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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/17/2023 John Tatar and Janine Hansen

Published Oct. 17, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Janine Hansen - Western States Area Chairman of the Constitution Party will be talking about the meeting in St. Louis this weekend. The history of the Party. That we oppose an Article V Constitutional Convention. Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the seventeenth day of october twenty twenty three welcome and you know what i had seventeen laps the more seventeen is my favorite number i loved so anyhow welcome too of those to day we have an john tater and gone he handsome is the so is every tuesday it's john and a cheer to sic sogennanten is the chair of the western so shall be on the ten o'clock which will be on so anyhow we don't want to waste any time getting to tuesday so they do how you doing he got a sin for us of course you do anthony right so onery hanoniense and how you pageboys and girls who tore starting to show off with its well one lad and tunnelled for womeneven in fair and one could tell by the way he wanted he got more than he had if a round and stumble on to the grass ringing in the young dinornithes or since pointing to young with lovely girls just happen oneand one said to the other were pinbone the senecas strong and some billion adowere the ringing eyontreanote then clare then they crept upon the spinning sorties and left there on his hill poinsol that could and there behold for them to be behind the stones was coming horningcote prison retinitis was goes it they are for a moment and the sand we must be stopreset or our friend before we peoplelong as the hill give the left testis i toarnemine spars scouts ringing a iriniticou soon how come and wantonings consumable to behind the hussites contithat in startled as santo once before inside and co and i to see you one word priestridden to the oneripping to the idolater you can the ionson croton oh some of the folk songs are then recollectin to your disolations and now may doesn't better than john tater sudden so where were we going to day on well in going when they don't want you to look at washington for sothe i want to do consequently were getting things going back and forth and now we are getting close its world worth three and is i say convenient and the deep state is pushing this because the de state is one every mile stone that he in there seeds losing in every direction that the he also doing at the hides there there ready for the the the rope was being weaved right mouth for their necks and they know it the contest all the best in the can do is push and in passanantis el it's going on where were our dear resident of the white house said money to get rid of the or arch ogetto release these paid to relish billions so they could build in who can we war so they could attack us in all it's all it's all of a game to side by the the people in the country over the years because we really didn't have the internet we really had no way of knowing what believing what our compliments america that's that's what we were told at what we were told they were always good god then they would never heard us on the other hand they were doing exactly racing war and revolution ever got into as for one part more and more freedom a word more two were wore one and among other entering limit more and more people ar re free are you free you feel free as he boasted the people go ahead well in my heart yes i holesome things you have the you comply with the there used to be a show on called quanta and i don't never watch it but i i know being more but when i was younger i watched and oh there was no there was seen in there where his commander was in antietam and he had been put in and a solitary and like a ford by force or something like that and i thought it was one of the things he set yes the his man to her that was younger than him said why did you do this and he goes she chose to go into captivity to save other people he goes because i was always free and my heart and so no matter what we live under you know you can look at that and not take it upon yourself as in as an occupation or anything else like that you say for you within your heart and realize that that they're making the mistakes you are and i just wait for your chance kiss you're going to be able to spring it out from point time you just sit there and don't don't be down trod you just sit there and go go when this comes round his isle and you know in in plan for their ultimate demise every time they had just pinin for their ultimate devise more and more and get strategic about it that's when were that's right well i agree with that there a lot of people feel that their free within their heart and within their mind and no matter what you do to my body there still catfight you can make in had us any time they want but as as i been set you know i'd rather i'd rather you know there's there's no way to give up you're not going to give up their knocking to kill thee the americans we're going to continue to fight as we are free people and god put that in our ears and so good luck with that guy's is more of us than there argue a bad guys and a and the freedom that we fight for is one of those things that there never going to take the problem that we have is that the there more shallow people the bathing well i can get him my car and i spend money and our love how are we deal with those people it some of emerald never chichester never come out of here and understand that you really aren't free because you you are being taxed to death you can't go where you want you don't have the means to travel wherever you want and however you freedom means that or liberty means that you can do whatever you want there's die we have liberty in this country we don't have liberty has i can he upon your neighbour or rope from your neighbor nest but i you that anonymously here in our discussion so we don't have to get back to but freedom means that you have the ability to do as you please with a hose constrains within those constraints he in god's when commandments whatever you want to call it you have cost her your neighbor so that's more we have to focus or so how do we get there because no to gonotomes to on bad and that's going back what le he never always give always give a scenario well how the way we find he no do not rather find lingo and how do we know what they are while we have to now on illegal acts of government are in their you've got to know you right american history don't know you're right and that still most true to day people that do not understand a government cannot do anything in violation that the cost she can never be suspended they have no right so here we are at a point in our life he averted again strains not only through taxing helicalfollowing fraudulent wrote von in every possible way a lot of us a rate going along with it going long waresto rout of fire at a and were to get that word ratified nor infers remember norton verseshave county does spell out what the government is nonot restoration start figuring it all there in front of so you know who you're right sire and then you started then you able to start picking your battles which battles are you one capable of handling and here she got up pushed not at this is a problem that we in in our country gone along the colon to get along nice and we have not then in our fight for our freedom were an ever been in this point and and not ratified when ah the world trade center went down and people were running to romanones sentences i wasn't even concerned i in fact he did go down but he didn't go down by the way that they set it went down and everybody on toward everybody wondered go fighting go go kill the evil and the dooliss another then again at that point of time i awready understod that were high school teachers didn't have so with that sad and with the knowledge that we can gain by looking at some i want to go to the point tomatoes section at a nicobar flat a sorry i sprung it on you rather than tell you about an earlier i disentailer guys sit that's what hates me urged cimeter mitchiganons titution is were gone ohel hold on here to understand it to tisheet article are the nineteen not past and therefore fragilitas twenty twenty et we should really be under these i oh pentecost o me where we gone that's crosssection article one section seven with the national archive and it in a not i one no cat i hate that when things don't go well and you're on one hathising at on our age i'm sorry for i had it here the and it really we really don't have to pull it out if you no read it go head missie i can find it okay port all bills raising revenue shall originate in the house here and may propose or he meets in other it success all bills racing repine shall be proposed by the house re my knowledge by the present isisanything about the iris and the iris comes up with new rules and regulation that they operate operate under the they operate under there regulated and therefore they think that that's it they are making that coles and it doesn't say nything about that in every bill shallow have passed the house of representatives in these before it a law shall sit if not to return it with i shall have who shall enter the who shall activeaffects large on the journal and if after consideration to for the house together with the to the house by which it shall likewise roth by to thirds of the house a but him also both house houses and by years yes i may and the name for and against which section is the strong we're going to get to a i lock people to have it memorized i do not oh i'm trying to point out here a couple of things one i entonces after you and as fire yours at sing on the penalties nowhere in nowhere in the costs any author what called can give you do not violent income that information is not in the seventh and who does in power as the house and can they pass that power on to another organ like the internal resin all but there i signed on the page they delegated that the banks on the monies that they were made or that they were so we have to go back to that philosophy how the government can in fact at and here's pretty much spells it out only people that can do the take are the house of rep they have to put bill but the then they can and again two thirds of one our government are founded on american shaft i okay so that pretty much i can read the rest of that but that is very clear who has the pope and there on her going to tell you that well we're were based upon the laws as a called breake we don't follow ring then because we have the ability to grab our represent and you that we can't do that with you to revenue becase and that was that the whole purpose of our government right they make everything an arms like so we have no control over we have to go back that's the only thing that is going now for you can stroll up to sections the next section we are any one through we are ready once through what the eighteen abilities in duties we didn't wish first paragraph i got right come we shall like the power to lay and collect taxes paid the debt provide for the and the and general of the united states but all duties we miss the common defense and general welfare is the common defended paying crane money fight the rush is not our home cr do they have authority to so here are resident in the lithe his fire and they are the ones other government that really i have no better for i know no reason no no help to the united states no power or as one on and you crane it's going one the wet should not be involved now what's gone on the this is a prelude to world war they are pushing there no war and they needed distraction for sure oh yeah that's does exactly what they need it because that they kind o ran out of out of a gold power with you crane cause his nobody's buying this there was too many anomalies in our going to turn towards israel and i you know it's been said that when i'm saved israel for last and so now you look at it that's going on there and it's like a sob before every organization every power center in the world has been infiltrated the the in weoweraget the jewish we have no quarrels of the chinese people we have no quarrels with with the people pretty much anywhere it's the government set have set it up and that or its thesame thing the belovedthe and my opinion they've got paid for moketors and the rest of us for smocks are just trying to you know to live our lives out as they manipulate things from the outside so i'm pretty sure that you know the palestinian people have been caught the cross fire the jewish people been caught in the cross fire with very corrupt governments who sacrificed him let such of two sections no state shall enter into any treaty alliance or confederation the grant letters of marque or reprisal coin money coin money he admit bills of credit make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in the big one no state can make anything but gold and silver cold sorry your honor in the sofeeling ticket i meet a more definite and dollars of what your honored so according to article one section you are part of s make anything by gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts so i can pay my debt there is no gold and silver coin or on annet isn't that what such or clone second cones rescarified and when they usially say well in we never get that for the judges were not calling her were not drawn theissian now i the maid in the past by i sat back in my then i ended up at or moncures i have the author i have the right to do that so my point here is that we have paine we have a gloss over it not read it not understood and therefore we have been caught in a quagmire of can the ability we back when way back when johnson i am on the take silver and gold on our silver out of the system or when rose elsie i monotate gold out of the you can't do that because the only way we can pay debts the state of so or in any state of the union is my cold and silver coin can take gold out of the then johnson came along and shower on to take silver hollerin i make old or copper clad collins and that's what's going to be the pay all bets public and private he did that capt can so rofecester were not paying an de any other but we allowed him to do and they finally that he we ratified in using a copperplate coins now they're trying to push forth the sea bed c which several bank digital currency the trying to push all the world with there calling it the they can't do it it's not all article one section as no do it but we have to push back and all how we you and i want commit or have half contracts i mean i can pay you that occase we can't the right anyway we and for anything so barter is allowable even though the iris said i couldn't his oh i sorry the sarah real news for real people by real people at the kitchen the he so we have to now we have an opportunity to really push people are becoming more and more away i think he and the constant does have strength and carnal a so that even though we don't do it and i'm in the rle and you have to be you're not in according to doing in one no your law if you know how to fight it tigotan do this and that's part of the learning problem get off he in her the word it takes work to learn things you you don't just you don't just get your hands around it and in one hour or you know i've seen people that will let's see him i'm going to google and get the information and call myself at oxford on something you know that that's that's kind of going around make his rounds around two right now that doesn't work that way when when you when you learned something it anticipate with which all of his it's not just the controls of it's all of these little things that fan out from the central that you have to know make it roll of it and it's going to take some work here it's going to take time to unravel that sire of toll that in the years your mind is in like the muscles we your mind is the muscle yet the key thought process is going to have to be able to put together you have to be not to something that automatically he yet more and every day that every day i learned something new in the then questioned what you know and or you think you know because what what we you know we typically will get on on subjects that we think we know and then we tunetano ation that's not helpful you know we we have haleswell this is what i know now but to morrow i may get enough information the paradise the what i'm thinking of and and realize that it's a it's not at all what i originally thought especially coming from the government schools which are in consent just darnation we really have to question or we have to note question everything but we have to rely make a part of us part of our life eleven don't omit think your way through it and you own it he got a hold his to old con you got on these that were pointing out article on such shriveable say that in your sleep without any problem ye ought to be able understand that congress only one a house representives the only one that can at laws regarding the only one then you're a man your loaded with the ammunition otherwise costuming around and on and they do taking my hands nor lack and knowledge no governments are good and snowing their very good habitat literas on the daily as betty ran as lie can i tell is the question that came up yesterday that it is a perfect he sample of this so we're going everybody's going to smart meters and tie had been sending us now at the cations on the smart meters have moved the meter not did know this but oh the office would have had an agreed to this cause i've got new staff and there and then they threatened on the third love letter to shot or gas off to the gas meter and less they moved the gas meter to where you know where they wanted it to be and so i find out yesterday that they put it right in the worst part placed the could put it where it's going to get hit i can guarantee you looking as somebody is going to run into this one rip it off the golden and i'm going to have damaged the psychol in anie and icelanders first of all they can not turn your below the snow you with ladder like the because you have refused it to go into the ark turn your power and so they can threaten you all that they want but i'm pretty exer sure that if they threatened to turn the power or turn the power of that they've got a law suit from hell coming up for for that because they can't tell you what to do with your property they can't do it so i i just i just to call them so stop work order immediately added and you know if i were going to if we're going to move it around i'm not going to have some dog who in a and a truck came over and said don't hold halt or in to put it right here and so so we stopped work order on it or in we told him you know the common my property and touched us sing again until i talked to somebody that's got a brain in stated just throw it in in the most can inconvenient spot where it's going to get hit samsick that they evade the odd as almost removed this meeter were in cut your power of really well think that you brought hate yeah i'm in a trialogo involved in the smart right and i started the following what they call a te what it was his lock that i had connected that i have built or on meter and contake the lot of the change the and yet we we even had a trespass notice on it and for a while it worked a lot of people didn't cat there problems developing into way later that is one of ours and in their battle will become more an more the time in the so then i go on to the property in the middle i come to meroebus then we even have a woman that went to court finding the battle shenanigans one of the downtown he was des were all oh we have another one who had another fight in warren he was finding the water made and lost the we really didn't have the ammunition back then we didn't know wot morton well in in the so he lost but we had made every effort even when exact as is written by come i that the he is going to here were and then they approved and the people have tried smart need one the color when they are not used in the or they could keep the old meter and they would have to pay an extra fee the old meter the animal while in the process he knew me the non radio so creating he was still getting all of didn't have the race oh they want the bad only because well in this the problem because we don't have anybody and office that's not taken payback large these large a corporation and in michigan we that we have a total there's a total energy monopoly in the should have been broken up a long time but what they've consolidated all that power we don't have we don't have the ability to actually have a a free market they own it they can shut you off and oh why is violent the way chesswork tennessee valletort actually does a really good job with her energy that's why the businesses are going to one there's a lot of em going down there because they have inexpensive energy michigan the this is a this is a complete disaster in michigan and the couple that with electric vehicles in the batteries and all that nonsense they're turning michigan into into one great big in sound of of anything that looks like intelligence did you see that they have a i on that lancing it sucks or free on sucks or grease orses it sucks on every level it of this sweet to that noticed that there is one billion dollar grant given for hydrogen i had oneyourself in the state of michigan on every that of later but i thought that was kind of enters do we don't even really need the deal with all as as the oil in come and i be not one as he suddenly so i is going to be very real interesting oenothra this out there the little bit of a truth nugget for every one they are going to save that this water vapor and no harm done he sat neither thin right i'm going to say keep your eyes open to see if they if they actually use natural gas in the production of this it's purely from water is natural gas is going to be a lot cheaper than do it it with water they may start out with one direction and in going in the other direction so we went to take a look at what there going to sort the fuel fuel selves they may be a they may be a polyphase motors here and i don't trust any of them so this something to keep an eye on as i was honest by the way where are the people that are fighting clean an green people tree hunters where are those people when it comes to all of them right he not old why are they not raising all kinds arguments and facts over the batteries and why aren't they arguing with trying they were they were so vocal earlier on and now that they cicero what about the ice cap people need to understand climate change we have no effect on climate oh we might the environment we have to breathe that is piculs not saying that we should dirty or envied none the less we do not have any control over the bring in the ice are and all of this craft that the and everywhere we nearly withem sopirent purbeck and seven at colgate another way to its life and rode off the one in this they want this beautiful tax called carbon carbon credit harbin credits which is where i on most made his money he didn't make it concedes particularly a how do the curve he made it because he was silentiaries star the carbon i question orebody out there you know a quite honestly i don't don't have many heroes out there they're out there on the you know looking at palestine and looking at israel that they're all all the governments are in the wrong they're doing for the wrong reason and not for the while they're doing it for there the node for the new world order and when orthotropous through that matter they could care less look at how many people that you know we don't know how many people i have died over there because he can't count anything here but we do know that there's a lot of people that i believe that there's a lot of people that have died in have been injured over there tremendous amount we don't know how many of em are you know or are for real in which one's iron which ones are we have no light yet when to lie how you are come across the border and how much of this or the protest i looked at a bunch of the protests and other cities and i'm a telli've got pretty good feeling that a lot of that s or an is i am not so now speed the crowd scenes if you look at the crowd seems an analyzed the crowds seems in most of the is that in it was it was real apparent to me that when they were shown the pitchers of rohan with the wohnbares most of that was seen and there is there is no reality to i'd say probably probably more than ninety per cent of what we your see the moving wagon dog i have not have heard of it a lot but i don't want all osses understand the consul the ways put together the way that just like watching god capricorn he before it was beautiful was coming the studio but i had you could swear it ole as that's another seaton out in front of a siphonoforas so saying this is this is what we're going to you we're lying to you and your mind and then all the line so we need to wink up and watch some i provide all it's not entertain for the making wang and the hugginses tory well i'll put it up at home lest now watch for you i probably watch less than two average of blessed two movies a year o god that's atthat's a most it's well done it's well put to get i kin scarup that weapon do i deal in ecl the star all its so he's got a few people that are in here that her talking let's see we've got a latest one from down was constitutions are lawful binding one i don't like the word comes frank but o ye like yet why what i you call it i call it contract while reason the contract rome not by which government or contrariants how the government it has nothing to do with us look through that cost does that i take it they take office and they've sold their all in their bound to it so ill by that they're not found they're not follow to the it's really not one c that you and i find and you put up value and i put up some sort of value there in a true legal sense so that's why one people called rode back by which government we have it has no no power do anything what we can and so like the eighteenth amendment that was laminated alcohol try to stop people from that for i think the eighteenth of made was a stimulus package for people having their own stills and and does i think so so when you when you think contract of rules and to it really is only in because i am the free person and i wrote and on the author of it remember as we are the authors those lost do not apply to are the authors we are on the author of the late more related ned one said seeking out on to keep goin here in down your contract the constitution are made by the people it is exactly a contract and i will respectfully disagree from and calamityno athesis she got a free will i hope ewell and free choice but it is not a county ii there balincourt oh no i get so ever antigo from here we got about five minutes i'm in a seed my dockgates going to be on an aegotheles while we're going to ah then go a little further on she shall make without the consent of congress lay any impulse imports or expel may be absolute on laws and the net product of all duties and lathe on imports one for the use of the treasury of the united state schlo shall be subject to visions rolls of the congo can the next page which is more important no state shall without the consent of congress lay any or ships of war enter into any age of war so after world were two once bandit if you got hirocle the executive branch military army can only i can only be alive or on duty for perhaps a men finding fathers were frightened of a standing army in the standing because well look at what we have right now a hundred and fifty bases across the whole world i know i i've got a lot of questions of that and also how they do the government contracts lot of crosses oh the way that it is my understanding is that the way that it used to be done was that they would put a bed out for the design and the company would get paid for the design but they didn't hold a pat out in or the right to it and then the government would put it out there to any manufacturer that wanted to manufacture it to those standards and they had a people manufacturing for the military which shows a whole bunch of problems because now let's just lessone manufacture goes down or runs out a part they can get it in a quick quick hurry from another one who so the it if you if you chop these thin stock down this is the promethean their whole government wants a choke everything down is centralized a constant consolidation of power in all ringbecause people are pre their own self in they want they want to be king they want to be king of the tooth pick industry you know i mean that's what it comes down to they want to be king of of the i don't know oh cinnamon production or coffee production or whatever and on the market will the problem is when you get into the military and order the dens if you got these big these big companies that own sick say are you know the the aircraft market or whatever in the contract what happens if all of a sudden like what happened in our automobile and is give the and now the neplese to get the chips as form tiron soniod screwed all that all over the plots or or empty for a while we're getting it back he but it's really a problem to death oservation i supply chains no matter what they are in is very very and he of what most deportant i would say is our military eh i've i've got a big beef with chaineach owatonna or he is a criminal and home with money he made off of providing meals and in the other things to the military i mean these people are great creitte network or themes were the property and he certainly took advantage of that criminal criminal behavior he sold all need to go to get me while he on at short a lot of her orisons that i was reading says that no state shall enter into compacts with others or for in how packs with which were or engage in war unless actually invaded or in imminent danger as will not not a gang and for an well i got more of a teresina or completely sermon that on that department because the entire voting ah the boningale are foreign their sworn involved involvement so the whole government is ah rogue right now we have a rule government the entire government topped by tom tapped bottom anybody that complied with voting machine violated cost in a multiple ways that just one there's mallowas they violated it so why would you not want while it won oratii and the check if for pelowes in oct on so speeding to get and all the other ordinance and all the other revenues at i stopped here and enough push back of the people will get there at because rowlandite got somebody that was a motivated to do the right thing in the office of identicalnor what both john and i ran for the michigan you would have a real quick path to interfolding well of that yet they are all traffic but anyway i never had an opportune set myself properly in television on radio and that's he was sense we were both of us were very very heavily sons kept out of the because all my gas you can't have john and done a talking that would be a oribi problem wouldn't join average something done i destroy their little power their lot power side while there you well thank you so much with another great teeter the stem in ananias wordsthe yes hal again if you do on the casino meetings how people sign in still invite anybody and everybody we cover all kinds of people with all kinds of sin sow a few have an opportunity and you come to us and learn about how to deal with and most important the war that's coming herunderstand that we still are tea and the white hats have controlled his the patriots no matter how scare it gets keep your wits the which he survived when twenty four years that ultimately god think control we can so on what's the watheseos week wednesday night what do you do in hastening to be covering the gatinois or be asking hearextremely important be in the greeting of the where kind john de tater at yononaka lessar yeah or linealiter worcetter the noticewere in two mails now at the trecento what yandaca is more where side that i in are the in the male that i used for civically for the congregator was more polite so you can use either one because i do he leave me or information and i'll put you on our mailing list the four as doctor dave calls a high dog ah he loves us think on it learned a lot last wednesday from you so if you blow lessons you michigan more comments on your staff than than any one's inkwise love paternoster now batavicoe on wednesday night darante you better do some study and or john will taoranono you're wrong maritornes the a little lighter apples one note the heavy yet you've got you got a good not bad capture the good can saltator people once in a so i thinks like john we'll see you next we go neceseither be square oregon take a quick break an i'll be back out with gin with gennsen and omental you what this gal's got a rosemarie the inset ooooeeeeeeeei no morning welcome to the second hour of brandenburg news network it is the seventeenth day a october twenty twenty and i look at yourself i'm very excited to bring out our next i'm not even been to read her whole resume one very impressive in and i'm going to let her tell you love it about herself in what's going on here but jennens ed is the chair of the st and were to be talking about all things constitution the meeting this week end as well as several other very important topics and omnino tell you what i have so much respect for the people that are in the constitution party because we're talking states when we're not talking the political monsonis going out out there this jerry springer political style that see a a a virus across the united states and it is a shame we really but anyhow with that good morning den he had you doing good morning thank you for having me so glad to have you an to day ah you're you're resume is is one of the finest reserves i think i have ever seen oh that's very nice of you i don't know if you ever sleep it kind of looks like a thick oleo but anyhow glad had the one to day so when going to talk about that well you know that this week end is the national constitution party meeting we will have general flyn there in a wonderful a conference on issues we will also be dealing with party business that'll be in saint louis on october twenty and twenty one and so that's why you invited a song ah and i'm one of the founders of the original constitution party that wasn't the name in the beginning it was the taxpayer's party but in the vat we had organized before that sor named different or name is the independent american party in nevada we've been on the ballot since nineteenth again we originally on before that and so we had as many as fifty candidates running in the state chairman right now of the independent american party and we've had wonderful we've had people elected and worksevidence ah choicest beside is the twin parties the monopoly partiste yet the other ownapart that's out there cause her both working together to take the united states down an exactly he had not seen any any extreme brilliance coming for either one of the parties the on time and truly truly this individuals ah ah that are on the tee and in the power importanthe money structure that's all we're seen is money laundering racketeering these people are criminals that are setting in the seats in my opinion and it needs to change in nest radically to go back to it works which absolutely and that's where we've left i think the thing that most people don't realize is the two constitutional amendments the sixteenth which was the broadest the irs income tax and the seventeenth which eliminated the election of state senate of us senators from our legislators were the thing that completely destroyed federalism and in doing that the states became essentially just vassals of the federal government and that's where we lost all of the genius of the founding fathers and dividing the power and so that's a significant thing that i think people realize that that's when it began because now every county every city every school district is controlled through grants from the federal government and we don't have em independent operating of or a local government any more because they have been superseded by the grants from the federal government every county they all have their hands out for federal money in that in our states and that's what controls our own money cousin sliped us it's really ashamed and i think the good laws in to learn from that is leave the constitution alone don't keep adding to and or you know the proposed we had proposals that were were put in place with state of michigan that were highly dese and so they keep the key thinking that they're going to add and add an improved things and all it does as it might is the water and it gives them a chance to destroy so we're in talk about the the contentious states and constitutional conventions his eye i am ab animately opposed well the sad thing about the article five constitutional convention which is part of that is the convention of states and their many other operatives on both the right and the left of particularly conservative republicans are protroodin the convention of states and promoting an article five constitutional convention or a balanced budget we know now from the things that they printed that they want to aggregate all these different calls clear back to the seventeenth seven i think call from new york which wanted to have a convention so the aggregating things like polygamyshe things from the from the civil war these are being aggregated so that they can get to the number they need which is thirty four states to call an article five constitutional convention and so if they decide to push this on even had a last year a bill in congress to a to be able to count these and put them all together so we are on the brink of having a constitutional convention and if that happens or our liberties are essentially going to come to an end because we won't control a constitutional convention it'll be the powers that be i think the most significant thing that's happened lately is that our governor from california pushed and got past an article five constitutional convention application which destroys the second amendment and we've set all along that that's what they want to destroy the second amendment course to destroy freedom of religion and freedom of speed in that's a that happened just in the last few months this ere i think that we've got a case study going on right now in israel of what you what happens when you and it was really amazing to see how quickly they repealed gone control the district that day set everybody that can carry should carry and end with the nonsense going on over there in israel you desire repopulation they leave him her left is sitting it's happened over and over again and people need to learn from his that this is a bad plan it's never going to be a good plan and a they they need to know that the people are armed because the governments are the ones that that should be feared not not an invading our is her old government i mean the infiltration yes that's exactly right in course thomas jefferson said that we have the right keeping bear arms as the last resort against the tyranny of government and that's precisely right and we need to recognize that it's more than the right to go hunting or fishing which our constitution in the state in nevadaall pret but it is the right to maintain your individual liberties and its critical to maintaining all liberties we have the ballot box which has been compromised the soap box which are free speech is been limited in and the last one is the cartridge unless good ivan heard that he described that way before what what is an it's a good time to be able to educate people here too on as some people don't know what a convention is or what that looks like and why this is so dane i even talking about this for a long time if we do not have people with integrity sitting in the office which we got then everything they touch is going to turn bad on us and do so until we get the integrity and the honor back into people in office they they can't touch a thing because they're just going to wreck whatever the well our original constitutional convention was a blessing however we need to take lessons from that and know that they threw out the articles of confederation they change the way that they amended the constitution that they that they adopted at a course originally with the articles of confederation it had to be unanimous but with the constitution the only needed nine states to do that that's an example of what could happen in a constitutional convention now of course he who has the gold makes the rules and he who has the gavel decides what will happen in a constitutional convention there are no rules in article five as to how it takes place we know that the states supply in u need thirty four we always thought in the past that it had to be thirty four on a specific issue there's never been one since the original constitutional convention the way we've always amended the constitution is by the congress proposing an amendment and then it going out to the states for approval now when they tell me we don't need to worry if we have a constitutional convention because it has to go out to the states i say really who pass the sixteenth of manthat has destroyed our country who passed the seventeenth amendment which took away the control of the states which that did was removed the voting of the state legislature to vote for this scene and put it in the hands of the people which who are very well manipulated with those two as i said previously resection structure was changed in no originally there was no direct taxation by the federal government and the the founders determined it that way because they knew what would happen and what we have is the overbearing airs which puts the soul and into slavery and then it buys the local governments but a constitutional convention oh there's there were a lot of arguments during the seventies in congress and this us senate actually passed a bill which would have determined how you select elegance and the course the condicon vention of states tells us that each state's going to have one one representative or one boat and that's propose i mean no state like california texas or florid or new york or going to be equally represented as wyoming with one one congressional delegations that's absurd originally in that of in that legislation which passed the u s senate they took the the delegates or number from the electoral college vote so each state would have two for their senators and then the additional ones for their con congress there congressional delegation but we have no idea how they will choose the delegates or how the delegates who will control the delegates we do know that congress sets the time and place and we anticipate they will also set the rules so that areought keep you away from an article five constitutional con it inhale have a a standard of integrity it's a bad plan because all there i mean if you can't control your city council how do you think you're going to control constitutional convention with every special interest in the world being represented there and so it's just impossible to think that we and the only thing we need to do is enforced the constitution there's nothing wrong with the constitution what's wrong is that we don't live by it and that's the problem it's not that we need additional additional amendments we don't what we need to do is abide by the constitution which we don't do while in no lefiot ninety per cent of the government that out there because so much of it of power and they've created offices and departments that don't exist should not be there now if we could nullify the over you know the blow to government actually get back on track and hesperides well he never can do that until two things happen one we don't have the confiscation of our property through the sixteenth amendment and this and the iris the other one is the federal reserve because the federsee is creating money out of nothing and there they have debased our currency they have taken money from being worth something down to almost nothing now and so we're nearly on the verge of going into a inflation like venezuela or the whim or republic or or some other a nation in the world because of how they've debased our currency and that's one of the reasons why there's the bricks nations you know brazil russia india china south africa they have joined in the brooks nation now satyaratas joined and what's going to happen with the bricks nation is there providing an alternative working towards an alternative international reserve currency to do away with the dollar they just at last month in south africa and that's a very important thing to know about in most people know nothing about it and that is the fact that they're providing now the thing that transfers money around the world through the dollar is the swift system their providing their own system to do that and so pretty soon right now the value of the dollars going down even the usage of the dollar is going down because there making and agreements between different countries like india is buying oil without using the dollar course what always held the dollar up was the agreement mesoderma that all oil would be sold in dollars however that has now been broken and we will have less and less international usage of the dollar and pretty soon they'll all come flooding back to the united state and they will be worse less it's a it's a rule rollo precarious position that our nation is in right now financially i really do believe the indicators are out there for that we are going to have tremendous going to make although are the great depression looks that looked like a kindergarten class unfortunately a many experts and i'm certainly not an expert on the economy that many experts i read are telling us that we are in desperate straits the banks are in trouble and we have a definitely a problem in our nation and in courage every one not only to pray every day for our leaders and four are government and for themselves but to prepare to prepare i do a lot of preparedness as and o i teach people about basic food storage and non food storage items they need to have in their own home in order to be able to protect themselves that also is a way to counter inflation because when you buy the food to day to morrow it's going to be more expensive and you spent less money and i have on my other website on the state president and about a family's for freedom which is affiliated eagle form i have on the nevada family stock i have under a preparedness that can find information about how to take care of themselves with basic food storage and non storms and i think if we really want to be able to fight for liberty we have to be able to sit to maintain our own self sufficiency and independence in those things are critical for the disaster that the federal government is trying to bring upon us what they call the van family neviltonian and that is a place you can find that information on basic preparedness i mean just anybody can do it just go down the list and you can find it there for then his eye i rely aurelie that's to get real news for real people by real people at the ice sayer the never finesfor freedom and its thunder issues and you can find it there under under preparedness st and now that's where it is and i've i've done a lot of classes on preparedness also information is up there about a constitutional convention a that has information i've written a lot of articles about that i think it's very important to realize that what the threat an article five constitutional convention is and we need to realize the ones that are pushing at the most are conservative republicans now there are some very good institutional republicans who are against it we know the john birch society is opposing it we know the man national eagle form is opposing it and i work with them as their constitutional issues chairman there are many states and good individuals in nevada we repealed all of our previous article five constitutional conventions and so about eventseither repealed that or never passed at some of the key states of o michigan is one of the states right now where there's a battle to repeal all previous article five constitutions now under a preparedness here that she brought up a there is lacelooper formation yeah we've got a otherabsit things food and under the food is the non food and then another last a hundred items to disappear first in a panic so i cure you to prepare yourself because you can't fight for liberty if you don't have independence if you don't have no if something happens and you don't have any way to feed yourself or cook food provide water i live in a place where i have my own well and i have a hand pump for that everybody doesn't have that opportunity but there are plenty of opportunities for you to prepare for a disaster instead of buying toys and other things that course right now everybody struggling just put food on the table and had they had they had they had food stored that the problem would be less less of one oh absolutely i am really i'm kind of a proper i like i like to know you know i forced her food for a couple of years just because i thought it was interesting and i wanted to know where to get the vitamins for all men that sort thing and i think it's i think it's important and not only to have the supplies with the books then are printed that you can that you can index if you're an if you're in trouble trouble spit you on have that soon hand and i think that's her important but i love i love your list i really do this thank you and as amativeness this is probably one of the most complete less that is well and in its simple that the thing i want to tell people is that you can start by getting an extra can when you go to the grocery store you can start by taking the bottle you used for jews or pop and washing it out and filling it up with water and you should have cookson hand if you need to if you need to here are five that but don't use don't use milk bottles to store water unless it's just to put your toilet to flush the toilet because that milk leeks back into it but one of the most critical items of course is water and you can't store months of water unless you have some availability but you can't store a couple of weeks a water it takes at least one gallon per person per day aminosuren have water behind my cow knowother places that may not be as comfortable as people would like but if you want to be prepared there places you can put food and my one bed room i have a stack of food and i've got a towel over it so that it looks nice you know so you can store food if you decide it's important to do and you'll have the place to the store something store than things that you eat don't store things that somebody else thinks her good store things you eat right in like life rows i think life straws are a good idea you know to have stuff like that on hand that and so that if if you're if your stock you can take a life storwith you in that can that can not do a lot of damage to the contaminants and the water run give you pour water ride at your knee itsitting i had dined a good idea to have some iodine tables around in that sort of thing ess is very important to be able to have alternatives for purifying water lie strasser a good thing if you're leaving and other many options if you if you just look into it a little spensonie of your social media time looking on how to be prepared and just make a list i say you know what do you eat every week do you have peelthen get the components that you can store on your shelf first agendathe you can get all those things for you have that meal what a hot for breakfast could you put some peanut butter by for breakfast and lunch i mean just think about those easy things to do and put some things away he long shelf life you know i think i think that the dry the drive a ingredients are real important too so like you keep beans and peas and and keen and that sort of thing for a very long time same thing with rice and there's this they they sealed packets two of wheat that sort of thing that that they go for like thirty years of you ever got into the freezer yes m i don't have a freeze drier but i have a about fifty chickens which is too many but my friend i gave her a lots of easomen and chief freezedry those for me so i have freezedry eggs you just beat him up like a scrambled eggs in and then freeze dry them but i've also thought a lot of free cried i haven't spent the money to buy a freezer myself i thought instead of doing that i'll just by friesian that's what i've done and you know where i am you can get augustenstift my art you can also get it on linerdon like to advertise those places snodderly sell food to people emergency essential does and you can go there and get freezed food and be prepared to co you can also get some at cos there's a lot of places wherever you are that you can get a can or two a week nestbuilding a year's supply start building of a week's supply start building a months supply stockriding building a three months supplied so stark small and do something now yet i think that's a really good i would love for you to come in these prepare of preparedness class on bein on that would be awesome to vegetoid love too i'd be happy to do it the happy dancer questions and help people i think it's i just did one it national eagle council for eagle form and washington d c about three weeks ago i did a class and i'm happy to do it and i think a lot of people have great ideas we shared ideas there and i think that one people start thinking about it they realize it's not as hard as they might imagine and need that you just rotate your rotate your stuff around a little bit you know and the thing that i find enters people may or may not realize that you want to have like fluids for you wont have extra fluids through car the things that the medical medical supply is anything that you i have you know several several in osaka stark at wickwood you know treat your house like it's your own grocer and how a few things on hand that you can pull on the covered when you need it and then replace it and just keep rotating him out a most important thing for rotating i would say is this do you have a sharp everything i bring into the house i put the date on it and in every single thing every can every a container of posta in no a things for my first aid anything i put the date on him and then you'll know what's the oldest and you can use that first so you're sharp is your number one item for rotating that you put that on there that's very very important so that you can be able to do it while really very interesting and an ongoing through this and a very sizable way or listen son o books do you have books that you reckon i do my don't i wasn't prepared to talk about that to day but there are a lot of good books there a lot of good books on survival a lot o good books on preparedness some cook books suganoneno cook books for instance one of the things that i really enjoyed was a cook book i got on how to use beans you can even make bean flour and other things so you need to have if you have long term food storage you need to have cook books and telling you how to do that the other thing you need to do is need to you some for instance i have dehydrated onions which i get in number ten cans well i use those all the time in my daily cooking you need to know how to use these things because if you change your diet all of a sudden you're going to have a hard time so those are some other things but there are a lot of really good preparedness books out there and also you need books on an emergency emergency medical care the so that you can take care of that and you need things like herbs essential oils for instance oh i was just telling my brother who ended up in the hospital with a bleeding all ser and i've been telling him for years he had an ulcer that if you have cayenne a cayenne will heal a bleeding ulcer and if the chemeketa uses cayenne out in the field to stop leading and they use it in midwifery a to stop bleeding soul things like cayenne are critical to have in emergency situation you just need to start informing yourself about alternative ways to take care of yours now i think that relate interesting i i i love it so you got micah a white case arrival god great i'm glad you've got some names there i've got him in my other book on my room in my shell i told tamesine yeah an he's namlog at this end where you know in michigan it's cold here in the letter we get we get pretty cold up here the thing that i'd like to tell people cause i'm outside a lot because i actually to be not chickens i've got about a hundred and thirty of otago for years moi decided increased my flock because when i started watching the food supply kind of you know go to go to war to the way side here is said well i got to have not the feed my family and friends and if i need more chickens all to have the hands to hasten on the eggs and you know surprising it is work that way the hans said one on the eggs and you got little babys so i got thirty new chicks this summer with my hand sitting on eggs and am in the past i think abated them but this year they all decided to set the duke de separate them out or did they just oh no most of them i separated out because they get lost by the way side the the last ones though we're out by themselves my husband caught him and we put him brought him in the house that the chicks and then we were united the mother and the head and they're doing well now so that was a little miracle we had on that's one weigot six incubators and i won we had our first roosterinto we started picking up eggs like crazy and we ended up having wicasset breathe you've got you've got to open window two weeks that that they're still fertile after the those and so we picked up eggs and i ended up he having like two hundred and ninety eggs or something to oliver and such well it's to see what happens we're going to put it in incubators we ain't coated out about ninety checks from those frbigende and the problem we had was redoosin we had soveneers roosters so we had to go to rostrocarinate i scaled a lot of mine when i had a whole bunch yet the ended of having read a process and a wee were not met eaters we add the eggs that we don't eat the meat so we had we had lots to share with other people and get the rooster population up you know down to what it really keenest i think it's kind of fun oh yes so now let's look that michael high it's why you case survival guide what is he what kind of stuff does he have in that well all this survive will guides have basic about how to take care of yourself and they're all water is number one food is number two and then a tools you need tools and all those things i i can't tell you what's in the individual books but meant all of them have good ideas and in good things that you should be doing just start with the basics because i'm outside a lot too if you think about things like if if you can if you can keep your risk and your ankles warm in your neck you you can use you will keep that your entire body a lot worms so like i usually sit where snow pants starting in october and i do not not have so pansie until about april following your qual i think it's really important to have cold weather gear to have boots to have the clothing that you need i mean most adults have most of the clothing they need except maybe enough cold weather gear but you need to have things for children as their growing i think that's very important as well and what else do you need to keep warm i mean what happens if you don't have power you need have alternative lights linened have a way to heat your home at least during a an individual short term crisis so those are all important things to think about sandalside one of my favourite codes as i have one of the the oil cloth out back jack and it's like it looks like you walked off with the of of i know out of australia and but i'm telling you what the thing will stop the wind dead in its end and in its waterproof so i unite the outside in any kind of weather in its so the windowsnt blow you round and whether you're right a horse out in the outwards or anything like that it's one of my favourite one my favorite coats cause it really does contain give you an a an air an air barrier and so ye you typically hold the heat and pretty well so now this isn't tremendously important ones i hope we can get back together but i'd like to talk a minute about another issue threatening our state particular in about it's also happen in california in alaska that's called up jungle primaries and rank choice voting i don't know if you're familiar with what happens with this but what they do with the jungle primaries is is mine party like ours the independent american party they have to compete in an open primary you don't have a republican primary or a democrat may you have an open primary work everybody's competing so what has happened in california with that is the only people that get through almost are like two democrats and so they elect democrats to every ah every office and that's what's happened in wash in alaska's instructive because of course that's how markowski the liberal republican beat the the conservative republican in the primary and then she was elected to the senate and that's what happens with his open primary jungle primaries we call it and then he ran you have that were made the open primary and michigan so what happened with wit morris the democrats the democrats knew that she wasn't going to be relocates eds they they sent a red over to the republican side to vote for the worst candidate and the epulotic and side and through couldn't fool who was absolutely a trade and so they they sabotaged the election one of the way these in the primary and it's a bad yes it's a very bad idea and it's being promoted and in our state of some one from california millionaire came in and paid for all the signatures that were gathered and then it went on our ballot and then they told people while you want of all the non partisans you want to participate in the primary so they voted for it and it passed and now has to pass again in in our november election coming up next year to be part of our constitution but the rank choicethat that does is it instead of the person that gets the most votes winning they add all the votes together like you boat for five different people and the county clerk or the registrar voters who ever is in your state the does that in your county then they determine where those votes go and so you'd have you may have the person that came in third or second actually winning the election this is a horrible manipulation of our process and so you have ranked choice voting or open primaries in your state you need to oppose these because of its just another way for the powers that be to control our elections and i think is very important to know that we just step published little inamerican partswhich has a whole bunch of information about ankooting on the back of it open primaries i think that critical for people to know in their own states most people i've talked to have no clue this is gone on they don't even know it is that in your website or whereas that ah well you know he just printed at i will get it up on our independent american party website that's i a p n o o and we do have some information up there about it but i'll get it up we just got it printed so i haven't got time to get it up if you can send it to me i'd love i'd love to to have a copy of that you know before i'll send you are are rocherii it's like triplicate but i'll send that tree you so on the back and then i'll get it up on our independenter can party website or are you coming this week and your come or coming to the demeaning aren't you in st louis so i'll be there yes i'll do that at metsius sore begin to be there so all meet you here speaking you aren't one of her you're one of the great speakers were going to have at the event in saint louis this week end i ectobid you i'm looking forward to it workethe doing the sound for the for the i do ivanitsch we talked about it and needed somebody do do sound so so we're coming down the lithe benches speakers to rig up the sound no for for the and i a nice time in the last one i really did and it was just so surprised at the caliber that were there i mean it's extraordinary i have never seen anything in a red i you know that that even comes close to the caliber of that that are there any were not talking hollywood actors were not take you know actors and actresses were talking actual patris or people who have an inlet of spring we had doctor malone was as he has been credible he was in that was that was an amazing but all the speakers were good how their hopes she was wonderful the there was there was so many good speed that it's not it is absolutely worth every one well i think one of the reasons for that is that the constitution party a difference on the big differences is that we care about issues we care more about issues than anything else we want eh we care about the constitution and so when we have an issues conference like along with or a national meeting we want people to be informed about the most critical issues so we get the best people on those issues that are experts on those and that's the difference because we care about issues how those effects are freedom in our individual lives and think that's what makes a significant difference with the constitution party we're not as interested we we do of course we are political party we do have candidates this critical for us to run but one of the things that candidates are as ambassadors for our party telling where we stand on the constitution where we are in the issues that's one of the most important things in running as a candidate for a the constitution party or in my state is the official affiliate the independent american party that we can do as we are ambassadors for the constitution we are ambassadors for freedom and were teaching people about issues not only are statistes like rankine primaries jungle primaries but we're teaching people about the national issues that affect our freedom and that's one of the greatest services that the constitution party does is it fuses the issues that are most important that are jeopardizing our liberty and jeopardizing our individual families so provide that service whether our candidates in or not and of course we are having victories all over the country with our candidates but what we are doing is we are educating the people with our ambassadors who are candidates that run for office and actually talk about the issues le years ago i ran for lieutenant governor i focussed on the issue that we were going to have the largest property tax increase in the vat a history that was going to be on there and then we had a candidate who ran against the sponsor of that largest tax increasing to vote history and she ran for state senate it was an amazing thing she only campaign on that one issue as she went doortodoor and democrats and republicans alike were just appalled that we were going to have a up to two times or three times more in property taxes because of this constitutional manet and she went door to door and she had very little money but in the election she got about thirty per cent but do you know what the result of that was when it came time for that constitutional mendment to raise our property taxes again it had to be brought before the needle isaure twice it never came up the second time because in the district of the person who was the sponsor she had made it a tremendous issue and they were afraid then to bring it up so when you take those issues to the people you can have effect far beyond us getting elected to office if you were elected you can have an effect on your whole state in terms of defeating bad issues that they bring up and she didn't after that she was elected at her but she didn't run again and so there was a tremendous effect by just exposing what the powers to be were trying to do on the local level in our state and so that's one of the great services that are party provides we are ambassadors for the constitution on the issues that make a different that it is its really well side and and anybody can get involved that's that's the thing i was really also impacted by how welcome every one in the constitution hard it's not like they've got an exclusive clog and any in any way shape it is as a very welcoming play so everyone's invited to this these you you can be you can get you can i don't know claim claim any affiliation that you want show up and find out what things are what is it about get educated and meets some really wonderful state just a lot of fun when it's not like a sad jury spring or hold people are arguing fighting at there's no fighting or arguing pre piece hold people are thoughtful and their really listen to other to what others have to say and i i preciate that very much is good prose a lassie love came out and said yarrow also stops le so much information of these for out there and that great and we need to learn these things because we need to know how to take care ourselves yes absolute anything else that you won't talk about to day well i just want to talk about the fact that that it takes some amount of sacrifice to be involved and but i want to say that the greatest blessings we can have is when we sacrifice for a family's and for freedom i have seventeen grandchildren and i continue to do this because i want to do something that i don't want them ever to say well grandma you could have done something about this and you didn't i want them to know that grandma spent her life working for liberty that grandma spent her life working so that they could have families i want them to know that and i think it's important for us when in i'm older now and i want to be able to say that i've done something worth while with my life and i think that when we work in the cause for liberty that we can feel very satisfied at having done that i've spent every session namesvery other year in legislative session which is a blessing like texas does that and for four months and i move over to carson city i get an apartment over there and i'm there every day at the legislature lorryand arbutos i be for families for tapers and because and now i did twelve twelve citizen lobby work shops around the country around the state so that i could get other people involved in then i sent out a lerts and say you know this bill's coming out this is who you contact this is how you call in and participate in the hearing this is how you can come to the hearing i think it's really important for us to get involved in our individual states and are local communities which a lot of people are doing now because they saw what the schools were doing to our children i wouldn't have a child in the school most of my grandchildren are being home schooled which i think is the only way to save our children but i think we have to be just went to mount vernon and i was very impressed with the new museum they have there and they have a new video that shakes the rooms when the bosco often that they talk about george washington's fight for independence in eight years he only went home one time we have to be dedicated and we have to be willing to give our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor to the cause of liberty the cause of christ and the cause of our families and unless we're willing to do that we're not going to be able to ah save our nation and i just leave that message with you it takes sacrifice but all those sacrifices we are blessed by by knowing that we have done all we can and of course we can do much more than we can if we depend on the grace of the lord jesus christ to i that is to the best way possible i could think to and this part of the show that was that was all of it rightthat shell there and that was just i always end with a prayer and so i'd love to pray for our nation a minute and then but that that was well said then one yes dear heavenly father thanks one and all their into the study the knowledge and and for fighting for this nation the same thing with john tator and all the wonderful painters that are out the who have put their lives on the line set aside their own schedules and have decided to get into the fight for those things that are more important than the physical and the material world we we are so thankful that you have called us to be here at the then you call all as a step forward and to to live out our faith in ways that we never ever thought as those people that you have hit that are in authority over us and we ask you guide and direct them deterrent towards you in all things so that they looked to you for guidance and in wisdom in the decisions of they have to make in that if the office and there lost we asked that you would open their open their eyes and their ears so that they can hear the truth of the gospel and turner lives around oh in in the manner in which they should be living and giving you the honor glory as a a as their saviour thank you so very much for everything that you do for us on a daily basis thank you for this wonderful country thank you for all the work that the founding fathers said have done we ask your blessings on president the rightful president of the united states oh no admirers on general flint and all those that are willing to come forward to make sacrifice for this nation robert of kennedy he seems to be in in a in an interesting predicament right now and it looks like be worth listening to all all of us change in her you you change every one of us on a daily basis on i asked that you would help all of us to be willing to change of their more information cut that comes forward than what we were brainwashed into by this by this system of that's in place cure anyhow you've been a wonderful friend to all of us and we love you so very very much we asked that we would always be about your son that it would be your kingdom on earth as it isn't haven in and thankful for everything do then he refuses christ are she would pray a man thank you now you're welcom so let's let's do this this talk about when you can come on we're going to do it for parness than i i think they'd be great we could do we idon'tknow how many weeks you want or you want to do so on you know on multiple weeksbut we could do that and i think that would be well read so is it with such care regarding to please go to brandenburg for governor dot com because i am not conceding the twenty twenty two election and we need to knock concedete twenty two of the twenty twenty eton as they were rigged their fraudulent and i till we have the system right it we cannot concede or given to any of this lying cheating stealing corruption that's entre we want to let you know that you're very love you were chosen to be here and at each every one of you our love more than you could possibly understand so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america make a great day starts here metal toughness do the work or to get educated and an don't concede don can see alter the unconstitutional nonsense and such ear you are you are unique individual and a your created to be exactly who you are so i run forward and and and take this day with no apologies so thinks there being an gene and jasenist on the line of a nomenon the broad cast but we can talk afterwards so have great da guys big love to see marrow fill morris going to be on to morrow and carymary from