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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/1/2023 - Gotion Battery Plant - Lori Brock and Jodi Carlson

Published June 1, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Lori Brock is the owner of Majestic Friesians. She organized a rally on her farm to help educate people on the real issue...the CCP buying up our farmland and the environmental contamination risk to Michigan. She became a target of Whitmer style weaponization of Michigan's NGO (Non Governmental Organization) police state. They targeted her with alleging that her farm (20 horses) has run off issues, only after she exercised her First Amendment right and hosted an anti-Gotion rally ... and refused to sell her land to Gotion. Jodi Carlson is from North Dakota with a similar experience in fighting the same issue against the economic Chinese invasion. She will talk about how they won in their fight against the foreign take over of our nation. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the first day of june i can't believe how fast this or is gone so far it's kind of crazy and do i want to get right into our subject and bring bring my special gaston here in this so this is loricariid and she's been dealing with ocean plan of their inolescere sed quite a bit out the soneto bring her hornigold morning how are you for bringing us petit now that's all right we're going to fight like crazy i wanted to and we talked about before we got on we will was talking all like is the decided she decides to bring up something that we were to his i was telling everybody in my my telegram can was joined at pictures and be holland had so decided to go ahead and play this cause this is you know a lot of people in the in the city or who have not worked on a fire or understand far they they really are kind of a in a disadvantage because there are a lot of lies that are put forward to or the people of our nation which are absolutely false unhand the gotonight up there is one huge embodiment of one line after another being on the far okay this is this is this is a a bailing process with a small bells that's weave feed and that's a kicker wagon such the the baler justice the rebels into the wagon and then we grabbed wagons and and a store the hay that it's easy access to you as in when beautiful had this lots of water so we had lots of rain so we had really had it men of youthful area michigan the gorgeous state i love mister and the right to act the veils come out yes that you i thought you would relate to that real well and and a good way to start the day so so you have a allestree you to every one a lorry of lurion's majestic frisians which i love freezes i've been wanting frigatoon time we have possehen and i would like to get a frieze and for people who are a little bit larger to the old erie because ours are or small horse and i can where about two hundred and twenty five pounds and it becomes the s are big there's no doubt about that he carthew and you look good you on it too now i think i need what i need i knew this part little bit of a collection there you know and i look you one a few years ago down in the and the prison connection down here and in door and the lovely people and i almost thought one of them down there and i thought oh i got it by all different sides tack and everything i hope i think it was as a youhowhow this is better real pleasure i was so excited i loricated me a few days ago and of course we started a wonderful discussion about fighting for this nation it's just expanded so heaven a great time with us and we are in fact going to go i see joe i don't i ween a manner that's the lory went black here let's see what's happening i think i think they're messing with our connection just the little bet but that's okay we're going to keep my oenothere yeah they they they every time i mention the word china we'll have some sort of a a an interruption it's kind of crazy so i distorted anyway just to aggravate iverybody because that's what i do is in either the okee continew so we we got a lot to talk about this morning and i'd like you to introduce yourself a little bit what you've gone through and then from your perspective what we've seen because i have written and talked about this quite a bit and so why don't monastries self over and lory brock he was captain long ontil he some but didn't really understand that we all went there we've gone out that behind our backs possinus or plant ogosho into our backs on all clear oh but i wish they were giving and as we and there coming into our ears heretheydid absolutely cultural forestry resident and they came in here like a world worn and are trying to result all or happy and so no and they've lied swealing the but they lie to the comedian at these they lied to much to everybody everything that they ever set they said the more common aspect that the fathers they lie while the into our are they started out at thousand five hundred a year now its everything they said senators and everybody that on still believed the beginning stuff that they said and it's very frustrating to to fight the because it only en where had point people right now trying to get the word out they violate the olleris lied to us repeatedly his company went on to a million to two men the last group the last of the night said was five points this is a i tortolensis absolutely accounted the community doesn't want it once we found out about s to be done in are and literally all this on the as like green township was one like an we have list of all the other ones so are supervisors and everybody had been lying to her the tea one in reality it was the reason people were talking about a discus it didn't know about it but now that we know it is absolutely but there still it is very yet while the it's this is how you can invade a country with theistic means and what armies and such or you can just buy it up and unfortunately i think that's what we're seen all over the nation as that there literally buying up this nation and i'm i'm going to be the first one to say it because i'm not here in anybody that sells out to them is a traitor to the nation and complicities the economic invasion and that includes are elected officials are public functionaries as their traitors because they are there of colluding with a foreign government and just so very know is you don't we've been over this montrefor the mishnaic development corporation was in with whitewhite a rubber stamp that nests what halfanhour elections with conic that the connections there are so over the top that you'd have to be stupid not to be you know on what's really going on here this is an invasion all our nation the destruction of our farm lands by clapisson i've got a bunch of articles on this and on a big farm to actually ormentill americans to take over the nation and a buyer firm land to cut her foods spies as well as our energy and i've got a real big beef about about this because i i don't know and i don't think we went over too much about about myself that i wanted the only female pipe line company owners in the united states of america we felt the weakest and one of the problems that i have with eve and all of the wind on her distaff as i done quite a bit of research and all of this and he had something to do with with amalong the way i find it a study with the western illinois university was in grand students on wind energy and such psychiatry to stand oh they're trying to centralize the power grid and to elect an electric which is of monopoly by the state used to be that if you ran out a gas you could go to a decentralized trollies ry and powicana as less not going to be that way if it all goes to electran electric has to be produced by burning something you do not get electricity by heavy nothing to generate and at any time they get into any of these green energy things through the biggest polluters on the planet the mines the the i mean it is a disaster for any one who is in who is involved but but you got it you got to hold punch of public functionaries of the that are on the take same thing i saw in the seven and across the stick where they they literally are being paid for say their land or the property there there be paid at least as into the millions for them to go along so that they can have their little installed pope to go along one say tolly destroyed the state there as thou were your son so i am said exactly what shape when we went to the township meeting there is the isolating that set up and set free as to turn you back like you have got to a conte there's no way that you that you would do this and the one that he is one as to renounce of ye i hold my appetite is anderson anemone how how in anglo young about he goes he told the board but they let me fold and then the words had now no no hes then i searched out the board minutes and turnout even boding and it's like what them or for them to lie at in that no remorse now like i did something wrong not i know it's it's a home money its sickening when we followed how how many people salter souls i know and they don't care about what it's doing to orde and especially with all the environmentalist st might propert the words marsh got the third large parasites nobody now in very mental no eagle no ducks olim ted white tails none of those people trout i called all the one one called the the record it's going on we feel bad for you we have been told that if we tetrahedrons all about the money and then covered and not a true and fatheads the gods couple million dollars when week to lode ore louie right across i routtement yard that goes right polonais concludeth river which is going to plot the great lakes and with him doesn't go away and that's what i they keep saying others no word no worries other always the like there is we had a man from more insistent and say that they had the where they went to warren polluted their entire by hermes nothing will grow with and then they often left in the middle of the night and on take thirty years to clean and it went into the water and in nobody's doing anything here to there are no bonds for clean up the no i now nothing then the amount of water i smell they then was he all over veiled there wanting to take five times of water the ice mounts and nobody linefather it series to say ocenicos are they saying that there can bring to the areas like to the oleander sang twenty four hundred caves like no proof of that there is no guarantee of that there s nothing they can take that money and run and in it they comptwore we put on i found it was seven hundred and fifteen eh ah i got i got a look into this lemme grow my my numbers the they're talking numbers that do not make any sense whatsoever and a sick one twice six million dollars and am going to economic development that's basically going to china were talking on the n anything that they can to to bring a chinese business to the nation cause this is an economic invasion to the throne when they have all the morning we got no power they consider it the grave what i tried to tice brought i took four years my life and never get soon that we don't need the jobs i wouldn't got all the jobs sound and we have almost eighteen hundred jobs that are action in and yet they're trying to say that where impoverish and we need the and we have been saying you know you can call us in procris but we consider the saline and we we prefer to live in a clean by your rather than living in we would rather live at and maybe pay or get a little bit less money for our jobs to live in the environment the and nobody so i figured to because the medes governor whether as people in place everywhere she scrope is also on the and is also on the board of the right point is also on the word there's no all it is he pushed them as through and everybody to follow it through when we were telling them about the jobs that one of as they were yawning looking at their watches the and that mine into how we don't want don't need their jobs we don't want they owed no and then batterythe we got a research to her on this well though we found out doctor there getting money in or of their everything here if these should be involved in this whatsoever he should be running the college not into our erathat we do not in and when you ask and i and when you call fears and say i want tak as people spat the there yes costantino oh and i like not you're the one just used it on the board for me you stood on the boy at the right place but when mother allied in their use in our chancellers de brotherle out from alivewhich he always conoissois hinders any actual information there on any of these sources but the project of invest to point three billion in to the local region right what's the tsong to ever how are they going to assure us that that's actually going to half the can say whatever they want they get makesthis pine iskitinsa whatever they want but we have a word of them a seven hundred and fifteen million dollars in son of packing that would be let me rephrase this that as we are fond this effort we are finding and the chinese company and letting all the other met a michigan companies after the to the point of of the the killing or business in the state and its all going to chime so worked were talking why we got a grant though grand woone a hundred and seventy five million dollars with a grant wire we giving grants to the chinese this is a big property even with our entire tax structure because it is it is illegal the tax secure we have his unconstant in a legal we are not supposed to be taxed as americans ah it's supposed to be gained for corporations foreign entities and foreigners and then if they want to become americans and they can enjoy some privileges but were nothing more than whipping boys for these people at to to you know to run around to take advantage of its it's really a shame no i agree i just don't found it he there using or tax dollars to pay for come come here when they will not give the money to our local it is wrong the right and that money should be going to the ave got a brile big beef with nestle because all these people that granted nosily the the spot two hundred and fifty dollars a permit to pull millions and millions and millions of gallons of our resources of water with no payment to the people the state and what what's not being understood is that we the people of michigan on this therefore they are stealing our resources which we in fact own and doing it through through a a two hundred fifty dollar permit you know when you look at home last it handles the petroleum industry of people get a royalty people in the state yet a royalty of the of the old bassoleco one of that state we should be getting a royalty for every single drop of water coming out of the ground nestles corporation and the corporations of corporate strip tack structure should be higher and we should never be be allowing for an ownership of our fire land of our ground of anything here this should the only owned by americans and stood just by intonation the gates is dominait now the world it cannot it for and i've got a real thief with these indoctrination camps called university all the hare is common fashious and doctrinarian the the kit that the people in their being threatened if they don't go along with the the marxes professors and they hold the money and the grander have you ever seen in which mind they passed through these these nollege educations organizations it is in credits money laundering and they're doing it like craze this this is money long as like you crane is there there money laundry away from every son we have to these four and asides to destroy the nation economic work as our i i'd like to talk to have talk more about chuck a chuck to one and he and randy and garoteros because it sounds like you've got a little little family mahyogin on up there where they are actually and trenched in the system from top to bottom absolutely in course they did it we brought it up because in feeling was just a little bit weird soberlie when you fight out the chuck dealin as the vice president and and i was re raposy research in the right place we had heard the right place was an oke thing bringing in doesyour industry to so but no there must be an unproved fifty million dollars in the werehanding capital is it an one requestion about where the money's going we won't get on but then we find out with the president of the right places ran in chuckley denied knowing each other until somebody brought then there like oh i guess we are ootooid now before but i guess we have had in about him unless you search on throat and face they lie about and then die and i don't know i don't know he connection we have just looking up he and your reason jeeroo came up as e when i get the rally here protheroe the very next monday i was turned into agriculture and rolled heels as my father becos on and all this others i know her i have that agriculture hurled development would help fire i did not realize that they would drily and the absolutely turned it on me and then they started in and some like welcome or not i don't care i had not noted i i just dost say that this is just bottles my mind that anybody would even believe this nonsense twenty horses would overwhelm an hundred and forty acre for ranelagh we need manure on our farms for fertilize instead of this industrial fate otherforever that is completely devoid of any new trenton value there is no minerals there is no there's no you know anything that we really need to go into our food for us to eat now there are stripping everything that's why were i think we're getting sick on a lot of it that you can buy it with life is that pharmaceutical connection with monsanto bar and the whole tenor gene it's it's kind o not nigros one let me see if i get a rack on here a minute feoffements she was settin there in i didn't bring her on quick enough hanging on this is what we do so as rollers for real people by repeople at the kitchen table you know kind o goes on and and i think that i think that this is some port for people to get their hands out there she is must be the connection um thatthat keep on may to get there the hands around this and i onderstand what we're talking ormenting out another galissoni carlson he rode a doin here good morning lay bring more and i'm glad you came on this morning and and a year for spectetis kind of interesting like you introduce yourself to every one because i think that joe has already been in a fight like this and it's been in had some success in and a fighting that up in northcote he actually the battle that a company by the name i started out they moved in she i find you as a make it sound more mercy we've essentially been fighting this apple years we get and up getting them set down you still on the way on but we help them did after that he il en yea but what a battle it was and i tel you of march however things ready to go not and it before the st it seems that the majority of chinese and vestments that are coming out to that round every one knows is usually quite a big surprise well because they own immediate companies too and so when when you look how the the medias stacked against every one it's incredible so you know i ran for governor and state of michigan and i could they they were blocking me from pretty much everything i had kicked off the you tubes so that i decided to create renvers not work and just keep just keep portionabout when you when they've got all the money which they have all the money they got they've got wealth that we cannot even imagine the kind of disabled us to fight them on that plain but when we all get together as americans and get rid of the political parties dared to be american catherall complicit and thus the politicians are too and to stand in other tell the truth men spread the word out of one eight to each other and we can really do some great thing then you know i was when you always was good give you our coodall's without jointed cassican in my life and told me what was he and i didn't even realize is the bertha was happening when we first started talking and she told me play by play what was on play by place in and so she also was able to tell it we to try to about because we didn't have a like we had no clue how to fit them but the insight the she gave were now as well in the bodies so that no one else had it's brutal it's brutal and especially when the people let you cross don't there there ready to throw them i mean one twenty third talking and the money that he throwing around degree driven and nobody gives a crap of all the community of the friends of the people it's about their own self that's what they did as a come in and by them the local oft then the rest of us but thank god for joe de fer thank you it's my last i've never been i am a red is then to the but other than that not reinvolve were you had made a one that with these government it is either an she whether that as and and i think it was and santa you know obviously there is one gainor but yet it is to i like government when you look at what he then the united don't you that it unforeign infested in the united i know somewhat of and in trying to her reaching out and that's one of the very as well in order right in at a lot the location the they looked at the tins of the time and when you look at these batteries if that you know what's going to happen lowe will never tired you don't what incontrolled does that is for its total centralization of the power grant and i if you don't jump to their tooyou're going to be you're going to be turned off and i and unplugged so in it's like you know you guys you guys had in the dakotas there have the same problem we have what you going to do with a letter vehicle in the middle of winter when you excel go sonthe dish in you'd better pray to god that somebody like me has got a big deeds to pull you know to pull you out or you're going to be sitting there because not like you go get it can a gas that thing is going to sit there and tell your pulled out of the dish there's so many things wrong with it and we have a exgovernor here who has the trichis that secreit now and he who made a one point six million dollar gain on a stock trade in the electric vehicle industry how can somebody be in charge oh i mean that in the unjust and rich men conflict of interest this is on unbelievable how far this is gone to to the depths that it has of absolute no integrity and in its all for that almighty dollar that thirty pieces of silver that a people are willing to take trevery one in this nation including the land owners that sell out the out its its traits tragic that we fall on that far to have any morals or actually care about our neighbors or comandate ai that's the biggest sadness right there is the lack of anything that looks i will know honest just be an honest person and then being oke with being you know hanging out with him and i don't understand it i really don't understand why people have to have once they so much to think that that makes them someone you always as i don't know about you but being a firmer your former lord i am just goodishness you know i'm happy looking at intheinninth ng it doesn't really matter to me because the richest that god put on this earth is all around us all the time you don't have to have the all of this artificial nonsense that's going on that people think they need to be somewhat well it probably takes away from whom you are rather than then contributes to who you are i unfortnet and so i might i told up that a psychicists with your chalkabout my opinion on the whole thing is that that there's ignores a case that stande and it's called norton verses shall be county basically proves that none of these organizations these non governmental irisations actually exist legally they they don't even as and so how they exist and how they've been allowed to exist flourish and grow is beyond comprehension and also watching how the weapon eyed them is just incredible whitmore weaponized the health the human services on the population threatened they threatened o through licensing a a at all of them to shut down businesses to take property to on gaillards and that this no different from the agricultural mafeleto there to oh where where else can we go with this to day because i've a i'd like to hear some of your fight and how you guys established that often the dacolds on well i'm the one thing to loring lorand i and i see spreathed and worried there commented once and another thing you were so much term so you know he now it there's so much you don't with the conflict all of the as far as here is a gentleman by the all and she was imperative coming about what we lisaid we had no clue no one community learns and we got one and now with that rev i there's a place of alabama alas i had peransand because goshen is going to be building there plant there that to putting these batteries like new massa alabama somethin i actually want to reach out to them and warn them because you don't have any idea on you know just like it for then it is since it's a it's a take copan there so vile that they lie about every one credit anybody that talks against they they to on the community that literally will just attack you and they make up face face face bockao and the attack you over and over and over and we figured that out went on the gates the same die you know he's got the less have even waster time with the or this woman is the solidos the upper jason you a keyboard that there's no validity but when you first are getting attacked by these more then what have relished company so they came after my release ignorant let because i built on industrial zones laon which is and it's like they can just come out here and slander people and there's really nothing you can do about it other the tried to defects and you know i am very old and throwing it back in and they don't like if they don't like it oh they think they come into these areas than he hath you know you're a rule are you don't know any better you just got out except what they say but when you start to push back the st like and they come back after all the people so ye have to be really tough really talking and a lot of people they really have because they come in i mean you know that i called you many times goldtwelve at the end first it was pride the light on my gather forty neither one after a while he there noted they tried to do what they can and he ignored the mongol considered the source the commonest we don't live in the company to stay i don't have to and with that attitude you can keep going on now and then when more people join your force i mean we're up to the and when when we know that and people call me an tell me the praying for us and there in other coming to our allies the please was all the time give where did you matronage him out he asked and the thing that i when you really the the local the man to her it really is a port of honor because i because if you're if you're not getting that kick back your probably not living or doing a thing that's a gossiping to go look at too is it the kind of montiel the people that come come instead of having like civil discourse around things when people get real hostile i had the first thing i go to as yet there you go that is derangement center of and you can attach it to any name that you want because it's a lack of coping and actually seen people it's human beings and treating them some in the stuff and get what you want that's that's patently wrong so yet is it this is a big fight and i am really proud of both of you for for taking a stand and and put in your time and because so many people are not willing to do what it says in the declaration of independence you know we pledge our lives are fortunate our sacred honor that means does that give you an out does that give you opportunity to say in that in the joitakuta is going to be my day now this is we're losing our country because of a lack of conviction and he and that that has to go away and insanely proud of proud of you guys for one there's a bunch of all laws on the books that are standing on catering care in the river and right now a carnide a gossoon the learned i think in all kinds of things that i'm like a set of i'd like to have a carnonacae i'm running force screens and an after a while and looked this to some one who who is also listening that can come in i contribute to the conversation of what wonder masing masing group of people here this morning this is and then i think that there's so much that we can get into in goshen in the connection with them at once again that mischancing development corporation i i i'm very upset about that because they were the ones that were involved in a partly in the steel of our election and that without competition state university they were were building right or in over there with witmer's blessings that the weapon ization of all of our non profits is just sensalute unbelievable pee pee people think that it's not that a non profit is on to give money to an ant profit while that just means that there not showing a prophet on a balance i did work with hospice years ago and i really got to see how this works not people work in houses are wonderful but would you get into the administrative part of it this is where the promisor in all organizations is an organizational law that republican party the people that are republicans that really are in their train to the right thing are wonderful but when you get up into the management that's where you start seeing the bad actors that are manipulating things for money and we've seen it theseshe tremendously you go into your goin too ah ah things like the machine cannot be developed in corporation we've got a real problem there because it's all sinners around moving money and money laundry oh i'm a rode apost this morning on it and i did a bunch of things you want to go to my telegram channelare goout there it's aunt brandon bird the number four or am i what were seen here really is economic warfare thereby enough american farm land and financing for forty eight per cent think of this forty eight per cent of this project for goshen is the fund at of a reader of my postero his is the in funded by the state of michigan in concert with mission acnode elopement cork and i you know and i'm to bring that back companynot remember the players here the players are the same players that have proved it facilitated connect with the help of the marxist devotee and whip and wareconomic form puppet gresson wimmer can is a train suffer company their forged and they had for an intervention in our elections there's no two ways about it we had had we had so much intervention there by foreign or after its not even one and so so we have to you know we really have to go back to that eh you know the promise of jobs there's no contractual obligation what at all have we learned this from or otto industry the iranised the same thing to carl with these balls all these pass in then they chickareeto ries to other co countries with no jobs and they don't have to perform there is no performance bonds there is no anything and and it really sucks we were talking this morning ah that there's that article that i found in the bridge that was talking about they started out with a tumulians square foot facility up there and the rapids went to three million square foot facility and all ourour telling me its thigh so light five for so this is scope creep and this is like this is like a cancer commonet it like a mine lignet cans or it's goin to start and it's going to get a tall hold and and now watch it girl and as you had not seorito there with you you this is a globe corporation part of the global of crimes that at bowls down the world economic for and that when we have a big problem so i don't know what you got weak and dig into this and go down many many rabbit rabbit holes it was seen also that they paused the zone in order what they said their exact words to come nigh to make sure that everybody understood in the art which to me sounds like coercian we didn't understand anything because we were aware and and now through and we are standing to and we literally every or meeting there and what not to to show that we're not but it it's hard because there's something going on every week i get tired get out o me by the everyone had you told her roses st and we need to fight for an intense you know we went little battles here and there and he got up appreciate the little battles because were you know you we win one thing gets now and then he got a fight in ages adam and what the hand so getting moutonsin had we not just want among to microphase on marcel one i what there's no reason this world minus people to be by play and we can't buy it there americans cannot bide lands why are we allowing while i got an interesting story this morning so we got called to do the drained tile down and battle creek for solar farm there who the the morons running this thing cut all the drain tile and they've got the area flooded so they need have somebody come in and resoled the drain tile because they don't know what they're doing we out we have we have college and doctrinated idiots running most of this country who have no job experience in the politicians certainly don't most of have never ever actually held the job so ah my husband went down there to look at the job this morning and i'm just going to lay out what happened they handed him a a contract to look at which would have taken all the liability for this project because they will put it on to contractors that come there to help them so that you can get some such for their mistakes and he just looked at him and said they went the wit though training they would even allow him on the property without him signing that waver and he's like he's way too smart for that he the heathcockes them and so not without review they wouldn't let him on the property even to evaluate their grain child because he wouldn't sign a waver that would leave us with the liability for their mist this is the game has been played in its like everywhere i'm pretty exter sure that the people up there are not only will the be settled with the fall out of this it's going to go bigger it's going to go bigger than that he i don't know if you know about the wind energy but this and the wind farms down they never right into the contract and mitigation for a twenty twenty year piece of equipment that has a high failure a twenty years obselete and so one of the farmers going to do with these with these you know when mil graveyards that are going to die snap and fall the leaving it on the farmers looks like a land grabber are we actually within our community we have i believe here and when you talk about that one neale he believed that for the further design to their design in their construction mistake they want to put it on the persons that are there to fix and there again further tien further the green and all of those are going into batteries where is that or you are tied into several administration right now on deals and green energy and all the companies that are considered for in while i even understand the whole life thing anyway all the reports that i been reading are is lithium is going to be gone on and the there's no more lithium so then why the building these he it's not a renewable it's not me or be so why are we batteries on lichaman by the time he it'll be over in one and it is the money he it doesn't make and when you guys talked of all there is no way we're not going to drive during that time i'd like you he we look with the california when they centralized the power god there to electricity and and then they you don't they own it and then they told everybody in the hottest months of the year guess what you've overwhelmed the grid you have a trouorono off and so i was to talking to guyotta yesterday about what they did with california and so now they have enough power there and their flightiness with illegal in order though overwhelmed debtsthe didn't world war too too they the history repeats and we can learn from other peoples you know when you talked about in i wouldn't he onset omits yes it now so the seine when i brought them up to what can all that e theres no there's no concern what's the laboratories and amid are you itasco yes and you can palotheres of fiers unless its melanomathos lies that here is that there told i guess they think we are just really stop and because it's like my god all the haves bogle they are again so this is cared notionin in as the back and look at the brink of brakeshire here cause we're asking why why why and i don't think it's just about money it's about control it about wanting harm to our country come and he different ways can he do that and how many years have they been tried it takes time it's like a slowly boiling the frog kind of thing they teeter to do that crank the and so here were infiltrated the local community and i i told domniasca date of vigorous school on which affairs were couple beer so i'm familiar with bigger appens on and i shall recently my parents left there oh in that area i ninian so ye out in the country they the figure item people and that kind of territory they they don't they're not hang attention it'll be easy we'll inflat them slowly every tenant think of infiltration as these people are communists are not all communists but as you pointed out earlier did you she won't other was a board members that admitted having a financial relationship with the company and yet still having a vote on whether or not there present so there's a conflict of interest there you bet there there's the small infiltration in the agencies in the government even down to the local level and that connection can be purely financial en autoptical or social or cultural thing were not just talking about chinese people comment over here and getting jobs and that waiting for the time to strike estare local people so how do you will act as we say from the twenty principles in the book the five thousand year leap elect virtuous leaders as one of them why then there still problem in there there not leaders they're not very limitations i serve it we instructed them in what to do and what not to do maybe what we ought to start doing is forcing them to sign a contract which in sure that they will have no financial or other relationships with foreign entities i mean when that help because because they've affected our elections they're not elections any more of these shell actions and when those things are shape so that the people can not possibly even elect the peoples who are really there for the right reasons and will stick to that no matter what then they continued to be able to do whatever they want to do and so then suddenly you've got a lorry in in as i was listening to story i was thinking about recently i saw the movie red dawn the original one from nineteen eighty or i think it was the people were completely shocked when these are for an entities who landed in the schoolyard and started shooting the children and taking over the whole community and suddenly you had a group of young people who had two completely adapt on the spot we got to think about our survival and then what a regaling to do in its kind of the position that that you too have been it first you got to get over the shock and then you got all her une system then you got a land more about what is really been going on and what are you going to do about it we've been behind the eight ball and what's happening in your community is not just local it's in national level is i have a failing that when ship coon colt returns could be i think there's a good chance that might happen one way or another in these foreign and to these are going to be effected by what he does so there is there not send some encouragement that i have because i'm a michigan in and i care about what happens when macerated too the way we geseo have some outside help and thank goodness you too had each other and you're growing a list of people who can continue to help i learn from your life experience and other places but it needs to be bigger than that it needs to me that the people are aware before you get to his sense of shock if we're watching what happens we can see it come in now because we've already lived the experience but we should have been doing this generation cigol and in that that's part of that bigger picture that i'm talking about i am so i am question for lore because that you said that now you've got thousands of people who are on board was it difficult here in michigan in a community like migrates to get that off the ground to get people involved was it like pulling teeth or to people all oh eight all we're not having how on difficult winter started very small there is a holy said oh my god look the more we least search that the more the and in that when you find all these bad things were going to be got to line one literally nobody would be there like now there was no one there and so what we did his lucky we had a lot of john molinar and pete rockstro entrapped we literally had and spoke for when they all showed up time probably some did so was it was kind of hard he or going home indian flying into the head all these the number but you in our group and you could get in you don't information right away and all the facts so it wasn't just as other his ears worse we did that the and that that was good in the map as and then now we have a group that makes one so weak and there is probably at least a hundred and fifty group member and then they break up that community the in agonies we've got a lot of so from that then we've done what are and now we're alone we have through telegraph for whatever we have fed where we need help us o hay group this is where we need to be five o'clock toine they still are the still fights in the port at the pole meeting and good fresh ten o'clock the canonisation we got to get the they think this over night to do it not tried to masses up but now we bring it so we can see that he cruscan go back and look at go cause there there's one lady was it was one of the directors wives stepfather knock you now try to cut people from talked orallyeven alcides and putteth his for pigeons in look at how she acted the day noticed tried to limit our conversation just like jim chapman trying to atrides that because there was one he here black the meetings that he said were only to go to while they only did virtual so they could only get were because the kiches of of the meetings yet help and were like lotions we're going to come back fight on it and i get me both to tip then if you haven't looked at it yet new york times verses sullivan this very important case have done study on it i put together a a rough draft dockament then i take with me when i'm going to public boards and reference it in front of the board when i make a public comment and i'm an you know them every stake so it's not just michigan every state has a law which governs the open meetings it's open meeting act is when it's called here oh they all have it when you work times versus solitas a supreme court at and it was about something different it was about freedom of the press and in first article kind of thing basically some of the statements made in the opinion have to do with the public's ability to her their grievances before public body in any way they pleased they can use em we hit a what the line i can hold it off and helen was accipiebat what it is is the personal fellow bos and so that's what that's hollow functions and that you won't you throw that out on the table they are violating the law by by shortening your ability to talk gives you as much time as you want for and so if they cannot tell you that you may not speak the cannot cut down what you say they cannot yet will calanthe and and that that's the law that you hang it on and then if the police come in and try to shut you down or take you out now there and violation of the and you can go after every single one of so in a way if you were to go in there and refused for them to a shot you down like that in a position to violate the law which gives you grown to remove the no one my information on the tea niemandem ranavalona octocolpa yet no evanoridas like to like my township basin ordinance but i use now your kinds for so salient tell them they better not try to come off because i do rontra out of this opinion is as a supreme court opinion you cannot violate that in this three minute policy does that now if you show respect and say i recognize that you don't want every one to speak for a great length of time i can make my point succinctly but you will not caught me off but when they bring in the sheriff the parent men officer he remind had officer you do not answer to this body you answer to the people because they all act like the deputy is an employe of the board and that's not true so you look him right in i or hurt and you say are you willing to violate my first article rights and their admendment their technically articles that showed they were first labelled by the the bill of rights is a list of articles are you attempting to violate my first article rights because if you do i will hold you accountable look here is the supreme cork opinion and it's italong think so in you go through it he might do what i did it and high lights some of those statements i actually separated it out into here here are the ones which deal west ah what you can say here are the ones that deal with how long you can say it what can you say you can tell them off you can cost you can shout there's a video all a man that speaks with a british accent and i wouldn't pottowatomie that though that's not that's not of a good process to de i know it he he shows a finding sample of being informed about your rights and using that because those people probably don't know they always go to attorneys we don't know what the law is and when you tell him he the open meetings act says this the spree court actually says this and this takes precedence that is a really big deal yet i was on that to me cause like i said i could use that to night i really you have a lot to say to night i know they're one well the other thing you can do is help people give them your time i've had them do that they won't do that either the lock now now if you have a whole room stand up i've had the whole room stand up behind me before when i've gone to reading like that the entire room will she stood up and said i give her my time and at that moment in timeothe won't allow it we've tried he that he had not regardless may pay it was said this supreme court sounds you can gather on her those score be you don't like the et that we can say we i say right here he yeah it wouldn't lelthen that to you we'll send that to you ye have got any cost and if you can get every one to stand out behind you if the whole room stands up and you know and honestly you know have the rooms and up together what they can to do she downheartedness too benevalete the open meetings and because life limited the amount of time that the public can speak collectively they tried to do that in a desert related meeting at a local college here miss gage and they tried to limit the amount of time the amount of numbers of people who could speak because it was going a little later than they expected and i am he brought this forward and i said the open meetings acts as you can't do that you're going to that's a misdemeanor in all this sunday were all interested in what every one had to say i ain worthilie as i raise more new then i said in my eye an amour so confused cause i was polite but what form that they let me speak and that's what i tell you better listen to me because you're about to violate the open meetings act did you know that oh yes this is a public meeting it's it's a college telling more leading in honor that lot why i ain't he won't work there was the gentleman in and on one of the tins that turning at my line i like tiles no i thought you know how the noah who the information the gentleman the gentleman that was set is not he that none of them take that roll on at all that they all were in he was some one had marked come on down and right in front on being right and you don't when when i was actively running for governor in the state of michigan i interviewed about half of the sheriffs of the in the state and out of all the sheriffs that i interviewed and i rode all the documented it all what they said their answers there was less than four of them that actually understood the office the responsibilities and and what that is the only inforcement office in the state or that that is excursons ble for the constitute and uphold constitution the rights guaranteed by the consent they they refused to do it and it is too bad cause is something excuses where i set a why didn't you arrest gratinate she was clean clear violation of the constitution in the rights therein i or garantee and they said well who's going to prosecute it's like well that's not the right answer just because somebody else is going to prosecute doesn't mean that you stopped doing your duty so at that moment tenessero be removed also never nine were not doing and that's the thing is that you've got a roll right through the process and go you know one you know pick off one office that a time for failure to uphold you know for it for dereliction to and i can i believe the old what's the holding so ye i have i've got to cut one set of comment in the chap this shows that the life stream keep will not keep playing so i had a feeling they were going to try to knock us off this morning but that's okay because when we come the rest of it will well thank you for that come when this girl into the archive files and it will be available without any or interruptions of his keep going because because well we'll get this through and this is the problem is that they any time that we speak up the big media and the tactics tried to silence our voices and though it's almost kind of got to go person a person person what i i tell people is that if you see something that is worth worth our time your responsibility starts with passing the information in and helping to educate all the people because we are the news they are not the news any more and we can help each other find good information connected in really battle thus ah yet incredible just absolutely incredible with it the neck i i wanted obsoletely o if you give me the schedule of your meetings too will pollsters always a delight here a little bit so that sometimes he stopped on each other and that's the kay but if you give me the scatulation or of what you're doing i won't pull that in my chat and i had decided not to go up there right away when this thing first started i was in a way to tell you i reached out to me and stefano there as the photo of and i spent my time researching and i think that you know i think the scraipit you reaching out to me because well we'll stand with you absolutely help with this effort gone he cared a held thank you i i want to go back to my question to torybecause i find it interesting and not unexpected that the people of michigan don't we're not a hive in tennessee for a few years as a kid community is much bigger there there's a sense of hospitality you it to know your neighbors and it's taken time em to get to know even my neighbours here locally but when there's a need we in her act and then in an there if there's a real need we know each other's names we know each other's numbers we can run across the street or down the road a little bit and say how can i help what's going on but we always wait until something happens and what you've got what you started with us a very small greek who paid attention and were willing to investigate now however you've got a whole larger community which is paying attention as of a group collectively and they're going to notice what's going on in the townships and in the county a lot faster than they used to because now they've been through that shock and they've recognized that the need to be paying attention michigan ends have been culturally numbed to that train of attentiveness and that is a problem here it may not be so much in other states and another inqualibus that's part of your fathers cabinmate it worse because i'm pretty grand of their houses and that was the definitely a sioto try to divide us to keep so the people not in the taverns and with set down and and you know the ah the green dragon is such a share of news and such but people people were working so hard with two and come families that it's kind o hard to make that time to really connect and quite honestly some of the social media is so negative because we're connecting out a global level often rather than on a local level it or are focussed is too proud and they keep us running around golgotha look at the problems in africa we got a look at the problem here there and where ever we forget our community so like general plan always says local action equals national impact and that's that's absolutely true we have to have healthier families and communities were responding time with people we actually know so i would out agree with that came in cowardly and even opportunities to get together you know just just those the opportunities just to be friends and family and hanging out so that when things do go wrong we can't actually react and we've got that network that is committed to each other i think that we're going to be going to the night ships shortly and i'd like to expand this and you know i thought with beanie introduction to everybody and then we can you don't bring bring more people into this and look in to look into some president that's been sat in such now you were talking about it joe he up in north dakota with the with the military interaction up there and how they how they turned down this based on the air for yeah the res again another yes it was within fifteen i believe it's like thirteen miles from i have been on i have is which they have for an ass within one hundred i know you guys a tumbril in the united some study about them and there then no less than as an aid we are for a constant but i don't process i am not i know cambreling being an iron one there i recognised i did want to make it not a within our his grandson their time the i had to come in and build there i granted remember out of we are literally out oh absolutely and on an you know like now working oh in in michigan is est and like the or not not when your kind of but there a lot and they had he had done all this gather while his all that all now and as that forest said as not about he now god bless in the lowering on we ok when that my cover there help others we have we have to remove these politicians and men what they elected or the unlocked it officials the public functionaries they have to be held accountable and removed when they betray us this this is not happened for a very long time that another prove that were facing right now as you go the education where you have government controlled schools which is what we have we have government education in nations and they are they are not teaching anything they remove civics the remove of life skills they removed all sorts of things that really really once again but as one disadvantage of as a people who get even even being able as you know you got we have to get ahead of these things and and to the point not react but be proactive so that the ring the habit oh about ninety per cent of the government that is in existence right now is actually its sexually un constitute and it should be removed and and you know the it could be removed by nullification very very easily but the prophet we have now is we have generations that have had government school in which his indoctrination where skill so they don't even have an option to amazing how many people i talked to that that if they don't get a job you know that's made for them they don't know how to make a job because they don't have as all they have memorization of the facts of the its constant memorizations so they can spit out the answer they were told rather than critical thinking that they don't even have the skill to do that and and that's really that's really super super no unfortunate but there there's a he so much that we can do and it so positive going for when i'm real encouraged about is the amount of education that though our social media and and such at the a i and all the surveillance really was being used to get how those mechanisms now if we use him correctly we can actually use them against those who are doing the wrong things right and exposed them and no other doing and see where there were there taking the mo i everybody out there who has who is interacted with this that a public functionary should be exposed for the monomonee that they take it in and they should never have a chance to to do this again oh i remember nareen trunk first got in office the rightful president of the united states i might add president fondly and not back down on that one where they went over to sadovia and there was a complete switch out of the saudi the the government the sodainly it sounds like a family like a a kingship type thing but our monarchy the kind is that really is it's really about an economic alliance of about twenty five hundred people or which is what we have in michigan is an oligarchy in michigan we have about forty families who are purchasing are electors it's not a fair election the purchase thought and purchase for a very very long time and then they placed their little minions in these local communities in order to carry out the wishes of the ones that are holding the purse strings which are above them which be the world like conomor the atlantic counts all these goblets organisations you know of world health of organization may all in yes it is and then then you know i wanted to be play a video i hope that laurie comes back on here maybe i'll just give her call because i i i think that this could be heroical glory than at ominosum that her her phone the fomento honor and i'll sometimes we do it the slightest ostiensis is we are we are the part wegetritt here things don't go exactly right we just come but i wanted to ere long command come on back to use enter for my not went out and went ambling you talk about the to be on scribe communists and not only was said the global crime syndicate and then that people at every levels of government on fortunately working together and honestly you know you can see that up there it would goshenthe that it is literally china is not a country as we were taught in as its geographic line the countries that we have the power brokers are without borders we've got a global crimes and kit that is infiltrated everywhere and the war in my opinion it's a word against god it's waragainst it's it's a word of good forgettest it is a spiritual badand it is to take anything that represents soteros like god down it is to destroy human life it is to kill the planet when i listened to what was going on up there also then farmers the glory and someone else who owns a bunch of business that's right oh i just we just know how to work really hard farmers how to work hard ah and they were talking about run off and such i started going down the glycas area cause i was up sinsabor thirty this morning besides my normal research just looking round and post there there not talking about the things that are really substance you know a horse or an animal carnes goats and a horse or animals yes they do have was but it's the way god created this world to work you have to have that that circle of of you know recycling and breaking down with microbes the areas where round i i want him i want to find out and lauridsen retacked earlier that the nitrate concentrate on her farm that with his wapnis department of agriculture he did to intimidate coerce her the simpler or you're run off as there in the nitrites she has idon'tfightgirls or on my ground where's the comefrom there's a fire up there near her omnigenis like the run off from the farm just like we have the problem with with pollution coming over here from chicago flowers the lake comes over michigan we all a sudden have high pollution contaut where is a common form is come from mischoice from chicago the plum yet to think about the plumes and were its come so there the dinging her for twenty horses on a hundred forty acre for it's nonsense and when you look at what's happening with the round up the game crops around a pretty gives comes from ah my santo which merged with there which was the company that was making a mustard gas and world war two there their basic model came from killing people and now we're going to keep going up its jumps ahead of that you've got all of the a leg advances which the nine that is unfortunate that it's an alleged vaccine it's at a orinano know modify your tajen modified and how many people are coming out with with aids and weird cancers and hommony people of dying from this well the glyphic if if people really understand how it were it works is a tremendous effective micro killer which is why they can also use that on a now till so they they spread it all they ought they spread all with this and they put brown a break crops not but what there really doing is sir killing the the environment the accessissem in our soil so in those areas where the use of a lipases you got huge problems of run off so when i was looking at lauriston on like there's got to be somebody round at this spring the glyphs is probably where she's got the run off it has nothing to do with her property which twenty horses on a hundred forty acres at give me up break that that is so absurd it's not even one so their using that is harassment i i want polly a little bit of a video on cause i like some the son of a son of an i also like jury my habits i know judy my cravats and works for al my tea and was talking about this and i think the were it were going to be able to you know lead in with his heart nowe on the most common as we in pounds or the prior that ousestate and nineteen nonothing shores like wholesome by crops esteronde while but not not not long there was actually a use to serve queen iveson stuff on the good god of water pipes but if you're not as he othothe end of short chin corsothat the history of wives why for richessuch why is so tossignanesi farmer shemesh in i mooted and so before he shouted beneficiaries of much of toltontepec the figure out how incensed he was a short in i want to stop that there because i guess my point to my point of what we're talking about here for this is why are the picking on glory for twenty horses on a hundred forty acre farm when they are jumping that much gloussait and commercial firm lizer's which are devoid of any wtito value at wire they wire they picking on her will their picking on her because when she did that rally and she's an american hero she refused to sell her a lad then they called on her the department of agriculture and they were to go back to what she set these these are people that are apparently very related you've got chuck ah ah the i think it is the line randy thenand and jared the end and they're all tied in with gothon the right place and the parknovel were talking this is this is institutionalized crime in my opinion when you see that much nepotes in organizations that are co dependent each other and sharing the financial string there he set up against we the people and i in a rate that it is mine it is mine bone oh i can't i can't even express it but but why are they knotlore cause they want a shudder down and they're going to try to do that with any one that steps up and set it is says the truth and refuses to stop talking about so so my whole thing is as that why is it that there not being held countable even to look at other factors there must be some other environmental factors like this run off that can be showed in their faces with statistics also besides the laws that they are clearly breaking clearly breaking standing laws stare decisis lows that they're going through the th trying to bully people with of their the and not on even they're not listening so i mean as to caresino just have to get in there and throw it in their faces a little bit because they have to and we'll go back to to horton vessel that that's a huge one that proves all these weaponized into organizations and bureaus they don't exist and they they don't legally exist you you can't say ere going to do this with the government and then struck open do it there is laws and placers order and i think that's why we've got to the point of having ninety per cent of what's out there is absolutely a just it's like it's it's got rodores when i was facing and lance well then you with other seizures issue it there and josh and braided the director of elections came radosti we're making up policies on the fly and because they took civics out they they've taken everything out of education to actually arms with knowledge and critical thing people are without defence in these situations there there truly the truly sitting there like sitting ducks tree picked off by these multinational corporations so much money so we just me to have to get in there and now the law and then be able to use it to use it to a to turn round there is a lot of a school boards in such where people applied this that that law is on the books the the standing lots supreme court opinion and case that that we're talking about earlier new york times fer so then in the actually shut the meetings write down and had the people walk out of the meetings they receded they received the the offices right there at the meeting if people stand up on the received the offices cause they abandoned their office and so that's that's another way if you've got enough people there that will show up taking taken so the meaning there already and violation of the open meetings he but then go ahead and receive these trite there when they when they walk out of the meeting cause they don't have the ability to do it so there there's many there's many ways to one but the noose and foremost of wide whither in violation oh and you don't one of the thing i am talefor mason and and in a what were with right now on on a mile in and an item to that right now essai but the wild i do now so there's the the before when cepheus was not involved where now he security is not historicwhen you i want when we when you were talking about familiar with that now i oh ye in familiar with them but i'm not not the protection at that was at no the and that has item the imported in is a lot of the white and there were other for the fact the beatings the i that i work this is people are not for it is the order he anyway i went on the word protection us cousinswere protestans an order there there i the company itself or in and lest they open up i looked at her come that are cal let the authorities really native this is a long we doubt with was importing as and the in that no however there were in under another the merit the men where the names and where the but when you look at these supplies that are needed for the bare to relate sure that we're not so we don't want to part part telling its own what in institutional human trafficking yes think about this or its so as i'm processing this thing about this a though it was started out with the two million square foot printed production facility for these batteries think about the enormity of this this is huge and it's going to five point five on batteries can they produce there and all i winjust wager that i this construes out there were were dealing with cold blooded killers of human beings michigan is the number third state in the nation for human traffic what are they going to do there in that battery plant i'm not i'm i'm just i'm so suspect of this is not even funny what are they really going to do how many batteries did they think they are could produce and a five point five million square foot production is it as feces disposable do not this is tied in with him in three because it is it's almost it's almost starting i'm all starting to really she this is it is the drop of one and as the failure can i not from within god they are not at the so the one they'll be in that irrigates she got more big government down into and grow that government because you know what we the people just couldn't possibly run our sins with you or with the yates's exactly what this is about its growing big government and then i i'm just really shocked as i had i hadn't seen a five point five million square foot that they had scope creep i am really concerned because when you look at the organizations and what china does change not in in tilling the there there kill the killing fields there are just incredible this is a huge facility how do you how do you make enough product even just to one for electric batteries that size of of facility i'm really wondering if there was a connection with human trafficking to this thing because if you do if if we can apply that that border you know the cot yes customs of word protected and this and say no you if you have any anything to do with china your down your shot shot him right down cause i i'm i'm emerly concerned i really do believe that most of the people that are office are placed their selected or care in such selected that there shall lected to be an office and that they we don't have a elections we have we we do not have one thing about that has been honest causes manipulating people in order to let them walk their puppets right into these offices to do whatever they want with no accountability and with no with no not having answer for anything they get told what to do they have their marching orders and they do it and it certainly is for we to be were just there were in their way donald trump always said that president oljaitu president the united states always such they're not after me there after you he's just standing in the way with him gone we didn't have anybody that was actually standing in the way and office every single one of them committed treason from top to bottom minustakin about you know it's really easy for us to blame gretchen whitmer or gavin now some or in or any of these people that are sitting there you know it's it's crazy we're were there you know there in office but i'm i'm seeing the entire legislature of the state of michigan that committed cleaning the treason when they walked away from the one in during this whole colignon sat yet and now they're not defending the state against economic invasion for these entities who are taking our resources who are invited up or far lend in or harassing the people in you know what the sherifs are guilty even the shares are going the sheriff's actually have the power to do it and they refuse to stand and so at this point into every stinking one oval needs to be held accountable for what their doing and four for refusing to e do their jobs violation of their now dereliction of duty its violation of their any oath of office and truly an affront to the constitution or single one me if we don't have well i don't come here that he where they have rested in their head back up again and i've got several lawsuits that are going on right now eh but the freeport meschian refused to even make a ruling on mine when i got illegally kicked off the ballet and then the athen i stood his prime courts o yes my rights were violated but they were fesecock on the ballet again so went to the text peers but it was it was as though the whole is absolutely ragged eh i do not pass brought up the fact that north dakota the trainer and like containing hans of his materials i'm not buying any of the non and i don't know if we didn't get to talk about it but we actually on a fairly large rail facility and i was joined the comparisons i looked at the gothold of the manifest of the products for the one in ohio and there was never a train that is run that way with hoskioer as materials and the the couplers in one been used couplers like that any more therecertainly wouldn't see them on that of has a type or anything that had any de restoit i have a feeling that most of this is been staged it's either staged or something's going on at this although a thousand de greements a year in the united states there really not as big a deal as they make the men too but when i see the car is piled up the way that they are and the fires the fires were patrolling fire would black smoke it wasn't chemical fire and there is not enough evidence of adverse reactions around it will they were trying to make a report believe that this is going to pollute the entire ohio based no it just it's just the the whole thing was observed but o that too that too well with going on a big rapids an is really this is really a something worth fighting for and a gimlet i think it at i think we should all jump on this and it run to their aid and try to connect these spots you know the soul or firm down down by barcreek oh that we had experienced with to day as well as i you know the marshal the marshal nonsensing out there with the sabig fire lander they're going after farmland and like like a historic farm land too yeah and and in march the articles of association of the we look at all of the look in all the brands and the companies that that have been in have been infiltrated you know we think about these as american institutions but their not their companies companies are american we are wethat we are you now for we are americans we are america the companies are not and they then infiltrated just like the political parties and are or energy in the streets and are election processes with the oligarchy that are by in our elections and o if so you you we have to get away from labels because for us to be in american we think about we regarded as that we have countries right now that are reaching into its global crime syndicate that's involved in everything it it is just a kind and so we were really have to focus on the fact that or or or loyalty needs to be on local basins not corporations cause most of them are owned by black rock vanguard stakes three years or bala on or we can go to all this that these companies are not american companies any more than waves we associate with these are truly globes corporations which have watched and economic warfare on this may well then it's rinstated on the curious was what say you care and i see as the lark and back there the ambler canalino long an i'm sitting here thinking about didn't it became tenement dasystemon ster but the people are starting to figure out there on their choices and their dollars are very powerful and i know some folks who probably every year go to a disney location with their family in vacation shall their children are he to say in doctorated into it they like to spend their money with this me because to them its innocence and goodness and family time fun but let's look at the reality of what the company has become what i got himself into in an hour the is the company green to clean itself out and make every endeavour to do so and make fat public because they were changed everything for them ah if they investigate it and try to clean up and set have no that's not what we are about we won't our people to be safe we want our staff to be proper in clean out now they got out and bearded man dressing as a woman in a shot to help little girls spend two hundred fifty dollars on a dress so she could be a princess this is not what america is about do we need that absolutely not so families need to start making better decisions about where they spend their money and oh you know his dose something that we need i mean those those waves when i was a kid i even up to the little mermaid which wasn't all that long ago you know i really enjoying that i am sontheimer though his mother got shot and it was you know it wasn't really traumatizing because i came from a family with the hunted that feels like american i know the disney movies were a good thing now we see signs of pretty philia in there can we can we keep parts of it that brought us joy and get everything that's connected to it yet americans could have to decide what they want to do is companies like disney do we want a trash the whole thing oh brings to mind tromp likes to say our beautiful white house is repeatedly described this such in people of talked about or whether there are doms underneath there's tunnels underneath there we others sonles underneath the white house ah it is the white house something that we need to keep or do we destroy it what happens with that foreign land do we get it back and claim it as our own do we knock down the statues that are not ours those things that represent the cabal and evil in satanic things and keeps mothers or do we destroy it all americans got a figure out do we keep oh let's say hard it as another more recent and tite were to say okay you know what pete public is spoken forget the contracts we're going to clean up this company we're going to stand by and be american i think of america is very forgiving and that's what i'm in sitting here thinking about there may be no rescue for companies like target if what i read yesterday is true that the dei federal contracts in all of the major companies could be their downfall that doesn't necessarily a bad thing for america but for long entities which have started to use that kind of thing to go with the conculcatur things if they decided to turn that around she had fabian another example i heard some really good thing about that company ah i used to work for walgreen's wal greens with really cool because they were never in debt they always paid for their stores before they told them as what i had heard what are we going to do with these companies can we rescue any of them if they try to straighten up is that worth it ah or do we just create a new america in our generation do i say you know what we will keep the apple pie but we're going to throw out the basin you know fire bedeswomen of non yet what what my whole thing here does i found the pitcher of this my whole my whole problem with this whole thing is what is god save about what is bible say about it he basically says you got a tear of things down that are once or i don't think think that one how you or call it booby they now dere not you cannot ignore that and because it's going to come back it's going to come back worse than ever and was this as about it's not about individual rights as is about grooming and rapine the minds of and you cannot you an you start normalizing this nonsense were kids cannot figure out o o her's is the baby bobby boboche iespere be i'm sorry but i'm an put it out here but and as you start in normalizing this none and oats like it's like you know this is this is in a psychological break down and i mean that's not like they have i done that save in doing this for years man you look at once altera and such in and trying to engineer the population i don't even think most of pole let or transcender or extulere hic or paid by the sir the bier something in other i don't believe that most of them are realizing there just after they are trying to messer kids minds and oh i'm i'm a fan a going back to the bible and when god says you tear down all these altars you get rid of em and you go back to god is if you leave one alter to any of the best nonsense up there it's going to creep back in again and in it it's not going to its nechcala of me that's the biblical for inspection i i agree with you down but that's why i chose to say what is american going to side cause americans got to decide as a collective or the conogogee with you and i that you know like an i could do without disney just as i've gone without all their things in the last couple of years because they're not important any more were in survival mode were in red do you know we are trying to save our country does following then he traiges used to pay costentin to baseball having no idea what's going on in baseball i don't care there there may be older things that i'll stick to you because cause it gives me a sense of normal sea and entertainment in life where we need a relief sometimes i get that but do we keep everything ah there was another one that popped into my head it emigration set something there but going back as like as to things that are we just familiar make us feel better it's like locks wife looking back solomonor anterior or self and when it comes to god oh you know we hell lot of score on way and guess what we're going to be handed the judgment that we deserve to be on our own action it's just the way it works in we have you know we have the right of free will and if we keep inviting this demanded nonsense on we're going to be subject to it and told the pressure gets put up there so high that we finally decide get over ourselves and for letter and easy for god almighty and i think i think that that's kind of where we're headed right now is that the pressure is going to keep going he's going to locate you guys won't let this i'm going to let you have it good luck with that give me call when you've learned your last and i mean look at all the people that died they didn't believe god and for forty years got set okay you're going to wander in the desert for years until every single one of them was dead he didn't let them into the promise and though in a god himself i mean we we've got a chance right now to turn back to god and have things so you know have things i put back in order if we choose not to do that he will lots but the decision and the judgment for it will be all on us and i think that this point i'm a fan of terran at all down i don't see is he is an american company it may be what that more were i even open ever was because you know you hear so much about a will disney and the thethesmart of all of these things which were allowed to grow large if you look back at pedophilia has been part of this since the beginning and this is its it's almost a religion and her supported by other religions there there's a huge mound attento look at all of the nonsense in the sweets from a a james with lessing he was the director of hopgardens the galaxy it is god that ye was that he he had all those sweets talking about shoulder at any quick as soissons thought when i was and that thought all the sidestarts taken his tweeds down but the way that machine is an unforgiving thing and so you can always find the screen shout of and see what they talk about that they they are part of the and in its its unfortunate with the evidence is already there it's not in the pine the evidence is there if people are willing to look at that and i don't know about you but i don't want pantofiles she will niveton my kids or anybody else's kiss this is wrong it isn't a dolt you know adult stand bebefore thus and i i don't know i'm i'm i guess i'm a little hard line on some of this carcase i think that i think it needs to i think that needs to it's going to fall is just to matter time a i agree i hotly yeah it angers i spring yes being around man and overwhelm in all where where there's so much wrong this to know but you don't what's right what's right is as we the you know they that we can watch all the nonsense surround us and hopefully at stealing our resolve to stand against it instead of letting it terrestori feeling hopeless and oppressas that's what the enemy wants were supposed to just get in there find when no back down and say kewee going to look into these issues so that we're educated and then when we come back it's going to be with a vengeance as we're armed without to fight these and i believe we have the upper hand right now i believe that we've already won but we still need to wake more people up and tell the truth a certainly go then and all the time china and it is something that every one should be well educated on be able to talk and bring us information to other people connect companies that or no companies connect the areas that are being effected by this economic take over so that we can't stand as we the people together i think sometimes it's important to talk about things that scared the crack out of people because the reality is as if we don't stand what are we being handed and what are children o in it will be all on us it's all on us for not acting used to act or in so i find that to be a good activity and another thing that i heard that there you go like that that's good i i go not mononomian of em thistle the mohaves we don't care so slow i want you on to say some lesse a prayer and then will do some parting words dear havenly father thank you so very much for lory and we ask that you bless her richly with your favorite every one that's there on the ground whose lives whose farms whose wet life or be threatened in a very real way by china by a by this take over by bad actors that are on government we ask the take the blinders off of them let them see the truth and not take that thirty silver we asked that you would turn them all into very contrite whistle blowers who are willing to stand for this nation rather than traitors who are selling the nation down the thethepoor where were so thankful that you boroughsthe that you get us hope it anything is possible in your presence and we know that we acknowledge that you created everything it's your sand bags were willing to play by your rules we want you to to do and to walk as through this and we won't we won't turn our backs we won't we won't go back on this three years set and you are leading we thank you so much for joy and care and all the wonderful patriots who come together that bring their wisdom to the table who are willing to to work for a restoration here in the united states who will stand for each other to defend to protect to help to provide to do things to do thanks to help those that we love in our communities are families and a word where to thankful that you got a snopportunity to be part of this sight and we will stand for god family cone please bless president the rightful present united states president trump all those who stand with them general plan admiral rogers all of the wonderful patriots across the nation that are working together to restore the nation of an asthorpe for mark for ten and lessomanus over the comanther the group that are fighting over there for for truth and truth and honesty for this nation thank you so much for them and thank you for the stay you're always good all the time and were glad to walk with you a lot of questions and you have all be answered so we just call it you know that we love you very much and jesus precious name open and enough they go last words he lester with you karen in the good well i agree with you don and i've always said that a the children will be the last step and i see that growing first of all again the public has to have an awareness and they're getting it because it's been thrown in their face by this clown show im pride montis turned into pride season as i read somebody posted last night o the cause they started early and it's being thrown in our faces and this year i think more than ever people are disagreeing with it it it's not about pride in one's self it's about doing things in an ungodly manner and celebrating that and i think america is starting to actively disagree people tend to be quiet because it doesn't necessarily affect them and now its effecting them now mes things are coming into their communities like enjoinders places of of life when it affects us personally then we have a problem with it and maybe we you and i haven't em some across a personal experience with peter filia in some way but that's not important what is important is that like you said dona we protect all the children and we when we find a comprendith has allowed that or a politician or an entertainer or a sports industry or whatever it is that allows harm to come to children we must stand up and disagree actively with it and not just go all that's a shame actively we must invest in disagreeing with it and when america finds the voice america will figure out we can do without disney for in example we don't need that garbage because it's not just you know a fairy princess or something like that any more now when we realize the truth we must actively disagree with it and we can do without it and still have a wonderful life with all kinds of wonderful godly forms of entertainment the gods he like copshawe might have to we might have to sell the goats because i'm so large to them it's terrible i doo tonkabout that again another day but ah those are my parting words of merica i i think i see it happening that more more people are building in awareness and more more people or are choosing to disagree it's becoming a more popular thing which always is helpful it's popular to dissicit all this nonsense and when america starts to realize the power that we have and we the people look out because we can accomplish anything mary dotill i i just almost one and we want to make lucky for us in ore we now have we now have some as to of land as every one is take isotopic so there is and even one or every voice matters and and you know we all stand together we've got the sand certainly got to do anything all we got to do is want and want to take the nation back he's always he's always there's always good he's always willing to fight for a son be there in our worst time as wells are best time he's not going to ah ignore us or can you know he's a wee do is just go to him and were forgiven the condemnation isn't there he wants a relationship with us so it's all on us so let us determine that i think that's a import important part but god bless every one up there in her aronth dakota as well as every one around the they go chanpan come in and we don't ask you got to throw stumbling blocks in the way of the enemy to confuse their plans and to just just confuse everything so they get nothing done first and foremost here you all go to brainerd for governor do come i have not conceiving i have the best known conceder who is over not conceded the history of the united states that can or denote down about wavery not going away it's like i just count in actionfor what you so in one i when i had been to go to the night shift on may be next week and where i had a night time for on cast and i want to have you come back on it that to day we would do a kind of a kind of an introduction or people can kindonge know what's what the issues are and then just have as to a discussion where we're discussion all this is what's come in this is what's going on currently and this is what we're doing so that we can literally bring the news to the people and that are not just this is a forcemeat we got lore hey harry how you doing you're on right now we're still broadcasting so oh you know what you're you know what you're all my guess her bon locked up in that how that held much they want to silence you know what i'm in puchesee and there you go you're on speaker honest see right now hang on him out let me let me and my my rumble thing here you're on speaker phone right now and and tell what happened you because this happens so often on my show where things go ring yes oh no poor good luck with that china is despot to greekwere going to come back and we're not going to give up on that and you know we had a wonderful discussion do you know even the continuation on we talked about cause we're not going away we're back we're never going away and we're not going to go fighting and tell every one of you an evil monsters are silenced and you seaway from our kids in our land and our country and that's the way it is is this called resolve this called american so i'm glad you're back so i was just talking to joe and sated when i'd like to do it i'm going to the night she probably next week where we have a while beyond like i think every night as well as the morning type stuff for a while and i allow of people at wanted beyond and a lot of lot of releasing e in trying to fight at so many different levels with bringing good information and and you don't like information that cameron has and and all these wonderful patriots that we've got to know so that we can stand together with our knowledge and our coaching and are so karen is one of the best and less of other rety life and i love i always love what she has to say as you had to realize ivanhoe running like force screens and in trying to listen and in all that circinatine sources to it so it's nice to have somebody who stands would be that can pointedly listen that i know she might going agree on pretty much on everything in that we talk about we green its mane and so what i want i'd like to do so everybody can hear you right now it is i'd like to bring you on again and maybe do a consistent of day and that are made you may be twice a week may be three times a week has your said it that's changing all the time so that we can little are on her for i be goin to contained an then we have down here tanner you know well why don't we do this you give me the stuff to post and i'll post and i'll talk about that and then i think what we should do as have you come on for an up day maybe we should maybe we should really prioritize this as i begretched come in every day a you want and give an update to this and where were you come on and we we have a odouryouin chanfifteen minutes sent and you can save me this is what's going on in the fight with goshen and so that people can actually find it out there and on and know the odette can come to you know they can come to you know cause i am brilliantined jorists who is really bringing a lot of information for ridin in analyzing it i do like he lattosin ss analysis organization analysis as well as digging down and to connections i do a lot of connections and connecting the players that are involved that sort of an then to spring an things out so if you want to do that you know i theyyou can also if you call me said don and we got to get this thing out there it's an emergency so i will put you on and and so that you know his i'm not just going to show off as i am really adamantly it are behind any opposite polo at politicians who do shore the faces on the camera i i think it's wrong and you know i really think it's wrong to do that and so if you if you tell me you need to be and i'm here to both help you and who the therefore you any way that i can be and in a real way had warres no it coats counterstand what's happening in the gilt i hear coregonus it seems unreal so and he teased i will also make sure that i post if you can pass that i on my carei'll get that so i'll get that maybe i can dispost it so that every can see we're talking about with that new york times verses solvent and i cleonthe get that in lorry's hand so that she can so that she can get that in the well get overbody all connected out here so that we got a nice little little clearing house grew a people who can who can take the sun in you know starrites get this throw the thing out there a little bit so no i think it's great will thank you for your time and he then if you need to be on to morrow for a little bet i've got em i've got dan albert and with the albert plan for election integrity this guy is the maze i met him when i was down at john rich ashausen one i had a vacant i was invited to down there the rough seventy of us that went to john riches and he has the plan for restoring election integrity and is probably the best wisest most bomb proof plan i have ever heard he whom the man he can be an to morrow and i think that this is going to be well worth lessing too but if you want to come on for a while at any point in time and then we can weaken all show you exactly how to net work this and get the cento other areas too whether you need little video or whatever it is if i don't abrandar will make a commitment to stand with you on this and help you in any way possible that that i can able and and the now yells pontogothicis that you won it is its bunch of friends he into stand you know that the coming together you know and and it's like little kids on the playground have wild back we were all fighting for were the marbles go and now he realized that were working together and work were you know pulling like angleworm and and i think i one amazing but i am just awful proud of you and i want to come up to your farm on to see your horses and i love that because i think it some point at my gonnersen because i'm still obsessing about then we were just dotted i were just talking about freezes like we can go and i saw the picture that she pulled the morning of one of your horses with the banner of its side on ringot the blanket i loved thatsweeping in the air looking all cool free that's cool or as i can bring to the ring pitcher up here i got a run late i at blessed thank you thank you so much joy for coming halloran i'm on other you stay stay on a second of lori cause i'm going to share pearsthere's the pitcher that care just brought up a lot of times we set out here after after we get off the the broadcasts which just how but i've set rolling the camera right now solissiter thessalian he's gorges saussaye youyouwhat's these and how old is he oh wow sallies were mansanillo stallions so so yes yes we've got wed a problem with his broad cast because we've got a chat on the benoniel they just came in and so i wasn't seen the chat to fire up his much as it is that like a ah love just the thank you very much down for the guests you bring out i've learned so much from you and your guests her you're welcome thank you love by preciate that so much it's all of us standing together you know we already set or prayer to day and so so i guess i guess we'll have you back on and we'll talk we outline a little bit sorry giogong to have to go here to methose i've got to and so accusing out a second a an and the broadcast neweeta a little bit and then we'll talk out when he and get yet lariboise she in her ashes a masinissa proud to stand with her and carry iyou want to talk about smart women i feel so honour to have so many smart women not dizzy women that are showing way too much skin and being stupid and in whatever you know i'm tatooma women i mean this is what we have what we were fighting for for you know we want if we want to have had a ah seriously and being respected that me god act like it girls and and i'm girly protestand the guas i think we bring that to the table herethrough proud o that sicoris god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god blessed erica we will be out to morrow the day on albert your good love this sky i love the scythe's amazing i tried temper many many hours and we're going to get this selection under control had a wonderful day make it show its