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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/7/2023 Deron Brunson and Scott Aughney

Published Sept. 7, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Deron Brunson of the famous Brunson Brothers will be talking about their lawsuits and the Pro Se process as a way to defend ourselves in a lawful manor. 10am Scott Aughney - Independent investigator leading the Locus Standi investigation. The process of Locus Standi as a way to prosecute those in public office who have violated their oaths of office and lawful process. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventh day of september twenty twenty three welcome to brandebergs i have two wonderful gas that are going to be on to this daren bronson of the legendary bronson brothers we defy had loonbee and and you know what guys i'm really excited about guiding in the prose and what what is as right the son take a path in one direction and when it does it's not working out well clean as in the court system right now we we've already been through his because our judicial system is completely and honor ly in abysmal file a second second guest a scot on me were the locustan report and scott scott always of good time on here that president king about talking about things with it with great passionate ah eviction that we need to take this nation back and no back and down on no wavering in there's been some developments and that which she fontabout so on with it i am going to bring on daring because i want to make sure we have plenty of time to talk of than he dare and i doing a good thank you for having me on the hole you you are such an inspiration you and your family to so many people in mission i hope you know how legendary a significant that you are and how many of us have quite a while tell me how you got started on this what like of goto i know that you're one of the guys that can actually answer them it else why thank you i think here preshipice ent you know when when we got him bald in this a couple of years ago we had no idea the kind of responsible regentage or panionion goneeven care but the escanaba history this with my background eh i had done this starting at the canoe very beginning of everything i remember i was at my house and had a knock on the door and smoked not the door there's a process server there and served me a loss soon and i was like my gosh as corostock back with with that because i thought who is soon me and for what reason and so when i was kind of looking over the complaint it was by an end of the johanner met and so it was about some reestate transaction that i was involved in and i thought now how can somebody had never met i never had any business with decided once to go head and soon i set when i decided you know a thing and figure out how to represent is and so what i did as i i searched on line and i found a course ah that i purchased and down loaded that the new basic the corn and you can if you go to an up as an otome i i've got a lentthere that can take you to that course and i highly recommend anybody anybody that's going to be fighting themselves a representing themselves in very very important that you go to the length is right there and the boys says if you go screw back up a little bet yeh right there discrown a little bit more and how long o disco dono that more there's a little lingering down if you go down this little bit more or cold little bit more a little bit more he thought in her young man at the other yes if you pick on that line that would take you to exactly to this course i to learn how to defend yourself so when i got this when i got this and i downloaded at that's what i decided to care i'm not going to hareton on just goin to go ahead and represents so i doubled the course and actually cocked to the guy that put it on and i started staring and staring and staring at and he says this is something that's easy an opera eighth grade to understand for me there it wasn't that easy but i think i i just put anything to his side i decided that the on googe got athos and the thing is as i wanted to learn about this i want an larn about this stuff for years anyway so i kind of became a perfect match for me unfortunately i was sued but that put me into the realm of learning how to represent myself i studied and studied and studied the core i figured i was confident i was now going to represent myself i hadn't followed any pleas with the court when he gets servicessome and complaint he had like ice that okoshite days in twenty days the the first week was studying the old and then when i was like ok i know what to do now i'm going to what the course suggests the dede as you follow the motions i learn how to do that was radiated and then i got a knock on the door and i got served and an additional thing with the complaint and it was a petition for redonat it was was for i rid of atach and the goddess some now surely with this rid of thatch then he wanted to attach my property and as like woe and maist kind a knocked me down because i thought i didn't know what a rid of an attachment was and i i don't know what to do and i kind of panic and i thought you know what this is really over my head i'm not going to i'm not going to represent myself so i started you know making some phone calls and i wanted a doreturn in your talking in three hundred fifty an hour and wanted ternissure better get in a tourney this is pretty serious and then i des set back no thought no one i'm going to follow the course in an i'm going to do what i learned in the course and basically what the course caught me is that a basically says followed the rules a lot of it turnesol so i i decided to follow motion to desist and took it to court and they are then when i was at this the first time i had been out in herring like that i was all nervous and assoshating and i couldn't think and i'm there in the judge calls my case or you know the case that i in bolding calls his up and mylesand there and in front of the judge in it then my mind is basically goes in one also the jussionis is so silberstein bronson bolabola and be so we're going to go ahead and have the moving moving a turnighan and present her argument and that why she was basically a partner and junior partners the king saw his fighting i to turn his one and he and so the judge in now listen to them and then the judge as well he didn't really ask me anything is omiserunt and i i say that you've got your pleading here and he just basically followed what i wrote which i was really happy about cause i didn't have to say much any rule against them so i want my first imparts and court won and i want just spite following this saw his pottgeiter about that i remembered thinking now now and as i was leaving the court you know that to the one had turned kingedome is okerere going to set a deposition for ye and i remember in the course that they can't oppose me time poliander so i was on revisiting the everything and i says now you you're not going to depose me because i haven't followed an answer to the complaint yet is a well kidwellythe he just turned to walk direct so i was i was glad that i had won the case and then i was glad that i was able to push this attorney of from him coming down on me be in now and it was a neakings so that's what kind of got me on the cord o prosterity and then nitshevo ed into many more motion and then when the bank crisis came up and in now the realestate was dropping and everything i got hurt by that cause i had in ooloo things in a lot of money invested in well iste i decided now this isn't right decided you know the banks how can how can they just sir it was my opinion i got that row i did a lot of spending enough to wait a minute the banks are controlling that the mark of price of the realestate by the way they long they make the the rules that goes up then they decide not to long they make the roll on stake o down side decided i'd been damaged by this because they made it drop below the value of what i followed that so i was upside down and my properties no this isn't right and so because now i had some late gating experience whatever i decide as goose so i you know i had some various different properties and i boase against said he the banks in no more than one bank cause had more the one property that i was going through and so that kind of that process of polling the loss suits and going through the whole process i learned how i lost them and in the lower court and then i have pulled it and then i took it to the utah i took it to the concord in he took it to the supreme court then from that i took it to united states one and then in the other case is another bank i took a federal court and obey moved it the federal court so now i'm in federal court and then for federal court you go to the tent circuit from the ten circuit i took up the back up to the united states and what happened with the second case i began to realize as they wouldn't address in of my one and thinking it to be was ruled in favor of the ten representing the banks when the judge wrote his de i never ever really address anything then i did address the law then the dress the facts even isthat i could prove that they didn't on the loan i could prove that there was a brief title completely ignore that and i was also a shocked by that not that we're on i really thought about that why are the judges when they decide my case why do they ignore everything on sand and then when you read the pleadings in now the judge formulates his his order according to what the defendants would say the atrines for the banquet say and so always made me look like i was bad that i didn't do this right then to this right on then and that that upset me on like that's not what happened that's like the truth and they even posted some of a theredelight the attorney's rolled on lightbetter didn't ever postmolds or why i believe that they were wrong so i got to think how how is that how is it that these his deny me do process which is the right to be heard how is it that they don't listen the anything that writing and so that is roy upset me and so on my last case i took to this supreme court i was trying to figure out what my argument would be and i discovered that then the united states supreme court years earlier in these they come up with the th dock in this called the doctrine of eciable maxim and now the words there telling all the judge that hay if some one comes to the court and they have unclean hands you can shut you can decide not to hear their case and so i learned all my own why they were not hearing my case cause it was really frustrating why don't they addressing my and there i think what they're thinking in my mind as i took out alone how dare me find something that allows me to keep my property even though they sold the long bay turn it up to a thousand pieces they can't prove alongs the ones alone they sold the long for the fold aggregate amount and they its title the deserven that in al the title you can't have a breach in that and the tinclimatea the link of title so showing all this evidence and i wanted the judge to base their dresses but the judge and incites the judges or one of the judges did will eat it save us but he's basically saint or mister bronson on locking to let you get away with the long case if i let you get away with a long ineverybody would do that and i like you they probably should they have bolted the law when they sold your property when they when they created a break in the chain of title and they can prove it patlatlan they can proving damage only time that they can ever for close on your property as if they'd been damaged in the can so damsites i wanted the the judge to dress that he wouldn't so honor of the doctor and a black obleman the judge looks at it will you took it along so i'm not going to hear your case you took out alone you pay back in history so this is why they shut the door and would not address any my argument at all because they do not the dock and back or abomasum and i've got to think it when you go to the united states supreme court you've got to take something that's every that he and a couple of things the united states supreme court looks who as they look for something they want to see if there's a contradiction and a law there's a big enough contradiction in law you take that to the supreme court and to clean up that contradiction or if you got something like i said you know just now you got to have something that affects even so when i did as i decided to what i was going to take on my case was the doctor in her beckelman and i created a doctor and called the doctor and of object principle just and i basically showed how that the object principle justice is backed by the constitution the portent amendment your right to be her they cannot shut the door because you pay a filing fee and when you pay a finally the you're saying he or honor here my argument chashut the door against your argument ever that's a boation of your right to be heard in court and so i was showing that the supreme court had come up with the dock and a bucket maxim and a boated the right to be heard the right of duprs so i put that argument to the supreme court and hopes that the supreme court would look at that cause it affects everybody so you can actually and this would be really good you can actually go to miserie court and you could down low da the case on that gosh what is it eleven dashed eighteen forty seven i think it i'll let me i think that's it the it's eighteen yallereven categories state supreme court to go to the docket eighteen dash eleven forty seven you can download that and that's where i challenge the doctor and arecomici and they show how that the doctor is unconstitutional and that the supreme court needs to enter well it was completely at north i had now all the experience i had been in court i've been in state court i been in federal court i bend in the utah pilicotia been the utah state supreme court i'd been in the tent circitor of a pill and now i've been to the united states supreme court so i had all this legalis expect and in the back of my mind when i started when i took this one and i started learning about how to have control precede the back of my mind i thought i wonder if i can ever brain legal action against all our government officials that are brink in their ological the time and am basically now entering a cot at that one there's the way to do this well that opportunity came to me on january six twenty twenty one when i was watching the congressional hearing when they are counting the bolts the and and what was so interesting by that is when i was watching them count the bolts and there are trying to decide as they brought up the argument that there was a problem with the elections and they had all this information a hundred members of cones had all this information affidavits from a thousand affidavits there saint listen we need to have done investigation and to the election because we have all the savident that shows that the election that theres a problem with the election here's what i'm thinking when i was watching this i thought to myself at a man and wait in when you have at an enemy as the united states of the american that's an act of war right they tacked that an active work and what her purpose when they make their attack is to put into power their victor so i got to think a way a minute i ricollection does exactly the same thing sets out to put in a power its bitter only there's not a loss of life and property so i riddleton is an act of war and here you have members of congress that are basically saying there are allegations the intellections been red we need to invest it they have all taken the altar defend the constitution against all enemies beforeand domestic so an allegations come board that thurstan act of war at our door and there's an enemy at the doorless attached me america threw a rigoletto they have an obligation under their olderbones everything that there done because they had conprobet ed open the cost and they should have investigated that red let and so i just was like well here they are there saying we need to vestigate a put it up to vote and one hundred members of congress voted that we needed to do the investigation the rest of em didn't and and right then and there that will be just down bow late thereof is and i remember a senerey from utah i remember him saying well you know we have the ball as matter of fact a lot of em talk about how that we have a athabascan under our bevoise's postes do what the constitution so and i think it was a mimic twelve on remember twelve or just supposed to count the bolts that's what we're supposed to do under our abatis under or as being legal representatives that's our job to count the bolt and when i heard a sinkin no no no no your old go bois comes first cause you're supposed to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies born to st and if somebody comes in through the tetamenon to tack america you can't say oh that's okay cause you come you came under the twelfth amendment and our job is just the count the boats to wordes got to count the old and so i began to think in will they all boated throopers when they fell to do an investigation of rigoletto cause again their overboast protecting depend the constitution against all enemies as soon as they gave aid and come to enemies of the constitution they have committed an act of and i sat there and i that no no no somebody's that intense you now be here they voted not to do and investigation and they committed an act of treason and i thought we can't just sit here and do nothing and i remember thinking ah wow i think i'd like what i like to do to them all bring a legal legal action against the all including abide in the cameleers and and so that well his kind of a big bag effort to do for me to st also the all and but it was on my mind after january st i pondered and pondered that and i was bothered by it and i i i decided those conocal my brother lowe because i thought to myself you know if i do this i don't really want to go alone but also i don't want to be the ah and the reason why it's because i know every time i am in court i freeze up i'm not and you know the draw and when they have come at you with questions and everything in and so i thought i need somebody that's quick at the drawn and i thought well my brother long he might be really good and he understands the constant so after about a month after january st while shine decide what the day i called up laces he lore what you think about the idea that i bring legal action and so present binding calmly harris and over three hundred and eighty members of congress have the removed from office for vollendete bocasin committing an act of the now before i made the call i was thinking why would my brother lay want to do this i mean as purty big bold move to go i decide to see the present members of congress and to have the removed from office ah i thought you know you enter back totally other and i thought well you know that's that's a big move why would you want to do so when i called and the the thing that's great about los he has a lot of information on the case the rovers on the subject of the is created or pocket book about these and i learned some things about the cost from him so i thought it a long one to be so and i do not gethsemanethe breach of their oath of office and that's all on the constitution she they all may be i will do this i don't know when i called him in i presented the i did to me says he didn't hesitate since he was likewise some excited yes to dothis wisteria thought how will that's great he was to detests great is loke well i'll tell you what ah i'm going to start working on the complaint i'd give me about a month as i knew i was going to take me a long time to do my research to draft at the i locates that so it was about another month that i fondly you know dropped the complaint and i think them i think every one should be downed the complaint if you want to learn about the constitution and how to draft the complaint and how to tie it to the oath of office because i created all the causes of that two basically tied to the oath of aces but then my complaint is about the constitution if you won't learn a lot about the constitute as really got so after i dropped at everything i got together with on it we went back forth and retreated at we twice at athene finally took it to the court and says he we want to follow this complaint now now what we did in this complaint is that we decided to get what the damages in now were songthe hundred eight members of congress we decided you know what kind of dollar amount would be in and i remember thinking you know has to be strong so ah with decided that like some members of congress was going to be five meantfive million dollars each like massy policy because they really they really were and a very powerful set that there borolong could have caused advantage the investing no people like nancy polly and and might pets who also could have easily says no word gonodon investigation and they could have had an investigation done without and as the way i saw so i thought no bar heavily heavily liable so i decided five million dollars each so when you take in all three hundred and eighty eight members of the all the defendants or going to seneccine close about almost three billion dollars so here we walk into court ye there's that right there that if you go to a inopinato me and there's only there that will take you to the chronological order and then berlin there the atticotti chronological order that shows to everything that a this been done in the case that you know that i worked with my brothers on and put it to so i hope to you go there yah you be quick on that link right there i hope that you would go there and as you grow down and just read an i tells you about what we're doing and i think it's been a wilson i looked at this but they're showed also be some links where you can actually down load maybe some of the pleadings of weak done so this is a kind of a history of every thing that we done so going back to in one design in the complaint and thou art in an ill sous with or and or loy and we went to the supreme the the court house at and we went ahead and gave them more pleadings paid for the bowling and here's the hers how it works you give them your paper work they give you a case number but they don't but then they have to fill it and so you really can't do anything until they fill it after they fall in then because we're prose yet to put together a some so we put together three hundred eighty summons you got to take back to the court and then that the clerk of the court signs it gives you back the summons and then you take the summons with the complaint and you got to serve it on all your deeds now here were at a we take our pleading to the court over waiting for them to fill it and they don't follow it were waiting for them to fill it and they don't fall out what checking to see if this on the docket yet and this not filled in his soiled and we're waiting or were waiting so we started you know i was talking with long came with some ideas conpositions you know he deposes you have to follow it and so we started putting some motions together and then you know arnoldin at and set it off and they would ignore it and then the judge and then then pretty soon they sent us something has says he listen if you don't change the way you've written it is going to be dismissed because in this relentest in because here they are telling us a complaint as the fishes which brings up the question would he doing getting him bawled in the comet up to the other party the finest it were soon to tell you the judge the fisher and venice starched the argument but here's the judge's saying no you need to crack it cause is the fishes and they they sighted a rule and when you read the rule the rule basically says if you are incarcerated or if you fill something and you don't pay the filing fee that means you inform of popes because your form of papas then that gives the judge the right to look at your complaint to see it good enough to be found well we weren't in form of popes we paid our finding thee so they had no right to tell us the complaint was the fish this in a way i ble was kind of a god send because we got to think it will wait a minute even for this and a five make it so as perfect and sent it back and they like it and they follow it then that's basically the judge saying your complaint is good now means that the other side ever says he is to fish in i can say what way a minute the judge allowed it to be filled so it's not the fish so that would automatically we would prevent an emotion to de so think while this was really grace's tolinobo ther loyasse this is great as a work on it now at this point time my brother a rollin we kindo got him in bold i think and he was like a lesson while you've got that lossoge can i follow one and i got to thinkin ye wes have two going why not in all and they're a lot of legalisierten you you can't do that one is if you have a similar loss i ah by another party is as they're going to combine him put him together and so there is no bad going through my mind and i thought no lessons do it and so it happened so at the same time that in perfecting the complaint i am boys case so we got it all perfected i re write it and i do believe it is much much better it was like a son's happy because the judge basically says you need to do this you need to do that and so it was kind of thank you for the legal advice so we'll go ahead and do that so when i had dropped it had four manetenand gave her back to the court and waiting for them to poeterey wouldn't fall it they wouldn't fall it they wouldn't follow it they wouldn't fall it men got rollins case going now i dropped the rollins complaint which is now perfect and he got his and you don't guy his pleading gave it to the judge the court and then his gun filed binominal his got filled over in his benlois casse and so while a while we're working with the court to get them to file louise i got to decide and i saw his talked to my brother's nice as listened there is what is called a ride mandamus writ a man damis's when you go up to an inn upper court and you tell you do request the upper court to tell the lord court that they need to do and so i solicited a mandamus will go to their record and till the lower court that they need to follow the cole we did a red a mandamus i got out together you tell that in the tents circourt of a pills that takes some time it all they sit there and wait and i hear the words really interested we did a red a mandamus and there's no a dependence on record to oppose the redman dames and only one that can oppose the redimendam is the court himself so the court in a way they are not the get involved in these types of things the supposed to be like an unfree is like an unprintable game that now decides he's goin take a shot at the ball well how come it be fair you know the judge can't do that so they did get a little bit involvement which they shouldn't they shouldn't but he was so he lost the lineman de miss it went back add the and at what the tents circuitcut said was well they can take their time to fold and and and that was wrong they shouldn't that bowles to process on here you have her have rosalind right to his trial right or all yea yea they they don't have that one now but you know there was you know they use in a sample case law were some other judge in i took six months on a similar thing and three months and they say sometimes the courts are backed up and whatever is sos to the discretion of the court when it gets foul well that's wrong but in a work can you do in a poreuesthe argument that was a violation of new process it was violation of those principles that they needed to or when you pay the following the that follow it and the story that the argument comes with the defendants and to decide you know what they want to do with them but when you follow complaint they hold their job is just administrative to take your money and put it on the docket and the judge doesn't should not get involved in that at all he that's nothing that comes to his corrompre purely and ministry and so the judge is getting a bold administration and then at that point i'm thinking lois he won her you guys soon the jade less the judge because he reached outside of his judicial parameters he went into the administrative side and says it can be felt you he can't do that the moment he goes into the ministrative side now he becomes liable now he has he can't be protected within him unity or anything and i says are you guys i've done my research or god caseless the judge cannot cannot get involved in administration and do things when he does he's liable ses so they the federal judge and the senseless of the tenth court of a pills because they basically are gitting em ball and the ministries but when they say it's okay they he can you now do that so so we got another lawsuit going i dropped it and got it ready and and boy took it to the state court and we followed against the judge in the federal court we followed against the federal court the judge and the tincochaca of pills sir warinstead court now were singthe forecourts just to try and get our complaint and when we are stateswashington billion dollars because that was the amount that were asking for with that original complaint and when they say they can fall is and their damaging us of what we are they they shot so now i'm so nonothat the dean here's at wancennes in were in the federal court and the judge the holds or cases the de judge over a case he's a chief just is the chief justice over there the federal court utah so here are setting the chief justice federal court and the tents are cooples and so we soothe him for three point nine in dollars and state carsonistic and were soon and then set up the courses and so we get them sir now this is on a herd of some precedent so we had the kind of dovecotepigeon obstacles can land on i do this and so i did my research and yet you can see the yowling american you can pretty much seedytoes i mean that your lossit was creatorcall will back soon in a hired a a government attorney and to represent them and then started me followed a motion to dismiss and we got that all gone and that burned up some some time now meanwhile while the walls are turning on that we go over to rawlins and here's rollers there is his beautiful rallis case they followed it so we think in how they must know what's going on and lois case and they don't want to have any pole so they fall that and then we have a problem or try and decide how are we going to get i've got time this was covered night and say what again that's only a lot of people the serve it's a lot of people these serve as breakpeace's a lot of work and you either have to go to congress person to their state are in washington d c were the offices and bewilder and such now this in during covenantee others a complete locked down you can't get inside the premises were their offices are into different buildings are i think they're three you can't get inside there's a lock down and you processtaken even do it ah you you know who were going to do it and the only ones that can do that at that time of the year you isarthal going back to lois when we're going through all this loss in everything in the fondly got it wild and then we started the eye given open because the lock downs whenever we want the the federal marshals to serve it because no one else can servant and the judge can actually allow order the federal marshals the servant so they do send out an email to the federal marshals of petromortis now they have all these complaints or mail and they just evil em them all the followed the complaint and everything so every one would be served except for at that time my pence wasn't an office and so we had to have but that was you know not as difficult found out where he sat where he's working did the research on that and then got him sir now over in and olis he had the idea that the i may be what we could do he and this was burning up sometimes to rollo's case was filled in all but later so what we decided to do is in orders case loki now is kind of confusion going back and forth but one way when wee thing to get him filled the end ardente ah a loris case we goes by you know his name is really loaderan but is here grown up calling martin and lotteries to calling i'll try and refer to him his long so going back to louise working with the court chine to get up while they actually the judge actually ordered the west marshals to servant and then almost the same day or the brain estay he changed his mind and crossed at all so is like the darkest shows that they were served and then the donkiest he decided that it was a big she so what we decided is an we sir we got it what what and what we decided to his so we found out who the esmarch's would be that would represent him and ask him what they would except so for them all on thinking so what happen otis going back a couple of years and then we've got the rollers er what happen with waller's case as our rowing ablewill served a i think it was the cameleers and and and by and then they actually before we had a chance to serve everybody else backslidin attorney that comes on record and says we're going to represent all the defendants as soon as they said the representing all the defendant then boom that means they've all we could say they've all been served cause the representing an all and because over in rollins case because ye have this attorney that as representing a man we decided to prochaines shapethere present em all and art and lois and so that worked out and so we in those a couple of things had to do get a server there and band that and a torn there came on reckon to represent although de so here we have we have two these cases kind of going on at the same time alois case is still taken time because there still you know donasthe they finally got under torney on record they follow a motion to dismiss and were trying to argue that and then rollins case they got on turning record they followed motioned to dismiss but his going pretty quick his judges on copethe cases and they give an answer and they the elisthey they price were not pressing turning by but the bitherstone the represents one defendants he found the motion to dismiss we follow her opposition they inderly it goes to a decision and then they dismissed for case and then we took that up to the penseroso did the meanwhile say what they say why the d yeah the the what they said as they can't be cured i lack of jurisdiction and in they have the munity that were supposed to take it to what is called the special court of claims but the and then again they did not address my reasons on why we could so they basically us the docking acordable maxim and but they don't they don't say that we just know that that's what they're doing because if they had to address our argument i'm quite sure we would have won so they completely ignored that all my agonising putting the pleadings ignored it and they and what they say what the judge will say is with carefully considered the arguments and what must the bronson said and they say a few things but they don't willingfully ides sell the dibasic in the plate blow of love men then their ycovered in their behinds and there is no reason other than death yet they make a sound like that the we've really carefully examined the pleadings and and we look the mister bronc's arguments and they touch a little better what we said but they don't really go into it then they do everything exactly that's all it is theatric is to look good so they boated or rotatores no they boated the object principle justice oilthey instilled the doctor and of recordable max and because they basically closed the door when they think you come to the court with unclean hands and the unclean hands that third thinking we're havin is you have no right to see them he doesn't marry you now there there the thing you know so i i see so we go from there so we call it to the tents like cord of o pills get it all done and the tintoretto when you pill for opanyini the then they tell you can ye got to do this and do that and do that so i put in all the paper work for the tents ciccotto pills than once they get all the paper then they send you some more information ictis is when you follow your opening in thirty days and has to be formation right whatever and we followed the opening etherside they fill their opposition then you wait for decision and were waiting and waiting in a month and two months and three months in his house sitting there and finally round calls onesthere and we got to these in all we can just let it just sit wording erything that i possibly know i've read over the rules and and you can't you know before you go to the supreme court you have to exhaust all available remedies they won't even take the case and then then i'm talkin o layouts like darenothing you can do and i don't know there's nothing i can do i can't think any now then roll in calls me back up and i miss his old verona carried a time in a couple more days and you do why we're waiting and rolling calls me up and he starts talking about something and i don't know what he said but it triggered my mind i thought wait a minute wait on i think i think there's something in the rule though allow us to a pile re mediately without waiting for a decision from the tension corn of a pile i went back and read the rules and i don't know why but i read the rules and i don't ever remember what i i found again so going through it into the third time you know i came across rule eleven and a basic says that if he have something it's of a national comported and on an urgency he can buy pass a tents icacorea goes on god strictly to the united states one and now was like oh my gosh we don't have to wait for the tents icecold no more said called up my brothers and say you guys this is it we're going to go up on what is called a rule eleven we'll eleven basically says we can just by pass the then circourt of a pills because we have a case there has the national importance or case bills with an enemy that's attacking america through a rigolette being attack this is an urgent this is an emergency this precor has got to hear this case immediately now so i worked on a got it all dropped and everything and sent it to thee and the united states supreme court soon as they got it they rejected it and says well you did some things that are wrong that you got to do this into this and i remember thinking that's right because i a second time they did that with me and i forgot dat's the you know there's some tangoed they require that you got to take certain steps even before they fold and so wing lesened to them and a book of form has to be in i don't know if you know has to be like this has been of an a pocketfor like that soon soenan get it bound yet we have to get it bound and they want like forty copies and they got to send copies to the defendants they're turning so many copies and so that it is a lot of work a lot of work to get that done to poor mateo get it you know perfect bound get it printed so senate the supreme court and then they sent a back and with a little letter saying you know this is and these some things that you forgot and they nearly an sent back the money so metocantes everything and sent a back of them again and then this time they call and they called rollandus it was on his case rolles case was at the tents wickford of the pillowcase was stilled down on the federal so on the tents or accordion were killing rollins so they call it rolling actually talked to on the ponies as he listened to are you massoistas and they says how soon can you get to now that was very telling cause there's like they want this and they want to know how soon we're going to get it to him and so we got real excited with thinking on my gosh they read it they know it's about a national importance they're calling rolling and they're asking wrong how soon can you get it to so that was while we're illicite were worship on out in everything now by this time i'll always been doing some interviews and then i think it had caught asgard catching on a you know didn't popular out there on the internet the social media so it's just starting but we hadn't really quite gotten into the united states and prime court yet but arden was talking a little bit about going back to you know this supreme court calls rolling when you get to get it to us and so we go okay we're going to work on it were working on as fast as the best we can and then there's another conversation as seems like there is two conversations like could be wrong on this cause we were going back here a couple of years seems like there's two conversation where they basicly says he again when you get to get it to us and then they and then here's what centres we are going up on a rule eleven and i sat on that in the cover of it says he lessees on the comet youbetter rule it really loving so when they sent him back to us you know their way to for it they know that we have still with the tenth circuit court of the pills they know that the tents look a cord of the pills has a maid anne and when we sent the first pleading to the united states the prime court you know but the the booklet we have to notify the ten circuits so they got a copy of his so they know the war were going to the supreme court even though the tents circourt of a colt has made no decision at all none ah the so on the second conversation i think that they caught when that the ten circuit knew by the case and they hurry made up a scene he quickly made a decision they denied it and so the supreme courts as he is not a roy evening more tis folly been brief name this name devonian she got a come up catacomba to is not under a rule love but the point here is that they had kind of accepted it as a rule love before the tents of the corn of the pills made a set so we had to take that off the cover that it was a ruin even before matter and got it to the united states and there were waiting they got it i think it was like on a friday now usually when you send something to the united states supreme court is seven to ten days before it gets docked seven to ten days before even get take i think we sent it to them i think it was a friday they got it on a fight it was docketed on a monday it was like where was he mediately so we had there was it was on the docket is serapeion had been there and ben they sent a notice out to the defendethe have so much time and which you can fall and opposition to their petition for tis now when we go to the supreme court on a petition for rare as showing were basically the way that works as is basically you knock on the doneshe come in so basically your saint he can we fall an appil the petition werthester shore is asking the judge permission to fit in a pill so i petition fortescue is really not considered the t be a pill it's the first step towards getting the pill you have to give permission so here we are knocking on the door shaouonons can we all it sorosis they send a letter back to the defendants the saint he you guys you can oppose the request to be heard in ye can oppose it you can oppose the petition britisher shorty and you have so much time in which to do now when the defendants now that we're falling as soon as they've got a case number and they now know that we are in the united states to princod the proseoike sing prosecuted be you a turnes little representing that dependence they don't have the power or the right to argue in this supreme court so as passed along to the solicitor torney generally forget a besttoo the proper name of the proper woodiness given to a different entity and that entity bei think i see you as a general there the wise that can now respond to the united states supreme court and they have so many days in which the following us now by this time lois case is still down there and the federal courts ah we're still working that out i think we've got a fall they be got a fowl but were still working the bremeners on how to get it and that that's still problem even though walliskse now hasn't used for turning were still trying to go with these of ternitate surprises and don't remember you know everything happened but his is to suck in the and the lord cork so we have barons cases up in the upper part the supreme court and then as sisitoan a that's wines started just really catching when on the internet people were learning about the case their real excited because onomy brothers and i ah well used to be troubled players and we are a kind of looked at as you know the the trumpets that take down the walls of jericho and people were reherced to you don't but were excited this only people are getting sight incase we had no idea that we're going to kind of get the and then somebody started a grass gets an organization where they were actually asking a lot of people to send letters to the united states supreme court to to shore the case and this grass reorganization basically basically a said that if he sent a letter to the supreme court also sent a copy of the letter to the bronson brothers so that they can kind of contract of who's been setting in on these letters and they also talked about it all put in a couple of dollars and so in a we started getting these letters and we got probably over sixty thousand letters that went to the supreme court in the legacies of this is completely amazed that we had no idea you don't when you go back to the start of it everything we were acted thinking eh you don't was probably going to happen on somebody drop a godescale or head and adhering to be we're going to be a bus and people against see bad things about us and maybe make up stuff about a history and everything we camped about that we was no wishes in how we we decided to know it's better to fight for a good thing in lose than to never done anything at all and it's like kivenaase once says that we as as citizens of a country does things that we are fundamentally opposed to and final stand up and say stop it don't do this there are copies and so we decided we were not going to be complete yet we have all these reasons why we think that maybe you know it's just going to be bad for us to do this even the public of the government the newsman will just probably just ter some part but without knowledge is god for this because we know a good thing and you can't just stand and not do anything latopoli don't do anything because i think where goods are going to do and we have that same margaret i had that same martrones again to do but because i had litigating per and i knew that i could take it all the way to the supreme court and i knew how to in now do everything to on top of the game here i thought you know this is to hit me and so my brothers are just really really supported and so glad that i that i invited all intent be it and then rolling when he came on because you know that three of us you know we're talking about things then and lay with his education on position on poring some things and then then rolling the all he's it came up with this theory the basic lines like this he says one or an an argument with some with somebody don't say that which does say what works and so with that philosophy that he has you know we would look at the pleased in hisses now that's not going to work in now you got to say what's going to try catch her there attention you get you can want to say something the gin a one then what to address it and so he was very valuable and helped dropping it in that kind of desk so i in now it was it was amazing experiences work of my brothers there busy on now they have their lives to think and they stopped with their doing to work with me on these now and then i had you know i run my own business and then you know just stopping everything so it was here was really quite experienced is to work with my brother's to put this altogether and we knew we had no guarantee of anything we knew that this was going to be epe we don't know that we're going to kind gets the support sides one to think everybody everybody that did the the news i mean they did the letter campaign the said to the supreme court that sent money i mean some people were sending five dollars hundred dollars and i think it was high as much as a thousand dollars and believe me this help this helped us a lot because this gives the resource that we kenotron this and not worry about other things you know when you got something like this that connel take care of you than this can put you in a stronger position hodiernity put us in a stronger position it was high high compliment and got his even more excited to do this and made his more determine so going back to the hero rollins petitioning with before the supreme court it may decide it now this is really interesting because it was finally filled i think it was back in opol oh do years ago it was followed in october and they said a herring date for january st it was like the anniversary day you're exactly two years then aversary to wish it the get me yet there it was the anniversary day of january six and so we thought that with pretty amazing to her they said ye yes so there is a lot of things that were coming together on this and we we thought were seeing a lot of signs that this was going to happen and we believe that if the supreme courts hat were going to hear this case and if they removed biting and comeliness and three hundred and eighty members of congress that this was this was bitchis would be probably as big and powerful as when a most as part of the red sea i mean its huge what it would do for the country water would do for the world it would put his back on the track of the constitution people will learn more about the constitution although moisan his whetlow a lot of people don't know this if the study the words of biserence i was growing up in i was always taught important on the words of my sea i've never really understood i say ah i pray difficult and so when i got involved in this before i think it was before he got involved with the loss i read i decided in one day you i'm going to try and figure out this isaiah and here's a couple of things that i found out that i have not been able to verify if my interpretation has correct it but i think it has but i haven't been able to verify anything else that would say something to the contrary and it goes like this the reason why the words arise are so important as cause one of the first things isaiah prophesied as the birth of jesus so this is isaiah back in the old testament telling everybody jesus christ was going to be born and that the government would be upon his back in now we all sing there hallachores we all he seemed the toinon the story on that so this driewerf the isar prophesied the second on it one of them another very important thing that isaiah poet is the basically said everybody the lord himself is going to get in bald on how a government is supposed to never ever ever and the creation of the entire world has the lord ever rebuild on how a government is supposed to so isaiah has revealed the coming forth of the constitution of the united states on an and the writings of lise he refers to it as the law of the lord he not only says that the law of the lord would come forward and that this is the lord getting involved in politics and revelling to us how a government supposed to be so this is is not only is he saying that pretty went further he talked about how that a devonshire would come upon us if we treated lightly the law of the lord and he says that we would be treating lightly the loge lord and then he also said another thing he says that if we fight for the law of the lord we will win and he says fair not your enemies though you fight for the law of the lord so here we are my brothers and i am were thinking and i'm sharing my discoveries that i says and then you in a word we're going to be fighting for the log the lord and was don't there or enemies and asses of we fight for the love o lord will win so we had that that backing that feeling the isaias basically sang a few fought fight for the late lord your went well then in no come january st the days afterwards the supreme court response to make a decision on this petition raderhurst on shore and made denied it they denied without any explanation whatsoever they don't tell you the name of the judges and how they voted we got nothing we got distancemuch as what everybody else could see when you go to the dock you see it's written thenthat's about all we've got onything difference as we get a letter this says as etonienses of the court of the united states supreme so we're thinkin o kane well maybe my interpretation of my sais wrong because he says if you fight for the law of the lord you went but then again or fights not done some may be the wind will come a little bit later and there may be may be i says basically saying when you fight for the love lord maybe it's just not in three brothers fighting for the love the lord may be needs more than sixty thousand i got behind us and sent in the letter campaign to the united state so i'm thinkin o k may be you don't we are still in the fight were still here is so with rollo's case what we did as we follow petition for re harrying it got docketed and then oh what i want to say is going back to a rollinses as we had an attorney that contacted us and they followed the ane makes brief they help support you or rollinses so we thought well that was you know that was a nice shot in the arm for that they happened that was very mongoose body else was come and a license that turning the com practice of the supreme court and he even at otaco of things which was phenomenal to the argument it was this was great and in one of them point things he he argued is he he backed the argument of an rigoletto war and the war can be had without in all bullets without i know you now troops on the ground you know back can happen so i thought that was real any fell to legal these for that that was that was a big help so i so with its supreme court then in it then we keep fighting and then we followed petition for we hearing if you stop at it and people get excited by that and then after while minishes the night the same way now the things aren't over because right at that time i at the time it was the night we are now fighting in an artist has not now we we were fighting at artistes they had followed the motion to dismiss or we got a fowl ah i don't remember exactly how it happened but who i rollicked with this supreme court back and ariscas at the federal court we got to fill the god is served all the defendants are noticed they got in an attorney to represent homoousion the represents them and they followed their pleadings and they got the case those and then with miss arden's case aright when rollers case his petition for a hearing was denied now were ready with a liscas to go to the supreme court so orgies were just right there that timing on on this is is perfect it is colossian by god's grace and by his leading gus it's really it's really an extraordinary it released an ye think ye think ye i think out of anything i've ever done in my life i don't think i've ever experienced being guided and what to do then more than anything there is i know there's times in talking to my brother and as i have no idea you guys what to do here what the except you know i'd got a kind o see an iden then the like oh you'll figure it out i'm like an old key thank you and and i i i is so and i remember you know in this that in a lots of times in i son sinking and i always felt like sometimes the best way to get inspirations just start doing and so i start working on and the tide would come by the word come and i'd call him my brothers is he you guys i got it i got it you goin to like it you're come to like it the dies we come my start counting on it and dropping it i'd get it to them and we would just go over it and there you know the levedi fere location so we would just you emil the documents and and we were just for hours worse spending sometimes as much as six or seven hours on the palm steady his going over it just you know what what the best way is to say that in a pocket about ideas whatever and so they were really really influential and i saw i have a huge idea here because i think i honestly do think that we could probably go on a talk for ever on this sofisticating i got to tell you i have been completely upset what you guys and i got a feeling that we're going to have a lot of questions that are coming is there so many moving these real deever made an outline to outline exactly yeah i'm ippatha length it you see going to help is in a not me yet if you read that you know roland put that together and so he's then he's trying to do his best to be he can to you know keep everything i baited you but ye an i know pologise i think i watch pacatine or we had to time on this may be weather love talking to the one got another guess that's coming on so my i guess my thought is as that i would love thee nation and thus an end give me some time to press so many the anthers there priority for so i did sign out for he no good yet can decided that that i was going to make a superiority to her thorn and everybody's side like you guys on early have ye i think it all i want to tell erybody then if i can do it i think you can do it in and that course was so invaluable i could never have done anything i did without that coarse now i've caught the doctor gregg several times and he actually disagrees with me on points of law and how we should have done this but i'm pretty strong at and i'm going now doctor grace its working as working yet but his procedure oh my gosh well it's great the courses great and i would i have you are you taking the course when do you think i hear ye i didn't i i bought it and i've been going through it and i gets really amazing i think i'm going to go through this many times as i like to be i'm an i'm an over achever in the preparedness i want to know things inside and out i want to i want to do more research in it and look at things that i want now you know all of all the other cases cogellas having some frosted what's really crazy from me is how many people in prose lawsuits pleadings or whatever you want to it is is amazing and i do believe that we have god's favor with question for ye i don't have you scheduled for morrow could you come back on tomorrow for a little while i could what time did you were you thinking restoit nine o'clock again i was going to take that i didn't think to morrow the actual i'm going to have to find out cause my mom is my mother's getting out of like a rehash she broke some ball and she fell she is very old he's getting out of of the rehab under morrow and so i've got to find out what time the release and and yet if not if not then let's do it next week his i am totally fascinated by this and i'm fascinated by how you did not give up any amount of time you petit in how god you didn't have the answer god brought it in to you and it was just as you don't you we have the past figured out walked the path that god put in front of you on for guidance and in watch how it worked out in this i i find this to be absolute larious i that the amount of fight that you guys while there i just kept going out and find it your way through when you got out in the weeds is road and once he is probably one of the greatest stories i've heard in my life godinformed his sonis this came out i was aware of what you guys were doing and was oh my gosh girlie amaze in one of the guts things i've ever seen anybody in here while thankye and you there's more to come more tocome well i do you an let's let's kind of plan in tomorrow i'll call you when i get off to day i'll kay and then then i'll find out what time mom gets released to day i pay that'll be got in that sorry for taking so long i should have a clocar but i guess we'll carry it away now atherton what like i told you this is real is for real people by real and that's exactly how how we're we're doing everything and we need to do that becase the thing that i have a big problem with is when you get on a news on our potesser anything like in the limited so you're not really getting all the information he you're getting headlines is massif you remember right where we stopped in recopyrighted right where you stopped to morrow and so i'll figure out what time is it i have a feeling it will be a little later than i so to morrow if i can and come out in the morning do this again and had not been falling you bet he and then if i can if i can make make that process wait till later than you've got as much time as you want to tear i'll try i'll try to be brief with it but yet i don't know because she is like the i got white and that i don't want to say and on behalf of every one in america so proud of you and all of us had been watching what you've been doing for years or so proude lower and inspire your main you're this is the way the fight works gas this is what you do to fight i don't give up you get in and if the ice this door is clothes will god's get open window folly i don't give in the fight and stay in if i look at the don't let him carry it out going so went such thank you for coming on to beggar for having me on oh i ginjo the story i onothis story these to her her finest that are coming in from different areas is is a pain to me so sit here an actual just listening to is that here listed for hours i thought he tells to gather heliconine work he feingemacht and i'm going to bring scotomata will hartismere thank you akathak you and i have a good day whooooooooo grandmorin the now this is second hour of brandenburg is now work its tens shaafer henry now but it's the seventh day of when the twenty three and i've got my body scot or me on houdon's good morning john o how are you i've got my gecoren liddy look he peyrehorade change change or do there on as nessiad to because the humanity is steam and we got some nasty storms in one of my hat i don't have time to really pursue my hobbies whether be music or my other one which is and we had some release torn side just under her one week and a half ago but on humidity for august has been very very high sticking in my hair so giriprasda they olisikohan that's why i have short here for for a woman and am not in i do nothing with my hair in eras like yet we know down a right and side get out of the shower i call him an out the night that this is i i i don't master go go and i like your characterization you're not one then not confessorthere goes to thee behold gender you know when the songs and i'm working on a to play in my little accuse it was far far ahead of its time it was a song called lola by the cakes for nineteen seventy how far ahead of its time was that song and a confusion with gender in everything but i had don't even know how cohesit is it actually rothisbone and elingamite one and it is about for many people it's about controlling other one i i'm going to you know i'm going to be a different gender to day or i'm going to be a rock tamibe a cat and you're going to do what i tell you in turns my crop the pronoun in everything else and that is it is for many people is about control is about money power and i think for some a limited number about quite nothing more than another drug i am it is no way to der hypnotize the brain and i michelbach i alluded to this i was a ten years ago of fifteen years ago about or other sexual disformes and hankins for many people it is a drug it's a high i'm on hantit my soul through roye i nefer myself on to do silicon rog i see a lot of parents that are sterilizing their kids in gently i generally now lady that so it can be in the end crowd of the new and crosses there's a sterilizing their children and their children will never have had that exham experience of the rest of us who have had her bodies all hope one which you know got on sorry god sudden you know a good saying you know ah you we ought we long with that means all hesserich lden we know what let me push and there's no confusion he so i love i love the bronson brothers and i going to tell everybody out there of one and there's a couple of people and i ofanim not going to say everybody in the eye after that has something that not fanolehen are some very and i mean this is one of those things that we need to talk about even with an organization that we like to remember all of them have been infiltrated if there's anything that's got a shred of goodness in it they're going to infiltrate it so you better no who you're talking to and whose actually drew in the work stole the work somebody else did cleand to destroy the good work because that's what i'm seeing everywhere somebody will come in who was really a bad poet they come in there is a sort in front of somebody that's done he in order to claim that they did something when they've done nothing steel somebody else's in order to destroy the forward pass and in intentention back an asse a see over and over and over we got to stop following labels no more labels you know it's like print a cento you know what unless unless you got big mouth like you and me offertory i just got in a mail from secretary of the rotten jackson gee the rotten jackson republican and again for another month they do not mention standing westigations torontothe takahashi a sound no the opobos going on there so there come now we can lay over and steel no are we need that we need the rim sharp when i drop a joke you need rom i solygian hill he work on that yes so we'll need the orancay anyhow an go out he had the jacks tegeathe jackson jeoperd despicable and i snatches it's most of em eye it is these particepes are prideful and arrogant in the cults then i tell you what your you know what these same people would be critic stakewhen e returns he's not coming to return to to hand out medals or hand out in and out i am any corner right added boy he's notion here they turned his people who would be critical of him christians and yet i think there persons i tell you what the strongest ones that i have met testation not all from some of them are her individual but most morison was unknown or not even involved in and i tell you what it is the jackson he despicable human beings and they have a chair who so pitiful pilobers you are not these people don't know how to state your age to kostolo of thanks shoot this is and now i am always nice to people the begin i am always shed but i tell you what and for being nice on his country it is over in the rotten geo coronation and i this consecrated or renderingthe door men at scott i tregorne the i'll be right now for i have got held go ahead i'll learn i'll tanerton about the current to weather situation again we're going to have a conditions here in southern michigan for the next st the next day or two then another cold front will become in and hopefully they'll take away some of these for those of you then onward we do have torneo touch downs in michigan about seven to ten days ago ernesto to tornado struck a nine a south east of lancing a near the williamston area and foller miller and there were people injured in a couple of people actually lost their lives a not unusual for tornadoes in a michigan in age but he a little bit powerful oh i like to be on lithiophilite tried to talk about the tornado activity and asteriad a head like there can ototachibana and had i here you're tolloch shell in northern can we do there you know i was driving across the state and you i could not believe trees were down on men in the land i mean it's crazy amount of trees that are down in rungenhagen the lost power for three days that storm the kingston and most of the tornadoes they had i think there were seven tornadoes and michigan that day they cured along with cold warmth and most hornes and michigan long they cure along the cold fronts too by its worn front i generally have because that's where you have in the wind the wind direction per or engaarlo do set governor whitmer's running the state election the say over green energy and take away from the board of commissioners and townships and derthe and her sorrow so that so i saw him that that is controlling the election i know that trying to do jonathan braid her showed up in a meeting and in a midland and i like what is he what is this guy showing up at commissioners at the board elected the telling them how to run the elector they know how or how to run or else i mean talk about this guy has and her cochineal creed on you talk about that an idle talk about middle old melodies because what is not known but middling counties or deputy his the same guy i to my knowledge he is not a is still in place if he is no longer there my pologies to the new depot the clerk they had in around the fallen a former employee of election the company owned by doin and electrons surnage and he also had a criminal this guy had a ginthe was from he was from the west coast he was from a stole are the names i don't have his name in froome had a head on for retail fraud specifically for riding back he is where was this love be give me a skinsstones it and i am an i was evebefore he geopenodon deputy county clerk of midland oe and he her conviction for retail frog riding bed chucks key tell me how so billie that so job as he depecher deputy county it doesn't make any such but you want to know what the republican party chastises her fact accounting forces or republican and you don't what i i think it took its conjonctions out new slaughter nothing about the hochste sinope the rotten and many many of these people had complain and complained and i tell you what you hear about all these things all takes for evil host people who see by do nothing well you know what it doesn't mean a thing because he say that are wont the people involved in locust have and exemplified and got as viretons is doing everything suppose and riches got a huge piece of ovidence yester ah my can't discuss the particulars of it by he corroborates everything about them with an salome fifty two forty eight where there altering the echo and the light out et you know i do others so many questions that in ista is it let's see and is it a woman or man it's a man that i was ware of the i know how a i not sure of his name it's been a while since i talked somebody up there but you know what middle they won't even work his many of these topics i sorores et for these human beings they called themselves everything else and their bunch of prideful pride selene a difference in having pride in your one talking about is and that is the problem that we're running into right now and i tell you does i got manfred down something a while you're looking at up momostenango misdemeanor cones in the clerk's office let see of that there yet there to know how many people you know it's like wire fraud and the end the am i goes felons all this stuff is going on and torpentes a word copies the liars and philo heldring rector of the election integrity aided he didn event in shall be concise a as with litigant get along with haivver little respect a person let me tell you about this most stuff which allegedly they hide lighted one to show the broad vote front no the locusts his broad voter frog because everybody she most stuffing the ballots that's the bottom line kings stuffing the bolts of to the presidential campaign of william henry nothing new we knew about mosquethe knew about test we knew about flint we have known about ballot stuffing and these what i pose to the idiot showering from the gale austin a crool and chris cut in all restful how does it get them convicted i i invited how does it denied what laws as johnson braider been directly connected to with these ballads it must catenone what law is criminal the him or johnson benson or laurinburg bone or in by else from the michigan girls they won't be minded if you peindrait on me last night so that there the prime court justice that he got some and you want i'm not sharing in an yes but what we don't know are the right well goes and i think there replied we are a couple other angle oh i know and so much brought up about oscitantia most don't it now you're not if her woman died you were not going to get them indicted with musk belt okay you're not going to get him where is phil hollerin with the criminal statute the ties it to jonathan braider pro jostlement and or lord burbonnois it bere i got into it i have no prom i hope pet colbeck then in a text message battle with him and am not going to back down from the for your listeners and viewers he read he kind o as in seor wanted he had seized down there milanes event they did not mention the locust at all down there what they started the election crime bureau duck here's where we're going to report a criminal or a crime election crimes that were going to be why the pack hold back not bring men i tell you me oh well we don't have time and everything else he would have taken a long time to explore that no in two minutes because it's probably the most criminal investing i want to ecitons what are we doing we are still working the prosecution angle because down because rotten golpe the rotting evil gope christian cromer if the men behind this a year to you the rotten project the two bad ones and we we are in still early phases we have had some bad taste or were still working the other angles of h people getting the records other and everything and in us doing the processing and getting two long and secular situation there were to ignored rules of evidence ignored the interviewed lore bourbons woman or bergenthe mishneries stroy e p b rode in violation of i am at eleven that night thirty i and seasoned to forty eight then you go to the federal steps one too to seven or one to senoto that is five lines re state laws into federal laws more merely jonathan brace i tell you what the goeben by the post the traders acts you my law breaking that we have one the evidence is overwhelming the problem has the not all these some there the gartering terrible prosecutor arrogant like the actions you don't want done people are the ones touching i tell what if they are not invited is there not indicted six months from november twenty or because they will have you can blame the jail pet don't blame the democrats blamed the a magician blamed because they were the gulls not one to step forward to not all christians and i tell you so what i is the label it's a label i gits to label it doesn't rain initis section to the heart contortionssuch it is a late there i to what he the th of the way of church was running a of lotofanga were going on and the same thing is going on now many of these sold by nothing more than farisees ever and i tell you what getting back i'm kind of ring to it all over the place i got heretofore when by mosk peale on his mouth with that with though i think a briton on obraja jacobos he was out there not colias told was goin be the oh look at mossgiel ok at muskegon look we have evidence we have evidence there altering everybody's the evidence or dumping gate of electronic during the in the rotten geo pave the rotten jacksons nearly in the norton they're nowhere because there are they on oftenthat's my question roscoes and the enabling the bad behavior of the girl of elections and the sect they have no reason to complain about these they have no reason that one of the cat was the sixteen from jacks it deserves right you and i've talked about this far as in he told me to get lost when i said we need help with a locust and now it's all about money when he more money now you can raise a train dollars as long as they control the election date is being manipulated everything else how much money raised does richolson we winterson in the whole united through again with it your money unless you give it to somebody like the bronze and brothers who are hot or you who are actually you know fighting this because it riverdiverted you talk the guide your precise filing these that's what i know is the red man games on the hoe oct in riding or dining to be cold yet because why were corroborating pieces we have had three primary cos to vote the dynamic daytimes and and the horse they are concealing as you know from your foe consentire which contains a multoties and the dynamic gate third piece a cropping evidence records it was not an epos where we found that looking at the ordered his individual from the report to get from the data she from the bureau of lecture they have taken that come out from and you know what her excuses don't wasn't they didn't want ter it was corroborating evidence stationers were being all that's why they remove it nat what i'm going to court with them in the court ocean oh and at the gap the rotting jackson rotten to the core and the jacks are the snake geopeliin a chromo hand over hand and i do what talk was a people i had a great meeting in callisto waken a half for good lad i think it was last ah to say last week it was no talk about christian so we had a supporter the diario sport the values not necessarily her and if the indito not it is not falling through the vales now you don't see i don't care whether they call themselves if they are not following though see campaign election togeleton tegit election she ignores me i've been nice to her people don't there filled with arrogant pride no one why gone and of evasions phil holding is in his old not control i'm in control i'm a control i'm in controlled that is pillowed the state any one not he his rotten to the core nothing a muskegon jaltomate and i want all your peers reisner's now or in the next a couple weeks i chance find a law criminals the johnson breaker the director of misconnection dolmensand lorry bourbon or anybody else in the boy find a criminal i read you five the there composed we have things of other ones is mere fact they committed a cretan crime by removing this calm that we are to that we have started getting him charge but i tell you what see to the rotten jackson chloroprene i've met some wonderful pie i have of my help too in a given them some a very powerful evidence that i that this attorney general i'd never give in antielectron i know what they this is how arrogant christian many christians are and many of these so called their docks they don't have the guts to be one rustlings the turn down here and i'm sorry to single the jackson geoponica se it's it's a broad probe he is a broad protestantische so are they actually are they actually of arrogant or do or possible that their part of this organized crime syndicate that the global organized crime is oepla as i believe the people i believe the people on the lower level their arrogance they don't want a mess they don't understand something which means the a pride of privacy so it is a sin were not talk about priding country or pride how raising our family with good valleys that so in talking that is the problem of christina that is a problem philohela this projection to pino with regards nathalan some the other he i do believe there other people behind why why else allow a company to come in there here will give you a donation where one have your people put this software on or why we don't that is there's a lot with oncoming now right exactly look i look at my clan delve for all the cool a drinkers met what you are if you're watching a show eating mice in alleged another what number one why did why was lochus sandy a significant criminal investing significant data why was it not brought up there number one a number to he allows right the rocky raccoon or the lanrethon whatever i don't care his name jeff o'donel what is it what is the big weapon here's new software constanter falls to you can tell where the signals are going and where the eye p one more so what we ere this is rondelthis is pack coextend is all terminality and i hope corbeck i hope you see i tell you what i'm not backing down from you i've about had sit there and try a play that i mister lectricerty you don't bring up the locust cato you were connected along for why is it that you have not pushed to get me in the locks criminal investigation right my power wordis that there is no nobody's prosecuting anything i mean how much evidence can we gather what are you onion is the thing with and we need be patien with where had prosecuted office right now were all the cases of the county have been fine i am waiting to be called in of any woman from the county whose men leading the county i am not on say which county st a rowing beget called into to as we had isabel a county and he david barber county who had communication apparater two communications one by email and one von con gave a barbary if he watching or listening this if i have the incorrect facts on the you got to come in for a fact david barberine without verifying that's what he did he took once a fairy tale that lord barbarised this is a woman those that some days after the seven days after stromwender also twenty two months you must read also twenty four gave a barber was warned about it he was warned about the penetration of an elect of electronic pollock in his the rotten sheriff man did you have a corrupt a corrupt eternity of long forcement not saying all the there is certainly with regard to barbecause he don't barbaridad him and john miller john miller to my knowledge did not even talk to lord bourbon about to howash from dave barbary in decided we're not going to were not going to do these cakes david barber great prosecutor whatever he talked to lord bourbon in she said everything this woman clerks to break the one how do you treat car if the casual prosecute one what is the mentality i really top you off on his in critical the prose where a battle and sterling heights on the concone as the longford he took her a complete i had great conversation with somebody from that long forced monte the last week but the cap a woman can have not do other gender as to the attitude she wanted to do these to i had long you can't do that there's a conflict of and i have to call her again this morning as soon done with you the follow up because what do they want to do the munich watching meeting the municipal torney sterling heights the municipal attorney apparently once to have sit down the police kept and the people filling the locust a to criminal complet in sterling likes and me i the leader of the nope rector why you have to ask yourself why turning one to get storefields was sowing long a real estate with a labor negotio msl unions sabinsport nets not evolved with criminals nor they reinvolved in lect it is turned that have your in your tone same thing clerk probably consulted attorney the other and the township probably i look up the loss what did the conservatory to call the bureau of lections foley told her to do what they told him that exactly what is getting put out let me tell you something lawyers the most you are now the most corrupt an entity the most corrupt i i crime syndicate in michigan it's a michigan barsos without doubt that's the most criminal i entity in his and these municipal there if you have a true free markets don't have it free markets you got to have what is the only office the only elected officers don't know your views know this toronto they have to be member of thisher be member mistress you had a lot agree and you got a pass to and if you have free markets where maybe i could defend somebody for three dollars an hour verses exorbitant a information my source chainsform der municipal law firm representing most of the counties where we have locusta is they were hired by the misconnections a few months wanting in one thing only opposed and the love epp okay and tell me there making eight hundred dollars to do that that would not be shocking at all but why is it being allowed this a conflict of a huge conflict of interest through the municipal toney these municipal law forms are vegete they make their money the tether profits what every one to call it of problems with the local goverment as long as those governments have problems they make one threpence navigates the that the officers that a person has to be a member of the bar to hold they mock amember of the basoche to run fortune the only officer now if your electric you have to take tons and get certified it's not recorded to be certified for a thing to run operating her country you are i could run for sheriff we would have to go through as once were elected or we could run for but to run for prosecutor attorney one must remember michigan bar so i did not know that that's ordersnamely send the aster barbary and miller i want your listeners remember barbary up in his bill account that's open and miller and appear county which has as to guiseswere pursuing legal a legal actions on ah we are working and we worked on the legal action against me i have the other night and basically torneman damas and it is gondoforus to legally follow with the loss says and the lost says spose tops if you have credible evidence right while he doesn't have credible evidence from her the evidence that he got from david barbary we have the evidence of this pre when more burbone from the girfalcons it now what the barbara miller neither wanted them wanted to call myself or join joy and from liepen where the little we know the players we know they didn't want to call on you wanted to whip because neither one of em wanted to do the why no one what you things are pressing winners and losers just by deciding in paswindon give heed and i'm not saying that all proud we have set down posters are not going to say where ah i'm sure a bureau knows about while they do know what barber because war gergone you going to be pre oh are you going to be why with larry berkely asked why would she as at the girlish entiseen fifty two dot one one cipolla to do one he says i am and now i donelle i want to pull this up sideways by ranges scarificator so no ionian even fifty go head and pull it up and i'm going to pull me up this is i don't have to share my screen with his tone here i'll put it up there so here it is some fifty on point one one right go ahead luckthat's it right there and let's read this for your on pulling her enforcing the law duty of that includes a prosecute any public official appointed or elected responsible for enforcing or upholding any law the state and a wofully and knowingly fails to uphold or force with the result that any person's legal rights denied is guilty of a misdemeanor and there's another law the actually has a criminal penalty for misdemeanors that do not specify as competing i believe it is a five hundred dollar fine and up to he ah i don't have that one in front of me but i i will try to ford that to you but an then let's pull up so ah six years if others one once once she at nine forty and nine forty one pull those and well he lots because those applicable right now okay you got those once once sixteen that night for and ancient site that nine forty one of outalisso agogae this is which one is this is with the post is david barber and i john miller from demibarbarian from isabella county john miller from osculatory duty to it is hereby made the duty of every prosecuting a tree whenever he shall receive credible information such hence haste so is there where they get us as that where ever they use their discs it is credible information the problem is more verbeny he did not confirm okay he did not confirm her face and we want grassgarden the hen house she they were told she john miller's a prosecutor and leper county and gave a barbary in isobel reboth told the burial lections is telling these people to break the one why are they treating them as a casual wines sackerson a crime as prosecutors with low degrees why the getting away with us you know why cantabit so to go after whosoever the attorney general she saintgeorge her miller she's competent must the piston and jackson call for sion the rotten geopend his county writinto the cork well not the locus standi or anything with his because i hate my guts you desertsere to suffer and i hope the jackson jopes watch anseele because i told the infuriate me complain have enormain about the sixteen indicated that the maricopa about trumpeted but why do anything the other way they want to take so any responsible harris they deserve to and bring it runs into the distant a professional pitchers club and studyhaunting ah ah i have for were to hadn't the only way to end this type one god be consequence is the only way you can establish that is through a lawful spring onhanerichiahi forty one piece duty to set it is hereby made the duty of any police sheriff or other piece of and having knowledge of any violation of any the provisions of the sect were talking about the elections i gave no it once sixteen nineteen okay missletoe forthwith to crime proceedings for the punishment of such fundatos not mean as soon the case was strolling height do it off on the gee it says any peace officer he proceedings criminal proceedings set means and investigate oceanette with that twenty twenty election down ted on the albienses not my it's not my prohibeas she knew the offer wasn't going to vestigate that's why she did cause she knowed the fbi was not going to investigate i guess what the nottouch in our cases you haven't culture of lawlessness from prosecute the fbi the tory general and they can get away with it they know they can get away with it they know they can break the law because they control the investing john miller in appear contingeres cuter there and gave barbary the post isabel on both petronii for wilful neglect of and woe unneglected duty and trying to member the he i may at the coils that is for me right that is a wilful neglected duty some fifty to four seventy eight wilful neglected to in public officer or person holding public trust or employment and penloe that wise for seventy eight when any duty is you got it at what may there when any duty when any duty or is or shall be enjoined by law upon any public officer or upon any person holding any public trust or point every wilful neglect to where no special provision shall be made for the so by prisonment for not more than a year or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars i tried to get wilful neglected one sproggins anstey police would i tried to sharp like manly only public the michigan state police the corps crop a done with cots a few good crops but their fewings because we're bats does not they have shot because you were benches not mean you're going to force the law or uphold lowe they can get away with it said fifty two don eleven spose to do something with that crime they know they can get away with it cause they know there and there's nobody else she we can't ariostean even make a citizen's arrest oscar the citizens see mister you know what that's the lawlessness two crops ver ignoring the law ignoring the rules of evidence these are lawyers as her ignoring the rules of evidence interview lord germinate as a casual as a suspect and they were told she strolling on the break the lock ignored it the arrogant their prideful a lady who be pestered with the you know what we don't even ask him go down turn out take the gold was be part of the cold as his own nobody knows how to this is the highest offices the problem is you have an unwillingness at least not all em and i believe we are going to have we're going to have prose as far as david barry whose a thirty three year old up there in outpost john miller pretty boy who spent too much time in the mirror admiring neither of these guys cares of all the rule of law or the old sore or neither one l he did not want joy and the color meet coming in and what those woeful neglect to i think there's going to be any boy that brings we have a long we have lost the in this penford you have a rotten bastard a fellow howled in the day in the michigan golpe a rotten christina cromandi hope this video goes out and i see i don't care you can tell me that your your christian apologist all you want jesus a pick up the cross and follow me pick up that cross and like me and i tell you what there to any christians don't want to be there will be peshotan want astate and i done with my guide the and he initiating you you know everybody has the right to say with an ermine i mean we have a lot healthier society of people just set it in walking away and and buried at nevers so long when there is and oh that's that's happening in our nation i mean without what i have some sort of an and taking it through his best way and bringing the law because honestly there is the law is honor side there warehouse in the isle the problem is shore for single mable you are now old see so prosecutors may be removed osmaterium by a tiny what is going to happen i don't believe it two arrant trifles the gape is part of election make no mistake about the purest pillowing in his nietortestn ware of the means we have the piano this point i want his arrogant control freak he doesn't each should not be tell the people we need to gessisset scott joan run locust and he must go and the people in the counties just go out consider being a plaintiff to bring charges state or miss commerell but no did you piece not like that pardon angoni don't care whether you set the parsee you don't what a lot of christians are going to be in for runaway ening when he does come on now whether that's th and all his oar every are like elinoure to day terence you and me are people had shared our same independent form we number but i believe were the and were lansinere's never been a lot of e that stands the end you know on in anything when when you're in no a huge veiller's always a very small remnant that god will put in place to actually stand up and like a tolliver and i think so it it's a it is a unfortunate he don't what by comets with hank choked her is more the sixteen i could care less i don't think it's going to happen cause you want to win they did that against why they indicted man the panel stuff ne lambert and dearand why i they indited home because locusts o fingers stood up to his cook soon i am not saying the sixteen has sorely having several people just did with their retold on myself if i would look at january i would not have jumped you know straight for with it i would have started investigating exactly on invested and you should i just found out some self the miller the post and from a lawyer and you know what an when i think needs to helpe when in to get rid of the requirement that you got have logic when ned herthatthat needs to be removed the lease get rather requirement the god to be member of orissa the i kind o like deviated from train thought of trying to go with her but meritory a were a always learned when people when people go off into the weeds that's where i learn here then then these random facts come out you can start putting him to gather some opals yet we need i'm not saying everybody to one that the lack of be seesawin a lot of the bankers that are listed by michael and dell o care whitestock frank i don't care whether it's rocking racoon jeff odonald bocaros is that number one while soskice they have no idea on what's in the locust they've no idea because why their couch potato are the counts potato i i don't neocomenses the ex looking election or or lection irregularities what's called down to this difference between evidence and irregularly tom better in promote the bolt which not a topic for another day because stolen a and most of these christian picos great tenderful it wonderful promotes o o really so for him to steal data from me and from leaf and put on his webs for that not to mention that many there we have uncovered that after putting out totally wrong that being set why talawush meaning i must be in no face hold that one certain down sorry annos always love it do what scot hidling in one tell you what he and joan and send he fantastic fighters for the and i i just really want to thank you for that you know and and there's there's many others to is like criscoed a lot of the work too to find information out there for my own and you did go up but i tell you what cooroowe er his rider chilo he will not get involved to locate he ought to be involved in it when he's what you want a wife because because most kiantone has as as see j and he onhandige the pernel lambert and enterrando is not even very good lawyer bonfirenot okay and you don't want the conflict of we have the locust and going in the we could have him he should be red this callyodon t get involved with this when i went up to do the meeting of muskein o blew this off i hope he watches hope one of these frauds the kitten talk about these come after me i hope they do because i tell you what i'm disgusted by the lack of involvement we have the line of investigation to get it and we have to continue to work on these as you know what we can do something i must keep in calling enter him maybe the bolt but no he felt belbedere knew about felt goin on for we need to get them indited some fifty two forty eight and some of these other laws for eighty three eight and some of the other and i tell you what i am sorry but he's one guy from if i observe respect and i done i don't bear about the ballots i know others voted frountel saving we don't know for many people they've turned election and tegre into a social movement a social it is not his love and with grass roots was find a way to get them charge and i tell you what a love these locks allow these elections taggerty people pickle michande no where to be found courseindeed evidence of jackson count so he could see the jackson county cork misses last we while that and i told him no but i said i'll check with my torn and whether not she will allow me to release it she said absolutely not lionel his self okay he is a cool as and then he has the cool a drink you know what i would rather i would rather drown myself with good artesian water and a i don't drink a lot of alcohol by em i'd rather once i don't think you are a cool you're not a cool at whom i don't drink it lathered body to me these people want to feel what to feel good self i don't care much to feelings the jackson golpek your no honor kiss of jackson gee here the liars and the pitching complain but they don't want to do the thing i've done i've done to ronda so parisno because her talent you're telling exactly that you feel in and a charlotte came on in side all let's scout your doing great service to michigan thank you i have done a lot also feel like a lyon my party only staying and districts fight for right here staying in the light is and prosecutor valancourt a crooked the third district for a nose in her office pretty sure of and also i bring of locus standi are meeting i shall charlotte an amazing page ah i onanistico talk with her can you get us connected can you take in my phone number or or me i einertabelle of howe do it mate solchester ye'll do it right now i say ye i see i didn't realize it as we did put anything in there that you want whether she email or whatever she brings a low castaneae meeting goes to and act like they don't know about it oh i can i don't now what we have the means but the one to what we are having to educate then the secure haven to bring these became these local enforcement and the local i she has your number let have what's up she's got your number so calls argent see assuagement and prudente private chat oh dick and bright i do i put the other that's the cat outfit it you want to do in it out there for everybody to see kattegat o ka or do tell it to learn how to while i'm actually logged in to the rumble and so when they put it they put i've got two rumble channels of i i've got a bunch so it interact with it all goes to wander two placesthe can can then our hang out the while this has been i i always love talking to you and you know the bronson brownshortthat are in an equinoctial done a lot o people don't like me well they can suck it up a lot of people don't like me these in the colyumist be doing somthing oh so you know it's it's funny because i actually had oh so charles is down we after roll for the taxes we have to change it this way i agree i think that there is no fixing this the republican party there is no fixing this with packs and money it is impossible cannot be done people are going to have to walk away from what he what they think is is the way to do things it can't be fixed we have jogged has being able to were these corrupt litical parties its not post perspiry op is is basic the imitoit now i mean i went in there to said we there get the thing right and honest or i will single handedly burn this and i and i were so i think that if we have to be we have to tell the cannot bear down we have to have a bit of an ultimatum that sides or a consequence you either keep it legal keep it right or so help me god we're going to take action at and in the action is is there's legal lawful on macailean he got in the weeds on the outlay but there is a lawful post right this and so i'm i you know it's like ye cragie me call you know every out there's got mine over to in all he is far as is that of roncoroni mi omoi don't bowood lolapurring at balkis i've got i've got i don't know how to get i don't know how to get to the isle i've got four screens going those that's there's their scales email and his phone number and the alemaine this morning state that i've given my my number of right from the beginning because we have to change the way that government works because we're so sense the old cannot you know i'm telling you we have to have the ability to and with them sensory night the ericson reports kino interesting to prove is that that they on the internet and unless we're willing to reach out to people and actually say good crawl you know if you if you called to harass me you're going to get your behind handed toyah i tell you that but if you want to have a a good discussion i'll talk to anybody and i don't have to agree with people i hope everybody's got the hands around the in the end with rain of her news nor i don't agree without erything people but i do agree with giving them a place to in birth to share ideas that doesn't mean that i i like oh yeah i'm right on ward without rybody that's not the case and i am on board with letting everybody talk we have and in bodonwe don't have that out there because big check him harriet i yeavering bell developed organs that work little hang out of a hold on go little the scene job down now to your where be tack is getting nothing done so you know i mean and i really think a down i do check out the outeiro i sent you about whittler am i watched part of it will you reason that to me again charlotte re retecto so that i can all i've got i've got a little bit o time the next years had been credible it dick around here for a number of reasons one of messes like i said earlier the earlier hour my mom's getting out of the rehabilit and others there's has been a lot of motion and in my life lately which is one but ye know you just keep going and you handle which you can and when you come to the end of it then then you know you get down what you can't doesn't mean you stop it means that that you do your best to you can with wheating that i'm working very very very hard for that for the in october general flint is going to be speaking at our inner national committee and were promoting that please everybody come to that is going to great of and also us taxpayers party and several other things that edie i've i've been digging you know nechepso this prose process so that i can get the figure it out because i have to learn the prose processionthe courts the tombs are comolet and otter oenoplian your harps surriperes can you imagine will happen with the if we the people learned how to pile our own cases and right the language and everything else it would be would open the corks which needs to be done after handtherein i'm going on i want to learn how to know on learning the language and the that we can see rodenham with mandamus in what tone of what a to do i tell you what i'm writing redimendam involved in three rods to mandamus one ah and montmorenci county in northern mason one appear county and one it red and all three or redsands you won't babico on once i finished the one against the day before or the day of the getting piled and i can walk everybody through i won't know it that have no be good to be good chow listen i have to go but real clerk in your dear i want to have a planning meeting with you some time about the whole aere talked about it i'd like to it lit on work really well because i've got you don't have something settled down by neck seek but i think that hatitihenentha sounds really good in his countless and for the prayer her o ka father thank you so very very much for everything the bronson brothers are where he lay and and dareand rolling and and such and a ferreting that scots to an and sandy and joan and the people that are truly working people broken the law and the state we are so thankful that you're walking us in on a path that none of us knew at the beginning how we got here or honestly that that we were to get to be here but we know it's only by your leaving or see president trump the rightful president of the united states as well as admire rogers refined all who stand where the i asked that you would move people's hearts of to get involved and maybe even look into the tax payer's party which is the michigan affiliate of the constitution party it is not those it is the u s taxpayer's party in michigan that is the constitution and we ask that you would help people be led into these areas of educated so that we can all stand together on a lawful process not a sup we seen over last year cause it when when people we do not want to go into where people are getting killed or were taking up arms we absolutely have to go to that sort of war which i think we can do it in a legal way you've provided us every single thing we need to have a lawful prose the nation then were thankful we pray for people to keep their minds disdain your word and realize if the time is now for ten don't react and strategized and do the right thing always because i know that you will be with us when we do follow you so much for narat friends i want to be a good friend and a great front otoo and we love you and jesus precious saviour's name toname pen so thank cot like the like the the the look the new deal all three on gordon lady to the look lionardo i usually have shaped head i don't want usually if i've got more hair it's pathoginie to shave pittington an go heinkinheimo o brannhofer overnor a dot com i am still not conceding the twenty twenty two election i will not concede the and the year is can be a great day to remember we have steps to take in it's okay with gold to be okay bless you are all those who and god bless me make a great day it here as to the right thing and where the whither ah dear later