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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 5/8/2024 Off the Grid & Eating for Allergies Monica Anderson

Published May 8, 2024, 9:02 a.m.

9am News and Off the Grid Preparedness - Ralph the IT Guy and Karen the Riveter!! Tech Time with Ralph the IT Guy and News and encouragement Karen the Riveter! 10:30 Eating for Food Allergies! - Monica Anderson will be talking about her health journey, touching on artificial additives - colors, guten and dairy. Monica was born and raised in St George, UT and married her high school sweetheart. They have 3 amazing children who have all been homeschooled at various points. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 8th day of May 2024 and welcome to our show today. I have had a crazy last few days and I think this is going to lead to something that is a fairly large exposure. There's been a lot of people that have been getting sick out there, correct? I know I've been hearing a lot of people having problems with it. Well, I got to tell you, I think that we may have uncovered something, but we got to check our sources a little bit that may be, oh, I don't know, say tying in the FDA with some of these flus that are going on and and gain of function and such even at the local level. And it really should be a little bit disturbing. If we can connect all the dots here, I have a feeling that we have some criminality going on that we could trace back to the same things that were going back to the PBB farms that happened in the 70s. Because I remember that. I was alive and I remember that. But at any rate, welcome today. We've got another wonderful day out there. We've got problems to deal with. These are just our opportunities to fix things. And we've got some awesome, awesome things happening. But you know what? I'm going to bring Karen on right now because I've got Bill. We're trying to get back into the swing of things after this convention in Utah. Morning, Karen. How are you doing? Good morning. Good morning. Ralph will be in a little bit. I know he's got a few tech issues he's dealing with here. But how are you doing today? Are you dealing with anything? I mean, you can hear my voice, but the last three days, last two days, I sounded like I was like, I've been a smoker for like 90 years, you know? And it did get fairly extreme there. And so how are you feeling? I was, as far as that kind of thing, feeling fine. I'm surprised I haven't had any springtime allergies blowing up yet. I do have a supply of a remedy called histaminum that worked last year. So I'm ready to go if that spurs in. But I hurt my back the other day. This weekend, we did a lot of... A lot of heavy kind of stuff, I guess. I did some carrying. We're getting ready to sell some rabbit cages because we're not into rabbits anymore. And moved them out of the rabbitry, a couple of big ones. And opted for the harder way rather than the easier way, I guess. And it's just my back because I have scoliosis. It's a little harder for me to do that kind of stuff. And the other day I did a lot of smaller things, pushing, pulling, lifting, moving. And my, my fitness level is increased this spring, which I'm really grateful for. Um, after so many issues in the last year, um, being outside and around has all the projects that we're working on has been really good, but, um, I overestimated my abilities because I was doing some stuff and hurting myself on a regular basis. And that's normal for me. So my back says, you need to slow down a little bit. And it seized up on me and it seized up badly. I couldn't stand, walk. I couldn't sit upright properly. really well at all without pain. Arnica was my friend. I've talked about that on our first aid days. I used that and it didn't help make a difference. And then I went to the chiropractor yesterday, had really good adjustments. I was kind of trying not to be scared of it because I knew it could hurt, but it didn't actually. And I think that helped. So I'm in a recovery mode. I'm placing restrictions and no heavy lifting. You know, the doctors would do that. I'm really famous for that. I mean, my problem is I can't sit still, okay? There's a problem here. My dad was the same way. We can't sit still. If I have to sit through anything, it's one of the reasons why, not only because there's just crap on TV. I don't watch TV. I don't really watch movies much. I might average, oh, I don't know, maybe one or two movies in a year. I do watch a lot of, like, engineering-type videos. So I get on and I'll watch the channels. that are in, uh, say like I'm obsessed with military aircraft. I'm obsessed, obsessed with weird nerd stuff. Okay. Like this week I was, I was looking into adaptive optics and the do, do weapons. And I love this kind of stuff. Okay. I like looking and seeing how, how engines work and especially like, like, uh, the aircraft engines and such, or, Or I don't know, say like active phase array antennas, that sort of thing, which is really what HARP was all about and is about. But they're not really talking about it. You know, they do the assessments of things, but they never tell us what they're really doing. So you kind of got to get in behind the scenes to kind of figure things out. But I can't sit still. So here I come down with something this weekend. And I wasn't feeling too bad when I headed down to the Flint event. But after a little while, I was feeling substantially bad, right? And so I got back here. And by Sunday night, Monday, I was out. I felt like absolute garbage, right? So I have a... A rabbit trail that myself and say, like, I'm going to say one of my informants are going down right now. One of my one of my buddies that that I research with and this person is absolutely beast level in research. And I think what something we found out, hey, guess who pops up late, late for dinner here. How you doing, Ralph? Oh, long morning already. Had some server issues I had to deal with. Sorry about that. No, that's all right. Glad you're here. So anyhow, so we're going down a rabbit trail right now. And I'm going to tell you. ottawa county is an absolute abysmal crap show and that that I'm not kidding you this county is so bad starting with a satanist that went to their their county um their their commission meeting it's like the more you dig the more crap you found so you know like I like to throw names out there people that are on my highly suspect list like oh I don't know say betsy devos who lodged a threat towards me and several people heard it and got back to me. So if anything ever happens to me, she's the first one you should look up right there. And so I'm going to keep pounding this and say, screw you, Betsy DeVos, you're a traitor. and the little medical crap she's got going on and you know this whole this whole crap story of oh nature boy creating this in their garage isn't that just just so homey it's amazing and if you start talking and looking around around at things I think you can look deeper and find out that there's a whole bunch of mafia crap going on in the Netherlands which is close to Belgium and And so the connections go back with a lot of these families that try to pretend that they're just, you know, homemade homeschool, homemade, not homeschool, but homespun type of stuff. Until you look into it and find out, oh, I don't know, they're cruising around in the Caribbean on their yachts like the Epstein crowd down there. I've got some suspicions. I don't know this to be true, but I believe this, that we need to start looking into these people because they are controlling the narrative. So anyhow. I want to throw a name out there because and this is going to get me into all kinds of trouble. I'm probably going to get some more threats off of this, but I just don't care. We need to get the truth out there and screw all of them. Right. So who's the largest landowner? I believe in this is what I believe to be true. I'm not certain, but I believe this to be true in the state of Michigan. Do you know who that is as an individual? Not a corporation, not not Zuckerbucks or anything as an is an individual. Do you know who it is? Nope, no idea. I believe the name is Ed Hanenberg. And the reason why I know this name is because Ed Hannenberg got a dump put in out by Coopersville, which is where I grew up. Right. And I have some I have some real big concerns with this because there's some connections here that are going to get. Oh, if we can if we can track this down to where I think this is going to go is going to go into really, really bad spaces. And it may even tie into some of the sicknesses that are going around right now. So what would you think if I told you that birds that the FDA, which is involved in, they've been throwing the birds that they've been executing or the dead birds from, say, avian flu. that I think the feds are involved in. It's just like they were with the PBV back in the 70s. Because I was there, I witnessed it. I have friends that are still getting tested for it every year. And I can tell you what happened behind that because all the farmers knew what was going on. Well, what would you do if I told you that they're throwing these dead birds with avian flu into the dumps, one of which I suspect being in Coopersville? Which is right by the highway. which is not only right by the highway, but is attached to Ed, my dad used to call him King Ed, Ed Hannenberg out in Coopersville, who bought the land that the PBB cows that were shot on And owns that, amongst other things. So I've got some questions here. So I'm going to ask you this. If people think that they're going to be safe if they're throwing dead birds infected with, I don't know, say another bioweapon avian flu. This is not organic, guys. This is just like COVID. It's all engineered. And Fauci was involved in the gain of function and such. They're throwing dead birds, or they were. I don't know if they're still doing it, into the dump. Now, if you understand the life cycle of how things work, what gets involved in it after things go in the dump? All you got to do is run out to Coopersville and you can see like five gazillion seagulls out there and other carrion. You'll get into like the protected turkey vultures, which eat and crap all over everything. But they're not altogether bad because they've got the systems for it. And I'll go into that later if you'd like to know. There's agricultural fields right next to it, too. Agricultural fields. Absolutely. And then then I've also heard that now it's going into into cows. And I want to know if they're actually feeding some of these contaminated bird parts into the cow feed because they refeed. Almost definitely. They do that kind of thing all the time for different animal feed. they do corporate corporate feed and corporate raising of our animals is absolutely toxic they feed chickens they read feed them their own waste products they don't feed them chicken food they feed some chicken food mixed into their crap their poop their chicken and they feed this to them to re-eat it they're they're feeding them other waste products into the cows which gets into your dairy, which gets into everything. So I've got some questions about this. Why did they know or are saying that, oh, we got to watch out for dairy and such? Because you know what? Donna Brandenburg is going to go on record here is saying it is my opinion and a suspicion that they're feeding this stuff to the cows now, which is getting them sick. And it's going to be worse. But I think we should look into Mr. Hanenberg there, who's tied into Grand Valley, another one of our state institution of money laundering situations and indoctrination camps, Grand Valley State University, and all the wonderful giveaways that they do. Really? And then the dump. My grandfather. Okay. So one of my grandfathers was heavily involved in bad stuff. He was a bad boy in Chicago. Okay. And he used to tell everybody in the family, hey, you got to watch out. Watch things. Because he said he would never watch if somebody died. He would absolutely watch them all the way to the cemetery. Because he knew. He said most of the bodies are going to end up in the dump. And that's true when you get into the mob and that sort of thing. There's all kinds of ways of hiding stuff. And so anyhow, I've got some big questions. Most of us did not approve of that dump going there, but they just, bam, they just rubber stamped that right on through. It's awful close to Lake Michigan. And when you look at the poisons and the plume that has to do with Wolverine worldwide on the northeast side that poisoned the water supply, guess where you think the runoff is going to go for this dump? It's less than two miles away from the Grand River. I believe it's about two miles, which goes right into Lake Michigan. Good job, guys. Good job. I hate you. But it's sealed. Oh, yeah. All the stuff under dumps is sealed, right? yep lying bastards so well at least those glad trash bags never do tear do they no at least we've got a good uh good safe place to dispose of you know thin plastic garbage bags full of uh of asbestos and thin plastic garbage bags full of lead paint which is clearly toxic to everything and everyone everywhere in the smallest minutest quantities even in the even in the dirt, you know, anytime that they test for it. But then proper disposal procedures involve just basically putting it in thin plastic garbage bags and throwing it in the dump. Oh, I was referring to the lining underneath. I was mocking the lining underneath the dump being so strong that it would not allow anything dangerous out. Yeah, that was just ridiculous. I mean, look at this thing. This thing is like a these dumps are like mountains of and, you know, in Whitmer, the idiot is taken in garbage and toxic substances from not only Canada, but other states. And this is the largest freshwater supply ever. in, I believe, the world. And what are they doing? They're dumping all over the state. I also heard that they're actually throwing toxic chemicals down in our aquifers. So if you're in a well system, don't think you're safe for a minute because these idiots are evil and they're out to kill people. Oh, China definitely does that. There's been tons of documented instances of They're industrial toxic waste being pumped down into the aquifers because that way they don't have to dispose of it. They can just pump it down a well. And the groundwater, they have to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper to get groundwater that isn't contaminated. And there's a lot of places where it's not really either practical or possible anymore to get uncontaminated groundwater. I have a question for you. Because I hadn't thought about the feed issue. I was looking at is this quote unquote test a complete ruse or is the test like the COVID test where it's just a piece of junk that gives them the result they want when they want it to? So that's what I was thinking about the cows. But then I discovered that they were talking about it being in dolphins, polar bears in the Arctic and penguins in the Antarctic and foxes and a bunch of other species. I'm like, why? I have a lot of questions about this. So they're dispersing these tests all over the globe for scientists everywhere. And they're using this test when they randomly sample the polar bears for other research, or they're going out and asking polar bears to please open their mouth so that they can saliva test them, so that they can test them for bird flu, of all things. Yeah. Or is the test actually true and it's gone worldwide through the air and the water and everything else? I'm not buying that at all. Well, one of the things about the flu is that influenza can cross species a lot more readily than other diseases. He's got his hand on it with gain of function. Yeah, so you can have a flu that if humans get just a seasonal flu, that can actually get passed on to pets in some cases. But with the avian flu stuff, I think something that a lot of people don't realize is how frequent avian flu cases outbreaks happen this isn't something that's like a once in a blue moon thing this happens all the time that they have outbreaks of avian flu I mean there's wild birds out there they spread it around once it once it gets someplace it spreads the the thing that bothers me about the songbirds they're only killing the chickens because they're going after our food supply right yeah Well, that's the thing that I see about this is it's alarmist. You know, this is just kind of a normal part of having birds is that they have flu outbreaks once in a while. And a lot of the time, the birds will survive just fine. So why are we panicking about this one? Right. So are they normally testing for general bird flu when they test birds? livestock or wildlife not that I know of that that was my question like do the chickens so they can kill them they've killed like like 20 million birds I think it's higher than that and it's since 22 and just to just to kill them this is our first food supply it's like the the bisons you know eliminating the american bison when there was like a, what, you know, maybe the right away for a rail line is 10 feet through millions and millions of acres, but we got to exterminate the bison. This is, this is so crazy. You know, if you get a seasonal seasonal flu yearly, you deserve to be, you deserve to be killed to make sure it doesn't spread. Right. That's how it works with the flu. Right. So, That's the thing is that that's why I don't see this as anything other than just a standard avian flu outbreak. Or it's an engineered one that they, you know, absolutely engineered and unleashed as a bioweapon. That could be, but it could easily just be a natural flu and they're just using it as an excuse to kill all these birds, you know, in a lot of cases. How do they know that they're not inoculating them and giving them that in the inoculations? Yeah, but even if they get sick, a lot of them are going to just kind of recover. It's just like humans with the flu. You don't just kill all the humans that have flu, you know. And that's what they're doing with this is bird sick, kill the bird before it can even mount an immune response. Well, and the way they handle it is stupid. It's just like with COVID and the masks. Oh, this is the worst pandemic the world has ever seen. You walk down the street, there's like masks everywhere. And why didn't they put them in a biohazard container or something if this was so, so, you know, horrible? Why didn't they ask people to dispose of their masks other than throw them in the trash? And they were laying all over the place up here in Michigan. There were masks on the street. There were masks on the sidewalks. There were masks everywhere. It was ridiculous. Well, at least plastic pollution goes away as soon as it's just convenient to just kind of throw masks and gloves and all kinds of disposable plastic away. everywhere and litter and just, you know, we have to worry about, you know, here we're drinking out of paper straws to cut down on the amount of plastic in the environment, but we just ramp up all of the plastic masks, plastic gloves, plastic packaging for all of the different supplies that they tried to do. Get rid of shopping at local stores so that you have to have everything packaged in plastic envelopes to be shipped in from Amazon. All that kind of stuff, you know? Convenient how that makes all of the concerns about plastic pollution go away. It's absurd. So I got a solution for this, though, which the idiots wouldn't think about because their goal is to kill people. It's not actually to do anything productive. So or to actually handle things or come up with solutions. My solution on this is why are we not employing incinerators? And you know what? Newsflash, everybody. You can take the the outcome of incinerators and read Rhea. recycle it back into the flames. It's just like clean coal. Clean coal is one of the cleanest forms of energy on the planet. You can control the output. Why don't we do that? Get heat out of it. Use it for production of anything. No, we can't do that. We just got to throw the birds out into the open where the carrion is going to spread it instead of incinerating them like it should be. But I digress. Maybe there's something wrong with the way that I think. Well, see, I've go back and say that the entire concept of this is a false premise. Why are we killing these birds rather than just because we're lazy basically, and doing these battery farms and allowing these things to exist. If, if you have, if you're doing more traditional farming methods where you don't have all of the birds packed together into the smallest spaces possible, thousands of them. Yeah. Number one, there's probably going to be a lot less of them that get sick. Number two, there's going to be a lot more of them that are going to be healthy enough to mount an effective immune response. And number three, you're going to actually care about the, ideally, you're going to care about the birds enough to not just say, oh, this one has lost 10% of its productivity. It's not worth keeping it alive. Let's just kill it. You know, I tend to think that a lot of this is just, it's just alarmism and it's causing the purposeful destruction of these birds with an excuse of this, when this is the same kind of thing we, we deal with all the time. If you have chickens, if you have, I mean, heck, even if you have pet birds, they can have that kind of like pet birds of like any kind. If you have a parrot, you know, they can, they can get sick. And what do you do when they get sick with animals that you care about? Do you just, oh, my dog's sick. Let's put him down. You know, this was completely wrong with any corporate farming. Every part of it. I mean, I think I could write a write a book, maybe volumes on what's wrong with all the subsidies and how the corporate farming works and how it helps to fund people. the pesticide industry, which we don't really need to do this if we farm the way that God wanted us to do it and use the crops that are native to the areas. But, you know, we can't do that because of the politicians who are in it for money, power, killing other people, you know, with the corporations wouldn't have the upper hand. But I want to show you guys something. I got a new one of these. Check this out. You see what it says? A little hard to read. It's backwards. It's backwards. It's an Ingersoll Trump pocket watch. Nice. Oh, yeah. I can read it the correct way. Can you see it? Okay. It's 934. Oh, yeah. No, it is the correct way for me. Ingersoll Trump. So I thought that was kind of cool. And I was talking to a bunch of friends of mine that in the first part of the book, Barron Trump's, what is it? Incredible Adventures or something like that. that in the first couple of paragraphs, Brandenburg, the electorate, Brandenburg is in there, which I think is cool. Last name spelled exactly the same way. So you know what? I just decided that this was way too cool of a thing to have. And now guess what? I actually bought a few of them. So I think it's kind of cool because I'm like, I'm going to get a collection of these. It's kind of cool. Very cool. So shadow box or something. I'm with Ralph. I've been thinking all along that this is more about fear than anything. And I think part of it is, you know, a lot of the things that we see happening are directing people towards more natural methods of doing things like schooling. You know, thank you, pandemic, because now we have people looking toward homeschooling a lot more than they were before. Thank you, bird flu pandemic, because now you're steering people into learning more about the idea of raising their own food, including chickens. Chickens are the easiest ones. Of course, they're going after chickens. They're not going after contagious pink eye. Oh, we could all get pink eye from cows. It's not really contagious. I looked it up. But it's It's just, you know, I think they're trying to, if you want to say the bad guys, don't make your own food. You must rely on us. However, the good result of it is it's having the opposite effect. More people are buying chickens. And by the way, around here, the meat chicks, we call them the Cornish cross, are the ones that most people raise. It takes between six to eight weeks from when they're little bitty ones and first available, if you just buy them direct from a store, which you can do, or you can order them direct from the hatchery, on to the age where they're ready to be butchered. Six to eight weeks and that's it. But they're about $2.79 or so. Laying hens can go up to $6 and something, depending on their breed, for the common ones. You know, you can go a lot higher than that for ones that if you want to get fancy. In the stores, though, the meat birds went really fast. It was hard to get them first in the spring. Now they're getting a little bit more commonplace. But the laying hens, sometimes they've dropped that down to a dollar. And so if someone's looking and they're like, oh, that's too expensive. I don't want to pay that much for chickens. Just watch the prices will drop and you can get whatever you want inexpensively enough and get started. And you can have two to four chickens. to just start off with in chickens. And it's not expensive. They're the easiest livestock to get started with. Easy for kids. Fun too. They're fun. Yep. Get them in the spring or the summer. And by the fall, you, you may, you should be starting to get some eggs. And I think people are. It's about four months to get them to lay four and a half months. More and more people are looking to that. So the bird flu is having the opposite effect. The more people fear that they're slaughtering all the birds, where am I going to get these from? The hatcheries are going to shut down. So they're going out and getting them now. Anyway, thank you for directing more of the public to raising their own food. To not buy into your nonsense. That's what it is. Hey, you know, Dr. Kent brought this book up. I said, yeah, I have this. Oh, okay. I think this is cool. So, you know what? If anybody's out there and wants to know, you know, stuff that is like beginning, you know, beginning skills and such, there's all kinds of books like this out here. This one's actually a pretty good one. But there's, you know, you can start getting... educated on what to do, what you really need. And, you know, if the grid goes down, I think a lot of us who are in farming are just going to be like, yay, we never liked it anyway. Right. And let's, let's, let's live the way we're supposed to live. You know, we'll figure it out. Yep. And chickens are, chickens are just cool. I love my chickens. And people don't know this too, but you can, you can train chickens. So like roosters, when they're real little, if they start getting, if you want nice roosters that actually like being around people and will still defend the flock, but don't attack each other, what you do is when they're really little, if you, as you're raising them, as they get bigger and they start kind of thinking about being a little bit aggressive with each other, If one of them starts going and attacking another chicken, what you can do is you basically do the thing to them that they do to each other to establish the pecking order. So you're establishing that, no, no matter what you do, you are not the biggest chicken in here, and you're going to behave. So what you do, though, is basically you take one hand, pin down their back, and kind of squish them down to the ground a little bit, not just like, You want to do this real gentle. You don't want to hurt them, but you want to immobilize them. So you pin down their back, and then with your other hand, pin down their head to the ground. And just hold them there. Very gently. Yeah, don't hurt them. You don't want to hurt them at all. This is just about immobilizing them, basically. And what happens is when you do that, all the other chickens basically form a circle around them and kind of just sit there laughing at them. So all you're doing is just embarrassing them in front of the rest of the flock. And then when they calm down, they get the aggression out of their system and they're all good. Then you let them up. You let go of them. they'll be sitting there kind of like stunned, like what the heck just happened? And so you let them up, pat them a little bit, make sure they know there's still a good chicken. And you do that about, usually it only takes about twice and that chicken will get it figured out that, huh? Every time I go on attack another chicken, I get embarrassed in front of the flock. This is maybe not my smartest move. And, uh, the, it that lesson sticks with them for life. And it really works really well for having kind of having nice chickens. And I mean, like, my roosters love being just picked up and held and carried around. And it's just like, hey, cool. I get to go sightseeing now, and they know they're safe. Because, again, you don't, throughout that entire process, you don't want to hurt them. All you're doing is just establishing that no matter what they do, if they do something wrong, they're going to get embarrassed. And it works really well. That's fun. So they're just hanging out. They're on vacation when you're holding them. Yeah. Yeah, they just sit there just kind of looking around, enjoying the scenery, and they know because you don't hurt them, they know that they're not going to get hurt when they get picked up. You're doing something for their own good, and they trust you. But they also don't attack the rest of the flock. I mean, if you have a coop full of just hens, The hens, in the process of establishing the pecking order, the hens will kill each other. People don't understand that. They think that, oh, roosters are the aggressive ones. No, no. Hens can be absolutely vicious with each other. You throw a rooster in there and they will put down fights and basically keep the social order. If a hen is getting picked on, they'll kind of like form a demilitarized zone perimeter around that hen, chasing everybody else away until they stop picking on her a lot of times. And so if you have a really well-trained rooster, they can be an invaluable asset to a flock. and they make great pets that way. That's fun. That's true. I have the same experience on that. And it's kind of fun to watch the chickens interact with each other. I'm sure you do too, Karen, because we all have, we all have chickens and animals and such. So I've had roosters a couple of times. I don't, we don't keep them because I don't like to crow. And I just, my misophonia doesn't like crowing either. It's just a little, it's too much, but the, the hens can be noisy too, by the way, they occasionally I've had to go out and get into the box and be like, all right, We know you laid an egg. Get out. You have to kind of interrupt the... Because they'll crow. Nell, for example, Nell, the one I named Nell because she's wild. She likes to do weird things. She's the strangest chicken we have. And so she's Nellie. And she started crowing the other day because she's mad. She is really ticked off right now. And I... Caught her in the meat bird pen She used to lay in there before the chicks came and I don't want laying hens mixing with the With the new chicks, especially in the first couple weeks. They're kind of quarantined in there So I kicked her out, basically. I tried to prevent the chickens from getting in there. Well, she was always fine in a way. And now that they're penned in, I trimmed her wings, which doesn't hurt her. So she's not supposed to be able to climb and jump over. She can climb a little bit, but shouldn't be able to jump fences and stuff. Well, somehow she figured out how to get in there. And the chicks are now coming outside of their box into their pen so they get fresh air outside. And she's freaking them out a little bit. So I went in there and caught her and put her in the other. Well, she wanted to lay an egg in there inside her little bag. That's how she used to lay an egg in a feed bag. She's a weird bird. So I put her in there, and she's mad. She's pacing around, and I was fixing a hole in the pen because it was the first time these chicks are coming out. They can get through these smaller holes, so I was fixing a hole. And my dog was laying behind me, keeping watch, and she's just crowing. She's, I want out of here. Why you got to do this? They're pogging the boxes in the coop. I don't want to wait in there anyway. And meanwhile, one of our buff hens, she just come out of a box and she just laid her egg and she's like, okay, I'll join you. And she starts crowing and they don't, sometimes they don't stop. They're like a wolf pack. Or if your dog hears a wolf on TV and it howls or the sirens going by and they don't stop until the other sound stops. That's the way chickens can be sometimes. So I just had to wait them out and eventually they get bored. Well, animals are like that. It's kind of funny. For me, if I'm on a horse out in a field, what's really weird is that we've had this happen before. We'll be out riding around and I've got my riding buddy and such that I go out with and have a great time, really. I love riding. I'm a pretty decent rider and I could ride all day and, you know, under almost every condition. And you'll go through some of these fields, and all of a sudden, if an ambulance goes down the road, all of a sudden you'll hear, ooh, and the coyotes are laying in the field, and you're walking right between them, and you didn't even know it. And the whole field goes nuts, and all of a sudden it's, ooh, all over the place. They're ruining all over the place. And you're like, wow, I didn't realize there was that many of them out here, thus the coyote hunter, you know. I love the animal sounds, though. The roosters don't bother me. Guineas don't bother me. They're chatty little things. They're just constantly talking to each other. I love the sound of guineas. Ralph is unique this way. Ralph likes the smell of chickens. This is a true chicken-loving individual. You learn to to kind of understand their language after a while of being around them. And, you know, I had looked a while back at getting a parrot because I think that'd be kind of fun. I like my chickens. I like my guineas. It'd be kind of fun to have a bird in the house. But I went and talked to someone at the pet shop and she said, you know, a lot of people come in here and they want a parrot because they want something that's pretty and speaks human words. And I was like, man, I don't want that. If I were to get something like that, I would want a bird that didn't speak human words because I want to learn the parrot's language, not have it learn mine, you know, and kind of the same thing with chickens and guineas and stuff. They have their own language and you can understand that if you're around them for a while. I had a parakeet when I was a teenager, but he was lonely and I got him a girlfriend for a while, but that wasn't good enough. And eventually I rehomed him with a friend of mine whose mom was starting a pet store. She had a cage full of parakeets. And I said, that's what he really needs. So he needed a flock. They're very social. But he would, because he was frustrated, he would just scream. Just, oh, no, mm-mm. Maybe that's one reason why I can't handle the guineas. It's really sad when you go into places and you see that they don't understand the animals that they're handling at all. And like the birds will start pulling feathers out and such if they're bored or if they're stressed. And you can watch them. They're not happy. They need something. But doing horse rescue, you'll see the same thing with horses. I've had horses that they'll stand and they'll just weave back and forth like this. because they've been beaten or something. And it takes a little while to get them to trust you because everybody else has heard them. Why would they trust you? You look like what they've seen before, but that doesn't mean the same, you know? And I think that's a great place to segue into trust with human beings because if you understand animals, and I mean really understand, I'm not just like, oh, nice kitty, but actually love them and understand them. Just to your point, Ralph, not trying to get them to do what you want them to do, but understanding their world, you, you have an insight into how people feel right now with what's going on in the political, in the political world, because I'm going to tell you what, everybody's lying. Everyone's lying. There there's, there's not anybody that's not lying right now to a certain degree. And I think the good guys are lying. They call it just disinformation. Bad guys are certainly lying because they're just liars. And, you know, so, We really have to look into things and search, not just at the core headline or the issue, but dig around it a little bit and kind of come around it from different angles. So that you can kind of poke holes in what's being sold to us. And that's really, really important. Something that General Flynn said last weekend was that the first, and I agree with him on this, the first evaluation of everything is generally wrong. Because, of course, we're human beings. It will activate our emotions. Most people will get their emotions activated. Some of us have a very low amount of emotional engagement with things, such as myself, which Some people are, you know, they'll say, well, you know, you're a little too... To the point, I'm like, yeah, but I don't want to be jerked around by my emotions. So, you know, if you can go into that world and not, you know, immediately have an e-jerk response, immediately have an emotional response to things, I think we're better off. And it's a good way to cope with what we're seeing in the world right now. It truly is. And to look at the things that we can do. Because, you know, there's all kinds of things that we can do and we can learn. Check this book out. I'm going to pull some books out. the vinegar makers handbook. Very cool. Now, if, if the grid goes down and you need, what can you do with vinegar? Like a lot, a lot. How would you make vinegar? How would you make bleach? There's ways of doing all this stuff. Some of us are crazy enough to be obsessed about this sort of thing, but, but, you know, to find out how to make those things. So like, If you are worried about how things are going, then it's time to make a plan. It's not, oh, whatever shall happen to me. That's not a plan. That's not even remotely close to a plan. That's a recipe for failure. You don't go, whatever will happen to me. It's like, well, if it goes this way, I'm going to go pivot, pivot, pivot. And so you have a lot of options. And one of them is collecting some books so you can figure things out how to do them in a pinch. And MacGyver your way around it. Yep. And we talk about this a lot, but don't go just digital. Get actual physical books. Yeah, we brought it up last Friday. We're going to go again with this with Dr. Ken. But I have this set, Bushcraft. And look at all the cool titles. Let's see if we can get it right here in the camera. I've got the first aid book, and it's a well-done book in my opinion. Trapping, Gathering, Cooking. Advanced Bushcraft, Bushcraft 101. I've got a bunch of foraging books, too, because I used to do that. So that's another thing. A guy can make things bloom anywhere, in the desert or wherever. There's so much food around us every day. They've convinced us of the law of scarcity, just like they did with petroleum products, which is not fossil fuels at all. They labeled it as such, but it's not. I know that I have edible plants on my property. Of course you do. We have a small property, but we have access to sometimes to water and we have very sandy areas and we have some grassy areas. So we get a bunch of different plants. Some of them were here because they were planted here by the previous owners, but some of them I'm just like, Like I didn't even I had no idea we had wild roses until one year Like two three years ago We had a bumper crop of wild roses that came up all over in the sandy what I call the outback And I was like, how how did we get roses? They were there. I just didn't know it Thankfully, we don't regularly wrote. Um mo back there because there's just not a need to Um, we have cactus which I don't know if that's edible or not, but it's all over the place out here. Um, I walk around and I'm like, I don't know what that is. I wonder if it's edible. And I wouldn't have a clue about harvesting, when to harvest. I have chives growing all around the house. I've got to look that up one of these days because they have flowers, but they haven't opened yet. And I know that makes a difference on when you want to harvest them. So instead of just planting them, I got them growing out of concrete out here. Every part of the dandelion is edible too. So here you go. I put this up because look at purslane, the scourge of all gardeners. They're selling it as a supplement. Why? Because it was brought over as an agricultural crop and it's way more nutritious. This is a great picture right here on what purslane looks like in the little yellow flowers. Not all these pictures are purslane. This is, this is, and this is. So that one, that's what you'll see around Michigan is something like that red like the little red vines. And they kind of grow out like they start out from a center and they kind of set everything out. So when you pick it up, it's got a lot of greenery and one small point of contact with the soil. But I thought it was kind of interesting to see this is that they're literally selling this as a supplement. And you can walk anywhere in your, I'm telling you right now, anywhere in your garden. And if you pick it and throw it on the ground, it's going to regroup. It's going to reroute. That's just the way this stuff works. A lot of the weeds here were originally agricultural crops that got brought over and got out of control. There you go. Look at this. This is how the, that's the structure of it. Person's got it in their hands. And now if that person decided to be real smart and throw it off to the side and, oh, look, here's a Pinterest one. That's kind of cool. Benefits of personal. And let's see if it takes us somewhere. I don't know if I can get it there on this. The hard part, usually I see this stuff all the time. You know, if you're following a natural path. social media channel or page somewhere, you'll see these things that say, purse lane, it's good for this or that. And you're like, okay, that's great. I have it growing out there. How do I go from A to Z? I like to look for resources that, to Ralph's point, get a book that says, this is what the plant looks like. This is when you harvest it. This is how you harvest it. This is how you prepare it for use. This is how you preserve it. This is how you take it and make a tincture or a tea or whatever. And this is the dosage that you would use for this circumstance. You never see that all together. They're just like, oh, okay. you know, this, this, this dandelion makes a great tea. Let me give you a Donna Brandenburg breakdown of purslane. Eat it. You can go out and you can grab a handful of it and you can eat it. You can pick the little leaves off. You can make it in a salad. You don't have to do anything special about it. It actually tastes pretty good. It tastes a little bit like, uh, like corn on the cob. It's kind of sweet and it has way more nutrients than say, say, um, uh, lettuce or even spinach. So, personally, it was an agricultural crop. So, it just takes a little bit longer because it's got the little jade-looking leaves on it and such. But it's really, really good to add to a salad or make a salad out of this stuff. You can go ahead and pick it and eat it. I wish we still had currants here in Michigan. I think we ought to have a campaign to start regrowing, especially some of the blister rust resistant varieties of currants because currants used to be native to Michigan before they were, much like the bison, intentionally killed off and made basically extinct from Michigan. But they're native here, and now even to be able to eat them, it's difficult to try and... You pretty much have to find freeze-dried imported currants here. Well, and to this point, when we were talking about purslane here, make sure you're not spraying your weeds, because if you've got it from an area that's being sprayed, you probably wouldn't eat that. But here's something that's a really, really quick one, is seven times the beta carotene of carrots, six times more vitamin E than spinach, five times more omega-3 fatty acids than spinach, significant amounts of vitamins A and C, as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants, and a natural A remedy for insomnia. Let's just keep going here because this is something I've actually eaten quite a bit of this. And here we've got recipes. Fingerling potatoes with purslane salad. Okay, what else? There's probably a million things out there. You know, I just, if fresh and salads dry it, you can dry it. There's a million things you could do with it. Dry it, powder it, put it in your smoothies. You know, throw it on top of anything. Use it just exactly as you would like, you know, any other green spinach. You know, wilt it if you want to do it. Just eat it. No special care necessary. Well, you might want to wash it off if you find it in your chicken yard. Yeah, if it survives the chickens. Gross, gross, Karen. That's so gross. If it survives the chickens. I can't imagine a chicken passing up something that tasty looking. Yeah, so if you need some omega-3, see, I think that's another thing. You know, we talk about all the omegas. Well, this has got omega-3 in it. That's one of the hardest ones to get out of the category, the class of omegas. So there you go. Go pick your weeds and eat them. That'll work. What other weed do we want to go? Do we want to go down weeds right now? How about dandelions? All right. Let's look at dandelions. You can make rubber out of dandelions. True story. The sap is, you know, you pick a dandelion, you get all that white sap that comes out. That's latex. And you can make rubber out of that. So how many dandelions does it take to make a usable patch of rubber? I'm not really sure. But the nice thing is that you pick them, you use the rest of the plant as food, and just harvest the latex separately. You can harvest an awful lot of them for food and have the latex as basically a waste material. Okay, here we go. Let's see what's in this article. I'm making this up on the fly. I'm braidering this, guys. So we're braidering here. Another one while you're doing that is wild raspberry. We have it all over in forests in West Michigan. Not fun to get through if you're doing other things, hunting or whatever. But I've learned that raspberry leaves have benefits. You can make them into a tea or whatever. They are one of those elements that you can buy. I used to harvest them around the yard and give them to rabbits when they were first given birth because it helps them come into milk. Okay, young dandelion leaves are completely edible and more nutritious than spinach. They have 25 times the vitamin A of tomato juice and are a good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, lecithin, vitamins A, B, and E. See, we can just get rid of all this commercially farmed crap. The Puritans brought it over. Let's see. Let's see. We started out there. Seeds were brought here by Puritans. to plant in their herb gardens, and the plant soon escaped, making its way across the country. So those beautiful, gorgeous yellow flowers. There you go. Used for herbalists for generations. Their leaves are powerful diuretic, but since they do not flush potassium out of the body, they are actually safer than pharmaceutical diuretics. Roots are slightly laxative. Tea can be made from fresh ground. Dried roots is reported to improve digestion. They're a cousin of chicory. Roots can be roasted until dark inside and out, ground into powder, and use as a coffee substitute. And it looks like you can... Oh, dandelion wine. There you go. I found a page on rubber from dandelions from the open source ecology website. And it looks like another great purpose of dandelions is for writing up grants to be able to get money for figuring out how to turn them into rubber when we already know how to do that. Oh, for gosh sakes. It's like so, so, I'm so done with it. Yeah, I posted the link in the chat. Here's Ralph's link. Let's see what he got for us. Rubber from Dandelions. Okay, let's do this. Let's do this thing. Ken Fern, author of Plants. His name is Fern. Yeah, that's kind of crazy, isn't it? Yeah. If you take a look at the third paragraph, he talks about the people getting grants for this. Yeah, there you go. The first webpage I opened on this topic announced that Ohio State University had, summer 2008, received a $3 million grant to start turning dandelions into rubber. This seems absurd to me, considering rubber production from dandelions has been viable at least since World War II. Yeah, but you know what? We've got to make money through our education systems or indoctrination systems. Yeah, so there's another purpose for dandelions is for grifting money off of the government. Well, that really makes me wonder what are they actually using that money on? Yeah. Like shrimp on a treadmill, probably. As you can see in there too, milkweed is another really good source. Oh, hey, check this out. How to convert latex into rubber. Okay. Now we're getting somewhere. We're looking into some really interesting stuff on how to do it. Equipment needed for rubber production from harvesting to processing. Ooh, this is cool. Oh, and it could be turned into alcohol. You know, like ethanol production from other things. Yeah, like ethanol. Here you go. Dandelion rubber. There's all kinds of good stuff in this little gem. Check that out. Well, that's a great link there. Yeah, so the only place we can get rubber from is from Vietnam, right? Yeah. Plants that produce late, well, it's just like the stupid farm subsidies. What a disgusting thing are politicians. They're not even politicians. They're agents of the deep state and or the large corporate. Black Rock, Arabella, and State Street Capital and Vanguard. You know, everybody should just pull their money out of those investments. Say, screw you. Watch them like completely and utterly free fall. So here are all the plants that produce latex, mountain dandelion, groundnut, Indian hemp, antelope horn, California milkweed. So there you go. The grid goes down. You have a way of making balloons. Yeah, we're set. Birthdays are saved. Yes. Russian or rubber dandelion has the highest latex content. It has a 20% latex content, while the official species, 16% for 7% dry weight latex. Yields are 150 to 500 kilos per hectare are recorded. Wow, this is cool. All right, so guess what? Boys and girls, we are going to have to figure out how and do this, how to convert dandelions, these beautiful, wonderful plants into... So a hectare is about two and a half acres. So in a two and a half acre area, that's saying that you can get up to about a thousand pounds of latex Out of a two and a half acre plot. And why are we going overseas to this? Because they can hide money, people. This is what it is. The farther things are away from local, the more money they can hide. The more kids they can traffic. The more nonsense they can do. The more that they can disable us on our home front of just doing things in our backyard. Because, God forbid, we wouldn't want the American people to be able to do this stuff. We've got to scare the crap out of them. And then take it over to to, you know, Thailand or India or or the rainforest of South America and such and make it all kinds of spooky and mysterious. When we could just be like, dudes, we've got dandelions and we got a lot of dandelions here. I mean, there's no end to the dandelions unless, of course, you live in a bougie neighborhood where they kill them all. And you get done harvesting the latex, you've got real nutritious plants for either humans or animals to be able to eat the leaves and the leftover parts of the plant. You wouldn't have to feed them chicken poop in their feed. You can feed them the dandelions in their feed. You might not have to eat the bugs. Yeah. And I mean, think about this. You go out there with a mower and a bag and you collect them mower and bag, you know, or let them let them dry. I mean, that's what you do with hay for the for the livestock. You let them you let it dry and in the field, lay it in the field and run over it with a tatter. Do you know, do you guys know what a tatter is? Yeah. Well, I think I do basically based on what you just said. It's kind of like a round, spinny thing that throws the hay all over the place. Really good farmers that know how to run a tether through their hay after they mow it. They mow it, then they run the tether through it, then they rake it, and sometimes they run the tether through it again, which throws the hay everywhere. What it actually does is it just kind of turns the hay over so it has a chance to really dry before you bale it. If you bale hay when it's wet, and I have been a party to this when I was a child, it's not a good thing because the hay will start fermenting. And making ethanol. Yeah, and making ethanol. But in a barn, it's a bad thing because I tell you what, sometimes we'd have the hay that would be so hot from being put up. If you got too close to to like a wet area in the field and you didn't run it through enough of a drying process or let it dry enough, if you baled those puppies up, you could stick your hand in the middle of one of those bales in the wintertime and it would literally, boom, you would be like, it'd be just like burning in there. Wow. The barns used to burn down because of that. My husband's got a compost pile. He's really gotten into his own end of research since I started researching gardening. And he's like, we have everything we need here to create our own compost. And so he started, he got some research and he got a pile started and he added grass clippings and he's turning it on a schedule and it got to be over 150 degrees in there the other day. So funny as I gave, there was a place that wanted some organic manure. So they came as a few years ago, they came out and I'm like, yeah, I'll give you some manure. They're going to do a city garden or garden in the city. I'm like, sure. We'll even load it for you in your trailer. We have a loader. So they came out and got it. And so we dug into the, into the manure pile or the compost pile where it had already been able to break down. So we use manure pile. We throw, we throw everything that's, you know, that we can in that, but, but everything in there is organic. So, you know, you're going to get some straw, you're going to get some hay. If you let it cook down enough, it cooks through the seeds and everything. You don't really even have a problem with pulling in like the weeds or the plants that are in your straw fields or the hay fields. And I dug in with the first bucket and they couldn't believe it. They go, whoa, this is already cooked down because of course it's already steaming and such. Like, well, yeah, that's kind of what it does. They they were so shocked and we were kind of looking at them like, this is what it does. You know, it produces heat because most of horse manure is undigested food. It's not, you know, they, there's so much, there's so much food that they pass through that all, all herd animals are like that. Now, prey animals, different story. You don't, you don't use prey animals manure. You just don't because that's disease carrying and such, but herd animals, you know, it's all, it's all, uh, Pretty well. It's good stuff. Great for growing food in. Steams when it comes out. Steams when you recycle it. You know, another thing that we kind of touched on this earlier, but another thing that people that don't do farming, I think, don't understand is like, Karen, you said you had to clip the wings of your one chicken to keep her from flying. I think a lot of people don't realize that chickens can fly. They just don't because they're lazy. We still have two that we're going to have to put some other fencing up along certain... I think we lost you there for a second, Karen. Yeah, my husband was trying to call me. I'll call him back. He knows I'm on show today. They can get through sheet fencing... Because they're smaller. And one is Monkey and one is Roadrunner. Most of them don't have names, but Monkey got her name because both of these came from another farm. They were gifted to many chicks. And so when they were pullets, they were like, please come and get some. So we got a half dozen from them. Well, they had raised them in their barn and they were used to roosting really high. And so when they came to our property, they... We're not used to the coop design that we have, which has lower perches in it than there are really high perches inside the park. So some of them, including Monkey, really wanted to perch and roost in the small tree in our backyard. Well, they would climb up and flutter up and climb along the branches, and I could... reach up and grab them by their feet and then put them in the coop at night. She hates that. She hates me because of that. So I called her monkey because she was always up in the tree. I can't imagine why. And Roadrunner, she looks like Roadrunner when she runs. She's really fast. Both of them are. We started to just call her Monkey, too, because they're so similar. But she's brown. She's really pretty. She's like the most camouflaged chicken we have. I think these are like the Araucana, Americana, whatever you want to call them. They get mixed breeds. I think they both lay blue eggs, which is kind of nice. But... Roadrunner, when she stretches out running, she looks like Roadrunner from the cartoon series. So we call her... Well, they can get through the fence. And I don't want them out there scratching around where I'm trying to grow grass now. So clipping the wings didn't help because monkey was flying up on a high, even up on a high fence post. She was just fluttering up there and sitting there and mocking me because she could hop in and out of the fence. And all the other chickens are looking at her like, we can't do that. So I trimmed the feathers on those birds that were first getting out by trying to get over the fence. And now they're stuck. Except I don't know how Nellie's doing it. Remember Alice, the white chicken I had? She had blindness issues. And then she got really sick. But something was wrong with her. But she got bullied. And so she learned how to climb trees. kennel fencing. She could get all the way up to the top. And I don't know if Nellie's figured out how to do that because her wings are clipped. So I don't know how she's getting out. One day maybe I'll see her. She's a tricky bird. She was out again yesterday in the meat bird pen. I'm like, man. That's fun. Well, Ralph just asked me about Monica. Yes, Monica Anderson is going to be coming out at 1030 talking about allergies and cooking or foods related to allergies and, uh, for food allergies. So about 1030, she'll be on. I'm going to go through this book again. I just want to read, you want, you want to know what you want to think about for self-sufficiency and what happens if the grid goes down. I've got a grid goes down one too, but, uh, I, I'm a, I'm a, research junkie. No grid survival projects. Okay. So at any rate, check this out. So I'm going to read the chapter headlines and we can go into them if you want to. Excuse me. The homestead plan, site selection, road building, homestead water, water disinfection, all kinds of things in there. House floor planning, off-grid power, the orchard, homestead gardening, How to, there's a lot of topics within that chapter. Easy on the back gardening. Seed saving. Food preservation. Busy as bees. Hey, my bees come. May 13. I'm really excited to get bees back again. Introduction to chickens. Composting. And you can do the impossible. Tools of the trade. Tools in homestead. Fuel storage and such. So, kind of excited about my bees. I got to get my hives painted. You have to paint them. So, um, honeybees are awesome. Yeah, they're really cool. So, uh, yeah, there's, there's so many things, you know, we went through on the Fridays, we went through the water disinfection and, uh, process and that sort of thing. There's all these things. I mean, we don't have to be afraid of it. I mean, the pioneers did this for years and nothing's, nothing's changed except for our own lack of knowledge, really, but everything's here that we really need. We just, We have a few more things to deal with because our density for people is we've got a little bigger density than they had, but that's okay. We can overcome that too. She says, I love hearing Donna's roosters. So love lives fairly close to me. And so she hears the roosters. Let me go to the chat real quick. Let's see. Morning, finally managing to catch you when you start. Thank you. Hubs work. Second shifts makes it kind of hard. Caught you on X, but I'm on Rumble. I'm a Rumble fan for watching shows. Yeah, I'm on X now. I've got like two channels on X besides live at Brandenburg News Network, which is the most reliable. Rumble is great, but Rumble has a lot of glitches to it. And they weren't able to keep up when we were being attacked. We were. So auto impact is out to destroy conservatives involved in politics. Overheard a woman. who is in Ottawa Impact, telling her friend about it. Yeah, I wouldn't doubt it. I've got some harsh words for those people. Charlotte says, well, after four years, and I'm pretty extra sure that they're pretty much pretty close with Betsy DeVos out there in Ottawa because she lives right there on Lake McIntyre in the protected neighborhood. And who is in her neighborhood running against Bill Huizenga? Look into this thing, people. They're like chameleons. They're all deep state. They're all in it together. So when after four-year term, I signed up for a two-year term for the Republican precinct delegate, will not be joining a party doing it to help reelect our board of commissions. We have some nuts running. Did I also have the dump pushed here in Byron Center too? Do we have one in Byron Center? I know we've got one south of town on 100th Street. I don't know. We have to look at that. Test false positive results like COVID. Funny, they're not connecting the 5G waves that wiped out a lot of people. Oh man, we're going to talk about this because Jeff Bongiorno, you know, he's on Mondays. He's going to be on tomorrow at 10. So this has been a weird week because I scheduled light because I wasn't feeling good and I didn't want to cancel on a whole bunch of people. So I know you guys are always up for coming on and I like talking to you guys anyway. We just sit here and talk about things that that are fun to talk about. So Monica will be on in 15 minutes here. We're going to talk about the 5G thing because I have a friend who found that they were installing them on his, where his condo is on the roof in New Jersey. He started losing his mind. So he got a monitor and started monitoring the safe levels around inside his apartment, went up on the roof and went over to the school, which was right nearby. Now, if you guys remember, I had a group of people over in Ada that were protesting the installation of 5g, the antennas right by the school. I'm going to tell you what, he said his eyes were burned and he's got a big announcement to make to our, cause he's got proof positive of what these, the amount of radiation coming out of these 5g, um, uh, units and how dangerous it is. He's like, he called, we were talking the other night and I'm going to tell you what, I've never seen him be that absolutely, um, I don't even know how to say it, unstable. I mean, he was just like, I can't believe they're doing that. He was pissed. And he's going to come on tomorrow. Jeff Bongiorno is going to come on tomorrow with a big announcement. And I think there's going to be some serious lawsuits to this and anyone pushing this because they're frying us. They're frying our kids with this. When you watch the video of him walking around doing the evaluation, it's pretty crazy. I don't believe anything until I see it. And it's pretty hard to walk away from this saying that, oh, it's just nothing. Just look the other way. There's nothing going on here because he's got it. He's got it documented. And I really think that this is not going to end well for the people who are pushing this. Yeah, I think 5G is mostly kind of, in my opinion, my biggest problem with 5G is more the, there's very little that 5G can do that 4G LTE was not also capable of doing. The problem that I see with it, there's a couple of things about 5G that I really don't like. One of them is the privacy aspect of it, because whereas 4G and before, you could do triangulation based on towers and you could get a location of a cell phone within plus or minus about 300 feet, usually. With 5G, it uses beam forming, and in certain cases, the position of the phone can be resolved down to a few centimeters. And you think that kind of data isn't getting sold or used somewhere. You have not studied history. And it also has to have it for vertical, whereas 3G, 4G, and the ones before that, it was all just basically horizontal resolution. With 5G, the position accuracy of it is kind of crazy. So you got the privacy aspect of it there. The other thing that I have a major objection with about 5G is that it was kind of... The way they built it was also kind of a scam to take advantage of the federal subsidy program for rural broadband development. The way they organized that... You have to go back a ways on this. There was a government initiative back a long time ago now to extend internet to the rural areas, and Comcast took a whole bunch of money from the government to build out infrastructure into the rural areas under this program. Well, they subsequently didn't actually do that. They just took the money and said they were going to do it and didn't. So then they came back a few years later and said, hey, we need more money. And the federal government just basically gave it to them. And once again, they didn't really do anything with it. Money laundering again with no accountability. And you look into the staffing between the FCC and Comcast and AT&T especially, and there's a bit of a revolving door there. We definitely have some regulatory capture there. And I'm not going to say the FCC doesn't do good things. There's a lot of good that the FCC does, but there's definitely some questionable behavior in some of the leadership of the FCC. But anyway, so after like two rounds of this federal subsidies for rural broadband thing, then 5G comes out and just barely squeaks by on the definition for rural broadband. So now they can put up these towers and just have coverage area to the rural areas and get the federal subsidies for rural broadband without anybody raising a fuss about how much money we already shoveled into Comcast to be able to do the same thing. And... On top of it, 5G is actually deployed in multiple versions. The long-range version that most people would fall under most of the time is actually slower than 4G LTE. It uses lower frequencies that carry further but have less bandwidth available. So in a lot of cases, it's actually slower than 4G LTE. Now where it gets faster is when you're right next to the little microsite towers that they put on like telephone poles and on street lights and on the roofs of buildings and stuff. And a lot of that only reaches like several hundred feet and it barely goes through walls correctly. So in my opinion, 5G is really kind of, it has an awful lot of elements of being a scam. Well, it's stupid. And, you know, you look at all this stuff and it's money laundering like crazy and they're spying on us. So I wanted to. Did you guys see that stuff that Peter Berninger put out there with them spying on Americans in the in through our elections? I'm going to read this to Doherty. Dr. Doherty did an interview with Professor David Clements, who said, uh clement who is a friend of mine and this is something he said which is really interesting and peter put it in his stuff too I like peter they're they're all they're all wonderful human beings doherty was able to identify computer-driven and this I'm going to come back to this for a reason voice spikes at precise locations in the electronic records the interview explains how the center for internet security cis a private entity funded by radical left group Democracy Fund and directed by the Globalist Atlantic Council, which is also Ron Weiser, who is the head of the Republican Party in Michigan, was part of the Atlantic Council. So they're all playing ball together, people. Controls the Albert Sensor Network. Remember that name, the Albert Sensor Network. The network monitors all election data real time, and CIS is able to share all private information of government workers to the shadow NGOs that work behind the scenes. Doherty explains how the Albert Sensors exist behind county firewalls and provides a two-way interface where the DHS and other bad actors can do unspeakable damage. For example, the electronic poll books that are supposedly protected behind a firewall were remotely accessed in Dallas County and hundreds of fraudulent voters were checked in that weren't physically present. Doherty concludes that the interview, in the interview, concludes the interview, detailing how Dominion tabulators in Maricopa were configured to not detect counterfeit ballots submitted in 2020 election, most of which were printed on legal paper sourced from Staples or OfficeMax. We're talking spying, people. We're talking spying on Americans. So going back to what's going with the 5G, I have a feeling that we're talking spying with a lot of this stuff. And then I want to go further with what Peter said. And I'm going to bring this up a minute because this is crazy because this is going to go into, maybe I can pull the full thing up here so that everybody can see it. Let me try that a minute. Another thing that that brings to mind is, I don't know if people know this, but computer printers generally put a little identifying mark on everything that you print that can be tracked back to that printer. They figured this out years ago with the inkjet printers that if you look really, really carefully, there's a pattern of light yellow dots that get printed on things printed on a lot of the inkjet printers. And there's been identifying marks that have been spotted on a lot of the different printer brands. So they're using this kind of spying against us. Why aren't we checking these ballots for these same identifying marks and tracking them back to the printers that made them? This is a fixable thing, people. We just got to continue to, I think we're still doing in the exposure part of this, where we're still finding bad guys. So I don't think we're even to the bottom of finding all the bad guys, but I think we're getting there. So EI, ISAC members. um this is peter bernser he says I'm posting the whole list here is michigan through missouri e-l-i-s-a-c is part of the federal government who is spying on all our counties either via the albert sensor falcon services cis cis asisa which is what jeff bonjourno talks about all the time dhs M-S-I-S-A-C or CrowdStrike. These people are evil. I'm telling you what. And they know what they're doing. So let's just look at the list here. Ada Addison, Algesi. It is like all of them. Alder, Algoma, Allendale, Charter Township, Alpine. Aranac, Arthur Township. Now, I only posted some screenshots of some of them because I wanted to get to this. We're going to go through all the B's here. Baltimore, Banks, Berry, Bear, Beaver, Beaver, Bedford, Bedford, Bellevue, Bengal Township, Berlin, Berrien, Blair, Blunden, Blissfield, and lo and behold, where I had my FOIA. All right, go away. I'm trying to get it to go. There you go. I guess can't do it. Right down here. I'm going to let that go away. To where we have Byron Township Clerk of Kent County. Of Kent County. Byron Township of Kent County. The county I live in. The township where they broke four election laws. Honestly, denied my FOIA and destroyed election materials. illegally breaking four election laws. Right there. My township, Byron Township. But look at them all. It's pretty much every township. This list that Peter published is shocking, to say the least. I'll see if I can bring up Peter's original post in a minute. And when you see how long this list is, I didn't cite him in this. My apologies to Peter. I'll have to I'll have to get in there and cite his list because it is shocking. Excuse me. How many? Everybody go follow Peter Berninger. He's great. Oh, he even brought up the code that they had that showed them rigging the election with the codes within the machines. I love Peter. He's been on our show before. So someone asked you in the chat, they beat me to it for a link to that Twitter because I'm not on Twitter. If you are able to send a link to where we can find that list and we can get to their direct post there. Well, that's what I apologize to Peter because the thing of it is, is that let me see if I can get up here a minute, just a little bit more. I didn't source it. So I'll source it. I'll put it out there and I'll source it for everybody. I thought I'd sourced it when I put it out there, but I didn't. So I try to, not always. Sometimes I get posting fast, and I'll catch it later. It's not intentional to diss anybody. Sometimes when I did the tornado post this week, it wasn't intentional. There was no source, and I looked for it, too. Oh, did you see the guy that they fired somebody who dumped 65,000 ballots into the election in Wisconsin and the person was fired? That's going to go poorly for them. Okay, hang on. We're going to get there because I do think this is important. Because this links right back to Michigan, for gosh sakes. This is a Michigan problem. One of many. Yeah, you can talk amongst yourselves right now because I'm trying to go through all of his Albert Sensor posts here. But you can go in and then go back far enough to really see what he's doing. Oh, that was on his Twitter feed. Let me see if I can find it. I'll have to do this a different way. Unless he's got us telegram feed. One of many Michigan problems. Michigan sucks. You want to know something else? I'm going to tell you guys what happened yesterday on the Constitution Party of America II here, the National Constitution Party. I'm annoyed. You think you're going to go to a new place that's going to be any different, and you know what? I'm annoyed right now. I'm really annoyed, and I'm really annoyed because they're all the same. The party system has to go down, and I mean it has to come crashing down because just as Washington and Adams said, It's corrupted and it's corruptible. And guess what? Found it in the Constitution Party. And I'll talk about that sometime because these people suck. And these parties totally suck. And I'm sorry, I'm not going to sugarcoat this for anyone. Not going to do it. It sucks. I'm pretty sure I know what you're talking about. And it's not the Michigan Party. No, the Michigan party is clean because if it wasn't, I'm first vice chair. We would have kicked this thing right to the curb. I'm not kidding you. It wouldn't have stood in Michigan because you know what? When you get actually honest people in there, oh, you can handle it ahead of time. So here we go. I'm going to throw it. Let me see if I can get this up here. And I'll throw the original one that Peter phoned. We'll see if the link is still there. If it's not, well, they knocked it off of the way back machine. Well, screw you people. Guess what? I'm going to throw this link out on to see if I can get it out of my, my, uh, telegram channel. And we'll just put the link to Peter, a true American hero. I love this guy. He's real super smart, too. I like the open source intelligence guys, too. I mean, there's there's so many good people out there. There's a lot more. There's a lot of good people out there fighting for fighting for justice and what's right. Yeah. Don't let it get to you because there's more good people than bad people. It's just that we hear about the bad people. So here is everything out there is trying to make us all feel like we're alone. Yeah. There's a lot of good people out there. All right. So I just posted the the link. So let me get to the bottom here and I'm going to open up Peter's thing here and the exact post. I'm not dialed into Twitter on this thing. And we're just going to we're just going to do this a minute and we're going to see what these criminals are doing. They're criminals and everybody should see what they're doing. And like a bug's life, you know, and. I can't say I'm a huge fan of that movie because the good guys were all basically dishonest and dishonest liars. But, you know, the one thing to take away from that is they keep us, they keep trying to keep us, you know, like split up and feeling like we're alone. And like, you know, it's the entire world is just going to be what it is and it's not changeable and everything. And just like in a bug's life, When we all get together on stuff, there's an awful lot that we have the power to be able to do. And that's why they keep having to try and split us up. But there's an awful lot of good people out there. People don't even understand what it means to work together and support somebody that you elect into office. It's our fault that we have sucky people in office because we got lazy and we allowed bad people to be in office and we don't hold them accountable. They're just a reflection of us. Honestly, that's the truth. But we're going to need to get back into it and actually treat our government as a civics project that we actually that we actually are involved in. So here's the tweet. I actually talked about that last weekend. last week having to do with Putin and everybody's like, oh no, Putin's going to nuke us. I'm like, Putin isn't like these idiots in office. Why would he do that? He knows that Americans right now are so self-righteous and so willing to win at all costs, which happened in the National Constitution Party. We'll be talking about that at some point in time. And in this, this attitude of win at all costs, we've got a sports team going and we're going to, we're willing to tear down the United States just so that our candidate can win. That's what we saw. And I'm going to talk about this later because Utah was the one that fell down and their, their attitude on this. We saw it through the entire, the entire, uh, uh, convention. And I'm going to call these people out because this was so un-American. If this was in Michigan, I would have kicked these people right out of the party. And so would everybody else on the executive committee because they disrespected the American process. And there are good people in Utah that have spoken up about this too, that are part of the constitution party. And they've spoken up about this. So it's not even, it's not all of them. It's just It's just some people that thought that they were too smart for everything and disrespected the process of equal representation to get their candidate in at all costs. That's exactly what happened. And they should be ashamed of themselves. But I'm going to throw it out there because I'm Donna Brandenburg and that's what I do. And I don't really care if they like me. It's like, I do not care if they like me because I will not stand with people that are traitors to this nation. And I don't care what label they're on. So anyhow, let's look at Peter's text here, post. It's really long so that we can look at. I can see out there, Monica, I'll bring you on in just a minute. We're going to finish this thing here. So I'll bring you on in a minute. So here are all the townships that he's got in Michigan that have thrown in as traitors that are allowing traitors These deep state actors to spy on our counties and our townships. And it is the clerk of these townships in the state of Michigan that are guilty as hell. And look how long this list is. I'm just in the C's right now, people. I'm just going to play this forward. See if you can see yours. This is the C's. Now we're down to the M's. Petoskey, of course, Petoskey. Royal Oaks. Sault Ste. Marie, a port area, a border space. Look at this. D's, E's, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M. Every single one of these counties' clerks are guilty of spying on Americans and using the rigged machines. Hey, on the upside, there's no Q's. Q, my favorite letter. So there you go. I had to say it out loud. So there you go. White Lake. Look at this. And then we get into Minnesota. Look at the Minnesota. He's got all 50 states. And they took down the original link that was on the Internet Archive. This is what they do. They lie and then they change the history of this. That's why we can't even look at what's out there. There is there is nothing that we can count on that they haven't wiped, which is I got to say this, Monica, you're going to forgive me a minute. I figured this out on the Flynn, you know, how about we bring Monica in and we'll talk about this a minute. You ready, Monica? She disappeared on me. Hang on a minute. There you go. Hey, how you doing? Hey, I'm good. Hi. How are you? I'm great. And you're from Utah and we met at the Constitution Party and we're going to be talking about food for allergies. But I want to bring this up because I was at the Flint event this past weekend and I figured out this and I'm going to say bullshit. with what we have going on with the Mandela, the Mandela effect. It's a lie. It's a CIA. And I figured it out this weekend while I was sitting there. Okay. They're trying to make you with this Mandela effect, question your perceptions and your memory so they can fill, they can fill you with new ones so they can change the narrative. And I am going to tell you right now, I figured it out this weekend. And then to support this, you know how they were telling us all that, that the, uh, that the, uh, what is it, Fruit of the Loom logo didn't have the cornucopia on it. I'm going to tell you what, I know it had a cornucopia on it. I'm old. And I saw it and such. And oh, no, it never had that. See, your memory is wrong. It's a Mandela effect. Bullshit. It was there. And so after they got everybody believing that, then all of a sudden researchers were like, well, wait a minute. This actually was a thing. It was a thing. Okay. Chick-fil-A was another one, how they spelled Chick-fil-A. That's a lie. You remember it. You remember it. You have it right. You know what was going on there. And they can wipe things. They can change things and they can manipulate it. So I'm going to tell you what, when somebody says the Mandela, the Mandela effect, it's cia don't bite they're trying to get you to to question yourself to lose your belief in yourself and god and whatever else is good so they can replace it with a new new engineered thought or memory or reality so that so that you are dependent on this ridiculous news cycle of believing whatever new they're going to come out on that you've never heard before to be able to give you misinformation and everybody's doing it both sides. So you're going to have to remember those things that you know to be true because you were there. I remember stuff and they have changed things digitally. They can change anything. They can change digital images. They can change voice recordings. They can change all kinds of things. You would never know it. And just like this post from Peter Berninger, let's just put it up for effect here. In fact, I'm going to click on his link and I'll show you what I mean. by them wiping it he had it and he got it from this link oh we can't let people see the truth so guess what they got in behind it and watch what happens I'm going to click his link all right oh no we have not archived it and who's in charge of archiving it cis security People don't understand, too, that the Internet Archive, if you are a website operator, the Internet Archive has a mechanism for requesting that your stuff be wiped from their archive. This is not anything that's hidden. They're open about this, that if you're a website operator, you can request that the archive of your website be wiped. But I want to show everybody who's got the keys to the kingdom here. It's CIS. So it's CIS Security, which is EIISAC Partners. That EIISAC Partners, which has got the Albert sensors. The fix is in all the way to CISA and CIS and all of it. And then they control the internet to be able to hide the information. That's exactly what we're seeing here, people. So you can't believe what you remember. Believe what you know to be true. Because the new stuff that's coming out, just like this nonsense with the Mandela Effect, it's a lie. And it's coming from the CIA and the deep state. Get together with your friends. See if they know it, too. What was it? We are the world. What were some of the songs they said? Oh, it's a Mandela effect. Liars. Liars. We know what they were saying. We were there. I remember it. I remember singing it. When I actually had a voice that wasn't, you know, fighting a sickness that was probably from the avian flu that they tried to pass around. Yeah. Liars, liars. Everything from what they put in our water to what is in our food to vaccines to, I mean, you name it. Like you really have to be aware, like really listen to your body and pay attention to our health. Like that's why I believe our health is the most important thing. We actually should be more focused on that because without our health, we can't fight for our freedom. Well, and if we have fraudulent elections, which is clearly fraud. CIS is fraud. This is fraud. They wiped the Wayback Machine. They wiped the evidence. But that's okay. Peter Berninger and some of us other people who document everything, they're so screwed because we've already got it documented. They can't hide everything. Once it's digital, it's for real. And I'm going to guess that there's lots of really good people out there like Jeff Bongiorno and such too. They have this stuff all documented. So they can't stop what's coming. Nothing can stop what's coming. You're screwed, people. You are screwed. And it's too bad. We're going to take this nation back. We're not asking for your permission or are we going to apologize for it? So segue. Hey, Monica. Hi. So let's talk about your journey. You know, you've done homeschooling and you married your high school sweetheart and you've got three beautiful kids. And really, we got talking at the table because you, Monica sat at our table when we were at the national party. You got to know her that way. And we got talking about food allergies and health and such and had a wonderful discussion because we have a lot in common. I mean, there's a lot of dietary things that that I personally don't do, you know, I went vegan for five years, but let's talk about your health journey. And we were, before you got on, we were talking about, about farming. We're all farming farmers and, and we, we do everything the natural way and try to try to push for ending all of these government subsidies, which is just money laundering. That's all it is. It's not, it's not for any other reason and, and to poison people. So tell us about what you went through. Well, so my journey probably started, like I was a lot heavier too. Like I didn't even get a chance to talk to you about any of that. Oh, you're really slender. You're a beautiful woman and you're, you know, you're real slender. But when I wasn't listening to my body and I wasn't paying attention to the foods out there that are poisoning us, that aren't good for us, I was up to 180 pounds. Oh, for real? Yeah. Yeah, my husband has a picture on his phone that he pulled up and I was like, oh my gosh, that was me, whoa. You don't realize that you got that way. I just knew that I felt miserable. Like the best way to describe it, I felt like somebody took me and threw me down a flight of stairs every day before I got up out of bed. I was horribly miserable. My memory was terrible. I had brain fog really bad. I couldn't be that like, I wanted to be a mom so bad when I was a little girl and grow up, you know, that's what I wanted. And I wasn't being the mom that I wanted to be. It was affecting everything. I couldn't go outside and run with my son. I just had to watch him out in the yard. Like that wasn't the mom I wanted to be. So I finally decided, you know, I bought into the, do what the doctors say. Well, this is, this is normal. This is your life now. Right? That's what they tell you. So that you just keep going along. And I would just take a prescription and say, well, my blood work came back normal. So everything must be okay. But yet here I am. Obviously my body is inflamed. Obviously my body is screaming. It's not okay. So when I finally decided to go and see a doctor, I went and saw an endocrinologist. And she was actually amazing. She's the first person that was like, you need to be gluten free. You need to be dairy free. You need to stay away from GMOs. You need to stay away from soy. I have to avoid artificial colors and preservatives. There was a ton of things. I'm going, whoa. I mean, I kind of dabbled a little bit with stuff like my family, we had avoided artificial colors. Because as you saw, I homeschooled. And my daughter, I just noticed was having trouble paying attention to me. And I've had some people say, Oh, well, she has ADHD. No. Now, if you really research into artificial colors, you'll find that they mimic ADHD. They really mess with our moods and our health. Not to mention the studies where they're linked to cancer. And cancer's on a rise. Can I ask you a question on that? So I heard years ago that the coloring in our food, I think it's red dye number 40, is actually made out of bugs. That we're already eating bugs in our food. Is that true? I believe that is one that has that. There's another one that's actually made from sacks of beavers where they get a flavoring. What is it? It's from the anal sacks and beavers. Oh, yeah, that's vanilla flavoring. So we've been having that. If you've had artificial vanilla flavoring in your foods, the anal sacks of beavers for who knows how long. So, okay, there you go. And I believe those are, they have them categorized as additives. And when you research additives, you can end up down so many bunny trails when you start looking into this and you start asking, well, why? Well, why? It's amazing what you'll find when you follow those whys into the colors, the studies, the additives. It got us far, like even dairy. So have you heard about A1 and A2 proteins? No. In your milk? Well, just from you when we were sitting there talking, so I'm going to let you explain it because I think that your explanation was great. So A1 proteins are in a lot of our dairy cows that we have now, the black and white, the brown and white. And A2 is another protein that's in some other cows, like a Charlotte, Charlemagne, I think is it, and a Cindy, Red Cindy. Some of those cows, you can look up the differences. There's different breeds for A1 and A2. But A1 is actually known to be harder to digest. It will cause bloating, cause digestive problems. The reason that A lot of our dairy that's out there is A1 is because the cows will produce a lot more milk. Like we're talking one cow will produce 15 to 30 gallons of milk. So this is all about breeding for this protein. Are they breeding for it or are they injecting them for it? So they bred them so that they could feed them grains and fatten them up that way. which has made them produce this A1 protein by being bred that way to do that. That's not what they're made to do. So grass fed would avoid that. Grass fed would avoid that. And the breed that they each produce A1 and A2, but the A1 is more dominant in the ones that are grain fed. Okay. Causes us more problems. If you get the breed that has A2 more dominant, then that is a lot easier on our systems. Is, are there like some brands out there that have that A2 that had the A2 protein rather than A1 that, you know, or is this something you have to get from like a farm field? I wanna look into more of like a farm field to see if they have it. I do know that some of your grocery stores will carry like A2 milk. I have not been able to find like an A2 cheese though. Like that I find interesting. Cause if you look at the process of how cheese is made, It will take the proteins, I think it's like seven casein proteins, because it's like an A1 casein protein or an A2 casein protein. When you make like cheddar cheese, that protein goes from like seven proteins to like 54 proteins. It really condenses it. So all of our food that has cheese added to it and it's made with A1, think of all your meals that you can have cheese in. Or when you go out to eat, you can get cheese on it. Or your butter or your sour cream. Any of the A1 and it's not in the milk form, it's like doubling or tripling the proteins that are in there. And if you already are having issues digesting it, I mean, that's just going to make it even worse. Do you know if jerseys are A1 or A2 dominant? You know what I had? Let me see. How about micro-Jerseys? That's what I'm looking at buying. A Jersey is actually going to be an A1. You have a Karen Swiss, a Brown Swiss, a Jersey, a Holstein, an Ayrshire, and a British Shorthorn. They're going to be more dominant in A1. I'm sorry, go ahead. Does that include the heritage breeds or the micro-cows? You know what I'm talking about on the micro-cows? Yeah, the micro-cows. Buffalo and goat will produce A2. And the gir, the red cindy, the sahiwal, the cankredge, those ones will do A2. Wow, that's cool. Could you text me a list of those after we're offline here? Yeah, of course. I found it really interesting. on my health journey we eliminated dairy and my son has really bad seasonal allergies is is what we thought I mean he does still have seasonal allergies but when we eliminated dairy we did it as a whole family like if mom's not having it nobody's having it we did that with all of that and after a few months my husband and I started realizing you know what he doesn't seem to be having as many troubles breathing. He's not getting as many bloody noses. He's just eliminating the dairy. It helped with inflammation in my body, inflammation in my sons. Like I said, he still has seasonal allergies, but they are not as bad as they were when we were all consuming dairy on a regular basis. Wow. So I like to kind of look at everything that I do as like a little experiment. I'm like, okay, it's a challenge, right? I'm not going to look at it as like, oh, I'm the victim. I have to avoid this. No. Okay. Here's this new challenge. We're going to see what this does to our body. What's the worst we got to lose? We'll go without it and nothing gets better or we go without it and something gets better. Why not? Why not? Hey, I'm going to put this up for just a second. So here's your caster out of the anal glands of the beaver. I want to know how they get that many beavers. Are they farming them to go into ice cream? And then so they're like hauling out their caster, their anal glands. Okay, this is kind of gross, guys. So from here on out, it is. Well, I use only pure, pure vanilla, but I'm sure I get it in other things, but I'm really not fond of knowing that I'm eating beaver butt glands. No, right. When you find out, you're like, um, no, I didn't agree to that. I never said, sure. That sounds like a great idea. I do not consent. Castoreum, C-A-S-T-O-R-E-U-M. Oh, here, here's a picture. Here's, here's the, the, Here's the poster picture for it. All right. Here you go, guys. I'm sorry. It's being on and we go through everything here. There you go. There's the beaver and there is said glands. Told you. Who in their right minds, who in their right mind would have come up with, hey, I think we should remove the beaver butt glands and put it in our food. Who is that first person? I want to know who this guy was. Maybe we should just grow the vanilla. Tastes like vanilla. Yeah, who would have gone into this area? I mean, this is kind of like, okay, people are, people be crazy. Yeah. So, okay. What makes them decide to grab that and go, hmm, I wonder what this tastes like? Right? We should add food. Yeah, that's a great idea. So I have a question. I told you we don't censor, so we go in all different directions. I told you so many funny trails you can go on with this. Seriously, you can go down and just be like, are you kidding me? So, Monica, I have a question for you. So as you were researching this milk issue and the dairy products and such, are you saying that dairy... done naturally, let's say, is a healthy or potentially healthy thing. But because it has been warped by the farming industry, the dairy industry for more profit, we've lost the health element in similar fashion to wheat, where natural older forms of wheat are healthy, but they've changed it. And that's why we have a gluten issue. Yeah. Is that what you're saying? That's exactly it. Yeah. And gluten's a whole nother one with the wheat. That's the dwarf wheat that we have now. And about in the 50s, I actually have the scientist's name that did that study. Let's see. Ph.D. pathologist, plant pathologist Norman Borlaug. He's the one that went to Mexico. in the 50s to fight stem rust, a fungus that infected wheat. And for the next decade, he worked with colleagues to crossbreed wheat to be disease resistant, to have higher yields. Because the first strains of this new wheat could not stand up with its abnormally large seed head, he crossed this wheat with Japanese dwarf wheat, this short, stockier stems, which resulted in semi dwarf wheat, which is what we have now. And that was more disease resistant, resilient, and it thrived wherever it was planted, it soared. So at first this was a really great thing, right? Like Mexico, India, Pakistan, they saw their yields double when they put in these new crops and they're thinking, oh, we're gonna feed everyone that's hungry, we have so much more food now. But they didn't realize that by doing that, I mean, when you go on like a scientific thing there, like for instance, if you compare it to einkorn wheat, that had 14 chromosomes in it. And our new modern wheat has 42 chromosomes. Right. That's not good. I've just been learning recently about this from the book called Wheat Belly. Oh. I haven't read that book. Oh, well, then you need to get that book. I think you would find it really helpful. Some of the things that you just said are part of that book. It talks about how the differences genetically in that wheat are why we have a gluten problem, and that one of the results of that is wheat belly, where you get this big tire around the middle. But I'm sure that's not the only reason why people get the fat deposits that we do, but it's a large part of it. And of course, other aspects of health are a result of that type of wheat. It's not natural and appropriate for us. It's not that wheat is bad, and it's not... gluten is also found in other grains too. So I'm like, well, what the heck am I supposed to eat? Everything we eat includes wheat and everything I want to eat includes cheese or butter. And it's, it's really frustrating then to know how we are supposed to get by. And it's like, we are always talking about here in BNN, we have to learn to adapt and we have to research things. We have to look at things differently and return to a more natural state one way or another. Yeah, no, we do. We definitely need to be more aware on things that they are. I mean, I would say that's probably genetically modified, right? Our wheat would be genetically modified by doing that. Yeah. Yeah. There you go. When you look into GMOs, Where is my paper on that? Let's see. I found this interesting. If you go to, they actually show that there was a study done and it's like, okay, well, why do some places have GMOs banned? Well, many different researchers now show that animals fed, animals fed genetically engineered foods such as corn and soy, suffer a wide range of maladies including intestinal damage, multiple organ damage, massive tumors, birth defects, premature death, and near complete sterility by the third generation of offspring. Dang, what's that site? Site health what? So it is And it says, unfortunately, the gigantic human lab experiment is only about 10 years old. So we're likely decades away from tabulating the human casualties. But we do have a birth rate problem in America. We're starting to get into that, but that this study was found with like animals, but we're mammals, right? When you look at like the science of it, we're all mammals. So how is this not going to, I find so many ties between our health and animals health. There's so many ties that people don't pay attention to. So with all of your allergies, how did you figure out what all you were allergic to? Because I've got a whole bunch of food allergies, and one of the biggest helpful things that I found is my doctor had me do a blood antibody test for it, which I thought that worked great. It got me probably 90% of the way to figuring out what all I'm allergic to. But how did they figure? How did you get it figured out for yourself? So for me, the reason that I had to eliminate all of those things was because I was diagnosed with an autoimmune. So I actually have two autoimmune. I have POTS, which is polyorthostatic tachycardia syndrome. And then I got diagnosed with that in high school. And then I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroid, like autoimmune disorder. about, let's see, my daughter's gonna be coming up on eight. So I'd say six to seven years ago was when I was diagnosed with that. And that's what really kind of started me. I got diagnosed with it after I had her, but when I gave birth to my youngest, I always do a natural birth and usually go full term. I was about 38 weeks with her when I went into labor. And when she was born, she was just over four pounds. And we had no signs that she was gonna be that small until I had her. And she had to go to NICU for a little while. And it was, for me, that was really scary. And that is what opened my eyes to start wanting to look into why that happened. When it affected somebody else besides me, and it was my child, that was when I decided that I couldn't keep going along with the, this is how it is, this is normal. And I just kind of did more of, I'm glad you did the blood test. I probably should have done that. I made it maybe a little bit harder and did elimination diet where I just cut a lot of things out. That works, but that's tough. That takes dedication. Yes, yes it does. I would say a positive to that though, I really learned how to listen to my body and I was really able to focus in on how foods made me feel. So yes, it's hard, but I would say the challenge was well worth it because now I'm so in tune with it. I can have a handful of nuts. And be like, you know what? Those actually aren't sitting too well. I'm not going to keep eating handfuls of them. I'm good on that for today. It's kind of neat when you start getting to that point and you can look at it as almost having like almost kind of a superpower for being able to detect contamination in things. Yes, I would say it is almost like that, right? Yeah, that's a great point. Ross is like the canary in the coal mine. Yeah, one of the ones that I've figured out that is really difficult to tell, it would be almost impossible to tell this unless you're allergic to a lot of things, is how adulterated olive oil gets. Because there are so many olive oils out there that it's like, I'll try it, and it's like, nope, this isn't olive oil. I'm not allergic to olives, but I'm allergic to this. Yeah, well, it's probably vegetable oil. They probably cut corners and went cheaper, huh? Well, and you start looking into it, and a lot of it is, it won't be on the ingredients list. The ingredients list will be 100% pure olive oil. But you start looking into the supply chains for olive oil, and a lot of it, a lot of the olive farms, Italy are owned by the mafia and so it actually gets adulterated there with other types of oils and then they add chlorophyll I think usually for coloring to try and match the coloring of natural olive oil so it gets adulterated there and sold as a hundred percent pure olive oil from Italy and And all of these different brands sell it as 100% olive oil from Italy because that's what they're told it is. And you would never know it unless you're allergic to all of the stuff in it and realize, oh yeah, this ain't what it says it is. You're like 100% baloney. Yep, pretty much. My problem now is... So I don't want to eliminate cheese. I love cheese. I eat a lot of cheese. That's probably a problem for me too. But I'm trying to figure out what I can snack on to avoid the gluten too. And it was that I could use nuts. But then I started to realize that if I stopped eating cashews were my go-to. And then I started it up again. I had digestive issues with it. So then it was, well, is it raw? Is it the roasted ones? Because I was mixing them. And now it's, well, I like the pecans. I don't think I have a problem with pecans, but I think I have a problem with other nuts. But it's so complicated to determine. You get diarrhea, let's say, or I've had cramping in the bowels in the last year where I never used to have that. Is it an estrogen problem? Is it what I'm eating? Is it something like Ralph said? is it a contamination what is the source of the information for that day I don't know it's so complicated and frustrating is it a poison a lot of those bowel issues I would say will clear up if you can just kind of stick to really cutting back on the dairy and the gluten I know you love cheese. I hear you. I loved cheese so much. And there are so many times I'll see people ordering foods. I'm just like, oh, that cheeseburger looks amazing. I just would like a bite of that. You know, or some like I love pizza. So I'm like, oh, yeah. Who wants to eat a pizza that's like gluten free crust with marinara? Oh, I got a great book for that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Let me see if I can find it. Hang on a second. Keep, keep talking. I'm going to dig through my books here. Ralph just did a talk amongst yourselves. Yeah. You just, you gotta say it that way. Ralph talk amongst yourselves. Here is a spring pea gnocchi. And, uh, so there you go. That is an approved type of a, of a, uh, substance potato and rice mini gnocchi. How do you say it? Gnocchi, uh, I think it's a tomato kind of thing. Yeah. That's how I love it. Yeah, look at, they've got, this is great. Look at, they've got the gnocchi here, the gnocchi. And here they've got this nice, great crusty bread in the pitcher. They're a little like setting us up on this one. Okay. So yeah, that brand right there, I found my book, went through my bookshelves and then found it on Amazon. Um, but, uh, that brand Delalo, um, I, I have actually had pretty good luck with their stuff. Um, cause like I've tried other gluten-free potato and rice gnocchi or however it's pronounced, um, that I'm allergic to, but that one, uh, seems to be fine. And their olive oil too is some of the cleanest olive oil that I've ever had. Ooh, I'm going to write down that brand name. You said Delali, um, Yeah, Delalo. D-E-L-A-L-O. And I can't say they're always going to be perfect because I found that even some of them... I've never had this with Delalo, but I've had other brands that they'll be fine one month. The next month, they'll come from a different batch and they'll be adulterated. And I've never had that from this brand. Now, I can't say that's never going to happen, but... Better knock on wood. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, the pizza book, it's called No Gluten, No Problem Pizza. Oh, No Gluten, No Problem Pizza. I'm writing this down. Look at all the stuff I'm learning. I love this, you guys. And they've got one crust in there that I can eat. I'm just going to flip through it right now here a minute. I think it was the Chicago-style pizza. Yeah. There you go, Monica. That's what it looks like on Amazon. Yeah, there it is. Ah, yeah. The Chicago style pizza. I've made that several times before. It is actually really good. Um, I did have to change out one of the ingredients in there because I was allergic to it, but, um, uh, maybe two of the ingredients actually looking at the, looking at the, uh, ingredient list, but it, it's actually really good. It rises good. And, um, And yeah, tasty and it doesn't get quite so hard like a lot of the gluten-free pizza crusts do. How many pizza crusts are in this book? Is it more about the toppings or is it more about the crust? Well, it says it's got 75 plus recipes. I mostly focused on the crust, but they've got like sauces and stuff in there too. Yeah, I was wondering how many crusts do they actually have in this book? Let's see. I'm going to say there's probably most of them are like complete pizzas. So they've got like a category. It's really kind of cool because near the front of the book, they've got a section that shows, um, here's all the recipes and then here's a list of allergens that are in them. So you can flip through them and figure out which ones that you can do. Um, yeah, here we go. Um, So yeah, they've got them in categories for what you'd be allergic to, like gluten, wheat, corn, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and xanthan gum. So if you've got problems with any of those, you can go through this, and they've got things where the ingredients list has those things in it, or they've got substitutions that you can make for any of those different ingredients to put something else in to be able to still make that recipe. I'm kind of wondering if they make other books. I'm going to see here a minute. I think they do. Let's see what else they do here on Amazon. Okay. We're going to go to Amazon. I don't have their other books. I've just got the pizza one, but if it's as good as the pizza one, it would probably be very good because it's well-written. Okay, let's see what we got here. Oh, all right. Now they got me. They sucked me in right here with cupcakes. I've got a great recipe for chocolate chip cookie dough frosting for cupcakes. It's killer. Okay. Nope, you can't. Oh, that's the other big thing. It's like cane sugar is a huge inflammatory in our systems, like huge. I can't believe that. All right. No gluten, no problem. I got to find out what they got here, what they're pushing. But it's spectacular because they tell us from simple to spectacular, 50 enticing recipes. Here's another gluten-free cooking cookbook. Let's see what we got. Oh, that's just a different person. There's all kinds of things on the Amazons here. Oh, these are all Kelly Bronski books right there. Gluten-free, 275. Wow. We can get into all kinds of things. Now, see, that's something that I've been wanting to try for a while is making mochi waffles. I saw some recipes for making mochi waffles. I got to try doing that sometime. I got some mochi flour, which is rice-based, and I got to try doing that sometime. They looked awfully good. you gotta watch with your rice stuff though that you're not keeping it too long and eating it several days is like leftovers though I'll be right back keep going guys talk amongst yourselves that's another thing that I learned about like have you guys heard of the rice act no okay so there was a rice act oh man where was it one of the Oh, Asian, China or Japan. I'm trying to remember which one it was. They actually started having a lot of health problems with like cardiovascular and their people were getting really ill and dying. And they figured it out that there was a mold that was growing in the rice. So they passed their rice act, which was saying that you could not eat rice 24 hours later after you had made it. Or this mold that you can't see, it's microscopic, will start growing and it actually affects your health. Hmm. I've heard about that mold, but I didn't realize it was quite that quick. It's really quick. And all my life, I'm like, I've never heard of the Rice Act. This is something I just found. I just found it a few months ago. And I'm going, wow. Wow. But I will say like before that, my family, we used to like, we'd make a big batch of rice and then use it for a couple meals. And so, I mean, we had it, you know, 48 hours later and I'm going, oh, we don't do that anymore. Yeah. It's just all these little things that you don't realize in everything that we're doing and we're just not doing it right. Or, I mean, they really got us to where they're kind of dumbing us down with everything that we're doing. Well, it's just like with the security. What is that, the act that they have? It's a secrecy act. Anything that they don't want us to know, they slap it with a secrecy act. So they have the technology and we don't. Oh, the patent one? The patent. Secret, yeah. The military does that too, right? Yeah, anything that they want that they don't want us to have, they slap it with a secrecy act, which I think came from, was that Truman or Eisenhower? Ah, boy, I think that was Truman, but I don't remember for sure. Yeah, it's one of the two of them. They just slap it with the secrecy act and whammo, it's gone. It's like right out of our existence. What's that? I said, and then nobody can talk about it, right? Once it's got that on, oh, that's confidential. Yeah, and if you do, they kill you. Yeah. We've had fun looking at patents, though, before when we were looking at some of the... Some of the subliminal messaging stuff, I remember we looked at patents before, and boy, did we run into an awful lot of those that had been slapped with the Secrecy Act. Oh, Matt, patents. When you talk about patents, that makes me think of how they mess with our weather and all the patents that are out there that have to do with that, that you wouldn't even think would have patents on them. Oh, but we don't do that anymore, right? That was just part of the cloud seeding experiments from the 50s. We gave up on that whole line of reasoning and just threw out all the research and never did it again. Yeah, the clouds just make chemtrails across the sky now, right? They lie. They lie. The Mandela effect is a lie. They're liars. They lie. That's all I can say. Father, their father is the father of lies. They serve Satan himself. They lie, they lie, they lie. Well, I came across something just last night that I thought was interesting. You know how I said that there's so many ties between us and our animals when it comes to even our health stuff. Like I've seen a rise in pets that have had like tumors growing in them and being unhealthy. And we see that with humans too. the uh ceo is a veterinarian the ceo of pfizer is actually a veterinarian named albert borla seriously I'm like really why do you you he's a veterinarian but he's a ceo making our vaccines and we we all know our animals get vaccinated we're supposed to get vaccinated hmm Like, I found that. To me, that was like, that's an interesting fact I think I'll remember. Oh, and just so you know, Betsy DeVos, the nature girl up here in Grand Rapids who lobbed a threat at me last week or so to get rid of Donna, which was, I was told, had very nefarious connotations to it. Nature girl Betsy DeVos, who resigned on January 7th after Jay 6th. who is supposedly up here making natural products. They have four facilities in the Grand Rapids area for production of the death shot. And one of them was funded by Arlington Capital up here. So I wonder why she wants to shut up Donna Brandenburg. Because I'm not buying their crap. Yeah. Yeah. Will someone rid me of this turbulent priest for anyone interested in the history of that? Well, let's just shut Donna Brandenburg up because she might actually tell the truth that, you know, that we've got a little Dutchie girl there that came from the Netherlands, which is rife with organized crime and such, close to Belgium, the IMF, who sucked in, what, 12 pastors to push their, I'm a Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian, Christian crap. Remember, Jesus said don't buy it. If somebody, which is the prosperity doctrine stuff, Jesus said it. If somebody's preaching Jesus other than the one you're finding here, don't buy it. We have to be smart about this, guys, because they know the right words to say. So anything happens at Donna Brandenburg, you go give Betsy DeVos a call and see what she's been up to or the people around her. I've got some people. I actually got a hold of some information on them that they wouldn't want out in the public at all. It has to do with where they house their grandkids. Fuck with me. Give it your best shot. Well, I always think that your actions are going to speak louder than your words. I'm a huge believer in that. I'll follow what your actions do. That's going to tell me a lot of who you are. There's so much going on. There is so much organized crime going on in the United States. And when you look at the political parties, which need to be stopped, you know, they need to be abolished. The infiltration rate into Congress, into Congress, the captured regulatory industries, the captured corporations and such. This thing in the United States of America is one big organized crime network. The vastness of it is hard for people to get their arms around. But you know what? I think God's going to bring it right down to a standstill. I really do. He's going to knock this thing right off its little pillar for his children. Because he takes care of his children. And the people that have chosen wrongly, they're going to have some real problems. And I mean real problems out there. With what they've done, killing and trying to, while waging war on God, his creation, his children, his animals and such. It's not going to end well. I really believe that what's going to happen, and I made a comment on this. with Putin and such, everybody's worried about the nukes. No, no, Putin's smarter than our idiots that are in office. Those guys are dumb. Why would he nuke us? All he would have to do is hit us with an EMP, and the American people are so hell-bent on not working together. that they would rather eat each other alive. We saw it in the Constitution Party, the National Party this past weekend, saw it boldly there. They would rather nuke it and nuke each other or kill each other or fight with each other than to fight with a real adversary. He knows it. He's just going to sit back and he's going to laugh if he got rid of the power grid. Putin would just sit back and laugh, wait till we destroyed ourselves and walk right in the front door. Yeah, we'd be done for if our power grid got knocked out. Well, some of us would. Well, yeah. If you're able to do that, like if you're a newcomer to waking up, Yeah, well, they just got to watch BNN because we're giving them all kinds of strategies from purifying water and having a plan before it happens. But I'm going to tell you what, I don't think he's going to hit us with anything ballistic. If he does, it will be really contained. He'll hit us with an EMP and take the whole United States up. Did you know that there are 12? critical power stations in the United States, if they hit nine of those, we're done. And we're done for at least 18 months to 10 years, depending on if we get anything to get us back up and going, because we shipped all the stuff overseas. Yeah, that like there's like a main component or part that we don't even make here that is most of it. Yeah. And it takes I think it takes like a year to build. Just for one. And we don't, I don't think we keep them. The saying I like to say is on hand. I don't even think we keep them on hand. They didn't even do them as a standardized part. So like each one of them custom one, they're the big transformers and we don't make them in the U S anymore. So to keep them on hand, you'd have to have a spare. at each power substation that these big transformers are at because they have to be built specifically for that substation. Well, it's typical because look at all the military contractors, Grumman, Lockheed Martin, all of them. They're all about protecting those stupid contracts instead of doing what's right for the United States. I heard somebody say this one time, and I thought it was genius. We should do it the way that we used to do it, where we put it out as a bid for design. Once we have the design that we pay for, we put it out there and we let people build bid on that design. We don't protect the design engineer, which would be one of these big contractors that they're the only ones that can build it. We should put the plans out there. Somebody can build it for cheaper, build it, buy it from them. Maybe it's like adding his garage or something. You know what I mean? You know, it's a little extreme, but you know what I mean? But we should have it decentralized. And what they've done is they put it into the hands. No, no, we we paid for the design. And now we're giving we're giving the patent rights to the company that we already paid for that design. And there's no competition. So they got this thing locked right up with our own money. I don't know if everybody realizes how wrong this is. It's incredible. It's incredible how twisted the system has become. I think you can feel it, though. As you get more in tune with listening to yourself, you can actually feel these things when they're wrong. Absolutely. Your body tells you, like, nope. It's so important that I think we really just start waking up more and getting our health back and getting more in tune with ourselves so that we can be at our optimum. I think we start a chicken revolution. Let's start a chicken revolution. Everybody grow your own chickens and or raise your own chickens. You know, if anybody needs chickens, come talk to Brandenburg. You know what? I give chickens away. I'd hatch them out and give them away if somebody wants to do eggs. You know, it's like it's like we can start the chicken revolution right here in the state of Michigan. So you can maybe answer a question for me. I saw a thing that they were actually vaccinating baby chickens before they send them out. So what if you wanted a chicken that has not been vaccinated or like any, like its parents weren't vaccinated. So you're not getting any of that in it. I guess you better come to Donna Brandenburg because Donna Brandenburg has a great source for unvaccinated chickens. You can probably get them locally there. Um, you can request them from a hatchery sometimes, but of course, you know, generationally you won't have what you want, but there are local breeders all over, you know, people, people who hatch their own breed, their own chickens and sell them for, um, mild profit. They enjoy doing that. So I'm sure if you did a little looking around, you can find them. All right. Or you may be able to hatch them. If you can find somebody else that has chickens that haven't been vaccinated, then just get some fertilized eggs from them and hatch them yourself. It's not hard to hatch chickens. It's kind of a numbers game because not all of them are going to hatch. Some of them that do try and hatch are not going to make it. it's definitely a fragile process. So you just have to try and hatch enough of them that you have, you know, a viable percentage of them that you want to actually have out of the process. And get the egg turners in it and the moisture, the moisture content readers too, if you're going to get an incubator so that you can monitor the moisture, you have to monitor the moisture and egg turners make your life a lot easier. So you're not having to Having to give them a quarter turn. How often? Yeah, you got to turn the eggs. You can't just put them in there. You got to turn them. Or you can have a good broody mama hen set them for you. It's so funny. They get their little beaks underneath and they just go and they just turn them. They're so cute. Oh, well, that might be a next adventure for me. I haven't gotten on the bandwagon with my own chicken coop yet, which I probably need to do. You know, I talked to somebody a while back and I found this really interesting that they had, I think it was a grandson that was allergic to eggs. And what they found is that he wasn't actually allergic to the eggs. He was allergic to soy. And so they raised their own chickens and they feed their chickens just a diet that is soy free, primarily based on corn. and their grandson was able to eat the eggs. Interesting. See, that comes back to that thing that I read you about the GMOs affecting animals when they had the, it said the corn and soy, but if he was allergic to soy and that was coming through and what they were getting fed, I mean, think about that. That could be in all things, not just eggs. That could be in our meat then. If all of a sudden you feel like you can't have a certain meat, well, what did that animal get fed? Tick bit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, there's an awful lot of those tick-borne diseases, and an awful lot of them that seem to suspiciously center around one particular island out east. Yeah, such as Plum Island. Here locally, you can get organic eggs from backyard chicken flocks all over the place. You can order a cow, like a half a cow or a quarter steer, Grass-fed, you can get the same with a hawk and I'm sure a lot of other livestock. So it is possible to go to the small-time farmers. There's some people that just like us with chickens, just raise a few cows. And if they've got some neighbors or friends, family that want a certain amount of meat every year, they'll raise that for them and sell them and keep the FDA and everybody else out of it. But they do everything else themselves. But the feed is a tricky part. You know, not everybody can afford organic feed for their chickens, but they like to raise their chickens free range. And so that does make a difference in the quality of the eggs you produce. Some people don't feed organic. We don't usually feed organic feed, but our chickens are free range, except now they're in a pen, so their free range is more limited. So you get a lot of variability in that, but at least here in Michigan, anybody can find quality meat and eggs on a local scale if you just ask around. All right. I just looked at something here on Facebook. So here you go. If you've got a 4-H in your area, you can go. So I'm in Kent County. So I look at Kent County 4-H. You can go to Kent County or your county 4-H extension and and Check out all kinds of stuff there. They've got all kinds of, you know, if you want to look for, say, sheep. I think that might be something I might look at is I found several farms for, I've been looking at, you know, the sheep, the alpaca, as well as micro cows. And so I think anybody can go to their 4-H or extension and such and talk to somebody there who who actually knows what's going on, or your county extension, your farming extension. They'll do like soil tests for you and all that sort of thing. So you can take your soil samples into your county extension office or farming department. I think it's called different things in different areas. And they'll test your soils. They'll help you with the things that you don't know about. So there are things out there that can help that actually aren't totally nefarious. We bought just something that we were kind of looking for, not really looking for. We just found a good deal on it the other day. Went over there and they have chickens and immediately you strike up a conversation. You can stop by at a lot of farms locally and say, hey, I'm thinking about raising chickens in our area. What do you find is the... Sorry, dog's going to bark. What's the biggest risk? okay what's the biggest risk to predators in our area um my neighbor has a problem with foxes I don't I have a problem with possums we don't have um birds of prey are not a big issue here one time I saw a hawk laying on a bullet they don't bother our hens But just six miles away, I have a friend who has a lot of forest around. She has foxes and birds of prey that are a problem for her chickens. So ask the neighbors in the vicinity, do you see somebody with chickens running around their front yard? Stop by and say, I have some questions, would you mind? A lot of people are really forthcoming and totally willing to help somebody with all of their questions. Because if they're raising them, it's probably because they like it. And a lot of people are really friendly about sharing information that way. Mink, coyotes, and owls are ours. Mink? Yep. Wow. Yeah, I can see. We have coyotes here, too. So coyotes. I don't think a raccoon. Would a raccoon go for a chicken? Yeah, they can. Well, we have raccoons around here, too. Depends how desperate they are. All right. So they'd have to be desperate. Well, you want to have your coop secure. in a pen you want your pen to be secure ours we don't even have a fence that goes under the ground because we don't have any any animals that really will dig under the fencing to get at our chickens um and we have them close enough you can have them pretty close to your home and still have predator issue in the evening which where donald is probably the coyotes could creep pretty close But then if you don't mind the noise, you can get some guineas like Ralph and they're great watchdogs. I don't have them because I don't care for the noise. We had two that showed up around here after a storm. I think they broke away from somebody and I couldn't find the rightful owners of them. Well, they were wandering in and out of our property for a few days, driving me crazy. Well, I ended up catching them in our chicken pen and I put them in a dog crate out in the front yard and still, okay, if I can't find the owner, I need to find a new owner. Some people took them within a few hours. They're wonderful. If you want to get rid of ticks, man, they eat like 4,000 ticks a day. Yeah, guineas are awesome. It's full time. They're just like that. Full time. Hilarious little mops. We don't have as bad of a problem with the ticks here in southern Utah. Unless you go up in like the mountains, you've got to be a little bit more careful watching for them, but not like down in the city. So I bet you don't want them if you have guineas. Oh my gosh, that's good to know. Yeah. Well, guys, well, boys and girls, this has been a great day, but I think we should go on to our day. I can't believe that I didn't go into like a 90 year old smoker voice here on everybody. So it's gotten better. So any last words, everyone? I've been dealing with a little bit of a of a not not feeling great here for a few days. So I was off until today. But two days ago, I sounded like a 90-year-old smoker. And I was having a hard time with my voice here. It's still off a little bit, but we're getting there. So the improvement is at hand. So anybody have any last words or thoughts that are in your head? And then we'll say a prayer and bon voyage to the day. Everybody go get chickens. Everybody go get chickens. And not like the Kentucky Fried type. Yeah. Oh, no, don't go get that, guys. Don't go get it. Pet chickens. I'm bored with that one. I think it can be really depressing when you hear problems. You know, all wheat is bad and all the cheese is bad. And what am I going to eat? You know, I've been through that. I cycle through that all the time. But I'm making progress. And that is something that I think we need to hang on to that. And recognize that there are there are answers coming Um, there is hope there's resources locally for every answer that you're seeking It's just that you gotta sometimes put a little work into finding them um So don't get caught up in the negativity of the problems that we have where we're talking about election problems or your local government or your food there is hope for everything. Don't get bogged down in a negativity, find somebody that's got some answers and, and stick to them like glue for a while. Just don't give up altogether. That's what I would want to say. Yeah, definitely don't give up. I really like your mindset there. I think that's definitely an important thing. Keep your mind set up. Don't, don't get stuck in being like a victim there. Stay positive with it. There are options. It takes a little more self-discipline, but your health is totally worth it. And your mindset and your memory are completely worth it. And for me, I am doing all of this so that my children hopefully don't have to go through it. And that is like my shining light. That is what keeps me having, I just, I trust God and I'm trusting the path that he has me on. And I see everything as a challenge and he made me how I am. So I got this and everybody else can get this too. We got it. Beautiful. You know, he's got an answer for everything. You know, our bodies are, we're made to heal themselves. We just got to get the things out of the way. And, and, and he made our bodies to know how to work. And not only that, he doesn't, he can do anything he wants. He can heal us. He can, he can bring life where there's none. We can't do that. We're not God. He is. But but he doesn't play by the same set of rules that we do. He plays by rules for certainly he is. He brings order out of chaos. But his abilities, we can't even comprehend his ability to love his ability to change and to nurture even when we don't deserve it. And forgive us when we do things that are wrong. So let's say prayer here, guys. And we'll get our warrior on for the day. And go out and run right into the fire. You see a problem, you run right into that fire. Take care of business. Be the adults. Be the forces for change on this world. We don't have to sit here like a bunch of little wimps. We can go right into it and change what needs to be changed without an apology. Dear Heavenly Father, we're so thankful for this day. I'm thankful for Ralph and Karen and Monica today. and all the wonderful, wonderful gifts that you've given us. It's just amazing that we can look at the problems out there and know that just like any time, we can walk right through the middle of problems, of death, destruction. And, you know, 10,000 can fall at one hand, 1,000 at the other side, and the destruction of the wicked will not come near us. So all we need to do is turn towards you, and we thank you. that you give us a safe harbor in a storm. When things go wrong, you are there. You have the answer. We don't have to be afraid. So right now we can really treat this like the battle has already been won because the battle is yours. You have already won this. All we have to do is tuck close into you, give you praise for this day, Praise for the grace you give us to make it through. Praise for the forgiveness and the mercy you give us. We praise you for the food that you've given us that is good and for helping our bodies to adapt to those things. If there's been any damage and to heal, you can heal us. And also giving us options to do things that are better, like growing our own food. So help us with this little chicken revolution we've got going on here. Excuse me. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. Amen. All right. Thank you so much, Donna, for having me on. You talk it, Rolf, and I'll do the hands. There we go. Point below. Point below, Donna. Ding, ding, ding. because you are the best non-conceiter that has ever non-conceited in the history of non-conceiting yes and uh uh I gotta thank you she says heart hands yeah heart hands I love it thank you so much so wonderful to meet you guys again and yeah we love you we love everyone yeah I don't I don't remember All right, I'll do it. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love and God bless America. Make it a great day and we'll see you tomorrow.