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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/21/2024 EIF Sandy Keissel & Professor David Clements

Published March 21, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am Election Integrity Force - Sandy Keissel We will be talking about the current investigations into the Michigan Election Investigation findings. The Election Integrity Force and the Election Integrity Fund are conglomerate, non-profit organizations formed by citizens concerned with attempts to subvert the integrity of our elections. Ensure transparent and trusted elections 10am Professor David Clements "Let My People Go" Former law professor and prosecutor. A guy in the desert trying to wake people up. Source Gateway Pundit - Clements has had to contend with massive distributed-denial-of-service hacks during the film’s launch (, as well as a cancellation by the film’s DVD distributor, and credit card processing company. To make matters more difficult, the credit card processing company unlawfully seized proceeds raised for the film, forcing producers of the film to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency for the release of the funds, with litigation in the works. Clements’ goal is to have influencers download the film from and upload it to their respective channels or websites without any fear of a copyright restriction. Clements states, “Yesterday, the film was mine. Clements, who taught MBA business law courses to aspiring accountants to avoid IRS scrutiny, was then ironically targeted by the IRS just days after the film’s launch X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. And welcome. Welcome to our show today. We've got two amazing people that are coming on, maybe three. But at this point in time, Sandy Kiesel from Election Integrity Force is on. And I love Sandy and I love everybody standing with Election Integrity Force. This is an amazing group of people and they have done so much work, you know, to add on to what Stephanie, uh, belting came on and talked about yesterday. There's a lot of really good people working behind the scenes. And then at 10 o'clock it's doc is professor David Clements. And I'm, I'm excited to see him. We are friends and I know both him and, and general Flynn and David stayed with us in Grand Rapids when he got stranded one time, which was kind of fun. So I got to spend a little time with both him and his lovely wife. So, um, I want to think Sandy's all set here. I'm going to bring you right on Sandy and, and hi, how you doing? See, I got to unmute you here a minute. How you doing Sandy? Well, thanks for having me. Well, thank you so much for being on today. You guys are doing such amazing work. It's, it's, uh, uh, the amount of selfless work you put into thing in time is amazing. So what's going on? So, We had a sheriff this week in Michigan release just a ton of documents from Dominion. They are internal documents, emails back and forth. It's some 400 pages. I haven't even had time to get through all of it. It's a lot of material. And so we're just thrilled that this information is finally coming out. Comer, excuse me, David Comer, right? That's in the documents. It was one of our sheriffs that leaked the documents. Right. It was in it from dominion and said, we suck. And so I got that far because I did read some of them because they couldn't get to pass tests. And at that point in time, you're like going, they just admitted that there was connection that they lied about to the internet. Well, they had foreign nationals working in our election. How does that happen? You know, we're paying them a ton of money. I don't think it's part of their contract that they can outsource to foreign countries. And what does that leave us open to? It's certainly against the Constitution because it's foreign interference in our elections. Correct. And so right there is the law, the law that really going to get all of them because they have done everything wrong. There is not one thing I've seen that was done right in the maladministration, the mispresence of the law. I mean, all of it is just wrong. Yeah. And before this, it's been us suspecting and accusing or now we have it from them. You know, if you think about what election integrity does, we buy data from the secretary of state and then we analyze that data and we release it to the public essentially. And, and you know, what, what we always say about that is if, if you're doing that, then you, you can't say the data is bad. You know, the secretary of state, The Board of Elections, they can't say, oh, your data is not good. You don't have the right data because we're getting it from them. And this leak on Dominion is the same thing, right? It's not us saying there's a problem. It's their documents. Yeah, it's their documents and it's their documents showing that there were foreign nationals in our election. And You know, we're very fortunate. We live in the greatest country in the world. You know, we are extra lucky that we live here. And other countries aren't that lucky. And what does it take to buy those people? And I'm not, I'm not saying that happened, but what does it take to buy those people? And so now you've got foreign people playing in our elections and there's a whole lot of countries that would like to control what the United States do. And so we, by having foreigners complete access into our systems, how does that happen? Well, it doesn't just happen. It's a plan. It's, you know, the rest of the other. I can say whatever I want to say. Right. And my whole thing is, is that there's no way that this is coincidence. There's no way that this just sort of happened, that all of our stuff is over. This is a stolen election and it is very organized. There was so many little intricacies to this that I'm kind of glad we're going through the process of finding absolutely in fine grain everything that they've done, which is illegal, unlawful, against the Constitution, outright theft and fraud. I mean, at first they're saying, oh, don't say the word fraud. I'm like... Exactly the word we should be saying is fraud. And it was it was all the way up to the to the attorney general's office. She committed fraud. She was she was well aware of the fraud. Thereby, she committed fraud by hiding it. And she's also guilty. Well, yeah, if you go to the GBI strategies, she had that stuff sitting on her desk before she said it was the cleanest, fairest election ever when she knew there was an investigation going on. And then passed it to the state police and said, what, what could I have done? You know, it's like, it's like went right into Disney princess crap. And, you know, it's like, I mean, that's really where she went. She goes right into being a Disney princess and says, you know, I don't know. That is not what an actual adult does. Who's interested in taking care of problems. You go after them and then you, you don't just drop the ball and say, well, I passed it to them. They didn't do that. Well, you know, it still goes back to her. And she did it with knowledge. It was for knowledge. Yeah. So it's been a really, really interesting week. So we have all those files. We put them on We put up a separate website for it. Let me pull that up because I know I've watched, I've looked at the, hang on a second. I'm going to pull up your. We had them on our website and now we just have the link. And, and so we set them up on a separate website and we're asking, you know, we know, we know that this isn't the only cases going on in the country. And so hopefully we're going to be able to gather information from other States and put it all in the same place. That's awesome. Well, let me go here a minute and we'll show this. This is, this is election integrity force. Do you like our new look? We did changes to the website. I do. It's really nice. So we're, we're on the, on your side. You know what? Literally, literally the communications guys got it done five minutes before this meeting started. There you go. Dominion files. Okay. Well, thank you. Communications guys. I think I know who the communications guys are. In fact, and so their names are his name. So, but there you go. So, so here we go. We can go right here and we can find all of the drops that Darlie put out there and And I'm kind of curious about. And we want to get the word out to others so that if other states have information and everything, we start to all compile it into one location. Because then it'll be a little easier for our law enforcement people to accessing and make connections across the different states. Well, and I think that that is I think that's, you know, super. Let me see if I can get this to fit here. No other way. And I actually have a meeting tonight with a couple of the other key states where some of this stuff's been going on. Let me see if I can scroll down on this a little bit because I'm in a different place here. Okay, so here are all of the pages and such. So you can go right there and you can find them directly from the – let me see if I can go back. and And there's all the documents right there, which I think is great because sometimes, you know, opening up Google Docs and such can be like, yeah, it's too big. You got to download and blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, this is a much better way to do it. So thank you for putting that up. And with that said too, there's a lot of questions about what has been happening here. And I know you've got the inside scoop on some of it with say like Stephanie Lambert and what happened there. And And Darlene, I mean, everybody's kind of working together to write this. And just so everybody knows, there's so many good people behind the scenes. Sandy is one of the good guys. And I really, I really appreciate knowing you. And it's an honor for me to stand with you and to, you know, truly be in the fight with you. So what else is happening here, Sandy? So Stephanie, you know, got information during Discovery. And she when she looked and saw foreign nationals in our election, et cetera, she felt like laws had been broken or that, you know, it needed to be investigated. And so she did what we always tell all of our people to do. Right. If you find something that looks that looks wrong, please get it to law enforcement so that they can do their job. So that's exactly what Stephanie did. she got it over to Darleaf. And then of course, once it turns over to a sheriff or a police department or whatever, they conduct that election as they see fit to do that. And so they move forward. Yeah, they moved forward with their investigation. And, you know, we've all watched the bump bump law and order, right? Where they have a press release and they release some things to the press, but they hold some back. And so, you know, they decide what to do with that. So Dar decided that the best course of action during his investigation, and I don't know if it was him specifically or his deputies or what, but decided that they should release this information. And so that's what they did. So Stephanie was in court IN D.C. ON MONDAY AND THE JUDGE SPECIFICALLY ASKED HER IF SHE HAD ILLEGALLY RELEASED DOCUMENTS AND RELEASED DOCUMENTS FROM DISCOVERY AND SHE CLEARLY STATED THAT SHE RELEASED THEM TO LAW ENFORCEMENT. AND OF COURSE SOME OF THEM WERE IN HER BRIEFS THAT SHE HAD FILED WITH THE COURT. So, yeah. So, and then she was with that, that she gave, handed him over to DART. I mean, DART can do with whatever he wants to do with it because he's in charge of the county. I, I wish these morons would get it figured out that the sheriff's office is the highest peacekeeping office law office in, in the land really, you know, for, or I should say in the state, he is the, they, he is the top or they are the top in their counties and they have the right to run the county any way they want. Right. And so, And so, you know, Dar's doing what what he sees as the right thing to do. I thought one of the funniest comments was after the court case, they asked Stephanie to stay and they excused everybody else. And then they came in and arrested her. And somebody interviewed Pat Patrick Byrne. And I saw a quote from him and they asked him if she'd been arrested. And he said, I don't know if she's been arrested. But if she has, I have a lot more respect for her and she can raise her feast to me. I thought that was a great quote. That's a great quote. That was a great quote. So I don't remember where I read it, but yeah, I thought it was, I thought it was right on, you know. Oh, he's funny. Patrick's funny. Yeah. He's got a great sense of humor that, that dry, you know, that dry, satirical humor piece. And so, so yeah, so Stephanie spent, she was in DC, you know, she's a single mom. She spent the night in jail. They didn't arraign her the next day. And then she has to submit for fingerprints, I believe today. So, you know, and she's been fighting in several, in several different states on several different issues. for our rights, for election integrity, for the truth to come out. you know, and, and it's, you know, it's taken us a long time to get here. I know when I got into this, I thought I was going to be doing this for a couple of months because I thought this was the United States and we would show what happened. And that would be that it would get fixed and we'd all move on and go back to our regular lives, you know, and, and here we are in 2024. And honestly, we have the exact same election stacking up, right? We've got the same two candidates. We've got, we've got the same election, the same voting machines, et cetera. And, uh, You know, this stuff coming out just really underscores how every single one of us, and I mean every single solitary one of us, needs to be involved in this election. Well, and what's really crazy is, let's go back to the Secretary of State and everything. She took how many people off the voter? We the people took that many people off the voter rolls, and what does Benson do? So I'm right back on. She put them right on. So I see dead people t-shirt. Yeah, there you go. We just started doing a little bit of merchandise because we really need funds. You know, we, we, we need more lawyers that are willing to work on this so we can bring more of this to light so that we can, we can try to stop these things from happening. So we're doing a little bit of merch. We've got, we've got the, I see, I see dead people. And the back of it says, I see dead. It doesn't say I see dead people. It says, I see dead. And you turn around and it says voters dead. Oh, that's good. I see dead voters are awesome. Yeah. If you scroll down, you can see the back of it. So the front says, I see dead. And on the back, it says voters. Well, let's see if I can go down. There you go. There you go. I see. Yeah. Voting. I see dead people voting. That's fun. So that's fine. And that's kind of our first fun one. We have a couple other fun ones that are, that are coming. We're working on one that is, uh, Michigan politics. Uh, salty and shark infested to kind of play on that, you know, the Michigan unsalted theme, you know, Michigan politics, salty and shark infested. And so we've got a few more things that are going to be coming out there, just a little bit of just a little bit of fun, but, but you know, we, as these things are coming out, we really need to think about what we're all going to do differently for 2024. If you look at what just happened, they decided that they could use the works programs to hire students to register voters on campuses. And we're already above a hundred percent registration in Michigan. so we don't need anybody registering voters which goes back to the gbi strategy thing too right but we don't need more voters registered we're already above 100 now I'm not saying those are the right voters registered but you know if you think about the college population uh the college population a lot of them go to school out of their county out of state away from home And they're still registered to vote wherever they registered to vote. So now you're going to do this effort and you're going to register these students to vote on campus. And, you know, I have a couple of things on that. One is if you're registering to vote in Michigan as a Michigan resident, then you shouldn't be paying out of state tuition. So, and, and if you have a car, you should have Michigan insurance. And if you have a car and you have a driver's license, your driver's license should be from Michigan and, and what they're doing this across the country. So that applies to every, you know, every state. So, you know, that's one thing. And then if you registered to vote in Michigan and you're safe from Indiana, well, then that leaves your voting registrations sitting open in Indiana. Because we know Eric is not taking people off the rolls. So when you register to vote in Michigan or you register to vote in Michigan on the same day, because that's what we have in Michigan is same day registration. What happens to your registration in Indiana or Texas or wherever you're from? So we are really concerned about that. And back to this Foreign. I'll let you comment on that. And then I have another point I want to make. You can keep going. That's fine. I like listening to what you have to say because you bring up some really good points. And how many people I went through it yesterday with Stephanie. And it was really kind of interesting to see also the number of duplicate registrations people have. And there's no way to check it, which is that Eric failure lands right straight on the director of the Board of Elections, smug little Jonathan Brader. I can't stand that guy. I cannot stand that guy with the smug little smirk, right? And so it's just like, you know, and you ask him a question and he twists in his chair like a fourth grader on Red Bull trying to get away from it. And he, you know, and this is absolute failure. And it was failure in the state of Michigan from top to bottom. The legislature kicked the can to the board of canvassers, just like Nestle kicked the can to the state police because nobody's accountable to anything and or anyone right now. And Braider is sitting right there on the top of two entities, which, A, shouldn't have any interference or any involvement in our election because this is the problem with centralization. They have centralized all of these activities into organizations like, say, ERIC or such, or even the Board of Elections. And the Board of Elections probably shouldn't even be there because I believe that it's one of those entities that shouldn't exist. And our election should be local. We should call it in and there shouldn't be any more involvement in my opinion than that right there. then the local entities can clean up their voter rolls and it's not a top-down strategy to tell everybody at the local level what to do, including sending letters and telling them to destroy their voter records and their election records and or send it right up to the state so they can control it all. And who controls it all? Failures. Failures like Jonathan Brader. How's that for an answer? I absolutely agree with you. I think it's It's ridiculous what's happening. Um, you know, the, the, this strategy we're very concerned about. And the other thing that we're really concerned about is they're giving IDs to these illegal immigrants that are coming across the border. And so we have all these extra voters. What's going to one prevent them from voting. And two, prevent them from working on our elections. Foreigners shouldn't. Oh, lost Sandy a minute. Let's see. She comes back in here a second. And so let's see. I'm hoping that she jumps back in. This is what happens a lot of times when you're on a live feed. And she'll come back in in just a minute. We'll just take a little bit of break here. But to her point, I know what she's going to say. Foreigners should not be working in our elections. They shouldn't be voting in our elections unless you're an American citizen or a true American. They're not Americans until they made the cut. And anybody that comes in illegally, they're not a refugee. They're not a refugee at all. They're not an asylum seeker. They're an illegal immigrant if they come in here without going through the process, which is the American process. So let's see if we can get Sandy back on. We might have to do this by phone just to make sure she gets in here. Let me see a minute. Give her a little bit of a help here. I'm going to bring Ralph in just for a minute. Hey, Ralph, how are you doing? Good morning. Doing good. How are you? Good. Thanks for jumping on here. Yeah, this whole process is absolutely nuts. And I'm sure that they kicked Sandy off because can't have Sandy on here talking truth, you know. Yep. And there's all kinds of ways to interfere with that sort of thing. Yeah. But yeah, there's an awful lot of... For something that should be as free and open as our elections, it's awfully hard to find good information about it from actually requesting stuff, isn't it? Well, I tell you what, I'm going to go ahead. Hey, Sandy, how you doing? Hey, sorry. My internet connection, I guess, dropped out. Well, it's not your fault because this is what these, when anybody's talking truth on here, we will watch it and it's consistent every time. Somebody who's actually bringing truth. that is actually talking truth, their feed will get cut. And it happens almost every time. And or there's an interruption. Now on our side, we can keep things up. On the other side, there's a little bit of play involved in this. And there's there's some there's some real there's some real big questions here. I'd like to talk about a few other things that I I personally know, because I went to I went to Mike Lindell's little deal there last summer. Yeah, we were there together and you had on those fabulous shoes and that great outfit. Yeah, thank you for that. We're talking, we're talking about our, we're both fashionistas. We like, we like dressing well, which I love about you. And so we talked about all kinds of things that are just fun. You know, I think that, you know, we get on here and we talk about real serious subjects, but we're also people and we like certain things. I like Sandy's sense of style. And we got talking about shoes and all those good things. So a few things that I saw, which were really kind of interesting, which leads me to something else about, I think it's a check my vote and the people that are involved in that. And I have a question for it. There's a guy out there named Fonny, right? Fonny and Tim Vetter, that they work together on check my vote. Is Fannie actually an American citizen, or is he somebody else that's stepped in here that is not an American? Yeah, you have to ask yourself why he's so interested in our elections, because I don't believe he's an American citizen. I don't believe he can vote. And let's talk about the Tim better check my vote, just to be clear. Let's talk about this. Let's talk about this, because that was all EIF intellectual property. I can tell you exactly where I was when we had the team meeting to talk about doing the things for Check My Vote. That was all data that EIF had donors donate to us to buy. And then they walked away with our intellectual property and our data and started a for-profit company to... to do Check My Vote. And the reason that we didn't move faster on getting Check My Vote up is because just like they took my feed out here, they also will hack into anything that we give them. And so we knew that that stuff needed a ton of security behind it before we could just put it up for people to see. And we didn't have all the money and the donations to get all that security And so we were moving slower because we, you know, we were working with people like Jason Ikes, who really understands computer safety kinds of things. And Tim and Bonnie walked off with our intellectual property and, yeah, so... So I had to put this up because when people want to know who is involved with this thing with Eric and with the elections and such, this is actually Jonathan Brader, the Director of Elections, Chairman of the Board of Eric, and a smirky little failure who has not followed the law whatsoever. And the one that answered me with, we're making up policies on the fly. That's Mr. Jonathan Brader with his little Weasley smirk on his face every time. So the point, the point I was trying to make when I got, got cut off was, you know, not all, not only do we have foreigners that can vote in our election now because they're getting automatically registered, but, But we also have it where they can be working on our elections. How do we know if somebody is an American citizen or not? Are they going to be running our elections, working with the board of elections, working with our clerks, et cetera? Do the clerks have the right before they hire election workers to check if they're American citizens or not, or at least have a green card? who knows because they've all got ID in Michigan now. We can't do that. I don't even want a green card there because that's giving them an answer. They're going to take a mile. And that is against what we have in the Constitution of the United States. We are not supposed to have foreign involvement. If you are not an American citizen, you are not allowed to touch this thing. And at this point in time, I think we can consider all of them criminals. So so here's here's another question I have, which I think is interesting. We're we're check my vote. We're funny. And Tim better check my vote. Right. And we can assume that Fonny, unless he provides something, is probably not an American citizen, correct? Correct. Okay. How much money were they making a month from the MIGOP under Christina Caramo, whom I will say right now, I published all of their finances. Yes. out there and half of the gop is out there squeaking and saying oh no brandon burke you know got rid of uh help get rid of christina karamo yeah that's because they refuse to hold anybody accountable now it wasn't my fault that they voted pete hookstrand who committed treason and should apologize for signing the patriot act but I digress but how much was it like 2500 a month that they were paying finding a non-American citizen and Tim Vedder, protect my vote, who stole the records from Election Integrity Force. Right. Who had paid for it. Is that correct? Right. They got paid for it. Like I said, it was people who donated to the EIF. And just to be clear, none of us have ever taken any money. You know, I would love to have some of our people be able to get paid because they really do work incredibly hard. We have some people that are putting in 60, 80 hours a week. You know, I would love to see them be able to get a paycheck, but honestly, every dollar we take in goes into buying FOIA data or, you know, getting a database up so that we can analyze the data and tracking things. And, you know, not a single dime has gone to anything else. You know, it's keeping the website up, those kinds of things, not a single person. And I can tell you that every single one of us that's working on this effort has taken money out of our own pockets to pay for things because, you know, if we don't have the funds in the door, we don't want to hold things up. So we reach in our own pockets and we take, take money out. And every single solitary one of us has done that. And, and, you know, a lot of us have given up jobs. I know you've had Scott on the show and, you know, Scott is that he's not part of EIF, but, you know, we, we do coordinate with him some, and I know, you know, he has taken, you know, he's not working because he's doing these things. And, you know, a lot of us have taken a lot of hips and to have somebody take, you know, take the intellectual property and then set up a for-profit company. Not okay. It's not okay. It's like Christina Kramer taking a salary every month when she said that she wasn't going to do that until they had everything figured out. And right now, I still have the knowledge that the books are absolutely in shambles. And they're still trying to figure out what she did because... They wrecked the MIGOP. They wrecked all credibility financially. Now the people that are there, I think there's some good people in there trying to dig out. However, we have some serious problems going on there. And they have taken all legitimacy away from the MIGOP right now. And if they lose this election for President Trump, it's going to be on them entirely. They're not going after the machines. They're not talking about the election integrity from within the MIGOP that I've heard in any meaningful way. They have not gone in and done anything that's a legal move other than just talking. Yeah, our elections are bad. We need to do something about our elections. That's the MIGOP right there. They're not doing what you guys are doing and they're not doing what Darlene's doing and they're not doing what Stephanie's doing and they're not doing what Scott's doing. They're not doing anything that is of a sizable or anything that's going to move the line. Yeah. The new administration has reached out to us and asked if we would be willing to help them. We're willing to work with anybody who's willing to work on election integrity, because we think all the parties have the normal citizens who really do want transparent and trusted elections. It's not a party thing. It's not the guy next door to you who happens to have different beliefs than you. That is the issue here. And so we're willing to work with anybody who thinks election integrity is important and is willing to do the right thing. And I think it's important. And it's just like, like I said, too, you know, if they can't come back and they say, you know, they say, OK, we made a mistake and let's let's this is how we're going to write it. Our job is to instruct our elected officials on what to do when we see something wrong. We weren't supposed to abandon them and say, OK, they broke the law. OK, they broke the law. Now we're just going to sit here and complain. We have to reach out to them and say, this is what's wrong. And this is how you're going to fix it. This is the path that we want you to take to fix it. And if you're willing to do that, then we can play ball with it. But if they just sit there and continue to do the same thing, we can't play ball with them and they have to be removed. And so I'm glad to hear that the MIGOP with hopefully, I don't know who specifically reached out to you, but they want to work with you. I'm really happy to hear that. Very, very happy. Yeah, we'll see where it goes. You know, we said that we're more than willing and, you know, we tried to educate them as much as possible. They have an election committee and it's two pieces. It's, you know, get the vote out. And they think that's the most important part. And I don't disagree that that's important. But if you have an unlimited pool of votes to control the elections, then it doesn't matter that you get the vote out. Because it's going to go through the machines and the machines can flip it everywhere you want. If you've got more registered voters in an area than we have actual people, we can assume that 120% registration is a problem. And they can add more to that. And I want to go back to the college student thing and registering same day. Why? You know, I think we really need to be realistic. And I was in college for way too many years. I'll give you that. And I finished my degree with within six. you know, like four and a half years, OK, and then went back for a couple more years and studied some other various things. But we can we can assume that the mindset of someone that's been sitting in the government school indoctrination camp is the same kind of mindset that we've seen coming across the border because they've had time for people to work on them and promise them that. And they're not even understanding that the real enemy is who they're sitting under. The colleges and universities are money laundering beasts. They are telling everybody that comes into school, these young adults who perhaps are still a little bit naive on how horrible the world can be and how it works, that... They're going to earn a huge living under gender studies or something like that, something that has no ability. If you look at the amount of money that people make within some of these industries, you could live 20 lifetimes and you're not going to be able to have a life and pay this back. unless you get some sort of miracle from God or you jump into one of their little bureaus to keep the indoctrination going, because that's the only way you're going to make money to pay their debt off. I think universities should be the ones to, if we're going to cancel debts or do any debt cancellation, that's where it needs to come from. But then the rest of us who actually paid our college bill and paid it off, I had mine paid off within a year and a half of graduating because I didn't have that much debt because I worked two to three jobs the whole time I was in college to, in fact, pay for my education and such. But I digress, you know, to take out a loan and such, you're going to have to pay it back. There's a time where that has to be paid back. And realistically, they're not being counseled well. to know that you rack up $300,000 worth of debt and you make $30,000 or $40,000 a year, of which 70% of that is taxed, you know, and you have to live and we've created inflation. You ain't paying that back. Right. And the problem with it is, I mean, if you went to buy a house, you know, and you bought a little one bedroom house that's worth $100,000, but you went in and offered a million for it, And there wasn't a requirement that the house be valued at the level for you to get the loan. We'd have the same situation. And that's what they've done with these school loans. You know, it really was a, it really was a scam because the government used to help fund the colleges. And then the government wanted to cut that budget line. So they said, okay, well, we'll cut that budget line and we'll set up the student loan program. So then people can take out loans. And then the colleges figured out that these kids could get a loan for any degree they wanted. I have several friends that got degrees in equestrian studies. Their children got degrees in equestrian studies. And, you know, we all love horses, but I know you do, but you know, you get a degree in equestrian studies. Okay. So you're going to shovel, you know, what in a barn, because who makes money? Who makes money on equestrian studies, right? You've got a few people, right? No one ever makes money on horses. I'm going to tell you right now, if you want a poverty starter kit, get a horse. Because you will put everything, because of our love of horses, I can tell you, one horse is a poverty starter kit. There you go. And so, you know, the guy who runs the Kentucky Derby, He might make money on horses, right? Like there's one guy, right? Maybe the guy who runs the Belmont, but besides that, nobody's making money on horses. So these kids have these huge loans. These kids have these huge loans and they can't pay them back. You know, like you said, diversity and equity and inclusion, you get a degree in that. We need to have degrees that actually can get a job and get paid. Of course, I have a little bit of a warped sense because the degree I have is the number one highest paying undergraduate degree from the time I graduated until at least a few years ago, because one of my good friends got his daughter got a chemical engineering degree and she wanted to go take an in-nation job in China at China wage rates. And she graduated from the number one engineering school in the country. And he's like, Sandy, you have to talk to her. So I talked to her and I'm like, hey, you graduated from the number one engineering school in the country. And I did the research before I talked to her. And I said, you know, you graduated from the number one school in the country and you have the highest paying degree. And it was still at that time, a few years ago, the highest paying undergrad degree on average. And so, you know, I have a warped sense that you can come out of college and pay off whatever loans you have. But, you know, here I am instead of doing that, working for election integrity, making nothing. Yeah, well, you know, it's like you're you're you know, when we go at it, though, we have to understand, I think. that what's going to feed your heart and your soul? Is it just about money and material things? Or are you going to gain knowledge in whatever it is that you are interested in and use that for the good of humanity? Or does it just stop with what can I earn? What can I make? How much stuff can I have? How will people look at me for what I have? I'm going to tell you what, you want to be hated above all. So I grew up as a really poor kid, right? I just worked hard. That's what I know how to do. And I'm not doing anything. It's like I'll shovel horse crap. And and that's what I like doing best, because nobody wants the job. So nobody argues with you. You know, it's a it's a perfect job if you want to go and have nobody ever complain about what you're doing because nobody wants the job. So anyhow, you know, you look at. You look at how people are and most people have the mindset of, I'm glad you're doing well as long as I'm doing better. And if you're doing better than me, I'm going to hate you and find reasons why you probably cheated, why you probably did something awful. And you are an awful person because you have success. That is about 97% of the people out there. Instead of looking at our country. Yeah, it's saying, oh, well. If you really want to be hated, get successful. And I mean, even if you're going to do it honestly, people will hate you. You know, just for that. And I think my husband put it the best. He said 97% of the people that we know either want to use our stuff to be close to us, use our stuff to do favors for their friends so they can get somewhere on something they never did, which is what the politicians do with our money, or they flat out are trying to figure out how to steal it from you, which happens in the elections. That's what they do. They actually look at – there is a donor list. that they will look at your net value, what you have, how much you spent and how much liquidity you have, and you will be targeted by all of these big organizations and all the people that are all about money and not about elections. And I could name a few names out there that approached me that is in one person actually was telling me how he was going to do all these great things for me and on and on. And we have to buy this. We have to buy media, which he was getting a 15 percent cut off. And we're going to have to do polls, which he was getting a cut off. And we're going to do this, that and the other thing. And I'm like, well, I'm not going to put money into this. This is ridiculous. We need to put money into things like having, you know, feeding people and actually doing something instead of just enriching you and everybody like you that's standing in this industry. Put it back in the people. Well, he thought he hung up and there's somebody else in the room. He didn't hang up. Open line, get you every time. And so he didn't hang up, and I listened to the rest of the conversation behind the scenes. So I pretty much know what this guy is really, really all about. And so it's like, you know, but this happens all the time. And that's so frustrating to me because this country, if you want to be successful, go be successful. You know, it takes hard work, and it takes a lot of time. And, you know, I don't know. When I got married to him, I was like, Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when I got married, I had a hundred dollars. Tom had $2 and 50 cents in his pocket. I looked at him the day before we got married and I said, why am I marrying you? You have $2 and 50 cents. And he looked back to me and said, I have potential. I didn't know the potential was going to take so much work. So, so yeah. Yeah. So it's been a joke our whole life because I said, I loved you too much to ask what your definition of potential was. Oh, that's so funny. And he says, yeah, you're living a really hard life. You know, it's been a joke our whole marriage. So, but you know, there's no reason why people can't make whatever they want to make. And I think one of the worst advice they give kids is do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, right? How many times have we heard that? No, you can't do what you love. It's called work for a reason. So you have to find the spot where what you love intersects with how you can put food on your table for your family, because that's the job you need to have. You can't just go do what you love. It's got to be that combination with the common sense of what can I do to feed my family and still have it be enjoyable. And that's where you have to look for your opportunities. And people always forget that last part, the part about it being able to feed your family and put, and that's capitalism. And it may not be the best system in the world, but it's the best so far. Yeah. Well, and it goes back to that mindset of people wanting to be like a six year old on a stage and have everybody worship their wonderful greatness and how much they know and what's in their brain. Nobody cares. You know, it's like they're too busy in their own heads to, you know, and to expect other people to pay our way is not the adult way to do it. We should be adults and take care of people around us. That's my opinion. I'm sticking with it. So anyhow, is there anything else you want to talk about on election, the election integrity force? I think we should give people links and I'm going to put Brader's face up there. So, you know, we're really working to try. We're really working to try. I love it. Yeah. Mr. Mr. Smog. And so, you know, we're really working to try to clean the voter rolls. There's laws in place that limit removing people from the voter rolls within a certain number of days of the election. So that with when our primary is and when our regular election is, they're very close together. It only leaves a few days between the two to be able to, uh, uh, make changes between the primary and the regular. So we're really trying to have a big push to do a lot of the qualified voter roll cleanup between now and June. So if anybody's willing to work on that, you know, we're doing virtual canvassing right now. For example, we published a list of people who were over 110 years old in our state, and we've been going through and finding death certificates and giving those to the clerks. And so we need help with that. That's our boots program. We also need people to sign up to be election workers and election challengers. You know, we have minimum nine days early voting. We have ballots going up 45 days before the election. We have roughly 1600 clerks offices in our state. We're very lucky because we are much more distributed than other states. And you mark by words, they're trying to, to take us to county clerks only. And they're pushing that direction. If you look what happened in our, in our laws, they just doubled the size of our precincts. Um, And so we all need to get involved and we need to keep those local clerks. Cause that's really important, but we, we need to work to, uh, make sure that we have coverage because 45 days before the election, they start sending out absentee ballots. During that time, those ballots come back into the clerk's offices and those clerks offices, um, verify the signature. They're doing all of that work, and right now it's under the cloak of darkness because nobody's in those offices. In a perfect world, we would have enough people to cover all 45 business days before the election with people in every single solitary clerk's office across the state. And so we need volunteers that are willing to be poll challengers. And honestly, with some of the laws, we would prefer for them to be from more than one organization so that we could have two people in a clerk's office every single day, the 45 days before the election, so that we can not have that being done behind closed doors with nobody watching. Well, are they even going to allow that? Because I know that the clerk in my area, she hung up on me after she denied my FOIA for whatever reason, because she got rid of all of their election records and sent it up to Jonathan Brader. And with a letter from Brader that told them not to talk to any of us. Now, I don't know about you, but how is it that the, that the director of the board of elections, the chairman of the board of Eric can give down directions to the entire state of clerks. Do not talk to the voters have send them to us. When the clerks are elected officials. Yes, and he gave them an unlawful order to not talk to the citizens that elected them. I'm like, are you kidding me? Mr. Smug Little Smile, Jonathan Brater. I do not understand this. And I don't understand why this hasn't been absolutely prosecuted. And so I don't know if you know this, but I'm working with John Tater on Tuesdays, and we're putting together kind of a case that we can spread across the state for everyone to take to the townships to demand, and I mean demand, that under the law that they are to remove the electronic machines or that they will be prosecuted. Mike Lindell filed a thing on that. I was not aware you're doing that. And thank you for doing that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If we can help, let us know. Mike Lindell did file a lawsuit at the Supreme Court level this week. And they are thinking that if that lawsuit does go through, that it will enable us to get rid of the Is it on your website? It is not. I don't have it. I don't have it from them yet. We'll probably put it up when. So my phone keeps getting really hot and it wants to shut the feed down. So I'm literally sitting here with a tray of ice behind my phone, holding the tray of ice behind the phone to keep the phone cool. And now the ice has melted enough that it's spilling out onto my phone. Oh, no. I don't know what it is about StreamYard. It does that to my phone, which is why I was trying to use the computer because it seems to do better on the computer. But let's see. That's why the camera keeps moving too. Here we go. We've got Mike Wendell's new lawsuit. Let's see if I can. New evidence, new evidence. We've got all kinds of evidence. I'm not sure. Newsweek. It's got new evidence, explosive evidence. I don't see the actual information. Yeah, I don't know if they've released it yet. I had a meeting with some of their Positive America team members yesterday, and they were talking about it. Yeah, I should get Linda Rantz on. Let's see if I can get her on to do this too. Here we've got AZ Central. new evidence, explosive evidence. Okay. What I want to see is I want to see the actual documents. So I don't know if it, I don't know if it's out there. I don't have them yet, but yeah. So that may help you with what they're doing, but you know, as far as whether or not the clerk will let us in, I mean, our laws say that we're allowed to watch the election process. That's part of the election process. So, you know, but then that'll take money to have a lawyer to file a lawsuit when they try to block us from being there. Cause you know, they're not going to want us seeing the fact that they're getting all these stuffed ballots and you know, that they're approving signatures that don't match, but that's where all the signature matching is going. And so, you know, if we're not there to watch that and, and, you know, we have this, um, Vera vote system in the Wayne County area. That has capability that Zuck bucks paid $750,000 to buy that we tried to, to Sue saying that that shouldn't be used because the laws say that you can't have a different election process in one place than another place, because it could go to discrimination. And so were you, we, you know, we spent $750,000 of Zuck bucks on this voting. verify voter thing to verify signatures. And then they went into court and said, they're not using it for that. They're just pulling the signatures up with it. Well, what do you need a $750,000 piece of equipment to pull signatures up, right? But that's not legal to have that in Wayne County and not in any of the other counties. Let me ask you this. Why is it that you had to pay for election data from a secretary of state's office, period? They should have this available for all of us because we already paid for it. So why are they now charging us for the information which we paid for that we should have access for? Tell me that. I would like somebody to explain that to me. It's just like the attorneys having to or paying for they have to buy the books, you know, of course. But I really want to know why this isn't out there in a searchable database that any one of us has the ability to access at any point in time because they're protecting individuals. And it's disgusting to me. It's absolutely disgusting to me. Why weren't all the phone records released that they used for the 2,000 mules? Those phone records should have been released, right? Those people should have all been charged with a crime. And what about all of the people, you know, all of the GBI people? I don't know if you had a chance to watch that interview that the sheriff or the police force did with the woman who was bringing in the registrations. I've seen a lot on that. So I don't know if we're talking about the same one, but I, but yeah, you know, they, they, it was like, they were just giving them a free card. Why aren't they releasing all of the information, texts and otherwise, from the Capitol Police in J6? Ivan Raiklin brought this up. Why are they hiding all of this? This should be out there. And I'm sorry, but I've heard people say that it's an investigation. We shouldn't be doing the drafts of all these because an investigation's going on. Well, the DOJ, the attorneys, the source judges, the prosecutors, nobody's doing their job in there. And this whole Department of Justice is an illegal entity. It doesn't even exist under Norton v. Shelby County, which is stare decisis law. And the whole of this, probably about 95% of what we see as government needs to go through nullification and nullify it, all of it. And set ourselves back to the start point. We need a reset. And not the reset that Klaus Schwab talks about, you know. Or the reset with the Constitutionist states. Because they can go into that and decide whatever rules they want. And they try to convince us that they'll only talk about term limits and those kinds of things. But the way we got our current Constitution was with that. And once they get in there, they get to decide whatever they want that to be. And they can make new rules. And no way do I want that constitution opened up. I don't either. Constitution of state is the worst idea I have ever heard right now in my life. I agree. The people that I've seen that, that institution or that organization has, that has been pushing this has absolutely, or the people behind has absolutely been infiltrated on the highest level of operatives of deep state operatives. And I've seen it. I've seen their presentation and such. And I'm going to tell you what, this is the worst idea that anybody could possibly go forward because they will destroy the one thing that still stands that is keeping us from absolutely being decimated as a country. Yeah, I agree. It's the hope that we have right now is a hope. Hope is in God. But you've got to have the law behind you. You have got to have something to stand on. We will have nothing to stand on because there's not one of these people that no matter how virtuous they say that I would give jurisdiction over a Kool-Aid stand or a lemonade stand in the middle of summer because they'd screw it up. Yep. Yep. I mean, can you imagine if we had a Nancy Pelosi that gets elected the chair for that meeting? Ah, blow the constitution out, say goodbye to your right to free speech, say goodbye to your right to, to bear arms, right? All that stuff is gone. Nancy Pelosi, who is attached to K2, assassination group within our government, and all the other nonsense that she's attached to right there has proven herself. And if we think that the cream of the crop is going to move forward in this, no, they will just start our conciding people. that actually are are you know good people they'll send k2 they'll go after them in many different ways and you know what there's not one person that will be legitimate that will be sitting on that thing and we will have just handed our government over to these criminals in one fell swoop and and it cannot happen so anybody that's pushing that constitution of states done immediately done with them assume that they are assume that they are either supremely stupid a captured asset or they are a deep state operative because that's all we got I agree I agree if we don't have our constitution we have nothing and and yeah And we can go back to that. And honestly, the elections, we can know exactly what they did wrong. But honestly, we blew it with counting in private in the machines. We blew it with foreign interference in our elections with machines because that's all foreign interaction. It's you know, and we prove that Serbia is involved in it. I mean, there's so much everybody but we, the people have been involved in these elections. And it's been compromised in every single direction. Sandy, last words here. Sandy, thank you for coming on today. Thank you for having me. You know, just everybody get involved. We've got to, you know, we've got to get enough people that they can't do things in the cloak of darkness. So please volunteer. Please donate to us so that we can keep moving things forward and we can keep doing the good work that all the people who volunteer are doing. I like the I see dead people voters on the T-shirts. So go buy T-shirts from these guys. They don't ask for any money ever, really. So, you know, let's help them out and get behind them because Sandy is one of the good guys. So is Joanne Bacali and Scott Ogney, who is kind of working with them a little bit. I'm going to tell you, they're really some of the good people. We've got to get smarter. I mean, watch this Check Your Vote nonsense that's going on because they've already proven it. that they're illegitimate by taking records that were paid for by election integrity force and throwing it into the thing and putting it into a for-profit company. It's not okay. That's not okay to stomp on people that are working for free. It's not okay. So awesome. We have a great day. And hey, I'll be back just in a few seconds here with the professor, one of my favorite people. We'll be right back. Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg. It is the 21st day of March 2024. I think I blew right past that. And I want to bring in my friend and a wonderful gentleman, the professor David Clements. Hey, David, how you doing? I'm doing good, Donna. It's good to see you. It's wonderful to see you. You guys have got so much going on and I've watched your movie and it's very exciting to have you on today. You're doing so much work. Let's talk about what's going on out there. Well, the latest for me hasn't really been New Mexico related. We certainly have our level of corruption here, but we've been focusing more on your state. And in particular, the prosecutor, D.J. Hilson, who did nothing in Muskegon when tens of thousands of fraudulent ballots were filed. uh were located there was an arrest made there wasn't an investigation conducted yet a special prosecutor's uh investigation was assigned to him it was farmed to him by ag nestle to go after investigators and of course one of those investigators that's in the news right now is stephanie lambert after she was arrested in a washington dc courthouse this past monday for failing to appear to be fingerprinted, which is odd because she appealed the order for her to be fingerprinted, which means she should have had the matter stayed, but corrupt vessels are gonna act very, very corruptly. So I've been focusing on that, not because I'm just super interested in Michigan, I am, but I represent one of the nation state level experts as an attorney in that prosecution and in the Antrim litigation by Jeff Lemberg, and it looks like D.J. Hylson is trying his best to turn all of these nation state experts into snitches to turn states witness to testify against Matt DiPerno, against Stephanie Lambert. So it's a very, very precarious place for my client. And obviously it's a very, very precarious place for people that are getting targeted and arrested. It's happening all over the place. And there's so many there's so many crazy things going on that that trying to connect the dots on them is like trying to find all the tentacles off of a squid. It's crazy. So what else can you tell me about what's going on currently here? Well, you've got two cases that are of note, at least with respect to Stephanie Lambert. One is the criminal investigation, which is fundamentally misunderstood at a willful level from the prosecutors because there's a legal provision that allows your township clerks, which own the equipment, to find independent examiners to investigate. And that law was withheld from the grand jury in Michigan. And they were using a retroactive interpretation that only a court order could get you hold of those tabulators. That's not true. It's not the only way. So it was under false pretenses that a judge signed off, a grand jury signed off on this prosecution. And and then you've got something else, which is probably more explosive to the public at large, which was that Sheriff Darleaf of Berry County, I think, saw, you know, that there was just I guess how do I say this? The fix was in. And so he sent a giant cache of email correspondence between Dominion and election administrators throughout the country, which also involves the the I guess the knowledge that we had serving foreign nationals working in our elections on election day. And the reason why that's important is that Dominion was able to secure a protective order to keep the public from having that. Stephanie Lambert rightly gave that to a sheriff because there were evidence of crimes, namely that John Palos, the CEO of Dominion, had been committing perjury. We all knew that. but to see something in black and white that shows that you had remote access, modems everywhere, and the use of this integrated software, which we talked about in our documentary. There's a particular email relevant to this company called Bepro, which had a merger with Noink. And that entity uses a very, very specific form of software called Total Vote. And it allows you to change and modify all of the election data in Michigan. And so to see that in black and white, we knew that, but we've been lied to. All the vendors say, no, no, no, we're highly decentralized. We don't do anything over here. We don't do this. And the emails just blow that story out of the water. So right now there's still a level of danger to Stephanie Lambert because the court could choose to sanction that they're they're contending. Why didn't you come to us and lift the protecting the protective order? And the response to that is that there's no legal obligation for law enforcement to seek approval from a judge to investigate a crime. So everyone's kind of playing this game of chess. So Michigan leading up to the 2024 election is once again, one of the more vital places that we have to pay attention to. I think it's the, there's five swing states and those are, that's, you know, going to have such an impact on it. There's, we have to focus on this and we have to get these machines removed, I believe, and go back to hand counting with paper ballots because I think the centralization that's going on is what's really subverting it because once they have that data, once something crosses the internet, they can do whatever they want with it. There's no security. It's not possible. The Serbian stuff is crazy. So can you talk a little bit more about what you saw from Serbia? Yeah, well, there seems to be email traffic between Dominion employees based out of Serbia that are serving foreign nationals. And the reason why this is important is that John Palos, the CEO, represented to the Michigan legislature under oath that this is a U.S.-based company. Now, what does that mean? Do we just have headquarters in Colorado because there was another set of headquarters in Toronto? Or a PO box in Kalamazoo or something. Yeah. But if you've got people that are in Serbia working for you, the next question is, what are they doing? Are they working on code? And it appears that there's software code that's being designed from these foreign nationals, which would actually be a major violation of FISMA, which is a federal law governing electronic data transactions, which basically necessitates that because Barack Obama determined that elections have to be part of the national critical infrastructure, there's a super, super high threshold for testing to make sure that people are legit. There's no background checks for these Serbian nationals. And the fact that they we're accessing the firmware, the software, the hardware on election day while an election was ongoing is the stuff of treason. I like that word because it certainly applies to many, many people who have had their little finger on it. And I think we need to go after every single one of them for justice and prosecute them. And that goes to the legislature, that even goes to the clerks. As we were talking before, Jonathan Brader told them to destroy election and voting records in the township and send them up to the, they got sent to the county and then to the state and told them they weren't to talk to the voters. only and send any of the voters or the people of the communities to the state to answer questions. I can't even conceive that this, you know, the centralization is gone and the direction is gone. So is there a path here to write with all this information we have, what's the path to write the elections right now? I think the path is the same that it's always been, which is you have to make the problem small. Everyone's got a solution where they export their advocacy to, you know, a Mike Lindell or a President Trump or someone that's got a big name in a platform. But there's only so much that they can do. So there are a lot of people that really get obsessed with filings before the Supreme Court. And the latest filing is the Kerry Lake Mark Fincham case. And I'm all for it, like argue, argue the law. But there's a much, much more, I think, impactful solution, which is your elections in your particular county are basically handled by five or six people. and they all certify their aspect of the election. So while you might have Dominion or ES&S in your location, and maybe the clerk doesn't legally get the say on what voting system's used, they and they alone certify that black box before it's used in their county. And when you bring up the issue of certification, it's always a yes, no vote, meaning there's always discretion to say, I'm not gonna certify this. So we have to think critically about this. Is there a reason why we could go up to a clerk today, tomorrow, every day to say, hey, here's what you need to know about these little black boxes. And the reason why we're bringing this to your attention is in 42 days before an election, you do this thing called a logic and accuracy test. And we're telling you right now, you better not certify and put this black box into circulation based on the myriad of ways to subvert it. Likewise, you've got canvassing boards. These are usually county commissions, maybe a de facto appointment from Republican or Democrat party. And after an election is conducted, there's this canvassing period. It's usually seven to ten days. They and they alone, this canvassing board, three to five people will certify and give the rubber stamp to an election. Your SOS, Jocelyn Benson, doesn't come down and certify that. And so you're looking at basically the power of numbers. We should have hundreds, if not thousands of people in 3000 plus counties showing up. And doing something to actually shape their destiny. And maybe you don't solve the problem of getting rid of the machines everywhere. But wouldn't it be a relief to do what they did in Shasta where they defunded Dominion and said no more? Or to do what they did in nine Esmeralda counties where they said we're not using ESNS? Even at the municipal level, there's municipal elections every off year. You don't have to have the county conduct your election, meaning you can do a hand count. That's what they did in the city of Milton in Georgia. Claiborne County, Arkansas got a ruling to not use Dominion. And then the RNC of all entities were the ones that betrayed the people of Arkansas. So you see this fluid battle of there are breakthroughs. There are people that understand that counties have the power of the purse. And that raises another question. Why are we funding defective products? Like, okay, you're telling me that I can't get rid of Dominion? Fine, but I don't have to pay for something that I know is defective. so I think the solution's got to be a tireless um you know we'll call it the minority you know because it just takes a tireless minority to to to light those brush fires of liberty but it's going to take something like that in tandem with a top-down approach and so everything that I do donna is I focus on the ground up approach because while trump might have a plan or maybe some mastermind attorney's got something and I advise on a lot of lawsuits so we work that angle. I don't divulge my strategy there because the Mark Ellis's of the world can watch this and say, OK, we're ready. But what I want Americans to focus on is how do we turn our populace into advocates to where we don't sit and watch others do the work. Because nothing's stopping an everyday housewife, janitor, nurse, doctor, and showing up to a county committee meeting where your administrators are there. And we just have to hold them accountable and remind them that the election code in every state is effectively a trust. which means there's a fiduciary responsibility that they investigate these matters. And if they're not willing to do that, they're actually violating their election code. Well, and there's so much evidence out there. And this goes to the legislature too. When I see that they pass the buck basically to Jonathan Brader, who is the director of board of elections and also sits on as chairman of the board of Eric. And they just basically you know, abandoned their duty of their office. The entire legislature did in the state of Michigan. And that to me, I think they all committed treason because they allowed two fraudulent elections, knowing the mountain of evidence that's out there. They never stopped it. They never paused it. They didn't do a thing. Our clerk in our area literally hung up on me, denied my FOIA. And it is a top to bottom corruption in this state because the local people are listening to people like Jonathan Brader tell them what to do instead of following the law. They're afraid or they're They don't have the knowledge. I don't know really what it is, but they're literally, they're breaking, they broke the law. And the next words I want to hear out of their mouth is, you know what? Yep, I broke the law. Didn't know what I was doing. Felt coerced or intimidated and sing like a canary out there on what happened and then get a plan to help us write this. On Tuesdays, I'm working with John Tater and we're putting together a case that we can provide people with the laws that they can go in front of their township boards and I'm asking everybody to please jump on this with us and we'll provide the documents and the law that they can approach them with so that they can tell them that we demand those machines be removed and go back to hand count. I think that's what it's going to take is a whole bunch of us not tolerating this anymore. So let's look at your movie. Where can I find the best trailer for your movie? Well, you can find it on Rumble. There's a long one and a shorter one, but Rumble. But right now it's going to be hard to find because we gave the film away for free, meaning people could pirate, download, bootleg, upload it. And to my pleasure, because Rumble is just loaded with people that have, that have done that bit shoots on that YouTube. So it might take some digging, but I think if you put a let up, let my people go trailer, look for a three minute trailer and you might be able to find one. Okay. Let's see if I can find that. And then we'll play this a minute. So let's see. Unofficial. Thank you. I think this is it. We're going to go ahead and this is real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table, sort of. I just moved into a new office here. So let's see if this is it. Is that it? That's not it. I was going to say, it doesn't look right to me. And if you go on to any of the mainstream search engines, you won't find it. Keeping it down here, isn't it? If you just go into Rumble itself and do a search. This is really good, though, for people to see that the fact that they're hiding things. So you have to keep at it sometimes and not give up on it because this is exactly, let's see, here's the long trail. How many minutes is that long trailer? long ones long ones along you could you could play a minute of it and then we can get back to talking if you wanted to okay let's do that a minute because I do think that it's profitable for people to go through the process of seeing how you find things like this so there you go there's rumble and the following presentation the following presentation has been rated e for propaganda welcome to your safe and secure voting center Meet Chad. Hi, I'm Chad. He's eager to participate in his civic duty, and I am really looking forward to voting today. Chad is voting in the most secure state-of-the-art democratic digital voting system ever. Wow, I feel like I just voted in the most safe and secure election ever. I have a recurring dream about a theater. and a movie that keeps the people asleep. I'm awake. They're not. The 2020 election was the most secure in U.S. history. There was a time I had a classroom and could teach students to discern truth from lies. But the classroom was taken away. You must get vaccinated or get tested weekly. and wear a mask in the classroom. There was a time I had a courtroom and could convey truth to a jury, but that's been taken away too. I say this is someone who has had not one complaint, not two complaints, not three complaints, but five complaints and five investigations to strip me of my law license. What happened? November 3rd, 2020 happened. a rigged election, and the greatest false flag in our country's history was perpetrated to cover it up. Do you have any knowledge of Ray Epps being a secret government agent? No. I will say this notion that somehow the violence at the Capitol on January 6th was part of some operation orchestrated by FBI sources and agents is ludicrous and is a disservice to our brave, hardworking, dedicated men and women. Okay, that's probably enough. There you go. There you were sneaking in the back there. It goes on. It hits on not just the J6ers, but the election infrastructure itself. And so I guess what people can expect on it is the film really opens up with a very, very long propaganda trailer. I mean, you see a little glimpse. Actually, that was a rendering in its infancy because I was scrambling together to try to get the film done. And I remember seeing you at the Lindell event. And a lot of people were really excited by the trailer. What they didn't know is that across the street in a conference room, I was conducting interview after interview with many of our experts that were later featured in the completed film. But yeah, it's, it opens with about a four minute input output. Think of like the old civics cartoons where, you know, when you're told how a bill works in Washington, D.C., that was like, Like, can we modernize that concept and just go from start to finish and gaslight people with all of the lying talking points? And then we talk about the psychological and spiritual aspects of where we're at. in a country because a lot of the challenges I have really have nothing to do with the evidence. I mean, we've got mountains of evidence. People will come back and simply say, well, if your evidence exists, then how come our corrupt, captured judges aren't ruling on it? That's like their argument. Or Trump won in my red county. Therefore, there's no cheating here. And it's like, that's not what the data shows. And then I think the heart of the film or the industrial film is we actually go back to the propaganda trailer and deconstruct and torpedo every one of those lies. And it's exhaustive, the amount of information. People that watch it are usually overwhelmed. And then... We give you a prescription because unlike some of the documentaries out there that certainly, you know, I think they're effective. I think Police State was an emotional, very, very, you know, heart gripping documentary. You're left with the idea. Yeah, we live in a police state. Thanks. Now what? Or you watch 2000 Mules and a film that wasn't censored like this one. that gives you a small dose of truth, which is, yeah, ballot harvesting is an issue, but is it really what drives this thing? And I think the reason why this film, unlike any other, is the most censored film in the country is because we take on the enemy and that enemy is the Department of Homeland Security that works through a non-government agency known as cis that gets its policy guidance from the atlantic council anyone that knows the atlantic council knows that they are a new world order globalist marxist regime and they're the ones that have set up the infrastructure for our elections in the united states from the censorship regime that was reported on by by mike benz to tucker uh to the actual components that we use in the quote-unquote non-voting technology area which are the poll books the ems's so why this this uh this marxist regime would have any say in how we count votes is beyond me but that's the reality and because we are so over the target um the launch experienced a distributed denial of service hack against our servers. I got investigated by the IRS. I've been paying taxes for 30 years and never been audited. In fact, I used to teach CPAs the uniform commercial code so they wouldn't be audited by the IRS. And the day before Christmas, I get a bill from the IRS from a 2021 tax return where I paid taxes on all charitable donations. So just so people know, I could have claimed an exemption on everything that was donated to my family. And we chose to pay full taxes on all of it because we knew this was going to happen and it didn't matter. We still got targeted. Our initial DVD packaging company canceled us. Our initial credit card processing company not only canceled us, they seized hundreds of thousands of dollars to the film. You look for it on YouTube. Good luck. Unless you have an actual link, you'll have a very hard time finding the film. Facebook has been flagging it and taking it down. So you can't even share the link without getting a pop-up. our largest promoter, who I will not name because I think he's actually a very, very good person. Except, Dave, I can't promote this film because the day of the launch was the same day that Rudy Giuliani was hit with a $148 million verdict from Ruby Freeman and Shea Moss, two operatives that helped subvert elections in Fulton County, Georgia. And they're featured in this film. And so no matter how you want to slice this up, we basically are in a position where we feel like we're running Bibles behind communist lines. And that's not an exaggeration. So we've given the film away completely. If people want to get a copy and burn their own DVDs, even though you can buy them at, you can watch it there. We know that the relevance of this film effectively ends November. And that's a very sobering thought for me. It's like, this is not something you're going to be able to dust off two years from now and enjoy it like, you know, Avatar or something. It's like, no. If we don't save the country and get Trump back into office, we've got massive problems. And I bring up Trump not because I'm a Trump fanatic or any of those things. I had my evolution where I was a never-Trumper in 2016, and then I came to appreciate his leadership. I talk about Trump for this reason alone. He's the only one that's gone on record saying that he would pardon the J6 prisoners. And so my hope and prayer, Donna, if we can't get them out sooner, is that as soon as the inauguration is complete next year, I want to be in D.C., I want to be outside of the D.C. gulag, and I want to be there when the doors open for our countrymen to be released. And that's what drives me in all of this. That's going to be an amazing time because we fight for this. I happen to be absolutely a President Trump supporter. He is the rightful president of the United States, and we all know it. Any of us that have looked into election integrity or the failed elections, the fraudulent elections, because in Michigan, the fraud was committed with foreknowledge. It is fraud. They knew what they were doing. And so to stand with President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, to me is a very proud thing because he took all the bullets and the arrows and the attacks that were meant for us. And I mean that in a legal sense, right? When we fight for our elections, we're not just fighting to win at all costs for whoever's standing in that office. We're fighting for that office. We fight for President Trump because the office of the president was attacked and the rightful president was removed by some very evil people that have inserted themselves into our process of elections and that comes into foreign intervention in our elections. And this should be the number one issue that everyone focuses on this and the child trafficking, in my opinion. But the child trafficking is happening as well as all the other criminal activities that are going on because we have criminals sitting in the seats of power of our government. And globally connected, that is the problem. When we have failed elections, the criminals run the state. And that's exactly what we've got right now. And to the point of President Trump saying that he will let the J6ers lose, every single person that had a little finger of interaction in our elections and in the unlawful detention of Americans and making them political prisoners have got to be prosecuted. Top to bottom. Yeah. I dream about it. You know, like, look, I, I, um, I don't know what I'm going to do when, when this, whatever, whatever you want to call what we're in information or ends. I just know that, um, my professional career effectively has been ended because of my advocacy for elections. Did you get your legal status taken away? No, but there's a the fifth investigation, the fifth complaint that was filed was actually filed by a card carrying witch because we actually did research on the person that filed the complaint and we found tarot card readings. We took screenshots of tarot card readings for my demise and destruction and my wife's destruction. And I turned this over to the bar just to highlight, like, you see how ridiculous is that you don't even have minimal screening requirements where you will take this case. What they've done, Donna, is they they just haven't given me a So this is about a year and a half now I've been waiting for a ruling. So what this requires me to do is if I do any work for anyone legally, I have to say, I'm under investigation. And so my representation of you could negatively affect the outcome of your case. People can Google my name and see all the hit pieces from Reuters. And so it's weird. I actually have to advise more clients that by virtue of you having me represent you, it will do more harm to your case because you just can't count on judges having the ability to discern what's the truth and what's a lie. Well, I'll go one step further and I'll say what everybody else is afraid to say is they're involved in it. We've got the Soros judges there, and this is, this, in my opinion, is one huge organized crime syndicate, transnational corporate crime syndicate, whatever you want to call it. And they're not, they're not good people and they've chosen the path that they're on. And I know you and I both follow, you know, follow Jesus Christ, you know, we're both believers. And our lives run on this. So whatever happens after this is all done, I know you're the same way. I was really honored that you were able to stay with us when you guys got stranded here in Grand Rapids. That was a really precious time to me. And I mean, we had some wonderful discussions and And your wife is just one of my favorite people. She's a doll. I just love her. You married well. That's all I can say. You know, as good as you make the fight look, she makes you look even better because you've got such a wonderful family and a wife. And I got to spend some time with you guys personally as friends. And I appreciate that. And your stand and your belief in Jesus and what you're doing, I'm sure, Whatever happens, all of us will always be doing what we're doing right now, and that's serving God. So whatever that looks like, he's going to have wonderful doors that he's going to open for all of us. But I want to show you something because I posted this on my Telegram channel. It will go on my Twitter feed later because I think people have to come to terms with the fact that we are in – a spiritual, we're in a spiritual warfare, spiritual war situation. And I'd like to show people this, and I want to point something out to you right here. When you see this symbol up here, which is a Baphomet, the DeVosses, the DeVosses in Grand Rapids, when you look at the Van Andel Institute, that symbol is repeated over and over again, and we can know them by their symbolism. But Ottawa County Commission has invited them in and selected them to give the invocation at the Ottawa County Commission. Now, what does this mean people? This means that they are literally calling demons in and you know, we can talk about a multidimensional universe. Like it's a new thing. The Bible has talked about this from the beginning. And I want to show people, because I think this is important to know what really is behind this. And this is what, this is what these people are into. I'm posting the pictures and you're going to have to come to terms with this. This is what they invited in to their commission. And I'm sorry that this is unpleasant for everybody, but This is where we say, suck it up buttercup and come to reality of what we're dealing with here. And they have invited Satanists, you know, avowed Satanists, not only on our county commission level. So when we say that we have to talk to the commissioners about what's going on, I think it's time to come smack with some hardcore proof. These people, when you mentioned the card-carrying witches, this is what we're looking at, and it gets worse from here. This is pretty soft compared to what they're involved in. This is the West Michigan... The Satanic Temple of West Michigan. And we need to be not afraid to address this because this is what Jesus talked about and told us about. He talked way more about hell and Satan than he ever did about heaven. And when you compare the number of his verses out there, and I know this is uncomfortable for people, but it's a reality. And this is what they're bringing in. And, you know, you can look at the three card carrying witches in the executive branch of the state of Michigan. and chelsea clinton and hillary clinton and what look at their backgrounds and what they're involved in they've pulled the wool over everyone's eyes and they are wolves and sheep's clothing and we need to turn this nation if we the the real win that we have is going to be turning this nation's heart back to god almighty and and walking away from this this evil and it's pure evil when you traffic kids when you do you know subverting our election is feeding into this and giving them control. We have got to fight this and fighting at a local level. Well, yeah, I think there's one there needs to be a charge. Sorry to shock you with this, but I don't answer anything and I put everything on here so people can come to terms with it. It doesn't shock me. I mean, look, there's so many stories I could share with things that I don't share often, but the spiritual dimension has been the most important one for me to navigate. Even though I've been a Christian for about 20 years, my supernatural experiences that I've gone through really took off january 6 2021 like there were experiences that I've never had before as a believer and I think it's because we're in a crucial time period but but my charge to people that are in audible county is to understand what the scriptures tell you which is that you have authority you have authority in the name of jesus and so if there is a convocation insert yourself and start severing those curses, start severing those bonds, start severing everything right there in the name of Jesus, and they will be powerless. This isn't like they've got some warlocks that are powerful, and we've got Jesus, and it's kind of like we're doing this magic duel. No, no, no. They are completely powerless. They're devoid of power if you show up with the name of Jesus. And so I hope that the pastorate or the priesthood, or I don't care what your faith denomination, you go in there and you start pushing back against the prayers or satanic chants that they're going to be speaking in that building. And just trust in the promises of the word of God. And we're told that Satan is under our feet. believe it and uh don't let that fester um I i had all kinds of thoughts on I know what would happen in certain places that I i grew up you know here in new mexico with with agricultural cowboys I'm saying that there's certain counties this just wouldn't fly those people would be thrown out um but I want to be careful with my speech here You can say whatever you want. I'm going to tell you what, that's the one thing I don't do. That's why I built Brandenburg News Network, because we own the whole system. And the nice thing about it is that we own the connection and servers and we have servers in multiple locations. So if the FBI and the clowns are out there, good luck with that. And I would say if you go after us, we'll come back with 100,000 more little incarnations. of ourselves. So we're on tour right now. So I mean, also, so it's like, you can find us in about, I don't know, seven or eight different ways right now. And they can try to go after all of it once, but it's probably going to be a problem for them. And we're across the United States too, at different locations. And so, so good luck with that. It's not just one spot because we knew we were going to be attacked and to get the truth out there. Well, and I think that my whole thing and this is the most important thing that we can talk about. I think this morning we've seen all of the cheating and the lying. And I really believe that there's a huge sifting going on right now to find the last, the very last criminal that touched the elections, that touched the human trafficking and all of it. And none of them are going to get away. And I really do believe that. I believe that God's justice will come. And we don't ever have to be afraid. We should be the ones that walk right to the fire, walk right into that fire, and lay it out on what it's going to be. We don't take a back seat to Satanists. They're nothing but a bunch of little punks to God. Jesus Christ is the one that is in charge here. And he only lets them go just so long. and gives us the ability to maybe flex our wings just a little bit to understand what our standing is in Jesus Christ so that we don't walk around in captivity to these criminals. We don't have to take a backseat to any of them in any way, shape, or form, nor should we be afraid of them. You run right in and you quote scripture on them and you tell them exactly what their outcome is going to be. Now, some of them, I think, have probably been captured because our battle is with principalities and powers. I get it. But why would we let something like this walk through this nation, overrun? Our elected officials with threats, coercion, and you want to get me fired up on this because I watched so many people fall over threats and coercion. Are you kidding me? This is where we run right at that fire and we don't back down. And whatever the consequence, God can protect us in all situations. If he doesn't in that situation and we go back to him, it's a win-win. Either way, it doesn't matter. But he numbers our days and we don't have to be afraid of that. But Ottawa County right now, I'm going to tell you right now, you're an abysmal disappointment to Donna Brandenburg at the commission level that you invited this crap in to Ottawa County. I'm not surprised. I think Ottawa County and Macomb County are probably two of the most corrupt counties. And by Owasso is another corrupt little nest of of deep state operatives here. And, you know, we want to look at Lansing. No, they're all over the state. And locally, we need to address this when you talk about going into the county. So we started putting together a case to go for people on the ground to go into their townships and say, let's get rid of the machines. Do you have any other ideas for us on something else we could be doing specifically And at the county level, at the township level, we need to be doing this. What else could we be doing to really run this forward? Well, the first thing you have to use is take control of the meeting itself. Do you find yourself asking in a stance of petitioning rather than proclamation? If you find yourself asking and begging for certain records, you've already lost. How do you do that? What's the difference and how does that look? Well, it really comes down to an understanding of the doctrine of the lesser magistrates. you all are greater magistrates by virtue of the fact that you had the power and that power was transferred through an election if it was conducted correctly, which means that when people tell you that they are a public servant, they need to act as public servants and you never go into a meeting petitioning or begging someone who is lesser than you. That would be like a king, you know, begging the court jester for some type of relief. You don't do that. You go in there and you proclaim. And so you got to have a proclamatory stance, number one. Half the battles is the psychology. Two, they have created arbitrary rules to limit your ability to even conceptualize the problem. So if you can't get away from the arbitrary two to three minute time limit, you're not getting rid of anything. You're not getting rid of the machines if you can't assert your authority there. So I think there are practical things like saying, okay, we're in here. So we've got no confidence. We're going to ask that this matter be put on the agenda for a time period in which the entire community can be here, which means we'll probably do a non-traditional setting in the evening. And it's going to be three hours long, this one. And guess what? We're going to have to do another one next week that's three hours long because there's so much fraud and we're not going to be rushed. Number two, you don't let people that have broken your trust dictate the terms of how to restore it. Meaning you don't get to tell me you're going to bring in Dominion or ES&S and just lecture us when we've got all of this, all these emails, all the things that Darleaf is looking into that somehow we're going to appease. You're going to listen to our experts and we're going to put you on notice. Now, if they decline to put you on the agenda, I think you've got grounds at that point to take over the public comment section. Sorry, okay, now we're putting you on notice of a crime. You're not complying with something. We're trying to play by the rules to the extent that I think it's reasonable, but we're gonna talk. So one of the things that we promote in our trainings is we do large group screenings of let my people go. And then right after the screening, we might have 100, 200 people. I say, volunteer, come here. I need a volunteer to my right. I need a volunteer to my left. Congratulations, we are now the County Commission. I need two volunteers. Stand by that exit and that exit. You all are now sheriff's deputies. Now I want one person to stand in front of the commission. You've got one minute to tell us why we should get rid of the machines. And at that point, we tell the entire audience, you are now members of a county commission meeting that's ongoing right now. And they get it. You can see how excited they get. As soon as the person starts telling us why we should get their machines, the commissioners look disinterested. We ask about lunch plans. We're going to treat you exactly how you're going to be treated when you go to the meetings. Oh, these people are terrible. I've stood before and before and they're so dismissive and arrogant. It's incredible. So we do that and then we look for things. And then when the time is up, I say, okay, time to sit down. Thank you. First thing I'm looking for is did they sit down or did they understand that they're the greater magistrate and I'm a public servant? If they sit down, we press pause and say, you've already made your first mistake. Two, if they're defiant, then I say, all right, sheriff's deputies, come down and remove this person from the meeting. Now I'm not looking at the person, I'm looking at the crowd to see what they do. Are they getting up? Are they surrounding that person? Now, keep in mind, this person's notifying me of defective products that facilitate fraud. They're actually reporting a crime. And law enforcement does not have the legal authority to put their hands and assault one of their constituents when a report of a crime is being made to a body that's got a responsibility to look into it. And so we look for them. And sometimes people get the light, kind of the light bulb goes off. And once they stand up and you're five rows deep of people around a person, the deputies won't do a thing. So that's the kind of activism that's got its ties to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, where people locked arms, were sprayed by water cannons, for crying out loud. And unless we go there and understand, okay, what are you going to do then? If the commission says, let's call for a recess, everyone go home. You better have your roster ready to go that as soon as the meeting starts up, a requisite number of people are there. And the demand is simple. You don't get to conduct your business until you conduct our business first. And we're not asking you to do something that legally you don't have the authority to do. You all will be certifying the election results, my vote. And I'm telling you right now, based on the defective architecture, you've got no business doing it. There are so many things that you need to investigate for us right now. And you start proclaiming, demanding, recording, exposing, clipping, putting everything on social media. And what you're doing is you're creating what I call the Jacob Marley effect, where these people go home and they literally hear rattling chains because they know they have broken the trust of the American people. And it's that type of advocacy. Where you're exerting force, not violence, but force showing up in numbers that you can reclaim and completely change. And now you have to have offerings like and the offering would be, do you under your election code have power of the purse to purchase these machines? Yes or no. If you do, we're telling you right now that you're going to withhold funding. As your constituent that pays your salary, that pays for these facilities, and paid for those defective products, we're telling you right now you're going to withhold it. Now, if it's the same tired one or two people, are they going to listen? No. But if you show up with your Gideon 300, you'll change the trajectory of your county overnight. So those are the types of things that we talk about more than the substantive deviations. Like, look, there's a ton of ways to talk about how the machines are defective. But if you can't get people there and scale your operation, they're not going to respond to facts and reason. These are people that are not only ideologically possessed, they've got a vested interest in not disturbing the architecture that let them get in the door in the first place. Well, do you travel and do presentations like that to Michigan? I did one in Sturgis just last month. I'm going to Roswell, Georgia tomorrow to do one there, and then Lenore City, Tennessee the day after, then Hendersonville, North Carolina the day after. So I will try to get to all 50 states. Again, I've been to 47 states in person. I've advised 50, but I'm going to as many states as I can. And what we're trying to do is use the film as your grassroots centerpiece because it draws your group. And what you end up doing is you say, okay, wait a minute, we're in a theater now. And I've got 160 people here. Why can't these 160 migrate to their next commission meeting? I do this. And so what I look at this is like, we've got a couple of people that can do this and travel like I do. But the Bible, you know, Jesus sent the 12 and then he sent 70. And so when I go to these meetings, I'm looking for the 70 with introspective state to go to adjacent counties and do the same thing. And what's beautiful about this is just put in the movie. And you get done. I need two volunteers. Stand up here. I need two volunteers over there. Stand there. I need one person to blither on right here. And we're going to start simulating commission meetings. So when you go in there, you know what to expect. And so I don't want – I can't go to 3,000 counties, but I can make 50 stops over the next eight months and ask people to go to their next neighboring county. So we've done Virginia. We've done Colorado. We've done – Texas, we've done Michigan, we've done all kinds of states thus far. I'll be going to seven states this month alone. And we'll just keep at it. Because here's the other thing, even if we don't get what we want by November, a lot of people are telegraphing a black swan event where we don't have elections anyway. And all I'm concerned about is pouring a foundation that starts the process of a transparent, lawful election. And there's no statute of limitations on that. You have to do it right. And so what I leave people with is this, is that even if we get Trump in, I did not give up my life, my professional life, my family's life to get a four-year lease on sanity. I want a generational plan where my kids have a vote that they can trust. And so we're going to have to not only solve the problem leading up to November, we have to be willing to re-architect a system that more or less works. And so the same 300 election integrity warriors in your county, they don't just go there and put people on notice of their maladministration. Those are likely your most required people that are going to have to hand count ballots in precincts. And we just had a wonderful story out of Gillespie County, Texas, where they did a hand count in their Republican primary with precincts that were thousands of people strong. So these weren't small precincts. We're talking about like 2000 people in a particular precinct. They got all the voting done in one day, not one issue. That needs to be the template going forward across the country. Well, I love it because it's really giving people something to work on, to chew on, to practice. And we can't move forward until we have a replacement for the criminals that are in office. And that's going to require every single one of us to step up. We need people to run for office in all of these offices and replace the whole thing. Even if we took everybody and removed them all, what's the option? And it's going to have to be, you know, farmers and mechanics and, you know, people that just go to work every day, nurses. And you know what I mean? It's going to have to be regular people, not career politicians, or we're going to have the same thing right back again. And so, well, this has been wonderful. I'd love to talk to you more about this when maybe when we get off here, um, offline, because I'm, I'm all in, I'm all in, you know, and I think this is, there's some, uh, symbiotic, um, ways that we could work together, like with your movie and election integrity force and going after the townships and the priest, you know, the townships and the precincts to remove the machines. That's like right now, one of my number one things is I want those machines removed. They have to be removed. And Linda Rance and Cause of America and all of everybody that's out there working on this, we need to pull in the same direction. and integrate ourselves with each other who actually believe in this nation and are willing to lay everything on the line. I mean, you put everything on the line. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you. And it's really amazing to see and know you and your beautiful family. I mean, it's really an honor to sit and talk with you today online. It truly is. And I just really want to thank you for that so much. I always end with a prayer. Would you like to pray or would you like me to pray? I would love to pray. And just so people know that the feeling's mutual. I mean, we... The Clements love Donna and our initial meeting was very, very surreal because Aaron and I were thrown off a flight for some of the mass tyranny. And we were literally looking for a way to get home because we couldn't book flights. They wouldn't even let us rent a car. It took us three or four days to get home. a flight, and even then we were crossing our fingers. So Donna took us in and spoiled us, and we'll forever feel a tremendous gratitude towards you, Donna. I hope we can repeat that again. I'd love for you guys to come back for a visit, and we'll play with horses and sit around and talk about everything that's good in America. you know, how many people were so proud of for what they've done, because there is just thousands of unsung heroes out there who've been working tirelessly that never really get recognized for their work. Like, like Stephanie Belting and Scott Ogney in Michigan and the people with election integrity for Sandy Joanne. And I mean, there are some wonderful people that are really doing the heavy lifting and, that don't wanna be in front of the camera. And I don't think any of us really wanted to be in front of the camera, but we just accepted, we accepted that as a challenge. I'll never forget when General Flynn was like, Donnie, you gotta do some videos. And I'm like, oh, don't tell me this. It's like, I stood in front of my horse, one of my horses for two hours and I'm like, okay, buddy, we're gonna do this together. Started the camera rolling. I remember the interview I did with you, my first interviews. And it was so difficult for me that I can't even explain it. But it goes along with where God calls us to go and what he tells us that this is the path, even if it's difficult and it's uncomfortable. And we haven't done it before. He equips you with everything you need. Then he opens the doors. And after a while, you're like, wow, I, this wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, you know, and, and it's, it's amazing. So let's, let's pray. Cause I want to also ask for God's favor upon you and your family, but please, please. Yeah. Yes. Dear Lord. We just, we love you and we thank you for your goodness and for your character and for the promise that you are unchanging. You're always righteous. You're always good. Amen. And so, Lord, we give you praise. Lord, we also come to you in need. And we ask for your favor in making our path straight to be your body in the sense that we can go out and effectuate change at the local level to make change. this earth a little bit more like heaven, where there's honesty, where there's righteousness in the courts. And Lord, we need your help. We need spiritual revelation, and we need your Holy Spirit to just run through the land and awaken people. We lift up, in particular, the state of Michigan, and we pray that you'll cast down the evil, whether it's Governor Whitmer, whether it's Jocelyn Benson, Dana Nessel, D.J. Hilson. We pray in the name of Jesus, even now, Lord, that they would be cast down from their places of usurpation. We pray for sanity to reign in Ottawa County and that the demonic force of these satanic clubs be scattered to the wind. Lord, we pray for the people's voice to be heard from a delegate standpoint where you've got Pete Hoekstra and people that are appointed by the RNC instead of the people. We pray that you would bring about justice even at the local level. And Lord, we give you thanks for the patriots that we partner with and we pray for a blessing on them. Donna's network, her advocacy and everything that she would put her effort toward would would would flourish. And we ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen. God, please give your favor richly and abundantly for David and his beautiful family and all who he works with. Let them know that you love them, that you're walking with them. that you're making their path straight and that you care about each and every difficulty that they face and you're walking them through it. There's no coincidences and that you just are always on their side and everything that comes from your hand is always good. We thank you so very much and we want to be a friend to you. We love you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. So wonderful. Thank you so much for being on today. This is where I go to. Please go to because I'm the best non-conceiver who has ever not conceded in a fraudulent election, which with liars, cheats and thieves, which we're going after on a daily basis. And and David, can you tell everybody where they can find you? yeah you can find me on telegram at the professor's record and then there's truth at professor david clements twitter at the prof's record just look for the number that's the largest um because there's lots of imitator accounts that aren't verified but it doesn't stop people from pretending to be me and then advising you on cryptocurrency. Everybody wants to be you. And, and, and it's crazy. I get this. I get a lot of imposters too. Yeah. And I will do it. God bless y'all. God bless you so much. Have a, have a great day and God bless all you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day. We'll be talking soon. Be on tomorrow with Jonathan Kegel.