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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 6/29/2023 - Morning Coffee with Karen the Riveter

Published June 29, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Morning Coffee with Karen the Riveter...What is Virtue? What is the value of virtue? News Update and going to get into the subject of human trafficking and the pervasiveness of pedophilia. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the twenty ninth day of june twenty twenty three ochrana great dat there we ahween experiencing quite a bit of poor air quality in the state of so and to day i look of the ten numbers again i was yesterday i was praying to god that that the air we clear out a little bit and it is actually got a little bit better here but it's getting worse elsewhere and i have some real questions every one keeps saying this is about the canada fought the fires and canada in like really wended the weather sartorius or reverse and come from the north east when prevailing winds are coming from the west i'm not buying us and then the other thing i'm looking at is i'll show you a map in a little bed ah in a break here and in a minute were going to do more in coffee with coronas well as tikitere so and what is virtue never really plan what we're talking about however i do think that we need to make a clear comparison between being virtuous parents a virtuous approachments and our families and such as well as a contrast to what achapter which were going to have to deal with were going to have to deal with us so we're in it were to talk about that to day i really want to bring out these fires says this thing is i'm not buying it almost looks like if you look at the map the weather maps and such you are going to see the quality is concentrated around and cities of concentrated around bring me to the conclusion that there's a lot more owen on here the other talent salad with that sudden branch i care not done i do not i will out glad you talking about that because and the wondering a lot of things myself in i was really curious what you were thinking i text the you the other day when you think bochesand on since then i've got a little more information like you have on my one now larger than he ought to put the howatson to see within the new set about to day's weather was to be like and then they said she caows the worst in the nation and detroit with second worse yester well i really go bettyfor was grand rapids was the worst there quality in the nation so we hit the top of the scale there a for about a day and then it started to dispute a little bit more in its moved round but it's moving to the west which makes no sense to me whatsoever it's not like we have you know whether coming from the east here it comes from the west but in were so far away from the canadian fires that this makes no sense to me whatsoever zeros is it it kind o not its cononagh are an you can see in man receive and bring rip my last one that led on my no a telegram channel which if you want to find out or follow what i write is that read a lot of stuff on her said his canon carrying the rother and we you know carin in or good for and we we typically will go back and we pacifically check the same kind of source so i'm to go to this map you're learned tsus is this to me is i am so sure so and so they didn't i generally change much accept for it went farther to the south which again makes no sense you go so here is the map and i've got i've got you know two hundred fifty two or particles i believe there and its anger often it was the highest one run to string on the map on poles so but i have some questions here and large look and distribution on the map of a significant significant cities this is its almost like the splotches over metropolitan areas now i mean pull up another one here let me let me stop it in her minute this is real news poor people by rope people the and when on a do here if i'm going to post the wan that pulled off to day and i want to show you what nissr i wish i had a producer but i am the producers so there you go i got my own problem here he hear me arguing now and then it's because i got a hot hairy dog trying to sit the middlehouse he doesn't like the rain in the cluster while i was soddened one here and i'm not going to come a comment on this cause of of people are like what are you what you have to say about this and sometimes in one help him listenings i'll have scoriated the cause oh sometimes come thanks mapani wanted throw it out there somebody can see what we're talking so here is the new one to day others again noted said this both sides of the lake and like watershis he had the had one of the highest a few days ago yet in the concern or mias i was looking over areas like matter other all areas with decent sized cities at when you look at the one that i showed previously look at how much there was going between canada and detroit looks like a smoke screen to me guys i hate to say it and i think that i think that that is very possible i there's there's no way that it would reverse and go from can look at his nothing canada so if there's nothing of there this donatus all a sudden magically blow to the south west so i guess my question is the pollution of the air quality problems is it coming from the actually something that the releasing within the cities because it looks like little dots in order to do not look like little that to me it looks like it's centralized on on the th city areas so i'm wondering if this is cover of a smoke screen of some sort of an iron other to letter and fingertips smoke screen i really believe that that something we have to consent that it is won't looks like to nita's is not random when you look at the other arm at me take this one down again i'll go back to the other one because i can't i have to run back and forth otherwise i'd go through my whole hand and on the thorout we're going to do it systematic as no wonohe like science you could suggest cause i'm always thinking outside the box and go well what if okay so some people are going to her were two sainted probably thinking the same thing i'm thinking sittings have less foliage and not for example i went to my friend's house yesterday for a while and when i got there i immediately noticed to six miles from my house and her property smells different than my property my property has some trees but most of the area that we use is very open and hers is as to surrounded by forests and am one of the dogs was hanging out down in a lower area and am in a different place that she normally does well underneath some coverage where the trees were and it evenbefore ly there and the air seemed to little clearer there so i wonder if you could say that perhaps the cities are less able to filter out the air and maybe that's why it's concentrated i would have to probably ask some more questions instead of going that direction because it smelled comicallyand the chemicals outside like it smuggling fertilizers wet smell like and so i don't know if you know he that thirty tons of ah for lizer alleges fertilizer that they use which is never used as fertilizer its only use for for at this point time bombs and that sort of thing he wecan is take that one right off the right off the table that that is it's not it's not the state o cases but his will is small like to me and amused being around on different chemicals it did not smell like a normal and and the the the the heir of the the horizon here it looks like almost a little bit dirty looks brown it's not anything on a white has that you there's something in it and yet now if we go to rome that the worst air quality which they have done as a particular eh you know looking at particulates into if i hear or i have a meter that i want more walk around with yesterday guess that's what i do i'm in most norris person on boy and at sadolet's look at this in the the cities the cities and where this is located where were the were talking absolutely around a city so he got there go we've got the erie ah get here by port here the international birds there you've got saggin eye you've got lancing you cut kilnsey got grand rabbit you got a south bend area and fort wayne you've got all the way around chicago so i'm i'm curious to know if if that was in somewhat manipulated you've got this ere o here which is going to be pretty close to milwaukie you've got between the wakeand madison and oh you know out over here and cotland and asked leontople es were trafficking might occur i i think that that's very possible and so onewith the cities now i'm going to go back i'm going to take that off because i inowrallan these later now look at the latest one that i just post and look at the look at the difference here now were strangely were over columbus still anything erimenas you've got it solidly over madison i've got some real questions about this whole area he and the reason being as that you've got on and then look here it goes right down here towards saint louis now i have heard some statistics that saint louis is another huge trafficking hup and it makes sense because they've got water down there so it's easy it like michigan there's a lot of water on a round so that they can make kids same thing with one you know and so there's there's a lot of ways too two trifids out and i really do believe that this is the underlying problem that we're dealing with and that's why you know to day i decided we're going to kind of i had a few things that i wanted to bring out but it's i really think that we need to talk about this that we need talk about this regards to the human trafficking and what's what's really going what's really going on all the guys so the movie the the movie from age choesels coming out this womenand the sound of freedom and i i think that this is something not worthy that is hopefully get awake a whole lot of people up because we're we're we've gotten we were comfortable i i'm not going to say we were all all comfortable time we were comfortable in her own little lanes living her own little lives and not realizing what was really going on around us the take over of not only the nation but any organization that gets over a certain amount of influence or money has been co opted te and that would be the grassroots organization the republic and partially ah i you know i got as to leave the republican meeting at which a kind of a violation of open meeting act i mean there is of sorts of things wrong with his right which may or they are held accountable to that even though they're not government correct ah if i leave so because of the worstation oh there there is there is people within the republican part that are not repose and so it's just a label and right now we've got a mass up nonsense soup of after on both sides of every issue in every organization you cannot just go in their blindly and sit the great organization i'm just come sit down here and be proud of being at the then work that way because you is an individual are under a tack in order to go back to the five fisherton warfare beckwith my body general michael flinn wrote with with out ah another wonderful patriot and explaining how this really works they are trying to weaponized us against each other and we have to realize that in organizations in companies and in all that certain just like the dreamed the the the derailment that it was so in it was a drama and or a rapacity is on comin line and through them all i really don't care they've already attacked us a incredibly when i ran for governor selves scriminatin share holders in up as tancad state street capital and number one black rod so i when i see these derailments yet this is another question that i have because i don't look at the obvious i'm wondering if just like what general charlie flinn was doing this is my own nails out there when he was put in charge i command i hate him there's no way he would be there in now if joe the potail was in charge of things right not chance angelothe padahoon was in is in charge not not happening these people are being prayed out like your little monkeys being told to should jump when there you know when they're told to john for the actors if there in that place are absolute hilarious anyhow what i'm wondering is as general charlie flynn was breaking that the economic ties with china and some other things going on that's that's what was aping they don't get paid for for delivery of goods and services on tell their delivered so they don't just see heaven if you've ever watched the ore looked up here trapped cargo ships i done i do that there were so many ships setting out their sole out there and i was just laughing on like this is hilarious they they've really done almost an embargo through covet just by shuttings lanes the shipping lines right down and the choke you now off the suppliers have been trafficking children as well as goods and services and breaking breaking these lockplates and china that what was happening mycen and i think that was heaving with these to her elments and conchos if you look at the hoolsom i think that the breaking up over a watch latetaken ing their breaking up these large conglomerate these large am cartels and hopefully we'll get businesspicking locally owned and operated businesses because we'll be able to compete we can't compete the way that that it's the inrush did you know that barnes and nobles their business his always then find a local bookseller move in and that's when you know and established local one they will build right next door to it every single time in order to interrupt the prices in order to put the established local book seller out of sin and then as soon as they put him out of business the ease oh so so there you go a kind of kind of interesting with those of the questions that i have and i and i am not believing this whole fire the doesn't smell like fire if you're not from this area it it has a strong chemicals is not this not normal wild fire smell it's not in and so it's not just what he it's there's something else in it something else to it it's a great mystery right now and i'm sure that at some point they'll start telling us what's actually in it or supposedly telling us what her fighting that all somethinghumsomething that these go make it an excuse for the non sine before we get into you the child trafficking cause i want to oh oh let me see love says o god morning good morning these peacegood morning and love hasanowane that i was seen much of and love be more on my internet keeps acting up on my two and is that almost a burning a latrial small wonder if its chemicals that went missy that is a possibility for sure but it is definitely a chemical smell to not it's not a wood fire smell at all so just for the rest of you the united states pay for every one here because we were being were being subjected to something that there i telling us what it is and i believed that he otherslaboring your eyes at an entireness or ready horsetrading so in that that came seems to across the more so under showy something because i wanted to talk about virtue where all of the nonsense it's going on right now and i think that were seen the evidence of society where the out to integrity and honor and where does it stop well let me show you where it starts education which is nothing more than an indoctrinations so i went on see if it were put us down here an enmoistned so i wanted to bring us up his hillsdale his got a program ring i like hillsdale college a lot and i like the fact that they are providing and creedy resources not only to educate us on american his on the constitution of the documents there there wonderful resource in right here in west so i wanted to show everybody this little video here i've got a cut up because i think that this will be a great wonderful thing to watch and hope and also to give us some direction on what to do with our educations so i home schooled my kids and i and i'm old and almost sixty years old so i was done with his nonsense a long a very long time ago and i kind o like some of the quotes that the momsen and that there saying that they wanted something better for the do we just keep going into these same systems because it's kind o good and often its comfortable and we onhetting or work to heart or do we really want something better for our children want to tell you what his parents were going to stand before god almighty be cute it is our duty to take care of our children and raise up then i won't throw everything i've seen right now there is no way no way what i've pachient a public school no way onto education teachers to teach i wanted all kinds of things going on with fences don't go on the girl think well to on his position incentives and person heseltine the costruction as one students that's not to hit you look at the history of education in this country you see that a couple of generations ago every one was worthingtonian fortune study the selves that is not that he prescindir for said i can never do the discovered the most he then discovered her high essences for to be able to study latin shononses yes fasciculation does when it senses which is mistakes he by virtue of the when i started osler were ascidian the more thinking then something was coveted in the mines and their souls that wasp for much of monosilicates as bill otomis nitente monopolisation this debate some on the well rounded really you educate you don't just think a man for over olivares every one is no nor made every one thersites no sir things that you mean exciting a child it set up on so aged followeth on things that are true i think connately public school education is purely utilitarian the tethered brains on stakes into eletto say that he'll touch thmistes techethe facts and this is this is a strain for your features tree for jobs and intonations was surprised that we were his cooshoons your letter telling your character and were learning about developes of friendship and i i never more that before it is teleologist this sedition is not just for the sake of a job educations learning from the i didn't know going into holes really one last itlogic tion i felt behind the lot of the students there are any had been reading aristotle street packed and i have read them and so i didn't know well a lot of those he i met have in atticato like he asking these big lessons one these men to you think not much sure in his doing so i think that i want to continue pursuing these be questions and think that i care about and so i think when i got colleton to pick college the really cares now then before patient of the soul and not just he knew but a job training as the education ach wenn i really hope with some well each he has comments behold what we see is people who are confident without being arrogant who are wilson think that to their wives and professedand to feel whipped to began pursuing happiness and estranged as i teach her and at and watching them having that moment here as a country raising a generation of no how and right and their lights pursuing there i think that's really cool and the excellent ticketover inheriting i was hot and comparing contrast comparing the between ohinohonas and what we're seeing there i'm seeing parents who are taking their children out to watch half naked people work in their faces in the street that is not a parade for to july is a parade you know that is not a virtuous way to raise your children who to thee where do they get the idea from my parents would never do that sticking yesterday that my mom my mom taught us pretty well i think but i think the more that i get older the more i start to sound like my grandparents would have where these people need to put more clothes on these people need to act differently you know and i've always been that way but now i see the importance of it even more they were absolutely right to be chiding people on the small things like like how low is your neckline because for losing that virtue fast and replace at one thing they saw was that to get to school and make a lot of money that's not the highest measure of success and i think a brain washed in the saint what are we have what are we all how much more and then that's that creates the faults hero worship to a look at how people look at an old people they say or billionaires right which i am not in its kind of amusing quite honestly but how how people want to be close to those people who have money and inflame i'm not really sure why i i really i really have never understood because it it is a is it just because they want to try to i had had my husband said he thought was red ninety seven per cent of the people will try to get it close to somebody who they perceive has money because they either want to try to figure out how to get what you have oh ah enjoy the things that you have or do favors for the and ex anstey right so instead of hanging out with these people that we love be just for the pure fact of who they are when in the talbot if the bible were not supposed to be respect of people we should be we should have blind eyes too to the people round us and let them stand on their own merit either they are a good person who is virtuous full of honour integrity or there not and and some people are in you know their work and at right and we were talking about what what i was talking about yesterday discernment of being able to understand the difference between some one who is truly he that is walking lock step with satan in some i know that that is a solicitor to destroy anything that's good or of god who murders babies kills rats and harps children that certainly i really ought the millstone think comes to mind i don't think that that that is a redeemable thing you know may be god can i think it's our or cobdenite out so they don't continue to hurt other people that lands taste of the lawn order just as has to be carried out here but there's a lot of people the rest of us are now poor thomas that are trying to get through the day without without falling falling over our own thief and in dealing with the fact that we live in a central sinful world that we are going to make me and that sati does look for a weakness as he really looks for them in order to drag us down into either the behavior habits see the path that that could cause us great harm danger and tested when i look at it the kids in the steady ho and they're all wearing uniforms when i was younger i thought that's horrible who would who would make kids do that you know i thought was terrible when i was my dear always said a great idea you're not you know what hell you're old you don't know anything you're not seen a tout i remember being there that adapis and the older you get the war you know it's a really great idea because the styles right now are so bad the fashion and its at did you know that every half and to the lemonfrom say ashore it it it makes them millions of dollars because of the cost savings of the fabric by short so all these crop taps the girls are wearing this is all about profits for the fashion of and they have in re they have recruited our young people into absolutely ah thinking he first off this is a key and sack it out off into giving them more profit my daughter was talking other day shows in them all and there was a gale there who had you know the short son and her entire behind was hanging out under her cut off short in the all my daughter she said you said i i was i want to be looking at her behind and like none of the rest of us do either but but this is been this is been indoctrinated into her young people and its really really bad it's they can't learn when they're in school where these kinds of on around himself i actually don't think it's a bad idea to go to go to one takes thee the halves in the half hats and puts everybody in the same on the same footing so that poor kids don't you know don't aren't perceived as any defect and redskins are perceived as any given puts a reinhessen footy and also you can honestly make sure that there's some appropriateness so that when you are at school it's just like at work you should be there to work school kids are there at work they're there to gain and in adduction not to be in doctor naddino and now into ah well foot soldiers for the markest nonsense that the about there which just goes to destroy him really nothing nothing to niles there also bonded together more you know i mean look at what you did with the date brandenburg teachers since somebody with a down obrenovitch you're like hating her my friend that's what that promotes it it's easier to make friends with people who look like you frankly in an they got a good thing too to promote the the concept of togetherness that's writing about that last night did you remember do you remember what hilary clanton slogan was in twenty sixty tried to forget everything about rigid that this show that i was blotched and the other day about chump and hilary's campaigns they asked this question and all the people they were interviewing recognized trumps slogan make america grade again but now there's like one guy that remembered hilary's purslain was together stronger and so at was nethershire try that again the person was together stronger and nobody remembers that because she didn't believe it number one nobody finds her believable and it would exactly does that mean c whose together and ho stronger in what way the troops make is an action were it means we the people have to you make america that's where we live that's who we are loyal to that is our ancestry even if you're first generation you're part of the group make america great so we were great again in other words he didn't think so me he didn't think we were very great any more currently and we needed to bring that greatness back to america that was a bonding slopin herdes supposed to be boning slogan but it doesn't it doesn't smell it out for you it doesn't say we are together for any purpose it wasn't believable cause he knew when she called half of us deplorables the parsis gathered marbles there was no together nobody believed her it was an in really interesting program and some of it the people are our political who were doing it and so they they don't seem what we see and i would see in it now but looking back i was like me and tropes brilliant when he did all that and a so that that's what i was writing about it yesterday about the concept of unity in how much that where we go on we go all is it is a great slogan too because that unity all the americans is going to be vital for us very soon and ignite can see it now you've been talking about it on a local level too and on when you go through a hard time with somebody they are bonded to you by that experience and even a few never see them again when you do it floods back memories of the unity that you had based on the struggle that you went through and i mean look at nine eleven even going to the grocery store in the days after you were you are not a stranger with the person in lying in front of you or behind you because you were americans who were concerned about new york city and that was a bonding experience everybody felt a sense of american at that time and when the people went to january six indeed indicate rally for trump it wasn't about how it was about america and the energy that the people who went there described and you could see it in the video even you could feel it through that video where there's millions of people there that's nothing compared to what we are about to send and i'm really looking forward to it cause it is going to be powerful rick the band at off guys let's go do lest thou and let this go let's do this they want so let's show an american exceptionalism ad its fine as as we're a bunch of moths if we have to if we're going to do have to do this st div inhere in to this because you know what i think that that a lot of people are afraid that will whatever will happen to us or you know we're going to have some trouble but we've already got trouble we're just trading one trouble for getting rid of a a a a great evil and an opportunity to replace it with something that honors with the people in his to be set up you know so liststo this i don't know wot you but i'm out for the adventure and if the system comes or as in down which it's going too there's no way we're going to get eroded so was well just go ahead prepare our minds so what's the most import how do you get out of it through these good usage changed to go how do you get through christ i would have to say that ah i do pretty well in his i mean you got here of crisis to get really good at handling that and some people i'm sure i think that i am a little bit cold going through chrisostino have to be what do you and do go sit in a corner and cry like coveted put you maskinonge son the feedle and try to save your own tail not wi you jump into the fight and you try to be an effective ah ah in effective her son who can help as many people around you in a crisis is passes not about safe in our own bed it's what helping each other and when we knit ourselves together in that in that mine such without fear of for self all of a sudden we become really strong because it is not just one person standing alone we got all of a standing together and that's what we're going to have to do so when when things is when things crashed out and they're going to the banks are all ready family across the united states look at love to set this morning that the her internection we've had a lot of interruption the plains the five groothe talking about over the first to the fourth and browning plains is the sorely what this is about or is it a smoke i i think i tend to believe that this may be a little bit he smokes but that's okay we're going to hand all that it annywhere that was ground at down in a rich men for two days they were he was down there with thy some place we cross and they were down there and a across a meed of so and they couldn't get out for two days so they were running out of money and food for the entire cross team down there and one not much of sport for salicace but the rest of its kind of a mystery on what gosport's team take then i give it up on very sanders loft out the lions so but but they were he so toesed they it was really concerning his here they are away from home there were it was a system at outrage they had no rental cars available all the plans were grounded and there was no hotel room so what's gone to do when you've got there we we have to think about those so the first thing you do is you mentally you prepare for you think about every risk every bandit uation that can happen and start making a game and so that you're not disprouided while what with the risk that if this happened if this happen what would be my first where what would i what would i what would be the biggest concern or the biggest hurls to one no matter where you were sold ones all the time because we've got so comfortable with the world being the natty state that is that we don't even know what would happen if the whole thing came crash and down we actually had the think o way out without the safety that that these scary for a lot o oh if we just have like three per cent of the population is critical thinkers he will like you who don't panic and i and creed plan and gather the people around them together and yet you can do a lot with just three per cent as the story goes that it turned the time of the revolutionary war was only three per cent that were actively involved in the fighting it was another say ten per cent who were supporting it actively so with even just to feel you had one person in had ah who can say heverybody it's okay we're going to figure this out i want you you do do this and you do do that and the rest of us are going to sit around and we're going to talk and we're going to figure out a plan but those two things we got to get done right away you know that kind of planning and the lot of people are trying in it military people that be easy piece it cause he understand instructor in leadership teachers a lot of people do have those skills and just haven't been in practice but if we put that to practice and a crisis situation we can do a lot with it you all amazed sometimes i see these shooting you vants and am or someone's getting deed up in the street and every now and then in these kinds of videos somebody we'll stop a whole crowd by standing there and holding a hand out and saying stop there's that one person you has the leadership in them who really believes in themselves to say stop enough and the whole cradle listen to them it's like the little dog surrounded by a pack dogs who owns that whole pack i headed dog like that in she was the smallest ticker to a group of a class with a bunch o ther dogs once and then structureto one look at her and he said she's going to be the leader of this pack she was the smallest one there for she did she always ruled i seen a leve at her colony or pony of the half shallana many horse that girl owns the entire pastor of horses nobody masses and she is such as like a fraction or real so don't undress to meet your own em and i know you don't but speaking for everybody out to everybody out there don't underestimate your power you know i ever know that do in one of the sub stacks i wrote recently i put a image that straight out of lowland king where he's looking up at his father's the image in the clouds and his father who fossilsas remember who you are and i bet our founders would be doing that too to the people they came over and ocean they didn't even know how long that was going to take a really i can't imagine the rate shepherd long as they had to in the conditions they were in coming to shore and finding what they got to make their house they got a make their food they got a grow it if to take the time or hunt it and then they got indians coming after and then they got some other people coming after him it took a long time wrongsand disease i mean my cotters many challenges but but they wished they did it anyway because they had a hope for something better and they were willing to work for we are so pathetic compared to our setithe original people who came here they were you know they were the ones looking at the statue of liberty and good all this is kennywood rful here the already got it ready for me now give me a check and i need to know bamandand really oh i need me that he that covenant found and i have my dinner on yes i have my dictionary open to virtue so this is my know webster's eighteen twenty eight dictionary the big fat green back book it has ten definitions of macinery to mark ah the first one is about strength that like a physical strike ah miss second makes me think o the visitor bows by virtue of it others i by virtue of this i'm going to do this he ah too bravery valor ah this was the predominate significant signification of vertes among the romans moral goodness the practice of moral duties and the abstaining from vice or a conformity of life and conversation to the moral law in this sense virtue may be and in many instances must be distinguished from religion the practice of moral duties merely from motives of convenience or from compulsion or fro regard to reputation is virtue as distinct from religion the practice of moral duties from sincere love to god and his laws is virtue and privileged in this sense it is true that virtue only makes our bliss below virtue is nothing but voluntary obedience to truth first part there was the pope is as pope i didn't say which pope in the second or says we they lay how it says little lot in there ah for a particular moral excellence as virtue of temperates of chastity of charity a five acting power six secret agency seven excellence or that which constitutes a value and merit ah and so on but i think that sick that third one is a is a big one more of goodness more involuntary on now so that you you do it because i rootin in your heart not enough compulsory and i think that that's a something that is a can't be understated so there is your member when i don't know you recoverest i do there was a serious out called the book of virtue when my kids were little boots we did we did that we did a lot of reading and red rathelot to my kids when they were younger so should we go ahead and contrast this with what we're seen right now do we go the heretofore in but a gothasthe i'll get to go to a number three in the twenty eight principles of liberty from the book called the five thousand year league these are principles that are founders acted on number three the most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous leaders who were a thought comparing contracts downhearted contrast with look at what we have in place do it do we go there i think we just go there connie to night go forward right hour is there more you want to read it oh our thinking there was another one with fir to encensying my book mark here but but that's the baggy that's the begger that we're all thinking about because we were always talking about elections in the past couple fears and ah that's a really important one too select virtuous leaders we've talked about the term leader to a letohatchie there oh there let's talk about this pediferous of nonsense out there and underprop this is my body general michael fled you know i look at you know what's really funny cannot come a state where ever i have so many people that come off that want to be have they're full of their religious spirits and do not like the prayer he said he set up loud o lovely this guy is head of military intelligence do you think that he actually goes in anything blind sided by anything or is he throwing stuff out there to see if the more on south there won't bite i i would say that that if the if anybody bet on some of this they have actually shown how truly stupid they are this guy is smart he knows what he set so you in every time you talk about him and you talk about i didn't like his prayer he said in a cult for whatever really well you might just have been a victim or a candle tea in the information or to find out how much about thinking person you are or if you're just gontcharny fire again those people who are actually fighting for us i segretari you drive your right out in the street and handed you tail so i i'm sorry but people and i mean every one of eight must listen to sheriff grade jud of pol counting for florida this sadly heretics of the disney world employs happened in many men places round our country and the world there is a cabal of cannibals and psychopaths that exists you but their the sobering reality is that evil exists that we cannot refuse to close our eyes to it any longer are they the drives of humanity you bet they are are they from the poor classes of society not at all patifie such as jeffrey abstain and many of those who travelled with him to his island come from all walks and society they use cold words and dark websites as well as social media networks a yolk around their necks and tossing them into deep water is too kind upon every one please watch you are children and i would i would say you know what i'm sorry we need the th they know what they're doing people who are codified they know what they're doing they know what they're doing and these networks make no mistake about it and it might just be time for us to call call it one it is because we have not a small problem we got a big so let me i can bring out a radio here of ah this is an international international commission david steel came out with this artist can keep going to the little because i think this is may be important is not everybody knows it so we're we're playing catch up with some people most the people on this can lie believe or kind of already in the know about how vast the human tificates are in this unitethe united states they are breeding them i've seen the manifest from some of the factories where they keep the kids and such an as lot of medolino some who went to who is he gone to sight i think she went to some one india too where the kids were in cages and there they only live about two years there their rate five or more times the day and as the child that their little bodies can't take it for more than two so they scaled in for termination now let's valance that with what you saw at the hill on the hills the old vedio oncometer side of this old here what this is the sad no this is an axiom sorry eschapit that often serve is and these a person i will be on the in and large these children were so and so on we this no one now he is rendering a signal service interest salubrity that wing i also is called for me as on my saying that as much good as it might do to get the british age be the centre of gravity for changes the american give the american public and he stops sporting close all over it this is of session former sea operations officers saying that markouson vases over season there to service little pats of smug on cold cash crops and small child so let me say i am he is no matter what we know or do not do children there you go i think that's that's a one of these things that like i said most feel here already after miliar with is what we're going to go back and yes yes i am going to put this picter up here and i'm sorry for all of you but this is who we have in power i thought me do it he thus are have in power that my friends is hunter bin with the minor daughter of his dead brother if you're not outrage that these people are in power it needs to i in its shocking schocking to a lot of people probably lot of you here already know hit see of onopides and harder by inthat i really don't need to see another one the rest of my life there this is what we're dealing with this is in and it is she looks like she's drag now this is the minor daughter of his dead brother this is what these people are involved in and they have got to be called out for the and quite honestly i'm just like stackin up like cordwood it's time to send down to get all and if we can if we can't get it done here because our caps are involved in it not all of them but some from and certainly our government is involved in it most of the judges and every one a third not willing to take care of this so then it's time to the military to stop in and start shipping their sorry but off to get mallandane him standing stand for crimes against humanity what say well that that picture was one i had not seen before you posted it and it's so disturbing and so nasty and so foul it's the end and the fact that the man enjoys taking and keeping such images of himself and others women girls he has no respect of life no respect for himself no respect for women this hand that brought it i mean the questo to do it to do it to take a picture of o that with with grown consenting woman would be one thing in which to me is disgusting and i won't never do that myself but i mean like there's so much wrong with fifty other heresiesthat for a child cause this is the child an even if we can't tell who it is it's a young girl and he is obviously not being kind there is nothing appropriate about that image the state the ssstand why is this why is his father still supposedly in charge of our government i shared when he has terday where a man who calls himself trans was he elected to office not what but twice after he had three felonies the people elected him to office i was saying him ikogimeut it out that's not how you elect a virtuous leader and now he has charges of pet of filia because apparently they haven't really put it out there in what the details of the case are but it sounds like he was trade and some images that somebody else was taking of little children's genitalia from a day cares so there the taking these three to five year old children taking pictures of them half naked describing them in such nasty ways they can't even put put the texts in the article and is this man who wants to call himself a woman was elected by the people so they're not doing very good job of betting men he had three felonies even if that was still so private that the people didn't know about it he had three felonies before that you don't now lest somebody that's got the ones in their record who clearly does not abide by the law or have virtues that they live by is that the best you could do isn't massachusetts there it's hillsborough and looking for this the democrat party but we got plenty of it is not it's not yet it's not a party is so it's not whether he was identified as trains or shoulders a lot of people that had bonifacians who are not pacified so it's not that either but i'm saying come out people i think we could do better in that well you know it's it's a really convenient thing to label a group of people when we've got people in our neighborhoods that are guilty of candes put this up here let me pull it up on on my telegramhe is some one that was really shocking to me as her skoi went to the scale who to get my hair on tisical of her you know she just really nice and a beyondmany sweet and all of a sudden her husband committed suicide while turns out that they caught him ah with so he was in copilia and they caught him and he committed suicide for this is someone that you know you you would never have in a million years that it would not it would not have come to your mind and and i i think that the really shocking thing is that this is this is going to come out and our neighborhoods and in ways that that we need to prepare ourselves for he it it's it's so widespread the noise to be very careful though not to see like a to see a a deeming around every corner because that's a really great way too to get rid of and to harass people who are not guilty so there's got to be a rule of law there's got to be a process but when that has been a certain when miss meesen there's no going back for so for a state rob stacy marie lothe looks like a stacy i'm sorry but but he ossory's got the equipment the i guess we omanas charles something i don't know that i latinuse at what makes a mail on melidoniatrocities be once know you come to my farm and i can show you the difference and now there there's there's no question when you're dealing with stallions and mares and such a mean it's like it's like a of anyhow i was arrested thursday by nathalie once that she i refused as the he allegedly distributed childsexual of these sophists the problem had files when and men and women's prisons there at tryons there men and they're going to wear women have no defense as this happened memory ill or not i don't care and there's no excuse this should never ever happen they got the pluming they've got the they got the plumbing is the guy you can you can put a costume out all you want but it's a guy and it's for the purpose of excess two there demanded perverse problems there i said it and i'm not backing down on that so anyhow on tuesday please responded to a local facility for a juvenile matter official sandales they officers spoke within avenges who indicated lot in allegedly distributed sexually exploits that images of children and charged with three cows of distribution of child sexual abuse and ages held in hillsborough superior courts what in a forward down a crest state robe presentative from nasal resigned his word for seat in the house december twenty twenty at the time posted a video and faced book in alice his resignation to friends families and as of sedan no longer state or presented which is very disappointing but i'm going to come back to it loses in the video yet as he wants to come back here a pickmire kids i will be a tone that i'll help cord which are being run by people who are marxist insurrectionists and on these people out in society to victimize our children in case chaos and yet some counseling and try to get my life back on track i'm not perfect even in the future i still won't be perfect cause that's he santarit there i'm going to go back to victimising small children taking pitchers of their genitals and postings pitchers so that others sick bastards like him can take a look at it in this and the able to handle situations that may come my way what is that to get through courts so that they don't throw your sorry button jail or shift you off for criminal sexual conduct and and now arranging a meeting with jesus to decide what your faith can abe in two years the next state election i will run for state representative again and guess what those state representatives in those other people who are also petrified sitting in the seat will go ahead and give him her money in order to get in to further their their cries and high because there are complicity on all levels in our government is provable again look at the chapel diaries look it all then there only into this and they in the alcove for according to publisher reports loton was arrested for stocking and two thousand twenty two o but he sorry he's never going to do it i am you know everybody gave a pair of cow by boots on with it with a you know at that point he and you you might need that works very well as a two and i'm a pretty exertion take somebody right down the great big kick in the old a lot was arrested on a war if they come after you defend yourself lot was arrested on martin hossifer stocking order charge and hughes by police a convincing with the victim on social media november eight he was also accused of stocking harasses according to the nosepiece and after became clear bottines present at the state house of swarming all the house numbers of organand an organization they to sommer twenty to twenty two the new hampshire democrat party chair rebuckle called on lawton to reside well that was good that was a good thing well he secure on that i don't have a lot of faces right now and what's happening in the republican party state of michigan but there's some people need to be taught to three time follin john smith who was in there i like others and so anyhow lots he's been dealing with a low oh i'm so sorry i estis you took pitchers of and traded with other petrified such as yourself i am sure those babies are that you victim so we're going to pound make him into a boo who erected now do you hear in his the wet of those people he'll say why didn't take the pictures yah he's one step away from the person in dead somebody's taken be taken advantage of these little children and and this is the horn as to there are very young but they they probably an think tively know between ages three and five the other people aren't supposed to be staring at your genitalia in all it the the damage whether they know it or not this this is such an egregious crime i ought i can't even believe it i'm i'm alive i'm safe i'm well lots as i don't give a writ about your well being right now only he the crab i'm worried about the children you victim i am i not suicidal i'm just trying to get my every day with what i've been dothein t know what new beneathness but i do know this there's a lot of good opportunities of the forminiere to serve in a lot o good opportunity for meaning me me to stay so state connected with every one and victimised those kids again and i plan to do that what was convicted of conspiracy to commit credit card frodwell there's another thing he does escuse completely devoid of anything reed while living in an laconia as a man because he is a man and after winning elections o thousand twelve lot and resigned after a felony conviction came to light o really so we've got more and more and more what was sentenced to a suspended six months gaol turned to him after reporting a bomb threat to a local and a local hospital involuntary admitted himself in to mental health and addiction treatment facility in vermont and november eight latinised second in the race for three seats and meannatured for the most democratic ward in the really so domocrats clean or parties out are you all going to get labels complicit same thing with republicans if you do not clean this out you are cold democrat mark plan la mondon former national alderney defeated him the special election so this is all about old feels sorry poor stacy there no i feel no sorrow stanmore my mind when i like what would be the experience of those children in that's what i was thinking with the old gods was in the little for your being mean you're not compassionate to him no i am not he was not compassionate to those children and he deserves no come he deserves a stiff sentence and an unwavering attitude towards protection for those holes he made the choice and he knew what he was doing then a metretes my dogs are about to start marking for the moment then the dog the gree with us to the dogs that gothelindis more then these ones more ons that wanted jump in to say oh feel sartines mental help help really what you know the wind she got that little first close schooner that doesn't excuse to behave or course he's mateel i mean that that section even be debatable the guys have not job an he's a criminal not job who was victimizing small children this giusto be off the strike and no opportunity to ever come back and begin yet you you don't recover from that sort of sickness when kit he's only going to say what he would he needs to say to get himself out of trouble and to be back on the streets to do it again that's this is what's happening so a kind of a kind of a desire they're not barking at but they haven't figured out then my husband had pulled it god god fell chiming while it's the otorunco your channel a minute let's see what else we can talk because there is i say gone off too about the police and so no let's just go there ah about the police that had seen the hilary the cramchild molesting clinton and their crime syndicate be clinton foundation you see the one where o where opera was was making excuse is for pettifies it is that one from some time ago on her shell yes i have seen it before but not recently he oh he'll hillary was making making excuses for some horible things out there that people people you can they always ask me where you find this stuff i got to do is just look at all split but but over was also making excuses for the stuff that the apennine there it is so is o if a parapyle is really good this is what she said if a peripylea really good the child enjoys it oh yeah yeah yeah that's what it was how much we how much you want to go into you guy that she must go and africa doesn't she yes well son madanasen as one is on the new one eighty seven wasright now on pretty extra shore and a madonna has some you look at on my followed a lot going on in a ah of course i can't remember the name now by china such i was on i was on a stand with the mongolian or my mind my mars the trafficking wrote and the people that are in charge they are all got does listened to them for a minute you can absolutely see what's going on here i'm going to see if i can bring what the the i don't know if i were put it out there by beto disturbing for pee ah if you look at what the and why p d saw from the weener lathe in what hilary is made to two ten year old girls and only nine of em are so lie or at only three more still alive right now because they killed off the rest of because of course they didn't want witnesses but that's okay there's enough of us and an outer and people that have been in this trolong long time to carry out the torch dineral soldiers come back and many many different forms you know and he and an under under other names and under other and ah that they they can't stop what's coming because it's all out there in there's enough of us that know what happened what was happening out there that will not turn a blind eye to the it's it's horrible all i can see if i can fast forward here the statement oh show icewithout here stand i wait i'm on to look for comments the see if people want to see see or even listen to the testimony that the detectives talked about i wait to see what people want to see ay for islands bird men they were so distraught from feeling that they were sick to their stomachs i mean it must it must cause good people pet s d sometimes just to just to see or hear even even one alone even just to watch or just to hear for what i've heard about it ah they say you don't want to watch it he just don't cause you would be traytise for the rest on old or you will get into it and fight like an unwavering badger and say not as long as i'm alive will i back down from this and watch any one i am go through this and till the last one of these people are eradicated off the planet their saneness they are here one this this is the sock enter i hear the little i find so i came to do is the one i shared yesterday i think a year is shared i mean it's just her eric m but i usually because i know a lot of people have if they've had terrible experiences in their lives it might be triggering for them and i i don't mean like an ill leftist trigger and kind of thing i mean in at i would not want to cause some one more trana to reach their own personal experience by throwing something in their face without a warning so i tend to write me this is what you're going to see give you an idea which you're going to see and then they can choose whether they want step in that or not because it's not i mean it was hurtful to me but it's not that i'm not already aware that it happens but it's different to havin a wareness of something then to experience then to be able to see it or hear it and that it becomes even more of a reality and not do something that you've imagined and it's much more horrific and that was there's nothing he actually what's the word and looking for there's a lot worse in edos to watch the oinanthes red yesterday oh yeah no word yea a lot worse than that but it's enough and that's what i posted about it is enough that is enough that it should motivate people everybody's got a line and it shouldn't be very much just a drop in the bucket of the reality should be are right so this is one bring yourself because when i was stark and when i was looking at two i looking at everything and so people are like you listen to this one allassontes en un for years so don't criticise what i look at it and looking at everything because i want to be informed and i want to know so this is for all of you in west michigan who are sitting in your church and not really realizing what's happening in your back yard from west four hung four thousand two hundred likes almost five thousand followers there every where they are absolutely everywhere and i'm not promoting them i'm hoping you know you have a choice on which you're going to do with his infant but i'm going to tell you what this stuff is for real and if you go down far enough you can they their doing blood blood rituals right on right on this side i saw while back you gifted digeron loath me i know a staff by a year so they got t go ceremony and they've got they got all kinds of stuffed going on they have they voted so their voting their they got all sorts of stuff going on her little said it's very sad and put her stuff up with the cap but all know too because we're all into politics and a great thing she had elsewheregod here because there the pitchers on here too if you if you see he could see who is even count nantine and now how connected they are so he won't fight all connected they are jump in and see you can see names i could see what they do so there connecting riches on the capital step always they're just dress if it doesn't matter that's what they want to say yet like hacket doesn't and it gets worse and so there are some there are definitely some things in here were their doing ah drinking blood and rubbing blood on each other in a in his in a set ceremony this is for real guys and gas was its happening here and was michigan its happening all over the place if you can't you can't turn around and look the other way when when you see this kind of stuff i just just look around because ah you're going to you're going to find out that these people are into some really really horrific thing gallegos i now well i think we might need to re home on horse and that was a concern when we were getting it to them i started asking some questions around to people who had boats how to you protected the kids when you go to sell them is that a problem here in michigan in and the answer was that most people are pretty open about what they plan to do if they planned to eat them or or not if there are my near or whatever that that was the answer that i was given that the pretty open about the truth that there not train to hide but i will be getting them with while there is there more there if you get in and want to see what the really involved an you'll see videos and such hopodini blood out of a goat skull and such so i do but you but when you compare that with hillsdale is quick oh there's quite kind and you know quite a contrast the anyhow and i don't think we should be afraid to to go there so loves his eye saw the that the frail rope video eh i saw enough of of enough enough of but if we listen and then with thee the simon and displaced on the vessels i can get to the mission get to the i want to get to where he's talking about testimony here here i'm going to show you a few photos here i could not see the same you might want to just two now it's it's a it'll tell what's happening what they had what they actually saw what discina this little hut so out of the two police officers it viewed the anthony weaners insurance wins laptop nine of them committed social ah they their got or kancity pillory the wicked witch hillary clinton nothing gets my heart going like sacrifice it that's in the wake there is a picture that's wildly circulated that is not what they saw its actually something that's men of erroneously circulated and let me go through here a minute that i can p g this just a little bit that i did want to devon that for everybody cause that's that's on not that's not what he saw you know where that is from this curious that is on a poor record cover nagor record covered well let's just go ahead and look at whose connected here cause i think this might be interesting oh there's our body to hang and the little snub nose character coming of over and over and over again and when you realize what it really showing may stop your heart for just a minute i can't latch that move and he more now this is the reality of what we're dealing with and here you go we've got some more in hollywood that marking us absolutely mocking us this is what's happening and there still mocking us here as a marking think that they do on at their mockings his putting a right out in front of her face of what they actually do can a strange that makes me really you what i see no officers that basically have have somehow santobono of here and this because we have good people fighting this general flans lawyers any powell exposes contents we are laughed up the insurance false she knew hilary was getting organsthe i'm not getting i'm not i'm not so side leather distorted by no your mataious mark me as the cat that that's not the right fore for sites another in the stern okay and i'm going to stop there because i don't necessarily mean if you want to find out what's out there you can find it you'll you'll find it and i look for the look for the testimony that comes out from the detectives in and new york that saw it because i find that to be more more of reliable or citypower anything comes out of general plan i find that to be very very a reliable reliable source so there you go a contrast i can't take now she thought there their care yes what's your thoughts ah i sent her thinkin it's i think the two of us have been kind of i feel like we tagged to him whether we've done it on our own or i've noticed that you did and maybe you noticed what i did but it just seemed like it's time to start talking about it a little more and like we've said before and conversation you can't just do all this on people it would tie if they're new to it you have to give them the idea that it happens because it's too much to understand in one day ah i've told you that i've seen the documents that you have described a little bit the night i did that i was i was wailing i mean i was as morose a very hard to handle i don't want to think about it because it's too hard to wrap your mind around it puts you in a different mental state and definitely emotional and spiritual to think that people do this i and not just a one child but in a mass of scale really the kits it's hard to believe it take in the forged ethaethe have to recognize it and accept that its real but how do you introduce that is society that gets offended and upset and needs safe spacious at work on it is just okawe or to do a little at the time and then we have to transition to how are we going to address it that that there are ways that we can and there are ways that we can unite together to fight this stuff and i think like you said this this force to dely week and we should go see it ah the movie once he called again on freedom sound of freedom that could wait up a lot of people in waited to conditust it ah they can sit in the theatre for a couple of hours most people will go with somebody so they're not alone they can erafter mind around a little one story about this and recognized the trafficking halfpens with children and there evil people in the world who do unconscionable incomprehensible things okay where do we go from there because once you recognize that then you have to say water where we goin to go from here i think we're going to find that answer pretty soon because i see this stuff coming now all little let the time i've always thought that the children is the concept of human trafficking involving children torture and all that is going to be the last straw i thought he arabia or whatever he says i think it's going to be the children that will be the last straw and since worse that i here talking about it ah that tells me that we're getting much closer two a big switch in the world the flip a new way of thinking of being and its painted change everything we know i think we're going to get through it but that is why at the same time were also talking about getting everybody together and having a strong faith because that is going to take us well out of our comfort on it already is but if we're together and if we have faith it is going to be a lot easier to handle the yoke is easy his yoke is easy his burden is light is very true if we stay focused on that at the end of the day despite all this negativity that we went talking about it's just reality there the answer is a goodness and a sense of relief when we do accomplish some justice it it's coming so try to focus on the good things while a knowledging the bad things i guess that's a really simple way to put one on tiesjust reality and it's like i don't you know if you've ever been diagnosed with something that she potentially wife throning i have in you you it doesn't change anything from before you know to after you know is already there so what what was the what change thinks nothing changed just a warent but it's already there so there is an art clinging a post another article that came out of the k and this is the pattern number if it's happy there it's happy nor cross the globe because we are ruddy have glooves if it's as already in place they have been running this nation world economic form the bansters the whole tears for a long time it's not when we have glogov rnments we already have it now it's our fighting our way back out of it there were people in the hospital in the uk who were directed to youth and ye covet patience in order to increase the number of cases and if it happened there and we know what happened here we know it happened here we've just got to deal with it and now we've got a disable any one that participated in those activities but you know what what's the answer were going play other video here this afore and where riches come to light of home said his son had ties shells and flowing on hush all othere to strong had so many more this is the country where children and names like wieroo no this is the place the sadedinenhies patres made their last stand at the old her connection is called that of the best peter by the costers and strongest fiercest and most entered the face of the i ancestors craven onsatisfactory to seize an altar acheronteos a ship the women to do light of sins and betterstopher canes disiectis i ancestors built the most successional et to existence essie chichinomino nature this he i had my god apologise the place where anything can happen the place godliechosen the soil this caught stereograms he saganoshes country he saw nosepiece and she ought olivettes just waiting piestocystis not and not here ii tetras forjust to or sterilised the service to rise that's reservamus a love that yeah i found no ideas terday that i shared too that i actually shared it twice because it really resonated with me it was the scene from glory stashed it one of the last things i shared again lasting ah they know they're going into a battle the next day they know their used for cannon fodder basicly they know this is going to be the hardest thing probably a lot of them are not going to come home oh but they're doing it for something greater than themselves they're doing it for the freedom of their country their doing it for of course the black soldier the black people at home who had been so persecuted and they want to show the world that they have something to give so there's a lot more to it than just civil war sort soldiers but they gather around a camp fire and they're doing the prayer while at the same time sort of a binding ceremony there even a little bit of music of a little bit of song and freer by each of them and so there's a few characters it is least three characters in that scene they are offering a prayer and a very different each one but there all welcomed he here different in your different in your different each have your own style each have your old concerns you are all welcome here take your time say which you feel and they praised them for they welcome them for it and they praise god together and they pray that they will have success the next day and that is kind of what we need to have right now we need to have people who gathered together with god and say let's do this we can we can with god let's go and let's let's face the hard thing because it's something bigger than ourselves is for a whole other generation and generations after he can you stand and look at yourself in the mirror and do nothing once you know i don't think you can i think you can it is if you want if you want to be if we want to be honest with ourselves we can't see this stuff and turn our back on it and truly be human and just walk away i i really don't believe that full oppian for eight a finely brothers whenever his true whatever is noble whatever is right whatever is pure whatever is lovely whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praise worth think about such it's important to focus on and fill our minds with with encouraging things as we go through the surface of me face them without back and down in such but it's okay you now take a bright one and all have a scotone a friend of mine he is taking a bright to day well deserved break and always a always feel good by him case out there just puncheonful time on this locus standi investigation and i want to tell everybody that this people that are involved in election integrity for in locus standi are doing the heavy lifting in this state two right or elections and half people that we the people have in fact voted in in office and there's a lot of evidence out there and there's a lot of people out there there working towards to write this we will never have this correct if we do not write that twenty twenty election we will never it won't be will never have an honest election this this is the battle line that has to be drawn and once were there we're going to have to go back and now i fied and novel fight and now if a and keepeing until we know if i everything back pretty much rite to the beginning because ah it's a it's a it's a rode a hole but it has to be done so in organ to do that sour and focus on the good things and know that as we prune the trees a little bed the trees got little overgrown here and were producing no fruit were taken up the land in forgetting of an odd of it so where we're going to have to clean things up a little bit and then once we clean things up it's going to be a glorious where we stand together and you know what it's true that all through his when things go bad who are the ones that stop up generally not that there ought not that under the monitor of being a christian is always there's been a lot of crimes committed under every label but when you watch the people of god step forward they will step forward without any fear or onwith no wavering in order to serve says that god was done you know his purposes were serving his price the sand back rules and we have to put everything back underneath and if we want things right if the spiritual ban led that all things have to be brought back underneath god almighty or heavenly father's always good none of this assist fal we can't say o god why is this happening to me why cause he loves half free will and in others or are glowed just went right down and were led down the primrose path and an individual basis we have to make decisions and our own like every minute and to walk focussed on god that he leads us through the the coming days i think we're going to see some really crazy things coming up here in a very short period of time i'm not going away i'm not going anywhere and i know that my brothers and sisters out there who in fighting with who are committed to protecting arechildren all children every one any hother this isn't as happen to children as have an into adults it's happening to thee these dale are brutal their monsters and you follow they follow satan are you kidding me the gloves go off and they have to do certain things just to belie at that point in time as they know where they're goin once they check out of this life it's not going to be good only hope as his turn jesus at that point time for salvation so that's that's that's pretty much it so do we want a yene less words we could on it there were the prayer and and move on to our days and realize that we're all state we're all in this together where we have to stay together we have to stay united we've got to stop looking at yonder and race and this is this is good against pure evil they have waged war on god and god's children in that's all god's children doesn't mean we're going to sagatagon his so do ah the versus spoke of there's another one in there that a really good one it i can do all things through christ who strengthens me an that's david and go i as freight there that's that's park five in the series that i published last week david and goliah i go to give him five a coat he carried some sack and so i i ah i like the fact that he do shows up he's just there to say he was going on over here you know i agototo a break from for my flock and he shows up in his like what on earth is going on down there you guys are let mac dy mock the army of god and in their leg well we don't have anybody to go fight an me's like i'll fight em you can read i fought off a bear it to like i can take care of berinthia like what he doesn't fearless and he and the like o ka well here here take put on his armor that way bigger than you and weigh heavier than you because that's what we do in war and he says miss isn't fitting me i can't use his the gets five pebbles five stones i should say pebble five stones he only me what but here in testaniere quaking and fear when he got down there to it i've done some things i broke in a cement brick with my hand and i knew i could but it was still really really frightening when i was holding it and had to set it down because it was big and heavy and i like know that i'm here this is really hard david wasn't afraid witty got down there if it and the field and saw how big the sky was in steady stern shout made him read the scripture what did he shot at him how dare you i would he take your head off because the battle is the lord's and so we know it is the battle belongs to the lord the battle is the lord's i'm going to take your head off you jerk her bad monson my god and his army who do you think you are while he standing there with his giant sword and all his arm oroandes human does and everybody's always told him all his life he begins to one he was and here's this little puny young man we don't really know how it will be as in his i can swat you like a fly kin so he comes running it david david runs toward him he does it just stay in there and go oh no cercops david runs toward him with his little sling god gave him everything he needed one tool one sling one throw sunk into the forehead of the giant some time ago i learned that the giants that we know to day i don't know if they're like the giants of at that time but the people who are known as giants to day and i don't mean just like tall people but they qualify in that category they can have a weakness in their skull so i don't know that's how it was and it david just found it or god meet it that way or of david was in fact or really skilled and strong with his slaying but i know that is a stone thrown by slain can have a high velocity in power in powerful impact he dropped back guide with one through and what did he do i took off his head took it with him he and all the people so we like to give the glory to the lord but in that story as well as another one that i shared in part one the the man in charge and here david did get a little glory but it was through god it was known that god was with david and that's why the people welcomed him as king because recourse they god was with him then it wasn't that david did it by himself because he was so good he was with god god was with him and he fought for the right reason and there so there so many aspects of that story that we can find i can do all things through christ who strengthens me in ourselves we can do nothing it's only when he leads us we just have to be willing to stuff up and move forward and simrock our steps but we don't have these and ah we it's it's him leading a step by self and oh that that's the ante yes the the others start one of the other stories i shared was about esther and am as her finds out what's going on the her people are going to be killed because he swung by and she is she has to go ask her husband the king to save her people he does not know that she's a jew he does not know about the law because he didn't write it and just to go visit the king you have to have special permission or you're dead they will kill you and so she terrified yes and so she's terrified she says go fast for three days before i knew this tell all the people to fast and the scripture doesn't explicitly say so but i believe the part of it is praying they're going to humble themselves before god and say give esther whatever she needs she goes before the king king licence on in an what's gone on its weeoonibeens had a pianoand or soften but he loved her so he's like i will do anything for you what do you want and in all she did the first time when she set up i want to have a only have a banquet with this guy came in and you okay so they settled on and and that's it that's all she does and then she says he says what do you want so we've come here together nan nan it what do you want my love and in paraphrasing of course if she says i would like to have another banquet with you and hangman in having walks away and feeling all pride himself i don't know what her plan was the bible doesn't say how does she know does she know it was going to happen next i don't know what she was thinking but it worked out altogether that hamans thinking so proudly of himself he attacks mordecai he makes the tree that he eventually hangs on but her rose when i'm talking about here the next time they have that banquet she tells the king what haman has done and begged for the lives of her people and he is distraught there's some aspects to that story that i didn't include in my my substock an that esther only had to stand most fornicated she said i i have to i have to speak i have to speak some proof at the right time and that's all she had to do she didn't have to go fight a giant she do said to you know am i saw that brant kate's hesite hurt that says what is it say speak even when your voice shakes and that's esther all she had it now with tell the truth everybody has a different roll that's erroll's very different from davids but no less valuable she saved her whole people and her uncle all he was doing pretty much was sitting in the gates according to that story he's paying attention he sees the king in and plain a roll and saving the people cause it was a murder plot that he overheard and he told her save the king's life he didn't know this was going to play a role in saving his own neck and glorifying god down the line god will set us on the path that we need and give us everything we need to bring him glory solar problems and save ourselves well as we read that we've got to do the we've got to believe in him we've got to have the faith we've got to take action when it's in front of us that's what that whole series of substances about and so even with all this darkness around us whether it's a giant in a whole army or its a king and the threat of death for the whole people everybody has a role to play and all ever thank that your rolls too small because you don't know what god hasn't store at the end of the line for your roll you might do something that later on becomes a magnificent aspect of the plan and you may never know well sir that is forgot very very well said and in her an encouragement for every single person of their sea everything to bible is so scary and they don't want to read at you are you kidding me this the biberitis going to encourage you and show you how much god loves you and and what he thwing to do the promises of god are just and how he stands the so god first so step she is a great writer great researcher in a wonderful friend then and to entertain one telegram too care socialis pass later really good stuff good horses and such an critical thinkers so they do say she sees something wrong he's the first one to jump out and say excuse me we have a problem here so there go i i just really honoured the word friends so that's heestowe said ah ha well you know hope everybody out there is encouraged by that waserer and then we can i actually got thunder here are the founder where you are oh not at the moment you probably getting what i had a while ago we have westerly winds in fact now i thought that with a winsome the east which serves the non sansone on the air quality i don't believe any of the seises two men a critical thinking all the dependahl nonsense anyhow dear heavenly father thank you so very very much for your word for guiding us trotting us for bringing us through rough times with encouragement for growing within us godly characters characters which you have planned out for us bravery virtue no fear unwavering loyalty being able to critically think that ability to stand when there's a thread out there to people around us that we care about and that we love and more importantly that you love i am so grateful that you have given us us opportunity to walk through this life with you while you are guiding and directing us that it's even our salvation comes a or salvation comes from your hand there though the work that you do you save us you direct as you guide us and this battle is yours we have no fear because yet year year year always faithful and you have the ability you are able to do anything and all things we disinter turn to you and follow your lead and that exactly what we're doing this is not of us none of this is so posits all of you and relay any any victories that we have as a people is a nation his friends his family at your feet and even as individuals as we overcome thanks and our lives that may be may be our innereste you love us above nor you love it so much i know that every one out there's so precious to you that you are concerned with every hurt every every pastor every present her their health their finances the things they are concerning to them and there is not one of those things that escape to day we turn our entire lives over to you you are lord and our savior we accept your gift of salvation i took all the punishment that we should have have had and you paid the price for so that we can be ready for ever throughout eternity and scape in escape the damnation that that of that was in there was in our future without you thank you so much for being faithful to us and help his ah along the way both now in three turn then there's there's really no words too to express our gratitude for everything that you do for give us a word to say the actions that we need to do show us those around us who need our help may be listening ear or just to hear the truth and give us the bravery and the courage to do that gives the strength to walk to the end of this battle without wavering with energy with the cement with wisdom so that we may yet help you we just love you your best friend we love you were excited about the day ahead of us with all the things that you put in our path knowing that through you and with you we can do all things and that the battle is one we love so much and jesus named we pray at the men there go so their friend time to go into the day to day and and shake the shake the shaking up a little bit out there but the wondering if we can stand the storm we are the storm here in the care dodson front were behind him going oh ye this is going to be a great day what a great adventure we have been inventors the adventure is that hand and ah and it's for wonderful time to be alive everly as i love as thou would miss of minute of this you can me to you imagine going through life as like you know melanotos or martinette ster whenever we want to say not oh no doesn't sound like fun at all i want the adventure and i wonder the people come on the cross and the may flower could could have have i dear what we're doing right now would they trade their experience for hours i don't know we still have so which is kind of an important thing to me personally i am pretty sure they did they have like soap on the can you manindianover no child of paper you won't talk about craziness of the toilet paper nonsense here on petiisse they didn't have child pitti like my flushing toilet thank you now the three at the three asses three essays look at opinionthe sat on let there you go the things that we take for granted a thankful for you i'm thankful for the internet i'm thankful for for the fact that that at the weapons that were formed against us are being used against the enemies of god as set back and go hows that work and for havenner trees there haint just like came in they did not on himself and it's got all mighty we just have to sit back and go a thank you god this is going to be great were going to save it and you know we're going to patch each other up then and a goin start grilling out and enjoyed being america americans together so there you go have a great day to day the first the kingdom of god and all the rest of the adit a thought afterward about everything will be taken care it's going to be oke even if we go through bumpy times take it as an adventure connote ok bad things don't last forever either to good things usually but but we've got to be able to adjust in the dot and that's ohthat's where the adventure comes in and grab hold it everybody round give him a big hog and they we can do this not yourselves together it's going to be like the roller coleride and set on the roller coaster with peppi god we like that oneslittle you've got to eat now the one that's got a gothere's maggi and there calotin their roll across the condonedand then an we're all like i think i made that menoceras i pretty on the roller cos there too if papa have a pro so that all pertinent in on my telegram chanel so here go gussetis particol thinking on thinking that the two governor database i am the best not consider who is ever not conceded in the history of the united states of america and president trop agrees maybe what else are you mean out of noises who knows but isn't he wanted for god so there you go but ah anyhow just just know that it's going to be okay god bless you everything's bedfordshire god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the marcas could it be great day make it so good choices good choice is always always result in good days says seetapoor to morrow when i talk about and in one more than to give them a pre leave for to morrow there's a lot o leakin going on in the republican party all geddis go on to a couple of chaps and these people in there in their relentless pursuit to destroy each other be out every bit of information about what's actually going on in the spoke round a little pit you case i think about somewhere on the finance committee dismiss yesterday a screen shots and what's actually going on there finance calliwith the am i gop the grand new party the band of mary thieves that are out there steel or gold with the democrat hither on thrown bed to other we stop watching these people because we're not heroes there not liberties there there sebert there an army of subversion saw isrofitus there not virtuous it's all about themselves and self enrichments were going to just keep exposing this intelligent to the bottom of this criminal nonsense it's going out have a great day and we'll see to