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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/20/2022 - Live - Karen the Riveter

Published Oct. 20, 2022, 9:07 a.m.

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good morning this is brandenburg news network and i'm donna brandenburg welcome to the broadcast the more we have heard so many that problems this morning to mazin yet is there is a bertrand here traveling around the and we we have a lot to talk about to day actually i've been off on the road and things are things are kind o crazy out there in the getting crazier here i'm going to add my guest to day the stream that are in the river and we're going to start talking right off the bat but morning karen how you doing the morning donna i'll get up this offer i think three times as a charm here karen's voice went robotic about three or four times my computer stopped broadcasting and it's kind of crazy i'm going to tell you what there are so many things out there that are interfering with us having a voice it is unbelievable hear me karen what were yeah it's glad to again you're going robotic on if i let a year out to try again he talk in the sea the sea on get to go through it that there you go there we got a cat so i you do in the morning i'm okay i'm reading it we had a great time yesterday and mesquin and for those that came out to visit our mister bees we had a really nice time while we're there a lot of people there and the people that were there were warm they were they were wonderful and i would like to tell everybody that day at mister bees and molly they were just absolutely darling so the people there and lots and lots of support i really believe that a lot of people are waking up to the fact that their politics isn't now what we wanted to be normative been what we wanted it to and a late or seen out there as manipulation the political parties are crashing and burning seventy per cent of voters are identifying as independent rather than in the parties and about sixty seven per cent of them say that that they are completely dissatisfied with the parties not sort of dissatisfied the completely dissatisfied because why is there all in one there all in on this communist take over the united states here i give you the floor a little bet karen is a beastly researcher and she she comes she does a lot of commenting on not only my stuff but but other people so information out there she's dead an accurate every time so i'm going to give you the floor care well i did a poll last and i to see what might be on telegram would like to talk about and that was pretty interesting they want to know what is next in this election process they wanted no more about the assembly they want to know what part should do about the shop the innate and i think that's a great place for you to give them an answer about how you feel about that it's something that they've been fighting for a while and if the c b c's recommendations caused their school boards to make some unfortunate relish decisions i take we might see a sort of revolution in the school system which might end up being the good thing in the long run but it will create some hardships for parents most of them have been through this before i'm not a parent so i can only speak to that in a limited way but i think they would like to know more from you but what you think about to do about mandate i tell you what i see this is a slow burn of victimization of our children and i did a post on it this morning on telegram having to do with how many kids are being victimized by people within the if you're a child if there's a person who's a child creditor were they going to go they're going to go where children are too big to miss seen it over and over and over again the eroding of parental rights and raising the child is solely and only the right of schools are there to serve they are not there as look lord and master task masters to tell you what to do with your children or to determine how you raise your children or any mandates like that whatsoever this is your choice entirely so just so i'm very clear i was done with this soul system probably amasa thirty thirty five years ago so i did in fact both home birth and home school my children because i had no trust in either the medical or the education system even back that i just got in more apparent people that's what's going on if any one does anything or tells you to do anything with your children you have the right and the obligation to protect your children and do whatever it is that you feel necessary to protect i would tell them if a school right now schools are so intrenched with with the communist take over the state if the schools are in fact victimizing your children through sexualist or sort which is just further divide and fight each other or any of the mandates i would say pulled them out pull your children out of the way of something that's going to harm them or that you disagree with and quite honestly i have a lot of education in my background however do not make me a better teach a parent a motivated parent is always always a better teacher to their children than putting them in an instant and if you want a home school your kids you can figure out the way to do that fairly easily i believe that the national averages that that you did two hours a day of schooling and i can tell everybody exactly how to do that you basically will surpass the public education a child receives no education until the age of i believe that i've heard several times ten or twelve they literally can catch up within two years so a lot of what is going on here is absolute nonsense enter more of the classroom time espanolas room management the teachers of the completely metered by by the administration to actually teach the way that they want and i've talked to a lot of teachers who are absolutely discs and sick of it we have our teaching the reaching step the which are actual teachers who are leaving and the education system in droves it's it's unbelievable how many teachers are taking early retirement who are leaving because of their seeing the nonsense within the system to its broken in his broken in for the students its broken for thee if anybody put my kids in the way of anything i don't care what it is yes what my kids would be out of that thing in a new york minute and i didn't have any what with my kids were little because when i saw them taking god on a school he further division so that would be my advice to any one as you are solely responsible for the protection of your children if you choose not to take them out and something happens person to look at is ourselves as parents and then it's to look at the we know mostly or broken and so you stand up against that type of nonsense as an individual being individually responsible for our choices before god my answer pretty good i would add that there is already a system of the port to handle both his shoes and i say both because the first is how does some one learn to go into a home schooling system when he worked there before and am i just saw a post but i can't remember who it was yesterday or the day before saying we were ready for this we've planned for this and it was a particular group that said we are going to be able to help her make this transition we've got a process in place were they're getting ready for that so don't less fear of change stock you and number two there's a lot of fear too again everything is fear we look at california for example well what if they come after us even in home school well they did like you have ah well when i started home schooling there was a case going on here where they are threatening to take children away from parents and those of us who decided to home school at that time which as you know some odd years ago we were willing to go to jail to protect our children it was as it was an absolutely it was a choice he take that stand back now back then and it is now but quite honestly there's so many of us that are discussed with the school system that i think if they start continuing a touch or children they're going to it they're going to kick the sleeping giant that is going to have no reverse gear to and just fair warning to anyone who is going after our children you are waging a war that you cannot win because parents will step up to protect their children in the natural order of things as we got pretended there are there are many good options for those that like when i did it i pretty much wrote all my own piece things together so i also you know study scope and sequence studied different philosophies of education and i actually wrote quite a bit of my own curriculum i would get groups of people together i taught elementary physics to kids who were between the ages or the grades of say i had one group that was sae second two fourth grade and forth to the grade and i created the classes for and one place the church's actually would open up to home school groups in order to have mom's organized or kids to get em together so so i probably did at least i didn't least ah one major group of an aeon a semester or quarter and then i was doing at least two smaller field trips or groups during during the month and then all summer i would have between twenty five and seventy five kids in my yard every single thursday and we did when i can create that it was called to create all this stuff i created a game bag and i did a cooperative games with the kids i bought a twenty foot parachute and i set up an area for the man to go and visit and have time together because i have a very easy time visiting the people in then myself and maybe one other two other moms with it whistles round her neck and we would go out and do games we would do i don't know squirrels in the trees and and ball and base ball and all that sort of thing so that's one thing that we did so we can create all these things but there are some amazing resources on the line which are which is on their own line school where you actually interact right now i didn't have that but there are amazing school options on line that people can choose where the kids can stay home and and get their education and without all the nonsense of their instruction system which absolutely no value going forward in creating a benefit children going forward to encourage that one curriculum that i really think i do a pretty good job if you want to do like a whole language of curriculum is sunlight on light curriculum and if you go to sunlight they have charts on scope and sequence for each grade and what is normally taught the education and you can look at maybe a little bit more of an old school rather than a print progressive agenda and see what i should be learning at what is now with me piecing it together my oldest son he actually tested out and graduated at the age of ten years old so honestly how hard you have to work and i brought him i brought work with me but he was actually equivalent of a graduated senior at ten years old and he actually started college at twelve years old and he for pointed when he went i went to the college with him and took classes with him because i did i wanted to know what the you know at the communes were trying to teach him and in at that age and you know now all my kids except one or are in the thirty so that there's that turn home school mom advice and or or not may be advice but counsel or giving your resources it verrian you turned and orlando the enervation encarnacion thank you as going to jump off and rejoin here galesville they keep messing with our he masanath her sound as it were and now there you go that's better seems like a cat went up to be head to people that have had their computers absolutely fry the fans of if not i got to believe that somebody's goin some strings behind them behind the curtain here but that's okay we're going to keep going you know i don't we talk about it yesterday that i was kicked off a outbreakin have for something like that so the guesser going to replace you to be so if you had the official launch a brand and bird news net work not on social media but actually on a ottoman they keep punching me i'm going to find ways to get around this and make them all irrelevant and the shattering wrong with artaban i'm sorry i'm not doing anything different myself yeah i'm not going to leave anything it's to say it when i really get one freaking out about getting off a telegram yesterday i was watching people freaking out about getting off the telegram and i'm like it's all digital they have everything that you ever written in your life so why cannot outrival as i was saying antimaterialism lameness narration of an i don't know anything i can do well if it is cut out again his i'm were not even getting every third word at this point so the cuts out again what we could do as do the bianca if it if it if it cuts out so let's just go forward and see in the then i may just give you a call and well you know i leave that up in tonality get in ahead we'll try it for a while to what i was saying to the next question it it is we're going to go to phone call here because i can't i i can't it's too unreliable so here hang out a adieu there and and i make this work i think that's better let me get the sound up this is in you know what it's like crazy you know i own a tech company we've got a tremendous fibre optic table in the system and we can't seem to we can't seem to get seem to get anything working and with this connection so i've got to believe that that were honestly in where were honestly being somehow manipulated on the outside because there is no reason for this we can't track it down so so that's all right they keep yet in the word is going to keep coming back i'm still here you're still here so let's cool a metropolitan flag up here something so retain look at look at you know something look at rather than just sang out a man will get the figured out the really they really have a problem truly renovales was yea let me see a man i'm going to go to i will go to we compelled one thing alike about what you pediculi a common available things must they took it down let see oh my goodness the flag is down but we've got to ukrainian flag on and in fact i am i'm serious they've got the utes as not they've got the ukrainian flag and wikipedia but no american flag on when your type in flag so that's crazy ocean's keep coming back and hide this is not going to end well a civil peace then aurelian i could give the puppy up here a year we're going to do this this is almost almost funny if it weren't tragic it would be fun and i'm not watching now because i am just on the phone okay hang out a man flag you know we're going to do that were just going to add we're going to add the flag he let's see we've got to suddenly the sun before hand rare a screen window flag pretty good at this we have a flag were back on with their flags it may so okay so with how what was the next quest so one of the things that we've very people and on my telegram annabel wondering about is with you answers at least for of the debate if he wanted it back question yeah so i think i should do a whole a whole episode on that i think so too you know and i could i could actually go through and do all the debate questions you know realize you got to ask yourself the question for number one why were all the other candidates eliminated from the debate we only had the two party candidates on there that was kind of not and so i mean that that should be the first second question is who is writing the question and are they fair look at what they did with president trump they honestly they they honestly are worse asking ridge questions the whole way through so sookerman and for those who haven't been aware i did a substance and also posted on telegram about i call it be quoted on cottage because they were obviously prepared it wasn't they debate they stared at the cameras and they gave their little prepared speech it is not by definition it at all script and i mean look at look at tonnison tricon as an actress she has no resume she worked for like seven years in her dad company but other than that she's an actress and so when i see that exactly what i see from the entire thing is that she is going to be another as a rubber stamp candidate and somebody who is also his ancestress as many of them in our government that actually answered a casting who who basically showed up you know who basically showed up to to fell apart and that's my concern there's no resume there whatsoever and tell all of a decided jump on this and exposes because there's some i have a really funny story on censorship that happened this week and he and i can't tell you what it is because it is so funny people are so stupid that they kind o are handing us the world at a silver platter because they're making dumb the state oh yes i mean i wrote about it and from the opener to later i could not believe some things and this shocker to me was that she boasted about having taken the shop yet it she's clearly she wore a mask she took a shot so she doesn't have the wherewithal essendean a lot of us would hope governor good and she boasted about it like the not even realized that a lot of people that you want to vote for you are disgusted to find out that you did not have the brains or the willingness to protect your own medical freedoms your own medical freedom you can trust her to protect yours i felt like that was not a bonus for her well can i tell you what my opinion is on that because this whole thing with a shot is very telling it's a very telling on healthy people are willing to go to research or if they go along and get along that's number one but number two i've been asked many times whether i got the jabberin i want to answer that question when it comes to a hand interview and that in the in the paper whatever i mean if you smarties that were written and i said i canaster that question this is none of your business what happened with hippo and protecting our hour our privacy in all beside now nothing's private in everybody wants to throw that out there as a you know as a as a you know bad bannermen i'm pretty exacerbated nose what my vaccine status is just by listening to me and if they don't i'm not going to make it easy for him golspie what you think but to throw that out there number one that she will not protect privacy shall use anything that's in her and her basket in order to further whatever cause it is that she's going to jump on and i would be concerned on that on the merit of that alone i agree i also had another question which is something else that i kind o touched on the other day one of my subscribers on telegram asked deal with me sariette misers in particular there are certain arter i call poops or yet the people who are just and and it is one of the things that i answer if you go to if you've been to a trump really or you be to don a rally or visited with a mind her keep there's a very positive energy there's a a cheeriness there's american pride there's patriotism and then these other people will show up and they will cost i shouted you they will make angry faces and just very derogatory and it happening on line to your supporters now people who say the republicans who say they are christians mister grass roots even there's a lot of people on the grass roots that are in that are in on the sevenfold already so you have to go on the merit of the first my answer was in some of the people who are listening just trying to farthings out reather notice smart maybe they are in the just he had the blinders on we're going to need those people to understand even if they're not going to be willing to jump on board and be active in the patriotic movement we they're still listening so i would encourage your supporters to take the high road ignore the people who were being brutal were not knocked cruel and eighteen angry and spiteful as such and behavior the christian you say you are oh how it has interact with these people a patient ignore those people you've got a bunch of other people that are listening to you what do you want them to hear tell tom to positive about why you feel that donohoe govern so when they say things like donnait the book while i rode a whole i spend a week reading has had one expert project and addressed those things to me they are coming out with a lot of a lot of things that can't be back by any kind of evidence whatsoever so when they tell you things that are backed by evidence tell them so and tell the way believe otherwise it doesn't have to be as he says she said battle doesn't have to be a big derogatory mean calling you then take the high road give her answer and move on i don't need to worry about people a lot of them too are reacting on a fear and so i kind o feel sorry for well a lot of the moral so planned as that and it's like whenever i see somebody like true coiled and say it because truth copan me from a hundred patriots channels after i i kind o spoke your spoke around behind things you know other another just to see what people just to see what people are saying right and any i don't interactive mean if i'm going to say something i'll say i'm just looking i'm just looking for information and if i'm going to say something i'll say it under my real name i don't i don't have i don't have the need to hide what i say if i'm going to say it all standing what i say and and every time but not a lot of these political activists and a lot of these people that are online who don't have the guts to say who they are i'm going to guarantee you they are not who you think they are they're coming out as patriots when pretty extra sure they're working with the fads to people's opinions as you know like the propaganda artists and so i'll come right out and say it you know i've never seen anything balcom out true scouts ever and most of the people that are in that same thought that same process where they hide behind they hide behind fakenham in and they have no countable they say they want accountability in government will what about accountability with processes like that that to me is nothing more than a coward and a coward who shot shot propagandist's no no accountability in our media whatsoever they can say whatever they want with impunity because they don't have to put a name behind it so why is that any different than those who parade and try to pretend to be friends and or style gerano information on a like true scoop a hundred channels who is also a moderator a hundred channels and working as a moderator on that michael that is a full time job not a grass roots person who actually you know works the job and does something other than is a political activist out there for propaganda to change i i believe in the people he learned to discern a lot more i think we still have a way at all all types of discernment but a lot of people see what's going on with things like that and reject it because they learned there are people out there really popular sort of characters and some like linwood are you seasonable i initially followed him for a while either real guy real name but when he started sing that george voters should not vote that was about enough for me and i started just paying close attention but not sharing and i don't even pay any tention to what he has to say now you've got to use your discernment even someone like that that he preached the gospel give a lot of idle scripture say a lot of biblical phrases but their actions differently how they treat other people such as general line in case i don't mean to pick on just when wood but i am bringing out an example what i'm trying to say discernment and be careful for you follow and you mentioned that before do be careful do you follow it something that we're getting better at a lot of these plantations a lot of these patriot groups and people that that claimed to be grass roots if you really dig into them a little bit you're going to find out that they are absolutely not who they claimed to be i like this term grass root it means nothing right now because anybody can say that right the doelike to throw it out there and other other sort of patriot groups like to throw it out there i really i kind of got in disgusted with some of the deep with using that kind of term because it's not grant grassroots if it doesn't come from the people and again of my defences for you this is why i started supporting you and may because i saw you show up for i saw you in new to showing up at the border can refer or bordenton saying i want to go to is my petition this is right this is the goal rodeo hesitation is fighting it as she needs to fight this is this is for grass roots is because you are not just only fighting for your right to be an bolitician for the voices of those tens of thousands of people who were willing to put their name on a piece of paper to support you going on that aletta's about you it was about a portable access to those i didn't get access or i would have bin to people who did had a voice as and now defended those grass roots people from the start but the gopinath ing to be venus people they have done nothing and it what gets me so it's my back up a little bit about two to dickson and the gophers to even it now with election integrity as an issue that fish conquete bat had twelve questions and they had absolutely zero in there about election intently and folks if you don't see that as a number one priority in this election you completely missing out you cannot handle abortion school inflation all those other things in the way the lenapee want them to be done if you have no ability to elect the people who will handle those things properly and to her not spending any time discussing that she's not pointing it out wherever handed her an opportunity when she said that she did not recognize the tory twenty election results she was conspiracy fears it guy wearing to your shoes i would jump all over that and said no you're right i don't believe in the results of the twenty twenty election that i think that needs to be fit she said nothing people she will not protect your election integrity and in contrast when i look at dunnabridge she has been fighting for election integrity since before she got on the ballet while she's on the ballet she has her name as a plaintive on a castrato await to find out what happens with that when there's more coming i can't wait to find out what happens with all these as and that's another question of people wanted to know what's happening next at this election i think i'll take a pause and cool my debts and let you for it would you think is going to happen next to election was a lot of questions that i know everybody's asking like i've heard so many times are even going to have an ale i think we're going to have to wait and see a little bit on some of these issues because there's a lot in quest they have not in the tent election if they had done one thing right i probably could could feel good about one thing but so far i haven't seen anything that was john correctly from campaign from the fact that i do believe that all of the candidates were selected and installed i think i was the only one that actually was candidate that could not be mentioned and on that was the hat was that showed up that showed up for the job that wasn't part of what's going on and i think we're going to find out more and more about the fact that that a lot of what we see in our government is quite honestly that there actually there not we the people but their actually we the government when in what i say that that very potentially that there their tidiness very evil agency posing as actors and actresses as pupil for the very institutions that are trying to take this nation down i agree i like the word after their actors and in you can you kind o see that by evidence of whether they're actually fighting or not so i was the only candidate besides a city council men addie from warren that in houses running again but other than that i was the only candidate i believe that showed up at the board of canvassers on proposal three to argue and state my opinion on why this is such a bad proposal on on every level this thing is a failure from the point of the fact that it sounds like binderies own tongue to write the language in it there's forty three grammatical errors in this proposal well as the fact that is completely and utterly misleading and to the point where a child can choose to be sterilized without the permission of the parents all right away from parents and it leaves our children absolutely defenceless and in ways that that allow our own government to take possession of them so what the train to do is this whole thing is about a rodin parents rights and leaving our children in within a state within a country which is just absolutely flooded with victimization of children from panetela to to all of this other nonsense is going out ammunition i did post this morning because there is a woman that had a video that i thought was really interesting so achillean most of the other social networks will ban the sort of thing because they don't want truth out here telegram at least you can post without sensory and i'll probably put some of the saponaria too but what i want to say about this is that and i'm just going to read it we need to talk about this horrific problem and this woman was traffic from the time she was six years old and tells she was about twelve she was slated to be killed and quite honestly i've seen the records of some of these facilities where they hold in the keep children i have them i know people who have seen to children who are kept in cages like animals in a fight for this is real stuff i know real people that are involved in this to sanitating about it and how she was you know strapped down to a butcher block that was black from the children the butcher back was black from the blood of the children were killed on it before before she was slated to day this is real staff and i know people who are personally involved in this i i i now the focus on sexual the sexuality of children is criminal and has no place in our society unfortunately that this woman was doing the video but this is not just a female promise male problem and young males are are actually more at rest than females are but we don't want to talk about that and you know that's exactly how they hide this problem so in on unfortunately this isn't just a problem with the victimization of only females and affects males too and as predators go to her children are look at the number of patapedia russool in churches in an art government those who regulate the laws which leave children vulnerable to those who had harmed the and i will go on record proposal three is about allowing the victimization of children period that's what this is all about crimes against humanity like generalement surgery and genital mutilation for profit is he is about as well as killing children re changing the definition of abortion what they really want to see as they want to continue to see the definition change from abortion as you know went from early portion a late term abortion and they're trying to push the agenda changing the definition of abortion into allowing two states that are working on this right now allowing abortion to include infants up to twenty eight days old who die from neglect or abandonment i think people don't realize what the purpose of that is for one sell or hire must harvest and sell body parts body parts and make more money on an when they're among old sickness that is promising trying to be a racecourse is actually here a gale there in her method her now so that they don't want us talkin about them they do not want us talking about the victimization of children and repented out of their parents who will protect them rubbing them away so that they are absolutely in an indefensible or of and it goes from sexual and wrong people and i believe the bible talks about millstone on kind of a fan of that verbier you know victimization of children and the most vulnerable in our society look what they did to the people in the nursing homes they put they put cogitations in with our most vulnerable and if the people don't think they're going to come after them next they're going to chip away at this from taking down our strongest look at the look at the war that was waged about on our man in our society you know and they of course they went after it they've got all these ridiculous emotions involved in our things so that nobody's thinking and making a logical emotional responses this is what happens when you you know the basis of this honestly for me if the course you know horses do the same thing they are the most like people that animal on the planet and if they're not thinking they will run right off the cliff to their own death in the resent it with people i think people need to be a little bit more aware and a little bit more angry than i and i say this said to me say this time to grow as set everybody it's time you know it's time to you know buck up up your game worthy adults were supposed to stand in front of these people who are harming are children are men are women it's about our economy are are you know our economy are business and truly leaving us without defence or their you know trying to record supply are energy supply keep us warm in the winter none of these people are on our side i hope that people understand and meagre as we need to get angry angry angry at the energy for change i look at john walsh is a finding example that unfortunately he lost his son adam missus redcoat adam comes from many years ago when he was kidnapped from a grocery store while with his mother and they believe they know who murdered the little boy but for a long time they didn't know and still a bit one can have some doubts about what actually happened but he went to a bear because he realized that there was something going on in society that the lies were not investigating to napping so children properly there will unite in place to protect them he went to congress they went to the public now we have a whole organization for this we have national programs we have statewide programs we have emeralds and a rod that is due to him one parent who got angry i do feel sorry for him because he has so much anger in his life or at least he did i read a couple of his books but he did something about it and i admire and respect the and i think we're a lot of people are stuck right now is there stuck in a little bit of a path because they don't feel that anything is going to change while in your stock in what i call the fact away if you're looking at this government and fame well maybe if i just keep on trying to do the thing that we've always been trying to do and try to be left good people and maybe things will change not going to work in the desert these are contract services and administrators providing antenatal service they are not americans they are not patriotic actors and that's why they acted in a clown shall only this properly is intended and i call you down on the bridge there because you recognise the power of weasel in a lawful assembly and people realize how much power they already have somethin the first the show the power we look people realize the power that we have when we get together and we disagree and we say we do not consent when we are agreements and say this will happen no more we're going to tell you what to do better and if you don't we're going to get rid of you in simple perfect that that's the process as that and i am sad to donate a is gone assessing the runway before election i will drop her like a hot bottle to and you know what an i everset for you for that because i think that that's that's our rarity is to that is to make decisions not because we're told how to do things but because we have a brain and we think through our issues and or you know hopefully we come on side of people that are willing to to to stand and say well i think first of all i get you know sidonia person first see if there's a misunderstanding or see if there's something that you can resolve between the two of you and if that doesn't work then you go to a larger a larger assembly and say we have a problem here and that absolutely is the process we have everything we need to put this nation back in the constitution the constitution the structure it gives us he gives us the way to protect our rights a keeps government and check the constitution is there to constrain the powers are government and that's where they've that's where they've gone past that into use or patient of their jurisdiction i mean they have gone so far past what any one in the government was supposed to do it's incredible and like i said i say again i will love it any one that sitting in in lancing except one and i'm only seeing that for for for one reason is guilty of treason and should be investigated and tried for treason they all went along its go along to get along and now the voters have the same ability to make that choice are you going to go along to get along or are we going to take this nation the republicans held the house and the senate same time we had a democrat governor and secretary of state and that we all want to plan witmer and nasal and base but gesa all of them not one of them stood the whole is corrupt what i was going to say the other day you've got you've got a three executive or the three branches executive letters later judicial this amberlance level in a litre letter agencies are grew up lacerations of corrupt large and all of them but a lot of large all corporations of the now learn that our school boards are corrupted a lot of these places are infiltrated by foreigners i hippopotami that and lastly now i think this last one is laid is good not last i hear is the party this is more impersonal so it's harder for people to follow that but look at what the d has gone to what they haven't done you make a great point both parties have failed the people abysmally the people have got to realize there is another branch besides those three we have a people emigrate when we use that grand jury we have more power than the supreme court imagine a world where we the people are in charge of the government settler way around and i know god and he recognized this and this is what you're trying to help people with the power weatherbee is an amazing and incredible and we've seen it already we seen glimpses of it we've got a aheethanaran i hold let you are the bridge to make you a happen the power needs of the and the government needs to be returned to the people not we the politicians not we the government but we the people in assembly have all the power and resent lot more further of course with that not of course a well it's one nation i mean go back to the documents and and even the fledgelings it's one nation under god indivisible so i had somebody asked me a diversity question yesterday which i like i'm so down with us you know i've got a black indian child right and i'm like you want to talk the version you come over and have dinner with us and find out how how absolutely absurd this is all of this is just a way to divide anathematising the slow if you were a were you going to eat crow some day you know i didn't get mad i didn't sit there and scream and yell for you know equal rights or forces person what to do i just went to somebody else and you know when my success at started going up when i go back to them we ate with our money you know and just move on i mean people are spending so much time fighting these ridiculous causes to change people's minds in a change your mind you can't change sir some one's mind and till you know unless by force we might by education as such or actually jumping in and having a multiracial family you know in actually doing something instead just talking you know you might be a break down some of these preconceived notions if they even exist no people that i know could care less about them i have never had any girl province with man you know when i listened to these i listened as snowflakes jump up on their little platform and just prove how weak they are because they're asking for favor well if you really are all that all that you bellston on your own without having him somebody give you pity point and i that's exactly what it is it's like anybody pity and me or given me you know pity points for being a female and but on the same token i don't want to have you know it and insult to me to have to have men competing in a women's sports because you know what this is this is an absolute denial of reality it on my you know i power lifted when i was younger i did power lifting and i would do about four hundred and sixty two raps a work out six days a week plus about an hour hour and a half cartoonist bility to work out you know pretty pretty significantly and in my best day and this was a competition jim on my best day i could never be i would say you know percent of the guys that were in that jim and the one that i could best would probably had asthma or he can help i mean the worst reader just created differently right and animal and we should be okay with that because it's not that one is better than the other it's that were different in that okay you know it's like it's like we should be celebrating each other's individuality instead of trying to take it away and put us all in boxes where where we can categorized and say oh that is well that's not given the full picture of who a person is that person may be way marmore complex and you may be missing the most significant portion part of what that person truly is and it's unfortunate when we can arise people and or try to put them in a box truly creating barriers for them as an individual person to be who they really are in its unfortunate nobody has the right to determine that and so i find it disgusting the whole thing is the whole thing is nonsense when you when you bring it to the logical conclusion it is absolutely craziness yeah it's all being too weak in her society and make us completely incapable of fighting back yet you know what one of my favorite things is to say so my husband is a man's man's man or an he's guy he's definitely young i am like bring on taliesin i mean that gale stop in front of a bus to protect his family you know i mean i mean our our guys are so amazing but are women are so amazing too you know and the different things that got builds and all of us are beautiful and inspiring and it really has been for me a good time campaigning in meeting not politicians people the people of michigan are absolutely beautiful wonderful and and i i can't even i can't imagine changing what i'm doing right now meeting people is its just and gathering together of of of all of us you know we the people is just beautiful and we don't always have the gree on everything we're never going to agree on everything but we can come together and listen not for response for learning and learning about that person not just to you wrong you know that's the common that response reverdy is i got argutis had to be right i got to sit at the top of the keep the right and it's like well why you know maybe you're just learning about what that person has in their heart or their wisdom may be you're going to learn something you know maybe we're going to learn something or a new way of thinking about things that we've never thought about it before and i selibrated that i love it with somebody says something i disagree with or that may be i have a different opinion you know it's like it unless her just be in jerkwater just doing it to tea people do you know there's a difference there but to have a active conversation is healthy it can aventures as unfitting here listening to you last five minutes twice i have been thinking of martin luther king junior it is each one called the drum major in state if i have that right in a while major in if you get a chance go in and listen and listen or you can read it it's a great speech that he did about how most people mayboy on a lot of people have it astrogate first yes i was first but he says he should be first in the reality first in faith first in service and we should strive to be first and all these good things and not eagles insuline or heart mine yes we sinecures woman who was then a which is first and the other thing that i was thinking about his enlistment you is golconda that a body has multiple part my hand can't do my yolande i knew it my fancied but when all those parts come together they become a prettiest lenity on a good day but we antony we can be on balance but if we all get together and realise that there are many different types of people many different personalities many different skills i perspectives filters and how people that some people are in a more emotional level i tend to take in an emotional way there are other people who don't think in terms of really an emotional state of their more mathematical or critical there all a blessing when we come together in the assembly and i've seen it work veritatis a beautiful thing is a law in the assembly so it's gratis and i think like you say the people of michigan were not anear you tenderheart curiosity that we are the second darkest state in the union as were one of the cold ones we get a lot of snow and ice still here for a reason were pretty tough were proof i think we can baronetcies to brag a lot about how to they are but i give in offences you know we worked in texas and such in its like i give anyone a run for their money to come here to michigan and see how well that just hould you know he had beltoft come up here i wanted to king back to a point that you may if like why people want to be first and i would i would like to insert the fact that there's something called an orphanage mentality so like i adopted from an orphan and what what you see when people are in an orphanage where they're basically left alone to compete but they don't have appearance per se and their just like one of the herd they have what's called an orphanage mentality than what that is as they try to crawl on the top of each other to get to the first of the line because no one will watch out for their best in and you can really see it in action especially like you know i've lived at i've led it when it's very easy for me to pick this out in other people to spot that orphanage mentality our entire nation suffering from ornamentally right now because of the way you know to a search a certain degree i mean there's some people that don't but over all its very very prevalent in some of the reasons why as because we shoved our kids in the density who which really are nothing more than indoctrination instead of celebrating their individuality they wanted everybody to give them the right answer they want them to go along to get along and so the way you play the game and that of corporate america is to climb on top of other people to get to the front of the line and that is a huge huge problem that we need to heal from when we see that sort of thing or even narcissism true narcissus begins with with the action of have not having your needs not when they're usually under four years old so it is it's not just a people to throw that term around but it really shows their ignorance of what it really is and it is a person who has lost the ability to have a and it comes from very very early in life when you see some one who actually is having a struggle in that way you know jesus sat at best as that it's easy to love people the tree you will really different difficult is to love someone who is difficult or who is actually treats you poorly doesn't mean you accept the abuse in any way shape or form you have to realise that these people are it is truly a sickness and they been they've been all so their struggling and so jesus suddenlike you know pointed someone who sick and as christian our job is to bring peace in the situations to bring healing care of those people who are wounded or who are afraid or who have never experienced love now not that every one's going to be able to accept that there are some people that are that are ruined that are ruined and i'll say its ruin you see somebody who can who can chop up a baby or a child which happens that is a ruined individual whose lost their grasp on reality and i don't think you know or or repeat rapists or something like that they probably do not have the ability to be rehabilitated there's a point where they jump over a line and rehabilitation for person such as that can only come from direct intervention from god himself the there's nothing humanly possible that we can we can do to save most of those people except for to keep them away from others who they will hurt again that they will not stop and but but realized that that we've got a lot of people we are in that orphanage entity across this nation who think they need to crawl to the top to get attention to be to win and that's not how it's done at all and you're absolutely right go to those things which are good and have a higher purpose then then the things that may be we see in or with her human eyes and and i think there is going to be a a huge area i opening experience people actually understand or meet people that have a servant's heart rather than a predatory heart that will that will lay their lives down for them in order that that they do well and i think we're right at the precipice of truly going main stream so that people can see this wholly godless society follow and be replaced with something that truly puts god back in place and we become once again one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice is specious ameenoolla why tell you what it's a wee on you for about an hour and fifteen minutes and i just want to i think we're going to do we're going to do care in the riveter thursdays we've got to do tuesdays and because i really appreciate karen's perspective as well as her ability as a bee researcher i would like to give you a an absolute hat tippers because you are very impartial which i really appreciate you make things prove out before you will even mention them and if people want a good news source go to care in the reader she's on telegram and you can go to my channel because i do repose some of her staff and a check her out because we have to have better news sources and better sources for information and carinas my support for what she's doing i believe she is a woman of incredible integrity and i know her personally now we got to know each other through this process of of taking back america and a mantel you what i'm grateful to god that we have her standing with us as americans this nation back in th that's what i have to say so i will post her channel on on my telegram channel please take a look at what she cost she is rock said dat on and over the target one hundred per cent of the time and if if there's ever if there's ever anything that she has to clarify she will come forward like the person integrity and truth that she is and make sure that it is it is clarified and i appreciate the i consider you i consider you a dear friend at this point in time and i don't give that out to many people that designation is a dear friend but i'm proud to stand with you and i will always be proud to stand with you oh that's very sweet and you so here i have a good friend a mutual friend of mars to remind me from time to time that really i should say this more often out loud that the credit is given to god so all of the skill and the training the compromise past or coming to parisian to day and an who knows what's left in the future but but i'm an insurrecto also had to make a choice you have those skills but you also had to make a choice a tough time to stand with integrity and honour and that that's what i really appreciate so at this point how but we say a prayer and then what come back next thursday if you ever want to see what karen's posting you're invited to come to my telegram channel which is a brandenburg for middleton or you could read it some of it on my chin so anyhow dear hevenly father thank you so very very much for all the unique abilities and talents that you've given each one of us celebrate each individual not as a category not as a party not as an ideology but as a person created in the image of god and yourself and were just so grateful for each and every wonderful beautiful soul out there please let every one know that they are not alone that all they have to do is ask in your right there with them were thankful were what was accomplished at the cross that we can go directly to you and have that relationship directly to you as our father our lord and our saviour counsellor provider or banner a rescuer in our best for so much for this opportunity to come together and to come before you this day and every day we love so much have father we just love her so much and we hope that we honourably you with every thought word and precisely a man so karen have a great day to day and a godless you i'm going to go do this right it is in every show demeaning thing all right then you'll please go to brandenburg for governor dot com you can also go to a brandenburg news network because we're going to overstep all of these controls social media nonsense platforms if they decide to censor were just going to move outside of a make morelove and we can cantate have the power to move in different directions if we are salted and or attack whether any of our are right given by god and guaranteed by the constitution or by another individual that may be a salting or attacking you on a personal move into a different direction and it's okay you have the right to do that there's many of us fighting for you behind the scenes in some of the affront of the scenes and we want to let you know that you are loved you are valuable to not only this world and each one of us but to god almighty and you are precious beyond what words can say we are fighting for you for all those things that you hold dear for every good for every good thing and we just want to let you know that you are not alone if you are sad if you're depressed reach out to some one to day because some one will be there to help you and first foremost reach out to god you will bring everything to you that you need in times of trouble you can find me also at brandenburg a number for me that telegram and i'm the only one that post there so if you're talking on telegraph to my my actual channel out there i never speak about it that coin and i never give financial advice out on telegram ever ever ever ever ever so if you see that you can always call this number six one six four four one zero and i want fact one and confirm whether something is real or not so anyhow there you go and just see you know you're very love and god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america will see you an to morrow i'll be on i'll be an tomorrow and my travel schedule is changed a little bit satiable to be connected technologically and so so i will be back to be an engine going on a regular basis thank you care so much levities and will say to extort and and here love that flag