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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/29/2023 Liberty Essentials & Update Justice League/Oregon Pro Se

Published Nov. 29, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Justice League of Oregon - Pro Se Case Dana Hindman-Allen and Mei Wong Dana Hindman-Allen - During the primary race in Clackamas County 60% of barcodes were unreadable in the primary which spurred many doubts about the security of the election. I was introduced to Mei Wong and was shown her discoveries of the time-stamped screenshots of her votes going down in her race which further solidified the questionable results • Formed the Justice League of Oregon and held a symposium sharing our discoveries • We filed formal complaints to the State and County only to be ran around in circles for over 2 months only to be told if we want to redress our grievances we must file a suit in court • We filed a federal pro se case in court for Civil rights violations and election security concerns November 4th, 2022 Mei Wong - The first time the votes went down was on Memorial Sunday at 4:30am. Calls to question who is updating/changing votes during that time? Along with over 60% of the ballots sent to voters with faulty barcodes, people in the election’s office outside of office hours, the county uploaded wrong numbers to the Oregon SOS website, and the Oregon SOS website was hacked. As candidates, many concerns about the security of the elections was apparent. The state and county denied all queries and complaints by the candidates. Then told us to appeal the decisions in circuit court. • Twitter: Rumble:

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♫ Good morning. Welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 29th day of November, 2023. Welcome to our show this morning. We're going to get right onto the topic and welcome to Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Donna Brandenburg. So how are you doing this morning, Bill? Great, Donna. Great. And yourself? I'm doing good. I'm a little bit of we talked about it before we got online, right? I'm not going to listen to this anymore with people saying, I'm not going to vote because it doesn't matter. Because the next words out of people's mouth better be, and this is the plan of what I'm going to do next. Because just bowing out and being a quitter is the same thing as wearing the masks during the COVID genocide. Fine, fine. We're going to just all quit and go sit in the No, I don't think so. So yesterday I decided that when they signed that stupid misdemeanor being a reason to take your guns away bill, Whitmer signed the bill into law two days ago or so. And I decided, you know what, it's time to remove her. She should not have signed that. It's unconstitutional. Everything's wrong about it. And they're going after us. And the first thing that they've been trying to do for years is take our guns away. So, that because why? Because anywhere in the world they've ever taken guns away, they have enslaved and genocided the people. That's the goal, it's the same people that, you know, you can go back to the Bolshevik revolution, you can go back to Nazi Germany, you can go are at and they do the same thing the same way every time. They're not real bright. So the playbook is out there. You can see it, you can see it, but this is what they're going for. So we're gonna start doing a few more, I suppose, legal things. And we'll be talking about that more as we go forward. But I wanna mention our meeting coming up on January 27th. I said we were gonna be talking about US taxpayers party is doing and the US taxpayers party you're the chairman. I'm the first vice chair is the Constitution Party Michigan affiliate and so we are the Constitution Party in the state of Michigan and we have a clearly we are clearly defined on what we believe in and You know most you know Getting control of this out of control government, which is set itself up as the enemy of the people They are not doing one thing right at this point in time. They they're off the rails. They're just making up policies as Jonathan Brader from board of elections says, the director who is also the chairman of the board of Eric, wonder why our elections are screwed up, you know, said that they're making up policies on the fly. No, no, they don't get to do this. So we stand here to defend individual rights, whether I agree with what people do or not, You know, I can make my choices they can make their choices But we are going to have to stand up for each other and the rights that each one of us has Given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution. So what are we talking about today? Well this just in big news flash everybody who's listening here. I mean literally just came across the board This lady right here next to me and I there's no consent no consent None, zero, we do not consent to their unconstitutional mandates, their nonsense, their illegal law that they signed into law this week. And then, I don't know, I just sent you a link on this, I should bring this up. Gretchen Whitmer, child that she is, without any form of being a leader whatsoever, decides takes it upon her queenly self to write in that they're going to have 100% green energy, no more petroleum products in the state of Michigan by 2040. How's that going to work for you, child? She's a child. She is not only is she a child, she is a puppet child that is owned by the globalists. And that's what they're going making money off of this nonsense green energy where they enslave children in the cobalt mines and they strip the earth away in the lithium. This is the most polluting and destructive agenda. But it sounds good if we live in Disney world and we wanna say, yes, let's do everything green. Really, have you looked into the disaster the green energy is and what you're gonna do in the middle of winter in Michigan, for gosh sakes, when you go in to the ditch and your batteries go dead, how are you gonna charge that out there? I just got a question. You're gonna be sitting there praying to God that somebody like myself with a diesel truck or a truck is going to be able to come over there, get out in the merciful way that we would and pull their sorry butts out of the ditch in order to get them back on the road or pick them up and get them out of the cold because they ain't gonna happen with electric vehicle. They can't make one that way. Not buying it, not drinking the Kool-Aid. I'm done with this. It's so stupid, it's not even funny. And I'm more done with people going in and telling me they're not going to vote with no plan whatsoever, but they're going to go sit in the fetal position in the corner. No respect, zero, nada. Go ahead and get a plan before you say something that stupid out of your mouth, but you just don't quit. You got to wonder how humans have survived for so many thousands of years, you know? Seriously. The earth is renewable, everybody, you know, and Psalms, it says the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, right? Everything that happens there, summer, winter, harvest, fall, none of these seasons are going to change as long as the earth stands. So all of these changes that our elected officials, our representatives are trying to submit us to. They're trying to incite panic into this nation. Don't. All through pretended legislation. We'll get to that in a minute. But none of it exists. I mean, they're creating the crisis and then coming in and playing the problem solvers like they've done for so many decades. You can see it in every crisis that comes up. If the government gets involved in a crisis and I'm not talking normal, natural, natural disasters that happen, you know, acts of God, so we call them in law. I'm talking about actual crises where, where people's lives become endangered, uh, through one thing or another. If the government's involved, odds are they're playing both sides, right? They're playing, yep. Not only the, the problem creators, but they're playing the problem solvers. And why is that? Because then they can, through this crisis, try to enact more violating more of the rights of the people so that they retain more of the power, right? And that only happens if we give it to them. We're controlled by consent of the governed here. They can only govern as long as we allow them to. And it's time we put a stop to it. And I don't understand this whole murder culture they have going on. You know, it's like, they're like a death cult, the government is, you know, Satanists. They're like a death cult. It's like they send people to war, they make vaccines, they do all this crap out there and I'm kind of done with it, you know. Yep, I can clearly explain that. Years ago, somebody had told me, they explained this to me, and they say if you look at all of these things, the green energy, the pollution crisis, the, I mean, you name it, the root cause that they want to try to make you believe is that it's humans that are causing all these issues. All right. The humans are responsible for this, this mass destruction. And, and so humans have to create new laws to counter it. Right. So we can have sustainability. Uh, the common word you'll, you'll hear through agenda 21, 20, uh, 23 agenda, 2030, always in danger. Yeah. So, so what they want you to believe is that you are the root cause of all of these things. So the less of you there are, the better, right? And I look at them and I say, well, lead by example. You'd be the first to go. There you go. I like that. Yeah, it just boggles my mind. The human psyche is actually, it seems pretty weak, really. talking to somebody who was in intelligence yesterday. And they were talking about how, I'm still sorting through some of the stuff that he was talking about, but he said, they don't really even have to create riots. They know what people are gonna do. And so they set up the climate and, you know, just like in J6, what happened? The cops started attacking the crowd. Well, of course, somebody hits your wife, or there was a video that came up in an older woman pushed down the stairs by the cops, themselves by the Capitol Police, who, you know, I had Ivan Raikkonen come on and he was showing the connections between Pelosi, Schumer, Capitol Police, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan, and how they were using this to, in fact, keep President Trump from getting, the rightful President of the United States, butts in jail right away. They're going to be in jail. It's just a matter of time because they did plan it. But the Capitol Police were trying to incite a riot by attacking the crowd. And so, all they had to do was just have the police themselves attack the crowd. And somebody sees any guy that's worth the salt is going to see from zero to absolutely furious in about two seconds. And you know, and it's like, of course they're going to use human nature in order to incite the riot. So who's responsible? And I heard somebody say, well, you know, the people fought back. I'm like, no what they were seeing. They were, and it was the feds that ushered them in. No mistake, there's no confusion there. The people did not storm it. I was there last weekend. You know, what are you gonna do? Move a 20,000 pound magnetically closed door with a bunch of people? Yeah, that's gonna happen. You're not gonna be able to move that over by hitting it with a tank, you know, let alone a whole bunch of people that are out there waving their mega flags, I'm pretty sure the flags aren't going to have a lot of it. And so they opened the doors, they let them in, they told them to go in. And it was, it was the, it was absolutely constructed. They knew what they were doing. It was planned ahead of time in order to deprive the rightful president of this nation, of his seat as president. And so help me God, all of us are going to live to see that this justice is done. It's got to go not 2022. It's got to go 2020 and probably start nullifying all the way back We need to start nullifying because the Satanists that they are the Marxist Satanists that they are are Here to destroy us Yeah, we've got to go back a long ways and we're not talking just a few decades here we're not talking Even back to the beginning of the Federal Reserve. We got to go back into the 1800s Everybody's gonna say sob, sob, sob, Donna to attack the 13th Amendment. Yeah, it's like, I'm sorry, but in the 19th Amendment, I'm a woman, I can go ahead and go, let's go there, right? It's like, why would they have to say, call it out? I get some of it, I get some of it, right? But at this point in time, nullification, back to that and taking a look at the potential, potential original 13th amendment, which was the titles of nobility. We should not have one person sitting in as a judge or in an office who is part of the bar, that's title, title of nobility. We should have no attorneys out there on this. This is part of the problem. They know the laws. Of course, they're gonna get in a position where they can write the laws. So they can, you know, give us all the bird Because they know how to convoluted and massage it and and move it around That's why our Department of Justice is so whacked out, you know and so Pro se guys everybody out there should be filing cases against these people and do it like like like passing out tic-tacs in church Yep, yep, and we'll get there. We will get there. Yep, so Throughout this this week. I've been reading a little bit I like to invest my time and in my time and where our framers and our founding fathers had been and what caused them to do what they had to do, what they knew was right. And so this week I've been going a little bit more through the Declaration of Independence, right? And this is one of our most celebrated documents, right? We shoot off fireworks. We have big bonfires, big barbecues, invite everybody over, hang out. Do we actually talk about what happened? I can honestly say I've only been to a handful of July 4th events where we actually went through and talked about why we're doing what we're doing, right? And I'll tell you, if you come to one of my July 4th parties, it's a little more involved than most. not just the fireworks guys, right? We actually get our guns out and we do what they would have done. We celebrate by what they did in remembrance of them and nothing more and nothing less. But the signers of the Declaration of Independence made several key points, several key infringements upon the law, upon their rights as they knew it. But I found one phrase that stuck out to me this week. And they said that prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. That's the first part of it. Which just clearly states that we are not seeking to radically alter our forms of government just on small whims. We can do that in statutes, we can do that with various laws that need to be adjusted from time to time, but governments themselves should remain as close as they have been as long as there is not a cause to change it. And they said that, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." I want to reread part of that. It said, " suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves, not right the government, but to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." So, mankind, we sit around and we try to make change our founding principles, or at least should be, as long as it is not heavily affecting us. We're willing to suffer little things once in a while until it gets to the point where our backs are up against the wall and we've got nothing more that we can let go of. And that's the point that these men had gotten to. with their olive branch documents to say, hey, let's have peace here. Can we fix this without a huge problem between us and you? Let's try to take care of the issues rather than seeking to abolish what we have already worked so hard to set up. We did a show last week with the Pilgrims and Mayflower Compact. I mean these men had a mission they were set out in desiring to fulfill that and You know you get to get to the point 170 years later 150 years later, whatever it was now and They weren't seeking to abolish what they had worked for until they could no longer suffer the Abuses that the government's were laid up All right? So because of all of that, because of the long-trained abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evidences are designed to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right and their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards for their security. They got to that point. As to why they got there and let's draw some comparison and some contrast to where we are today They said he now this is the king right in America we don't have a king we have a republic We are like kings. No. Yeah. Well, people still seek a king just like the Israelites, right? Right, they hold they hold to their their idolatrous view of let's elect this man and he can fix our problems for us. Well, it's lazy too. It's lazy. That's not what adults do. We take care of business. And you don't ask somebody to fix your problems. You get up and you fix your problems. That's right. That's right. We're the government. We're tasked with enforcing the law. We're tasked with everything that the government does. Right? It all falls on our shoulders. It falls on theirs too, but we have to deal with them first. But in a limited way. Limited way that's part of the problem if we're not gonna do it They're gonna fill the gap and they're gonna do it and try to make a whole lot of money off of it And then we're gonna complain about the money that they've taken but that's what they're gonna do Yep. Yep Well, the very first point they said is he has refused his assent to laws the most wholesome and necessary for the public good the king refused to submit or Or give his account to the law, right and we know without law you have anarchy you have no way of punishing the wicked and upholding the righteous. And the king at that point had thrown off some of their laws, which were most wholesome and necessary for the public good. He said he has... actually, let's hold it there. Let's draw some contrast. I'm one of those guys that like to read through the Michigan compiled laws, right? And reading through those, you can find hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of laws that we're going to later on call pretended legislation. These are acts that were enforced by signature and vote that they call law that is repugnant to the Constitution. We know all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void. They don't exist. It's just word. And the Supreme Court has upheld this over and over and over, including violations against rights or simple laws that they just don't have the authority. We never delegated the authority to them to write any legislation in the matter. They said he has forbidden our governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance unless suspended in their operation, though his assent has been attained. And when so suspended, he is utterly neglected to attend them. out there the king the king had to I don't know the word I'm looking for here I'm gonna use the word verify right he had to put up the law we have three sections of government we have our representatives our legislature we have our judicial branch and we have an our executive branch right they all have to work together our legislature should be proposing necessary laws for the public good in accordance with the Constitution we set them and delegated authority to The governor is supposed to sign off or not sign those laws depending on how he sees that they are good for the public and constitutional on their base and we have seen in my lifetime tens of thousands of laws that have been signed into legislation that are not in fact law, but are usurpations of their delegated powers powers. We're going to skip past a couple of them here. Here's another good one. He has dissolved representative houses repeatedly for opposing the manly firmness, his invasions on the rights of the people. Now this is pretty drastic compared to what we see here. They were actually taking down down and not allowing the representatives to meet. Now, our representatives meet because they know they can get away with it when they want to propose unconstitutional law. But how many times did we see over the last three years, I should have this pulled up, but there's hundreds of what they call executive orders from our lovely Governor Whitmer over there, right? Now, you read the mission. elected, there's a broad history of executive orders. Oh yeah, yeah, it's not just her, it's been every governor for a long time. You read in Article 5 of our Michigan Constitution, and that is the only time you'll find where the governor's allowed executive orders, because I'm not saying they're unconstitutional, there is a place for executive orders, but that place is to direct the executive departments. It's not for the people Yep The governor is supposed to guide the departments that he's in charge of to make sure certain things are being done right and For the most part that's a very broad power unless it requires the force of law Right, which means if we have if we have to bring in that's within the contrast of that executive order, then that order cannot be valid until it goes through our legislature. Has to go through the people, and the representatives we put up has to go through the people before that can ever take effect. And we saw numerous times over the last three years where that wasn't done. They were just writing executive orders, and they would submit it right to the Secretary of State and say, oh, now this is law and we have to do it. And listen, it never was law, it never is law. There is no such thing, right? It was a usurpation of power. Well, and look at what the legislators do. And this is really, I think something that's very dangerous right now is they wanna point us all to Whitmer. Whitmer's a chip shot, okay? She's a chip shot in not knowing what to do, okay? But they're deflecting the attention away from the legislature, which is is Absolutely off the rails with how they're making laws. They're not even reading the laws We have two thousand over two thousand bills a year that go in front of the Michigan legislature Does anybody actually believe these people are reading them? No, they have somebody that says here I'm gonna chip you a few, you know, a hundred thousand dollars for your campaign means lobbyists need to be abolished too. You know, it's a big money game and they are not following the law. None of them are. Yep, yep. So in our legislature, we have committees, right? Anybody that's involved in a political party locally will understand that. Committees are nothing more than think tanks. They are nothing more than opinion polls, right? It's where a bill will come in, they will look it over, they will determine, they will go through the fiscal analysis of it, they'll go through what all it entails, how it's going to affect government, or at least they should be, and then they will give their opinion and their amendments of the law and throw it right back into the House. Now, that's the end of the committee. They have no more say in it, but it is actually the House, the representatives that we have, will vote on it and determine whether or not they want this to become law and At any point during that time outside of the committee that bill can still be amended there are there there's nothing against that and I Can't think of the firm no not Robert's rules of order, but that you can't change it right from the floor our granted It's going to take some time and you better have the support which means you better have read it prior to Which means you better know what's going on in those committee whether you're in them or not legislature so Yeah, these guys They're sending these things to committee the committee is giving an opinion on it and then sending it back and depending which party right are yay or nay, that's how you see the house divided almost 100% of the time. There may be a few stragglers once in a while that might actually be thinking or that might have their own opinion about it, that you'll see vote in contrast. But how many of them do we see actually stand up and try to stop it and fix it before it even comes to a vote? Well, they're playing games because one party will say, hey somebody's paying them for, or in the dark money or the PAC money and such, to get this stuff done. We have bought and paid politics. There's nothing about being just a person, an individual who reads these bills and makes a decision to represent their constituents. It's not happening. They don't care. who's chirping in their ear at that time, and who's dangling the dollars in front of them. And they switch back and forth. They're all friends. They're all in it together. And they pass the ball so that nothing gets done and they all stay in power. Yep. And not one of them will take responsibility. They'll all pass it on. If something bad goes through, whether they voted party that did this or, uh, you know, we had to do this because of, you know, the governor said so, or it's ridiculous. It's a name. It is. It's the same thing that Nestle did with those, um, with those, uh, fraudulent, uh, fraudulent, uh, registering voters in Muskegon. She passed the, she passed the buck to the state police and goes, I don't know. I passed it on. That doesn't mean you're not responsible for it. You don't just say, okay, well, I'm going to take this problem and I'm going to hand it to my horses. I know my horses are going to take care of it. I'm done. I did what I was supposed to do. No, you didn't. I don't care if it's state police. I don't care if it's the horses. I don't care if it's a school board. I don't care if it's a dog catcher. You don't pass the buck. The responsibility lands for failure lands straight up on the person at the top. Management decision is done. It's always that person's fault because they either managed it incorrectly and they have to remove those people who have violated or or fail still their fault because they either put people's in place You know, or they didn't they didn't follow up on it. Yeah, let's keep this going. Let's let's uh, Let's talk about how easy this really is. Okay, so We saw in and we're not talking 2020, we're also talking 2016, 2012. I mean, every election that happens, this is nothing new. It's been going on for decades that they have sought to control our elections, right? And a lot of that ties into the fact where we have many, many thousands of people who don't bother to vote because they don't see the need in it, right? Yeah, because we're going to sit in the corner and we're going to put our little mask on we're not going to show up. Yeah yeah I mean the average voter rate in the state of Michigan I think is right around 30 percent might be a little better a little less especially during presidential elections and it's even less during the smaller elections. I've seen things go down local elections all the way down to like 7 percent. 7 percent of the people that care right and you may think yeah your vote doesn't count and I'm gonna tell you in the in that we have, it's very difficult to make anything count unless we're willing to stand up and do something about it. I'm gonna say it right there, that our votes don't count. As long as we have the machines, our votes do not count. But what does count is us showing up in mass as a protest and to continue to refuse to stand down so that they can just roll over the top of us. You have to show up. And even if you don't believe your vote counts, there's gonna be a point in time where some of us good guys are going to actually land something. I'm not even gonna say the word that I was gonna use here because somebody's gonna say, oh, Dana's inciting violence. No, I'm not. It's always a lawful process in a lawful way. One of us is going to be able to land something that's gonna stick. And then when we do, whether everybody out there decides that they're gonna get in the game and they're gonna start filing pro se all over the place or lawsuits or letters or call these people or do something to express your displeasure, right? But if nobody shows up and says, we're gonna see if, this is how I'm gonna say it looks like for me on the outside. We're gonna wait until somebody good actually shows up and does something. What about you? Why is it all the rest of us a responsibility to write this nation? Well, everybody sits in their little comfy home and bitches. It's like, I'm sorry. I, you know, you know, as well as I know, I saw my husband 55 days and 14 months. And I know people that have been gone a lot longer than that fighting for this nation and standing up. If you're waiting for somebody to get in there and do everything and hand you the keys to the kingdom and set you on your little pillow and make everything comfortable so that you don't have to be disturbed or inconvenienced in the life, we're going to lose. It's not fair. Why is it my responsibility? Why was it my responsibility to pay for my entire campaign except for maybe 3%? everything the right way every time and you know and and yours to step up and fight in the Constitution Party where we're all taking jabs and barbs and needles and and arrows from every side criticizing us that's all they do is they sit there and they bitch but they don't do anything because they want to sit on their little comfy pillow and and hope that somebody's gonna show up and and do what they should be doing that's right President James Garfield said, the sell one's vote for money is the worst of treasons. He said, and if for party favor or for selfish ends we cast a vote, or in this case, not cast a vote for selfish ends, for one whom our conscience does not approve, we do not act a guiltier lie than any words can frame. Our national safety demands that the fountains political power shall be made pure by intelligence and kept by pure vigilance Right, which means that's the only way we can do this and I'm going to tell you there are there's around 10 million people In the state of Michigan and a lot of them don't have The authority to be voting right? We have a lot of a lot of people in the state of Michigan Who are not actually citizens of the state? Yeah, you know Army that's coming on in here under the guise across our border under the guise of refugees or Illegal aliens. No, they're not they're fighting age males that are coming in here and they're going to attack. It's just a matter of time That's right. That's right. But we so let's just say we have all 10 million people are registered voters, right? So if we had 10 million people at the polls on the very next election day and there were 10 million votes cast. Do you think that they would be able to sneak in 10,000 fraudulent ballots? They could. They would be able to. They could protect it. The numbers would not work, right? But one thing we need to do is start getting involved locally and holding to our townships and holding to our wards that the clerks set up a hand count ballot. It's as simple as that. We cannot keep doing this and expecting different results, right? That's the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and expecting different results. We have to be willing to think outside of the norm, outside of what we are told, and be willing to put ourselves out there and do the work necessary to get the resolve that we so desire, right? But it all So, but, we got a little ways off there. That's okay. That's good. We get on our little rabbit trails and those are exactly where we should be a lot of times. Yeah, but back to my comment, how easy is this? I'm going to tell you the provisions in our constitution that solve this matter within, you know, a day's work. is the fact that the militia, the men of the state, who are fighting age 18 to, I think, 64, 62. I keep getting those numbers mixed up in Michigan. But who are willing to enforce the law to repel invasion and suppress insurrection. That is our duty, men. That's not the police agency's duty. They were never delegated that authority. It is our duty. And who is in charge of this besides the governor? Okay. Now the governor that we have is not going to call the militia, right? But that doesn't mean that that relieves you or us of our duty to Take care of the problem and I am not talking about taking up arms and going in Grabbing your torches and pips forks and acting like a bunch of crazy people. That's not we're talking about here at all Yeah, we're talking about actually going in and and forcing them to enforce the law Now they should fear you enough that they would be Uh in fear of you doing that, right? You don't you don't have to act dangerously, but you have to be willing to be dangerous There's a difference if they see that you're not willing to be dangerous. They don't care what you had to say, right? that means lawsuits or or pro se or there's legal recourse We don't have to act like a bunch of idiot thugs out there We just have to get in the game and carry the ball lawfully to the into the end zone spike the ball We won and it's fine. Yeah, but we could we could fix all this correctly if our Constitution was being followed and we could have rounded up all of these people and Right impeach them and then prosecuted them properly according to our Constitution and put the fear of God in the next set that Take their seat so that this wouldn't happen again, right and we don't need the judges to do it It's like the judge everybody thinks that we need to go to the judges to get to get this this to Come to fruition, you know a few lawsuits that would be filed out there that were filed properly either their pro se, which supersedes a judge. A judge is only active under the civil action jurisdiction. We are not part of that. We are part of the Republic. You know, we have the jurisdiction to do this. That's right. That's right. The law has always been on our side here. It's just a matter of whether or not we're willing to get out of our comfort zone, to sacrifice a little bit of our time and energy to put it in place. Like they just like psyched us out here to think that we're not in control. Yep. That's it. It's the big psych That's what it is. So We we just mentioned a militia you mentioned a little bit about military One of the other points that our Framers had said was he the king has kept among us in times of peace of our legislatures and he has affected to render the military independent and superior to the civil power. That is exactly what we see going on. Read that again please. And who is this from? It says he has kept he has kept among us in times of peace standing armies without the consent of our legislature and he has affected to render the Superior to the civil power Declaration of independence, right? That's right. Yeah, I was reading some comments where you started that So I missed the the first part. I was trying to catch back up Yeah, so so our our federal government cannot have a standing military among us Okay, they do as much as people aren't willing to see it They have rendered our National Guards right who in Michigan is supposed to be our first militia They have rendered a majority of them in service to the federal government. They've sold out our own men and women to serve under the president. Yeah, the UN. I wasn't going to go that far, but that is what it really is. I'll say what nobody else wants to hear. You know, the people that are invading our country, a lot of them are UN soldiers on our land. Yeah, yeah, that's been proven. That's been proven. There's evidence of that all over the place. But that that's what they've done. Instead of being able to to protect and secure our free state, they have tried to, in times of peace, because we're not under a declaration of war, we haven't been for some time, they independent and superior to the civil power, right? Which means they are not under our control anymore. They try to put them under the federal control. And that is such a usurpation and such a violation of the Constitution. It's ridiculous, right? Why we haven't forced impeachment process on all of them because of that, I have no idea because the legis both the the federal legislature the federal executive branch And the entire judicial branch has upheld all of that for for the law for as long as I can remember they have been doing that and every one of them is worthy of impeachment on that ground and then all of the legislature should be Forced out of our building Every one of them. Every one of them, top to bottom. And my stand on it is that they need to be removed, they need to be prosecuted, and if they make it past tribunals at some point in time for treason, they may never, ever hold public office or be in a position of power. Never again. that they wiggle themselves into other by association or by position for themselves. They may never be in that position again ever because they cannot handle it and you know I hate to say it a dog returns to his vomit the Bible clearly says it and they're there they will return to their vomit I can guarantee you that they are not going to be rehab able to be rehabilitated. Yep Right, this is Bill's opinion here, but I think it's actually time to end the federal government. I think they have gone beyond Beyond their use and I don't think there's anything that the states can't handle themselves at this point We want to create its rights Yeah, if we want to create a charter among the states Like that like the original Articles of Confederation just set the base grounds of how we interact with each other I think that would perfectly work in these United States. I don't think the federal government should even exist anymore. Right? Well, and think about the implications of that. If everybody decided to go to Comifornia out there, and Comifornia decided to split in half, in order to have the communists, the tak area, whatever, you know, the woke, you know, they want to have a woke state, fine. Everybody can go there and live with the people that they want to be woke with. Good luck making money because none of them know how to survive. You know, it's all they do is take from others that are actually working, right? And then, you know, the states can stand, you know, based on, you know, based on the streets. I don't care, but I'm not going to fund it. And I'm not going to feel sorry for you when you run into problems because you're too lazy to get up and have honest days work like the rest of us. I'm not going to feel any pity for that. I hate to say it. I got talking to somebody. Somebody said, Commie Michigan is here, Donna. Yeah, it sure is. I don't like the term white or black. I've never seen a white person. I've never seen a black person. I've seen pink people. I've seen brown people. I've seen tan, but there's never at a time in my life I've seen a white person or a black person. It's variations. We all bleed red. We are human beings. And I, you know, it's like, like, I, I just, I just, I don't want to hear this anymore. It's so ignorant and stupid. It's so stupid. You know, we're going to have to get together and stand together and put our biases aside in a way and stand together as one nation. What they've done to this nation, and they did it by design, is the craziest thing. I've lost my point of what I was going to say there, but. You're not going to be on mine. I kicked somebody off of mine a while back and brought the sheriffs there, but in the meantime, I smashed every single thing they had, threw it in the back of the truck and took it down to the dump. Bye-bye. You don't get to crash on my property or anybody else's. You want to go live in The rest of us adults are gonna get up, we're gonna find something to do. There's a guy right here in the area I'm in. Every day, I see this guy every day, multiple times a day. He parks his car in the gas station and does his best, oh, I'm forlorn and destitute every day and goes stands on a corner of the highway begging. And anybody that stops and gives him two nickels is stupid. These people that beg on the corners are making an average of tax-free, between 40 and $60,000 a year. And if they're strong enough to stand on the street corner, they're strong enough to go get a job somewhere. Whether they're sitting down, licking stamps, I don't care what it is. You don't have to go into brain surgery, but there's always something that all of us can do, right? When I was 16, I picked worms out of a manure pile. And there you go with, this is where I was gonna go, with your white privilege. wants to say that can just shove it because I never saw it. I don't know what that's about. I just knew how to work and I didn't sob and whine and blame everybody else for the fact that I was a really poor kid. I just got to work. I didn't get given anything, you know, and it's like, I want to hear it. It's so stupid. I'd like to see how many people would be willing to dig through a manure pile for worms because they had to buy their own clothes and bring food home. You know, our family actually had my wife's family. I'm just adopted into it. Um, but we actually had a worm farm up here in Kent city. You know, it's, it's, it's an honest job, you know, it's like, it's an honest job. There's, there's nothing beneath what I am willing to do to support myself and my family. Me too. As long, as long as it's honorable and moral to do so. Right. Yeah. I've cleaned toilets. I've worked as a waitress. I have, I worked at making hand done signs in the department store for a while. You know, I filled trucks, you know, I filled trucks for a while, you know, when I was really little, when nobody else would hire me, I was seven, you know, I was, I was filling trucks and such. And, and, you know, it's like, like I worked, I didn't get a chance to go sit in a coffee shop and screw around, you know, I was working two, three jobs. I put myself through college. Nobody gave me anything or help. I guess I had one type of financial help when I was in college. I think my mom and dad's tax return when I went to college was $7,000 combined income. Oh, wow. I'm telling you. Anybody wants to talk white privilege, you could just shove it. I'm going to tell you right where to shove it because this is the stupidest thing. We didn't get any federal money or anything like that. We just sat there and tried to figure out the next way to make a few bucks to stay alive. And that went into the kids. You know, it's the stupidest thing. So my friend who is not a black man, but is of African descent, we talk about this all the time. I'm like, don't even say that word to me. I said, I'm gonna reject it. And don't call me white because it's ignorant and stupid. And so, and he laughs, you know, because we're on the same page on this. And it's like, it's like, you know, we have to realize that we are people and we have to, and all people are created by God Almighty. I don't care what color your hair is, your skin, I could care less. I don't care if you're a man or a woman, and I'm not confused. Do not call me a birthing person with bonus holes, because someone is going to go hostile at that moment in time. You know, it's like, we are people, you know, and we all have, we were created, we're all created in a unique way by God Almighty, and we can respect each other, you know, exactly as God created us, and let him worry about the end game on everybody else's life. It's his problem, his project, and we just have to fight for each other and be there to help each other. That simple. The majority of what you just talked about, I mean even going back to the elections, but the whole race issue, we all know that was developed under the the CIA. That word was created by the CIA, right, as division for the people. Just like Hamas and Hezbollah and all these religious, supposed religious organizations, which are nothing more than a military front. Yep. Yep. It's all organized crime. Organized division. At the least, it's organized division. And one of the reasons why, we can go right back to the Declaration of Independence, what we've allowed here, it says, for suspending our own legislatures and declaring themselves vested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. That is where our federal government sits. And Whitmer, Whitmer, you are here, Whitmer, you are charged guilty of the violations, all of them that are listed in the Declaration of Independence. And so is every single legislator in the state of Michigan. They're all of them in violation. So are the judges. They're all in violation of those grievances, every single stinking one of them. And as well as, you know, I'm going to go off on another tangent here. You know, we've got this human trafficking seminar coming up on the 8th over in Detroit. Well, you know who's gonna be there? Tara Rodis, who was the whistleblower within HHS, CPS. You know what? I don't know when people are gonna get a handle on this, but the government is out there absolutely demonizing Americans. They don't even know what a terrorist is. They have no idea. They're just, they're deeming us that they can harass and Harass us and hurt us and they're taking away people's kids. They're coming for the kids But you know what the definition of terrorism is the original definition Yes See I you can go back to 1828 Webster's Dictionary look it up terrorism is defined as government by intimidation in government against the people. And we've allowed them to flip that word on us. Like Samuel Adams says, how strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of word? We've allowed them to flip that word on us and claim that terrorism is a person against government, or a person against the people. But in all honesty, it is the government that is terrorizing. That is what they do if we let them do it. And we've seen it for too long. They're guilty of extortion, racketeering, money laundering, inciting riots, terrorism themselves. I mean, and then they wanna look at us and then advance surveillance. They have gone against every single amendment from the first amendment, free speech, as well as freedom of religion. They've used that against us, the second amendment, that not only have they attacked the second amendment, the right to bear arms, but they have worked actively to not ensure that there is a well-regulated militia. There's more to it. It's not just a headline out there. The fourth amendment, the surveillance, they're too gutless and cowardly to go after head on. So now they've through third parties. It started with the Five Eyes Alliance and it's just gotten worse. Now they're using companies to install surveillance under all the bridges, on our phones, they're in our homes, they are everywhere. They're like a bunch of slimy, snaky cockroaches that just seem to keep multiplying and it's all after that almighty dollar. Yeah, well, let's go back to what it was when our founder had written this, he says, he has abdicated government here by declaring us out of his protection, which is what the federal government and their agencies are doing. We are outside of their protection. And now they are surveilling us because we are a threat to them somehow and waging war against us, they said. He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coast, burnt our towns and destroyed the lives of our people. How many times have we seen that happen in our lifetime? Look at look at all the big, big red flags, the false flags that happen. You can look at Waco. You can look at Ruby Ridge. Jason, they created all of it. Yeah. Yeah. Oklahoma City bombing 9-11. I mean, all of it was created against the people. That's that's how they do it. They create the crisis and play the problem solvers. So if we want to get out from under this, we have to, well, first off, quit watching the media, right? Mystery media. Quit watching the media. It's in a brand of news network where we may be a little ornery, but at least we're telling the truth. Yeah, like, I think it was Thomas, was it Thomas Edison? Might've been Payne that said it, I'm not sure which one, but he said, he that doesn't read the news, at that point, it the news is misinformed, and he that does is dis- I'm sorry, he that doesn't read the news is not informed, and he that does is misinformed, right? That's the way they work. The CIA's original operation, they said that they knew that their disinformation campaign would be complete when everything the American people believe is a lie. out there about these things and what happened and the truth of them. And you will realize that that's not far off base. The majority of what regular Americans who are just not doing anything and living day by day, hoping that somebody will come in and save them, the majority of what they believe is a lie. They don't understand how all this got into place, right? So somebody asked me, so what is an independent person supposed to do? We'll do what we're doing. We got involved. Now, neither Bill and I are a fan of political parties at all. I look at what the failing Republican Party with Christina Caramo, who stacked the party with felons, has done. I'm going to tell you what, I listen to people and they're like, oh, well, she's not that bad. Really? How could you justify even if you have a felony on your record go see Christina Kramer because she's gonna give you a job and it's like, you know, you look you look at these well these political parties and the problem that I see is They're playing they're trying to play remember when we were kids and we played like King of the Mountain You know you get up on a mountain and you try to you see who gets on the top of the mountain winds, right? And you're pushing each other and such what is accomplished? That is the political parties out there, the unit party, the Democrat and the Republican Communist parties of America. Both of them are. They're doing nothing except for distraction. And anybody that stands with them is in a distraction. So I'm going to just say some. We're going to the taxpayers party. It may not be perfect, but we're fighting to end this nonsense. And it's like, you know, it's like you got wheel that's going on, you might wanna consider it. It may not be perfect, and we may actually be fighting to end the party system, but right now you take any weapon that you have, and if a political party is gonna get you on the ballot, that's not a bad way to go. And we've been talking the last few days, I'm moving forward with this lawful process process for removal of these people. And I'm gonna tell you right now, if you don't know what to do, at least pass the links on, you know, for gosh sakes, it might take you, you know, five lazy minutes to pass this on to your groups or the people you know, don't even have to do the footwork on it, but at least somebody can do something, you know, risk hurting someone's feelings. You might make somebody mad for just a minute and they might come back and say, I don't like what you have to say, wah, wah. you know what, if you're telling the truth, who cares? You know, stand on it. But we're gonna pull our meetings, our work meetings, where we're getting something done. We're educating people on proper processes, the law, so you actually know what the laws are that are on the books to use that as the weapon. You don't go pick up your torches and pitchforks. You pick up the law and you use it. And we have everything we need to right this nation, Except whiners sobbers people that want to go sit in the corner fetal position. I'm not gonna vote I'm just gonna sit over here. I'm gonna take my marbles and I'm gonna go home. That's what they're doing You know, it's funny funny you bring up the king of the king of the hill analogy there I'm telling you that's exactly what it is. It is a hill and These big two major Established I've been climbing up that hill and fighting each other the whole time creating this this big game of who can win, you know, and it's all bought and paid for. They know what they're doing and they've been distracting people since the foundation of the parties, okay? Which is all the way back to the beginning of our nation. But I'm here to tell you, they might be climbing that mountain. The US Taxpayers Party is still on the ground with the people, right? And we're seeking to take that mountain out. We're gonna flatten it, right? There is no cause for that to even exist. It's a garbage, it's a mountain of garbage, of lie and distraction. It's tearing this nation apart. And it's not the Democrats, you know, I listened to all the virtue signaling Republicans out there. We're Republicans. We got everything right. Really? Good luck with that. Trying to convince me of that. All I'm seeing is crap out there. You're on a crap hill mountain of trash trying to convince me to jump back in on this crap hill mountain to fight for, you know, for it, for king of the hill, their king of what a mountain of garbage. I don't think so. We're taking this nation back to what the founding fathers wanted or gave us. This nation needs a little maintenance. And so I'm gonna invite everybody, please come to the human trafficking, which the largest human trafficker on the planet is Health and Human Services, CPS. They're trafficking kids like there's no tomorrow. Let's throw in Catholic services, Lutheran services, and the other ones that I believe should be looked into like Bethany Christian Services might want to look into that one too Because they're getting paid for moving people around but straight up hhs hhs is kidnapping kids And legally doing it each kid is worth about a million dollars to them So and and all these kids coming across the border So i'm going to invite everybody to join us and actually get in the game get in the fight for this on find on my telegram channel at brandenburg4mi. I've got it posted all over the place. And I'll put it on our US taxpayers party social media too. So it's You can find stuff there and on our Twitter and Facebook and such. But it's all over my social media for Brandenburg News Network and such. But not only that, we've got a meeting on the 27th of January. We're still working on a location for that. And you're gonna start seeing some motion there because there's gonna be some things there that you're going to be able to do. We're working on this. And if we have to do it single-handedly to put the basis down, to give people the courage to step forward and do something, so be it, you know? But at least show up to vote. Do it as a protest. Even if you believe that your vote doesn't count, do it as a protest. shut you up and shut you down. Yep. It's everyone's duty to do such things. It's not just the right. It is the duty of the people. Also, elsewise, we give our give our consent to everything that's going on. And we the USCPM is not just a talking head party. We don't sit here and talk, though we have for the last hour. Right. Or stick our hands out asking for money. We don't sit there and beg for cash. You know, we need some. We're we're a do party. We're not just going to talk about the problems here, we're going to find the solutions to them. We're going to go back to our roots and we're going to do what is necessary from from here on out. We're going to do what is necessary to restore the principles that our nation was founded on, right? If you want the results you used to get, you have to do the things you used to do. Not just talk about them, not just sit in the echo chambers and listen to the same things being said over and over. You got As small and insignificant as it may seem Something is better than nothing at this time Yeah, and I don't know what to do get a hold of one of us and we'll we'll give you something to do I guarantee it. Yeah, we get we got so much that we have to do that There's not enough time in the day to do it, right? I'm praying like Joshua to hold the Sun back for a day just so I have an extra one to get something done Well, there's plenty to do all of us are doing so many things Do one thing today, pass on some of these links so that in a good news, not the fake crap that's out there to make everybody afraid and the sky is falling and oh my gosh, that sort of thing. Do something, get some seeds for Pete's sake, store up a little bit of food because it looks to me like the banks are gonna crash. You might wanna have a little bit in store. You need to do something, not just wait, be proactive, not reactive. take somebody out for lunch or something or coffee and start talking about some real things. Actually be a friend and you know and and refuse to sit there being part of this bitching culture that just sits there and whines and sobs and oh my gosh, and and I'm gonna go suck my thumb in the corner, you know, and Worry about hurting people's family. This is absurd. It's ridiculous. Let's need some adults out there So anyhow, mark your calendar January 27 We'll let you know where we're gonna be and the speakers and then you're gonna see some see some actual things that you're going to be able to jump on and do. And I'm going to continue to talk more about this as this goes out, but that day we're going to have it stacked and ready with some things that you're going to be able to actually do to take this nation back. And it's not going to be grab your torches and pitchforks. It's going to be a legal process. So there you go. It's not going to be, it's not going to be go get the, uh, go get, uh, pulled into a big J six event either. event either. That's not what we're about. Yeah, or the fake Whitmer kidnapping. Here, check this out. Before I go, I've got my next guest on. Hi girls, I'll be there in just a minute. But we kind of got on a roll this morning of stupidity in the state. Here you go. Whitmer, the child that sits in the top, signs Michigan's 100% clean energy mandate into law. How you gonna do that, Scooter? How are you going to do that? Pretended legislation. There she is the child that she is is sitting there looking. I think we're gonna put unicorns in place good luck with that and Clean energy is the dirtiest energy on the planet. It cannot happen. It is not going to happen and You know not not the way that she's doing it. You know, I think we go into hydrogen. That's great She has no idea what she's doing, you know, and so I got that one Whitmer sweeping bill strips gun rights for non, but now they've got a way in order to demonize us and harass us for misdemeanors that are, he said, she said, to grab our guns so that they're gonna continue this nonsense on. And there she is, the child, the child sitting there with her little, little kindergarten behind her, who decided to write into sign into law and unconstitutional law, you can get nailed for pushing a roommate. There's all kinds of stuff. Pushing or shoving a former roommate at a college reunion is included in that. An ex-girlfriend using a key to get into her boyfriend's house to get her things without his permission. Smashing pumpkins on the porch. They can take your guns for that. So, so, child. Go back to that picture a minute. What's that? Picture at the very top of that article. I want to point something out. Whitmer the child, the Whitmer the child thinks that this is a good idea. Whitmer the child. So standing to the left of the governor who is supposed to be enforcing the law, not tearing them down, is none other than the Michigan State Police. Yes, the Gestapo. Yeah, and what are the police supposed to do but to enforce the law? What they are holding there is a violationrant's dictate. That's right. That's a tyrant's dictate. I will not consent to that. I will stop it at every point. If I see somebody in my community being attacked by anyone in that picture or anybody that they think that they can send over here, just try to strip my fellow Americans of their weaponry. Without arms, we are defenseless people. Look to history and see what they Plan to do I'm all about tolerate it and I will put a stop to it at every chance I can the balls there's the same thing the Bolsheviks I'm gonna I'm gonna put a video up on the Bolshevik revolution today on my on my telegram channel these children That are sitting in office throwing their temper tantrums. We have a union police force. We can't get rid of them So they were following allegedly Congressmen are the legislators around at the behest of the head child here Queen Gretch the squire Nestle and the court jester Benson around in the Capitol, child, child, and all of the people in her little child's network there, you know, trying to enforce unconstitutional laws. Ain't happening. We are going to, we are going to, perhaps write some protests that they're going to have to face. There's going to be a day in court for this, and it's not going to be a court with the unconstitutional judges that are part of the bar and the civil action jurisdiction. No, no, no, no. There's a higher court and it's we the people. That's right. That's right. All the while they stand around armed or they stand around with their armed thugs there to protect them. They want to take your guns away so that you can't protect yourself against them. Yeah. Well, they just found some adults, didn't they? It's going to be a, going to be a tough, tough pill to swallow. So anyhow, well, thank you. This is our Liberty Essentials today and Rants by Bill and Donna on why everything is wrong and that we will not be taking this anymore. That's right. Stand up for your rights before you don't have any. That's right. Well, thanks for coming on today, Bill, and let's talk further. I've got some more things to talk to you about, about this wonderful meeting on the 27th of January, mark calendars, and some other things today. I'll give you a call a little later, okay? Yep, will do. All right, we'll see you next week. on Wednesday, Liberty Essentials with Bill Moore and Donna Brandenburg. And I'm going to go to my next guest. We have May Wong and Dana Hinman Allen. They're filing pro se in Oregon with the Justice League of Oregon. And these gals are great. They're getting some progress. We have so many people that are doing pro se across the United States. These are some amazing, smart, gutsy gals, and they're getting some great action out there. So I'll be right on in just a couple of seconds. Have a great day Bill and everybody else, you just stay right on line right now because we need to hear what these gals have to say. See ya. ♫ Hey, welcome to the second hour of Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg, and I am going to welcome my next guests on. Mei Wang and Dana Hinman. All Allen, how you guys doing? Good morning. I'm on fire today. I'm sick of this nonsense out there. And I'm so glad to have you guys on and hear about the update that's going on out there in Oregon. You guys are amazing and so inspiring. So, so amazing what you guys have done. Thank you so much. Thank you for having us on Donna. By the way, I was thinking I was watching some of your videos or clips you were showing of Gretchen Whitmer and I'm thinking, is Oregon a twin state of Michigan? Because they start with unconstitutional things just to try to get it out there optically and then they get beaten down in the courts. So it's staying who decided to sign something that is totally unconstitutional and wait and see if she's gonna have a protest by the people of the state. Instead of just doing the right thing at the beginning, they lob this stuff out there and see what, they're like a child that's got their hand in the cookie jar. You know, I'm gonna see how much I can get away with before somebody says, you're breaking the law. Yeah, well, actually, I feel that what we've been doing, because we've tied up a lot of money agai have other cases going on that's actually taking a and and what their resour do to go out there and pu around. Yeah, that's, that some, create some uh, uh, that, yeah, that's what i the solution, something y it's about getting in the and we've been in the solution, however far and however it goes at the Supreme Court, with hopefully they accept it, is we're in the solution. So we're doing what we need to do to take care of business. And that's what all of us need to do is to just do what we can. Yeah. So, so if you guys can give the basis on, see guys, that's the, that's the first gender neutral term in the state of Michigan, because we're all guys here. Okay. So, so you're now speaking Michigander. So can you guys tell everybody out there exactly what your case is about and what the progress has been on this? Because this is very exciting when we start seeing the pro se cases, which are basically flipping off the judges and just doing it ourselves. This is really the way to get it done. Yeah. So do you want to like a breakdown of that from the beginning? So- Yes. Okay, so May 20, 2022, the election, the primary election, 60% of the barcodes were unreadable. And there were people in the office hours prior to, excuse me, in people in the office prior to office hours, like other campaigns, there were other information that was uploaded incorrectly. took on the morning of Memorial weekend, Sunday morning at 4.30 a.m. of votes going down by the thousands. Yeah, they changed the votes and you've got screenshots to show that the votes, the vote totals were being manipulated. I do want to actually make mention that the defense and the judges actually did not refute that. They said that they acknowledged the screenshots. Yes. They didn't explain it. They didn't go into depth. They just said, they finally had to say they existed because we had it in federal court as evidence. They had to mention it at the last minute. And then from there, we went through two months of communications, just like every congenial way we could, did all the protocols. complaints to the state asking for a full hand recount of the original not duplicate ballots and a full forensic investigation into the screenshots. Cause we wanted to know why they went down. We wanted an explanation. I mean, for honest ethical- Can we do that the way it works in our elections? They just randomly go up and down depending on, you know, at 10 o'clock we could have 10,000 votes and at 11 o'clock we could have two, you know, because that's the way our elections work, right? So they ran us around, all of them, the state, state officials and the in the election office and then the county, they ran us around for two months. We're supposed to statutorily, May go ahead on the statutes. Do you want to express all the statutes that they violated? I mean, if you want for me to go here, I'll pull it up. You can keep on talking while I pull it up. Okay, when they violated statutes, we're allowed to get a cost, for a hand count, to get a cost estimate. And they said they were going to get it for two months. They basically put us in a pinball machine and just batted us around between people, said they were going to do it. And then at the last minute, they said they're not doing anything, they're not doing a hand recount, they're not looking into the screenshots, they're gonna do nothing. They're not gonna address one iota of our concern. And just to back up the state when we did the complaint, they denied us right out of the gate. Then the county tried to appease us, hoping we drop off, and then finally did the same thing. So- I have the statutes. Yeah, so there's quite a few of them. There's ORS 246.046, where the Secretary of State and the county clerks need to seek out evidence of violations. And then ORS 254.529, choice of conducting hand recount of ballots or reslimming audit. The county has the power to do that, to request a recount. Yes, so ORS 254.532, risk limiting audit, where the county clerk can request an audit or recount. ORS 258.161, where the candidates can file demand for a recount with the Secretary of State. ORS 258.0166, grounds for contesting an election or asking for a recount. Then because of that, then they go on to violate US statutes by not doing the recount and not opening up an investigation. So we're talking about the US Constitution, the 9th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment. Then also 18 USC 241, 18 USC 242, 28 USC Code 2101. Actually, those are all relevant. The following are all relevant going after we filed a lawsuit. Just to break it down, conspiracy against rights, deprivation under the color of law, discrimination, deprivation of due process, supervisory liability, deprivation of due process and equal protection under the law, failure to prevent deprivation of constitutional rights, deprivation of due process, and deprivation of free exercise of religion. So all of those were violated plus the Oregon statutes. So then we filed in federal court. They said, if you don't like it, go to court. The problem with that- You're like, fine. Well, it's not something we just set out to do. I mean, we went through every, what reasonable people would do. If you see something that blatant, that was wrong, those combination of things with the ballot barcode. did is they brought in people to do hand-duplicated ballots side by side the whole election. Right, but they're actually allowing other people to decide to re-mark the voters' intent. I mean, obviously, with people standing next to them and translating it, but it just allowed for a lot of confusion. So we went through all that process, and then finally we decided to file in federal court. But the problem is, if that's the default mechanism of our government, people need to realize we are right there to where the default mechanism is. If you don't like something, you have to go to court. And what that does is bar about 95% of people from ever being able to get their grievances redressed, because financial means, navigating the legal system, having the wherewithal, the time, the energy, the money. So that's where we're at. If you don't like something, go to court. So what do people do that can't do it? Right. And they know exactly what they're doing because they've written the laws and the rules, their little unconstitutional rules to keep us out of the way. So they just randomly break the law. They're breaking the law all the time. And then it's basically, we're just going to break the law. They're never going to challenge us anyway, because they've knocked out of having the ability to go forward with it. And then they've dumbed everybody down with the education system, so we don't know the law and how we can fight. I mean, I honestly believe that every single person coming out of school should be able to walk into a legal process and have the knowledge to defend themselves without a bar attorney. It's a lot of research. There's a novel idea. It can be done a lot of research but so then this is just some of the responses that the defendants for the state and the county wrote in black and white mere fraud does not invalidate an election. What does that mean? Mere fraud does not invalidate an election. So either you got fraud or you don't have fraud but what is it? I'm like at a loss here. What is this near? It's in between, right? No, near. Like near fraud. So fraud has become not important anymore. It doesn't matter. It's just mere fraud. Don't look at what we're doing here. We're saying fraud, but it's just mere fraud. Well, who has the rubric for that? Where's that barometer? I mean, that statement in and of itself isric? Like, can we see that? Yeah. Where's, where's the standard? Or is this just where the wind blows that day? You know, it's sort of like hate speech. What, I've never heard of hate speech. What, what is hate speech, you know? And it's like, who gets to determine what hate speeches or what mere fraud is. If it's, if it's just based on And we brought forth garden variety. Say what? We brought forth garden variety. Well, the whole statement itself about garden variety, I mean, where it says garden variety irregularities, what is it? Where do not violate the due process clause, control the outcome of the vote or election. So they just like making up terms as they go. Oh, we're hoping that Justice Kavanaugh looks at this and thinks, what is going on out West? My God, they're like putting it front and center. Yeah, right. That's a new one. I haven't heard garden variety. I guess, you know, huh. Exactly. We filed in federal court. We've been working on this for a year, and I mean, which is a long time to go back and forth. And it was just this regurgitation of just skipping around the truth by the defendants. They just, it was just a cluster, let me just tell you. And it just didn't go anywhere. And it was really unfortunate because you really the responses, and I just, it was really, that part was disheartening to see from the defendants that there was no even negotiations, nothing, no, no desire. No evidence. Anything. They brought no evidence. They brought no evidence. No evidence. They're just trying to duck responsibility. You know, the responsibility is to listen to you and take action to make sure and ensure that it's not to say, no, we've determined, we've determined that we did everything right. There's no problem here. There's no fraud. There's no cheating, nothing. We did it right. No, if somebody says something, they have to answer that and prove that it is in fact was done correctly. Right. And it's simple. Yes, they offer any solution. I was just gonna say, say it's as simple as asking for a hand recount. That's all we ask for. And why? Why do they deny that? Why are they spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to go and defend this case and not even reach out and negotiate and say, Hey, okay, how about we do a hand recount for you? Yeah, they're all they're working for you. Why? Why would they sit there and try to fight you? That's like shoving something in their bosses face. They should be like, okay, what do you want me to do? And what will give you peace that the election was done correctly? Right. That's pretty simple. A full hand recount of the original not duplicate ballots and then a forensic investigation and why the votes went down by the thousands on the state website that she took on the morning of and then subsequent screenshots after the official votes were in. So we asked for very, very brass tacks things that any like civil person would want to know. And especially when we're like, I look at it like a quasi interview when you're running for office, and I'm running for Clackamas County Commissioner, I'm running for the same position again. When you're running for office, you're like interviewing see something wrong right out of the gate and you get denied to be able to even correct, have it corrected, looked into, what's it going to be like when you get in office? I mean, it's just, so it's like I was doing my duty. May was doing her duty, questioning something that was terribly wrong and unusual and uncustomary. Seeing votes go down, they go up. We know that. We're doing the United States of America, clearly. Yes. So it's not just once, I have to say this, not just once, it's at least four times that it went down by thousands at the early morning hours each time. It's shocking that they're trying to fight against this instead of investigating it to find out what's going on. Don't they wanna know? Yeah. What's that? Don't they wanna know? Are they curious? That's what's happened to us. Yeah, foreign actors may be involved and they didn't want to investigate that. We feel it's a national security risk because it, the, the, the premise that when you look at it, okay, so it was in her race. Well, it might've, it might've, that's not happened in multiple races. We don't know how widespread it is. They actually did acknowledge in one of their replies that more than one candidate had votes go down, but they didn't provide evidence of it. So that's why we wanted the full hand recount. Sounds like treason to me. If they're trying to hide stuff, to the bottom of it and doing a proper process. This is- You're absolutely right. It sounds like treason to me. You cannot hide things from the American population. Right, right. And it just seems like- Exactly. Yeah, the more they fight, it's like the more they're hiding. Well, they're racking up charges every day. You know, if somebody continues to hide things, all they're doing is they're making it worse. You might as well come clean. If, you know, people are going to make mistakes. And if they see things that are wrong, it's their duty to come forward immediately and right those wrongs. And if they try to actively cover them up or fight against bringing something out, you know, you got a problem. I don't remember exactly how many districts in Michigan, there's quite a few of them. They can't even audit them because they had open boxes that these ballots were being stored in. So the chain of custody was completely broken to the point where they couldn't even go back and audit the election. That's how bad it is. Wow. Wow. And for your audience that might not know during the course of this last year, so the former secretary of state, Shamia Fagan, her election director, Deborah Scroggins, Bob Roberts, the legal specialist, elections director and Sherry Hall, she was the clerk. All of those people have either one of them, Sherry did not get reelected, and the rest of them have resigned. Shamia Fagan, the Secretary of State, she was regulating the marijuana industry that she was actually, she was regulating that industry and taking consulting fees from that industry. Yes. month. 10,000 a month. 10,000 a month. They owed over a couple million. I don't, don't put me on the exact amount, but they owed a lot of money to the state of Oregon in taxes. So like, is this person being prosecuted and on her sorry way to jail? Well, she's on our case. We don't know how that'll go with, with what the other debacle that she got in, It's just sort of all these people have resigned in the last year for one reason or another or didn't get reelected. So and they're still all on the case. So I'm like, speechless right now. It's deeper. It's like it's like this really deep problem here of corruption. And it's just metastasized in Oregon. And it sounds like it has in Michigan. Oh, I would tell you right now is that the seat of Michigan is the seat of villainy right now. I mean, it is incredible what's happened in the state of Michigan. You cannot get a fair shake in court here. It's impossible. Not under the civil action jurisdiction. Did you know that in Michigan, 98% this is what the prosecutors, the Soros funded prosecutors, are what can be heard and what can't be. Within the way they're doing it, 98% of the cases are resulting in a money judgment. And they're taking 18% of the money judgment and putting it into their retirement accounts. Isn't that convenient? That's so bold. Wow. And it's like, and people sit there and they tell me, so people, I'm not going to vote, doesn't matter anyway. I don't really care. You got to show up as a protest. If your vote doesn't, that's exactly when you need to show up there and show them you're not going to lay down. Right? Right. And it's incredible the direction that this has gotten. This is when you get in and you fight harder. They give you a gut punch. Guess what? We're going to come back and it's going to be a painful situation when they actually have to face the charges for what they've done. So the good news and the bad news on the ruling, the recommendation, finding and recommendation, it was very interesting because it was very contradictory. The first part of the recommendations and findings to the Article III Judge Hernandez, were that we do have Article III standing, and she disagreed with the defendants. And we do, yes, yes, that was- They're getting smarter, aren't they? They agreed, and then they said, we do have redressability. This is in the first half. And then in the second half, she recommended it be dismissed with prejudice. What? It was very bizarre. It was so contradictory. So that's when we decided we were going to file the writ of centurary. And that's been sent out and received. We sent it to Justice Kavanaugh to be reviewed. Explain that in the process. So the writ of centurary is basically because of the ballots being destroyed in about four months, we want that urgency to be able to have our part of our redress and our solutions that we asked for, our remedies. So because of that timeline and some of the uncustomary contradictions, we just expedite, we just wanted to expedite it to the top. Garden variety of fraud happening there, or garden variety of whatever, these are words. I actually want to read what Stacey Beckerman, the magistrate judge, actually said in favor of us as plaintiffs, but then she rules to go and dismiss with prejudice. Because this actually is basically what they've been doing all along, it would be great. I've got it in front of me here, but it's on our website. Do you see how to share it? You should be able to share it, May. This is the website, though, that I've got. And let's see. Give me the website. It's on our OK, I'll bring it up. OK. use scroll down and it shows all of our responses and then it comes to what is it that work that what or or G. Mm hmm. stand next to my partner in the suit, May Wong. She and I, I just, I'm so grateful. It's not bringing it up, I don't know why. I'm so grateful to have a fellow patriot that we both just joined and did the right thing. And you never know how your life will go. If you would ask me four years ago, yeah, I'm gonna send off a case to the Supreme Court. I mean, my God. Right. All of us are kind of there going, how did I get here? Yeah, who turned the page? Yeah, who turned the page? Who called me up here and get involved? Okay, so here we go. And here's your case. My favorite quote. Magistrate judge submitted recommendations and findings on June 30th. There's a strike. There we go. Oh, yes. The magistrate struck a judicial notice, which she's only, with her authority, is recommendations. She cannot rule on something that she's not. No, just keep on scrolling down. Go back to the previous page. Okay. Okay. Then keep on going down. Yeah. We're here. Actually go back up. There's a part where it says magistrate judge Stacy Beckerman concludes. Right there. Yes. This whole area right there. Yes. That's what I'm The defendants argue that the plaintiff's complaint should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction because they cannot satisfy the injury in fact and redressability requirements. The court disagrees. The court concludes that the plaintiff's alleged discrimination in equal protection claims are sufficiently particularized and concrete to plead an injury in fact. for damages and injunctive relief do not satisfy the readdressability requirement. The court disagrees. Plaintiff's claims are based on defendants alleged discrimination, denial of equal protection, and conspiracy to violate defendants, their rights and in part on wrong status as a minority candidate. defendant's mootness arguments fail adequately to address all of plaintiff's allegations, including those pertaining to alleged discrimination of a minority candidate. In summary, defendants have not carried their heavy burden of demonstrating that plaintiff's claims for declaratory and injunctive relief are moot, and therefore the court finds that these claims satisfy the redressability requirement and plaintiffs have article three standing to bring their claims in federal court. Boom. Then she goes to go dismiss with prejudice. I mean, it made no sense. It's like, well, the attorney general side and all of a sudden then she dismissed with prejudice. So the Attorney General had not been aware at all. So we have the DOJ of Oregon and then the Attorney General did her guest appearance and all of a sudden, boom. Attorney General doesn't have any jurisdiction over something like that. That should be something that goes to the Sheriff's office. She's supposed to keep her nose into business and corporate law, not into personal. So why did she decide to get in front of the camera? You know, there's a reason for that. You know, I had the same kind of ruling. Actually, some of the language was actually the same because the Michigan Supreme Court took the gutless way out and decided they don't have jurisdiction, which if they don't have jurisdiction, I can't help you with that. And so the federal court judge proved that my rights were violated and refused to give relief and put me back on the ballot because of absentee ballots. Because they ran the clock out, they knew what they were doing, they ambushed me three days before the hearing, Supreme Court dragged the case out, then the federal court dragged the case out, no relief, and I was unlawfully removed from the ballot. So I got back onto the Constitution Party and since then I've just been like, you know, we've got a big problem. We're going to get the tax payers party. You're starting the taxpayers. No, we've already that's been going on for many, many years. But they asked me to run before I ran on the Republican Party because I hated all politics. I figured they were all liars, cheats and thieves. And I got to see it first, you know, up close and personal front row seat with the way that things are working right now. You know, anyone should be able to run for office. Our election should be should be absolute equality. Every single vote matters and should be counted properly. There's no excuse for what's going on here right now. If somebody wanted to run, and I'm just gonna use as a dog catcher, a horse trainer, whatever, I do some, both of those. It doesn't matter, everyone should be able to run. I was in the attorney general's office yesterday because we've got three people here who have 27 counts of fraud or felony counts on them right now in the state of Michigan attached to what was done to me, right? And I was on a roll yesterday about this. I'm like, you know what's happening in our political landscape right now? It's like being in a game of Frogger. You run for office or something, it's like being in Frogger. You're just waiting for the next thing to take you out as you're trying to cross the road because they're interested in having people actually have a seat at the table. The only people at the table right now are those that can run the gamut, which they have set up to knock you out so they can vet you to see if you're going to take that almighty dollar that they're going to dangle in front of you. They're going to make sure that you're a person that will not listen to the people that are going to be compromised and that will fall in with a criminal cabal that's sitting at the top. This is organized crime, and you're either going to play ball with them, or they're going to absolutely treat this like a game of Frogger as you're crossing the road. It's about keeping us out. It's not about having a voice. And you can see it top to bottom. They're all guilty. If they're sitting in a seat, they're guilty because they made it there. they then and every single one of them, you know, it's just like you look at what happened in Michigan. If they're not standing up screaming from the top of the Capitol, that your election was absolutely in question to call for, to call for, you know, all kinds of investigations until every last question is answered, you know, instead of calling. They don't want independent thinkers in office. They want people that will fall in line. It's just like the same thing as the Bolshevik Revolution. I'm gonna bring that forward again. The first people killed during that revolution, as well as the people in Nazi Germany, were the people who were thinking, it wasn't the Jews, it wasn't the Christians, it was the people who actually to stand up, but the knowledge. They were the first ones to take them out. And then after that, then they started working down through society, started killing anyone who got in the way of their little extortion game they've got going on. And so then they took out 6 million Jews in Germany, 5 million Christians, millions of gypsies they went after there. It wasn't just a Jewish Holocaust. That was part of it. But they went after anyone that would cross them. And the Bolsheviks, if you want to study something really amazing, we are here right now. And you know what they did after they started, you know, killing their political opponents and such, silencing them? They cut the food supply. 10 million people starved there. But you're never going to hear that because it doesn't fit their narrative. were starved to death or executed by thug gangs like BLM and Antifa. They went from home to home, raping, killing and stealing. Ten million people. Happened with Pol Pot. It happened in Poland. It's happened in Australia. Anywhere they've taken the guns away and left the people without defense. What's happening over in France right now and in Dublin and such. If they can overpower the people by thug gangs, this is the game right now. And that's why we have to fight so hard on this because people think that it's not part of them, like with human trafficking. They think, oh, this is an Epstein Island thing. This happens down in the Caribbean. Yeah, it is happening in the Caribbean with all of them on their yachts down there trading kids around, but it's happening here. It's happening in the state of Michigan. It's happening in the state of Oregon. You guys are a border state too because you're right on the ocean. Easy to make people disappear that way. And we've got the islands just like you do. Easy. People don't realize it's our own government that is involved in the slave trade and in the trade of children and human beings. They have become the enemy of the people. Yes. We do have tunnels that actually go from directly from Portland all the way to the ocean. Yeah, from the prohibition days. We have tunnels under the city of Grand Rapids that there's somebody here that used to give tours into the tunnels here. I was in DC last weekend and I was in the tunnels there. And that people have no idea what's really going on. And right now they're using trucking companies to traffic kids to the state of Michigan, and they're using the container. So every time you go back past a container on a truck or on a train, it's time to start asking questions. What are they actually transporting? Wow. And this is one thing that we know is that that the truck drivers will actually park and then they'll rape the kids and then pass it on to the next truck driver that will pass it forward. And our government is actively involved in this. God, it's horrible. You know, it's it's and you know, and I don't think that people have have a clue how close this is. It wasn't too long ago, there was a there was an apartment complex at the end of a of a street. And they were they there were tunnels that led to that led to that house. on, you know, on into a property. I've got, you know, we've got it all. And they there's, there's like way more of a structure underground than what there is above ground. And there's a loading dock on the other side of a hill that's attached to this. This is happening everywhere. And a lot of it come out in residential areas, because people wouldn't even think that it's their neighbor or in your neighborhood or in their town. It's in everybody's town. This is so big that people cannot get their hands around how many children and how many children don't even have birth certificates. Look at all these kids coming across the border. They're completely untraceable. And then you'll also see the dentists that are, the dentistry that's involved in this, they get rid of the teeth, they pull the teeth. There's no dental records. They can't trace the kids. It is, it's horrific. largest destination for child trafficking. So. Yeah. We've got unlimited money because they're sitting in the seats in our government and it's unlimited money they have. They just print more if they don't have enough. So whatever disgusting thing that they're involved in they can accomplish it. Right. So, and it starts with, you know and going back to what you guys are doing. It starts with this fight in our elections and people like you that are willing to stand up and hold them accountable. The rest of it will fall afterwards if we have people in the seats that are actually honest and are held accountable. It's the mechanism they've used. All the rest of the problems, if we have honest people in government and that we make sure that the people's voice are heard, the good people, there's more good people than bad people. We have to step up and do what you guys are doing. This is the first step to getting rid of the pedophilia, the slave trade in this nation, the chopping people up for organs, all of this stuff, and it's happening in your neighborhood, everyone's, you know? So the fight that you guys are in is so critical. And, you know, I just really want to encourage everyone out there to get in this fight and, you know, support you. Let's bring your website up again so that people can know how to support you. And I think we would love it if people actually wrote into the Supreme Court justices, maybe specifically to Justice Kavanaugh, and ask him to, you know, present the case to the rest of the justices. How do they do that? And we can, I can send that to you the Supreme Court address. The it's on their website, the Supreme Court site, and you can actually go there. And you can, I do believe you can, you can get either the clerk, their emails, and then you can send it because those are the gatekeepers, and requests that this specific judge will hear our case or review our case. And that's actually, that would be huge for us. Okay, so I've got this one up right now. Let's just check this out. Because I find that we have to kind of help people a little bit find the information that they need. So we've got the Supreme Court, I was just there. It was just there last weekend. It's really beautiful, it really is. So the outside is just absolutely gorgeous. And then just the contact us part. Every website page has a contact us. And then you just get the information, whether you want to either direct- And then it's May Wong and Dana Hindman. It's Wang versus- It's Wang and Dana Hindman. Yes. Yeah, well, the case itself is Wang versus Fagan, Wang et al versus Fagan et al. And then I have a case number here. Hold on one sec. Is it here on your website? Here it is. Yeah, the case number is this, yes. Yeah. Okay, everybody. What's that? The two of us are the only plaintiffs. Okay. Yes. Yes. So there you go. Three colon two, two dash CB dash 1714 dash SB. Yes. Okay. Awesome. There you go. Specific instructions, specific and to the point instructions. Get this into Justice Kavanaugh's hands to listen to this case. There you go. Everybody's got the to do list for today. We have a workable, a workable project to get on and this is it. So if you go to the Justice League, it's justice league of and you go and you find a case, uh, may Wong, Dana Hindman, Allen, uh, versus Shima Fagan. There's a whole bunch of them there. Yeah. This number on the right, What's that? And all the cases, the case and the responses and others, a lot of information in there that is, is good, good takeaways on, you know, protecting your constitutional rights and being a cognizant of it. And you know, hopefully inspiring you. Yeah. Please do use our cases, our case files as a guide. or if you see anything wrong and you plan on filing pro se, then, and that's actually the most economical way of doing it if you're wanting to be in the fight, like for the long haul, then just use that as a guide and file your case. You ladies are so inspiring. You've been on a few times here and I gotta tell you, I'm so proud of you. I mean, talk about just jumping in there and figuring it out. Nobody gave you the template on how to do this. You just said, you know, if nobody else is going to do it, I'll do it. And that's what you did. This is amazing. Thank you, Donna. Thank you so much. Yes. And they don't. Go ahead. Sorry. Go ahead, May. I was just saying, and you too, Donna, for sharing all this information with everybody around the country, around the world of what's happening in Michigan and Minnesota, and also in Oregon over here. Well, thank you. And you know what, everybody can share these links too. You know, I published and I put out a whole bunch of links for Brandenburg News Network. And you know what, we're doing the best we can to get real news out there. That's why we built Brandenburg News Network. I got kicked off of everything because of censorship. So the only way that I could assure that it wasn't going to have somebody knock it off or censor it, it was to literally build this. And it's like, nobody's going to censor this. If they try to knock us off, they do every time I say, there's a couple of key words that all of a sudden my internet will, you know, our internet will kind of start glitching a little bit, but we keep coming back. You know, it doesn't have to have these honest discussions. And, you know, people may not like all the words, they may not like all the opinions, but that's what we fight for, is to have those discussions with people we disagree with. I would so much rather talk with somebody that has an opposing view than somebody who agrees with me. That's a waste of time. You know, we're not learning anything. We're just sitting there, you know, pat ourselves on the back club. And that doesn't work. We don't find good solutions or move forward that way. We have to have discussions. And we can't start labeling things like mere fraud or garden variety or what even is that? You know, we have to have true discussions and content like your website. You've got all this on there. You know, if anybody wants to know how to do Pro Se, go read it, you know, don't expect them to hand feed you. You know, this week I had somebody tell me, they're like, you, that's gonna happen. Not, it's not gonna happen. It's not my responsibility to hand feed baby chicks here that should be adults and getting in the game and running their own game forward. You know, we'll put it out there, but they're gonna have to do some work. This is not, you know, this is not the wider picture. The beauty about Pro Se and what actually, I think drove them crazy is we don't, we're not in that culture of, you know, having to present multiple cases as like an attorney would in front of the same judge and they get in that sort of culture with the judge. So, and they sort of know how to operate with the attorneys. And they, we don't, yes, there were unshackled. So they, they really didn't know. I believe it was very frustrating for them because we're free spirits, we're independent, and they just don't know how to calculate our responses. They didn't know how long we'd go. So some of the responses, it was pretty evident that they thought that, okay, this thing will get them to back off. This thing will get them to back off. And when we didn't, that's the beauty of it, is that we're free. We're free to do this. We're free to operate out of our own intellect intellect and research and they don't know how to predict. And that's the beauty of it. The judges are guilty of treason too, if they're stepping on our rights and treating us as a lesser subject. That's not how this works. And yeah, so let's, I'm gonna read this here. People have their rights. We don't have anything. If we don't have our civil rights, it's a slippery slope. I mean, we're there. Yeah. Right. And like, I would fight for somebody who claims to, or aligns as a Democrat. I'd fight for somebody who, who aligns as a Republican. I'd refight, you know, fight for somebody who's an independent. In fact, I asked somebody who's a Senator, I called their office to come and speak at one of our events, who is a Republican, Runstead. I got a cursory call back from one of his staff members yesterday. And somebody said, well, he's Republican, why would he come to a taxpayer's party? I'm like, because he's a representative. He should be standing for everyone, not just his little trash heap crowd. You know, it's like we have to be standing for one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Whether we agree with everyone, we have to stand. The thing that brings us together is standing for rights. So here we go. I'm going to read it. Unanimous Declaration of the 13th United States of America. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bonds which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and nature's God entitled them. A decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, or the right to property, that to secure these rights, governments are instituted by men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall see most likely to affect their safety and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly, all experience has shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer evils whilst evils are sufferable, than to write themselves by abolishing these forms to which they are accustomed. We are here people, and it's time for us to stand up and tell them, instruct them what they may not do. And keep on the rails within equal justice under law. We're there. The people have to take the power back. Lawfully. Yeah. It's all there. We can do this. Yes, we can do this. Donna, you're amazing. And you're an inspiration. And thank you for what you're doing. I so admire the two of you and I really admire you. You've done so much work. Today is my day. I'm studying your case today. I had an appointment at 12 o'clock that just canceled because the person I'm meeting with, he is on dialysis and a very dear old friend and is not doing well today. So that appointment canceled. So I actually have a little bit of time. So today, here's another job here, guys. Pour over this pro se and learn. Learn what they've done. You can do this. We can do this together. We can help each other. And we can stand up for one another. And nobody has to be alone. It's a good thing. So how about we end with prayer. You guys have anything else to say? Oh, I actually just want to say one thing. If they have any questions, even on our website, leave a comment and then we'll get right back to you. If you need some guidance, a little bit of guidance to start and we're more than happy to help. That's awesome. Well, let's just go to prayer here. Dear Heavenly Father, we're so thankful that you're with us, that you've given us everything we need to live peacefully in this nation. We love it that you advocate peace, but that you also advocate for us to stand up for those principles which we believe in to address that a lawful way. We are a people of laws and of rights and they're all rights that you've given us and we're so thankful that you have given us your favor. I'm thankful for Bill, I'm thankful for May, I'm thankful for Dana and all the things that they are doing to stand for this nation and I ask your favor to rest strongly upon them that everything they do will be blessed, that you will open doors for them, that you will open the minds of the people around them to see what they're doing and give them, all the people around them, that they would learn courage and honor and standing for what is good and right. We are, through, through their actions, through their bravery, through their courage, you know, courage is, is, is, is contagious. And we are thankful that we don't need to be afraid. Fear is not of you. And we, we trust you. You're always faithful to us. We can stand unwavering and doing the right thing, knowing that you're here with us, you walk before us, you're already ahead of us, you're behind us, you're next to us, we are not alone. And when we become weak, you're strong and you carry us. And we're so thankful for that. We ask that everyone out there today feels your presence, that they're blessed, they know that they can turn to you, that they're is not too big for you. You have the answers, and all we have to do is turn to you. This nation turns to you, and all of this ends immediately. And we ask that you would turn the hearts of this nation to you, that every knee would bow and every tongue would confess that Jesus, in fact, is Lord and Savior of thankful that you would care enough for us, that you would provide us a way, that you would rather be with us, and that we're important. And we acknowledge, we accept your gift, and we thank you for that. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us, for this nation, for what the Founding Fathers have done, for healing, for provision, for grace, and for in times of war. We are at war and we keep our eyes on you, focused on you in all things, and always thankful to you. You've been a great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you. We love you so very much. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen. Amen. There you go. Any last words, guys? Thank you so much for having us on. Best of luck with everything. It sounds like you still are doing, going forward with your case. Oh, I am not conceding. I am the best non-conceder. If you're not conceded, go to I'm not having a new for governor, I'll tell you that. Yeah, we actually admire you for all the things that you're doing and fantastic work and sharing lots of information to everybody out there. Oh, giving them my best shot at any rate, you know, that's what we do, right? Don't ever underestimate a woman. That's right. We're no back down kind of guys, you know. They didn't know what they were in for when they actually got ahold of us. We didn't know what we were in for either. So that's, that's, you know, that's why I know it's just a job for God. It's a job for God. We're just following the next right thing. We're just doing the next right thing. That's right. It's one step at a time. And no matter how hard they hit us, we're gonna get back. I always say that when they hit me, it's like cocking. It's like cocking the hammer. It's like hit me again, because the next one's gonna come up and it's gonna you just pushing me back a little bit for motion forward. longer they the longer they delay, the longer they play with us, the longer they denied us, the more we knew, you know, that there's no stopping. I mean, there's no stop, we're going to take it to the top. Because no longer they hide, the more it just invalidates everything we already know, even more, the more the more crimes we can convict him of. Yeah. I mean, a Clackamas County Commissioner. And it'll be interesting having this big floodlight on the election offices in the state and the county when I'm running, that will be interesting. That's awesome. And I'm still running cause I'm not conceding the 2020 election cause I'm not gonna concede to liars, cheats and thieves. And that's all we got up there right now. So, you know, we're gonna clean this nest of a villain. The unit party. The unit party. The unit party. Yeah, I was in Missouri at Lindell's election crime summit this summer and 50 states presented and it was, I mean, I knew things were bad in Oregon, you know, with our case and somebody else's case, but I mean, it is like 50 states. I couldn't even believe it. And the people, the people that are doing the hard work to uncover it and expose it corrected. They don't know what to do. And they're like, wow, like the Secretary of State, they're just getting a run for their money because the people are on fire. The Americans are on their feet. Americans are on their feet. We are. We're Americans. You know what that means? We're like the toughest dog in the pack. The Americans are coming. Yeah, we're coming. Yeah, we see what you're up to. Yeah, we're questioning. They're not used to having everybody at the meetings, all the meetings, the commissioner meetings, the school board meetings. They're like, what do we do? We've had a free reign, now we don't. It's not as cozy anymore. Well, in Michigan, we had the people up there by Big Rapids, Mecosta County, they removed the entire board. Goodbye, outta here. We've flipped 17. It was in the parties, but we flipped the parties. 17 counties. That's awesome. People that are like grassroots. I like that number anyway, so that's a good number. So at any rate, that's fantastic. So well, let's just do this here. You know, if you think you're alone, you're not. You've got a lot of people out that are fighting, but you should be fighting with us. Nobody gets to cry in the corner. We got to walk forward together. You know, don't be the weakest link. We want to all be strong and be able to go forward together because there's going to be wonderful stories of glory and honor that are going to come out of this. When things are the darkest, light shines the brightest. And so it's an opportunity. And opportunities present when things are non-ideal. You learn things, you get stronger, and people change fundamentally in good ways that you could never do it when things are perfect. So we're going to embrace it. We're going to thank God for every single thing that he puts in our path and go forward together as brothers and sisters that we are. We are brothers and sisters. God created us. Join us in the spirit. That's right. Yes. Well, there you go. So we got heart hands, always in the heart hands. So God bless all of you. God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Make it a great day. God bless you, Donna. God bless you, Donna. Everybody out there, don't lie, cheat or steal. Stand up for what's right. Be that example if you don't have one. We're taking this nation back and we're not asking for permission from criminals. Have a great day. And if you can stay out here and we'll just talk for a minute, hang on. Okay.