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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/21/2024 Liberty Essentials & "Smurfing" Peter Bernegger

Published Feb. 21, 2024, 9:13 a.m.

9am Liberty Essentials - Bill Mohr II will be teaching his Dad's perspective on religion in government. The Mohr family has a long history in the study of the Constitution and lawful self governance. In our new series of Mohr Minutes, he will be teaching current issues and apply the Constitution for guidance. 10am Election Investigator - Peter Bernegger will be discussing the "smurfing" he has been investigating among other issues of fraud in our election process. Peter has launched his own review of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin and the investigation lead him to look into the fraud in other states. He has been busy filing court cases to address the crimes committed in our elections. X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Thank you. good morning welcome to brandenburg news network I am donna brandenburg and it is the 21st day of february 2024. sorry for a late start but we had a little problems with our audio this morning and with that said I'm going to bring my my buddies on bill moore ralph the it guy and karen the riveter how you guys doing great yeah doing good how about you Well, I was better until all of a sudden my computer kind of crashed and we couldn't get audio up. And now I've lost all my tabs. So this is going to take me a little while to get everything back up and running, but that's okay. The wonders of modern computing. You know what? I like computers as long as they work. Otherwise, I hate them. They're a nuisance, right? They're annoying. So how are you guys doing this morning? And what are we talking about? Good. Well, actually, we're going to talk about something two weeks ago, and it's taken us this long to get there. Regarding technology, that's actually a very, that can be a very drawn-out subject as well. I mean, how many people have a phone in their hands? We pretty much utilize that and rely on that for the majority of what we do on a daily basis, especially those in a working realm. I know most of my business is done through a phone, but I'm kind of with you on that. If I could get away from it and get out of that entire system, it'd be for the better. Well, I really think we might just be seeing that at some point in time here. It seems like there's an awful lot of talk about the power grid crashing and or, and we don't know. You know, there's no way to know what's going to happen here. This is the ultimate goat rodeo on going on in our society right now. There's so many unknowns, but we can certainly see that the banking system is in trouble. And we've seen some problems within the power grid and such. So I think that it's really an important thing for all of us to focus in on the fact that none of the things that we're used to are a guarantee. And we better have some knowledge, some friends, and do some preparation work because we really don't know which way things are going. It seems pretty volatile to me, but, you know, we just keep going and do the best we can. And really, it's a good idea to kind of evaluate things once in a while and figure out what all you think that you would have difficulties without if the internet went down or if the power grid went down or any of that kind of thing. On a daily basis, take note of the things you look up online, the kinds of knowledge that you would be missing if the internet went down and find a book on it. So you've got... So you've got an offline backup, you know. I've recommended this before, but everybody should be taking their family photos that they want to keep and print them out. You know, you get an EMP that wipes out all your data. What's most precious? Make some photo albums, that sort of thing. Like old school, like we used to. So what are we talking about with Liberty Essentials this morning, Bill? Well, we got to go back and we got to hit this topic again. We've done it before, I think a couple of times here, regarding firearms. The powers that be, the powers that we tolerate here in America, namely those in Washington, D.C., and even closer now to our own home, the Michigan legislature, they keep reengaging in crimes against the American people. One such was the bill that just came through in the Senate in Congress, and that was the Senate Bill 3589. This was supposedly to prohibit unauthorized private paramilitary activity. Very common words we see today. Except for the term paramilitary. It's a very interesting way that they define that. And the definition that they use in this bill is any group of three or more persons associating under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement, or security services unit. Now, If you break that down a little bit more, we're talking about law enforcement or combat support, right? Those terms are utilized in our constitution, not exactly in that regard, but are utilized in our constitution federally as a militia who is tasked with enforcing the law, repelling invasion and suppressing insurrection, right? law enforcement and combat support. But in this bill, not only is it defined as three or more persons, but it goes into a lot of other circumstances and offenses in section 2742. where it's talking about publicly patrolling or in a drill or engaging in techniques capable of causing bodily injury or death. And they use that as this group, right, this group of three or more being involved private paramilitary organization and armed with a firearm, explosive, or incendiary device, or other dangerous weapon. If you go through deeper into the laws, you realize their definition of other dangerous weapon includes many things that can cause bodily harm, right? And we've even seen that when they try to propose to us on 9-11 that we had Terrorists so-called and we know that terrorists is actually government by intimidation, but when they Told us that we had terrorists take down airplanes with box cutters Okay, that is one of their dangerous weapons could also constitute a knife or a fixed blade weapon and anybody that works pretty much anywhere typically will have a knife on them for numerous purposes, even cutting boxes open, right? Box cutters. That could all fall under that same offense there. And there is some truth to what they're doing, one of which, if you keep going, it's interfering with, interrupt or attempt to interfere with or interrupt government operations or a government proceeding. or to interfere with or intimidate another person in that person's exercise of any right under the Constitution of the United States. And I wanted to stop there. What's one of our rights as a people? And that is specifically laid out in our second amendment is a well-regulated militia, right? And you can read further in that in section one or article one, section eight, clause 15 and 16, I think it is, where the people are actually the militia and they are to be armed and disciplined at all times. to be able to utilize their three basic duties. Again, that's enforcing the law, suppressing insurrection and repelling invasion. So they're conflicting as they always do against their own constitution that they swore an oath to uphold and protect. Everybody in elected office swears that same oath. And this is a violation of their oath. Um, and I won't go any farther into, into that bill, but it's smart Alec at this moment in time. Sure. Okay. I'm going to just be a real smart Alec at this moment in time, because basically they wrote an entire bill against themselves because they've broken every single thing that they're outlying in, in the bill. So the unique part of this is all the while they're trying to strip the people's right to defend themselves and to defend their states, right? It's not just about individual protection here, but it's about state protection, which they have no authority to do. It's never been delegated to them. All that power lies within the state itself and to us, the people. All the while they're trying to strip this away from the people. Who do they have around them? Namely, armed guards. Paramilitary activity surrounding them to protect them against who? We, the people, right? Who own that right, our God-given right. They didn't grant it to us. We didn't give the authority to them to modify, change, or repeal it. And that is all they do. And that goes for just about every right that we have they've been attacking. But we're kind of focused on this one. Well, I would argue too that the way that they've written that pretty much outlaws karate. Yes, because there are times, especially prior military service, in certain aspects like the Navy SEALs and the Marine Recon Team and the others, the special forces, right? Their appendages, their hands and their feet are classified as their deadly weapons in close combat. I mean, we carry this with us. Even... You know, in my pocket I have a pen. There are instances where you can go back and see somebody being assaulted with a pen or a pencil, okay? Or a rock. Let's look at Cain and Abel, right? Anything can be designed as a deadly weapon. Even if you don't want to do a lot of research and you just happen to watch Batman, a pencil. Yep, that's right. So... Now, we are, at least the three of us are here especially, officers of the Constitution Party. So I wanted to read out exactly what we say about this issue. And you can read the Republican platform as well. They have several paragraphs of this, and it's very, very broad, and they focus on the individual's right to defend themselves in the Second Amendment, and that's not its designed purpose. But the U.S. Taxpayers Party says, Article I, Section 6 of the Michigan Constitution, Both establish that individuals have the right to keep and bear arms for the security of the state and for their own persons. Persons having no prior record of crimes against persons or property involving the use of firearms should be permitted to own and carry arms. Remember we talked about that, the Latin word arma, meaning weapons of war, not just pistols and rifles. in any fashion they so choose, unencumbered by the state or federal government. We affirm that all laws which support the prosecution of persons using firearms on the commissions of crimes against real persons or property should be strictly enforced. And why is that? Because if we bring justice upon those who are committing the crimes, it will deter future crimes from being committed. We cannot blame the firearms that they're trying to get rid of. We blame the person holding them. We continue, it says, also consistent with the original intent of the founders and framers of this nation, we affirm that a constitutional militia be reestablished and returned to the state of Michigan and to the several states. The current Michigan National Guard has been gradually transformed and federalized into a standing army reserve. State and local police agencies have been federalized and thus threatened state, local, and individual sovereignty. Control must be returned to the state of Michigan. Until a constitutional militia is restored to the state of Michigan, federal assistance and encumbrances upon state and local police must be eliminated, returning accountability only to the state of Michigan and the local municipalities. The USTPM also rejects the use of federal troops or police for the use of civilian population command and control. That would be the responsibility of the properly constitution and regulated constitutional militia. We stick to the constitution here. We know exactly why we have a militia, why we have a Second Amendment, and why in Michigan there's Article I, Section 6. It clearly defines the people as the power to enforce the law. And until we get back to that, we're not going to see anything else change, and they're going to keep reengaging on that front until they successfully pulled it off. We look to history. What has history taught us? And I'm not going to go way back. We'll just go to recent history where we might have learned a little bit in our public indoctrination camps, namely the public school system. But nowadays, I don't believe a lot of this is being taught. So we look, if we go back to 1911, the country of Turkey. If anybody remembers that. In 1911, they disarmed their citizens. Little by little, they finally took their arms. And shortly after that, one and a half million Armenians that lived in Turkey were murdered. It was an Armenian genocide or an ethnic cleansing there in the country of Turkey. In 1929, Russia disarmed their citizens in the same way that we see being done today. The next 24 years, 20 million Russians were murdered. Another genocide. They went after their political dissidents to eliminate them so that they could prove that they were, they would use the word lawfully, but that they could prove that what they were doing was correct. In 1935, China disarmed their citizens in the same way we see being done. Between 1948 and 1952, 20 million Chinese were murdered. They did it the same way. They went after the same type of people. Anybody who would oppose them, they would eliminate. 1938, now we're getting a little closer, Germany disarmed their citizens. We can remember that. A lot of that is still being taught in schools during the beginning of the Third Reich and the Nazi regime, right? The next seven years, six million of the Jews around the area are murdered. This is a political genocide against the people. And five million Christians. Five million Christians and all the gypsies. I mean, they went after anyone that opposed them. It really wasn't as much a racial cleansing there, I think, than just anyone who spoke out against their power. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And if anybody knows from history, Adolf Hitler was actually elected, so-called elected by the people. But the following generation of Adolf Hitler were actually praising the Nazi regime yet. And this was the generation that watched them kill off their brothers and sisters. Their fathers, parents, grandparents and such. And they did it the way that they're doing it here, which involved the clerks at the level of the clerks. It was the entirety. It wasn't just the few people at the top that we love to hate. It was, in fact, the whole system. And look at the state of Michigan. How many clerks actually disobeyed the ruling that was coming down from the Board of Elections to break the law? Yep, yep. That's how they do it. They use their useful idiots, right? Those that they've propped up in the local government. And they've been just as indoctrinated to believe that they serve the state. They serve their next highest authority of an elected servant. And I'm so sick of people calling these elected servants leaders. We have no leaders. The people are the government. It's time that we assert that role properly and assume that power. We have no leaders at all. You're absolutely correct. Because when you look at people that put themselves in front of we, the people, that's not a leader. That's a victimizer. That's an abuser. That is a selfish child. And that's all we have that I've seen at this point in time, which is really unfortunate and sad. Donald Trump is a good leader, but I'm talking the state of Michigan. The state of Michigan sucks. If you remember the saying, it's by the people of the people and for the people. Not just by the people and for the people, but composed of us. Yep, that's right. That's right. It is our duty. It's our duty to take care of this. So if we continue, we can get even closer here. 1956, Cambodia did the same thing. Between 75 and 77, 1 million people in Cambodia were murdered. In 64, Guatemala did the same thing. And they go on to murder 100,000 Mayans in the country of Guatemala. In 1970, now we're getting into some of our lifetimes. Not mine. I'm still young. I'm going to keep that. 1970, Uganda disarmed their citizens. And throughout the next 10 years, who did they go after? Does anybody know? Uganda went after Christians. They took out 300,000 Christians in a decade's time, immediately after disarming them. In 2012, we're still living this one out, but in 2012, Venezuela has now disarmed their citizens as well. And if we look, we can watch that same progress happen. Keep an eye on Venezuela. You will see the exact same thing going on. Venezuela just decided to grab the country next door and vote themselves the ability to overtake their neighbor because there were petroleum deposits found there because they screwed their country up so bad. Maduro did. Didn't put anything into infrastructure. So they got to go gobble up a country next door to them and just say, oh, we just decided we're going to own you. That's right. What is America doing? We're following that same path. America is a terrorist to the world. If we look, why do these other nations hate us so much? We've got 700 and some military bases across the world. Unconstitutional military bases. 850. Is it that high now? It's that high. We are playing the world police all the while stripping other nations of their resources by force, right? We're not there promoting what they call democracy. We're not there helping individual citizens of other nations stand up against their own tyrants. We're there to assert our authority in their nations to strip their natural resources to benefit us. And we look at it and they're flooding in here now namely those out of the Middle East and China, Russia, Canada. They're starting to flood into America, and these people hate us for that very reason. So throughout history we can see, and that's just recent history. You can go back thousands of years and see it was all done the same way. Nothing changes. There's nothing new to the way things are done. There's nothing new under the sun in Ecclesiastes. Everything repeats itself unless we put a stop to it. But if you go back, what's the purpose of an armed citizenry? I like to go back to Genesis 14. If anybody remembers that with Abraham, when Lot was taken, Abraham being the family of Lot, in verse 12, they took Lot, Abraham's brother's son, who dwelt in Sodom, and his goods and departed. And there came one that had escaped and told Abraham the Hebrew, for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre, the Amorite, the brother of Ischol, the brother of Aner, and these were confederate with Abraham. When Abraham heard that his brother was taken captive, what did he do? He armed his trained servants, born in his own house, 318 of them, and pursued them on the dams. He divided himself against them, he and his servants, by night and smote them and pursued them unto Hobah, which is on the left hand of Damascus. And he brought back all the goods and also brought again his brother Lot and his goods and the women also and the people. There was a problem. Somebody went after Abraham's family. So he armed his entire servants, his entire household, and went after it and dealt with the issue. And you can look at this and say, well, he should have just gone and, you know, pled with the city and gone through their legal system and their judges. And got a permit. And a license to go in there and actually remove his brother, who is now a taken slave of the city. But he didn't do that. Somebody that escorted him. I mean, this is exact. Keep going. Yep, he went in there and he handled the situation. He enforced the law, right? They illegally, unlawfully took his family by force and he went in there and got them back. Whoops, I don't know what I just did. I think I found it. Let me go back, see if I can make that work. You read in the New Testament, what are we instructed? What are we instructed to do as disciples, right? Those who claim to be Christians. Christ said, and this is just before the garden, in Luke 11. 11, 21. He says, When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace. But when a stronger than he shall come upon him and overtake him, he taketh from him all his armor wherein he trusteth and divided his spoils. We can take application from this. And George Washington was one of those that the citizenry should be armed enough to defend themselves in the state. And I'm paraphrasing. It's not a direct quote. But we should have enough arms to be able to counter any force that comes against us. And who is this again, right? The state should have enough arms to encumber any force? Yes. But who's the state? Who's the government of the state? The people. The people should have enough arms to do this. And all the while, the federal government is continuing to try to strip it away. And in Luke 22, he told his disciples that he doesn't have a sword. Sell your garment and go get one. That's a pretty bold statement. Sell even the clothes that you have to go get a sword. The arm of the day. The weapons of war of the day. And there's a reason for this. Because as we could see from previous countries, if we allow ourselves to be disarmed, we can only expect to reap the same results that those who were slain in those countries got. Because we are considered to them the terrorists, the domestic terrorists. We are considered to them the political dissents. We are the ones who oppose them at every given level that we can. Let's bring this full house back around to the state of Michigan. Michigan now has just enforced their high-risk protection laws. We know them as red flag laws supported by about every politician out there, whether they say it or not. And this allows for almost anybody you've ever had contact with, right? Including people in the past that you've dated or lived with. Law enforcement, mental health officers, which I'd love somebody to show me that in the Constitution if you would. But anyone along those lines who deem you possibly a threat to yourself or to someone else based on something you may have posted online or may have said in public, they, not you, they will go to a court and get a judge to issue a warrant to remove a temporary warrant, might I add, to remove all of your firearms from your possession. You ain't going to get them back. If they take them, they're gone. This is not something that they're going to say, oh, sorry, here are your firearms back. They're going to go, oh, sorry, just go back to your life and don't do something wrong. But there's no way they're going to return them. Yep, that's right. They deem us guilty long before we even get to meet our accusers. The accusers never have to show up at the courthouse. It is only somebody who has been told, like a law enforcement officer, which as we just talked about are the people, a police officer by statute can go in there and have a judge issue a warrant for such things. that violates your Second Amendment, that violates your First Amendment, freedom of speech, that violates our Fourth Amendment, protection against unwarranted searches and seizures, right? That violates our Fifth Amendment. They're coming after us in every ground that they can. And I'm here to say when it comes to firearms, you can do all the political debates people want, whether it be in political parties or even in the halls of government. You can debate this issue all you want. But as far as me and my house, there's no debate. If somebody comes for the guns of me or my family or... those around me, whether it be friends or my neighbors, I'm going to be there to stop because I know how history works. This is the first step to totalitarianism that will lead into communism, that will lead into the destruction of everything we know as Americans. And let me say it, they cannot take our rights because we never gave them the authority to issue them. Rights can only be forfeited. If we're not willing to stand for them, then you don't have any. It's as simple as that. Freedom has to be fought for and protected and defended and handed on to the next generation for them to do the same thing, as we know Ronald Reagan said. Love him or hate him, he was right in that regard. So there's some other bills going around now. And I didn't research this to see if they've actually been passed or not. And that's my mistake there. But House Bills 4127 and 4128 in the Michigan legislature. These are trying to usurp the constitutional authority that they have to not only... enforce all these, the red flag laws to enforce more restrictions on our Second Amendment rights. But now they want to claim that you can't even have a firearm in your possession or carry it anywhere near a polling location. Jocelyn Benson tried to do this back in 2020. Or 2022, I forget which one it was. And the U.S. Taxpayers Party actually passed the statement, passed the resolution and sent it out to the counties saying you're not going to do this. You don't have the right to restrict it in that manner. But now they've gone farther knowing that Benson cannot do that. She realizes she doesn't have the authority because she put a stop to it after our statement came out. Now they're trying to go through the legislature and make it into this pretended legislation, as our founding fathers called it, to say that you cannot carry a firearm within, let me see if I can get this right. Let me just read this. Within 40 days of an election, not only at a polling location, but even at ballot drop boxes. Okay, you think about that. We have hundreds of ballot drop boxes, which all should go away, but we have hundreds of ballot drop boxes in each county. And we have hundreds of thousands of armed citizens in the state of Michigan. I'm going to start calling it that. We are one of the heaviest armed states of the Union. Montana may have us beat. I think they have just under four guns per person in Montana. But Michigan is one of the heaviest armed states of the Union. And we have people... that not only carry constitutionally, but that have actually gone through the process to get concealed carry permits, right? We've asked permission from our servants to do that, which is normally legal, thus carrying firearms. But we have all these people around there and they're trying to make it illegal to be able to carry your firearm within 40 days of an election by a ballot drop box. They offer no exemptions for whether or not you're in a vehicle or walking down the street. They're trying to make it an arrestable and jailable offense to do such things. You've got to ask the question, why? All the while, while the people in our state government have armed security, they're trying to take our security away because this can lead right into election. Because they want to control the outcome. They don't want anybody with the possibility of being able to enforce the law against them. That is the only reason for this. And though these bills were split down party lines, right? Party lines, Democrat, Republican, which don't exist in the legislature, all right? They exist outside only. When you're in office, you serve the people. Yeah, you serve the people, not the party, all right? The parties are there to hold you accountable, which they don't do. But you are there only to serve the people, if there's any elected servants watching. So... I mean, what can we expect out of all this? They're going to keep re-engaging on that same front, and we can keep fighting their little flags. I like to utilize the analogy, we have two castles, two homes, right? I use castles just because they're strongholds. We have two castles fighting. for dominance in the state. You have that of the lawful, those who want to uphold justice, to uphold our liberties, to retain the freedoms and the rights that so many have bled and fought for before us. And you have another castle that is completely lawless, who seeks nothing but to tear down the law and to further restrict the people, not restrict government, but to empower the government to infringe upon the rights of the people. This lawless castle has all their little flags flying, all their leadership flags that they prop up. And our lawful castle that we try to retain, we have the flags of our principles. We have the flags of our constitution. We have the flags of our moral and religious background here in the country or in the state. The people of the lawful castle, not all, but the majority