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Published Jan. 17, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg it is ah january seventeen twenty twenty three seventeen is my favorite number seventeen seventeen seventeen cassinodes l there is is getting back out of this and a garrison the chap this morning and started out with in the spirit of diamond and salt hay yawahus doing off there to day lacks and lots and lots going on and some big surprise is some little surprises and some consistent craziness out there to day i've got john tadaron it's tat or tuesday and ah we thought got lots of talk about daspremont to get right to it i have a a a comet that came through you knowerwhat all this now and sons were the vindonum of the finding all over the place i don't know it's like those documents are littered around like a bird flying overhead you know you know poineer where they want quite honestly case there seeseethey one thing that one thing that i am seeing here is the antistes one of the research groups i met somebody put these here so this was somebody else's who here too and is i think the you s asked as rules for guarding a president or any elected official or their family should be required to report criminality and may be apt to prevent it a longing his craft to go on under their noses makes them look bad and in effect it makes them accomplices which i really do believe if we don't speak out when we see something that's wrong we are complicit and the action whether or not we bother somebody else by speaking the truth or not we have to and then this is the case sister a display of bravery when we do the right thing regardless of what anybody else shows or what they think or whether they approve of what we're saying or whatever you know it and honestly i just want to welcome everybody that's here is probably here there the more or less like mind and we we are the family of god and that we stand together oh i think i think that when we're dealing with people that our out to do harm to others there can be no mercy with these people they know what they're doing wrong they absolutely know that they're doing the wrong they and their doing it anyway they're doing it the fore knowledge that their doing things that are rough and though you know we treat people that are close to us that are trying to do the right thing and one manner because we're like like a moneda you know quite honestly or some hosewyues for they're going to stand whether you and they're going to be faithful and they're going to let you work through the processes of life but some one that stands in front of us who was out there to hurt other people we have to stand there with our warrior garb with no backing down and i wanted to mention this i posted this a telegram earlier to day and i'm on to give you a little bit of at grown on this because i do think this significant it so it's got to night eight o'clock we're going to be doing a stop human trafficking special now we all know that this is one of those unspoken things that's going on out there in michigan is a hop we any one who has been down the rabbit hole for any carried a time knows that michigan is in fact o how it is very serious i have been around the state and i've seen the transportation bosses coming up your one whom his name tornado it's it's a word crossing boss and we've also looked into the hotels and such where they are housing people and the only house for a short period of time but there's more to it than that the border of the open border is not just about flooding our elections with voters that are be told who divolt for who are to enormitities or residence of the united states they are in fact an invading army there's people caught up in in this and station who our victims just like the the runaways that we have that are likely to be picked out their likely to be approached becse these people that traffic human beings they know what they're doing so we're going to be talking about the conioint o'clock i would encourage all of you to pass the son to your net works and other people because we're going to need help not only are the researchers who have been working behind the scenes and pointed out those things that don't make so and looking into some backgrounds and finding out who are the felons who are taking your money making you believe that your money is going to good too good of when all are going to sit down there passing out rat ah infested materials to these unfortunate people and passing them through they there taking your money and and or they're taken money and there literally down their havingreligion that border it's not all of em but we need to call him out because i can tell you what were ever there are vulnerable people if there's a sadness as victims welcome on the door they are probably taken advantage of people and bad state in a high probability of those of or are involved in an we need to talk about her five one see three we need be talkin bout all this because they're going under the redirecting them that status and doing herman we're going to be pointed some of this out we do have some researches the have been working that i came in contact with which is really interesting and i think that we need to start talking about this stuff more openly and that we work together on bringing names for there's there's a lot of suspend it was really interesting traveling around the state and running for office to see things from an outside of respective but also see them from a from a different perspective of seen whole state together at it is whole and you only that what is he talking people which areas are being pointed out he interrupting hops were there taking the kids to things that are suspect do or do we have a conclusive proof that will stand up in court while some cases we do but not in all cases but that doesn't mean that we don't sit here and we don't ask questions and hold people accountable and turn over every rock we can to ferret out these trafficking lanes whither their store in these kids and warehouses i've heard constantine michigan as a big area because of the because of the the location of the containers that go through the state as well as the port cities there and there there are a lot of people that are talking there's a i think that if we put our heads together and we start connecting these dots were going to screw up some of the plans a little bit and it's going to take all of us there is a there is a large amount of people working on this right now and we're consort talking about tonight i think is this significant and i invite you to join us to night ah no ah no my rumble channel is wallaceite oh life dot brandenburg news network dohonil beat woywod be broadcasting to both of those areas encouraging you to join the chat bring a pencil on a paper or something to write on because you can help us everybody wants to know what can we do to help you know what this is the place where you can help us we can you can help us find information so that we can put this together and hand this over to authorities that can actually because there's there's a lot of good law enforcement out there who are working in town need to hand them the hinformation that we have otherwise were come and we can we can work together as a family as a team in order to help rescue these kids and called people two cappeble out throw out in the light so that their activities go i happen in the darkness any more so that's it we're going to be doing to night and i and i invite you to join us on a speaking of that organ to bring miss terterter i it is in fact detestare got her lontine here where were missing a leave got your red hat on guess lot epulam backs outeside think i got red hair i know i've got an i got to see color he's black mister petito had cottolica here seseli think he set a black hat john on cincinnre here but at any rate of good morning how are you i'm very good how about yourself i'm doing great just ansley great rollo a unclenapoleon what i like to i like to a shake the things up just a little bit and if there's something that's wrong that we need call out we need to stand there just like you in your calling out things all the time in a really respect that and and i preciate that from you but there's a lot of people out to their doing it when i first saw what those initial researchers are what the researches are doing on this i was like oh my goodness people that you wouldn't think have connection to what's happening down the and in fact i listened to on the information multiple times and i'm still just like overwhelmed trying to and i'm a pretty quick study on things but i'm overwhelmed at the mount of criminality for financial crimes that's going on right now and what's happening to cover this up in and how many people are our connected to this it's it's it's amazing so i think in inviting people to gather teaching them how to research a little bet how to look into things and then also you know it doesn't matter if if you can do a little research or a lot of rest somebody is going to know something and if we continue to too of facilitate thus and connect them with these a more hard core researchers and people who are ah or worreted retired law enforcement officers you you get into those type of research networks and whatever we say they can check it out to make sure that the information is good and then we start connecting the dots on who is doing what if they've got it fellony connect conviction if there therach rge of children who who absolutely should not be who have like in a criminal sexual alocucin their background and then they run down there and set up shop we need to call this stuff out because their victims already people who have already been victims on the other side of the border they're coming up here and there be in bictoniense the borderno don't even realize that there taking their money in their runanother activities so we're going to call that out and its public gringo into a series where we continued to bring forward the information that that we find at this is going to be kind of a kind of a real purposeful thing i think for i for people to get involved in and be able to be able to help with the lifting it's just like morning the constn if ye everybody's welcome here there there is there's no one that's above any one else the contributions that everybody can make in putting this nation back together be it ah you know i'm i'm working on writing a curriculum for self sufficiency no matter where you live and so we can get ahead of the problems that are coming or that we expect and every one can help with us every one can get involved we don't don't need to just onsteadings therapy groups called politics just sat there in bihalda long we can actually do something and i have a good time doing it and i think that that's that's the path that we're on right now so with that side gave a little plug for to night i think it's important let's let's jump into tender today with mister take what you want to talk about to day well there's a bunch of different things ah got to go back to our history as to why we have developed the nation what was the when the founding fathers took over and came up with the cost nor could the world itself was set up in such a way that it was a medieval kind of site where they had a ruler and they had slit or you won't call him slaves he called them love subjects or or whatever you want to call will they really were i mean you don't it's not a comfortable thing to say but when you you know most of us the united states right now are slaves were depths like and if we look at that you know there is there as many forms of slavery out in its still going on and mean i listen if people you know soban whine about it right now when i'm sorry but i'm kind of done with that for honestly there's sewing human beings on platforms in some of the african countries the north african country and nobody seen squat about this it you know you can see it and there is modern day slavery the human trafficking is slavery and this is going on right under our noses as some donewithin the path this is happening now and then it was with people refusing to speak up because they're trying to you know use this as a money gain for themselves if you really believed in it you be fighting like crazy like a is no to no to morrow on the people that are involved in it now and just like with the teachers and how they've arranged there are money s he can't get out of debt we will be the same indentured that's in going on first sundries and sentry here on a smoother way to do it that part i agree with you we still have to go back to why we are here and because we do have the foundations and we do have the law on our side the problem that most people that go through the school system that grow up they don't have a clue at the long they don't know what it is it's never been done they don't know what a republic is because it's never be done and they've been hearing on television and and radio and on these politicians of the talking about a democrat and so we have been we have been channeled to believe in a democracy we have been channeled to believe in the fiat currency in the dollar because you know if you talk to people about he why don't you transfer some of that money to pit coin the conseil my god it quite all be conges up and down to cost oct the pot you get out of the banking system at least partially out of he so get out of the banking system there by some gold and silver get out of the bakings and let the bank insist them collapse the fiacre is not fear not prepared for that then when the collapse finally comes and you have a mattress full of paper that you can now won't paper or wall with you're going to say gee i should he listen to five years ago four years ago whatever and in got involved in got some of these other options because money is not a commodity in our country that exists in fire it exists in the brave we believe it therefore we follow along in his but it has no intrinsic value it actually has no value at all and they use inflation to destroy it and of course put you further and further into becoming a debt slate cremer the seventies when we were still on somewhat of a gold star silver standard not really but in old raisonnirende in sixty three but we still had that residual behavior of being on a system where we had not as much and so you know when when we went to feed at all of a sudden your houses doubled in value and you sit who you know now my house is double and it isn't doubling godyou you lost fifty per cent of your purchase so the reality of what was going on at that time and how we the people were being played by the bankers and the the political system we are still being played by this but people can start getting out of that so but they have to they have to get a little bolder then a being in their comforts all the time now that brings me too if we are a republic isle because the politicians public functionaries would not be swearing an oath to a constitution that doesn't so when they swear in all to constitution the reason they swear the elfish that gives them the power to the problem is once they've sworn that oath to the constant then they decide well okay now i'm in and i don't have to follow it any more and they don't a lot of them violate the law on a cot prime example what in the world is anybody believe that comala hers should have been vice president it could possibly be yes she's not as she is not she was born here she hasn't she doesn't have the qualifications as to little hold the office of being president how did she ever get to that point see now we go back to joe biden who swore an oath to the constitution he committed treason when he violated that old and put come olhares at his as his he knew better he is not lessees paid attention any low there he ought from what i can see it seems to me like he seems to be above the law of monostros of them have been for many years like clintons of men are the poster children so as banafar do what you want and if george umbrage bush george bush too in me the they're all from i overcomewhen rats that were there to victimize and take advantage of others and and really it's all for them i'm none for everybody else so when you and we have a long lot of local police public union then or in our local government that have sworn in as to the constant and violated the next day to get into the if judges doing it on a constant base judges violate their ales of office des violate the law judges stupid oh i read it but that's not what it says when in fact it does said because i ran into judges argued the point that in one case that i had which will in front of a tanned you s district a said that the bercheveres gave congress new taxine i through the sixteenth men she so far off and let field she had no clue that i read it to her in a motion for reconsideration echinos what's going on she's part of these linda how what there another federal judge same thing and then it goes on to all the other crooks that ere that crook out of attilio a legend he is the biggest crook because he actually took a low changed the situation changed the narrative and use that law against even though i said a you kennot even reading it right i was never incarcerated in my entire life and i paid the filing fee and you use that against me and you said i can't file the as in the appellator because it would be it would not be in the best so these judges do this on a daily i wakonok into that demonstration cor project a dust re pain was on yesterday we talked about a low but that's real interesting and it gave them the ability to kind o descoevere they want and that the the history of that is really kind of distre while i didn't watch his or didn't look into but that she then happened in nineteen thirty three when the federal when the supreme court and one laterabout that for just a minute and then go ahead and explain people what that is that i'll be right back ok all right what happened in nineteen thirty three in its very important at people know this they changed the in law and equity of the supreme congothe us constitute and made it into the civil action juristic this happened in nineteen thirty three with the federal supreme court it then trickled down to all the state courts in the state courts did exactly the same thing they say when you come into the cord you come in the civil action jars and everything is on the civil action jurisdiction therefore their trying to tell you that your arguments about the constitution and stuff do not apply and in fact if you're in the civil action jurisdiction there absolutely right because you're in a different jersey you need to be in the jurisdiction of the republic when you are in the jurisdiction of the republic both the republic and the civil action jurisdicion can not so you're either in one or the other whenever i go into court and you must you excuse me you absolutely must file a brief or a document you don't walk in the court and try to oily are a argument if you do in that you might as well not go to court cause gonelost because they have nothing and you have nothing to base your arguments on so you have the right a document of a brief an answer to a speeding ticket whatever it is but you have to put something in writing and you have to plead the republic at the beginning if you don't do that you no matter what you say or do in court you will not be you have to do that that very basic when you do that and if you plead a properly and if you plead the republic on and if you argue your case properly outside of the civil action jurisdicion you will be either told to come back at another day so they can review your case over again or they'll dis or in some cases the judge will play hard ball that more anonadador salmon in salmon's getting a los suit from me while his hat we've been at lawsuit with him for reaping the last suit because he doesn't have a clue what the republic is actually done but he's been told to be able certain so he behaves those of the those of the absence that you have to go after when they step outside the republic and you have the plea the republic we live in a red i always lived in a red and if you believe we live in a republic we live in it if you believe we live in a democracy you live in a democrat which you believe while in the democracy is the most unstable form of government that you know it's it's i think it's more unstable than quite honestly or on power with anarchy as its smile brule and anarchist conflict a smaller smaller assembly but when you have it semblions of one can be anarchy or two or three but when you have a democracy you've got the whole of the population crowch you know basically just regards the rights of the individual and its very unstable it's like well whatever body agrees and if somebody doesn't you know they can think can trample peoples individual freedoms very very quickly with the democracy and it's very instable because people people change their minds quite often and there people change their minds a lot and it's not sustainable in democracy does not cast so what you got to do now yet in your in your listening audience is go to the declaration of independent and go to the scots and look and find out how many times democracy i tell you right off the how many times it is the republic mention only men so in the wenerable functionary comes up to you and says we haven't democracy you got a couple of questions to ask where where did you come up with that number one where did you come up with that philosophy that way appetent is it in the constitute that you swore not through a hole ah honorable colenso or is it in in declaration of independence and now your testing they probably wouldn't like them i you know what i did not know that it was never mentioned in those documents that one of these questions i have ever asked and so i am i'm always learning mass of amounts of information from you you know your scholer of those documents for so long and and i can tell you i think there's a lot of people out there that we all learn so much from you it's the man mean i'm always thinkin for your time and and your question well thank you very much i appreciate that it is how but yet it is not mentioned anywhere in any in fact if you go to the papers the thick of the name of the book that has the papers are in that of the the founding fathers rode at gorleston birth and the federalists i mentioned there i think the federals papers are really interesting to read so when you get into when you get in front of them a public functionary of all they don't like that because that makes reduces their power when there are public official they have power or when there what are some of the other coin terms that they i can't think of a moffat when you call him a public functionary their whole function is to deal with the public and their whole function they have a specific job which is the function that this supposed to be dealing it so that's why they had been called public functionaries way back in eighteen eighty six under the norton verses shall become last that was filed back in eighteen eight whiles for before then but it went into these in eighteen eighty six so the terminology and it again if you control the language you control the narrie if you control thee if they control the language they control the note so now your listening to congress arguing back and forth with whenever there are doing back and there using the terms in their over government over reach now the government you see the usurping is criminal and over reached while you know just slap on and sq now it's not they're not over reaching their authority there youth serping the and that's where we have to go we have to go with the proper language once you you sure ittho rity then you are you you i can be brought up on criminal charges you serping authority means violating your old lot and violating year olds to office is in fact what our cis you know what there is it it's in simple terms too i can see it is a form of invasion you know there's there's different levels of invasion you can invade the rights or the boundaries of an individual you can invade of a state you can invade a country you know you can invade certain rights and such but it's it's a it is a an invasion and you know when you look at how when you look how their invading our privacy and such i mean i mean i think that proper boundaries on everything is is a key to a really happy life you know they always say that fences make great neighbors because you know and in that there's some pederson real truth of that and informe it's it's a matter of respect too you know if if people get in office and they have the proper rest for the people around them they wouldn't even they wouldn't even think about violating somebody else's boundaries or the right well as our founding fathers have put it more than once a republic cannot exist without a moral i agree if and i think i think to fix the united states and the figs the world that were in right now it's comes back to this is in fact a spiritual battle i was reading the morning a a an article on let me see if i can find her in article and this seemed to be fairly fairly a significant to me i can find it your mine it was i think i for in another pile disent the janson a crot law makers as on the gateway condet i like some of their stuff but this a lot of it you've got to read just like everything i have to read everything with a critical eye i don't believe anything patently that i read from any one i i read it and saw it obsidere a gone from there is game more to this than what their say so that's how i read everything but the foot on a or twenty six the bordelion survivors protection the united states house of representatives not surprisingly over single democrat his voted against the legislator save and congressmen harry ah a queer of ten republican vincent gonzalo texas stops at twenty six votes that any have borne after an attempted abortion is to be considered legal person for all purposes under the laws of the united states derported ironed forded on january eleventh that the day that the foe about new york home verslingeren nailers demonical ranch that takes that taking babies with survived abortions to hospitals for lifesaving care is a problem so i think i think you know when when you can when you can and i listen to a debate that that bomasine he was in the sonnet on what you do a baby survives in a worse and they literally said wells long somebody that agrees then basically you can end its life on take and i'm sitting when you listen to the same speak these words of a baby born live and then having two people disagree yet it's not violable well what happens when they start using those babies for traffic organs and suspicans it's going on it's happenand in you don't have them morality to be able to say this is a human life is just like in canada with the u janicot i don't believe for a minute that a lot of those people are green to th and not for a minute there sat well they know they agreed to this procedure that they didn't want to live any longer how i don't believe that they can say whatever they want to say there's no pro and then he just because it's two people agree who are on the same bent you know exterminate people or use serbonis for organs doesn't mean that that that this actually a testimony that we can that we can count on you know but this whole morality think is an integrity thing is a big deal and indefinite out because it's the only thing if we don't get that figure it out in level of every single person in the united states we were going to have a big problem that's going to be you know on unovercome able it has to start with the individual didn't we go to world war to do stop the evil the but i'm trying to an idsall things in on you know the the telling the truth on a daily basis wistanding out for something that's wrong instead of coloring in a corridor or cheating somebody or or trying to take the advantage of other people an there's a million ways that you can display the integrity and antigo back with that we have to make it a choice on that every single day in our actions that we do it's not the big things it's the little things because the little things compound into the big thing and we're going to have to address that while let me ask another son what is the purpose of these house representatives that are floating in the legs as nothing renoncule there not representing the population there you go where there's supposed to be representing so fear telling me that this sol and i don't know these names so on and so forth guy from voted yes or no he voted yes sir no based on yes it is esoteric as he representing your absolute right or an and i don't think that they even know what the people the representing the kiser not talking to anybody you know i don't rent in they're not they're not aggregating information you know the to get that feed back this there's no way that there cause they don't want to aggregate that information they just have to want to do it i mean as a this is an easy of easy enough thing to do to get feed back on things so that and then you've got to stand or to hold them to whether there actually representing the population pretty as goneas yeh i got a flyer from rachedale in my supposedly my repose i'm so sorry wareborough the flyer you find out is it says that that the very beginning always working for you i have a call into her right now regarding the internal revenue is she talks about bills in amendments as about she passed thirty eight bills ah introduced a hundred and thirty five bills i didn't know anything were these bills all about and she introduced and sheathone she's not she's not the only dirigible in congress there's a bucket but at my question is if she's representing the people how come we don't know about these things how can we don't know about these this consumer protection axis to abortion care i didn't vote for that how about power of the pen a power the pen only counts when you not go and after these then the power of the pen doesn't count but my pliant passion you to such a beautiful goshen how much money did she the right or to make such a beautiful brochure she is not one they're all his berlin to the waters that they violated their old office when they took off and they are committing exist so that's where we have to go with and bricks me back to norton verse shall become i dont know that cord a garonnethe that is the cornish stone on the red a few years ago i rode a hundred and forty three letters certified to the judicial oversite comte in congress all my auto my pocket and they were all certified so the hundred and forty you figure the math out it was a several hundred dollars sends letters when one when the smoke finally cleared i get a call from carl leven who is the senator was the senator ishie and he was yet he was a represented or a senator at but the point of the matter is i didn't send it to the to the house of representatives let and they put him on charge in charge to answer and of course he bungled through the answer to get it than to get me off his but then a few you weeks later ah when the fast and furious guy what's his name air colder was a being curled by i think it was paul rand paul rand paw asked them or maybe it was the other gun that was a pretty hot ottothe time i can't reme in any way he was asked would you go back to obama and find how why he has not usurped the chord in his it's the first time we've got here the word you superior so ran says there reading your letters the interesting part about it is nobody's ever talked about to share decorating or by the law nobody talks about that none of the public functionary and any time it ever used in a public airways it's kind of i shore and all the other pronunciate de sherping super the day not describing the law of the land so this is the kind of nonsense that we've been dealing with because they have control of the line and so their overreaching instead of the serping there public officials instead of public and rebind to that i would have got to stop it i've got to change the form of the language and every time we run into a public functionary at a rally wouldn't hurt if you stood up and said hey oh richiesta congressman to leave would you kindly tell me will you be a you will you be a decurionis occupying that the jury office we need to have oranges i agree with you a lot of em don't or a lot of them were going to act like wow warren judge warren who works at the roostemaccount came to one of our meetings and ran asked oh will you be a decurio ficor occupying it to curios and he hesitated in his guise sitting on a bench for a long time i hesitated and hesitated and rinsed the gevered norton verses shall be county he says i looked at he you know exactly what is or when we talked a mat the pornell met the pernel everybody knows everybody legal profession knows conspiracy of what's going on so we get all these so called public functionaries that our trying to get into one or trying to run for some parties but they don't know they don't know nor to number one they don't know what it means to be desired they are they do but they're not going to talk about somebody told them when they got into congress you'd better not talk we don't know what goes on when when you finally get elected in office but we do know that that has the that we have to go back to the original language of the constant and when we go back to the original language of the constant then we will have power over these public once well i was told that what really happens is that when people get into two this is one of the first conversations i had when i was running for governor is that when they you when they first get into landing somebody takes some tidings says this is the way it really works here and are basically tells them you if you want to have any effect you are going to vote for the speaker of the house decides everybody's committees on assignments and you will vote for the vote with his every single time instead of fooling with the people they basically have gotten themselves a little crimes syndicate there where their protecting each other so protection racket is what it is and you know instead of instead of instigating something and none of them will stand up for you know and here's that here's another thing i think that they all committed treesnow active he to trees and i really do i think they are all guilty of these and in like in it from top to bottom the night even think that in a local level on a local level that's happening too when somebody sits in a position i've you know i'm beating the drawing montizon boards and and city commission crown commission that that is the lowest level of criminality but that's happening to their protecting their interests and their doing things to grant favor from further friends and when you want to see the biggest example of it look at the developers look at what happened during cold and they took that money for clandonachil a big and i mean in the millions of dollars construction projects going what is that have to do with shutting down nothing and it's like i just pulled something up here which i think is interested as were talking or incantation right oh i told this up this was the twenty twenty two mid term ah there i've got two screen shots of this i'll have to find that but they comparing what the politicians say where the issues but the people sat sad werthes and the the radically radically different it it was from from the politician stand point it how do we spend more money and from the people stand point it was like few leggerissimi the number one issue was growing inflation number two was crime and spike and crime rates stupid they know what's going on a portion and abortion rites were he force immigration and border security and s to democracy so is that word again and as compactness you know and going back to title just as somebody says intercesserat have or the republican or democrat they may or may not be you half to question you have to question what what they're saying and are they part of this little programming situation where the programming us how to believe what to think and so that we're good little or good little drones to do the work to keep them in power and it it really meet we really have to take look at everything in question every but without the information without the ethereal education people are left without any hope because they've got no power when they don't know what i think you know going into something like if there was a crash the most important thing isn't even silver gold he could be but it's what you have here and i do now it's like it's what i what do you have here and you know i was talking to somebody out how if if things because we had a video that came from somebody and lancing that passed in because here's a committee meeting on what would happen under an emergency situation were in pewsthe were fried right then and there where are our communications go down the bank and goes down everything goes down in that case and unlike well that's an interesting thing to look at because you know if you had to go down to nothing what would you do and i do ionthe question wasn't post to me it was just passed on and me but that's how i think in and worse case senarius i actually go to worse case scenario on every single thing i do in business and everything is like well what's all the risk at what's what's the risk actors and go there because that way you can address the problems rather than going to the you don't happy happy joy joy place you know well what the worst that can happen and what do you do from there that's kind o fond that's like takin a great big box the leggos and start holding with what you have and i think it's fun i've done that in business for years you know when and i find to be really a fun pose a mere isyou thinks he love's live in free beer before i have lumen before you do that because you talked about ordinances hackabout departments that exist within the city yes and her there all had what is norton what is the most important point of the they have no right to exist he bathed not one then they have no right to exist the obey it doesn't really exist in a lawful status neither does the ci er any of them and they don't legally exist only it's sort of like the masks you know trying to get rid of a you know get rid of it doesn't work and they don't really exist as far as to have to have to comply with its only because we agree to comply in them that they work tell me what would make them legally able to our compliance to it are agreement i don't know what what is it that we make i don't think there is a reason for them to legally exists an amendment to the consent okay because of its not in the constitution a few open the consate the federalists if you open the several constitution or if you're talking about an o a city ordinance you go to the a city charter that ordinance department has to exist in that city okay then is the dire and there spell out who is involved what their duties are and how what they can do and that's it spelled out in the city charter so that's not spelled out in the city jarner ordnance department does not exist it's not spelled in the city charter then that police department if it's not spelled in the u s contorsions tite then halt and human services or child protective services he had those a the eighth the all of that none of this has the has as the right to exist all they are not to constrain the powers of the government or serve there there a punitive way that's all i've seen to punish people then they write one of the saddest stories that i heard when i was campaigning was over and port huron and we call these people out because there there's somebody this working over there that's like a little stopfor the city and the residence there all know about that talking about and what they did there was a woman that she had too an istichd sparking on the street she had no it was she was writing his property she parked on the street there was no parking off these so he changed the ordinances and that you may not park on the well she had nowhere to park with these kids so she parked on the grass next to her how she did have a driveway and the landlord didn't put it in and the city started getting her fine he was up more by the time i talked with shedn't want to talk to me she was afraid the and i'm like look i'm i'm just running for office here and i you don't you need to talk to to me or some one who can help you if you got a problem bos to be a service right she was absolutely terrified talk he only to minsisagaigoming where and so and it really is it really you know you know is not like an i rinoth city and castiore problems but i do think that we need to talk about these things as she was okay with that i i i say i i just couldn't believe the story she had five thousand dollars of fine and this was because city rode an ordinance she could not comply with it and then they came and they count the impounded her artistic kids special needs i couldn't believe this in this is this is a pot public functionary completely and utterly out of control and we know my thought was as man you know what i can pour son there's a lot of myself there that can pour some one that could you know could you know get get less to people and he strolled driveway in the fore it's not that big adel to do that if you have the help for people get together the city should have recognized that there was a real issue there with that woman and may be he put something out to the rest of the city and said we we have a problem here first while they shouldn't written the ordinance they had no right to do that but sacknell you know they they put it in a position where they could money grab from somebody who was already in a bad and this is what the journal the time it's really really said they write rules in order to put people out of commission or put him in a punitive ways so that they can do a money gravits it's wrong and every level can can i go to the chant horace we don't like really the more quotation brought it up with your fall is my father i your fault on st that lady that has the letter lock that when was that law written was it written before she moved in or after shafter there do you know that in the federal constitution is sent there is a or there is a provision in the that says no exposed factor that's what that is it's a law after the the so they had no authority by the spring by the federal constitution or the state as to write such an if she did not match she do have an argument than she could have fought the it she also go after the ordnance department to find out do you really have a are you chartered are you dissurie but she did know those question that's why in a year listen audience we got that know the we got to know this well and i think i think that'll be really helpful cause like i'm in pretty nough out little bit of all see a handbook or research a resource book of things like you know go aldegate pot here you know what do you do when things if things follow parton and kissits a good question to ask i mean everybody should be asking his quest of we've been brought up to think that we that things are always going to maintain a way that they are and i don't believe that this true you look at history and there's so many times that things have completely fallen apart you've got to know how to organize use your talents together and or assessors what you have around you to work with what you have on putting something together for that but i really think i really think that there needs to be a quick hand book put together on the steps in different scenarios if this happens what do you do you know it's like like you know we were talking this morning i'm workin on ice to day is is piled getting filled to day this is my next lost suit that of that were were going to be were finally to day and am i need i think that right but that the knowledge that's in there though is not quite a step by step for it is not it's not enough of a step by step for people to follow and i think that we need to be putting together thanks to educate this is what i found when i in pretty much everything i've ever done in my life as he were so afraid step out in due something new the fraid they're going to fail you not did you know that that that that is the actual that tone of the biggest fears that people have as the person whose background is an isenhout strategy and marketing you always look at the risk factors because if if you are if you are the asking people to do one thing they won't even do it for the right reason about ninety five to ninety seven per cent of the time they won't make a decision to do the right thing they will take the decision every almost almost every time that has the least amount of risk well is whether that be even if even if this is the best in the clear bestest most people won't take that decision they will do this just to avoid risk or back let and in i rely think that if it were a step by step or people could say okay now here your check list of what to do and i mean that's really really how you've got to do everything as you've got to have it so it even in my bar everything is so laid out in a step by step then if somebody were in walk into it they then truly the truly stupratine pitch fork and open now what to do not and i think it a legal legal capacity we can do that too this my thought maybe we should work on something like that i'd work on it with you began its eradication process gone his i only know i not todistettavia as she now in disponemini mistake we nothearbut through the one how get of figured out i the easiest way to figure out anything that the government is to see if it exists in the case then if you can't find it then you go to that public functionary and you said please present the authority that you have to be able to do and let them do the work but you have to have some basic knowledge about what it is that they're trying to push on and then you turn around and you give it to them and you say now you present i've looked for it i can't find it you shall why think like a son i think the chuckles ger on how did deal with different issues would be really helpful in i am going to run to the chat now right now can't yeh i had tangistoun what didn't he strained put through right now with this distraction i am too i think that we're seen a lot of district but there's different levels of information going on in somebody like john knows the constitution inside out upside down somebody like me is learning every day new things that i didn't know before we're all learning and some people are getting into this pit in really the great awakening her in waking waking up to what's really gone on and they they're just beginning to learn what's wrong and so every senaria that it gets exposed that's thrown out into the public we are educating the population we are educating ourselves are friends are family are neighbors speaking of putting the stuff out there and say this is kind of crazy you don't how is it that bind can have these documents everywhere how is it that they can have a vote fifteen times to get mccarthy and a speaker and what was really accomplished there and what's not being spoken of all and i i agree with it because what they're not speaking about is the border right now nobody's nobody wants to touch the bores crynobody is touching this whole thing with the spending and raising the spending ceiling the debt ceiling which is supposed to be voted on i think on the nineteen and though her areas that we can exert an incredible amount of pressure we got together and we started in a common guys we're not doing the sunny more this is your crazy and that the number one issue was the inflation and spending how come there not talking about this this is our she the over one issue that an election integrity is the not those of the number one issues out there no one is touching that with a forty foot pole right now so we're going to just keep talking about it here ah love says adults are two are partly alive when the organs are harvested that is true people are duped into thinking the person is dead when the organs are harvested that that is absolutely true when you decide to donate your organs ah quite often that person is not dead when they take those organs of and that is that is a little known fact by people out there that they keep because the body was as soon as the body dies to degrade so they want to get those organs out before that individual is all dead and i mean he want to talk about a horror story let alone with her do in to kids on regular basis ah and but the junius i listened to a doctor in china who was told he was going to take a kidney out of some one walked around it was marked in there and heard a gun shot when round the corner and there like remove his organ and he wasn't titely done they shot him on spot like it was a somebody from the wagon grow on me this is that a world that we live in his brutal its goobut that he and that's hard for people the deal with the world has always been this wine we just know it now because we have the mechanism to see what's going doesn't change the fact that this was always going on we were just not aware of it is it our fault now really is it is it or we are we like these people are we all bad no no people are good and i what yet step opposit goodness herman the weird suffer to miko happens once in a while one see what happens we don't happen let's try i'm to go to the rest of wondres love my cousin had a double long transplant and he is now a different person personality wise i have wondered if the dead man's den a changed my case i think it's possible i i've heard some stories but you know you never know ah you never ever i just ride one the other day was on one of the telegram channels that there was a man that had a heart trancedly a woman met the the woman methegh got the heart later she was a widow and ended up getting married the man the the original original husband a shot himself in a bath room and so she met the guide that had the her transicin a number of years later now i can't confirm it it was on telegram you know so but i think it's a plausible thing to look into you know a number of years later the new husband who allegedly released received the heart transplant shot himself also in the bath room is it is it a likely i don't know but is it is it possible probably and i and people said that when when the heart translat have us they'll hear words or phrases that the deceased actually so that they didn't say before that or certain preferences too though i've heard that from people that said that they never one guy said it he never ah ah he had the same preferences before that he had after her transplant but who knows i have not been there and in a note anybody could say what they want so andariego morning he'll be fifty simon what happened to her what is the undther story the i am assuming that has to do with the cousin with the double long trance led ah look if you can answer that love that will be great might model i had a city official tell me that my christian flag is not allowed to be hung in my front yard they wrote me a ticket because i never took it down so i took them to court good job fight that kind of stuff you have the right they have no jurisdiction over your home garry smith it's not over an hour what is the take away from this how do we use a salable information reclaim our country state and nation agree agree and that's where unkinlike the the i kind of like in the check list tight that maybe that's a take away that we realize that we have to have a check list we can listen to the information and somebody like you that knows as information inside out backwards and forwards i i've been doing us for what and i still feel like i need somebody to hold my hand a little bit and say okay this is what we're going to do if we run into problems here this is what we're going to do and you have to have a lot of knowledge to be able to do that what you have you oh my how do we do this how what can we do with this valuable informaton first of all it's to pack in the language to anybody and everybody to our relatives he said at the table and instead of saying that the over reaching all the serping hot or instead of saying of these not following the law no he's not deserted start using the language and they're going to the next question is going to be where did you get that language where did you know about that word to all was so you come up look this fifty thousand dollar word that nobody's ever heard ere well i heard it through the cork then you bring in norton little by little because most people will rest of the of the calf because they they've no clue what it is and you know a government would never do that i had i rolled our government would never poison the vaccinating rides well that's just the attitude because they grew up that way the government american government is great and will never do anything illegal or incorrect so you got a start you got a start slow and if you have the knowledge even if it's minor even if you will need now though the seven terms of norton and you know that you can't i created the fact to office you are ready half way he because one of the issues now being brought in by the bat bat is that the passing a law to remove these so one of co braces these from pistol these portable braces that you could use when you shooting up his and their saying that if you have that brace then you are creating than you are by certain period of time you will be considered a criminal well first of all can the beat of make a low no no he answered why well too reasons one there not the legisl two they don't exist why don't they exist because they are de facto organization that has no constitutional authority so if you're ready now that and they they passed this law you will take your pistol with your brace to the police departments i hear i'm turning on him because that's what the deep state want they want you to turn they want to see how many people will turn in their guns because now it's an illegal act to have iocoso people running and they turn the guns in six months later or a year later goes supreme court ness see but you've already given up your gun yet they come on the battle sir have they be chiefe the gulls will you have her under the sterno what they can do and what they can't do and who is in hot on chart i won't care so what you're saying is the first thing to do is get yourself educated the first thing we need to do is understand what our rights are what the law is and it's going to take a whole people are going to have to commitment to educating themselves so that they can help educate others the second thing is passing information on to other people that you know so that you start the disease join the discussion groups that are good discussions so like i i'm kind of fan of the national assembly and that national dash assembly got out i believe and i think that there's the moschian the mosquitoes carry we put that in the chatiments so let people can see the web site there and i think that joining these organizations and or following them in order to an got oogando the the the rectories lot of people out there that are leading people astray i think on going to john's organization and and doing no joining joying john's zoom zoom or meeting at nicholas when they do i think this is a great idea get a wrong people that know what they're talking about make a commitment to educating yourself as much as you can and then you don't make you we can do is put together a little think tank here because you don't we've got the research think tank hematinon to kick off your to nightand maybe we need to do a lawful one where we open the up a little pity and larger and put her other werenever hand book on generousitee and boughgrowing to lead an if ye lead thou this is something that we should be doing is putting together in over a hand book so that people can have the information now the cases know how to plead it and you know may be talked to somebody that can can walk with him a little say well this is this as something you might consider our group does cover that she almost every wednesday we talk about it anybody as no i bring the questions forward and nicholas in fact this next nicholas which is going to be the twenty fourth it will suppose to be the seventeen but it turns out that my psychic ran trying to run for west land a interemere so and he's got to do that to night and i don't want to run the meeting without she's got questions and answers i don't have and i have questions and as so we like to beat together as he so ere we've chased into the twenty fourth in anybody's entitled to come there and also that brings us to the eighteen cesare to thursday or wednesday this week we'll have a zoon people can come to the somalis bacon participate we like people asking john agelenidae none who do come contingent a hold of him and that if you do on the ooman listened to that i think listening to and and the going to actually eric white has a a a a serious ouvidos on brandenburg news network you can go to brandenburg news network a doc come and go to series one play less and this actually his text me again because he gave this to me before to look at to put out their so that everybody can actually go there and ah ah me me loose if i can let me not i bring up on bennerman cause i've got bennie up there right now i'll say here here's bennie met me this is to men which yet it kitchen table mamma there there's brenburg brenburg news network live and i didn't have the play button on there so that's why you're not seen what's going on here but let me as that gotfor screens going on right now let me go back to ranenburg news network out we on kinds of things you and other see the nice part of bonar group on one on wednesday night you have an issue if you know or group and you get connected you can come on to our group and ask hey what would we be in the situation or hind ed to handle we'll handle individual argument on our group and how i deal with it some people can get individual helpless the they don't have to run to an attorney or or pull the constitution will show more togo to get their coats he so there's grandperes that there's life now in a run back and see if i can grab eric stop here a minute because we've got several we've got people different people that are posting and i think that here in soup the lot of times that our meetings eric's ignorndose gallicolens dishart and if i can find the akoimeti always i'm always concerned about clicking on line no matter what you have there so the stuff that you just don't have control over and so i'm like you to be you click on linen or like old mcgosh so here's laments for being effective in a court room this is all about restoring then the nation and i find that the stuff that eric puts off is really really good so i'm going to run here to eric cocanicus te country leads liberty and so here's here's the so sanbornnever news network and there is the play less that he spliced to gather and eric is just a very very dear person i bees ices good guy so it's it's kind of interesting to go through other do here we've got one with life with john tator so he's actually put play lest together for our tater cos days and here sat here supply less for all of the how to restore to and i think it's a really good idea go through this of and i honestly to ah to go through the stuff to see what people was just in and and and also don't take what anybody says is as gospel research at for your self sir yesterday i had contingents imintanout somebody or something that happened yesterday i had a i had made a rough france too i had a made a rogerine to some and people were frustrated with me on the fact that i didn't call some one out by name and you know they were trying to figure out what i was talking about and she doesn't know she's talking about and i'm sick of these innuendoes and both with the set the other thing and on like i'm sorry this is i'm not here to spoon feed anyone i'm doing this because i feel strongly about this you know you and i are volunteer workers and you know it's like like to criticize somebody who stepped out a life to put their time into something just because we believe in it and were not there just going snip ship wolcome you didn't say this how come you can do this and i get that response a lot unlike really wolfyou lacinious be shocked at how people talked to chalked other people it's like you know it's like an then they then they know a crab about you behind your back and pretend to be your friends do you and and in quite onessome of us shall will pick up on that are to have good enough friends that will tell us what is really going on or what these people's rule at moles and sidejust kennissen and watch in but it's not my responsibility or smooth feed any one and neither is it yours were here to help but that doesn't mean that word the all to end to all we just were willing to step up the try to help him in many many ways you know finally lawsuits petition or legislator trying to put things together outside all the very corrupt that doesn't mean that we're the holder of all knowledge and neither will i spoon the people because the biggest thing we can do is teach them to get off their behinds and research for themselves because then instead of instead of them coming to us i recensement monements like come on if you want to be free if you want to help so self government you want your wine people that are willing to link arms if i trip and fall in i don't know something hopefully this person over here will know it and will advance together it's it has to be done that why it has to be where people can look into it for the ii referenced something yesterday that you know about a wee eten go figure it out in and there you go there's there's the there's the nugget you know go figure it out figure out what's the en talked about because that's what's going to make all of us smarter is for us to have enough knowledge like on the constitution that we figure it out we can help people but there's got to be some effort in everybody else's perspective and that's how we get better that's how we stand better together and that's how we actually that's how we take the nation back every one has to care and not just in distant go back to my life and i'm going to be comfortable and is it my coffee shop and you know do the set now that time is passed and we were given a republic to see if we can keep it enemies are we motivated enough have we got past all the enough are we asking questions not or we actually stepping up to be in charge or we still going to be in this nannestad dependent on some one foedius information constantly and if they don't i'm goin step my fingers you need to tell me what's going like you know what good luck with it you know what done carried all say that good luck with that i'm more than amused right now i can tell you that right now i am more than you know is it yesterday and somebody something about you know my my pension for fighting as is pretty strong i enjoy a good fight that's why i'm not afraid to go in court in and you know do what you do here do you know do a different post you know and there comes a time where you gather the people that are not that may be don't have that skill and i get that were all different right but you know that doesn't mean that we're going to be all things to all people at all times is only one person that can do that in that jesus christ the rest of us are a flawed human beings that hopefully redoles your god bring more people that are willing to step forward and do their own research and and you don't help us instigate change because the bird not all of us who are willing to step up just incredible in it there is no one that can do that by themselves if you know donald trump stood up there and i have a tremendous amount of spectre but he didn't do it along he had a lot of people that jumped in behind him and said you know what he may not be perfect no one is only jesus but you know what we're going to get around him and when he stumbles and fall and he falls because everybody yet working in beans there there is no one that's going to void that we're going to stand strong with his person and help them not just sit back and shoot in a waterbut else is shooting at on the end till we feel so he said they connaissent is right this what people do i knew i was right then your complicit your part of the problem so there you in a miseased at people's behavior as one but ah no no no possible way i'm givin somebody to pass for being stupid because it is stupid so anyhow immature whatever you want to call it so anyhow step up you thinking to better that's great i'm happy shoveling horseman ower you know when you and driving your vehicle the shortly and you and up getting parking ticket or seek bell ticket or some stupid thing with a with a very low hole five or feet the that's where you start going to cope cassiculus you're going to you're going to pay that fee one where the other you're either going to win and not pay it or you're going to lose and pay it but at least you've made the and you've got to help there and you've had and that's what when you do the first one it's a little intimidating it to lot in time somebody that's never been told and then the second one not quite as bad and the third one not quite but if you wait until you get the really big nasty one and you have to fight that one in court now you got a lot on the lone so this is great anticipator yet i remember the first time one of my one of my sons is probably one of the hester kind perse and he sees a very kind person he he is pretty pretty soft smoke and these pretty kind bright and the first time he got up in front of a city council to speak if i have two of them that have become a little bit politically active the first time they got off there you know it was a kind of sweet to watch him get up in front of them audience you know is a meyouknow you're like really proud of em because they're getting up there and there in there like you know respectfully i would like to say this nowthey were really respectful which i was really proud of them right and trying to get a figure it out how to speak in front of the group and how scary that is the first time that you do it every one feels that way every one that gets up in front of the group for first time is you know is really afraid because it's a evenescent over it it's a difficult thing to do but the more you do it the more bold you become and the more skill you have and the more knowledge you have the more confidence you gain so that when you do get up there and you you've had that practice and it's just like anything else it just takes practice you know so and and i think think god we of people out there like you or willing to walk with people and teach them and a young teach my think wednesday night i think i'm on to jump on the call when sanitas your is to hold yes i have i have time this week to get on that call wednesday night that i've got windsanti thursday night i'm dot icating to the human traffic and ah stuff that were putting out there on being at a hearing vendiderat on to us yea i will are there there are people there are people that are taken people's money and their having a big party where the and and it's not getting the thecae and in fact there is some evidence that their actually involved in so very dark ones and i think it's important antesque ton but you will tell you i got to tell you i was in front of solomon whose tailors judge who retired by the way once my lawsuits started hitting i'm not sure that my loss help them figure that out or not he really thought that i was somebody that he can intimidate and so you know he's in his big black robe and when i started talking the republic he's waving his hands like he we're not going there we're not going there thought it would intimidate it is he ended up with another motion saying think we're not going there we're not going there didn't help then i filled the lost these judges do believe because they have a black robe because the three steps above you because their way up there yes to look up at him that they can intimidate and they do some of them do a real good job and some people get really concerned and some people you know fold in and and and quit the battle i had an attorney once upon a time before i realized through eternity i hired this kid to help fight a battle and he went into circuit court with and he was going to argue fraud on account and and when he stood up to the judge he says this is in about the results of the contracts fraud of the and the judges here one to go the count and the attorney decided not not going there sat down that was the end of the age so i stood up and i said your honor your honor he didn't do anything for me so i'm sorry you are on speaking with i onech cloud so that's the kind of nonsense that goes on and if you're not prepared for it and i wasn't prepared for who on a whatever think that they would say you're not going there councillor when i goin to talk about fraud in my court in my court room and in the attorney buckles this treaty gave me a bill of goods that he's he's an ex omnes and i'm going to fight to the end one showed said you ain't goin there any ain't going it tell you i've helenopolis when i think wherefore like france colard ah i've i've approached it a couple of times when i've approached like a council zoning border a council and the first communication out of my mouth at the very beginning is i've just let you know that you are being put on notice right now you have two things to pass that you can take and the number one path as you're here to represent constituents and i said the other path is not restored of arica representing your constituents you are in fact committing treason you have one job to do to day and that is to represent as we the people not the public i know not the special interest or anything and if you fail in representing the people you are in fact the trees you want to hear the mike it's like it's like the terror and the mike drop that half in i mean i've had set there like this because the people i said that to an area seen me do this a few times and you know it's like it's like a you you are not going in lessons when i was doing smart meters back in two thousand three we had a meeting at last and all the people were standing up one or arguing about against smarted why mark meters or badness are unhealthy and so on and so forth i happen to be the last speaker i don't know why i happened to be but i was so when my was my turn the first words out of my mouth basically were i'm here to represent the people myself outsmart meter and if we don't get some satisfaction here i will be filing the loss so again the the committee and the one guy who was cheering the committee a fondling her awnings trying to put things away to get out of the stop he looked at at benanee are you talking about he liked to be so now not at all capite i think that toolkeeper getting together and you know in this area we've got a i started in order ization years ago and we have a been very effective it pulling the community together when we had to have an a ballot initiative on we have like seventy some person of the foe on that issue one you know that we add to it because every one was educated but it takes somebody on a local level that's willing to say this is our community and we are not willing to let these people give preference to the invading entities into this community which are the entities that are here just to kill for it like say for example nestle with or water i am i am absolutely against what has happened with these antinomies a pays the the people of alaska a portion of the oil that's taken out of laska wende that michigan were dumb this state the state is taken stupid pills here because we we've let mostly walk in with two hundred fifty dollar eh two hundred fifty dollars for a permit and poor millions and millions and millions of dollars of or of gallons of water saine thing with a salt of the taken out saething with all of this this is stuffed that is jointly owned by the people of the state of mine so and and they literally just taken it taken right out of the state and when you look at the ownership of this assessment rock this answere should be we should be a you know ah truly giving giving something back to the people you we would have so much money if we wish we manages correctly we we would have anything that anybody really wanted to have done better better of actual services to help people actually helping people build small businesses instead of attacking on so that we give them the the the favor to the big multinational corporations all of this stuff could come to the end and we could have stronger family stronger home great prosperity for the it would be very easy to accomplish great prosperity here it is coronado it and caught caught all the strings that are propping up illegal its which are money laundry to wave from the coffers that we the people have put into and are they just negosha he happen ere we just ninahani body that really wanted to do that cause they're all they're all on the on the of the lease from for a hair shiver there and her gates on her hair of a sorrow so now and his funny because younger people don't even realize that there being stolen from it there you know they are about all of the things that they've been that they've been brainwashed into thinking our great things you know meaning to give money to this person and that person and that person that first year giving away your the money you work to her you are asiticas not coming from the government this coming from you and you're going after pay for this death that's the amount and masses our kids and grand he we'll have to pay for this unless we get a better system in place the kids that thing oh you know we need to have all these social programs we need the all of this tis pity money going to this sector that sector of unformable they should just get up and walk and try to help i mean i understand there are people that need help there's no two ways but there is there's a huge humanitarian effort that needs to what we was having in our elder cares is a crime and how people are being treated when their older or the veterans or this in humanitarian effort has to come and then then to serve the people and then honestly i think you know i put it into a proper process and find out what people really want to go that way so he angerstein who kindjust like talk here for an hour forty minutes which i think in it rose with by itself is really valuable you know sometimes just sit down with a friend and talking for a while and you talking over issues can be really really a helpful and he let do we want to go to the constitution i've got the i've got the office of talked about that this morning oh yeah that's well everybody egreliche everybody needs to know where that is in what it says and what it means and in this so there's no rule here for for guessing or anything like that it says i do solemnly swear or for then i will see constitution of the united in the constitution of this and i will faithfully discharge the duties of that office it spelled out very very clearly and thou now you've got in the settle constitutions in nature and now you've got somebody named the resident he says why have some dackson there behind my corvette in my grade and there and there he secret or or documents that you know i top secret document and i and i keeping of in my garage behind my cork or wherever and all his back to the matter as he had no authority he where's your forty doc number one to take that our secure take them from you and take them from the place of security and put him in your garage of alpine secure him that way so he violated his oath of that's the and they should be finding out piece oroto give em a necktie that's basically what's going on right now with he is also pushing the pat f to go after weapon this done in the past dave lost new york's lost all of their arguments on weapons california's lost on the the are on the second amendment and so these people that are pushing these oh laws these rules and regulations to try to control the people those people need to be on behind bars tried and then given on it because their treason and if we understand that then we can push forward and do what we have to do to take care of those trees what even a benedictine benedict arnold's crime though it was a and though it was the was that nearly as bad as these guys are doing day true of and in now that i think that i think that because we think we know these people we think we know who they are and you know we put our trust in them and trust his ear just because somebody says or something and they want to stand on the stage doesn't mean that they are who they say they are when we start doing checks or background checks on people and looking into their history a little bit or the claims that they make there is some very disturbing things that that that would probably bring every one to a full stop i i think there's a lot of people that aren't even who they say they are out there now not even remotely close so we think we know him and we we think we have you know are the popularity contests that we like this person or blowback do you really know her they just somebody who's playing a part cries indicate that an office ah you know as a public functionary to mislead people i think that's more for problem than what we think it is i agree with you and so we can't and you know you cannot automatically assume that people have the ma sant mines ah is that was that was one of those things that was a hard thing for me to learn what i first got into is that i i really expect people to do the right thing and the longer one when i was younger i mean you don't just fall on the planet and have all this nothing now have knowledge all the knowledge in the world you you'll learn it by making mistake and you know if you get older you realize the percentage of people that do not think the way that they that we do that we just want to go to work we want to have a good job we wanted to write by the people round us and you know veneti with her family and and you know maybe maybe do if you think to make the world a better place will these people are parasites they have a parasitic mine set where they only look at what you have and they try to take that's sure mine so we can't look at them in the way that a lot of us think to just really want to make the world about her place as there not like us that they truly are not like us and we we've got acknowledged that because then where it's easier hold somebody countable when you realize these people are not like set did you know that incorporate the corporate world one of the biggest things going on and that we've seen in the past oh say on fifteen ten fifteen years i ten years at cotton really bad but it's been going on oh gosh you know with a bit the big rail bearers were in place where they would they would get their projects john and they would truly he tried to they would put the business as it did the work out of business refused to pay them that's what worse seeing a lock is that these big corporations what they'll do as well say contractor there than they drag it out drag and out draggin out and then i try to that they literally will go to put your company out of business so that they get their work done for in al dragged out in court for years in order to pay for you to death or do things that will will be so expensive that that the average company that's not part of the small tensional corporation goes out of business and then they get swept up by these big malsanieton and the ones that put him out of business they got their work done for and are all in it together they all work together on its its incredible to see but that's the more common than people would would they they would be shocked it how much of a common practices ah you thought you mentioned earlier and i agree with you alonethrough that you mentioned the five one see three organization that was brought on board during president john onlyleft c during johnson's time period and oh where in the constitute is there anything about government controlling religion and government controlling through five or one seat three ability of the internal revenue doing the the soneeassees it doesn't exempt anyway and yet back in de johnson's days they bought into that why did they buy into that what was the history of what was going on that people brought into this one a personal people were an educated back then upon the consent they were trying to do other things stand on the war deal with the in of the flower children and whatever and free love and all that whatever and they were in paying attention and that when the government plays games on us like they are doing there playing games on us there saying look over here really what the trying to do is pull something out over here and we are still falling for that logic or that that the post by which the government it let's get the warn you crane headed up it generotype attention do you crane and then we'll turn around and an information that comes out in the us that is derogatory we'll not get the new cycle because the new cycle is on about the war urate and they did they ben doin this for years one people need to look at is going on and wise it going on what's the back why are they allowing or what what is the back story that there trying to pull on us will our eyes are focused tchesme thing that they pulled on the the churches and the five of one seated i can't the churches were powerful back the and why the churches who have even consider going and buying into this fibre one seats reprogram in but they did and it now there were one he had now they're on the least it's other well wet but you don't have any authority mister internal revenue and nor treachery and or whoever and or johns to come and tax our as you see in the first amendment it said shall make no law establishing the free exercise of religion they violated that first amendment and nobody called him on it well you know what i think it isn't like their tangling the carrots out in front of people they're like here's a carat and sell you know what we were just going to change the latinwill give you this money and or will you know there's going to be grand so there's going to be something thereshe's almost always a carrot that they hang out were and people trade their freedom for that quick money and then then they don't care how they get there it's like a i got five thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars or whatever in this direction if i just shut up and let him let him make these unconstitutional laws i can get a free burgher if i get a chop i can it i can get an ice cream cone to take the shot i mean all of this stuff it's all its all pain people off to lose the freedom or to kill them it's the sacorman arellius so loud that a most charities dear to her children are corrupt and a man a mind to that not too many fake people learned the hard way last night and how i'm very afraid for some one very very close to me and myself suthers there is an awful lot of people out there that are traitors and and that's too to the group with that and join our group on one yeah i know what he done yes i know how you can deal with this as he can deal with the you can deal with you know somebody's stocking you you can deal with him he's got to know what's going on and he can't be afraid if you're afraid then i get yourself well good luck put it on your bed room door like your bedroom thorn don't come up can i ever went on it i want to make sure that we talk we speak to this because i've had several groups that have been trying to to instigate you know grab your torches and pitchforks kind of nonsense and you don't work in a gold set in front of the capital were going to do this the same thing that we saw january sec and intent outed them to me probably i unsay their probably he there deep states other deep setforthe operatives and they come under the montreal of being grass or his people are sent to set you out just like they were january sex this nonsense in anybody talks to me about this nonsense you know i really don't pay attention to it but when they start going down that packing a wee need to organize and to this i'm out there i'm like this is such a such a set of that that it's not even funny and i will only i will only eat all listen to two words of that and and i dislike it you want to go down stupid doll go had but i'm going to stay in the legal the lawful area of a carrying out the lawful process of the united states assess only this the only way to change the truly the only true way to change anything and president trunk did it president trump had stayed in a lawful operation and we love him and look at all the changes he may and he did it in a tin a lawful organized way that had integrity for terics out there in it and i do on another countries and peoples are i don't like the tariffs really do you understand how they work and they work beautifully when he put him in when he put him in place he knew exactly what he was doing and he did it in a lawful so anybody that thinks we're going to go out there and strong arm a whole bunch of people and do it this way that way i haven't heard anything in a long time so hopefully my little ransom oh thought i come in on camera and said y al took stupid hills don't do it you're being sad oh it's a set of the albis already proven that that's their ammal is to set up an trap there's so much going on do not go down that path because it is a set up and the rest of us who have not taken stupid fellows such as john he no you we're going to sit back and go and and i'm going to do a tater i monterroyo wrong does a john doeswhen you're wrong you're wrong you are more i love that when you do it yourself in all right so so well it's almost eleven o'clock so let's go head and i think think we can with anything else you are a copper is there anything else you want to cover our share no we can weaken continued next i think little bitsy pieces dislike you picked up something to day a couple of things to day everybody's tends to pick up a little here and there we can't throw the whole book at you it's overwhelming they're goin to let not in careticus wait to my both constitutions and then a norton and some of the other court cases that we talk about it's too much to throw at you at so we got a smilewhich is a better way to we do a little little bits and a time some had read something here and i want i want to give everybody you know some great hope is i think a lot of what we're seein as optics and i do believe that the good guys are in control i absolutely bellied that we're going to go to sometoimes as you believe that also you have to show people that's been right out there from beginning but we're going to go through some of the and it's unavoidable it is unavoidable so we have to be prepared at jesus talked about it secotan the bible be prepared at all times always heavier land full the wasyou don't know when the bridegroom is going to come prepare and in don't be afraid always all an you know that this is not a thing i see it there's several groups out there there you could see the political operatives that put pieces out there not to empower people with knowledge but to make them afraid and as i see that time out hold of on this person is a political operative don't get sucked into this if you're learning things because it's empowering and the things that are being put out there so that you know so that you are in power that person is probably fred so i i want to read something here and going back to the bible that's always my standard that's my go too is no weapon for against you prosper or will prevail and you will he every tone god accuses you this is the hero the servant servants of the lord and this is their vindication for me declared the lord isaiah fifty four seventeen now venerie the whole thing afflicted city lashed by storms and not comforted i will rebuild you as stones of turquoise and foundations with lapises i will make your battlements of rubies your gates of sparkling jewels and all your walls of precious all your children will be taught i the lord and great will be their peas epicharis when your talk by the war in righteousness you will be establish tyranny will be far from you you will have nothing to fear terror will be firing moved it will not come near you if any one does attack you it will not be my dewy whoever attacks you will surrender see in his eye who created the blacksmith who fanned the coals into a flame and forges a weapon fit for its work and it is i who have created the destroyer to race habit no weapon for against you shall prevail or will prevail and you will refute every town that accuses you this is the herrage of the servants of the lord and this is her vindication for me declares the lord isaiah fifty four eleven through seven and i think this is very very significant because its people try to shut it down make you afraid accuse you aline you say all forms of evil against you think think that you know that your crazy for looking at things that they consider it conspiracy theory look at all of it don't be afraid because we have to look at all of it and either a stands and truth or we defeat at and we prove prove it to be a lie we have to look into things like that or one of the things that popped up recently as the emotive horror and some of the paranormal investigations that are going on those people are out for book deals look into the war ends that were behind that that of the fraud that was foisted upon this nation they they were in it there was only one or two people for each of these paranoid normal of activities but to look at it also empowers us is it true is it not true what part of it's true and words the false part of so that we can you know cast down all vain imaginations and everything that's not true and for in truth to all state while they were in for book deals and that's where that whole thing came and its insanitee sting things to look at and so that is a debunked so everybody knows it's pretty easy to look at with a very logical mind not emotional mind or something we want to believe it but is something that is actually a logical logically what these people did in order to make a dollar same thing happens in our you look at all the things that they do in order to empower us to find out who's in it for money what was their mode of and did they do it up from the right reason or was it just for a book deal or to make money ah as well i got a cue let's see i got accused of being a political operative as spose we all have been the with truth now else now garry i guess i'm a political opera to because d j t wants we the people to get involved in one reclaimation mike put out no stupid poles thornethe is on hand halmahera not repose as then we can all names the names if we really started thinking how hard the gathered together birds with father eating whether herschel anyhow emessa prayer and then well we'll have last words and added thank you father and in heaven father god we are so thankful for coming together to day and for bethel that talk rough prose we ask that you would lead us and how to take back our nation were thankful for all the posting that eric stone and the thought education that johnston and the jarlessly and oh jason jones and dusty and all the people that have stood up to put out good education to educate people on the proper lawful you have blessed us in order to live i live in harmony with each other and with you in this land were so thankful that we can come together as a family the remnant that's out there and o'er the growing family of god that's stepping forward to right all the wrongs that we have been lied to about we thank or thankful for their investigators that have put so much time into into standing out for thee the victims that have been trafficked and are willing to outthose people who have done the wrong thing and victimize people on some thankful for these people that put the time into this it's amazing how we can come together with the different skills you belt into each one of us in the knowledge that we have we truly work as the body there is not one part of the body that's more important were all imported and we stand together as your creation is your children one nation or rightful place under you were were thankful for that and were thankful for every single thing we've done for us please bless president tromp pleased brett bless general plan admiral rogers and all the people that are working that are that are truly working for good purposes for this nation or thankful for every single one of them and we ask that you give them their families your favour and your protect thank you so much for the stay we love you let every one out there now that their love that they can turn to you without re single thing in their life whether it's health issue or they need guidance yet you're always there with us your there and we truly can walk with you on this earth if we an time with you and and were thankful for for that connection that you've given us that you goes the right to come directly to you without an intermediary because of what christ did on the cross we are so in the name of jew's crises would pray most so any any last words there john no get out your constitution start reading stare with a declaration of independence of coca start with the bill of rights in understand understand what that man and understand that the government those are not only the rights we have we have many many more rights in and start there and then start going through the article an find out what congress really has the authority to do in what they so with the executive branch judicial and and you'll be on your way to being able to have better control over what the system because all besonders i think i need to do a shell were i to say god bless er white god bless now all these patriots that are at their god bless can they ask god bless you god bless you know it then go down the god bless list of all the all the patriots that have stood for this nation and that her workintelligence up god bless erlynges april at last bonodoreco down this list for ever with all the good people out there never feel like your along because they're so many people out there that idecation we have a huge family the people that are doing the wrong thing are in the minority we don't afraid of them we just have to have knowledge so that we can in fact things back together and were going to do exactly that because god is leaving us alone was so here a part of the show dinging me meaning go too franenhofer governor had not come and i also write every single word and do all the posts spelling mistakes and whatever else is wrong where it is just what it is it's down at the kitchen table and i am in fact all the so that you can actually talk to me there and that would be at brandenburg the number four am i on telegraph flees passed the information on if you can tell people that about the you know what we do here on grandperes not work and as far as the human trafficking show tonight at eight it will be on again a continuation and on thursday so that we can start working together this is about working together sharing our knowledge and bring more people to help with what we need to have done we can't do it alone we need help and i think it's going to be a really interesting so tonight where you're going to meet some people who have been tragic who have of an insight look at things to have been really harmed by the others and base as they they've been harm and were trying to pore trying to put it into an understandable formed talk about you don't it's like learning the constitution there you could spend a lifetime on this in you'd still scratch the surface of knowledge on and i but every minute we put into it we become more and more educated and power to know what to do next is gobbles she so at any rate her hands her hands i god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america could be back to morrow with redeeming grace the please bring more people to this because there's a lot of people that are feeling really deprest right now because they feel like your float out there by themselves i think all of us feel that way at times are like you know doesn't anybody care as any make joysomething is it just the same now cyclepermitted over and over again or somebody actually out there doing trying at least trying to do yeah we're out there oh i'm going to be costing to day the new law suit which is supposed to be filed to day were on our last review i was was done and i think i think the thing is flyin to day so we're going to start watching watching the rats rotten because he sometimes that takes little bit of time too to actually get to the bottom of things but when they do it time to coil back and let's go and to day is the day some so and then then we're going to do it on a personal level i legislate and ah the whole tin yards going to be great day so have a great day and we'll see it to mark to hopelesse its night at eight so tonight eight to morrow at night in the morning tallaton iron