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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/23/2022 - Live - Patrick Muneio, Ken Nash, and Mellissa Carone

Published Aug. 23, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and can't talk this morning this is donna brandenburg and welcome to brandenburg news network it is august twenty third it's another beautiful day here in michigan and god's own throne so it's going to be a great day no matter what so to day i wanted to talk a little bit about what happened at the board of elections in the last week because it has been a another crazy little go radio going on there shocking shockingly their processes need to be improved okay so last week when his day at that i love both jerry jerry and single the chairman of the us taxpayers parisian and myself i a and e mail from the board of elections that said that they had rejected my paper work no other information on it how can this be so once again brandenburg was voted off the island for being on the ballot so we started trying to call agitation on what happened and there were there were five candidates the carpeted they had a clerical error on their paper work right after convention the border elections in fact called them in to that clerical air and make sure that the artist done well well not brandenburg because they held that information for three weeks sentence and basically said we reject your paperwork your one of the ballet where you're to the peters party will have to have another nominating convention to name nominate a candidate and the show this is how gators after they once again held my paper work just like they did last time and didn't let anybody know it was going on we tried to call down there to the board of elections and no one would pick up the phone we could get no answer and through two no one zero self not we actually went to the side and looked up the ability to make an appointment there on monday and the entire calendar for the month of august no appointments available so we were kind without recourse there in a way except for just a show up you know like an and gitterns there was a there was a central committee a convenient committee on friday night and i was once again nominated to be the candidate castanier the office of orleans by rejecting my paper work no prior ability to fix it no no remedy nothing they convened in writing and re nominated me to be the candidate for governor for us taxpayers but they were the paper work with so ambiguous that we that none of us could figure out what they wanted us to do that used alternative terms that nobody was was familiar with and we couldn't even look anything up to get the answer because because they were that ambiguous we had a couple of attorneys look at it and they didn't even know what they were asking us to do so we took the course of going in the direction of if we had to contact each of the counties individually if the secretary of state or the nearer at the election board was going to do nothing to help us and keep me off the ballot that we were going to have to go to each county so we had a marathon notary susan myself and mary lawton did on saturday night and in fact signed and not arise ninety eight because he screwed to a mob a ninety eight affidavit notarized in sign of saturday night expecting the worse that we were going to have to bring these two all of the county so got that all down paper works all in order were riding to go right so we go down there monday morning to the bodleian very nice man that has met me at the door there many times and is just so support of its amazing and he you know everybody really knows what's happening here where we can't mattenburg do not want brandenburgher near the governor's seat from people in inland it so anyhow walked in and ended up he had been a very nice person was not the bosphorus he in fact excepted all of our paper work signed it stamped it everything and said that they will be responsible for getting these two the counties that we don't have to bring them to the counties and then furthermore i had to have a election report done by five o'clock which once again you can look at this whole entire situation it was very similar to what happened with ballot the getting the nominating petition down with a signature they held on knowingly that office hold on to my paper work for the purpose and you know it's they said no we didn't you know while it doesn't look on this was knowingly as they had five other people whom they contact it he had the command and fix her paperwork and they would help information again just like they did last time with the nominating so i left i let them have it a little but i said i have a green against his office a serious one because this seems to be intentionally trying to give people access or voting them off the island and if i had not been the person that i am which is do we quit oh no no no no we don't quit which going and tell we have exercise every last option to fight things which are done in properly unlawfully and intentional subversion for the process than american process both in our elections as well as anywhere else we find so we ended up walking out of their last yesterday with everything in order doernberg is officially was efficiently ah ah off the ballot twice by the board of elections and was nominated twice nominated still fighting still moving forward and hopefully this nonsense in the board of elections to disqualify me because why because i'm the only notable candidate out there an you know we can't have brandenburg anywhere near that that ballots at any rate where were there were honest solidly for november and and i went it would be my honour and privilege serve the state is an ex governor and we're going to keep fighting because this isn't about me as a candidate this is about you president trump sat at that vast that there not after me there after you i'm just standing in the way and i think that that's kind of appropriate right now having the tomatoes with with michigan and how many people are involved in infect involved in this from the inside it this is an inside job just like just like what you happen with our with our unemployment the unemployment fra that was going on was this from the outside i don't think so i think a lot of this was from the insect i have a whistle blower that said that in fact it was entirely white spot because she took off proud protection and most of the problems came according to what i heard from inside on employment was from the outside and they had people that were that knew how to get around the paper work not only hear the words quoted that that wentworth three million sometimes eight million or eight three billion or eight million dollars that went through unemployment fraudulently no no no from an inside she said she said minimally it was forty billion that went off the door from michigan to the podere and probably close to sixty billion but we will never have a true accounting of that until we get a governor in there who is just ornery enough to say let's go through all these books with a fine tooth comb and get this thing figured out out at anybody who who i was involved in this nonsense to be held accountable so i've got something on a play a guest to day that we have is isis patrick and i'm going to let us him say his last name when i bring him in because i want to make sure we get it right i've been talking to patricia little bit sunset we account meeting over or in an uneasie of the state and this is an example of what honestly everybody needs to do to get involved in a really wanted to bring him on to tell you some of the things that he is experienced in his business he is a business owner as well as when he saw me after we spoke he is called up and said i want to raise money for you and it was that quick it was decisive and unlike a love the cat he is doing what every one of us needs to do which is just get in the fight i don't have to be perfect you just got to step up and say i can do this so we're goin t bring him on but i first of i want to bring an i want to be let clip to you because i montanari now against the bey and every other agency that thinks that the they own us and in want to violate our rights given by god guaranteed by the constitution so this is mark learn and we're going to him i bring this in here a minute and we're going to oregon to play this little club because i think that that this is very telling and important for every one with our friends and severity and civil libertarian literally you saw what happened down there in morality weren't other in negotiations with the president they the dons and dozens of bias to go through lanercost and so forth you like you take thank you for asking me that question and were allowed me to be on your show i've been real weak on one day one of the darkest days in america his then was trampled upon the form of meriwether and i want to shipowners and it this is not about the woman this is about the limit power from the extreme left the violated any sensational in president from the time light that had raised a hotheaded his house and your head government and just gettin government is justice and were neither have ours and wilhelminus it is not about the war the extra well agree intimidated that president tranibores and i adore you he went alone this is what your frau and they have been after him for the last six years more you know in history the antithetical danced the two in each man and the name that they are born to take one out of the best man is never going to quit her going to i insist the american woofer presentation i said to reside trissie the keeper not to intimidate tarrant it may if we call it withindoors thought the contact after us because they want power at the part about the estimate remark the florally at other he got evidence on the leptocardia see the evidence the emeritus agitation even dearer while not that she renounced can the patsie detarmination compromises because they are now being used by the democratic party as a weapon against any one who believed that country if he had to live in the constitution for the bees lost and there you go are wonderful oh one more thing you want to bring on this is patrick and patrick i'm going to bring you to second but i did want to bring something out here that i think is fairly significant the we have watched the destruction of this nation by the forces with an in an unprecedented way is incredible and that what they did with president trump is just absolutely such an egregious assault it's unbelievable but one thing i wanted to show you is that people are waking up in their seen their seen what's happening and i had a very interesting in a wonderful thing that happened yet i yesterday now whether i agree with any one on policies or not i don't typically demonized people as a whole because the right answer is the right answer and when it comes down to come come down to making decisions i think that if anyone decides to join our side to help we need to be open to let them change and orates reach out of withies nation needs to be unified but not unified with bad we need not change to the bad newcome into the good side and not be necessarily dried into the bathroom i was really kind of excited about this james craig who sought the gopinath on for governor told me to day that he would support the us taxpayers party candidate donovan for governor before republican party candidate tutorial want to say thank you so much to chief crag that was a wonderful that was a wonderful son amen and to all the james craig supporters i think we're starting to get the field here that every single republican candidate except for the parties chosen candidate who will desolaters has been lied to all so and not supported by the republican party because it's not republican party it's the unapt so as we watch things go forward on a actaea good desk in gonsales other candidates of cinderton drumbeats about this that there's other candidates that are willing to walk that were lied to by the republican party the amigo the which is part of the unitary their little cartel they have going on that are willing to to talk to us in our interested and maybe maybe endorsing me or supporting me but we'll see how the bellati have a feeling that this is going to go on a good direction so right now i'm an bring patronizing parading more fine wonderful your your over on the east side of the state where are you to day a man not upon foamy band oh kay oh okay as well i i'm really is your last name how do you pronounce it on mona you okay well relearned to answer if somebody gets close i answer be you outdoor by what well it's such a pleasure to have you on to day and just at i mean we had a nice discussion the other day and i really was so thankful that you were you were so quick to to say this is what i'm going to do and it was it was really really heart warm for me to hear her that you you know stopped i guess i like to talk about when when you came i heard me speak wednesday can you tell can you tell everybody what you know kind of was going through mind and what motivated you to action and to support me i appreciate the cause i think they'd like to know i know one of the people would be we account but your and found it very interested and finally act like president from that's where i think he and so do my garbage i held and i know you have said that that's one thing the bad ones you and so lessening to you and i realized that's where we have american people have not getting engaged were relying on politicians some judges one sat trying to have more and trying to do things right we have to get up and part of and i know that's one of the things when you came and talk to us either night had in a year people antipope to look at his a many time then of all started with god riding trying to get rid of that and in history tired not by no number partha that were like that here people are complain about it which i i don't like to hear the complaining any more unless you will be giving a one join hands and stand up and support the people that want to and just like you talking about what the election speaking narcotic i will not stand in now mates little gains all you missed noting that all face me face a disgusting and they don't want to do that they hide behind their paper work and somebody else but at some that our disapproval of men and the games are he realized after i heard you speak i realized what you stand on a bearing more live in our system the way it and see i mean you know as in seventeen eighty seven i believe it came commence and hear at title at the importance and these how well being of a nation we have come paternally we're getting there we are people are getting sick of it and there are the informing finally it engaged and that's what it is the battle nay be shocked to know how many politicians and people have told me and said that you talk about god too much you got to stop talking about god so much to yeh that's not like even remotely possible so so i i don't outing yeah i refused to put a mason for other people and be their little plastic political action figure whether they like me or not they've got that private of the dislike me involved for somebody else or just like me and just just completely just like me i don't really care you know but what i do care about it we should all feel that way is that beautify know your created were all created in god's image he is the one that determines who we are and which means in his animate in inches eyes we were created perfectly in his eyes and wore his work he he walks a streight and gives us the circumstances to change us into the outcome that he is looking for for our lives and as good enough so if he accepts us we should be accepting each other and on a wind people are going to make mistakes there's not one of us is perfect so hopefully you know i give you grace you give me grace when we fall we pick each other off and and love each other back to hell i think i think i heard i heard one time this is a friend of mine sent me this and that it was a beautiful thing that there there was a tribe namerican tribe in when somebody fell out of sorts with the tribe the tribe would put them in the middle of the circle and they would hold hands and they would they would sit there and love that person until that person was back to homeless i didn't condemn them they loved them back to homeless which i think is you know there comes a point time where you know there's evil there's purple and that's a different story but but when people are trying to do the right thing and they fall our job is to first off forgive them and second of love them back into into right fellowship with each other and in love for her god made them but now i went up on the after was there a little bit though so ye and i that's more what you should and everybody should be go back to god that's parrot do i be human except that ye crowd up i made the wrong decision i did the wrong and you grown unfortunately our society a over over over that's what that has to make and of and your right we have to accept the somebody screwing up and they make a man great when puteoli the said the man of american i think that's great and the morning been getting some push back on the fact that she craigdallie little bump there fast bonwick was nice and there like well you know he's a democrat he is a bad person i'm like all the others was also lie to so what do we do we have people make me mistakes to disagree with us and all of a sudden we put them in the national he's all already he's already he was lit just like the rest of us now and he may have been on the wrong side of what we believe but you know what i'm pretty extra sure that god put in place to teach people not to condemn them and when their ready to move the when the riding to money know that that we need to be ready too you know take a little you know take the time to talk to him then i hope i hope that you know the republicans are like she's going to split the party went you know what republicans or race but the party by giving us no choice as and to you know losch is not listening to us now backing the candidates except to profit and dates being in with the globes and absolutely mad fighting for remote so sorry there are argument is absolutely stupid at this point time so that the argument as far soiree the cowards i am hoping that the democrats that we have a lot of democrats that feel that that they will be listened to by a governor a trogon under donna brandenburg that we will listen to all people and represent all people and try to find the best solutions going forward you know we we need to get back to that constitution and that doesn't give us the right to pick or choose that gives us the right to stand and whether we always agree or disagree people we still have to listen to them and make sure that they're right there also being upheld they need to be have a defender not somebody who's just there pokin holes at every word they say well may the i think when people obviously education has failed at home the school or the constitution and found documents and oriana to paris yes i adams talking about him he was in the anti and then he switched over to the whig party but those men didn't want to i said that i it is commenced what two hundred and it would have been like two hundred thirty five or forty years ago when he things to us right and we need to get back to that and realized the constitution has nominated not right but it also stated not numerated or for us we retain those rights to now if it somebody else's right the thing intercourse for each the i'm not going to do some thing that i feel i have the right to do in tait's going to negatively ramon she has rights too but we have those rights people feel that they have to rely on one judges and those pep then the rights now you have entered so chief crying i have a lot of respect for him and he's not a stupid man by any and i like and then he realized and were there headed now our they have no roof laforce men when most be that's why you hear so many things about wanting to eliminate she because they know that the sheriff as the ultimate authority even over them in his cot he's been a luck that's the only elected laforce official in he has been a lady so i can ashleigh seven thousand new airs i guess if you you shed worry about that you should go on the one with your sheriff and tell him to become a and in to we can stop can notify every alphabet agency to rosenau come into my country with them and a rest searched you must not by me jack no search or are tears rest or whatever they are jack down to master the awful mark if not even to him i take yes go on and a face refused i seen it with my own eyes if they refuse okay refuse my honor in my country i'm going to put handcuffs you and put you in the county he has authority to do she cried i think realizes that this root is trying to lemonade any possibility of la fortement body that will be yeah and i think that's a good point you know i probably talk to about half of the sheriffs in the state and over it was so and when i got started to run i decided we we need to talk to the sheriff and get the opinions on things so you can pretty quickly determine who is a who is a constitutional or constitution following sheriff who knows the cook who knows the constitution who doesn't know the constitution and who who is absolutely against a constitution is only a few of them that would come right out and say that they are they absolutely will not follow the constitution but there was a couple of them and my question to them right off the bat was why did interest with me they should have and the answer the answer that i got from several of them as we would have had no backing to and i'm like you have no back in what do you mean you don't have no but you wouldn't have me back you've got the right to do that and so you kinda ask those questions to find out what the what they think but i'm gonna tell you i was really inspired by talking to the sheriff you know i know i know darewell good good man there's several of them around the state though who i believe should be in a position of educating others as well as because they have that knowledge in the understand how the process is supposed to work we do what i would actually be consul the law the way laforce run in the state that is been set up to be in a salt on community policing the sheriff's right now are or answering eighty five to ninety per cent of all the calls in each county what they've done is a turn state police which should just be a crime unit any transitory munich where with the crime lambs and that some special thing they've got all the money kind of frogmore consuls going through the state police what were they were the state police were given arashima the sheriff budgets were cut and we have several counties in the state who have say six to eight deputies while with a sheriff providing policing that supposed to be three sixty five twenty four seven it is unrealistic so they're burning people out because of the work load in and the thing of it is as these people are in the community the sheriff and the deputies are typically from the community so they are serving with a heart of service and love for the people who they know their families and their friends and that that's why they do it so if it really is in a salt on it and because of that also the funding they don't have drug task forces which is on a sly where where we have this this incredible influx of drugs in the state of michigan they they were focusing on things like crapaudine of in another the heroine on cocaine state and even realize until it's too late that crack was going to become a real problem and not herein and that no so it's it's really we don't have a good program right now to encourage sheriff or are people to step out to be you know deputies of share of sin and if found them the way they should be so it's backwards we need we need decrease the union forces of the state police in my opinion and increase the community policing under the sheriff's yeah that you know i know we i oh yes of course i mean to take pointed out as a story and what i what i begin that would support a limitation of that apartment those people absolutely not maybe reeducation of a lot of noticing what they did castleton of money in this department and groom it to serve not as a people but the politics and that no right that's why she all of them when i went through the academy down in florida i took an i never learned one thing about that oath when i was going through the army and after i my opera i never thought twice about it after the that is wrong that's where they should introduce that in the low block or whatever you want to call it in the academy they should study that and learn what every word of that these people two men and women to one that may not it means and then when they're out on the streets and trust me the way things are now is that did ques in there be lots of mosques and withal i did what you do me inconsiderate at one common with my oath of office and the cost as far as limiting any man for cement i would be against that i would be set and united talk about that he perceiving you know the way i used sarepty doing turn on all it's your work in a we could take a lot of money from do nothing politicians and agitation help to that's what i say talk about nine i had not that's one term donat and i know we're going to get into that boat get into that all come that got me when they said that not a sansuta's when i said you know what i'm andrieu down the road you just to show that in every person i will care to put in strikes on the donation there centennial out of bed in the morning and going to work to provide for themselves and their family being a contribution to this country to there are such they are very great that's okay no i agree with you it's like the great american hero is the gay or the gal that gets up every single day and goes to work taking care of their family building this nation though the every single person that contribute to this is essential were all essential and i mean the person that gets up every single day that's an american hero right there it doesn't matter we all contribute in a way that that we are called to do and nobody gets to determine whether some one is you know i don't like this i don't think it's putting people on pedestals you know we're all equal in the eyes of god and so be it you know there's a joke when i talk about being in office like there's no there's no bigotes no big deal with that i am just merely in office if i you know he come november because i'm going to say i'm going to win i'm going to be that positive person that is a mere representation of the ethel that is it this is an a king as an acquests it is an anandrusung of what the people want and how they want as a people we the people each and every one of us are owners of this nation we on this nation and our representatives are supposed to carry out in the fiduciary and responsibility of the will of we the people to run this nation because it is our asset it's what we own it's not the politician i am really for making the parade for politicians beanery thing the same as what you would have for some one is who is safe in the military or in law enforcement what's good for the goose is good for the gander if they if they want to treat our law enforcement officers in one direction and that all the sudden you know here's our law enforcement officers down here and here's the politician's parade they get the extra perk they get the santanoni toonie have these men brave men and women that put their lives on the line every day i am sorry this is a bad one parade i don't don't approve that i don't like that and i think that needs to be reworked seriously now seriously remained the congo head and and her minute's in her career baby we're going to say high in her and so in ototoi the young good morning how are you now can you she bring a baby's discoloring lemman heeling i can hear you not sure what happened after the one we're going through a car how's that there go now we got to good morning how you doing okay good morning i'm going good how are you he was and was to talk about i'm goin to leave patrick of an we're goin to wear out at your evaporation morning coffee yes some so we're going to jump into small business after we have touch base here but what's happening in melisselda hear that there's a lot of nonsense going on over there in council be illegal their targeting their targeting actual representation the communist unpartisan serving people with lawsuits as well as threatening them so what's going on now then i want to drop my kids off at school yesterday my daughter started they are so a private school in clinton township a lot go to an a lot of their children go to i love the school love the school and i never had a problem there never as i was walking and i had a terrapin with us with me very father in law is a disabled veteran and you know we were just walking in and christanoes part of the legal executive board to over assuming the bay are the moncenigo up to me with my children and i will have to ask you not to park there really aggressively here my kids my father in law jumped in front of me proceeded to try to hand of paper work to me he and my father in law were nose to nose it was awful my children witnessed all of it i find that in the school a crusade my father in law sat outside i have no idea what happened from there it's all in camera at the school but i had a talk with them you know the pastor at the school and it was really upsetting for my kids to the appeal see that that's terrible i believe that we had another problem there too and is it i believe i have you confirmed this with me all i didn't didn't darling get served and church by christ yes doings anterior the only against god's word suing her neighbor which is doing another christian but in the house of god a better you know so am i actually drove past dropping light of sun of a school to day which was just a couple of minutes ago and i rode down the window because he was talking to somebody outside that works at the school and i said a presidential paperwork that you're trying to serve me with i said is that regarding a lawsuit for tangrouille started screaming at me ye saying that he's building the playground at the school and i should ever argue with him and i have in my kids can play on a playground because a ham and a young and i'm i'm crazy i'm not just because your daughters in the car i won't say it but you babica ah you know your story that you gave from the till you to come into my house which is three on roland i did a story right after the twenty twenty election for the appetite and it was in christ's house that we have a story that we did the interviews he said i laocoon my house and give your story he said but then i realized later on that bit your story wasn't adding up but you lie about every what are you talking about cried i've never heard this from you i have never heard this from anybody what what are you talking about how is that i don't i have no idea what you're you're saying that everything i've said as what i saw i didn't lie about anything he proceeded to since in telling me of while yet you know this whole this all nonsense it's going over there in the callis just you know going before a judge and even having a judge make a rule and have these feel in the amigo completely disregard the ruling of a judge and there making no stop as they go along the way but i'm gonna tell you what any one has served somebody papers like that a church justabout as low as a person can crawl on the belly you know i'm really shocked whittle what a low life moved to serve in sir well you know it not lincoln calenus serve her in so there and then he walked back to michel proceed at laugh and point out this is so you know it's like when you see people that that act like and have these kind of behavior all i can think is that you know this so demonic you know you don't you know even a lone ranger think it ranger i mean nobody not to be that nobody was happy when somebody fell or had a problem there were people that were laughing at those who had misfortune or made bad choices they felt sad they felt sad when somebody made a bad choice they didn't they didn't revel they didn't enjoy watching people fall or have hard time or see bad things happen we have a state and a nation full of this in this is like sick beyond all alight kind of a what kind of a person gets joy out of watching pain happened other people there that's that's a that is absolutely signed up mental illness in ways that we can even or demonic it you know demonic behavior i mean it's not it's not a right a right human being does not take joy in the pain of others at a psychopath yes as an you know he mentioned that to me to day actually he said melissa kept i have not i recorded it he you are crazy every one knows you are crazy and i said you know croisette that everybody must be crazy that comes into this church and has a suit you i said because you seem to have an ass with several individuals in this true mind your causing a lot of pro you know my grandpa's a baptist preacher i mentioned the several times if there was ever an issue like best in his car now he's been a preacher for forty five years i have been in my grandfather my entire life if if there was an issue like this he would these individuals down he would make sure that the issue was resolved in that the individual that was passing and an intimidating others especially women as it happened a lot with these people and women with most men the women in our side and i don't it whatever but that's what it is and if you know it just for some reason it's not happening really ultimate and christian removed from from what we know he's been removed from two churches before this so not the first time infiltration or something all sat down the history and in and outward you think satan is god it had and i'm a guy that i was brought up you stand and you are more protect a woman's honor how my dad taught us and i'd do it honest i like that in my county i tried to talk with you here and others there to get them on the constitutional sheriff and honoring their oath and no go there now the time for the people to come together this guy down should happen she nobody's learning these things at home why i sacrificed the lot because i stayed home when i wasn't working as one taking my children and yes there were indicted but that able and i don't care what somebody make some kind of rule if it's going against the bible story no bodies have been fought in my terror that's what i'm going to do the moon teaching just like you were talking done out the drug problem that things have and i'm not going to see everybody's perfect believe me i'm not like i said before we have to grow from our most i standing in front of a woman and i don't know how your dad is my consider me all too much to do that it from doing that tinman i genooine wheels and better back down otherwise that's who that is consolation it was a ealthsome several times like that in a man a very aggressive way but my children have not been with i that was crossing the line yesterday and i can't even honestly i do what i think about it we would have happened by me when i was by myself my mother in law uttermust decided to come now they wanted to see the kids go off on their first day but they live for an hour away and he is my father in law is about sixty ah he is a disabled butterman he was not going to allow that to happen and knowing his cretan it might bother in law got violent with his in seafaring had seated at hillcrist's is very important it might for some reason it slipped my mind yesterday or because i was so upset walking my kids into their classrooms i was still when i had come up to the past or when i had seen him in the hallway i tell you it destroyed their first day at school my son was so just on a but he watched a patch to my father in law and he said you just made a big music enforcement i don't know what that bedient see it he didn't get a heroine of her but i will know what crisis why he has a bad persuading you know lot worse men i don't know or i posted i didn't godmother and people like that are given a bad and makes my experience in law enforcement you know with that bad on the bench comes off and what how are you going to deal with it in divine guy started doing that stop flashing a page i don't know what is this man i don't hear from one i know he was an engineer he runs out so he works for the church you know i i have no idea what he does i have my my opinions of what pressing but i know that both believe just confirmed that my opinion was correct ah he had been personating an horse ah these amusing and whenever it might be the place perfect place you can pull his own compassion is there any old pearce spars longformacus ototachibana oh i got to hoe you should be able to call your sharp and say the guys in personating the threatening people witnessed yoshitomo either well it's potato we have no information on what he has so so i mean it is just something that we need to look into a little bit more and you know any body that carries any sort of official paper work or title or something there are they should be a to be approaching this as a servant rather than as a tyrant over the top of others and what was very important out of this as we have no idea we have no idea he flashed something who knows what it was you know it could have been a barney certificate that he got from saint clair county you know who knows but the main thing is is that is that when when you carry a title or if you carry a anything official the first thing should be in your mind is how i help you or serve you in any one that has that opinion where they they feel like they can lord that position over any one or take joy in watching others have pain or misfortune that person is a psychosis exhibition my father in law said there was a woman in the car that was videotape i said oh okay because it confirmed my i was wondering whether croesus no what he was doing i i don't know i don't see her lot it's just shocking to me that a woman would allow their he was and intimidate other women it's just unbelievable to me so she's sitting there reporting it and allowing it to happen i would have got out of my car and made trusted it it shows you how these people are and for him to continue to say that i am insane and crazy what how how in the world just you know people have made the statement and makes a lot of sense of someone's grave are you going to say to her face a hundred times where you just go not talk tintoretto talk to the person because their crazy and you don't want to whom if they were actually i and make bets with the use of your crazy or or a trunk or usually the two right there o you have been alone head thermostatic in the car and i can tell you one thing there is in many many many my my marriage where my wife would chastise me i i made an and it was a good sometimes we argued as achievement the pride or you're not telling me what to do but when i would think about these things afterward i realized his she's right to estimate how inane jail down there come home and tell her about things that happened and she cry say that on some one's may be at one time and potentiometer and that you know i don't mean the solway eleanor danites at things in her happening to people like the i hate to have people like yourselves being a subject these are things that should make a lot of people just like your campaign so many people would be things happening to them they need to start realizing that he i have to know a different direction not a brandon obsessing on the tax payers take i've been at stoneman my whole life may be it's time to start deviating from that and making a change because we're seeing these bad things continued i don't care we did see prementioned trump in office i motioned queen house but how many in the past democratic pioneers going to be changes never that we have startling that hang so he can should be i think that i used said you have harmoniously substance that he i want out and get five more emotion she's the best candidate of thereabouts when it takes yes absolutely and i've been putting it all over there's a lot of people that get and then there is a lot of people that agree and understand i believe that the people that are getting aggravated making a point to them and i'm saying you know are you going to continue following the party we don't know tutorial watched her being installed we all watched the illegal disqualifications of the front running republicans how much longer are you going to allow the party to you to steal your voice you know we can continue this we can't allow this ticket and there are people that and then unfortunately a lot of people have a very short term memory you know and they don't remember the last two years and how the party actual you know we oratorial campaign i refused to support and when they were disqualified even the ones they claimed that they were working for you know it was just a political move they all knew it was coming and i believe that and i believe that they all had different plans now you have you'll not originate run for lieutenant governor under it's almost like a joke biancheri thing to me it's like roumanie machineman acting when she was saying oh i'll be the voice fellers'll be the voice for there now you all know you at's not goin to happen an you're goin to get sucked in merlier body else does and it's almost nearly impossible for that to happen especially when you have people that are we establishment before they before they get you know you're absolutely right the whole system is pentargen right now and you know we want to happen during these unconstitutional lack downs and it was it was so that the attack on the constitution and the right you know we have to withstand through the declaration of independence every single one of those grievances we have lived under the same type of tyranny will you know i want there no reason to reinvent the wheel there already did this all right they came out of it they thought things through and simplified the process in order to go forward but what what answer happening because people people tend to like to add to and to assist in that work so for example god gave the ten commandments right what happened them is related ended up adding six hundred forty eight more commandments or rules in above the ten commanders because what god gave them was seriously not good enough so we've got to at all these other qualifications that all these other jumps through hoops measures and what it does is first of all a complicates everything you know i think if we if we cut back or government and i'll go back to the last shot dower cut down to twenty per cent night admitting you know there was it was like soothfastness just to make people see that all were in a shut down hanneton of us would care as none of us would we control you we're going to make this painful for you because you had endowed wanted to have done what you know what this needs to be permanently caught back and i'm going to say per cent should be the maxim i'm pretty sure we get some good management and their executive manage maybe we cut the same down to ten per cent get the government right out of our faces can you imagine the amount of of money that we and how many how much we can do to cut taxes and stop this corporate welfare in the corporate pilfering of the state as i go back to the agathites a money laundering bateta figure out how to peel off and you know it so you know it just an incredible amount of money with no benefit to the people which make us know nothing more than just deathlander the world here because that's of theoretical head they will continue to assail that through our right through eponine these agencies as an attack against american that this is this is not ergotin till we decide that we've had enough of this and stand and and you know it's just like you know you finally have a himitation listen to listen to the rules you have to make things a little bit more or serious each time you know be it betake away privileges cut back their expense accounts and that's pretty much what i would do the governor has got the healthily to control not the budget but what's actually so you just start putting a joke cold on a few people expense accounts in the access that they have to the money which is the people's mind not the politicians might i'm pretty another going to start seeing some of compliance he happened from these people they're going to get a figured out that that that we plan any more and that there are actually patriots who are willing to stand for fortiter for accountability and for responsibility to the people not for not for grafton where their peeling off money into their little bodies pockets which is i guarantee making a back into the politician's pocket that's all we see towering out of office who had this incredible amount of money in their bank account look at as she was like dead broke and what is she got to twenty six million dollars look at the bank account of the peacestead harden our they've never got a good point no thank you count i bought a remakable like you and i have always been held accountable you make a better decision as to job you might lose your job you definitely go get ah about these politicians like you said there's so easy to throw a harder and taxes don't know about some people but i must my tail and what i may have about tacamahaca with you investing the tax dollington account and were taking it and now beset and now abeelity well when we talked about this the other day patrick we talked about the fact that you know that business owners we have a different work at when when you're a business owner you just do people ask me constantly how many hours do you work all of them i worked all the hour i do not keep off icosameron called i picked the one up and you know with the wheatsheaves not ninety five that's not ours were you know in the hours were sweet a call in the mellow night with it the ponderation we would go to bed for a couple of hours get a little sleep and then we were right back you know then they get up and we have some fun and may be got for dinner were big walkers we would we go on vacation we walk probably i have not so that you know we just we go for a walk and we may walk ten twelve miles a day just that's our thing and so force get something to eat but we like to just go walkin round some as will go driver on such but but we don't we're not like night like people or anything like that we like bein outside and and looking at nature that sort of thing so i but we would literally six hours at different times zone where nor people would be on vacation and it would pronounce done that i don't even know how to do that no i know i mean vacation here i don't enringing and i answered it is talking about us yesterday with somebody and i was getting me at all i know that i can and i have to like you for seven resisted you have to be there i obviously will explain to people i imagination you get back you as before have never experienced a lot attention the value ordered and the althing is that we are support for all those people around us so like like when you know that's our thing is that as a good man ayant trying to hang your employ your trying to enable you know employs your staff and such to get everything out of the way which interferes with him doing their jobs we don't we want to we want to move moving on the way to enable them to do their jobs so melicite you want to stay on oroatis to annoy an shot but are the staple stonemason birthday party but i say and i can say i i just want a comment when and i love that because you know what this is the way the world works you know more what most important job on the planet and you know what we are here to support you as a man and your kids and you just let your life and get the things done that need to be done the take care of your family and we're going to be just sendin you love it you just keep shopping and you jump on any time you want kynast love that so but but yes that's that's a job of a bit of a manager and a businessman anger of really good manager takes all the shots for their employees now whether i agree with something one of my employees joan when if they get off the rails a little bit and they do something that that may be i would have just been like which they had done that i will stand there with an employee and support them and then try to work out a nice peaceful resolution and find ways to work on and then we go to and i said well you know this is why that policy was in place because i've kind of been around the block a little bit when it comes to business and i know how this is going to end it i know how it's going to add because when you're in business for as long as i've been in business you know the pit falls you know you can almost predict what people will do in certain situations you become almost like a you know i could put on the coat is it that cothurnus to wear these to come in and tell you know sanitas funny it was really funny but you must become an ability i have an ability to know what's going to happen under different situations so you're able to avoid them but i will never lay any one out that made a mistake and try to pin i will i will always come out and say blame me first of all don't blame them when he because i hired and i was the one that set up the man as it so whatever you have to say you say it to me and and then then i will will find out resolution for the problem that was cause so that i know what it needs to change and then i will talk to the employee and say say okay this is why you know and missus how this is not going to happen again and anne you know you do a process improvement there just like you know you jason a job but you do it you know a job safety analysis in the morning because you have document we wrong the day before or you see you identify you idontified potential hazards you talk to your crew about it the form and talk to the crew about the identified potential hazard or the identified problems that would are expected or the risk that they may come up and you you work through before hand to try to avoid these things but it is we live in an unperfect world things are going to happen and you're going to need to address them and then you put it on the list to never happen again this like our lives should be like i happened to he and you may as an improved yeah i've heard people tell me when we when we had when he had been different situations with employed not set there and they'll like okay now let's go through this and and i really walk herself through the use what happened and i had people say to me any one else would have fired me for this and i like well the problem is as he had a teacher moment and i'm pretty excuse that this is not going to happen again so the next person will make a different mistake because we're all going to make mistakes or never one that you never have an employee that's a one hundred percent employe have lots of people that have gifts and and they all have everyone has a strong suit and everyone has a short suit so the next person it's going to take me to figure out what the short suit is in the only way you find that is when you go through a bad situation to find out exactly you know if it's a recoverable short suit or if it's you know that we can learn of offensive ah skill set that most managers have right now there because that i see out there there's really not a lot of good management and we can bring that back to our schools failing to teach a communication schools skill as well as to teach actual management skills the colleges or teaching indoctrination which is not a management skillutes the most and phocaean it on in a corporate scenario and said taking responsibility and howat so that that name a bad ortachi it for enforcing it at home when all of the common care only started and i had to go through because when it is welcome home from and after it oftimes re educate i would have to tell them it i help my son no mate are had not her supposed to do it in my jester's only one way to do most casanova and so he says no response to esther am and i said no not a courageous don't ask to make you do it properly through repetition in age yovenalii so we did the paper reply brought him home the next day every one was wrong i had to go to the school and tell the disapprove of what you i know and that's where the parents have to be involved that and that is a inlooking are done by some daughter you answer it they want for the task but you will learn it soon undouble indicated dead half to learn the proper and home is were falling a hundred our society is what it is but if people are being properly at home and going to make a definite self yet when you have kids your life your life becomes about those kids because this you you took the responsibility to bring another human life into this world and as a parent you know this is where you lay down the golf games you lay down things that you normality this these are childless pursuits that we enjoy it a play there and there's lots of things that i enjoy him it can take that way but when you have children all of those things that you do for yourself you know you we've been taught to oh you've got to have your own time you got to take care of yourself you got to do this that the other thing it's like well you know there's some truth to that but with a pensionnat the other side of selfishness it there's there's no description of this when you when you have children your first and only priority is the those kids will be to teach them to raise them up and to to finish the task that you started a conception you started at a conception bring that life into this world now let's see your man or woman enough to finish the job or if you're going to cut and run like a child and that i just let us say that that common cuirasses brought into michigan by the devaswami that is how you know that's what they do they push that was then that did that which ultimately led to a critical race cayman i remember when it was brought in and i was looking at my niece's homework in a light would is this how are you instances everybody the parents can help their kids with the man then the half the kisser doing the math one way in the plain the rest of em were doing at a totally different way all i did was confused it there is no reason for it at a matinee i know a lady down in new orleans or actually no you he has no regular it comes and i talked to her about it and learned about her sister she's gone way back i always say people all pass and i am not against moving forward and technology that we may advance when our knowledge of life has certain things the ten commandments not perfect determination was perfect away a so i'm always said if things are so much better with a what they're doing in that critical race theory and then why do we have imagine as society all these bad fits gone to go back to the that's where the education of the children so important so somebody put me in touch with southern way to that early learning principle i like i like what while tony i decided the home school my kids in my kids are all in their thirties except one you know and so i decided a long time ago as john others hool system i was down with the medical system a long long time ago i home i home birth my kids so i bit of a pioneer stock happening here you know and yet an it's like it's like i just really really you know i thought my kids how to make dies out a plan so we would go back and we would you know how to do bastianini earth if everything collapsed because if you don't understand like learning learning you know a man curriculum if you don't understand how to do the basic functions you will never ever ever understand how the real function of secaucus or algeria my kids do in algebra first gray and so on and is actually you know people like oh i never understood alaciel algebra is actually very easy too to learn if you think about it as the like legal moves on a game and so you know so what i did as i worked with scales i worked for the scale and pons and pons represented you know values and then at once you learn how to move those pieces around not only do you understand what i works but also understand you also and how when we notepaper but you understand the practical application of what you're doing and that is that is wholly where our school systems fall down their teaching kids to tast and teaching to test is is only learning to spit out answers which the teacher has predetermined it does not include anything about critical thinking it doesn't include it doesn't include critical thinking it doesn't include applying all the facts yeddo what do i do with this i can i can work of poor pain statistical program because you know i had statistics and finances and that sort of thing atwinkle along with the creative side of that i've got wraiths but if you can if you can do do you know a four page problem in statistics take that long to work it out you get to the end that you have no idea what you have or how to apply it anything what have you done you had a huge waste of time and at an what's a huge problem yet years ago or we got a really good friend who was a dean at one of the state universities and he used to do the he's going a good friend for a long time he was kind of a was talking to my son and and saying something about you know me not doing my my son said do you realize she does count peculiar her head don't you and he was kind of not acolyte the short cut i just do it in my hat i don't rate necessarily right things down but that only comes when you understand the application of what you know or the the actual tangible of the tangible moves in that you're doing and they're not teaching that at all it's just all paper work is all book working and that's why they've dumnation so badly as that the teachers have not taught correctly and also you know everybody learns in a different way some of us are kinsale we have to learn through our hands some of us are odious of us are bookmarks most teachers are actually are actually visual learners and they teach in a visual earine way will that's great except for a very few people are actual visual learners and make the rest of us feel stupid because we have to convert their words into either a a tennysonian in order to have actual earning application but there there getting better at it over the years you know i'm working on i'm getting close to it here and when i was in school that there was there was none of that you know and and so a lot of us were were left behind and had to reeducate ourselves in the ways that god made us in our brains to work that's truly my aim really about funny trade schools we need to find tragically think and the application if we are not finding an application for all learning we are were done you know where the system is failed at that moment in time i think we lost moisai think i think we lost here i'm going to guess that her phone went dead the store there so so enjoy your shopping melissa chalchuites farmhill don't back on but there's so much that we need to read too that i like your wisdom on raising children it is still in a learning that done and grandfather now still more and i talked to my head loving i a we had a disappointed and times when i told you guys when the discipline are those never ever forget those time my daughter wasn't not going to as far as female and male but my daughter may have had the spanker answer twice she was really good boy yet that was a different when i don't i remember every time you guys and it breaks my heart to this day when i did it that's what i'm supposed to do is your ear i have when i went in to what supposed to be done to the teach you to be better people out in society and the aftermath in you will be held accountable for your wrong answer so i'm trying to teach we all make mistakes but you got and the army father is going to see that in our life and reward you and if you don't changed you know correction and i going to discipline efore that disappoint you don't want yeah the word green the world will the god got the world set up with the natural consequences and offer all behaviours so you can take the easy way out and learn from people who are around you may be made the mistakes before you did and you know what i'm not going to do that because it didn't work out for this person sanitar from that or yovenalii anything and marionettes are going to find the way to your door so there was that there was a guy years to go that was in the granpere and and this is this is a terrible thing to say but when we don't listen or consequence well he was a swimming in one of our local areas and decided to go out past the boys while the problem was as he did know how to swim and he didn't fact draw he drowned he went past the boys and he drove well at creation a problem because now everybody wants to blame the park for the fact that this is guidon and he was an adult he knew better he went past the boys and he drove i'm sorry but i feel terrible for the family i feel terrible for you but if you're going to walk out in front of a semi knowing that that some as there and you did it knowingly you chose the consequences that come with your action and there are consequences that come we've been taught that there are no consequences for anything nobody prosecutes for anything roweled we run off the rails and you know and then everybody wants to look around say ha one how this wonder why things went so ariane you know what is not a mystery to me i don't know if it's mystery you are not but i mean there are some some rum here that need to be followed and when we don't we're going to have the consequences of it like taking dadouchos taking the tenth manitoolin said oh you know we're going to negotiate on the murder thing this is a negotiable point you know or we're going to negotiate an you know go run right down the runway down the ten man with an everything to it some people is negotiable it's like it's like well you know it illiterate to a kid make excuses for bad choices while you know it's not you know it doesn't reality exert means that when it means you know you do no murder no stealing and respect operate for a reason pretty extra sure that that those those things were put in there for absolute reason and they weren't meant to be negotiated with right so yes so when we take that away and everybody stands around my see that comment are you kidding me i am pretty extended were and that's what we should the story the other day i guess you know what when you know these things you hear these things things that you should carry with you are making come back in a manner what happened those people some i'm not going to go that path this could and improving a grown yeah i like when you look at the recent tranto racing history and they wanted tea that everything doubt while you know we may have a confederate statue somewhere down south that everybody agrees that you know what happened in any form of of slavery or human trainer whatever happened it's wrong but that doesn't mean we look at those people in skewers that because the wrong is no we want to remember that so it never happens again and almost peloponnese that happened you know you know in the eighteen hundreds i honestly think they need take a good look at themselves in the mere because we have human traffic in which slavery going on right now what are you going to know about we can't we can't go back two hundred years and say you know the irish were the irish were one of the first amantissima ground i've got a little bit of irish and in me and i am on the motive got several different athenacum and i'm not going oh i'm sorry too who i had irish in the background and they were treated on yes it was wrong but you know what we we got to look at what we got now and what we have right now is human traffickin slavery going on right under our noses we have people that are being told in it its being tolerated because we're looking at the things that happen that were wrong that happened to us while yet you know we've all had things that have been happened to us i literally had when when i went in to get one of my first business laws when i was young young woman at the time and i wanted to buy a computer system that would give me an ad in the market and marking that's what it's started out as communications and an markises an it's kind of fun it was an eighty megatheria cantonments dollars now i will the pronoun dollars on them and when i went to buy a went to the bank as i didn't have any money at the time you know i was like you know rottenness you know i give you the loan if you were a man and i you know if you were a guy i did it alone if you were a guy and i'm in tell you what i sat there look that person i didn't feel sorry for myself i was i was a little mite i give that but i'm like bears you and ignorant and ignorant person and you can eat a lot of cross some day and this is going to be the person thus going to come back and want to have my business that i happen in case i get to vote with my dollar and you will have none of it and so walked out so another person that did want to work with me and later on in life you know i had had that person come back come back to me and yet that that was a rough lesson for him laid what did you do anteaters you go home and curled all your local politicians and discriminated against the you actually over now and i'm not condoning any and that the kind of stuff to me i'd like to take you out behind the building on but that as before doing that because that woman or shoalwater chinese are irish they deserve the same opportunity that every you may say are wannim going to beat you we are one people we need to come that that we are one people and so it's kind of ridiculous i had another one that happened where you know i was i was new to to giving into real estate eragon i know i could make money at it so it's always something that i wanted to do i worked in i worked in housing when i was in college so i did a lot of i did a lot of conflict mitigation i did atchievement and in that setting in housing so i had i had a decent hayforth could make a decent mooning real estate one net renting it out managing and motorin i understood how it works so i went out to this house and i could see i could see the look on this guayas i walked up to the house like so i walk up and i've got a head my three biological kids and then also my my one black indian child and you know you could see the look on a face right there like you know i'm i'm so sure so winona how i got i got used to it i got used to that that that look from people you know and and so accurate house and and i thought well you know i can get a pass that doesn't really bother me because it's not my problem its their problem so when round the house like look to the house a little bit decided you know what i epinogris house so decided to put it off round the house i did a call three hours later for my banker and seashore not going to believe the college a scot he you know it he had taken one look at me and said you know this woman is you know there's no way this woman is going to be a cold is offer reasons operation racial problem and so so she is she goes the guy called her and said does this woman actually have the ability to buy this house and she said to him she's like you have no idea a number one and but the punch line of this was is that that man was an african american black man that to that that actually lay that judge manon me so it's really funny is that this is not a problem with one race or the other this is a problem with a wrong heart with a human being no one should look at any one on a basis of their ethnic i think that the motion sense with diversity train has done more damage to this nation and pointing out all were different this way were different that way you know what will guess what trade to get to christians to gather from the same church you can't get five minutes of agreement on anybody any more because you know it's like instead of sitting back and gone to now just what haythin in tell me what your thinking you know tell me more and to sitting there listening and finding out on an individual basis what people think and and all of this nonsense you know i am a woman i especial snow by you know i only you have you as and real answer to him according to the he knows so they implemented that system a long time ago in tossing if the come were the combined i would many times here in this conversation howard or howard so if you have the masses come together and i believe the masses are a lot better than what they try to make you the are as far as as the i think one of people that to boycott come at all that but they bring out that bad part of it just to keep that old wound moreover it indelicate i'm going to help his translates i when he be donating or take your time to eating your time monotoning boots that he would do that on the other get up and having an ye would it could be done and the friday your being attacked and see with you nothing about the attacking you because they know well if you want you show there is a matter do we do intentional trump wilson dislike hillary cintra warning no you're absolutely right the division john kirk is said something the kabanovs on among americans it marks us they want it no power and they there is no power and in the people when we are divided and that's absolutely true so so all of these made up to visions people got comfortable while i a republican i am a democrat i am a liberal i am concerned i am i am at this seti mean how many ways to to how many ways to the moon can we divide people because that's exactly what they do and then once they get people into categories it becomes a money grab for special interest and that pramathanath control in misothea down and refused to participate in their cultural markis nonsense because that's all it is it's nonsense we went and we win every time fraternal of what people want to put into because we each have the ability to break that that little old that prison that they want to they want to put us into and we have the ability to ourselves become who were supposed to be so on a talk about something about the undrained your plan to help me was just amazing and i'd like you to talk to everybody about this because i really appreciated what you had to say and what your plan going forward on you patrick by yourself with no wit no asking on my part came up with us and then i gave you the support with some information to carry a forward but this was one person solely by himself motivated to do something in politics in his choice was to support me as the candidate for governor and and this was how he was going to do it it is a thing i'm not a guy to go out and ask people for money i mean i despise even in my best my son if my wife were always on about that you know the powell it to ask him will i that you are you know you got you hate money for the job you did so i have a hard time with that in this i am going to do that because i realized we don't have many chances with the way things are going and i think michigan is have it all stay i think if everybody knows michigan is my matter is running on a hurry up and try to finish michigan is the at that people know is very very ah but i'm still proud to be michigan a so we have to make a difference so all you need to do is and make go on your you sent me the information contributions to rules of rest on your side but go out and talk to i one time and it doesn't have to be just the republican or just the taxpayer party democrats if you want something better and believe me i talk to people everybody having on one ever democrat party their wit they wanted to see and prove in this work you had not this country the world gone a better place so they want to see the so too if if you want to make a change mentioned the people do money to her campaign he we talked about doing come things like that in a brandenburg is not going to sell out the big corporations and like to like me asking people people that know me and i can ask her do you give your time i know that is atherton there's not going to be a spring that in many polished not favors included in the sonata that's exactly what the people shouldn't now you're come so you make a donation we're going to make things better for that's what the people you have to get over your your fears i did be no bellchambers even though it's a long way from what are we doing business to be great and it was all because my boys were there having to speak with and my oldest i'm very very prominent on my oldest mate cone elusive bees she i told it he was talking to everybody you can overcome that you just had to do it that's what people have to do from your fear and say this person can definitely make a difference we want to see it in so i'm going to get out and taste and i was talking to you i'm not an expert with the line rules and restrictions with the donations over the downs find somebody sent the dantean and tetaheite and i taxed i've been really open put him a cell phone out there that anybody can text if they want to do something and having i will you know we will make sure that somebody texts them people direct link of like say videos that that show you know what what i stand for how i believe anybody can get on brandenburg news not work so past that around but furthermore aloof people do you need to be on to need a billboard here you need to do this you need to do that the other thing is like okay so help me you know if you if you see something that you want me to do as a representative don't like take me like a little truck and run me around going neuenstein you need to help you need to rome wants to see me an the b or on you know on anspessade then is your responsibility because this is a big day i've got ten million people that want me to do to million different things which i can do a lot of those things if everybody joins them and says you know we would like you to do a billboard in this area it's going to make us easier for us to take this aready can post all the all the stuff that i put out the potatoes amount material out there the like a tremendous and maritime or i'm standin behind it i'm just talkin it's just my my old grey self supporting you what i actually think none of us stripped out i don't script anything i refused to because that's a sotoba and i'm not going to do a solomin's just the distance just me he sat down and coffee with me whether it's on beatrice and we met somewhere to coffee shut they're going to find out on my gosh this is how she is like all the time god help the sale you know but i'm not going to change for people it's not you know i think when i was younger i think you know you try to fit in a little bit when you're when you're a very young person you know we all have to come into our time at this point time you know i'm almost sixty years old i happy with a cup of coffee and you know looking at rock somewhere there the sky or birds or anything you know you get past that competition and and you're just like ye you see sometime and you like yet you more inclined to say yea i don't have anything that pressing to day i can drop what i'm athanaton person and you think differently right it's not a competition it it's that office you get older the competition to sister it's you grow out of it you you grow out of it and then you just want to see the best for everyone to but you know it or any one can go out there and start asking france i really believe in this person we have to help her she can't do this alone this is a big state when you start looking at how far and wide things have to go you know you it's it's a big stake in that means that if i have i say like a thousand people over in the detroit area to reach the population there i think about how big that population is the population and grandames greater at grand rapids serious frient three million people i alight i am so yeah i can get on and i can do these things but it but to really reach people who are going to need to do some gulbrandson you know billbook and ordered rallies on corners i'm not real fond of getting giving money to china and every time you do a commercial or your making a direct camatte enemy but we have to get together and get information from people and that honestly requires a little bit of money so it in and if i worked a million years i could never make as a single person the amount of money that this globator of criminals is stolen from us in in an honest way i could never do it a million in that many years you couldn't do it as an individual they have an organized crime not work going on to steal from every single one of us so at this point time to fight to get it back were all going to have the jump on and how their patrick elisa there are i think i lost to their patrick see if you can there let's let seaton get out listening to to or even at the wethout lead me to believe you a little and the effort as and i've been made pretty to a lot of it and would during my then i am sittin here blown away and i molly god people would be number one if it was corrected to people who would be financially every he set the system up right and now they're starting to an i ses that man was an no there would be master people would lose it what's a so when say that that in correcting reading these they have to you have done for yourself and yet involved in this battle so that you can you can and it's going to happen michigan's alike state my book i moved away to florida and abate and i don't want to go anywhere else i am on vacation as in this world i'd like to see it wether she will michigan needs to be people have the on a happy fisticate up and go at it take negative that's my thing the positive i've had people and all there's no chance yesterday no can win you have negative box do yeah where were gone so it's up to us you are i appreciate you taking that step and being not a window in a public figure like that you but you and i love you have you backed to keep going in the trying to be quiet letting to talk yet okay well let's see this paper can you hear me now ye i'm here can you hear me where having a little bit of a signal issue right now and that's okay i want to thank you for being on to day and we'll have you back on again there sometimes that happens on go through one you so he began on the special he owed you back on again so and and then we'll talk some more because i think you and i could probably talk all day long thank you so much for being odd i'm going to i'm going to go ahead and go to go back to just down on mother and thank you thank you patrick for being honest was very nice so i very much enjoyed the conversation with patrick today i thought it was a wonderful conversation we got a lot of different subjects and we have many many more subjects to talk through and the coming day now to morrow i had to make a pause with stephanie labruniere attorney was going to be on monday to talk about what's happening in a behind the scenes i enjoy having the criminal investigator as well as the attorneys on i enjoy having people that are i have been in law enforced and a business owners like patrick and pretty much anybody i'd like to talk to every single person that's out there and just sit in habanera ion i think is the way to get it done so we're going to we're going to continue to do this going forward and now very much looking forward to to where this is going to go so with that sad i think what i'd like to do is it's almost ten o'clock and i think i'd like to and with prayer and thank god for what is given us the opportunities that has given us an all so the opportunity to change we talked about business we talked about so they just got massena said this is interesting from roberts said wife was driving down sinapati said all drugs pull of at least twenty state police in the rest areas there and he said he wonders what's going on so enacted in the that one a little bit but i'll bring that to you see we'll see if we can bring the information on that to morrow so going forward to day we're going to i guess what i'm going to focus on because we have to start with ourselves right is to continue to look for people who are hurting and lost i know when i was a little girl when i was heard from god was find my lost sheep and an reach out to them we don't need to be in our acota's where we feel safe in the people we agree with we need to be talking to all people whether we agree or disagree with them and have civil discussions with them in an effort to bring the truth and the best the best solution no matter where they come from i think that some of the people that followed bernie sanders who i i i think that there are some really good ideas having to do with insurance coming out of the people that were kind of in the burned ham back then not that i agree with everything they say because i don't i don't agree with a lot of things i say that other thither people say like from the republican part of the democrat he we need to think critically first and not follow one person or another person like sheep we need to be thinking about what's being said and softer than ourselves a little bit so to day a archidice cried to day never never talk for the man and say i to him because i'm pretty sure that that he is a little upset herding over what happened to him i do believe that there's a lot of us that were in that category and it's not just candidates it's all of us it's you it's every single person in the republican party i would say every person in the democrat party is probably feeling that same degree of disillusionment and her right now because all the politicians are lying to us were were being line to on such a grand scale it's not even funny and to learn and to figure out who i trust has become an in almost full time job any more so we're going to continue on with that to day that's my plan i have a few things that need to be done and i am going to be speaking to night there's a there's a meeting at just just popped up to day and i was asked to speak at this to night to see if i was free to night i'll see if i can bring that up and that would be church on street and it is we recount incant county to night the address is for five two five stopper avenue in grand rapids the doors open at six o'clock so my plan is to be there to night speaking speaking that that that even was as to speak there to night for a little bit concerning the convention and and other other things going on state because i do research and stout my chants also by educating people about topics and issues and things as americans and pemmican need to be concerned with but let's go ahead and pray and see and that as at into our day and to guide direct us dear emily father we are so thankful for each not reprint there i have specific people in mind that i know her listening to the broad cassandane difficulties that are in their life but it's not just then its every single person out there we need to be brought to gather in and to discern who truly is a threat and who truly is not a threat to our nation and to ourselves individuals and we ask that you would give us an extra measure of discernment and wisdom going forward in all things so that so that you become the one that shifted from the chaff and brings us into a into a lawful process and all and governmental process but also integrity on a personal basis that we would do your will and that we would fight for for your will to be done on arth hesitant haven't thank you so much for each every person on there please wrap your arms around every one let them know how precious and special they are that they weren't a mistake they were made that you you had them in mind from the beginning from the beginning of time here you and before that you knew who they were going to be and the purposes that you had laid out for them in their lives let them know that there isn't a mistake there are no coincidence as they they were planned and that they are love beyond measure and all those whom they love that they are also your concern you you have your inverting sparrow that other you know what's going on and you you are so good and grateful were grateful for the sparrows were grateful for the beautiful blue sky we have to day be the ability to come together as your people one nation under you under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you so much god and we just want to let you know that we love you and we want to do things according to your will and to his cries name i pray you god bless you all to day your in our thoughts and prayers every day the things that are important to you and we will never ever stop fighting for you to defend those without a voice and to be your voice and and the warriors that go out before you and with you we are we are with you where we go on we go all we are with you have peace to day i'm oyouki go go go forward to day and enjoy the day it's going to be a great day we have wonderful things happening and and a great future ahead of us so god bless you in all those whom you love