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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 7/19/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr Tim Parker

Published July 19, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Don’t Truncate Your View of Jesus Christ and His Salvation! – Hebrews 1&2 Tell “The Son” story. In reality, this is a microcosm of God’s Story in Scripture. A familiar Nursery Rhyme may help us a bit; it says, “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings’ horses and men couldn’t put Humpty together again.” We can quote that Rhyme with no real idea of who or what Humpty Dumpty was! At the point of a Children’s story, who or what it was likely doesn’t really matter! In actuality, Humpty Dumpty was a cannon on a city wall that fell off in the heat of battle and disintegrated. At that point, it was utterly useless! Our nation, culture and church has fallen from its God-designed perch and disintegrated! While the Spirit is crucial, our pursuit should be The Son! We should ask, “Can we be repaired?” Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the nineteenth day of july twenty twenty three welcome to redeeming grace terres orestae in here some of brigham on and just a minute but i wanted to start the day out ererone to start the day out with a little bit of a happy happy start and and i without wonderful him old him by allan estreat again i had no i so the world around me hosea that he a master she for the he is o might i don't think these i subissent that beaterful jackson consent i will good morning a nice to see a tammodo in this morning we've got the tories hardened done got i think we're doing better for the ketoowha silas say people that's real news for real people tired people at the kitchen table so you can get what you get there's goin to be some times that that we have got a just on a damp just a little bit nestles wanton so how the day going days colingood con o heaven nice big turkey in the yard so otto watch him a little bit and echo it seems like a bright day we've had awful awful lot of rain but worse solandri ground oh i'm pretty happy with the rain reeve had we were we really needed that my garden was a organ was the struggling just a little but you couldn't put hardly put in of water on the darting so a pretty happy that we had the rain that we have had and we do first tomatoes yesterday good deal yea and i dismantled her be know that queen honestly you know we've been talking about this chicken i a little bit the got hurt ah my mahout chicken is doing well so we're we're moving moving forward with her with her care so that he go here we go he re got ah no pride to port to be his cryptocercus i'm going to regestary and but i do want people to know don't truncate or view of jesus christ and his salvation so were going to run through ultimately he brews one and two to day oh i think a lot of people do not think highly enough of jesus christ were to talk about that oh so were stark with the story i don't know people have heard this story before i to great story but but ever were prayer first to or him who he fathers we come as we unpack your word lord each what you want us to know i know the times we have to distinguish and separate truths and we have to be careful not to compromise ah in lord i just prayed that you would caused by masters to have opened mind open soul and hear your truth and may we live it to your glory and jesus name amen so there was a wealthy man that and his son he he happened to have only one son his wife actually died in childbirth and oh but he he rose is cold business vanity collected a lot of works are in they had everything from a castle to raphael a just all the big names to run branch oh a name or often sit together and admire the great works and talk and would be no more came the sun was called and as things go he eat it not make it but he would sit demand her that his son saved men that day and were shot and shot while rescuing another soldier than the father did grieve for his son greatly about a month later said to do before christmas he got a knock on the door and there was a man standing there with the package shone he said sir you don't know me but he said do i was the one that your son saved when he got shot and he said he he saved a lot of men that day and he said i'm not a great orders but he said i drew a painting in a one you to have it in the man looked at it and he was amazed that he he really picked up his character of his son his passion and the and while it might not have been a classic to anybody else it was a classic to him and he put it above his fireplace and anybody that came to visit they would look at the picture of his son first before they went and looked at other things in the collection and shortly after that the the elder gentleman died and it was announced that they were going to have an auction of all his works and so the day came and there were probably a couple of hundred people that gathered into the big room the they had and the auctioneer started it off one pulled out his picture of the sun and he said do worstat with picture of the sun he said who who give me a bid for this picture and everybody he heard the bonds from the crowd you know we don't really care about that picture we want to see the classic and so he said well start the bidding he said that who give me a hundred landbote give me two hundred and again kind of the murmur from the crowd is look let's let into the van goes and the rampret i in we don't really care about that he said now he said the son the son who will take the sun and finally a voice in the back of the room was an older gentleman he was the gardener of the man and his son and he said i don't have much money but he said out i'll offer ten dollars and the auctioneer took that and set okay i got an offer for town who will give me twenty and everybody shouted look give it to him let's go on to the classic so the guy said well turned dollars coon once going twice so and every grate though great in the oconees put his capful away and everybody said walk what's gifts of let's get on what to classics and he said well he said when i took this job he said there was a stipulation that whoever took the sun got everything in so here's this the gardener i don't love for the son what the picture of the sun in basically got the whole estate and in this is the reality of jesus christ god says ho take the sun lot of people say oh we don't care about the sun let's let's get out with everything else now who'll take the sun and in really if we take the sun in christ we get everything and i do the is a powerful story henano unbelievably great story and it's a crooks of everything that we believe yes yes and so that's i thought there'd be a great sicaniam going to act you on past that first paragraph but i want us to rasselwitz who is the sun who is he who is this god man can we think of him too highly or i would say i think you're a lot of people that don't think of them highly oh oh and i would you say that we cannot tell no him apart from his word or his cross work and my talk about several times to day i know that the trinity and the incarnation and we detect for hours on hours of both either one or both together they are very difficult mysteries to understand and i don't want people to think that i am speaking sacrilegiously or erratically but i think it we need to know a couple of things were actabout jesus in in several different lights as we progress through this message but i think there are a lot of people that believe that we do good biblically when we elevate the spirit and they all three persons of the trinity are god and yet within the trinity within the god he had there are certain functions then i think we need understand and jesus is the only one that is ever elevated it says to if you will the very top position in the universe eternally because of his work on across his elevated and there is a real sense that when the spirit comes after his crucifixion that penny cost that the spirit is actually fulfilling the work of these so we're not maybe talk about it a couple of times but i want to throw that out there may be tobegin with and i would say that we coldnever think too highly of jesus christ oh so probably third paragraph there done i think that we often have short sighted parodies and perspectives ah and i know that satan is all about giving us false narratives and i just would encourage people to worship and serve jesus christ for who he is and has sat means also what he has done but let's don't short change him at all says the trinity one and three god persons and the incarnation christ to onhuman flesh for ever i think a lot of people don't understand that they think he kind o put on a flesh suit to be here but we get indication from the scripture that he will forever have that flesh body and him and it is your hard for us to grasp some of this stuff but he had two natures in one person the two difficult mysteries to grasp jesus is the only priest king person to a sound the singular throne that signifies the eternal reign of god he is we see this in revelation for to five but other places he is king and lamb at the same time not one or the other although he manifests may be individually these at different times so he is king and there a lot of people that exalt him as king and not so much labor people that exalt him being the lamb and they will not exalt his kingship and i think that we have to understand both to understand him properly and this is where its like the lamb does take the sick face oh jesus was not only king and lamp but he was the priest and we talked about that even with melchisedech a being the priest king but the only other priest king and lescripture and i would i would think that we could even lay out that whether melchisedec was a christopherian i think you could make some good arguments said he was and so i want to say as i even put her without speaking too crassly the christ is the eternal god person jesus is the human body worn by christ from his birth onward in the year of our lord existed this what we call a d so i think this is where danii think her a lot of people even outside the christian faith that really don't understand who jesus is and so they will look at the human body the baby they grew up and think well that's all there is to this jesus now it was christ the second person of the trinity that to one that human flesh and so it's again it's it's hard sometimes to wrap our minds or round this god man as christ and that's where gain even jesus might be the human christ would be the divine so we get the the god man right there in in what we call in jesus christ christ was in his last name i would and this is where we look at the messianic songs to me i could get really really excited and we looked at one i think two weeks or a psalms one ten psalms too is is another one but when we understand that he's messiah he's really a hole and it's like you can't get any higher then that so ah sometimes like he say we almost have to lay our minds down and yes does the spirit fill our minds with things we can't comprehend yet wicken and brace it we can live it but i just i believe that the more we understand about who jesus is the more we can live for him you got any comets before we move on i i think is absolutely wonderful i love i love the you know the way that you've explained this so well because people do tend to get stock on their how they framed the world instead opening up their mind a little bit and say oh wait a minute nobody's got it a hundred per cent right and so we need to be able to listen to things that challenge challenges a little bit and maybe teach us a closer or more full pitcher of who god is and who jesus i beat upon that gentiles with lamb on his foot a lot because it's unbleeding that it's just like you've saeforth there just then do anything they want and in god is not going to have just as he's going to end and that's not accurate there's thresher's two sides of this and you can't you can't know him without knowing this right right and in again there are so many heresies that are being floated i mean whether you look at the mormons eh whether you look at thee the moslems they would i mean in some ways i think that the mormons do believe that jesus and satan were brothers and it's like oh my goodness to the moslems believe and there's a lot of people to believe that jesus was born of human progeny he did have a human mother but descriptions teach that he was literally in few well procreated by the spirit so he did not have the man connection we do although he was a man he was a humane cookman flesh it's like he took his divinity and put on humanity a lot of people think that when he put on humanity he laid down his divinity it's like no all he did was if you will he covered his divinity so we see that ah like on the monitor as figuration he literally if you will heels back his shoe manity and he saw the divinity ah we understand that isaiah in isaiah six was looking at is christ on the throne and so it's like would we think jesus christ yes jesus was the man but to christ is the god man and a just we we do have to look beyond sometimes even what were able and i think that's where the spirit helps to fill and where we're unable i mean there's no doubt i think that we're going to throughout eternity even if god explains this to his we're going to rustle with these two misterys and and so gorigori think one of the greatest arguments is in ironic remember reading it when i was very young and the resurrection factor by josh macdowell was that if you base what your beliefs systems are on jesus and what he said and what he did you have to come to the conclusion that he was either a lunatic a liar or lord you can't come to any other any other conclusion was he a liar now he wasn't a liar was the allergic absoly not us absolutely save when you look at his life and what was written about there were people that were willing to die herriesfor him realising that he you know he was who he said he was and he lived with him at that time i saw his life saw his testimony in such invehis own words there is no other conclusion that you can come to is that he was in fact god in human form yes and i i durst not then like hebrews that helps us understand that he northe next page there but that is my point god never wants so to truncate the person work truth grace law and gospel jesus cried now what have people here questions about who wrote hebrews he ah i would say that in my mind it was a sermon by paul and very likely even luke rodit transcribed it ah and so look was one of paul's taught man timothy titus and the couple others but if if luke actually cat and that he would clearly have written more of the new testament in anybody but collectively between luke and paul his hands down the deriton the majority of the new testament at least in verbage so i would say that he brews is what i consider to be the second new covenant manuel that the goddess explodes the new covenant forest and i think to what were working at in heber's warning to is really the father's view of the son so ricercatore sive world are progressive world always tries to a squash the truth that jesus christ and i would say if we can look at songs we have a hundred fifty chapters in songs we looked a little bit last week at sanson nineteen but some one in two were deftly be the introduction to psalms ah songs on and started about the blessed man the wicked man in and then solmes too was one of the two huge messianic psalms as i can go there now we're in we're going to just one passes i mean i would encourage anybody to read it later cause if you want to know what god thinks about the messiah ah jesus christ is very very clear and soles too so iust king it combined the little bit if you will a son one and two in this little segment here it says the man who constantly meditates an and takes delight in god's law is a blessed fersen particularly in light of the a hobo messiah therefore he walks this person this blessed person walks healthy and prosperous in stand secure at the judgments because he rests in the grace of christ work and merit and in this is why i encourage me waking yet so i think bambusae can get so beat up with this is what you got to do you got to obey got to do this and it it's like really it's a bondage because we if until we camp into the grace of christ we don't have that power and it's not our power it's his power it's his part lives through a side ables us to obey so it's like god literally does in us what he commands us to do once we learn how to tap into that grace and live in the power of his ah so when we talk about fighting for christ join battle for justice we do it with his armor and we do it with his power it's picaoides ah i just sometimes it's like i know the bird i know the bird as i could look back over years i felt the burden and i'm not saying we don't ever have that burden later but i just i believe that grace tapsus end to the power of christ and we stand secure in his righteousness not mine it's his righteousness and you can't get any better than his righteousness so we'll satin bombarders like you're not good enough yet you know what's a you're right i'm not good enough but his righteousness it me is good enough and so we got learned to stand in that and so i i i do know donevald about on hammer the point but i think that there are a lot of people that have been misguided thinking that we can pray and we should always pray but i think we pray in it seem time sometimes we set out our hands and i don't think that honors god or christ or what he calls us to do eh so god knew birth us so that we will stand strong in the power of his might as we do battle in his army and i i always say this done i really believed that our founders the more i talked with more i look the more i read i believe our founders knew a republic would only work with the godling righteous people which is his people and that's why i make it point i trumpeted or beat a drum every time i can and i know that we have to learn to vote for godly people is i don't know how people think that we could vote for ungodly people and we think it's going to turn out in a body with it's like i don't think so people so if we don't unto logically no the founding documents again we've been through this we cannot live who were not but when god converts our soul he also converts our mind as we allow his word to sit through us and in that way weaken live christian world view so les condon without dog as the dorotheen page what's your stock riding to heber's one and again what of the analogies in scripture uses eyes that we jump into the yolk with christ any joses take my yoke upon you in this would be one of the two ox yokes where he's the lead ox and he teaches us to walk with him so he erst one starts out long ago sounds like a story time and soreness at many times and in many ways and i profess things as we move along people often think because of some of my beliefs that i don't believe in profits now i do believe in profits i just don't happen to believe in modern day profits because i don't see the pericleses sity and i think that they are more foundational so we're going to read here it says but god spoke to our fathers by the prophets and that is like in a past tense and some people see what tim you can't make completely that ah at least not here but it says brought in these last days he has spoken to us by his son and remember what we started out with the story about the son whoever takes the sun get it off and i i guess i can't get past that so there's something that goes on here as the writer and i would believe that it was false sermon may be the writer was luke but if it's something else the writer tells us that long to go many times that there were prophets god used the profits and then the apostles to lay the foundation for the cure but he now communicates to us through the sun and that is one of the best books i ever read was the real small book it was but unthirsty five pages by a palmer robertson the rise missionary in africa for a thirty years but he wrote the final word in at what his giving credence to his that the final word is the word of the son and even in our scripture we have the book of revelation that we might say john rode it but really if if jesus wrote anything he wrote revelation because he literally wrote letters to these churches and he tells us what will take place oh so who is this jesus i guess we have to ask ourselves that as we read especially hebers one and two who is this god man he was appointed heir of all things and and we often take one god the father created the world i think all three created the world but here it's the secicle heaves the creatorship acknowledgment to jesus christ through whom also he created the world he is the radiance of the glory of god we we look at this will i with your colossians one fifteen to twenty three we read in filipinas to ah but five in exact imprint of his nature it's like we we know i've never done silk screening but to other things that we can do to get images from something on to something else in there is a sense that god silks screens or soul the spirit but here he says is the exact imprecor connature and here passed the universe by the word of his power and and i would say again reactivate jesus too high ah if anything we are so often guilty of not elevating him high enough it says after making purification for sins he sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high and again this is not i won't say he's not in a throne next to the father but it's like the right hand of the majesty on high as really that is god's strong arm if you want to know who the th if you will the captor's army its jesus cried he has the power he wields that power yes he's coming back as judge why he is he is king and these down afraid to get up off his strong livin but i says he he has these are much superior to angels as the name is inherited is more excellent than theirs for the which of the angels do not ever say your might so and had set one to day i've begot you i know a lot of people struggle over this begotten he say he's begotten that means he was full of human and he therefore could never have been got but don eltern around a long time as the state while he became got no either once got or he was it as you said earlier with that josh macdowell statement and sometimes she got deal with the people that's the truth in the so he was the begotten one not made in some of our creeds talk about he is the god man the eternal son or a yet i will be to him a father he'll be to me a silent and again when he brings the first born into the world he says let all god's angels worship him and sounds like the highest to me oh of the angels he says he makes his angels wince it is ministers a flame of fire but of the son he says you're thralo god is for ever and ever the sceptre of one uprightness is the sceptre of your kingdom you've loved righteousness and hated wickedness therefore god your god as anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companion and you lord late and i would say it singular not to be built again the foundation in the earth in the beginning and the heavens are the work of your hand they will perish but you remain they will all wear out like a garment like the role you will roll them up i could garmentthe be changed but you are the same and even though we look at jesus is he changed if you will it said that he is the same yesterday to day and for ever and your years will have no end and to which of the angels see ever said sit it my right hand till i make your enemies a footstool for our are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation wow what a message and now this i just i goashore less than trust me this is a short less i think you i seen things were they took about ninety nine titles for christ ah but this came from michael harton's one of his chapters here he is the eternal mediator of the covenant of redemption he's the last atom who filled the covenant of creation for his elect is the risen head the resurrection life giving lord the mediatorial head of the covenant of grace the faithful adam the rock true israel god's anointed my messiah the great king messianic savior son of david solemn man second adam servant of the lord son of god son of the father in the spirit in pre exist finalist in a nascent abreviated bliss there questions on the chap no ah no questions just to there's a bats of youthful story from migdol and love says many believers believe that jesus was married to mary magdalene too yah ah i say not a chance but you know it we we read a lot of stories but if if it was it would do be a shock there's there's no biblical merit to say that and i think sometimes we got to be careful to believe some of the the things that were written oh i know that dan brown years ago wrote a lot of crop did a lot of people believe and we got to be careful there but it's like it's the everything else he has to study the show yourself a proved and ah you know we see that all over in our society that it's really easy to hit on talking points and go with labels rather than going with what's actually sutter the actual information and i think that that that something that we have you know we can't we can ponder it we can think about it within then it's our our job to research it and find out if there's any basis in it or if it somebody just throwing something else ah and i think that's where it gets back to the point down i do believe that god's were his clothes can and is sufficient any says that it's sufficient for our redemption ah basically everything we need to know is in there we don't need any other document to tell us about salvation an so ye i think that we we got to be careful with what we get bombarded with so hot a slight through hebrews to and if we we do much passed out we see ah i know last week he talked about me by trying to keep it to an hour and that's what i was shooting for herself lapses two that's what i make men when i say a lot of mississes is creeping in i believe that i think we never tremendous amount of witchcraft in the churches and i think that's pretty easy to prove when you realize that people are trying to hold god who contract if i if i say these exact words that i'm going to get what i want will that's that's not have relationship with him nor is he trusting him to direct we can ask but that doesn't mean that he's going to come is the exact answered the way we wanted the time he had yousomething better than what we ask he can see the entire landscape where we can only see one part of it yea and i i guess i do know that seems like maybe my list or not all he monsieur but some of them and i think this is just the the nature of the church to day we've been so watered down so anemic in her understanding of the word that i agree done i think there's a lot of new age is ah see teethings it commented the church and unless we're instructed well we don't know some kind kind of sceptre on from god's ah said some men need to get well i'm trying to figure it out as one emerges he response lying and i'm in charge of ortgis going to ask him to texan we'll see what's going on and then so at any rate he wore to just what is done in to it and probably there'll be a little bit of comingincarnation deal with a second and then i went all the ill be here i'll be all here you and in you can hear me okothen you down therefore says we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard last we drift away from it that's what we were just talking about there is truth in god's word i will not ever say that it's easy to unpack it or to pariset and put it in let's say the right come behold but we we do have to do that says for since the message declared by angels prove to be reliable now there were lots times that angels came down to deliver the message we know that it's time we christ there were several appearances of angels it came down in her message was reliable and every transgression or disobedience received a just retribution and again i would say this is what we want we want justice and there's a lot of evil in the world and we've got to be careful not too a compromise with the evil and so we we got a look at the truth and understand that god wants him to draw long ones and back okay so says how shall we escape if we neglect such a great salvation and missus done i know that you sometimes remind me to give a gospel presents oh the gospel is opened every one but this is where i think a lot of people crane it is exclusive to jesus christ in his work so a lot of people think because the gospels opened everybody we could make it anything we want it's like no not we we can't do that it was declared at first by the lord and it was attested to by us by those who heard it while god also bore witness by signs and wonders and various miracles and by gifts of the holy spirit distributed according to his will for it was not to angels at god's subject codeword to come of which were speaking it has been testified somewhere what is man that your mindful of him and here's the bigger thing or the son of man you care for him you may have a little and i don't know that was sedition but you made him for a a little what he there you lower than the angels you crowned him with glory and honor putting everything in subjection under his and again i just i give one comment here it does not say that a battle spirit no gain the holy spirit came to fulfil the ministry of jesus it's like if we think that the holy spirit came to have his own if you will ministry i don't think you'll find it in scripture ah as the challenge all throw off the so well i know what ye i'm going to chaetodipus it into some very simple terms it's it is the trinity is one and so you know it's like like i can be a man i can be a sister i can be a friend i can be an aunt and in those different roles you would people would think of me a little differently but it's the same person or if you think of say like like electricity i like electricity because electricity makes a lot of sense to me you have no you have you have the power plant you've got the electricity is a angin the lines and then you have the light vol which shines the light and but it's really it's all the same thing it's just different it's just different ways of scene or interacting with the same with the same thing so for me it's very easy to get my hands around it's like sits the trinity is just it's one and the same and the function of that that's kind o how i see it and they you know jesus talked about about pointing back to god and elevating god end and the spirit of me they're all pointing to each other like he einoshedhe fully we get a figure it out that that god is bigger than what our understanding is as we base it on human beings and he's a completely different different is situation right be y and in getting back to the story we started with about taking the sun hewers one and two to me is an inclosure mind to even may be here this or for me to say it but in some ways it's the father pointing to the shot yes and it is like well wait a minute does that mean i got to father's not gone holy spirits not no no we're not saying that but it's like when god the father himself is really saying look at the son look at the sun in and he sells if you take the sun you get everything and it's like well well so ah jesus was crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death we re gettin philippians to i got nine to eleven down there but we go back to five we got koloshians on fifteen to twenty three so that by the grace of god he might taste death for every one for it was fitting that he who he jesus he for a home and by whom all things exist in bringing many sons to glory so is god again looking at jesus who brought all these sons to glory into the family should make the founder of their salvation perfect through suffering for he who sanctifies and those who are sanctified all have one source that is why he is not ashamed to call his brother saying i will tell of your name to my brothers in the midst of the congregation i will sing your praise in again i will put my trust in him and again behold i and the children god has given me since therefore the children and were part of those children near down on me and you in most of our listeners i figure therefore the children share in flesh of blood he himself likewise partook of the same things we reade he took on everything but set that through death he might destroy the one who has the power of death that is the devil and deliver all those who through fear of death were subject to life long slavery so the gain colossians on thirteen talks about it it is god that takes us from the kingdom of darkness and puts a sinnekin tom of his dear son now lost satan might be lord of his kingdom he's not in control of his kingdom jesus is still control of that demonic kingdom that's where we we do have to understand that so sometimes it's like no all things are lost even though we may see it that way at times because god jesus is still in control of the demonic king first surely it's not angels and he helps but he helps the offspring of abraham therefore he had to be made like his brothers in every respect so that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of god to make propitiation for the sins of the people for because he himself is suffered when tempted he is able to help those who are being tempted and i just back up their down one two lines if you wrote to the word propitiation i just want to track about devoted we read the but propitiation and expiation in the scriptures in we know that exit and things like that is talking about taking things out i believe that expiation one we rescript re is the mercy that's where the blood overcomes our sin in expiation propitiation is the parson effector that god injects in two or our souls that have nothing we have no righteous this he injects christ's righteousness in us so that the pro that's the the dish inalso i've often used the the analogy of a check book if i was in debt five thousand dollars i could find come to you down and tell me ask you would you give me five thousand dollars to cover why my debit and you might write me a check for five thousand dollars but i doubt love will i couldn't write a legal check this i have to have a positive balance so this is where mercy mercy brings us back to zero grace gives us that positive balance of the recondite the check etwas love that i love that word pitcher that's awsome hessel i just here that in this is where i asked her here done i hope you got that song to up because be o one o save her of men i have to be careful not though not to joke in her but a selection that no close ear least finished the message then you have that cowed up and discesseris he was actually the son in law to georgia he sang with cathedrals move down afterwards and started to signature sound and i think that we you got of an up his tastes we went he that is awesome soon i think that is ecowas prochainement en east corge but that kinnebeck and start over gin i had to muted there for menot oh i said i i never heard that rendition but i think that was that charles stanley's church so that was a this is such a powerful voice tester or my goodness she sent her ter yeh i can listen in that i all day long you know forgotten he is very very killed geseasonet i choose purchase right sir you may be he's better on long time than to like i said i i grew up on their cathedrals and it was like one was actually he married one of george alice's daughter so he was his sudden low but to eh what a history so between the cathedrals and earning his legate fishers and fused yes so any rate yes oh what a save her ah when we understand who jesus is and what he did it's like god i just am convinced if we cannot ever too highly of because of what god the father sees and what the holy spirit does so should we be afraid of putting him out of pateson now we should make that put a stone is high as we can in our life in and how we talked of the people how re sharethe gospel and i know again i've said to us but i said it often when i was in the mateomines longis would come in and talk about it i believe in jesus the dolls be shocked when i asked a of words wonder you talkin about and her like ah is it darwinised noise as i think there is millions of jesus self you know do you believe in one of your making or somebody else is making or do you believe in the want of when we look at that eh we we sit back and have to behold so i know that the offer of salvation is open to all but it is exclusively through that's why jesus said i am the way the truth the life no man comes to the father sept so i anchorets people done ask questions oh but remember who is the son remember that we can take the sun and we when everything and now i just a prayedit was a blessing so i am so blessed right to days to days a church i can't even tell you what a wonderful wonderful message that you that you put together for every one said i'd just feel so encouraged and uplifted and you know focussed on the fact that that jesus is our lord saviour and matter what the world throws as he still in control god wins godwin's every time you don't have to doubt that you don't have to be worried about it lay everything at his feet and enjoy the ride because it's going to be a crazy watch and it's going to be a kateshill take care of us he's not only knows the path he's on it fronts he's on to behind us he is right there walking next to us and when we when we can't walk any more he picks up and he he picks it up and he carries yes that's a great place to be and it's like i said every one of the apostles i think they tried to kill the apostle john three or four times i think he was boiled in oil of may be three times it's like no guy well the top godheadthe rumbobo but yes it does again the spirit is what resounds in our soul that gives us the boldness to stand before anything ah in a lot of people say why i don't know if i could do that well if the spirit recries is in you and the time comes you will do it and it's not true it's the spirit in us and it's the spirit of christ in us that stands and yet i think that a lot of people you know i know you've often talked about the lamb jesus he meked mild in a whelockthe being purified but we don't realize enough that he did what he did purchase our salvation you know he said look i can call twelve legions as but he didn't but you're comin to day he's gone bring nos twelve legions or more with him the judge the world and i guess in some ways you know we should cry out come quickly lord jesus mere not of an that's the cry of marines comfortly lord bring your justice but at the same time we should be praying for that just here in our midst and we should be doing everything reeked to bring that justice to perpetuate justice and this is where i think in a lot of people come promise and we we can't do that oh it's like we we tolerate evil and then we wonder what happened it's like oh i just i did n't courage when i see people stand for christ and see what happens i mean not seen you know word members you know the tops of the boards be taken out because they refused to stand for righteous and i i just i do believe down at the church more and more is going to learn to stand boldly in the power of re and i he half do yes we do and as why i have always applauded you i i got nothing but the deepest respect for what you've done because you've been at the forefront stand in the boldness of pre and now that we looked to down on ferrar and simple but you went up very noble example of standing boldly for christ misses likeness is like when bud's must light year says i'm falling with style make no missouriensis and out i always though jesus christ it's only him that if he see nything that's looks looks like a it should be a a may be give us some attenshions only it's only because they help and it's him that's the you know oh may it be so that lives through all of us thank you don a burthen and you said it so correctly there is i mean it's like we can't take credit i mean we it now it's like the more we learn about the grace and night this is why down i believe that fall was the disciple of grace and i feel like i sat at his feet and learned and some day on going to be in the present to christ and learn from him but i think it grace it may be the most misunderstood doctrine in the church and i just i do everything i can to make it known because that's unless his grace lives in us were pretty much worthless ear i should say we are worthless that without the grace of christ who for her work will this not elated that takes so much pressure off of us when we realize that it's him living through us and that we're like a bunch of little kids mulling around down here trying to get things figured out survived and try to get it thinkthings right we get wrong a lot we get it wrong a tremendous personage of the tone however god gets it right in his time so that none of us can say you know we've got all figured out a were about her than any one else is like but we should be able to stand on wavering and go for the truth whatever the truth so that's that's only only by god that we can do that i well that was a wonderful message so you write to close and prayer i am and i i tell people all the time if you want to manuscript or if you don't feminity can poster but ask for what tanlatlan ticket posts it won't we run like i'll post it when i ain't when i'm off her right away and then you can go to my telegram channel at brandon bury the number four am i i'll be up shortly and and i am coenopolis ask questions ask questions i'm not saying i know all the answers i do but i know a few and the ill i do everything i can to help point to in the right direction let's pray or have any father thank you for the truth of your word we can dig into your truth and we come away a by the glory that we read about why the glory that lives in our soul lord help us to never minimize that glory we know that you exult in christ he was exalted far above every one every so because his cross word and now i just pride it we would never live to cross work confused that he is still king that he is still judge his truth and righteousness will reign eternal opposite tap into that proclaim your truth in your gospel and try to bring others and the glory with us so named by pray a man thank you so much so here we go guys or you go go ding the main go to brandenburg for governor not com i am still not constantia's cheeks of thieves or still standing together and a i wanted just i think you themfor the day and what's let's see this thing so god bless you everybody out there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god was the america have a great day make it so it's a we can make that choice to make yoursels out jesus you will find the way