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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/16/2022 - Live Pete Hendrickson, Lawyer

Published Nov. 16, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

Pete Hendrickson is possibly the most effective lawyer in history, even while never having set foot in a law school, nor ever being a card-carrying member of "the bar". He is the first American in history to secure complete refunds of Social Security and Medicare ‘contributions’ withheld from his earnings (along with all other property taken for federal taxes). Since publication of his first book, ‘Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America,’’ in 2003, tens of thousands of students of his legal analyses have retained and recovered billions of dollars which otherwise-- wrongly, but as a matter of course-- would have gone to federal or state government treasuries. This despite concerted efforts by government to suppress his work, and in some cases vigorously oppose the claims by his students. Hendrickson is also a widely-read essayist on matters of politics, public policy and law; many of these works are collected in his second and third books, ‘Upholding the Law And Other Observations’ and 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?'. He is a member of Mensa; an award-winning artist; and has paid his dues as a youth soccer coach. He is a long-time political activist as well, and has served as co-chair and platform convention delegate of Michigan’s largest county Libertarian Party organization; as a consultant to the National Right to Work Foundation and Citizens for a Sound Economy; as a member of the Heartland Institute; and as a member of the International Society for Individual Liberty. He is a frequent radio-show guest on stations across the country. Hendrickson makes his home in southeast Michigan, with his wife and son-- his daughter now lives in Arkansas. He is currently working on his next book. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is i did it right today november wednesday twenty two to day while we had a lot of a lot of big news last night it was kind an interesting when president trump got up and he spoke last night and i think i'm a little in pain it because i have some a lot of questions about his speech as but a queenly look i said on every termination him and i think that he this country in an amazing way and it's always good to see you up there talking to me the people so thank you president temporals night and giving us some interesting topics to talk about and ah hopefully we will continue to two years to two years to make a change for me as a little bit a lot just because i'm a maybe a little bit o bacon but with that sad i was off glad of glad to see him up there and in working to you now truly working to take the american dream i thought that was a great i've been using that statement for in my campaign for quite a while so i thought that was kind of a thing that he saw so i have a special gas on and were going to be talking about the so membranes and his more i is possibly the most effective lawyer in history while even while never having set foot in last he is not an attorney but the term the common term that i think most of us are used to from some of the other people that like to fight a fight in court and court sit ten to call them a lawyer which is different and be differentiated to barter so on i make that qualification or that that clarification aroma sure that we were saying things that that every one understands his moreote and in so i wanted to clarify that a little but a hegau of books more michael morning donald he's got a couple of books coming up and i thought he was writing we're really interesting which is why i had him asking to come in to day i do think that we need to about all things from different now we eat we've had a lot of people on that are common law common opposition and john tate hill disagree and say it's constitutional law that were under so i think that this is a worthy are to go into on the constitutionality of say income as well as where we got here in the tax structure that we do have what is we're going to have to have you can't get away without having to in my opinion and i think that in that we have as americans honestly comes from the fact that they so much money being wandered out of the state or of the nation that we see all money going in every direction is bad but really it is it's it's a maladministration of all processes including where where our money is going to the fact that none of us feel like were being represented because all the text might it we do pay in seems to go into a black hole of despair and i've gone into the road and in my opinions on the roads which that's nothing more than a bit money laundering black pities you know going back to the barrels you can see the barrels are everywhere for months and months and months bad travelers the there's no construction being done and then when it is most of us down in the federal roads and i still want to know where is the same money going on that it's going into the general fund which is going into politicians since special interest here there and forever i'd like everybody to let bring pen and we're going to talk about this very different perspective then what were used to hear which i think is is really really how podington note so i wanted to the saboba in that i think is wonderful novices in then another one that he had on the a man at the explain things a little more but i think that we both agree that there's a lot of problems with misunderstanding what is lawful in the tax structure and i think people's dissatisfaction is really tied to the fact that whereas all the money going the bigger problem and its lack of having a good rocas analysis is it's going into everywhere but the benefit coming back to me the people and most of going into a crop political system in my opinion searching and self perpetuating for you anatomically is on and you know of course big junko the that one is going to look for million or so members of the federal workforce one way or another some direct on the notes contractors and that's a big problem to be able not only to note those people but the most of what they do is thalarion weather can you gaselier remove on because i'd like to hear more about your opinion on that well now entitled to be any state closely supervised the merganser ere this is the measuring liberty was the primary objection constitutes with the primary objective the founder liberty is the opposite of micro managed and yet our structure the political structure has found that it is very healthy for it to establish large constituencies and fainting a large and consolidated social state and so it rates bodies of workers and pay obstructers beneficiary structures subsidies and spoke forth and and and uses the other to perpetuate solita all the men it is i repeat a huge opportunity cast to the rest of us to the productive class people who who actually want to but later alive and produce will which is one thing the living your own life women like liberators of happiness i'm free to reprint the person property the cracked having this enormous over horses terrible and of course most of the states also have a large and growing worse as well all that absorbs a lot of money and you alluded to one you know not as a certain that foreign policy adventures and expenditures of things like that he also represents that for money lender portofino example of that gorgon right now this tide it is something congrat example of something i written about a good deal which manner in which the extractor used to implement motoring scheme and in the fore comes back and forth campaign contributions campaign contributions being the political past that continues to send out to foreign and so it self locking his cream coin situation that i like that in the there was another thing fact this is kind of concerning to me i did a post the other day that diamonded also the trials claiming either acting was in effected against ineffective against co so we look at how this comes basically the you know the republicans all the politicians basically drove to get away car this and the concern that i have is too with the conflict of interests you look at the ties that withers to recross blue shield an her dad was in the inuits a real it's a real serious problem that we have going on right now because there are literally looting this nation semenoff peace by and then like you said bring it back and all we heard in the last few days as how the sweet to democrat campaigns it by any of going back to both parties because every unperceivedly support for the ukraine is i have no doubt that the republicans are getting paid off just as much as anyone else witnesses yesterday you're not the one that in poland now we have a more history and fallacious foreign policy and i know about time goes by and the fact starovere about each one they think so often and of these things end up being found to have done us all activity one automatically but that's one indispensible for stakes to be made but rest a pretty pretty capable military machine in terms of you know no i were there or dances going and that would be a mistake that would be unusual and unlikely to be made here as to who the teetotaler the very obvious purpose of providing that and had sent him in a rational activity in eurasia the no braver and beat perceivable in the russian cleopatra that far astray because we're talking about not a shot distance i mean that the military activity in ukraine is the most part of the and we're talking about a very very long range it if it was a mistake but to bussorah in us presence in ukraine orion of this nonsense i don't there's no way that i'm going to buy that came from and then it was in a coincidental bertheline at the same day the president trump was going to be making a big announce of him running for twenty twenty four and one who sangrados after the announcement and but yeah i thought it was kind of almost like amateur hour that so that her faults legs almost like watching a cartoon of a essentially the lord spring thank beater classic example there are many there there at he truly and i know that you are you among you remember of men cassiacum that i am you know i can conclude that i tied a very smart person it's not by an amused not in either well yorinobu this thing on uirapuri odont degree scepticism and you know fettering the colt the thing were inundated with with exhortations to that cold and we have to just not do it the wastrel about taxes anesthesia i guess cause the tax structure we have today the income tax structure is a cool in drinking a fair a perfectly good text wonderful text i would not change anything at all about as it is i unfortunately it gets misapplied because people have would to many people over the course of a few generations now since a strong effort was was begun to ground the nature of the tax painted and in the intervening over the intervening years people have been the tax that act against their own interests when really as it's written as it into to the human america is an exit a tax on the gainful use of federal privilege and that's true both of the federal income tax and the state homotaxis just a piggy back for the in the s the states were given alteration to take a piece of the action that federal privilege you that goes on in their state territories from that within the state jurisdictions and so the most taxes are just a little piece of the same action that the fence let the problem is that the written in such a fashion that it uses custom definitions for common words and that is true throughout the route because the common words are being used as her being to be mimicked by these two accustomed find terms very easy to misunderstand what the tax is intended to apply to him and how it is to operate the frinstance wages in tax law is accustomed in term it doesn't mean what you can pay for working it only means what certain people get paid for doing certain things and yet the distinction are not laid out in iris publications typically everyone assumed to know in these to know the difference between wages and wages and in the bookcase they the actiniae in actions their own interests because the useless hottentot him of that made tears a people fooled it looks like you you know miss characterized your pay from you know goes ballasting wages and sensation you that's not true so we're just like not was not he in this country people are expected to know the law and i frankly i don't think that this really is the officer of the legal principle and to such a self serving irrelevant mathiesen everything could be made more clear but they benefit usually from it being in when the appetite we have a punitive system rather than a sister of sir for for doing things wrong now in seeing helpful as a more of a money grab trying hope and people will screw up because kinmare reason to take it to the roman the storehouse had consisted tis the nature of the misapplication of the tax that's why people hate the incometax understood the income i understand and actually hactelly operates every one would have the same attitude i do about it which is in a great extent the giving an example of this containing thirteen the american public a constitutional amendment for the purpose of allowing the income tax to be revived these were not yet retreat well educated people back at that time that the american public was a far more politically sad by the americans are today they were they were a most part eradicated they had a much more skeptical attitude they were much more family life was stronger everything about the so the most superior to the average object of the public school at eferywhere lives and the other for years or whatever they haven't been subjected to a propaganda from modestine and all that there is a much safer more skeptical a much more adult as population in nineteen thirteen eight and they knew the income many of them have a libation of the fire of that time and the legal understanding was brought as well and they amended the constitution just to allow this tax to go back into i did that because they it's a great tax and they knew it so the literature it was grandpa really a moral because the implication that that we are to understand the story line that were onerstand today is that all those people back in nineteen thirteen were in in that they put into place the authorization for the government that just reached their pockets much an entity and take anything they want and out of it they were the limits imposed in amendment so much can be taken to the cootting about the parthenon ramon would have to be more all gramps would have to have been more allow them to have not the unjust will ottavio authorized to empathize to to avoid it and they did they weren't more they templestowe and to continue to operate as it was supposed to the epodes prior to to nineteen forty two the effort number of household ever that ever filled the tax return pay any tax was tellin now by nineteen forty five it was ninety five this because a dramatic series of changes in the way the tax implemented the confusing manner which it was implement that was the point on which we holding was he instituted it had done place up to late sixteen and then was abandoned for perdita when these custom terms that mimic terms were deployed things like wages for instance train business employee employment employer all of these are customed terms in the law that you know obviously not comin terms and in the common meaning they have broad application in the custom definitions in the code they have very limited and specialised but battered us with these definitions some one is prepared to go look through the superior or so thecla in those of those distinctions but when you do and i did you do find the distinctions you over what actually is taxed under the and you know represented rampant and i also learned how to yourself from the farthest years ago i became the first american in history to get all my terraces back everything social security medicare everything every that had done with helen since then tens of thousands of people he editors have done the same in our doing so right this minute an uninterrupted stream of billions of dollars that is returned to the pack he reconstructed country over the course of those years and you know anybody is capable of joining in that country and he could othing about it one you know you regain control over your own resources and that's a very important thing and increasingly important today we're in a period of really rampant inflation people have no idea of and that had not the state yesterday that our over the course of just two years time has lost thirteen cents of value of penetration hundred hundred cent value dorothea that you take dollar from bennet tantarara lost ninety five percent of its value that point but but david just these two years thirteen the serious and that's one thing you get control over your own resources back again and that's very important but another thing is very important as you don't so keep those resources for being in the hands of people who will misuse it and use it against your true and do things like take us to the break of nuclear war with with a russia that we have our grass against and provoked into the situation that we're in right now cipriano a bad guy in the situation contrary to c n n was presentation of making that a strange thing to say any one who's actually followed the history of the affair and ukraine will know this the former in ukraine in and so situation where the it was ben rushing firmly president do elected russian friend and shoving the russian friendly eastern provinces of ukraine into thousand fourteen after disregarding a piece agreement that had originally been put in place the men country and then and then spent the next eight years heavily training and arming urania military pardon rochester with constant talk about making to natsume meaning that us near muscles would go into a place right on the border of russia which was the otaheitan men the mexican border for instance or in the cabin there we would not tolerate that for an instant we would go to war mediately to prevent that from having an impression in the same thing and they're not to blame for the in his problem that we really have here is that we've been taught over the years through this propaganda of machinery have going on in the united that they have always got a creative bogeyman in order to manipulate the and i i would say that you know i would say that i agree with you that russia russia was truly in the right and definite and i mean i don't know why they didn't we didn't start that they didn't start going after the bias which we neither border people think there's only a limited amount of them in ukraine but i know for a fact that there is more than three hundred forty of these may be a lot more with that common i know of across the globe that we need that are deep state is responsible for people have the right to defend themselves and so to other countries if they're going to behave this way you know we we have this country and iron but we know where i used to see things with a geographic borders we don't have geographic borders any more the way the way we think about when you think about things like lanman a name and claiming all of the earth's oceans as a country called terror so they can't be prosecuted and you see things like active all over the globe i mean look at this they've got they've got a police station in new york how any one explain this with any sanity and say that we've already been invaded and our country has done some of the same thing by not respecting it by doing these blabs and touraine is the poster child cones criminal activity with the players in our own government and you know to lander oyouki look at how much money was in and you know i look at the tax conceits going on but look at how much we gave to again these other places you know people want to think about you know why all these countries across the globe had as so much because it never got gets to where it's a complete it's a funnel we go like this comes right back to our political her interest and not only was competitions in service as langenthal but it entreats an awful lot of animosity towards the aspirates that are done with that money i much of which is just destroying places and killing people and telitha the certifying that every one in america who allow their resources to be taken by failing to learn and apply the incometax finances that i is a problem not if you don't know what you're doing you don't know that what you're doing is is i you got a little bit of a moral a matron for that but only a little bit because frankly even if you thought that you actually you know were legally obliged to send the money and money to finance a lot of very very bad have i mean really really seriously bad behavior i mean orphans orphans and widows been created all over the and for insolubility even if you believed that they were so palely applied to be financed back to most people are not legally listeth as most people have never done anything anything taxidermist anything actually taxable one and learning the difference learning what it is what is in peculiar delegations of declivity this is missus peculation as inspiration from the misapplication of the tax as a keelboat from the moral responsibility for the things that are done with the money that you know any given individual to create and then allowed to be taken from her and over or forty the state that is going to use it to hurt windings a people start with learning with that sort of thing i mean if you're going to give the steps to really start because our education system is so failed we've taken out economics we taken out i think that people should know the procedure in the law come in out of school and i also think that they should all have a skill coming out of so were you know honestly dumping people out to say here's survive in this in this without being armed children even state and people benefited the the narrative management concept which is happily the label now a consequence of their being so much of the last couple of years everybody is more than of medicament and that is that's the the best example of the purposes of the state as far as american allegiance they want to control the nation they provide it provided every one understand it and guided it found the passions the the solution to the no introduction really pretty simple now website lost rosenbom has not the enright now and not in that for everybody that's out there last that's the best way to do start the journey is not a melon the idea lot of people who while that path he referred to was going down the ravine to but his being a really big extensive for ample he can be depended epidemically testimony gets on spiral practical letters concern produce simple you know my first book cracking the coast attraction in american the end i outliers a textbook because the subject for passages that require a huge one that room malignities problem that people have and taking in the their preconceived notions about the tax that the hardest thing in it custer much the hardest thing for anybody who has dipped their foot into waters to use an expression that is out there a lot there's a lot of information about the subject that is out there in floatation is generated by the government about it at most the theater a bone outrage fraud right is they simply take advantage of a kind of producing base of misunderstanding and the amplifier and in love one little better and the rules just a little better or knowledge the anteaters anding out within the community because the subject of the tax and of people have done in a mystified upon sure what seems to be a certain terms of were certain words in the constitution and can involved in the constitution and what they see as the tax and the problem there in the there misunderstand the come application of the test with the actual nature of the pack these two things are the the persons written constitutional it's wonderful as i said earlier remains are reading aoutres may be great grandparents who had actual experience with manethe constitution more started this tax because this tax is a way of causing people who enjoy public benefits into their private i a little bit of that back into the because the people who are the activities that are taxed a making game full use of federal privileges i think about that for a man yonder stand this means people who are are taken the public making personal profits and the tax is just a way to do that i'm getting in some of them back in the public treasury great texts ribnica it's a very desirable as certainly don't want any alternative the other greatest treat right now i think on it on the text front in this country is that i understood and hence misapplied and come so loathsome that encourages people to cast about for you know tentative in aginanwater native is necessary or who be and so we talk about fair tax and let you know universal sales tax them whatever the forts are all those would be very very bad they would actually put into play as they would at amendment place with the income tax is stately bacon all afoot simply glendow to free yourself from that misapplication and you find that it is not a tax on a like monticelli income in that it incommodes not mean all that comes in just means the gainful began from the exercise of predpriatie quite a different like to have explained that a little bit more so we can really understand second more detail first of all he importunes and that the tax is not a dollar is not one or welcome earning his many kind affectionate ity produce and there the powers entered to the picture at all is because they are the means by which the amount of activity engaged in the mortality in tanis a do something tax ellsworth of it then the metric by which he much tax will activity you and because because it is the measure of the among activity the tens to it's easy to get to the in the sumptuous themselves are the thing being taxed ah that's the measure that's the thing that is resorted to as the power value involved both so but that is just to trotter mining how which taxed examples of can you give us some examples of you know tante examples of the you know somebody working department of transportation disengaged in tax limit and then doing the deceased the tintings that couldn't be done without the existence of the federman which is one of the ways of measuring what not everything that could only be done because the fates is that but that is a way of measuring it in a general a person gets paid for the work that they do worthy do and they're doing eight hours for instance if federal presage and say they get you know nan when he that were to promote like a hundred dollars an more but simplicity sake they take on a dollar that day the collation as they have done eighty dollars worth of taxable activity so the text you know being percent whatever tax will activity was death value of the taxation pretenders is the temple and and it seems like a simplistic and almost like a mediatisation besiegement distinction it was really key to under to have mine at understand clearly that it is the activity of his and if not the dollars it because of the melesander standing there has become common for people to imagine to applied to just taking towers and and that he allows for the combativeness understanding in a pistol economic activity anything that takes him out why i think i think we have to do in the more for me to understand to get my hands around the whole the whole concept tithing i needed any altmore more study on that so that i know that i can understand exactly what you're i think i'd like to go in a bob yes that he did because i really think that that that was this is a very interesting article to petitions as my go there on it it's talking about how we got i think this is a really good example of how we got here with kind of the over what colour page of her in a duel right through taking through increasing taxes and grabbing grabbing rights that they really don't have and i think you did a wonderful job explaining this on infinitely now can you explain to everyone how about you well i can do that but but i was i thought you paraphrase that but i can certainly bring the sooperintendent patented you may not want to read it if not that's fine i have a video bearing in my sight that i antithetical to find but i am won't be available right this minute confusion this was you know most of us need a tangible examples to be able to really fully understand exact concept so that's why jesus parables because arabs are much easier for most people to understand then then like even even protocols like and protocols when i actually home school my kids and render my did for my kids is i always had a an overview the subject always had no overview and then once they got the overview of the subject then you drill down as because then the species make sense if we jump to the end game most people are kind of lost in that process yaharigans in and i fortunately i think it's really important not to throw everything out because whether we agree or disagree we can always grow boggart and sometimes we need to have the greater picture for i think that's where a lot of misunderstanding is come from now you know my dad always said to eat when he has traced was kind of a he started the bible contains and i mean it was and he was talked about the tide then is said the tide name was actually at it was it wasn't what we what we consider the type now in our churches to be give to the clergy it was actually their entire a was ten per and so the person of what they had and that didn't that included her own property it was a ten per cent across the board what was brought ruffled state and local tax burden in effect in this country from the ring for until about nineteen forty and so richard little bit into first world war a little little bit of a spike there domination was a little bit of a spy there forest nine per cent the things we have to that we need to find i mean you know the people that say that we can't have any public are our that's got work great till the intendente and that that become as snow if it's managed properly it's a good safety net and we really need to have humanitarian efforts and look at this a very human person right now our elders are being abandoned we because of the maladministration going on and how they're not they're not treating the dollars the way that it should be to come back to take care of the nomadic but if we had that money stay where it was supposed to we would have plenty of money and would be able to cut the if we actually because in my opinion right now almost everybody in america is another or when you say statistics on subject people generally exclude social security and medication of pairson everybody and and eatin all these desolately believe that most people actually are the prowling north if we all and all of this up and then throw inflation into the there you know there's there's such a lack of understanding of our real numbers and how they can alluded the but i really this is an a page an eight page pete and i think it kind o does a really good job explaining how how posthaste to but hoisted out and its out was camporeale a more critical i love that work he has that there are two more as an useless and in as a public functionary quite honest his mossner get a job he ever noticed that people government have never had a real job as bicycles a handy model of the american income tax who now i want to listen to this everyone mind a little bit because sometimes we trip over words and we don't understand that that there there is a change in the way were currently doing things my pet listened when he and it it is gotten out of control the dullest listened to this and i think it's a good elastic who lives down the street from you in a town that is really big one it used for communing delivering shocking etcetera fact other than walking bicycles are the exclusive form of transportation in your your neighbor bob has by the mile by coloribus ess as far in a way the biggest business her about success is because he does a lot of contract however bob does get paid by writers who have signed an agreement with him or even just to using bob get something there every time anybody in town does any writing at all through an odd combination of circumstances he many years to come to the yes was long a long time ago by great grandfather of the present bob bob number four great grandpa started out not only with a main location for his contract he also had a bright idea of setting up spots around town where he parted some of his for us by a more ocasional writer and an honor anyone could take in use one of these lakes but they were expected to keep track of a mile and sunbeaten forty miles ride redder and the appropriate rat periodically the initial design of the farmers like this is rode about to love as miles this year at bob's run rat from iowa i said that great grappling to deal with these occasional writers on the honor system he liked his money too and it comes back to this it's agreed fact it's always goes back to the love of money and a green that absolutely pollutes and crops ever be good enough to have a good business and didn't want to miss anything that was due to him so after sending locations grant abadirro handing out to ten ninety nine or cyanide report forms to every other business the form is accompanied by notices that if bob didn't get his rent from someone riding a bicycle in connection with any business the company involved he forgot to saw a ring a bicycle from this location to that location on this day i swear this to be true to the best of my knowledge and belief under promise of perjury begin with everyone understood that where it says bicycle on bobs to be the teniente con writer reporting farms or notices it meant one of bob's bicycles for one thing that was of this was obvious after all what legitimate interest would bob have engineered what someone writing bites indeed what business would bob have even asked for a report about some writing on a bicycle and when understood and besides on the back of the form any one who looked to find when used on one of bob's forms or notices bicycle means one of bob's so we're going to take that and we're going to go forward to watch how this usurpation when i'm going to get to the end of this and where the end of this and it is that every one was to turn in forms when they saw every one writing a bike whether it was there by her someone's and bob basically to over the sort of ownership every one's like and they had to pay him a and people would turn people would turn and other people when they saw them doing something wrong in order for bob to get the courts involved and sooth them for the confusion that he created a rebounding all the books read so that arbaces he likes to have it just be a bit if you see them turn it down and then baiting the cord and rarefied around tale tailing on other people around now i thought this was really interesting and when you honestly see happened in our society society has come down to talabor which happened in world war two very much a common mark is oh they've got a play book they do at all it's always the same every time if you look at it it is a communist playbook no no doubt and when you see the degradation of our nation and how they had employed this little bit nimble it's a nimble it's a nimble and it goes on and on and on until all the sun we are or totally on oliver property is and oliver activities are all we have to report everything we now were to a point where you can't even make a six hundred dollar transaction without having to report it to the government and they had no right to regulate the encinctured dollar and in connection with the examination reporting at the san ostentatiously story he went to kalmon after that while originally the but what not about we used our one about farms bicycle being on the bastile editing liftoff that mortals very closely what actually happened historically with the the pentamerone course of the law can oliver charity was constantly reduced over the course of the decade on was constantly magnified and so literally reached the point where reporting all economic activity as though it were tax related economic activity and that's the the old neapolitan of the pack people are in our encouraged people who had the people are encouraged to the famous as a palate to report them on forms that are exclusively to be used on for recording actual taxable they do it without having any woman any importer having any clue to her the thing that there poring about actually was attacked because the confusion has reached the point where it is imagined that any time bouchage and that's a tax molly because the confused imagination bolstering dollar earning dollars from receiving dollars that's very helpful in understanding to the system because it encourages this notion that and the economic activity is it in so taxed and therefore is to be taxpayer denotative come on out to some sort of information return people do that when they do there making our formal legal allegation that a formal legal state the forms were evaded and those evidences are saying a they don't know that they sang some detective they think their saying and some got paid six hundred dollars because the form is only forwarding a taxable in what they really saying you know so and so gained worth of taxable that's what's actually being said when you numbers ten and signet on entendait or came on all which i transmitted understates that part of it when you get it teetotally nine but the transmittal form by which these things are sentient now it porterhouse so these are appearing legations legations that someone did just like well reporting for him that's what they are the islanders by boobies that to the supposed to be but because the little known about i on but wirreeford when it says by plateans bobbies that part keeps getting left off the forms and tangos and people came the magnete look at that forenoon to ride a icicle from pointed a plantagenet report to bob and amicably riding a bicycle and now people imagine that any time i see somebody in time involved in somebody getting paid money i have to report that payment to the is but when you do not report your music one of bob's bicycle reporter which is only for recording the use of bombs anybody not anybody else those reports created legal state the person about whom the farmers made detachable hamantaschen in dense which has costeclar any time i too the motto about it to your attention whatever and that is a notice to you allegation as being made people don't understand that they imagine that their just begin a hand we and never of what they had paid that they can then transcribe utter but there be what their denning is a notification that allegation exercise as the so the opportunity at that point obligation and observe toinette reported if it's true there are they are expected to report because if you actually have done taxable things that means you working at it at a part of the agreement you made with the rousing their stuff to make money and part of the deal and involved in that house is that you will make these annual returns and the sons because on the semitones you for clarification so if a person is working as you said before for this is your this is your analysis in position i'm asking because i really want to understand that if a person is using federal road i rathsherr for one thing simply aren't tax there testified to that in the peter there has been no essential agreement made on totateeta you affor that other than in the form astyages text and even the gas taximetre limited scope emanated here of formentera that the federal government you know defends the country and all those things these are disobligations on the federal government these hateful in a description there isn't a triagonal in making use these things just as there is no privilege involved in the court bonington of them meanings that are facilitated by federal well it atimetus it impedes in the right to travel so that rooftree other factor that would have no employ from a legal standpoint but any but those things are not though for guy was working at his house in a and he decides to he is creating a product you know and guidance for gieger so every discordant out there now if there is i'm very unpolitical correct to sententious telepaths me to use a pronoun's going to be something like a i don't know depends it'll change because i am i am promoted it's going to be your empress better than you and every freak in way and make it painful right so anyhow if working in their home or a service to other people apparently the deepens on the anoother doing if he done something that makes use of a federal example of that of a sovereign your home who doing something taxable there are people who who do billing services develop service work for for afranius i don't know that that's true to the one surprised there are people who do belong or a lot of different business also that he qualified i think foretold be like a contractor crocheting a forlorn a continual about taxing things like qualified contractor is that that's what that's what you're mostly take you're not talking about necessarily private and excluding private dentistry privately in the intense private industry less to the extent that it might a thelenie a lot of small businesses private businesses the ties just as i think i cooeperation noticeable one being a company about it was a concourse that ground a pretty girl but the and what somebody working you know in their own home as interplanetary scant so a person working on their all in that's not connected to the government is probably not going to be the utmost people and in their in every respect except where they possibly have investments so in public corporations in government corporations cholula misdemeanors too but in federal corporations it would have some one people will get interest from national banks the one most people don't know anything taxable this is such a complicated situation it's not it seems that again because because the way because you had a lifetime to study this and the rest of us are astronaut effort to enter her federal structure into every aspect of life has been so persistent and pervasive a couple of generations now it seems that way you you saw that when you went through the rest of at got really really big and i became aware you know he had a very mittoevo i now in yonder and everybody turned in this little traynor who pretty much owned everything and and and people didn't want to buck the system because i didn't want to make bob mackintavers that sounds like in our government you know being people of trough through entitlements and that sort of thing that one race boat but but when he had found too you know that will a matter of who's writing about bicycles and who's not writing by bicycles and the fact you know the people are misreporting that just means that there's an unfortunate obligation on people who have are the recipients of these reporting for there being put on notice that then the malietoas being made by way of these reporting forms they have an opportunity of antananarivo taliation is it if the reporting is true they have to but now one and and then we do that serener part of it is true they would transcribe the numbers from the tenor on to their ten fourteen they would you know go through calculations and up with himself assist accordingly by the rain opportunity which is to be what those allegations if the nations are not and the other thing you can do with the ten forty one the one of the we talked a little while ago about understandings in the texas use the is one of the most disinterested things and it's kind of a most broadly are mistake the paterini overspread that is the notion that using a tent for he is a bad thing to do for it is dangerous or harmful or you know make somebody into it you know centimeter misunderstood not matter in which one becomes free the misapplication of the tax and the tax is actually really explosive monotone we're going to go to read the life to because there's a lot of questions that are coming out and so i must finish this and then we'll go i one thing i want to make sure that i really know it is that because we're probably above a to cumulatively for all people in this nonsense with the inflation took away thirty seven thousand dollars on an average of every person well we lost percent of our four or wore through this nonsense of inflation we can all agree on that and now let's drill down into the finer and then when you're done talking about this man to read some comments from the cat because atavistically at and there always on an now you know they want to know and they really have good questions really really good i i just as talking about the the broadness understanding in the text understudy about the use of a tent or a oil and when with the lowly says about and this for and in the uncontended to emphasize point that i made about it is an opportunity that documented is the means by which can say that they are not subject to the tax rowatt aconitine standing has it the use of a deformity concrete why millionaires on at their absolutely liable to everything may be jist got to agree it was the warhoons of the empire the existence of attempt for a intersection ninety three from the initial and coax a and it further enacted that any party in his or her own behalf shall be permitted to declare under oath affirmation in the form of manner which shall be prescribed by the commissioner of internal revenue he was not possessed of an income of six hundred dollars which at the time was in the it proved why i will to be a southern to the provisions of this act or as moses he thereupon be exempt from an income duty or the listener to any party should be in she may be permitted to declare the amount of his or her an income liable to be the same sort of clare shall be received as the sum upon which to be a sentence at the door thus the creation of ten forty and explains the reason for it's a way of saying to the much terrible stuff that could be sure if seaton the shall be received as the amount which attention the what we say of disclaimer here this is is not legal advice coming from this channel elaborate there is absolutely this as a starting point for knowledge and so that we can and that because and i think this is very very valuable yeah i think that there is more work that we need to do because the average person knowledge of and to that point he again direct people lost her as in too when you get there just just started the entreaty to opinionate path of knowledge position and and then on the side apostates you'll find length and access to all manner of resources that are as well indefatigable to organize the twenty year accumulation of wet for indebted and examples so forth there's a lot of on the site but the mere guys out there the smart guy so you know i certainly think that we should that you know he should go in and check his channel of well thanks for that i don't people do i want to see everybody liberated from the misapplication of the tax it will do you know each individual a world o good ale in this country were okay so i'm not to go to the tarrytown we're going to listen to what people say here just read us a lot of good mornings from travers did michael hippity avenged morning guys die so how do we clean it up money laundering should put these people in jail why is so blind and corrupt because we are composed i don't know if we're implicit but we had better people in office get down to brandenburg and in the algodonal probably get me for that matter for trees one says they are seen as ukraine now and it was an accident oh sure it was accident and him with staffer feel about criers exposure that's tom crier he researched income tax you know about him renounce him tom never the complete picture of the tax you went to his he went on to his content to the end of it on the subject from a lifetime the argument that he had reason to doubt that he was under an obligation of the file packet and but as that is a defense that can be made the union wasn't it wasn't based on an actual understanding of the nature of the i starting his was i think roger jason says a good morning he dasindo can we get the how can we get there with help funds while i think i question is as good she lost her eyes staring before you even attempt any we need to have education subject and and on anything that we do we need to be completely aware of what we're getting ourselves into taksali for our own absolution it is true that the processes relatively simple it also was one that really needs to be understood from the ground up to getting that understanding is not racketeering is not rackened take you know years of study require those it really just takes a week of reading may be two weeks are eating because you have read this the material twice or three times in order to really but and it is asserted on it in order to put but that's about all that involved and again you know there are tens of thousands of people from all walkable if go down that path and have been recovering all of their own money for many years now this is this is it well within the reach of anybody and every one should take that brandon john cartan you as a tacit meaning labor labor from energy as he compensated with dollars still a tax on the value of currency what i miss as not only the taxes on the profitable use of federal and that can involvement that convened africanders nor distinct and how do we stop the government from grabbing more and more stuff from the from the public the public realm to a froth private realm to make it more public because that's something else we're going on right now and that's a very good question that's a very good question that on one feature of exploiting this misunderstanding has done a steady all pratt's right cremorne areas olifant the great some of these lines and make more things essentially the exercise of prerogative there peter to a complicated situation and then make a difficult time difficult to distinguish in some cases in some cases it actually creates a lincoln were not should this is a matter of this is on the matters of the urgency people getting clearer of the tea when enough people are on the basis of madge of the the ealdormen shrinks dramatically dramatically not only because it is simply won't have the resources but because learning truth about the reveals a lot about the true relationship between sincerement under our constitutional the momentary know and think about it will realize that it is it into american lies to a profound as an example just sigismonda news literati and a situation think about the fact that every ration every every intrusion of the federating anyone's financial affairs or on based on the proposition that those financiers are taxed every look into your bank on every access to it anything that going on and in ulietea nacimento all based on that one must the cadets this the gift to keep on giving aspiration intrusion is an when you understand hear to the picture your grasp of what the actual relationship it is dramatically strong and it has implications and orations they go well beyond just the text to i can see that and i think that we're getting a better a better picture of the fact that and i think that there's some you know certainly there's some arriere using public property the tax that gets i i understand exactly what you're and if so did says okay would you and i won't embroidery done no not mustershire on account self employment services to non government all women while the self employment is accustomed to find terminates and the careful at what terms it used eric says i was one it in the tea party to the reason the iris gave was that i had property worth over one million and a contractor ten ninety nine me ten times more than he actually did neither was so they jumped out his ten his tunneling and was investigated by islands like that was a either of a mistake attentively of an attendant nine or at his job on a he passed on nineteen wrong in that case too rebuttal were the case as well now that the notoriety is not relevant to him i have you know i put samples of people who have used in the information and i am that fifteen hundred or so refunding on some of which are in the millions of dollars in the man the repulsive ferentines refund imposed is something on the order but the alternative where in the millions of the mount now not retamoso have them as long as a single power refund it asininity less than that michigan refund and the michigan has a rounding up requirement than at at imitating a dollar or a dollar to the okay jase isn't the whole parisian to find government which should be small limited shouldn't be complicated what about tariff informations wasn't that how the government was very proudly announced in his omelette the union address on the government was and comfortably in entirely on the terrace there you see i think i think that's the way that the state of michigan should be run as the governor here i think you need to run a state like you would an individual contra protect the borders and have it we have a beastliest contain so that we can take care of our people and i i kind of like the tariff system i think that donald trumpet employed it very very well and i thought it was really a smart way to go and while drums let for that one that was great so ali bessas morning very late super busy last couple of days and glad to hear micomicona thank you for this video its very education and that's great and so delicate the interruption so far as the pocasse keep trying to take this down over time we speak so shirley can believe how many problems will you have tightened a logically and ionian i mean it's not like we're stupid here and that being able to get things up and running right but would not you what you speak of you things in truth then all a sudden the broadcast or go weird onsartain as well i think this is really to be a super interesting and i know you've got like years and not letterheads to the top right now on things that things that we can do he like all bethink you done on larry's much more than i thought i knew yenoki know a lot of people have trouble listening to other people because i can tell you what happened i can see the veins pop and i went on a few people's necks over there across the internet issue that was happy as soon as it gets brought up that the income tax is a good thing or shouldn't change to and insure you go there's a lot of people out there and their next outing and and warlike and right and so i think this is so in important stop and not listen to respond but listen for information sometimes coming from a different point of view really does require all of us it back do what my granted my grandpa was an old farmer right and he was very soon you know he'd get to church forty five minutes early to sit in the same pew every time because he wanted to be under a light tread is by any time he responded to anything he never raises voice i've never i never heard him say one one customer and he never raises voice so everything was well while we you just sit there and he would ponder and were very hard to get to a point of understanding the other person rather than to argue at and something that you know i'm kind of a communication and to try to get everybody on the same side of the table because quite often what happens is cause we used different words and we come to it from different backgrounds as sometimes he takes a little while to get to the point of what the other person is we like for you what you're talking about is the fact giving a tools to fight an unjust espied one and in austere i used myself an after using common terms so is like a house i did i get that all the time with john tanner likes to take me and he's like iron you know this a dinosaurian back and forth every day and no by the into i love to her as john was a big potatoes here for him so that you can to so i just sally love john peter i mean we are so blessed to have so many amazing pe who have incredible knowledge that we can tap into holes with this nation back together or tear down in an when i was done a lot of time i thought working on things in some of this can be solved a lot of it with a private membership you know he talking about this nonsense with crypteia not a fan of crypto been co opted and the only i never have been in the failure for when i always saw as you balsamides your hand you don't have something to your hand first of all it's trackable some bear have to have some form of trade that is untractable untraceable by our government portion they do not have the right term sort of the right pinmoney the right to take over that use it as a surveillance so for cooking of out on this just another way to track to you know to do surveillance we have to wooing to be truly free we have to be able to make our own agreements now we can use their money we should never be forced into it and quite honestly there's a big misunderstanding that have been with libya with god when they took him out in the will first of all he was weapons trafficking for the state apartment and syria should make everyone mad so that hilary johnson go we came we saw all right and then that was wrong but a criterion like thanatopsis she's used to organizing people i disagree with her i mean what see how many people died according you know around this you know group of monsters and yet i'm going to go there you look dapitan out too i mean it was brutal it was absolutely brutal his death that wasn't just let's take him out now there was way more to and i posted pictures of a while back and it was brutal what they did to the it was a horrible and you know but when it comes down to it i think the real big problem that they had with him is that livia was not on the us patriarchates in a pan african as the concentration and his manner fact that a house interestingly enough also made the mistake of bearing some intention to drop the pedlar struck and whether that was you know a key element in what became the two thousand three inadvertent i don't know but i can bittersweet behind it was open about it was large it was about the patron dollar was about the money the weapons of mass such a bunch of nonsense was about an economic advantage that they were taking the sable sovereignties not that i agree with everything that it was done i don't i don't really think we have any true heroes that it went on the globe scene for a very very long to then we had the one true outsider which was donald to and my favorite here i've got two favorite heroes on the general michael fane and admiral those those two guys are my those are my heroes right there i love those and but but when we look across it i mean of course what we know is also being being pushed by propaganda media so we go back in time we don't know how much there was in any of this abstention everything has been completely and utterly co opted and corrupt and then on the patroon distort purifier point there interestingly the ukraine affair prompted russia to move very strongly much a much faster pace than had been likely otherwise at an alternative currency structure itself and to eliminate the periostracum in many other places and so the other communities establishing their own exchanges there have their own constructors that are in use it untenable that a good portion of that would not have happened at all that this conflict in ukraine not one fomented and astonishing the effects of you know the inflationary effects of having a russian resources into a prentice out of the western market we're also going to end up with a much more only multiple and world afterwards than would have had otherwise a russian for a long time reaching out trying to he has relations with them with the western world just dieppe then secured and you know and hillary clinton what a disaster would stir and clinton ofuda ion all this stuff is none that i can tell you i'm kind of into this private membership associations because if they did then they be able to touch the all the illegal catlin foundation is it like it's like we is god a use the weapons that they form back against them be because their master how do only their twisted at for he itself were going to be we're going to take it into it the right way and defend people so dey says this is fantastic information so we can actually stop the plundering they've done to us and we can start plundering them with a right knowledge i would say plunder them back i would say it's more like a back what is ours that suetonius quarantine of interest we have in the most loathed because i know his governor when i would do as i would dogmatic form as a terrorist organization the absolute and it was more upon every activity that they have and i'm not talking now ever get out there he others going to get stupid here oh no she's going to start waiting because but not necessarily no ballistic seize property and all that sort of thing to okay lebas i'm against crepitude no control over your money and one push the button on his just like they did for the truck anderson partly he let by the two or otherwhere worsen a literature in this county to replace the dollar with a digital currency of that than absolute responsible thing that could be done it so do great point it seems that most crypto plant forms had doors for nefarious and also then is the total to violation of their own constitution the world economic this is a world wide take over this is a global crime seeking what he do global crime in the iteration to get is going to use a further on in for their own means for their future to grab power and wealth and that sort of thing that's exactly what they've done i think i only do people should be able to to dictate their own terms of barter or whatever i mean i don't think really are and i've been thinking about this because i might want of these people when i see something go wrong i'm more likely to say oscillation to figure this thing out right so i don't know if you know my pet because we just see this is the first time we talk to day before now and i saw his stuff and we we were kind of communicating a little we were communicated in a little bit to day was the first time we actually got to know each other and you know the way that brandenburg news network started as a ranger i was so heavily first off the criminal republican party would not even say my name i am the she whose name shall not be managed and absolutely silenced me on everything you know god forbid should we have a true outside or who wants to kick their behinds for all not as as a war against we the people are we can't have that because the political parties are absolutely culpable and corrupt as to literature and so you get there and so i got kicked off ballot pediatrics nor planation called an all we don't know why branderson bed and then i got kicked off of you too so i went to programming i said that's fine thine undone with these people i said let's replace you with brandenburg news now so he never own website on that and i were working on life streaming right now right now listening and streamed and i go to rumble twitter face book and into and we've got a bunch of people that are posting there because i own it and the connection and i will take responsibility for the people that post there they would have a very hard time taking this yes because we so my thought here is if we went to private lovership association start on you know i might just start one in a you guys egos are so screwed up in the distant with us is thinking this morning i walk i wouldn't walk to for two miles a morning and when i came back home and like private number she association we're going to get a handle on this and give people extra ways or other ways in order compare do if these mormons in the sea who are or common creed criminals and thieves liars walking outside and you know going down the use of patient then we're just going to do it a different way the american way if they come after us that good because whereas the same weapons that they use them to have to go after them self crather their business is great that the work at that the delicate make you so there momentum therewith that resides the leverage it against the and that's think so i think so so is there here let's go to you have any other subject you want to i am so like to talking about a broad range of subjects for you crane wherever if you want to go to anywhere i will there's no subject that's off limits underneath attesting that i had just formulator monday news i think the women a lot of cheating in recent national elections completely at i think it is one tantalising a possible solution to that man is to eliminate the secret ballot and the most ill take this opportunity petronels another act to the there's no leeterature baldinotti requirement should say have their own separate rules on that because we have a secret ballot i personally no i never had none how even my own fate is actually recorded in the and now what i say on my valet when i completed put it into that machine something is recorded and antonio know being tabulated into into a total is what gets tabulated what i actually said in my balder isn't coming out i have no idea i would like to know how miss it you know when i went to do my vote i put my ballot in the machine and the guy there at last successful whatever was at sixes and i went right to next ballot is dropped in the so there is no indication on the white that my londonward and rotation is the with it what you what i am alitis actually what end up getting added to the total then oportet ultimately and inertia the cannon is reported what entered into tombstones i not to see my ballinamantane forming and i like every one else is found to be available that when two tonically tarleton and i could check a mixture that that was not my valise that any gianbattista cast by elevation to a man gotteridealen time bothered how individual citizens to do all of the the problem with voting is not who has ovations that element yea my like to consider this so i think that my understanding was that the secret ballot was so that people could not be coerced and voting a certain way by an employer they were trying to do or to sell vote you could take that back and get paid for it when when i think about it what i think we need to do is treat our balance like a current where we were we actually treat her balance as a currency and i've seen it done is a place in texas that roweny five cents a ballot and it's got a serial number and orating so that the penalties for cheating would just be the same as it were for counterfeit so it would increase the penalty for then with that ball and because it is i numbered issue in issue with a serial number one of the things that we can do as we could do something called a vote often occasion half as in the front and to authenticate that you are in fact it registered voter and you are eligible to vote rather than wonota on the back and it would be verified you could in fact follow that ballot all the way through and be able to it's a different way of doing it but it it allows the tint could even generate random number and i asked programming how easy that would be a program in this one could have it done in a week and so this is not a long drawn out process this isn't michelmore sister without a bed programming in bamacharee none the website that failed for the it would it would go from the voter could go in and the voter their own boat through verified he illershall to transport now another still coming belatedly for the masters kelly and the can i toogoolar athenaeus going to win to you in the metallically have been what i last but there are transcontinent tributaries favor as the dew this process or the course of a week time who the marketable that he won that race obliterates out on the rise but i have for why i have to rely on the integrity of the democrat appertain america here don't trust them and the only way that i couldn't check when be if all those ballots were available digitally for heat myself which is to say not to look at one by one but the right my soft were to compile all the the italic sometimes the bible to myself who actually on that but the ovingtons were different that were being told i agree to it and to no i have still have a concern with being able to coerce people over the vote if it's not a secret you know people look at that tellurionical about that of course people or firing them after the case because if you know you look at how much retribution that people are afraid to cause people are afraid to that of say what's on the mind a lot of time because they are afraid of the retribution that they're going to get from friends family from employers and such and i saw this over and over while i was running pedant would come up the adaiel i want to tie to about this but they would be like this because they were truly were afraid of the retribution i addressed that point in my article on the subject in that newsletter and i don't believe that today with the polarization that we have in the political but that actually any longer a meaningful concern to vale concerned but i don't think it's a meaningful concern a people tend to wear their affiliation he first all the affiliations are really dramatically there are even unconsecrated just question being an absent and of the spectrum there not even ones and people are the lability to different people into which side their one is very very simple to the after question about abortion you will get an answer that will tell you whether they have or democrat or they wanted the publican in a lot of cases that will be an all that we want to have to ask to get that answer and when they were in their shirt on is the borstick or say in their car most people would be very happy to declare with the order because it to point of pride for most people and that the polarization the militancy of the polarisation of so powerful right now i can't imagine anybody that i would ask how they voted who would not hold have stayed for an instant to i won't demoralisation witmer i wanted for that is a bit my experience and having run for governor and so i have a real concern for those people who who are very afraid there's a lot of people that are very afraid to go to the feringhee one reexperience is going to be different than araspes goin to be different but the i would be perfectly willing to modify the proposal in light of that train of thing to say that it's optional whether you are particular beatification officiated with your name as available and people and those my would be available if my name and all the information and i think that in a case where we have a contested election and reason to chet i think a lot of people would be prepared to step forward and the information available on well so that an honest outcome can be arrived at this is something that one of our commissioners and mosquito couple days ago and this this sort of thing is started in a huge amount of discussion and fighting i was talking about a friend of mine who is to richard and he he's he's going to be on monday because he talks about michigan p to an he's very knowledgeable incredibly now and he won't fall in with anybody that he feels as on he won't do it just for politics he so he was gaining sacreing he's a commissioner come out with it what kind of chuckle had with support on a domain then asked tuerto be a coacher which started this sort of thing so when you start seeing peoples somebody else came back and said as to how anyone now how chuckled because he doesn't know how he floated and there was the point is that how do you know which way chuckleheaded he claimed to overdone for governor or he simply report obvious wrong doings of the state to keep her off the ballot that's exactly what he did why was he refused access to witness the mosquito convention the man has been crucifix hundred and forty days all the his reporting and so the thracian using that they kicked him out of the meeting week the mistaken county kicked him out of the meeting because they didn't want to hear what he had to and that was on you know on his freedom of speech there are literally denying access to people who they disagree with this has been so i'm open to see and i think i think that he had in some way to check your own or your own belated and maybe totals and maybe keep could say my ballot correct and something i do i don't know but i do think we need to have some protection there because there's a lot of people that would truly it was sort of down you know not everybody is like you or me i mean i'd like you know in their face i would be in their face with whatever was but not everybody has that personality to do so all we see if we got no more combat we got i got kicked out the first time i tried to insert my husband wouldn't run a surer the first two times he put it in the machine i so they won't so much your name do not they were like they will for me in anything it's really hilarious they don't have all kinds of articles of the put out more information and and more more material than any candidate on pretty sure the history of the united states and campaigned all over the place but we will not mention her name they did that resounding makes a man how is just an alegambe now for ann arbor yes people are still blaming down on for dixon's loss yea and i mean even and of the numbers clearly its product of our education not smart enough to know that to add the numbers up and make a minuit they hadn't cheated i'm sure that we would add some out the whole thing was ran on they had they had goethe and roland put in number set so we found out with the with the primary they handed a written dixon forty seven per cent as bob was in there and putting numbers you know and that kind of bent i stand one we vote with old for feared sold you guys leytonstone chattered in his toplight now search and prepare a report on the destination hope he does something good with it i'm pretty out on most affects news i think they're just they used to be really good but any more it's like territories you know what we're here we're snorkel talking about it out there that's true what we need to a good thing i work for big oil most are solid voters there you go explain herself but another printer sentence in their two for so anyhow yes it's such a few purple her people at ensample were of more so as some people do but not everybody another you know it's been such an interesting time and i think honestly we have to go back to what's really important waterdrops truly are our going back to wave the people i did post something this morning and i notice you had the sun your website from james although all all men are born free slavery has been the general lot of the human race ignorant they have been cheated they have been surprised divided the oak has been forced upon them but what is the lesson people ought to be enlightened to be awakened to be united that after establishing a government they should watch over it it is universally admitted that a well instructed people alone can be permanently free james and i think that going back to that point to that point every single one of us in our rogation to get educated and ancestral and those who are willing to speak to to every one they know he tolerance antagonising that i find most interesting as strictly as the the degree to which all americans in the early years of the postulates were educated in the law now this was a factor in featherbren when he was arguing for a an end to the revolution or eastern point disappear to the american independence he said these people all read law all the time they know the law there's no there's no no winning here there's no way were in it back that time that educational level was most high no adam smokes well of nations this enormous the complicated and peter the managerial innocent american revelation the reason i make the point about you know what crampton generations and you have a very well educated come that agreed to become older he feintise nothing odille down on the book we have won the power the men had in the as we need to put them at will in the in the knowledge behind the and we can we can do it intelligent discs where are we are actually discussing things too and coming to a greater understanding so that we can unite behind something and move it forward as a united front i think that's very important interefere thinks charlotte says of exile so civil rights of the u s citizens and mary said i turned fox off and twenty twenty elections a night when they called the race for bumbling patoo aline said very few after wing i turned off the elections and facts back and reluctantly jumped back in after learning an observing danthing there arsenicum on to because arithmos on like a like a boss on branderson he is he's quite knowledgeable about procedure and pole we might have him talking about that some point in time because i love to hear from every one every one has so much knowledge i mean we need to just be able to ask questions not hastily but to try to bring that information out so we can share it with every one it's so important to be able to talk and not get lost and you know i think about this with how would you like when you're talking to someone i told this to tenants back in you know when i was doing more of the inaction to handle the really bad conflicts more because you know by the time he gets to me at a adequate legal about and so a conflict and what i always tell people is you living your life the way you treat other people think of the person the you love the most on the plan do you love the most your grandmother is it you is it you sister is it your husband or significant other your dad or your husband or who is it that you love the most and those people that you're talking to remember they have some one that they love that loves them like that and that there are a lot and we need to teach other with that kind of care and doesn't mean that we have to agree with them always we can we can peacefully disagree and say you know well like we did just now i i don't have that same experience that's okay about that but when we talk to each other jesus to look at each other as as your mother or your father or you know so one you love that's how we should be looking each other somebody that's new to my family or friends that i don't know yet we treated each other with respect and with honour we listen to what they say we ask to try to get them to talk about what they do their knowledge and we do it in a very kind and compassionate way so that we can understand each other doesn't mean that we always have to agree with it but a lot of times there's so much power in the listening heart listening to each other it's very very important that we put that in or humanity before being right or being stuck on her own ideas usually you can come around to a point of agreement if we give that other person are earned that right towards noon so at this point of the show i always always say this is we always under prayer so i'm like to say a prayer for everybody here today and then the top and then i want to have a smart little bit more time to talk but i'd like to pray for everybody the holy father we are in an amazing time of transition for the name it is a little bit hard for most people to die just to pivot to realize that i'm not sure that the united states is ever going to be the same that we were used to see and that's okay because it needed the we ate this nation had become so self sundered and we walked away from you and what you intended us for to to be like and and i i my understanding as our precious hot heavenly father that you wanted us to unite as your children as one body the body of cry we don't all have the same function but we all work together in order to accomplish your good purposes on this plan we asked you give us eyes to see the world the way that you do grace and love but also to see it with justice when people are doing things that are an egregious against those who don't have the ability to defend themselves a tear open to to be in victimized we especially pray for the children because as adults we are to give our lives for those children and to protect their we asked for a complete reversal of proposed of the proposals one two and three specially three and as you protect all the children from any a common daring by the state they're not the states children there the responsibility you gave to the parents we are to protect in the and move into this spot to protect them so that they can be secondo sterilization or any more of the you know killing a baby's and or trafficking kids or any of the lord god expose every bit of the to our entire population so that we can see what it is the great evil that we have around us stand for a move forward you give everyone hear of bravery of relying totally on you because you are so amazing you always provide you found us were always therefore and were so great or thank you for the day how to thank you for pete the work that is done in every single person in the chat and people who are who are out there was seen i ask you bless them with your spirit with your help and all times and times of trouble we can always turn to you and the answers are always found in you and from you we don't have anything of ourselves it all comes from you and we just thank you for that i asked that you would step in and if any one is out there with a broken heart give them clear eyes and the ability to move closer to you and an acknowledge as our lord saviour our and in the one who fights for us and who is without that we would turn and ask forgiveness and come come oxidised the boldness to be able to walk into your presence and know that were there sometimes we screw up the back on our feet as soon as we say we're sorry and we moved forward again for thank you for that for the day we love you and just thankful that you're here and gesnera there soever body that out there this is the time the show that i was do this daimamoto brandenburg for governor not come i have not conceded and will not concede to traders which we have in the last election who regelation i do not concede to a traitor nor will i can see to so i'm still it were still going forward and were still and i keep you want to do you want to give your mutantur website a minute of people know how to find you at last resonantis no fragrant and of the path to begin learning the truth about the tax in the main focus of my attention with that website although i do deal with any other areas of the policy and a to be discovered in olongapo go my books dragging the cold occasionally on the income tax the others are a bit more eclectic sometimes dipping into the picture and sometimes i go elsewhere so welcome everybody come by the up the side start that journey to no be free of tax at least and in the old giant can i give you your email address there is a contact you may undress in the website in the master so the people are welcome to the information he and until that would be and okay so that sounds great every go chapeau and give a gimmick and and i think too for all the effort he's put into it if you find it in your heart to buy one of his books and might be a really good christmas present for those around you to help educate caissons bility once we know that information to an act passed passion pass you know just like my stopped on email carry a pigeon whatever it is it out there and and so good so i just want to thank you so much for being and today and let everybody know out there that there's so many of us older that are fighting for you and for the things you love for your families for a nation that united that we can that we can truly truly stand together as one nation under god or just very very thankful for each and every one of you and i just want to let you know that we really do care never feel that you're alone because there's many of us out here who truly care we really do care you're never alone that god bless you god bless every one whom you love and god bless america thank you pete so much for coming on to the really really preciate that if you stand in when they and the broadcast we can still talk for dissolute which is the heart than well beyond to morrow we satiates that's carrying the river and then a friday as his son from his hard line pocasset river that be that would be a great fool up to this show i'm sure that they will have any abominated to that it we get kind of sly and most brought kind of fun so i at any rate will see everybody to morrow same time same place same battalion in the morning we'll tie to gus