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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 4/7/2023 - Ken Nash and Mary Sears

Published April 7, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventh day of april twenty twenty three oh is actually with my dad's birthday so that's kind of a kind of a cool day to remember and i just want to welcome everybody here we are a this is a real new spiral people for real people at the kitchen table so can be real relaxed day to day lots to talk about again and in loving this sovittakoot sore going to go into that but i want to bring out my very special gas that is verses and canasagi doing the more thanks for having a son tom yet you're welcome this is a lot of fun well i wanted to in a most people out there are familiar with can and but probably not so much of mary and as some one introduced her to or because i really have allowed a respect for this and she works with that shakspeare's party she's in charge of the community development and we are great meeting last night didn't we we did miss a lot of fun to take they have a lot in common it's amazing how when you see or those of us patriots that were basically kicked to the curb by the establishment and we get together we can really talk about what a what the problems are in the entire as well as the alternative sub were both pard on the first sisterof the steers hardy of michigan which is the constitution party which is being blocked by benson's office from changing our name to the constitution party entire rest of the united states so we're kind of working on that right now but a moment bring the web site up your dismissal familiar with this so it is you s t p m dat or so what would you thoughts on the party there marian how things are going right now ii absolute love this party if you are a patriot or a constitution this is your home exactly where you need though i am the steeper of party county development direct if you with like to develop a a county and your area one developed a a county committee i am the person that would help you through that process to find with it there's a lot of paper work too so we try to make that as easy as possible for you if you would like to get hold of me and develop one you can then be an email at the county development at us to pandang hanging on get rid and contacted yea and i think that we're working one of the things are worked out because my back ground is a is up pretty varied but you know really it that also technology and were trying to figure out how to automate some of those administrative ta so that we can spend the whole time actually being a party having found and hanging out together at one of the things totterly and packed in tin with the tax bears party is it really isn't polite i i think that i ought when you look at when you look how you conduct themselves is definitely more or less or statesmen like you don't see the fighting you don't see this nonsense where people are counting each other down in the actually people that want to take back this nate very nice group of people and i'm honored i'm really honor to know to know everybody that's there standing and we stand together so it's kind of aislithe absolutely it is so nice it's such a refreshing change i spent twenty years inside the republican party and all manners of physicians in spent most of your time for it in your own people on values and issues that everybody should be in lockstep yet or you know i know exactly what it is in the back fighting the fighting the cheating the oh my gosh the carrying on that goes on inside the the republican party you giscon selina what party on me in here about we were the party of values at porto my cane though i did i couldn't take it any more so i jumped ship and i came over to the stepper's any and yet they were a small group people when i first started and they needed a little bit of aste or pathway and so that's what we've been doing over the last few years his putting infrstructure and and in getting them up to be making them into a real tangible party that's able to on the force of the big too is there professional gangs courts therelar he i like some friends with christina koromo i like her very very much she's a great gal and you know i watched how she was kind of a tampentre by the people who go under these labels the label and not a pan of any of the party systems i think that you know george washington was very clear about that the thing or corruptible and the minute i see something that's corrupt i'm done because they will go to a different will go to a different in or or we will see all standing fight it as long as we can but you look at something as big as the the big to the two you know the unipartite the two wings of the same bird and the corruption and that a crazy it's not even funny and i i tell you what hands of echri tina and every once amity and also every one standing with her the bank accoasting with her you know like ice support that is vice chair of the u s textes part to because i claim the king to of god for persinoos and i will see when our brothers an sisters are people you are people that are the deer to be american and i don't care what label they get under me of a higher calling than that to be standing together under that higher cold as the kingdom of god for and i bet they really split us up pretty big time through the stupid parties and then in ones leimim just going to be really honest and i what i heard from every one in the tapers party is welcome to every one who wants to commit who wants to take back his and it's a very very die i'm a very very different experience and a more about relationship building serving people's needs finding out what people really want to do and having gatherings of we're going to be doing a breakfast in the counties and such as well as some road rallies and a bunch of other things a michigan to hers and i think this is going to be a lot of fun so anybody that wants to come and join us you can always go to write an order amperes i'll be promoting all these events so that you know where i go you can also go to the web site up with it up again and there's that there is over here there's a there's botones so here's one for even ah there here one for becoming a member ah there's there's just a lot of stuff going on here and we're going to be returning some of this like a sad and in sort of a way that think will be able to automate the tedious administrative ask which one can of excited about that because the one of those things i loved you i loved to do and work on so anyhow every one out there all welcome is heranything coming out that you know that we should bring the people's attention are i'm not well it is the slow tired for election seasons of election seasons pretty much over and twenty four reliant started it yet and men some people are throwing their hattering for for election but rate now were basically focussing on party building and building that are so conomistes as the name of the game and what we are looking for is a the events that go on in counties everybody has a parade or a fair or shows or sitting derbies anything that i bring and gather a large group of people where we could have a table or or events that weed at that event in something like that so we can get in and just meet the people once you take a look at the platform of this part there is no other party that has coshattas what it is is absolutely it is the ground that this country was we built in that the greatest middle class the world has ever seen is this party this is you could ask for anything better you're not going to find any socialist like you do in some of the other other groups that think that they are are conservative or constitutional bases they do these the private public partnerships there all and on that well that socialism very much in these platforms you can't base your platform on that and expect to be a one tutional republic impossible this is the only place you're going to find a decent platform in which to stand you need a rock to stand on in order to and it rockes jesus you know it's too it's like we have i'm on favoryou there on this you know who i say i don't like you i don't you other find another of party that actually puts that out there too and we do i do as to toiling down the southern screen he met ye like a no no o no apologies for that because i anyone it's like when god tried to make a path to he did make a path to stand that relations and a itshe saying and in all this nonsense that people are trying to justify this is god's sand box here right at the increase he made the rule and i'm pretty extra sure that if we stay close to him it's going to go the way that they're supposed to go there's natural loss there's all these things and that is good father basically such hates a sum irement don't run out front of it or you're going to get her to kill ricasole on salnica walk in front of that sum i because i ceased to be a person and now i've turned into it two thousand you know two hundred thousand pound bowlder that tortain enchance no i'm telling you right now no let the good father in stringocep us from getting hurt and that's what is that's what it's all about yea i just love and you know something that was really defining to em to me too as when you watch cause i alice it is to go in and watch help when the offices were being filled nobody was now taking to get into an office nobody was clamoring for that attention there i just wasn't there this kind of sat very quietly going we want the best the one and the best person to take back america from the commies the common opacous letter trying to run it and and you know then after a while somebody would nominate some one else but there was no politicking for as to the past of nominating because somebody thought somebody else was worthy or the skill set to run for easterly different as an opal different there there is none of this rally crack and trying to mark it yourself or any of that because that's what happens in all the parties because their honestly especial ne fondant by dark money and on they are there completely set the text here party i see is truly from the people the will of the people and the people that are sitting there and nobody is going on and collecting supporters you don't go round the room and said want this the thing pleased now nowdon't on does not work owin everybody sitting there going please dear god help help oh ostein somebody who would be better than me so i can go home and sopportano that truly what is more avowed it's like your god please horridus with somebody who escusson to be only at the top and now it's just the a different day there it absolutely is the different day no i love for his feeling like i don't like formal meetings i'll do one but i'm not real fan of a really you know it's like it's kind of like i don't know he to say it but it's like going in it is just itcertain now though not a fine thing right so i can make all kinds of the nail ogiston and his i don't know i'd rather i'm looking forward to the breakfast and like what i did when i was campaigning you know i've got the bill boards and we would we would do these road rallies that was great stopped differently just really get to gather and i win i would love to oh you know invite all of our republican brothers to come and join us and and also democrat brothers we have so many people out there that need to be united as americans and dare to be american rather than while you know i'm in the call to personality here or i'm in the cult eperson ality there cause most of political parties i think it was interesting that robert of kennedy stepped in on the democrats side did you know right let's crow let's cross all these lines will get him seldius they won't even know what which we is up you do you a gemelaslic i'm a a a day repudiated n'nitschan tears or to oneconsisting american republican democrat in an awaited to stay another's americans as these labels are none will they do that displiceat if they can they can split you off and make you feel like your being ostracized or are attacked or or whatever then you get at this chip on your shoulder and thus they win then you know as soon as they can start breaking the off into different segments and to defend people groups of water then we stop being americans we are under an umbrella of americanism where american and they don't want you to be americans because we're mericans in your nationalists and god for bed there yes i liberaverat they want to push we might actually be able to get something done if we all stand together and get rid of the stupid labels you know on the roomthere i would like to day by i would like to disadvise the political establishment on all sides your disinvited okononak holes and you know it and graveron for whatever does your looking for for money you despite don't want to and that which is you don't working under the communists communist i'll go up lest not have holes whose just like us who is under who just wants this nation to work and to take care of our families he stopped the money wandering in the criminal behavior with it it conceded politicians less all come together and i don't care what your label is that you i feel i'm probably not going to use you know because the only thing that we stand under is you know is one one nation were supposed to be one nation the menage can't do with it they crawled back under the rock and you know it's like it's like most what i see too is that when people want to claim a title like that or a label it's all to get the pity money passafiore throneanother this has nothing to do with ideology and as soon as somebody throws that out there only there go there's a beggar that no then well and that exactly not it's kind of kind of net so it don't look at people as globules or national because of it makes it a lot clearer because you're going to find these people in both of the big it's not just the democrats even though they started in the democrats the communists to take them down in for three them they rolled themselves into that inside think that they are certainly more advanced what's going on republican still they've got globeless that are dragging them around by the nose and the very heronthat christina was able to break off a group of them and enough to take the party but we we see what happened they ostracized through their pulled the money they kicked her out of the of them place where they have had their campaign headquarters for years they kicked out of that and an they wouldn't work with her at all why i was absolutely set up to torpedo her because god forbids it should somebody question their little money game they've got going on there republicanise who is the head of or who is on the board of the atlantic council and i actually found a donation that he made for bienartigen as well as is his tie in with eversole their two there's all kinds of connections with this and these are the people that we have been brainwashed to think while it's our party it's the republican party i mean they kicked my boat out of the right and aingatooeea out as that they it was about getting rid of down and brandenburg his owasco plate with her craft and the rufitarsis light how anybody gets not sitting out there whether it hand out oh give me money give me hunting him in money cause that's what all the other candidates will how much money did they raise how much money there is i didn't give a crap because i find it about ninety seven ninety eight per cent of my own campaign and and it was like i promised he would take back money or the dark money and i wouldn't and i won't you know but the rest of em did and that too that that should be a real real big indicator of a large problem because that saliva right exactly that money is a hook in your nose as soon as you start taking that money they expect access tothat's what they are there leontopolis then as take down his nation you know that's what the ear poise to go back to your rocks gus so so yes like lots of good things going on out there and i love i don't know how how much now can but he's coming he's condelick and i a lawful process and i i he's in a group on thurso's going to ask how did your group all yesterday like roots go sometimes it was interesting cause it's also kind of topical you know the group is not in an official organization that should people from different counties that come together and take the opportunity to sit down and talk no people can come for different reasons like with any group and some come to one educate and tell you what they learn and show you some details on how we got where we are what's going on we are multiple people to that without a doubt everybody there is what you a throne of the patriot label if you will so that is at least that common tie and i couldn't even say that christ are with a specific religion as even the common tie in these incoactus even get to christians and room claimed to be christian to agree it's like you know it's like you get there's all of these little non sense things that people fight about and i mean to go back to the corissus and that's that's because you know awarethe hereof their own story right we all think we do everything and we don't and so we got to find ways to give each other mercy and grace well well i guess i need to learn more you know and not sit there an argue but listen to people again every think everybody's hearts in the right place and everybody asking for the truth we as just an a small example yesterday we had not as you point out argy a word debating on piggy little issues that really keep you from getting to that one people talk in a weening to give him notice we need to give notice to our leaders so those people in these positions are employees so we need a set of notice that our expected to hold your oath and do this that and the other and then almost of the same concept in talking about giving notice they say when we got to petition a petition is a question in a notice is the statement of demand a statement of account if you will this is the way i expect you to peor something totally different than asking the question a condition why do you act this way or by what authority title you we are in this old group yesterday going back and for over whether the terminology of petition or or notice should be used or notice of petition you olipile things but then we get caught up in it happened all over and what happens if when you find somebody that's like you had a contest obviously and not doing his older the spine enough to and what is the process for that then in a kind of port which you have in that county to make things go forward a related washing some friends let her dealing with this town and not calhoun county and battle crook they have a lot of stuff going on down the and these friends do not miss a meeting a man if there's a public meeting there there there there so involved with trying to make it to those county meetings that when all of a sudden the county decides to have what did pactolos door back behind the scenes meeting out that violates silenceof the government in order to disco hiring applicants for a position that they've just created skirting the constitutionality of the buried department in a call a meeting all theoretically interviews and so the public can attend but when they make the decision for tho they hire they have now created a new position within the township that's an appointed position in to the formerly elected position and none of the people have any planthat soon the commissioners or dolorous these winter they are at every single one of the meetings in one of hessey driving out l creek calasocos is that they don't show up without their camels they walk in with a golfer right on their chests and every single meeting and their bocal about the discrepancies that their finding right there at the public meeting so it's put on multiple records public record for the video that's going to make it to you to so that these townships of and county so even pulled down their face looked because the people showing up and putting the truth about what happening on their very social and the cause of the start blocking individuals something that government can do so they had to take the whole pigeon the truth couldn't be portrayed on the page and of course is come out of that if they're not doing their job properly as was discovered down there with so full a building we know we all know the boy is how we get the other at on the required as employees to give their employer their work and when you go get it and may redacting or safe things that don't exist you know or to the contrary where they use building and redaction as a way to create a situation where you won't even get nick the temper of a now those are now being pulled right up into that county commission meeting put on betio came record posted out for social record and it now that noticed was back to that notice you go give the petition at the public meeting which obviously puts her his will do what comes will do you know you can they're going to trace silence things and you know in multiple ways so i think i think the groups are kind to cool to one that you're involved and cause it's like so intent you never see about this stop which is amazing one dynamics and you didn't get a chance to attend but i want to share it with you and that's again people from all different show up there and we know there's different groups throughout michigan there really patriot groups which in we know our family she had only now or progression if you know we know where part of the kingdom and that's first and formost of then we find our brothers and sisters typically that label can be patriot depending on their relationship and so there's a lot of patriot type groups there and and i say that i've seen a lot of had a splintering to that degree and so people like the jural assembly we know has a real strong presence hats of members in the united states are in michigan and even nationwide and growing stronger and stronger and reincourage members to get and the same time i know there's also the national liberty line they've got a nation my presence with a real heavy michigan presence again patriot based organization what happening at these meetings as groups are doing things and there are people making progress in these states within these organizations and so people are encouraging them to join in come join and ella were working on committees of safety his almost in line with exactly what the patriots are doing over in the taxpayer in the teasels working on seating their contents which again is trying to get that space grow in each county together and each one encouraging everybody to attempt and so as we went round the room people encouraging each check out holes croup is doing and in participated in this call are come joints here somebody eventually within the group well why join all these fringes why not just can't keep back to the two real parties and come you get on the republican party don't go off there you're ruining everything as regemorter he is corrupt i might crack what is in realising this you now instantly there is other people that jumped up right away and it's in all you know this is the problem with the republican party granted and i'm it's great that you learned it and you've moved on but the one thing that i think i tried to discourage us as we go through there is i don't appreciate it when somebody bashes the journal assembly they probably don't fully understand it and to say get out of the carelessely and join my group because they're rotten isn't the same thing as promoting you're good as the group naturally said he that republican party oh oh that's still that man's party any stillpatriots and that's where he will leave that he can do so some good and some benefit so as i'm looking at your tax payer party and i really believe that this is the solution for those people that were caught in that unipartite to finding make their way over to a place when we are beginning to assemble and gather how do we how do we instead of being so many smaller splintered wonderful groups that do bring this benefit how do we show those that are still caught in that republican that their patriot friends have come over to another place and this is where the mass is really truly yet we were working on that right now you know with the elite because you it's a it's a matter of trust too because you know you look at you look at how many people had their trust or and up you know like i said i i absolutely appreciate love and support everything that christina cromes she is amazing and as if she is a lot a lot of god's courage and set i mean i preciate what she's doing i have preciate every single person who was standing with her because they are truly buck in the establishment and in its it's so in amazing thing to and i don't know i look forward to a time in that in the future that all of us can just work together and get past these ridiculous labels and like i said stand as americans set while you got to join my grow pretty got to join that group in order to be approved it's like ifif you're in here to win willingor nate we should be in a one nation one one one nation under god invisible going to small grow like that is dividing us it's working against what we are really supposed to be doing and so i'm in crossing over here to christina and making sure that everybody knows she is a good gal and whenever i see her attack i come forward and i'm like this is not true this is not true she's a good person and just stop at either get behind her or get out or or get out of dodge and you got sometimes make the and and so there you go but that the amount of money that are in these parties just mind both and you know i think that really no one should be able to make a career or make money off of a political party like texture parties everything is volunteer where insolatis me opongan paid it were all putting our time or effort into the nation with no kick backs no no kick back no no payments now anything just the way it is it's just that we're putting our time in our effort but like the declaration of independence he flies or white our lives are fortunes and our sacred honor to this note that's where i like i mean i haven't even seen any fond razors i mean is like it it's like well you know we're selling tea shirts here if you want to teach short here it's at but it's like this can in the back room anna on a table or something but there's no in't seen any one and i don't think that the gold party now i may be wrong of the but i haven't seen it but i don't think it's the goal of the ale these part of the taxers party the constitution party to actually amass a fortune in order to buy an election it's all about the scoop and doing the word volunteer said you're looking for a place to just come in a scamp money you're itlock with no lateisn't there is not yet open if you want a place where you gather with people who really really care and ha let's do this this is great it you know and and i like it's ike if like lord of the rings you know you got all these bodies on a and what it feels like it but i intend to you know we're going to send up all these breakfasts and i'm i'm going to be making the rounds we're going to go sit down and have a great time i might have been broadcast from some of these plays we can introduce everybody to the wonderful patriots around it some of the most inspiring things i've ever heard come out of listening to jerry van sickle or carman that guy is like a poster guy he's like the poster child for what a statesman should look like i just i'm so always so amazed at him fashional he's incredibly well spoke he has so much information and bill more anotherbut i i just love jerry he's a very kind person but he is statesmen like that is like while its different in decendesse it's they been focusing on politics manoeuvres of the game how can we squash or opponent no matter what we have to do to do that it doesn't matter what tool we used if it so alive if it's the truth some kind of a small thing that we added a whole lot of stuff it does matter as long as we squash them and get away a statesman doesn't do the now its states is about representation they are representing the people that in in that is so different from the political machine that we have working to day there in it to win it no matter what the person stands for its about the wind not there is like a pile of it is to torneys got together and decided we are going to run the country outrageous that's not a bolt the people what's best for the people were the best for our country and fulkerson in our nor country and our kids and our future is not a bolt that how can you fill my path how can i get it's about that it is outrageous but that's what they're all it for people the majority of the people it within these parties they could care less about the common man in my goodness sakes how a trillions of dollars in debt are we write now if we had any a comprehension of what was good for our country and wanted to build up our country we certainly would be doing the things that were social or economic there absolutely destroying us in its both of these parties that have druggus too this cleft that were looking at overrating if we've got to do something else and neither one of them have a clue on how to build back what we were supposed to be to begin with it they have no idea the only ones that do have an idea it is the constant they they need to be given there in on the state do ye i i then don't know her ready understands this be president trump ran on the constitution or ah i'm a antoi think that significant i don't think he likes it and the parties either i mean he was hanging on his best friend was j f k junior so and i love that guy too man i think he's a mazy a jacketing or soon in inspiring individual and you know it's a there you go there's cross and party lines its you are you see people in different parties and while this is a really great idea and and to be able to listen to people who have ideas in the democrat party in the republican party or in and look at them as not always a publican or aconital that romanovicha on not going to talk them it's like you know what you're an american boom first and foremost the senonian and fixes everybody as americans has skills and experience and we need to share that with each other and nobody's got a lock on on this on information as you know it's the every one has something to contribute and i and we really deprive ourselves of that of that help in that that genius a god bills and to each one of us and the talents and the when we you know it would be when we compartmentalize line and that's really a fortunate it really is truly unfortnet where do you go forward with that and having great time so anybody out there we i put my honour there for everybody at six months six or three thereof four for one zero you can always call a tack i i'll pick up and and people are always surprised that i pick up and and i this is really done i won't ye is really go now what i yet to show you you know it's a like actually to day young noticethe elfrida amenaide got my talk it or incinerate there i've got the pepito thinker were putting our thinking caps so and miss magnet that's how a puppy's not less in people but yet now when this copy puppies the good is a good gustarle army of digital soldier all of us comes and fighting against wild seven sidenote he is and on your getting why gratterola quite a number of grand kids will and we have six kids they multiply eventually can you get piles of gravesende go in one of the things that were really should talk about is that big elephant in the room with the republic if you cross over to a different party like the all they say all you do is votes away from the republican martyn usher and a democrat when and i think that is what keeps a lot of these people with that broken party if the fact is that not true absolutely natural most of the people that to party has on board at this point our people that would never vote for either one of the big parties and we are the only place the such a miss nomer that's not the case well look at the bathetic candidate that they ran for president you know i'm sorry i have a problem following a cheer leader for a real poo public office and especially when i know that her dad was involved in a very large globules come and mighty had died too so the balsame time saw him not going after a nor my going to give her pity points for the asmarra glad dies but it's part o light and tom we're talking about the country and everybody's lost somebody so that's not a talking point for putting some one in office or anything the facts of the and up that a candidate conceded before the vote was even counted because she was the designated loser in order to his party to a loss it was the republican party that actually insured the democrat when because they were working together at no matter what anybody on the ground was going to do it was going to be rigged for a lost the it's like this is where we get a little bit more sadly and may be more of a more into the game theory of what they're doing rather incredible thinking rather than st the talking points and going on as with the boats lithotrity they sold they were the ones that were rigging it in articles what they do manistee spent a whole lot of time thinking about this stuff and actually higher people who oh fashion a background deals with how to outthink these things they they bring in ice theologian in so that they can better manoeuvred themselves in the political arena that this is that would just happens now they have very much control over these oh there could not even its impearled et in order how much manipulation they i called the the rally and when washington the machan madoc electioneering rally cause i was there and i had some one to do that were just doing that to make the precinct demigrate feel bowers or field good so that the boat with that candidates we want to get in was what it was all about instead of what is a delicate supposed to presences should be absolutely illegal and the fact that they were dumb in of his comrade out and say it and i didn't hear from one person i heard him several it's like well in the plantings skills were abysmal too i mean i went to that and go this such hack a montplain that when into that that rally i mean i shall i be ashamed of them self oh i'm just their amateur a tone to add that their amateur attempt and on nothing i was ashamed of is i was the for my state the mitten to welcome the probably in my opinion the uncontested is in the history of the united states the the the and the real rifle present the united states down there president donald and such a crack hole of an event they ran out of water they ran out of food they had no hand sanitized in the port de ponies and it was like the thunders inches of mud because they were too stupid to know what the bass was and that if he got a little bit of water people were going to be slipping and side and there i may the government that faced say that their running see are done and so it's like i does he reply to them and their two downeven now what those he or nor do they care you know it interested matters about nine six year old standing out honest stage going look at me look at me in my little princess toto up here and that's what i saw is kind of disgusted i was really set one present trunk came on stage i was i was a one of discussed whether this it yeah i'm i'm glad i'm glad to see him gratis oh ah in history of the united states however i was i was ready to be got to gone cause i was too mad at how the people were being treated he doesn't surprise me i can soon see you got something else look now we've been talking if you want to singosari in all oneswhich years here just a minute and i want to show you now this is i have a little bit of a back ground on an dalewith no illness because ah i have a special leads daughter and people do not understand exactly what's going on here and i find this whole thing with the trans non se the amtstrasse casinos nonsense the general milking of mutilation of is all it is as corporate grabby um and inexplotados for money i so here you go i brought this up because it on my telegram channel which is at brand and bird the number four am i there are some postures of their sea have to yeat go to the one that i'm telling you and they even scanned my foe and they'll contact people through dramassome and such petting i put the and it shows that really there's only four ones that on most of our major brand and the thing of five of my guests there there haven't there having a problem but it's just like our news meet there's only six companies that actually on all of our fake stream media and am in those are owned by basically one big a congo corporation see go up so i wanted to show this he gives name is de and he's not been on on things like allen a degenerous i think the bet the last named sows it all oh you know it's like i'm sorry but i'm not i'm not going to buy into this nine and now i think it's dis i think it's disgusting to see some one who is absolutely having a problem in one in and feeding them out there like the next the like the next circus clown in order to make money i have a big problem and the biggest thing as soon as the attention is gone do in is not going to be able to hold this attention for people are poor they will go from one thing to the necks of the next to the and wot's happened to this a young man when the attention is gone and all of a sudden he's a no body sono have oi hope he has a great support not work and in people that are willing to absolutely come out and help him he is going to be left in the dog and i think it's a despicable a process when and reisebuch fires its entire markenmore after the worst mistake and bon like his eight guys i don't know about you but i'm not buying this crop they just realized that the cash wasn't there so they had to they had to trashthe but they knew what they were doing this as a this is a work corporation just mother and oh so so help me the was not a mistake and now the thing all were going it we're going to make up for orderwhere going to make up for it now we're going to fire the marking in department right this done with the tall and thin now what they were dimensionsone hing else here let's see if i can get a thought this was kind of funny i cannot like him rock i think you'd reckon one forestspirit and we'll see if i can in a grave back to start you're adding rd he got a ton of a view on that and you know it's like all of these corporations all there who are woke and most of em are owned if you go up the the you know you go off the ladder a little i see that most of em are owned by salic the capital black rock and vanguard they they owned almost all of cicerothose out there in so prosilere everbody got to home brown there a afterbraces with beer we were that we drew ourselves or the th some of the local craft bears i mean so many local don't have it the longing we can lots of fruit out here we andreanovich gan too ye like that i think i think we should dis make me completely or relevant at this point time that can he have had a herkomer parties right i guess i should let you know i got a friend that bruserie got a friend that does wine and i got a friend that a still ssere it all again all talk quality all other regulated all freed from friends of weiskotten the eggs or whatever else we get out of the back yard and they give their hobbies i hope what what mak o don't want you to try his bottle we have opened an alternate economy anyway you know the asseverations well that's her right the parasities are now there i got if it really is technology such that at the possibilities of their notes book is come to my mind probably the last two or three times that we've taught not but it just it just never made its way there is a book i read when i kind o began my patriot journey awhile ago in the book was called the coming battle it's still out there it's kind of an obscure past i still find it in the pretty body gets the to read that the coming battle he talks about how one of the for shallow said i as in the long run because of supercomputing the ability to tell a commune and basically work in one place in livin another they point out that where we choose to live i will be our free choice and then as consumers government will become like a corporation people will choose to live where the services are at in part of what government provides an ultimately what the united states really is remaining is really a commercial empson the united states offers us occurrence platform that every member of the antitheton effect be secure in their scheme by taking that and so if government becomes basically of business serve well then and we're all going to ultimately by the ability to tell he commute and we're going to pick which government and we live with in based on the services and that currency will be one of those with crystal currency going on right now it's got in so see or in a money if they wont went after reserved really gives us any more what makes give us it's all digital and men they don't relieve an have to print the paper any more or government could almost in effect be a bank but the computer system over there run the checks and balances in the the need for the banking system is starting to deteriorate as technology comes in further and that's all ultimately the government is offering us and they take that control through the commerce as if your brewing and not secreting in commercial transactions for their federal reserve notes you're not in there there body and you're not participating so with cryptal currency coming now sooner or later you can have privatized currency which is ultimately what republican is all about and that is an individual can be the private purveyor to anybody else who would contract with them for their service so if you and i got together in the taxpayer parties that you know what we're going to mind our own similar to a bit coiner and a theory of coin we're going to have our own christian based solid token for exchanging amongst our people in our nation he had to be a member to get into the banking system and no the treating the those opportunities are beginning to show up globally in the gutter people in those powers are recognizing that and their screaming even to hold their own cause america's fighting right now with that central banking s he still fought because that's what flows all the people that have the face on the crest and there in its going down globally i mean brazil i just saw that brook or selfseeking everybody's rejecting this the old patro dollar and you know in its really it's really a creating unique opportunities i'm not a row fan of any of the digital currency and i'll tell you why because they can shut it down you know you got an i m p and an you got a prodomonate ones your currency now is ingeleif you can't reiterant of the pagan bostontheir computers still so then i understand that and i am not a real fan it's like you know you not in cash is king type of a thing you have to have a tangible in order to trade because either the currency and your money is only a secure as the institutions that have cut you have connectivity to esanapes and ware was what that would be complete and utter a would be a big problem because knowyou can if you tried all the the computers and are fried the line how long would it take to actually find even find it in the corner you know the underthinking of a fan of having secentisti that not only that they control it and it's not like china what they do they detached in then if you were not what they want you to be the cut you off my goodness is ice they've already proven they will do that but what they've done to russia with so the they can shut off whomever they disagree with this the last thing i would ever want is to have compared digital dollar where the government has control over it oh my gosh i what dissipation i talking i'm talking about you are the government this is talking about the people of the same faith i'm not talking about man this is where the global currency is going anyway of one world currency is almost necessary in order to get that one world government to happen and we got centralasien and on nucoline i'm not going to help them is well oesterbotten beer and wine and such a train that with each other rincom sound a local trading really local trade then we have already something tangible that can be treated silver and gold was wrong with that it's been traded for his senses time mortal then late numbers and who may be themselves on as the fact that you are willing to trade those worthless instruments and they can print him up and take him down to our store and get whatever they want out of it and you talk about not finding them stop using their currency and their funds stri up real quick he i can i not real wealth happening here you know what i've got a hundred lane chickens right now and don't oi just don't know it away i just like grit now i just held my neighbors with it such but an i got to tell you i had my plant this week and i was so excited right i had a gal that is as a inmates and she decides she wanted to do so i won't hear incubator and gave her six eggs and song and cundo baby set her through the post of absoly of ever about bilderwerke that she can be cardoness i got this one figure it out and how i can build i will check on tractors for people so that they can have no small flex and you can really have any where did you know this is as a crazy story okay but i the stories are great and the pet summitery neros they have there's a rooster in there so the city of holland for his right to exist in leadenhall a want showed the the president is there no matter where you are the president is as that you can in fact raise your own food and may you know you may have despite a little bit on it but if you know the law you can just say you know what no i'm going to have six cases in my back yard i have the right to grow my own food get on my face you know and go for the food sovereignty where we just raised on fruit food and we help each other out we trade locally this is where life gets on instead of having you know it's like having to make so much money as part of their system why do we need all this we don't and we can help each other with every need that we could possibly want so i am of the opinion of let it crash it fall let it crash we you know we will be able to put things back together and it will be better than it ever been instead in notes indentured slavery we've got going on to the to the government and its wrong we get where we can have so much more at of the quality of life letter fall tear the band made up crashington and think the more it does fall the tighter you'll see the bone in his body because the more that that infrastructure isn't there the more we come together for each other in his name i i guess i can afford it continuing to degree i like to see the strengthening in the london like you just say you not only do you have those chickens and i've watched you and even received the eggs we you're talking about now beating eggs to your neighbor building that the little hutch to do what did you say your phone number was again cause i think i need six chickens and my access cantick and so you be my second chicken plant it's the man connabeer the state and this avian flu this bird flew nonsensehow do we know we have no proof of this they go into the alley wipe out of million birds how we know this in no wise on em if they are weareven now if this is a real real thing or how oratorthose the pig it doesn't have to be real thing i the very fact that they had the government says it is ononand then goes in with these pieces are tests the chickens were and in long behold all if they have one that test positive which you could test door nobson one's going to test in right there going to wipe out an entire flock and not only their flocks but all the neighboring flocks what we have to worry about the point is not eradication of the avian flew the point is decreasing our ability to feed or that's what they're everdailto of government that usurping the constitution is what we should be talking about here you know what thionine per cent of this needs to be just completely you know muniendo hath that gal to gain there and one the terror is as tentwenty they they didn't use the government really persewis like secondary they went in through health and human services and terrorise they shut everything not all of them of corot where were our people where was our did you look to see what was going on and in congress or or even our state legislature with her their masks some in the social distance i mean was ridiculous they all bought in one there was no science behind any of this crept but they used it not down in departmentalize all the people and who became wealthy the same demons were started that started in the begins in one there were the ones that want this scrap because it enriches them in controls the people and decreases the which is how is there an gae turshoon the segwy and to this from that cases actually great sage on confound this at length this morning which you know yesterday we went through some finding lengths as showing people exactly what's going on and this whole thing and got help goshen going into the state of michigan and what they're doing you know yet i want to point for billion dollar battery plant and big rapids are so much of our poor land is going to foreign ownership then is treason as beatrice and i the we have to every one that's involved in this is literally committing acts that lead to a conviction of trees in the treason and that there is a door corporate the corporation our juenethon ore the guise of of layering is what's happening is wrong so can you an track about this little amnayet you know i throw you two sons and with his but everybody needs to stand against the you know in the even battery industry is the one of the biggest polluters on the planet and what you're going to do in michigan when you get in the debt in the middle winter besides pray to god that somebody were the pickup truck like me whose run in on desolatas enough has an offal wait in the back and pull your sorry behind out of the ditch because under the now is that like you're going to go get a gas can fill your car you so o thinkin about that hemp you're talking about why don't you wait until you get everybody in a fleet of electric vehicles then let the e p go off and try em all at once and we'll just tecoripas the whole industry all instantaneously hornless well there you go but all of our other cares and be fried too because of the chips and wronging to be going back to drive in something like a like a model to get around and you a pretty god that we all have a midiese aroundshe could drive or horses recorder the article der in little things just throw me up at every one so whilelike they use of words and down there kindoo like the third or fourth paragraph they ses the plane factory which would produce an owen capital in material materials are not produced in a factory i know was credibile ding cause we've talked about this before where do the materials come for these lithinai ought matters not he lythe big mines the big mines so i just think it's funny there that they're telling you the factory is going to make the materials when in reality the materials are earthen base materials that are harvested through major destructions of the ground not ever see on that let them as is as the stir it mind out the other and how much how many tons of materials they have to go through to i i had it i had it on a written down in a chart i still have it somewhere but have to find how many tons of materials or the god think for one with the better and they don't last forever think you what to like well got electric vehicle for the last i what is it the twelve year life span for these batteries the adonai and then after that it's like it's like man it's like more expensive than the car intenciones that the man the next paragraph goes into what we're seeing in corks and everywhere else where they know their doing things crickly and that is you don't because we because of safety concerns we're going to have to go ahead and do this behind the screens on behind bulletproof glass because of the security probe on a wave upset you we know you don't want this and that even such the extracto guy is actually getting death fresh from people that live here as of his support of the poet if with all these things going on what do they make it about what the article about a some north american bee feof marketing whose our pht and manipulation hired by the corporations to take advantage of the people that don't have the same estate he shall you what there's not a plot with him this corporation to be a communist party point my god i thought you were the if redhering they had no idea that any company owned by china is the communist plot it you know any company that's owned i it is not like the companies in america all their will supposedly there all individual and they have their own charters are in the run of their own then and their indorses not within a works china works to steal information from anybody that they possibly can whether that's military or a business information attacked information in the ha bring it all back to the mother and china and then they you know they bring all of that in and the utilized that information that's what they're for that's what they're doing and to bring commines in china or or enemy into our back yard what are they think what is it then i'm going to go out the weeds here on this because i believe china is an entity without border they they are china is in the united state don't lie in solving is our government is it has lately and they are in its like this is this is a organized global organized crime syndicate who operates under the guise of actual com countries i have no quarrels with the people he notescatque with with you know the people in the different political parties have probed with parties but i don't have a problem i know the leadership of the global leadership and using these parties just like i have a problem with the country using the people the country it how much money he be given over seas to these countries and the people still hate us are you kidding me the the reason as i cosis now begotten to the people it's never at her i always got into the government and their little war lords that they have set up all over the hall over the world take the money and never get it to the people to keep the people in poverte or intention as a mere americans not the establishment he there's is to use or the goodness in our hearts and in our or wanting to help people to mislead us and say we're going to give all the money to say the congo or were going to give all this on moneywhether never get pop they they they and intercepted the war lords intersected the people hate us cause they don't see any help that when they really need us and i'm sure the propagandising there are just on overtime and to you know the bashing american bashing you know and it is unfortunate but china's her china is definitely say this article says that here on colptha up again eh over the past one month ago so plant with red being seemingly on the rocks to even bigger than insisted the less struck the deals not done the michigan senate appropriations he must still give final proval for one hundred seventy five million and state of by he haven't got enough ronohel the ringthe the right place is is going to be tied up in this too which is another government agency to find jobs in place people incessanter way to m money lander crazy he whose money back to our wealth he clearly not our money any more as soon as it leaves or you know or a or pocket book and to some sort of a general fund of the michigan converse you know it's not no longer or money and they can is divided up how they want it's americans again as against them it americans against the sons what we have gone on her but crazy how bad it is i angotheca minute reads some comments here so low groups as trump stated what i am my tenemens ating for pro improvethat years of judicial broken trumpes rested yet clinton is walking free in your face corruption absolutely ah good morning lob i good morning all go after there and in downtitus get them with contentons we tried that but a lot of em don't even have bonds any more that's the problem we went and that i think the entirety of of atocanti then even have any bond i and the intortiglire it we looked into that and i don't even now they have bonethere let alone if they actually a sworn a you know and oh it also i sonssomething about battle creek early or some friends went down there and food the bond and formation and the oath of office in ded find that that information was provided but bond is different than insure and that's what their provided as an insurance policy that bonds so there there are instances where there out there just because somebody violates she mcelhattan office they broke the law they did their job wrong or something like that that doesn't necessarily give you the cause of action to the after wits like just because i'm stealing down the road next to you doesn't give you a case against me and you certainly can't come after me criminal erlandson's the same kind of thing here is if they violate the ties it gives a cause of action but is to the state which is really what the attorney generals to do is manage the employees that are not following the law and so if the attorney general doesn't step off and and hold him accountable we have no personal cause of action or and and we out know that queen gretchen sit in on top with her squire nassal and the joker benson running around you know in their little little castles there without being people yet poe so then logres servant has to pay back the mining company of the one peacherino longer bondable and the bonny company a will with god after their assets i am not i a o o looked into it some but but we need to ask a lot of questions on that is you said count corruption in the judicial sitten absolutely they go after down trump with nothing we the people showed up over a million strong cross their nation with evidence of mass jonesie just about every cone nation with evidence of masses to just about every country in our nation february fourteenth twenty twenty two we have the cord on one of the courts down to the evidence not i know the anthing which is violation of tight lateen section for present of a colony making every prosecutor who sin for the custody of the documents a criminal act in collusion with the accused let that since yah they're all in collusion with each other that's a great common there open they had moreover you on a comet so can i with all those big words there the idea is it you tell somebody who's the authority that supposed to enforce the law this crime has happened and then they don't let the spellings happened and then they don't go do their duty and do something about it they become felonious no the only could under her problem we have with that is that it is your conclusion that their action was felons stabbing somebody is considered a crime and i can certainly make the statement that somebody stabbed the other is to say that that's a felonious act that that makes the criminal act that is exactly what adjudication and court is if you were to stop me and i said on your felon cause you stabbed me that's my conclusion of the application of law conclusions of law are not the same thing as it in the big problem that we have with courts right now as we a people we only get to look at the fact the fact is the staff happened where it didn't have but whether or not that considered murder a crime assault comes down to the application of the law and that's what the judges do at this point in time you majesteetin no put there that's discretionary oh it all attenditur ance of the piece or that's not additur ance of the peace so hard goingto tell you to day that what you did was a disturbance is a fact that you did it or didn't do it that's for the people that side but it's really judge to apply the meanings in the words of the law as to what it actually the problem that i have with the calling miss prison a felony you said that what that other person did was a felony you told it authority figure who chose basically investigator not investigate or make their own determination and may be that determination by that sure was that not a felony that on the i go across the person for thank you for your claim but i've done my diligent now i come back after that sherman say old your conclusion is wrong and now you're a felon too and make them accountable and call the what because you told them about what you thought was a crime doesn't make him a felon mine you can wish it all day long but if you're improper conclusion is a law don't make him fat even if i tell you my improper conclusion as fact unless you tell me otherwise make it so using the the black rogue magic if you will to create spells to the words and incantations to out gain them and there in the other shows don't find it possible the word tricksters and wishes some before which is a moral oxygon and race of good morning mike phidolas i went to the trunk rally that you're talking about watching on michigan in the hot dogs were ten dollars apiece who least to got one might because they ran out of food about two o'clock in the afternoon because of the thereofthe planting at sil long room the colony of the colonists live on the bargeist m and it worked extremely well absolutely and love is i do not trust digital i don't either so the current esperassem hesitaion wants some of aboletur power off and be gone longer live oak california there are chickens running loose wild all over town its funny o it's funny defined the dietifeci goverment i i can i cannot think that we just kind of replace them with the parasite good bye we don't need you you have done nothing for us except for seal you have not done anything for our families you have done nothing for neighbors or communities except for that that and that would be queen grutch squire ethel a joker a court jester benson and pretty much every one seated in a legislative seat in the state of michigan and probably rosinis so i will drink will drag all in court for for the rio reality many very mogus good morning i'll defend you of arm and essouan any other college accepting funds from the state of michigan the indoctrination might without if we don't need cars i'll take a horse in the bag yaheti i'll do the horses i think i cannot run or on a lot of people with a horse so that that would be that's actually not now van cash they they run really oh very much to found the defective government and lo groups set its me remarked i've been successfully going after bontet yet has this repartons they got it arenilitic so high can from brick hire he does such a waterful lay i manus hard as wonderful thousond the country really helping people that to the crazy man i love i love worketh the crazy man and in at me i did obey out everybody i like to study that we get into and again again traveling around in the heat he had round all over it and he told kinds of de so as patriots throughout the country find little different pieces and parks and new locks reduce certainly share the information on they can't corrupt it as we share he and i i was his i like your stories about it oileymead a detained and how that works out for the jade and such cool and a hippossome this aesopiacae and he poked down in order to ah get arrested to hand their behinds to them and then you know oh i can't if i noteone of those pokes out there for anybody who hasn't seen it yet it was about the time that rick first showed up in michigan when he came up here and it was when no latish has the restaurant of restorer and in holland was getting shut down and costigan arrested and thrown in jail keeping a restaurant open he came up and went to a a corp proceeding and for some reason that one was actually caught all on radio on men and actually allowed to make it to the world in that particular radio at she was already incarcerated and read come to talk to the judge about what they were doing was constitutional and ah that person who was playing judge or magistrate i say playing because your out of office you're not you can't be called by your title in this situation and actually caught on video or the fact that he state is an upset about this he walked in there and the person who was sitting on the bench first of all you just take away the context of the language it in just take the delivery not one human being that i know what tolerate being spoke to the way rick was is sat up on the bench and strike at him and stepped on him and colored and was just downright root and ricimer the whole pine was polite in humble excuse me if you please consider this one the way that you parted ticipated in that video if you just didn't listen to the words and just watch the attitude you would be used like you were at that hooray that one of your servants your people are doing this to one of your brothers the fact that he hadn't tolerate some one actually treating him like that regardless of cable to me that person just based on that perform his worthy of being removed from office just like a marketing team and an heisterboch is she still sits on the bench but then you get into the actual details of what they were talking about and she actually literally word place the man as it he doesn't know common english which is what he speaking in and then turns round and holds him for knowing a ternal legal art and hold him accountable for that the trickery that's going on in there the deception the lies back in you can see the judge knows exactly what they're doing by the fact that she's doing this and playing this word game is caught right there on the tape will she's acting unconscious then you realize what just have person was pretending to be a judge of there wasn't actually a court case called in a cork called in in there if she basically ran a stain this is a judge acting as a police officer in an investigation turned to prove that this person is committing a crime the crime that they say is committed practising law without a life she's now running a thing find to prove that this man is practicing hall without a licence so she bakes there's no corkasian call it to order you will at it and it doesn't fit any other proceeding that ever hope then hissed i had so there she sits there as the witness to his behavior and basically builds the case of appendence and then turns round and find him guilty of practicing all without a license in her opinion right there and then sentences him off to jail for contempt of court for the fine and the time the time that she determined at that point when a sheriff watches this he says were the separation of power where is it that one body could sit in that roll investigator being a police officer be the arresting officer briefly judge and then being the executioner as well this all happened right there in rich was the one willing to come into our problem state from another location to help one of all her own residence when of our own in a business owners basically being wronged and he added of getting incarcerated right then they drag him off to jail for contempt of court at that point you're not in that's one of the judges that he certainly got in the cross hairs he thought of fisheries lent these are the people that we've either appointed or elected that her basically violating the constitution the separation of powers it's up to the sheriff from that county to go up there and elect that person in all the evidence is right there on video he rakes closes down i know he's listening so rick because i can see him in the in the chant here ratios your website in the chap and so that you know if anybody wants to look up which our doing oh that would be it would be real interesting and in other links that any other wings that you want people to see like the video all maleness and i think i have a video somewhere i'll see if i can't find that biochemist ll works and if it does all posted in your telegram sasha's god if you are you can put in the private chat if you want to look for it now i don't know how long we take you find it but i throw it off there people could watch it i don't know how how long was the video ah if cork proceedings so nothing ever was short ten minutes to last stational low group do you you and a yeah i got tell you everybody that i know that's involved in common law and and things that are outside of the bar are more intelligent than probably any attorney i've ever talked to maybe i say be except perhaps to and because in the th people that study though the common law and or the thionontatorons so educated as they don't have a club to fall back on it because that's that's base or to barbaturn is its and the judge's own the attorneys so judge can look in at a tourney and say say you're on a line and the attorney knows that its license is going to get what yanked if he doesn't if he doesn't listen to the judge even if you knows what the judge tells him is wrong and now you got hold bench of these one not jobs that they put into place as judges and so you know it's the whole system entirely how do you manoeuvre that always the big question how do you going like rasentando dead and you set there so when composes the master troller and he set him selenites to watch what he's doing out there and sit back and go when when we with the smartest guy in the room that would be our stable genius and rightful president of the united states go down and care fondling some checking him now this is this is what's all about guys this is real news my real people for real people and we descend you know i really don't ever have much of my mind before we start the broadcast i just don't we just get in and search take and ah i think i really i really preciate you coming on to moroni call marian after or compensation is worn as be great in in is your great get your great on so of a rich rich she never called the case number she just called my name to these when i called simsport a herd i heard what i heard what is that an archegoniophores no such thing as a licensed this yonderyour shame if he actually if she actually threw the law in their face and order to actually make sure the laws been followed i did notice and it's one of the notes that i put in there is that she did call the case eventually in the third video when ah lena merlingas here's one length i think i got to me for the other two is king on amantes figure how to copy in many man skills as running being staff in starry now so down a brenburg stand one of these days all actually had some beans so which one you are employed first on the second the first one shows rick read off the back i can hold on his crazy man rickman in i love rank on a i he has no other note communis piece o crop to be that said just everything about it is communis piece of crop still sitting as far as i know still able to do that even on a coin you just saw that was an investigation to gain information and the gun round and find him guilty and then turn round and punished him all at once comins piece of crops sittin an office here it looks you want me to the second one i don't know that might be the marlin a piece in all three links are there you want to share omit how do you go after a judge for miss candace on the bed isn't that it does we the judges get to police themselves all the complaints get to go to the judicial tenure commission where a group of judges sit around and judge each other's behavior oh yeah she hates jagged sucking down jack daniels or something one of those men that do participate in that meeting like donosas hers just some brilliance there and so i'll drop the legends name in all you an use that word to say they put it on record when they were in cork with with jack elliot but they went he would point out that you can go right to the supreme court they have superintendent control over every attorney and there ultimately the one that would be responsible for licensing the attorneys if they actually he veteranthe supreme court which i seed it and they were the they took the coward's way out and refused to make a statement on the case and i mean to they took the coward's way out and kicked the chancel and a wendover cordon like screw you guys and because they they that's exactly what it is they're playing games and our judicial system they are not entered and in any way shape or form in as all is in any of the other thing is really disturbing as this were they there getting the eighteen per cent kicked back into their penchant for conviction are you getting me i shouldn't she like every single one of em be like run run off a run out of the united states and down to give me hope for for emusing the system for as herself and riches it is outrageous ninety eight per cent conviction rate when things go to cork and guess what the prosecutors decide which cases are being or being a herd and there all participating in this passion so the whole thing is rigged and what what can i throwerthe through the patent when we went we went through old we talked about oaths of office earlier and bonds attorneys since now they have an old outside of another old so if you ever judge you just took an oath to perform the duties of a judge and i guess the question i would have for any person who has to old which one is the priority is the judge bound and in feeling his oath to the people on the constitution or do you think that he feels his oath to the when we left how can you not to the adept the office to the bar it is a period and you either have to pay its like its extortion really they've got the thing set up as you can't have somebody legally represent you in and court unless you paid the piper to the bar and get a bar of turning who has all acts two of the dee to the case law because when they can like twenty five thousand dollars for the there they have access to the centotheca flow the current cases i mean that's what i heard one time i i you know it's like are you kidding me and so you have to pay into the clod to even their little car tel club even to be represent how in the world did we get em what is very as very asked how do you how do you ran the men i mean they've got an oath to an entity that's outside of what we're operating there a service provider to our entity in their oath as to their former corporation of providing the service how do how do you renominate have elections obviously we can look at every place in hot he changed it now were they don't allow anybody but their own or educated members so all the attorneys and the state then you know during his whole hole on coveting are also guilty none of em stood up to defend the people right not many people actually got a court case going to wear an attorney could be employed or deployed depending on how you want to link as he at the barbarian greatover them of sepentining with the communists and having their livelihood in the years school studying law ripped away from the oh i mean is the same thing with the with the car telle the medical cartellieri cal moth theodhere begole mafia we've got a medical mototee and you either stand line or word in cork her whole life away from the sicilians in heroinethis everything anything the businesses why do all the businesses it shut down because they believed the science behind any of the covers they shut down because they were afraid that there were licenses were that's why they might kick or lena thrown in jail they first of ostasiatische was incarcerated did you know that there's a coffee shop in town and they refused to close while after the cold had nonsense came through it came in and was going to round to business says that had charged against the forrefusing geschut down over colbeinsen i tried to get rested it they wouldn't rest me that kind o handed on like i got try harder right and so but at any rate they went to the coffee shop where the paper were capeward said if you sign here in admit your ill we will pull all the charges coffee shop owner looked at him said not a and their like there like well oh i i got i guess okay and they lost this is the state of michigan the coercion the thread storeton the notiss the crazy the with malena i think they when i couldn't succeed with the initial inspectors on the under covered police that were on their documenting or violations they began to use the liquor commission you absolute alcohol all of a sudden those licenses from the state were in jeopardy and the lot were lottery tight plans that yet oeneon these extraservices were the government's gottenon the crime the basically began you know pigeon holding her and in yowston armorer using those as the waiter to bring her into line and that's exactly what they're doing with a stupid eve and the street noises there centralizing in our power sources so if you do not if you do not comply with the comte commonefacitis the communists ashes oh if this point time cause there all working together eh they're going to pull the power if they don't approve of you and now your job's gone your ability to live and take care of our families gone they will put you into an the poverty prison there by begabled what's that he'll take the family to take the family too because we can wapnis the biggest child traffic in organization in north america as well as in look at that look at the monopoly they have through through consumers and deteind meschian ninety per cent of all the power of a are arroudet those two entities alone its monopoly and they can price fix they can such you know i was watching when they when the grown went down and toted i studied that a little bet on how they had to bring up the power grid and what they did those at the gas company's down there which ran the elector of the electric producing companies coughed terribly so this was the this was the chain of one found that really shot is as down it could have been mostly avoided it in a wind aministreth c is what it was but the gas companies some all we've got this this promise hothey started the couch and the governor stephen in and protect keep it going and in were it so so that the gas company shorty gouging the electric companies that were out their saw the price for making electric shot down cause they didn't think that they could sustain the the amalfian cial burden to bring power so they just kind o started shutting down and so now you've got a shot down on top o shut down it was utility come that were by and large or refusing in and actually serve the people now if a good governor was in place they would such just keep going we'll figure this out as an state will be here but we have to keep much but if you price scout i'm going to come down on you like like you you will never believe how hard i'm going to come down on you you keep that power running to the people or you're in trouble and we going to see you in court and then we're going to also treat your corporation as the criminal that is behaving it to sacrifice the people that yours and that should he happen so right now we got ninety per cent of decennonium ers in this ah and the try to do more eve ah that pertain industry is the only decentralized power that we have right now and now i am very concerned because they could shut the state down and eradicate whatever in the middle of a great big snow storm here in this is not lite is is not going to stay in the deep breeze like we are what happen we get into a huge huge snow storm like there was i think it was in an eighteen or nineteen i mean we had two months of solid ice and snow and there was no relief we had no cause i cause i was i was a boiling my born in that year i got the horses in the new born on january fourteenth and the snow storm hit the next day and i'm going to tell you what this it was horrific and we are too about two solid month absolutely no relief in the start shut in the power down and away the gauche you're going to have people crying mass it's not it's not the same as here it is it is a on overcombe problem and our power grids in the united states were on basically three differences and they never had to restart from a black talk about miss management by a bunch of moran and the battling that we can do as a people as to become as independent as possible and you had often grinned for crying out loud do anything you'd possibly can do it of america's based on independence any rate and being autonomous with that's what we're supposed to be in not autonomous independent when a man is able to own his own property and drill his own well for water grow his own food provide his own energy and his own pet that person becomes independent in by becoming an independent person you create independent communities which creates an independent state and independent nation in antepectoral as ever met in shore all these independence this is why they want this interdependent whether that's the the grid that everybody is on or the inner international food had they the put his one there ability to control it by breaking those those bonds of the troy is not easier to destroy one main grid than it is to go after ten million individual people that are have their own i energies yet his crazy and i i don't know if you know about this the new york city they actually sat a president of being able to buy the air above building i have an dis if the mere boolotoo that then what they'll do as i did i denaro ram on the swell back where i talked about it though he have somebody will have in the the actually drew this by buying like like oh a buildings that are like i don't know the the arrobos that's may be six stories told in they have a skyscraper next to it and the nobody lifts in them the so the belly and air billionaires which don brenburg is not amiss that financial statement thank you gateway pponit for publishing a lie oh think they they will put the owners will put like at on a one poetseven billion dollars into buying an apartment and then what they'll do as they will merge that with a piece of property that's not even near these big high priced areas and all the sudden it becomes a a fair house in an urban development project they pay almost no tact so the taxes on one point some on billy and dollars is somewhere in the in the neighborhood of lake sixteen hundred dollars a year or last on our idan they now relived in it and it's like they have to break the floors by every fourth floor something like that this is really interest so rick came back on and here and it sets ah and i go back in and read this you have re gonosome point in time he says i we are still waiting for answers i filed on three judges and michigan so far my accounts were frozen with just under savinnars that day i got on a cork on another court they the they figure take away might my they figure they take when i moneyand i'll stop fighting wrong i won't leave until i have ten million dollars in my pocket until judges are in prison i foullans governor witless and april twenty twenty for for claim charging her under section eight one at a one of the patriote act the mastic i was in texas when it happened we had six inches of snow i ses talking about the shots nothing like that over thirty years no power for three weeks san antone was far from where i no snow flows so everything was shut down right but at over three weeks there you might have been without poor but i don't think you had the it might point was that to this point was that you texas does not in havhesten absolute brutal below zero weather that we experienced in he went into that in a shut things down weren't were cast we were talking as strophic loss of life here stained below zero weather i mean it was blow thorough michiganders know how to dress for that lester and import you know em which which is a we kind of watch people that move into the state going well the cry from help will happen about a baby middesomer but once we get into the real stuff of untether week of january the yelping for help starts and the chandos the george lars absolutely iolanthe isforyou we all would like the state post march mellow manly who consider the ear now if you've never lived in a cold constate like michigan i grew up in california i live in michigan now and you may not believe this if you haven't lived here but michigan winters will kill you and that's what donis talking about side and michigan if you're not prepared to live here cease to exist winter is not like that jack called gabe with michigan where will kill yourself again i sat down and goliaths the tragedy but in michigan you're talking so zero weather and it there's no there is no room for air you get stuck like like i don't know if you guys does but because every one of my vehicles will always be four wheel drive and silently to get it on reiterei like driving a pickup i you know because it's and you know it's it's so funny it's like you'll see people that that move into the state and they'll have their pomp sinnan the nice little dresses to go to work and its great the summer but in the winter you better have a pure omacoc son because if you go in the ditch you'll get a freeze to death and i mean we've pulled people out they'll get out of their car and the next thing you know they're shoes are stuck in in a snow bank in the their younowhere bare fought walking for an we've all seen at me all seen it you know an i tinks people about two months to figure how to drive in the snow and ice and you know when we had a what what day was it was christmas past year we had huge snow and if we were we in a course you know and my husband and i we some pick of tracks that were out in the snow jumping over the snow dress to get to the barn and the people in our neighborhood were one of em called and said i've got my grand kids though this in one and the degaronha any children's tiling all and i'm like noweight it for you with already been out in the snow all morning the everybodyin their houses except those of us who are you know native of native michiganders who know how to jump a jump a fore foot snowbank if we have to you know to get through of course i said well i'm going to do this that the other things so my husband took off and went to the stars at all no prolongacin up for her he is he i got a run out for something else and he holostean ho just keep living where people who come here from out of the state it is dramatizing for them and i know that a work on you that i could count the knight was petetions to work and he's a surgeon so he has got to get up and he goes to work before the caracoron you know and nobody else done this side walks and plows hadn't been out in on we live in the back roads upon the up it's not all the time it is just a matter of you know every day they gets his little his little truck as is got the plan on and he'll come to addresses plows or and on through homan keeps on going the water were opinando claned up there in the epimen that's talk about you know it's like like talk about beasts love cold survival skills i mean i mean it's incredible but miss michigan is is he is holding from balgean people think they understand it when they look at the weather i'm about twenty miles from maybe fifteen twenty miles in from lake michigan and without lake effects now you're talking a hole another planettis it is a whole defen i easy first ten years of life were in vermont i was there to the blizzard savonese we had to accept through a second story window i remembered that and i have in my dad bring groceries on the snow mobiles and such as we were home for about three weeks oh we had fifty days of school somnific and seventy seven were both were both bad years is the following some six seventy seven in a seven seven seventy eight and michigan were were you know that was ten foot snow dress across the world because i in i remember that clearly i know it's it's kind of funny but people can't relate to that outside of ischia and oh you know i i told my husband he he he is originally from idle right and i told them when the first time he came here i said go on to after remember out how we're going to have like five pots snow on either side of the drive way and this is no aanteekeningen with iowa it would be the same it is absolutely not and that the shock and awe of that he had been in michigan was like i'm going to tell everybody this is a whole new world to game in michigan as crazy and all were live we love its standard the have winds that come through up to forty forty to sixty mile an hour when gas you know just every day if we were going through that that's why i lost connection with our yesterdays because we angustiosos on the make the news it's so often it's so every day a here she has anybody they just keep going yet you don't ferambrace ther because he umbrellas are going to go inside out you better to really good rain cold or something to kiss because all of these other things that elsa in the southern states don't have a clue that i had this isn't going to work for you up here red but you know what but i'll be there to pull out with my desolate if you get a trouble and the in the depth you know it such but i was always carried blankets and an the clan of always always cases you know you always want to case water with you and he and some blankets and and that sort of thing with you fully charged boon so if i get in trouble what cotton in a candle i've got an army of bodies that will come to the rescue that are also our driving four wheel drive ve a coals and i don't mean like an i don't mean like an you know small as obota in half he is as gosling beautiful things that are out there that are independent a kind of in that in that same topic we were talking about electrical vehicles and you know the desolate some one recently showed me an i can't live i didn't remember it earlier hydrogen engines and hingegen bowlders and hydrogen power generators and other therenative alrashid have saved the link over in england a gas started his company already pass prototype oh there in and out for duction models in fine tuning that near basically talking a hydrogen based where are you these yodocono i know what they're pushing right now what there really selling everybody here is going to be like bedamars b c r r anon your eve is going to be bad a max and everybody's going to be hitherto and you can take that same hidrogen and put it in your neighborhood do do you followed this makes sense i know that but apparently there's a township in northern michigan they got two locomotives sitting in a building in the locomotives obviously can be turned on in generate electricity for the whole town but they are overturned and with their always ready to go to hotilementis of the power plant for the township power but because they don't use em they let the cortonenses seldom eporer and only lines of country was to hold bunch the engines being scrapped through our rail facile so you pe was sorry to mine and we've got we got a lot of track there to beg so a few years back they they had about a hundred and two engines that they were storing there and they described him and there was there is nothing really wrong with him but this is happening all over the place but when you look into like a hydrogen fuel a hydrogen based on fuel so those are real interestin and how you can create that in is as basely you use water and you know you it's a water base thing and and when you're done it re connects and creates water again and so it has it realised the really interesting there's a lot of forms abonnerte other that are a lot more that aren't life you know the disney land power think oh we're going to help it wind mills up and it's going to be great it's gone fantis until you really look into and find out how polluting they are how bout a solar solars solanohis be great were going to live of the worms of the sun as at work in or some thousand acres are trying to put one of these ridiculous farms in the state of michigan do they even understand that michigan has no son you know in chocolate harponians here guys oaththine sconiosochus because the one wasn't available yet that's what it is that's the second that's the second that we seattle or or or i think is the second dark as are area the washington and oregon oh that's a great idea let's put solar and in when did you know you have to have a average wind of speed of fourteen miles an hour for windmill to even be even sort o should be considered in the michigan are you kiddies a second darkest state in the nation we don't have honor it's a now is you know it's like you you're you're going to here to be depressed if you're used to the sun because the sun goes away for all you want in come to michigan we weren't cannouse to it you know and so it's like you know we what is it about mid to somber one seriously and eabury how much sun we actually had if we see the sonnets like wo i thought it went away now she may take a pectoreque is the peshawaran i no sand much you do not see the sun there such heavy cloud come every similarities from california san francisco starts every day under a coating a fog i munitus titus the way it is there so those people might understand how the fog on the coast in things rindown appointed out she's twenty miles from the lake that's all motley the size of socians and so the late effect of we get the concord on west michigan similar to the coastal fogs the i i think i'm about twenty i think or about twenty miles in and then you get the dock and so the snow down some way he cosentino all that ye highlander than most nowstars the like of isolation lasts for two months right in the right who when i soon over lake michigan and you know we do a lot with flying small and to be able to see how like effect works is really kind of cool it starts up with little tiny puffs over and over in chicago in all of a sudden the as they grow you all a sudden no exactly where the coast is of mischococcus it because it is buried in a wall of clouds right and when i climateearly along your hamdanite here ostendisse heritors and beg your cooooo hit the maderos and and you're well er conditions can weather you have operator whatever it's kind of crazy and you have zeroes and so men asplike lane and on venus there's nothing you're going to see and and that's what and then here you listen if you formed to detroit area and i have had some meetings over there where on had it averted the destroy area for something and like how's the weather over here i mean like it's like it when you're talking thirty miles an hour on the west side and it's all ice well what are you talking about we don't have any snow on its anita sun shining the erthe and her like me had not the same for me over here you know we've got to completely defend clime zone happening over here on west michigan and that is it is not for the faint of i hear you ask laura but i have me on and god horsesnnotoo anstey beautiful no lakes that come off that water like arising europe there in the epic salaminia still bound to that if you think you know meniyou think you got a dear etogo up there where she lives i mean that i now oratepe are you thrasonean october and don't come out till may it is rather light of snow on the ground is not the he heringander clans here doses two months so of late a factorsurprisehigh justin hit the floor laughing without an casinoit more like two months of lake effectthere i don't what's really funny is i've never ever seen anywhere where it could be a sunny blue sky day and it is so yes this is no coming from and from the lake you know his blows of the lake where there you wanted or neither whether its sunny or not whether the boscas or not here it comes no rainbows there absolutely who now rainbows her beautiful yeah that's his rises crazy place inseverable star and the other thing is that economically it gives us all kinds of resources because we grow for and locks of seliger the second largest i believe apple crop in the united states we have blueberries and droitwich vague the chairs it's the big a heavily dependent egg in are not the best suited for michigan it is the water the water need for the berries and the big waters like the so i grew up in in an area that was we were surrounded by peaches and apples and you know the fruit trees are and i i there's so many to varieties of apples and michigan people don't realize that it's not just going to the store i find four or five i mean there's a lot of difference to atone i am not sure how many but i wouldn't be sprised if we have a hundred different variety to apples that you can buy and i always love it when we get as particularly wet so you get a really wet fall in the trees oneness pretty you have to have a a drier spell to bring the brill bright reds and oranges out you have to some dryness otherwise it's a small see look and yellow and it's kind of like yellow brown and man let it pass oskenonton all right but when we have a lot of rain in the fall what happens to the apples is it has a quick up dat or uptake of water itbefore harvest and the get of water or is called a water and i love apples that have a water as they are because they are ah there so sweet and there so there's so much of water inside the apple then it produces this incredible incredible jews but when you come in opeope if you see a water corps usually that i'll make it to normal or it will be like a a a i retraced parent area retardrit around the old and that's where the fruit is set the his story not more of it of its liquid for or to feed the babies which is oh it's a good well gus i've got called coming in right now i'm going to tell you right now i'm so grateful hang out of the animate this one dust for a second and then he discarded and ah what me let me call him back a minute because this is actually a gay from the art smaybe once they hide out ready this is how we do it this is like form that in hospicethe he behave you and he were i'm being an and mary's in would be right now you want to say hit everybody a cold on a second yes so this is how we were all so this is bill more he's a second by cheer of the us taxpayers party and a personal favourite of mine the sky is amazing he knows so much his leaves hid everybody will everybody watching be at that the great players toderini hold everybody everybody is penitent in what's going on and get ready for yet we got a lot of stuff going on taxes party is getting me really exciting right now we have a true patriots that are working on this and marion bill are true patriots bills dad i'm given the history of your dad here bell and the ithacans titution macather started out as he had disenfranchise colson many years ago i got a goloshesin colleges cost some of the corruption and the lack of ah lachof commitment from the local republican party agincourt and the complete the us excretory and michigan u thaddeus can county for quietemthe and politure boy where they wanted him as the state german and he served as the state chairman for ferniers election i cousart of everything or from sospel winston the helping teach local counties how operate setting calcutta firstany of his days than disponere evening for the last ten years of his life dedicated to building up a party that would be able to stand in the midst of the trials that we see to day as reinclose it coincidently builds on my day had died i really close to the same time which i felt like you know it's like your dad passed the torch to you which is a beautiful thing and ah you know it's like it's amazing how our families is the family structure that really counts and you know you can you can see those characters and people of a strong family ties and standing for american patriotism within our family so that's it we do we fight for god family country absolutely well that's awesome on to leave you on the phone if you don't mind her meat and we're just wore just finishing up here i'm glad to call down i should probably describe the earlier but i think i'd like to do some of dates and be an an an have maybe you and mary and and ah maybe ah jerry venice come on and wild asses the mop dates from latterbarrow he don't what's going on and be able to see our faces and all of us that are working together i mean this is truly a team work after see how much find we have in these these are committee means and such it is really it's really amazing case it's truly it's not politicians of friends sitting around going you know where we got something we will leave that and we believe in america we dare to be americans we do not we are not going to set the thing up like the of which almost all almost a reorganization alter functions that was cold completely in one thing it like point out to call the peers here or a constitutional set up not for the governments of political parties are constitutional as set up by the people for the governments there represented a wee wee tothe government the cases which they have now a either then in or added to ondelicate pours on the cam political parties originally shouldn't have then there we are electing represents or on electing cortes i have got the sole lockout on the last hundred and fifty years then the aseity anybody you speak you out there the party minds they know your other delicateplane other heat democrats were never published the i posed the out there that laboratory and her constant people the coccotholida thinking a little all side the box of but we need to get back to the point where we are electing individuals were not liking a parting here the string party ticket not sense and the minds of the gold viewless parties unique in their regard because we do have a lot of thought on these being and housetops but we are out there searching for dedicated keep oh we're not necessarily searching for an absolute loyalty it is your part of the youths conspectory god forbid that you hold for republican of the takenthat that's the blythes works in the better will party you you claim to be affiliated with it matters about where your guru lies when you cast that all every every lection cycle of matters o your voting for because that shows your virtue has shows how dedicated you are and and how willing you are your voice out there and puss somebody in office that will represent yes is it really is amazing i mean everything i see in the tax payer's party its statesmen and its statesmen organization it is not a poetpolitician hack yelling and screaming in through on a fit and i was talking a mere atonement was onesthe beginning here oh i don't know if you were watching her not but is nobody really wanted any of the st it funny you go you go in it's only george washington in essence and hates you know it's like a well or every kind of shop there and goes well pray to god that god provides somebody who is com as smarter than i have to take the office and so nobody runs looking for boats or to go people to get behind him for first clue that this is in a rigged situation when you see that happened you don't see that a text resents earns so somebody will say you know i would i would like to nominate this purse and and oh it's it's it's not something it's too keep are willing to do the job but they're not trying to make it a career cause it's no money in it it's all volunteer he wellerby the sestette mind shot of this the evil corrupt i colors a party we are here is to prove the point that there eruption oh the people do have to be locked into what the custom too for the last it is by life release david said to the to these reharmonise the war of horsesis there not once this is our cause oh you are absolutely right most of us do not want to have to do this to you to you got a horse car to do that i do the they'll mary's got far up there we will have lives we hoghtons we take care of the family still a cause somebody has capitaneoe between the people and the government in a political way for political party is the way to do yet in the isisi think the direction that the party's going in such a great direction and you know if if you go if you out there and you want to say place to land and really contribute to this nation a fine way to do it and nobody i don't know what you go but when i start seeing people attacking others in a meeting there out of line i don't care who they are this jerry's for her politics rather than sitting their states and who really want to have the nation and and you know an anti servant because we're serving it's not ourselves serving others and that's what god wants us to do one nation under god indivisible and the parties are dividers to the great dividers of people in these you know what i've been rovoca as supporting christina cromlechs sister in christ she's a good horse and i you know as far as a watching her in san supporting her on supporting her and her efforts she is a good person working against a very very very core political parties trying to pull it into line i don't think she's in there to be an establishment person she's in there honestly serve the and any one i don't care for the in the democrats ah if there in their train to help oh that's great i don't think you're going to complish it because i don't think you i don't think you can jump on board with a pile with the political parties and truly fixed at its two rags there's so much money in it of an opportunity people we get in there and make massive amounts of money m if for self interest it's the whole is wrong in the function like you the after garner favor from those at the top the price and be being willing to work together like a mophareits a it'sit's a colt and organised canalis one in her turn but numerous people over the years one i know and anybody has got her on the repulsion party for a long time nor is he that that may be the sad it all for forty years trying to think i treat the republican party and then think mary can attest that oh she's she's all just mattereither is turn lockerby right oolite you a step on the right direction good against their narrative you don't so merry that would make you a recovering republican right on it i guess so i guess the nor was a good good friend of mine i ask loved him with them with on the michigan conservative union for a number of years and he he tried for forty please years to change the republicans on the inside we had many talks about breaking off and they tried that during the raging and honestly i think a few would have stuck to it because he had that power chunk grate there so much so that the establishment the goblet had come to him at the to bring him back and had bartered with him for a state so that he would stay in a party and we bring ragin up in michigan even a norman served on regin societ during that his tenure in office there as he was absolutely amazing man had connections all over the and if anybody i tried that man tried and i think that i think he's a testament the fact that you will never change the republicans on the inside possible to do so because there's too much money there these people are too entered they are the east have made a profession out of doing this and night she the thing to do is something new fresh that's going in the right direction that's not corrupted now in to prevent eruption understanding how they have taken the republican party and put blocks and place to prevent that from happen in the in the constitution party or at least elongated that post well there poisoninghere the republicans to help her out president trump the rightful president of the united states due to the riggleton where where are they i'm not seeing and right i see people like us that are just everyday americans but where is the establishment absolutely pitching at over watching him being a tax and politically targeted where are they they are to as their hats on gothique in well look what happened with the the election here in michigan you know dog on well tyele tion was stolen their hours nor is nor nor's nor of feed and testimony brought forward by yet the people that had the power of looking into the said there's nothing here to see molong there's nothing here and let her shapely helen we happened to me cause after that hearing you know matematico mes up to me with a little snake he tomado going all this is too bad and i just i was just you you little piece a crop i like thee not him not anybody in the party stood up for anything with me shamberson whatever she does to change her name and spelling under loreto the lara i finally sinsuch i like what what what a piece of crab no one stood there to help or stand in the way it was like it was like i don't know i was told that you people that are actually actual republics onsartinest or the other daysall down they said this whole thing was to get rid of you of heard that from a criminal investigator too and they didn't want to look like they were targeting us so they whirled the other guisante were already at so to them yea because you can't stop this form of ordinary i become the fourth in and of itself you know this lack of tolerance for criminality can have that can't be done off some god tusket rid of her and this the doing presented you know we got to find a way to get rid of president trod the rightful president of the united states and the greatest president in the history of these absolutely absolutely it's been it was outrageous linamentol corruption of our election throughout the entire not a state but nation in its just outrageous and that we are tolerant of this and we allow it but the republicans have been locked so with this for longethe know that or hers they know that the stuff has been happening but they have always refused because they are one party may our one party no no hard see unpartiall prope lescart leonorine to do let's go through and a builtest everybody would ever sin your mind right now we're going to go bill mary and can for last words and in the same prayer and i'd like you guys all to be back on again ah maybe maybe next week i know that friday i'm not going to be thursday and friday i've got some really big men and so i have i'll be able to do thursday friday is kind o open the air and so on whether i be able to cause probably not but i'd love to have a body back on again and let's talk all this stuff think that this this is a great people and i love to do so in and i think we need to get a jerry mincingly is seen jerry vesicles like the polster child for a statesman and you don't get everybody on talking about things and we'll take this nation back eyes and and were welcome at any republican ah american and domocrats american and get rid of the titles in just dare to be american and i loved i love it so whatever sign your mind go head teach it right now belle what's your left waterboy to the upon the the founding of this country her little we should have ever need from the thorough government the foragement of includes congress the executive branch tudes judicial brands they only had about eighteen twenty hours recollected and hardly any of those would have aspected or dat today lives as were the power lies and the peoples were the power lies clearly writ now if we are not willing to clean up her own packard for that wingthree and he wes and the soosoos and to our plate that we can handle why do we think that we take it and and a steele of loaferdom i would encourage every one everybody other local board meetings that is where you get to know these people you will you will understand how far this actually goes see what they're doing and your tone susanyou city wards in your colts oh that is what is going to affect your day to day lives more than it were not willing to be then or now willing to take state back who done your golf games and your video games and must get off the sol fa and go do something is basically the message i hear right just up pickaback on which he said bill that's it exactly what people need to do and i we've been in holton county and are surrounding new pee a been encouraging people to do as badinot only go to them by participate every single township every county has different boards that they appoint people it now your representative can be confrontational and down their throat you don't have to be what you want to do is to get to know them become friends with them and get on these other boards all sorts of boards weathers planning boards or appeals boards are or whatever is going on in your your townships or schools or whatever these are the the background things that make a work you know i've been a conciser visor for a number of years in my township and i've sat on numerous boards throughout my county through either a point manger are just the position that i meant and i will tell you there is literally a handful of people in your area that run every the same people that are letter on every single board because that they make it a point to get there a gendarme and there the ones and another thing that they do liberals are great at the left is aptly greatest see some place where there is they want to insert themselves they will develop themselves as a group will become a non profit and then they become the authority the attach authority after their name and that they go introduce themselves to the other counsels in the area as the authority on this nobody's gave them the authority they created that authority and they deemed themselves the and we need to do that same thing and then they go after grant moneys or they go after any kind of an income that are out there are they asked for money if you don't ask you don't get right to you take there i gengend as their ideas and ideals and pushed them into your your face your back yard and there using your tools to do so this is how they work this is how they get things done and it's time you you start paying ation these things change when you make yet there you go and that's good as good good wisdom jos thanks for having beyond the the and thanks for the platform and assembling the people always wonderful and you know i love i love in this silent i like talking to you know all the patriots that i got to get to have on her and and i actelly enjoyed doing this a lot i think it's fun it's like just sit down here with her with my my lisip and king not with good people that i enjoy talking to and belsely and such and then also you know bringing to mind to every one that god is in control and we got nothing to worry about looking here we got a group of people we we can't do anything americans can do anything as we got god on our side returned to god we follow his lead or play in the sand box we played within the rules it keep us in getting hit by a sunitha's why the rules are there and you know cause and and it's amazing what we can do to gather to help each other and have a beautiful place get rid of the greed and put your heart and i into the people round you it's all about relations and a being there with somebody needs needs you and serving god so i'm antego head and clothes and preterite now and then we'll go out about or knives dear how my father thank you so very very much for bill mary and can coming on the show to day and sharing their wisdom and the gifts on the tameless that you've given each we know that every one out there has dissentients and were so grateful because they come straight from you for your hand satorach out any one who struggling out there show them that you are with them in your walking with them in every issue or in every area of their life that they don't have to be alone they don't have me to pass and i we are we're to thankful for that because we can truly walk on this earth with you if we turn our hearts to you i'm so grateful we love you so much we prefer the salvation of this nation when pray for president as he is going through this political targeting we pray for the unlawful processes surrounding january and then the horrible out comes that are going towards people that had been targeted there in another place as the ination pray for the stars the sea yet yet all of these people that have been in these organizations that you would bring them straight to their knees for the crimes that they have committed and a and show them that you are still gotten and they are not in you so much for this time together we love you so much and jesus same epray at well as you know this is the part of the shawl i'm going to do this o ka he were gostinnoi go to branford for governor not come because i have not conceding to liars cheats and the i and i am in fact the now consider who has ever not conceded in the history of the united states as i sat on her day so em anyhow st letter body know that we're here for you we love you don't suffer in silence alone there there are a lot of people out there that would welcome you in your on that will there family and they'll spirit of your spiritual family his family god is far far greater bond than any other bond that you can ever experience a lie you are loved you are important you have you're the only one that has ever been created to be uniquely just exactly like you and we want to get to know you you have thinks the say we in your you have you have talents menage to and we want to get to know you not to sound a political basis for you your family the family got one nation under god so you're go god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the marico we're going to do this thing you have have no fear this is a no fear moment for all of us going to be great if you guys can see on all itand the broadcasts it's great will talk back stage here a little bit sohave a great day it's going to be a wonderful day pray