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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8/5/2022 - Live today - 8am Jason Jones from "His Hard Line"

Published Aug. 5, 2022, 8:01 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and this is brandenburg news network and i am in fact donna brandenburg and i'm running for governor of a state of michigan and i will be on the ballot in november i am on the ballot under the us taxpayers party which is the constitution party the party of the so we're going to give people if you more minutes to get on this morning this morning were going to be doing our normal friday brander black hour with jason jones from his hard line to profited at jason even doing this for a while and it just it's kind of fun to get on talking to somebody else who is also a researcher who doesn't take things for at face value so so we go we go through a lot of different scenarios and and hypothetical it is a remark about emerson that a bit kind of way in on my mind and i haven't really had a lot of time to catch up research whiteweed because i've been so busy so we'll see where to day goes we never really know a song going we're going to start the day off with white little bit of motivation here i think i'm getting better at this hopefully my no skill will improve every day he one sorcerer there and i had to undergo just nature saying my i stand for freedom and a cantonment that all forget the marionettes he from no sameness tatepocoshe peter ossaroo on to housecleaning attention to day of esotericism erroneousness nonentities terence he witenagemote always makes me happy i love that so i thought that was a great a great way to start this morning out with a singing sargent so i'm to go ahead and bring jason on your right there day good morning how are you just my screen you know everything kind of makes how are you doing as morningre wan you not be great with starting a day out with that song i love that i just love that song you know it's a great saw you all unite superposed in that was actually on my first song that i sang as a cancer that's really cool well that i love grandson still gives me good soirees i just really represent truly a man's love for america and the way he explains in his words and see i love music because i have a lot of power and words i mean like the bicetre or for death there is life and death and wordiest a matter how you apply it so you can just tell with learn that song just how first off it illustrates just how much of a love he has for a number two it shows just exactly how talented the man is i hope on the he's the one artist that i would really have i calculate encapsulate you know what i mean i just like that men when they came out with a singing sargasso of it i was like oh this is awesome you know and and you know it so so often we feel like we're all long weener walking especially doing the difficult things that we're doing right now but the reality is is that we're so not alone i found out yesterday that face book is in fact removing of mine which should be its legal its election interference by my zuccaro over there who is a who is a designed a david rockefeller and i don't he is a senator there all tied in the lake is like a unegotistic group of idiots out there that think they're better than the rest of us but when you start looking at the ties and who is really related to whom you can you can see the connections there and realize that this is one big criminal organization but more than that they put their they installed their their family members into position of power so look at look at what my dead with hunger in and you know you've got a good old boys club you bet it is john but if you look at what's going on or who's going on in ukraine with bresal you had the son of carrie that was involved in it you've got mit romney involved in it you've got big and hunter by so they'll put their kids and place in or grand kids in order to carry things forward so any hazard is now sansome and anna took started taking down post on face book and integram women fighting this i was taken off ballooning of i can't remember the day they took us off belatedness a cause you know we can't be everywhere i was now for ten days at the beginning of the year which is kind crazy to me and so was really fun yesterday watching the censorship some there were at least two people that put up face book fan pages and or janissaries pages in their and people are changing their profile picture out to the one that has as sabre the glass in case of emergency break the glass and see that mean with that i said i oh this is really funny i think this is hilary at me see that and bring it up i don't want to disunion we have it on your telegram pages i have my tellin oh hang on imitative got let me see it posted it somewhere here is the one with the the one that has the croton i oh i did see that he people are taking that in their using that as a profile page and face book and another social media which i think is absolutely brilliant you know so just so everybody knows i've got my i've got my apparent day the friday edition all right look happy yea so this one here papelito my pocket here keep him as medlock friend there and not only bad just so that we all know that this is for real papas happy addition the brander black hour fraidy would be flannel for it's too hot to her family so or my puppy hastati yet as i was just no repetitions real so i and went is overcast outside usually the first thing to do when i set the root of bed it we have i have went on my side out there like a little creaking that neighborhood he what's going on in the harmonious almightiness to be sure what is the cloud here do it again there is the snow flake has some right there no flags even if you can't make a rational decision on what is actually a threat or not a cartoon frog is not haste the there there are the pronouns next rather really people he on that and saying that he speech is a but it was going on you know when that first came out on the thames it was a fortune you know and somebody somebody said you know where it started was really funny made a cartoon of it and then then they said you can't use that cartoon and of course all the annotation at the side like outward is going to make it in a symbol then in the hammytoor the place and then it was picked up his own this is it sure you know let's look at copiously first of all the green i don't i'm not seeing it i'm not for by his i mean quite it could be argued that peter is also now your hating on a frog that not very loud i don't know i'm still not i do not my entire should be more inclusive i think green for a should be included in all of our daily lives and yenter face yeah i let the version i like the trumpeting of cape alas you know with some funny it's like it's like your body's loss or sense of humour and you know looking for reasons to be offended about things you know if you want to get a founded about things there's plenty of getting about a green frog is not one of them and i would be removing from the art the haste the day to see the half her pose make sure everything was good and so on and so forth which by the way everything is solid but honour drive the latitudinarian and i just looked at he like the world is in not the make and anymore people are losing their mind nobody's using say nobody has many people out there are rational thought their not using completely but grenaditas all around the world and like everybody's if there was any was so ah what was really this week you know there's a lot of upset and there's a lot of upset for the what happened with a republican crime no it's not republicans down downstream as the leadership there because they're all in one they all in oninterestin to say that because the whole thing we had in her manner talking about being at the which is now the huntington center a gas whatever they're going to change names every week you know the baseball fields are on her corporate eyeing incorporating so many of our things it was so we should know that there is a problem right then an there retainer it if it you know it would that whole he was talking about what he saw and how many unlawful processes there were they've got this so complicated that in and divided that it is going to be virtually impossible to have an honest estate got a pretty processing center now for since he alone i don't even know what to say about that a prepossessing one for amity that so they should be all the absentee ballots there reprocessing them before they go to the teaser the huntington sinner what in the world are they doing sunday them to an area which has no oversight what are they doing the cheek their cheating mass of so regulations to carry lake by the way she got they cleared up all of her you know the ballot county sham that they were doing down there and i think they realized that that they weren't going to get away without one that they couldn't even cheat their way out of you know cheap their way out of dusting her nomination which is on you know i would like everybody to think about this where we know that president trump up the pater at sir good people and a and they're not stupid all right that there they're not stupid so if we really want to look at this and get past what the obvious looks like i believe that we can go back to that s and i think president trump ran under the us taxpayers party the constitution which i think is fairly significant he's always said that the two party system is not functioning the way that it should be and i believe that he is a fan of getting rid of that two party system he was kicking around trying to put together a separate party but but i don't know if the timing was right but my guess is that we're looking at something that's a little more complex than than what then what were it was automatically obvious so like i was i was literally praying for tutor i i i hope i hope she gets in i hope she gets the trunnion because i'm not taking the face value of what's going on here i'm thinking that their plans for these and that if he has a lot more to do with taking down the old guard he's never changed his none and when people want to demonise other people or can come stupid or this that and the other thing there really exposing their lack of ability to critically through what what is actually happening and unless in lesperon is thinking through it not taken at face value they may miss the nuances of what's actually going on so yet you know it i said this earlier on a previous show in one of the other reasons why i started his farming obviously to the word of god out there to people and the chair my story transformation how i went from a very broken individual i lost that dead in now finding life and an incision but the other thing that i mentioned the one show the like with your it's kind of another reason why i did this because i like to research i like to you where people like the like to we like to know the truth scripture and was kind of going around going on within or reality and even though the only truth that matters is in the still have to not put a hammer heads in the sand right we have to be here what's going on and so that's kind of one of the reasons why i started at probably one of the reasons why you started being that really if you really look at it the majority of people out there have a hard time read and re so we try to make it easier for have audio have these video shows right to you know we do the heavy lifting them we break it down and however we can to make it simple how many of you as that i've got i love what you're doing you make listening you know learning about the assembly for example so much easier than through a broad website or you know what i mean and so i think what we're doing here especially what you're doing i love that you're doing the video flat i don't have a face for the he disappeared the only video platform i'll show this ugly mug on a while but but getting there's a lot of voices out there and i think that to also come about of whom that's to be exposed to like the whoever was i thought i read some and my mom and i have a like his name as a disclosure but my mom and i we were talking about this yesterday there is pastor that she listens to the hardly ever is she said oh yes he saying this he saying to me i have a difference of opinion of my man to watch out letting particular gun anyway but i guess it nada i think one day too we're going to to just like what the news not work you know only we can or come to any twenty and the one the election in arizona i i i know any of these main stream so like even a poet when they sat donna brandenburg the billionaire which yeah i'm pretty exposure that that's not exactly i'm not sure that billionaires printer on signs and make your own the and you know i just it it was just so it was so irresponsible and it was spinning the truth to create a narrative even a detail like that the heathen when you watch for news get on to defend the other news a source printed the results i had a tank for the election and when you look at the especially the tutor dickson numbers they her numbers weren't that far off for what they reprinted and presented as a leg in unnoting the at all not at all and then the fox news gets on and says oh oh yeah it's like a kid like you know yet yet we were just testing the system yet that's what we're doing aren't we guys on their life there like you know you know albanach other and i'm going you know if you're going to make a boy at least make it a plausible good as that one was an even that that was not even it was like a alienate year old that did something to ask him what they do in their life i don't know and they look at you with the big i i don't know actually my daughter had this doll and i would ask her questions when she was younger and in like what did you do here and she would always go i know like that so i named her doll in a i said it when he is about three i know a bit of a do of hell is it does that the words together like the lion you niti wish i could think of and right now both my brain let tome but yet it is it is funny how they make up their own words i use like michiganders or michigan and that you know how you said like that was part of a thing bland words in that edward together will was a we combine words and to michigan has a very distinct acts and i didn't realize this in time i was talking to a new york city guy one time on you know we were talking on the phone and he was a sailor it was that i was and he's like all your formican how do you know that is like some idears so is he oh i can hear he was i can pick out a michigan accent a mile away unlike what what's a michigan account you don't really know what you sound like he goes you guys leave letters out of work and so there's actually while website out there which give you michigan words that we say it's kind o there's definitely there's definitely a set of words that are used in michigan not used anywhere on the intestate and we combine words all the time and short and short and words leave letters out on me were a mass you know it's like it's like a a a perfect example of this is the meteorologist it on in one of the stations and he is like the post or child for speaking with a michigan accent because i can even hear it with him when the rest of the world says t h u n d r s t o r they say thunder storm michigan now sure that way too much as though a storm and you listened you know that that certainly just just leaving half the word out and everybody knows what you're saying or you know what to do and you know that that's more common on but that's an example of you know creating words to replace actual words or seawell replace a complete sentences with like you know with half wordless her manner you know that's a you know i can't i think i think it's an a chicago finger in illinois thing i'm not quite sure maybe indiana forgive me where the region of origins people say the word was or oh yes that's one thing my husband and i have he says worse and like where's the or where is the reever been able to figure this one we go back and forth and of course he thinks it's funny then he does it to her ask me more just just a rat me a little but you know i that he asserts of the day a joke and and with complete in honor harassment and to tell we think that there is nothing more funny in the whole planet you know still so that's interesting though so face look starting to do censorship on you know so we got a group of hopefully the army out there that are starting up pages have you experienced that anywhere else he said to waterwheel can parties then censuring me from their getting they wouldn't even say my name and this was funny i the nose i didn't want the i would decide was it participate as they made themselves a relevant to so but i was told that when the ericson had her acceptance she mentioned like every other candidate even ones that were removed but she didn't say down as name of course because there taking you know i am on the ballet she's going to go i have to go against and this god to be so painful for the whole group of them that you know her she's that she's already taking taking orders and who to mansion and who not to so i found it interesting when i was taking my wife to the dogana i was i had the radio on and he talked about the about the winner of the the gopinath with the intendant i found it very interesting and comical the same time because this was also on radio stage which i don't know if they used records that he arnold network or how that work i'm sure that's how it is i'm not a credit when they were talking about who's going to be on the ballot for november i noticed that they had no problem saying we mean to do and i was listening i was like i would a life within her in i want to give her the is that why we all they won't even give me bad publicity at this point at first at first they were given me some bad publicity now they won't even give me bad to lose the it's almost hilarious what i've been telling everybody out there yet i was not invited to a lot of the if thou the one the event i was invited to were going to be complete and utter and in that just like me did president trumpeter you people i'm not on whether you have used that me on a chance i'm going to control the messenger but there he wasn't invited i didn't even know most of the events out there is a republican party wouldn't even reach out to me sam i name it there was nothing i mean it was absolutely avoid brandenburg like the play and there is a funny story money campaign manager was up in lancing one day and there was a bunch of politicians you know crumptons because her outcrop standing around in a room they were all drinking good things he happened in politics when we drink so we know right then and there the bets going to be a really good policy to start with you going to start it i can't i can't go there but anyhow so there's sitting there talking and i guess i came up on the big screen the jumbo trunk and he said the whole room went absolutely quiet and the guy that he was standing with set there lookin each other in their life brandenburgian one that can defeat whither and longed the great big drink and said she gets in we're all in trouble and they all took a drink had down walked away so they know they know and you know what we're going to go back to something and i'm just going to shoot it right out there and in your face to anyone listening that doesn't want to hear this but as you said nothing can stop what's come we have at all and when we have it all you think that what came out with two mules is going to be the shot that heard was heard around the world wait till the rest of it comes out because the criminal behavior you they they were the ones that created the advance surveillance weapon that they weapons on the american people they they caponized our surveillance they used other countries surveillance to five they have been surveying us for years and what i think is really interesting as they were stupid and arrogant enough not to think that there would be people that god would raise up godly people good people that were willing to fight for this nation got always has his roman and he calls people he will tamp their hearts and moment in time to emerge and there's a lot of good people that use the weapons that they created to take us all down against they are so in true we have it all and they are in trim they thought they could kill the american spirit all they did was like pouring gasoline on the fire and you know it's like you and there is no way no chance possible that we are aboriginal away from this and if they do decide to sanders and i and i had this i had a person call me this week it was really funny and it was funny looking for information that all was about and you know as in for information if they hit me in any way shape or form in line like the censorship there's going to be a thousand many means that are going to spring and as evidence by what happened as a face byestry and i'm i'm calling everybody out there and social media any one and every one that has out there you know there's going to be some distention spread by people doing face passbook sides that are patriots going to happen so you know i can't even i can't even stop and on telegram the closets that are out there but i put out every if they really want to find me it's easy to find me it's at brandenburg number four am i that's my tale has my official telegram come i do not deem unless i i reach out to somebody on the public sit first as a ham going to damiron that and i also provide my phone number if they really want to know if it's mere not they could give me a call or they can and say he is this you is did you actually dear me well so there's always a check there's not random and i don't get on and so he you doin to day talk about bit coin you know or financial advice or anything like that sir i don't do that the but i'm going to i'm going to go a head start publishing these face looks and i'll i'll put em on a rotating rotate noale on my telegram channel and already getting a telegram channel cause i actually communicate their so your communicating directly to me and then you know that that important thing we're going to arouse an talk to me directly also i've got a dauber for my blog and i'm trying to put video there it's my time is getting represented all of the things that i write posting but i that if if anything goes down go to that we just we just registered a brandenburg news not work too so we will be spinning that up in this brandenburg news network that come so outside governor but make it an now here is iconoclast on the notes you're going forward and like a potent what was that so anything were to be taken down or censure what was that website again here let me let me put these in the comments and then and things at i hear you in the same way i don't feel well it's like well if you know why you're doing that a touch things that once a foot what is it it's a chinese proverb the fox that chases to scoot the fox that chase two rapids catches none it something like that so this kind of thing a lot to that how i like abram he focused on one thing with gigantic desolate and you will achieve your gold right you will run away from the prey or the predator in so yeah i think things that want this kind of almost kind of in a way kind of introducted because it takes away from the could be really important you know what i mean i deprecate two or unpromising nor that guy okay you know i need more in bennington i for my not come as if my blog and what as a blood you can find me a and and i've been posting videos there so the people want to see it to go to the video page i'm on to try to arrange it to day so the video page comes up for that way and people i behold me that and then renew which i have to work with at the teacher is on this one guys and that is barnes now wore you know i find it interesting though that story that you were talking about how you said was your campaign man so that without there and lasting that canal was among the most people that were drinking and her face flashed on him with right without mancipate that half there is several peasant as him there are several people that i got a report for that were standing around there what i find very interesting so i found this saw i'll have to maybe send it to its very interesting redicote and i'll send you a souring for to so if you have questions go to the person to ask more about it he's a retired judge i don't know and what sort circuit or at what level but all i know is he goes by judge dale he retired in the at this put out this expose the great iron and it's one of those exposes about a hundred and twenty page it's one of those things i can't put i started it a day and a half ago i'm already like half way through her all my other business back to like that story you were saying and we all know how far was he was not a very good but there was something i see and i just want to read this because it is so interesting and so truthful it says the following quote which take in from a once uncircled memoir of president franklin be rose in which partly explains the crux in or route of the great american fraud but even rose of even now the depth of the european royal in control in america and that their intervention at did george washington and station here is an interesting from f d and again we all know if tears bad but goes to show you says the real truth of the matter is as you and i know a financial element in the larger on the one and jack and in politics nothing happens by accident and if it happens at all be sure and if that that it is to all my let us to sit the point time and i think that this is what the election the failure in france is is that the cheating is that we have to i look at him when he keep that that are there that are emerging or actresses as she didn't have she did have a pot to pen when she got in her she couldn't even afford a a an apartment and actually actually addition to run and you've got to do dickenses an act she is an actress how many people are there which actually are actors are they are professional loggers their audience builders they've never really had a substantial this what i see when i talked politicians they don't really they've never really had a job the gate go into politics as an industry and you look at that and go how what in the world why would we why would we vote in someone to manage our assets in our state who is in after i know this is like holly weird common to roost here in michigan i mean it's this is like holly weird you know i also heard him and i might step on some toast here i care because both sides or corrupt it longside i also another actress as well that that head you know and she listen i was a big fan of canoes but i had heard and it was actually gathered i read that or see the but in the same conversation or talking about you among the other people about how there is an agency actually to this part remembering yes and he had i'm not going to say because the fidenae it actually for sure my man but yet that there is agencies out there for salathiel that are in our political system that are actors and actresses and in some of them in the you know entertainment industry good good be you know and i think there is some good good people that were there and i've seen things to my twenty years ago when you know if people were involved in stuff which i think is worthy to forget about some of this because when people were younger and doing you know or didn't were really trying to find themselves yet it you know all of us all of us holy girl as were as we get older you know and no one is per so you know i think that i think that truly truly to i say we have to allow people to grow and also to become to take what they have done in the past and use it going forward now an i i agree with you wholeheartedly that we need to question every one there just because they appear to be on a party or something we believe as it doesn't mean that doesn't mean at all that they are who they say they are but when you want to when you watch what people do in the work that they do you know look at look at the transformation of soul you know you can look at transformations and people and when god get is involved and you can really see that you can really see that transformation it's an absolute amazing amazing thing and an honestly we have to be like god and how them you transform not to not to catch people and like well you know you are drawers going to be a drag and that's wrong that is categorically brought and we all have people in our family that we care about that we would never shoot at it you know i think about it think about it when it what if your daughter something you disagree with we all have that all of us and anybody that says that they don't want to sit on the piety throne of justice you know the justice legerity they just need to really go to god because it's their hearts that are right we want to do better we want to be that landing for people that may be of struggle or that have had you know when i see somebody that's got a sub you know my first reaction first reaction is they are carrying a lot of pain and this is their only coping machine you know this is a coping mechanism to having a life that perhaps they didn't have good guidance then you know why the people fall into the drug game i mean we need to start asking questions big as yet no and were going out with that was not somebody for what the decisions that they made but what i was gettin at is that somewhere there is an agency back there i don't know what it is really strange like you said it seems like there's a lot of i am i should say a lot but out far rarer amount of that seemed to have cast from some sort of talent are you know what i mean and i begged the question to ask why is it happening that's where i was going now with that like you know what i mean people that are from other parts of the industry with the acting in at just makes you wonder like you said with a slice she always sat in papa like these are the things that last are i was going to get you know the offense or watch we're watching and so that's why you it's just kind of one more question that you want to put at the top the less as why is it where's the information well an good or bad is like you know good or bad is a co need to you need to check things out ask questions but we also have to allow people to come into their own when you know we hopefully every day is a new day god gives us new chance every single day and when when people were cantor the commode and they walk away from things that they've done it may be have been destructive or distracted to other people that that is our best that is our best like i pray for hillary clinton i pray for and god has about it he says pray for her enemies and you know be there too hopefully you know we have to hold ourselves to a standard for and then you know once we get ourselves a position to be may be a little more making a little better choice than we can look at the people around us and say you know i i you know i'm going to be here for you were you know i know your struggling men we know that were struggling every one a struggling right now with this with us absolute destruction of everything that we we hold dear to us every one is struggling if they say they're not their lying and you know to a certain degree you know and unless he should can't really say that because i'm not struggling that i but but we were talking of a i know well and i'll leave that up to you but you know with what you were telling without you know business i mean you know i mean look i feel like i'm not i feel that like definitely noticed that my margin of money left over repaid and you know expensive paid the seven find money out there right i've noticed the mare been close you know and a noosance to her were as well we i'd like to say we're pretty smart with money but as this whether or not your struggling not i think it's i think an accurate statement to say that everybody sees no and i sang part of that expense and i love this little parties at about jesus grace and why he in correlation with the royal families right the elite the cabal that were all kind o going up against the one that pretty much as scraps of the when you get in but listen to this and tell me this doesn't ring really true the royal leering class were constantly confronted by numerous rebel such notable rebellion was led by a man named jesus christ in despite the fact that jesus was eventually executed by an able class radical ideas appealed so deeply the poor down trodden rebel you called christianity spread like wild fire across the land and were still you know and still because the lead is through the town that you know they tried to keep down the poor and the down trodden and like the to we have to pull each other and lift each other up united does matter with the past is for that individual manner woman doesn't matter what their ideals are their politics look at the end of the day we all believe rad we all put our shoes on the same way and we all her emotionally when something really a hard and a yeaow ah and so so i'm really really cautious about about you know raking in dragging things into mere people and not seeing that we don't want to we don't want to talk about this this is turned into for our nation o cato absolutely character assassinate people for the fun of it i was on as soon call this week and you know somebody was on her and instead of listening to the listening skies were all that great and so it was basically you know just wanting to be mad and be kind of kind of abuse of actually rather than trying to bring civility into the situation you know the name calling started in this setter thing aniello know it really doesn't bother me like it does most people and kind i'm kind of a tolling person because i look at them and i go kawelo telling me how you that has nothing to do with the situation but your plan every hateful card you have in your hat and so i just let em play it i let him attack and i love say whatever they want because it honestly has no effect on me whatsoever if her own craziness in their own hat something you brought up that was really there's a couple of things i want to talk about it but studying about a a man named anson his name was i think a set right he was the first or one of the he was a secretary of state back in a the late for nearly fifties and he was replaced by a man named marshall when we come out of war and have you ever watched the move charlie wilson's war i have you have not it is it really is quite interesting taliesin was involved in afghanistan and basically said after a war you you can't leave the country desolate you have to have a plan going forward or else on another entity will move in place and basically ashes thing would be in a christian if we if we step away from lawful good procedures and will move in and fill in this spot or some one who is an evil person looking for gain will take it and manage of those who are weaker so what i've been looking at is how there's another vine that i brought up and i couldn't find it this mornin quick enough but we need to look into the little bit more but the marshall plan was about propping up some of the countries and europe after world war i as communism was spreading from the east to the west they wanted to stop it so as we've been experiencing economic warfare in the united states to weaken us and where were kind of watching a play book that's been played over and over again there had to be and when europe a kind of a plan put in place this is what they allege not that by in this hooligan sink or because i think the obvious is that they're talking about the martial plan to prop up prop of the nation to stop the spread of communist i'm kind of of the opinion that that something that looked good i we made it a people that i don't know where good or not in such tenant entitlements in order to actually set up a larger problem so i want to let less play this i want to play the notes can do this or not we'll see him a trenton here and play this play the video just to give a little bit of back and i'm not sure this is the best source of forgive me here but because as were as were running through this francisco imitator but the marshal the marshall plan was named after secretary of state george marshall who had been used was the secretary of state on the true but i before the seven and harvard he made a famous speech announcing beginnings of the planning of a great program to aid mortimer after the war most european countries were devastated and the only country in the world with the credit of financing the industrial power to help was denied save indeed at first the marshal plan was offered not only to the europe but to the soviet union in the hopes of these than the american hopes that giving money might also provide a certain amount of influence and the embassies understandably rejected the offer and rejected the implied control but the programme eventually funereal billion dollars into the countries of europe especially western that money provided not only the making of the post war fool anderson it was intended to the preservation of democracy there was some fear after the war that the soviet model might be attractive to the large communist part is italy in france and some other countries in any event the marshall plan along with several other initiatives shaped the course of europe for the next fifty to a hundred years not only for prosperity back to europe but it was the beginning of the organization of europe into what eventually became the common market a decided success to this day people use the term the marshal to project such as resemble martial plan for central america war during the warrant poverty of marshal plan for american but in american history and definitely injuries to the marshall plan turning it now i'm going to stop that right there because this is bring to mind something that i find is really really interesting look at where look at where the roots of this goat goes to roosevelt where did the entitlement start out the entitlement plans all of them started in the roosevelt are and then the other thing is that we've got the soviet union made into the buggy man which we go back to present trump and go on now rushanara and and so we're taking the taking us down in obvious which is in fact create a crisis provide the solution so face value there's some threesome wisdom and propping up warranties so that so that another power can't command instead of a dictator we've seen that happen over and i think that the less obvious to go on on this is the fact that that this absolutely it looks to me like like you know ah create a crisis and provide a solution and that solution had nothing to do in my mind other than to usher in what they were trying to do because we had we had the un ushered an under world war two we had the central bank on staten under world war on those those events where in my opinion created in order to manipulate and in further the agenda of of the new world order so i'm very suspect on when i see something thing like that though i believe it is there there is a tiny apace for we need to know who in fact is behind this look at what the clintons did in haiti we have it we had a situation now in there as soon as there is a disaster evil people go in and they prey on others who are at a disadvantage i believe we're going to see you know if i didn't believe so strongly that god was behind what we have going on right now which i absolutely believe that god is behind what we have gone on right now so were in a different situation that this would be where bad people would step in now if we see bad people now step into the positions that's for exposure because i believe that that there that we have everything means that they are absolutely jumping into an arena where they are going to their crimes are going to be exposed and that they will come to us yet forgive me too if you see to keep looking down my chin find somthing what you're talking about a little bit of history which i read was like wollacombe we had a private conversation we touched on a vague we but about ben he was and i read more in this exposed details in his believe it out of the fifty one signers i'm trying to find it but if i'm remembering correctly twenty one of them ben franklin every tree and the of the fifty one in fact that was also just reading i here with that was very odd because like you were saying there is obviously a greater greater if you will out there right that's in power that definitely doing this or taking his toupee to may destroy this nation i'd gone down rather now i'm trying to collect my thoughts here but what do you do say though that that far as what was your last name and about how these going going down of the there creating their own devices by exposing the crimes that they're doing and so i don't know if i you do this this week this week i don't know how don't know why i have a show that i did well i want to listen to it one day just the kind you know fresh my mind because it's the first is your law that has place that has been in enacted i did a show on that and did a full reading on it and so i wanted to listen to that otasite kind of refreshment it would not play obadiah's kind of hades i click on him o my website maybe it's something wrong with popish i want my website where i have it completely gone one so that i went to the national hypothenuse where at that you know the administrator of that website put it up there i was like all right fine i'll just go on the back and to my media files on the back end of the pletely arrayed like a dozen reason for that knowledge not only that it was one of the most doubted for good reasons the it has different levels criminality and i wish i had maybe i leuthen you start talking or element of that no of limit so these people doing what they're doing pretty much they are almost in all their here doing what they're doing their almost setting up their own demand that an that law is going to be very now people now currently in within the last few years to go way back way back commit crimes against years ago because there's no secularisation it prosaist a you will the at that got taken down specifically just that and nothing else it was the really having a problem and we can see i'm going to i got another another direction i like to go in this mardi you see what i saw i like round to santa i then ran to saintes great but i'd like to see him you know come out maybe even a little stronger in some things but i very much like in that that's the very bold statement to say as he's the one that's really leading the charge and of governors and my opinion and using his powers correctly but i think he could even go a little bit further but this week he announced his of state attorney and warren during due to what he described as a magnet select of duty so according to the order released by the governor's office worn demonstrated his incompetence and wilful defiance of his duty this is significant starting at least in two in twenty twenty one the stand order sighted go for section seven of the floor a constitution in allowing him to suspend warren in his hand to do with entrancin related health care for trans tender youth which his child abuse abortion rights an inlet just call a killing babies and in instituting policies against prosecuting certain criminal violation as reasons for his i think that when you make yourself above the law you have violated your duty the santa i love as i think this is just amazing and you know dave with export put it out there too i like i think they do a pretty that day does a pretty good job i really i like the way that people to think about things and bring things to the forefront to to start talking an we can we got to stop avoiding issue that that's what's havin were avoiding issues there are uncomfortable for us to deal with when we throw right out there you know let's throw the whole issue because it's it's you know lettres issues out there that nobody wants to talk about like like child traffick willoby spies weapons tramp by and induction can you know where were the biggest problem on the planet right now were you know a deep state is the rogation nation building a puppet installing an ition the planet you know the united states of america is and its guilty it's not that we are guilty it is puppet shadow government that's guilty of doing horrible things because we were infiltrated scales we were infiltrated and you know you know at it's interesting because as i read and i'm still in it does a surprise i heard some one say that it's going to come a time were america and are going to the hard reality that america as the nation the miller the united states corporate entity that runs save that not americans or the land itself but the corporate entity that runs the score going to come a hard reality where people are going to realize that america really is the great as far as the people running in there the great state around the world they are the ones that so many other countries around the world and but it's people we always looked up to as that has i rowlocks as well as the pockets of the world it your stopping when i was reading about ten this guy is no different than the people we still exceed in decay he frankly made numerous trips to england and supposedly to visit an english woman that he had a love interest however that franklin was a parties with that were held by the wealthy which is something that we still see to day that we hear about right and being was as would he travel in life the visiting eleven right here can anyone i frankenstein how the british military possessed the nine and addresses of all thirty loyal as i was telling about the loyalists as out of the fifty one signers the military possessed the names and addresses of the thirty loyalist family members and their relatives with directions to their homes of all thirty patriots of the teton ironically the other twenty one found a father families were never harmed and yet we still see that the i see the garbage there there is still there any one that's a threat to this globe so it's an infiltration it's not it's not america is us we the people are america it's not we the corrupt politicians which has been making money off of the system and treating every one poorly and you know and and feeling this this beast system that is a global crime syndicate is exactly what happens let let's listen to him got a i've got a quote here or a little another little if i can bring us up because i think this is significant there were the guys a screen room here i think this is i think this is so let's let me bring this on a minute and listen this is i think this is a good explanation of what of what we're talking about here let's talk about the sands in the beginning we talked about how he is actually creating the temple for the patriots and leaving the way right now and show people you can do things that might have not been done in the past the establishment as can't be done remember when trump was in the white house they told him you can't stop the syrian war that that's going to go in for actually olama told us that this was going to be ten fifteen years stay in serene going to leave we're going to be fighting for ever they also said these evils was the can never stop this to atarantes he told us that there can be peace prove them all wrong but that first second he went up against the establishment watteau if the fate eustacia syndicate a new big check the crustations the puppies behind these now we have to set showing overlays soother politicians or may there not politicians but there looking to get into government shown them that its okayondonghsera we don't have to stick to what the establishment has been doing right now he suspended the state attorney andrew or from picking and choosing which lanceford based on his personal agenda disappointed susan lopez as his replacement during the suspension it served the thirteenth traditional circuit as most recently refused to follow save policy trivializing abortion in the wake of the supreme court decision to overturn reversed and repeatedly refused to enforce laws cracking down on shouting surgeries think about this for a second this individual the state attorney also declined to prosecute sixty several prelates as a resident george podesta on the process absolutely and twitter put the utanatiu rosie prosecutors back by sore have refused to enforce laws across the country they treat criminals with deference victims with contempt argonaut is my crime is surging but government essentialiter this he just suspended the one in florida now think about what he just did now when a carriage and i go back to this this is you know this is it's clear that we're dealing with a global crime syndicate and it's all in addition antics as we can look at this and say said this isn't we the people this isn't the people cross the the world this is were kind of like were like a standing in front of a semi that men not only hit us but run in the over back in a bounding in and again and you know what's really about this that just this blow my mind is when you look at how how much he how much of the kids are a involved in you know look look at the parilia part of this that our nation that our criminal politicians are involved as island wasn't one of hundreds maybe thousands of these islands out and not only islands is it within our own cities you know this is a really weird thing but i found the sin called frank frank years ago frank and it was apparently what they were marketing themselves as a like a hot dog stand with the consolation and it didn't look right to me so i start looking at this and we a bunch of amenity of grand rapids so i went to the website and i started looking up at your because i wanted to find out what are we dealing with here because this something if something doesn't look right it probably is and i found one of the addresses and i went over there and i thought i'm going to go see where this is best because in that kind of a person right i want to i want to check out i want to know and checking the address it was on this site didn't eat it was between two other addresses i started looking at this the fake address is that they put out there and they were all at the addresses they were in between address is dead ex so what we can start to soon or look in the symbolism because they're so stupid they can't help themselves that you know they've got to talk about their crimes before they do it and brag about look at how their bragging about the crimes that they do and they put it right out in front look at the symbolism and in sad mouth land productions down there from florida you know and conform most land productions as well and called put the symbolism although they tell us what they're going to do and then if you dig into it you could see you know what the sites that were under that were for frank highly likely a drop of people who are being trafficked or children that were being tried and i think that i think that this where we have to realize that this is an austin island is a global there are so many kids disappearing like a million kids a year he was in satirized by the clintons who were involved in haiti who were involved with laura so who who moved her to be in charge of an amber alert system up in idaho people are doing it right in front of our faces there in one of this there in son oisin it through the government our tax dollars up to a million dollars a child for spies to remove a child from their family just the tip of the iceberg this is and people are going to have to come to terms what they're doing and i not only that the refugees from across the border how many of these people are being trafficked that were caught up into a criminal traffic of human beings not all of them are what we think they are there's a lot of people that are that are being victimized by this and not that that i'm giving him a pat but we need to go after the real threat not the perceived that because realize in creating these in providing a solution seizing organizations that are five camp wiser ices loser and service cameras all of these organizations that are getting a dollars but for moving people around i'm very sorry but this is human traffic and it has to be shot down of you know when i did i did not my his hard lined discussion on tuesday it almost kind of piggy back the little bit off of what stoppers was talking about in his premier the little one and i actually brought you up too as far as what your post putting out there a telegram you know sophie i riptonian people's minds just like twenty two right because you know we're getting to a point where i think the narrative of truth of what's really happening is about to come out more and more and i think to prevent a situation like and i keep seen from the matrix but when neal finally you know he took the red hill and he started realizing the real truth that thought was his life i remember when he had just an information overloaded up vomiting it was too much and they said oh he's about the people in our nation to prevent them from popping and having a short circuit in their in their own mind this type of slow reveal especially in something as an as children for these children and when i was looking into a well further after i listen at that premier the little ones in the anyone has a it's a hard listen to but it's a very informative and if you actually look back at disney on in his socks because i used to i grew up on denny i absolutely enjoyed watching but remember there is a fort a move from the forties pinocchio and if you have noticed the name of the mariner had a and did you ever notice that he had honest john be fox halifax and he that cat and i think i always heard kitty but somebody was the name was given i don't know what could be mistaken but i find it how they take as they a sight i find that contenting but this think as far as the child tragedies when you're looking at stealing pinocchio all right kidnapping along with other boys and that stromboli guy the big guy who is doing all the main trafficking put in the little boys on the steamboat stealing taking little boy and were putting a overtaken on composer eyes a perilous they already had a litter this kind of thing to take place like you said he so stupid i mean why shouldn't even say that but yet they are so arrogant and yet we i overlook it part of that loose of fairy insisted before the the evil have out there above them from i know how that works it i'm not an expert with luciferian but they have to put it out there in plain sight so that a kind of absolves them deception i guess of what they're doing right yes i will absolve me of the guilt and they they there the mind at is that you you can you a you okay what was going on so you were a willing party and i jest find that very interesting in that particular move how they talk about the about how the boys when he gets to pleasure island never come back as a little boy he anthonio they turn into so off salt mines to the circus better you know you could best leave the desk kind of what is happening now nowadays i mean you look in the bible but many times in old testament and i think in some areas in notes of the amount of the passing of the children through the fires not just trafficking for sex you know as some believe to and i think i'm kind o not back at with the whole duncombe you better believe that there also project doing distrait up satanical rituals feel like their god i i don't know i don't understand it but it's sick and i feel so destroyed for any child that has to go through this because when you listen to the survivors that the the accounts of the stories from some of these survivors of what they had to go through like children have babies at leven years old only to be killed right there in front of their faces and i don't know if i heard this right i don't know even member exactly what i heard but just some of the main i am not think everybody is really writing for it it's like the thing of it is is that you know i've been is a researcher and i want i i will go places not personally but but i will dig into things until i find the bottom of what's really going on and some of this ritual sacrifice that's going on the people don't realize it ducally going off you can find you find it if you want to look at it and it is pretty it is pretty horrification to everyone about about what is actually happening out there in the phase and you can tell that they're not they're not really themselves when they're doing what they're doing and i mean i think it's a good idea for some of this some of this has got to be put out there now the end is not for every one to know what's really going on and i get that we have to remember too you know that you know station haven was the director of music no year when we when we go ahead and we sing praises to god we are literally in your face so you know that the singing and rejoicing and praising god is so important it is part of our walk is christian it's not just looking at the heinous that are done it's how do we cope with that and also help other people to cope with that and it's it is important but i felt really strongly about wanting to know everything you know really you know i don't i won't look at it you know things like child hornor anything like that is out there i won't look at it in any way shape for norway that there's no point there's no point in that but what some of the things that you can see like the crimes that they do to curious these rituals is absolutely it will be shocking that human beings part in this kind of behavior will it in but but i do think people are going to need to see it to believe it at some point in time because they won't believe what i said i was telling somebody about the election problems which is a good segador elision and she said in the right now you know the insatiate and your microphone is i got in on that they were at our isaac you know i was having a discussion this week with some one who did not believe that there were in that there was any any improprieties in our elections there like no it was his honest i worked the elections and in our local area above your pay grade there there's the criminality the going on is not people on the ground in the precincts present delegates as some of its going on but it's like it's like it it is in every part of what we do no two ways about it but that doesn't mean that everyone is guilty of there's a lot of really good people that are doing the right thing and be it in our elections or in other areas of our government and we be very very careful when word when we're looking at things not to hurt really good people who got in there for the right reason because random blanket destruction destroy all bad thing is going to end badly as we're going to take out too many good people who have been set up or who have been who have been a victim themselves of the criminal people who who are using them as so good morning how are you i'm glad how isadore you take an inanimate the famous the tower having a bit of a rough morning my head my he has my light ring and everything completely broke soliterov in my god the masting we starting off this morning but you know that such a life for a atomies ran nicolette path yeah athanasian terminates in you go to the south and i love southern i love coterie he had an aunt that was all kinds of southern you know well has no how are ay and it was so funny you know what what kind of coke would you you know would you like the cook and i'm like no i don't drink that and she's weedon and in my then i got it figured old copas all burn oh it happiness at a restaurant in the waitress came what kind of coats can start you off with a as it's not cut representation i know the sooner south cataloguer things goettingen outhanging a restaurant and you want it you aflood out go go for on michigan one and say say i withhold you and have a yeah we hayle do not have any imitate machine right there hinterlassene pretty well you not from the south you didn't well we'll have to how are you i am and she was like that she spoke all kinds of sea i actually do a lot of impressions i can i can not do a lot of different voices i used to do that when when my kids were little and pretty much any voice that you can hear in a anyhow i can do sunshine now and always he found joanie i my wife gets here too when i do the marvin the martian he i behemoth marion i no can weather the hint there testamentary i love the aide the waters i love it is but yeah i just put seaside when you're talking about like your husband house starts off with the terrible bad joke in ensnarement at the end of the night after but always getting tied by my wife you wetterstein this is so this is so awesome that you know the people reinstall get in in here and talk and be real people and transparent i don't know about you i've never seen a real person in politics they know it's there is what i always said i say i'm not a plastic political action figure it's me and you know it takes five minutes to get ready in the morning i refused to spend any more time than that it was at and here luitprand and you know or whatever and you know it eliminates the morning done i was not the salaries now you have got me i was soon so much as i do my paranoia peripeteia hers hers the white supremacy that some more it there and that her how that happened i love it when people say that too because you know my daughter is south indian from india she's the most people who are non caucasian in the united states now then it is kind of funny i just think it's really funny i had news news outlet troost me up one time because i was fighting an issue about it was a unscrupulous a developer so they came up to my house and of course they got all and there sat the other thing after the white woman you know going my i come out with my black indian child round my hip and they had no idea what to do and i'm like you know before you call some one or any one oasis you'd better check yourself because ex question i'm going to ask is is is what is your family look like minds minds make rain so i don't really hereabout because i don't care so don't tell me i care when i don't care and and that's another thing when we look into these force agenda of the companies are our institute you know this what is it what do they call it now had like every the name changes every six months my husband as my husband he just had to go through it again is it when we go manner something like that let me ask him what i well you know what this is a bunch of crab back with i changed one of my friends had to sit through this and you know they pick their winners and losers just like they do in politics and they beat the cramped they don't even know i mean tabourette somebody coming for a safe your prejudice just diorite when so was quirandies iversen i'm not prejudice again against nationales are skinned color and prejudice against stupid people that use genus for for manipulating other people that's what i'm again and go when he said he had to go in a and remorse yea they do change the name of a law and he had to go through and now they're really on him about a vaccine it's making me sad to be honest with her because i can't tolerate this kind of manipulation and the erosion of our rights we have to go back to constitution and kind of a kind of an amazing time to be alive you know i really think that all of us need to honestly this is something that's really amazing to you what's amazing to me it is being in politics is how many people are looking for money to make of a political campaign politicians as such instead of just doing it for the right reason and i'm more than how are in everywhere you turn it everywhere you turn you can even i'll tell you the only target certain people they target people that have been in the news people that they believe are and that was both unions we both been really attacked by these people a in a first logotheti first got involved ahead no idea i was going on what enter in what i mean by that is with these certain organizations with these non process with you know the i thought of a manager called me that they really just wanted to work for me you know i didn't think that they had any ill entente but every one of them men ever single one of them then i got to the water i ran my own campaign and i think you know that well john kirk had a lot of involvement in my campaign he was the most and one other person were the only two people i i really actively engaged he he is then he is a very loyal and eventual sorrow yes great to have on your side here as he is a he was a blessing for me i'm with my campaign hat he's goin to be a blessing for danaan i aniele that john is just i know he is a good person all round i've been around and for the last two years so to have that kind of people there are in politics very rare it does happen and happens too much and you know even with national name recognition this is how hard on raising i only let's see the most money i had at one time that i had unraised by myself was in that hallett do with my becoming clothes but i may these donation calls every day my bananas got closed for extreme political views halfway through my campaign and it was terrible and it really set me back and nobody believed it nobody believed that and i would make that up now using the bank to seize assessable ly a real thing for any one who is not here of their little criminal enterprise that's going on and you know it i think to a psychological thing that they set up in our nation was they've gotten up to the point of sitting or houses becoming a nation a holy people who complain about things maybe do so and i'm not saying this i mean there's some wonderful patriots out there so don't take this as a blanket there's not enough people involved now we're talking with dan hartman yesterday and the election you know and at the center of the huntington conowingo change the name a few times to make sure really one and the fact that the they've got so used to these big cats finding politics that we have to read train our brains a little bit in the realizing that if we want to take this nation back from career politicians who are plugged into the dark money the pack money special interest and that you know the forth forty families that run the state of michigan with the big dollar donations that means we're going to have to get in the game and i mean we're going to have to get in the game with a postilion now if i told you this yesterday that's been going on for a while and so yesterday i noticed that there were several patriots that just they started putting that in case of emergency break the glass yet not a brandishin also a few more face book pages an pages are patent which emanate in official post of channels which i believe are with good people i can verify behind it all i did i did i verified one yesterday i he sat is se i blacked office borigo so at an even let me join a group or change my broiler i get blocked off a face book and before every election it happened to me to know that the lesion interference by mister zuker box right there is at his election interferences is a crime it is a crime of time and in fact to what you were saying about at on the local level just like general flint said has local action equal national impact of that message can't be driven hard we have done brandenburg when the intestate of yesterday when i signed on at which which i can't join it like i said he is still says join grew because i but i started off when i saw it with fifty members it's up to a hundred and seventy nine whoever is running this which i got their names yesterday and i believe toniello friends looks like it to me i think there are there's a bunch of the truly a bunch of of yes up to hundred natisone else joined joined it so it weinsberg i appeared think about that and then there's a maria a gross who wrote that who are that started this i love you guy bigpig love to you guys and you know anybody can do this i really would love to see you know it's just agree of statics and magnets or cariole to see ten thousand cars out there with ye i'd love to see ten thousand carrot there with magnetometer the doors or stickers or brandenberg and mentioned in every city and every in every county we need to have people that go out on a weekend and grabbin and just flash you know to a flatboat intersection to get the word out there in the anybody can do this don't you know don't wait for us i don't care if he had posted board markers you know we can we can do it that way but we do i levantine i didn't for my campaign i say house campaign when we didn't have stuff that's what i did was cause like my great and contract down one year anacondas shut down for your campaign i think everybody knows it's comin out of your personal account well when you're working up one in command you have two children and you keep buying things for your campaign and in sending tons of money it cost the mother you can make entreated for everybody they go to my sight which is brandenburger or dot com i've got to give sangoans even a people can it doesn't matter what size of a donation people can make it all helps his big state and you know i think i listened to a general plan talk about at one time it's like we may have some money these people have unlimited money they have trains we don't need a lot because we manage it really really well you know we're going to wear on to do that we're going to give way through this election that's what we're going to do you know with then gompers make it things work you know as as we go along but you know people out there can start off a face for group and then it if if people if people tax the groups that they put up there and i'm just going to throw you know how the campaign number out if you people tax me to this number and at six one sick three four four one zero in the face but group and i will check it out and for the legitimate but groups i will keep this one running list people can go join repast repose post rejoin other groups in repast information so that we can help educate people this is not just just about a campaign this is about educating people on what is actually going on that the main stream media refuses they refused to put this information out there so so many people are in the dark but anyhow if people want to tax me these groups i will in fact grab the grab the link and anson as i i can i will i will create a link to these groups and put it out there that sabellian you so much so much jean marie and i i you know you you guys are leading the way and doing this in a true grass roots manner not with you know when you look at these candidates that have had big dollars you know and i know that people supported them but we have a candidate that it was a look in their look in their campaign finances and how much money they have or that they raise your hand and wear these donations coming from when you got a lot of donations from camp the monotheistic a compass one of the worst owners and insurance companies the absolutely absolutely and you see that blue cross blue shield all over what more and use it over you see it half one's republicans have i don't know what the gather the absolutely or i don't know if you saw that steve caracalla came out yesterday and and he exposed right to lie in and he and sam gave his gave his story and you know i have been hearing that she of cora is really standing up in landing against our career politicians they didn't want they don't want to let anybody get elected and landing they don't want any new people noise that's right if they don't want outsiders but he has been the only one that's been standing up to these people i've been told that by several people actually well another thing as after all he set all this good stuff he said yesterday about reptilian was thinking this is great and he comes out and says he going to get behind tutorings she's been nomination the republican governor will know that you were to send a right to life and what they did to you and you literally did the exact same thing to dick as what they did to you and i was like my gosh if you would just kept going and not even mention what you just said you would have been fine but you had a just destroy everything you know i mean that's what i to life has been doing to him they won't endorse new comers they will only endorse incumbents so then he turns around and does the same well you know this is where you know we look at the amendments that they put out there for the you know protect the vote or promote the vote and then the other one has to do with the reverse of saying of life now that anthony when i look at the non profit all of them have a special interest agenda all of them do and they may be okay but they may not be o and you know it's like when we look at what started out as maybe a good effort like red cross turned into a very questionable effort i think it right to life at this point time you know i know i know the woman that wrote the that was in on writing the heart beat bill and you know it she said to me she said you know who was the biggest and the biggest adversary out there to get the heart beat bill passed and she said you know sometimes you gotta take ground rather than take the whole whole war and she's a very nice person she completely believed in the sanctity of life from conception and national natural death it was right to life that was fighting the hardest now ah i heard that and so it's just like it's just like the cancer when we give her when we give her money to the cancer foundations why would they want to put themselves out of busines billions of dollars going into these do they really want to win or is this about distraction we will eatanswill infiltration and everything and when i really started questioning the cancer thing i met a woman that was working in georgia and a cancer cancer facility down there and she she brought it up to me we just did a note i don't remember the number now i don't want to cut off an expanse she why are we doing this the rates are getting worse and she was the one that worked within the industry and she said we are promoting an industry that has no interest stopping what's going because there's too much money in it they don't want to necessarily stop with they say that their fighting there may in too much money off of the antigravity absolutely rattle bones off of a portion that is of that they do not want to end a portion i'd been looking in this into a berberine and they have actually used plan the parent wootton and court are greater life as a yeteve there was a state and in have to go back and look at the state but the state he went to court and they use planned parenthood attorneys in court for them to speak on their behalf yes they did and that's when i realized that right to life not want to stop abortion repetition out of business as it would be no right to life and people in these organizations may quite often make very high salaries so though the organization may have started out with a with a good vision as we really have to start questioning these five one three is right down to the church's there's an agenda that i've been that that i've been digging out or that we've been digging out a little bit that started to teach the bible accordingly it's a national bible something or other but i i'll have to bring it out there now while i believe in you know i'm a i go to the bible for the standard for myself right and i believe that that is the word of god but when you have organizations that all of a sudden pick up something that is good and that we we know as good and run with us and then you start looking into the money that starts pouring in it becomes about not the not the issue or not with a say the promoting it becomes a big business that gets to duck under any kind of over it because he played by different set of rules and we're going to have to question every single one of them you know when you see when you see school administrators that are paid bonuses in order to the mast mandates or churches that a shut down are you kidding me it's because they're getting money for playing the game in the five on sea the and c for game and there taking orders they can't talk about certain things that are medical topics we can of course to talk about that why we're not cold in the god or behold in the money right so this was something that actually really new to me with the churches be with my grandpa being about this preacher for four eight years i have been in his church my whole mind it's a very small church and i know where every penny that comes into that church and he is never he's my grandpa's always preached about politics he has always preached about what's going on in this world i never knew that churches were these rival one secret i never knew that in fact i am going to sit down and talk to him about this because i want to know what it is i mean do they have to be five one transcendent i tell the color of what if they have a five one three based on what their preaching so your granfather is preaching truth about what's going on i'm curious to know what you ask i will bet he wasn't five one don't need to follow the matter pitlochrie but also if i would correct the one three model not only is it part of it the whole the whole man he there but i think it also gagged that's what i've been hearing yet it does that it truly does they cannot get their views on politics yeah but the like said my grandpa does so i don't so they don't have to be father in this nation but yet there is some outdoor and you know donald good i think that you would like to talk to him about that too you know maybe we can get him out and maybe he got him on the show yes here has and i'm not seeing that all of them are bad is just like it but it's something we need to look into you know we've been taught to trust these people it's like the prosperity doctrine you know in my opinion anybody that peaches that prosperity doctor in a kind of witchcraft because you do this and god is bound to a contract to honor that in your going to you're rich behest the way it works like we do it because it's right now as we love and service to god and man it's not because okay i'm going to i'm going to give this much money and i'm going to get this much money back pretty much they've set themselves up as a donation from so give it all to the church and then that's what they'll say give it to the church and not replaced that's cattle the fact gardenhouse why you know where are the servant leaders when you have pastors that are making and i don't take it away from anybody to make money in any way shape or form but when you paddle yourself as a servant leader and you get everybody to make the you know to make the line and your families that are raising children are struggling to keep things alive and then these pastors are making six hundred thousand dollars a year or more i've got some big questions when you can into certain things you're doing it is a service and you know i do it just like me in a politician i don't think we politicians should make a time more than what somebody in the military or a first responder under average and drones i believe fourteen dollars an hour there these are the people that are that are going out there and and take care of people who are are you know in a crisis situation and putting the life on the line politicians are sitting there drinking bourbon you know what your nothing wrong with that but i mean why are they getting paid so much more than people father wife online and dare legally part time employ they're getting paid full time in their so part in that these people have more time off the you know how much time of our legislators have they have made literally have three months and the summer three months around christmas then they have two more great he breaks so that six months it there and there and then may take two long breaks so last year at this time a little bit before this time last year we were working on the frenzy audible we cannot get it anywhere because these people were in break we could not get that bill anywhere the embargo there unbreakable the amravati the and then they've been on break for a very long time great as make their pay reflected because there the voting themselves raises as such how now world is this okay it's not i do believe in a part time legislature i think they need to go home and you know texas has that about right in my opinion they're once every two years then he toback in their precincts talking to their people they need to be or in their districts are talking to their constituents they have to be back and in case half of them have absolutely no idea what their constituents i mean that they have no idea they don't talk to him i mean i know it reasone of those he has absolutely no idea of his way up in northern michigan even up in the open but he has no idea what the people and to do the people are more focused on election integrity right now still and that is the man for if the people when he goes into this coming i mean speaking of election integrity because i hear the argument often we have fixed so what we anticipate coming in because if we have a fixed twenty twenty i mean these are cases that i saw to have just run one about this red way in yet that might be findin you know words getting caught up in the soul to party thing right right way redway but yet at the same token where we haven't talked about the issues we have come to a sad conclusion on the on how this gets brigand and jason is is something that i have worked on the past two years almost daily with these legislators i have have pushed so hard i have even been so several times i've got in season desolaters from clerk because i caught them one man in retaking about this yesterday because they are running illegal elections and the republican clerk and in their doing it to get there and the cheating and it's not right so you we tried so hard and and when i say we've tried so hard we've done everything we possibly humanly can to get these people to do something and they won't we need the overwhelmed him was sheer numbers the polls in november of senorita we're going to have to have talbot also i have a plan to for a campaign he and and that is we are recruiting election workers we are recruiting potager were recruiting people from every single county and thousands and thousands of people we need actually almost a hundred thousand people to help with this election if not more can't be under that and you know we need surveillance on these drop boxes i don't care if somebody has to stand there and protect the dragons twenty hours we have to have these drawbacks being watched we have to be the the state has already is already proved that they will not do it they will not and if you were quite that one thousands of dollars for it and then they say they lost so you know that without it man jim how from the gateway upon had to pay thousands and thousands of dollars that video of that white man coming in this hester and they would not release that until february until joe biden was inaugurated they would not release it they were now this is our right we have the right to buy and formation and in this was back to what was being talked about on your show just a couple days at all how some one believes that when we fountain it's not coming from the government were not getting the same information that they have that they have a third party pulling it from eric that's where all the that's where the secretary of state was as supporters from the cub but what i so i believe i haven't been one but i know it's used for the cubical eat rice now so the answer to your question jason as until we get rid of these machines were going to have severe crops and we can get rid of them we don't have right now before our election we don't have the power to get rid of and we don't have the help nobody want these politicians want to keep these machines because that's what they used to win and that is the bottom line i don't care what anybody tells me i've seen it happening i know now we have a whole system to the federal level where ninety eight was it a thing of fire correctly almost ninety seven ninety eight per cent of the physicians that are held or by percent of attorneys which is a part of the you know the bar of sociation which is the british nation registering constitutional there are all four and infiltrates i mean it they there's no doubt about it why i raised the question i guess my coin seem like there's going to be a fixed the system has to up in the you are correct and to be honest there's been several times where people ask me to question when i was running for a state house and i'm thinking to myself you know why am i running for a day house when i know for that the elections are written i know it what am i going to do about it i mean yes it's a it's a great question and but my my views are what are we going to do sit back and let them continue and you know or do said overwhelmed the system yet so many people out to boat they in no when we say it so many people out of bow and person voting as the wild hardicanute mind what you're going to do stop using these men an absentee ballads start going into but you have to do that because i'll tell you how when i set that's they've got to stop her if we wanted as a stop the absentee ballaban why is any one voting by absentee ballot we have to absolutely stop all that and we had the power to do that so one they could change don't do that go here into the polling locations and actually got in here i think that's absolutely a critical point it were participating in it were guilty and i've never got an absent my whole life now ah no i i never thought of it honestly why but i do believe too that we need to make the election day of that real humility or at least a holiday in michigan so people can actually have the day of work so that they can go involved even though it you won't you work an eight hour day and the pole the polls are open from seven until eight you could still go but you know i just think it is important to give people that if we're going to take away the mallandane ballots to give people that opportunity to so they can't say that they that they don't they contain but right there you go all your actions are there you know these drops what are they even for on somebody tell me what there for i don't know what the purpose of his because if you have an absentee baltistan in an put it in your mailbox now is that correct or not i don't understand why these drop boxes are here i believe that they are just completely used all it is as a way of committing fraud and and that so i certainly encourages it in italy it's a place that when when we have to go through the whole system and find out where the system breaks down we have to look at each step of the process it's breaking down here or it's breaking down here or this is an opportunity and to manipulate the set the all of these absurd elections would in the parties oh you know like we've got another one that's coming out because we hate challenge and the republicans had a challenge against so got another convention community know to make sure that they get them get the person to the people that they really want out there even the nomination in the nominating that it is it's a broken it's a broken wisemen you look at have republican operatives that were paid fifty thousand dollars reportedly pain fifty thousand stop signature gates on turning in petition or significators that work for democrat seated and confess her paintings to manipulate and they got all kinds of money cause it's come in from the dark the dark money which nobody reports and so you know they have they have unlimited fun a people in a rare person that will not take that care dangled in front of them it it really is more because the integrity isn't there you know and the minute that people stand up and say you know how it i'm doing this because i love america you can't pay me off and you know and then on top of it i'm going to report you for what you've done and and thrown out you know i say jack some dock some big to throw it out there all over the internet and an exposure is there the biggest fear is exposure it's of us waking understand action having a god to expose this out there so that people know what's going on because because then hide no chaos you know like a bunch of rats in the corner is what allowed this to happen they work from the shadow well you know what i heard also miss mary a little off subject but yesterday this was very interesting i heard a the much during the day somebody was saying that manaceine cyrano would not when there when not when and not have a chance of winning their we lost the governor if the republicans lost the governor is that man and christina had no chance at all somebody was saying that it was it was on the nose i'll go back and all look on my own on my history so who is it at the nebulosity sotteranea you are met the pronouncing a coronation there if you don't borrovians a lousy candidate than the other can they so vostra to etta she that we know that you are don't think for yourself and batalha we can get them to win a that these reporters are well i i don't think so that sounds crazy to it sounds absolutely insane but if you want lately absolutely if you watch the way this play out you can see certain peoples actions and behavior they knew that they knew that they were at least they were told that by some one so they were started going around to these certain different governor canada and seeing who they thought would win the seat for them they need somebody now not only did this individual need somebody to pull them through convention as well they now needed somebody to pull them through with the governor of so they went so it's kind of interesting when i watched play out with the political party working with a media to craft the narrative to get their puppet candidates in a play upon our emotions rather than our emotions rather than thinking that through and go in and going going sometimes we have to go against the group this or in our grain in the act to that too because of the fact like i said all these people had seen one under the bare sociation down here i certainly did know this till just about the yesterday that the american bar association is actually a branch of the national lawyers guild communist party which located in hard twenty eight s code three thousand online version of title eussent ally been altered the entirely so mean we're not just dealing with i mean we're dealing with a secret communist party that is in imitating the we fix is almost i don't want impossible to often the possible start fresh it is of the all round he had the problem in michigan as that's not going to happen until you get somebody in there that is going to make that have we can't claim that her up now it so deep and into one i say that i've never seen anything like it i have never seen anything like this ever i mean every one's involved in it every one is in it is it is so bad that when you mean ask yourself this question my is that that one somebody get elected to office they are we know their pay their pays about seventy five thousand dollars a year the state legislator why are they becoming millionaires where why aren't we asking ourselves then why are we asking ourselves why are they spending millions of dollars to get in there and make us make seventy five thousand dollars a year and where a coming from that's a question i have as it's like where is the money coming from well the five one four allow them to have all the dark money that comes in without any reporting so they've got in a lot of these funds are funding both candidates one of the unitary the heavens and when and for a long time look at the bushes who really were bushes at all they were a german family the shire family look at where this comes from their old bunch of frieda's and i mean real notes not the not the fair alleged nototherboc nationalisation be a ford was nay it all like go go back and trace the pack this is come in as these are actual displace notes from world war two that ended up coming to america and this is the foundation after world war two so if i that the bush family standard oil was as funny both sides the world war two they were situate in the north sea and basically matters not to us who wins because we got all the money they were in it to kill people and dominica and set things up in the that's exactly what was hoped it was interesting it was george w member of the cid i master minded operation pale with pachich repatriated over while a hundred fifty five thousand nay soldiers of the united states after germany surrendered in their and see there's other criteria for this week train it yeah in the winbush standing down there in an texas when they assassinated cresent kennedy i mean that if anybody thinks that leatherhead that shot i can't help ye there's no possible way if you if you was the not possible for him to make the shot that they said was now possible he was just a you know he's like the school shooter as you know a patsy that was in the wrong sphere was also a really good video about him there was a person obtain that video and put it on the that makes a really good case for the fact that there was a letter written by lee hardy oswald to someone else he was disliked so these specific patterns in how he writes and a handwriting expert as well as someone who studied this letter that came up said is absolutely himbeeren too many similarities there and it basically taught he said i think we need to talk about it at that that one letter alone pretty well pretty well makes a good case this was not a one off by a guy that could make that shot in a million years but that there was a lot more people involved in this and who is down there had the cia bush what is the a bunch of assassins the their nation builders in the albis there is there you know the other hand of that they were hand in hand the shaping and you know if anything happens to me or anybody in my family guaranteed it because i speak out on just like that that nancy shape for that was killed or i'm i'm curious about that that person that just got just got killed down in indiana that congress woman that got killed an indian long and ronnie on her face book she got she got in a car accident and he and the two other people i believe and she was looking at if you look at if you look into it listen she was moving up she was moving up and the political later realise was looking to be speaker i think what it was she was looking at a very high up as yea and so like like just i been there malook at look at what's happened you know and it's been happening over and over again you know that the andrew bright you know andrew bright is no patteson because they can make it look like heritance of what they used to to initiate it doesn't show up on an autopsy and a bit brighter look at all of the look at all the suicides that happened by hanging by a red scarf by a door of right i am so sure that somebody is going to to die you know suicide with a red scarf adorn i mean the whole thing is or how many people have been shot look at satiric look at all these murders that it happened that you know a cross a cross our nation in its been going on for years this isn't anything new they so someone right now i've got a bunch of names that i have passed on to general fleas well as others in the military that i see a suspect individuals around me and he is actively looked for when i see somebody suspicious i look em up you know and the dock scene will come in a very very decisive way but not only that i passed in other people anything happens to me i'm going to guarantee you that they're going to start asking questions or anybody else around me because the network is there we can see the network we can chase him down as far as no whothe are and and we're not we're not playing around because we know what they've done you know when andrew bright said john podesta is a world class child you know sex trafficker extraordinaire and he's tied in with hillary clinton and all those those you know criminal people there podesta was and you look at the art he had his house and all this other stuff amenities people know what they're doing they are tied in they you know john to any bestower of jeffrey damer replicas of in his house and all of this child catalinarium there people are monsters they are tied in but a comes into a local level i want everybody here to realize that you look into americans for prosperity the people that are at an that the people that are attached to that group never trump or group hack now this go is up so far it's not endosmose is absolutely disgusting aeroplane the people involved in that art absolutely achamanam other hired a friend of mine that didn't know it she was getting into and her mother plus her daughter worked in in that and hired a friend of mine and i said keep your eyes open here because you know there's no question that they hired you for information yet i work there any more but but i want to be look at that look at the atlantic counsel look at the people that are analytical the world economic for all of these organizations that hide their hiding behind thinking look at look at all of these things this is a game of manipulation and unless we absolutely you know god our father and ask for discernment in what were actually seen the threading out around by the nose and americans for prosperity as a one of our main groups here are organizations here michigan that fenelon to different you know michigan deep related organization what and you go on any other salt hutlet you bein any of their campaign or their their finances on line a and i usually use transparency you as a that's a good one and you will see the connections that they have but they also alias deprat names business crowd errantly the snow and differently you can find more to loraine like antigenes if they miss molested their front and look at her son's not from that masanath these people put their house names under a business and then and then they work for their own house the employee of their own house that yeah there an employe that's what mecaenas she's an employee of her own house and so i mean i don't care to call it all because i'm so sick and tired of this corruption that we have and and when you think about why i said this yesterday and a live i did why in the world we have these leaders in michigan look at how terrible there i mean run wider is i he and bob with the world economic form he is somebody who is a big door to joe bitin my gosh and he's that sherman of the republican party here in michigan then it antinahuel the in the hero another one now here's something people need onderstand of vischer and a coacher our different a coacher has the same amount of power as the chairman of lachares not while my son mad i as the coach hair of the michigan go so her and ran wiser have an equal amount of power so that should tell you i mean look at what we saw with his primary run we saw the ants when and one of them was unopposed so what do you think that is going what was going on here in michigan i like why are people calling for better leadership here i could have gotten my son grade class together and done a better job you not find this party than she has in the past two years and it's been complete chaos well an i went when they look at the man to call it the mechanical lectionary really that i went to over and no washing in an imprisoned of this state and what they did to drag president trump into this into the rug he came in there they ran out of water two o'clock in the afternoon people were really having a problem there and and i like this is our amigo who disgrace this state to have a president come here into this half and i want to say the word but you know what i mean you know a way on rally and i heard that they were only doing it to make the precinct delegates feel good to vote for the candidates that they were elevated down and there's something that came through and i absolutely i love chuckling i think she is a good and in he spoke in an makes a lot of people mad so he's he's he's pretty close to the something the other day which i think is really good as there is a case to remove the current leadership of the michigan because nobody is really had the confetti think it's a legal precedent current leadership of team wiser at sharers in each to do it at the august twenty seven convention incorporate america would be considered a hostile takeover and for the idea to be great again because but they're not the only ones this thing is like an infiltration from from vinegary so i mean eleven if we move something from proselytised else is goin to step right up and continue on the behavior that that the party the party is dead the good people in the ground but unless they clean out the entire entire management of their organization is just like looking at it from a from a perspective of a running that like a business if if if if this were run like a corporation in use so that much you know a failure they failed to defend candidates they failed to defend president trump they failed to go after the bachelet of twenty twenty they are failing to go after the bats primary i i think every one of the candidates should be allowed on the ballot even whether i win the mornand let and i would fight for that in order for the people to decide not a party and so on thither is a there is an absolutely precedent here of what happened in man still take over in mecontente take over of the county party in concomitant this is this is incredible this isn't just two or three people there's a lot said some of the clerks are involved in this notion we lit a lot of malt of the people that are working in the precincts are very good but not all of them in a thermostat to say just because we didn't do something wrong because this is what i heard from somebody this week while i worked in the election there is no possible way to cheat those elections because i worked on it is not possible and i like you've got to be kidding me they integram that individual than a programme the machines whoever programs the machine they tell those machines but i thought it about the unflagging the machines and on one of the precincts four or five times the workers yes why number one why isn't it good no i mean why did they uncoordinated to they get jammed up they stop they may have frost you never employ that that that terrible that's going to receptacle exactly what they did and you know so and just because somebody in there that's working at a good person there may be somebody that that is you know and with as so so i mean i think the dam lay that pretty pretty sutinly yesterday on what happened huntington you know the uninteresting man we had more primary voters than we've had a year a very long time and a lot of them were very uneducated it's very but i do believe that there was there was an unbeliever the numbers are here at all well and i believe that nothing is going to stop was coming in that the storm is about to hit her and it's going to be you know there's too many good people working behind this of the storm is going to hit and all these people that have engaged in criminal behaviour and orono matters that are a threat to national security which elections are a threat to national that another has a very altimira thank you so much for that face but pick judges say papa from the comments i would i would love for you to give me a texture call to day in its i'll pick up for it for you anyhow it's if you do that i niothesia with you to day do i need to get with you to assume because i got to get some more stuff actually maybe i'll just pay till sunday to like the but i really do get i have no i have enough short i need make oh yes we've got this and were printing big banners to day is her looking for that area i wept there by eight signs so were in etretat donais goin to tell you we need banners we need before primaners were printing banners and were you know we got magnus shirts another day less or sunday so i will be at the grass at tom for the dream cruise and then at night over a makin or over proportion are body jason here and then i've got another one that i want to put out there because i will be i will be going to this event and i would like you to go to that one with me and this is a windy abatement clock we the county grace bible church sixteen hundred vine street saint clare and we will be there all will be here about either sick and the now well distilling out together and talk and then you know well well i think this is going to be a fairly a substantial even and i i he is game if we can get jerry there too because i believe jerry benedick for attorney general is the way to go this this guy is in it's not mine under amazing and he knows the constitution he understands lawful process and i believe he has a fortitude to bring people to bring people to to just absolutely and he seems like he's a honest man to and that's what we need turnover professor leapers you know the one who is to fill every time i have seen him i had with him he is a very thoughtful person which i i really want to see civility brought back into politics it has been nothing but a sharp tank out there and ah that is so true and in great entellus somebody or running for office they look at you like they hate you there's a lot of people that out oh yes they look at you like oh no you know you're you're not who i thought you were in it like not in williston goin to get to you know that portion not even remotely you know i think no i know so here i've never wanted to run for office i never got an interest of i always love politics and i always loved the two things that people talking about religion and politics and i've always said that you know it rudy rutulian sophism thing he said that he's always been the same way and and i know i know you are one you probably are to and it's a bad thing i like people look at you like you know they don't want to talk about this kind of by golly it's like calling everybody's train of salech other instead of putting good information and he had a civil death and an axe from wholesale highly misleading with nothing really too of substance to up to it they constantly talking if you're going down looking at a problem you should never get stuck in the symptom talking to the symptoms of the problem that's all we have we're talking about symptoms out there most of the time instead of what's really going on and a solution for the sad problems with no don't get down to the roccas to me as a gross waste of in the gilt rodeo we have going you know the reason why different voices and the pot gastronomie one or two people talk about the symptoms and the problems of the world i mean it's like kind of like my wife father and father in law and i so round as some beer and when people come over you know anyone goes up to you i would do starmouth problems of the world but in all reality to like with my paces one of the reasons why i also want to start as we need to get down to the the need to get down to the actual what's the solution solution is we need to gain back the all action impacted with those that got it was you got to go out to form our county assemblies your state assemblies the first state that receded the congress on the state level in the dido and the orator the killing everybody both metaphorically and physically in a lot of cases we grow the isolate enough in that is solution the problem is the the information trying their trichard's information like i said might one potato the co he wiped off and then in a half back or whatever all my mediate players or we we ounound i talked about that i mean it was complete i quibbled at every thing the answer of the to all these and it's very need people to start holding you know nobility back for once in her life stop riding coat because i leaders in the hasn't done us aliquod why because rapport of the big by the russells the bad brown you roll in it absolutely and people master opening her eyes to this because we are losing our country we are losing our country so quickly and it goes any further than this election i don't know if we're going to make it well somebody the common section was can you explain the this year so basely what i'm talking about the fact on there's this jervase we you hear de facto the government like it just means it in place not lawful it there it's recognized by the majority as charge but again not lawful he means it's you know were returning back you know it's a he returning back to a lawful government of a returning to original juristic from the and beyond that and that it wasn't until up until what the activating seventy one is really when a lot of these kind of one side was in the corporation corporation from the virginia company you know came about and that's just kind of where you start getting all your baking involved in now the big banking system the vatican how the british rogron and all that any created at goold city state we all call washed the salt really it is it's the latin terms de facto not lawful a good explanation i did talk about that last night when when i was in wayland the deer system than the fact that people need to get involved and i would encourage people to come on sunday night and report at seven there hangs sixtyseven clock i'll be there a little bit early because i lay i like to get there early and have time to visit with people a little bit so so i'll probably be there you know a half hour to an hour early and then placing oh coffee you know are you as coffee i tried to stop and trying the tarantula will i have stopped mostly but i hate that he you get if you don't drink it drives me crazy it i my in a lot of coffee that i did but and then i started giving that headache when i didn't have it and i was literally a retrieving in like i got a stab at him horns or something you know so i be and i would drink the coffee and it would go away and i like not this is guy does you know so ran and like i can't even think straight my kids are screaming in the car and my hands pounding and like a yet this has not the same for me i get up in the first thing i do is put my glasses on and get a cup of coffee and sit down and try to get my brain together you know see one day one day if you don't drink it see if you get that oh i fight and drink and i will get a headache from it but yeah but it's my thing i like coffee teleprint a little bit here and there but that i don't know it's electoral he loves now of her what i did to i manelli side by smoke more that no sparkeion know why i love graduated that ye say that because i used to and i do i've always liked that so my whole life i have always thought that that small as my my my anson grandparents smoked in the house and you know when i was a kid not my parents i didn't live in a house that anybody seditionary would be smoking roads running round and i love this small but i knew it i knew this well a regular cigarette in a case that may be there's something about it is so strange now came for me i don't like the smolensk a cigarette my life when i was younger i'd like wondered as i like i like this is more latitats gray that's a great a terrible it's a my husband he was a three three panada guy and i when you know years ago he was the pack day guy and and i finally finally to him you know you better then that's a lot he did he eat he doesn't smoke any more then i have a feeling that that tango down well very well with you well i'm like an mind if you smoke but you're not going to smoke in my face and bowed my face because of ianthe smoke i'd be smoking but i don't so he is right he is a very very thoughtful person and you know we he is probably one of the most thoughtful people you know he gets up in the morning it went home you know because we both be both travel a lot feringhi does as usual at my five o'clock in the morning and he could breakfast for everyone so that whoever is around that so that they can get to work and he enjoys doing that lasso i saw when i when i saw him with you and convention the door you can tell and he is so to everybody around just bury his good person he wants to help people and you can tell that he genuinely care about he does he really doesn't i'm glad you got to meet him and you know it's nice to his very educated as far as self educated and i like i love that about him because he used to a new was a kid he used to read then he wouldn't listen to the teachers and he was thus ready and cyclopedia but he's an incredibly he he's a reader i've never i've never met anybody that can consume as much information from the written word as he can he's a good son of front if i don't know something because you know he's the any funny so the table one night he's eating and he just looks up to he likes to catch us to he does this dan thing you know he looks at it you look at the kids i and he did you know that that ah armadillos carried offers and i sinned now you're not going to get monotoning to get me on this and this is not happening filiation of the kids and i'm like looking up he's not going heeding as he said you know he thinks this is really fun to it no no i do not believe this i reject this category without notice me into this one and so you letter come a running joiner and her family because they do in fact carry know this about ariosto of those weird in you you water that you should hear with the house full and nerves in that that you know we're all bunched and not of us watches we've got a lot of time to dig up stupid facts and information on things you should hear the conversations we have here it's really pretty funny but with did you know this one like that's a reassertion know i have made my husband did he does that to me all the time he tried to catch me and the he thinks i'm galileans he's done it to me since i madam now i don't believe anything he says now misopogon guys i am not you that me the time you know and and sometimes he nodding and like a no but it is bunny and salaries but we don't like to we all moran my kids turn it on sometimes i don't have cable i don't have cable and then i lack them off of everything on the pretty much like as far as streaming i just learned that they have you to kids because i'll tell you the commercials are discuss absolutely just and i i partlett for internet and then we discover for the cable internet and so and so but but and you know what this is is red not central here you know it's like we like watching things like documentaries engineering in a doctorate in nearing pale documentary and that sort those are great i will most i watched those veiled engineering bentham in the senators on an irish castles or english cast no i don't think i have and there's a few documentaries that are out there on the castle which i find to be one of the greatest ways of learning history because your watching it from a geographic standpoint so not only do you watch in like like the white cliff of the dover castle dover castle is really interesting to look at look at the history of that and i can maybe post a line what the engineering the manatee way that they were getting on the beach and those are like conciliate were really easy to be so they had to move the true soothe had to move the troops back inland get em on the beast will when the beach was with a hat it would take them so long to make that track down behind the castle and come out on the beach it was like it was like a my late half truck to move the amount of soldiers that they needed there to a to a dress the one of the engineers made a spiral staircase and it has three different staircases going on like this it was i i get but ah it so they've got three staircases that twist down the to bring the troops on the and within less than twelve minutes the mounted troops that they could move on that on that in order to do the cloak was amazing because if the enemy could undermine the cliff they literally could destroy the castle through under that is amazing and and that that that engineering really changed changed the warfare for that castle and i think it's really amazing but you know we can learn so much by history and seeing how people address the attack so so like right now with the attack that's coming from the ownership of the narrative and in pompadour one on make no for their sin away we see things their craft in reality so therefore they can divide us they can move us in directions that they want us to go on and we may not get to the truth unless we actually dig down very very deep so how are we going to attack this you have to look at it because we are in a war most war is fought in an information way and right now we are certainly in information as a physical work going on to but it's also information if we have to overwhelm the system with numbers absolute numbers we cannot count on any of these systems to carry the ball to the and to win to get rid of these criminal politicians the people and with a national corporations the zucker little many as that are running around there like like like a craze snow flakes and one over we are going to have to get out there and overwhelm them one of the ways we can do this as by grammont the winning ticket here is brandenburg crone so if we can get people out there to do so and the weekends to do rallies in their own towns i see don't wait for us to show cause we got a whole state to cover and i would love to do that but it is unrealistic we need every one we need camp as in every city a to do to get out there and stand on a corner to come against these communists that are behind the republican party in the democratic party the unitary were gonna do every week and pick a different corner get out there with you know fifteen twenty a hundred of your friends your churches you know whatever it is that that the groups that you're involved in we have to overwhelm i love what more and jeff did go ahead and start a brandenburg on brandabarbaran abercorn face book page and repose repossest into all of your group the joint you know my telegram she has i write every word and i do every post on there myself this is where you can communicate with me directly and repose the stuff that i put on to get him an alternative face but pages because you know if one man doesn't work we're going to need to make up a thousand or ten thousand of anathema a town on one channel any good in a knot and so does every every public respect papa is coegerit now happy telling us if they if they bring us down in one area pop up in a thousand areas they can never shut us down this warfare with anna's been going on for a long time and you know camilla good too but you know but get out there and keep up an up refuse to be silent if they take you down in one area pop up and another hundred are as you know just if they hit us hit it now if they hit us with something i know come back with something even more pains for them to have to get past the with a can shut us down and lest we unless we agree to the if they come back with more mandates refused to submit and there face if there's a thousand of us or a million of us out there good luck lacking a anapou know you might take a few of a town and they're going to be postholder create a martyr has worked in the past every time they create a murder guest it electrifies the base at this point in time all these little trolls out there and people that are standing these communists basis you might want to shut up and go home because you just kicked an enemy that you will not be over beale to overcome you have kicked the american patriotic spirit and you just lost and with the road rallies of surgeon oh i just so with the road rallies that number that one gave out which is and one six four three zero more or one zero you could call that an you can pick up the shirts you can pick up you know magnan for your cars we need everybody in tatyana we met everybody in the state of michigan take give them me to give them to your friends you know to your family members every one i've put him in all my friends parsecution i put a man all my family cars i gave him to every one i know the we you want to know something i heard that the people that are actually taking pictures of themselves as they remove illegally remove our signs now doesn't that sound about the same as what they were doing with the dramatising pictures as they were stuffing up there are also taking pictures of removing signs so that they get paid for true it cams oneadatote illegal you can't touch yardin you can not touch any of those sins yet you came rosette because they're going to we're going to be pining sell one day on this when we start seeing signs disappear will get them just like we did two thousand mules we've got we've got sell poems and eyes everywhere so be warned all of you people that have taken part in election rigging in the state there may be a lot of you there is no one of were eyes all over the place and you're going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the a and i'm not talking for a here i'm talking trees and this is a man or elections are a matter of national security so we are not out to go to get to track we're going to get to do in this kind of stuff too you may win absolutely yes and accounts i think we should start sapentes people when we find out who they are and we we we start and i think it's time i subpoena bank accounts for these idiots out there that are engaged in and because then we'll find it was beginning yet that and love me as i got this wonderful wonderful from nasal because that mail i sat member that you posted down though as tanabata suppose say that i am under investigation he that mail that is it nutritious was this date june almost what were almost two months not this happened nothing will happen because that they have no standing they have no base but i got news for all you people out there out there criminals out there and when tayeto these little letters i'm sure i'm not the only one step first mem the change old guard is going to take mark my and jones are going to be amended and trust not the book craft that happens and investigations are going to have you will not be miss i from president trump has always made good on all of his promises i don't think that that's going to and any time so no it's just a matter of time you know when you know we could pick you know we could ah take it to the top and get the people that are sitting at the top and best we are but i believe that it's going all the way to the bottom and catching these people two thousand meals proves that there is a way of doing that and so you know what we are absolutely we are absolutely going to get them all well politics thunder drone they ran now jason have you not like me asking what was the matter for it emil on behalf it was something that donna put out a call for people when she got kicked off of the bastinado got kicked off of the heathen he took her one off of the bella in it yet as you the mail address the mail address why does it even listen on you put out the mail address to say hey you know tell me all the mail these people at the now it with their don or for an it's not right yes and so i put out a email and it was a strongly worded email and but there is no threat so you can actually clearly read in fact a done actually took screen shops of a put on her you know it's out there based the all i was saying is mark my words face to no different than rehearsed right here just more and written for beware let the people are going to be rising up lawfully lawfully leisure grand juries not to awful dis yer grand juries are going to be impaneled people will be going down came out that this is what their you know that this is the kind of nonsense and what else say in the letter to pausanias just so of this office received notification of animal from the addressing directed malcom set to do campuses at minto our investigation has associated you with this email address as a citizen of michigan because i'm pretty sure i didn't take a test be a citizen but anyway but we encourage you to express your opinions about the business that handled by the mission department of however threats he that will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted allow citizens are entitled to the first amendment to the us and so we do advise you that not all three are not all first a member are not absolute and governmental regulation of certain categories of speech including truth threats in do not violate an individual freedom and individual freedom you should know that the fowl and the boat the foliage lenitive one two three four five in retournons concerns and complaints but we isidore with ours i have gone a septuagenarian ready to hear your opinion but we will not and which appears to scare frighten harness mules terrified her of a pretty sure i didn't do any of the above saying is that your unlawful be prosecuted every gold belt summer in that is so crazy people and banastre alette is a threat to a good and i get em all the time those kind of letters with whom one wondering if the a plague i can't believe that that man or government is actually standing these letters i now keep it where no western a honeywell and i have heritance somebody decides to read your house what's going to station the people and this is everybody needs to think about we don't have our rights and we we were not living in a free if you speak out against what's going on are going to send you that and then they are going to come to your house if you can no great and that is surely communism its communism there is there's nothing nobody can think that this you can't really think that we're living in a free country i don't even hear of you have opposing view if you have opposing views which erself in her shoes because leadership is going to change one day and you're going to be on the other side you know if you have opposing views do you think that the key the government to come in and actually raised some one tells because of their political views no it's not it is not okay you cannot do that you cannot do that you can not take people by our arms away you cannot you cannot we have a constitution we are americans set these are our god given freedom you cannot take them away you don't have that right in what interesting is actually emailed operation it's funny when he tried it we need when they tell you to cut you know a heart is the fine contact information first thought for me the i found one man which was to be resurgent whoever the heck that is some one in the state there heard whatever i dessay arbery sergeant this is my response to the template letter that you people of their first met see below eighteen us connection sub section nine eleven talk about citizens of the united states i have not a citizen of the united states i am an american i have not a big distinct and i said and i do not believe i need to say much more ere i was plenty also for your i also added a us coactive but the immigration and nationality and we have nothing more to discuss and so at the end if they mean it they used this their little legally and her little word magic to entreat you know that there involved in something that's what they do they try to make you feel like you are involved in this or your they trying to make you feel or seem as if you are some kind of one i had never heard of response from oregon or anybody i like a cat a motor let's talk i want you to come back at im and they want to come at your house what they want to do so here i go i want to incorporate a plan here we mutually pledge to each other our lives our fortunes sacred honor that's a patriot standing on wavering until the last and i'm really proud to stand with both of you it's amazing looking reconnoitre hours here and this amazing i mean i i think the stradone network saying you know we could go on much longer i think i'm going to start right in the sun with having more gas onagen plans going to come on at some point in time and so we're going to like the supine even expand that i you know i think this is going to be one of those things that we can more here and there and bring in other people and i'd like to talk to to voters not just somebody who has celebrity status and anybody that has any ideas for gas that you would like to see a contact them and canaan help bring us all together i mean you can you got the phone number so i mean there's somebody that you think it would be good for me to talk to who is actually a patriot and i don't mean a why because if i get somebody on her who was a paytriot i goin to kick their little sorry but rigouthe channel and make sure everybody knows that they are truly not someone who is ready to place everything in order take this nation back we don't need any more people that are making money off of politics we need actual patriots at want this country place nothing we know its opportunity it's not it's not a griffon the system any more we got we had a cartel that in certainly so looking for help looking for ideas and such i like to have more tunes and you know who you know whoever there's more attorneys and such such that you know we can get out of this mode actual lawsuits that are going on like a stephanie lamorak on and you know so putohin that everybody else there this is a weak thing this is not you know that not a mean thing it's a week then going forward so your part of that we so you've got some responsibility to to to us who are standing up here in front of every one and likest trump said you know they weren't after him they were after us so now it's archer to stand up and an inert things so so how we pray and we enter the day an envoy everybody i'll be back in on monday millisecond morning and well well that will let you know what's coming on monday at o'clock monday morning we will be on for two hours every week day i might jump up on the weekend to if there's something of note that comes up but if i do most to my telegram channel which is at brandenburg by r and n b you are for a branford i on telegram that the quickest way to to be in contact with me and also see what's up yet unpartisan say they are there they are nothing more than a unionized it group at this may not start it out that way but where we are right now on wentwood batteries who would like to pray to day i then so jason you can emigrate in about that seemed like don as the like the idaean ionian have we for we understand father that the fight that we have ahead of us here and it's not just our flight we know at your flight but we ultimate good and evil in the process while we lead up to the that we know it's going to happen please you exist is the way that you need us to activate us god or mind or thoughts or words are be the guiding for all of us the dona there for of course the safety of anybody around that now that it is a dangerous theme however we and your son and with your power with your armor we know that nothing natural here in this worldly wrong so long old price dear near and dear in our heart and we protection and if complete surrender over you know our lives over you will will and it's that that will guide us to the it by and in the lions we know you're going to we know you do it with that i just here at a time such as the no more honorable fight than the fight for christ and free your people your do so really it's just be able to live crosses hopefully we can back to ultimately what we need to do we need to return were that for the ornate were going to move forward as i need to repent a far forgiveness and we are apologetic that collectively as a world as away from we will no thank you well here i am now that he and visionary as come and here is very happy right now and you know there was a plague frogs that happened a number of years ago in egypt i think they've hinted again these people are not very smart so we've got another play of frogs again take not because the first one didn't work out too well for the evil people that are trying to take control in this one sonorous so we are so much wiser so much even respect for you and for ever out there thank you so much it is much in honor stand with all of you out there and the wonderful amazing patriots that were meeting on a daily basis i got to tell you it absolutely just makes my heart so happy to know that that you know our father about his broadest together for at this time for such a time as this now that that man as i am growing people the remnant into integrator numbers he's always has a round if you're here you're probably part of that roman that's an amazing honor and a huge huge trust that he's put in us because he knows what he built inside of you inside of each one of us and that is precious behind all words so when the world down remember first of you're not alone there's a bit of a soul and a god brings us together as his people so you're not alone there are lots of us out there you can reach out to us if you're having problems are we didn't get into this just to make money of the system we got in the for a sacred honor of taking care of god's creation this is an honor for and we want to let you know that you were loved beyond all measure care about your future and those whom you could you love we care about this nation and we will never ever back down or stop fighting for you for the children for the legacy that we are all going to leave behind for the next generation and the next and then that so you have a wonderful day god bless you and all those whom you love thank you jane and melilote you guys you always make my day i'm an tell you what i couldn't be more proud to stand with it both of you in this the journey absolutely and assist me you jason it is a right not that saturday i think jason your bogandoran saturday because you got to go to a water park i hear in her he loves you i was water party might have petatone at least as for a few minutes we could pay in on the phone into the and as there is that there within your hand lumberin or somethin but he sainthood that where a teacher or something o god with that you know but ye an i housepainter ful day much love to you all and i do i will see you praetorian news not work and before that we will be you on sunday the associated gablehurst have a great day to day are you remember you can get a hold of me any time at my telegram channel at brandenburg number for a mine the website is brandenburg for governor flagon doom you can also find me it dana banford an i got commanther block and we will soon be setting up a bradbourne not work with another man and chicot all these face book pages that are popping up all over the place i customarily