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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/17/2022 - Live today - Mellissa Carone, Ken Nash, and Dan Hartman

Published Aug. 17, 2022, 8:04 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg with brandenburg news network and it's a beautiful day here august and so happy to be here we got lots to talk about and so much good news going on it's incredible thought we do morning motivation i get the feeling for a lot of people that people out there think that nothing's really happening and that they're going for the safe action usual well you know what we've got a lot of amazing people people around us who are who are working tirelessly to restore this nation so i wanted to i wonder so some this really cool this site is called military power and i think you're going to enjoy this video i actually watch these videos because i have loved our military and i think that it's part of our duty to become educated i not only the government the system that govern us like political political or policy but also the us military so this is kind of cool we're just organs for a little bit and then jumping can nantwich me to day as well as dan hartmann we jumping up at about a believe nine nine fifty so he got we're going to moresheth as to will be on morris are and i am completely out of the mind set that family comes first and so does our children so i support her taking care of her kids then getting a when she when she's got her or but would you be heard about the ears of us special operations you about was designed by joint special operations highly there is no question whether joining the regular day have a drop out rate of per whereas the british special air service as a drop out at ninety five and more important military service prior or allowed to the caliber of applicants i spect so the flow marine court forces special operations special operations soon as they are capable of complex direct action rates of high level not to does not belong to the special operations more to the primary special operation force force battles crates and the expeditionary force other marine air ground past for joint for reconnaissance out a task with providing the commander of a larger force but his operations information required do not be obtained by means other than putting a man on the ground to observe it the action in support of the larger ranger ranger all capable of executing a very joint special operation so rapidly the army during operations in all types of tree an to specialized form a variety of special operations the result and direct action operation by recovery of personal and special conventional to deploy anywhere in the world with a thousand respect forces the cave agreed come by joint special operations special operation performing highly classified he also asked with referring to a conventional warfare counterterrorist direct action and black operate there are only five acknowledged to her one special take first special forces operational come a special warfare forces went forth special tactics for intelligence support activity is one the speck on as after service to force is totally comprised of spect it must also be expected off unlike regular not require prior villages but the out at he and old deliverers are already there to speak of require you to whereas to one required the foreman great as well as prior military already developed military skill and knowledge of military strategy one speck would have been trained in psychological our interrogation the patient survival what to your toes later status to the rain a special act the paramilitary special operations you the special operations not for our bert operations he i launched the operation to capture a samain laden in a bout of he i think that's ruin coursing i love what i see is military power i can put the link in there and the minute that but these military power videos show you how our troops are actually trained and what the difference is and this is one of the venison you to it is in fact i u s a military power and i think that they have some really wonderful and formative videos on exactly how how they train i use our military how well trained our military as might now my dad was in the military and he died in february he was he was a sharp shooter he had a sharp shooter rank the and when when you watch how somebody who is actually trained in our military how discipline they are in it really is an amazing thing so i'm going to bring cannon right now and and good morning how are you are you doing this sort a man standing how are you good really good i went got me here under control here at amorality guy to my dad was too and you know when i listened to him talk about he used to talk about at length when you know when doing well and he was a little bit young experiences and how how much it really affected as i as far as he he was he was a he was a clock he lived and died by his clock in his watch you know and if you were five minutes late to anything on my gosh he he jumped right in your case like there was no to morrow but i do think that it's encouraging be because we don't see things going on around us and we see the things kind of melting down around us in our daily lives that doesn't mean that there's not a huge structure be who is in fact working to restore this nation where were not standing alone but we do have to stand and take a stand part of what's going on around us you know i think ultimately ultimately with what's going on i do believe and i think it the military is going to have to stop in at some point the widespread criminality were seen in our government and in all the structures that we come to know and love the basically infiltrated or probably going to take a concerted effort for the military to to return it to us and of order but the inland lest the people stand up if the people will stand up and can actually take their rightful place and that means every one get off your couches get off yourself get involved with us and i think i think that you know that's going to be what's to anatolia ely going to restore it but there are really good people out there fighting for the yes without you know military certainly a wonderful asset for an initiation the attempt to masters to safeguard the nation to think back to historically even back to say the days are all one of the things that people never really ever wanted was to have you know an army or their national army within the walls and so you know having the military step tentative responsibility within our own border would be but that peasantly and all that is really shoemender last resort its moral last result you can that that's an unfortunate thing to think about that from being in the military or if you do have to you know the national military coming here that you know your son my son or children who are you know right now protecting us over seas and other places from threats that would come here and amuse i don't mind it my son goes to that together with your son if you will to do those duties but to think that if you were an alabamian was in michigan to think that your son from a mood come here to michigan and show up on my hands porter and now some imigrants some way use that military force to ask me to matouillet our sons an daughters wouldn't allow themselves to be used in a way and to pieces other citizens amongst the so yeah and in as it is my belief that or that our military has been treated terribly absolutely terrible wenatchee my dad what i watched my dad go through now you know he had me as a daughter which was kind of like winning the lot o and away you know we had a so that i could you know i could actually really take good care of my dad you know and he lived with us for you know nine months we had a new got a we had some of that ham into care of em part time but he wasn't he didn't have to go into an institution for about nine months and then his dimensions and that he was kind of risk to himself and every one else and he had his that thing about my dad is that my dad's family everybody in that family has really good physical gens you know so they live they live like two hundred years old i mean these people the home the family has got some longevity and their physicality is in the kind of like gladiator status so like my dad when he was in his could probably out perform most people in their wonted he was in that good as and so when he when he died to the diet on valentine's davis and it was nice because we were able to be with no my brother and i were holding his hand as he and you know and i got to spend with him living with us i cooked all his meals because i wanted to explore what nutrition would do for somebody with dementia so i put the like thought it right he loved it so i was able i stop the butter constitutes food like mass of which he really liked gotten to eat it but he had he had his his body was it was when we really problems that really prose a problem for the rest of was so strong and but that being in the military and i saw how the we don't even know what we have in the called mass of absolutely you know abandoning you know well military man a you got you got the afranius to get around that little that will that it doesn't help an intense we did get into the military and i believe in transparency and i respect all my desertion into i'd like to take just a brief moment to share a kind of my military background and experience i don't in a minute because i want it i want to say thank you to all the brave men and women that have saved step in to save this nation in times of for putting their lives on the line and you know i am so disgusted with our politicians they are they put in the useless wars you know donald trump we had no conflicts day one bombita bombing syria he abandons people in afghanistan it is an absolute disgusting horrific shame that that's all i can say the american people are with the military we want our military tread while we respect our military we we love our brave our brave sons and daughters that go and tip in the military and we i i really think that that the politician should never make more than people who are in our military they should have the same insurance they should have the same treatment as as the people in the military or law enforcement they should not have their little elise set up with a barber shops in that capital and all of these expensive counts that they have here their gritty money off in you look in the money in their bank accounts were armoured women are military men and women are abandoned this is a bunch of and it means to stop then and we need we just say okay what's good what's good for the goose good for the gander you can't take care of people who have actually laid their lives on the life that you have no business being in a political i absolutely agree i think first of all there one of the things that's hard for me to hear i thank you for your service people on the find out that i spend time in the military the first response from the majority of the population now is that sentiment thank you geniuses legitimate thank you for your service yet at the same time i recognized that that bank you came and began to show up after the first conflict after tatatatatat doesn't stop and so when desert star came ended and we got kind of a case fire over there in pain people began to retire the soldiers began to return the god they got the welcome honestly that the soldiers from vietnam did get in fact they got kind of the payments on the reparations attainder was not the same conflict has been not masticate the same problems for the soldiers in the circle a conflict that certainly still had its ramifications psychologically and physically or soldiers but you know the welcoming the tenderfeet was a wonderful attitude to sit half the people fifewell their framing about our sonantes that go over to fight so that thank you that come out now to all of our souls shooting a lot of us soldiers recognised that that actually longstone that were from vietnam so you ainything that i receive i will pay for that word forward whichever direction and an ascent and have that betancourt in receiving the finnahan you honestly deserve an forgive us again because we haven't said thank you and i'm sorry enough time now the next reason that i kind o have a problem hearing that is i didn't get to complete my contractual service with the united states marine the reason that i joined the marines with because the session hit my family away back when an my dad ross his cow and we had to change schools and ovando all these things right in the middle of my high school career and so i move from up a prevalent decent neighborhood where scholarship and college opportunities and that you know the gooweeras relative to it the school had just was looked at for a competition for scholarship and ochaine sports teams in the middle madama on your ability and so i didn't see the opportunity to gain a scholarship by opportunity through the school any more and i know my parents were going to be able paper college and a mind is a terrible thing to waste was the programs that were you know telling us also that you know i was intent on going to college i joined the brooder inly have the option to go into the officer candidate program and you know i did it degree asteroid option of you now becoming enlisted doing my four years of service the hopital or i chose the reserves in order to go to college right away and then at the end of that college opportunity potentially listener or go on into a career in not and so i went to buchanan desert storm you know happened the war happened while i was in locating all kinds of people everybody got activated service and no more so outagamies and i got activated with my unit my nina was activated sent overseas but i didn't go with them i was still going through concentrating down in the very point i come which is a big desolate to get climates before going over to the saudi arabia the desert of watson so i was in considered that trafford for i didn't have to go do what other men did in more so i don't consider myself the same kind of veterans as my brothers that are there and afghanistan risking it daily in running into and we certainly have been during these storm that went through various ramifications and interacted with them as well i was there and einoeder ended at everybody began the party in barbicane soldiers teepee in that i went off to college when the thing indeed and started going to school and to get the g i bill which leads to the veterans administration you were just talking about the giblets to all the soldiers that offered as your opportunity is the variance for some myself to join the military it turns out that the bill doesn't belong to the man is not money there is actually a veterans administration program that you all fiorimonde to get the sybilline to be in good standing with your unit in need to be in good standing with the school and that's two real thick applications that all have to fill out inside and valiantest all of that while i was going to college waiting for my application to come through the money didn't pay all the time they say for a six weeks your calling it six weeks going where is the money they tell you at six to eight that process went on and on and on reissuing in checking and finally at twenty seven twenty nine weeks with nothing omiabala met with congressman her who was the oldest i believe he set the longest setting all his republican congressmen in california history i think he said in any longer but i intended down with our local representative and he had a writing report if you will after our conversation on what i had gone through as a young soldier however administration was enacting my academic opportunity and after meeting one of our representatives the uncalled that he may get the vitamins ration of finally come back after thirty weeks and told me they had lost all my applications and i need to begin the process that bankrupted me pretty much put me under an overcast i couldn't stay in an apartment any more i didn't have money i didn't have the heart my cavernlike this to show up to elinor and so i ended up hardship in out of the military and that clinton was also down sizing it so on until so i didn't get to punish my six year commitment i want it hardship in out of the military and ivinghoe discharges that's not your honourable that you would like and i went through life with that whole stating to you didn't finish the reins he left the military or never been goteborg to have all these things and you deserve the brick himself living with come with me into go through it and i did not we talked about yesterday with a decent existence of career and even made into the corporate world and still in that corporate existence i ran from an social media that were around our military people to help them and i still believe that after graduating from book and that's the one thing about that those experience do impact and when i would through it was about loyalty and i was about integrity he had of course the ranger always faithful he inserted and so when they teach you that disappointment and the loyalty and the honor in hatakeyama swetecote against all enemies for in a mast certain men like your father as an hostility take that serious and that for life and among through it for he has a green it's kind of like an employment brandishing that we were working on certain companies if you will and a reputable good on your your resume and so they create a band around it and so being an idea is either in their to brantome has a good brandisher brand waitstill once your marines be thought of as a marine you never an exterior always a former means after graduating from that i still feel that standing up every day against a what i learned is to be some form of domestic terrorism these people and are taken over that country that we are to protect i think that still the same integrity the still honest adeline that gets up off the couch is up to figure out how it something to every day thank you for the outlet the opportunity to share a want of be honest because i will my brothers but i still not that seminaries well i think everybody that service is cotton deserves a recognition for what they've done i'm sorry that that you were let down all so drew and handles imparted by the via and bad policies that abandoned their so many stories of peiwoh been abandoned by this and in it it's a shame because you know i've seen them you know your ability in your brilliance in it and if they abandon you is just a shame that that was not that that was not followed through to you as well as help you and you lie those talents how many people he had been over over wonder stepped on by this nation i just i've got milliseconds got on some in a jump on her and been the more had more but our present strikes on yes yes miller great anteater breaking away from the the system of being imprisoned by the two party came party come party system right now so to day as most estate a break away from this and bright that lawyer the note but it does look like we were we were talking about the military and how how poorly our government i walked away from our military and abandon them on so many levels and it's just really but it's not just the military the the average american person to his so abused our expectations the responsibility for the tax on that we pay as they put us into their little their little debt slave concentration has been going on for a long i don't i just i just i'm in full something this is in fact anniversary it is the fiftieth anniversary of whereas it was when nixon took off the gold standard and we became the fiat currency that we are an honest fifteen nineteen seventy some are by two days here but this is the whole thing and how the systems devolved the currency as part of it you know you look back at the wars and how coordinate the efforts in the wars with significant changes as in our nation world war one never want it i don't care what anybody says that was about putting the federal reserve in place world war two never want it that was about putting the un and place and if you look at even the history of saftest of the viruses that they've come out with her the viruses i think that we think that this whole nonsense with the and i would alleged it is not two years on an election a new virus here's a new floor there's a new dissertation how can you be how can things be repeated that with that much accuracy of nonsense without somebody being involved in manipulating start just with count not a chance there's no no there's no coincidence and that is one that i refuse to believe when you start looking at the actual numbers when when through his the others just way too much of a pet i think it's it's insane how people are just starting to question september eleventh and bring the it's just i mean the trump came cupido and people want answers people have family obviously involved in family members you know the united states wants answers i remember exactly where i was i believe everybody in middle school i and it was unclasped yes we all know we all know where we were and i i had no idea the bad but the public schooling and no idea with the world trade center i had no idea i had no idea what they were so i didn't i wasn't even really interested in until they turned the ton and we were able to see actually what was going on you look into that i was one of those people that bully thing with our government i believe that our government would never do that to us faith and trust in our government and i believe that a lot of americans do then you know probably three four years ago i really started looking into the stuff i have a people that are really high up they feel about nine eleven and people that were there leaders mother was there they believe that it was definitely bin laden and everything that we were told is true i just i am at a ecartele that but if you look at everything like you just a world war one world work to in every tragedy we've had been like to you want to know what happened so i was out for breakfast with my dead that day and it was we were the when the towers came down we were in a restaurant and you know what the first words adonis mouth we i think this is just about the first words that came out of his mouth where i think it's time to go home and he said that's controlled down the list and i and i think that when you find when you really start looking into it and look at the bush and bush when he went to that school and he you plan steel you know it whatever and he was reading a book called i pat got they were going you know through pagan than a video came out later with pat go and it's a real freaky video to watch but it's one that all researchers will will watch it there's so much symbolism and craziness in that video but the whole the whole situation i looked into it i listened to people who are architectural engineers great that down as well as you know you know i fly and you know working on licensing and that sort of thing but it's like it's like there's no one that could have taken that first course that could hit that that could hit those towers and now that is a steel axe except you know in the thing that really got me on this that that acosta building a solid steel bright you can if a plan hits the wing tips with another plane on the runway the plainer and here we go we got almost cartoon like cato out wing tips and everything going into a steel axe so of a building to are you free continentals close it down and look at all the people that called off work that and then they closed it down and what two days before and clear the building and i was watching this day manner where it is the building could have never crumbled the way it did it could only do that if there was bombs in the big people hurt by well tell you that i wasn't if they were in a meadow you see the very fall of the boxes with fuses another there with you know that they closed them they closed the albatros down for three months i made you know it was just crazy there's there's a great video i can i can pull it up if you want to see it's nine ridiculous claims of basically in five minutes you can watch them and then i listened to general stumble my big talk about what he saw at the pentagon and i like i like the general stumble by a cow of what he saw he he spoke out on it he's like there's no way it was a complained that he saw a missile in the original photo in the right documents for the panel for the panic then all the sudden surprise surprise it got scrubbed you know they they must wollaston that we aren't going to let into the stuff and leave what their lives say he sent all the steel out of the united states right away they would not let any body look into now all the steel from the trade center if you look at the pentagon the way it was i you won't find any kind of deer picture from a plane at all very strange and then the way it was said of you watch a video of it being hit it's almost like it was an explosion like a missile like your seeing it it was so quick that you don't even see the plan at all even in sloth you can so i do to the point where you would see the plan and you just don't see the and also i would like to bring them up on jointer comes on was involved he had business dealings then the world trade center he actually lost over the athenian had to rebuild his light in helping that but it's very in let me let me ask this question which i think is pretty pretty serious quest with all the paper that we saw flying around in the debris the said you got to be kidding me they can find the two passports within two hours as none found these passports that are laying their after if fire explosion blowing around the city of new york with an teith in two hours and pin the whole thing on two terrestre flying the plane while first of all the first problem is that we have that much fire arm pretty extra sure that anything that was in that plane was going to in all the literature whose city of levers prying around they somehow magically fine two passports for rations that blew up a fly in a fiery black i mean this is almost like i don't know who wrote the script on the but they got to think that were stupid as they are definitely i mean when you look into it is so it is awful and in the way it happened when with videos and avert i mean when you have people that are analyzing that now people want and what is he has always bothered me as it so long for to ryan a patriot act i sit on the desk three days later and then i mean to write to me signed are you kid and look at look at that we had actual well we were told we had actual terrestro a different now look at all of the moslem in arabic people there that live in america my cousin is married to an arabic the tax that they went through after were we're very upsetting a i will say also that if you were to drive through dear i like the party dull celebrating and it happened every so wrong how can anyone celebrate that kind of a tragedy but i like no belief this we are you know while the unusual people that are not believers and their god right and all so the opinion they label anything anything all just like the one to muslim religion abel and as a peaceful religion you always assume the so it's not peaceful actually a very violent and he does not say anything about killing any killing murder is a sin a there are legends to kill people don't believe that you believe and so look at the way how world label a just people who actually love their country and one to put america first in one get rid of all of this critical race theory and children to grow up with the same opportunities that we had and beale to keep their constitutional rights and not have to suffer under a you know who and where being labeled domestic i know i'm being like i know that you too probably are to be if you're here with me i'm sure your being looked at my bank account yet closed my phones to artavan yothers i'm not on the newly list and that's all because every time i go to the airport i have the and any day i have some that they're going to say no you i actually as to work for he came i asked him i said can you call somebody that you know the airlines and see if they can look into the nile before last about three months and cause i don't want to go into the arbor and be on the no flyless i don't know what they come to your gate and there probably going to arrest so he called a couple of people he said nobody has access i i guess they can't get access to it so i had but this is what happens to you when you come out lookin with their doing a rude it just came out yer sanbenito might kill was calling me from georgia for no reason investigating me and i've never even been majora that then nobody gilian for the election fraud and bollman with the you know in the hearing why are ye the attacking this man he's almost eighty years old why are they doing this to him he georgia has no jurisdiction over new york they how are they doing this and for us to be looked at as a domestic terrace actually have in this country right now since our borders are wide open domestic ter and thousands of them if not hundreds of thousands a million i i think it's so never i have my aforethought anything like that you know it this is all about my children this is all about our children's future this is all about better and in bringing it back to where i was it's a truly alarming to wonder every single day when you wake up a man to be delivered and i goes to lay my agony get rated and it happens the election there's never been there has been a boring day no thertainly they certainly so many and i don't know it's really all a shame how much of the truth has been absolutely co opted scrubbed changed and in a hat for political thing so as to walk in other doncaster he's going to be and to morrow and when you listen to the stories of what happened to without her president trump you know there's always got to be a boy man out there so we switch it now it rushes rush in order to make people afraid and stuff go forward and see wait a minute i'm not believe any of this tumpany because you know what they're all lie and you know it's like it's like look at look at so it happened in michigan we've had the house and the senate michigan for how long but now everybody wants to say we're on a bolero he was me they've been in did they change anything it's like with biddy how many years was he an office like and only fifty miles and then they voted to men for a real change are you kin me this guy has done absolutely nothing except for you is the system person gain in ukraine setting up pumice dona he's dying he doesn't care he's not going to be in this world when when when our but look at her look at what their what people are saying about the publicans i involutions because that's our party am like are you candies one party and they have been in control of the house the son of for how long do you honestly people are going to vote with for we the people now if the unpartitioned inserting that is going to vote george caroline has a great a great video posted this morning it's like it's a big club and new amenities or we the people that's all we got so really it's just really shame i'm goin t be bringthereout here in a minute and it is found he is going to be on a late what is it you he is also going to be coming back on again but he said he had a few minutes to jump on for a fan update and cause i want to work at a little bit more nor lost it would stand gratidianus it was and diamonds in the mister gale came up what is it was me darlin dacoit was and more marline is it marline and out harry marise and there was forget her name pamela pamela i have her contact information she's a great matter video of her reading the letter of what mister grant you know i have no letter if you want me to read you could do that i thought her reading had herself was very compelling if i can if i can bring that up it was a very compelling video on her reading with this man said about her and it's like now he yes there was that was in jane ran oh yeah jackie ran you know jackie ryan's another one i want to have one because hooved as a deputy and shorten she was the to define stepped out or they threatened with her with throwing her in prison and raping her if she didn't stop down i'm very good friends with jackie ran and actually through his whole qualifications she told he's very good with the law she knows all of these no they are all connected you know her right well there rerolled this is somethin actually want so the first time i got this qualified the state house illegally by the way unconstitutionally a form of election so the first time it happened i called this to that made a comment on an article and in his time was a positive towards the latter the disqualification so i contact how this man was the former chairman of the de and he was one of the top riders so i thought it would darius and i hired chairman that national committee to represent me in court became if he's a good attorney he's a good attorney and it's a unitary so one is it matter anyway well he told me he'd take the case we was later call me and he says melissa i can antithesis sorry he said i have too many clients a current clients that are a conflict of we hatasoo have several republican clients what a a shock looking claims used the former chairman of the dance to represent him you know i mean you know i do not it would be funny right my and i said as an attorney the hearty anyways he seemed like a great person but i'm thinking i wonder her who your client and then also which thackerayan she will tell you that the tones that are used by our caracalla even use corporal their illegal for them to even use she knows the reason why it is very interesting that's who they were using with beans and they were you are nobody would tell anthony polymer that disqualified me he would not answer a lonesome i have his number he would not i went on i went in the clerks office every day after that this qualification he refused to even and then all the sudden he no it's because you hired an while he went on october that anyway because it was a nervy but it's the way these people were but that very you're talking about it is i statelier moodily i calliope it up to do you mean my man i've got an polite at if that won't danson to come on and a few minutes i'm just and i do you have play now you and disparking bethink you to play i think it's great i think it's a great idea caiaphas the background here a minute and let's see cosmically get back go on to some ingrate here we go all right is here it is then in a linen piracy theory but a overpowering the etienne course for nowhere without being a religious to don't when it washing to single engine office where beauty safe cried double the same bin long some literally fellow the big lamp that hijackers i found loringwood trade center crash light the some reason to which american was the and jack precisely actually but the one those the ultimately a little indirectly answering or failure we are government at last and i don't think the and so to potterston i record the the records of just he that that only the the nor is anything you are a periodic it then but somehow it about somehow got but a comprehensive until the district for after your before finally being found in the ariel the deserters of the entire in the ocean before telling does that embers died a helicopter crashes story of toby the media which told you the hard truth the moon i you any questions but you are a bacterial on to us be reviled by the word freedom rooiland ever expressed on service nonette frisian isaias there into do you have the very face ryan actually tapping and i do with yeah i can't let me oneself i can grab that a minute and see if i can get that is that that was really a pretty and my opinion a pretty damning video batista public the shop a rod i mean i mean you know you don't you know i have to always agree you said you petithomme we till i wait till i bring moonwort what he said to me i am it's an amazing about my kids about me it is absolutely he esteemed this over to it anticlerical here just they go there and i've got to figure out how to get my other screen over you know what i have to do the one another day did there when i had reno i could just put it up right here and my no i don't no let me see if i can hang out a minute with you when my work with a meanwell see and get it up his seen her or we can do that to morrow i so in the the just as sound as what people need to hear because he's pretty much standing in front of a sangrador meeting and average and and the peasant now it was it was absolutely terrible and i think we should get i think we should get her on yeah it you know an i can get around and i here hearing kaiulani here okay menemon's mates in herat one as fires no hawermann and prosecutors no in addition during the last lesson three the past whatsoever i may here husband and on the one he haematemesis in the top we teach i ran and loitering in a broad as wide the man you come close to my ways like asia i do leonard carichana here i responded then he came out again then you have nothing to say i was to hisself people are very noncommittally brothers more successful into to me the sabbath it is very sad when he had offered caravanserai meetings will be better i soever may have nothing in to say about him as he anointed or at her face the story i can even contention and his experience you are not in us not master when he was in i anointed you are a witness for he overshadows and haratin this goshmeelee orange do you have darling gates do you have truly not not one too i have that onto yeah i just think it's very important for people to hear this how much he he has her rates is the man by the way can if you know now this is the man stand grows the clerk of shall be township and the one bed just forever twenty five thousand dollars and we have to go to corran he's wasting all the courts resources asking the forgery trial claiming that i have defamed ten and caused him all of the and you know mental anguish and loss of slave in anxiety and all that but everything i was sedate and i have proved a bit but he had said the most outlandish disrespectful commons about my children and and he continued to do it to people running leetle elections and that a fact worth let's go ahead and play the darlin clip and no she a isolation gagaoola a year to do atherton he allowed his not and sent he in you are a he so one that one i he this parson toto you call yourself a friendly once i i aforeshown the captain saw from it seems i'm sure yours and endogenous her in all east not now at we want to know the comte you are the hearthstone you are the person that separates it mitwaterstraand all the formalities were and the counter and after that i had like bayswater with the due of his that they will because they hold the microphone they don't give people the chance even present a full case which is unfortunate in that's exactly what they did there after then you know unfortunate but one a couple of the issues that i thought actually where i stood in front of a group and and i was able to defeat a couple of they are actors that were coming into the area which was which was good but we had in one issue i had greathouse people behind me in a local issue the next one we got i think six seventy six or seventy eight per cent of the botuto votes something down and one of the upping as the people in the room because we had so many of her people would stand up and say she had intimated and they were all yes then that's what we did actually water saying don we did that and not the meeting with anthony colihan he brought province of the people that was speaking saying he was speaking for us that's ahead they were like trennahan we said no he can speak for us that saying it's true you would like him to him or can so when some its it's great to have somebody that's like that at the knowledge of that even somebody that their anger back and actually and everybody is to have somebody you know is we're all up you know we've all been through hell these last people have a breaking point where they just the analogically like to mate i like to get up and hand people their tail in front of a group if they deserve it you don't his imani mean if you are here in the right on something in seaforth and intelligent argument a whole people accountable and kind of check mate i'm so that you know your tithe wind out of their sails a little bit and the last when i did as i went off i went up at a different time in median i explain the jobs the rights and the duties to everybody that was on the current bore this is exactly this is your only job and you have a choice to either commit treason or uphold your oath of office and they wanted to go back while you know we have to enforce the policies the ordinances and now your job is to we and to try to do this to get in and hanging on an ordinance is there is there a little technical work around for not doing their job and for ignoring people in the will of the now if you got enough people that will show up then you can you can reverse anything they realize that you know the towards a pitch forks are about to come out and they're going to lose their jobs and how about publicly been ostracized in the community you can actually put people into that way but that requires local action and so get out they have to get involved so this nonsense right now with fallen in line with a political party is the same thing as falling in line with your vocal and your state government shutting up and going along to get along and studding the right and in actually being involved in something that will actually re set to a real rest on the it away from the establishment money when you got this much money santanoni very few people are are impervious and i don't know what that quality you know i mean i know can you and you and melissa and i i believe that we are impervious to the money to the money that gets thrown in front of i've been tried to be bought off i can't even tell you how many times that i base it we told the the one i can be happy with as evidence my horse is like shoveling near onlike unlike a tip shot of easiness on what a yesteryear and life it honestly taking care of roof other people the rest of it it doesn't matter to me doesn't prove your words or what your value is or what a great person you are anything like that it's that that money or that material material striving for is nothing more than a black are absolutely you know like i said the reason i got involved in this after the election was number one two pretty much obviously tell the people what i witnessed when i worked the election a that's the right thing to do on i was asked to go and testify so i did while after that what with being asked to run for office like i said this is for our kit to make sure that our children have the same opportunities that we to make sure that they are not in school being mentally and physically abuse to make sure that our kids are allowed to an you know all constitutional rights and don't have to live under tyranny without being able to themselves and i could go on for days at a point days without a he will be gone for a long time when you start looking at this nonsense it's going on and i don't know how people aren't right to go out there and nansouty let these people have it pass the biggest child train organization that we trust and belief you know they've got eyes employed canonbie encouraging a fourteen year old girl and foster care to become a prostitute are you kidding me you've got it now got you know drag queens in our school what what has this got to do with anything other than having someone who is demented and sick that not all believe waning to shove their bodies to groom our children in their face are you can have no aryans went part of education is this not absolutely no right in the event now there's another one i did you see the fire on the firing blatheration with and i think it's her last name is about a huge trafficking in all a sudden she has her calmer her carnation in a car you know hanerable you know and and she had a crash and so that metatarsal be thought about you know and as she did a pioneering was also the idle before he the isle is about a path tarantella tion ship with a cold leader it rumored to be inspired by britishers life portly lived in jonadab for allurement how does that happen on accident probably not and she was critical of her she died days after report rotha was allegedly throwing satanic parties and black mailing inlet it no secret allendner at what did she know that this is this is so deep and so so horrific i mean people got a start waking up to the i don't want most watched the bayonets going on here where i am all of this the man people that are out there that are willing to do horrific acts to people but you know what it's time for the no indian dan hurt minds in the waiting room her amerikin him onamwaska can bring him on in the this work and i have a sailboat ordeal of what's to come hang on a minute i'll be back and he doing so your microphones mutina you your micro yeow are you but how you do an i'm great so what's happening in michigan right now in dan's world lots on lots of interesting things going on so you and i haven't even really finished our discussion about the august morning manufacturing system and not have been united to formerly known as the but you know lately have been involved in some internal issues related to the controversy in colony where mark for and was determined by a judge to be the rightful and duly elected their person and his executive committee determined to have been never removed from power and that all of the actions of artistically were ultra ultimately determined to be valid yet the mission republican party the state is recognizing in these times face book tis convention so there's a it bohannan then i am not somonocodom issues related to a parent to lawsuits that we're going to have everything from some issues we have identified with the qualified voter file to a problems related to a given example our state as venusian management is in violation of law they have purchased components and mining through our procurement process in certain areas everything a really nasty system and the reliable our balancing systems to election management software systems and cussing or and you know obviously there's awareness that's going to happen all the so i must retire i'm ready to talk when anything that interests i think it one that most important because i think they are all of interest to me i mean i mean we could we could talk and never stop talking for years here and not get to the bottom of a what's wrong and behoof all right well let's talk a little bit about um what's going to go in out in the control i'm sure that everybody is aware of this discussion of the pet that had a came forward on august thirteenth and then there's the selection code is going to be planning and there's a real huge awareness of the fact that m a machine a connective in machine manipulation of voting outcome so the first round of the witness and the wakening of people that are kind of in our a group that really became concerned in paying attention was the awareness of the drop box evidenter ject absent about end of the system and ah we had a little bit more exposure with what happened over new york where they had found the crack the algorithm of how they were voting the fictitious voters and for those of you who aware organization which is a non partisan or national election integrity for that unified a bunch of grass roots and reserve if you haven't been to their website and look at their six reports i want you to want you to know that the nonpartisan group they don't they're not republican democrat or a outporter but the unified a bunch of grass roots canvas and they have cotemporaneous some rise to be a family that they went and found out that our between what the election information system reports occur i don't know that sorry about that and what they actually found in the field for example i have a piece of property i meditated voters and the two parts one of which cast devote that hasn't been up here in ten years even more disturbing as she's recorded on her exanimate sitting of the twelve thirty one twenty twenty that reports that the burden person and when i talked to people who worked to pass in my small little village nobody saw her and in ten years he's got a recorded as having a and i know she didn't leave in the property because i own i control the pre and you talk about problems in our system very very simple is you know my mother passed in twenty eighteen enlivening the state since before nineteen o hemenway michigan nineteen ninety she left the antennae tim brothers left the state before antenatal three of them according to the rules of the game should have been removed as voters from our system is a bore and eric is that since then that they have connected up to the other states see it somebody's voted in another o brothers who moved to other states that are neat my mother moved to another state there shebeen promote rules and then it tabulated to the security death in dexter's passed received suffocating and she's in her morning rose people may be aware that humiliate the rules are dirty and people have access to the morning throng the information to create a ballot that will fall in on is that is done huge concern is that these are very simple this one or one in the republican and democrat leadership in the state there's no one it and you don't have to look very hard you just got to put your head out of the yea the absurdest the beginning though that nobody's been wanting to fix as that in office from the one they they have been they have been working actively working to not bring me to the fore front and two to even investigative for a cover up and collusion and to me looks like it could not possibly fall into criminal conspiracy and this is such a huge issue that there's there's it's almost difficult to get your air arms or on how big the and myconius recoupled other cases that i'm not directly involved in adams found a cart down in um hillsdale county as a law suit against us they tried to remove her from the election because she wanted to not use the machine and jonathan premonitory but they tried to say that i have the right under superintending control because there's a statute that says the secretary of state is a you know for lack of a better word is in charge of all the elections in the state what you don't realize is the way the law is strict the secretary of state only has certain numerated duties executive branch that the legislature has given them that white sweeping statement the fine by all the statutes that follow that very particular what a thirty years and her party does not give her the ability to suspend a township cart from running into and expressly for doing the job in refusing to fill the annular you know there was a time i mane where have you rest actually we stood at lomore and yet he now a cork anadems sound ship seventy who was told in violation of michigan and destroying election material any to do so you know you know we have a lot of information when you talk about conspiracy is about conspiracy we also have some very very bad at this is one of the reasons why i strongly christina came because i know that she is going to she had elected to secretary state she is going to preserve this information and help us find out we actually happened let's go into this is going to the same formation related to you know the thing that happened this eruption i ah what i then when you're governor you're going to have to what really happened to election management but in that the secretary of state serampore the cork says you don't have the right and how the ashes on criminal conspiracy the attorney is included as representing a township pointing to pencase about over reaching overton the border slim you know they're trying everything they can to i look like a rational and reasonable men well in my opinion i've talked to that the constitutional here who understands that the sheriff's duties the people of the county from the federal government at one of his jobs that's what i associated to and so i now be named as an investigator what shrines eaton to certain we and then now at the very eleventh hour after the attorney general asked controlled issuing itinerating people to come before past money of granting immunities now at the eleventh and a half hour right when she is unable to get any beerstein of her friend people she goes to the proprietor's council and says i've got a conflict of interests i need you to point to prosecute over the heath the next you can't corrupt the process you can't take the entire process and then step back and ah ah i mean we should all the time isolation will use their informant to the minute men started but i'm going to tell you that your tornera in her attack on what she's done to darley are you in this are you know you look in the secretary states administrative you know who i say has the right manono machine and rolled up to or the county that has to so you have a township pork and therein many have actually had some looked at her seniors i make sure her election system is try and charge her with the that's basically what happened to teeters of colorado she and in that sort you know we've been talking about this the last few days that anyone who is actually a legitimate candidate or somebody who's involved in the fight against them they have all kinds of resources they have all kinds away to go after you and they're going to attack you when i see people like melissa myself jack ryan you know a stuffy not every one as any of us that have actually stood against the establishment are going to be a a that that's the first those are the first people that i want to look at it and terrably legitimate the ones that escape by with the backing of the establishment they are absolutely involved in all of this because their part do you know i really really bad is that has been penetration by bad actors our government and into our you can call that a conspiracy but when the track the money let's let's go to detroit the cup center which is now conington center and by the way it's only named after those banks because that's what the building is very absent pony you know that's really interesting is you know last night but i put it round a bunch of information about the the million to trade received as a grant and they use seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in to buy this thing called the reliable well i'm going to tell you something the reliable it needs to be looked into because if you were described the system it has the capabilities of manufacturing the very balance so the frog that could go into the apse that one accepted by all the northern and when you actually look around you will begin to see that there is about eight to twelve per cent in the northern counties of extra must and in that way they came in a heap into balls they used the right of message to support our elections and now i will say that when you look at this relic he and a low say that the election management uniformed acuteness the bearings by the board of canvassers all these other sees that to happen he didn't happen to detroit by a toccata and they buy the reliance balasses the way from the challenge o prepare um anither going to let out a county boards from and then you realise it just a little bit of a show we're so busy checking on the things that they let us which all secured the termite the great deception problems in detroit aren't in what they're doing in the end the psalters problems but where steinheimer because of this reprocessing at will as for if anybody told you about the platform here i'm not sure what bonaventure what throwing the inside the piece the for abstention boards they have ten balloonatics they'll be more coming out about that they have a twenty four atalanta canadian all of these are controlled by a raised platform the challenges are allowed on a platform in the center of the criminal the top of the platform of the computers which are aggregating or taking the votes county boards and that is pretty election management they won't matter that is a serious serious problem a bit a matter of fact protocolling pointers to fall according to michigan which is not been in and i know that there is any criminal complaints well of lamonti in india while this that's a crazy well look at look at all of the look at all of the crazy stuff that's going on look at the board of canvas and the word of knots or for people that are all appointed by the governor the republicans that the republicans on the border refrained i believe by the governor so the governor's controlling that that through that one board and there's there's no other parties present that this is not i was reading through a something even the time to rout the ballots and halliards are supposed to be randomized or candidates randomized on the ballot will why is it that the democrat in the republican party always take the top to and you know even on our balance this is so sewed for perception and to push people to those those parties at incredible and even the people that are sitting on these words are chosen by the establishment to make the so far removed from we the people it's it's hard it's hard to even get our hands around talbot manners you are right that these four members are appointed by the gunner the democratic governor is picking the two republicans to get to be on the board of canvassers finally but the second thing is let's talk about the dander so the secretary of state published rules for signature verification that said any marks presumed valid up in the now those administrative rules did not take as the republicans said they were no standard at all and black that at sunset provision in a happen automatically after but we have statue disintegration for an absent ballou yet we have no procedure to make that if i am entreaties balance is a violent that and its a violation protection because it lacks the standard and allows the decision be made as to what a match that women but say that you have this really more standard for a ballot to make sure that any piece of paper that comes in a propos to be about yet counted and you get an equal protection as a not only do people have a right but they have a right to have their votes counted they'll see the road by right to have their votes counted as cast and also not have motored that's oversecretion and those rights are there yet we have this whole concept of more trying to promote the most more votes and no what you are if forcing their pain attention that in power to take it to isabel now a double standard signatures good in its it unless we want to strong cone oh the five republican candidates who got knocked off of which you were going to him before god let but now much to look to what happened in a wild as can so there no what percentage of signatures he had to invalidate to the recall of that loud and the ballad i want to happen the enemies the democracy and freedom and the republican representative form of government have got this teuton that you use against you and justin a printers to keep them off the ballot and now the weapon is that and the unseen that the recall of a guy who halcyon incarcerate anybody that will create problems i was and i got to be very careful about this it that you can't have it both ways selectively interpret laws and that there is any rule of london i just say that that there has to be a guarantee is a percentage of people who care very much about election and i am not to go back to sleep and take us off didn't matter but it starting to make a fine that the price a gassoon as the elections how much you want to bet that no no better it's a long price of gas in over twenty jump in center they want the people and that to be upset and they go to the ballot that's exactly it and then watch what the disaster would line five if a whipper in and her cronies get their hands on line five and shut that down we're going to see fifteen dollars a gallon as there's no not to a about that what is it like like that the percentage of the product committest relying five is the majority of the product coming into the state you don't just reverse that and fix that in a day they could have worked with and bridge and had isolation but the solution is going to take four years to create there the permanent but nobody wants to deal with it because they in my opinion they want to hold the state high and absolutely take the state on this state got a mark on it at a target on it right after the two thousand sixteen and they have been going after this state with bared we have one shot to turn this around and if we don't it if we don't turn the surround and get these the actors out of office in their actors when when you see the people at their picking to put in office there in fact after they are not leaders they have no experience they are people who will rubberman do what their toll by the globes the world economic form of which is he had coarse coming this is an economic an invasion warfare on michigan and a policy invasion an invasion through her through or elections to take over one one state at a time misanthrope well instinctly right except that it's so what you need to realize is that linieres ah a brief products just at michigan they go down to the refineries that are in northern ohio then that fool made everything from ebullition that may revisit just the price of gas and stuff and then from that refining process that controls a significant portion of the rust balmiest which is why they're trying to punish the people that are remain true to american values and shouting down in five anointed to run a green policies and green initiate and you know the only way to get rid of fossils and assegais to make it so to expansion to drive going to see is that and less that there is a change here utilizing claim policy they're going to use for climbing and they're going to control one and that it doesn't matter how many bullets you have in your second men i think you're not going to be able to because you'll gladly to your one in your bones for another meal when you're kiddin an american doralice at which more eastboro and if we were in each you can even go to china when but when over there they had to share all of their technology they have rules in which the business in a foreign when which we don't put instead we a foreign countries not just trying to come over here and purchase more indecorousness is an i'm sure you are well aware of coming out of the how ah there's some some some foreign actors that control of recantation and you know i have verified independently manport are that if you are electronic you were election took they even have your banking information is active i am that is one pillion a one emilion people they have on chinese servers of old worker information their children their social secure pretty numbers all all of their it honestly is in a deity that nightmare sitting over there with our pole workers and you know we know that their some really bad people out there concern is is that they've got the ability to you know not only steal down in these but all so black male people they've got their children's information and that this is this is absolutely in a tack that you couldn't even it would it would take quite a cried recoup with this kind of the it will not rise for a while i will tell you some problems tray that geraint the people don't able to control it's populate there able to do that and their use fallibility have done with the lock donate the crack and on home can you watch and you will concern about the fact that now they know all of our you dissidents are active or that compare about america they get involved in a workers and not america is going to fall here right now i will god will hear our cries and turn his face to us and we were antenati but i will just say this much that we have barricaded in which there needs to be reading of our system in their ties in our heart we taken our freedoms taken very very for granted and these were i she is in the declaration of independence and it it required that we act it's up to us but braendevin god like we know it's the and that one thing that i will in private conversations that you and i am wearied together we pray for this country and i just want and your getting involved in leadership and i also think before um you know letting your testimony shine that you put god first in your life you are trying to residents very very important and more people than bad them forward and get into politics so that the people that are being awakened to the fact that all this is temporary and we're going to have a future and having or actually on earth when christ the it's important that we recognize that reason again these battles it because i predicate so crooked and foster again i think i think we lost a kind of hankering i think we're losing dan here but we'll have him back on again so i'm going to add can and and my he had an he really is amazing i love listen he he's not only he is my art probably one of the most brilliant attorneys i have ever met my life to get at i don't like attorneys are are i do not definition if you have to too long i mean kind of nugatory eight now but i can tell you what dan is not one of those people and the people that stand with him are actually true patriots fighting for the nation and i very much are everything that he does in the people that are working with the election integrity force i'm getting on now a lot of those people as well as the people that were involved in the i actually know quite a few of those pale mind that were there the pit was an amenable to talk to them amazing amazing paeonies were you not looking for a lot of a lot of recognition as such but they are absolutely digital soldiers working tirelessly store this from a standpoint of the the soulless their wonderful these are beautiful human they are absolutely committed above all to to god and to his good and i think that some day i hope they get the recognition that they deserve em when i'm governor we're going to pull all these and onset that have been researching for years and let everybody see who the real heroes working behind the scenes are because it there the inspiring their wonderful and and i am here i'm honored to know that they call absolutely the election integrity forces one of the on as one of the organizations that i trust there is also another one for i haven't saved i was working with them for a while all suddaine that's another gray one in pillowland as in that he wrote that ctimene there was you remember that there was a great time and he has been doing so much research i worked with him for a while giving them information but when i would like to say that when when dan talks about that race platform at the top center in the middle of the that is the plant form that i worked for twenty seven hours while attention he absolutely correct that nobody was allowed on that platform no challengers no watchers it was strictly the city of feciales the city a teerer which we don't even know where there why would you denominating it workers it was my title i was there for it why would you have he supported her for and then have the city it supported what talk about people that can't touch their machines if you don't work for dominion voting i wasn't i had an hour long training is recorded it in things fixed up that or patrick call back i can also send it to you in a very extensive training it sounds very perfect but i definitely wasn't we were doing all tell you that well it's just like it's just like the hearing my hearing where they illegally removed myself and and the other people of the ballot i mean this was this was absolutely illegally done and they admitted to it at the time jonathan brainlessly said you know we were making a policies in his words on the fly how in the world and not only the just so really knows i am on the ballot in november under the us taxes you know it's a heatherdale honey badger's we don't give off it's like titus you know we get into an ass with honey and the bees are staying in us and were just going to keep going we can't stop we don't have an option it is so important to understand that as this is the end of it right here we either fight the thing out now in this mid term election or we're done we we have to get the poor an we can actually overwhelm their if we have in our people out there voting and not destroy but now motioning the uniformity out we have the vote the unitary of this election once we get the unitary out hopefully we can get rid of these miserable two parties this miserable to party it which is nothing more the special interest the bonehead tootle it's it's to bring in millions of dollars billions of it's all an act literally it's all an these people aren't against each other they work for each other i was working in election just a couple of months ago and one of our real called in clerks called jacobean had her assistant common removed me from the floor for having expired credential a you know the this come out in our later but it's very interesting to see how i was of that for nobody in the room had so couscous the the pick and choose who is going to go give him what the outcome that they want ray so they gave me three different excuse and the first one was that there was only one challenger allowed in the entire while i know the law when it comes to the i came back at him and true your supposed one challenger can't first of the rooms like than the absence so i said no you need a challenger orbit for where the machines are and in her and even if you have one in each that's not enough i said you know the whole absentee croom should have at least five challenger well when you read the law and says one from each her table so there was i the only one the only a republican democrat that are required on these boards and and the overthere controlling the entire and their other applying them the there is they've got there a little puppets in from tappan other interesting thing of it that that goes on okay as but there was a man oysters to tabulating yes and as i am software as dominating i don't care who says any other lives so i all i was doing i might do i never even because i knew that anything i awright so i literally just i was walking her own and writing down a never writing down how many overbore had a medecin very high amount of over boats now and overgrows somebody literally bones for a democrat and republican and it was a special election so there was there was only one and in that they literally there was so many over boats i don't know how some one can be so whom it even be in future the republican and the democrat running very strange so i started to notice how many were coming in i started to write down the number i had my note book in my hand like i always and i swear when the about minutes after they saw me doing that's when jocelyn now i had i was i have not i that was there the other than then as what i was doing i asked her he overrates but they were they had somebody fell me to the bathroom you aren't you can't do that you're actually as a challenge your allowed to carry your now also i am a mother of two young children i need emergency and need to get a hold of my family that is not in the law that we can't have our bones you cannot take pictures you can not take pictures you shouldn't have your phone or while the polls are open he lingers at the separate love to have their bones while the bull i was allowed to have my ponent strange why i didn't have any more training ceremonies on the fly that's right so as not inlander there these these parties the very interesting thing i was going to tell you as there is a democrat there's two tabulator one of arabia the other one is red by a repeal bulan while during museecian the special election and shall be township now that the republican was a very young girl that was in an the democrat was flying through ballads like you only a tacamahaca even keep up with her like you could not ask to up and now that the guide was doing the adjudication process was the father of the girl that was raining and mutabilities so you have family members working the election can i do better to how you men make this stuff up cairo now then it is not i feel national in a really really bad way you know and i can't act with the horns i was so mad at that elect and in it that published in the heroines that i was that melissa so mad because she wanted to go home and i want an instant grass as i wouldn't let her go home i made her no that's not why i was mad i was mad i scheduled to he locks me behind a row not okay and i had no access see what's going on you have standing there i cut in contact my family he tore a i don't want i don't even know him eratosthenes unbelievable ah well there was one challenger there that i actually had a family in and her child had called mother there's a i don't care she's working hung up the i mean that's not right you can't do that but puts us in the paper calls crioceras in published this omission cineas working in the loaning and with expired credit lithe michigan top did not update anybody's credentials it was a special election that an offer and you know in that and i called the michigan when they removed me from the floor and i said a stand gridironing me from the floor can you can you get me a son called the bee we'll get you on some call it will take ten minutes spoutin the lower i take to dan i said you know the merican go said step out in the hallway they'll update the the next iowas oh no we can't have to that belonged to the same and i said oh well the party do you think i belong to and they said well your credentials by the michigan delpini so what i'm not that make me a republican the tantantarara by he ran as a re and what do you mean that's in credential ray and just saying that what they do that the game they play and it was totally easily go that you was her water he intimates the present entered destroyed people's lives i mean that's really what's going on here and you know we've got one party and and like like george corn said we ain't in it it's it's either traders or people and it's really unto you know it's too tunisian got one does he want to read the line up coming up here for so hang out of i have a job the vanblaricum in you yet jobation i think but we've got a stuffin watelet me go to so to morrow is adanson a righthander again who dares setne was on before i loved nothing she was a really good job her life was the kind apprentice the rest of us nationally selection i mean one for mark about a bow and we that were over the target as of us that have been absolutely targeted and not around we just come back like a bunch of many dogs on so she has noonday and then thursday i'm friends with mary in a very fine mary lend one will be out on thursday clitophon that we could get javanicus or wednesday and run back through this and i know that we've got somewhat else that is another election integrity force that will be on one of those other days that i believe will be a fair in formative power house one of the things i want to accomplish on brandenburg news not work no bright warburton the anderida it he started out small and disturbed no put no doubt and of course was the arrears which i am not in learning this is a why not make it a policy on the fly her you know learning from you know you may get well we're we're going to try to develop this and i've got a contact now with somebody who is involved in place ten i think that what i'd like to do is grow this and continue to have have this become more of a news news outlet because now can i have not found at wit candidly great would contribute in an article in the douane did this and he knows all of these sources that we think that we we can trust while a train of my if my name is attached to it i swear to you as bad as my witness right now it's going to be honest or if we make a mistake or call it out sick you know what we had the best in my you know information we had at the time but were going to retract this an apology so that you know is more information comes in which i have not found another new cycle or new source that will actually do that there are corrupt and you know it's really a mandarin in the south kindness of our hearts at this moment and and all of us have just put our lives on the line for in so many different ways you know our family time or time or money behind it everything and you know we're in to win but with a sad inman appear if you want to get involved everybody out there go to my website because we do need some donations these people were fineries of dollars per we have us and coming on kamerading with the best we can do what we have but a people will say you know it you need to do this you need to do that i'm like all right what you goin to do to help with make this habit because we're going to need all of us you know i keep need to be willing to pass on this informal take the lamp you're not works i just heard i disheartening in from eatin half the so that honestly that you are beating tutor dickson on every single measure out there and microbe as the politician or the people that are in political accord were alike nobody's heard of you like or you can mean it right in an erect initiation papistical echo chambers that they have going on because they still stuck on winnington sure that the parties do well because they've got us they've got a stake in it but all is told or beating that everything so that's really a good and you have to this always a sign when they start talking bad about you again so you won't hear anything about or anybody that something that the right thing to do the good thing to do what the american people need are you a hero thing about them because they don't like you in the media they don't want your name in the media they don't want to bring attention to you but all the soddened in the middle of the day i checked face we had all these leaders the republican party that are looking to advance their you know look run up the political ladder and i know i know what's to be actually people were i haven't released he publicly because i actually and like a box when i meet on right so atherstone after about the all is uninformed of them of the michigan depots about about i don't know how many people that are grantown from one i know casemate which is how sad this comment yesterday and face all the sudden it was and in i have a right here costs so untrue she put about for doebereiner as about for i said are you actually serious case on you know i have watched you work for being most corrupt politicians in the last two years claiming that you need the money i said you could go get a job if you need the money why do you hear the word entomologist for politicians to actually work and do something and so just run their mouths roistered you know that the republican party stole a canada we have no idea what her said she festinat then as to give her views on what happened they happened i was there i know it happen i wanted a so the last president from what it was at the matter so here's the that poetry brandenburg as a boat for grave an so she is running and i he is running and she's a relevant i don't i just open face and i saw and i was like you know propaganda probyn what i thought was really funny as mashana a this post and i'm very attenuated anita very intrusted to the brand new monelia i only want to get involved and hard and work hard to elect republicans but instead they get drum confusion this information i hope that you all make their way to the next republican to artyom miontonimo and the shearer the chair of the us taxpayers party in me you see what i put as a common i brought her an ionian mechanical run he of the at is that reason or mere son is it me chanaanite bit on the sun and how that they play the senorita names as it came a car or care is it machine or morality i'm so sorry winnowing beattie for chair ihad several names given to me reprobation tell a he ate there's a huge pray michael he ran for a mile parthenay as no bobby it so portington coltonobory play and right my marianna now he's an illinois now it's the family began at t show there over the name oratio make yeah he the he and that i made one for a camembert their names running the only only there telephones but there was the partner at isolated often he's running too for the hat of it and chased and i don't know its like while well i think we should you know it's like john toinette broadway hands and where they are they going to bring out not well i want to know much i think that she is looking at runaround daniels and i don't know if reunion as willing but that all i can say is most hernani harry johnson his without running for president i guess he's going to run and and and and my son's daughter is going to poor chairmen so that those that machado there to what is she like well and i think that her daughter was working in paris campaign before any way i think he was working on that spartan dollars you can see how all of these people are connected now look at who was look at who was on a plane with me with merton going down to see president to you got you've got a whole case of people that went down there and i've got some big questions about this you know it's not president trump screamed the brahmin true that so that's another whole thing where i believe that ran wiser involved in an bunch of other people who are utilizing president trump's name and it's just like the person that came to some men the trump endorsement i do not believe that the president trump centronia told pointblank at all president trump doesn't know anything about the disgust people that under our under yet one i antithetical to play but the whole system is paid a play and so you know you get into it for a little while in your life your life who are these people this is totally a ordinated group of people that are in the only way to fix it is to this to wit of the amerind here we cannot keep going on as and it is just in a rosette it's an illusion of having a senor governance it's the one of the biggest rise in a you put this together with the election problems that were happy to election with cituation scorchin with a soft are the machines all of these coordinated after is not one of them has stood up to say a thing is it not in ire it's definitely incredible so what they're doing is now what they are getting upset that saying that you're going to a well with the board by being having such a pathetic party that away from the american well i find it incredible to have these people have some nerve let the vote who tells who who's going to split the vote and you know who putting the boat as the person that was installed the person that nobody knows the person that got thrown in there on it's not the one that's been filed over a year now that has been running i actilly earning a we know the reason if the person that was thrown in there and light about and some is pretty close to some of my supporters how on how antedated yesterday and i put up a post that sat in a super from well then you support his endorsement i was then i'm not going there with you i said has endorsed are not his these are individuals were a bit being advised to indorse said by people that do not have our best not know who all these people are here a advise endorse i mean leman was one of the worst she's a global it is just a this is is clean what she brought on stage in the clear i noailles be real about this pleasaunces and dormice directly from mather a candidate for attorney general i know that person then brunhilda advised to endorse his same by so i don't care as one of the lot of susanna as she writ there to the little bit of it and i think we should say that for another day because then the nation personal i know that i can from him on a are without you know you are not one county that is my congressman i have to suffer under this not you how dare you do this the rotha she up control this trump now that she voted to draft women those trump now that she voted to give aiblins now that the ironical go on forever about the ever the office was full of social you used to work in her you know it and she worked there for i think i could not take it any more she mailed she has the mail she emailed mergenthaler green one of her staffers and she said i can't take this any more these people in this office those and they picked on me all she's like i would just like somebody that i could win out with your in you know so she has the evidence she had that room and independent or mates the supposition that if you talk about the machines they will run up candidate an why i think literally stuck hacking at and we all know the number the people involved with marat and see those connections and now people in the latter looking that i believe in hearing the spend after well i don't i don't know matters you know that what you would know about him would certainly be something different than i would know it so i wouldn't say anything about you know him as a man i don't know that what i am tolerates the result of being at a this as he bent to evening and he was at one stage to enakanee was other people and especially something came out i was one of those people doesn't matter alone in a room or a crowd in longitude drawn to speak a populace i can i i i always supported matterhorn i thought he was a her son i i work harder for then i overworked for my own i was more he then i would be if i did i know that we need all the sudden in his most loyal supporters he did something that was awful terrible he lied about people what he did is all that he needed that money from the establishment that big pack when i did a fundraiser and marco and brought all of these establishment people with when the video got pushed out to publicly at the his most loyal supporters here in michigan where we were all just like oh my gosh what is going on here you know we have never seen maternal with any of these and that that's where i would go on about maupassant know anything about annexing you know friend took me it was a real supporter he retained n't give me that and i really in trouble come with me to his tactique tions on stationariness making noise pacification because that too the bethlehemite bad about that so i only instant looking intimate first time when i was after i erupted without really knowing just in response to what he said and so one of the gang the tool of yesterday and that scholar land so i just went into the public godeschal sight it will all as could go and and i did a search for his name just to see if he's a palaeontologist elsinore court cases offered was just why well i guess i have two honestly it is i just shot me to do first of all men let me say one thing that did i shapelessly and i can understand that this was shawyer gubernatorial candidates as i spoke with the about my concern about our attorney general crop that we have not to replace the cilician the covers on all of us and so when it came to her to matter one thing that was true about him and definitely evident with it all the corks is he's not a polished not one of the good boys and get along with the judges and all the other terms he's not part of that wooeth group discovery body else and so he most certainly get some judgments against him because he is not part of their clothes but at the same time i know diatomaceae and red carcases and ran laws and discussed opinions on all these things in a lot of interloper work and carcases and represent themselves in the rascally get called in at and frivolous and wholesome and have no legal understanding in etooell the time basically an aptitude and to look at what maternal had submitted it in the paper work in these filings i rather have some of these people that study with me do my paper work than what he presented me to some of those things are in intrinsic example we had a couple of people that were anatomise and they were caught sleeping with each other ventured round and in basically took from the office in order to raise a false flag of veterans on a loom anabanco up that the other affair and he mentally they were both removed from congress because of more the cover up and using the public moneys to cover up and so those two people wanted to see the whole house of representatives i mean you just lost a job all these things you think you you were long so you know not many people would take the case to go back and guesthouse lawyers but man was willing to do that and you right there in a paper work you know there's hurricanes i think it said six hundred and seventy eight paragraphs and if falsetto i mean an i we that the failure distinguishes the most common objection or the fulsome motion in any time to southern men the first thing to do is motionless pines were unsoothing like that to the failure statelier beginning of even initiating a corporate in alterations so to watch him do such such long extensive work and in bestiality not even constitute a claim and that the court didn't hear that in reading through what he wrote and so i took the time it took the courts efforts a the other things that i would rather encourage people since i peroration and you're going to be monferrand attorney general in your option is to return nestor another round of what we just went through or you can have matthew is totally not an establishment but as you say he shows up at these bestow because you know he can be pulled in the hat and made the little bear of that establishment and all those of us that are tired of the establishment of her we going down eliminate player to the pocket book the stable i really like jerry venice from the us tax payers or if you looked at him yet i think jerry i think jerry would do an outstanding job and i i will be i you know i think i think he is somebody absolutely everybody should take a look at the some one i would be absolute proud to have in that office is he is very reasonable man and i know he can't be now in the other the other two candidates of the tenement up because they're both out to running in the dickens is permanent in waters they had signs together same side of the sidonian atheistic over ever supporter of the other and putting expected to gain the top and not nation any pecially a the top nomination reformers ously promised that he's a great friend of mechanical pushing him like you anneli i mean a lot of people don't know this but when the heroes on his way to go get the trump endorse leonard was twenty minutes on a plain behind mason found out leontodon about it and put leonard on a plan to go get that trump the the way that they thought that endorsement outrageous and then they continued to fight until the day it was released the minute it was my he and i only knew as because i was working my manager that is good friends with masonwork for her husband and i was relying that information to the turn and me in the back and try a bit after i sure got information of the files that i found was friends and other people you know here's the whole case set of cases from that some one said to me you allotments great to watch me to your soporifically knowledgeable toothers analostan was tolerant fraying meteorite i said well i guess i better look since you ask how i guess it's only a ferrandine step into the canoe campaign a little bit so i went to look at an investigating whether and honestly the that i found there soothingly part of the establishment but as he continued and again i documented all these things i came across from things that honestly make me wonder why charges in federal court have been filed against him gibraltar it all evident in granahan traffic well yes for me it's hard to say that everybody in the government has parted human trafficking because we all become so coppers for them to make money off of his long as we want to pay the money moignard these these horrible things that are going on were involved in it it becomes it becomes every single or who is who is contributing to this horrible until we decide to stop it were also involved in just in and i thought that we may not know we are but are to collars are going are for our government is involved in weapons to in war creation in drug trafficking in human and in outrigger ent across the now glow and and toppling borelloni did over an you can as video when he no making deal say we know you don't keep the money unless you get you moved his person i'm sorry this untenable and were bent have let the thing go to pay the players to do it and as if you agitating to look even looking at tomlinson i was just on that topic that you know he is a former speaker of the house so he paid the house he is job right now employed as a lawyer and a major firm of on the east side of the state petunias what orestes lately employed as a head of a practice grow and continue and you can have to go look of collected all the information and looketh company actually does you can see their customer testimonies one of them is a medical company that makes a medical device and they weren't allowed to operating because the word nearest but this company needed the law change he noted if you want the law to be changed in your operation you call foreclosure and it actually said right on the underside and that he feigned it was for them ratiocination the legislator to help us set up the shop at what a never been possible and his whole team does he was again the tea and independent has written most of the water the commandant come from the legislative branch we come from the plaice whose writing them and then using the relationships in their friendships through the house and all that stuff to get these laws passed in so amazing and so they got me right there and at this one guitarist in the primeval toasting he's not even one as licentiate he's an employee who is not misticot they don't listen situation i like just himalayan qualifications he had his law the right to allow you can go right in the actual law will eventually when you go look at the law you find that it made a corralled and it is basically some big corporation getting sued by one of the administrative agencies all the violation of this law and their finding inncome up at the lowenstein that its crew the people well how did we get this lawsuit tional adiabene people and has onorato would not this operation it will haematite ways over a pompeian camp fires nastily typecase he buttonholes now nellie not to look eenterest that is what okay so although on that he mentioned weller beneath the anecdotic form has all kinds of locations and engenders in groups and ideal mentioned in relief security but major got to itinerant worm is the is the food security comino my somerton and i really didn't but apparently for means security and one of the largest organizations in players in the world economic for his mission stately the world now as a cultural university and it has perhaps that as you continue to die through the war we cannot in forming a dextrous there and start digging through michigan state university you start seeing all these corollaries across or gesticulate graduated from school from and as you and so now all the sudden ousting forty privations that are getting these private laws pass for through private poleon through the primary lionship of town linealist very same really counted for based friends and you start seeing whether deploying these agricultural programs will one of the biggest programs that the weapons run through food security had been immense hananiah's there were out for visual and not well well estravagant weetalibah at inayat if we take that leader then you can be anyway with our money so we went up metromania of these solitudinem inarticulate same recent plantation here now if we wait they weesome sure the wet horestan was last year a genoese got a bolabola well the first thing they broke was weasel and now the next thing by it is friend in his hay if you're coming from them as well because he commonly so bad because the government to because it's such a third oracle you get automatic temporary asylum when you come to the united states so the man is a to be an look at what look at what all the dead that is well in the philippines had the dominion voting as rather to such a huge mass its incredible onontake when we talk to one of the ottoman finance other day why keep giving it a tom winter and you look at it i mean he has a sight like most candidates to talking about all the interest and things that he's involved with one of the insides proud of his he is also the member of a non profit church face faith organization and normal all but then a start looking at his particular and ended where talking about not bowing marit will a porofiyat would company has different people's means not spell accurately for people that would have such original names in the area and imitate and damnthings the next day is the name of the churches even spell properly so it makes it depositaries internecine into the earthen but one when you will amoretta their ministers there all the same indications that cross it with a allegations and generous security so how is it that this one church the tom letter is part sawest salomonis ristori think is the sight how is how is it that he has church is located and all the same places that the world economic form is running the food securities and so is that the way that you get that not profit moneys from the michigan economic development non profit corporation which is one of the aether with a mass so they can actually send it through the non proeteritos other locations it's a concerted effort it really is and they know how to do it they put the power they set themselves up in agencies like like the red cross you and the thing that we think are humanitarian even arthur in order to lead us down the primrose and i think that's really that's an amazing bit of information for leetlest piece on there that boileau again all his cause finally taken when on an interne clinometer at all whenever they want to but the other things i kept ianthe as i looked at the records for that sweet savitri and there their created as a non profit corporation and that list to the warders are the members are in the pastorates listed as a man in mary faults outfit and so it will in to see who are outcast see what kind of ministry on eventually i found him in the governor's office he's actually in the governor's office on the full and fiery count the office of film advisory council of the handiest of tropical how many get there all people that are on the council to the governor in the office of forgotten appointed by the governors or onfortunate appointed by the house of representatives in warehouses actually a candidate that was offered and presented by was actually offered and presented by a former speaker house that time literature figure as to which is the guarantee larry foundations but maybe his pastor and his probation the money honoring why is all of his throne is because if you go look at the former speaker a house right now from illinois his last name is matt he's got a harder on six page indictment against him by now they obeyed they brought against him in his charges is using his position in his private corporation and his friends in order to pass laws through opals and friends through the legislature all that's what coeoperation benefits to france who all that exactly the very houses getting through an appointment at the palisades people against an unsubstantial solalay them too and look at wantun of all of them all of these universities are clearing houses billions may be trillions of dollars going into them to for policy or sport other organizations are it was a look at the foundation and look how they use the foundations to do great evil on the witan we've been taught to believe in them but they're not so i'd like to i'd like to see if we could stop right now and that it's been a very long time i i've got to go the other side of the state to day so what i want to do is i would very much like to have background again i've got a arjoon coming on to morrow and then try to say to jason was the astonished maybe to morrow for a little bed or if not may be tuesday of next and with your atarneus this is i think i think i like william to pick up in this oleomargarine so all probably since i know how to get into our into your way to rome her green rafflesia stage some available i anyway so i do enjoy the opportunity to be here gooyeanawannah everything you have seen lebanon this will issue with the world economic or maybe we should do another one at night in that way we can allow people to come out and come and we i think not travellin all of your channel lots all the hours available and the day of the jettisoned the maybe turned it into a twenty four seven thing like the clinton news not work as right now than cannot other so and actually provide actual information there's a lot of good people out there so what i'd like to do as i like close and prayer here and you know best everybody with a good day and then we can get to work so that continue on his right to take back the global in an the united states of america because the enemy has been working overtime as stealing what we were given our freedom are right our land are everything that we think we all they are and we need to take it back so dayfather thank you so very much for the stay from melissa for can for leo who we know was in the background of melissa for all of our friends and family and for every single person who was listening to this broadcast we are living an unprecedented in an honor to be i live at a time i ask your blessing for every single person at security around them your provision fighting for that they know the love of of of you our father and our safe we are so thankful the food you give us for the land you give for the sunshine to day for the wonderful opportunity to do good works in the state and we love you so very did erastus and that we may always live in a way that is to your honor and a man sermonising on the back side was yelling resentment but everyone was thinking of every single one of you you and i thought in our prayers go to my website brandon bird for governor door it's a brandenburg the number for all a rumble face book integram you too were all old the internet i mean we are literally all over the and i think i talian done much so wherever you can pass the information i get it into your groups in pesth friends family tax email call whatever you can do that really helps us and if you have the ability to donate a dozen dozen mean big dollars but any sent we have is how full because ah we will use it and manage now like we would when we're an office and i'm not asking for big help just whenever you can spare would be good and your time that is santa o thank you so very much got wasteland all you and all your athos whom a blustering i dorotheenstrasse and economical that have around you all day and i should never be an interruption to indianapolis with my kids next to me teaching them as i live every day in sending on to some other place i greased by a kid's growing up onearthed bescattered that intolerabilis come first or kids come and you know eleonore for governor governor restore your freedom this went on the london forever i look at the kid he's great so good that mamma the eye greatly flattered we gradooated ful breakfast morning with you now in