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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 12/21/2022 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published Dec. 21, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

Description: Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and today where doing he came in great church on me we're going to jump right into it right now and blow passed the news like we normally do and bring in my very special guest doctor tom parker hating in during great down on it's good to see you again and it's good to be back he could see too it was i i really enjoyed last week so much it was it was so it's so christ sounded and so wonderful i mean it's amazing when we focus on the fact that god is in control no matter what the world throws at no matter what we see we just kind of escape through it right because god's with us and we know that we know we know the end of the book we know who wins and that god wins and god wins every single time so we have a lot a lot two celery we do and i specially to me the christmas season is all about celebration are you writing in ready for this week and i i guess i'm always ready in you i selebrated every single day right i do i can celebrate three sixty five the birth of christ that i take a lest in my minette the attitude to christians will have and if it's not i would just challenge people to check our souls a back with god and to find out what happened what would wrong yet always reminds me wouldnever watched the the original prince that stole christe i think i've seen it yes and all the trappings the grince took all the tramping hoping to wreck christmas for every one you know he's got a wrecked all to the hates everything she takes out everybody's presence and he takes the trees and he takes the food and you takes outeverything and the morning geswaerd gets up hold hands in our singing at the top of their lungs because they understood the real meaning of christmas and they didn't say it in the moveall of us believers know exactly what was going on there so i think i think i think you know if it no matter if we we walked away from everything or lost everything he does it matter we know the meaning of were in a temporary spot anyway so you know we've got to enjoy a people around us and in calibre celebrate every day life if the god gives us and i i think think that that's the the stability in everything it is it is we wont have a quick rise get started absolutely you're your intercom just here i'm to her running the software to day okay i that's the let's pray dear haven fathers we opened the scriptures and look into wise men we not only look at the wise and we look at daniel because i believe that the history of the west and goes back to him and how we are called to preach the gospel to evangelize the world and i believe the daniel did i think we see that in the book of daneland we looked deeply enough lord help us to get past or parading for alice and see the tex listened to the text that what it says rather than we described the text to god god has a meaning lord helpless to seek that especially this day his name we pay a man a man all right right off the bat a real will think about this but to most people plan and prepare for baby shoes oh my question is worded we get the idea to plan and prepare for a baby she i'm convinced we get that from god by what he did because he put a lot of effort into planning and preparing for the birth of s what do you think that makes that that he planned prepared for the birth of christ yes well yes and then i wilikina just in one day i'd say like ford for sentries and and and for thousands of years there in pretty exerted that he was planning for a very very long time before creation printings that that's true hasn't there it's not like it's not like a fentonites y of caught him by surprise he kind of knew it was happinessfor any of the started on folding it all it always it always amuses me when people think that there is anything random and that there is any coincidence is because there are not you know it's like a hshoshat is going to happen and gives us opportunities to react there make good choices make bad choices in such i don't really think that there is any you know i think it's just like we go back to abraham right abraham was saved by faith because he had been born yet crack in order while jensine that god was got a sound the savior so even he knew it so i don't know how people now that live or live now don't understand that that principle because it's pretty clear well it's odd is to me it's clear donment one faith but he was saved by grace you a lot of people or a another use this and like they looked forward to christ but the reality is the cross of christ shadowed back into the very early pages as we even with her two weeks go all the way back into the garden and beaten so everybody was saved was saved by grace and i i had people tell me what they don't see grace in the old test i just think there locked in a partingperhaps room i atomic god should a god should have burned this earth to the ground how many times over the fact that he didn't destroy everything for the rampant rampant evil that was going on is just unbelievable it i mean we see what you know we know about the child trafficking and all the nonsense the hotheads that's going on around us even right now but he sees it he sees everything and and i cannot imagine it is upset of us are in rightfully angry about these things that are going on em you serenissime cheshireover angrier at what's going on that we were so angry that we would do something about it i think people get angry but then they sat on her hands and i think as we talked about last week we crowd to god god what you going to do and god's wondered what are we going to do right and so it's like you know we we've got to realize that we talked about that maybe we should bring that back up it's like people think we wait on the lord i can think of the one song he now that the way on the lord shall renew their strength and we we grow up with the idea what we dissit back and we went patently for the lord to do he's cold to do but he wants us to serve him we literally as a waiter and i in a rethitation their customers worse post to wait on the lord and that way and so we need here again we need to change our paradin or locked into a paradine sinon our hands waiting white were waiting for a boss but but we don't think waiting as we are serving were serving the king and were fighting for him for his cause it's really a magazines when you do serve ye how how much you know everything is provided like unlimited energy you know you eat when you when you're truly doing god's work you have unlimited annetyou can go for ever and you know you're not tired you've got everything you need and he does are you know your strength comes from him when you when you have that service mind and you know it's he provides he provides everything we need it isn't that the reality of the passage that they that wait on the lord shall renew their strength to be caught up as eagles and at batisto me the thrust of what we need to understand what you just said when worse serving the lord he promises to give us that energy we know in strength the vigor the mind and things like that oh and is this applies to the message here so god promised that he would ah put christ into humanity i mean we read that even an isaiah most saveyes before the birth of ah the whole story is perdonaba into daniel would have been about six hundred years ah before christ five hundred fifty to six hundred years but what's a siwerent if you will the shower the baby shower that god died for christ generationa chapter book order were going to matthew twelve in a little bed she if you want to put that up you could make the one i mean i'm sorry too wonder twelve oh mattie the matthew to wonder twelve or both we we often take the father's don't get involved in the baby shower too much but we can't say that about god it does speak that to the holy spirit came upon mary and she was impregnated now there are let's say like the moslems for one believe that god literally had sex with mary but dad is so heretical but god himself did impregnate mary so if you will joseph kind of head to adopt jesus as his son and he did take him as his son which to me short great faith and on so we can say that god would very involved in the shower or the birth ah even when we have babies showers as much excitement as it is and i've been a part of those at times and typically how a great festive environment with games and such but really the that's nothin like the birth of the baby that they were celebrating at the shower and so god the son was born and i wanted to may be back up just a little bit on this i know very often people say the son of god here and i won't deny the death not a valid way to speak about jesus i tend to get into a mind set of speaking about god thought so because it's the son of god if you will leads let's say the moslems to think well god literally helped procreative had sex with mary or that that's a that's a wrong thought and in a deadone to i mean all he's got to do is breathe an it's goin to have her yes now he doated life to function the way we do so i'll just i personally some people say what the i know i may not find any value in that i find great value in speaking about god the son and in octo me in the limittes that thinking oh so god the son the second person of the trinity is we understand literally too can flesh as a baby and and that's what when we think about jesus that was if you will the physical person but it was god he took on human flesh and that is what we see in gas so jesus was the christ child and so that's what we're going to talk about when we look at it matthew so i hears what i want to say it if people have their bible open when we look at matthew two oh wonder twelve as you go through the genealogies which we talked about last week a little bit in in the first chapter and really you know we we picked up the christmas story basically out of two gospels matthew and luke so if witness look it look a man the we get eight verses at the end of chapter on a verse eighteen to like twenty ah twenty five that's where the birth of jesus occurs so here's what i want people to realize the nesses when we look at scripture we get eight verses on the birth of jesus and we at twelve verses more material on the wise men so what we see is that the spirit was the story it's not it the wise man overshadows the birth of christ by any means but the point is in the tax the weighted text is the twelve verses of the wise men and so i think that we need to see weighing more than a lot of people here and give crimes to a history so what did what i wanted this talk about a paradin praises tired but always as well what do you whatdyemean by first of all peridine and then second of all what do you mean by paradine's when not when i say paradyms we we lutosa that i'll give a for instance when you can get three people to see a car axed and if the place come with up and asks what what waduce you might get three different stories even though they saw the the exact same accident so were any of those people wrong may be as they saw or as they described maybe not ah maybe they made an assumption but the reality is we can see the same thing and we come up with different conclusions this is kind o what happens with gossip ah we may hear something and we say why he did you know what so and so did while how'd you get that from that so we just we sometimes create things that are mine and i think the people i've seen it i used i've done it so it's not like you know anybody could say what i've never done it we we all do it we we think while i heard it a hundred times so it has to be right what i concluded we don't realize that we have to conclude something so a wether here something we sing something we read something ah we think we know something but the reality has or our thinking overshadows blessed the text itself and i want to show that a little bit to day strew the story with the wise men and oh i just want to encourage people oh somebody in our group asked me to at some point in the near future teach on jonah and i would say that's one story that i think people have i mean i brought her the story of joan a hundred times in my lifetime when i have a preacher from oh england came to our church we back in the mid eighties and he preached that jonah died and then was resurrected from the whale of the great fish its like does not what i heard and be neither a hundred times i never heard that while i now believe that very much that jonah died when he was thrown over before he was even picked up by the th great fit and in he was resurrected because we get into matthew i believe it's twelve where jesus talks about this and he says as the son of man or as joe was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish sold the son of man will be three days and three nights in the belly of the earth now we would never say jesus wasn't dead when he was in the tone but well we'll say oh you jonas he he wasn't dead well i don't know how you can afterward jesus said out of how we can say that i think the text is so clear but any rate is not as got to children's books and they see the whale with his big cavernous insinooation the town with the hayonotes over the top the man sachsahuaman the valley of the whale and have the great time i don't think that's actually very accurate so you colonists is one i say i'm just tellin atthat's one story and somebody might go well gonocoels cow on a fir and we'll get to that may be next you westergothland way to it to live your life just chew on things like nowwell goupiner that for a little bit process in the so i'll just say this i do i think that daniel wasn't a very good evangelist oh i do i mean we see nebuchadnezzar says some things that i think like ninety nine per cent of christians wouldn't say to day i mean we think about what darry as said ah and it's just amazing what what they'll say so we may look at a couple of those things to day and in part so with that lot let's kind of transition back into the christmas story and i think that the roots of the christmas story to the wise man goes back to daniel so i'm not sayin we're out of one here when i i just want to kind of back up a little bit when we set last week that in the angels this would be in lower we set in suddenly there was with the angel a rohan host ah and i said that i felt like that was the spontaneous celebration by the angels i believed that if that's true god was giving us an inside view if you will of what goes on in health i mean we we see so much scripture through a human eye perspective as looking up at truth and so we could see the angels you know if we were there which we were and and we see from our perspective but i think god was giving us a back door look at what goes on and he that's your sir maybe a little bit more retrial from last week for people to think about so had some many weeks the day one too as pretty pretty interesting to study because i i guess i believe it's a seventy weeks of years and ah comes out pretty close to or write on on on time for jesus's yes yes and so can you know her you he got dandy isn't that some so we were going to go back a bit later to a lot of the just the historical verses in scripture that talk about his so some people might think what the wise men were late to the party i mean what we see or our christmas send a very very typically the wise man are in our christmas really from the biblical story they were anywhere near the christmas so it's like acts they they were probably anywhere from fifteen to twenty some months after the birth of christ when they show up so yet no but on opeope would all nownow they were there well i don't believe they were not sorelo at some of those things only he waved in the wooden crash on the whole ten yards with that because you see their living in the desert there's not a lot of wood parotitis very expensive and so were to work a look it what people struggle with his i've but for sermons that you'd almost think that the wise men didn't have any idea what they were what they were doing it like they were all blind men out there groping in the dark and the kind of stumbled across the the christ child and and you know what of the even thee the greek septuagint calls them the magi and that would be from mid this instant things like that ah but we've got to go if we go back into the book of dan dan was loved with those same men two or three times in the course of the book of daniel do i think that daniel was a magician a sorcerer absolutely not but he was locked in with those people so even though the septuagint calls them magi disat mean that they were astrologers why couldn't they have been astronomers and i even suggest that they were astronomers in the vein of daniel's wisdom and were not word to look at death as we as we moved forward but i just want to so just up front i think they knew exactly what they were looking for and they knew exactly who they would now we don't hear this lot in sermons and i think that when we hear the wrong side of the i think people come away without the i want to build faith into the not not out of magic but i wanted build it from the top then i believe that the text very often does that so we see that daniel is related to these men several times and i just if you wanted to turn could but i'll just i'll just bring up one one passed in where i think that hintingandand lumped with them i think it's in the chapter two daniel chapter two but hers there were to be looking at the verses on to oh i just say into into the just two and three so i says then the king commanded the magicians the enchanters the sorcerers and the count beads be summoned to tell the king his dreams so they came in and stood before the king and ah just to peep to put it into perspective a genuine preted several dreams for king nebuchadnezzar for king belshazzar but there was at least one state king was going to kill all of these men and daniel would have been included in these magicians or sorcerers enchanters if you will and oh daniel says wo wo wake king let and tell me the dream and my god can reveal it in so that's what happened otherwise all them would have been killed so i just want to show people that daniel was kind of long into this group that would have been called the magi as the wise men now my thing is do i think that daniel help convert many many people to the gospel of christ absolutely i really do thou to me wouldn't it make more sense that believing men came to see the christ child i think so now some people might say well couldn't god have somehow brought pagan astrologers yes i just i don't see that in script ah the only thing that might come close would be the queen of the south that came to hear solomon does god work in souls do i think that she may have been converted yes was she converted because of solomon i'd say no she was converted because i got and she gives look service to this and i don't think it was lips hers she gives voice to an i should so i just don't buy when people think that they were astrologers i just don't know could i be wrong yes but i want to try to explain that for people to day so when daniel and his three friends they were often linked in a one loving it says for these four youths got gave them learning and skill in all literature and wisdom and daniel had understanding in all visions and drinks that was in a wallabout if you wanted that was some they believe maybe that was one seventeen were going to just one twentieth another in every matter of wisdom and understanding about which to king required of them he found them ten times better than all magicians and enchanters that were in his king i was in one twenty right there so here's the four use and seventeen there you had to get my yorinobu there seventeen or more you etionomics let he the other his speed over that so i can't skate over that seventeen is the feelingsconverse and think i'm just saying sinsthey were ten times better than all the magicians from somebody that rode that is like god you don't did they have the truth of god and then the grace of god yes so it's a it's amazing what we can see ah so as as you talked about they may see if i get you a verse there it be chapter six twenty six to twenty eight so i just want to run through a few things after interpreting him camp your tricks twenty six twenty eight her chapter six of daniel twenty six to twenty eight but daniel as i said interpreted sarcle dreams but king darius in the chapter sixth on this would be after so chapter six saxon wouldn't daniel was thrown into lions to because he was entrapped and this is after king darius posnanie out from the lion's den and it says thet kin king darius wrote to all the peoples nations and languages that dwelleth all the earth peace be multiplied to you i make a decree and i'm just as we go through this ask yourself how is it that a king a pagan king could declare something like this unless daniel impacted his whole thought prose i may get decreed that in all my royal dominion people are to tremble and fear before the god of daniel really that's a pagan i don't think so for i had my man he is the living god enduring for ever his kingdom shall never be destroyed and his dominion shall be to the end he delivers and rescues he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth he who has saved daniel from the power of the lines now disconto say that one doesn't that sound a lot like the birth story of christ right there absolutely he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth is a not over talking of our rate now with the wise men i think so looks like a has the a certainly certainly it wasn't as is the story is quite often for presented that's true so arising i think that paranomon the getting getting stuck in the paradise i think you're in now being opened to other ideas and thinking through things and start of accepting what we're told actually questioning question everything and the truth will always will always float to the top either stands or it doesn't you have to be able to evaluate all things and here the truth will always stand i told the reed down but i would just tell people when they when i asked him come on i've been asked his work where you get your idea about the wise men why do you think this what i'm just said i get my story from here and kind or what i said here sometimes i'll say that's my story and i'm sticking to it i tried to i tried it not make it necessarily my story on just trying to share with people what i believe that god has taken my thought process through and i believe that going through being a dining and you have to learn how to think and be miles ahead sometimes at ten steps ahead of things than in your learned the process things different because of stuff like that and i'm just i would say maybe in a cold saywhat i wish everybody you know with through an apprenticeship because i there is a sense that you have to learn how to think and i changes you that's kind of what i'm what i think so let's see we could move on so when i want to look at it a passage and here ah because do i think that we're talking about the hebrews at the tail and of an ten twenty two and twenty three and then i want to jump into one but i may read it if we get there because i believe that the wise men were believers and when were to get to it low bitowen they saw the star and they understood things they were with the deepest faith that anybody could posset and i think as we get through and finding greeting in the story i think their deeper kind to grow their faith grows on us as we see what they may have actually endured in the process so ah he persons ten twenty two and twenty three let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of fate so were the wise men drawing near as they started their venture to go see the christ child oh absolutely with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for he who promised faith ah so if you can go to a levendon ah that's the passage that we know now faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not saying so were our wise men in that category that they had assurance of things that they hoped for further conviction of things not seeing yes so let me maybe it'll help to hodathrin something here into the wise men's story as i believe if they had once say danero books and i i might even say he started ah in astronomy university these men would have been schooled into teachings of daniel and who is to say that they didn't have a whole class of these what we would call the sorcerers the magi the enchanters that were redeemed people in and maybe they did study astrology but their look and at it from an astronomy prospect would would there oh conclusions come out dere faintly yes so did they have i believe did they have assurance that when they saw that star his organogen into how did they know the king of the jews now astrolagers might look at those stars and say that's a kingly stock how many kings were in the world at that time hundred where did they get king of the jew unless somebody told them that now the god reveal that to astrologers or may be did they get that from the writing the daniel we just we just listened to king darius the little bit of gold to me he described five hundred years before five hundred fifty years before the birth of christ what i think was the christmas story it's not beyond me to think that they knew that so we're going to work to get into the story because i think they were on a on the divine scavenger hunt if you will and god gave him grace and they found it xactly what they were looking for and furthermore why would they have gone if there were kings all over and place why would that that king the birth of that king be significant to them unless they knew hernothing or from learning that this wasn't just a normal king yet saying think so i mean why would they i know you can you can really tell lot of about people by how far they are too willing to go to to live out their fate it is eleven even the apostles that they had in the disciples and the passes were on jesus all of em you know we had horrific dots oh the disciples and it's like you know of a person would not die that type of horrific death and peter was crucified upside down they go he would they would not die those types of horrific deaths for somebody who was a liar or if there was no truth to i don't think not to i don't think these people would have gone to the links to go to the birth of this his baby the king of the jews and less that he they knew he this isn't is enorma king here gus this is stop everything pay attention because this is going to change the world so this is we don't read the wise men in the faith wall of faith that we call heapers alain but god could have put them there i believe and that's all i'm share in the people if we could see these that they were likely converted men and trust me i draw a parallel here between what i think was the spontaneous celebration of the angels they just appeared and then they went away we're going to see that same time connected to the stock and therefore it would be connected to the wise men and their faith and i think and if we look we see something that just causes us to marvel are you kidding me that they had that kind of an that they endured what they did to get there take literally they took gifts the jesus and mary needed for the rest of their lives into death how were they to to do that even the burial spices yes yes i onegod provided everything for its it's pretty bits pretty well look inded and you know and in all the all the dots are are you know all that's dotted and teas across and everything when you when you take it as a whole and not separate on unrelated the vents or verses yes so if ever you seen by chance found on the star of bethlehem video no i have not why would encourage anybody if you could get it i i bought it i had to detention i longed to pass her never got it back i watched it probably a handful of times and this is a man that i can't remember that he was not a believer before he started but maybe he was a new believer and he just wanted to investigate when jesus was born i guess he had an access to the nestor computers that look at your bit so stars a plan is because these so as to know when they put up satellites they can't have for let's say planetary collisions with the satellite so ah you know some people don't give any regard to now saw but he literally went back through the computer to find out when did this alignment of stars or planets that they would call the star of bethelite occur now some people say i we don't give any creams to him because it gives that's not what we believed but he come he literally concludes if i remember right that it was jesus was born in seven b c and any thing is i believe that what he presents holds a lot o cre now i'm not saying i believe everything that he puts forward but in telling you what he puts it put some things out there than he and concludes with god literally had to put these things in the stars what he says at creation and so you have the star of bethlehem at the birth of christ you have a blood moon and things going on any heavenlies at the death of c and so it's just its amazing and he looks and those to advance and so i think it gives creams to what we leave and why we believe it so for instance oh do we have enough in scripture to get a distinct in concrete understanding of the chronology of the life of christ i say no so you know some people say why we have be set and so he had to be more right to middle there let's say cyril be seen zero a well no the callenders we have so many various calendars that it's almost impossible to go back and do the i here are the great was still living i believe at the time of christ and they say that he served he served between the i believe it was about to thirty thirty sometimes to forbes so if jesus was born at saying seven be she and the babies of bethlehem trying to to kill christ was may be five five and half beast that would put it in the de time frame of when herod was king the jewish shaw territories any rate moving on from that suprchire thirty three years for the life of christ i don't i mean we kind o conclude that but what if he lived to ford oh is that possible that's kind of the window the demand did that star of both i have deved would wotan some require three wise men i don't there were likely a group of upwards of forty people that came they might now three wise men does does it what's that he doesn't say three it never says have you set three rows three gifts and so we we here again this is how our parading works we here three gifts and wise men so there were three wise that we don't know that three wise men brought one of the three gifts but when he had travelled through their time i mean they they had to do a circuitous route to come around to jerusalem and they believe it took fifteen to twenty two months for them to get there if they left on day one obscene the stock so or getting into the text this is where you get to matthew to and sophy mass you too were going to read a few verses so but if you get to that task you can't get to so what i was going to say i believe that the biblical references to the scar the star or skins there there are many and so we have to be careful so to too says oh wise man behold of policeriots no one now after jesus was born in bethlehem of judea in the days of parenthesis behold wise men from the came to jerusalem saying now oh i go through it where is he who is born king of the due for we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him so it sounds would hear and heard this he was troubled and all jerusalem with him so thus yours focus rate there one on to for a bit as we are in through out there on table i can see astrologers looking in making knowing that that's a kingly star how were they say the king of the and it's not like this isn't matthew's commentary of the story this is matthews recording of what the wise men said oh so her pen for we saw his star they don't say when they get there we saw it continually they say that they saw it when it rose now oh as we moved down i get him to and talk about i think there are five reasons at least that the wise men ended up in front of haret the first is the showed on her to a king if you had a contingency of forty men coming into a territory they would want to honour the king and said look where here maybe you got to have your soldiers watch all forests that nothing no harm comes and and will honor everything here so that be the first thing the second is they truly needed another bread crow to find the christ had so let me back up and give maybe tis commentary of what we just read in verse i believe that the star rose and because of what they knew from daniel they were looking for that and they were looking for that star to say that the christ child had been born and i think they knew it enough baby daniel never gave them directions you better go see them but i think they wanted to go see him so if they saw the star i'm convinced they may not have seen the star of gin until after they came out of herod's or somebody might say well no no roles that what we heard we we know songs they talk about that i don't think you can find that in the tap but if they knew that they were going to see the king of the jews they would know what that's god we got to go to jerusalem in a the half to see the king any ways then they would inquire where where is this king of the jews and so that's what they did so the fourth thing is they didn't know that god was working his plan to infuriate king here it now the question did a lot of people don't ask who was king here he was an eerie that would be if you will and i saw he was in the blood of the iso family now remembered so he go back to abraham had oh they are twins isaac had twins jacob in isa he saw became ermine and then we know what happened to jacob that's all of israel so here he had a king over israel that was an edomite did he hate somebody in the blood line of jacob was he goin to let him be king absolutely not that's why after the wise men didn't come back he was so furious he set his warriors go into bethlehem and kill all the babies under all the baby boys under to wise men would never have known that there were none infuriate this king of the jews who is that a jew so that's the fourth thing and the fifth thing is i'm convinced that god wanted the jewish scholars to say oh we missed the birth of the christ child now we know they did not believe in christ these are the ones that eventually killed the christ but god was i think stick in it in their face the king herod and the wise men of israel supposed he so that's five reasons that i could get right from when it rose so i'm convinced he saw the star and he said look we got to go let's gather our stuff let's get our troop together let's be gone gather with a gathered their gifts and they started where did they start for these started to jerusalem they didn't need a star to get to jerusalem but they knew the habit and so i'm sure the heavens directed them to to israel to jerusalem so they get to israel there like will now work we go as if convinced if they had seen the star that didn't need to stop on asticot is another thing so what happens when they get out of king herod's ah i mean we might think wow they've got out of there alive king here could have pride killed them and then gone into bethlehem but he said he gies go in here so i don't think i have the first down here but there would be a few verses down in that passage back to matthew his i have the verse quoted here so hath he told don anathemate down there as seasonest on the bethlehem saying go in serch diligently for the child that when you found him bring me word that i too may come and worship him after levinthky i what's that or kill him more lewengood no intent to go worse a combat that's what he told him now the wise men went to worship him and you might say well i could understand astrologers going to see this man if they didn't know it was the king of the to worship him no pagan a stroller turns would not go to worship the king so after listening in knowing after listening to the king they went on their way to be here's that word again down what that word managing to screen her to help me out and go and be held again when you say behold it's there for her her reason so here i'm convinced maybe they had not seen that star for maybe fifteen to twenty two months here they get out of herod's court and behold this star the pay had seen before we rose when before them until it rested over where the child again that's where i'd say i don't think they saw that star every night and when we think about i know you mentioned this even a week ago i know we used to rise to go up to hand oh canada we up and fiercer hunt and eve may be sometimes up into the upper peninsula of michigan and you'd be there without all the pollutions and at night you can see the milky way to us i mean we typically lived near a big cities and you have so much polusion and sma that when we look into the night sky even clearly we don't see the milky way vague it oh so again when they came out from king herod behold the star and isis and going away unto the house in the love and there they saw the child while on sorry back to ten when they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great jewel i got to ask again cause i do not believe the story of astrologers even if astrologers hadn't seen that star for god's say twenty two months and now they sought would they have rejoiced exceedingly with great joy no i would have been may be great happiness as we talked about a couple of weeks happens and they had joy why cause were close to finding our divine scavenger hunt the answer the christ child himself in going into the house they saw the child with mary his mother and they fell down and worshiped the men their treasures they offered him gifts gold frank and in my and then in being warned in a dream not to return to herod he departed to their own country by another way so this is in as i said in mass how you had the eight verses the talk about the birth of cain then you've got twelve verses here the magi am convinced they were believers the oronoque to see the christ and to worship him and that's why i i always encouraged people two selibra is because as i said it's more like god to have converted these men and when they saw the star they said boy we got to go we cut a go the same boy that the angels they could instantly appear the wise men couldn't and i don't think the angel snapped her fingers i lowered the angels suddenly appeared if the wise men could have they might have been in are are manger seek but they were so i'm convinced the same way that the angels appeared i think that the star appeared in men disappeared and yet they in faith followed what they knew in he came and god worked his majesty he worked his plan through them they were shipped the christ child they went home and the rest of the plan was here it had to be so incensed that he would to kill the christ child and that's just another part the story oh had put down a little rebellion there i think oh i think something with the verse came to mind to me that i think em supports what you're saying about them studying and knowing knowing the knowing bible that they were in fact they were in fact following following the bible and in the prophets and there's a verse in mica because i know the bible is always states study to show yourself prove will give if you study and you you really it was is clear to me that they were studying but miaire two says oh i think predicts where jesus was going to be born and i think they did know where he was going to be born and bachelor point that if he showed up to they showed to see her and i think it was to pay you know state paid honor cause i mean otherwise they may think they are invaderthis that many people rightliest you bethleham though you are small among the clans of judah out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over israel whose origins are from old from ancient time so i have a feeling that they knew that he was going to be born in in bethlehem because they would have it which supports what you're saying to about them being benschop by daniel but i think i think there's i think that that something worthy to consider that right i might say that done the wise men didn't know the passage in my cot they just knew the king of the jews so the new devoted jerusalem if i believe it would be took that it was when a maybe we're going to have turned to look to find it because when the wise men came and and told her it is her and called in his people and said well checked the scriptures find out that's when they read the passage from my confined to and it be that they would had that he before hand in discinocaris is one of those donastus got to ask the question moment because if they were he had the scriptures they could have been studying that no exactly where he was going to be born yes and as i would guess i would say if they if they knew that they wouldn't had to stop to ask king herod where where is he in rough have mowed down within it with the army thinking that their like unapproved heriss i yoshiume we withdrew last week and i won't read the whole tax but first peter one twelve sons and it was revealed to them they were serving not themselves but this is talking about the angels prophets in the things that you have now been announced to you through those who preached the good news to you by the holy spirit sent from heaven things into which the angels long to look so annette it if isemay be seen in no no it's not in mouth you ah louis oh no no no there there it is right there in a neatthe i didn't have it here cause i jumped over some verses so if you go back to matthew to we're going to read it that's right i thought it was in mathematico it it's open no right to matthew so i had to do his lookthere so i think this i'm not saying that the wise men wouldn't have known it but i don't think you get so scrolled down there so it says he in three when here is the king heard this he was troubled ah and all jerusalem with them and assembling all the chief priests and the scribes of the people he inquired of them where the christ was to be born now i think the pro had de scrambled cause i don't think they knew this and if they did why weren't they out there rejoice in in the christ child could be interesting now if that if the wise the new had in the end beaterthe preacher class the ones that are the religious self righteous didn't even know where skipped right past it as to that's why the favoring bill collecting money and and ah you don't live in you do keeping the people in ignorance rather than and they end up it you know it so sounds like somebody who really doesn't know they really may be didn't know it as well as they showed up or looked forward to it his nowotherwise protecting their own religious order rather than the head it's god's orders not ours it's never peoples it's always god that was a fatal move right there is that they set themselves up on you know on the you know on a high pile i did not look at what was important the fact that you know the messiah the savior of the world was going to be born in batalha might i think that's kind of a little ignorant on the on the religious side quite honestly but he ought not at that was life or point was dead i think that god had a stick it in her face like books we missed this so i think that they had to scramble i don't think they spectaathor tongue i think they had to go back through and then they told her in and five in bethlehem of judea for so it is written by the prophet and here's the here is the first that you read from my cove too and you bethlehem in the land of juda are by no means least among the rulers of judah for from you shall come a ruler who will shepherd my people israel so over other they rally proved out how ill prepared they were on every single level to actually welcome in it a welcome in them the sigh which which is kind of which is kind of pathetic but don't think that themselves up as these great sages who didn't who to who didn't really know or care to study what was probably going to be the greatest event in the history of the world and they they were too busy they were too busy setting up you know god gave god gave the israelis ten commandments that was enough so they had aged six hundred forty eight more rules to the to the books to give themselves a seat of power in that seat of power is god's alone i don't know how how you feel about it i think of jesus came back to day ah the world probably would not recognize him besanon they didn't recognize them they they were waiting for this this warring you know god to be this warring god to come back an they didn't even realize that there were there were two there were two pitchers that will is that in scripture they missed from the first time and i can guarantee you the religious world has got a mess on the second time because in all its unless we're old pinto letting god teach us in have a teachable spirit we will miss the truth we will miss god every time we will miss his him talking to a sir or in working in our lives you know yet will miss it unless we are humble and were willing to listen with an open with an open heart to a he saying not with what you know people are i was as say that you don't low people speak christian they've got all you know they got all the right words and things that people think you know what a christian should look like and and i i heard this number of years ago from a very very wise teacher in that said in all the person that looks the most like christ ah ah this is probably not what you would expect and i and i think that i know i think that's well worth pondering yes i do me done what you just talked about the last few minutes was exactly what paradin paralysis is and do they were locked into their paradine and they couldn't see outside of that paradise to me christ could literally walked up and putting her face and they still went say o now not going to believe that well horst in dom it right now is preaching a pop culture soodopsy cheology version of the bible it detinendas really too bad i mean that's that's a fatal mistake because that still a work spaced wait to fix your life and the societyeffect re life know christ fixes your life and i orthomenian lords like this is really dark i didn'tnone second to gohad kitangari you've got the piece cleghornethat on it is mameena i think your fine but growerwhat ever you want to do but ah but the it's it's really unfortunate but god predicted that in the untimeable clearly states of the the church would be apostate and there all these things that he was holding against each and every church and now you can go back to this whole copions ense and the lock downs and such honor the church is do they shot down be in the shut down for the pieces of silver for the five one seat threes instead of saying as christians when there is a problem we run in with no fear and we fixed that we work for god to wait on the lord to fix and problem to open her to open our our homes not to others to the deed the poor to kick to take care of those who are said we don't run like a bunch of cowardly rats we are the ones that jump into his we have nothing to fear god can protect us in every single situation and once again though the religious religious ruling class of our spiritual lives is gone his runamo and has been in a replaced by the the love of power and the love of money rather than what do you want us to do god just send us in the direction and that direction we're going to go and that the result is god's is god's business is not ours and i really it's really that that comes of over and over and over again the he's so is there safe real good reason examples there's a lot of bad examples a lot of examples of bad behavior in the way we shouldn't do things in the bible of every single person and there is flawed except for jesus and it is interesting to see and we should learn from we should learn not not you know drag out their flaws but say man this guided that i'm not doing that i'm going to try to do this a different way and it's it's unfortunate but i do believe that we're in a time where so many people have have bad teachings in its stout of going to the bible themselves and we've got it in my goodness how many translations i mean pick on and then pick another one and compare and contrast and you now go back and forth you know it's it's like what jesus said on the cross it was he it was the twenty second psalm he was literally quoting as he died and there's so much back and forth there and how ill prepared people are because there listening to a pop culture heself health gentile jesus with a lamp set not as far and and there's in re if you when you read the bible you can clearly see a difference in what god's word truly said and you know the thought word became flesh and will the mong us god's word is the word of god and one need we need to go we'd go there and see what does the book say what's the standard what's there and you know you listen a lot of people say well you know there's airrosin the in the bible and bloboll you know what i guess i have more faith in god than that i don't really think he leaves his orphans in fact he sought that i will not leave his orphans so in the word is living where he will speak when you have the sin you are born again and that's the spiritual birth he sends you the holy spirit tell you exactly what you need for that day he will and how which you turn to a john one nineteen but as you were talking there down ah it is so true people slander god's word even believing people slander god's word and say that as you said he it's full of contradictions it's like i don't believe that one bit we can get locked into paradin paralysis and i believe that's what happened so back up to verse nine there hokusai did want to say and and i would encourage people again if you if you want i would make a transcript available to anybody sir just email at tempercher nineteen fifty three at gemiltsa post at dana i did have i just wanted to mention zainers twenty four twenty four my too five to that you deal about stenotho twenty three one but ah when people say that it's full of contradiction to me you're either looking to nitty gritty or you're not looking with the spirit verse to yours to set echontes and in lots cipher and trooped scripture so like like lot of what i do i i call it systematic theology and people isolationto get that now when people here systematic theology they think well that means yes i'm a system matician i put things in filin my cabinet that's what systematic theology means to lot of p but what i think systematic theology is as when we can take different parts of scripture to get a whole you you have do you have to take it as a whole yolks and that's what i believed that jesus was teaching us an look twenty four on the road to a mass when he had his disciples in he said all slow of heart so i mean common guides you you got to know and i'm convinced that he went through he says all the prophets to long the prophets and and said this is where i was and in a blow him away i think one of those men was actually peter or kay a wee talk bout dat another day so even peter didn't know all this truth that he was talking but jesus wit and said look here i was here i was here i was here i was and in here they come to the bird then in sight cut in other people go back and in a learned if it takes a lot of work as you said and takes a lot of reed partakes a lot a lot of study a lot of sand god teach me your true heorte we we know what we're reading but we can get locked in the paradigms and sometimes at paradim is in accord so i just want to read this passage here i'm convinced this is this is john's gospel we don't we don't think we john didn't have the gossip i actually have a book my my bible that i use i love for my study by bois the gospel transformed bible and they look at every book of the bible and bring out gospel truth from that book here i like i like the tree of life bible okay if you ever i have that i haven't seen that maybe next time i come out you can show me okay he that's train to find there's a lot in eveline bring death on an have you look at this holesstreams so i might see a time not not down cope did talk about there was a man sat from god who was looking up earlier and he bore witness to the light it said he was not the light but came to bear witness about the light oho was the light jesus cried the true light which gives light every one was coming into the world for he was in the world and the world was made through him yet the world did not know him you were just talking about that here were these trained jewish man that i think they didn't had to forgesi think they had to scramble and go back and fight oh yeah yeah in bethlehem and then they pulled out the micas he came to his own it is on people did not receive him isn't denwere dat en a in it in a christmas story or isis to christmas story here merely re talking about the the in and i said last week that was very likely one of david's ah shepherd houses their jesus literally could have gone in and said that's mine and yet they had no room for go on the road or go to a different place but to all who did receive him who believed in his name he gave the right to become children of god who were born how are we talking about a berth here with the birth of christ but again two weeks ago we talks specifically about new birth there is no greater passage about new birth and right here who were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of god you can't get a more get more majestic passage that pains dynamics that don't qualify as new birth new birth is of god it's not blood the will of the flesh nor the will of man it's of and the word go down further an i got some in front of me there i do have it in front of me i see some do stare i shot happens one time my high lighted homesites territories yet they both doubt and the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen his glory glory as of the only son isn't that the christmas story it is to me from the father full of grace and truth john bore witness about him and cried out this was he of whom i said he who comes after me ranks before me because he was before me for from his fulness we have all received grace upon great for the law was given through moses grace and truth came through jesus no one has ever seen god the only god who is at the father son he has made him no that's christmas story right there in a different paradigm the next passage is colossians one one to fifteen and and i wanted get into just a few segments of our a christmas carols lessons on one one one fifteen to twenty now this was very likely may be an early creedal statement but colossians is one of the greatest books two hammer people with should i say manly philosophy ah my doctorate in in philosophical theology and i got to say when you read godless philosophy it's like swimming and quicksand ah i can sometimes enjoy reading it but my mind always screams were the christ it's not in manly philosophy it's not in psychology so any rate colossians is a powerful powerful antidote people who stumble into all the falsehoods which you were just talking about we think that scripture has contradictions red colossi you come away thinkin now don't think so i shorn't you're acting to the point quite honestly the people have saved these contradictions are using that to justify their bad behavior and giving themselves the ability to make choices that are pretty pretty clear you know i think i think that's pretty clear into the point quite actually so here paul talking about we might save politiness i'm talking about that christ child that was born and he may not mention it but think about this we could maybe the wise men maybe they said this but they knew it he is the image of the invisible god the first born of all creation now people read dances god was born no god was never more jesus was born the god man took on human flesh soft ootacamund that way yes god the son took on human flesh he did he was the first born of all creation the first born of really is speaking more about the new birth the re created once he's the first born of the re created for by him all things were created some people say well god thinking god the father created things here paul says jesus created of the really well i'll say christ inges ah the christ created all things in heaven and on earth visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities are to the words we read in daniel yet they were all things were created through him for him and he is before all things and in him all things hold together grand he is the head of the body the church he is the beginning the first born from the dead that in everything he might be pre hem for in him all the fulness of god was to dwell in that christ child absolutely was he worthy to be praised to be celebrated absolutely all the fulness of god was pleased to dwell in it is and through him to reconcile to himself all whether honor orth or in heaven making peace by the blood of his that's the christ i don't know about you but i i get get over the christmas i onwellon the christmas story and there is nothing like just even the story of the wise man as it falls i think directly back through daniel he does it just i and maybe i'll share what people thither no dinawari tried to get a hold of you i i was had worked on the sermon and the message for turning point us a i was flying so high i thought i need cables and waits on five pellon are am going to just flow out of here like i was called at my godegrand me a little bit but to me an idea that even texts the gary and like a i never did any street dogs in my life god's gospel gives me high the christmas story gets me high and i guess i'm sorry if people can't relate to to why i believe that why i celebrate is again as i said last week it's not the commercialization the story itself is the dynamic had god shows through the christmas story it's the sellabration that i read from everybody that's involved in the christmas story even the passage in john even to pass the day here from all so do you think the wise we knew they were going to see donna i absolutely i absolutely do i think they were well prepared that they knew who they were going to see and i think that it was a religious it was the religious who really jesus was put was you know he sat with tax collectors and prostitute he didn't sit in a church with everybody that was like mine that he went to the street went to homes he went out to be with a people to help them not to sit there and be you know be i know everything come and kiss the rank he went to sit with them wash their feet hung out with them as such and who snubbed him who rejected him the same people that rejected the prophets and killed the prophets and ended up killing jesus it you know it it's it's the religious self righteous who have i was probably one of the biggest enemies of galena yeah that's a when you brought down up down i didn't i didn't have it in my notes but martin luther was charge by a lot of people even down through history semites but i think that he made it very point that the jews there was at shoulder known were the ones that killed christ they killed the prophets before him and it wasn't it wasn't to charge ah primarily martlett's exactly what jesus told them the chief killed the prophets and you're going to kill me too and then here the apostles rode about that after the fact that that's what martin luther was just giving voice to that and i tell people you know you don't have to believe about the wise man like tim parker does i'm not here to say you got to believe what i believe that's never my job as a pastor but my my job is to unpack scriptures and show you why i believe and ah just as even the parians had saysthey they took what paul said and they went home at opened the scriptures to find out in what he was saying was true now we say to day after the fact that if paul said some minutes written in scripture we could take that to the bank they didn't know that then and they went in the check scripture indeed they found out that yet what he was seeing it was true so i give up little praise to god for what he did to plan announce and pull off his plan seems like he polter i tochorley might rage and an youknow what it's so amazing it's kind of like we missed the plan half the time or more and then you know all you know and argue with him about his plan instead of going i you don't what we're going to go and do this day by day i don't have to know everything i just know that god does him eplectic with him wherever the path leads and i goes indirections that i don't think it's going to go well guess what we're just going to pay infesto that direction because he boss and a geste tell us what what is the best way to go because he already knows he knows the plan he's got that he's got the blue print he's got the map right god does the map we do not die what we walk day by day by day and we really get fouled up when we think we know rilliet's going on because well you know some of what's going on we can study to show ourselves approved but you know sometimes pondering is a good place to be that we don't actually you don't kill the savior like the roast hot bunch of religious idiots dead hand or the prophets and such as probably a good idea just kind of golf this is a new thing but that's okay we're going to we're going to go out and work we'll go with that and and let god work is with you in in and he'll always substantiates what he says kind o reminds me of that future proofs passed statement you know and as go further you know we'll pop prove out what he said and it may be something different than what we were planning out but pretty exeter his plans come to fruition so whatever they no i know i've been no i've been charged too as a fruit cake could not job and an a lot of things but i will promise anybody that will lessen i will take you to the scriptures and show you why i believe what a belief i think the bible says at best we are a peculiar people yes you were we are truly aliens in in a in a foreign land yes once your born again the world doesn't and it shouldn't make sense to you be can'tyou could get from donna i think that would be scripture you know the yelike to quote scripture and you know the only way can coolest while as if you reinstation hear it out there piecesshe said the word frienddon't say that word then we hear we are when i wanted to do i wanted to somehow my hydropiperodes with the i ran through some of the christmas carols we could go into these a lot and all even say some of the christmas carols there is one i can't i didn't put it down maybe i should it would be it would have been a negative but ah they talked it deathe star followed down where they followed the star of the whole way i don't i don't believe that we can get that from ah were leisurethis is on that there yeh yeh yeh so at first when i i just and i'm just going to go through and i kind of polite one snipper on each of these and a couple of them and i'll explain as they go i take a little bit more but the first one is oh come oh come emanuel and sasanian ransome captive israel and when it says israel the author may not have thought about this but i put in print esesthe elect one which paul says is that israel are the ones that are redeemed by cries so that if you're not new born you're not really israel so as that song sang ransome captive israel from the depths of hell thy people said which is really what cautions on thirteen talks about it god takes us from the kingdom of darkness transfigures us into the kingdom of his terse joy to the world it says the lord has silent night holding nigh shepherds quite and i i got to question do we do we come now long expected des and i've got two to songs here from charles wesley he is the only author i put down in no one was isaac watts i love isaacized reform man when charles and john his brother came to america for they were involved in the first grade awakened when they were in america they went back to england and when he got to england by their own testimony they were not converted people when they were here preaching the gospel they got new birth when they went back to angle and so charles wesley i believe wrote somewhere near fifty five hundred him you can't even process that how many he would have written the course i think i forget it at one time if you figure even he wrote a hundred a year that's like fifty five years and be to awake but some of them and can it be was one of his ah a majestic that wasn't a christmas song but here come thou long expected jesus he says born to set thy people for by thine all sufficient merit raise us too thy glorious throne which speaks of heber's for sixty the carol angels we have heard on high come my door on bended knee christ the lord the new born king and is going to set down a few in is passed me on any of these and talk about anything please do i the next one it came upon the midnight clear piece on her good will to men from heavens all glorious or gracious i love that song yes some of these are just phenomenal the first no well says with his blood and i would say in prints in oh i mankind ah bon o little town of bethlehem as i mentioned this last week but it has one line in there that is he you couldn't summarize it any better but it says i the hopes and fears of all the years are met in you to night such are majestic little line in this world of sin were mild meek souls will receive him the dear christ enters ah hark the herald angels this is another charles wesley song i i could get misty eyed with some of his words here but oh he was so eloquent god and sinners reconciled joined the triumph of the skies with inabout like i said that the angels common and i do believe it was a spontaneous celebration we enjoin their triumph they were they were so excited can you believe this ah veiled in flesh the god heads hal the incarnate deity he the song as she and of righteous born that man no more may die gen born to raise the sons of born to give them second or a man and a man now back to even genesis three fifteen here sits next lying rise the woman's concrete and he takes a he takes a sled hers that i never would have thought even from you shall bruise his head he says prose in us the serpent's head adams likeness now efface shatter adams first atoms likeness in stamp thine image in its place that's over seeing before until we're new birth we don't have the image we can't image christ but that's what he's he gives voice to this stamp thine image in the place of old adam and that there goes back to the christian season when when people don't behave the way that they should remember we're all in perfect we're working on it were working progress but when some one is not saved you can guarantee that there going to have some bad behavior because they is it you can't you can't expect you can't expect how do i said ah you can expect there's going to be some flaws there and we need to be paid patient and long suffering with people because the only one that can save any one is jesus christ god almighty that that is it we we can we can bring the gospel the people and and i think this is another mistake people make as they want to make people their projects and people are not our projects were here to search or here to serve and love and we can continue to serve with that with that mine sot but it is god alone who saves any apperteinen honor goes entirely and i ah how we can talk about that we we look at noble souls and as i have had the dignoscitur we sometimes wonder you know two weeks ago we did talk about some of the the more dynamic the ingredients of new birth and i think the more people see it and start to process it and find it in scripture it starts to take on a life of its own and i even suggested that people go through what i think would be a oh boy my mind kind of escape me right now what are we call when people go through the nine month process the station just ation okay so i think that even though i can't find definite dynamics in scripture i do believe that there this is what i think paul was describing in romance save was his just ation and any says who shall deliver me from this body of death oh jesus oh and so he was going through that gestation period and he gives voice to a lot of people don't understand that so what i would say that if we start there are noble souls as you say there are people that are not reading but what i found in scripture that gave me a little bit of peace in this god talks about god fear and every time he mentioned god fearers we often find out that after the fact they they become their new born so i won't say the debt's god's snip it but it may be god snip it to let us see that if there are people that are really new birth if they're god fearers i'm just convinced the debt might that might give us courage to realestate in a gospel to the god fear because god might indeed new birth the i got what i guess i have a problem because i can share it without re one weltheilige i do too in cheer with many but on saying if you really get the knitting grinderies like god fearers got it seems that those of the people that might be new birth in waiting if you will so i was just i didn't want astodon nowhere should cheer the gospel that's what i think we got to go out here and share it and inhaled there on deck or on the battery go great yes yes to the last to the last line that i put down from ain't hard to hear o dangel saying for my charles wesley was second adam from above reinstate us in thy love and all the others in one so joyous i mean there when you hear him played i i mean i remember what you know growing up in a very very small a congregation right man played with pipe organ there's a big pipe organ in the church and it was very very small and man know you crank that pipe work it up with meshenawash the under us praise and worship going on just the majesty of what christ did and just such a beautiful beautiful he well god certainly designed music to to give majestic tones in our voice i do think the plan porgen is some light i loved the bag pipes again you got the pipe side it's your star there's harry any instrument that i don't very much enjoy in some of the christian music just takes on a life of its own if you will with the news about christ in the gospel i tell you what the the the job of music was given to who satan and he kind of blew that with his arrogance trained to depose god that was a bad plan and rejecting god so you know sent since fell down on a guess its love for us to sing and praise and fill what he screwed up so you know i do believe that we should be sing god's praises and plain music and glorifying god with everything that we do as i think that's important in the act to go back and find the tax but i think it was when when god was forming israel i can't say it went back to moses i think it might hide but it couldn't gone to david but there's a there's a passage there that will see that the people that are assigned for the music those would be the first ones in that story and that the there were grace to be i think about the majesty of grace here is just amazing to me that god planted seemed to plant grace on those very so he that was back to to lucifer that was he was probably happens sir music later but he either told lee rejected the notion that christ would become human or that he would be the saviour or that he wasn't picked for that roll but for whatever reason he rebelled against god and his ben warren got with god ever sent cat you make for his burcheston he knew everything and wanted to take one from god now i've really ronason to talk about and sanity that right there is absolutely no so any one that's thinks that they're going to have dominion over the person who created every now as the rules can could basically you know what the whole thing out make it over again without all the evil and it if he wanted to and then have somebody think it's like listening to a teenager it's insane you know that tries to try to stop you know kicked it out of the position and think they're smarter than dead and has no way to pay their own way no what's going on or anything we just want to challenge that authority i don't think it's a good idea just saying you know and there are very very long to day and all down an i think he has a lot of very not stay thank you for that think of for asinometer the go back to the hymns the power and the blood that the blood comes to the father and jesus having his father be got almighty the life is in the blood the blood comes through the father and thinking the about that that is huge that is absolutely huge and that the true interrupted a bad interrupted the the sinbod line god interrupted the sin blood line right there and it's it's really amazing some is the maze what he did and to look at the absolute arrogance of everybody thinking that they know better than what god says god gives us rules you gives us we've got the instruction manual on how to live a life where we are running and at the system an optimal performed right and people's needed things i'll quite often that are like a god may these rules is is more able he's just trying to kill all my fun and i want to do what i want to do now no no no that's the instruction man manuel so pretty extra shure if you got a computer and the instruction manual says do not pour water on the key board and you say i do what i want you can't tell me what to do and you poor water and keyboard computer ain't a working more right we're going to fry or computer well if god says don't do this it's not cause he's trying to keep us from something he's trying to protect us ye e hiki i'm thinking so the wee wee got to go back to the instruction manual and listened to what the creator so on how to best run it because he he has things there for reasons and i think that the somport ant you know that we are here and in this is something that i think is important too you know were just confessed we we are a vessel and almost like an antenna too if you if you think about hugo means human beings are kind of an antenna i pick up things around us and so if we focus in on the horrible things in the world we you know and we immerse ourselves into bad culture that ideas were going to become more like that the way that you avoid that is to stay in the word of god the word became flesh and dwelt among us go back to that again we have to spend time with god in prayer in his word deaths what keeps a ground and through all situations and that is in fact part of the instruction and when mention the instructor manner all you did say down on appreciated you know when when you said that god interrupted the i think the bodeful line of sinful man and that's why jesus is called the second adam but his takes his rate back i just wanted to reiterate what we read in john one thereinto he to understand it as that blood lying with interrupted god interrupted the blood line and it was not only was it his spirit but it was the blood line the pure boyetta about prepossess had jesus was a pure pure pure blood and yet of a olelo so we were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man but of god and and grafted in yes say dese i know that again back to i know you're still in a fight there we may hear more but there a lot of people that are so anti godly anti constitutional and again as i as i take some of the same thought process and go back and look at our history i am so convinced just as i was with the wise men that our founders as they wrote knew the gospel of christ in her soul they knew new birth and their documents express that and we have got away from even god's law being the law of the land and while it was it was truly derailed when you go back to lake albert pike and um on owen and alister crowley which were there sataness straight out sanguinis despedindo our culture do what thou well well you know what that he goes back to the first son which was all you and have to listen to god go ahead do what thou will in you will be like god you will be as that kind of arrogance is not only insane it is the spirit of stupid of not understanding an order and the chain of command is unbelievable how would any one have the air had to step outside of being the created stepping around the creator absurd yes so i would i just want throw out something since i got me be a little bit bigger platform than maybe what i would have but i i think people have to go back i look at the continereopinionibus bit in my turn point you say it's in appendix but you have caught and john locke that were both called the fathers of the enlightenment and i would say as i talked about earlier i think that they were godless philosopher ah and on the backside of cart you have marks and darwin that word cats disciples not actual but in history case can't died before there were either one of their more born and then what i would say in america one of the biggest things that we have to address is at harbor we had a precedent a charles william eliot that brought in it said that he had this name christopher columbus lying dell they shorely flipped on its head our low structure and they moved into case law but by doing that day extracted every god element from their thinking and what have we had since then componeth lawlessness and gathers evidence and lawlessness the inform of just has a offerecendose aos el lochcarron advent go back to the hole langdell eliot flipping of our loss structure they totally taught law differently then we knew before and that would be from the eighteen sixty nine to seventy nine that is the perviderint in america and it's amazing what you see after the while this is this is once again been a wonderful time of learning from you and i'm so so grateful for the time that you put into into all of this and in it tis you know this isn't the bible isn't i stand alone and go to church on sunday pathsoon the back and think you did something just like politics as a sheltered in and go home and don't do anything it really is showing up it showing up really is only half of the battle we need to get in there and actually serve and to get in and i preciate the amount of hours and time and effort you put into studying and not only that in ormachea then doris king and sit with him when the people in america want to live lawlessly and denied that king there missing the thrust of this whole birth story jesus came first specific reason but it was to bring godly government consolement it was with it away from that were were in bad shape you can't seperate it you you cannot superate the two and a orejudo on christian back round it it it is it is more significant i think then what a lot of people think because they've gone really spectacular job of taking god out of to so much of our lives instead of having you know had that the the rightful jurisdiction which is he's boss he's over at all and we are supposed to be under we were we could say here in taught for twelve hours and ever now her hentytaining one i think that would be great do you want to pray to day or to me too i could prove you on hand softwood but i just want to thank you donacas i for the first moment i met you and i still believed that you were the most god they come no candid i ever seen and i hope some day that you can really be to top of our state an incorrect or state or so much that needs to be corrected so we will pray and i i hope you all enjoyed this time oh and again you don't have to believe what i did do but i believe that the wise man knew exactly who they were going to see they might not have or exactly where when they got there they knew exactly who they were worshiped in celebrating so i want you in his christmas he rejoice in the king and and truly have a married christmas i now coincidences if if jesus wasn't there was no cretense in its cesseront him then there's no coincidence coincidences around any one anybody who is out there they were planned from the beginning of creation there is no mistakes if anyone ever makes you feel like a mistake or that that you you know you been treated poorly you are not a mistake god loves you oh you are significant he created you to be the way that you are and even the things that other people dislike and you or that you think that you've been told are mistake who are they the asinegoes you the way you are with with what you what and he knows what you are going to become as we walk forward perfecting our fate so never lose sight of that you are a delight to god the father and he will never leave or forsake you and we can just truly celebrate all all of a celebrate each other knowing that every single person is in fact a child i've got a creation of god and we have the choice he gave us the choice to come to him and accept his gift or to walk away but the consequences are ours and he's letting us have that free will and i i just would encourage every one if you want to feel significant getting a relationship with god almighty and he will talk with you he will walk with you he will guide you he provides for you and he will defend you and every you don't have to be afraid there's no fear walking with god there is no fair it's only peace and it's it's an amazing amazing walk once once you start down at walk your life is changed for ever and everything just kind of everything just kind of smooths out when god is in the middle of everything there hold there's life there's all good things and it is truly amazing and there's a lot of people out there who claim that the by vocatos about i'm not listening to those people who preach another jesus and that our post we are living in the time right now where information not only fake news fag preaching is out there and their using it it's all round money so what are we do we go straight to god asking for discernment he'll give it to you he ask ask him show me what the truth he'll show you himself you do not have to have another person telling you because jesus is the mediator between god and o and he will walk with us and give us everything go to the book read what sad in your answer in routine so it's amazing so i'm i'm in have you clothes out then we'll do the dinging dancart okay you want to go out grassiest wanted to say one verse mastowix thirty three this is for sure we can we can bank on us even though we may not be new birth jesus told them seek ye first primarily seek ye first the kingdom of god and all his things can be added to you so that's gunboat the greatest give thee the gift was jesus he was the like he was the christ child he was the star so let's let's pray lord were few days from christmas as we understand and it may not be when jesus was born but we can celebrate the birth of christ in this time a lord i pray the people would wake up to the gospel wake up to you wake up to what you want to do in her lives as we were talking down on the same before it's not that you gave the law to to squelch our life he gave us the low so we could find freedom in it we could find christ in that we could find new birth in it that's why you told us to seek first your kingdom because that's where our liberties that's where our freedoms lie lord bless people this is holiday i know the holidays can be some of the hardest times of the year but half people looked to you have him celebrate when we sing praises from the christmas carols i think we get lifted on high even if we don't believe so lord gesta encouraged people to believe encouraged people to look and i have reached out and will be happy to help in any way we can lord we thank you for we down soon on what you've done we just prayed that you would bring godly constitutional government to michigan in jesus name we pray amen and dear heavenly father we are so thankful to you for the joy and the peace you give us at all times and that you will indeed walk with us if we ask you were so thankful that we never have to be allowed and we are just where we ask if the season be filled with joy and laughter and great relationships heeled relationships and praise and honour to you for all you've done for us we love you and jesus i pray men and bless him here you got so here we got my sending meaning there you go please go to brandenburg for governor dot come i am not conceding the election why because the things that people hate about me is probably the stubbornness and ah i will not concede to a failed abysmally failed election and were to people that i consider engaged had engaged in criminal behavior which needs to be investigated is there any any share of self there that really want to start do their job and do investigation gets a valrollier oh so at any rate you know even those things of people don't like about us become a great strength and the right under the right circumstance so anyhow we just want to let her read know that we love you you're never alone it's going to be okay everything's going to be a kick out is in control and the more we uncover we drag this nasty stuff right out in the light and just beat the tar out of it so it can't hide round the in the corners that's what you do you drag it out in the light and let the light disinfect all of it and so we're going to continue to do that not because we're freed or that we were getting stuck in it no no no this is how we deal with it we we do not let it hide any more so we deal with it so at any rate you're important we love you i can i have to do you like a half heart hand here his imponentes to keep the stout on my face right now oh we love you and ah we we care about you and there's many of us you're never alone it's not not god's with you all the time but you have a huge family the body of crisis sitting here waiting for you and we welcome you we care about you and we will stand together as brothers and sisters in christ through everything will stand gathers american through anything we can get through anything as long as we stay together and do not let any one divide you bring peace into the situation bring healing free the voice of reason and and here that strength of god and everything that you do so with that sad a god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america americamost every one mary mary cries thank you don merry christmas to all his wealth thank you tom and a really i just appreciate all your guests in towns the gods built into you so much and i think every one other does there squarethere's a few comments out there too and might wendelstadt life stream i could listen to the two of you talk all day long about scripture hang me too i think we should just be twenty four seven digging down this same taken prairie quest you know if i anything ever melts down totally guess what we're going to be out their feet and peoples i did during the coolock down she opened my burned up and said body shows up at his start feet and people you know and we can turn this all thing take westowe can turn anything if they throw at us that's bad into something that's going to be an amazing situation and they cannot stop what's coming they cannot stop the end of the book no matter how arrogant they are no matter how who others following the beggars are folly saying we know that sir you know but it's going to cheralba form and i suggest that the lepreates their life choice as i make better ones because the nenenot the way that they want to soonerwe stand together in celebration of this season it's going to be great great one so on everything's going to be okay thank you so much i have a great day