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Published July 17, 2022, 1:30 p.m.

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to court after the first lawsuit we got into the federal law suit and i mean to my mind to tell them adopt republican party is and and i was going to jump off because you'd already to offer i away way way back the opportunity to run on the u s taxers party in a and my decision to go with republican party as was battles never really affiliated with any political parties i've always found conservative that's what i got it always and but i have didn't really know anybody within paris is and you know what i am going to prosopopeias chances the amount of orders there however when at ten ragtown to the republican party can do nothing for me i had done nothing for president trump it done nothing for all the other candidates they were picked up we and utterly that he candidates that they want to run who are basically going to follow orders and and i attentive never been one to follow orders from from someone who i consider to be if that going to be thrown a good research as the returning the government back to the story this is that a righteous cause a lawful process a return to government in fact by the people other people by people in for people not exactly what i intended to when i ran my intention was to get on the boat as an american now is a republican redemptor whatever label that they wanted yes but as an american because i'm a smashed to apart we are divided divided by by you know a hundred different ways the taiwan here you know and in so many different ways is not even so we have to get back to me in a united country where were standing together to find actions right now the honest truth is as we have a unitary the republicans the democrats are working together and they have no interest in the people of michigan the american people whatever they could care less and when you start looking at and following the money you can see exactly what they're doing and what their priorities so i think that it is good to ask all the questions and he really smart idea ever want to get their answer i see while go back to the twenty twenty election we know to do everything palace right that in so that everybody has their questions answered and that we restore faith in our election what i'm seen out there no one has faith in the election unless the only the only color express fate in the election or like a loyalist which was the rich all american revolution that the parishes the loyalist or making money off the which would be our elected and unaffected unless who are getting paid a chapter they're the only ones as they all whereon was honest it rested by us at like you've got to be getting what part of it was honest because i'm not seeing any of in a altalaat the time rain and what happened with the ballot so that everybody knows exactly what have why yeah were turned down supreme court and the photograph had my constitutional right of how why my decision fight on and i would have fought on it by the the last you know the last drop o not like her at it's a matter there was no law process by none not from beginning to end it was all made up it was made upon the fly and i think i think it's worth thinking about his best or the peace let it he peopled the pay checks who are supposed to be active in our best clearly or not clearly running the show to get the outcome that they desire loosen that we have a choice when in fact we have not and it was rigged feet they started reading the twenty twenty two election right off the bat when delegates we have a butter availed that are talking about what happened delegates and how that was it was already it it was already beginning at the present level at the state convention level the whole thing for the republican party so why would i have any oil the groenland or an organization from the top not not my fellow publicans myself ilaria my head water anywhere disconcert it's not that i don't have oletta where my loyalty but a corrupt political party founded in the billions and billions and billions of dollars rosalind money by a significant fact yea he the seid more no i'm constantine i'm not going buonamano the reason that people can say whatever they want to say but when i've got to i've got different candidates had changed the change their statement penitente talk to proof his right there if they're not consistent and not have one minute to say one thing one minute say the next thing i've got a problem with i have a problem with the fact that there are some illegal strongholds that were done by the aid i thought my old eyes i've got through folded it and in the combat to this if if i had been on an illegal stradwick i was not because it would even say my name and i was there they knew i was running number of twenty twenty one i was disposed from that one i was also a discontent only one the pick of candidate however on a legal strophe i would have said get me off or make it honest did not so we have it we had a reprover and inserted just because somebody doing headlines such as had lines like organic mass mandates were going to fight the state other thing while he really well that doesn't impress any real constitutional issues and how to bring a state back into a proper proper a lineman with a constant the talking about but there never getting to the core of the the fact that that we are not going to solve this by regulation in the science renovate rite were going to work gootabella so this spotting our boarders were going to save the bygoing back to the every time make your suit talking about state already the constitution a state unlike arguing that is the one fact that we have a moral people we start chipping away at that cost we will never get the name and baini don't care what anybody says about it that has to be done only when we have a more a people not of upper which actually wants to we can't manage the one have right now so why would we why don't we start money in the waters instead of picketing in the obvious proofread right now i'm never i'm hearing nothing from any of the other candidates about going back to the constitution in any meaningful way they want to talk about vaccines they wanted talk about mass mandates part of it it's all part of it but until we we got out and clipped the source of this problem there the communist that have infiltrated the state are going to come back in a somniferum way that it is never going to be service is of course there there are significant they have grown all of her life to a halt but they grow to a hall the constitutional issue and invasion of our rights can't say i'm going to stop messmate and i'm going to stop here vaccination great what are they going to come back here if we don't fix the rest of it there they will come back with something else one about you know one on a poison pietro from a bideabout three million of them that they can throw at us and till we get rid of them the boy is and pills in which all come down to violations right ancestor in there and get rid of all the and crimes against against humanity cried to people of michigan in a united states there may keep coming back we're going to have to prosecute and i said from day one i used to run in companies i used to ride romancers who is great at making tell me clean the self and the corruption out of this it's never going to get any better i have my my first job that i intend to do as i have a list an hundred and i plan to see fire within the first ten minutes being of taking off he has to happen and it's going to goeree going to continue to cut back the regulation cut the unconstitutional laws that are out there give a handle of the money and where the money is going and clip their wings so that they can ever ever do this again this anastasia perpetual state of economic warfare and you know we talked about this many times even i do a lottery search about six to eight hours a day and i can do a tremendous amount of variety i write i've written under many names over the so that there's actually a lot of late different subjects that down in the cotoneaster also to bring the truth not the face streamed which is what were mostly but bringing the actual i found in a last makers i found the city shack as rose nothing on the highways of the rose for what almost four years now and all a sudden whiteridge off or behind and start start doing rodenstein hoping that we will forget her failure for the last four years of doing anything unless redingote i came to i was cross and amasuadelo you know i work in construction i know what the equipment is that i'm looking at so i put my canon the dance for we had twenty miles said rob four lads of barrels the barrels were about thirty feet apart and they went on for twenty miles and i think i had a grand total of about a hundred and fifty yards construction equipment in the media and it was laetitia was not a thing that was going to give up for any job although he may be a auto leaning out of a sewer line or something like that it's not an it wasn't roach twenty miles of so over twenty miles without many barrels my question is got the barrel cut there's nothing going on except a marlin put out there to give us in a wooden that something is being done to inconvenience so then when they did start road cost when they do they shut down to five the inner changes here on the other side of lancedale i counted five in that ere the right there the sometime down on one six two where they shut down interchanges two invenient to really make us believe that they're getting something done but nobody wants to talk about it it's going to be so for money where is the state might be it is it's all about allusion and and for making people believe they're doing no from west week was as a hundred million dollar bite path woot in detroit dandelion dollar bite at senile three billion dollar a mile for a white in michigan of all may be what in months it of the air made me maybe eight months out of her depends on how hard he people are and we can't fix the old so with our basic services are being ignored to go into their trap their pet projects and that that's really shows the lack of confidence or company but i solicit happened with the prelections to answer us she had i do as a eolian all as a the oftener and to tortoise the actualities one idealisation other totantora you know trotter i was in economy my section here will see what keep trying to get it to go and stay on so what happened is when i diantha i decided okay i would astrogating wright right and correctly was much oversight as i could build into because i knew that whoever after him with twenty two election and previous one an absence she they were that we were going to try to get ahead of the most marrow is martino so we knew in undecomposed signatures that were going to be good for more they would in an item or whatever but so we decided to hire a not only when we collecting myself and the volunteers but we decided to hire not one signature gathering companies in order to help the other but more than the reason why you use those companies is because of a voter terrific they they have access to all they are access to software i do that so they actually can tient the signatures and go back or senorita actually cross all that clearly didn't make me he that did make the cut so we decided to do that just for an extra later of checking so we start gathering signatures and were going along really well and we turned that we started to ring the men returned the first batch animal april for there was not thousand five hundred signatures we turned in on april turned the last batch and on april nineteenth and that was eight thousand signatures in the gave a side aftertaste and we we i asked him i said how know here on the battle detonate right and oh don't worry about that right they don't runabout that will call you if they're so pro as they had five days to respond to us so we get out there and we start camping things are going great there's no challenges there's no issue of any questions so we are on the battle of things the doing good but there was absolutely no no notification what campion i often the up on the one weak and on the twenty third of may we can before the two and in the twenty two twenty third of may and all of a sudden my friend stark calm looks like you of the belt what happened and in panic and in supporters as the ballad iverything to spidery thing perfectly and refined not commotion out the only note of occasion that i do and that it was from the media and then it was seen unsafe between the border election and the board of an that was my real the old men notice i had the word came and the board a board of elections so i'm like well i guess we'd better head for home and full things together because i got to see what we need to do they also schedule a hearing treadwater on the twenty now and go back to something because in the and what they said is that suspected fraud and when they started through on the front row trocadero it was just balancing it on the twenty twenty election that is not the way you go on the legal in the legal path for any one that once your fight number one it's a legal term to be proven a quart a lower it is defamation so they started through and croton like a like confetti and never spend with he never called witnesses by by trial in the media it was all the sudden fraud dolly we only have real troops that they ever looked at and there were only two who in question on my re twenty seven thousand five hundred so we come home and they got it was blessed with two wonderful attorneys that kind of hope up and were very helpful we go to meeting on the higher understand i've got armed with a stafford and which said that in a turned in seventeen thousand seven hundred seventy eight in fact turn in twenty seven thousand five hundred because i knew they were so slidestanders my my tourney starts to it may hurt him as they went leimann you know the weight of this and the accusations that were going on there we did not in wooden able to have a full well our attorney so they cut them off and they loved the ball at me and my reaction was as what it to do and i say sitooated what did you do with my extra ten thousand how can you as waddle and he he said for it witichis he wouldn't give us an answer refused to give us what happened with ten thousand from the count so let took after we were done we lashed but and on the dorcases it was a too too and he threw us all off a deadlock in any vote anywhere you have the preponderance of innocent and we should have been left on the ball to on that alone they throw a soft hat been deadlocked invoke so there's there's so many things that were done and there is not even were oratorian we decided that while we're going to go and soon the street put her case together it was a very expensive case and i have put document outdacious their gun right after file insure court all the sudden there's an affidavit that comes out from jonathan trader and it rudliche time store novel that after missus brandished and be that there was ten thousand in i decided to go back is jonathan greater to the office and my work the launch so he went into roarers are for among and there was nothing he so i instructed every one to search further and they went back in the office and landed in another room there was a box which appeared to be nominating and there was what appeared the misty now in paraclete found them after we smiled in for the interfere they were wanted to lay down and and go away so it was i was kind of ethical it was on the stand to identity they were talking about not having titians and greater not answering as that okay i knew that you guys were going to be odoroso we took two full copies of the nomination as well as the affair every single person in the word stand up and they were like they knew that we could so we were all the missions supreme court argued eric diction they didn't argue the full pay and basically took the coward's way out and denied the one remedy without an exeat that is unheard we settle no filiberto so we filed next a federal or and that was interesting the judge better port and er very after why have them because process constitutional rights et cetera were all violated and if they violated on one of us they can violate all was in that's why i felt what a worthy fight so after that little opinion out she gave the benson the state direct action jonathan rader and the entire board of canisters five days to answer to answer her her opinion they did and immediately immediately after that shake off from the word of camarine as to me i but what a figure out why now no but when the judge comes back and said your rights were violated but you know one is too late because because because because absentee and so so we are still in port on a federal level because they're still some issues that we have to resolve in order to set a when these people start five and their doing dirty deeds over and over dale cannot lay down because it you either get in the game to see it to the end or you should never get in the game to i got in in the rector's governor state of michigan his i want mysie i want all the nonsense planetside that's all i want i can be shoehorn he and the anathema cup of coffee i don't need any more than that i had tremendous success over my life but i got in this cause i won't mistake and when you get in a fight like that so then after her after you know i have never hereward came down on other interests but i had made up my mind to tell the shaft and jumped in the party our you is already offered so that was that was i wish i would ask for my own sake i should have discontent one i really do think that it was a valuable it was a very valuable process to go through because now i can talk it but criminal or of people complicity in the lesson if electioneering that's going on within the political parties and one an absolute sham there they are being funded by big interests by large corporations families that were resided within the and you know they want they want to make the boy mediation now we've got sore to which are working with the politicians the world economic had for right here in michigan but they're not doing this alone there are a thorowout of the that are working this thing together and almost i am between grass the amount of money he patroling round and were their going but that's okay just like taking that the copy copies of the nominee petitions that okay were to agree search and were getting to the bottom and we're going to stop this money legates people have on the state and return it to interstate as a bus as a return who are the people who are paying taxes we've been brainwashed the thinking that we have to pay taxes and they go into the place the black pool of nothingness that we never know where they go never know what you know there really truly going for well you know what they should be going back to people that are pantages in ordaining that benefit or the it has to be something which the government is involved in which is allowable just because somebody wants a pet project we have to get the government out of our lives and return not only the power but that you know i allow people business is i've got a question so when we look at im an even say the car because i'm going to be digging down on something that i feel is really important in that connection or for motor company and and the history behind the i you haven't dug into this a lot the people that are in charge here in the united states the roots are to say the there involved in some very very serious and wrong cries and it's been going on for a long time and we are going to be taken down into this so what the foretasting about why are we regulate the production of cars why why is it that somebody must assay we've got you know like like a laetorius golden hours in his grace if he wants to be but the car anthood habitat you could do a reproduction car a while back but what they never aloud because they are allowing us how he had the ideas doesn't even know work for us at our all of the stuff they have no right to tell us in the close down so that nobody can go the car and the reason why it were doors pass the admissions centavo crash but well if you can't pass the crash testudo deceleration you can't get in sure you can't get insurance you can't get a place therefore the otto at the utter industry has got this thing locked up with the insurance agent are the insurance industry into a nice tight little packet sure industries are the ugly set steps all the central banks they're all working together and they shut down on de take in a dedication when each other scott a stout and a beefeater thing that all of this stuff gathered up to a great big on all of nature about answer the big tree and of money or soared poor and defenceless they want to take our guns away to tilford in defenseless they can take over our business a bank of property and property tax you don't on your property because that's a and that means a lot to we need to have a tremendous amount of tapeworm and in retaliate out of our business it all comes down removing the government and constitutional and criminal overreach in there in their community take over to establish control this is what it's all about so it's going to take somebody who has incredible management skills to pull this off when we look at the national debt the national debt is about i think it's about thirty trillion dollars right now i'm not even concerned about that as much as the unfunded liabilities which is about a hundred and fifty nine troops and nobody wants to talk about that nobody's talking about these big issues they may not have the knowledge or the skill to understand how to work and or they may be part of the system that trying to hide i senorita i congested to make her child he was a far and frisonnette i overtired buataranga unwearied tertullian ostentation that good attention the they they don't understand that they are the real people the people are oatmeal reference rises the the these people the dinner she insincere if you as and now that door tensely for containing the nature the loneliness in a he in my inattention she had to aesayatyenenghdon or i tore what other than you know the main stream antepenultimate he is a all of the cases the country localities unsweetened over twenty million interactions of mine last week a wall when the big support that we have and nobody wants to talk about it on matriarchate me because i'm an get in there and there the same and i know that in cominetto and where tarawera in honest marchetto in i've been you know getting out of the legal part of it were going to set in up so that i can sit up category face on what people want talk about in what an so i can take the back so that when i get on the ground running as governor i can make sure that the will of the carried out not the will of the really import so he overtaking to an imp a lot of people generally is still supporting me even though i asked him i said i like signorelli an party said the crow and i said will you if i don't to the constituted will you will you follow me and he said i followed now to part perfect to support and and people that were glad to see to jump off these these parties we out of animation interactions that we have so like a wet cold put i hesitate i was running the constitution we had over million interactions of that within less hours by amazing it were an millions an millions an next closest chantaboun where were far authoritatively that definitely on a couple of metric sirach higher than a man at when you look at that he made his charity lay and i think she said and the next closest governor candidate is in about three hundred thousand martin real hard to hit one thousand mais streamed not going tell you that so well asura the responses that people have on what i'm doing out there we trainante neutral ninety eight the answer i got back last night was nine eight said offences cornerly passed millions and millions of people that are are interesting there are the very positive and people are saying will leave in the party were going to follow down so it's like letting he we he is pale you elaine some can i mean as aerial why you goose notion a ball he you wondered internationalized estenega tastes these parthenogenetic by way isolation to a seat as tito i reciprocated i was then she never gotten again oh she decided i was the and alabaster and the party is the people's party and when i went to the mines and i met people within the party there not just talking there not in it for power rather anastase in love the nation and they want to leave a legacy in the for our children if refuge eration it's not about dominant them getting more more more for them or no teriieroo going up it for this is the last stand we are not going to at this motorcar by comines by self centered nurse and so on reaching calais we are going to wear boy to give all we have got a fairly and in order to in order to preserve the great gift that god given we were given a wonderful opportunity in the united states to have a right given by god person foremost and guaranteed by the one the most sounding stand and be defended because they are what stand i between us and the tyranny that has always existed on this plan is planted is always in bad guys that the top to do evil than because they want more more more they want to stop on the rights of others because it's all about control now this is about getting together and lived as the american family defend each other and being there as to protect each other against this type of evil interior i like the fact that they had the constitution party believing said and less government decentralization and also radical coagent is most are alike parties the constitution without without all tree anything tarascon men the second amendment for example is as i believe that we should have constitutional there's no care plus i don't believe in registration because the bad guys habits bad guys they're going to have weapons if you want to come upon in firearms whatever you want to call they're going to use those firearms for a bad purpose there a good be registering them they're going to get them so the only people that are being penalized are actually laid america so why are we doing the work were put to hold on those tantaene us all without a i believe even constitutional carry but furthermore i support and push credit for the purchase of firearms for ammunition as well as firearms important and i will also he michigan a man meant constitutional amendment out of this state treat the state as its own nation when imports and exports and we can actually create exports for the state like a country so that there is there is a monetary for the products that are produced here which is also a good stimulation for our hero or our businesses in her industry that that olinthus anyhow i think it be if we do that then we can take the eighteen of the federal agencies like the terrestrian ization the biri now because look at all her set up and they have another have done so much entrapment they needed get out and if they crossed the border of michigan i believe altitude as we need to arrest them just like you would with an invading army set the national guard there whatever meeting they are we don't need all this monument to return to school back to our command anything that challenges the same to the human life we sow can detract and we to protect god's creation the life that he has put into his point and from conception to grave a national i should say from conception to master natural death that needs defended without backing down but when i say that too i think the next two words out of people's mouths are well i do to help an unfortunate man that's got into a bad set he but we be there for people who are in themselves in a situation which they would not chosen to be in and if we if we start actually prosecuting a prosecuting criminals who are rapist and or guilty of rareness and native another shot again the destroying some one else's life for choice that they had made i think you you know enforcement while would be a wonderful start to tannis problem order security or security to the rule so like i listened talk about mordecai and all imperialistically but they don't do anything they're not to be anything well we were actually on the board one of our companies was on the border working to president in that incantation of the wall so there are i don't have a lot of i don't have much respect for politics and on and on to tell everybody what to do but they are not willing to do anything or they haven't done it they haven't done anything it's shocking to you had have the actually held a job a real job they have had to write paychecks they have had to ah you know take care of their employees you know where there's been times because you know we can treaties we've not always had that because we built our businesses are settled we didn't get him hand into a aegisthus just hard work in the pantries gone without a check sure that our employees were paid to keep your life take that something that many a poetic i say most in him never done because they're just sanatory to figure out how the scamandrian they never really cared about and understood how important as good jobs are to keep the families that work for to a a i pass they were i tolistoboies and another he is he too i am a ireton and i the i nomernate anaesthesia is for some at the asolando come all the international the party retained i tried to idiotically to keep by shallow to catiline ontario he soon i cantered and allowed editorials that and got as besought we were anatomical to them abolition when he came up and i do millionaire he had as an alien soon are any at his atelier the waiter animosities on the literature it is completely intra tatiana at atlanta so it hekatontarchs identically in are i have had one serious only enter a restitution aboulcassem i mentioned and in eagerness and began to pat ariabignes people no more realise lootenant rangership senorita that we have just leaving a forth poor we pineapple effie infiltration the hilarity of his everyone by atotarho people for the people and to people at country and castanado and let the lassie germanisation fiendishly being the mightiest materialisations i orontobates does come analytically we will be able to do this treatise is gone to i americanising to detail all patience and the poisonous bite at the mine monastery suliotes dilettante alabaster you know intimation you'll be overstatement agility the proposed to show when i bring that feminine waterplane had to come away he gave it to his solitary i say i almost unending ailie he i asininity in outfitting the contarino matter what anybody says holidays entreaties somebody else in his theories that means that we're doing something they were quite engineering things that were untrue to this week i had an article that came out that called me eleanore's room while you know i don't think billionaires betrayers and but i don't know i must have missed the portieres i never saw any evidence of the others to say to that i'd like to it everybody i know i write every single word on telegram or if i do all the post on the only one the post and that one is a grand the birds and number alianora brandenburg that bradford for by and by website is brandenburg honora you can find all my social media there is my true i don't do it on a stuff there but i am a true interminable here and set to and in viennese what i'm writing about who do quite a bit of of actual research looking for don he made it originate forefront of people know it truly going on and there the truth is actually very brutal in trying to decide how deep i want to get into the truth of what's behind everything and i may i think i'm going to start on my another labassandre proud pale under different i think i'm in start another blow up some some are truths there some longer research projects what's really going on behind scenes rather than sound bites and at the convention is going to be fun in rollicking forward to it and i hope i hope lots of people join us there to spend the day with us all i wearisome i foller and otranto the catechetical the manager was a dilapidated satyenawat so we always inherited the man of charitable so i now raise a spoon to place a satellite no bodily oh please and i like bidasari is montolieu and he has overthrown lepoletais her and here all to them fight the other wealth in literature and once you know you can never undo for information for you i body he answers for the people to the wonderful be timeously want finery and you know your supporters might forelooking couple of rent cameras her great talent every one a welcome any questions and interactions and that people want to ask and the forenoon were going to be hit the ground a little bit have my training in the deadly show armentieres to begin to do my heavenly so the oleifera people had also great or word this country is worth fighting for it may look a little a conventional but i'm pretty exsurgat was how is potrain war weighed three present to win and revolutionary war and i believe that we've got so many more people that are awake right now who want this name taken back to an heterography out of her who was good education for our child in nonsense artisans and types of classes that are more in line with couture marks him rather than that return a a that have returned for a children for the future stripping our children's futures away on a daily basis a bad house through our education our college the turned into little marks or nation that and we are going to have to come we're going to have to deal with some of the ore businesses are being not down some of it through the insurance industry which is trying to captain i can get into that line later because sure as a trojan horse we are going to have to deal with and i go farther than that but we've got a great start on it i have had lots of time as a problem solver in some who likes to find to act come forward with some real solutions to real problems that were facing so that we can and that this nation back to its position which i should be as one nation under god indivisible and organ to do that getting away from both party a criminal or friendly corrupt contusions but a corrupt two party which song for the purpose of it she grew and perpetuate it has nothing to do with us it has all to do when there perpetuating growing larger off the backs to be codeless about and we need to and that in back in that pre the looking forward talking to everybody to bless every one we be will be talking a lot in the future a sure and sounded you sara when i say a prayer usually under primaries i think that's a great thing i can tell you this morning that is heart broken that i really want to i may not want say a name but they don't who they are and there's so many people around the state were absolutely heart broken at what they what they are that i believe that we need to be looking for the opportunity that with people to give a hand to know that that their not let them know that their not alone that they actually we are good people that are not there to take advantage of it the actual carelessly part he got thank you so much for each every person who was here with us to day their created by you in your image and we are grateful for the gift of every single person that you have given us a thank you so much for the in the great work that he all the people that are on and with the use you tax payers pay or fighting return this nation under you to you and to benefit not not of its not about money it's about it's about the righteous liberty opportunity for all to live as you direct us to live not that on her her so much for giving us opportunities to forward to jump off i believe our corrupt as how my and hitler got in power was a blind loyalty to parties now open up people's eyes and rest this day knowing that you are in charge of that your will be done and that we stand and when you trust in your plan your plan is the plan we love you here much train the absolution it is of the isolation the tradition isolation i said it is a montalembert entreaties he anathematises began he lies earlier if your patron it is a basic aerolites and free mordecai it and into it memories wainamoinen then they are before all continued in exactly the theological hate so the people we are here for infiltration and show toad the iteration matinee i hesitated she josephine to latimer thing that he wanted to be sectional open nathaniel he into it is an ostentation and to my job templeton and all the free to come managerial attainder hollow all and she and it teatro and professor stretton fortunate and precipitate he bore you know there are staying antinomianism love he got into me and not right now and i'm going