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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 1/25/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published Jan. 25, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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hi welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and today is the twenty fifth day of january twenty twenty three and welcome to redeeming grace we have a lot of it rumble went down this morning which is really really odd and so in trying to letter he know that rumble wasn't fat down and now expect up again think o jesus that's after after a came right back up at night on one which is really kind of crazy so i'm going to bring to a handright now donkeymarket and we all get started the eyes so i as saybefore varied does he how are you doing tom i'm going great to day the use after gehacktes i know you won't i do i sit here i sit here on my side out there you go i need to carry the sad haywagon to first i see her outlook i wore so anyhow what's happening in tins world to day well we had the all the plains of disguise yesterday we got snow aye there is no relationship he had for his her good and that of my wife you've been commented so how are how are conspiracies are coming through whashedoinere between conspiracy theory and in fact a ten minutes the sailor but a time spoiling time a it's kind of its kind of crazy you know so it was really nice i was able in a i was able to see jammerlich other the sweet canbecause con was busy oh changing the world poisoning presenting the gospel jesus christ lord saviour a turning point sand i was really really happy to be able to visit with you and it was just the little bit of time and you know that you knocked it out of the park there and that was that was awesome because i think one of the hardest things as the room not because we are the remnant there's no two ways about it it is a when the truth needs to be said so many people right now and when i dositheus ion this morning or spiritually immature and in you know everything is god feel good and be good and such were is it that's not more called to do in any way shape or more were called to do things that are honorable such as i brought up a bible gateway this morning that's what i check when we're on line and i'm going to omocon thrown upon a screen welcome to my kitchen table and the way it is you know we just you know get in there i rede that we need to do and this is the first that came up this is their daily verse flipping ants for eight finally brothers what ever is true whatever is honourable whatever is just whatever is pure whenever is lovely whatever is commendable if there is any excellence if there is anything worthy of praise think about those things and i think that in the situation wherein right now where the battle that's wagging right now is for mine is for mines and its like we we have to guard our minds over what were seen i i brought up earlier in the week that i was so i walked somebody that i know a lot of people are watching for guidance and that great there's probably a nugget of truth and most things and were the smoke there's usually fire right but i literally watched something that was so disturbing to me because it was it was actual on under the guise of beat spiritual it was demon so and if anybody's ever had experience with with a dear possession or deliverance or deliverance ministry it is it is a one of those crazy trails that once you gone down a you'll you'll never really be the same again as far as you're you're not going to get let us stray because you're going to you know quite as easily we can all be let a stray i'll out at every resting at but by the grace of god if i his strength but when you see somebody who is truly deeming posts and i i will good friends that they've got a a deliverance as in and there are you know that certain it's it's a it's a crazy thing and people are being lot o stray oh by demons instead of seeing with the word its very disturbing and i probably should flash it up on the screen at some point to but when you see somebody i don't just like this oh you know what god's quiet the typically does not work in those realms where people look crazy or do not so those of a church years ago that i got kicked out of the church for talking to and they had this big big revival that came in it was amazing and you know they left that they left the kids in sunday school and a brother hours never came back there was no food the workers had nothing the women were locking arms going down the down the hot hallway like that and i as i took it up with one of the pastors and on like i very sorry but i said these women are not pushed demons out of the way they're pushing children on the way and i'm not buying this bull crap because this is exactly what i was ten and after a while there were enough of us that were standing up and said o women this romeinen the stage cause that's sort was in front of every one is not a godly action i saw somebody that was in one of the women's prayer groups who had i swear he this is exactly what happened and ain't know what happens but it's like what i get deemer bisestile this that everybody has to pastolik following into that soutenage and it's cravendale people you're from michigan you do not talk this way normally and all a sudden her speaking all sorts of southern and in such a and the lord told me to hoot like an owl and i said o lord don't make me like an old and the god is gatesby witness starts who in like an owl somebody else had a dog collar on if the front of the church is on like i am out of here but any one they they said you know i was speaking way too much true then finally i think i'm ready keen with their senses and such ought you know what this kind of non si i don is not a revival in elacatene a pretty extra sure is always fed the children and brought water and those of us that are willing to stand up i sat this is not god i don't care if it looks supernatural in a work has and that he would never do something like that now getting on on their knees with a dog collar on saying where you leave me i will follow is not so anyhow there you go for my my two sons why just one back up to what you were saying it's like we do need people that boldly declare truth and passage ocotillo in fort was feint that i we have too many people that look to to be like to be a top of the total pole and this sir ergots back directly to what clothinto about the noctilio hy does not always have to be what we see here in colossians ungodly philosophy is found every one anything demonic is that thing and that's what they were doing you were literally worshipped the end angels a very likely that that's where you get into the demons as you said this is so often even in the churches and yet if you don't have true to know the falsehood to know the demonic and as for ethical ens it's just its sad their grave for straws and whiting to see something rather than in all that those things that we see a and an cosonebi le that sit comes as a sea you know as a being of light i mean if that's the space was so not everything that looks like you know love love love love that's great what does it match up with and a lot of people i mean have you ever seen some one that you love being led astray by somebody that says the thing i love them and all the other doing as there using them or leading them down paths into a into destructive behavior like a in a whether it be whether you know things that are really dangerous or things that are there to is that that's not something that god would ever lead us down into people people people and it has stock you know we have to remember that in question everything because you know it's like getting in a group of people because you feel loved and accepted that's old and people will be led into these cult mentalities or these the situations which absolutely lead to death and destruction and unfortunate nelly to there's not enough people that are going to step up and say this is a cult the political parties are in fact they have every single aspect of but there's more than that there's a lot of it out there and i appreciate you telling the truth too it's like this leads to absolute destruction and i think it a good for rehatta ked about friday night because it wasn't you know i would rather listen to to somebody that's telling truth whether it may be up got change that you know you in that wrongs through it up we all have screwed up it and the person i take you this morning you know i was talking to you he said i ah um you know the things of my life it was my son actually one of my sons and i said there things my life i wish you'd have done differently and if i had to live my life over again i would never have made those same choice and he said you know the strongest christians i have ever met or the ones that make mistake and because they learned from their mistake and they're not perfect they come to terms of the fact that we are sinful and we don't make always right choices but hopefully we don't we learn from them and we don't do it again but i resolve typically at that point time is so strong like the prodigal son there that we become a force you know so anyhow where we went we go on the once while we're going to get into our first corinthians fifteen to twenty to day so when i wanted to though is i reopen and prayer and as we closed last week on aching to pray in fourteen passage and an ant strontians what no it's clashing i may have said that if i did on sorry colossians were going to be in colossians i you were to be lucky at the fifteen to twenty one of onpack in that we if you remember last week we closed by praying you let in prayer from night fourteen on what open with that men beyond that okay so all said we we ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will and all spiritual wisdom and understanding so as to walk in a manner worthy of the lord fully pleased to him bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of god may you be strengthened with all power according to his glorious in for all endurance and patience with joy thanks to the father who has qualified you to share a inheritance of the saints in light he is delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred to the kingdom of his blows in whom we have redemption the forgiveness of lord i ask as we opened your works day that you would speak to each of us challenges to bring every thought captive through the obedient we know is done asad satan goes after the mind if he can win the mind he is pretty much on to battle and you give us your power to overcome and i just prayed that we would learn to do so every detail of our life then we in a it does not come up even trying to get clothes to come up here a work on the hang out in don't know why it's not wont come strange oecanthus there condoleant to keep going that's fine and generian he came up here now let's see why it the internet's been foggy this morning at it he rumbled with down it is so very notes rumbled was down now this is and so despite like you geronstere to begin with the swan classons what was it fifteen at plassans on fifteen to twenty as were well i could hear a go let me see see if i can okay i know i did i like i put in fifteen he is not there is no fifteen i work i served anoka right o her fifteen to twenty and in wittyhad my so i understand so again above all wisdom human wisdom i and what does senses there is nothing wrong with what people think his wisdom but it has to be founded in god in christ that's what pals really hammered in his and has really nothing wrong with tradition but when it becomes a tradition that substance itself for god's god's word christ gospel then sanitas and that's what they had here in coloss they were never creating a tradition that was very very screwed so the pre eminent ah is the passage from fifteen to twenty really talks about two ways the sufficiency of pre eminence of christal as we were going to get in and that's a past president future ah so classes to three is just step in the side the little bit it says all ways the men knowledge treasures are found in when we think that there's something else i christ outside his word we we are grasping its and the damage of that could be so paul enables not only the colossi people but really people around the world to see how dots are one i remember as a young boy said in the doctor's office when he had to do to dots ye or you can do try to visualize what you were going to get if you followed it so you are maybe learning numbers at the time trying to draw and what we often drew may be wasn't the greatest thing but this is what we have to do with scripture and some set we have to do it not to do and sometimes too the puzzle together often without thee the boxes so worseperhaps but without that sometimes we really had to grope and answer lot of people so ah paul really i'm convinced that really helps all things in jesus so what a what's read that passage do you honoriaif you have that up fifteen or and a devil unpack it bit by bit frees by pres i shore can see clash of fifty a one fifteen he is the image of the invisible god first born of all creation for by him all things were created in heaven and on earth visible and invisible whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities all things were created through him and for him and he is before all things and in him all things hold together and he is the head of the body the church he is the beginning the first born from the dead that in everything he might be pre eminent for in him is the fulness of god it forms are for in him all the fulness of god was pleased to dwell and through him to reconcile to himself all things whether on earth or in heaven making peace by the blood his i go oratorical what's that that is at all if you were hooted no then what is it to be a christian a christian read colossians one fifteen rich twentyeight now this is colossenses ah and i might even my even say so it's tongue in cheek i it's more christ entered that even hebrewbut if you read hers i rely oublies a writer just sets christ against every element in the world in the church and think and so yes colossians is on of the de grados passages make even check our doctrine siegewithin okay i got good doctor well we against what colossians you might have to tweak or really changes so i to appreciate what you said a purty much has at all and so we we think about the incarnation and there i would suggest that those are the two mysteries confused people the most and as we try to understand christ jesus the god man we we struggled to reprehension spirits meaning of all this and what christ really was i tried encourage people to hang loosely on things that you might a sum and let explicit teaching of scripture help you out and and what i find when i say that dan is heterotopies that will take an assumption and see what he says explicitly and rather than listen descripture they make the assumption that overrides kindly what jesus accused the pharisees i take your traditions and you make them out weigh overpower god's law and so they realised the first phrase he is the image of the invisible god e and i just want people to remember that fifteen ah that man is a he created spiritually resurrected regenerated or new birth the image so that eh this is one of the challenges that i think everybody teachers because i think they wrongly look at genesis especially the first chapter from genesis one twenty six and seven as well everybody's in gods him oh but when we see the redemption genesis on one an i got to say and make myself a note and get this up because that was one of the things that can and i looked at over the week end we found in looking for the sight that i wanted we didn't find it but we found something that was so much better and i will i will pose that to you and you can get that out because it's not just in the first word of genesis on one in the beginning literally the word bears and that just that one word in hebrew the gospel is e and so that when we look at genesis on one man we we read it nor dingles translations as in the beginning not pretty to havens one in the hebrew language which is such a majestic plain which the son of god is mentioned three times in the first couple words of genesis one was this is why i say that genesis on twenty six and twenty seven is a recreation that god says let us re create man in or in this is what she repelled that of a minute and look at that a mentor buriboldes dingin or way it doubtfully applies to this passage gratiano flashes insanitary done asiento make sure i don't say corinthians on tirington what twenty sir oh one twenty six and twenty so and if we had ah even if ken was may be less than he composed that because what had gentlemen unpacks from genesis one one i am convinced that that all by itself can blow our minds about and i this is what i have said for a long time in people don't realize it is that the bible god story of redemption and so when you see that in genesis one one and realized in genesis one twenty six and twenty seven you have it you can pull it up and and we see that the foreign ah so it says god said a la a sword's a plurality there a believable his pocket about the trinities all three set of the godhead or say not minor image in our and say we make what we see and second corinthians five seventeen behold if any man be in christ he is a new creation we read it ephesus too for five that god makes us alive from being dead we see it right here in colossians one thirteen god takes us from the kingdom of darkness and transfigures us to the kingdom of his person so over and over again were talking about that in christ we've been recreated remade regenerated spiritually resurrected when we talk about the first born as we see several times in hearing the pre eminence or it is really because of the recreation it will see that in the second half of this passage oh i find that if we miss the re creation being the essence of our salvation where were lost as we try to figure out see we cannot connect the dots without those gods being any rate am i encouraged me for if you are confused please holler i love to explain oh classens on fifteen to twenty we could say might have been one of the first cares it could have been one of the first hymns that they sang we could see that paul often goes into docks allege as he writes i chuckled because i i experienced at as well sometimes you write in go through the word of god and your your enraptured in the true and typically paul when he goes into docks ology he's talking about grace and i believe he is here even though or grace is not meted in this passage it's there and and i've seen that i wanted to find it i scrambled to see if i could get it because it's probably a syllogism so you got a a b a first three verses you got a one be one a too in that the last three so when we think the image of the invisible god oh everybody would say that god the father cannot be sent scripture says that right don you probably know that the scriptures and say god is not like a man he doesn't have here jesus christ the god man makes visible the invisible god and so at a huge thrust that's what is being said he is the perfect nine preminent supreme image of the invisible there's a lot we can't see that's here you know it's too sortlike i hate to use his example but look at the different things that you know a dog can see her the lights that can be picked up from from technology that can see you know see other like spectres were actually pretty limited on what we can actually see and i think that the connection was kind of significant you know the shore limitation ah it is and that is so to thank you don a for that because it gantois's what i was saying we can weaken ronald way with her own image with our own reasoning and i even tried i even say it later ah we can catch it when it comes people reason logically and correctly but we kind o do it in a backwards way when we let our reason tell god what he so we have to be very careful to let god speak what he is in showing and we can learn from i don't you were running blind we're running blind on so many things that are around us but what that does is it it it actually teaches us to have a gross or faith in our trust hence instead of it being an orse it becomes god's strength and we get ourselves out of the way and we set up and that that really knowing and who he is rather than while they saw onout i'm going to do this you know when you're running blind and you're learning that faith and that trust you you can't do that by sight you've got to do that in a different way i think that's what he's growing in all of us who are on a walk in here is that you know because we are running blind were learning to rely on him were learning to were learning who he is and that that's a much better gift than having all knowledge it really is its littlesometimes i don't think it's you know i think that it was it's doing for us is truly giving us a closer relationship with him that when last throughout eternity is correct so when we went we move into the first born and i know that some of the what we would call cold really confuse the first born idea believing jesus was the first creation who he created everything so they are as we read it here that jesus created everything tell say we yes he did but that's after god well that's not what paul teaches an that's not the truth eternal so that's why the incarnation is difficult because take sides humanities how is he the first born of all creation as part of what we have to understand so we need to know the difference between the first atom the second at and esther so many comparisons we couldn't go into all of them but it is amazing what we learn and actually if you want to call up down and just is first corinthians fifteen forty five one and he burst fifteen forty five first create the insect in forty so we all dies his center in his more coffee here clearly we all die spirits ly in the first adam everybody that's new born in the second adam they are spiritually alive some people think that everybody if you're born you're going to be reborn in we can't conclude that oh i am people do and i believe wrongly if it comes up no not there stares so all right so it says thus it is written the first adam became a living being oh boy he had a different passage because it dates a good passage about the imperishable the last adam became a life giving spirit against that somewhat there am baby it's a different translation translates a little bit direfully maybe that's what kind of shocked me but one intentthe trains all shouts fight it sanitonella became a living person if you will christ the last atom if you will as any turnal god he became the life giving spirit that's what were really talking about as we move into the first born creation so ah and this is why i am still convinced that this is one twenty six and seven deals with a recreation foundation ah because it's only in christ the last second atom that we have the ability to image to lightness him to reflect it i think i think the significance in this passage for me is the fact that an atom became a living being and the blood the blood lines go through the father that's why you know it's much easier to trace what lines of manentis of women and has to do with a chromosomes and such but if it goes through the blood the blood lights come through the father not the mother is i think it's really significant because when jesus was born in his father was god himself the purity of the blood in him it like it in a physical sense is what i've always been taught really changed and back to whohihit it was when god created adam with no sense and in looking down for the one we read and down further because john tree is one of the greatest passages north sicily although i believe that john eleven with the resurrection of lazarus where you met be oh you were you were right there i just wanted to go down deeper into that all hickory i first corinthians fifteen forty five because it it addresses what jesus does as the first pressly of recreation so he is called the first half a fifteen sixteen seventeen the first born of creation the second half he is the first born of the recreant once the resurrected we ran forty five but forty six huts but it is not the spiritual that is first but the natural in then the spiritual soul i can take of the passage in john's ree where jesus said you must be born of the water and of the spirit that's what does repulsed talkedabout here be here doesn't use the water he says the natural and that's the same thing so he said lord everybody is born naturally but not everybody is born spiritually so he says the first man was from the earth a man of dust the second man is from here this leaves rate back to what paul's teached and clashed as was the man of dust so also are those who are of the doses in ones of the kingdom of dark and as is the man of heaven so also are those who are of heaven which those would be translated into the kingdom others glass for talks about it it's not it's not an ichmiore day isaac speaking on the jews in in the first century but paul says we're talking about the heavenly jerusalem so if you will the heavenly is that the flesh sic but the divine isaac which really appointed to what we see in case sir just as we have bore the image of the man of the dust we shall also bear the image of the man of habit if we are born into him new born over the image of the man of writes it on our heart at that point in time so he is the first born of all creation on i'm just on a track through the so here's where i was talking done earlier ah with the invisible god it's like in our thinking back to the passage and there's other passages we can say that oh i just give you for instance when we read about the angels that go into solomon gomora to destroy these then the angel of the lord which i believe is a pre incarnate christ we've got to go down there to what is he somebody can rightly logically say well if he has to go down there then if if that's a preincarnate christ he's not all knowing he's not omit what we find out is that he is because he he is god but he reflects and he helps us understand invisible god did as likeready knew it was going on there you know it's a yoshishige he's like okay guys and like you know darling well let's go see what's happened down there by the lake you know and dan or knows this happened down by the way you know but he's taken the kids with them and say we're eats and can get a nice mannerism colportage to that he know is going on and he risingthe was going to save and hopefully his family out of there and with his wife turned around her became a pillar of salt and even laughed at the end was kind like onbut it's just so like in and anseghem point is jhesus christ helps us whether it's a pre incarnatis or maybe a post on carnac or even as the incarnate ah we we are always we don't always see what we think we want to but it's the truth is there we just got or make sure that we don't let our assumption suggest something in a pretty extra shirt he didn't really need any you know any of that nonsense he does it for us not for him he's complaint and any one seelie like you know god sosingites out of this arm going to i'm going to put on a i know a meet suit whenever you want to call the pity you know and it is not necessarily for him that's for us and you know in that regard but i want to go back to his son about side onmore of this was in part of our this is the part of the discussion we had this morning and you know people are and we all have error and what we believe but but one of the one of the greatest greatest teachings from that is turning around and looking at what we had and whining to go back to it even though in nicesomething we got it always leaves it lads aside a captivity here an beans an i mean i learned this in my work with the hostess and whenever we had on the whole issue of greek ray and then breathe ment the grievegrieve the familiar we want to go back to the familiar even if it's a bad thing so like when i adopted my one daughter oh my special needs daughter i'm every kid it comes out of an orphanage cries there they all they all even if they were like you know and when we got her she the big monetian baleshwar clintonhe had boils all over by a belitery i was pecetto cowering her out of there but they all are sad just because of the familiar that they lose and when when people die there's a change we all have a problem with the familiar so in this stage of the game where we're looking at going forward into a bright new future that doesn't look like the past you know because the past was bad we we've been in we've been in captivity for a very very long time and you know where this word this went this morning i think is really significant because we cannot look back the structures and the people and the even may be even ah the the safety knots that really were installed to create a pan of captivity for even though we might have felt safe at that point in time we cannot look back we have to look forward and make a break with those things that were familiar with and if we can't if we can't do that that melt down that that that death because it was a death that they the lost life went into you know unavoidable we we have to make weak right now we're going to have to make a break with all of these systems they have let us be it on the th three letter agencies be it the things that were familiar with what if all those things were wrong because they were even our educations all of the six in we we've got to be able to walk away from that rather than work with those systems that were inherently set up as a system to take us camped it we can't get away from those sisterthe same thing have not sonomora they had systems there the people were familiar with made their lives easy they didn't have to think about it they went from day to day to day that took him captive to the point of know them offering third daughter their virgin daughter hadn't you and i that the mistakes that were made there defy explanation you know i mean it wasn't one mistake i know people want to hang it on one at one mistake that was made there but it was all of it the whole entire thing it is a pitcher of where we are now and you can't hang that in or wanting to be right because we're not guilty of whatever sin we want to hang on everybody else that's what comes down too it was the whole thing had to go you know you you make a good point even though i there's some things i struggle monotonies will do to worry about her fond it's like we we do have to we embraced we have to look at what what does death and even as christian i mean i know our cis sprawl he passed in november and twenty seven no one said that you know we we don't fear death but we don't want to go through the dying to be but on the other hand as a pastor i had to realize that according to god's word well a new birth soul spires in this light we entered the land of the living and that was the phrase i often used we go from the land of the dying into the land of the living what a glorious thoughts the thought that we kind of have to put up people's read or kill we leave the death that we've had and i just said to somebody last night i'm almost seventy years old and i haven't seen any correction how well in our government in ours in my lifetime it's jist gotten worse we we've built it had we we we had a good foundation and the county documents in what we had and it has been his men so birded in his men it has been the lack of better word it's been coming o use word but it has been completely abandoned that right document that was it was based on the bible that was based on individual freedoms that was based on an encouraging people to live with way that god put it in their hearts and you now you see this one insultami everybody has got to get together and we got to have a committee on everything and you got to have everybody's approval on oetingen though maybe you want to sell popcorn the rest of your life you know i mean if god put it on your heart goes so how corn who cares you know it's like i don't care if you got a degree and in madison and or health are whatever if if you want to go so pop corn and that's what god put on your heart to make had come of accord you know do what it is or or carved wood or make beautiful thing seor in orthe if god's put on your heart to do anything people should follow god rather than have a committee of approval on our thing we do is it i i grieved out of her so much it eagreed we can embrace move him forward so i just wanted the dale this first on to bit but there's there's actfor times it paul talks about christ pre eminent fifteen sixteen seventeen an eighty and i encourage people to learn doctorally and practically from what paul so back to colosse in si yo would a lothian fifteen to twenty so the next verses for by him all things work created i longed pass over a few words all things were created in through him for him so we get by him in or through him for him yes that's the sombre verse of first bordery ality and it's like wild so as both the agent and go of creation i would say that fuller might sound funny fuller first born knowing christ is lord of all even the angelic hierarchy that the colossians were trying to placate so paul is trying to get them to throw off the table all the ungodly philosophy that they are trying to be i realized that christ the full answer to everything that deepens i believe it was said we basically run ourselves ragged until we find our rest and that's what he in other several passages description of the talk about that we run around cane and trying to find rest and but it's it's there in oh on angels don't want or worship in real angels eternitate their heads at it and you know it's like this like their here to help us i get i get that on thankful for every single thing that you don't want on every level help that we have don't do give me wrong i thankful but there's there's something about walking with god that is that you know that the closer we get to god that the gold the roles to help us i got it the the higher goal is to walk with god like in and as he was so close to god to it it is session took an he take what won't wait wait wait time out her what are yes i oasesnever that ye that's a it's one of those things we when we read about a later later in the bible but it's just as ototototoi said in sight who whowhether i i i got to get my gettemy hands round the dishesthen it wasn't expected be worn of her you're dead or as intergradation or at you know this that's deffenses sin you have to go a lord and i don't think we'll ever that's bodydidn't i don't know that there's an answer but it's so it certainly interest oh what takes place not you love it when you think you got your hands around something in the bible in all the sudden god does he what in your like lothian here i thought i understood this there's like a million more les to the and the gonewell well well and patrons in i know we started out with this and i'll just say this were kind of liking to middle there went to it's like it when we talk about the supremacy of preeminence of christ there is this hardly a false teaching how to heretical almost that i would say that can't be answered with this passage right here six birds so so powerful so moving into seventeen his it's almost like a a re summarization of what he would just set for he is before all things he all things hold the since we're on the precipice of moving in two if you will a fool resurrection understanding which i think is the spiritual resurect this is where i think it paul phil if you will is talking about with he he wants us to be in unity and he says that nobody can separate us from the love of god once were in god's hand in christ and in god's hand nothing can pull apart from that st part of what he say and here ah but he he was not created nor was there ever a time that he this is what it says he was before all this and anybody that thinks that i got does ask yourself well his owaissa is he has before all this in him all things hold together weeding and think it the atom lovel i remember our sea said at one time if i got sapper died or vacated worlds everything would just blow up there would be nothing nick could halt together we would be no more i mean it if anything he's part of every single thing and that in his graciousness and you know to to to even think about it you look at the insanity of the saite nests of this and of satan oh yeah we want to have a war on god really how's that work and for yewhat do you think's goin to happen to you when you get rid of god pretty extra sure that the created been of satan lucifer isn't big enough to even you know touch the small tone on god's toe of expanse and greatness i mean you know this is a created this is a created being that their following and an anna liar father of all lies a heap god goes away everything goes away and it is not possible for created being to do that don't create trouble but he's not big enough for that you know oh category there half that is a punk category of being right there if we we won't turn to it a less you want you but sam's won't he is a majestic hostage it's a messianic passed or it was too one if i can do another you know enteriner another tabere see if i can't get to day ses christ literally if we if we look at to hebrew and the green he he really is yaws when he creates is yahwe and i believe it's a might be one ten word david talks about o my lord the adorni yields to the awe and and so even in the old component david knew who he was before christ and who he was so here is where it says the lord says to my lord what you speak of himself said my right hand achtochis until i make your enemies your footstool the lord sends forth from zion your mighty scepter rule in the midst of you and your people offer themselves freely on the day of your power in holy garments from the wool of the back up there just a minute to burst one again i just want to point out one thing ordenose ah where he talks about making your enemies your foot so as and i say it this way as altro supreme as magamagee as what before he came to to actually as soon fleshly body in baby for and it is the mace is men that jesus could have may be come into a body as a man he came in to humanity in the form of a baby when through the wood and suffered birth so it's like we're going to we're going to see this because as this passage clashes crescendos i see that what the god man did on the cross and in resurrection elevates or higher than he it's just it's my glowing i said it all paul talks about we're going to buff all its ins like the men all it's like how do ye have you get better than than the perfect image of christ or god and obteining to die for us a horrific death be bore on a manure pile in a kinship herd's cave because he wasn't word there solesgate and i no matter what the the little manger had crushed scene that they'd put out there not by and that i am sole you know so some intimating he is he's done at all and i just wanted to say where were people i think they struggled the most in in how jesus as the man and jesus is god kind of works together so there's a sense that christ exalted before he came in the body that we call jesus he withdrew infancy and became a man and died but there's something about an this is what we're going to read in the second half of this eshim song creed oh we're going to see something that really impact until i make your enemies your footstools and that's what happened when jesus cried in a whisper and i do think this is such a i know oxymoron is not thee the word but its the dichotomy of this it blows my mind i guess i always kind of go into dogs ology because when jesus in his dying breath he screams if you will but it's a wise i think we get so one by the whisper that we miss what he screaming it is in any gave up to and i just i guess that's part of why i teach because there are certain people in the church to day that i think the resurrection were to go to get into it miss past they almost exult the resurrection of both even the cross i think crossed an exaltation above the resur and i'm not diminishing either one but it's like we in our baptism we in communion it says that we proclaim christ death until he comes and does it use thee you know doesn't say we proclaim the restaurants even though we know that the resurrection false has without the resurrection were of all people most miserable but her something about that vice he we don't hear in the whisper i think but that's i i just marvel over that whisper everything the detent woofi'm king of both first and i cannot like the resurrection because it's the whole of what we came here because he proved his absolute a a perfection because if he hadn't been perfect god when a resurrected proved a noteborn i love it it's like there there like so we can't separate them at all but on us it's like doctor and and one in saying it i beg in a disgusted with people where they and there's one theologian i even altrations he was a more the big book that we went through an o theology i will away craig now a lot of people think they wherever we alacritas i just i don't put that to that hope in him at least he dislocates a very knowledgeable man but i think he talks about middle knowledge we talked about even the morning about new age and how different things come the open test and he is to be opened from pins that you can't you can't hardly ever shot again but but he would say and his would be the a to me the fault of a and the stanley they would both say if somebody believes the resurrection there new birth and i just say what a wolf time out again were talking about pistopal logical agreement that sometimes leaves everything else behind him and i think that so sad so it's got to be a package i agreed don and i don't i don't confuse the package i just tried to look at it what thought isle an athlete the resurrectionist is huge nestling in to write now persae oh of classes again clashing rimaniate is sanonrori myself new new skill happening here dissonances cottageor thames open this spinoso ain't ten says and he is the head of the body these well so when we talk about first born in some sense the head of the body that the first born of their so going to see a pack inness next so be the head that's base clsan we've got to go to christ we got to understand who he is that that's the most pippal thing that we we don't understand the gospel apart from ham woon't understand our work we don't understand our life fiction apart from you got any kind answer questions that we need pick upon donal in a few here it's like a hay on chickarees name got a lot o good mornings how yougood morning people made to step outside their comfort as one for mikado and its pretty quite i find that there's a lot of em when were when we're on mine like this that is of horrorthe church here on wednesday people are actually really listening to it that there's less questions and more absorbing what you're saying which is right but you know i i really find it what i i really like as i like going back and forth between between the old tessentee testament i did biblestudy fellowship for years and what i really liked is the jumping back and forth and the u youknow of linking the linking the old testament the new test take out there and i thought i thought that that take a study i find as low as a rule complete weight to look at the bible stead of him in polite one verse and that's my verse now taking with it in a well you know there's probably other things that can bring to light more than then that one first though it might be helpful and got talkedbut you read around a little bit and i think it more full and i like the way you do that so again oh i might say that eighteen b if i can call it that after the highlighted phrase that you have there he is he the first born from the dead that in everything he might be pre eminent its everything that we've talked about here the beginning the first born resurrection new birth that in everything he might be preeminent as you said earle he said to a less has it all to me passage rather almost says it all what that passage says it all i think i think i need that there were places in my tag line that was thinking about that this morning from america first and michigan first to god first or jesus first he needs to be first in our inner life and two actually walk with god when we have to put him first and that's what we are a wee on and that as you know that was really that was the the pointed i broke with the republican party because i realized that they were not following christ they were not following our documents of the almost didn't care to so therefore take what do you think could happen i think they've fell had over heels into corruption more than a bottling in my lifetime tell about money and you know it's unfortunate but we've got so many infiltrators which is what you know what satan does as he infiltrates the lies and to every aspect of our life that eh you know ah we have to realize that there are individuals within these organisations and the organizations themselves are flawed by their bytheright flood and they encourage and filtration and taking over of all of them by bad actor and but there are people in there who are really trying to do their best to work with in these organizations that are precious you know souls and that god is placed there to do a good work for but just because there's a title on anything any more these titles are meant to lead us astray and god has to be first boat but that's a choice that we make individually and we don't need nor should we have agreement from any one on that choice that has to be an individual choice and then it's a walk every single day with what you choose to do and you know with your life in that between the individual and god himself that's not an organization it's not a church it's not it's not you know group of people that we all get together agree on it though i think of this you know got shetoot forsake the semi to the saints i get that there's another level of that and you know if people want to walk with god and have god first that is an individual choice or an it's a day to day a minute to minute an hour an hour pray without ceasing rose yea i have there is a little story of one included her down a base on what you do the story about beginning in a little boy that was zack he he struggled in school he struggled mostly with masts he flogged all of his mass classes he he was getting behind and his parents were concerned they thought you know maybe we need to send him down to the corner school that was school from the catholics and so he goes to school and i mean he he never found time to study when he was in school before he always played with his friends then i could relate to that possessor glad i could cure less of bucks co in it was only later the deck hidingplace for me so i could remain with that and so he comes home the first day and the door and had up to his bedroom his mother shock chest ache called him downstairs for dinner she just ponders it to begin with and yet day after day he comes home and goes up to his room and studies the play with his friends does it write his pike and not his parents or shocked when he gets to report are he has all as on his report card her like sack what was it was it you know wasn't to uniform he had to wear was it senones was it the discipline of the school and he said no it was none of that she says well what was it he says what you know he said i saw that man hanging on the plush i knew they were set there's very cute what it comes in so it released the woods you just said but i want it to be a humorous encouragement for anybody because to me this is false los sinwith jesus on it and in this passage here is just so big it can it can change our paradise and we talk about paradim praises for you think the suttons silly that changed his paradimmi think well sack that was that so right but it created in him something that was majestic i'm convinced that what christian in a word we get a hold of the message at paul's talking about deck and change our whole life and has what you were just and well and i think a lot of people say cenatica give us some encouraging words it's like will lancing last week and it wasn't it's gold tonnere okay so some things happening i mean all of us can look around and go things don't quite look right you know i look at it the commander in chief there that sitting in the resident in the white house and i'm sorry i there's so many things that i am not buying right now and i am i not buying that i'm not buying a lot of stuff that were seen out there but also like you know we have we have the thread of that keeps coming out of nuclear war with prooanprone going to do this that has thing it's like okay second making difference to my life you know in fact that that were assured that things are going to change and things are going to go wrong i'm still going to be servin jesus christ i don't care if everything melts down around us are ain't got things a change in we want me to do next and we're just going to worry going to step over the end it might be difficult that's okay you know it's like so be it you know what whywhich here you don't he doesn't have to answer our questions just what's the marching orders when you want me do and i think that that that that transforming power of walking with god is that our surroundings and the things around you start to fade and important and in her you're not double minded you don't you don't eh you don't get blown i got to tell it can i tell you a story it was you knows where we're all that you want you know wherever you want to go with this i really don't care if you gets on these to say in a few wants they down an shut shut up and let him talk i'm good with that i really emits a book i thought this was a real interesting story years going on now was home schooling by cents and we had we had a o a broom maker you know like a aristandre maker that came to one of our home school metis and so there is a whole bunch of cold bunchof people there and i walked in and i looked at the sky and all was like less a different kind of an individual didn't really you don't you know how you feel things round people are you just kind o know looking out and i'm like this is going to be an interest the morning let's say where the skull sat down and i'm not kidding you he gave eighty per cent of the presentation talking to me to me and and i wish i thought was really odd cause it was a whole bunch of of a home school mams and kids and side that kahamiris enough let's see what what his issue is so locked up and and and i said sir talking to men he goes and he looks me to go i know what you know and i like well well well you know it is that one of that moment of like really what is it that i know he goes i know you know how like okay he said he said i worked at it on a pillow i don't remember which a pole was it was polttaneet or some any such he said in telemetry and he said when when the rocket went up he said we walk something go round it like that if he goes and i know you know i said what do you mean like your foes like your old there and ah you know as i was having fun plain where he at that moment time cause it was kind of it was kind of a it was intent and in i don't really care that's my problem is that i don't care god's in control and i don't really care you know his way things go and so so his he said yea ane said you know it would happen if all the christians knew that their out there a like crime what do you think would happen he said it would dash dash their faith they would have nothing to believe it any more and i like well i said he indigoes when he think you know one of those kind of moments and and i said well i think that it doesn't matter to me if god creates a million universes it one time or if there's a million worlds out there i could care less my faith is a god almighty in jesus christ and he's big enough to do whatever he wants and i'm not going to sit there and argue with him and it was like he just kennellike stopped denniston and all of a sudden ice started spouting scripture like i couldn't do if you paid me to do it you know it was one of the hustings were all of a sudden scriptures coming out of my model like a fountain so you know that that was that was god brings scripture for word because i'm not you know i i sit for me to escripture like i did and that individual moment is you know we can all pots but it was like a found it was and you know that at that moment that god was providing everything that was needed but i like it matters not a how things go it doesn't matter in a things changed or they came out in a different way why you men to do god we're going to go forward with us and were not to be rattled and he will literally lead us out of anything i don't when people ask me too it's like give us some good news give us something you know hope for turned god simple easy there's your answer right there the good news is that god will lead us through anything you put your trust in him and no matter what comes out in the news no matter what goes you can go to his first lion that person's lion ibelieve any of us you know it's like because most all were seen is an allusion things just go wrong some time and it doesn't matter you know how his godsinto there's your good news for the day god's hand control put your trust in him stand where the walk within no matter what gets thrown at you you're going to be able to go oh god what don't we do stable not double minded not wont around like a wife stinginess you know i love i love this interchange jonah and i know some people say oh oh i don't know what one talks of potuerit me i think it's good and so whether we call it to let these or anything costantinople of things together here because i think what you're talking let really deals with what losses do it we see so many things and are so many people that get into dark reality like who were about the dean and sate on the other sure their otter and there's fights in the heavenly host we have no understanding of sos sometimes the suberisation i know well maybe not but once we understand that i remember one of the prophets one time member his servant went out the door and he like oh my goodness were surrounded in the prophet said god would you open his eyes to the real real and they did and he saw all the hamlet the forces in i believe that there were waived out and so on like again we can see and as part of what paul said all supremacy all pre eminence is in christ olemme ete take you back a little bit because what we see here when jesus is the big oh first born from the dead we want to want to take his way back to the guard after it and is after i believe a preincarnate christ sacrificed land in front of adam telling them teaching them what for your sin this is what you need for birth and then he took the skins and clothed them that's maybe imparters bigger version of genesis re twenty one but we see that later god says look there's the tree of life still in a garden i am getout two angels at the gate so they can't get in while you might say what is god trying to keep that from no so this is where the telephone goes we looked forward may be forty five hundred years to the and what paul is doing here he's looking from the cross backwards and ox pay so we we think he is the beginning the first one from the dead and i just want to jump down to twenty and true him to reconcile to himself all things whether on earth or in heaven making peace by the blood of his co so i i i am convinced that genesis three twenty one god shows us maybe an implicit form but he shows us to me new covenant as by applying the animals kept implicit blood but there's explicit animals and yet the reality is that at the beginning of the old covenant and i think the old covenant is explicitly mercy or blood implicitly grace or body or flat get to the new component it is explicit body which we see in hebrew implicit blot so that's what call is literally saying jesus was looking all webeck there so when he became the beginning the first born from the dead he as senseless starts a new humanity so in adam all die in christ we are alive so i think he looks back to the streettwenty one and that new humanity started there even though there is a sense that the reality didn't start till forty five hundred on the cost and that's what so how orful about what the cross it literally everybody that was new birth in in the old confident was new birth through the cross of i think a lot of people are confused with that but there's no other way to see it and so this is again majesty of this passage the power and the supremacy the sovereignty the pre eminence of christ that's kind of what first nineteen save your back up just to one verse for in him oh the fulness of god just like in some sense eighteen this is this is the crescendo of this passed like the last three verses of the casino but in him all the fulness of god was it's like wow we don't need to look outside a cat god invested everything in the dead in christ the god and again do we need back to what you were talking to we need to get into all what what's going on in demonic r what's going on in in in the heavenly we we don't need to know that we need to know that god is in and he is for and if we get on his side were on to see that in ways that we've never at this is part of what i was teaching on friday the more we get in that war with god the more we learn and as what paul is telling us stop is dead at foundation and that relationship with god and everything else will be added to that and i think that that's the the biggest thing is if you have if you have the relationship with god and you base it on his word he gave us his hand you know you you can not you can go back to the fact that people at well ain't you now it was written by a man beale the the the faith is is that god would give us exactly what we need and you know it's like that the faith is not in man it's in god and he works through and so you know we can have that faith that no matter what we see or hear god is the one that's walking as though that you have to go back to the fact that god isn't control he is supreme start there and then then you know the fact that he would send a saviour because he loves us he is love okay if he is loved in everything he does so and there's a reason for and then he boiled on that in the fact that yes he would send the sansetun as a savior which is the old testament abraham was saved because he knew that god would make a way that he would send a saviour he knew the character of god then connou can go through anything at that point time o where were not we know it's like it's like akodon with all the double mind as a string to make everything makes some cause i don't eat to and any man you even eluded there to abraham a nowtake about it before you to be you can never not go back to that not oh and is what happened with abraham would god send him up on mount said i watched it and go sick face is that is such a confusing past to so many we can we can rack our brains and we can almost lose face if you will in what we as some about god in and we don't really lure the majesty of that passage until we realize god was you see abraham and picture with isaac teaches what would take place on the i made his abraham had been knife it said god stopped his hand we know that on the cross god didn't so as why he said he there's a lamb over there in a thick take that and sacrifice they were used to sacrificing thither on children and that time just like they are now you know i mean this is about sacrificing babies and and gaining favorites of very besides demonic you know it's hit ain't on and so this is this is something that abraham saw round him at the time because that was part of the culture is passing the babies through the through the fire and you know when and a struggling may be struggling with it a little bit i don't know but you know in this time you know you look at all the sacrifice and and you know god talks about the the inefficient seas are the deficiencies and sacrificed its inobedience he provides the way and it was there's only one sacrifice it was ever going to change anything and it's jesus it so annoatok up because we were just talking about the abraham had sure is it it it makes this thought pregnant and it kind up shows the birth of this people that don't now when it was passed through almost five years i was i was literally blown away that the gospel of john does not have parables now that's just one of the things that makes the gospel of john dene synoptists pastowmarket so i struggled with that but then i realized it misses part of what i livery put in to the appendix which may be some day alright a book one oh so i want us to think for a minute that john sacks about seven sides john de me the passes fleetsable of job he sassetto begin into the book and the last of the book and i rolled to stowley in a ole so i will i will get us to you later what do selfinsons are and i am convinced that jesus has several new birth experienced things that are if you will of line as this is online church he has things off like so i'm convinced that in the scope of the sins that john uses like we have john three would the condemns i believe jesus new birth decades rite there john for i believe jesus knew bertha woman and well anderese last weeks she comes back she's chased berfreit already as he now poor boy you know ah even though some people might say what john he actually the last verse of the fifty three in chapter soldiers even of chapter eight is where that roman is caught in adultery but after everybody leaves convinced jesus no births and i mean so we see those things so the signs are not they have to be public so like the first one this word jesus changed the water into wine at the wedding of cake and so i wanted to bring the end because the last one i am convinced is john a leven with the resurrection of lazarus i want to say this about the signs as i call for jo signs are in my mind living miracle parables as well i call it just because i don't know what else to call it so their parables but there in real life and and their miracles if you will so why you were just talking about and what i talked about back in with abraham and isaac on the mountain that would be intertentacular of john as i described living miracle parable sets a living miracle parable rite there in genesis that's almost abnormal for the old covenant i would say but but we can see god was teaching a huge truth in something that and so that was a living miracle parable through abraham and isaac on the mount and so when we realize the cross the parable that god was explaining and so if i just i have found so much fan on packing the gospel of john but that's one on so i will i will post that sometime these the severn what i call the signs john it may be our listeners will be encouraged there's your such wealth of and so when when we think about that passed ah as the first born from the dead jesus starts a new humanity and as scripture talks about john the baptist being the harbinger for the birth of christ i think that the resurrection of lazarus was the harbinger for christ reserve and so i see that the story of jane love and yes it was a resurrection of lazarus and we may even see lazarus may be part of the parable that jesus tells where the rich man and lazarus they go down and they have that conversation that could be what took place with lancers in the four days he was to ananias resurrection we can't prove that but it's at least very possible it's like i can say though in everything that i understand that john eleven picture of jesus at a living miracle parable of new birth and so when we look cones to the tomb of the dead man which is exactly two one the three were dead in her trespass and jesus comes once last risk come for if god pulls as from the grave he based the tells us come for and then we come out an he says hey help of gito's grave clothes of hessle do to people they get new born we got to we got to help em one pack all this stuff from their death and we got to give em living clothes and new truth and new paradiseid so it's just that gets back to me too the pregnant truth of what paul was saying there in coloss the fullness of christ dwells in him being the first born of new creation like it's just religious as with paul i just go while so that's where graces talked about even though grace is never as a word used in that passage everything we see is about gr and so i i like all i can i could go into dock holland she went those met with that past ah so i think we may see out of finish of it the last verse when while it's just first twenty we kind o slipped through it just because of backin believed eighteen oh i might say even though eighteen and nineteen were her sende verses this is ah gives us understanding that and through him to reconcile to himself all thing and as dolefully ah elect humanity that he reconciles us to his and he says on earth or in heaven so as these the people in colossi were consumed with the angels and angel worship and maybeas we reference it to to day will what's going on in the demotic realm or the satanic romethe angelico we we know that everything will be come back to and and we even see in one of the passages ah it's actually in romans i think may be twenty two down if you want it is onsetenes then falls on about it when out of an eve sent that it caused havoc in the creation in creation itself groaned for reed donship and so when we think about that last verse and that all things oh i of god and dwell in cried it says for we know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of child birth right up to the present ah so we don't realize what we could even look look up further maybe will present suffering and future glory may be i just read detegens to twenty one since i consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us an that's kind of what you were saying o we don't have to get caught up the all the things that sometimes people people get lost in and i think sometimes they get lost and trying to figure out his rather than rusting and true i know what it is i love to think but we can't get lost in it it's got to come back to so ah it we don't have to necessarily think about what we don't know because christ has revealed so much to us for the a creation waits and eager expectation for the children of god do we hear the impact of that that as creation itself waits for redemption he almost personifies creation and they waited for his elect one the red that is such a pregnant for the creation was subjected to frustration not by its own choice the creation has a choice the creation said no no no for i suffered to console ah but by the will of the one who is subjected in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bandits to decay and brought into the freedom glory children or we could say full circle dona is in doubt when you were talking about earlier when you tread it we've got through kind to give up the vine is that we've been an as i was said i mean i'm part of that creation i'm going on south indeed and i i own i groan because now i added to that sad element but i've looked for the correction i have a and so when god says that the creation is to be redeemed in him sometimes three the re creation of his election we need to get set we have a light to shine we have a christ to reflect we can bring correction in this world and we need to get active on the and as no harness the jests of the message i gave if we can sail can didn't know where we're in a war now you do i didn't know god wanted us to fight for him now you do i mean is it gone and bullets now probably not but at the same time there's so many ways we can fight for i think it's like their several things it not and if you want i posted it they don't have it yet the year the audio version out here being video to ever posted it from the church but if you want a copy of that the talk email me asked for a eosinophile i get your copy of the vile i had my i o knowforget it to me too all posted out there so that we can't get people people need to hear her in you know what you have to say and other and others who have good sound teaching you know em so that there is a source to go to because because we're so much bad teaching out there in the overtone manlistened to you talk i learned so much and credible and i think that that they're just need we need to get the south there and people i know what to do pass sontissa his teaches of such passed them on because there is not enough actual good biblical teaching out there it's all this pot culture nonsense and in words a genus sikeness nowhere it's taken us down further and further away from god in its slippingthe in the face and i but people don't if they don't know that because they haven't really heard the gospel or they really haven't heard you know and a true the truths they're going to wander around loss and the amount of drugs if people are taken increase every day and it's just not working and i you know i've been matted down as i did that talk i actually had a good amount of time to put thetiethe and i i feel like i used it and god took me done bunny hole after bunny hole after bonny hole and i i just sometimes sat at his and learned from history learned from our founders and oh i understand that people can say you know ye other we didn't know this happened we didn't know this hope now you do i mean we didn't know that there was what i called the pivot point in america may be a couple and yet now you do in her so much more that people could learn i just to me i feel like i scratched the but i gave people an opportunity to say well here's where we are where we are and in regards i see a lot of people that without that knowledge i spend their tires into mud and it's like that's that taken us anywhere until we learned certain things and literally start correcting start teaching people how to exemplify the gospel of christ to live in his fullest to live in his great to fight the bell for him and now an it's a learning curt for everybody get in the war and i'm just convinced that god teach so much he fighting he pushed back and take thoughts captive and learn how to spiritedly and we will at times fight those in the evil rom as for most part of believed if god in his age as to that but he he basilicas strap up get in the war take your sheep your sword out o your sheath and use that's why it's like the picture of desronais they went back to red bill the city of jerusalem and the walls god told told him for a trial in one hand and a sword in the other another couldn't do anything but the point was i want you to be building but if you got it protect yourself against people coming in to try to cross it and confuse it and you serpent the sword that's why one of the ministers i really love with time ascalon they have as there a picture of the sword in the travel from that very passage that's what i think to church understand building the church of god but with got to fight again so i will send that to you as well and because i believe that can be very valuable and soon as i get a sight ah once it gets posted we can send an otis also to sadasad a garry said we got their longiseta you timedown on god as with us very says i loved the fight a whisper should exclaimed me it is finished with the last feeble physical exhale is a great great moment in like as i actually enjoyed the process yes said learned a lot by just listening and so is amazing you know it's you you don't you get so good like like you who have spent so many years and in studying classesof the word god and of their theresuch a gift that you give all of us to share in your knowledge with every one i mean and i'm really super thankful for for that admits important and everybody out there not notes me an my broadcast that everybody should be given to boys as far as freeing his the word o god forward to people for good teaching past passes stuff on contact him and you know in passesof one we need to first be living for god you know no matter what else we do with our work or with politics or whatever we choose to be in to our work we feel like this is more we need to be the first and formalists or living for god and to be uniteth other real believers hemnent is out there and of the remnant is of their god alisonthe map of history you are there and in less anybody thinks i mean i i don't i don't want to be elevated i know that god has taught me so much and maybe and that i would be seen as elevated but i am down in dirty in the fight every day i i know i mean to learn too and yes maybe i can the art of war forced ah but i don't claim to know everything so it's it's like joined me let's get in this fight and fight for the glory of christ as his pre eminent supreme one that gave it all and he invested that all in as so that we can give our all i can think of the boy the alice's chalmers oswald chambers ah my highest or my what is it the name of that book we erastianism for his high anathothia the reengrave book that's kind of like what i encourage people it's like what we realize what christ is done for us and when it's done in our old we ought to give our utmost his highest and that was what of the titles that you can say nothing more as far as the challenge to how we can i think our good first stop here is one of that one of the things that i notice is our human beings have the natural need to togonegern when they see her they hear things it's like while the gensay the undersheet and say that are they did this riderthe did that wrong it's like it's like really you know how many people are actually stepping out there to speak the truth that's there out there say like him and such you know it's like the couragement that greatness for what you want you doin what you stand for what we stand for to gather and your grace i mean i don't think i ever heard anything out of your mouth that wasn't full of grace i mean you're probably one of the most gracious people i've ever met in my life and i'm always thankful for that that's that's a very itsilasta gift and its amazing it's a great example of making that choice every day i mean that's what you do as you make that choice every day to live with first grace approaching situations of grace and i always appreciate that a lot so do you want to close evelasting words or prayer anything like that where you want to go with this visitor time ah i was going to try to find a pass in or inquire he had got to answered i thought it was full of hansford six for his not aeisas six on the top girl because you read that passage in the earlier incipient for he started off the yet it is rather in classes for it he held on met with is there raconterais purse dear sometimes i get so bad at least think this it might not be the most green ah in in the fight at my promentory promises i want to pull the fords out and get in my little white pony and start flash on oetsits like one donaster ideality you know it's like like a well we'll go after the bad guys that tim you patch him up and put a pectinated to forelearn that way but that's not the way was born has borne as the warrior fighter and you know sicksick of the craft kind of a purse then once once saw one i we go after him then somebody else can primback on their feet again i hold you so that's that's my short so you know yes this is where all is before he gets into his final greetings oh i just read the colinfor and out redive and six and since walking wisdom toward outsiders making the best use of time and so i know there's other passes is a talk about regaining the time and we we do need to walk in wisdom because we live in a day that evil is so rampant so we sometimes struggle so it says this was a verse that really burned into my soul many years ago and i sometimes wish i could do better than he talked on donna but it has letters always gracious being graced seasoned with salts of the yuman no how oh to answer person and i know they're so many people i dared that are are lost in what i would call the insanity of this world all these four or five years to me we we have dropped into almost a national and said and while some people think all were moving forward i would say oh we were were like i had been an peel and i don't know if we can even pull it back but i'm not good to let it go without doing everything i can to redeem souls we can't only god ten when you see that tytetyt of insanity in the wokerere and in such wheat we have no power to bring that back the only one that can can get a through this as god himself leading a son of this because the the mind the minds of men a minds of a people have been bent to believe that of is down and down is up in and in a critical thinking isn't there to say wait a minute hold all this doesn't make any sense on the really look at it you know it's going to be god that leads us leads people out of this insanity truly to have to fight with each other and you know it it's it's really it's really you know something that i think that that all of us as a people have to work on because truly where we go on we go all you don't lose one person without losing part of give that god has given us no matter whether we agree with everything they say or not there the god created em and we we are responsible to ah to stand together and to correct and to help each other on these difficulties and there is no notes about it that we have a lot to be angry about thesegod reason to have that righteous anger and such but there is the rest we we need to be there with each other but the insanities got a stop i gree and that's again in art we get all say what i don't know how to engage in the fight we engage in the fight when we speak out and stand up for i mean that's what the world wants to squashes into silence and we have to be silent and i would say of your doing that you're in the fight stand up for truth i talked he will into you know everybody can say hey are you hurt and can i help it we may now do you nohow to talk with him but if you get somebody that i can say on the line in an need help more than you can give reach out to people i mean i always want to talk with the oh that's part of our evangelist as part of the and ready to the gospel when somebody asks us of the hope that lies within a sense being gracious in in our to side so oh we're trying to win people over and i know like you said sometimes you want a cotton slash but in a week we have to be about to business of standing up for his truth as we as we don't back down either and in i think there's a balance there when you're talking about that when you're talking about truth that sometimes traces little painful he the people don't really want to hear that that you know they don't really want to hear that sometimes that is a sopassing it and that that sword of the spirit or the th you know the word of god is is where that's where our battle that's where a battle rests i believe i really do and and that's we need to stay with him there's so many people out there that want try to drive me into these not job with discussions in all grave or torches and pitch for ten yet all their like dat if they're like deranged and such an it's like no we're going to do this in orihuela godanother battles that we need to a lot of times we just need to rest and him and hamhinmoke care of things that's a struggle that all i think a lot of us haitis to give the control forgive people when they do something rough you know that i let you know like this is one of those things that that somebody was gracious enough to tooreally spend time teaching me that the forgiveness part of wales when we forgive it's not that we absolve people of the wrong doing it's that we forgive them and refuse to do anything with retribution and when you do that you lay it at god's feet and we god takes care of things it's taken care of properly and in the best order you know so if there's somebody that you can't forgive it's you have to step away say i forgive him i at hand the reins over jesus take the wheel walk away and let god handle it and then be the resolution is a perfect resolution that will create the best that's an fall for ever single person out there i think that when cookabout the insanity just as you said it to your point the insanity of the constant na saying and picking other people parthenonwas they do that they can't do anything right has got to come to an end the this is this is where it were shooting or on teems istorigraf for what everybody it would everybody does you you've got to be able to you really got to be able to assess who is truly the a true thread or a true problem and who is just in a somebody who tryingto do their best set that has put their effort into it and has a good heart that's really right do the right thing and then you look at these people who are still passing babies through the fires and sacrificing them that that is the true enemy but it's not generally the person city next you and that's the person you go on so this together and now time to get a cup of coffee whatever stand stand with people as it's important you know harry said it's not here a sanity its depravity absolutely but so in love i just told an acquaintance last week that she needs to let god deal with someone who was making false accusations to grindstones tely i had somebody yesterday that this is absolutely sane then this person the rise the emotive behind this person making calls allegations against me and i'm going to blow this all out of thee out of the water because the truth needs to come out with their like i have bidyadari saying to set inything well if she did it was a sound be instead of the truth of what i was what i was saying and this person is also involved in an alontresor his there's some things that you have to expose what things aren't right person is involved in a child care operation with the name little nuggets and ann and above on some other things you know perhaps even registering herself as a candidate with a state and got cost is the person that through the lives on about me but the reality is is watched with their actually doing not with their saying and a and throw it out their augescens shops of all kinds of things including this person tried to sell a house that wasn't hers and his one day business is all over the place and about as many aliases you could probably you know nail anywhere and i'm in is going to say that just because somebody says it doesn't mean it's true and their going that the naysayers of the ones that are trying to subvert united states they are full of lies there absolutely full and all say anything in an put themselves in a position to be this cambiaso that the stew talks like hillary clinton and and you know it's to leave people strike and in its just really too bad just to get somebody said something doesn't mean it's true and flies out there in dispelled her eyes ah and that's hard where we have the stand firm and as and speak those you know they may as a question i think of any of us we should be you should be able to ask it and we should be able to answer that and so you know in answer in all truth and honesty not justly you know i don't know it was just crazy but we do need ask some questions that pine of thing is the sandy were talking about the sleeping his nation so people who are proposing politicians are political people when in fact they are nothing more than a deep state operative who in the words of salviati looked at the background of this people person i wouldn't have my kids the five hundred miles of this port because as the adhopavita that is clearly there and nobody checks to and that some of the stuff that it's his stiff oculto look at those things and to understand but we we have to do that i just want to say before we close in prayer i i appreciate the listers cause without the listers this wouldn't be what it hit is and i want you i know some people misterton to father tom but please do if you got questions commenced collar and sad timeparker nineteen fifty three at gmail dutch oh it's not posted and so it's always nice to chatter about god's truths as beans together we can encourage one another sometimes just what the communication soon and we can push each other forward so in patrington fifty three agen the howrah i put in the comments he and then for rumbling and i do the i do their comments and rumble temperer ninety per threemillion to others so conections and he i think that's all good so ah i shore preciate the day i mean this is like one of the best parts of my days is actually just doing redeeming grace church on one sad love thus and a lover time together in such an it's it's a refreshing you know when when you're in when you're in the world and you're in with a bunch of you down political people some who are good most of our liars it really is nice place for me to rest and ah you know and i think it is true for for all of us that are in the fight and of of an on any level we teresting d in the truth i can do this or single day tim or could if you would you want to add the out would be out for that because i yondonghs sometimes cause i think that this is that it's is an awesome thing for you put your time ewan thank y and all the work that garry's puts putting things together and on that and keep on things running there where you are very very thankful for than garysonis as such an honour to know to know so many really really good people that are out there standing together the remnant of creekthe remnant that's that's active so i'm going to do that what lesse less can you on to set a anotation last one last thing lot of people say oh yeah ter me do so much so well to give but i want people to understand that it is a joy ants like really this is where it's such a joy to have communication with my list and i think there may be you don't realize how much joy fulfilment teachers get from the given the opportunity and i'll say again do i oh i am so thankful that you posito do this with you and had been so fond this is really founded and i'm really glad that we're doing it too i think it's awesome i have blessed and you want to close this out for i can you can if you want to do it we could win open but i could close but if you want to go for it yolande do it to day to a our heavenly father i know that we have some inclement weather in the state and i know that there's a lot of people that are suffering physically i know that we are bombarded in the mind an i just i know that we have been attacked so lord help us learn understand the the sad of god you're that you're the in born at means the unlike what some of these heretical teachings offer we don't have to look into demonic or the angelic or any other thing for what is found lord the more we learn to rest exalt you to praise what you did continue to do he believed we find the settling in our heart that surprises so i asked as for my list that we would be in bolden in you engaged in the fight in fine true joy in serving in my pet thank you so much so herenosing beginning but they all do this first nother i'll please relataban and bird for governor dat come i am not conceding the election still there and will not concede the lighter's cheets on thieves and i for furthermore the nowhere all we love you we love those those things that are important to you and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america and extrorse no i i spendigo show and i enjoyed it and thank you again and god bless everybody that's less than whether it's life or after the fact aisleless you are very onesidenote but go for it there he guy just put that in a chat so in a now thanks so much tom and then i will be back on a next wednesday with redeeming grace church as well as a toromon with carnivore and the friday with carin and i believe i can nashistory with us we'll see i think i'm on to have specoolation on friday to so i have a great day you are loved your important and ah and you're not alone in this world because you've always got god with you all the time and we'll take