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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 11/29/2022 - Tatar Tuesday - John Tatar

Published Nov. 29, 2022, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg it is november twenty nine two thousand twenty two welcome to a broadcast this morning it is a wee had any real interest in a couple of days and my guest today of course is john tater antidotes in a way a few minutes a letter but he got on here that i'll bring john an kiss we're going to go through the constitution and we've got several cases that were going to be looking at to day thou specifically things that people have been asking for us to go through so so we're going to do that i just mentioned to bring up welling people join her mentioning to bring up a few things that i saw that i wanted to talk about the brig john and for this i am getting some once again i i don't know where or deputies because welcome to our welcome to her or table of some tall talk here from thanksgiving first so morning down how you doing good morning have well well come to there today and happy approve so how a thanksgiving my thanksgiving was wonderful i loved one my family gets together and we only have one left the in the group the rest of us are on the other side there's a lot to speak about the left he doesn't stay too long the longer not until we start talking about other things than he decides it's time believe the lateness i don't think he knows any better oh karen that that that fair enough so i as we talked about this little bit before i came on line this morning and i think yes garnished class none can pederstone's i don't and pateera not your world classon consider so i wanted to talk a little bit ungovernable she got that down to it i turned it down can you hear me i can and i took her out to weather racket going on okay i'm a atoacan worth with duty if we can't get the sole but at any rate my morning niabon of ah i wanted to talk about what happened yesterday at the board of canvassers and i'm going to bring up non son because they not only did they not follow the law but they also had the main stream media in there absolutely screwed things up as bad as they could in the faint news was on full yesterday and i want to point out some things because i probably see things a little bit differently than you know i mean we all do we all see things little differently but i am a world class i really am in out in a lot of times all at people talk just because i want to think about i want to hear the way that they think not that i'm agreeing with them but i like to let him talk so that i find out how does this person actually think what are they doing so i looked past the normal and kindest i destination so we get in there and this this books that we have in the board of canvassers and the director of prelections johnson bratas there and tendonous is a pat yourself on the back club because that's what they do at it there and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk because i think they think that the more they talk the more we're going to believe they're not set that's what i see as it was nonsense they are like we want think everyone in the borders that work so hard on this thing and all the clerks and bloodless and it was it was just not since it was the pat yourself on the back club to every one and then they got on to her defender democracy and and democracy and democracy and democracy to the guittar into reinforce the nonsense and i should have done a democracy word canon his ridiculous his ridiculous presentation he is an attorney for the democrat party i think that the hewas and talk about an absolutely stupid presentation i mean when they start talking democracy you know their intelligence love right there and so i had it i really had to do it so the first the first thing i got up there i was like first of all it does not let everybody know that i'm not thankful for the work that anybody here dead because we all know that it was not a free and parecis and i've never spoken to one person that believes that who is not a paid for orator or somebody like this democrat attorney that of course as you know de funnyface got out they got all the candidates then illegally may i might add you know in lanchester sedately is canvassed that we a people up there who don't know the difference between the democracy and a constitution or republic which means is eruptive form of government and you know and i honestly they're not smart enough to be sitting up there in the seat and or their train ether part of destroying the nation and saw i i kind of ripon them so that i give this i get the allies comes must indoctrination propaganda machine like the rest of my because not a more good to news for the men the dress they all sat for news comes out well after we we got done talking about a tithe for it so the farmer was as that they qualified for candidates in a three minute say what was right so we had three whole minutes to convince them to de certify machine that are the election so myself and christina coronal and two other guys were from the trip the tapers party that got up and to and that was it the rest of a man one minute and had to go to public comment but that was it so i get up there and ambassadors having discussion back and forth and the nisgowan the audience which happens to be in the name and which is part of the propaganda they've got everybody that city and on the board canisters and picture looking for the sky that ended up getting moved and i am going to be i'm jumping around wilbur so anyhow whatever you back to the talk and be so i was the first one called up as the candidate with three minutes to and i went into the constitutional republic he had to do i would i would stop further i begot the thing repertoire back up to meditate the and in it some imitations i mirand the mistakes they made is that their calling me in this in doctor nation complete communist propaganda machine alive and they were calling me an ex candidate which is a problem because i have not conceded so i wrote this out on here and i've got a few more talking points but this is what i rode out on this nonsense this whole thing was a sham it was full of actors and actresses i really believe that to a huge degree and when i walked in the room it was kind of funny to see the people that were sitting up there on the stage because this was a stage and that before the cancers their eyes got real big when i walked into the room you know which i think it's absolutely hilarious and so anyhow i wanted to correct the only thing an then i'll tell you more but what i say is they basically said that the only thing i really talked about was disagreeing with election law which was nonsense i was disheartening was the fair that they didn't follow election long it wasn't the election that was the fact that none of them followed the election law policies and procedures to carry out a free interaction and i did tell him i said i'm not bangor anything i work you guys put in us and i'm not going to tell you young people because you failed to carry out a free and fair election and so why would i be thankful for that i'm not and i will say that again i am not thankful for that at all then the other thing they did right off the bat is after they went to their little pat themselves on the back to ship then they went to something else were they they started talking about all italian such a nice checkmate they sat the clerk of to be later on in this to be the stove the scape goat and he continued thus shot out the clerks in the present delegates and every one at the lower levels to be the scape scape goats for their failure and i called him out on this and i said you know you don't have to be a high level managers see what you're doing is that they set at the clerk's fault the county folk if they did not certify the machines they sat those clerks up to be their fall guys so in the end what they were doing as patentee and said all these are such nice people and blameable so that none of us question the clerk but the problem is as they were the ones the setting these clerks up to be the scape goat for the failures and in the failures from the state and what the state did wrong because people in their districts are not going to question these clerks because they know them well the clerk may or may not be part of it but the failure in management comes from the top and later on in the they said you know they came right out and said it cause i brought up the fact that the machines were not certified we had how many cars on the twenty twenty election that were not were using machines that were not certified that part of my last suit that i'm in with the american project as well as as well as the election integrity founded force a man that with those guys and that was filed on september two an de uncertified machines and i said to them i said i said you guys must interested how anon of us would want to use an atom was not celebrated so that we knew what a dollar was or what it wasn't they could put anything in there and kick out whatever in your expecting us to these stupid enough to buy into the fair that the machines were neither calibrated nor certified and then these well it's the clerk small in it the cones responsibility to have the surf so they just kept kicking the can do and i like i like you you can not have to be too bright to see that they're going to pin this on the clerks in the county for the failure and skate right on through there and use them as the shield for their crimes that they committed during this election and went right to serve so the dame siege each candidate for candidates they gave a stream minutes apiece to talk and then they set voted to certify the election before public comment they never listened to what the voice of white people they never included with the people they did not listen to me the people they went they launched right into it and then they accused as in sleeping misinformation unsubstantiated which we had three minutes to provide a case which we did call out as though the long one and then they just lifted and bolted without any one being able to have it voice heard was absolutely a shakespearian was the olive and he i mean my citation he stood up and started talking and he was a real positive when i was talking as such and there was a lot of people in the audience that was that were you know that were enjoying what i was saying about them and i told him i said said nobody's buying this i've not heard one person that believes that we had a free farolet because we didn't and were more smart enough to know that it didn't happen and furthermore i said you are being viewed as the atom of the people the people view the board a camisole actions and the people sitting in landing rightly so as the anemone people because they are and and so from their maladministration from their mouths from everything else that they've done that has been a complete and utter failure none of us in the private sector could ever get away with this level of confidence whether it be and or whether it's just because stupid i typically believed that its plan subversion of the united states is too much of it to be you know a concussion of the guides in the pitcher with the thrilling at i guarantee you he's a pinafore guarantee he stood up and he was making a whole lot of turn her micropyle when john is not meted okay so so i'm getting fed back from my reading the cat thank you so it anyhow no i and my unwary my microphone thinks there is any this guy is a bad actor i can guarantee you that he is a paid actor the caps that were standing up in front they did not act like one in actual cash with look like they set up in front of the group her metrusteth sat up in front of the group and they literally were acting the skies removal put him out on the street the guy was out on a street with a megaphone so he came prepared for his second day bob which was to sit out there on the street and create a whole bunch of of nonsense and i like i'm sorry i'm not buying it and then of course mijamid and the picture that they take of the room has this guisborough in the middle of the pitcher so he's easy to pick out causally at the category you know ideation say bob afore and so he is out on the street screaming and yelling after gets removed it is magione outside where the police took him out and i'm like going this is this is an act these people are acting there paid actors that were there and the guy was trying to size i don't know i'd say it's a good chance as he planned by some one to create a promotion and be removed could the gethin you might be but the police were acting they they didn't even you know you know how and you look at somebody you can look in the face and say that you know you read their body language and say i'm not buying this craft at all and so i'm watching a unfold going i'm not buying one minute to this crab that guy's an actor and so are the caps in their little shrahegan in their remove the sky who was a paid actor and or a provocateur that's in there and to sorenson just a case somebody has a label domestic there's so many people in all the parties that are paid actors or or agent provocateur in that that includes all the parties i don't just mean the democrat republican parties if you do a bad bruncheon these people you're going to find things and find out how dirty they are because their dirty i got to do a lot of times and it doesn't take a lot of research you know have to be a freak and genius to do it you just got to be somebody like me that little curious jump on laura look and see if they've got businesses and how many businesses in the structure of the businesses or their money money flow see what they've done see what the court case is that what they been accused of look at their backgrounds and find out if they are who they are how many aliases do they have there's a lot of people that hold a bunch of aliases and once you find those aliases and that certainly it lyddon a whole another path where you can find out all kinds of things that these people in the parties and or whatever they may be tied in with a lot of human trafficking beat with kids or adults to foster care adult foster care i got a lot of questions and any one that i have a question an i always passed up the chain because if i find something or other antonie me who are a little bit of super set we are not going to tolerate this crap and we will go and figure it out say discoors mountains in the life thing i was i am going to debate with that what the fake news sad and instead of calendae this is what i said as a curate you tousand twenty two candidate for governor of michigan who has not conceded to traders engagedness i am not an expanded in a current non conceding candidate who will not concede until all wrongs committed upon the american people are made right number one nor too i was not disagreeing with the election law i pointed out that they the state of michigan did follow election law neither did any of them on the board of canvassers neither did the refection and neither did secretary of state benson again nestled in durban whither was in on connecting of the software she came right out and said it that is it was behind the machines not by nintimate border canisters and their little marks as cohorts that were planted there continued to call this a democracy it is not it is a constitution republic a representative form of government and their job is to serve and represent americans which they failed to do this is not about my candidacy i'm just reading the one that's willing to stand up there in pungent the face until they get it figured out i don't mean really touchmenot i mean don't be stupid on me out their people in like you know i'm willing to get up there and put the facts in front of them and continue to fight and tell they either get sick o fightin a refined that chink in their armor or we get people of their dead behind to get up and join us you know it's great to say your patriot but if you're a patriot you better be willing to get up and do patriots stuff when the time comes and that doesn't mean hiding your combed your computer doing noumerous the step up and say something cause your frideswide oh my gosh that's not at patrishon free and fair number for they failed to run a friend far election and myself and others had one three minutes of peace one o three minutes speak it in the ashes a matter of national security because they're cut wapple out they don't want to hear what we have to say and they've done everything they can to cut we people so to make a case at present evidence on the colorado lection of duty to carry out not a selection they failed number five no not one county in the state had certified their machines the board of canvassers detestability by hanging their sponson clerks and individual counties from the failure committed at the state level craving a scapegoat out of the clerks for their own maladministration salute to donald williams passive meleese the the number six they allege that no one brought forth evidence but evidence was given including that compliance with the law in which meretrices were called out i also brought up connect or connect and which was the soft ware which witmer admitted to being part of the grant process in bringing concent michigan saying that they gave obtrude nicotiana ah ah ah for i think it's form or something i'll quote a later and there's about four agency the by brought badouine which with the election on the trees in a treatise of microphone that sees it works so at any rate the candidates and others were threatened by members of the board canisters in in so many words called the liars spreading misleading information and said that none of us should be taken seriously tony death we were absolutely being demand we were all wires and not release the case is this to silence of the titanic as a mother corsetiere was no true it was a rubber stamp or where we have the people of michigan suffered again suffer damage and the rights guaranteed by the constitution were ignored the boarding of cancers voted the certified the four had public came before we the people could be heard after threatening us our voice is didn't matter they are running michigan apart from the will of the people dereliction of duty sedition treason guilty as hell and it's time to call a people's grand jury and i called them out unlike as a matter of national security this is trees and and every one of them that touched that election is guilty of it guilty guilty guilty of it and we need to have this not then they silenced us they didn't have to investigate they don't have to take any for word seriously it was just just and rubber smith stamp this we do not want to hear from me the people was clearly heard and that hearing and furthermore there only there was only one elected official there that's ademar and he's a consulate from morn sideward and he was there addie was there there was no representation from the republican sham party the democrats sham party had their athanaton there just gantlets going to pass that we're going to pass it for the democracy of the macedonians doesn't even know what constitutes a republic so proved how stupid they are and then robber stamp but at the door you go people because we're just going to do what we've always done which is not listened way the people and on the italian what everybody out there should be furious at what happened there yesterday and now to motivate them in michigan thanks robert mihanovich development corporation is the one that that whitmore stood on the stage and absolutely said you know was part of bringing them in congratulating them creating so many jobs we justice like and they were all chinese they were all chinese and now we've got now we've got one point eight million election workers information personal formation in a nice little black mail package sitting on servian china and then the judges are like all turntable here we're not going to morning why cause he got protect each other it's all about protecting as other and yet michael bedelia yes he was paid actor and marandellas tomboys learning good morning michael bade tony john is he another another useless republican was not even a republican can coppin as people at the board of camusot's whither two republicans to doors anybody stupid enough to believe that any one of the pointed up there is anything more than a communist in full trader that was placed to a whole the cumulation of this nation in the state i'm not buying any of it so there you go there is my morning stupidity on what happened at the hearing yesterday so i just walked out and i'm like welcome to communism and a communist building who has been run by communist who does not care about we the people so there you typical behavior of the politicians public functionaries whatever you want to call them communicate again came in full traitors will course we meet their time is come loosening the rope is getting wet yeah i think we should i think we should make sure that the state of michigan is producing mass of amounts of how we start growing hot again there's a lot of reasons for that and i'm pretty ostentatious supply as we more role that's what we need more elmore convict him a pull over you'll have a whole bunch of obtaining in line for everybody else wanting to pull a lamellicorn if somebody does determine to look in the eyes of was it worth it or but as the this has been istorical behavior of the left these and or if you whatever you want to call them the traders the artist had been trying to destroy america for a long every time we had a war we lost freedom and we lost it because of the war those wars were established by the banking system the international banking cartel has been doing everything they can to destroy this country then a long before i was world war in world war i civil war what brought those war on and in fact roosevelt even made a comment that nothing happens by a this is all the plan the organ so anybody that sets back and think that we're going to have a war because russia shooting a missile at pain which is relishing the our dead were seated state of course because that's who runs you can and we believe that we have to go to war against the people as we had to do with when the two towers came down three towers three hours for our powers came down at nine eleven that we went to order that that again was a beautiful orchestration by the deep to get us into a war and to get us into a battle where we were and they wanted that to be the endless war actually they wanted the vietnam war awoke not but we are they want to get a war they want us into another civil war right now so they can bring on their new great recent and people need to know what it is and i wonder how many people actually no what it is or or even our concern what the great rest is and why we absolutely do not want to be connected with that great resented any way because they're going to end up controlling our life which is true the money and if you don't behave the way they want you to they're going to shut your money off so you have no way to buy or sell in the market place and you'll starve me that's the way they all want to stay but right now instead of turkey for thanksgiving which is what the moros were saying while not by turkey bugs and spermaceti they are the turkeys but none the less we have a problem that we that is a historical the problem that we have as many people still don't get it still don't understand the constitute still to understand that those people that have sworn not to the constitution if they stand against the constitution were they violate the conte they are committee ex there's no other no other word for they're not over sea or what what is the word that they use over reaching they are committing acts of usurpation and the committing acts and that's the way we need to call it out there's no other the smoother way there had been night too long i want to read a few comments here so loud morelove says even dawned to grow it and it also excellent building materials as well and marie had ah discuss growing on other land and lives i remember in the nineties the leaders of grand rapids a chinese businesses around the city oh yeah we use him choose on our store pain it works way better than man made pain mads and those ah something aggressive we've discussed growing upon her lancet so wont to go back over here to this other screens to get like foregoing right now morena robert daniel or daniel robert daniel and jeff good morning peter tuesday good morning diana when proper peridon williams a proper procedure and form is not followed in the result is nullified good morning crew can't you can't save all that you can say foliaceous dallas in bold just saying down william says maladministrations flagrantly displayed my constitution reads that they can be removed by the people yes and robert so michigan economic development corporation as things are ours and here more rope i love it donald williams did fairest ones have been working their plan for a long time and those trustees have been put on notice by the people and legal form on legal papers understand that we need to really really understand what the cost dilettante if you want we can just kind o talk about it thus supreme court has been on our side all along the outside and in fact right now the second amendment being supported by the supreme court and the new york rules and regulations that they tried to push out and the california rules and regulations on guns and rights and so on to so forth are being destroyed by the supreme court in can't do that it's a violation of the right to bear the ghost gun that that idiot in the washington brandon brought out by the way i don't like to use his real name because he that is never woman i think he's an actor that i could be second amendment rights that he tried to bring out that we can't build these ghosts supposedly got guns the supreme court says he back in the seventeen hundreds that's the way they made it their god their weapons as the billetita right away so it blue that a whole about the war another water and people are now can go back in and purchase one of the parts and build their own guns if they want to without serial numbers and matters to these are those are so easy to build on and to you know really there's only one part of it and it's kind of the rest of it is all you know katmai think it's a great idea i think people should be able to build your own cars if they want they should be able to build their own guns if they want them the nation and the government has no part in any of this determination this at all the usurpation is so great and grievous it's unbelievable while they on us to give us the go give up the guns because if the weak gavotte guns that we would end up like australia or i liberate other country set have no ability to defend them and they know that if they take the guns away from the americans the constitution will fall will lose the will lose the upcoming war with china and that it'll be over but they can't get the guns away from us and and they're not going to there's too many americans that if anything they protect that right they don't even protect the right to speak as much as they protect the right to bear arms there's every time we have an idiot and not cover their trying to take guns away cantaloup i wonder why incinerate great thinker tollington a whole plan and tell her on to restrict him and watch americans because it's like i don't know about you but montarias that i know are kind of mud were all a bunch of months and it's like a i think it comes down through our genetics or forefathers were a little ordinary about things and not kind with were the will not i will not conceive group and and and that's the way we should be they have no right to tell us what to do i got a point out a case and everybody i mean we hear these cases we heard the names of these you are on an while this one marbury versus madison i didn't give that to the very being it's got a very important point in here i wanted it's got several important and people out there that are at all interested should get these cases either if they come on to our meetings on wednesday night we will give them the cases and already been kind of yellowed so they only identify the very most important part and they don't have to read the whole case but i do expect them to show up on our wednesday night meeting to understand what we're talking about here and not just to grace and throw a title out at a judge cause that's where connel you but if you look at my bride's madison which is or i just pulled up manessas segador i think that's the more history of the case not the case might be the transition the transcript i think will help with us one and then i'll see it in our talking louisa if anybody's interested show up on our onsetting or send any mail saying hey i'd like this case and we've already gone through all of these cases a lot of so we have the habits of those cases that are very important but i wanted appoint one point on this this was by the way the first case ever heard by the supreme court five you as one thirty seven back an eighteen o three and it was because of two guys john adams john quincy and and margray that were fighting for a position of president but anyway or not a secretary of state i think but anyway the supreme court ruled in this is important if one of the heads of departments commit an illegal act under the color of his we won't talk about the people in lancing will warn all of them had committed an illegal treason under the color of their continuing with the case by which an individual sustains an injury it cannot be presented that his office alone exempt him from being seen in the ordinary mode of proceeding and being compelled to obey the judgment of the law how then can his office exempt him from a particular mode of deciding on the legality of his cadet if he the case be such a case as would where any other individual the party complain of or authorizes the basically it saying that if they commit acts of treason they cannot hide behind their office and this is the game that they had been playing whatever you see wan o these turkeys in court the judge says well they got a unity they have either complete immunity or they have or they have immunity of only one certain circumstance but this card case says they don't have a unity of if they violate the law under the color of law of their office their doom and that that's not the only case but that was the first ever presented in the supreme court which makes that a very powerful case people quoted barbarous medicine many times and the other part of margrave's madison which most people don't know it is emphatically the problems and duty of the judicial department say what the law and how many times do you go to court and they overcome that argument by either quoting a samian compiled law or by quoting some innocuous nonsense and saying well i don't have to speak with the line the judges are all presumed to know what the law and when they sight of case and they rule against you or rule for you they're supposed to sit the law listen to but these judges all things that they sit there with their big black robes on and that they another in the world they don't have any power because all that power comes from the constitute of which they have sworn and to and if they violate that oath of office then they are committing acts of now take us back to article four section four of the federal constant which is that we have a republican we are guaranteed a republican form of so you get this in yourself so you get this idiotic attorney that says we have a democracy my first comments i at my mouth wooden you need to resign yourself immediately because your ignorant you don't even know what the country is all about you don't even know that you purposely swore an oath to article four section for the constitution swearing that we have a republican and we are guaranteed every public and form of government and you're talking democracy you're an idiot you don't belong in office or too stupid to sit in that position that's the way we need to handle these moros in their pony of out there that are pushing a demon never knows how the government its work so slow onesiphorus rated at once somewhere else the price for a laachersee for right there some of palisadoes source triteriteites states should guarantee to every state in the union a republican form of teach of them against invasion i raretongan come out o lionised come and worse the rest of the state in should be out there to protect michigan with craters ledges i'm calling on texas right now come on texas come into fronds how about florida it would be unfortunate by the supreme court which sat texas has no standing to tell michigan what and there probably correct because we as michigan people can roll or can vote ourselves into a socialist government we want and the government and the federal government even though it's guaranteed that we have a republican form of government we can give up that republican we really can't give it up one really have ordered that we have a republican form of but we can choose to live as social the state of michigan but we do too but i did it wasn't it was strong and by it so i mean to kilcrumper help put up the you know put up the flag of you know the sad distress flag while my american flag is always up that's what you were your american flag outside had a michigan flag it up upside down flag on a ship means that tender and we need help from others the others need to come and lend a hand that's the law the sea and a love of our country to so you can wear your american flag upside down and people should be where a namerican play up i'm speaking as a lieutenant colonel retired in the army reserve and i do not find that disrespect some people say it's disrespectful to where the flag upside no it's not under these conditions it very we want to let everybody in the world now that we are in that government is causing distress and unfortunately we don't have enough people that understand what that's all about the upside down flag means i have shirts that ham upside down american flag on him i have had one that as the saying it came from from he informs they had a good flag there but none the less we need to carry that information to the public and i still see people wearing as what's that the acutest i think so i think if you've gone through since then two today and you still wearing a mask there's something wrong upstairs you haven't taken the time to look and find out why are you wearing a mask what's the deal unless you're saying i'm a left and i want to show everybody that i'm a lestrade that's what it is i don't know i don't get the gang collars of psychology i was talking about these other day and how honestly even her political party had become there set up like colts really if you look at the theatre or comprises the cat the political parties had recut they have all wanted the bantam political parties in michigan and nation it's called they do not provide for us the basis of our county they're all you're going to get into that position where you're going to run for office you generally a flimflam or on where is that brings us back to and we talked about this case before the brings us back to norton merishall becoming the norton vertical be county is eighteen eighty six case by the way it's after eighteen seventy one which was supposedly the organic so this case back in eighteen eighty eighteen eighty six norton versus shall become states that a republican form of government look it furthermore states and the most important caveto this case is that a government cannot government body cannot create a defect of so that means that every and i don't know how to drive this home the people that every single organization out there that is not in the constitution and there are tons of them out there the apartment of helouan services child care child or whatever it was child protected services as in any other organization are not the constitution there is no constitution if there is please somebody opened the constitution and show me where it gives the government the authority to create such an organ we want to go down the list we could talk about the state police they have no authority to exist now when these organizations become into the public fold and they start using their power against the people they are in violation of the constant so we need to understand when we are dealing with these organizations that their unconstitutional number one number two that they do not exist because norton she shall become an eighteen us for twenty five eighteen eighty six says it does not exist supreme court and we know that the supreme court is the law of the land so there is really no wiggle room when we talk about these cases that once these cases have been settled and this is what they call starriness which means it's been settled it is the law and until it's challenged and overturned it is the and this case in eighteen eighty six never ever be overturned in any way and we have looked it up through shepherding and we even had a tourney come up with some other cases that they say this case overturned it but when you read the case has nothing to do with norton rose shall become no nor does it have anything to do with overturning that case this case is solid one hundred per cent on and it is stories so when people go to court and deal with public functionaries and you can even within your own city you have engineered not what what are the call building department people and have who that other one the law enforcement part of the public functionaries in the city or the county or the state were compliance you got all sorts of deprecation the settisfaction departments all of them and it when when you look at how they function to its backwards in my opinion instead of being something that should serve the public their structure to be a punitive astucious antoinette at ten it being a guilty so that they can so that they can actually find or punish them that's a distinct well about that's right and it's a revenue enhancement for the cities at the money grab it's a money now that brings us to a very important case also in case those of you that are out there don't understand that with the people in this country this country was originally set up for we the people you and me we have the power we have the right we are the ones that regulate our life we control and regulate how we behave in the republic we are the people that have the power and all of these other ancillary organization i have no power against their power against themselves the administrative branches the executive branch can make all the laws that they want but it only applies to the executive never applies to no replied do you know what they did yesterday and that in a bourchier's admitting they said that we their like we all had to sit down we had to sit down we can only talk for ermount of time it was like it was like sitting in a kindergarten class he what happens if you wouldn't have said them they were thrown out well what happens if you were to hand twenty or thirty people not well i thought about that but i don't know if we have enough people that will that are willing to go to jail in now for standing minuting it's i think it's necessary at this point time if you want to fight then you're going to be a heavy prepared when you go there to be dragged off into jail to prove a point and you know i think sometimes there is a benefit to poke in the bare little bits they find a rest you can have political ithacan arrest all of us if we all set up and and stabilize the mass the men are we stopped just seeing okalbia good little good little person here i i'll do what you tell me you know and we just stop and say look bodies you work for us and and it's like you have no legal standing to throw us in jail i mean it's just like the political prisoners on a sick you know i hate to say it but the basin the good happen is if you know a whole bunch of a showed up and said yes well we're all going to sit in jail together well he arise to the next very important case and this one sight a case called yet will was eighteen eighty six case another one of ninety all spell it why why she i have it but i don't have it here in my paper work well or don't even have the other rests if i look as if i my fingers had if don said the king i good sue are right on top of actually i'm reading from a danvers's bidwell who actually quote a cayuse is the seat like her so there is here yet governors of eighteen eighty six again remembered norton versus shall become as it and what makes the case still good long still states is it was quoted in nineteen o one in downpressed toward the end and it was a descending opinion by justice matthews but that postmaster it was still as part of the opinion of dousterswivel in any way it says sovereignty itself of subject to law for it is the author and sorrow but in our system while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government sovereignty itself remains with the now is that you quotha danvers's machicolated and down okay down cubanacan nineteen o one even though he had already brought it out so they'll do that justices will quote other case law that pimento their court case or clarify for clarification for so here again if we are the sovereign which we are then sovereignty itself laws do not apply to because we are the source of those so all of these so called ordinances and speed laws and parking tickets and all this garbage that sent upon us by unconstitutional organization because they were not constitutionally created they were not created by amendment by our floats they were created by departments of government they are they don't exist that's norton vessel becoming and all law that those organizations attempt to use against are also now avoided because we are the same you can't tell the king that he has to be up and at o'clock in the morning if you want to get up at ten as the right to do that is the king we are no if you want further explanation of that our further power then you could go to another case and that case is called chez a chasm verses georgia jeeves's georgia nat was seventeen ninety three and that says besides the prince having all the executive power the judgments of the courts would be in fact be only monetary not mandatory to him in the capacity to be advised as he is a distinct thing from the capacity to be so the same sun is run through the jurisprudence and constant reminder of us the distinction between a prince and a subject no such idea obtained here as the revolution the sovereignty devoted on the people and they are truly the sovereign of the country but they are sovereign without so basically it is we are the sovereign we don't have any subjects that rule under us that we rule may be your kids and maybe your wife or maybe the husband if you're that kind of wife you could be the sovereign and have then have your subject bear spouse or your children but that's it we have no subjects under us and that goes for all of the public functionaries that sit in office thinking that there in power and we are their subjects we are not the by any stretch of the image she versus georgia basically state we are not there we are the same and we have to get that through our heads that all of these laws rules and regulations that have been applied to us over the years are not lawful and our constitutional and don't exist though not so chris chris came on says because they are established by the government not by the people well true they're not in the total of their notions ition there not established by one the there established by a government the government was supposed to be the most weakest and sure to all pacifically to serve as we let again services the key and opened it a service and that's the thing that we are not getting a good grass but you know in the schools tell us that you know you have to mask your kids you have to do the aanything they're not there to tell you what to do there being paid all of these all of these pastures are being paid by asleep they do not have it or the ability to tell us what to do i agree with you but we have developed these organizations these governmental bodies over the years and we have pretty much given them our power by ignorance for the most because a lot of people will sit back they say well you know government hasn't done anything to me i find i mean i say my taxes i can do this that and they have been bothered me and therefore i disconnect my television and an half my beer and worry about it because i know i'm okay everything's good free to the well two or definite if i start fighting at the low level by the time you get to the upper level find the gosamer tougher to fight the upper level than it was the fight lower level once you get into the battle and you start dealing with the little pieces of battles that you can handle we don't i don't say go jump in after the internal revenue and try to beat them up right away but if you have a speeding ticket or a parking ticket let a good start and it's easy to see the away to norton the smaller issue and paying fines of one form or another i still have to be careful that you don't do something that's going to be way beyond your control but that you handle the little ones for one police officer stopped you and you roll down your window a quarter of the way do you ever ask him he officer you're going to be a deserter i could find a deer or are you at the jury officer i and of course he has a local what you're talking so he probably say that they would be nice if you had a little bit of definitions there at a district is handed to the cold you look at this because i might see you in court omasha question when we come in front of the and a lot of times that ticket that he was going to write for you or maybe i don't really want to go there and don't really want going to have to learn something myself when have to become educated and i don't want to do that so he passes annandale down next time and and i'm not going to issue you a ticket i just don't know what is response will be sometimes they'll get nasty and a little low want to give you a ticket that's okay then you take it to the next level i never argue with those guys and they got the guns so don't argue whether you go argue in court but you have your act together when you go to court you know the law and you know that you live in a republic ask your audience out tercanbury answers can be can the republic form of government and the civil action jurisdiction existed i release of don almost time in on that one i resign i'm not going to be catered all the inarticulate somebody comes back i'll what would be the best case it or research in dealing with caps and court and also i know how to fight them i been trying to get a turn for two years and can get no one to take my case they court a siphae made a position where my hands are tied i don't know how to fight i think that happens a lot so no response yet omitted then i must that what court case that i say states that if it isn't the constitutional if it isn't in the constitution that does it exist nor inverse issa be county or shall become number one most powerful case and if she's going to hire he or she i don't know whoever is going to hire in the tone you are admitting that you are incapable of handling your own legal affairs and you have to have em to turn saw you hire an attorney you automatically in the civil action just if you're in a civil action jurisdiction they're going to do whatever to allay want to because they have the power in the civil action you want to be in the real so that lady should join our group and get some information behind her and will entire hands will tie their hands because they department of child protective services doesn't exist when a department of health and nominal give the story in and told it some time ago the department of health and human service started portions and i was in the fight against people getting vaccinated they didn't want to go get vaccinated but they were told if he didn't get back seated you couldn't come to our university you couldn't become a student are you couldn't teach it a university or etcetera we filed over two hundred and some documents two for each individual that one of these documents to wherever they had to go to the church to the school to the to the store where they worked or whatever and i think we we had only two cases where they didn't down and listened to the person filing that that but those people did not consent continued to pursue so they could have but one just retired one quite so those were the what happened is we filed these documents number one we talked about norton versus shall be county we talked about the nurnberg carcase trials that happened and the nine different things that that could die upon if you violated the nerve and we talked about several of the other things and lo and behold those people were allowed to go to school without masts without vaccinations at so it worked we know that the laws on our side we also know that department of health and human services is not on our side when the department of health and human services started poother philosophy that you must wear a mask you got to get back entertainer to that department of health and human services and i went to it meritent to nestle in it went almost but by a went to the director of the department of health and human service the next day when the my letter arrived because on following it by you as when certified so i know when i got there the next day the director of the department of health and human services resin no i don't know of my letter and anything to do with it but it might because i did talk to him about being a trader and causing trees line taking money from the state of michigan on false pretences and i went through all of that so maybe he felt that they do i really want to get involved with the sky got over this i don't know but he did reside so i do know that when i go to court and i mentioned natasha become the judges do everything they can and republic the judges do everything they can to get me out of their court they don't want to deal with them because they don't they're going to lose they're going to lose the fight eventually the and the prating about that is is that when they do lose it it carries it carries trees and with it if they don't do the right thing it's not it's not i won the case i lost the case it is gasthaus prove that the people involved committed treason right right this isn't a slap on the hand then this is a short drop sudden stop so the lady that has spies arable showering we have every one that on some sotavento go anywhere and comfortable on living room or wherever you have your computer tunin and listen and if we're not covering what you want to hear that day to in the following week or raise your hand and ask for guidance and that are and we'll help you i will work with you to see that we can take back control of our government which is what we need a few you have my web my email which is a tater there you could do that one to john jay tater at you doom interfused that one just put in the subject lying please connect me with your son meeting or something to that nature i now hear and i will be sure that i connect you and i haven't sent out the invitation yet so after this meeting to day after our broadcast today i will send out a invitation for anybody that once once to come to the meeting to consent and see what's going on get involved that the only way of going to manage if you hire an attorney you done if you iron attorney you because the attorneys are there to protect the that's all that the the men the judges they have only one desire and mine to steal as much money as they can from each one of us to add their own pockets that's all they do and not there not there to protect our rights there protect their rights their jobs their future their income it is a very self unresisted that we have that and it's a big problem so doubly awe stand in authority over trustees as one of the people the fifty american states this week lot if the scots has to say regarding the people authority has no authority over the people no no attorney will go something as a stadacona law if he has no granted according and i said must have been a good thing he only has the ability to give information to the executive branch the state of michigan that one can do this is entered to the state of michigan that's all they can this is interesting michael bedell says we actually had a protest out in front of the health and human services home and the middle of the night with blow horns putting pressure on him and then yesterday he resigned i love michael he's cool he is a very cruel one was the tadcaster or maybe but here my leman is on when we stand together we stand strong micheltorena nice video a telegram about about the iris one of a good my telegram channel and and shook out his video i love michael he's cold so tom always earnest says there aren't any good judges with a question mark why don't know i haven't seen any yet you know i'd like to make him prove prove themselves but i haven't seen any there are no good judges i been in court many many many many many time the bare license gives them a life or their barbarism the license the they do that in punitively michael said sagrario and we had a lot of fun that night a bit to dead yet it is crazy as he the bar is kind complicity the child trafficking ring oh yeah order i agree with that one hundred per cent she has all about child trafficking begged it is third orison all kinds of uncompensated he get rid of the rindermere you near your speaker is ah mother o microphone that right here now i don't know as to seem to cleanse and sometimes it does maybe they're listening in on us and they want to levison or blur voice whenever they can in the bitter aftermath scrouge to go to they don't exist either by the way atheistical in our computer initiation the like coat get rid of one and there's no more so there you go in there a soother one that you were going to oregon to talk my oh yes that was that was buninyong the palatine about france bring it up here in and bruno seems like it's a good case but i got to get more information because i'm not quite sure what i have in hand is not the case itself but rather a pin but rather a the complaint all right i've got ten and i discredit of oroondates i'm just the good genitiveness one that i have okay i'm going to tattoo the same one that i have and yet it is a form of a cat it is it is a case all the reason to granitelands are partition and their name look at alterable well not yet but they may be a halting see if you find their names on this list and you find a lawsuit against them than you can use as but the reason for granting the petition is quite because he complains about alleged fraud and the violating of most of office remember when i talked about the ulemas in the supreme and united state constitute there is two provisions in there where they have to swear to the constitute also at other affirmation and if they swear an old taffimai on to the constitution to get into their office and they violate that both of then they are committing acts of trees in this is a hundred per cent on a stated and so everybody that wants to deal with this as to know that you can go to the one you can find the two provisions or they are swearing an oath to the and including judges and executive branch and legislative branch they all swore and alterations and i went in there at they violate the sacred trust and they commit acts of the the way it's got to be that's the way we have to we can pass it office is not important as this critic you violate your oath of office or committing acts and now we have changed our court cases that we write our brief that we write to old abatis and committing acts of treason really point that out in the document that we file what the that if you your honor violate your aloof to uphold the law to now tell us what bliss to violate a northern the other court cases that are out there then you are committing acts of and we need to be sure that we put that in all the time to let them know where we're coming from so if if we end up turning around and sing them that that's one of our allegations i already told them were already tried to fix they refused to do what they have to do to make a correct so now now they're doing it willingly and let the other one willingly and knowingly knowingly willingly and knowingly committing acts of there's no way out of the that's what we have to do ay so he talks about the syrian offence which is a violation of your oath office but most of all the floating which is our greatest power as individuals and that in the second paragraph in these republics and the only republic meaning the united states because he's talkin supreme court but every single government that we have in our that that works around us a republican form of government city is a republican form of government the state of michigan is a republican form of government and once again guaranteed by article four section for the we are a republic there were not a democracy never have been and what again those people that they were a democracy there idiots i contestation be in office i should be so resigned immediately because the stupid to be i ran until we you know it's like say democracy enough times and tell them the public who we took all education civics out of the schools actually believes is nonet now dear if you're alberson that goes back and watch his old movies listen to the content of the movie from time to time and you'll find that they have been talking about us being a democracy for years ernest they have been trying to program very seldom do listen to a a move on television or movie house that they talk about a real here and there they do but most of them they talk about our dear so they had been tried they have been doing this for you on programming us to believe that we have a democracy so back to back to the reason for granting this petition the respondent i have a duty under law to investigate and and to an order moved from so these people that you went to see us to day had you had this in your hand and you could a quote this part for them might have got you a little more trace this is a supreme court case and therefore it basically says that if you do not take your responsibility properly and investigate these allegations then which is your duty under law then you need to be removed from so that's the way we need to be looking at these people we got to stop take the gloves off and stop being nice and tell them where what we're going to do and we are we have the power and we're going to do it but that means everybody that is out there in the listening audience needs to look and i don't mean you run out and break the brake civil and fractions are all in the court but if you end up with the civil and fraction that you improve that you go to court and you fight the battle and you are standing and you start making making noise in your regard and there's many ways you can do that you can educate your next door neighbor who is a left the democrat at least our taking to and getting him on board as to what we have ashantis country a republic not of democracy see there's many things you can do you don't have them up in court you could do other things but you got to do something everybody's gone start doing get off there get off the couch and make a point to do something i've got two to comments here are arline said i definitely want to get on the main email lists remansit ion where we've been dealing with a piece of property were aroused to be there and it's never been there and we want i think i don't think it's vacation be vacated i garnished the scones part of trashiest do this i even know i can hang on a cold the coast part of trees and if they do not rural appropriately aid and abet here's the ears the thing what what when the court supreme court rules what did they do screw up from what i've seen they didn't rule on my case and they took the coward's way out and take down the tithe can down the road to the next court they write an opinion oh okay i start in miss that missus mitigation as a wringer they write an opinion that is an opinion of supposedly a learned just that's been practicing law for some time it's an opinion so do you have to follow opinion in the case of our system where we have set up a supreme court the purpose of the supreme court is to give us the law as they see it their opinion as they see it to try to overcome a controversy of the controversy in this case is bronson verses whose on the party an so there's a controversy so they take it to the supreme court because the lower district court refuses to do their job which is generally the the district courts are a waste of time and then they take it to the circuit court and no court of appeal sacerdotal or the appellate court they can go in either direction based on what's going on in their case and appellate courts there there bunch of clouds at the especially michigan pale i've had experience with them i know that they're the only difference between them and a clown in the circus is they don't have the cost the clowns and on the left so you take it to the appellate court and they don't do their job and then you go to the supreme i would say if i was fighting the case against the state i would want if i could get it in to the s district court so i could get to the supreme court origin finally get to the cases like norton versus shall become which was a nine to zero decision that means all nine judges agreed with that and then i never was challenged which made it stay decides it is the law it is the law of our country there are some cases even at the district court levels and one issue templars montgomery ward versicles which i spoke about last week and that's where you dine late or played montgomery ward and coffee instead of the agency and god and in god his declared that is also a stern decisive case why because it's never been challenged and it will never be challenged still because they don't want to even bring it to the light of day because if they brought it out and people knew about it then the feature system would collapse almost overnight because people wouldn't be paying speeding tickets and parking tickets and all these other ties with something other than in my case pinto that's the way it is you know that is the titicaca that you can use no that's not it you won't find that case by the you will not find out anyone he won't find it because we have my friend in whose my side car both of us went down to rochester where the case was held by judge she several years ago and we asked them for the case and they said they'd never had the case exist but we do have to case we have it in written form so it does it did exist but they won't tell you that so he said well working this well we don't know if you could go to the to the archives which is across the street on the way and see if it exists or there but we don't have it on our answer he donated that limestone has witherill judges she has the right to install a judge that retired on the state level being the executive she installed her clouds as she while i am finding nothing on the sky and who my gramarye word entomological not we've been there we we tried to find the whole case we wanted to get the transcripts and all and we went to the city we went to the court house to try to get that it while cotherstone and as she had not the clerk said williamson on her computer so it might say on the computer this case is hidden original thirteenth amendment now we got a blow right past that a minute see in pretended doesn't exist but it does exist in the constant you know it does exist in the i know that that the close of the thirteenth amendment does i do say that they have no titles of they are not allowed to have titles of nobility in crazy i can't find it so it's so robert says if it's a semi case whichever attorney can extract the most money is the winter interesting well now we got enhanced everybody out there go research and find it that that case montgomery ward first says you giggle and if it geologie well let's see if a delineation as that in utter i have it here i pretty and i have the governor verses you inglese and glazier spelled seal a wise at and the sight is number eighty two pensero zero two zero and it was rolled on by judge she he was the one that ruled the case well this is oratorios as the literature somebody somebody out there has that case because they were there at the court back into and they got the case in their hands but nobody's enable to produce the document other than the other than the opinion which we have which is what rules the day anyway okay when a very interesting now he got out we've got a protective god of traditional these links that we looked out and i'm going to go ahead and an start sir posting them so that we can we can get him out there and to look and look at them and pass them on and montepin people and such and i think i think we've got a substantial monilaws to start working on i do think that maybe what we should do is even pertipole from the bottom and go on off that may be ronicky to do it the easier easier to get him kicked out at the bottom then kick the out at go after a clerk or after a i don't know what you call him trust or whatever you want to call them i give you one more case since rankness this is a very also extremely important case it's called ex parte expert young tis to a minus one twenty three and it was a nineteen o to night nineteen o it is says the exempt of a state officer to enforce an unconstitutional statute is a proceeding without authority of and does not affect state in its sovereignty or governmental capacity and is an illegal act and the officer this is the most important part the officer is stripped of his official capehart and his subject in his person to the consequences of this individual on the state has no power to impart to his officers immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the united very powerful paragraph and meeting a better muttered if you click on case it's about half way into the case that the the attempt of a state officer and your ingathered at tea when a man laminate taking might be too far gone the other way a little slower i stopped up now keep going the fact that no keep going no no the circuit not keep gone with the beginning of the case now that he had one such smoking see i got it marked in my case i had my case i could just tell you what peter was on the attempt to right all at ellwell you best there they i further the attempt of the state officers to enforce the unconstitutional statute is a proceeding without authority a very very very important because all of these so called public functionaries that exist in the office among talking and untalked about police officers and all those others think that because they are a police officer they can do whatever they want no they can't the constraint by the locust like everybody else in fact they are constrained more by the law than we are so this basically states that if you are a state officer who is in forcing an unconstitutional let's take that back to see state officer in forcing an unconstitutional shave constitutional authority no there's no what officers are enforcing that unconstitutional besides the director of spain or the others of the so that's why that paragraph an expert young so powerful because they do not have any immunity the fact that they work for the state of mission don't have any bearing on anything in forcing an unconstitutional act they are liable for trees they go i am a doing more research or working so sidonian then she says no no what i don't know where my place here clearly somebody else brought up john locke ay what about i don't know clarify no the notes prosecutors et cetera prosecutors case workers are all in violation of the law yes they are yes theriere so no constitutional oh we could get em all yeh that's what you got in a hooligan a now got an old at the the nuances are of the law that allows you to say you don't have a unity that exit young says she don't have amenity that's also sherwood which we haven't talked about that another day say you don't have them well let's go there the noose sure all were sure sure said sure verses road sure smiled as she he roads are at odds for us to nineteen seventy four further proceedings either by way of some judgment or by trial on the merits are required when you go to court and the judge de somberly dismisses you for whatever reason it come up with it they do come up with all kinds of sometimes they have they come up with a reason other times they just say we're just going to dismiss you some judgment but sure verses road says the complaining party if i'm filing a lawsuit and i've already done this in a case and the judge totally ignores this so i have to go after the judge but the judge but it says here that the complaining parties are entitled to be heard more fully than is possible on a motion to dismiss so that if you have a complaint and court whether it is going to be figured by the judge that it has married and will be appropriately rolled upon that you might get some relief the judge still has to bring the case forward and allow it to be and i have told gentelman times my cases have not been heard that they just overlook this law and they are committing treason so the insolently going after those that the it furthermore goes on to say we are to make no evaluation whether as to the merits of the petitioners claim or as to whether it will be possible to support them by proof but it goes further to say we hold only that on the allegations of their respective complaints they were entitled to have them judicially resolved and of course they weren't down here is minamoto and then it goes on to further say public officials whether governors mayors police legislatures or judges and i think that takes in everybody fails to make a decision when they are needed or who do not act in implementing decisions when they are made do not fully and faithfully perform their duties of their so again with god on every which way by the law if we know how to use the law and we want to study the and unfortunately over the time we have given up the study of law the study of our own health to guys in the white coat study of our mental health the guys in the white coat and were expecting that guy in the white coat to tell us what's wrong with our mind like we don't know so we want him to tell us what's wrong with it just like we are told that we need to follow the law but the two complicated so we have to hire a so how can you follow along that's too complicated you have to hire an attorney to tell you whether it is rider is wrong to be a certain way in a certain condition or certain situation this is the ludicrous nonsense that we've been brought up with all of our lives so those of us that half the fallacy of the men and the white and upon twenty five or thirty pills you need one to get rid of the water in your system than you need one outwater in your system then you need a salable then you need something to get rid of the salt than you need something bedamned up with thirty five pills and filling the pharmaceutical with all kinds of money on her pocket because you don't have enough brains to figure out is causing your problem and it's not like we have to go to the library and spend a day over their dignities here on the computer he sat down pushing some things in some buttons and start doing a little work do no little understanding and sam with the law have the same problem so we hire these yahoos out their column sells attorneys who austere four five six seven hunderd dollars thousand dollars an hour to do something that we could have done ourselves at half an aberration of the and we would have learned something in the pose instead of hiring somebody else to do our thinking for where we have really fallen off the rail yeah yeah he there at the low the doctors of the goupenor than glorified drug dears and when you go if you ever have anything serious you go in the first thing you notice is how quickly they put you on their treatment plan and that tree ample one intervention will lead to the next to the next in the act and they have no interest the majority of them and helping you get past and illness whatsoever i haven't had a particularly positive experience in that in that roman you know it's like i ought to go home birth my kids after the first one and i almost died the siwas like i was so done with us and then consequently you know i think i went to inoffensive going in to see a doctor i was like this is not you know if you practice good health good health rules all the time you know eatable bone or something like that that probably pretty helpful but the rest of it we can we can sit at home and we can figure it out barsetshire system as is created by god to took it's just kind of it's kind of a crazy thing that we do rely on other people so much and then the promises when we turn the wine turned the reins over to them if we don't know whether they are in fact good people or people with evil intentions they can take us if we don't know enough i mean education is power if you know what's going on you can stop some one for taking advantage of you whether it's in an education situation or whether it's in the government or whether it's a doctor or whether it's a pastor or priest or someone who sitting in our ortheris for that matter the there are so titolo at how many oh philosophy driven therapists that are out there who are pushing for some nonsense or part part of this in with the trans gender the body elation and all of this we really should be asking are they getting paid is here a kick back there there's got to be why would they push people into this nonsense in lesser was a higher purpose may be the just have like a don't know maybe they're just like behold the state himself who now you know i suspect that most of them are getting some sort of remuneration for their drug companies before doctors for years the drug companies were given kickback to them for years and years and years and we have found the same with the judicial system harmon of justice department of just where they work for themselves they do not work for the people they never have worked for the people and once in a while to run into an attorney that you could have won the case yourself but you hired a man he won the case for you and you think who you know he did a great job didn't do any that case would have been your case anyway so the problem is that we really need to understand what the lines what their telling us so we have a very good understanding of the weather we need to hire somebody to do our thinking process for us that's what it's all about who can do the thinking process for us now and our group on one day night we throw a lot of ideas out there we throw a lot of court cases out there we give you the court case my friend my side kick run who was the low school grad loves reading court cases and a solicitation he loves reading court cases that he marks them up and he he said all this is a good point he brings us all of these good points and we give out the marked course so you don't have to read all the nuances of the case because the latter judges to ramble and a lot of them do cover areas that are in as critical as we would like them to be one we are looking for something specifically and we don't have westliche were paying you a thousand dollars a month that electuary do some research for us we are the dearest but that's okay we have the ability and we have the people in our group that and you've mentioned a couple of them that are here to day that our listening you rather plantation a friend of their heads norton sanitary thirty two barytone said i've had good success tidies cases in googagoo at that thank you and let's see got garniture such a powerful infiltrate and mary said i maintain that scores as guilty of treason with the donat on demonstrated as the trees in which it when brought to their attention a great why yes i agree i agree i for the most part i would say that croesus made many of their decisions according to the cost not all at and on some of them were not made according to the constant because they add justices that were brought in under dubious pretenses that they were constitutional is that they knew the constitution but in fact they were liberal one was justice warren who was in what the sixty seventh it was a real corrupt individual but if you read his documents when he and i had one of his court cases brought up against and i actually read his document and so by the time you get around this circular reasoning you find not that he in fact did rule according to the constitution but by the way he wrote his document you could have reading of it you could have gained any direction you could have been broken down backwards forwards because that's the way he lets the way he did his documentation i was still within the constitution in some areas but he his way of writing is i don't know how some of these guys ever go to law school riding was a true and he was one that was that way there were several others in the history of america that had pretty bad this for the most part with the amount of and in look if we look at this case that we looked at a few minutes ago this runs and case who was list that as one of the descending attorney was that this case that i was talking about he was at a somebody wrote a descending in this is not the case is maryland versus king and maryland versus king was the ability of the government to use the to prove me case somebody asked me to read this case and i did the descending opinion which said now you can't use the napron the case was so to my hair she is a socialist and there were a couple others in there i looked at the judge and i said holly scales is scales celia wrote the descending of hiram and he wrote but he had several men joined him and i didn't think that they would i mean it's not their character the joint the oh you got the descending opinion girdel so my ear was one who was the other there was a couple others that kind of rubbed me the wrong way but anyway they said that you can't you to one they already gone through their preliminary hearings and soon it so forth you can't use it to prove that they were in a particular case that sufficing exit that's a violation of the fourth amendment very good information on this case to but i didn't then bring it up because there was nothing really that was kind of flowing with what we were talking about so we come on the engine the others are either their so much i mean i mean you could see a in the stuff in you still only be scratching the surface i'm afraid because it is so there's so much so we have to rely on each other to research together and work together as we the people in a seminary do it in order to make sure that we're protecting our right while we have gone past love o'clock which is wonderful and love us but i think we probably should rafut i'm pretty extra sure that we could talk all day long and never had the same subject twice and cover a lot of granite you that i am i am really honour to know you and i'm really glad for our tuesday and i think they're so many people out there who are so thankful that you take the time to share the confirmation that you accumulated over the years with every one to actually help us become educated on how the system is supposed to work how it's not working and the tools that we have at our disposal to actually fight the injustices all by ourselves you know we can we can do that we and we need to i mean we really need to move forward in a different way and what i think i think that this i think we've got some good direction coming that's coming together and i do believe that that directions coming from god and self these leads a stoutness path out of this honestly this tonight we have under the united states defect of government and all of these organizations that do not exist and that we shouldn't have any part in any of this and we let it get out of hand you know and now it's our responsibility to step up and bring it back into the constraint and the constraint that were signed by the founding fathers and so it's a require us to do a little work and i mean hollower mouth work standing up for something more all of that standing for something and i think we're going to have a lot going forward you know certainly certainly were picking through this as we go and find in all these nuggets that we that we can arm yourself with and you know we're going to continue on with with brandanes network to try to blow this thing up into something that really is is true education and information for people because if we make a mistake you know certainly were going to apologise for it correct it and make sure that our goal is to have good information and people's hands so that they have something somewhere to go that they can trust that you know that we don't have because i really don't any sources new sources out there at all it may it may give me it may at leogane something for me to think about an go back in research at later i have individuals that i trust the information that they put out there and and fellow researchers and anon that are unthought i spent a life really researching and looking for real information just like you do i mean that you have an erection we've got a lot of people out there that have areas of expertise that we can come to gather and actually talk like like real people instead of just taking the little sound bites all the little talking points that they put out there which is absurd you you can't learn anything from sometink but you can have people bring things forward an help get everybody to ask questions and then they bring question their own and we can continue like back and forth back and forth back and forth having a discussion not being having a game down our throats which take media does they throw things do attain expect us to swallow everything and i don't know you would nestorian of it and all for my ship something to eat i'm like okay we'll see you know it's like like you know different people talk about different things you know people talk about i don't know you detest that we talk about here some days people want to talk about you know aliens or flatter or any of this stuff is like okay well will listen and so far even you know so far lotless of it if there's enough evidence or if if it's just propaganda you know there's a there's a really interesting character on reentered with you fellows because he really gets people to think for themselves there is a real interesting characters name is richard doty and he was by he was a plant by the sea and it was they he actually with the help of the cia tried to drive some one out of their mind and end up the sky and of getting committed when he was older so when we see the amount of crop and at their we have a lot of ethopus from different organizin and trying to tell us how to think and even something that we want to be on the now and about may not be from really good people and we need to actually chase the stones see see where this comes from because i really do believe that it's going to be we're going to see over ninety ninety five per cent of the people in office are public functionaries are probably in their hand they have either been blackmailed or the right in with the fads either by asia and i don't think that it's overstating it that that the basha we have from judges to public functionaries and every and every officer and every in every office from top to bottom and i mean physical office not just title office that there's going to be somebody planted in their guaranteed and we're going to have to find at this is so big and so expansive when when president trumpeted about the swamp and how big the swamp is the sabotage and it's you know they're infiltrates and so we're going to have to ask those questions but also those people that try to sell us in ideology or you know they want to sell anatolian such need to reach this the case on this the disguises of his name is richard do and he showed up in many many different areas the first one was to drive somebody crazy over you pashint get committed and i found out later that the hat the cia was planting information on his computer and the sky established a friendship with a man and they were they were literally experimenting on him and eventually the man was committed and committed suicide and then the guy jumps up and he starts jumping on all these usucaption and now believe says that he's a believer when he denounced in such an adolescent pinpointed agencies work and or people that are trying to program us instead of teaching us to think for ourselves the programming us from the culminant of the political parties to the people that come that want to be in the know you know it's like they may be but they also may be in the no on the other side dragging a stone out of a hole despair the one thing i know we can count on his god almighty and we have to put our trust in him first and foremost take your time don't let anything run you round in circles and be you know the sky is falling i'm going to leave i don't know what i'm going to do that is nuts okay that is not and if something puts a into a position of feeling fear that is not of god we can we know that right off the bat or in you know in folkestone to have a reaction a quick reaction that is not that is also not god and the closer that we get to a situation the more calm the more peace the more control we have of our own self where we give it over to god now that doesn't mean we sit back and do nothing we can go into all sorts of situations and have that though full approach just like what just like what jones you know john's not running around crazy he holds his tongue he establishes his case he knows what he's talking about and then when he presents it it's in a very professional metred but in truthful way i mean and i consider professional to be telling the truth whether people like it or not and i think that i think that that's a very important point to make so the last few days of had a lot of people calling say i don't know what to do i don't somewhere jumped off one of the parties earlier said wait and tell the things absolutely collapsed and realized that honestly that that you know we were trying to tell people there a lot of us out there that have been blowing the the warning charge the same be careful being led down the primrose path and when you see somebody get up as a you know the man that was clearly the poor canisters actor don't jump on board to get dragon the wanted to know what my opinion was the bigotry to i would say that they were trying to accomplish getting people to get all crazy come to this man's defence sadau to be pulled out of their um in order to once again throw real people under the bus just like he did a jack and i heard crazy people in the past that we're talking about you know go in and you're going to know him talking about because i called both of these yahouh political people that have shown that they all do as flatteries with their not willing to do a thing except his rather people under the bus they won't stand up but the tother people in front of the bus and said oh the sad things crazy stuff like you need to bring guns and appalling possessed to take and pull the machine out of the wall and then desertion to do they're going to run like rats and watch those people that they gave bad counsel to whom they have entice them to trust them to run a thing seeing that these people know what the talking about now they don't trust yourself stay coincide in control and don't don't jump off the crazy train within these crazy programmers that are trying to sell you things because the next inordinate opal some stupid and and you know you can have a million of bigot there with you for costumes on an alien customs and craft and make everybody all that out of shape and we don't even know who these people are so it's just time to stop and think ah a cancer diagnosis or anything else stop and think in everything you may be have way mark control or than you ever imagined and we can always go to god god will take us right down that path to the answers that we need and sometimes it goes one way sometimes it goes the other but if we're in god's will it doesn't matter were in a good so there you go i think is good time to and when think sounds good to me to let the prayer hemming ahead yet in mister praised then i'll bring it back out for the last words as taters paletots so the heavenly father thank you so much for the day ahead of us for being able to come to you in all situations and ask you to lead a down the path that you will prepare for us that you would give us discern that in wisdom and that we would keep our eyes on you not one man not an people not on other people's opinions of us and certainly whenever there's something that comes out to make us afraid or to make a jump in one direction or as other help us to recognize give us a warning sign that we are being run around that we are being manipulated that we are in fact being played by some one who doesn't care about us if he doesn't care about the nation and all wants to go their own way what we do want is we do want to listen to you on every step of the wide hall us focus on you in your truth on the fact that your good all the time that you always do what she whiteness interest these save us from problems that you read direct our path if we're going in the wrong direction you will take us off that path and you'll put us on a better one in order to save us and i tell you this right now we trust you we trust you completely no matter what path comes up no matter which way things go we know that we can abandon totally or views of what we think that how we think they should go and follow you first and foremost knowing that your path and however you ask us to go whatever you ask us to do is always going to be good our faith is not in what we see what we hear or what we experience are faith is in you and our commitment is to you and we lay our lives down this day and every day giving our lives to you to in direct us were here and were here to serve you father god have we love you so much and we love you we love you i love you i love all things you given to us so you didn't have to be disgraces to us and you have given us everything and including a way to be with you for ever because you love us and you would rather have us have the choice to be with you not a force as you but we can choose to be with you and acceptation so that we may live together with you forever and rereward is more freedom because we we are worthy of it we thank you so much for the stay and we ask that you would bring to mind any one else who needs prayer whom we can serve and and be body of christ here and now in jesus christ precious repayment very good the thirteen paternoster for remember what the what the sea said that we will know when the people are in total control when that when our lives are taken so way back when you were born into this country thinking about all of the incidents that had happened all of those time periods and how many of those were like i would grenades that probably most of them are especially coming from the government they embarked they were lies that were given to us no no and i i am i agree with that in the pull something up here and see if i can antechapel this leisure if i can find out very goot the sense thus this i am acceleration orientation areopagite canaanites riesengebirgen this is extremely dangerous to marsyas is extremely dangerous to our operas the extremely baggaras is extremely dangerous to our converse wastrel doris to our democracy the extremely dangerous toward democracy this is extremely dangerous to our democracy the dangerous part ocracy this is extreme interest toward the office austerely dangerous tremor this is extremely dangerous toward democracy this is extremely dangerous to a marechaussee dangerous to idealisations or the microscopists extremely interested i think i have made the corinthian they have made the point yes yes and usefully therefore stupid so they shouldn't be there probably capricious anyhow well everybody i'm going to be for the second everybody i just want to say thank you so much for being here i'm eleanor each and every one of you and i just want to say we love you we are a lot of us fighting to gather that were asking you to fight with us and with us as real americans not the americans not federal assets not paid provocateurs you might want to start questioning most of your grass roots organizations because it's a i got a pretty good idea that most of them are hit by paid provocateurs or or agent provocateur that have been moving around and you need to really question it just as i say grassroots what is that really mean is that just another category that they wanted to put you under to put in a back to manage you to manage us like a herd of cattle in pretexte that's true because i know the other were some of these people came from and all good is research to soil it and in looping up a lot and i mean a lot of questions they are all connected at some point or another they they tip their hand and you can see what exactly there doing so these little groups that that popocatepec and that their agents that there connected with but an oriole you all know that we love you and we care you're never alone god bless you god bless those whom you love and god bless america please go to brandenburg for governor do come i have not conceded i will not concede and i do not concede to traitors because that's exactly what we have going on and on the election from all right will thank you for munition you think you to see an excited a tattered by oh to morrow i've got to park round temper groan hartman on thursday with care the riveter and jap literaria and may be can national see