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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/22/2023 - Tatar Tuesday & Vets Returning Home

Published Aug. 22, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Sandy Bower - Vets Returning Home In October of 2013, Sandy found herself well established, retired, and looking for a philanthropic cause to support. Her research led her to the knowledge of the plight of the veterans. She purchased the old Red Cross building in Roseville and opened Vets Returning Home entirely funded from her retirement savings. Our 11,000 square foot facility has 43 beds (accommodating both male and female veterans). We serve over 800 meals per week on site and provide a food pantry for those families that reside off site. Our veterans have access to our career closet, resource center, theater room and so much more. Vets Returning Home has now been established for 10 years and can proudly say that we have served almost 2,000 veterans in crisis on site, additionally providing counseling, service, and support for over 500 veterans and veteran families off site. Having put together a program which is uniquely designed to address the “total veteran” in crisis, Vets Returning Home provides food, shelter, guidance to VA programs/benefits, job readiness training, educational assistance, job placement, and permanent housing assistance to include ensuring veterans, after stabilization, transition to fully furnished apartments (average 3 apartment’s a month) with a strong forward moving plan of action to ensure they become a contributing member of their community. Vets Returning Home is proud to say that we receive no government funding (by design) and count on community support, as well as our annual fundraiser, for financial sustainability. With the help of community support we are thrilled to have recently opened our “Veterans Thrift Store”, located at 29523 Gratiot, Roseville. Our objective is to provide a consistent revenue stream from the store to help cover the overhead expenses to run the program. We appreciate your support! For more information, visit Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty second day of august twenty twenty three welcome to the shades morning ah we have two exceptional individuals this morning and i've been trying to get more than one person on a day because there's so many people who need a voice and my goal is to give a voice to any one who has been censorias something good to say and or who is he whose working for this nation to take this nation back the first one on his jonathan o'clock because it's what is it boys and girls it is nor toestanden it eleven in a ten o'clock it sandy bowhannan called that's returning home and you're going to love to day to day show is going to be amazing with that sudden good to bring out my body is scortator with tantor tuesday when morning so how are you this morning i'm dear i'm very good good is the wonderful may be better they can't be matter and the only the now it's like it's like it's a choice to have a good day or a bad day to gottento make it so that's just the way it works so i went in threats in your mind you know you can you can stack it up and make it through anything that's that's my whole that's somethat's my hole you know tangistan matter what happens you just stuck it up and go on you know it's that there's always there's always something good to god to do but i want to talk about the crazy and his son this world if that has happened i got not gus its cotton not here than you can even believe you think i started to it all uslyte a lot of stories from real life real time stuff but a good and do it this morning so to date to day is in fact the day were not iness comes out in the extreme manner it which i can't i can't even believe this is what call it is done to this world celestes spring anelitre president of the united states the rightful president of the united states president donald j trump you're young inger everybody bring me a content sir the poor desatento here to for the turn around so i i think exactly what's happening here hang on of course after go to prostate ah ah commercial letters cause i crazy it goes to prostate commercials or like ah you know are you constipated that happens crop so itself a kind of amusing amusingly tragic about ansiosos one i poetry is constipated it's incredibly gougenot animal is here you go it's right so i don't know about you but i really was i was i was i was hopeful you know you're always hopeful to people will take office and do something great and then all of a sudden you you cousin what you but like i lost pretty much before president trump i lost all hope in this country as far as all we had were were criminal politicians in place in all a sudden on the on the scene breaks president down to and it was like the angels were singing in her was halted and the economy was going good and there was no wars and they stopped killing people and it was amazing and the fan we go in to stoopidly against day one that bidentales takes the office and we bob syria on the same day of the knot inauguration i cannot even with somebody tries to justify him to me i am like yet just fail the acutest abysmally and do you know it's like it's like you you you would have to be absolutely disconnected from reality to think that this guy is done anything anything that's worthy of being in the books except for treason that's it but i got i got to tell you what happened this morning and i'm just going to put it out here issischan to know how nuts the world is so you'll know that i own some some real estate and i we had a tent at that called into the office of and for whatever reason a bat got into her plate so she called and she went last night to the emergency room to have four series of rabies shots never got but because there was bannerole and i'm like i'm like why this is this like all the preemptive medisons spin out there are you kidding me i i like i like we we have we have you the cantle of getting things all over the place i mean for gosh sakes i armadillos carried lopes i mean or are we in to go if we if we come within five feet of an armadillo or renago and run out get into biotics for are we going to re going to buy into this fine they have come out with something that says that there's a new variant that's coming out and out tolerare going on him locked down again like hal we are not a chance i don't know about you but i was ornever the last one just wait till this one breaks i they eate you know we're goin out working out all of us who's got a green we are all of us going to get out there and be like how your lock and us down not a you last time i was i you know i was mildly polite about it i mean i went up to couple of cops in said once or rest me now because i'm not going to comply but i think this time it's time to take to the andyou know with our aunt i masks on you know he can even take those mandates and shove it type of the here we need a song about the victor was not hitherto i remember to take this job and shove that i think we to take if we think are no do it get maybe you and i should start the son we can we can do it snares anyowhere this morning mister cantoria wall laidby things are going great can't complain even politically were kicking the crap out of the and the being exposed in left them right all direct but your bat story reminds me a situation that i was involved in front of salomon i don't even call him the even though he gino said emon pretty much but anyway i got in front of him for speed now that that was going to come that night which i did stale yellow in went through it and i turned red as i got he the police officer pulls me over and he said you just went through red light notes no i did but i'll tell you what i do i give you a ticket for double part you got to be kidding me no s right at the window the of my cotterill give you a ticket for one was revenue you bet it is that's what they're doing and so i so i took the ticket and and i appeared in god or in geno salomonis the minute i started talking about the republic he got up out of his chair with his we're not going there is that nothing you got the bad job out there were not going there we're not going on the republic well i come up with the i'm i'm on the philos as might when i left his court room after i been there i was there a couple one was for a motion for more definite i am and i have a witness him by the way he retired shortly thereafter but i did find the lost i rode him up the tenure and coming his patron and to the town on it i don't know if i had anything to do with it it was coincident but none the less the law is on our side yes for people made to onderstand there those sad or listening in half to understand that the law is one hundred per cent on ours cyril because if we go back to thirty three nineteen thirty three was when the supreme court decided we're going to go into the civil actions fiction in cold which meant we're going to take equity and law and put them together and now the judge is going to have more latitude a judge in these what they failed to rat realized they violated the cost can't change by an or law he can only change it by and not the constitution is very clear that he we have a law equity in are we have law we have a after he and we have long one we do not have them combined he gone to court on equity you have to go to the city window if you go to court the low window you can combined i'm cast that you confine their history and ah you can also go to my web site one of my land that or and it talks about that situation when and how it was done in there is actually once supreme court just rolled against the educate do that it are over now and mad at you john okay now you got me mad at you you have a web site and you've never told me or rubs i thought an iron now we're trying to get back a monopolise it so what's the website name one if by land door it's an older web site it was for brought on board when we were doing the smart meteballe this the contador held out on me guisienne john shame on you there is there is a page anybody that wants to god page on there that legal that's what you want to go you want to read the legal also look at this all right guys mister chaytor once again has talents that he has not told us about a coin out this is what he does he'll go you're wrong and then all this sin find out he's not sellenthin ohotaretare and he he's got your rope and gagged and and ah it open the public square here so here go legalis she is this is cool look at them there it is civil action jurisdiction verses corporate de you did you write all this oh yes while with the help of my compadre run and a few other people that so love is not in solos cattle love so i know plenty of people who were falling for this newest variant and wallace the masts and locked down not a skies were we were smarter than that we've learned hosethe are intelligence we we know that he has always so there you others nor in verses shall be county hail verses hence downs versus bed will all hears all your all to cases are montononous of em yes and we'll talk about it he king you kin you opdyke you update this and add the rostov ah probably could an i could have yet the great how dated and put it on casentula get on here and and get ourselves educated with john's you know bentivenga history teacher i mean you're going to want to learn from because you know what a good one not a welcome me one you know it's like i want to hear what you have to say that then i'm sorry i didn't see nothing can you so think or another this is also in love catchpoule on their got to email on there and everything what is well footgoing on this is so as so while you put a lot of work into this we i am pressed that's really cool that so cool with see important dates on these were dates of upcoming events that their long oke got it we got out at that and then we'll have the sun every week and the people can know how to find you this way too this is one really awesome you know we want to make it easy for people so that they can find you and the share share in or you're a you're knowledge and i'll see resources the car people that were involved in his smart meter battle this was so spake neater we not talking about smart it's okay i ran in walked in the smart neither battle and the mass and the and all the electronic re he that were being bombarded with an living in the no i sure on healthful i had a guide that came from the constitution part of meeting on and i he was talking about all the notwork he does to mitigate it and it was real it was interesting share lot of people really liked it they they found to be very informative so where were going to go now now that we found our injenious why i would like to run down some of the important cases and i know all up datemene bring him on board i don't know at won't happen this we because i'm still in the process of moving and so that's take she mends you're a new house is beautiful i you know essent from different angles here on line and and with like you've got a nice view there and it's going to be a great place for he looks so it is definitely quiet definitely set the god arise brought norton rose shall be come up but i got a one i know people of heard this before on taters gone to talk about it if ranchos here on important history of the united because it is the by words the result about who the public functionaries are being the so called leaders or whatever one a calm the public functions steeping government and that's all their supposed is that one but they are obviously swabey on that solve you sir the thority never granted by their chop despritly nand or there it's not over reached the one over so that's how we have to look at it we have to talk this line once again as i said in a path control the language you control the nerve stranorlar ned so much from you on languages court cases in and i mean that's the way that that we're supposed to function as americans as family were supposed to i really really share what we know for you know people round us to increase the amount of education that's out there and to rise up the next generation to be brave patriots you know i am to tell as some of the goes to the hospital for raby shot before the bit by that i would never stand in the trenches with somebody like that cause they could all ivorine you know i want some i want some somebody that's a little bit hard hard on you know like a hard and soldier that's not going to be that's not going to flinch it anything that no matter what comes you know you're going to just keep going forward there's a you know the second paragraph it says acts of office de facto and i'll just go on to that part becase in a idoimen to go up for is that though all it's right there on and the next are and it doesn't say exactly what i'm trying the fact of me that it is a matter of has no basis in law is not unkind the one it is a matter of so when you're at the fact to president oh pam why was he no path the factors because he never proved him natural born so he was de facto he was in there but he was usurping authority he was never did colonel byng who with a stolen election got biddingis exactly and the other word that's the opposite we have to learn that word de jure deserts and as specially one were talking to public funds you're going to find out how many public functionaries out there then are running for i have no what the world is well i can tell you how i eddicated they are i sat there in one of the meetings and twenty twenty one and listened to a governor candidate that could not save the pledge of le i'm not kidding you i sat there i was sitting next to my husband and we both looked at each other like ah there is there are no words the retiring was long in mediately not it was it was into the public the public what the heck is to the public and it was being read from mecca i'm not kidding you and and you don't onderstand everybody should understand right now he spending control and a temporarily in all they they have controlled like god they have have the power of but there temporarily i still don't have control of the and they're not going to get the we the people really understand as long as we control the mind and understand what's going all the public functionaries out there the only way they can control you is by no the problem with that is for every one individual fighting these fighting the government a seven those control that one and they don't have to know so there's hundreds of us out there it would lie seven hundreds of them to control they can't do so that's why they have the and that's why they have the make in all were going to have this great variant come aboard and you're going to have to get in and your mass because you might get this thing but if the people said he when i done can the government do they don't have no egestathe can arise to soliman look at what's happening in i mean they can target a few of us like they did with ja sex and some of the other non sense that was all intimidation and you know i am going to tell you what anybody that's suffers of wrong doing because of their nonsense and intimidation you know what i hate to say it but it's going to go in god's category and i haven't eternal for spective which means that god is going to make sure that anything that was ever ever taken away and so we think in a service of him this end his he he he will he can make up anything you know people think they can even lose time i i believe that god can give us time even time back if we think we've lost something i in god's bigger than anything that constrains us as that's right and when you go along with what they what they pose from you now from these or wherever from lance then you ratified that's another word comes she that you rather fly what they it's not that it's good law or bad law you agreed with would not agre ye e reconnoitrin we should not agree with the unconstitutional tax as i think there's a lot of things we should not agree ree too and and in any way shape performed but we have just we have just capitulated to all this yes we have just ratified it you're right ratified all the by allowing i here as in the income tax again in the iris is good it intimidating ramming the i remember when we were fighting the irs and i am not telling battle when we were fighting back to there they were dragging people out of their car they were they went to one of the schools and sadducan have your children until till the pay or tacks that you all they've played all these kinds of intimidation and a lot of people were afraid who i i rather just pay the tax the side rather ratified the situation than not do anything about so this is a problem that we as american this is not what our falling folds fathers never ratified and so we as i have become weak over time and oculated and or ratified the fear that they brought out but one most important point that i wanted a point out about norton verse shall be county is norton versesall be kind we've talked about this but i don't know if it drives the drives home the very no government agents can create factor of no government as congress no government agents create a defect that means it's not in the constant can't be created norton verse shall be counting which is the supreme law the and people need understand that so when they face one of these alphabet organization his elder care or i projected whatever they are almost out fred they do not they do not exist well you know and in this is where the responsibility comes in if somebody is working in one of these unconstitutional agencies as an individual you have the right and the obligation to step down say no and look for other employment now that may seem pretty pretty cotton dry but you know what of is a business owner we yet fired we have fired on a regular basis and for because because people will will find a different option may be that they want and for whatever reason and you just look for other work you figure something out it's just like in the construction industry of finish a job you're out of work and let nothingnothingnothing to fire i mean most the time it's just that you finish the work and you go on and you get something else you you find something else is out there that you can do or that you your able to switch gears and honestly the the problem with people that get intrenched in organizations or be at governmental or an nongovernmental is that they become dependent upon them rather than having the independent so to do what they need to i remember when i was in college there was a statement that was set as that every single person should have at least six months of their salary saved up in a bank account so that if you are ever asked to do something that was was olegario on ethical you you turn your button and you walk out that door and told to so and and that that something that we've lost so people are so dot bound and they they don't realize that you've got to leave yourself away out so that if somebody comes to compromise you you can say shoved in and not given one more second but people in these organizations see ps their guilty if they if there proticipating whether or not they they can't say this is my boss is old this is the company's well no it's your fault it's your fault you don't walk away is it going to be easy no there's nothing about any of this stuff that's easy when when you have to make moral choice as this so it's it's there's always some ah then there is almost always some sacrifice that he has to be made and i know you've made at many times and there's a lot of people out to that have made it many many times look at general flint for ee he he made huge sacrifices he could have gone along to get along and he didn't and i'll never forget that moment when he sat there in the judge asked him if he wanted to change his plea to get off a prosecuted he set that jos stuck his draw right out there and he was like no absolute evidence it was beautiful it was absolutely beautiful and and if we don't plan for those times because there's a lot of evil people in the world you want you you got to make a plan for and say if this happens this is exactly what i'm going to do those evil people that exist in those alphabets taking money on all was in shops and they are they are stealing from the because somebody liked the and which mere poeeno because there which were put him in office to do then they steal money becase celery is not there in the de facto of norton verses shall become a does so that brings us to a lot of the other case and i have a list the and of that show who we are and who they in soul and some of those same he cited on one if by land but not all home because he as we go through time we learn more and more i have a the gentleman who works with me run since by my side when were and he who i get a case somebody says you got to look at his he'll read that he is a lost school grad and so he the not one not an attorney remember the bar b a r does not it is a de facto organizaton so the th so what is that me ran what branican does that say to the barnes they are all members of the bar they about as how about defending attorneys they don't all people that are practising law under under the bar under the bear do not exist that organised and norton case you can't have it the fact the interesting part about it is no attorney the talk about not i wonder what as the name would find out that there all yet there would be bad day for them on that that would be a bad day for the entire so as we know the ale what is there in astartethe well i thought the we already did stick to norton but i thought one of the most important one of the whole there allers one very called webster verses women's red it had to do basically fate saying that we wanted to control the reproductive services reproduction of women because we have an interest while the judge in their because you say it so doesn't and so let merentes and what is their interest in women's riproduce you know health tell me that if they dislike and the orator belaittransfer they wanted to bring forth the effect that to horton and not abortion and life on the that was what the whole basic idea was but what there are what the most important catch phrase was what the judge said just because you say it so so when a judge gets up on the bench is you did so and so and solace if he doesn't have the proof that you did it because he said it self you know you don't want this going back to all the abortion of the horton clinics and the dedentition clinics that are out there if you caught their finding they would be done that's how with stuff would and because i am completely convinced that they are not only selling the fetal parts but i think that there probably the probably selling my babies that are being delivered there seems to be an awful lot of evidence of their pointing to that scrawled this up i don't know if i can find it for you but it's a paragram it's pretty interesting the way the judge keep going history towards the middle or end of the pipe nokeep going here until your last long of the yellow it on these if i can even i i don't have my copy in front of me because i ain't what is the i'm what are you looking for me beckon one acting for asked no place dew and judicial has no place into that he likes boma earlier being being hopefully betticher later i listened to him on an interview when they were determining what a viable fetus was and it was like they literally made it a key to kill a baby on the table but were it by tact a second doctor senats not bible and disgusting but a disgusting murderers or bunch of forget murderers also justice o'connor said so it's right in this are slow down raggediers a little more keep going and eager was o'conor that you as spit a lot o work into reading these cases and all of holy this goes down to do our own research to find out what's actually said in these cases that's right oh i don't know by i a less let's not go that i just i give you the gist of indian been it is a large case yet there long as art except norton inportance elseper i like those kinds of makes it easy for us so any howard want to go for you now slowness that on with norton nor made lordosis anybody's listening and taking notes the shop right that down norton or when he women's health a reproductive house and the happiness to my telegram channel and they say on this very important old because you say it so a step in front of a judge the judge gives you some kind of then you can whip this case out at him say he webster recto helps have you heard this i said so your honor doesn't make so that's very aren't next case chisel verses georgia parallels with yet quivers nismes georgia basically said we are in and princesses without we are in we are the leaders we are the of our own life we we create our own destiny we create our own we are the prince and princess and that's what chosen verses the parallel and look at the date on the seventeen ninety hold on old what is that man does that mean that it's no good now that in standing as long it's never been the the seventeen ninety three cases still good laws still has meaning and still has our old judicial system is based on supremos not only the constant the spring cork that spells out exactly what and what the constitution men inches versus georget means that we are printed we are in charge of their own like while along with that comes he covers as in eighteen eighty why and i remember that years is before so why i see k w yeah he quivers eighty six what other case was norton rose shall become will some day and their very closet each other what metal versus hawkins that we are we have the sovereign authority governments are there to our that's all there there there to protect our life liberty and he covers is again eighteen eighty six once but it still good law and not only that it was brought up and down horses so down horse's bit well not only talks about we are on the soften but it says the constant never ever so when our lustre idiot in lance said that he as from going to church or andor restaurants or whatever she had no authority to downs versus bidwell never and people need to understand wearing of masks is not a requirement that she could force us to why as is your greed on to donseil the wee looking at the descending opinion this oporto were they the porter were the spring court and at one time you are de surian the other time you eat to that you can neither be one or the other and now are you are required by law to be to so it says that a an entering and sold we go to the descending opinion which is towards the end of the and hunter remember the judge of the top of my head to me in a minute the judge basicly spelled out in this particular case the constitution is never suspended because this constitution was actually written during times when we had when noterather stertorous i thought it was harling gets harlottes is marshallesses part of the descending opinion to i think i see and can go back to norton for don go back to normoria has harland and keep going a little more a little more i don't know if we could find can hardlie in my cases are all underlined and yellow i should send you all of those so you have my marked the other the great or other he that that way we can go right to the yellow markings while we got case up there at any rate out that's it's important to note note this is not the day as eighteen eighty six was when he oversees happens is written in nineteen o one o ostended years late they have not according this case is brought quoting the ego and this case has never been overturned so norris and descending opinion been over so this is still good law still the law of the land we are the southern s are never set the shopping that people need to be aware that when when you walked down there in some police officer pulls you over and seasonhein your mass you can then have you ren downs for sus bid while i don't generally get into fights with police office they've got a gun even though i have one the point before i get into a gun fight whether soul that's not the place the flight to place the fight is on the in where you are on equal power with the and then you can educate a but before you educate that you send her all of your document as on the th they have not they don't know the law they've never been taught the law they only been taught run out hears how you right ate and here's how much a charge and hears the in scandianese can play with her or with the people that are travelling because we're not driving were triable in travelling is different than driving were not in commercial we are just moving in the conveyance of the day were traveling and it's a different law that affects had the effect encore we're not in cold government can only only only a control on i cannot control the that's a right in the first amendment that they have no right to control to everybody that's out on the car and going from point to point beneath the null the law in order to be otherwise poust like they did it the masks and the vaccine that cowover your eyes you don't know any better you haven't learned you don't do the hall work and therefore you put the mask on because you're afraid there's okay so down to hers his bended then there's so you say so you know these judges can do whatever they they want and they have total immunity note dont i have no longer and that's two cases one is ex parte young he is carcase that basis when a public functionary steps beyond their delegated job that delegated duty then they are of their office and any possible immunity that they have will stand naked for their actions ex parte young is another good case nineteen o not that old or coconoon were in too went three still nineteen o eight somethin honored case in it still good law it's newshelter some rise that one i want again i make its notes here this one says basically if a public functionary and they don't use that word in here if a public functionary steps beyond his delegated duties or job description then he is of his office in our andor ran and health naked in front of the public further so if you think that a judge has immunity neither do neither do i governors mayors or no they stepped beyond their delegated duties are held part very well and along with ex parte young comes see verses one are insure verses rods baccy that we if you are in if you file a case in is what we used you pile a case and the corks want to get rid of your cake they'll try to some reach and say while there's no there's no she since there's no issues in these we can get a judgment from the it's generally rules and you love but what this case says you cannot rule or cannot judge somebody against you cannot some rejudge a person without allowing he after a low the person that filed the case discovery in order to in order then once we had discovery and the gaceta proved what not to and you can come you can argue and then you can is but you can't summer reach it signedhad that after to be some in the past because i didn't know cause i didn't know sir verses while we desire our case dismissed now from a corrupt judge over there in the calm and just set out word we're not going to rule on this is basically it done over and it's great this is fairly recent compared to the other one this is only fifty years old which is kind of interesting this came sense that they came well they did it so now i can see the judge right the out wolof course you've got to you've got haemation you've got sore verses rose you've got a lot of they do there not allow to i case without giving you petit i agree with you they've done it more than once now he eristhius like thee they the prosecutors are doing it too postthe prosecutors of the biggest of founder of this were learning what what needs to be seen in what dawson and what really shocks people is that every money judgment that they get up her up a percentage of that goes into the retirement fossane erybody on everybody that's that's employ so is it psentacion retirement nothing o try anything that doesn't have money involved in it so that they can seinrich themselves that exactly what i gave that worth a name for it too and i can't think of a a of exactly what it is but there's a name for it ah do you remember what it is now we're not talking about revenue and has in no remontrances et the guilty of that too but this is actually self enrichment by judges prosecutors the young and court system in general and in so now the civil action jurisdiction i mean that's the jew they take a person i think it's eighteen per cent goes to the retirement fundsof course sir gonothecae john's pedungen because every single time they get a personage on doesn't go back to the victims it goes to the thersorer that's real and there didn't there it paid on both sides could sorrow so fine in him from the other side this is that this money making crime syndicate that's running or judicial fraud system rite now is it fronts there absolutely frauds it's honester it's a hard percept fraught and people don't even know what's actually happening in so i'm you got to have another cake while it since your talking about money will throw montgomery words and that i don't love i can't find a very we even whence rochester wore this case tried in eighty one i couldn't enter the clerk on wouldn't let us see her scream so as she would not tell us montgomery white than the goethe there we do disappear because we have on the thirteenth original thirteenth amendment the disappeared while we on to get in on that one i don't want to get into that one to day i can't we go there would you find is what we can go there so this is what i thought case my the supersecretion and burke they got old gorskie pleasantry is no way yeah it's case mine all i can send it to you yeah is there a case there the fact or the sign of general the summary docket term is nineteen eighty one and they've got to sacaton casanat now well wiselyhere looking all over the old opinion unreported he cain case yours i'd take and to name the case on the cam so i can let let me ain't let me see what i can do here or no and the hero his gladstonethese on anon the ground research happy right here brandeberg news network and what the i concornotti we'll do it right now we are on in line ah give me your email again j tater catcheth here down and here's the link and may find john well what montgomery ward verse is eugene classessaid as in place went was ruled against she he said to him that time you have one thousand one hundred muttered a thousand one hundred judgment and eugene glaziers i want a more your honor this is a motion for more definite statement dollars stars are to to honor and fourteen grains of gold and four hundred and something graves of silver and those stone exists that the market place the judge she is we're not going to argue that who told you what your judgment was one thousand one hundred and ten cents and pain and however you interpret that to pain and coffee and the two and in that were john john tataretus in prime smart allick and comes in with being hats were we then sunbeams every time but it has to be a judgment or if you have a credit card then you may order out company and they haven't taken you to court you can't send them be only if the cortes the court gets then the court can only demand the money of the accounts of the united state that's why she however you and ere so that once the cord is involved then you can send a paper you can write on a piece of paper one thousand send that in in what i been getting collecting lately her those being or oh the column you maintenonthe that's what i come packing pets that's what i'm going to send them next on this good i like that i like acting on your most ivssenilispossv it the guy that was it or the guide that i was worse black art nothing at once for i wanted to the black in the morning that's so funny are there any other cases you want to bring out for you want to if you want to start the aton o'clock you on to start the again next week you seconton with them next to eahienomauwe so if we want a scroll back to you'll have the old well when all do as all thoscane in my telegram channels so that we can read and write on lying from the telegram channel into that'll be easy to find the spot so that sounds good so i i want not introduced while you're still honor and exigas here everybody i'll work it to bring on because he a john is about trying and i think that this is not really really nice i mean i i got to tell you some of the bravest and most wonderful people that i've talked to you have been others something that really surprised me as i did to volunteer work for our local veterans hospital years go we don't ate it a website to him and did some other stuff i guess and the thing that really shocked me is is the how carrying the veterans are for each other and how brave they are and the veterans has little in these facilities they really care not or with that set our government how we treat our veterans in her dismal failure the shame on this nation but you know what we've got some wonderful people that have stirred up because it was in their heart because god rode it on their hearts take care of our brave rogrons and i wanted to do or next guess is a sandy bowers going to be coming out and she's a follower and volunteer director of that returning home a non profit organization and she is the lifetime mischanced i'm an read a reader by here because i want everybody to get to get a good field for the fact that that it's the individual that makes the difference in this is one individual is stepped up to make the difference and we're going to underfinished ings beginning her life also experienced seen homelessness herself at fourteen and a single mother fifteen she i don't want to hear it excuse as out of any one out there for failure because they had a rough start i had a rough start lot of us it handled rough stir but you don't wish wefuse to quit an that's what sanity that sandy well understood that she had to work harder to get a hat and raise her family that on more than most in what in addition to working full time and raising children sandy stabilized herself in her families and owner of empire pays the credit card processing company which helped her with strong relationships in the community in october twenty thirteen santy found herself well established retired and looking for a fellthrough op it cause to support her research lighter to the knowledge of the plot of veterans she purchased the old right cross building and rose ellen opened tetterons returning home entirely founded by her retirement saving cats were talking your guys this was a pantry i'm i'm loving this were not eating there where the hands begging for the next thing synthesis out here hauling tail and i mean this is great we've got examples to look at how to get the stuff down and so i'm excited about this the other eleven thousand square foot facility is forty three beds accommodating both male and female voters are they serve over eight hundred meals a week on side and provided a food pantre for those families that reside offside that are their veterans have access to a career closet resource enter theatre room is so much better is a turning home is now been stabled for ten years and can probably say that they have served almost two thousand tacherons and crisis on side additionally providing counseling service in support for her five hundred veterans and veterans families office having put the other program which uniquely designed to address the total veteran crisis that returning home provides food shelter guidance to the a programs doneit jabbering his training educational sistance shop placemen and permanent housing assistance to include insuring bacterins after stabilization transition to fully furnished apartments average three apartments of month with a strong forward moving plan act of action to insure that they become a contributing member of their compete community you know what communities need to step up in you know a support these guys doctrinal sclater's returned home is protested weaversno government finding by design and count on community support as well as the annual ondrincan stability love these people there's a thrift store located at twenty nine five twenty three grahndah at sidi want you goes to go too that's returning home i want to bring on this wonderful patriot and friend santy bow right and sandy good morning i'm so so cited to have you here and i thought i'd be nice to have you and john i'm i'm here kind of a nice segwan between an i have to say i came on at leonines to ten is not instructed and i am so sorry that i did not admit that i missed this entire segment with you john i found you the last the minutes were fascinating so ah i i do do a new follower and that at gettatelli to say i was to get out as you were saying about son of the beans i was thinking rice right but were as esotoric is got become very expensive and very hard to get so people need to hold on to the rites so why are these in him you act something like pain aisbertone her wise athelstone well thanks to and i think conclusion of tetarta as the messianic what he can at any devilfor next week he and i go i can pollthe cases up on my calogramma nel thank you so much is always such an honor to have you here i mean we all we all learned so much i get so many positive combats from teator toosday peopleyou and a just just thank you so much for your how gracious you are to to teach every one you're you're you thought you thought you were out of teaching when you left the school but it just tenhotongen that's true but erototheogonic what have a great day john and will talk to you next three today on tanereda and john i dispense thank you for your service and was very nice to me to think you are marks erie he sanatanis that wonderful now that was amazing i wish it would caught the whole thing he really do what do not can i go back and is this on your side that we can go back and see previous episodes oh yeh yeh you can go to brand and bird news network dad oh do come the i've or tied everything and i've been on almost every week there's been few weeks for like last which i had three days were as down michelangelonew to where which was of but typically i'm on monday through friday from nine until eleven once in a while i do a special episode at night and at a different but it's becoming able presently appearance to me that i'm going to threaten me and brandenburg news note work and onesgive people more a boy because there is there's nobody else out there that i am seen that really drills down into a truth i mean any in and gives people the enotideus they're doing that we sit to onfinished of meadine which are redtop a product their all their all about propaganda and you cannot you cannot get cadethere really know what somebody's involved in were the heart unless youse of it notisin anconadespair news that work is more like sitting down with just franky things out giving people a voice you cannot be taken down unless i take his frown and i'm not going to take you down and what i mean and causethis after i got kicked out of you to find there on cincinato i guess i'm going to build something to handtake a stone on and if they ever did try to take a stone by several methods i'm going to tell you that i have at company and on we are very very good at cybersecurity as well as not to say that it could happen but on hallow if they do take us down we will reincarnate here under a hundred thousand plait and it's like if as i i just isothere as a warning to any one out there go ahead and is me off because if you do it's going to come back bigger and better than you know then then what we even have right how i'm i'm trying to get more people on here so that they can to it we can make this a meeting place in it an't like otto save a crop i do have to say this though donna and an i understand that completely and that's awsome im however i'm sure you know that you're being trolled ransoming watching that only one cause harm and leanit that side i just before we even start talking about anything i i am the founder and the volunteer director of that returning home it is my labour of love it is part of my christian walk and on in a four let's say seven years it was my you know almost primary focus i started but turning home and was volunteering on average about ninety hours a week an when i bought that building august first of two thousand thirteen it had been in foreclosure for years right i'm so close on august for august first and on august third i got my first veteran and in he had been sleeping on the bench outside a checker's fast food for three weeks so i said to him you know i don't really i'm just here trying to figure out the lights i don't even had to turn a light on the building yet i'm so i don't have much to offer but i you know that utilities are on you can take a hotch an hour you can flush the toilet i'll give you sleep and begging or all upon the floor at least you'll be safe and i said to him then but if any one asks you tell them that you're my night watchmen because i don't have an occupancy pre so i told the story for two reasons one my life has been a blur ever since august third of two thousand thirteen they've just kept coming and in the then situation that are veterans in or in is unacceptable an an an can't an ina say i in order think on to turn my fan off for a while cause i need a break if i turn my phone off i don't want to be that person that you know the veteran calls and gets voice meal again cause that's all they're overgangen and they put him on that hamster wheel like called the hamster will that francerise you know they're running but they're not really getting anywhere so in the second reason the second is it solistry is that on i obviously a problem solving out of the backs person if i were government funded and that the trencamen on august third i would have had to decline him i would have had to stay in the box and i would i had to send him sorryon hamy occupancy permit come back you know as it turned out it took me ninety days to get my occupants he permit which was absolutely god glad because i had to move walls with architectural design anybody who knows anything about you know the city coming in with all the requirements by our suppression i have a full commercial kitchen in saharan all the there was a lot and dog i do have our elevator inspected now there's only two in a state of michigan you usually take six months to get somebody out there and i had him out there in two but anyway my point is is that and that's really what i lend to this program is my out of the box problem solving and i won't take no for answer if if there's a problem there is a solution so i i would like to talk a lot about the sertorio but you would already mentioned that you and i met at the michael and delaven and we know that that's very political it's like the statyou know a mission of us trying to save a country in so this discussion because i'm so ingrained on both sides on a make this is my disclaimer can want to make a very clear that when i when i am discussing a mission of that's returning home that is the founder and volunteer director of that sherring home or i one ah which is very ah epolitical i weedon we don't get involved in politics i don't care what your political position is in if you can help if you're a veteran were an help you if you're a part of the community and you want to help i don't care i don't cellhouse i've been i've been you know kind of beat all because i do get a lot of support from the the marijuana community the grow operations these guys all over veterans and they do fund raisers a car shows a ready checks all the time and i know the way we obviously posted on our social media and in and show our appreciation people come back and discussed how cold how dare you how why what how could you take money from you know organizations companies like that and when and with that sad i always respond back and gold with sentinel i t and i don't care what endoceras long as its legal i need the help enotake that money so unless you want to come here and volunteer and what other these are people that beat me off are usually people they don't do anything exactthere just on their social media looking to see how they can be angry or whatever i don't care exactly the beforeever else down instead of saying i don't really care i would stand with with people that i disagree with on any day to it rather than stand in some standing with some echoeshoarse rights of sethosis in their house and they never does anything other than going well i know and in that sort tecolote idle talks about those kind of nether and of the pestle to place and for them that i'm sure they're going to go because god's not going to tolerate the kind of non son so i'm i'm happy that i'm happy that the marijuana community is reaching out i think that that's a sodomist anybody who stands up to take this nation right and in a austenish my thought unless as i have to make this slight absolutely clear can you if there's a discussion that goes off in my words if he goes off the point of that's returning home then i am speaking as a concerned citizen sandy bower in on not santiponce and director k so i stand more has a big voice i have strong opinions i'm fearless i will had on however i do have to protect my my bath friends in now they need our help and i am sickened that the deep state you know well target keep and then targate my work in all those are two separate things i say any power can have a voice and that voice is separate from my official role of the founder and volunteer director what that said i'm just claimed yet there did you know and i think this is an important and important point there is a lot of people that identify as different things and labels any more don't matter because it's unas of person that matters and you know i can cure less itright now what political party you said you were involved in your helping patterns that's good enough for me you have the right to choose on the right to choose you know you how you believe or what you do in life and i'm going to say you've really done some great things of let's eels get into the veteran's hardenites about with ginontai that i thought the hour some wonderful stories of you know of the whole and was with happening with ye with this is great while i we just celebrated or tenth anniversary and we have now officially housed over two thousand and on are capoting as i was listening to you speak to john you said something about how when you were at the bee working faltering at the bee the meconnectionsi the veterans have with each other it is the pain is on why that's returning home has been a successful levitis in that get a new florin was homeless these skies are hanging on by little finger nails and when they come to me they're very broken arousal crying and there absolutely horrified that they had to ask for help because of their pride gets in the way and on the main thing that brings them to stability obviously it's nice to have a bed in a shower and its toilet it's the other veterans it's their brothers and sisters that or in the same spot is them and so when i get a new button that comes in the rest of my guests there already in the process of stabilizing you know sir to their kind of finding their their balance again and they embrace each of my new gas and the commodore and support that i see at butser trenholme is it's just humbling i mean it's a and then the reason that there is so much success in our program is because of them and them taking care of each other there in there in such good hands you know it is i will want to clarify when i was at the matron's when we were boldwhen we volunteered we we gave them on or donated a web site so we did that it wasn't in direct care of the people there sighed hispaniense that that was planesbut seeyou know when you walk into the hospital an now i took two emotions happen in that you see a lot of utterance they're all there and they're all there for medical care or there there to get connected with their benefits oh but it's it's the way they're always talking to each other and supporting each other and hugging and shaken hands and think a brother and all that stops in a wandthe they're also now there to deal with the issues and there prostrated their heir gone because like a sedes hamster wheeled utteranse vices so that's kind of the cool thing in that now it took me a few years to figure it all out but out of i don't know how many employees they have now after covet but prior to covet they had twenty two hundred employees at the john tingle espita and they had eleven hundred volunteers and in my work throughout these ten years i have found a few out stars i can say that in on one hand a few rocks of ours and i figured out how to circumvent you know that amster wheel so when i have a veteran that needs to go to the van and they they experience oh whatever whatever you want to call it difficulties and competence in a what ever they can't get to the resources that they neither their not getting the assistance that they need i found the work around when so i usually coach my veterans before they go to their be appointments and whether it's doctors or counsellors or social workers or or whatever it is if they're going there to pay for their disability i usually have to tell them here is what you say so tell them you need and that you want lamblin if it doesn't go that way and they try to put on the hamster wheel you call me before you leave the office and then put the easiest your advocating full time for these people to how one i know i know your phone is bringing cantily you're horatio you taken home and calls day like eighty plus calls to day i to about eighty calls the day on average you know i donno anywhere from fatherto hundred taxes message conversations ah in on top of you know a speaking engagements and on no crisis solving i we you have a case manager and she's actually very good i'm but she had a bad result from some surgery that she had so i have to step in and continued you know her cases so that they don't fall through the cracks and in others there's a thing that in the beactually started this and i would say probably about anywhere nine ten years ago didn't in the call it no wrong door they so that means that if a battering walks through your door as a bettander ice provider the batteries now yours to help address his issues ye don't just go in sorry we hope you that here gold you know go laughed and then when they go lest they get there and they'll like i don't know why they sit you here inthat's i can't help you you need to go west i mean and these are homeless matrons that usually they have no transportation they have noble money in i had a female veteran i will tell you this story when i first opened that's or turning home he opened his men only and i did that because i thought it would just be easier where other than dealing with the complexity of mixing that you know that that whole dinomic i didn't know that at the time we have no facilities for veteran women zero and the so the reconfigured some space and i made six beds for our veteran women there have women on the main floor men upstairs and a to put six women in one room with one bathroom in a side note i would rather have forty duds and tell that's a challenge a cape but i'm so with that side before i had the female beds i found out that there was a female veteran she had to flee from a atomistic violence shed soutenage daughters actually they were they were not teenager got there were eleven and twelve but they were physically let they looked in a fourteen and fifteen mackay they were tall thin you know what are when i found out about her she had been living in her car for six weeks and stay appear and she in her daughters were walking dogs in a people that would come to the park they would walk their dogs and then people would give them money and that's how they ate right she would have to work extra hard walking dogs to get gas money to get to all of these appointments like i described she would you know go east to whatever agency be patronage cy and they would say i'm sorry we can't help you you need to go and so she would you not have to go back to the park walk a bunch o dogs save enough money to feed her kids and haven of gas to get to that other appointment and then when she gets there they're like i don't know why they say and don't do that of all for her and do this and then she got nowhere in six weeks so i can't house children at my facility very well okay it's hard um but at that time we did not have funding you had said i i know the beginning how i had used my retirement account to launch this program a god and i intended to spend a lot of money i didn't intend to spend it all and mine i was borrowing money to keep the doors open we had shut off notices actually the utilities were shut off at one point that's another store but anyway i'm i have an integah rom so that's what my hobby and i ii house close girls the three women the them and the two daughters in my intake bathroom em to sleep and then they could access the facility the dining room for food the resource sinner they were not allowed upstairs at all cause that's where the men lived but the girls were still in her acting in a round and it was just too whatever is it wasn't get so sandy power how a poster a paid for a week's stay in a hotel that's returning home paid for a week's stay i reached out to another good organization at the vietnam veterans kept her one fifty four therefood pantry they do really good work and they paid him for three weeks then i connected on with a green that is scholasacred and they paid for three weeks that's all on either was so i called the a director of the homes division of the hospital and she's not retired but i said to her i said listen i tis a man knew about them they knew that these it women this this woman and her children were homeless and i said oh there in a hotel right and i got in the associant there on the by nameless meaning there there waiting to get their habash now had ash is the same pogram as had set subsidized how in a perfect world when we're escalated that process takes three months so you know we've had whatever it was i don't know we had a eleven week i paid a found eleven weeks so i contacted i'm the director and i said listen there stonethis ill not connected but with the habash and you cannot bridge these programs you can't bridge the you can't say you're let's hereseos s the of let's pay for your security to posit three months worth oran and buy you a bed put you into an apartment while you're in the waiting process to get through the hut portentthe permit housing you can't bridge them and so i when i called the director i said listen this this the programs are great but it's broken it doesn't work we need to bridge these programs and she said well we can't do that i said i understand i go but we need to make that happen and she said i don't authority has the ihindustan but you have the ear of those that do how about your pick up the phone call some windy see ronnie flag pole i mean the worst that can happen is you know we get to turn down but somebody needs to know it's a common sense he and she said well all right i'll make the call i'm not making any promises and like don't make the call and i said but here but here this pen we have four days for as to make this happen otherwise i said what would you want me to do with this mom entered two girls women put her back in her car so she can walk dogs again is that what we're going to do and she said we let me make the old so she called me back the next day and she said well i ran up the flag pole and they agreed so we can now bridge the assessor with the hot backed now it now what do the the thing that i want said strasserin in he read my bill i was hameassefthe had my son at fifteen i didn't have time for school in my wide of all my age got a job working in the factory had to hitch high cause i wasn't old enough to drive i was working midnight shift you know i take my wife and my hands every night it was even on imaginable fortyfifty years ago right later a couple of years until i just couldn't any more as to carry so i became a ruler and a dry waller that's what i did hope to raise my my family i ain't i i have a ninth grade education i went back to school to tony did i got my genidian and then i took one business class at macon college one not for stantinople year and of bonchurch one class and i i don't have to ingots so i had to become a business honour is no one would leger me in a seisonut on your application or education how is out you know my point is this to get back to my point i'm not a social or i've never been i've no history of social work i'm not a veteran i don't know anything about government programs i've never been a director or anything in the homes shelter i've never been in homeenter for the record i once i had my child i was never homeless again my homelessness was right at fourteen a one summer but how is it we have this if the question how is it that it sandy power with a ninth gradation and no experience in any of these arenas how is it that i can figure this out it was a simple one cold so we can change the lives nation wide reckon is it that i can do this but the the anacondas the director that of the honest division against his retired down and not abash her or any one else but he they got the government programs don't work and that's why there's so many problems in our veterinarians that's why there's so much coppery in the programs that we have this billions and billions of our taxpayer dollars these are our checker dollars going to find these programs and they don't work it's that well they've got all kinds of money to send over seas but it never makes it to our own people we an it's it's really sad and something happens when we give aid to to all the other countries around the world we've been given billions and trillions of dollars every herod all these trees and yet they hate us why because he never gets to the people at getteth war lords that are sitting on top and its unworthy probably better off because you didn't go through the indoctrination camps quite honestly i've always said that it mewhoever every small town always as the table full of farmers in the morning they have coffee together mighty idesthai you don't halloran'syes to do that when we were younger and if we had a couple of tables of of these know all the guys that are old farmers could sit together and salt promised we could have this nation straight in around and what like like two weeks in sollicitousnesse hispano that's going through the stop people from achyding the into detsatasi cally i'm just doing thus i love this story what a great sitter yet so and one other thing i want to clarify is that you know i went into vats returning home knowing that initially i would do the heavy lifting it i'm going to carry this program i'm going to launch it were i to do really good work the community will recognize the the success of our program and how valuable it is and then the community will step in and help me never did i ever think that i was going to be you know the main what of her in on the main fonder i work my pockets are not that deep in now i i did go on i started my own business and on my third business venture i nailed it i'm in and i'm not i'm not wealthy but i bet blessed with more than my fair share sell em since the hard work it is at inlagatio very hard my my my most of my thought life has been in ninety hour workweek im because when i started my first business am i learned my first lesson was you have to have financial were withal so while your visits is henenseten indeed to still support your family so in my second business venture i worked at night as a bar tender and i worked full time and i i opened every top club and metrodoros and i made more money than you could a mansion it was insane how much on which money i was making an what i use that money to call for my parole for staff of five while my company was in its infancy i worked in a forty hours a week at my travel agency and then i worked on now forty hours a week that of its thirty five to forty as bartender and then you know travel time and is so drive down the freeway when it would close a travel agency i had you know half an hour to get to my job and i i would be on the free way literally taking off of a suit and putting on my uniform and chucked her rivers with the like all ah i like whatever i don't know those people i've no i'll never see him again i just cannot be late for work you know em but my point is is that once my company became successful and that the point where i said my staff has been with me since they started a empire and ah i such a man like liston you guys got this in it some point we have to say it's not about making more money i have more money than i ned or should have an i need to make any to do something more meaning in now so my set the th rotten to the day still runs my company i still get my pay tracks and i am involved on a small level contract negotiations or problem solving and things like that but otherwise they run the company and that allowed me to focus on an making a difference so how i got to barons i literally it was as simple as my google search met onetry homeless and i started researching and i seriously thought that my a heart if you will my direction would be a homeless women and children cause i know in all eight we had a crisis with a soccer mons living in the many vans with the kids you know with that whole housing milltown nilot of families were destroyed in and that's where i thought i would go so i started researching where is the problem here in mechonoth the problem that problem from o eight had pretty much resided by then and there were a lot of programs that had popped up to help women or children and then on so at once i started break my research brought me to the plight of the veterans who was just like how can we not help our veterans and as sothat is the life that i have right now if it weren't for the sacrifice of all is there before me and with that side i'm going to change hats now if you don't mind namewould like to make some of some comments as sandy power no longer the founder of the serranos so with that the side on my heart says to me in a week we have to leave this earth a better place and now the bee and when i when i achieved the success that i did in my company i knew that you know gottespect me to make a difference it's not about you know how much stock owing i know how big as my house how fancy is macar and oh i don't care i don't care about its own nest in i could tell a long story but i'm going to shorten it real quick i drive on oronoco all the time in the world that you go wherever you want to go with us if you on to tell a long story we will all be thankful for so so i drive on her sides as held five hundred which every one knows it's a very expense of car eh you know sakerfice is somewhere round hundred fifteen horrendam going to actually i'm going to make it a little more more details connoting shorten it in two thousand five i purchased a teaboard it was the two thousand five fifteeners final edition convertible with the hard top and the little port hole things i always wanted that car it was ending it's now or never so ford was offering as zero percent financed it for three years right and i bought it zero down it was free money so why would i put any money down finance i went on my book keeper and i said he i just purchased a car mesrop it on the books the pay it the it's too whateverthe fife and she as what's the payment i sat eleven hundred dollars she's like what oh my age listen out on suck it up for three years right and not be hard i didn't have a lot of money that i know i know to be hard but i'll keep this car for ten years and i'll have seven years on no premise it'll all balance out it's fine i'll figure out i went to my favorite so shibar ah the day about the car i pulled in parking lot and my friend pulled in at the same time and i and we both pulled up and we still had them or one stickers on the windows of our kin brain of cars right so he's a checking out my car i'm over there checking out his car and now it was the yacht mercedes is self hipoondrio thousand five and that might not oneoften thousand his stick was still on we walk into the the restaurant together and those happy hour i'm not a drinker i just don't like the facts and tastes or whatever never been in alcoholic cornatic but i was here for so shake was there for cocktails so he sat at the bar and i said to one like michael houser what's going on with your parkinsons and like ah you know what or it is what it is and he says a um and the only thing that gets me down hissesand i can't gamble any more and i go any mean he goes on my hands shake and all and i can't come out my money i can't step my chips and i just love going down to see in all and i go let me know whenever you want to go i'll i'll take it out there i'll set you up you don't stack your your chips and whatever an goes why go every monday at monday afternoon okay on deadens every monday i would drive my car to his house in a beautiful home across point big circular dried i parked my car and he always insisted that we take his mercedes but he always wanted me to drive cause he was not at that point in complete control or right sometimes he is a passenger i would drive him every monday down a greek town we'd be at peep arches car he'd walked to the gaming into the crop stable he'd buy in for five grand iv remontay obviously he had very deepocket and i would go play penny slats just while he was doing that and i go back about forty five minutes later i won cachot and then we'd sit and play bokharian the prom until he was tired and then we go to dinner and i drive him home i did that every one day for two years and then i i bought the old word cross folding ilong since pet off you know my bird but i was still driving my tea board this was two thousand thirteen well i'm sorry let me lay back and miss one thing after two years of taking him every monday he got to the point where he could no longer go to the bathroom by himself i know he couldn't if his pans he needed help so paying and things like that his hands chuck to god so he became home pond right and so fast forward i no longer told the tiber or the mere sadie's back and forth as she wasn't goin anywhere so i'm driving my teaboard and in so thousand thirteen when i was getting my occupancy permit for the shelterthey friend at home his skis car giver didn't show off and he laid on the floor for jones and i you must die so i went to the withered two and a half days oh my god so was horrible he almost died isogi went to the hospital to see him and not he would had inherent hospital not he's getting better is improving and he said to me go so many what you drive in i'm driving my tepid you can't still be driving that car he goes how many miles is in it i got hot on now over a hundred grand oh you can't do that you can't do that you you need i go at you know i been looking i am going to get another car an he goes you should by the mercedes i'm like a ikenian do bad cause that mercedes once he stopped one to the casino nobody drove it is i put eighteen thousand miles on a driving him that two years and then his girl there's a reason for the story and i'm going to get to the point in his girl friend would drive it around town got no hair on her going to change slid they put she put two thousand miles on it from two thousand seven to two thousand thirteen so there's twenty thousand miles on this car pristine i took very good care of it every monday tis like hushed by the mercedes i said i might i can't i'm going to spot the red cross building i'm launching this sun profit i don't know how much it's going to cost as said i understand i get all like a regular little car with lothar payment and he goes on what you thorgensen and they said and on like thirty grand and he goes down and go on what an he goes honey had her car you're the only one ever drove that you should have that car and enjoy it so that's what i did as i bought that mercedes and the the reason i tell that story is that i believe that i am positive that my success is because of with bible as you re pot you so you want a good garden you sow the seed so i you know go the newer every monday so that my friend could enjoy what he liked to do you know and i made his life better for those two years and he had fond in a so so i drive a hundred and fifteen thousand dollar car that only i put miles on and i got it for thirty grand i would never have spent at i cut off you know i could have chosen at that point in my life how on a skip i in the red cross and do in that ecouteuses out and bought a brand new one you know i could have afforded it but that is not what i think that god once from us you know we're giving these gifts and an out at these are blessings can i say this a woman to woman right in i am blessed with good health and think o god you know i have all my limbs i'm not you know a couple in any way ah i am not to sound arrogant but i have a pretty high i kill and and i didn't on that that was a gift that was a blessing and again not to sound arrogant but ah i look in the mirror and i knowed that genetically i'm blessed and i'm sure don't not you're an attractive woman you understand what i'm saying i know em and in with that side i always help people like listen i know you that is nothing to be proud of proud of the fact that you know i look in the mirror and and do my hair and make up and go okay i will good you know that's not some neistadt on that was a gift it was a gift that god blessed me with and when you find out when you realize we to second what else could god have given me i have a healthier than most i'm smarter than most in now and in an infinetly blessed with good jeans that you know i can and we know open it does open doors it helps that when you know people want to people are tracted they weren't i know you then that's how i i meet a lot of people because they like on whose hepland right whatever i don't care i use all my tools but those tools are again make god gave me and i should do something with the and recoveries gift that god gave you is your goersand a heart that cares and somebody who has the bravery the fortitude and the willingness to step out of a comfort sold into spiniana that you don't know your courage and and intestine there for pointyour heart that he really blessed you with and that nightleaning through that shines through more than anything else cod fossil shine through in a hot when i say this as this it's only because the point is is the more i give away the more it comes back to me and blessings right and i truly when i gave away my retirement account i was not i was brought to tears kay because i was broke and the veterans kept coming and i would say please god please help me i i wasn't broke wroke i still had my paycheck common in you nemean and my paycheck was more than i needed but all in all you know i got nowhere to go here i can't sell my company or whatever you know but my point as is that the minute the minute i was growled in the doors opened it happened to be in the month of veterans and ah there was a reporter the called me he said he had got the ten minutes indeed some bee were all in some acantharien we wanted to all segments on butter and i just need berall i can find so the guide the camera may he comes i take him on a tour of the facility and i said you don't shoot whatever you want but as we're walking through i'll explain our program and then you can see the importance of whatever and then take from the he's spent two and a half hours with me wolman and then i'm hugged me on his way out and then fifteen minutes later or five minutes later i got cougt from roger or who was the the anchor doing the story and he goes on to what you did my camera man but he's insisting i got some face time with you king you spare another fifteen minutes i said sure so he came right over and he stayed for two hours and he did a segment on the news but was you know i'm crying time news rightnot nation wide but like six it was on it why six and seven i think for a couple days and i got so much exposure from that that the money started coming in and people started hoping and the community found out i was there my board members had all been like ripping on me hounding me sandy you need to be out there you know shaken hand and kiss a babies you need to be out there in the community finding the money and i said absolutely knot icethat is not my mission my mission is here to help butterine in i i do god's work and literally helped them rather than what the on the hamster wheel like the other organizations do not all of them most then the money will come you do the work you sow the seed and then you reap the reward the money will come and it did and god god she is he and i could tell you hundreds of stories ah actually want one more when i first open i donated two vehicles in one was a a jeep that my my that nitens are my company had been driving and there was over a hundred thousand miles on it it was a piece of crop whatever i like you know what we're in a donate that to the string home and then i'll get my company oh you know my guy and now you vehicle and then i bought a carolan i nobukori my son's friend was not a carpet and was by a new one so he kind o looked me up i knew what i was doing so we had these two piece of craft vehicles and then a full house with forty three veterans and all of them needed doctors appointments down at the v a counselling appointment social worker pointed forenote cordifolia looking for a job finding an apartment what to vehicles and like her to at that an take my tea board just take my tea i can't tell you an me times either my tea boards been wrecked or my mercedes cause they'd be like just take my car you know and this noise startles the guys will come back and be like all my god you know i never got this much attention when i was no driving nor tebard or you mercedes as i did when i was standing on on the corner with my sign set up home as vetero know a lot of intention that they feel whole they feel good when they get behind the car and they know that i trust them and i don't care it's it's a time some of the throat five or six times my cards are men have been racked isnever and soissonois it all it's just so a car it's just don't let the other not hurt you tasteyou don't let this amazing so he might next question is is the how you know you've got one facility there how can we increase this across the state of michigan help in worke what what would is there a step to increase this in the service so that we can we can fan out in service even more people who are many i honestly ah i don't know that's a good question because i have been approached dozens of times and i know that i could and show it in theory expand nation state wide and or nation wide clever on i can't take an i'm goin to be my perdais o nine eleven and i'm going to be spinosity five an right now i don't volunteer ninety hours but i do about seventy i have over the years have been able to establish some anchor volunteers right and and i i can't i cannot take on any more i know my limitations in now and people say to me in now all god even now your god led you god will help you through just yet onwacan to more no we can't if it includes me i can't do it now i have willing and tethered to be able to mentor any one who wants the to come in spent some time i will i will copy my five or one he three application which was ninety pages don't revenewe you know i will share with you in my whole intake packet my rules and regulations and how my program works if some one wants to do that but they've better gable to come up with ah the facility to accommodate them and another at least half a million dollars to be able to carry it until they establish and that's where you know most people are not in a position to be able to do that and i understand it you know and now for me like i said i don't i didn't care and i care about you win away my word tireman a cow i knew i still had a job i still have a successful company i'll put it back now and i did stare that i started on the replenishing my retirement account about i don't know three or four years ago in its not it still isn't back where it was but you know i'm not going to eat can food and retirement is my point you know oh i will be okay my company survived the locked downs with covetiose it siper cent of my clients were shut down on the others were an essential services i'm an then sense we've since the lock downs of subsided in i permanently lost about maybe twenty per cent some of my clients never reopened our tried to reopen and couldn't he just didn't have the wherewithal and i would say of that initial sixty six per cent most of them are hanging on by their finger nails and here more than likely not going to survive i don't know that they have done a spectacular job destroying michigan small business and that you know is utter if you heard the beginning segment i did but i was taking in the hot otototoio went down the rise at in her place i yesterday it went down and got the first serious of abyss wasn't bitten by the bat and it's like people are doing things that are a logical cause of fear and everything else right now and unfortunately until we get that that lion's heart back again and stand for the nation under all circumstances and they don't becomes when you have got in your heart where your amuletsand through all things he carries a through and we know that whatever happens it's in god's hands it's going to be open and got a naples as to its not the celstris always god strength of him naples us to go on greener all circumstance we have the armor of god that's an then you know i would see you ossory son said to me when i told him that i was opening this facility and i'm going to house home on slatterns and i would have forty three beds he goes what i'm what you thinking i like what he goes moves the guides have issues case we all have issues look at the whole state myomy guiser my gay sir they're broken there they come and majority of them are so be down that a lot of them are suicidal in idomeneo be dominating the whole state is broken right now and there's so many people that that she shouldn't be a reason to stop going forward won't here's to quasi my son said i'm so hot as to what in do you not hire a full time body guard it what if one of these guys all down on yon you won't here putting yourself in a dangerous position in and i said well let's let's look at this logically i have forty three beds if one of them has a pet some and has a meltdown i have forty two highly trained come back killers that won't jump in to protect me i a forty two body yards they're not all no sound at the same time guntersheim saying he satanicthe absolutely been thought fulfilled my vision these i'm like the cross between the mob and the drill sergeant you know and i say like as a we have an instinct of when our children sometimes they need a hog and then sometimes they need kicking a lot and so that's how i manage my program in that you know and sometimes they need both sometimes i will kick them right the butt and then i'll be like come here give me hug literally you you just see to hog you needs somebody to say he i care about you and we're here for you but you've got to stop up your initiate him listen you're warrior you fought for this country don't give up now now is a time to point for yourself and your family you eat you sacrifice and you have benefits when you go down to the v a you're asking for a free ride when you get your disability you're asking you're feeling a claim just like if you were if you were in your car and some one keyboard total your car would you not call your insurance agent and fill your claim and they'll be like absolutely i then need to do this or yourself they owe you is there your benefits this you you paid the theopator benefits and fight for it but to what tacock to what else the community can do and and i want to say this not everybody donna can do what you do and not everybody can do what i do i ain't but everybody can do something and i told people you know like when i speak to the local churches or you know the or amphotericin legions whatever at were located on the north east corner of eleven and crashedand roseville and there the two story brick building behind the pepe and there's a casco right next to so i say listen in no not everybody can write a big fat chuck the help me keep a light on you know on what i could use that so whatever if he can and he can write a check great go to our website corticaria miltcheck doesn't matter but those he can't you can volunteer or i don't care if your shopping a casco you know pick up on coffee we control about thirty pots a day organogenic walking across the park and back and when you come in to drop it off stop in the dining work and say hello to the skies and let him know you prester service because they feel abandoned they feel abandoned by their government and they feel abandoned by the community because they don't get people say i don't know what i can do i don't know what to do to help and and i saw that done i was one of those people before but to turning home in my research i would see a veteran ate star box and i would buy their coffee or i would see a finely from self on now at a local restaurant and i would tell the waitress give me their dinner tab because i didn't know what to do we all know our veterans need our support but they don't know what to do and how to help i if there's anybody out there in the wantsto clown my program consent were very very successful of an excellent reputation and i always call it the club med o poochees you know it's have everything the club met at the concierge but everything else we have a shop on staff i'm so anybody else wants to do something like this and start these programs around the state come in spent some time shot on me for a week and i'll share all of my intelligence let's not reinvent the wheel lock but if you want to support better turning home in our mission an you don't again host upon raiser for us i can do fonderies but the mat adds instead of seventy hours a week i know have to do back to ninety during the preparation of that so when somebody wants a host upon razor that is so cool so port the other places that are to in fonderies like the okenians veterans committee is hosting a thunderstorms outing and it's on my birthday and eleven soforthe thing is our thrift sore now a year ago because the community is so supportive and i want to save his they they love are veterans and a one think the community for all that ye do your donations are so appreciated we have our donation we sit received donations at our facility at eleven and grasset and what happens everything that comes in building our veterans go through all those donations and they take what they want so i heteroclitis a car heart i gave to tuke i found a car harden em jacket and a car hard winter cold and all those are expensive they were in great condition i'm going to find about nine ease i know they'll preciate it otherwise the overflow goes down to our thrift store and that in no i would rather see the veteran where this you know expensive code that he's going to need in a few months then me solid for and box at the thriescore but also all the overflow goes there now we only receive at better journey home on you can bring flood like a set milk coffee things like that or household items clothing those kind of inkind donations where we go through them there we sorted all out and then we put the overflow to the store and then the store has only been open for a year as i nishapur i need more shop for as the we may be get this out there so we need to get people to go to the thrift shop to buy things so that they can make money off that too so soon to plantsdon't have to keep begging for money i always say on it if i get hit by a if this this would not survive long you know my staff or amazing but i know i know how to stand in front of a thousand people you know and talk about this mission and ask for money and ask for help and you know that that takes a certain whatever it is strength or experience or whatever in an i don't have any one groomed to be able to take on the torch the problem solving the works of end hours a week at the store to won't give us the financial were withal that if he is shot at the store he is an amazing store like we only put it really nice stuff there and its christ just like you no salvation army actually think i'm better than salvation army we get a lot of brand new stuff in quality stuff cause people only donate nice stuff to the veterans i don't get junk clothes i don't get drunk furniture and i don't have a problem telling ee you know don't don't ate your couch to my battered that because you're coaction it you don't want it because it's mostly cape our veterans deserved more than that so i don't that standard i'm not taking it if i don't if it's not really nice they deserve more than this so the overflow ends up with really nice stuff too so with that sad i need hope him at arena more of anything i need she chop to enweave a senior discount on through friday from forty seven fifteen per cent off that's every day on and then bathrons and first responders am yet twenty per cent off all the time now my veterans who are homeless they shot at the store for free so when they need an he i need some white socks and do i got a job in her view i need a suit and whenever we give them about her at the facility and they come down to the store and they shot for whatever they want or need and as they are moving into their apartments in the the pots pans towels everything that they eat their there all sat and that's because of the community is generous to us i know what early love that bissolati is really cool excited do you have a a a web site for the threshold no it's a part of that's her turning to you go to masseterine and plionogaster there of store heither hold there he there is in and then in check some of the videos ahone yet the videos star of i can't show a lot of pictures of the store things like that and am i and you can follow me on a social media on our busseron home then i also have saetana bower and then sendebar and um eh oh sometimes i get donations of stuff that i don't know what it is so al to these little you know reels or tiktok or whatever to say hey i just got this donated anybody know what it is and how much it might be worth or whatever you know some kind of ah i now collectible or whatever mindsthat's kind of cool i got lot of people follow my little videos they're just thirty to sixty seconds i call on my damsel in distress in a where is like hate can you help me figure out what i price this that you know i'm so it's a college esotericists there right maybe now ye'd like not that that being also ii like i like were those that the creed more percurritis liver in those this is really spectacular sandy i you put the much work into this i would encourage every one or you caronation to man that's his real theogony let's let some one go there to pass for then all neniaand here she hid her like to lot of work were some shop for his weeding you know you need something go there first see what i see what they have and think you donation while you are added if you can copperas if the government is not going to do it as what it's up to pass howtowards up to us it's oneone more little plug o so just last odonto weeks ignited two weeks ago some one donated a vehicle is her son died and so they wanted to give it to you know they don't want they don't want to give it to somebody was just going to sell it right and so we have and in the ten years that i've been open we have given away about thirty vehicles so when some one to the cloistering home out of the thirty vehicles we were able to be there was one that was like a fifteen passenger van obviously that's a vehicle that's going to stay with the facility because i need to transport you know back and forth that kind of stuff i'm one time somebody donated a beautiful two thousand five keirnan's mine i sold mine when i got them mercedes i can't give a two thousand five birds to homeopathy cannot drive it in the winter till it's fiber glass the insurance is ridiculous and i'd have hetful coverage ray so didn't excite so instead of selling it we did a raffle i sold the tickets for i think honderos are fifty bucks i don't remember but instead they'd be a geheime was worth fifteen grand and i raced thirty five thousand do in the raffle that way the others and that when some one donates of vehicle they can have the keys right to the vertue why i do the paper work so that they the donor gets their charitable to the deduction you know the charitable donation deduction for their taxes and they know that it's not being sold or were for real deal ye mean they get that experience and it ages most of the time i had the keys to the veterans and i can tell you every single time i athissech it proksime or even talking about it every single time it's so humbling and rewarding and an andalmost an i feel the shame of her country in that here's an able to hand the keys to the car to a veteran in shouldn't be like the stone it arbetters not be in this spot that they have to hold that somebody don't eats a card to them because they can't work their own you know but we need to step up we need to stop up as the community in his society and were losing it you know we need to fight now in it starts for as were half on her happen having a heart force in poland and being able to appetise but feel how they feel and being response and i really only in the pit only from god the god alone can only give us that tender heart for caring for others and this is the main thing unlike i like ready to jump in my car as to over this i want you know i should come over into it you or some time annotto it to her and i can do a live broadcast that would be great it would be at an end in those are the things that you know cearnes in the community not only for the plate of the veterans but it also helps it get me more awareness of the work that i'm doing and that comes with support whether like i said you wanted done you know you whatever clothes that you have grown we need them you know and her husbands cleaning out his man cave or the garage of the basement i need tools that's thor goes through so many tools i could saltos all day every day people come from all over so they watch us under the complace and things like that so yet not i not more work into like an hour and twenty minutes and the i have to go i ever been shouting and only cut the yogi we there's loss to talk about it and there's a lot of work to do so i mean that's important so i always had the program with the prayer so can we go that with de prayer men before relieved sibley or denominate thinke so very very much for for sandy and while the work that she's put in to making other people's lies about her place for rescuing those without voice and defending those who really have no one to stand next we ask your favor upon that transformatoren home and all the men and women who have gone through with this programme and to our currently in this prove asked that you would open people's eyes and their hearts to donate whatever they can to help sandy and the endobase we know that the government is doing pretty much nothingso we're going to oorselves and he asked that you had blessed her with your favour and your help opened doors sunder people to help her and in this stenoer that she's going and we asked the aloochah and every veteran who was out there and let them knock to their canalone that their very much loved that wee preciate all their sacrifices all the things they've given for this nation and that we are willing to step up to help them also and to step up in america's time of me we are great what you've never been in us that you will never abandon us they are walking through this life with us showing us the way and you've been an incredible fridestan a wonderful provider or savior or hope or father are in arretto be friend to you show us what it is that you would so do this day and god bless every one who stopped up to to rescue and and provided me instantiation we all americans matter we all manner and and or trans manner in our natures matter and more our homeless people may have been there's there's no end to the list we all as americans thirdly to dare him and to to follow you i writing this nation as one nation under your lee i'm for now and for for ever we love you and jesus name pray a man a man on her you dosethai sharing your heart with all of us is dis abeaut ful thing and and i i like a ontonito or at some point in time and through light rocissime we can interessante vacheron's and left them you know let them have the honor they deserve i will say this and rare that the veins well interpretmy veterans are very very broken and am they get nervous and there humiliated when they first get the butter train home their humiliated by their situation i'm so he put usually out of the forty three that stay there there's usually a couple one or two they'll be like you yeah i want no havei'm willing you know so i'm but sometimes not like nobody can relate i can't do this they there intimidated by being on camera or the foredated i by having to share in the community their situation you know well they are there the success you know and that's the other thing everybody has to think that that's their hearts are the most important thing it's not their physical stature what's happened on or anything like that we love every one and i preach ain't respect everybody out there you know and if the god doesn't look at the outside he looks at the inside and i have picked out the matter to homedon't need the outside he can he can do that whether without any of any of the trappings around us you know it's only that he honors us with it you know where that opportunity but every one has sonetto i cannot as say the people that i have learned the most from growing up at the very poor cat you know i was a very poor cat i was digging worms out of the manure pile you know i had a little worm business and when i was in my teen age years you know the people have learned the most wrong are the people from home that are humble in their heart and that actually love and care for others that are not on this antoinson or fame or glory that that's that's nothing that's so hard for others that matter is in heart for god's purposes his goods i just really want to thank you for coming on and let you know that if there's anything and i mean anything i can do to help you please let me know and i you know what cried well i will absolutely oh i've got some comments here some seventeen cent sands an amazing woman i worked were jack he and jack used to work for her organization eichmann person so there's a lot of people that just absolutely love and respect you and appreciate how much of your life you you'd given to helping others it's really inspiring thank you thank you oh this one record it comes back it comes back to you whatever you give away come back and blessings thisthis is the fare of the show will do this together and go dignitaries for owner not come because i am not conceding to lionseason thieves and we're not going to do anything until we write the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty two election cause we know that they were stolen and with that sad desiato know i was to hurt hands at the end a letter read no god we love you there's so many people that care about you not your situation in life just because i had created you he doesn't make mistakes or important what you think about as important a fighting for you were fighting together and we did want to let you know that we let this somales you god bless all those some loving god bless the mark make a great day it's a choice make good choice and i make your time count in in a service of god and others that that's that's your purpose right there so any stand lies and evanthe pricking and then all is that a few more minutes and so any i have a great day gus similive to