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Published Feb. 12, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Jeff Buongiorno is a cyber and data consultant who has worked in the IT field for over 30 years. Jeff built a successful Cyber company that works with US Manufactures in implementing business process and computer systems to accommodate the processes. Jeff accumulated over 100 IT certifications throughout his career and considers himself to be a jack of trade and Master of none. He is currently running for US Congress FL District 21 for a second time. Jeff has been an election reform activist since Nov 4th, 2020. Today we'll discuss a National Crisis caused by vulnerabilities in our election infrastructure. We will try to connect the dots between a vulnerable election infrastructure and the anomalies found in the data, some reaching the odds as far fetched as one in 15 trillion. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Jason Ickes developed a strong sense of duty and patriotism from an early age. His journey into public service began when he enlisted in the United States Army, ultimately earning a place among the elite ranks of the Green Berets. Jason’s military career took him to various corners of the globe, where he bravely defended American values and interests. As a Green Beret, Jason Ickes served in diverse and challenging environments, gaining a unique and invaluable perspective on the importance of fighting for America’s strength and security on the world stage. Ickes has personally fought terrorism and foreign adversaries while also rebuilding nations and fostering multilateral relations. 10 am 10am Sheriff Dar Leaf Militia of the Several States discussion with Sheriff Dar Leaf, who has been the Sheriff of Barry County since 2004. He has so much respect from the people of Michigan and has a long list of fighting for Election Integrity, initiated many investigations and is currently being charged as part of the 9 associated with investigations on the 2020 election. Dar and Brent Winters have a new class we will be talking about. The Militia of the Several States Course will be starting soon. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and it's the 12th day of February 2024. Welcome to our show this morning. We had a few days off last week, and I think it was a good thing. We ended up going out to pick up my husband's truck after his little incident in the hospital, and it worked out pretty well. He's doing much better, and thanks for all the prayers and the well wishes from everybody out there. He's doing very well. So today we have a lot to talk about since the Tucker interview. And I want to get into that at some point in time because I have probably some observations that might be, I don't know, a little different like most of the stuff that I do. But today we've got Jeff Bongiorno and Jason Ikes on. So we're going to get right to that because we all know we have a crisis in our elections right now. There's no going forward until we fix this. If we go forward and we don't address these problems, this is like watching a murder happen and saying it doesn't matter. We're just going to let everybody get away with it. It doesn't matter. We're going to go on. We're going to forget about this. No, when a crime is committed, we have to address it. And that's exactly what these gentlemen are doing. And then at 10 o'clock, Dar Leaf will be on with the militia of the several states. He's got a new class coming out. And as vice chair of the Taxpayers Party, which is the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan, we are going to be starting up a militia class with Dar and Brent. And I think it's going to be really fun because if you sign up individually, it's like $175 a person. So you can do that if you want. But if you want to sign up with us, it's $20 a person. And so it's an incredible savings. And so I'll be talking about this more. And we're going to get a group together to do it. We already have quite a bit of interest in it so that we can do this together, learn about what the little bit more on the Second Amendment and also what the militia really is. I think it's different than most people think. It's not like grab your torches and pitchforks and run down the street and act like an idiot. You know, it's a little bit more professional than that. So but with that said, I'm going to bring on Jeff and Jason. Morning gentlemen. How you doing? Good morning. Good morning. Two of my three favorite candidates right now. Oh, thank you for that. Probably only favorite candidates right now. So you and the rightful president of the United States, president Donald J. Trump. Yeah, he's definitely a favorite. He's the man right there. Absolutely. Yeah. So what's going on in Jeff and Jason world today? I'm always glad to talk with you guys. And so let's talk about the crisis in our elections and everything else that's going on because honest candidates, if we don't get this handled, have almost no chance of getting in because they have found 17 ways to tie one. in how to rig this. And it starts, you know, it starts the signatures. It's the signatures. It's, it's the, it's everything. I mean, there, there isn't one part of this that isn't compromised at this point. I, I agree. Uh, well, first, you know, thanks for having us on. Thanks for the microphone. Um, it's, uh, Lots of developments. They're coming in hot and heavy. And I, you know, I just I think what we really need to do. And I was trying to bring on guests from from across the country that are involved in this fight is really look at how the states have all passed. similar, almost exact laws, and none of them are working for the people. For example, did all 43 state legislators come up at the same time with the same ID that it's a good idea to use the last four digits of a social security number? to request a vote by mail ballot, but when you vote in person, you have to present your full ID. So I'm really narrowing down on the distribution chain and if it's a potential way to, curtail the the mass distribution so I gave the example you request a vote by mail ballot online in florida I looked at florida south carolina missouri and texas so far and it's all the same sham it's a law that does not work for the people and what it says is if you simply provide us the last four digits of your social security number when you request your vote by mail ballot online, we'll send you a ballot. But those rules don't apply to the folks that vote in person. Before that ballot is physically handed to a person who votes in person, they have to present ID. So is there a legal theory there? Is that two classes of citizens? Is it supposed to be separate but equal? But it's not. I'm not a lawyer. I don't know. And that's why I reach out to folks like Jason and You know, Jason has a great legal mind, and I hope he gets to Congress. But, yeah, with that. But you have common sense, which is something that nobody who's got a butt sitting in a seat seems to have. I mean, everybody wants to see proof upon proof upon proof. How many proofs do we need to see before the people asking for the proofs are complete and utter idiots at this point in time? They're just being intellectually dishonest, Donna. Let's be real. That's exactly what it is. Let me tell you something else that's come up that I wanted to bring up to you guys this morning. OK, so I have a very, very special needs daughter. And there's another friend that's on the chat. She's probably on this morning who also had a special needs daughter and that we have guardianships over. Right. They were sent ballots. And my daughter is about three years old mentally. And so this is, why didn't they check or send or anything with the guardians instead of sending things straight to them? And it's like, my daughter actually lives with us, so we get all of her mail and such. But how many people that are totally disabled were sent those ballots into facilities and other caretakers or whatever? This is another big problem. Well, how can they qualify someone Like that, who's never registered. She's never registered to vote because I would have been there with her, right? And so this was an automatic. And my other friend who's got an emotionally or a very mentally disabled child also, and we've been asking this too. So this is another one way that they're not handling these elections professionally. You know what I refer to that as, Donna? Teething? It's keeping honest people honest. When we create opportunities for fraud, we allow fraud to exist. And with an overburdened system, we can't catch it all. And we certainly can't do it in time to accurately certify the results. And, you know, to Jeff's point, in Michigan, it's even worse than what you have brought up. There's additional vulnerabilities in the voter registration system. And that is same day voter registration is absolutely absurd. There is no reason for same day voter registration. I don't think we need people registering to vote on the day of the election. If you haven't registered to vote 60 days before the election, were you even in the district? Are you playing some games where you're registering in a bunch of districts and you're getting ballots and you're sending them in? We have the ability to sign an affidavit instead of showing a photo ID and register on the same day. These combined attributes make it, and a third, there's a third attribute to this. In the Michigan State Code, it actually says that the Secretary of State is required to give 30 days for the challenger to rebut the challenge. At that point, the election's been certified. How do you undo the vote? And once it's been pulled in, it's a secret ballot. You can't undo that. We have essentially created such nefarious opportunities to undermine the security and integrity of our elections here in Michigan that I don't see how we can even justifiably tell anyone that we have secure or honest and transparent elections when we don't even have the ability to unwind all of those three vulnerabilities. Well, and there's so much of it that Like I said, I don't know how much more proof that we need. And the whole system is bad. You know, even if they address one part of it, that's not enough. We need to go back to, you know, the Social Security number thing blows my mind. If you got a Social Security number, you get a ballot. When we were talking about things down at the border, and you brought up several points down there that I'd like you to go over again, Jeff, on how they're getting all of this stuff given to them at the border. They just walk right in and start voting. I'm going to tell you right now, I'm kind of a fan of St. Hey, you know, if you even come into the country, you got to wait maybe maybe a generation or two to vote. You don't just get a prance in here and start voting because I watched a couple of interviews, a guy that was in Germany and he was he was gloating about voting. He's like, we walked in here now. I own you. And it was an invasion tactic. So because they walk right in, they get a social security number, we hand them a check, we pay them more benefits than we do to our veterans. And this is just one part of it, the immigration part of it. There's more because there's no end to the places where they're cheating. Yeah. Well, you know, to Jason's point, these laws that are written that do not work for the benefit of the people, they make our elections insecure. And in my opinion, it has to be a conspiracy amongst the state lawmakers. Criminal conspiracy. Yes. I mean, I have a, I have a slide deck, uh, ready. That is, it's very, um, it's specific to Palm beach County. I, well, you know, which is good because it's ground zero. It's, it's president Trump's, uh, County. The rightful president of the United States. Yeah. Commander chief. Yeah. Boss. The legend. Yes. So, um, You mentioned what's going on at the border, and that can be monitored. The number of registrations can be monitored. I'm not sure. If I type in this chat, it's private, right? The chat's private, yeah. I can share my screen. So if you would allow me, I have this presentation ready. I would prefer you to go ahead and share your screen. You can share it. I just... If you put it up there, I'll throw it in there so that everybody can see what you've done. The work that Jeff and Jason have done, everybody, is just extraordinary. And, I mean, these guys are just talking. You know, there's got to be action behind it. And these guys are actually doing the work, the heavy lifting. So we need to get in front of people. Share, share, share, share, share. Yes. So when I was in the last – campaign I went through the district and I I asked I spoke to the people and a lot of them were outraged over the results of the of the 2020 general election. So we put together petitions. We had about 175 of them signed by the people. A lot of folks, they didn't want to put their name and their voter ID on it, but they were concerned. But I did have about 100, I'll call it 175 people step up to sign petitions requesting a forensic audit of the 2020 elections. And then, in turn, I drove up there with two other patriots, and we hand-delivered them to the governor's office. You know, here we are, we're in one of the conference rooms in Tallahassee where we did our own service, our own delivery. So we were signing off that, yes, we, you know, they were delivered properly. And it's, you know, now it's two years and what, three days and silence from the governor. I mean, at least call the people back or have your office reach out. So to me, there's a, that says a lot that they're not responding. that they're they don't care they yeah they're not hearing the people and you know one of the things in florida they were just in session in tallahassee and uh one of the republican uh reps was trying to to get a bill to the floor and he couldn't find a sponsor it was bill 359 and um There was one of these groups, Defend Florida, which to me they're a little – it seems to me – I learned a new term from Jason over the weekend, Operation Trust. It seems that there's about 300 people that are really good fighters, but they're listening to the leadership of this particular group, and they're not effective. They're trying to legislate this. And they're getting slapped in the face. In Bill 359, what we wanted was precinct level counting paper ballots. And the rep couldn't not get a sponsor. And it didn't go anywhere. They spent a lot of time. And what happened was they came out with a bill which is like the polar opposite, stating it was more along the lines of a Georgia law or a Michigan law where it's illegal to challenge an election. So they want to scorch your free speech. So, you know, I believe there's a criminal conspiracy. I believe that the state lawmakers are either, you know, they're compromised, bribed, blackmailed, threatened. I don't know. But, you know, to me, it's what they've what they're doing is they're federalizing the elections by state by state by forcing them to pass the same statutes, which, you know, don't work for the people. Well, and look at this. Any of them could have stood up and said something and nobody did. I mean, the efforts that are going forward to try to write this thing are pretty lame. I mean, it seems to me like you're afraid of offending people instead of getting out there, getting the people behind them and actually fighting. And so to me, at least in Michigan, what I've seen has been pretty pathetic at best from the people that are sitting in the seats. I'd like to defend all of those people for a very brief and a subtle moment. Good. Go ahead and defend them because I don't have any defense for them right now. I think we absolutely need action, but one of the problems that we've had is, and this needs to be identified is confirmation bias. People have bought into their own beliefs because they're told in their, they're non-confrontational. They don't want to get into fights. They don't want to get into arguments. It's the easy, confirmation bias answer it's we'll win we'll use their strategies against them blah blah blah blah blah all these different things let it let the the broken system remain in place so we can use it and take advantage of it as well well the problem is the courts have proven over and over again that they're siding one way in all of these so if these people think that they're going to be able to use all the same loopholes that that the left is using they're wrong they're dead wrong We are getting handed to us in the courts, left and right, up and down. We are getting our butts kicked and we cannot rely solely on the courts. And we definitely can't rely on exploiting the same loopholes in the system that they are. Now, we have to fight a fight on all fronts, but the people that we've relied on to get things done are buying into these placations. because they don't want to be confrontational and they want to believe that there's a way to win this using the same system that the left is using. And I understand and I wholeheartedly agree there's a lot of weak people who bought into these ideas and concepts, but we need to be very assertive about the fact that, no, these are wrong. We need to close these loopholes. We won't do anyone any justice or any good. Why aren't they going after the judges that they know are absolutely not upholding the law? I mean, even the citizens, legislators, anyone should be able to go after someone who is not upholding the law on their oath of office. And they're closest to the situation. Why is it that they're not going after people who are breaking the law? Well, they can uphold the system, too. So they change the laws after the fact. Go ahead, Jeff. Yeah, well, we can't out-vote, we can't out-ballot harvest the fraud. I mean, what we're seeing with CISA, first of all, just backing up, we looked at this at a national level. We talked about CISA. We talked about the border in the last couple of episodes. What I have uncovered is and not just me, this, um, basically was, uh, uh, you know, I, I think the, the Holy spirit working in tandem with, with what I found. But if you look, if you take a look at the slide, what, what, what I, what we found in Palm beach County was there's a company called Cornerstone, Cornerstone consultants. And. Cornerstone Consultants is a contractor for the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office. So they're a county contractor. They're paid with taxpayer dollars. I do not know if they're in any other counties at this time. But what we do know is that Sheriff Bradshaw... we discovered that Cornerstone was his political operative or his campaign management team. There are, on his state filings, there's expenses paying Cornerstone, while at the same time, they're working inside the supervisor of elections office. And there's also press releases from Cornerstone stating how great they are and and how they got the win for Sheriff Bradshaw. But here's what's interesting. Three years ago, I started to take a look at the election laws in Florida, and I noticed this 98.0981 law, which says between 1 and 29 votes. So let me just go to a graph to make this clearer for your audience. Okay, so we built an app and we dissected the data. Now, as you can see, we have four columns, provisional votes, mail-in votes, election day votes, and early votes. So what this law 98.0981 says is if any of these columns have a total of between one and 29 votes, that they don't have to show the detail So let me explain the column. This is one contest. And these are the votes that this particular candidate received broken down itemized by vote type. So if we just look at this, look, this, this data was reported properly 443 mail-in votes, but only a total of what, you know, 213. Total votes. So these numbers are just tilted so far to the vote-by-mail ballot count. I mean, look at the number of vote-by-mail ballots that are coming in. They eclipse the total of all votes. If you have Cornerstone working on the inside and as campaign managers, well, how much power do they have? But the one thing that stood out, and this was three years ago when we built this app, was that the sheriff's race He was the biggest abuser. Look at all these columns where they claim that there's 1 to 29 votes in any of these categories, which allows them by law to only report the aggregate number. So... So it's easy to pad that on small amounts and not get caught is what you're saying. Well, 36.4% of all of the votes in the Palm Beach County Sheriff's race were without detail, were obfuscated due to that 98.0981 law. Now... So that's 177,000 out of 486,000. We don't know if they were vote by mail. We don't know if they were same day. We don't have any detail. And if there really was ever an audit, this will allow them to reverse engineer because they never showed their cards, right? They never said, well, we have this many vote by mail, this many same day of votes, this many early votes. They don't give us those numbers. So they're never really showing their cards, right? Now, you know, is it coincidence that at this race we were going into COVID, they needed a sheriff that would, you know, enforce the mask laws, that would not prosecute election laws. So leading up to this whole – my whole drive with this sheriff race and what just transpired is that the evidence, it's circumstantial, but we need – We need to dig in. We need to... I mean, is there enough now to start a criminal case reviewing this whole sheriff's race? Why were 37% of his votes obfuscated? Why is this law even on the books? And it gets even more interesting because the law is 98.09812C, 2 Charlie, but 2 Bravo was removed. And... We don't know if it was removed lawfully, if they added this 1 to 29 law to obfuscate, but it all stinks. It's all very rotten. Well, it's like when you looked at some of the campaign donations, they were a whole bunch of them from Michigan that came from Arizona for, I think, Tudor Dixon at $5 a pop. And so when you look at stuff that they do in small incremental, you know, the small numbers, man, you can fly under the radar with all sorts of things that way. Yeah, and on the Supervisor of Elections website, it used to say unless fewer than 30 votes voted a ballot type, and then they changed it to 1 to 29. And this is when this 2B got deleted. Where did it go? And also, let's go back to... the original slide. Now, in this bill, the latest election bill that was passed was called 70-50, also not known as resign to run. That was the bill that allowed DeSantis to run for federal office and remain governor. And what they tried to do is use a four-digit ID instead of signature verification. And I call this the Carrie Lake law, because she exposed that you can't have six people in an eight-hour shift signature verify 88,000 votes. The numbers just don't add up. There's not enough time to spend to verify a signature, which from the numbers that I hear, is about 30 to 45 seconds to do a legitimate signature verification. So they tried pushing this through to remove signatures in lieu of a four-digit ID. Now, that got removed out of 7050, but they did enable the four-digit ID code to request a ballot. And, you know, I feel that there has to be a way. They're not separate but equal processes for the voter that goes same day and votes and has to produce identification as opposed to a voter who votes by mail who only has to give a four-digit ID. So I wanted to get your guys' take on is that a legal theory that we should pursue? Well, I will tell you this, that on the front of being able to do signature verification, Mark Elias went after several states, most of the states and the swing states, that is, to have signature verification requirements removed because they were quote unquote racist. And because of those attacks on the signature verification process, It is really the only security measure to ensure that our mail-in ballots are being filled out by the appropriate person that's supposed to receive them. Without signature verification, the process is completely defunct, and we need to truly expose that. And I think Kerry Lake did a great job of highlighting one aspect, and that's the aspect they wanted us to focus on, but it doesn't expose the other aspect, which is that They actually removed the requirement for signature verification, which allowed them to seamlessly approve massive numbers of them in a matter of less than seconds. And that is an affront to all of the citizens of this country, because let's talk about voter suppression. You just suppressed every single vote. for every person who voted in person, who showed an ID, who actually did their required duty of saying, hey, look, this is who I am. I'm showing up. You see my face. You see my identification card. It matches or doesn't match. The numbers match what's in the voter rolls. None of that exists when you send a mail-in ballot to somebody. You don't know if someone in the house filled it out. You don't know if they got interdicted in the mail. someone else filled it out and then put it in a Zuckerberg drop box, you don't know what happened there. The chain of custody is completely broke. And if you're not doing signature verification, there's no validity to that vote. The mass mail-in ballots have got to stop. The only solution to allow mass mail-in ballots to even exist, to your point about the four socials, if you turn in your absentee ballot at the secretary of state's office I don't care when you turn it in as long as there's someone at the secretary of state's office that validates that um ballot envelope and your identity match if you do that I have no problem with mass mail ballots but if you're not verifying who that is and that it's the right person returning it or if you're someone in the house and there's three ballots that uh father brother sister I don't have a problem with that but I do have a problem when there is no chain of custody. To your point, it violates people's rights because it's created, you know, anytime I hear, I'm so done with this race, race, race, race nonsense out there because it's a Marxist tactic to divide us. And every time I hear it, that's all I'm hearing anymore is diversity is nothing more than racism. that's been masked or that's hidden racism. That's all it is. And it further divides us. So that's a stupid point for anybody to bring up to me because I will literally take them on over this. All right. And you can't have a protected class of citizen here. We should all be the same. And I've got a big problem with this four-digit number verification. It's gotta be significant. This comes down to, are they breaking the law or are they not? Are we, are we a country of laws or do we just change to fit somebody's narrative? And, uh, they're this, that's what it sounds like to me that they're trying to do. Jason, did I, did I understand you? Did you say there's no signature verification in Arizona? Uh, that in Arizona, they removed the, um, level of, um, There's a number of points that have to be matched on a signature, and they lowered them to a point where it was essentially anything would fly through. Do you know when they changed that? That was in 2020. Well, in Michigan here, they let him come right in and a signature verifier came right in to the board of elections and they let him walk out with a complete copy of the petitions. And so if they're doing that, sending it to Bangladesh for verification, where else are these signatures going within our elections is the next question I ask, because that was pre-election, but that makes me ask the question of what's happening during, is there even any security in that right now? So unless you're there showing an ID, to your point, Jason, in person, how can we verify anything anymore? Exactly. It's a free for all. It is. That's exactly what our elections are. But I'll bring it back around to the immigration point that we were discussing. And I absolutely am appalled by the idea that nobody's saying that this is buying votes. They're literally buying votes through offering citizenship. They're talking about making these people citizens. So not only are they giving them prepaid cards and free transit, essentially, but at the end of the day, they're offering them citizenship to be here. So, of course, they're going to vote for the person who's going to give them free citizenship. You're not going to wait any lines or anything. Everything that Democrats do, they're offering things to buy people's votes. I cannot stand that the Democrat policy is all about bankrupting this nation. Everything they do is about giving the people, they're enslaving them. They're giving them their own value back to them. You're already a free citizen. You don't need their money. That's not theirs anyway. It's ours. Stop it. But the psychological operation that that the Democrat Party is everything they do is about playing the people. Right. And I saw some videos down on the border where somebody came in and crossed across the border and said, said, yeah, we're going to ask about voting. They said, yeah, we're going to vote because Biden was the one that helped us get in here. And so their their allegiance is to where that money's coming from. So you're absolutely right. So my strategy, my idea, my legal theory, whatever you want to call it, is it has to do with curtailing the distribution of the mail-in ballot, right? And is it plausible to bring a case, you know, if it's to the Supreme Court, if it's one state, if we get, you know, a good state attorney general to do this? Is it... Is it plausible to say that because there's different requirements? And I'm talking about the distribution of that ballot, what it takes to get a ballot in a voter's hand. Online, no ID. You put four digits of a Social Security number. You can even request a ballot for a friend. It says right there on the website, is this for yourself or someone else? So you're allowed to request ballots for other people. So do we have two separate classes? of citizens? Do we have a process that's supposed to be separate but equal but isn't? Because I think if we could, number one, defund CISA before the election, have the House defund CISA because from our investigation, we know there's a probable chance that they're going to be able to take control. They're going to have unique access. And this is based on executive orders that are on the White House's own website but to the point that one point if we could curtail the distribution and have and say if you have to produce a photo id when you vote in person then that's saying to obtain the ballot that same process should be across the board to me I don't think that's controversial I think that's something that everyone can understand it's something that people can get behind without being called an election denier and having the FBI knock their door down. So that's my ask. Just list the laws. I mean, list the laws that they're breaking. That's what I'm seeing is lacking, is that the actual law and the verbiage in the law that is being broken, then you've got a case no matter what it is. So then I think you're right, Jeff. We've just got to list out the laws. And actually, to amplify what you're saying... Well, that's another... When you show up at the poll, you also sign in at the poll book and they verify with your picture ID, your signature is on that picture ID card, right? They verify when you sign in at the poll book, they look at your signature on your ID card and the signature on the poll book to verify. So not only are they looking at your picture, your signature, and your information on the card, there's three checks right there. Yeah, and so that's one theory. The other theory is a lot harder to prove. It would take a lot more work. But how are all of these states coming up with the same exact election laws? We're not supposed to have a federalized election system. And through this cooker-cutter legislation, they're – cookie cutter. Need some coffee, Jeff. I do. There was a late night. What a game last night. It was a late night for me. Who won? I didn't watch. The team with the most points. Of course, we knew that the Taylor Swifties would win, right? I mean, that was a no-brainer. Very convenient. Yeah, yeah. So my point is, is there a criminal conspiracy amongst the state lawmakers? Who's pulling the strings? Who's behind? You know, we talked about Putin's interview for a few minutes in the opening, and he said that, you know, the elected officials aren't the ones making decisions with regard to joining NATO and these other ideas that Putin brought to Gates and to Bush Jr., About, you know, joining NATO. Yeah, it was a great idea until it went to the, you know, the administrative state, the deep state, whatever you want to call it. So who's behind all of these cookie cutter laws? Got it out the first time there. So who's behind it? Is it a criminal conspiracy? How is it possible that we're seeing the same exact laws across Europe? You know, all 50 states. And it's so apparent that they don't work for the people. They work against the people. So that's theory number two, a RICO conspiracy, criminal conspiracy across the board. And I also have a text, if you look at my PowerPoint here, about Mike Caruso. I told Mike a story by text. I said, Mike, you're voting on an election integrity bill. I want to tell you this. When I was running in District 22, because I switched districts, this is just Palm Beach County, I had a couple. They happened to be Haitian. And they came up to me. They set an appointment. We want to talk to you. And they told me for $85,000 that I would win the primary. They would go out and get all the Haitian ballots and all the ballots of the people in the church, and they would guarantee me a win. So I texted him. I texted a sitting state rep, Rep. Mike Caruso. And I'm calling you out now, Michael, because I know and you know that these laws aren't working for the people. We've had this discussion. And your response to me, and I quote, was, Jeff, there's nothing I can do. It's bigger than both of us. So I really want an explanation on what that means. But I also want to continue on with the story of the text exchange that I had. Rep Caruso responded, yes, I know. They approached my wife when she ran for mayor of Delray. She refused and she lost. So here you are negotiating an election bill. You know that they're ballot harvesting, which is illegal in the state of Florida. Why don't you get up on this floor and tell everyone your experience? Yeah, go frigging Tasmanian devil on everybody and tell them what's going on. So it gets better. The next morning, for some reason, Governor DeSantis, because I'm applying a lot of pressure, I'm texting thousands of people in the district, you know, this whole story. And the next day, when they go to vote on Bill 7050, which allowed DeSantis to run for federal office. The next day, Rep Caruso, guess where he is? He's in Israel signing some anti-hate crime law so he couldn't be on the floor. Now, is this all coincidence? Is it coincidence that Cornerstone Solutions works for the supervisor of elections? Is it coincidence that Sheriff Bradshaw pays them as political consultants? Is it coincidence that the sheriff, the most powerful position that we need in the county to control the the COVID outrage to control the school boards, to control the law of the land? Is it a coincidence that he was the biggest abuser in his race of this law that obfuscates votes? Are these all coincidences that 50 states are in lockstep or passing the state laws? I don't think so. To me, it's obvious. It's also obvious the power that they've handed over to CISA after CISA is known to be the censorship nerve center of Of the Internet, of anything that the deep state wants to censor, particularly Chris Krebs. And, you know, we have the 51 traitors. Right. I went and I made a deck of cards. So here's all the 51 traitors. You can read all about them. You have all their name. So we have Janice. Carrie-Anne, right? She's one of the traders that signed a letter about Hunter Biden. John Tullius. They're all here on a deck of cards, and I'm going to have these on my website to sell. Nick Shapiro. So these are all the bad guys. I want the first one. I'm going to buy the first one, Josh. Okay. All right. You've got to sign it. You've got to sign the deck. Yeah, you've got to sign the deck, and then I'm going to buy the first one. But we did this HBO documentary. They're searching for a title. This is election espionage. This isn't just some case of fraud. And they're running the clock out. And it's getting close. And, you know, I'm just trying to get by. And that's why I'm doing this every week, trying to bring in folks from different states. And, you know, I got a 10 o'clock. So I'm going to bounce off and just listen to you guys. Are you going to stop this 10 o'clock nonsense and stay on here longer? I can talk to you guys. You have so much information. It's amazing. Let me tie it in for you. Let me tie it in for you, Jeff. Let me tie it all into it. Yeah, yeah, do it. So you're saying that is this a conspiracy, right? Well, let me just rewind to 2012 real quick, and let's talk about the FBI and Perkins Coie. Why was there a secure compartmentalized facility, a SCIF, inside of a law firm that is servicing the Clinton Foundation, the Clintons, the Democrat machine that And then all of a sudden come 2020, after 2020, Mark Elias breaks away from Perkins Coie. He was in charge of their elections operations, lawfare division. And he's essentially forced to go do his own work outside of the firm. And I don't know if that's because of mitigation risk with how aggressive he was getting specifically on the racist type stuff or labeling everything racist and dismantling the foundational security principles in most of our elections. But when you talk about coordination across numerous states, there's one key player tied into all of this. And he's been involved since then. And the FBI has been tied to him. So it really doesn't require us to, you know, label potential conspiracies. There's already a very good architecture that's well understood that has been published. It's in this one right here. I just pulled up Washington Times, Real Clear Politics, even has an article about it, and Fox News has all covered this. This isn't some grand conspiracy like aliens or something that most people have no awareness or ability to relate to. This is a conspiracy that's been ongoing for a very long time that has repeatedly been in the news. When we talk about the Russia collusion, the hoax, all of this stuff is far beyond what happened in Watergate. This is a million times worse than Watergate. We are so far beyond what happened in Watergate. Um, people don't realize this is a communist color revolution takeover, uh, that has been well underway, uh, for a hundred years. The Democrat party was infiltrated by the communist party in the fifties. Intentionally in the communist party was based out of Chicago and they dismantle, I believe it was 1954 was the year they said, Hey, everybody, we're shutting down the doors because McCarthy's coming after everyone who's a member of the communist party. So we're going to go shut our doors down to a very minimal operation and everyone go join the Democrat Party. So this has been going on for a very long time. This isn't something new. We're fighting against machinery of a communist takeover that's by design and it's infiltrated every layer of our institutions. And that's why when it comes down to conspiracy, it's this is. the john birch society there's all sorts of organizations out there that have been pointing this out for a very long time the majority of people have been placated by bread and services by jobs and opportunities and the reality is your private property is being taken away from you right out from under your feet through taxation and you think you have representation but if you have stolen elections you don't have representation right and This is continuing to go on to the point where this is probably very likely to be our last potential opportunity at a legitimate election. Who knows after this what happens? And if we don't fix these loopholes that have been placed intentionally in our election system, the contentious election in 2020 will look like child's play. Well, and to your point with the infiltration, look at the infiltration that we have, say, and you've got Robert Owens that came from the John Birch Society that's sitting up at the top of the Republican Party in the state of Michigan with Christina Caramo. And I've got some real problems with it, the guy that was convicted. And not only that, you look at the Republican Party, it's not just one anymore. This has been a grand slam of infiltration. We've had the Christian church infiltrated. We've got every religion, the corporate structure, the party system. And this is, I'm going to say it again. You either figure out the candidates and vote for the candidate. The way that the parties are working is criminal. You've got the Democrat party with the superdelegates that the delegates don't even make a difference now because they're a half of a vote. So they're irrelevant at this point in time. The superdelegates are running the entire party and their place. The Republican Party puts forth the slate and you either vote for the slate or you get voted off the island. And where is that given the power to the people? The delegates are not listening to the constituents. They're listening to these slates and it's party driven. And you got the top of the party that's infiltrated with felons. You got a big problem. So so here's my point, though. We know we talk about it. We bemoan it. Like, what is the next step? We have enough, I believe, in Palm Beach County to to at least open an investigation. And under the Florida Statute 104.43, a citizen is allowed to bring a grand jury indictment if it's election related. So I think, you know, we need to call that out now. I'm I'm. i just I need help I need ideas and I also believe that we have you know two processes that are separate but they are not equal as you know we pointed out with the actual um distribution of that ballot and you know the third one is is the criminal conspiracy and and mark elias and you know we have you know all these supposed champions of elections who are you know who's you know selling a lot of pillows and there's what's the next step? It's like the people that are selling that sort of thing, but they're getting nothing done. It's like watching the gears spin, but there's nothing engaging. It's politics as usual. If you solve the problem, you stop raising money, right? Right, right. And if you don't have an issue to fight on, then there's no counter argument or reason to change or shift to another direction. So That is definitely a problem, the perpetual problem in politics, which is you have to have issues to fight on. But when the Democrats see we gain traction, what do they do? They just take our issues and they spin them. They spin them to diffuse the argument. And we do that to a lesser degree, but rhetoric, political rhetoric, It's gotten to the point where it's no longer productive, especially when you talk about what's beneficial to society. I really have to bounce. I want to point out pretty much two things. I had a phone call with my opponent, who's the incumbent in Florida, CD21. I made a promise. I'm not going to say his name for the whole campaign. And he had no idea what the Smith-Month Act is and how devastating it is to the narrative. Number two, we had a conversation about CISA. And he said he was all for CISA. And he also made a false claim. He said that the Republicans voted unanimously to fund CISA when that wasn't the case. The case was that... Rep. Andrew Clyde from Georgia brought a bill to the floor to defund CISA. And the incumbent of Florida, CD21, voted against that bill, along with, you know, the usual crowd, the same crowd that voted to extend the FISA warrants. So this guy is lying through his teeth. He's lying to the people and we need to get him out. But in order to do that, we need to fix the elections because he's an Israeli dual citizen. I believe that there's an intelligence agency working behind the scenes for him because there's no other explanation on how he received the first 50 sequential votes in 12 out of 13 precincts. Checked before I or any of the other candidates received a single vote. It's supposed, you know, this is happening in Maryland, happened in Georgia, happened in Michigan. I have videos happening all over. So how is this happening? Is there is there an explanation? That's logical. I don't know. But the fact of the matter is that in the district I mentioned, I was going to run in District 22, which is Palm Beach County. District 2021, which I ran in, is about one-third of the same county, Palm Beach County, obviously a different geographic region, and the two next counties north, Martin and St. Lucie. So you have a very similar demographic. So how is it that in the primary... For 21, the sitting Republican who's an Israeli dual citizen, how were there 74,000 votes cast? But in 22, there was only 34,000 votes cast. To me, it's too much of an anomaly not to look at. And with those first 50 votes cast, were they in almost every precinct? Because there's almost 800 precincts. So if you add 800 times 50, those are the extra 40,000 votes. To me, it's just common sense that you have to – you're intellectually dishonest if you don't look at these facts. Yes. Well, and it's good that we bring them all forward so people actually know exactly what they're up against or what we're up against. And it comes down to we either stand together for a lawful process for equal justice under the law for individual rights for the Constitution, or we keep chipping away at the integrity of things. And that's how they're stealing it. They're stealing it in multiple directions. And it's death by a thousand cuts at this point in time. Yeah, well, I want to see a case number. I want to see something filed on this stuff. Otherwise, it's just talk, right? Yeah, right. I think we need to do like, have you thought about going pro se? Because I kind of like the process of pro se and or delivering notice. Because you can deliver notice and then they've got a certain amount of days to respond to it. And if they don't respond, send them a notice again. If they don't respond again, the third notice, they're admitting guilt. So they either have to respond and rectify their behavior or they are guilty of what you're – they have to respond. I mean, also in Florida, I think that we need to – We try to bring charges against Fannie Willis for what she did. We know it's election interference, right? Palm Beach County is where Donald Trump lives. It's against one of our own citizens. Why don't we file, you know, that's another, the fourth legal theory. We have to fight back. We're just taking this, you know, on the chin. No one's spotting it. Yeah. On the, on the legal aspect, we need to recruit prosecutors and judges to be running for office because let's face it, they're not being challenged. That's one thing. Yes, sheriffs, our law enforcement, that whole aspect of the DOJ. To short you, they're stealing the sheriff races. They're stealing all the races, even the judges. We have to fix the elections. We can't say, well, primary them. You can't primary them. You're going to lose. Everyone who says, oh, primary, you can't primary them. So where's the challenge? So who's going to replace them after you boot them out? If there's no viable alternate option, guess what? There's nobody to challenge them. There's nobody to challenge the election. You have to have a viable alternative. So that's why we have to contest them in these races. It's not about just, you know, fix, even if you clean it up, guess what? Nobody, if nobody wants to run for that office, guess who's still going to win regardless of who has stolen her. We need everyday people to run for office. So you have to be crazy to be a candidate today. Seriously, right? Unless you're in on it. Unless you are in on it and the deep state is working for you and you're a selected candidate. Guys like me and Jason, you know, we know what we're up against. I'm in it to expose the fraud. If I win an election and a seat in Congress, it's a byproduct of my success in getting the election straight. Turning the heat up. there's no way no turning the heat up yeah if it's not for us putting the heat and the pressure on it they'll let us in just to placate us because you know what they'll do is they'll be like if we let them win then at least they will not contest the election and expose any more of the machinery we can we can drowned out their voice in congress a lot easier look what they did to madison calthorne okay but there's plenty of examples george lucas santos Exactly. So I gotta go. I gotta go. Bye. All right. Take care. Thanks. Stay here guys. Thank you very much. Bye. I want to wrap up on that, uh, that CISA argument though. Um, you know, he keeps hammering away at CISA. CISA is a member of the DHS, right? Um, so the department of Homeland security and who's the head of DHS it's Alejandro Mayorkas, right? Secretary, uh, uh, department of Homeland security. He's the one that is enabling the invasion. So when you look at CISA, it's collusion, and it pointed out there was a leaked, not leaked, it was a FOIA request, I believe it was by Judicial Watch, that exposed that CISA had pointed out all of these vulnerabilities in the mail-in ballot system before the 2020 election, and it was an internal memo. They knew the vulnerabilities that were there. They knew what to look for. They did not use the judicial system to ensure that it was a clean, free, fair, and transparent election. Instead, look at what happened with GBI strategies. It got swept completely under the rug. And why? Probably because it benefited bigger government and ensured that they kept their jobs, right? This is a self-licking ice cream cone, as I like to say. They want to make sure that their funding exists because that goes into their pensions, that goes into whether or not there's more jobs available, job progression, or whether or not the agency is shut down. Let's face it. How many intelligence agencies are there? There's more than 17 now. And with that many intelligence agencies, you have to ask yourself, how many are redundant? And also, as I have stated before with the communist takeover of this country, how many are sister organizations that are set up to, build up parallel to another organization and eventually collapse that organization so this organization takes over all those responsibilities but all the players in charge in that system have already been hand-picked so now you have a organization that's completely captured and this is exactly the system that they that the communists use for supplanting the institutions of actual legitimate constitutionalists, you know, Republic constitutionalists. And that's where we're having this fight at beyond just the fraud. We have to not only have candidates recognize what's really going on here, the general population has gone through a transformative period here and exposing exactly what's going on. Now, not everyone's woken up and not everyone's going to wake up. Let's face it. It's like a bell curve. 40% of the people are never going to wake up because they really don't care. They don't care what form of government is over them. They have absolutely no intent to be that involved. So the other 30, 40, 60%, 30% roughly on either side, right? Um, and really it's, it's the 10 to 20% on either side. They're the swayable that are involved, but now they could be, they could be swayed through logical arguments. However, you've got the ideologues on either side that believe in their system. They're, you're never changing their minds. They're setting their ways. And that is, that's where we have this two, really heavily competing fronts of strong ideologies. And whether you call them left wing or right wing, it's really irrelevant. At the end of the day, we have people who are for more centralization and a larger federal bureaucracy, which is fascism, communism, all of these different isms, even in a monarchy, right? That's all a hierarchical system. What we built here in the United States Constitutional Republic empowered the people. It empowered the states. That is a decentralized system. In Michigan, we have one of the most decentralized election processes in the country. We have 1,600 different jurisdictions that get to choose their own election process. That is incredible. But it's a testament to the foundation of our country, which was a constitutional republic with the power held at the lowest level with the people, not the federal bureaucracy. The federal bureaucracy was only ever intended to exist to help protect our exterior borders and to resolve internal conflicts. It was never meant to take over the entire system of government all the way down to the local level. But that's exactly what Jeff was pointing out there with how CISA has come in and is taking over all of these processes. We are transitioning to a point where all of our systems are being fully captured, controlled and streamlined to a single hierarchical process. And it's being consolidated down, but it's not at the benefit of the people. It's at the benefit of those who captured the system. it cuts the people out on every level. And that's a real sad thing to have to come to terms with that knowledge for a lot of people, but that's what we've got. You can't just ignore it. It's not gonna go away. We have to fight it. And to Jeff's point, I like the idea of bringing charges against you know, against the people that have broken the law, but there's so many of them. And the ones that are sitting in a seat, they're not doing anything as a part of the problem. They're, they're truly, we need to have just regular people step up. And like you said, you gotta be a little crazy to run for office, you know, hold my beer, you know, one of those moments. And, and such, I would like to see right now, just because, you know, I know you said there's people that are trying to fight from the inside and, And that's good to hear your perspective on that. But I would like to see everybody voted out and have brand new people in all positions at this point in time, just because sorting through them at this point in time is going to be very difficult. And I mean very, very difficult to actually sort through. There's people that are blackmailed, there's people that have, there's all of these things. that that you know look at the last few votes look at the last few votes there there's a solid core of anywhere from 10 to 20 people depending on uh you're talking about the house the senate uh there's there's a core group of people who have been willing to resist and have tried to do so and have been moderately successful I will even say um so I i think it's a very small minority but I think that there's definitely some people there that are that are helping us in writing the system. True, true enough. I'll give you that one. And so, but, but, uh, I think we need to be very judicious and with our votes and knowing who we're voting for, not just because somebody told us to vote for them, but look at what they've done. Their actions meet more than what they talk about at this point in time, because these people are liars and they're good at it. The ones that are sitting in the seats. So you really do have to go through and know, know what do they actually stand for, uh, There was a there was a post that came out and everybody was losing their mind about Matt Gaetz saying something. And it was like he's it's like he's joking, guys. You know, there's a point in time where you have to use a little common sense and realize that, you know, there's things that are tongue in cheek that are being said because it's so ridiculous that that you can't even believe that people. I remember what that was. He says, I believe he was talking about bringing McCarthy back is like that. Yeah, he was definitely tongue in cheek. Yeah. And then the media goes and runs with it and says, oh, look, Matt Gaetz is one of them. It's like, come on. You know, it's like it's like I think you need to look into this a little bit more because, you know, unless we're all a bunch of robots like Biden is right now, you know, you're going to you're going to have people that have senses, you know, a sense of humor, an actual sense of humor. Well, I really appreciate you being on today, Jason. You're absolutely wonderful. one of my favorite candidates and people, and I love everything that you're doing. And, and, uh, you know, your record in your past is really, really stands out. And the amount of work you've done, you know, the first, the first time I met you, I'll never forget the first time I met you that I didn't, I didn't even recognize you, even though we were on a lawsuit together because we'd never met in person. And, uh, To see somebody who's willing to work behind the scenes, not as a camera warrior, but somebody who actually does a lot of work behind the scenes is really extraordinary. And everything that you've done with EIF, going through the elections and being able to identify the actual threats to this nation. and standing firm without changing. You don't waffle on things at all. And you bring a great deal of wisdom and moderation to every discussion I've seen you be a part of, which I'm pretty hard on people when it comes to, you know, I'm more like sit on that little white pony and take the swords out and start cutting people off the knees and make them see if they can either fight or prove themselves, you know? And I just don't give passes to people. And, you know, it takes me quite a while to actually say, yeah, I think this guy is for real. But I really appreciate everything that you do and the way you look at things, too. And you're truly someone that I can feel really proud to stand with. have on my program know that you're not going to be coming on here bullshit and everybody full time because I literally talk I will talk to everyone whether whether people like them or not whether I like them or think they're completely full of crap when they come on here because there are people that come on my show that I know they're full of crap even before they walk on the show And I let them talk and I try to let them say what they have to say. Hopefully people that are not in that position or have been blackmailed or something, we'll actually come forward and say something that'll be truthful or turn around. But we have to give everyone a chance to talk whether or not we think they're full of crap or not. But in your case and in Jeff's case, I've gotten to know you guys well enough to know that I'm and be able to say, I'm really proud to stand with you. And I'm proud to be on the show. And I'm thankful for for you sharing the knowledge that you have to everyone out there. And now everybody out there go share their stuff, because this this is part of our responsibility as a as an American is to share information that good people like Jason and Jeff are willing to work so hard to put out there to save this nation. So I just want to say thank you on behalf of myself and the United States of America. So thank you, Donna. I really appreciate everything you're doing. You're doing a phenomenal job giving a platform to, uh, to everyone that's, that's looking to, you know, you put up a good point there with the, the, I like to call it an opportunity for redemption. Um, when you give people a platform, it's an opportunity for them to, uh, to either come to the epiphany moment of, oh, maybe I'm not right on this, or to truly put out why they feel the way they do. And I believe that people have convictions and they're not wrong for having those convictions, but that we do all have to come together and find a way that we can all work together and exist in society together. There's some really good people out there on both sides of the aisle. And, and so like, I don't have a beef with the American people. I have a beef with this criminal organization that has infiltrated all. But to that point also, I do know Spook Network is out there strong and there's a lot of good people that have also infiltrated bad organizations. who are working in order to set the United States right. So for me, it's like, I may look at something somebody's done and say, yeah, I'm kind of out on this person, but I will give them a chance to redeem themselves. And perhaps they are a spook that's infiltrated into something. And really good actors and actresses have to be on both sides. And I believe that that's the truth. That's what's going on right now. BLM was infiltrated by good people, Antifa was, and our government has also. We have spooks in every organization. And I think that that's something that we have to come to terms with, that I believe the good guys are in charge. I certainly believe that God is in charge. If we were not in charge of this, And to a certain point, we'd already be dead. And there's plenty of us that would already be dead for the stances that we've taken on things. And so with that said, thank you to all the spooks that are playing bad guys out there that I know are good guys behind the scenes. And I want to give you, I want to give everybody a chance. If it's a bad guy, truly bad guy playing a good guy, I'm probably going to take the, the beyond the white pony with swords of flying and eviscerate. It's a, if it's a good guy playing a bad guy, I'll probably sit back and listen to him for a while, see what they're going to do. But none of us can be too dogmatic on any subject right now because we're The people who really know what's going on, they're not saying a word. They're not out there selling products and misleading people as PAY patriots. They're quiet behind the scenes, and they're just doing their jobs. And they're doing it without a lot of thanks. you know, to what they're doing. So thank you, Jason. I know you're a good guy. So anyhow, thanks for coming on and hopefully we'll see you next week, Monday, coming back on with Jeff. Jeff has nine. I gave him nine o'clock every Monday to bring people on. And I think that we need to bring people together and get the word out. And those people that are being blackmailed, we've got to give them a chance. Yeah. That's how we fix this. We fix this through some truth and reconciliation. At the end of the day, that's God taught us that, you know. Yeah, anybody that's in the Republican Party, which I am absolutely ready to see that thing torn right down to the ground, just like the Democrat Party that wants it because the system's bad. It's just like the election systems. Anybody that wants to talk real stuff, give me a call. If you're willing to stand with us, I'll talk to you. So have a great day, Jason. I'm going to go ahead and bring on our next guest, our buddy, Sheriff Darleith. I'll be right back. Thank you. Good morning. Welcome to our second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. It's the 12th day of February 2022. And I'm going to bring on my buddy, our sheriff, the people's sheriff, Darlene. How you doing, Sheriff? Hey, good morning. Can you hear me okay? Yeah, I hear you great. Thank you for coming on this morning. It was such a pleasure to have you at our meeting, the Constitution Party, the Taxpayers Party meeting. And I thank you. Everyone just has expressed so much gratitude that you were there. And I heard, I had a lot of people say that they learned so much from you being there. And I want to talk about too on how we're going to put together a, I'm going to put my screen up here, a meeting with through the Constitution Party with and your new class that's coming up. You call it my class. It's really Brent Winters' class. He's a Common Lawyer. Brent Winters' class. So, yeah. And so anyways, he's a common law savant, I call him. I mean, he has the ability to recognize words and break them down. He'll tell you that's a French-Germanic word. And Ivo even talks about how we mixed our languages. Well, he's very good at breaking those apart and basically explaining them to the public. And he says he's getting older and he needs to do all the information he has in his head. He needs to share it. It doesn't do any good sitting in his brain and taking it to his grave. So this is what we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and put together a group class. And I've got quite a few people that are already very interested in this, which drops the cost, I believe, to $20 a person. rather than the 175 as an individual. So to anyone out there that wants to study the militia of the several states, this is something that we're going to be doing. And I thank you for bringing this to my attention that this is a very, I think what we're going to do is get a group of us together and continue this on to not just go through that class, but to roll through all the courses that are out there and available to people because the information is really good and we need to know the law. We need to know what's going on and we, we, we need to educate ourselves in order to do so. So what's happening in our world today? Oh, it's Monday. So it looks like a lot beyond today. Uh, I've had kind of a open day today. So, um, I could swear somebody in who is going to be a school liaison officer and they get between my County and Eaton County. So that's going on today. So it was really kind of a light day for me today. That's good. You know, it's something I think that I talked to probably, I'm going to say half of the third to a half of the sheriffs in the state when I was running. And I really think that I'd love to put the word out there that we are looking for, for county people in the counties to run for sheriff. through the Constitution Party this year. So that would be something I'd like to put out there too so that we can get some good people to run. There are a few people that I talk to that I truly believe are constitutional-minded sheriffs, but there's a lot of them that are not. And that really was disturbing to me when I talked to sheriff. So can you educate people what it takes to be a sheriff, what the job looks like? And then I really want to get into the militia of the several states too. You did a great job at our meeting. And I think people really want to hear about that, what that is, because right now everybody's being threatened. And people hear the word militia and they go grab your torches and pitchforks and they're coming for you. Did you also see, I'm going to kind of throw a bunch of stuff at you quickly. There was a sheriff in Ohio that went to D.C. that, do you know him? I'd like to bring him on to interview him. And were you at that meeting? No, I was not at that meeting. I've been to other meetings where they've talked about this. Same thing? Pretty much the same thing. They didn't have the information on there about the five sheriffs going to Israel. That was new to me. But the main thing was the... I don't know about that part of it. What happened? Oh, there's five sheriffs that after Israel got attacked, they went on over there. And because the law enforcement over there, basically the ones who fought off the attack, it was done by terrorists. So they went on over there and just to kind of pick their brains a little bit, see how they handled it. And I haven't seen that whole report yet, but that's what that sheriff was referring to in his, I don't want to call it a blog, but anyways, in his video that he had there, that sheriff from Butler County, Ohio. Yeah, it was really, really interesting. So I'd like to get him on to an interview. I thought he was, he seemed pretty informed. Yeah, but the Claremont Institute did a good job of informing us about that a while ago. Say that again, I missed it. Sound is off now. Time out. Okay. Still can't hear you. When you left and came back on, your sound went off. Let's see if we can get that around by phone here a minute. Still can't hear you. Somebody doesn't want to hear what Dar has to say clearly. We're going to do this differently then. If there's a will, there's a way. Can you hear me now? Yeah, I can hear you just fine. Somebody tried to call a thing with a duck. Yeah, it's kind of, even your phone is a little bit off and on, but go ahead. The Claremont Institute. You're actually coming in and out on the phone right now. It's breaking up. Maybe, can you put it on earphones or something? Okay. This is weird. We'll see if we can resolve this a minute. Yeah, I think you need to back up. And then this is odd. I don't know. You know, can you leave again and then try to come back on the feed? Let's see if that'll work. Yeah, let me try it. Okay. All right, let's see if we can get this to work yet for Dar. And I think that this is too important to let slide. I'm glad he could come on this morning. He's a good guy. So let's go look at Claremont Institute. And I am not familiar with that. So So many of these different places that are out there that we get to be able to. Is that better? Oh, yeah. There you go. You're back again. So wonderful. OK, let's try this again. All right. So anyways, I went to Claremont Institute. It's been about a year and a half ago. And they had professors there who actually did some. I guess some research on some of the threats we have in this country. And they got a booklet out there and I should have brought it with me. It's in my truck. I usually take it out when I go deer hunting. I go out and read it there. Is it any of these right here? I can't even see what that is. American Mind Founding Call Report, Call Investigation, American Way of Life. I have those books, but no, it's the China... The China threat, something like that. China threat. Okay. I'll look about it here. Okay. That's an orange book. And it's basically what it is. It's like a research paper that they did and kind of warning us of this China threat. And a lot of it got into basically owning us financially. And if you go look and find out how many retirement systems are in Chinese assets, it was kind of scary a little bit there. Yeah. Anyway, CSPOA got us into the Agenda 21, and that was a big eye-opener, the stuff that was going on with the IRS. I mean, it was just so much. It was almost like it was time to be telling on the federal government and how naughty they've been lately. And so anyways... Moving on to the Claremont Institute and all that stuff, we started talking about some of these threats and the red flags and stuff like that. The red flags are more prevalent now than what they were before 9-11. Yeah, with everybody crossing the border too, it's increased exponentially. And I believe that the sheriff, Sheriff Rick, what's his last name again? Rick, which one? The one from Ohio? Yes, from Butler County, Ohio. He said that it's not a matter of if it will happen. He says when it will happen. I can look him up right now. I think I posted him on my Telegram channel. Let me see if I can bring that up a minute. Let's see if we can bring that back up here. Hang on. Richard Jones. Yeah, Rick Jones. I think he goes by Sheriff Rick. So let me see. Yeah, he had quite a video on and talking about it. It's a little sobering. I don't know if you know or not, but there is a bill in our federal Senate trying to ban us from basically being a militia. Yeah, I saw that one. By the way, folks, for those of you listening out there, it's unconstitutional. The militia is a subset of the people, not the government. Yeah, they have nothing that they can touch there. So I'm going to keep looking here a minute. I think it's a little hard for me to find what I'm on online here. Well, it's on my Telegram channel at any rate. But yeah. And so can we talk about the militia and the unconstitutional laws that are going? How do we even address this? This is something that Jeff said in the last hour. He said, you know, he was talking about the four digit IDs and. some of the nonsense going on in elections. How do we even address this? Because it just seems like we don't have prosecutors that will prosecute. We can bring notice. They ignore any of affidavits that we deliver to the elected officials, and they're changing laws and rules with a whim. How is this even possible to get back in there and change things? Well, it has to do with some training on my end, as in for law enforcement and for prosecutors. You go look at the conveyor belt police academies we have. You basically put somebody on a conveyor belt and you teach them this and teach them that. Well, they don't teach so much the Constitution. They teach about court cases and court rulings. I hate using the term case law because judges don't make law. But what they do is they basically finalize a law, whether or not it's a... constitutional. And, uh, so I say court opinions, court rulings, uh, anyways, so we go along this conveyor belt and we try and put these police officers out as, as many as possible to, uh, fulfill the retirements that are coming up. And we get very, very little on the checks and balances that we're supposed to be keeping each other in check. And, uh, like, you know, me as a, as the executive, the chief executive officer of a County, uh, My job is also keeping other governmental entities in line so they're not violating people's rights. And if we can grasp that, I think we can get that all back. And that includes the judicial system. The judicial system right now is probably one of the hardest ones to tackle because since the 20s, when they started changing our, what do they call it, judicial jurisprudence. Jesus Christ. And it was how the courts operate. They were trying to make them more administrative rather than judicial. And that's when we come on out, like 1923 was the Mellon case where they said, oh, you lack standing. So we take that case, we run with it. And that's what you're hearing all the time with these elections is that, oh, you lack standing. They even told Donald Trump at one time that he lacked standing. The sitting president running for office, and he said he lacked standing. Well, let me help the people understand this a little bit more. And if you lack standing, then there has to be standing somewhere. Do you understand that? So as judges, if I lack standing, then what does standing look like? And that's what we need to be asking. So could you give us some ideas of processes that we could do from your perspective? Like, let's just say that we have a legislature that allowed a fraudulent election to be certified by the Board of Elections. Everybody wants to scream and yell about Whitmer, Nessel, and Benson, which they've all violated their oath of office too. However, along the way, how do you start with, say, the legislature, or how do you approach a judge that has made an illegal ruling or has ignored the Constitution? That's a good question. They're going to argue with you on it. And I'm the one with the jurist doctor, you know. Not me, like if I were the judge. And so that's a tough one. How do you confront them? How do you back them into that corner? And if you go look at what the state bar has done, first of all, they got themselves into positions with their legislature. So they go out and make all these laws like the bar, the state bar. and uh so they've kind of taken control there how do you get rid of a judge well you vote them out of office I mean you can't recall them oh no you have to take it through this judicial tenure and well who are they well they're bar attorneys and judges so protecting each other so it reminds me of like a teamsters where in order to be to to work on this project or work at this work site you have to be a teamster you have to pay dues uh if you You got your own enforcement on it. And then if you mess on up, then the people who are Teamsters are the ones who correct you. So it's basically they unionized our entire judicial system. That's what it feels like. I mean, you have to pay a due. It's bar dues. I think they call it a body politic, I think. No, not a body politic. It's a... Uh-oh. It was specifically written in the law. It didn't say a body politic. It was a corporate corporation. How do you undermine or, you know, in a way, get the bar back into a non, how do I say, an organization that has usurped all power from the people? Because they really have. Yeah, one of the things I've been trying to do with our state reps, I got three that come into my county and my county is divided up in three areas there. And I've been asking them about, you know, maybe getting some legislation where the judicial tenure has to have the regular, just the general public on it. Same thing with the state bar where it comes to disciplining attorneys. And you have to have some of the general public on it. In other words, so it's not always attorneys looking at it. Sometimes it's people from the outside looking in. That would be really, that would be an interesting way to do it. I kind of like the original 13th Amendment, which the titles of nobility that they should not, you should not be able to hold an office if you have any title like that, because it's just unchecked power. Yeah, it's fine. Get a chance to talk to Brent Winters on that. He'll kind of fill you in on the titles and nobility also and what that really means. So I can't wait to see what he can do. Okay. Well, I'll see if we can get him on here too. That would be great. I've seen a little bit of his work and he's really extraordinary and very knowledgeable. So let's go into the militia a little bit and some of the things that you talked about at our meeting there and to educate people on the militia of the several states. What does it really look like? It's constitutional. And so, I mean, it's not an illegal thing. So for them to make laws against things that are listed in the Constitution, they're all kind of breaking the law. I wouldn't say per se it's constitutional. It's recognized by the Constitution. Okay. It existed for centuries before our Constitution was even thought of. And if you go look back at the, like, even all the way back to King Alfred the Great and And look at our setup of government that we got today. Like King Alfred the Great, they had all these shires, what we call counties today. They all had kings. And what happened, the Danes are coming in and they're taking over Great Britain there. Well, the kings all got together and said, hey, we need one commander in chief in charge of our military and we need to get our military all together to fight off these invaders. So they made King Alfred the Great their commander in chief of their military. Does that commander in chief sound familiar? Yeah, our president, our governors, and our sheriffs. And that's where the militia comes in because that's what they do. Back then, they called on the militia. Well, Justice Scalia said it real well in one of his last rulings. And I can't remember what case was that. I don't think it was the Heller case. But anyways, it was one of his rulings talking about how the militia is a subset of the people. If you read the Second Amendment... It says a well-regulated militia being necessary. Only time in our Constitution says something is necessary. But A, the word A itself, is a word that says, it's basically a militia. So they're recognizing a militia that already exists just by that word A, a well-regulated militia. Well, you take that well-regulated, what does that mean? It's real simple. It means back in the common law, that meant that you had to be regularly armed, REGULARLY TRAINED AND REGULARLY READY TO GO. IT DIDN'T MEAN GOVERNMENT GOT TO GO OUT AND THROW ALL THESE REGULATIONS ON IT AND, OH, YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS GUN IN YOUR HOUSE OR YOU CAN'T HAVE THIS ARMS IN YOUR HOUSE. SO IT WAS ABOUT ALL ABOUT BEING READY AND TRAINED AND BEING EXPERTS IN EVERYTHING. YOU GO LOOK BACK AT THE KINGS. BACK BEFORE THEY HAD FIREARMS, THEY HAD SWORDS. WELL, WHEN THE FARMERS WERE OUT TENDING THE FIELDS, THEY HAD TO BE ARMED AT ALL TIMES AND HAD TO BE EXPERT IN THOSE ARMS. WELL, Main reason is because what a way to take control of somebody, but by controlling their food. And so the farmers had to be trained. Then we went from the sword and shield to the bows and arrows. And that king ordered, you had to be armed with that bow and you had to have a quiver of 40 arrows on you at all times when you're out tending the crops. And you had to be an expert in the use of that. And it goes on and on till we got the firearms. And then what it was, it was the fourth clause in our constitution on militias. Congress has a duty, the state has a duty, the president has a duty, and we have the Second Amendment. So those are your four clauses. And neither one can usurp the other one's duties. It's almost like working in a union shop. And I like using this, if you're a press operator and a light bulb goes out above your press, does that press operator change that bulb? Well, the answer to that is no. Well, why? That's not their job. Well, government's divided like that in three branches. So even with the four clauses of the militia, it's divided on up. You're not supposed to be getting involved in the other one's job. Have you looked into Switzerland? Because they have a real interesting way to approach their militia. Not only do they require everyone to have that training, this is the background of it, but if you don't, you have to maintain records of your training. And if you don't, they tax you. So they're interesting. It used to be done here in the United States in the early stages that you were part of a militia just by automatic and you had to keep yourself armed. And if you refuse to do that, then they taxed you. They're locked up again. Let's see if it comes back. Oh, there you are. Yeah. But so anyways, they used to do that here in this country also in the early, early stages of this country that either you were part of it or you had to pay a tax to support it. And same thing, even even in England for years, the kings, if you wanted to own land, you had to offer something to help out the military or the militia there to help keep people from taking over the land. So you basically got two things. You got enemies foreign. That's your armed person protecting you, protecting your land. And then you have enemies domestic and that's your juries. And a lot of people don't. recognize that the militia is your juries. It's, you know, we the people. It goes back to that Hebrew phrase, hayom. And that means the people. And back when the Hebrews had it, it meant anybody willing to defend the kingdom. So you defend enemies foreign, your armed people, enemies domestic, your juries, protecting your laws. Hmm. That's interesting. I never heard it applied to the juries. So that's very interesting. It's the... Book of Numbers 1 was the first one, Numbers 1. And then they got into the 12 tribes of Israel. And that's where you really get into the jury part of it. That's interesting. I never picked up on that or never heard that before. So that's amazing. So in the state of Michigan right now, you always hear the bad reports on the militia and what's going on in the state. I know there are militia groups here. in the state. Is there a, is there, how do I say this? Are there a bunch of groups? Are they organized or are they smaller groups? Are they within the counties? How is that being run right now? I'm not sure. I have a posse. We've had a posse here at Berry County since 1955. We just keep it going. So posse is kind of another, like a subset of the militia. Also, it's the same people. And with a posse for the sheriff, it's for a fair... Oh, man. Good. Now your sound is off again. They don't want to have a dark talk. And I guess let's see, let's see if you can leave and come back again. I had a few people that are listening say that they've had trouble staying on this morning too. So all I can say is we're probably being interfered with. So can you leave and come back? Let's try that again. So clearly somebody doesn't want to have Dar talking. I want to see if I can find that sheriff. And it was a very interesting video that he put out talking about the risks of not being if something happens. It's when it's going to happen. Let me see if I can find it. Sometimes it's a little hard for me to find things when I'm online. Oh, there it is. Okay. Okay. There you go. Oh yeah. Can you hear me? Okay. Yeah. All right. Where were we at? Uh, the posse. Oh yeah. Posse again is a subset of the people. And, um, in Michigan we have a, uh, citizens arrest law and you can arrest on any felony it was committed in your presence or a felony it was not committed in your presence the difference is is when you make that arrest you shall immediately take them to the nearest law enforcement and then that law enforcement officer has to take them immediately in front of a magistrate and the law is really want to call it vague it's pretty uh broad and it doesn't specify a violent felony or anything like that just as a felony and um like we had a uh guy who firebombed a car over here in hastings one of the police cars and the assistant chief was chasing the guy and some people surrounded him and took him down for the chief well that's kind of that posse or the militia type mentality uh look at flight 93 uh flight 93 when they got in the back of the jet there knowing that they're going to crash the jet into some big important building and they formed a militia or a posse to go on in there and stop that threat. So it is, it's a subset of the people. It's a, something that government can't have. It's not, it was never theirs to take. Hmm. That's interesting. I think there's so much threat out there to actually do something like that, that, of retribution that a lot of people probably aren't comfortable with that, but I don't know. It's if we had better people in office, maybe, maybe they would uphold the right to do that a little bit better rather than turn it around on people. Cause that's what I see. And then you see, you look at the past two of the committees, the safety and select I had, and that they're basically preparing for a battle basically. And I'm seeing those starting to pop up again. I got people asking me, you know, what are we doing to prepare? And all actually is what are you doing to prepare? And more people get prepared out there, the fewer people I have to worry about. What would you like to see people do on an individual basis? Make sure you get first of all start out with getting a good food and water supply And I don't have a good answer on how long, because some of the stuff that I was trained in, like back in 93, supposedly Russia and China got together and had this pact to take over the United States. And Mississippi East was going to go to China. Mississippi West was going to Russia. And how are they going to do that? Well, part of it was because they're going to try and stir things up over here, get us in a civil war, knock our population down quite a bit with us fighting amongst each other. Then they're going to swoop on in. And that was one of the things that... theories, I should say, that was out there. So how are you going to prepare for something like that? What are good communications? And you think about it, it's about any organization. What's number one? Communication. Yeah. That's why military chain of command. That's why law enforcement has a chain of command. It's a chain of communication too. But yeah, what are you going to do to prepare on stuff like that? How are we going to do a long-term food supply? What if they do shut down the fertilizers? Are you going to be wanting to get on out and help the farmers in the fields? So this is interesting because you're not talking about just grab your torches and pitchforks. It's actually organizing to take care of the area, which I think that that needs to be clearly laid out because I believe that the perception is that the military or the militia is out there, you know, crazy people with guns that are out there just ready to shoot all oncomers. But there's so much more to that. Oh, military recruitment's at an all-time low, law enforcement recruitment's at an all-time low. So what do you do? Well, you're on your own and you read the cameras, the Heller McDonald case where I think it was a Heller case in DC because the guy sued the DC police for failure to protect. Well, the ruling was it's not law enforcement's job to protect you. Law enforcement's job is law enforcement. So People got all upset over that. But I'm going, wait a minute here. That makes sense. So whose job is to protect you? It's you. You have a duty to protect you and your family. And your property. And your property. Read some of Justice Story's treatises. And that guy, again, was a common law genius. What was his name? Justice Story. Justice Story. He was one of the first justices, one of the youngest Supreme Court justices we've ever had in this country. Well, that's interesting. I'm going to bring this video up here because I think this is timely with what we're dealing with. Let's see if I can bring it up. Of course, we're going to have to go through some sort of an ad because they always do that. I was watching a Dan Bongino video and I started laughing because he said it so perfectly. Okay. Yeah. QT time is over. I'm sitting here going, yeah, he's right. It's time for us to step up. All right. Yeah, I think so too. People need to run for office and they need, I think it's a good idea to know your neighbors and be able to have an organization a little bit just in your neighborhood or your communities. So that if it's not, if it's when things go south, because I believe they're going to, but let's play this a little bit because this is Sheriff Rick Jones. We'll start it off with my name is Rick Jones. I'm the Butler County Sheriff, Butler County, Ohio. I just came back from the National Sheriff's training in D.C. three days ago, two days ago. We were briefed by the FBI director, Ray, the director of the FBI and several federal agencies. There's 3,300 sheriffs in the United States. The President of the United States refuses to meet with the sheriffs of the 3300. We have a hierarchy. We have a president. We have a vice president. The President of the United States refuses to meet with the sheriffs. He also refuses to meet with the police chiefs of the United States. They have a hierarchy also. He refuses to meet with them to talk about border issues or talk about crime that's going on because of the border issue. We were also told by Mr. Ray, the FBI director, that there are more red flags going off now than before 9-11. Okay? When I say red flags, meaning people that are here in this country that are wanting to do harm to us. We were also explained we're bombing two countries right now. Two countries. These people do not like us before this started. from other countries, 160 different countries. They're here not to be our friends. Some of them are coming because they're wanting to come here to the best country in the world, the way we see. Some are coming here to do harm to us. And we were told by the FBI director, it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. We were also told five sheriffs went is israel five weeks after the attack the only thing that saved the israelis the government was the local police they were outgunned out man they came over the palestinians did they came over they killed raped the sheriffs were there they talked to the police the local police are what saved that country You can't just call, even in Israel, you can't just call the military up and they're going to be here, okay? They went house to house, raping, killing. The Israeli police, when our guys got there, the sheriffs, said they just don't hate us. They hate you guys equally. And the same people that trained them are the same people that trained people to hate us. The FBI director said when 9-11 hit, There's more red flags now than them. So, and he said, these are people that want to kill us and do harm to us now. So you're wondering, I want everybody to know what I know. I can't tell you everything, but I want the public to know that we are in a terrible way right now, the United States, and I'm going to get to the local, the United States were on the defense. You can't be just defense and not have an offense. We have no offense. We're just defense. We're absorbing these attacks. We're in other countries. We're supplying them with weapons. We're supplying them with our treasure, our money, and we're not doing much back home. So with that in mind, we were also told that they're going, this is from the federal government three days ago, they're going to attack our elections, which they've always done that. Just not the national. They're going to go into the locals. They encouraged us to talk to our local election officials and be prepared as much as they can for cyber attacks. Even locally, you have to be prepared. We've been told that, again, they're coming here to do harm to us. And even in Ohio or in the United States, we're not going to be able to call and ask for help. the federal government they're going to be busy the military's not coming the national guard when 9 11 hit it was all the police in the fire and they were in total total organized chaos the military had the scoffs and I don't want somebody asked me am I like doomsday jones and I said no I'm not like chicken lily I want you to know what I know and if you don't believe what I'm telling you that's okay It's okay because it's going to, you know, things happen whether or not we are willing to accept them or not. It's up to us to make a decision whether we want to accept the truth or not. That's for sure. But it sure looks to me like this is going to be a win situation, not an if also. And you can't even look at the bank system right now and the economic systems without going, this is not sustainable, right? The, you know, people, people are focusing on Evergrande, but we've got the same thing here. It's just that it's not being acknowledged. We have, we, you know, you hear over and over again, oh, we've got a housing shortage. No, we don't. We've got houses all over the place that they can't sell, but they're the expensive ones. And the lenders are at fault with this because lending money and letting the builders and the developers leverage their assets, but nobody lives in these houses. How many of them are over a million dollars down there by Nashville? There's a lot of them, but they're all over the place, and it's unfortunate. I started talking about the housings, too. There's an HSB bank. You know what HSB stands for, right? Yeah. Yeah. hong kong shanghai bank so even got infiltrated our banks and now they know all of our how much money we owe they know the property lines they know everything they need to know everything you got in a mortgage they have that they have access to merge which is mortgage uh oh shoot up right where it stands for a mortgage uh it basically it's a computerized uh mortgages that shows all the uh properties that are out there and so they have access to that I studied chinese martial arts most of my life and they always said that confucius said that you want to destroy their enemy first become their friend then death by a thousand talons and that's what I'm feeling right now is man they're into our manufacturing they're into our homes they're into our everything uh here in the united states are involved in somehow the claremont institute in that book they're pointing out that The Chinese Communist Party have 350,000 of their children attending our advanced classes in our colleges, the doctorate classes and stuff like that. Well, the Chinese Communist Party pays full college tuition. So these colleges are going, yeah, come on in. We'll take your money. So it's all about money. And then they were giving billions of dollars to colleges. Well, anytime you give money, there's usually you want something in return. You're not doing it just because you're a great guy or something like that. So that's one of the threats they were talking about with these colleges. So now let's move on. Do you remember when they gave the Obama phones out? Everybody should be able to have a phone and all this. Well, were those phones or were those a signaling device for going out and doxing people? Were they signaling device to go on out and burn down a town? I mean, now we have these people coming across the border that are military age. And what are we giving them? We're giving a $5,000 card, airline ticket to go anywhere, and a phone. Well, if you come on over here, who are you going to call? So what does that phone really use for? So I'm really cautious about that. I'd like more and more people to look into that. I'd like to get my hands on one and do a forensic on it and see what's on it. That would be really interesting. And who's supplying the phones? What company? What software do they have in them? All of that stuff. And it's just really, really awkward feeling out there right now what's going on. It feels like a coordinated effort to, you know, be able to call, like you said, call a whole military, a disguised military into action to hurt the United States. We got docs here and it went on about three weeks. And the question I had was, well, who contacted these people and had them do this? I mean, it was like three calls a minute. death threats. If you were a woman that answered the phone, the dirty, nasty sexual stuff they were going to do to her. Was that in the sheriff's office or what was it? It was supposed to be here, but then they got into our dispatch. Basically anything that had Berry County. And I'll bet you Berry County, Missouri probably got a bunch of these calls also. Wow. I didn't know about that. So are they using those cell phones to activate stuff like that? Did you see the map where they're tracking them through cell phones up into the United States? No, I haven't seen it. Now, let me see if I can find it for you because I've had it on my Telegram channel, which is at Brandenburg, number 4MI. I'll see if I can find it here. It's always difficult for me to find when I'm on the computer because it doesn't, actually my phone works better when I'm on doing a broadcast. It's a little more difficult for me to actually find what I'm looking for. Believe that or not. Let me hit one more thing on militia here while you're doing that. Yeah. Militias started out with a tithing, which was 10 groups of 10 families and we call them townships now. Then they had the 10 tithing, which was the 100 families within that, what we call a township. But back then it was called a tithe, tithing. And so anyways, the townships are really one's supposed to be, how do you say, starting up their militias. And there's one township in Muskegon County that did that. They started their own militia, which is, I was sitting there going, wow, that's actually historically correct. And if you go look at the big picture, you have, like King Alfred the Great, they pooled, all these kings pooled all the resources and made him commander in chief. Every state pooled the resources in and for the militia and also for the armed forces there. And you had the president. Well, at the state level, you got the 83 counties. We pool our militias together and our state constitution says the governor would be the commander in chief of the armed forces. It doesn't specifically say militia. Then you have the sheriff with a 16. We got 16 townships. Some counties have more. Well, the townships are the ones supposed to be doing their militias or their posses, basically. And the sheriff is the commander-in-chief of them when it comes to that. So it's all broke down like that. I thought it would be out to the public so it's easier to understand. How do I find the people in Muskegon that started the militia? Do you know them? You can probably find it online. And I've been wanting to reach out to them so they could take the class there. And there's this book right here, The Militia of the South. And at the bottom, it says our Constitution's answer to its enemies. And it's a really, really good book. It's a history lesson, biblical lesson. Okay, so let me bring this up here a minute. Here is the cell phone tracking data of illegal immigration routes across the United States from Heritage's Oversight Project. which I thought that was really interesting to see how, to see where they're going. And what's real interesting to me though, is going over here and look at the great lakes. And this is, this is so, so I think telling because look at what they're doing. They're getting them into a, a here's an international port and you have an international waterway gone. They're out. And I think that that's, To me, when I looked at this too, I thought, you know what's really amazing about this? Knowing that we have good guys that have infiltrated into the bad guy networks and such, I'll bet you that they're also able to track all the people who are interacting with the human trafficking, the drug trafficking and such onto this. I can send that to you if you'd like. If you would, I'd appreciate that because that's interesting to me because you'll look at it's a lot of the big cities. It is, it is. And what's going on in the Elm area? Look at it. It's almost like it's going right, though. The majority of it is, well, we've got an east-west route, but look at the majority of it is going right straight to Michigan. Just as a quick visual look. Why? Because we've got water. And I honestly have believed this for a long, long time, that the reason why Michigan is so key here is because they can go right through here, They can do whatever they need to do here, and they take them right out through Detroit to that international port. Also, Michigan has the largest freshwater supply in the world. Yep. They want our resources is what they want. Let me pull up the heritage. Hang on a minute. I can pull that up too and show you that. Oh, let me see. I think I've got the – Heritage Foundation, just an heritage oversight project. Oh, by the way, there's a militia and a terror organization. There's a what? There's a difference between a militia and a terrorist organization. Okay. When you start hearing all these, they want to go out and kidnap this person and that person. Well, that's what terrorists are. That's a stupid person. It's breaking the law. Let's see. I've got to change that one out in just a minute. I will send that to you. Here's the Heritage Project, which I think this is neat to go through this. Working for a government that's accountable to its citizens. This is the organization that put that map out. look how bad right now I think this is really interesting I'll bet you can see a lot of them are filling in the swing states and voting I would assume so especially michigan because we had that proposal too that they claimed passed But when they did the recount on it, I was like, I don't have the exact numbers, but what stuck out in my head was 42%. And 42% of the ballots that they were counting had problems. And they can't, how many counties, I think there's what, 20-some that can't even be audited because everything was compromised? Right. There's so much crap going on in this state, it's not even funny. And that's not a recall. That's a criminal investigation then. Why isn't that happening that we know of at any rate? Got to hand it to the people who are pushing this. They certainly got their chess pieces in place first, which I'm referring to who's in charge of their police agencies, who's in charge of their prosecuting and their judges. Let's see if I can find the map. There's a map in here somewhere. So let's see if we can get to that. Tracking. See, the map is in here somewhere. We'll find it. But at any rate, I think that this is a decent place to start and to truly look into Rio Station. Well, you've got to look at it. on there for people who are listening. At NGOs, there's non-government organizations. Right. Filthy rich, like the George Soroses that are funding that type of stuff. And I got an email. There it is right there. Okay. I've got an email that shows, I mean, I bet you it was over 100 that were NGOs that claimed to be friends of the FBI. Right. And when I saw that, I about fell out of my chair. I'm going, I'd never allow this in my office. Uh, no, we run it, not the NGOs. And, uh, I mean, that was, that was dangerous. It wasn't just the FBI. It was the CISA and, uh, DHS. It was just amazing. What Jeff has been talking about is the problems with CISA. Yeah. What needs to happen is our clerks need to take back the control of our elections. Starts with the clerks. That includes the qualified voter files and all that. They started the qualified voter file in, I think, like 1993. And then we had a... woman who was born in 1887 died in the 1970s and she still showed up on her qualified voter file even though I didn't even start until 1993 so it was a mess as soon as they started it it needs to be held at the local clerks um like detroit they have this big area where they vote while detroit needs to be divided up into uh different districts uh kind of like their townships are and uh I think they're supposed to be, and I don't remember the number, but it's 1,200 or 1,500 per precinct. But they kind of conglomerated everybody into a couple areas there. And again, I don't know how many areas in Detroit for sure, but it wasn't divided up the way it was supposed to be. And I don't know what their reasoning was for it or anything like that. But it was just one of those things that just kind of scratched my head going, well, why? They just kind of centralized things. We're not swapping power. Yeah, it's disturbing on every level. I think, like I said, what we really need to do is we need to start removing people that aren't doing their jobs or violating their oaths of office and quickly. That's going to have to happen. We need to do it before the next election, too, in my opinion, because the ones that are still in place, they're going to do the same thing again. I know that in our township, I believe that election laws were in fact broken here and several of them because I was denied the FOIA. And in fact, our township clerk hung up on me And I asked her questions and I was asking her questions and said, well, if you if there's nothing, you've got no election data in your possession, but you have the thumb drive. What's on the thumb drive? Well, nothing. Well, who erased it? Well, nobody erased it. Well, you just told me it was empty. So somebody did. And then she started talking over me. and just kept talking real manically. She got manically talking, and then all of a sudden, she hung up. And I had somebody there that witnessed the interaction, because I threw up on speakerphone, and she, you know, she was on speakerphone when she was talking, and I had somebody witness the interaction. But up and above that, you know, it was absolutely... I don't know. How do you just destroy election records or pass them to somebody else and not keep them on file? Because Jonathan Brader told them to do that. And in that regard, every one of these clerks that didn't stand up and defy that order are guilty. And, you know, I've talked to several people and they say, oh, we don't want to make the clerks mad. And I'm like, make the clerks mad? That has nothing to do with making the clerks mad. They broke the law. So why are we not going after every single clerk in the state if they didn't defy the order? Because it was an unlawful order that they listened to. So where do we go with this? Where do we go with removing them all? Well, again, it's defending the clerks a little bit here. When we started doing our investigation, Secretary of State's office was sending them, they weren't, threatening letters, but they're saying, hey, if you go out and allow this, you could be charged with felonies. In other words, if you don't do it, if you don't pay up, we're going to bust your kneecaps. Yeah, it's coercion. They were being coerced. There's no two ways about it. But still, even if you're being coerced, you still have to stand for what's right. You should read some of these emails. When we were doing FOIAs, because trying to protect our clerks here. they were going to assign somebody basically to put up a wall for us. And then the, if you, if you read the act, I think it's 1953 voting act or maybe 57, something like that. If you read the FOIA part of it, it's very specific at what you can't have. And nobody, I have yet to see anything come across my desk where it said there was an amendment to the act with the FOIA. And there's, Laws out there protecting software, but not in this particular act. It's supposed to be an open voting. It's supposed to be this transparency in this voting. And how could you call transparency when you're hiding all the software that does the calling? Well, I sure hope that there's enough clerks out there that are actually cooperating with the good guys that are out there to out some of this nonsense that's going on. I have to believe that there are some really good people that are out there potentially cooperating with some good people that are going to bust this thing wide open at some point in time. I'm really quite hopeful that that's happening. that that's going on. I hope so at any rate. There's a few questions here. Slotkins is direct. My district and she knew about the election and sent the info to the Board of Elections and not to the AG and found out and she found out and did nothing. Slotkin needs to be recalled. CIA feds and NIH run Lansing. minimally, but they pretty much run everything else too right now. We've got all these NGOs and these unconstitutional offices, which if you look at one of the laws on the books, Norton versus Shelby County, they don't exist. They truly have usurped authority of the people and become weaponized by a very corrupt government. Well, I thank you so much for coming on today. I really do. I always love talking to you and I always learn so much. It's amazing. And, uh, just, just want to, uh, thank you. When we put together this class with, with Brent, uh, I think it would be wonderful if we could schedule a time for you to answer some questions to further educate everyone, because that that's the key right there is that as Americans, I think we need to be educated and, and I mean, well-educated, not just a cursory look on YouTube or, you know, YouTube or something like that, but actually know what's going on. And that really takes some commitment time, you know, but, uh, Love to be part of it. Good news for you. I've been in field pistol classes, the legal portion, since 2000 when it first started. Here we are 24 years later. But when I first started, I'd ask the class, how many of you read the Constitution? And I'd be lucky if I get one hand showing up. We had a class of 40 last Saturday, and I asked how many of you guys read the Constitution. I would say over three quarters of the class's hands went up. What was the class on Saturday? CPL class, Concealed Pistol License. Yeah, I didn't hear that part. You cut out for a second. And like I said, in 2000, I would be lucky to get one. Now it's three quarters. So more and more people are starting to learn this constitution. And I get frustrated when I hear our governor say, oh, it's a system. And there goes Dar again. Let's see if he comes back on. I guess they don't want to hear what Dyer has to say, do they? Let's give it a second, see if it catches back up. If you think there's no censorship out there, my friends, there's a lot of censorship out there. And I see this when things are, they're not happy. with things getting out there. They will block a feed. They will do all sorts of things. But that's okay. I'm still going to be here. One of the questions I asked all the sheriffs was, why didn't you arrest Gretchen Whitmer during the unconstitutional shutdowns and lockdowns and mask mandates and that sort of thing? And you know what most of them said? Who's going to prosecute it? Well, that doesn't mean that you stop at any rate. You still have to do your job. So come on back. Come on back, Dara. Let's get those squirrels working. I'm going to assume that he's not going to be able to get back on here again because something is interfering with his feed. But we'll bring him back on again and go through the segment. So at this point in time, let's say our prayer and go into our day because there's a lot of people that are fighting for this nation, and we're not going to stop either. So have a little faith about this today because I do believe that there's some really good guys out playing bad guys. There's bad guys playing good guys, but there's also good guys playing bad guys. And we're not going to, we're not going to stop on this. We're going to continue to go on. So dear heavenly father, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunities that you've given us for the ability to speak, speak our mind and to continue to move forward. with this nation. I'm going to see if Dar's coming back on right now, but we'll see if he comes back on. I'm going to sneak a peek once in a while. So thank you so much for giving us this day. And I ask that you encourage every single person out there that they would know that you are truly in charge and it's your plan. This is your nation, your world. And you know what? We want to honor you this day with telling you, you are our King, our Lord, and our Savior. We are willing to do whatever it is that you ask us to do. We're willing to step forward when nobody else does. I ask that you would put it in people's hearts to step forward and take a position to run for something, to reach out to the taxpayers party because we're looking for people and or to do whatever it is that you put in their heart to do to serve this nation, to serve you, to work for your kingdom, your kingdom first and foremost. What does it mean to be a servant? Please teach us what it really means to be a servant for you, your representative here. And in watching what we say, our actions, our words, and our deeds, we ask that you would show us the path that's in front of us and help us to keep always our eyes on you so that we don't get dragged down by this world and the things that we see that sometimes are a little bit depressing. I can't say that that's not part of the equation here, but the closer we are to you, the better off we are. Please bless anyone who's having problems with health and or depression or feeling overwhelmed or anxiety and show them who to reach out for to show those people that are around their value that they can reach out to the people around them and Give them a clear shot as far as I shot on who needs their help today so that we know that we can truly step forward and help people around us. Thank you so much for this day. You've been a great friend to us. And we ask that you be a great friend that you've been a great friend to us. We ask that you help us to learn how to be a good friend to you, a great friend to you also. We want to be your friend. And, uh, we, we love you in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. So that said, we're going to end it for today. I'm not going to be on tomorrow. I got called, um, away. I have a business meeting tomorrow, so I'll be on Wednesday and then I'll be gone again Thursday and Friday from the broadcast because I am going to be taking another trip. And, uh, Then I'll be back on the following week. So I just want to let everybody know that you're loved. We care about you. Please go to because I am still not conceding the 2022 election. It was rigged. It was fraudulent. So it was a 2020. And I don't think we can go forward until we write the crimes that were committed in And I'm going to stick with that. So with that said, God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. It starts with you. It starts with choices that we make every day. And we can make those good choices regardless of what's going on around us. I'm a little tired today after the weekend and some of the traveling that I did. But hopefully today I'll get a little bit of rest and we'll be back Wednesday with a brand new perspective on everything and ready to march forward. So we'll talk to you Wednesday.