me before this one right here in esther's teacher and you see this is a brand new release in a broad new article in a talbot how our global organizations have been easily starting to infiltrate and bring them here and it's all done based on were bringing jobs you know we're going to bring up you say that katterfelto with no accountability no way to check up on them and i i'm i'm so done with listen to these corporations sake oh we're gearing jobs will what the jobs you're destroying of this you know the small business he keep going out not to get this is not against you can this is against you this marromea that they have tried in much of criminate it that way don't no problem goshenites is a kind of what one of the largest things that alarm me right here is this company gets almost three quarters of a billion dollars and incentive the local communities basically give these corporations a huge tax break it like that don't have to pay property tax as there's an exemption but then a property tax and by the global is basically work together at the local level to get them these great big grants and infinite ergo hantee quarters of a billion dollars now that's money the government doesn't get in taxes because the big corporation is going to get taxgatherer still stays on the people we carinthia multinational corporations who are taking our tax money away from the people of michigan in order to create these big businesses that and up having the tax liability mitigated so they don't pay any tax this tory company that were talking about her were should be to inure to create or finding them to set up their business in the state of michigan at a rate of this one two point three six billion dollars get this do the mate's my vow two thousand three hundred and fifty jobs all right i got to do amenothes twenty five per cent basically there's night thousands something students ninety three hundred students that undergraduate level teresa and so you know they say it veritate was chosen because they've got this you know potential symbolization ship to where the school kids can be so valuable for the partnership with with the business so that that's why in such a benefit to their not what their private produce an here is liftinant and let him i am batteries haven't even been around long enough to go through a carcinogen studies their years to figure out if something's parsonage and concentration of have been studied in mice and things like that and they are you know even in the initial studies that have been done cardamine is some things like that a hard problems things that are not curable and where it chiefly actually done things there just really beginning to look at how much problems it may or may not create within the water in their detesting that that nature and so here were talking about bringing basically a hazardous material right next to a college for our kids to go work at right and then let look at the kids that are used in order to find the lead the man other countries but we don't want to talk about that because we don't have to see that it's in our you know it's in our barn it's not in our back yard so we don't have to deal with it but actually sacrificing these kids he is crazy and i mean this is a lintwhite this article and also point out how this company managed to get in not only big rapids we get the tax in antofagasta had it turns a note that the michigan economic development corporation i nominate marketing arm that doing it and the work in together with michigan state foundation basically of a bencher capitalist the enemy to where it is rotten one that funded can exactly exactly there all tied in and i met throw this out there do realize so did the man on that means that it's it's approximately nine ninety seven thousand on the same ninety eight thousand dollars per job creation stupid battery plan that we even know if they're going to hit that amount a job and what those jobs are going to create as far as while the within the state but they're promising for two point six billion dollars to create two thousand three hundred jobs at a cost to the state of about ninety eight thousand dollars per job when kidding me now i come when they told us as condottiere kind of deal the midsheepmen corporation in michigan the foundation they told us to they're going to create these great software engineering job because of the value of the high tech sector and they're going to get students from from michigan state down there in his going to be a beneficial thing but would you look at the actual engineers that wore a conical over were chinese and there's only like six of a mister heatherstone second halmost of those were students here on these just long enough through as to be able to participate and in some coating development and then they had not he granted there are a couple local people in marketing her project management sails at that did work it can but in the article they specifically stated this is going to be bringing the software development jobs to the sector and help grow us in a software development capacity in the area and ultimately they didn't have anybody that was employed their farino that was a missioner if you will in their software engineering department here we're going to have in a cashiered on mixing of heavy metals in order to make with them on batteries they also talk about how the plan on doing studies what kind of houses problems come from having a point here retorted they have they have no idea what they're doing what love listen to this this is we are thrilled to keep graduate the ghost in the moosician as the american home for opportunity team michigan continues to out hostile and out compete in out insure every global company considering their future expand and awe opened the door to these these miserable people opportunities their future expansion opportunity confitetur here right here in our state just like goshenites junior so of mediation evection and president in chair of the michigan state foundation bore this is all tied in and this is exactly the same in that winter was out there congratulations on as they funded on which jovanovic somewhere we found it and i just sent you another link over there funhouse we did not approve of this eyes that go ahead and check on that next link that i sent to you in good you point out that not only do i not get the revenue from having a business which consoles tax exeter missing three quarters of a million dollars and in tacotitlan the michigan state foundation that michigan economic development corporation they actually had a law created for him that's why that next link is a legislature not my dog and it shows at the public act for eighty nine of two thousand a betrothal and that to me was that from the other deteriorate chaste last issuance of course i pull up my it nat'ral to me right there on the screen rather than just putting it in common all right i like this the last one had his work on actually lidbetter thank you yes put in the private sitting i can get the fare sir to realize that a low tax situation so the people acquire it in the michigan crustacea ically says that the money for the foundation has actually put into the treasury and comes out of the territory of which again in order to find basically the venture capital arm of michigan and the relation not we the people its politicians to wawat they want right well the treasury should belong to weepe railing our money and putting it in there and suppose we state is supposed to be a representation of the people who have the power to create the state so here they basically created a law that allows money to be drawn from the treasury in order to fuddlestone and options like bringing gother all in the guise of creating jobs for now you know gougenot a california company what it's basically a subsidiary but with chinese corporation so here they are getting all kinds of incentives being paid for through it we next public act right there at into law again back to the lawyers the road it in order to facilitate the building to the people in every single last starts off as a bill because it's going to be a bill given to the tax payers her article on the toxicity of lithium with i mean with link to all of the different things that they have going on down the side to and look at all the look in all the chinese the chinese links to the thesis not so not may i so i'm wondering can where are you might say in the story of nalanda er because this is also a big rapids macaroni rodney arimaspi nestling corporation was coming in to take the water in the hole the people just had there was just an uproar about me can't have our water you taking our water in your giving us pile to one agitator i hear two hundred and fifty dollars for the permit take all of this one which is mostly which is what worthy take it back to china and everywhere else it's not mentioning that there literally palfrey our resources in this state and in the water in it and the poisoning two thousand eight nastinesses to have a press re so again expansion had in keeping your factory here is what the government sells to the people as loathed them the overdoing as a government were getting to come don't be here expand their plan operations here this one was eleven hundred jobs plus additional jobs and usually you can find you know this is jennifer graham at the time they create processing renaissance son instead creates for the organization we lead lining the chapter yes i'm going to i just wanted to make sure that the proper material was there before i share it with you and it is michigan economic development corporation is in there he rather and that was two thousand there's i am the erwhile so donna bring this back down for the people how would you address these kinds of things as governor ah to stop how how anyone in the tube very complicated now business this is full stop most because we're talking we were talking on the supreme getanittowit aloft the link it looked out on the road that a man and his missus full stop time guy we are literally this here waging war through economic means on the state and in there there's reasons why they have gone after the mitten and i'm just going to go back to say he met me a turn into a boxing glove and just come with crates these globules that are using our our resources poisoning our state you got anybody that outstation that's into a actinologia issues you should be looking right here first don't blame people blame these corporations because the corporations are the biggest polluters i am the whole planet and in a don't care the there going to leave this adalaisa they do with wind power widower the hassall about a money grant so you're a seven mile seventy five million dollar investment and free man campus to retain listen to this a hundred and one are jobs o there's the big self ow're going to give you one million one hundred area jobs for some five million dollar basement wait a go i'll give you an applause for it not and say reserved by mission agricultural commission mission strategic found that another one as amassed to be looked into the state administrative board and who would that be would you as late to know who the statist rative board the board that sits right underneath the governor that has to approve every dollar that goes through the state that the legislature approves the budget but every dollar that spent has to go through the state administrative word which i believe has seven people on it of which the governor has four of the votes you see a problem here i do michigan rather treasury is paying for that michigan state foundation which is basically a venture capital that worked globally in order to bring these corporations here is to get under the we're going to give you jobs and in outpoint out like caressed do you really need jobs stealing your water putting it in bottles and selling it to the rest of the world i mean her peasants were going to take your tax dollars and throw you some little low pain jobs and return as we killed for the state's resources and but just believe we're doing the right missus gonawak you feel great because it's going to be this this you know millions and billions of dollars in evanescent is going to be so great for you both crafts there were actually taking our articles to fund the nonsense to take this stuff out of the state things here now this is going to stay here and in its going in its funny jobs to such a criminal amount of money think about this if you if we gave business owners in the state like small business owners if they were if we were to disturb this to say you know a hundred thousand dollars of help to every business owner to make up for what the damage they've done for covenanting to these nonsense globules multinational corporations think of all the local jobs that would be created and the wealth that would be kept in our community it defies it defies explanation here i want to read this minute to roberts a lover two hundred michigan growers and purchases more than sixty one thousand tons of produce value approximately twelve million dollars okay that's a positive right and also they purchase thirty six million and packing and routes from alabamian base suppliers however look at the word he goes we are excited by the great example of private public partnership and curmudgeonly nutrition north america to this announced nosiree our commitment to greystock birthplace in free matinee such a good player in the community you know i'm i'm so done with us in this type of home grown investment or pilfering from a state aggressor that will further diversely michigan's at economy create more jobs yet two or three of them as they take the everything out of the state as were funding this it is so not unbelievable in the right out there with the fat this is where the people have i mean look at what destitution doing i brought out a little idea and the two brought in just some some link that were very hard to find if we all did that kind of research we could easily defend our communities if we all paid more attention and understood what is familiar so you've got a politician not a man or woman who resided in michigan who cares about the people you've got a politician who is paid for and a and it is a process founded by corporations once they get that candidate in office the candidate may sure that they get what the corporation meets the corporation robs the people destroys the land two hundred and sixty acres or talking about biggarsberg effect of just that alone minuting take the five and all they have to do is just a little bit of work to confuse the people and light to the people so that the people who have been trained to be apathetic don't do anything to defend themselves or if they try it doesn't matter because the politicians are both off and then they serape anyway and so the corporation is the only one that really makes the money the politicians make a small portion of that and they walk wally happy for themselves and the rest of the state so what are we going to do about it we can't do it with the system that we have right now mister facto corporation government is the same as the corporations which are stealing people stealing from the people without nestle or go then or whoever they are denominator oration to its dealing from the people in similar fashion have to get rid of that corporate is this out all right here it is the muslimeen the world economic form website hester all dis go back to old taconic form what the trying to bring you all these wonderful partnerships that are capitis is like the big flash of intelligence of our assets of our tax my rideout of the state of michigan right to the world that canonic form pieces of crape deserter had quarters are thinning in vain when our winter shook him dinner it in switzerland sister and think of a dab think of clara now if we do owe got to throw in women we got to get all the women on hydeman and work and how we're going to be so great to give women and you know increase that because they've got a weapon women against everybody too and expect us to be dumb in off not to this is such an insult there expecting us to be domino to buy their narrative i'm sorry women we are not this stupid to continue to buying this narrative i'm sorry we are not here got not norration of entrepreneurs tackling the biggest challenge but crab ventured after they are go helping consumers fight plastic was okay we've got another buzz word of what we should be upset about when they were nessus those plastic models oh no letter come were fighting at what a bunch of hypocrites the time is now a commanding global framework to address plastic pollution no but what are they use in like you said plastic so how we get to do that since that the majority your business but three lessons and sure future focus leadership don't ignore the present o my time for a recipe for success we got all the buzz words and their dangerous pastiche plants where it is agitated supply chains so he got a wee got to keep her chicken plants from burning up we all do that natural climate solutions we've got them all in their revolts buzzards and their man they are the salt so corporation excellent creating the a narrative should show a click about this optimist was thinking you know you were talking about a double negatives was in the food plant problems that don't exist in her there making sure that they don't have supply problems he i wonder i wonder panther involved in the in the young with leadership never look at that last eh oh my goodness to let it die who was who or of criminal global activity minishing in residence which is a mentorship program in rather the big big wakes at the top of these companies with up and comers that they find the influence into these areas of shaping consumption sautee health and health care and oh my goodness were right back to shape trade and basement containers to you know that glenmalure teramore as a country across the globe her husband a tethering about it here think about it a border said scott border said owns the tracking the tracking come that transient eight per cent it seven inter son of all of our all of the containers across the globe while his enchanting i want to know what's in those containers and the other thing is as the we fail the busy because only two per cent of any containers are ever faced common in our international work stupid are we as a country that we have allowed the sap trade trade and investment also fit with let's go ahead and bring gosamer here set him up in big rapids with a better capital sea time money from the state in order to make a estate make an investment supposedly on behalf of the people in this relationship with these corporations strontian for social entrepreneurship there sure thereanentis there your ventilation you came crab and that we pay for that they walk we basically red a check and the political parties the republicans are in the driver's seat to drive to drive out of the state rounding the galway car basilio this when i want to show a ready this global these global on young gorbaliers because this sister chaince o the arab keep awesome first asking the questions about oh yes we're going to give opportunities for the young you and talk about grooming this is worse starts threw it collective that's odd we are members who have here your coroner see who the groom now i am not suicidal to incase somebody wants to know or ormiston so i am not remotely in that category of that happens will here the first place to look for so it seein betterson it's amazing i wonder the past ones for michigan what rewarded one have i'm going to go down to let's go down to you all i see i started twenty seventeen pretty interesting to know itself let's see we got for where these people are now where are these people now who are we i won't be surprised the horrors in their somewhere he's got to be that is a not job we can act human beings that the power of the word of all creation is held together with the word when we go back and see other years then the granicus because watery chute think oh i think or leutenant governor current was in this list renumber kit is kind of a helpful to have a little bit of a little bit of a for the graphic memory however cannon chief come up lately in a couple of different situations not one and i could do this all day long as i love reserve did finot the latinity what are the winicapora as your credit around these four and people and the one for to see if this castle i just shared with you it's a linked in i don't offer have come up it should come up at a public if i don't think you have to be signed in i thereat one on the private chanaanites a good example of kind of how these for people it together was in michigan state venture capital and bringing about these different agents on a global scale i hope come up or into it oh we've got boat i could see ordinary but it shows a man yet you can as well be as one back and immense because i know i'm not your trounce his last name he the monologist can a gone um maybe the age silent a i go that way to reap he could be but i go i open so you know he's part of your venture capitalist fellow graduating kind of this year he's down in johannesburg this point of time the passionate about you know companies and achieve recreation but as you look through a articles as well as his past activities he kind of got down on to us experience it shows that he's right now in a venture capital organization he's better multiple ventured capital organizations and to follow it back down long enough eventually you'll see in michigan state even adversity of terrors i venture capitalist and he's also in part red cedar renters red cedar recess are the michigan economic development corporation apologet linked in hand here to be able to pull it up computer but as i can share the screen can you or i can what a mercy i'm going to share my screen i see what it they see that all work and up giving it to it iolanthe on the desprit be able to now might be should be the screen instead of my camera come up no not who were quite enquiring nose still he separates man can what's that what legend to that man i yesterday well i guess it's not going to allow me to so i'm just goin to go ahead rouse blocked it so i can't share that out i'll share the link or maybe you can share the informer body else to check it up so that we into how again this was the international money is coming down into the local area and as as i was looking i noticed at michigan state cops are all over the place with programs that just synchronized together with the word economic the location that they send people from the food security group which still blows my matravers oration seems to be in all these countries like brazil or venezuela the keep having the almost precursor problems that eventually show up here in the united states then as we those types of things these following the michigan economic development corporation down into basically their venture capitalist group and it led me to a red cedar organization and then in looking at the people that are running red seatonian which interestingly enough they invest in switzerland as you just led me to this venture capitalist entrepreneurs and her now beginning to work with our youth in her that individual right there are caius is basically a graduating member this year and he's basically been in all the venture capitalist tyrants that are now being pushed through the schools to go globally into these other less to the collective i countries in order to begin to bring about the same plans and plays it's almost like a test me there for what they wanted implements here yet were also taking what's done here like registering property in order to give the family some asset value that probable that retaken globally in order to convince these people and what we used to cautionary to be able to register their property and get titles so they could now get financial backing and get the resources needed to to run their local firms in the third world country if it works it like we play off of all of these other third wolflake where they can test vaccines in places where we were allowed here or do things with children who are we would allow other you see time what we do here were taking their as control mechanisms it seems to be the people with the money that are implementing the large corporations that do i i just hatched of every search was like going down a rabbit hole you justified this one lakelet to this so that i ended up with octavius was condoling the the red cedar grew there basically a subsidiary of michigan foundation michigan economic development corporation part of which is funded as you saw out of our treasury eager on a good well you know the according to that michigan economic development corporation even on the press release for concrete for gotham they talk about other using this money to bring jobs and racehorses and all these things to the people wish where if you sit there and look at the press releases for that michigan economic development corporation the spending money over in chicago there is a quantum computing organization in chicago that just got a big round to see finding by red cedar so why michigan economic red cedar development group why are they spending money on our organization overcharge if their telling us that this is to do things for in it seems like wherever a michigan state university student goes well there is this miss is willing to go ahead and take the dollars there too an they got serried eaters invested in switzerland there in chicago there in california a man there ultimately a metropolis for the the men in atheistically completed first construction for the market rate apartments and senior loving beginning summer student housing the right for fall to twenty one construction with the duel to dalbreuse in aceldema is such mean next year so were the money at those corporations to but it's all and then we were trying to figure out how to international money is coming down to the local love between order to take over lock down the local level again big concern being the urban transformation i think i just recently saw an article that the facial recognition systems are established and in play and in detroit already those are generally much these people know exactly how to market themselves and how to pay of politicians then when he awaited the word or talking about us a contract so when you make a contract with some one and ended you say what are you going to give me and what am i going to give you and they say oh we're going to give you jobs and then you say what are you going to give what what are we going to get you they say ah everything no that's not how it works so they lie in the end stall but the people are not like i said are seeing that but what we are what you're doing here in showing how a little bit about how to find that rabbit trail and follow it i'm not going to see things and those leaks that you guys are but somebody like me could constrain and aunt ann start asking questions of others he will see the audience who have to do in the connections to switzerland or connections to china or the big corporations start asking questions and then you take that to your public body and when you get your two minutes in front of the politicians you start asking the question why is this here what exactly are they doing how much money is it going to take where's that money coming from how much land are they going to take what is the the biological risk to the land to the water to the people where those studies coming from those are pretty simple questions and no probably half so ready answers that will be carefully crafted to fool us but we got to do a better job of examining that stuff so we could protect ourselves earlier in my research yesterday i came across an individual that is a venture capitalist and i search their name on the political contributions for donations and pat in one of the individuals all donait this mister adorer and i didn't know anything about sorata so i start looking for dale arm and turns out his current sitting senator and here is a parting one of these deals that kind o got got me towards the again and how their working as you just pointed out garnering together with the politicians so here there applying because the basically setting up a deal for another organization again huge tax breaks to put in a job or keep john presentation merevale to make aliaga the numbers of because the numbers don't make and and i tetaheite people that those jobs are going to come out of the immediate community redecoration draco for where who's going to fill those jobs are going to be people from china coming horning those jobs well i think when a cross i looked at em you and how many a one breathe have just the other day and i had over two hundred which is basically bringing a worker or stupor with high payin jobs they you know michigan state itself as an employer and they bring him over as research associate professors and they bring up from all around the world here in order and then and then leave or like conic did bring em here put them to work and then have a bee hardware jobs we get out of it while i was letitia's go ahead what i need a job if we didn't give him all these tax breaks i mean hatasoo a billion dollars already in breaks of these corporations yet avowed start charging him to be here faintly as it were spending a hundred thousand dollars i saw one one out o reach that was like it came out to a two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to create a each job i am like your spanning that was just to create the job with no no accountability that there actually going to be created are you kidding me why are we doing this these corporations need be charge money because like i said if we charge the corporation's money then the small business in mediatisation could actually compete were finding them to actually destroy our our business climate in her unless you in with the global listen to this so dale so announced i was meetin's day that the city of moranza will be able to more inciting it is to help provide nater job train for local expansion project thanks to the recently proved sat grant this grellman attract new jobs and more than twenty two million and economic investment in the community how can they throw that number of the avenida it's outstanding news for the people of mornand i applaud the local leaders for working together with state officials and cam calendar did you see how many can countries there were a crawling through the young raynor economic leaders and i was going through the world economic form and seeing their partnerships they had how many things can go as involved in i see iris is this is a big deal it's a big deal the missions strategic front awarded moretto hundred and fifty thousand dollars a community development block grant so their pain of the communities to buy access is what that amounts to fans for job train men for camp to industry expansion project which will direct genera twenty two point seven million private investments i create sixty i i'm not buying this when her kicking back to the community development block grant why funny another age the low showing their push and things around they see in this correctly re my wrong no older those are organizations created by the bar by the legislature to pass a uneconomic development of renegadoes district in order to to give otterscope ions to be so this is this is just as great working in going ahead and i will in that but good my telegram channel of but the telegram cannot there the guys don't know what it is and i want go through and read all of these all of the comments here and we need a job back into this because crazy that this is crazy some of pot and meets went the wrong one here we got less there at brandenburg from my is my telegram channel go there with that and i'll put all these links in my telegram channel for anybody that wants to see them so that cause i can't seem to get them all over in i'll take him out of the private chat and won't will just have a whole i'll have a whole list of these in one post in order for anybody to follow up on these once what i'm off once a of air here i can't do it well i on an online so so you can look into this and see the craziness that we have going forward this we all need to be aware of this now in the go back and start reading some of these things from the chateau sorry i can't kind of got letter away from the guy smiles name this is what happens when you get into a research the canary it does happen right and then were up all night long researching and going calling each other had to see this you see this the work but i'll say so many go back away some of old bidons of the old bones i've seen you can see them the mass come off it is not tubicines there's all kinds of things are doing a snow day not conceding interesting from tom ego needs to disappear again love in go down your i love my mom saw local news last night that big brute is hinting at runnin for president oh god please help us carry smith my levantine kingdom of god a period charlotte the engineer clapped collapsed by mike adams on band video tom we may not physically attack them but there are alternatives to fighting oh yeah there's all kinds of different warfare right now we're in were in fifteen work there which is information warfare so you can kinda been kind of a seat the people who are either agent for the rocketeers that just want to take the offered somewhere and create a problem is a case declaring more while yet what kind of war men are distant whip people up into a frenzy so kinds of things that we can charlotte says there's a lot of mont i think that's it's going on bricks are coming we must take a stand now charlotte working at a love chris guest put out a video on it so warm warning them all that's going down there to america finds the world including the that the doctor david kent in our great leader the only one still fighting for us in masintha you david a loud a man doctor captain charlotte i china all together and digital money crept yet to be standin in us this morning jason nice to see that you decided to show up well cooperation be on tom said dixon did concede almost instantly she did not want to cause what metrobe no cause there all in it together love as she was installed town bought paid for charlotte has a gateway ponderable twenty leaders as the joint declaration promoting global health passport it international trail that is true so that when before two lamps and the illegal are dantean here from mexico and i think a lot of those are involved in human trafficking the trafficking these people love can you imagine the pollution or great states with a solatium nonsense battery battery point a hotel proudhon water and everything else as they also don't know what to do now we've got a plan that can never be reclaimed love they will destroy michigan the same thing in california for charlotte now we can't have the michigan john that asserting last night convention is a good example of the best is yet to come we to people of a voice of richest use it charlotte puppets for global as an elite world economic form world hath organizational together cimarosa's what they do look at public schools we need to go back to gassing with that i think lassiter way to go than some of the plastic bottles and there is actually some plastic i can make me mad out of one course he had to make that illegal long time ago that stronger than steel that we we really can maximize things that god put here that are easy we actual sustainable solutions have to look at there was a big push or plastic the columbae pick plastic all add started in the seventies yosemite kids tillery sorrel many psychopaths told family lassie need to pray for protection donating you i preached that i've been poking everybody so said too bad is it the congressmen eyepatch a young globularia he is in there so as lieutenant governor current and a technological to teriolis to tell a arianism to either election just crazy smith that is silent and charlotte in ohio is like michigan the connected all the bad stuff charlotte roberto a year look in a connection a child easy child taking like one to three and as my constitution section fact alas would that work against the government in private public corporation selincourt gram channel that's interesting can you click on them and in telegram click on him and see it brings it up in a browser you can share it that way or you can you can copy the lank usually if you hit the if you had the air allacompain on and michael but now said i did not go to convention last thing didn't want to waste my time on republicans another antitheses no there is no saving and how by these people it's too big an organization and even if we were even if we were not a physician just to get bread crumbs from the republican party thrown at the delicate just to manipulate them it's too big you would have to deal with a national republicans and the sage huge huge globally connected group of people it just needs to be designated you know in with a terrorization of say will economic form et cetera begone with you all of them a good smart smart like a buttonhole yet you have no power here i said i think any distress in lineland then i am you santa i do a couple more links in there for you one noontime chat one crunch pace and shows all the winter capital investments in switzerland all the investors and there red cedar is in that as well the solarite and doves tie that kind of hating another one i threw in there is the first state budget office as their expenses in their overall budget in there what can i got to be run in yesterday down the rebels i end up hitting back expenditure or if you will from the budget over it a barette now is because gothas coming there and i noticed that they have some contract blessee like a contract every year and there and what a was an external lobbyist and i thought that preyed bargaining money on it on a lobbyist so i started looking into that lobbyist and not that that lobbyist also has another private company in michigan called michigan secure of michigan secure not com and a talk about what their basically doing it at sosofina software transactions those are just akenside up over to octavius it's just gynocracy rabbit hole where the link you so like a just somehow some way leaves until the next interaction or an expanse you might all kinds of things we can like john into and check out there's just so many so many things that that you can it's like a squid once you go and wander action you can go in a million different directions in it and there's no anti i am i always liked and when i first got into this i had a hand bunch of a group of researchers that that we would research together and that was a wonderful because somebody would look at this and somebody else would bring this into it and it was back and forth back and forth and a you can cover a lot of ground and i mean a lot of ground that way and in you know you can you kind of you know jump on each other to cause somebody right now it's just like if you ever get into an alien investment group this is a real common tactics you like group investors to get together and then they they ah somebody might know things about anomalies or somebody else might have a specialty in another area and you can you can in alike a small goetaland anything i'm in thackeray and tester and that this actually kind of fun i did inquire a bit of day training there for a while because i made about with my husband and who could make the most money in a year and saddened and in investments and that was kind of a slam danaid of fun with you learn about the different corporations when you do something like that and or different companies and see what their activities are and you really learn the how the markets really are how they affect the market by by a illusions because they actually will create a narrative in order to either it's just like we saw he had funds when they were manipulating headbands of game stout that went on and that is that is a very fun pursuit by the way we can do that in this manner many besserer or love it i will in fact take all of those links and i will get them to every one and my telegram channel which is done or not done at brandenburg brandenburg leaning brandenburg number four am i and you can you can go in there and and research like the little research banter that i know you all are out there and dig down to the bottom it'll be fun anything else you want to do i would wear it two hours here anything else anybody else wants to do babberly what i wrote for i made up a new word yesterday if you want to do something a little more light hearted i took the word election and i added to it selection and i added to it a sham and so now from now on when i speak of twenty twenty two i'm going to call it shall action and in section and if you say it with chaconnes voice even more fun we are saccharine stage an organ do it like nan she nancy who was probably in another country hopefully it get and nancy i like that i made a little meaning for it too i shared it last night i desire made several means lettuce i wanted to point out in what we discussed yesterday twenty twenty two is kind of dereliction process as canoeing less as far as the results go because we have to go back to tony tony and fix that everything else is not he can't have an election process based with people who were not supposed to be in those offices are we just don't really know what the truth is yet but so that makes it a sham selection election a selection she action asleep some you know i think that's another really a nice pattern to look out when you do like a rock cause analysis of where the real problem is or to be able to flush out the people who are political operatives or agent provocateur austerely we are in the same position that say say they were in witches and every other communist takeover of a nation were already there they just go by names like grass roots leaders yeah and that's going to be very hard for people to to understand or bientot they have been led astray the people they trust that the most be it in the churches look at the franklin graham connection to hate to boodthul put our trust on they are full time there to leasehold say look at the grass relaters look at them and with their connections there because a lot of most of them are agent for motors or political operative and and the church the people in the schools and they will go into all of those areas that the health care industry that we trust and use it again and we have to be very very very smart but one of the first things that i i'll kick somebody the curb for real quick is if they come on and they say we need just into get past the twenty twenty election let's just a focus on twenty twenty four boother if you're not with me go back and fix the crime that's been that's been committed maladministration for donald that if that right now or what however far we want to go down in the criminal criminal conspiracy of money laundering can add that to the list now provable facts and what's wrong with the re election there's a lot of it there is a time so but if they will not address the election kick them to the curb they they are just out of themselves they just out of themselves as a pantaleone who is there to lead us all a story but i stop listening to almost in as they say that none so i mean where does get in moonstone we just want to move on we don't want you don't want to have to deal with arter fool or a treasonous tool all but this plain treason trees and yet tom parker just a footnote knew what what is true and right and we may have to go back further tim parker just jumped in and said two thousand eighteen i think we go back further than that it can it maybe you know it's like a far back do we go do we do we go right back to the beginning i think people need to take a look carlingham lincoln the man did a lot of good things and he did try to do some very good things for our country so i'm not just wholeheartedly bashing him but he was a baritone that was a violation of the original thirteenth amendment or thirteenth article he was not eligible for the president and see he was an illegitimate president and that is why the south walked out of congress in eighteen sixty one why do we have this guy it would be like what should have happened if it when we saw twenty twenty no we reject it we do not consent this is false this is not appropriate election this is a collection and we reject it and the people failed then to so they tried but it caused all these problems ever since then so yeah that's why i say ten sixty wetigo back and right the wrongs that have been happening for many many years it's not just twenty twenty but the re talking about this corporation we could talk about twenty twenty and how are we to affix it but it's temporary so you know i always talk about the assembly that is our way out by perspective i believe it that the way out is to bring back the original jurisdiction that the founders had intended for us all along and reassemble in the deer so that we can the more easily dear and removed the corruption for margeret and put we the people back in charge self governing the way we should have been from the very beginning it won't be easy on and it will beriberi but it's happening robelot of friends that are part of the assembly and the word assembly for me goes back to war the body of christ the assembly that supposed to be there to bring your problems there to stay out of the courts of the non believers and i really see that again the declaration of independence gave us the opportunity just like a gay those lawyers the opportunity to constitute and if it's broken if it full of weeds if it's not really a country if you will of those that are assembled in the body will then we have every right to go join and become part of that assembly to claim that assembly and to have proper leadership through the deacons in the entered within the assembly that our right enough body and so i think has again dancing you know in from the republican side found out how we corrupt the republican party was that now she called by god and i believe really that it is that assembly that's coming together i believe that the cross the united states the people that are members of the durable and societies are truth seekers are capable of common law based interaction and problem resolution on behalf of the bee and i believe that what they constituted cannot violate the common law so in these assemblies we have the ability to do that commonly activity that protects the other members of the assembly well began to form in that body i would i look it's great to obey as we watch alas the millennial kingdom and had they named the generation of lancastrian with revolutions in this is that body come together not as levity continuing on every day thank you no i got to is never in politics had never run for an office as to always thought they are all a bunch o liars cheats and thieves but i wanted my contrary back and figured that i had the best chance that of doing it through the republican party just to find out of witherly never had any any dealings whether anybody in it really really at all and i know and and then i get into it and find out that it's in my opinion more dangerous than the democrat party because they do it in a way that is so deceptive at least the democrat parties right out with their intention the you know and i really feel like the republican party as they had to have their book man the bookman is the democrat party but there sitting there laughing having drinks together as the republicans are driving the gateway card of the fat so it's really you know it's not the one and this is the way that quite often is a process of infiltrates or people that are subverting a country or that or that or considering anything is that they have two of them that will work together as good coptercab and so that they have one more way to mislead us so while we're looking at good cap you know good bad copestake us down and that's exactly what's happened with the parties we have good comedian there are all infiltrated to some degree i really do believe that and i think as this may be the last word on on on this is that we really have to think about through an only give ear allegiance to god alone our legs should never go to an organization we should never turn that into a form of idolatry or something we worship or anything like that the only thing we should ever give her allegiance to his god almighty and that is the name of jesus the only one that is worthy of unquestioning and that doesn't mean a religious leader a church or anything like that that's a personal relationship with god in the name of jesus and he'll talk to you he'll he'll like we do and create circumstances that you never thought were even possible lead you out of a darkness show you a way will you now show you the path in front of you and even give you the feet to walk a path a really hard path that you never thought that you would ever be able to walk and i'm going to go to dat horse here just a little bit because i do think that this was a wonderful wonderful i read it yesterday and i'm going to read it again to day as i think the something that everyone should ponder slang in the bible and i want to read this a little bit start her there's all kinds of things we could go back to the beginning that i had them hundred and thirteenth some one nineteen one and we're going to read on from there and this will be our prayer for the day okay because this really allowed time you can read the bible and it becomes it is a prayer so we can even read this and and heavy for those a couple sources that i listened that i really think i do a really great job of a so steam is one that just does to music and i listened to that a lot but this is this is when we just going to read the ofuda and this is our prayer for the day i hate double minded people but i love your law dear heavenly father you are my refuge the old and i put my hope in your word away from me evil to her said i may keep the commands of my god stain my god according to susan mean my god according to your promise and i will live do not let my hopes to the hold me and i will be delivered i will always have regard for the craze you reject all who stray from your decrees for the delusions come to nothing all the wicked of the earth like rather for i love your statues my flesh trembles and fear of you and i stand in awe of your laws i have done what is righteous and just do not leave me to my pressure see your servants while being a do not let the arrogant oppress me my eyes fail looking for her salvation looking for your righteous promise deal with your servant according to your love and teach me or to craze i am your servant give me discernment that i may understand your statue it is time for you to add lord your laws being broken dear god heavenly father you know your laws being broken and we are broken hearted over it because i love your commands more than gold more than pure gold and because i consider all your precepts right i hate every wrong path our statues are wonderful therefore they them the unfolding of your words gives light it gives understanding to the simple i opened my mouth and pant longing for your commands turned to me and have mercy on me as you always do to those who love your name direct my footsteps according to your word and let no son rule over me redeem me from human oppression that i may be your present your face shine upon your servant and teach me your decrees streams of tears flow from my eyes for your law is not obeyed you are righteous lord we are a broken hearted people please please continue to lead us out of this you are right to lord in your laws are right your statutes you have laid down our righteous they are fully trustworthy my zeal wears me out for my enemies ignore your words promises have been thoroughly tested and your servant loves the to him lowly and despised i do not forget your prose your righteousness is everlasting in your laws true trouble and distress of come upon me but your commands give me delight our states are always righteous give me understanding that i may live i call with all my heart answer me lord and i will obey your decrees i call out to you save me and i will keep your statue i rise before dawn and cry for help i put my hope in your word my eyes standeth watches of the night that i may meditate on your promises here my voice in accordance with your love preserved my life lord according to your laws those who devise wicked schemes are near but they are far from your law yet you are near lord and all your commands are true long ago i learned from your statue that you establish them to last forever look upon my self friendlier me for i have not forgotten your law defend my cause and redeem me preserve my life cording promise salvation is far from the wicked for they do not seek out your decrees your compassion lord is great preserve my life according to your laws many of the forecited but many are the foes who persecute but i have not turned from your statutes i look on the faithless with love for they do not obey your word see how i love your precepts preserve my life lord in accordance with your love all your words are true and all your righteous laws are ten rule is persecuted me without cause but my heart trembles at your word i rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil i hate detest falsehood but i love your law seven times a day i praise you for your righteous laws great peace have those who love your law and nothing can make them stumble i wait for your salvation lord and i follow your command i obey your statutes for i love them greatly bey your precepts in your status for all my ways are known to you we are you lost it praying pull open sams and just turned it into a prayer because honestly you can go to the last one may my cry come before you lord we are crying out for the children and the harm that's befallen them we cry out for everything that we've seen here that is wrong give us understanding according to your word may our supplication are calls in our rare asks for help come before you and deliver us according to the promises you made that you would never leave or forsake may my lips overflow with praise as you are the only one who is worthy you are worthy of all our praises for you teach us your decrees may my tongue sing of your word for all your commands or righteous and we love the commands you given us that keep us mayor hand be ready to help me for i have chosen your precepts i lo we long for your salvation lord and your low gives us to light let us live that we may praise you and may your losses we have strayed like lost sheep and are sorry we let this happen to our nation and now it it requires us to step up to the right thing under all circumstances lay down or material gain our thoughts of fame or fortune in later everything in our lives at your feet that we may go forward blameless and with it the only thing in our minds to restore godly rule the children which you have given us as the command to protect and raise up we love you so much and we just asked that you would take all of our everything from our hands or most to her feet all the work that we do and give us your favor that it may be always led and directed by you to your honor glory and chess crispest no i want to put bring something up here on the other screen just a minute and this is going to be painful for people to see but i think the time to remember bring him up testament for the children that we continued to go forward without failing and i hope this burns in every one so of what is actually going on behind the scene we for these children and what they go through and if we're not fighting this then were guilty of complicity and harboring enemy and this has to stop and we are the ones to no more will they victimize our children take out and they think it's no orator think this is it's not funny at all very serious so forward we fight we stand firm we refused to back down references to give into traitors people who victimized children from gentleman which was approved and proposition or proposal three to any of these despicable act which we will not tolerate any more we're done with us it's time to go forward as the adults to face the reality of what his men happening in front of our faces he flaunted in front of our faces and we will never cease to fight or back down from this type of evil so with a sad there's many many of my south adhere fighting for you and for those people that you love for the children for this nation be put back as one nation under god the only righteous ruler ever is got on mighty and we all bowed to him and no one else and we will defend the children with our last regardless of the outcome we will stand for we love you we love every one that you care about where her to the good fight and have the feet to walk the path that is in front of us on wavering no back down boats are burned and we go forward there is no turning back now and very proudly in the service of god almighty that's the only pride we have a season all mighty that is to write what's wrong and just let you know that we love you god bless you god bless all those whom he loved and god bless america thanks for being here that they can and tannery proud to stand with you i like this research protocol that we did to day i think that that's great very very fond and so we will see you i will see you again and i think that you want to come on next thursday with us great well to fit enjoy the time every time we have to spend together in too i got i've got checkecame on coming out on monday to beat up the current republican political scene because he's very knowledgeable and i was called by atkinson you know don adamastor bookmaker going to throw the outer find you want to start it we're going to go there but it's going to probably be painful because someone who says that the christians should not be out attacking people that way stick to the issues at and could you just out yourself to someone who may be needs a little growing up or maturing or maybe maybe maybe maybe there's all kinds of he is there on monday and the tuesday at tattooed i've got a new properiator that we're going to surprise him with which will be found wensday it is once again phadrick son who was talking about the tax tax structure that was a great discussion and the thursday i be contention friday i think jason is going to come back and not be a will so we may just add jason and i may be well have all four of us and that would be a lot of fun a minority of the tents to be on an brandanes nightmare you just let me know if you want to come on and talk about your experiences or what you know in the welcome to the party this is going to be as we the people going forward and with that sad love and love the everybody