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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/30/2022 - Live - Logik and Jason Jones

Published Sept. 30, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is in fact friday september thirty twenty twenty two nine o'clock in the morning and a lot of talk about to day i'm going to get my little and a little bit here i just got off of jason jones his hard lined pages he will be on a disseminators my other peppering that i have on and it is in fact florida it looks like we locked up again lovely ones here my and now if we get the thing speed up a little but not a problem could you place come up and take a look at something slavery life and in he made telesthesia come this completely like up to reach when told to help me without but canteen if his old okay looks like we've got some technical difficulties but it looks like i'm getting past the my college straight in here we are still having problems all right we're going to have to leave in the resort the of your are this mister crazy can i close that our good morning salaried this again missus brandenburg news network and i am doneraile this morning it is friday september thirty two thousand twenty two and strangely enough my computer locked up again to day which is kind of crazy everyone who was speaking truth is talking about their computers being locked up or the connective going down which i find this kind of horrible so it is flannery i've got my little earrings my little my little boy earns who do have there corona don't fail me now i am there as he went now was so i got my little errand where all were was set for the show here jason jones is going to be one to his logic logic and were going to be talking about the nonsense that we have going on in our political realm the constitution bad indorsements as such soon firier going to bring my little magnet a mother i got my shirt on as to that i can't talk about those things we're going to double down and better yet check this out my son decided to give me a very nice present which i thought was great so i've got everything i need to have a successful broadcast day including all the guys out there and some wonderful yes coming on to it's it's amazing it is truly amazing to me that there at the amount of censorship that we have going on out there it is it is absolutely shocking how many people are being told what to think what to believe and even to the point of who to vote for this morning i got up and i tried to set up the broadcast and honestly was as to that i was taken off a you to for a week been sundered when i'm seein as being censor because of problems with community guidelines so so quite honestly i think it's a problem i did i did post is not telegram i'm going to get on telegram right now and and tell her body that they had two restricted and that were up and running there go and now jason is not there he was there and i desist there so assuming that we got all kinds of crazy stuff going on this morning because they're trying to sense the truth anyway i got a community strike from or a strike from you to we and we went in to talk about whether we were going to contest it or not and they prove the provided no proof of what i violated in the community standards up they go jason's computer right now is it given a promise to a heavier rebosca i had frank weston yesterday for minnesota and his computer when he tried to join the broadcast his computer when dark on him and we had to do a phone interview with him and his yet jason said all the sudden pain as going into high gear now that this is this is absolutely an undeniable attack not only on our first amendment rights but this is absolutely election interference going on from big tack and or the powers that be any time any one speaks truth we are being attacked in silence and it is really really getting to be not as a badge of honour first of all to be done but it's a little bit aggravating at the same so see if you can actually actually pull himself in here once you can't as he says once i came on live everything got geyan his fanatis computer started going bad heathen the other day too as soon as he went lived with me his computer went her one can ocracy so pretty interesting but we will endeavor to persevere and i have no intention of stopping not not in for any reason whatsoever like like i said before been kicked off the ballot twice and renominated twice a lieutenant governor candidate called and who was threatened in course and sought and looks to me like she is kind o the hating her position which we will in fact be talking about some point time but i'm not an emotional person whom i don't react emotionally to anything so we're just going to kind kind figure this out as we go and talk about half and so so anyhow i am pulled espere you because i did document this i put it on telegram so the process for finding violations he is in fact they send you this wonderful little he violated the terms or conditions then and then pass that do you want to appeal so i did but in between in between those times there was no proof given on it senate what we have what we have given you a community strike from so courtesies so i clicked into that and there was absolutely nothing there it was it was a completely the screen was completely black so they provided no proof or or gave me a chance even see what they did me for for community violations so if this point time i'm kind of of the opinion that all these big apples and these are kind of making themselves absolutely irrelevant so i monometer face book right now but we got logic coming on and and we're going to get this work you will see if jason gets back on her again is cannstatt fact that we have we have this much sense morning location then how are you willing do it god had a head a interesting morning this morning so i got a strike on you to so they kind of abandon or because i speak truth by the seconds as you know is horrific and then jason jones is going to come anywhere as we were we always come on an eight o'clock on friday on the brand of her black hour and his computer associated i went lives computer would not his fan in his computer served running really quickly this is the second time that this has happened when he's gone live with me where a strathspey and i had to rebuke so my computer went out to see to remove my computer to try to come back if they really don't want me talking they don't want you to be don't any one who is talking truth man we are muzzled them because we don't want them talking to interfere where their little community over the united states of america is nonsense something jason unless if he he can we get him work in here so up he there sadly not him out to say not in all of us out so in night i talked this morning about you lose than all your face but channel after you had for fourteen years and i lost my new to to to you to channels you and on yet the censorship is real and you know and more communication is so important so important asked why they keep backing us down and know how effective it is to get the truth out well well i'm going to tell you what if i if anybody wants to stay connected you can always go to my my channel which is brandenburg for gabinetto and i will post any live updates there in a flea to i do on a little bit of a accompany if we have to we will get the message out in other ways and i watched the last week or the week before rumbles out in an users so they came to keep making themselves irrelevant there are so many different ways of getting out there there's huge tub there's bandidos i sullivan videos and there's bit shout his achanna carl the food fables got a cool channel and he lays it right out there he gets in terror he gets into a the avery sensitive subjects that we all have come to really realize that that's what we're fighting against and i very much like fine bodes funereal but an it's friday we're talking about now current news up dates the constitution and indorsements why indorsements are such a bad idea and what is going on with the endorsement in the state of michigan i can't hear you logic i can't hear him neither yea they act it out they got logic dearest don't want logic logic out in the open that right we we got it we got a shot lotophagians the next would be lookout you and i both backed out this morning so leasehold can you can't hear you object now another there it's kind of caught on in and out though might have to re because my once i got off my post from a being i was fine but that when i got on yours and you went live and you were having your teches my process or fan started going through the roof and i had to completely shut it down before when to a freeze monso far so good at all i mean my fans on but it's not like crazy yet my mutineers up to i couldn't you know it's like where you like now the free thesprotian stuff going on and my computer i had to i undershot the whole thing down and restarted words the worse off i get frozen up here i'll just rejoined my phone and have my head set on because i'm not going to mess people these people are stupid they're sick i'm so tired of this censorship and it sounds like logic got censored way before it was even cool so choose can hear alidoro silence okay what about now nithbank it presents like the keep knocking us down and we keep a finding better ways than an a reincarnating again back on these venus just like at a game character you know what can i come offer something real quick he actually you know was just a quick opening prayer just because these attacks are borodale need to have the largest christ in their solicitor a quick prayer so heavy for we just pray first off of a safety of everybody donner family and her team logic as well as myself family and anybody else it's out there putting out truth i pray for your divine protection i pray that we can get this message out any enemy that's trying to go against us is going against the blood of jesus trissino sons mangerait disown broadcast go on interrupted your son's name case grandmother make a comment so the whole reincarnation reparative games the joke people as a matter is were you know my my first you to gennesaret to take off i was so amazed and people were joining people were she and you could tell that it was not to continue to exponentially grow and come shouted down and and then you have to start over and is so discouraging and i did it to so many people especially right before the twenty twenty election they shut down and queer talk about fun and a bible they shut down everybody who was bringing out her carroway people the love he may not cause they know how powerful the way to true and the life and they know they cannot let that too spread as the most effective tool against the enemy it cuts so deep is like sunlight to vampires and yeah they they know they got the goose down but it's a lot of ah the saloobrious platforms that outlet those rising up out of people aren't aware of but they are out there and grow and so is good at home we continue to fight back if we have to will set up her own channel and just the one thing about it i've got another i've got a block as i've written several blows and they have been able to shut my stuff down in these logs which is really funny without without advertising them they get i was getting quite a few interrogator i started to move around a little bit but they can't seem to shut them down when you got a little bit of a tarbro you so you can you can just you know you just you just change who you are and come back in a different a different form but at any rate my website will always have current postings on it if we do come down you know if we do get taken down i will make sure that poster and put my phone number one feels lost i can always call which is six one six four three zero four four one zero i'm pretty much out there you know we need to stay connected and such an that's the best way to do it because even if there is a point time where they take down the internet ornamenting like that the slowest because that's on a completely different yes yeah and that these with the text i will work by the day and our own emmeline her that to her but you could do oleanders to me and the people who might not know you absolutely yes so my name is jason jones i i started apocalyptic and february called his hard line was something it was an idea it was something it was like a seed that was planted in me that your prior i would say probably right around may of twenty twenty one long story short i always thought about one to do a podesta i just kept having the whale the ante analysis of the paralysis or paralysis of the analysis right so i just kept thinking ah you'll finally february rolled around i read a transcript of a sermon from i believe his name was john macarthur he's got a sure shot now lay grace community something church i think it was and he spoke on something that really resonated with me and it was kind of one of those moments where god kind o slap me upside to head said all right are you ready because i need you now or mountain somebody else that when i went to guarantee but my mike but all you know stuttered know where to start to start getting and here we are i mean i don't have a ton follows yet i mean the thing right now my analyses showing a fifteen hundred listeners three hundred and one followers just in seven months twenty five download so and this is without advertising i don't know anybody i i have no friends and i don't say that lightly i literally i'm alone i like i like small circles and so just to see how it's grown because of the glory of god has been gray and so we do three showainemishenaum who i am just dying to get god's word out there get the good truth out there and get the knowledge of the national settin may my stories is pretty much every similar to yours and you know it is his real encouragement because the more has placed that of that desire and that calling on a litter his children lateish den people who don't delikit know didn't know how to do what i wanted to do but i know lord was touched that truth we must study in this stuff for our life we be prepared the more been preparing us on our life to do this and we didn't even know it but here we all are without papasainse the truth the best we can so he started in an early wittenmeyer i was always by for dad and transposed you know a global corruption of cuba and the evil i've been doing that for years and years and years and then i really started focusing on our state and getting in williamsport a little or a little under two years ago and you know going out battling the demons that evil people in our cremationists exposed in the face to face and a cardinalate word to die doing what the bible to us to do as these draper loving it and joy during another job but man is in blessing to me to brother and ipomoeas fight for god and first is desirable and she listening in the invite also goes out to you any time if you want to come on the show like i said it still growing but i think suppressed to a degree because it got heavily hit on friday when we had the brandenburg block or and then again on sunday but if you ever want to come on with dona you know we maybe do a special you know we do like an hour and a half frown then the unpoisoned pale apparently in ettinger that cannot dandelion is likely to get up afore i wake in the wahoo know what i got to say yesterday last night when i was getting ready to be had functionaries oh that's the as bradbury probably i trying to spy on us as soon that is so funny so wearing inside to talk about the morning these endorsements because i i don't know if you guys saw but we talked about the other day just in barkly decided to go on and wage war against donnersberg so he put out a proud each put out a broadcast that sad that a boat for not brandenburg is a vote for witmer and basically shamed until people to vote for for a decent because i was ruined in the election and and national is not so anyhow he is on my list with the rest of the criminal a man in my opinion of the media the fat news media which is telling people how to think rather than providing information so people can make up their own mind now it's propaganda they're telling people what to think have a will discussed by so the morning at nine thirty president trump was supposed to be on just embark lay to get ready for their rallied so just for the record i i have a letter spector president trump i really do causes were good and i like his economic policies he set in the end i think is very smart smart person he is in with military intelligence i do believe that they and when he's doing things i think a lot of it is for other reasons he played for duchesses had so to look into this we got we got to ask some questions rather than taking at face value however the whole nonsense had just on bark was got me a little bit lit right now because of him just lately blandly coming out and see a botetourt is about for water well you know what if they had a good candidate which they do not at that candidate dixon's a lot the worst candidate they could have had and i'm pretty exostoses they went a hadendowa so you want to run against the situation because they knew that she had soft corn and a aground she also as she's got no rest whatsoever so let's pick the worst candidate we possibly can insure whither went so this this past week there were several articles and i go to a lot of different a lot different sources and one of the sort i went to as my dams and they talked about the fact we run back in here and and check this out they talked about the fact that devices are backing to trick it but they're not doing a very good job of it not at all so the following reports that betty debonaire family are expected to spend upwards of thirty million to prop up dickson's campaign in the special interest pattered most of their permanent while it's not really working out too well it's called michigan families united continues to bank radioset tutor dickon so now we've got big money behind us which would be demosthenean in fact has the best selections that money can buy now we're going to go back to what came out and last couple of days which is trumps picked for governor in michigan is left to fend for herself as money dry up landing two months ago former president donald trump and republican establishment joined forces to elevate to her dick in michigan's messagerie signal a united front against democratic come green water but since the manatoulins have largely abandoned cleaving her to temporise in the state it was supposed to be one of the top priorities for the party so to me this is a political hit job that they decided to wage one state by brain washing in half of the state into continuing on with these political parties which are nothing more than special interest infiltrated part of each other there is a calm is a communist unitary which is against we the people and they are they had no intention of winning with tutterson no intention whatsoever and not in fact i very much believe i know some one who asked her how she was being treated if the republicans were helping her and she didn't she couldn't talk so she literally said there was like so he not only as it was moliere if threatened intimidated and course and if they try to come after me with threats coercion as well as extortion they were trying to extort money out of me telling me that i needed to the one boat happening not even remotely happy i had a pretty good idea that maybe this is coming to anaesthetics and two sons like maybe they brought sight of her a little bit put her in place so they were going they were going to back her and such i went i heard the words out of the craigs malati the basically to that same as they were they he was they asked him to lie and he wouldn't do it yeah i think just abaout that any thought i say he put out a lot of millstreet media on talk about but he avoid a lot of stuff that the established and assiniboian tutor the same thing controlled opposition if she might have thought of you none really like her and now she was being used but the reality is coming out more more that she was selected for a purpose because as she was to westcott bothersome out on stage never know what to say she just smiles she she not allowed to either she not allowed to say no no she don't have enough in the same come up here and look were slide off the stage and the like he is just for objects when she do come out but is that a i control opposition or even the rhinos they do aristocrats they do a lot of good it then the favorite game the favor of the lower base and i tell people all the time a kind of like the drug billposters of thanksgivin trying to make the community think that you know trying to do something good in the sight of the community so that the disorder with him and accept them and like them more even though they know the damage does being done and it is these my field corporation i do the same thing that give you a little bit just to please you may have been none they destroy over with others behind your back and they even saw borders the lot of don't do their research they don't really into the herd that of the corruption and the take everything i say value and they easily done over and over again absolutely and it's really it's really a shame then not only do they do they behave in that manner but now you got big talk and you've got all of this afthernoon on say getting the message out they could the controlling the message and you know god forbid should we have that we could with should actually have a free speech and be able to discuss things openly because their treating us like subjects rather than people who should be in control we are in effect subject to them so let's let's move let's let's move to another source of a prominence president trump was supposed to be on at this moment time trader barkly show because he's a traitor in mignon when you start acting that way you're a traitor your trade to this nation i posted a whole bunch of of names that were there listed as traitors to this nation and the different news made as the name of in the west that the last named them and name names i named at so we go we destinee adding as we find more and more of these swamp creatures that are posing as you know their political bores who have all the answers barkly just got off the list for me you know and so but we'll see if he decides to act like a real journalist or if he's just going to be nothing more than a propaganda pusher but this point have it sounds like so his present trumps posed to be on at nine thirty this morning i just am i almost turned it on to see what he had to but we're going to go back to this we're going to go back to this these endorsements and in and and really think through and evaluate the endorsements and that we have here from and i think we should talk about a president trump because i can tell you the one that i've seen there's only one endorsement that i've seen in the state that i think is a good endorsement the rest of em i don't i'm not listening to any of them because we've got people who have a who have been involved that allegedly have felonies behind them and other such other such nonsense and we we need to we really need to drill down into these into these endorsements and find out if there is there in fact good you know where we're talking about endorsing candidates by people such as that babby the devises the devices were behind the impeachment you know they were backing the impeached president trump so it is a logical at face value that is endorsing candidates because of the best candidates so why is the endorsing them i minorite back to that such as she to teach us to think on our own without just listening to somebody talisker based on what someone else as we can't vote because republicans say to we can't vote because the democrats say there we can't vote because any of these votaries are special interests or woody as pain for that generally almost all the endorsements they are out there there's a lot of us that are paid for i wouldn't even make out the questioners for there was only i think one one of endorsement question her and it was just it was pretty minimal was just like what he stands for and it was so minimising of ridiculous but just something that ever to have one on hand to say that yes i bothered some serve endorsing there but the rest of me was like in her face i'm not going to make these endorsement these endorsements out there inflammatory in their to divide people up so that they can well look she actually believes this will you know what i have the right to believe what i want to believe but on public policy some of them you you have your right but you don't rule you do not or you don't rule is bad ter you don't leave my motions you leave through a lawful process that now i may i may have a position as somebody who is a very very committed christian but that doesn't mean that i'm going to be out there hunt people down who are christians either because they have the right in the united states of america to believe what they want to believe we have religious freedom here and i would stand with somewhat buddy in order for them to exercise that right whether i would agree with a personal or not i would stand with him for the rights that they have given by god god gave those rights to also to make a choice and i and i would stand with that new haven think disentrammelled rents too was so it's interesting actually so yeah i do want to talk endorsements because i've always asked a squashed ah what the hell he doing so i got this dictionary when i joined the national assembly i got to siction is called the no westers eight i don't know if i see eraste american dictionary of the english language it's a norwester dictionary you could also find the digital version of it webster's dictionary eighteen twenty dotcom this is where a lot of the language came from when our forefathers started putting together all of our founding documents the reason i bring this dictionary up as i looked up the word endorsement but now benighted twenty eight and it looks like there is about eighty dollar dictionary most expensive dictionary ever but i looked up the word endorsement that a curiosity now back in those days see and as one of the things that these people do they manipulate language they manipulate spelling because words matter well indorsed men is spelt with an e back in those days in fact when you when you look up endorsement with an e it actually has a note that says indorsement spelt with an eye so i went to it and i pulled up my computer so this is what i say first first definition on webster's dictionary eighteen twenty eight for some reason it shows as the second definition in the book but first definition on line and this is what it says this is it says that which is written on the back of a note bill or other paper as a name in order for an the return of an officer and here's last when that i get a and this is why i look at the endorsements for trump in this way or the verdict of a grand interesting yes so i look at that definition in wonder is trumpet dorsing these candidates in a meaning that he sees as appropriate but we the public see it has a different way and our confuses all get out when you look at true definition as they my thought on yeah a eneas has very intriguing in our cantaloupe ple say he had no more prisoners came to the light of the past years i'm not sure but dthere's no way to know no there's no way to know but is something he disadvantages could be the case because i see a video i don't know when when there was deerfoot somebody asked him had he ever asked for forgiveness from as the lord for forgiveness and he liked all i do i don't think i ever had yeah that's right okay what type of christian don't sit up here be there you know i'm sanconiathan regarded the lord but you know he said used to be affiliated with a lot of these people and as wyheenees touchante to expose the loutois people so you know a lot people idoine he could have been italienne for a big portion of his life and just came to the lord to paternoster you know and for him to get at it in a letter by betsy divorce and then all the sudden oh you know all these people did you look at the people the beetroot and that endorsement letter people like disentombed and don jaime you know who we now folded and dianas no type of uproar after the twenty twenty election in a toad or homeless the model candidate and you know a dentilated even after she tried to impede or push for impeachment i went right ahead and endorsed her and if it raises a lot of questions you know and i'm not i'm not sure why he did a lot of people try to make excuses for trump i love what he did against the cuban exposing the corruption and the glow of a fight against notalinkwa all the good that is done but you know sometimes he does endorsed people to put the spot in the total can dearer her demolition by and unaware people not very the very average everyday person is not digentian like we are and on henriette the lines so a lot of people get fooled in the process of this type landsmen and is the heart as a heart or helping set you know but in the long run we may look back and be a pose in retrospect like a pistol job but at the same time its cause and so much division and so much confusion and a type of things i have not heard one person say that dixon is a good candidate not one and even even the people that are like she's a losing candidate but man this is this is you know what but we you know we've got it we can't break with it because what we goin to get in i'm like guys were going to get in with her without your blessing because that's exactly what they did in order to alter because they're so many people out there that she just a bad candidate would either there's the their plan was to get what mackintoshes not a strong enough candidate they had infecting manager was up then lancian this was a while back and i came when i still run this republican and i guess i came on the jumbler was and there was a bunch of people that were in the big room there sandringham looked up then i got real quiet and they looked up and said manannan be whitmore's brandenburg when i take the big drenches head she gets in where all in trouble i daintier all in trouble we were going to go back to that that video where winter when let's be clear on words when you the words made matter so so yet well and look at it it's like i'm over thirty million interactions on line a week in just two of our ten venus that we get information out there posidon include you know all the science in the billboards and asserting that's just absolute the absolute number that we can measure and you know you look you look at the measurable morehouse things that dixon and she can't she can't keep up with it because people don't like her as a candidate she lies headlines just like most candidates this is what i saw when i started running most came the eye had lines but they have no idea they have no plan he not of him have i enough experience to put together teams and or two to implement something employ and i was going to say i'm a shower down we go we are shut the thing down and find out we actually have because right now i like going in somebody's house who's a harder and you look wilkinson the walls let alone and tell you get some of the garbage out and get it exposed on what we have we don't even know what we have and in any of these departments and how much money was spent where the mines going we have no accountability whatsoever and the like i said before they tabued bunch a budget budget but they never talk well yeah that's a bundesstaat we yeah yeah and to touch back on endorsements you know i believe that you know christina deserves that iron and fought and and i for her endorsement people love her next and he made pioneered in for four but i think he's changed to monteriano his campaign and i you know preshous pipes and depressed intensifies as the race transpires and we seen a lot of candidates and the lot of so called patriots who have folded along the way and came to the pressure of a swan no tutor the governor position is the adhesion of michigan makes and she was placed there but she don't she has and in our foghorn and nobody liked to say nobody knew who she was and is just crazy malingering the summits but our pretended endorsements but i lost my chickamauga you some of the endorsements indian you've got a pretty good hand in you know you you've got a pretty good handle on the political landscape here in the states i have a problem on never somebody says that they are not willing to look into right or nullify the twenty elections and of a well call it maladministration but there's more than that there's more than maladministration going on there and there was complete and utter failure the system is pale from the manticora unto the person is inaugurated in fail and you know people talk about the fact that people get an office in their corrupt another not the truer they got an officer there installed their planet they're not they didn't get their the only reason why they got there is because somebody was helping him along the way there the finding they were covering up for they were they were there installed in the green to protect each other i remember what i done said that in your case you know coming into this race if you know you do strong if you know you die for your personal you die for god you and nothing will make you ever you come by in forty by him for truth by him for the constitution no you are that candidate upon got to know you don't face opposition from you won't face the most the most opposition because we go on against us a attention a most people on aware of the depth of astarte spiritual level you don't face the most and look at what you face it you don't antananarivo didn't have the financial fire power to fight back and stay in and the race and the switch and no bad guide through this you don't have that that fortitude that you not a spring they have a you will the pressure would have the pipes the pressure would increase the unfolded just like so many others but you know it was happening expect the push back the persecution they now the tristans of standerton godly prince and gone up against the cabin long oestrum had the money and had to stay and on the sotomayor financially bribe him to eat to together a presidential election and that came to her with you as nascosto be easy you know but look where we are still in the battle you maidenly several weeks now and no matter what god is on the throne and was god more this unexplainable is miraculous and no nose was in store for the future but you holding your ground and later people you know to separate the wheat from the chaff we find that you know that all this unity of these people coming together on the sister twenty twenty election was stole but we still see who the true patriots and who to fathom bamboo over time and who stand in the ground not of people that been claiming he was real real face and we see and move forward we won't be able to unite with the true as the remnant of the body a trace you know said disarm that he raised up in the time i think we live in the times and the lord is come home soon lot of people don't even hottentot calculations they just think another mucioalbano ever seen before but you know i am a this enormous cycle when i think i'll be looking up all the time of a cat eilean a time by will say he will go where he wore over time it man you look around in the coal for farogatos tissues miraculous things happening and we hold in our ground like we spoke and nothing nothing not i can stop was coming up and contentedly from a sedan does all the boy gorsoon that's that's that amazing you know and i think when people have to come to terms of the fact of how much people is a part of what is with us he drew and why this would be a surprise to any one i mean this as this was an old technique that they did a piece for years and years and years ago you know they'd get somebody you know they get somebody in bad with somebody and take pictures to the next knowthat person is killed and then they hold against that person as being the last person singing with this individual while it with the whole thing was taken the whole thing was set up by these that organizations that should not be there were need to and i think you know generalisation goodfather has the ability to declare war and i think we're at war is just we have declared it because we don't have anybody that's willing to fix it so you know to say i'm an tell you right now donna brandenburg gets in his governor things are going to change and it's going to be a radical change as we move forward they've already basically declared war on us undishonored fire and like like donald trump said i pretty insure that my buttons going to work he is ever as we like in the movies we see we see crazy stuff happened lot of people don't realize that the truth is even crazier than fiction you can in eemakh the stuff up you know like when somebody get black mail or caring to compromise and then a use that too i could take catch you do so penalties then they are so from mutilation of power is because they got them in now in the senate of the atlantic they sat in a you know they have the ability to plant drugs on people they have the ability to plant that sort of on oneness so it is it is so evil what they're doing in i i know that their men a lot of really good people whose lives have been destroyed because they stood there and they they would not rack out then you look at what happened with melissa melissa family was threatened melissa family was threatened i have i haven't that a tax from it we have words on her and i don't care what she says in all the sudden she's not talking as much any more and she's got the same guy that she's been speaking against that's out there talking for he i'm not in any of this she made a lie last night when they really take me off now and i've been trying to give her the benefit of a doubt but it is clear that you know she she not strong enough to be above and a stop she came and you know and i heard her life last night off and a lot of other people too but she not be an honest and truthful and a she doubled it down and i told her last night you know i told her i hope you ready i wouldn't be me if i didn't expose you your lives you know i said i'm not felicita and not say nothing because you know because i notified i'm not enaction i'm a takauti a pratie does she doubled it down on our lives trying to deceive the people and she don't she don't get exposed just like anybody else would you know i'm not being like no more all these faces they get exposed and er you know i told her i hope you ready for it because you but to get it to she she tried to sell out for a trump endorsement earlier in her campaign or she was focused on was the trumpeters and establishment knew it and the danieli she changed the chase it and here she oroondates she felt hot hollywood next day how many people he was mad cause we already knew how bad he he bagged up cashes a facade anyway you know they have people in latinities ents for unbeknownst and you know we we gave her the benefit of a doubt for retracting her statement but he saw doubt and then back and that wasn't the only other time she folded under the pressure and then you have a dense fold it you know and she too wondered a bus and run into archididascalus and who knows what they promised her or offer her and she just taken the easy delectableness and panhandle than to get out the kitchen you're not and that's my that's my taken i tell her straight to her face people now high on soon i got into this is a continyal too you know it's like there's there's a loyalty factor there when you give your word that an we had a large discussion about this say know cause she been fighting for a long time and we had a big discussion before you know asking her to be latangor the woman at that he had fought tirelessly against the school election the election problems and as she seemed like a real person who was not going really back down from a fight and i and i and i do believe that that i still believed that was if she would stay where she was you know as far as her loyalty and fought the fight stead of caves is very smart person however that the loyalty think for me is a is a corporeality trait that that now the becomes a real problem you know if somebody somebody threatened something like that with me i would have just doubled down and i mean it would have been to double down out there it's not even italy got threatened by michael rothschild's years ago when i had my twitter account up while the antedated by him so you know what i did i took it i sent rattatattoo it great strait to the secret service the post of the threatening me anyfing go ahead threaten me but the thing is going to be blown out and he got real quiet real quick after that and but i don't think that no matter what happens you know turn you or or you don't turn on some one who your serving with you know in any capacity whatsoever i mean now i understand that you know i'm not going i wouldn't do it i wouldn't do it you know there otherwise combatting inst evil you don't cut you know if you came in and i go on toward the other side the other is right is to be you you came and in the good and to back to the evil to the other a hemisphere friendship we find i want to qualify that i you know i consider anybody i stand with you know should you should be on a friend friendship termonateing others back so i should say you know you don't turn your back on pelotaris regardless of the consequence and you know i would i would have chosen a much more hard line approaches put it that way if there would have been the throat a cornish it which i was you know i've been threatened and course many times and tried to be intimidated i had people show up i've been followed with the black ashes with windows blocked out you know and he had some that showed but one of my events packing a gun that trout was trying to catch me by myself didn't work out here a while but all in that person keeps coming back in reincarnating in different areas because he's in he's a communist infiltrate he invited me to a party and exclusive party which was shamattawa going to be out after he showed up with a wagon expecting to catch me alone then showed up under another political party because the sky comeliness what they do they move or not and i have all the text messages to find it so if they threaten me again guess what like have said before i'm a little bit of a spook i'll get in behind the scenes and gathering evidence and such a docility how out of them no back down now we know but mabel and they they won't they you know that god somatic and that play book that a lot of people are aware of the young distance back on the boat off don't know what the heck was that all about now hear so i mean not the whole thing is just is just kind as kind of crazy but you know you have to deal with things as they come comalong i do not have a i don't do a thing goin there i don't do anything that has any emotional response to it and i think that that it's kind of uneven for some people because i don't emotionally respond to things i take my time figure out what's going on and give the most stable izing response well that's what you want do you want we want a leader we want somebody with not just a moral compass but we want somebody has a cool head its collective that will sit down assassination and give a measured response because as i say facts aren't feelings feelings are facts so when you respond with emotion a lot of things happened there as we all know sometimes you say things you regret sometimes you say things that are logical you know you just kind of when you go on off promotion all be it as organic as it is it can also be a double edged sword and contains a tomfool and you know what speaking a logical i got i love your race i see why they tried but in you because you just tell straight up like a dissipated that a protestant you man i know i get him monopedous well when i can as just the trouveres each as we did we and this we understand the maloney we know how these criminals i used to be a criminal you know and i used to let the police dedicated to the trunk they like where you going on like a you know what i said i know i know how to think it connoisseurs and he cause you to work with him of being one of them and you know that gives a different perspective different insight into how these paliter ally look you in your eye tarantulae doogheno the freedom and the life is on the mind you not the saying that no finer who you caught me but me epouser one a it tersely and he meditates people would die with a lie deception and what they do in the least communist most people don't even know what annunciation of communes look like a nowhither look like they got up and pies and smiles on the duodenum to earn the favor they like him miramamolin your face smiling in a youth in a do things like and they look like people who work as executives for like beer and a fiver and raiment she closed the meuse the name of the lord and not a bible they know that's part of the thapa of the train had to be wanted them you have to no description of farsistan we determined to netherland it's not to me it's not i know the same to one jesus walked the earth let me tell you happiest week end so we went we were in detroit and we went to a couple of churches there the first we went to looked like a great big castle you know a huge church very nice looking church and such and bury who works in a campaign with me a little bit he went there and he checked to make sure that things were as sad it was a bishop appreciation day in such so we were excited i you know pulled up there and very excited to meet people there and was excited to you know spennie worshipping and and being you know being with people who love jesus so we walk in there and all of a sudden i certain looking round and he starts masks everywhere and in aberdeen there twice and there was no mention of that they never had any mask on when he showed up in that church to talk to any one he said there was no signs here but but they owned there was nobody wearing a ansidei was an issue like they didn't take the sign down her son because nobody saw me think he was in there no commands nothing so we should sunday morning and all a sudden everybody starts filling in they've got masts and we go to go in and the guy stops me and says you got to have a masonic is this man a tory is like yes i start looking around they've got the little pilot that looked like we were taking their face and going up to it like this like facial recognition or something and there's some woman standing there with the little temperature gone that yet to and we looked at each other and i like not a chance and how to wentured around and walked out into a little cafe and had a wonderful wonderful meeting with some but it's like it's like so this church is and the sidelines were to take off all restrictions even off of medical facilities and here they are in their church requiring people to mask up there what are they preaching their preaching fear what is the republican party teach fear there trying to manipulate people through fear to stop people from going forward is fear fear fear into don't don't step out against against what we're telling you to do you can't you got can't think for yourself that would be bad and if you do you're out we're going to throw you out we're going to throw you out of the party in throughout of the church we're going to throw you out of your social groups we're going to isolate you exactly what they did with the mass in the first place narses while the fine says over time no fear she had the tecolote he was butler time he starts he inhabits speaking speaking truth her regard this is kind of funny it's whitsome back on even an back out mad now if you start speaking the bible speaking truth and you your oddingstowe me tell you so theories the bible says at least three hundred sixty five times the pay of the virgin you got fear now but that out there not going to control us we fear you tricking pigs in the sea find all the other nazi government organizations will pass off again when we say some outstanding like you know canon people here in time in the bible a lot of people deride the world is that i believe is the end of satan's rain safer oeconomist and to the ball you know tetrahyde revealed and you know god's people is the remnant is by an you know i only take a small percentage of god's true warriors to really do some damage and we out here fighting so they can try to suppress a shadow benedetto to us all they want not the case so was coming gods will be done here on earth passementerie crises i will taking may you jesus thank you for giving us wonderful christians to stand together and that i had that no back down attitude because this is the hill we die on we are not backing down where living for christ in the name of jesus and usable for far too long the enemy had control of the air waves and narratives and information that old people had i think what to think what was true what was going on what was it going on and now with this technology is untamable the truth can be contained not a cantonment how the trap how hard he tries his revolution all over the world every country is uprising right now fighting against the evil government and their nongtongpaw itolasse a veto gamecocks to three handsome by with delight and less lets in their face to my genius a minute i got got to do this i have to do this as part of me a kalians one nine through ten oh hang on just got knocked down and something am i refilled my coffee requite interesting so interesting at me go back to the that there jason's down i'm the only one as standing right now that's a gay oregano keep going and flippant one nine and ten and this is my prayer that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless in the day of christ here imitated said i'm going to do it again jason's up he thought in runnimall phone i've had it that they can't come so here you going with red one lets in the face full opens one night and ten and this is my prayer that your love may have by about more and more in knowledge and depth of insight so that you may be able to discern ones and may be pure and blameless in the day of christ wine going without if you like i think that is it may filiations that comes to jesus christ to the glory and prays assisters that one has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel an keep it on because were disconcerted to you know in advance the gospel and were never going to give up and a result it is become clear throughout the whole again to everyone else that i am in chains for christ and because of my change most my brothers and sisters have become confident in the lord and dare all the more in the gospel without fear it is true that some pre christ out of any rivalry and one and deep but others out of good will the latter do so out of love knowing that i am here for the defence of the gospel to the former preached christ out of selfish ambition not sincerity supposing that they could stop trouble for me while i am in chain but what does it matter the important thing is that in every way whether from famous are true crisis preached and because of this i rejoiced and yes i will continue to rejoice for i know that through your prayers and god's provision of the spirit of jesus christ what does he happen to me will turn out for my deliverance i eagerly expect and hope that i will in no way be ashamed but will have sufficient courage so that now as always christ will be exalted in my body whether by life or death for to me to live is christ and to die is gain must i to the soul as we you know i was going to say too before i got cut off he gets home all right yes sir okay now and so i was trying you know back to you know getting all this truth out there in the internet because like your saying logically been controlling the air waves on the internet everything in between you know there's an a iistral goes around it and he only for boston we now began while this is kind of interesting because my life that and rumble it's coming back here sure o can you hear me yet he came back on a weird and crumpleback out my screen sight on one came through as i watching rumble over here and and rumble literally black out while was reading i macassar but what i was going to say was in my poncas i've been put a put it out there we need more people who have the conviction who got to give to gain the start pocatello i don't look at other tadcaster and other influences of this competition is the wrong way to look at it i look at it as a giant team to put out this truth and i visalia a very busy schedule but of so many needs questions as what kind of like the by how to get up you need an introduction songster because the more we get good trollers on the air waves the more confused and in streets natalie is a just like running the running the state of michigan and anything we need to decentralize everything everything needs to be decentralizing go into a local control because that's the way you break that the very crosses decentralization of schools need to be decentralised our health care needs be disentailed the are food supply needs to be decentralized and all oatmeal local control so you know you guys know i'm a farmer and i you know i put a lot of time into looking how to to change our food supply because that's a big right there that's huge so you know they shut down globular which is a major element and not only at for the trucking industry but also for for the for fertilizers so they would after that first that's been that a few months old now but that's one of the things the shutting down and fertilizer prices i just talked to it one of my guatignana fertilizer he's using a different way to do it so manilardo rather than global type production so he and the cost for fertilizer went from it more than it was more than two and a half times what he was paying two years ago now if i think that's not enhances change in our food prices their crazy and when we look at the inflation rate we had the inflation rate and the down turned the stock market were not in a recess recession by all me out by all measures we are in a depression in the depots back we have had not just a per cent which is what they wanted to eat or thirteen per cent inflation no no no no no you can look at what we're buying right now and we have almost doubled on prices of and they are not talking about that because they're trying to they're trying to lead people straight so you even even look at what they've done for our food production in all of the food producers that have been burned and burned to the ground and the supplies of have been burned to the ground we are going to have to have something in place on a local level partita has to be as we need to be able to put up food locally which we used to have canonising to to preserve food all over all over the state of all that's pretty well gone down and even our meat processing most of our meat goes to chicago for processing we do not have meat processes in michigan which you know not many of them you know we suchen to a complete one of them that you know we need to remove from the flat for for me purposes and such but an i know how to feel dress you know i know how to feel dress anything i mean if we needed to start butcher and we could it but i think that we need to have processes across the state there is no reason why we're sunniest can be produced in the state of michigan across state lines the stay here we need to feed our own people we need to protect the land and every single community and re purpose into say urban farming and or and or local farming i don't know it now that i'm going to tell you this that if you have a half an art half an acre of ground and you have thirty six chickens a half an acre and to go you can feed nine families that's enough to see your youmaeale the ground that's about a hundred tabot a hundred and forty nine hundred fifty feet square risorgimento and ah no one see that we got me an my wife of fifteen acres out there i've been wanting to farm and and at times to be with no we don't know i don't know how to farm you was a farmer he had pigs and cows horses you know what i said but we we been condition to wait on some legislature or politicians to help us solve the issues we face when really we do is up to the body a cracksman and start doing all these things that we are now is right and you know we have the technology to organize witchcraft a community so i mean you you got a lot of promoter people that property where we weakened and we can take care of each other and we antedates where you you got freedom in religion a salesman you know is people who believe they should have the right to worship the devil and america you do you know what sandboys the part of the religion as a sacrifice torture and do and they do not have the right to cotoneaster what it is in the name you know against humanity i don't care what god they claim that is that is not going to be tolerated with down bramberger and if it means to to charge them all with crimes against humanity so be it that's you do not you do not mutilate another human being which is what's really happening with his transcendence of southerland of nonentities mutilation of a child and it's like i'm sorry i'm so done with us it's it's it's like it's it's mutilation it is not it in titian's crazy this is crazy and you know you look at the purity lockers and they give him and creates like brain swelling some people are going blind from a truly going in because of the brain swelling and not only that i'm pretty extra sure that god created sex of rostand's and also to enjoy i don't think that that's a bad thing to say he knoweth is a creation by god and these kids that are going in through this generation will never most of em are sterile and not only are the sterile they're never going to enjoy to enjoy what god gave them to as part of a normal functioning life you know and and it's kind of crazy you know and watch everybody watch every run for the hills as mentioned sex when you're in a christian group of people and they can't handle it it's like what is wrong with you you know i was in a bible study eragon and i thought that was funny and we were talking about a and eve in the garden and i'm like their naked that shot a sudden somebody said no they weren't making on like pretense they were i mean read the tax if you can't handle it i'm really sorry for you but that's what the text reads for me and i'm not going to change it is countable ness with the subject you know i think that's another thing is when you're farmer you're around reproduction this is part of life is you know who you know is you know your chickens you want your chickens to reproduce you on your your horses or whatever this is part of animal husbandry if actually you know increasing the numbers of your your what your farm and you know it's not contenting forward and reproduce you know it warlike it wasn't like god's concerned with it or he is not what i mean but there's a right and a wrong way to do it mutilating children is not the right way no no it's not as it's i tell you what i can wait till the dissoluble finally rises up because the contempt of the constitution is going to get after every single one of these criminals in these scenes and these freaking sick syces because if you committed these crimes back in the thirties and forties and your sterility there is no statute of limitation with the contempt of the constitution which is the first desolate has been created since eighteen sixty one and all my lord anheuser got a lot of work ahead of us with these grand juries roustabouts yet him i will have to say i've been getting bogged by my daughter to come play with her but i do want to say dona is your governor for this he's going to bring us all the whole right here for michigan and i tell you what you got you got to vote for her to you gottesreich gan is the state to watch not just in this nation but i believe a lot of people are on the world are watching michigan because there's a reason why they're suppressing you done others rather scared you know this you know this full well and they just there they're not going to stop because they know a happening with the assembly they know what's happening with you they know what you're capable of what you're willing to do and they don't like that clearly yeah that's clear they've got a problem with me because they can't be bought off course to threaten her solomon to say my good bye is but i love talking at you guys in logic and yet you're welcome on the show any time you want when gondoles on you know we do the bramber block our love to have your impetus i like logician outthink that's going to add a good you know flavor to his our line consisting like you've got a hard line that you won't let the enemy cross on either sorsogon without you westenra so logic to so what you thought it kind of went on a good little rather too you go on religion as too you know ye man i think the people enjoy it you know not learning feeling like thee not alone people love her in the trusting i've learned over to her duration of my purchase and it just in scourging for us just as it is it is encouraging for the listeners and me and new members of the body tractarianism of mission on the heart from god like brother jason as encouraging and you know it is strengthening and is edifying and just just helps us to push on even stronger yes it's amazing some want to talk about more these endorsements or do you want to let it go for the day what do you think if you you've got a lot of information on the political landscape out there and and you're not afraid to just lathes people out because of the amount of the section that they have going going forward yeah we can talk a little bit more about it you know i love to from the antelope or the time that a lot of these people in the autograph rules a lot of people in a political reed all have the street smart you know i don't understand how to think like criminal you we go on up against criminals you got you got to be able to you know not definitely not emphasize by just see things the way they see things and i i can read see through this from history that i have that the more you know cept me through a lot of the people i used to work with her dead or imprison or the strong not on drugs you know and just learning from the the school rather not how people operate and how they will look you and you completely lie you know and how they do things do things for specific agendo or motive you now i see it a happiness so much with these candidates and would politicians and as just disgust him but the average voter is full time and time agin and enemy the adversary the bank of our lack of knowledge you know and they know that don't understand and look deeply ah and so was going on so oh it is just obvious what a lot of these people and a lot of these candidates right i answered in roshinara you know his people and not just a couple a lower level buccaneering to get their seat at the table and then you got people who now already up there like mathematical about hell guardarrama dog and lancing he's a watch dog for lance and for establishment and he got so many people full and you the bills don't believe what people say well looking to their fruit and once you get to inspect the terruit looking into their fruit the team picture gets a lot clear and what their true agenda motives are gentler and most people don't do that type of stuff but that's why the lord has raised up people like us who are or do or to delagoa research and who have the courage stand on the true and wavering can't be a corrupted by money you know i used to make a lot of money and i walked away from it all through god's grace the holy spirit the conviction and i knew this that was my path and wasn't where i was supposed to be and money no longer influence so leslie with you they can offer you twenty million dollars a million hundred million dollars don't matter what is not is not worth your nobilior was all apposite man to gain the whole world and lose his soul we know these things we and they hate us for sending on the scripture and is just a iterative on the blessing to be filled with a the woodwork and love for god passion for christ and you know we have a job in a job to we have obligations we have instruction and we do our best so you know is not like us is just enjoyable out here called in our people fate christians make pastorates is not a pleasure but the bible warns us all the time we were footsore or wove the sheep clothe the rabbiters loike to point that out cause that's it vicious you know that the active another to die in the word they know what people do people want appearance people replicate that day at white they are you know and and now said lord deal with people on hollow used the lawyer's name for person again are in vain and i know you know we we at her fight for christ as soulful thing at misinform you know and we should prefer all these people who are so deceived in that are in this that that truly that are in this in captured in the system whither they were blackmailed or coerced into different behaviour that that they didn't start out with we need to be praying for them or if they decided to disco down that path willingly and but either way you know the bible talks about are bad less not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers so that's what we're that were truly fighting against and to keep that very clear in our minds that this is exactly what we're dealing with his espirita battle no not always retired back to the bible you know because every espirita battery thing we do pertain to what a your wisdom and knowledge on what side of the bad are you on the windowpanes and a lot of a lot of people even now don't on even a gale creates or give your priority to the lord and so has a job to make sure in the payment started my pack as it was all about but i didn't even i didn't even start talking politics until six months down because i knew a lot of people understand politics a lot of people in the body a crimination them things separate which is the life from the devil that politics in church or the gasometer things which is a big ballistas started developing relations and just just talk about god and peoples testimonies and personal groan experiences now what much annas all about and i started in political scene and to it entered the gospel in one started branchester turned the little and then you know for the first few months only at a couple hundred subscribers when i started getting the politics it slowly started to rise and rise and rise and a tenderness in the tax started come but regardless you know it is everything you know meliorate and how the bible this to modern day living it's not just some ansaldo in sand a lot of people the way to believe but his war it is war the endorsement back that is you know he my oh i talked a lot with christina colonise aware for god and i know he she stared on she don't believe she was all out montepone heard him talk about never heard talk myosotis him cave and change another depressor marie would at insiniwate send you all the persecution and opposition you face it and in all of deceived patriots happily gone against you because they they like a state it's not surprising either but we we just have to stand strong and keep fighting and god is working behind closed doors and i think that an darsent i cooeperators oh what a lot of the patriots are waking like when trumpledor the back ah i anatomise the whole crowd a start booing and trump would know a crumpling the superequine because he could tell a people as the mind you know and i don't let totally and wear my brand overtired and blew into their came out and all that but i got a family i got i got to provide for my family i monoideic weekend damon to work get that over time and do what i got to do but i hope more and more people wake up because this we got a big one party of michigan hopefully trumble pointed out but if he don't it's not up to him he pointed out this is our state is our house we have a job to do we can't keep relying on any political to do what needs to be done we have to step up into it and a more more people are realising that you know i behaving people it meeter day for not for your sins and your shirts and a anointings i've been i'm a go out into more doorknocker i put up some fire yesterday before i work put up some yards signs pass thou amanit soup not regardless they of they don't be seen that a people are people are more and more tired of dunport and the corruption here mihi and and it's going to take us to stand together in order to remove the establishment candidates because the establishment candidates are the problem to the people that are in office are approaching each other so we have to have to really evaluate things and think i lie i think christina is a really good person also but i have i have a lot of questions about the rest of the endorsements i have a lot of questions because things are not what they appear so i think i think that that's where it comes in that we look at what may be president trump has said but he is he has not only with the present great present but he's a man that is also you know it's his opinion that doesn't mean that it's gasping will put it on our hearts what we need to do and first and foremost you know follow god and not not you know not idolize another person's opinion because because we do protestante us what to do and have that piece that we walk away when we do the right thing there's always a piece that comes with it when doing a right thing you know you can ask god for wisdom and discernment nowght you but also there comes a point where you have to your own you know you can act the god ask him to give you that bravery to do the right thing regardless what the world was telling you to do because that's exactly what politicians did they they got little rolled over with the mandate with forest down with the cathedral and at the voting machine we can fall in line with a global system or what their telling us to vote for or weaken literally stand up with with the bravery that that is indescribable and in man decisions based on what we know as the right thing to do and now he should tell anybody what that looks like go to god he too and then there will be a piece of passes understanding so that there is no question that you did the right thing i feel really really bad for people who get who get coerced into things in the later they have so many regrets hoedown people voted for bidden and didn't vote for rideout that later the limited now was going to go this way are you serious oliveritis guy was to tease you know i do is look at the reality now what people tell tell you to think about what's real what is real you know i have i have a daughter who is severely mentally ill severely her mother was killed in a train accident by her side and had her head smashed fairly fairly as significantly when she was in india she had she had a craniological still you can still feel were her stalden quite match up with the surgery she had india so one of the things that we have to do with her to keep her in reality as he said what is real what is real and then you know she's got a dog she's got a pony and such but what is real and have her hamper actually get out of the the craziness in her brain and an bring her back to what is real not she thinks is real not with she wants to be real not what is made of it her head but what is actually real what can you touch what can you what can you honestly honestly put your protestation the fact that this is a expecting expecting people who have no resume that's not real that wish will thinking it or being programmed expecting the politicians to do us right now they're not going to do it right because they've already got a track record there a failure the republican party is got a track record of absolute foedora are their failures and their lawyers in their theaters and there the so too to absolutely think that there rangatang a leper doesn't change its spots very quickly god can get on change a human heart which i pray for that but these people have got a long and i mean a long track record of destruction of evil of not giving a rip of anybody but self enrichment why would we think that he's going to be any different within that tutor dickson who was standing with you know the divinest devises hand in her her tail why because they were traitors to president trophy would they be traitors to the tertian why would you stand with someone who was proven to be disloyal traitor unless expose them and that that is that is a whole nother a whole other level of intelligence when dan when people can say all manner of the evil against you and it doesn't affect you you move for it because you're not blown around the bible to clearly about that about the person who was mature in the lord does not get blown around like leaves on outfall day it meant they can say anything they can say all manner of persecution are all manners that evil against you and it's just like you discoloration you know you can almost statements because even the bible talks about it that that every word coming out of our mouth every action that we do you will be held accountable for that some and every one every one whether we get it here we get it when we had to face god those things that we've done that have been that have been not right or the harm in other human beings you know i will go back to you saying you say the things that i think all of us who are christians we we know and have had to go to the agadir i did this run and you learned from that and god like okay just the pickin up a two year old himself he picked the up on our feet again forgive us and help us help us move forward you know and so so that's one of the things that my phone carter here but that's one of the things that he does for us he forgives us and gives us another chance but like you said that comes back to being able to say i am sorry i sent i did something wrong even if it's a sin of arrogance or or what but the amount of lies that are going on out there those are those are sinot just against the people to try to gain in this is a synagogue and in it is a cynical creation and you know if you are if you're speaking truth that's one thing but you've got to be sure that it's true now and that's the other thing why i'm a little i'm a little slow to call people out a personal level it usually stick with issues but there is time for that when people need to be called out for their lack of entirety for their mountain for the distorted so like though i disagree with president trumps endorsements i think he's too smart to be doing random indorsements which or which are based on the fact that the clues i don't think he's it's not that he's cluttery much knows what's going on he teaching us not to be clueless we need do not be close look at these endorsements way about why would he endure some one who was in there trying to impeach him like i think i think doctor i was why i so as the devices why would he endure someone who is standing with people who are openly attack to get us to ask some questions instead of being a bunch of stupid sheep following wherever some tells us to go we are supposed to be making those decision and if we can't if we can't do that we would never be able to self govern so self governance depends on us thinking on a moving forward on us asking questions and if somebody is wrong whether it be an endorsement from president trump to tonnison which is the wrong endorsement based on the amount of evidence of qualifications even based on that he's higher too many people in in his life to him to hire somebody who has no qualifications for the job so why did he do it was to he yet it was he to joaquin out outrageous so and you know as to to us to take that information i understand like you know gopal across the country ah they have been sabotage in the grass roots and do the like what we are experienced in a michigan at every gap every state but is a lot of states whose top is working against the people and here a michigan we got it realized that as has happened and then we have to do we have to read between the lines yes yes i think so i think that i think it's a good you know and and stay strong the word just starting the pit this space just begun it's not a it's going to get though for i'm pretty extra sure that that financially we are in a depression and he is going to get topper we have got our our country which is waged war on other nations like let's just look at the pipe line that was just a does blow up and be basically commandant is the fool that he is saying we have ways he demitted that our country our own country you know was it was the ones that threatened to take that pipe line out and then magically the next day the pipeline staking out to oftener i forget i know we do be getting off her son you in seattle and agree with what trump keeps saying about regarding ukraine and it could be no odor at office decreasing he has two of publicly hold certain positions regard the certain issue you know to a fort for tactics and what not crying has been a playground for the global caboose tentacular he doing over there and you you know what he exposed in the blabs and aristocrat you know many people are unaware of and then molten know what dunbar the deep underground military bases in the tunnels that go on under all over the world all who is it looks like the notoriety going near the lackey computer here interesting logic is locked out again he said harrington stop and they walked out to go ahead dave black you right out again tredegar bases the vatican blackout again this is interesting he go and body can be talking about the subject you know because those subjects are going to india out again interest if he comes back on so but then he is the absolutely crazy and how much how much there the censuring and up there comes this come back on we're going to reincarnate to again like a gnome it is not time are they not you ought to gain yeah we do have to talk about you ramanath may we call it you call he said we are all delatouche we can't talk about you collateral where that's going on there with our nation which funded those ballads over their we've got three hundred forty of them or more cross the across the world and who did it weediness of latitood else so i tolerare on the state of michigan i'm pretty exposure that governor brandenburgs going to declare war on the deep static their sorry but out in on the tune montame good bye games over to get montour you can lay a occupational they locked him up again this is crazy this is so crazy i have not the then their lockian logic this shore i mean not sure we've been out for two hours so all right let's see presentent say prayers that will say special purse for you gallaland we may have to have a key for cod a code word key you know i talk about the sea a and we disconsolate cloud the clown show i do call obey the federal bureau of insurrections and entrapment however i'm right out without one he ran clouds amain say for to see the a year talbot you coalheaver there with you know all the promise was the pleasure you have in you one and hopefully people will enjoy our allister discussion on some of the things that we need to think about rather than just jump into and follow like a bunch of lemmings jumping off the cliff to our death you know when our elections and life in general so would you like to pray or wood juliet bray i think logic locked take care i want to be i think you lack again logic all right so kind o there you're kind of there how about i pray to day agathe you do you have only father thank you so very much for logic and jason and all the people who are truth teller and truth seekers out there who have committed themselves to your good purposes for to defend a pot to care for those who are sick and i need it to take your widows and orphans and to to live here under your standard of conduct which we should always strive to do thank you so much for guiding us and directing us thank you for taking the weapons that were forward against us and turning them back on your enemies the ones that have waged war on your children and father guide us in direct us in all things that we would have to serialized so that we would know the direction to go in and above all please turn hearts to you we really we really would love it if if those that are hurting when understand that turning to you is gives us peace that passes understanding strength beyond description and an unwavering bravery because we know that your standing with us we have your favor in your help and all things thank you so much for this nation we pray for this nation we pray for every single person here we pray for all the people in the whole world who truly have been victimised by this group escapes who are running who are pulling the strings please i pray for them i pray for hilary clinton i pray for braampoort of those who are a prey for a joint for his family and close and all of these people who have turned against you and turn against your children and very tangible ways and we ask that you had turned their hearts that they would fall before you it with a with a repentant they would say that their sorry and that that they would they would turn to do the right thing thank you so much for the day we bless you were thankful for you and cheshires name a pram then you i think he it was not in a low but the lower was filling a doll and a hospital for an at all in bursal i do want a tell everybody that there's so many of us fighting for you out there that will never stop there some really good people that care about you in the things that are poured in to you and i want to let her read know that you're not alone ever so here's the point where i go banging being please go to my channel which as brandenburg for governor dotcom i read every word on telegram and i do the post in which as at brandenburg the number for i we are here for the long hall and and we're not going away not only as she's back were all back and we're going to stay and we're going to keep coming back again until we win this fight against these communities over and waged war against our nation against our people and against all things that are good we are ever ever going to bandon or given this not to threaten to coercion not to intimidation not to er we're here for the law anyway you were all we love you we love all people you care about and god bless you god bless those whom you love and god bless america thank you logic after the rigorous the fair faintly now people got got what they need it godless too all right celia but my goodness