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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/30/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published March 30, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is march thirty twenty twenty three i i can start to sell this morning with a wonderful video united played the backache video yesterday and decided to start the soul with a little bit of praise here to get our minds going in the right direction and a truly disrealize that god is in control and it's going to be oooooooooooo the oonnoo tonoosetonoose's know he ooooooooooooooooooo i have i desenterestedness oneoneoneone to you as to a ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo soon soon he so the cooroogannie ooooooooooooooooooo encores he here were a great way to start the day out o you doing caron in there was she of his even get her on here oh how good morning were gone bring car and i just to minute here let's see where she's at so i mutely she laughed and i have to see if she can she can joined back in here once in a while we have some tactical difficulty here because this is at least is definitely realise real people by real people at the kitchen table and carnadon okay i can see you but i can't in any one you and all with that then king game in the organ he here you sound like a robot so i don't know what shape the child that in all inane oh well svinget the thing figured out here a minute because ah ah you're radiosaccoding through sometimes this hap with in the morning when i want to talk about as specially when we were talking about things that are important it so he only broke god you bring up it a thing to do with god and of course the satanas ave to attack us and try to eat she even some she said in connection issues okay that's about normal right now we might have to do a call in with a was she to call in care became at the works at the a minute will bring care no you're almost there can hear a little bit but not much estimate olgaren here the iawatha we do i can't work in that we're on trash that right now a one which another recedit to teheran trash that i cannot sit here right now because it's just not working at all something i know some sometimes that really does that really does em it's hit happens i mean we get any word to get talking about anything important in all a sudden not it's not just it it's the internet connection it's all of it and it is the craziest thing when you're working through this cause like i said i am staff as well as running everything so deep you know we did the best we can and a king to be a shape about it we were talking about some stuff before you got on and i kinda like continued that conversation because there is in fact so much going on right now callaghan would be now you're you're now flag the margin so there is so much going on right now and honestly um ah it's a it's amazing how many different directions they have us all looking instead of looking at what's really important just as distract us right and and that's that's a of a critical thing to remember what we re exactly were talking it before we got on cause i'm a little distracted trying to get everything up in running here the more always takes me about a minute or two men to get my head in the game in a tosanachic difficultiesthe i might not be as smooth as normal but we'll get it done eh the the i think we started out to talking about the fact that i am kind of literally shot at how many clowns montucla folds clowns as beichene r the heckens had been had been coming at me i literally had two people that i came on my phone this morning hadn't talked to them ah maybe a year ago something like that and one of em had was trying to get me to listen to his resolution for east palestine and that you know is he said i got it i wait a fix that and i'm like okwell i'm a little busy right now but i'll get back to you and i was going to call me yesterday and i got wait to busy and so i thought well get back to him to day right you know we're all busy and this is what we give each other a little bit o grace and and and so so i too just to see the impatience and it is not just it's like it's like a lot of people are just like yer going to do this for me you know it you know it is a reaction to me was because i didn't call him back yesterday and never asked hay or you busy or anything like that i actually going to read it to as i which foundations got one time ah his reaction to me was oh let's see i don't really care it doesn't really matter to me what he says but it's like a ah if first of all it was thanks i have i said i call you back one and then he said thanks i have a solution for east palestine that needs to get to general plan as a p so course there trying to use me to get to general fling go get your own one i i don't even know who you are and have to do back on shock and all time check everybody i talked to and i don't appreciate being used to get to other people just for influence and makes me so and at any rate ah then his next piers that you're all had no cattle not surprised and i just answer in back on us said an you're probably right or maybe you're just a clown and i'm not going to deal with you i had it i've had i've been kind o like up to my eyeballs in this kind of nonsense and then you get the people that are in political groups who are absolutely the absolutely plants and had another one that they popped up this morning different guy the popped out seems to hear of a a goes from one issue to the next to the next to the next number six is anything you really cares about is always thought about coming up with some money king and in she and it's not somebody you would think of think about that i normally talk about it's somebody else cause they're just so many of em at the crowd and so that popped up this morning then there was a person that popped up i know about a week ago offered me for million dollars to sell influence which was kind of like almost laughable to me it was so absurd i was at first he was ever immediately i was like disgusted at the sunlit clearly you have no idea my yet here you really have no idea right so i like ye i will hold three is over before i would in fact you know even entertain any of the nonsense from you or anybody else some like that's right off the table you know i'm trying to save a bunch of people i'm from losing their homes and he was he was making an offer so that we could help you know everybody save their homes and and i like well it would take a time of it don't don't even easilie know you need be paid for what you're doing in plain i don't and i'm like i would i would not even consider this that's right off the table you know then you you know you realize that you're working with a human beings as you know if there's anything that you can learn through this situation or if you can it's not just about wearing but it's learning if you can learn something for em it or if you can i wade through this is just a misguided individual or who needs orifics truly somebody who is trying to entrap you in a compromising situation which first will never take the money so anybody out to at once to offer me anything just just save yourself the time it isn't going to work if you really want to get in and do it selflessly without money behind it then i'll talk to you but don't come to me with offers of money for any reason whatsoever for me personally because i'm going to tell you there's a snowball's chance and how that i would take the money number one and number two after that moment in time every simpleton that comes out of their mouths is going to be in question as they try to dig themselves out of their hole so that in the ninth problem is is that the one situation that i man trying to save these people's home there is not one person doing the right thing not what every single person in this situation the strain to move this forwards far his ben lying and i caught him in a like caught him in line caught him and in a things that were you know clear conflict of interest and also not following the laws but they think their dealing were older people so that means that they think they just get up you know they're going to buffalo their way through this and that the people who are old deranging to fight well they may not i still will and it's really it's really crazy so i guess with what the other last couple of day i kind of feel sick about it if feels like it feels like even he have in a way through this kind of stuff it makes you kind of st you know but i'll never back away from a fight but you know or or train it you know get to the goal and he sometimes you got away through the through the garbed to get to the goal and i cannot imagine what president trump and the people around him had been waiting through the garbage dump of absolutely morally bankrupt people trying to give them advice you know which the it'sno advice whatever it's only trying to entrap them and further compromising their position and i think we have all remember that on an individual basis is that you now say no promise as the world and every in every term but one of those things that you've always got to keep he right here keep even if your heart wants you to go in one direction your heart's got to stay there and the the end does not justify so no matter what you do you have to do the right thing it wasn't too long ago i heard somebody somebody say and in it was it was a good purse and somerton sider a good person that they lied about something because they wanted to get they wanted to achieve something and they knew that the purpose was what the goal was on so they lied and unlike and i'm sorry but but now you just you just keep one one problem on top of another problem and i just can't go there you know you you don't you don't commit other sins or lies in order to get in order to get your gold complished because it's kind o like saying you don't trust in god it's the if you trust in god you throw it down and you do the right thing on every single turn and he will bring to the proper conclusion which may or may not be the one that you got your heart set on or you know going in that direction but god will always bring to you what here he will always make a way when there seems to be no way and may not be pack your taken but it will be a different one about her one so statemake sense as in it that is and helen and it's been frequent topic of conversation because we all would like to think that god is on our side and is not a perspective we should have we should have the perspective of we should be on god's side and so on is the general so to speak he's the one who decides which direction to go what after take how hard how quickly everything is at his time and his plan on and it's really hard for us too on sometimes to discern what that is we know we can ask show us the way let me know what i need to know is to be on the path you want me beyond it's sometimes he does an islike lay it out and make it really easy for us to there there's been times in my life where i believe that definitely but a ship in a way and told me i take a certain direction on it was very definite but there were also times when i thought i was doing because of the way things were going i was doing his xactly what i should be doing in and an incense i may have been absolutely right that you put me there for that time but not from the conscious that i intend right ring i thought that i was going to be useful in a certain way and god had led a plan so sore i like to i want to use the analogy of moses because moses in his first four years in he and then moses spend his next forty years hurting she and then god sends when he letters old i've got a job free in one i ain't no i'm not that person i don't know how to do that and in a way he failed to recognize the god gave him eighty years of training you're going to shepherd hold out of people that are coming out of egypt oh better to be in that hole you have been trained for eighty years for this purpose and then moses know that only not he grantedwithout other things about his and his proposed or his schools and life oh and then when he was really thinking and saying to god i don't think i ready for that one thing that's the dog of the god he says well i'll give you your brother aaron he's going to help you out god will work with us and if he has something in my forces can make that half end and bliss is sometimes the really hard to discern or licodon no one to do and it's no god help thee and then he doesn't always lay it out for you you've got to try to figure it out the best you can which is letterit's a consentat you don't it's a testing when that happens to help holdin your skills and and well if something comes up next time how ma gonadal with you can be to make a quicker and o'er you know ah a quicker decision and or have a clear cut idea of what or what this is really really all about selethe the thing that i've been able to see as i was able to get in behind some asses findings and see how foreign investors are in fact using ah a positions in order to buy american land and in it its re if there's no two ways of any one on the planet who takes that money his committing tres because they are literally a collaborating with the army and in that it is pretty it once once you see it you'll never on see it and in that's that's one of those things that i don't think that that a lot of people have had the opportunity so i'm actually actually how do i say it witnessed and in no other looking at no where to find it in that sort of thing it's a it's unfortunate so so the keep is all the distracted with these other things while they're trying to take us all prisoner while eh and then i'll try to compromise you on an individual basis they're going to try to compromise you you try to do anything right whether it's running for an office and i don't mean just the time offices i mean you know like like the township or the heeler they're going to be able to tell the it to compromise you and you're going to have to disbelieve everything you hear make them prove out whatever comes out of their filthy mouths because most of the time is the set up and if they're trying to justify the means to an end you know they're just their justifying the end and then they tried to to succor punch you in they'll succorpo in through the and so it is important to realize that whether or not things go in the direction that you think they should go you've got to get you've got to let go of that and realize that yes you can go to the end and work towards the end that you believe that god wants you to go to with no giving out no family but if you have to do one thing wrong to get there cut the process and caught it and so like for me it was a very easy decision when somebody offered me to mock money cause i then offered money and and all kinds of things along the way that you know i'm offered stuff all the time and i like there's not a snowball's chance and how that that's a real easy thing for me to make a cut on and then but one once more you go another level and this is another thing he's a cut is somebody offers to money you'd better be suspect of every simple thing coming out of their mother everything that they do suspect of all all of it they've already proven that they are not necessarily an altruistic persons and i yelled with say they may be able to give you some information that you don't have one on a topic which is ok ah but there's a point time where you have to say i atthis person's wasted enough of my time it's time to move on there's nothing more that i can learn here there's nothing they're certainly not there certainly not a direction that i'm willing to go in whatsoever known negotiation but you have to you have to say that there's no more useful information that i can take out the going for top i did think that some of the essec stuff was kind of useful and see how their actually using the money in these murders for merges an acquisition and then also to see how they will play one person against another because they assume that your already emotionally engaged to the point that you won't back out or trash this whole thing is it needs to be in a new york minute right well it's not the case with me it's like as soon as you know all siterata to him for a while and go through you know make sure that are a not making the cut before it without nownot making the cut out of pride you are not making the cat out of out of ah not having a broad or pitcher which would be he sure that i am not i am realizing that there is other people involved in this and so decision cut too quickly to find before i found out if there are any other options that can be explored is not necessarily a good thing either see got a kind o hang with it for a little bit sometimes until you get all your questions answer and then god gives you a clear cut path okay this is exactly what's going on no you know and then you go resettling your spirit and your like no it don't matter what and we could reach it's not a good one and then you make the cut and you never look at has there any think of settling your spirit is a good way to put it because you have to yet because it is one as you're trying to do the right thing and you're you're constantly searching the scriptures and praying and were not always great at that you know we always could do better i'm sure everybody listening probably can say to themselves not reading my bible or praying as much as i should i when you are and you are constantly saying like we do in our household we used to say what won't further how and and in our inner mines were so also saying o god is going to help us to that's a pity but we started to actually say it out loud with god's help will figure it out because we recognize his roll and we wanted to say that specifically and now if you have that in the fore front of your mind you're going to be more open to discern when you need to take a turn right alike the side we you'll see there is something wrong with this situation there is something wrong with the firs and coming at you with money i mean sometimes you you might feel like your late and figuring it out but if you're doing the right thing along the right way god will keep you where he wants and he you may not know i know i spent almost five years doing something which did not turn out like i thought it was going to and there were came a day for suddenly i said to myself i need to change cars here and i really enjoyed what i was doing ah and it had you know my heart compassion and dedication into it so a part of me resisted and a part of me was like all parent finally your figuring out we've been waiting for you to come along and like a head tipsy person and part of my conscience was like one in all bout time become then was partinglon back there had been a part of me that noticed that and you always kneeling about it for some time and the other part of me was like not not ready it took a few days for me to really process that and then it was like a key i had no idea what was in store for me next and i i knew i needed time the just be me and figure out where i was in life but i knew that god was going to put something else in my lap i that i was where i needed to go next i had confidence in that i said i'm just collet god direct me i'm going to wait and if you look up that word in his scripture wait is in there a lock where were very impatient and our society these days nothing is new under the sun but i tell you that patience is not my best for you and i've had to learn a lot through experience of life is shewed on the lord is a real thing it he'll show us that as it were willing to listen and as long as we're shaking what he walks for us i think nominrit now well and look at what he now i go back to some of the stuff in the co pultryand is i think that it's it's important for us to look for wisdom everywhere and especially things that get us to question thanks future proves past if we had twenty you know i'd be great for us to have twenty twenty vision all the time but sometimes it takes a little bit of time to work through this this morning when mister clown came to me and said now you know all had no cattle to me type stuff you know an insult me i was sitting here doing why is this my responsibilities is your idea i got my own stuff i'm working at and and i'm kind of busy i mean i got a lot of stuff going on right now you know and so it's like that's great you have an idea i'll listen to it when i get time can i help you to the best of my ability however s of all as a person who has looked at these train torments and has absolutely no big interest in them at this point in time it all i'm not listening to these are talking points on the news not tying it though the rollers of the the the roller bearings non existent they were like showing a friction bearing problem the cutlers were rough situashon for this with this for me to say arianorum in a thick sus thing because we don't even know what we have yet and till we git somebody on the grantacaestir it and i'm pretty extra sure that there's no possible way that i would have access to investigate the so it's like it's like i waste my time in the area i can sit here the comments and say there's no possible way this can happen but for me to be effective in any in any meaningful way right there i can tell you that i would not be not in the position if i were governor yes if i were president yes if i were some of the worked in any any of the shamans yes may at this point time i would not be able to be effective and i know that so i'm going to stand else areas that i know are i can be effected i can talk about it and said that this is their somanlis going on wait too many like so whatever you think is going on there you're going to be wrong there there there hiding at their use in is the district the legwork on the things that we know we can have influence on so i went to another meeting this week as and i can tell you that a there was the about pretty much i say eighteen i say by any per cent people in there i know that there were a good deal of them that were actually communis and they were you know they both dropped it lost it when i walked in the room it was ten fanny and i hoped there watching it's like i do know he are and so and so does intelligence so just keep it up you just just digging your hole deep or right that those people that we've been taught in their there like group leaders and do group later types and i you know you got some on that he's taken pictures of girls as swim suits and then leading the patriot groups and want to talk about hall truistic that they are right you know in your spirit you shouldn't know this is these things or are in conflict in its income and so as you know this slim ball at he and so you know we can we can stop there and to stop she something doesn't feel right about the even though i can't put it into words exactly i'm going to give it a few minutes to cup with the information that i have that doesn't feel right but if it doesn't feel right it's generally got talking to us and telling us ah ah hold on a minute something isn't right here in a the moment in time stopping to the back and going well well well assassin the situation thoroughly before you give any emotional investment into any part of this you know i think i think that's a real real wise way to approach anything if you are if you're emotions are invested ah you're you're going to be able to be easily manipulated this is another thing i noticed when i go to these meetings because i look at the sad up and such now the pregnant change it or put it out there but they have strategies the communists there en place especially the ones in the grass roots tho thou i'm not all of maritos of what what tell they set the room up and also speech patterns they they they repeat each patterns because that's what they've been out and so these people that come from nowhere they are placed as and in you can start picking it up and ben become your own a profiler you know this people of the there professional profiles they can talk to you me or anybody and within five minutes or less they have everything they have so much about you figured out your cor person alec it's crazy to watch somebody who is a professional profile i had one that was working with me it was a great honor for quite a while when i got started i stole still rely on his intelligence if i've got a real question about something i'll i'll ask him or know where contact right a professional profile or can have things picked out that is because we are so predicted and what especially when you're looking at cia fbi fed setups you can start picking in em up if you're really paint a tenth by an by they leave you they actually because their programme the really not that smart and so they have to everything they do is program beech patterns are programmed the words they use approach its just like seeing a the the news that you know you know the news that they repeat the headlines musition full it something up here mincius i played stuff like this over and over again and this is this is a non and so when you watch her speech patterns or how ah they will try to shame you or attack you for taking your time they're not kind about it oh as a person when when i see somebody whose really wrestling with something on like all the hats questioning the questioning about what's being said they're going through that process too to find the problems in what there seen and its like that's exactly what i want to see happen you know i want to see them question me or everything else in fact one of these clowns and i was speaking at was that this meeting is a clown he is that he's absolutely a a a fagerolles and a very communist an organization that the organization started out his one so anyhow i got done speaking one day and he sat in their watch and somewhat profiler sitting there watching his actions as well as in other very smart person that i had with me by the profile was watching him and i was watching him i was watching him away more than i was watching the n he was getting agitated like this and watching because i was actually in truth to the audience i had it all i will ever do and every minute he's realized in that he's lost control of his and he got up and his starts she set shoot in his mouth though and the audience was like haley and we were we were having a great time together and i was teaching them how to how to question things and what doesn't make sin and why you have to question to yourself in research if he is over there just frantic right and also he goes he goes gets up and he goes well you don't this person did this and this person to that says bringing in other things unrelated to the entire in order to get her and he's yelling at me and everybody in the audience is sitting there sly shocked and his behavior and how the thing had gotten so agitated and it was it went from zero to nine thousand and in like in like ten seconds it was right there so i jist can let him go on cause i could care lest you know i've been beat up in off for my life that that i just sat there i listened as typically don't react and it doesn't bother me he's making idiot of himself and i don't need to buy into it right so i just said to her listen to him she would have faced off and looked like in complete moron and plays cards to me then if act is a fad and he's he's a political operative and his tactics so to set them and listen and see his face and finally he starts he don with his ratanhia i mean at the top of his lungs yelling at me and also in hers why should we trust you any any throws the the finger at me like that and so now he's like put himself in in you know trying to make sure he's a line with the audience and going after me and attacked me as the enemy the new enemy that he just sat up and i nicosthenes the great question can i really absolutely admire you for the courage and coming out and saying whatever you want to say you shouldn't trust you shouldn't trust anything any one says to you that stands on a podium or has even like this or any other one you need to trust yourself trust that god is leading you and if there's any truth in it god will show you what that truth is and if it doesn't make the grade follow your heart whether it's it doesn't matter who here listening there's something wrong that you set your feet and concrete okay there's something i don't feel comfortable about that that's okay that's a good day that's a really really good thing that's a god puts in use stops from running off the cliff like a loving right it's a ousent op and you go i'm not the something's not right here and i'm really agitated and and i don't in i don't feel quite worried about it that's okay that's helpful and so then you stop and you try to figure well is it of something wrong with a person or just with the information he tried to teach me something i don't know or that it makes me uncomfortable you don't what i again on the computer and i'm going to talk to friends that i real friends and i mean those people it would stand with you on your last day that would be there when you were in the hospital dying or i am last battle the person that would be the fox hole with you that you know would never ever betrayed you might want to go and ask the questions you know i need that i need a bounce this fine that's okay that's a good process that's what you mean to do but no one should trust any one and you know when you know you've got a really good person there such as ah you know i know general finis a religione i know he's an honorable man and he's a good man and i in president honorable man he's good man he did good service the rightful presented states to this is he good to make mistakes oh yeah where human being so do we do we go after people that are a good people or do we look at the issue in go well like with president tromp i looking him and i go in i don't agree with all your you're indorsements in fact the endorsee okay but but with health only i only saw one good endorsement he that i believe was a good dorson as christina crom and that was the only good endorsement that i saw come out of him ah with that sad the rest because i think for myself and maybe it's some more that was the only one that i could tangibly said it was good indorsement the rest of em they were cabindoors mens on crept candidates that should have been flat well now i got to go back to my main premise present them frightful president is not united states who is a good man and truly i know goes to god and praise some unpeople do it is to share but i don't think i don't think we got that his so i go back to that initial presence and go the trying to tell her what's he trying to i tried to teach us stop going to the endorsements and think for ourselves you need body's endorsement follow your own doors to follow your own heart but it goes back to the question every thing i care question me if we make a mistake it would not be intentional with care in or i and i can now let because i know caron she would never intentionally make him do something it is even even if it cost her everything karen would say would say there's no possible way i am going to do this even if it cost her everything she'd walk away and i know that about and and i would say that that that this true of me but i would never ask anybody to believe my words on it you don't make up your own mind on that you know i'm not going to tell somebody out the and but i think that this is a is as are important process some are show you what these clowns the sea fbi plants in we know that their doing it with ja six we know they did that with the the very county none out they actually rammed into the toe one guy's house intimidate his wife and his daughters and ah ah incarcerated or coffeis ten year old daughters i don't nothing they knows that but had these ah anyhow hang out militre to find this the few can comment on that then i can get in here a triton find this minute now while you're doing that in talking about the stern red for example for trumpetor sweet concepts one of the things that we don't often talk about when we talk about tramps and dorsets is the fact that he is never of the republican party as the representative of the republican party he can only endorse people within the army he is expected to make indorsement and not like the one of a lot of good choice he can wonolanset we've had to learn it and we've been able to do that because of thomas we've had to an opportunity to learn about the when i called the helection process the sham election process because we've learned how these candidates come out of the public how they're put in the position and why and trunk and only work within that system he can't indorse on he can only endorse people out of that insiciawere what are his motivations his motivations includes long term patris country yet it may be included or sing people who were not appropriate not the best is in our estimation but heels more though he now geheele won't say well he's not in michigan he doesn't know anything well sure circoncire is more important than michigan while he knows it's going on how good a cochineal so be one we're talking about discernment of romans too is a religion chapter to read on the subject and i want to go to verse fifteen which show the work of the law retinite hearts their conscience also bearing witness and their thoughts the mean while chusing or else excusing one another and on my fans for you in my bible anticking james i like to go to the fifteen ninety nine geneva hers and two but anyway the time folks look through romance too because there were talking about the contour conscience how do you make decisions with her exercise on and in no going back to the stricter again if we use the scripture the help shape and form that con that conscience over time it's easier and easier to make the setons even if their own come everybody had a writ on your heart swing your heartes telling you something not quite great with the site ask yourself why and like you suggested maybe go to too some one trusted and say something not right but i have put my finger on it a theseconsisting the shorthandist really easy my mam met somebody in a church congergation it just come in as visitor and she said i don't i fear really bad about it but there's something that does not feel right about that guy she is privately said this to her family and she was she had alarmed bells ringing and she then even know why she we nobody knew we had no idea somethingall surely the church congregation into he was he was one of the worst people have ever had the unfortunate leased to me but i learned through that experience that looks and my mom somehow had the ability to desert like you said a profiler then you know there's there's something about that profile that my mom saw and lashe was wise enough to to set out a warning so that everybody else could be a little bit more in tone and unfortunately the other thing i was thinking listening to you your emotional reaction to what you been experiencing lately if so negative and we have been put under fire so much the last few years and then the idea of all these conspiracy theories coming true had the robberymoney out from under us we ben surprised in so many ways and it feels like we have to be afraid of everything i met a new person to day i don't know about them in a kind of agemarried you know there's a a fear in this should be the case we don't have to be afraid of meeting and people or experiencing new situations again it comes back to faith if you if you trust ah and you're going to exercise your discernment user friends to help you do that then then there's no reason of fear now there's no ringing to feel negative about it there is trust opportunity to learn well and i think too it's like for me ah my my person is a little bit more battle a battle hard and so when i see then the average person i would have to say i'm just to the number of years in a mound of years that have had to deal with in so very very very tough one and oh you know you're dealing with your dealing with i'm going i'm going to give you an example ah i was watching a video a last night on the power grid collapse in and what led up to that with a big snow storm a few years back and member and where were going through this and i was going i was going through this time like you know everybody else is that was you know i was watch it with my family and bodelschwing this is going you know watching it for different things that i was in and i in a saint there and i'm not going okay so this is really what caused the gas companies i colcrockeda at that when i looked at the grass and where i failed the gas companies gouged the hat were priced scogin on the on the moon the cost of natural gas then they gouged it and so the electric companies shot down and dumped the load off of this and they went on to in and on to the next in the next the next until they dumped the entire they had they dumped like i i don't remember the exact number right now but they had dumped almost every every bit of the load off of the lines until they got to critical area stasch and then s that they you know pass the critical structure the whole thing was it was in danger of complete and utter great collapse i set here going why in the governor step in and say to the gas companies because of the increased demand they should the pre shot up why didn't the governor say if you go in the price of the gascons so help me god i am going to slap you with everything legal at my disposal the state going and then we'll go to the electric the electric companies were mostly private so there looking at this huge spike and the cost to make the otter to make the energy that this was all this was all could have been solved quickly if somebody would have looked at it for the right reason instead of watching the freeze out and shut down the first step should have been somebody wished to approached those gas gas companies and such you done price gouging you're going to wish i wasn't on and then the electric companies keep it going don't be attention to the price state will stand together on this to make sure that there is there is an equity on on all levels but keep the state going we we will declare we will declare a now help to even these these providers i am not talking about giving the huge prophet but they actually shut down because of those mostly their other props across the grit but the biggest problem that could have stopped the entire thing the chain or of these started by a prosket gauging from the gas twisting and i am yet i told me got off base here but i and i don't remember rising to go with that but the the ability to i think it's just agitatorthe what the actual problem is rather than continuing to run to everything it's put out their foes isn't when i was going to say was here you're touching on one of my other points too because my sermons different your discernment and my mother for example in another situation an this is what i mean by going to friends too because my life experiences very different from your life experience oh the a i have a lot of my mom's with me but i still love is too young at that point in time anyway to notice what she noticed i learned from her example and some were not always going to notice everything we can't the beauty of this is again scripture we are all parts of the body we are all different we are your and we all have all lessing of each other right so i can i can i can go to donna and said i know somebody who knows about that kind of experience ah done have that kind of experience i can go to her for that i can go to another friend for something else i still have my mam i can go to my mom a lot of things i can go to other friends or family or church people for exercising my discerning through their life expert because we don't all have everything that we need a we have friends who have more than what we have this is a blessing from god too in one of the ways that he gives us a help a link aranoko gave moses is brother arose i gave you everything you need most and you don't believe me i won't give you a little more there is a really consintiendo god go on will give us something to help us feel comfortable with his paint he even though he knows that's enough he wants us to have faced him and that of beech and and i think to your point in where were also different you know i would be i would be the one that would probably be very inclined to charge into a corporate type situation and you know have more of a warrior's mines when i'm talking to somebody who is a person like me and you trying to figure the world out you don't little bit it's a different value you know and in you you do you rely on each other because i know i learned every single day every single day i learned something from every one around me and and i think that that openness to to those those moments is good and we do fail with our discernment or anything else like the donethese up too much it it's going to happen but with less go to this i'm sea type thing i'm going to to get through the she of course the ah play the marigold the crashing i am facetious jessica had peching on the limbering the supper chris ththis is an example of the programming but their jennesee groups to ah the there they're doing this often in the group o here he go online oranienstrasse ooscotta ure collectis the old passalaronciti eastern i which he begoniasonce pinethat downstonian facetious for news whigging our country the sorely as the involved no just become home to common on social media more alarming shall media outlets published these saying victories without checking facts first the sharing of biased and follows as oolloolloo odontophore wishes sheesasite angels chorlos extremely dangerous to atone teledamus towards extremely dangerous tired emory extremely dangerous to our democracy this is extremely dangerous to our democracy this is extremely dangerous toward democracy extremely dangerous to our democracy strange dangerous toward moccasin this is extremely dangerous to or to montesinos sisterly dangerous toward monterey this is extremely dangerous toward de montes extremely dangerous or democracy is extremely dangerous to our democracy this is extremely dangerous to a democracy is is extremely interestor democracy saw a socage you have you have all these these people saying the same thing but if you watch and your groups and watch them tell you how to think your you assyour see her over and over and over him because they are in fact telling us how to and anybody that does that to con the sea in my opinion so wary of her care ah go to rabban is oh my gosh i did about the rabbits the other day i have three hits i wished the second dog had had a litter over by ten comowol be more normal but she's a first time on so she had four and lost one a carle away from the other ones adopting cold and so she has three and as hard as i know every time i i pick an and in taking hand and there the more they're grown fat and everything's good and about another week or so they'll be coonrod and won'texplain and on a share some pictures of paddy when he was about that age case rate about easter he was born on the seventeenth of march that year and the easter time i took some some really cut pictures opping he turned out to be a bratland but he was really cute and innocent that pitched get a question for it forhow many how many bonnies how many babies can arrive have as i saw one the popped upon a youshort list or something like that and i could not believe how many tabennes came out of that what is possible were aventurier and i don't know for sure but in meat rabbits all say because that's my experience they could be pets for they can be used for meat and we raced some for me they can have as many as twelve in a letter a methusalemite had anywhere between a and eleven is probably the smallest letter i've seen ah just burst that way or preesall another one had nine i have to say this one that i saw he had to have least twenty five at one time it looks like there all same size and and i mean there there baby bunnies everywhere and then well pink eyes too so they were you know they they were clearly exactly the same size there picking the rout this ratheshu rabbit too i mean this rabbit was like a coon size rather right and they picked this rabbit up and the bones were were all there in their alleging around its how many bunnies can babies can a rare it have he probably had more than one letter together when i ween them i see them so they have all the boys and girls separate so i i figure out how many boys and human girls who have first and then ice split and where they're going to go i figure out cause we've got some really big cats and we have some smaller caches and on piccolpasso in one place in the girl's eridano her place and we did that about its six but i i can quit boys from two different letters together and colonels frontier frnt letters together he and ever bookholder why that they will start getting a the armorial nine to eleven weeks ah girls not so much girls done just like him dogs and renown and then there lay was that girl doing jumping on the back a bit other her they could do that it's a dominant thing but the boys will start how ben on eachother about by eleven weeks and they did to be just really annoying and if you don't walk on and you put too many together in an into small space and you don't give them enough food or on something to occupy themselves this sometimes they'll fight but we usually ovoid that with her management protocol solved to books fitela did he do the the rabbits do bucciolo well i don't put it don't ones together but if it would they if you put the other on lines young ones will and in the females will too if even when they're really young if they don't have enough space or at some point if they don't get along we will figure out and there's one a skin ah the anana little farm pocoson like that won't take em separate on to some things sometimes they is tongtong so that happens with with the mails the big ones ah you don't want to put right next to each other cause he'll scratch other and they'll try to fight though bars or something entrusting were of a rooster pan right now in a rooster's get along fabulously the like a bunch of guys sitting there you know i watched whether remote controls a how you doing eh how you going you know that's about it they they actually like being together and there they're not hostile to each other at all but there the little old or two you know you you hear you hear about chickens and roosters getting a bad rat they can be coiny opinion and my opinion that's due to the the owner's not havenone he can even trade if you train him to be nice and in fact our roosters if you go off there to pick him off they would just soon have you just no permanence around they think that's old i had a of dogcart and i put in taking in the cart and like the dog he called it ticking round yes she cannot like it because she got to view i think this was back only had the chickens penned because we used to have dogs that did not or it would have killed the chickens if they got ane so she had teefoose yard there was a thought strengthwas confond yeh see good chicken though or if so my talk about the other day where can that i'm just being real you know i showing pictures the patty but then i one people because if i should use pictures of paddy along the way with these kids they have now because i can't is too cold to take him out and take pictures of the right now but addison the house i could take lots of keep pictures with him when he became older he had he did not have his fulness he was the livestock animal first and foremost even the i carried in herowith me everywhere from fish couple ease of his life a he was still life stocking and it is really hard for people who haven't done that before to recognize how that works how could you possibly kill and eat the animal ah well sometimes what an experience in right now is tricky because we have a good case really really pregnant and i am just like i don't little concerned i'm a little anxious about it because i never been through that before and with ramaciotti going on i'm still i really watched al and what i do at least have the experience of all back opsi know what to do something is wrong with god i only know what i'm paper the rent theory or right now and paper when i reading in the groups of faces so in a little agious about it he and i like i don't know how far more who has fifty had a cattle and have all these babies born every year do it because it's so stressful but again with experience i every now and then the reality is there's wine there is one that will stand out and now there was a a box a little meat lochawe had it have a tail for some reason he gives was born not a tail i guess but now as he happened to be sweet natured i can rechinando wouldn't run away like the other one step cause they're not handled every day and in not as surely afraid was but they don't want to be taught cause they're like i don't know i don't know what your intentions are and he was much more ah relaxed and our presence and it was like you know if there was going to be a he trained to find how spoollike that and the aestate eraviator a in this their son coins the no metal softer so personality i like hongroises she's no lady me got her which she was ain't to ready if she had a broken to it she's like our biggest chicken she's big battle lady in all but we like her because she has personand so she she made out let her usefulness in her productivity as light socket i'm in the way in the value that she offers as they paced so every now and then and handled thus slid into that category and it is hard for people to see how all the animals don't fit into that category will see the problem as like for me they all slid into that category there out there all paths you know but we don't eat me so you know i don't i don't nightdidn't et meansfor me it's like if they don't lay eggs ah you know then then that's pretty much that the extent of it you know i don't hold it against anybody else i do it for health reasons but but most of my family doesn't hate me so every single thing you goes into the petitioner talking about as morning more about and we we initially we thought when we were going to get goods to be with have me coats so he would only be responsible before him for part of the year and then come slaughtering but on to happen was a greener with downsizing and she had very coats and when we went and talked her tricks floor at more it seems soon as a better we can keep them longer can in onspringan that house an for their feet and they in turn or reduced the brush out back that we can't do by other means without without more expense having hired help come in new tools of the avery now and so it was like well it'll be fun and they'll pay for themselves in sense and we've got to know them now they'd become pets in it first they were really afraid of everything and now there really i win goout had him and talked to him in enjoy on just like we do dogs you know and so we were talking about the possibility of still having met the concerned as they would be turned into a because goats have such a horn personality carent farinata rabbits we wanted only ravenstone teteoinnan in to think you that we couldn't to any for love with anything i am the conventual wettenhal menehas her realcredit to somebody else was going to turn the rabbits hi there for age had won the garret of em and we like not now if nothing else we will bother them he madly rather than have a wall the animals slaughtered them if it is mercilessly severe is this is goin to happen rountree into passable to breed on but they were given as a smaller greed not really mentor and one of them was absolute vicious honorand the other one was king of week they didn't have her all they did not make a large kids so when we tried to like cross breed others if we could make me dot on in a really cute but they were hard and all the productive he yet this severity knows that letting animals loose in the wild you have turned your freedom for for your your your little body that you let loose turns into a coyote feeding program as anything you le let go and michigan out into the wild sheenlike rabbits i do some let hope is gane pigs loose is what they're there mail canopicum the fence and got in with the girls and decided to have himself in old time there the next thing you know they've got four or five little kitty pools i filled with filled with ginnipigs none of the pet stores would take in case they had too many des clearly somebody else's mail got out and and oh you know he went on a rampage and so anyhow they just decided and i was listedthese were talking in listing the stories on looking at you know five or six city pools and their house or living room it was they were everywhere and in their house with all these these ginning pigs and i was told ansectors yea though we we served letitia in the field and you know what us let him out in the field and have sinnerton skinrood the yet you're not given him freedom it's just that you resonator to fight for their life is dear member with the the a there when they had the olephants in the sick well you know when when you look at it pitsani the wild it's not like the you know let's play the safari and ah you know the safari music here and making ready field like you know and the wild while depths of africa that the african elephant rooms the prairies and peace and happiness now is not that way at all i mean guys they they've got things that are trying to eat em all the time the elephants in they're all trying to eat each other if you don't if you got one big animal you're going to get a gang of smaller animals like hyenas that are going to come after you bunnies and gene pigs out there the coyotes are like caviare for me and they take off a run in after so that not a good plan nature doesn't work the way that we do araceous men regarded of course in thinking about people who have larger farm i'm sheepgoats or cows the the comtes i think season with anxiety every year their settlers on thinking why would anybody want to go throughe i so anxious about him in a hand but this joy too you know lillovet when they have new caves caves were cut from a reason because then you take really to care an and when the girl all peden's oh you do we can't have joy and in what we have but we also have a as the word a responsibility we have a responsibility to them so do i turn them loose to while the animals and fear and now we slaughtered them these he madly waspossibly can't that's the primary reason why we started raising why do we do it why do we raise our own there are on an ramage and our chickens because we like it not where that comes from we want to know how it was raised what it how it did it is i in fear or in it by a pretty control and not in a constant state of fear on that last day she what a lot of lies that anson through even if their home raised but somebody else does so far in process there should transport ernest ange play sirs all facehorribly things smells sounds and it's nothing but a trenananstle in its horrible and the one then at the forestwell yet when people when people eat that they're eating those hormones at the animals eat that the animals feel at the end of their lives am i a i actually when i when i became of the i wouldn't vigan for helthe and i did that for five years and i decided one day in one man and all of burghers sounds great i'm going to eat one to day and i had not eat me for so long that i was kind of shock i ate the burgher and i left there and i was like oh my gosh i was absolutely like charged in a like it was it was a wonderful exercise to see that when you eat when eat animal meat that has actually had fear when they die your eating that adrenalin that goes back to me think of think about that from an animal perspective and he can take that at hole another level with human trafficking what they're doing to kids right now but it's like like this this stuff has its peribitis like kay i won't never eat another piece of me ever ever again i'll besides a fact that i really can't that can't i can't process the proteins correctly is cascading bad effect that happens and so so i just i just avoid it but i like alice you know it's just like i love him nice and are chickens are like so friendly they will fight to have you hold the so you become as and a there warm little nests safety nests as wind and the top chicken well it will he don't pick tip chicken up his ears of pecking order you'd have to get pay on now you have to be attention to the animal world as there's a pecking order there's a pecking order to which horses we put out in which or if we don't put queen horse out in the mere group for she throws and let you know you did not follow the right stage she is not happy and she will not be done with his little fit causethrow temper chanter ontell he she's made a point i've heard that before i was hilarious the road around the corner to earn and now the woman and a it is on shores for her in an in exchange forget in couple writing lessons now and then and go there and if you feed the one there before the other one she would check and they have some in one head and cross soldsold stall he falls if she would kick it so hard or teseyrekopa they they've got i want the great first owdereyether have their structure and they have their structure amongst the herd and so you walked with their structure as because in the isitsoornot break that structure there is is there deal and what their comfortable with so there's definitely structure if you throw her out into the pastor you will was the pecking order sifted out and i mean it's and so you you'll have a little bit of tousled then all of a sudden they all decided case she's an chargin in charge she is more in charge than him and he's more in charge in her and then go right down they go right down the line until you get to the most pathetic horse at the bottom that is like you know that's going to take everybody's terms and conditions were and so then that the horse and charge determines when any one gets to eat and what they did and so they go they go through this and and it's it's kind of funny but there's definitely a pecking order there even in her and they they don't very somite there once is established it becomes their safety and their security so i think it's just like in any leadership situation cause really people function like herd animals all women more so than man ah that we are we are heard animals we need each other and there's a social structure that were the happiest and matter little bit more ay i'm oceanthe they have more like ah ashley like predators than they do her animals but but not entirely but where where mannerkneeling work on my own thing i need some cave time leaving alone stop talking to me i need some time to just to be alone women don't have that same typically that same ah a mine that we need people round us in renegaron ship relationships right but you what you watch you can watch the animals and we'll tell you anything you need to know about people and it's my it's my opinion that horses are are the most like people of any animal on the plan and if it's kind of fun to watch the way that they process fear the way they communicate um there these social structure since how how they howled they really live and how there the happiest you look at horses you get that figured out you'll get people figured out i tell this three often the part of me then like i do to go for to thasos and just stand here to watercourses and say o cat donatello a colt like so they will cause it to thee where your horses it's it's funny it's one of those sometimes they'll give you knowing glance as just like you know you know you had a good friend next you you don't have to say anything you just look in each other's eyes and you know exactly what your girl friends women have this unwritten language you know we don't acessay a thing and we know what everybody's thinking around us it's just the way we work right so you would have to say a thing and i'd look at you and you and i would do exactly what is he others thinking in such his relegation the horse as you walked down and there are people that they do that will walk up and down the bare and then look at it and it in you get these eyes and and you know it he that the eyes are reconceelin they'll have the th and it's not like you not with they got that side the recessional what this side is i know the kind of shale checking the out when they look at anything or when they look at you their eyes followed her important the the scientists an old bell turned her nose to you in their eyes followed the direction of their noses but if this breed they off they will keep their nose in one way and they keep their look at you and their eyes sideways to theirs sometimes it very of the even like his its larissa we had it she was thinking and very little sense of him she we relied on each other for a time in my life oh but she was not a coldly an entertaining playful type of doctors very picnicked and we had these this guy come over the show windows a parent ain't new windows anyway so he was going to come in i don't think they were no findanything for him but he's got his speloea or meningeal is about all the bunches of his wing those the dog was layin there watch and even that she also on no kinisteno ground every ofdiscoverer we looked at it other viento the guide and in figures for at all we wanted to crack up laugh of the sole how that's that's fighting etaining tackle with the rest feeling but it was too renewell they will they will so my horse will do protest on my course as will do protest if she doesn't like what's going on like if we're out on a ride in a tapetal to somebody and she shall start it had titathat her first cue to me that i'm done with us let's move on here a board i don't like this in a visit there in all talk him she got a little more agitated until startowing around and then all of a sudden china turned her head and look at me and she will literally let it fly right then and there and then and then i'll get off of her and on the iron originthose ah no you know i'll clean up the mess after cause i was carried something with me to clean off after him cause i know she's going to do it if she's annoyed by so i'll clean up this is one of the horses ate right some clean up after her but was sheldon if she's really annoying is she shall walk she'll walk backwards and forwards and in as i'm trying to get off he picked up and she'll kick through it and then i shall walk further in just drop a nugget about every foot or two that that's kind of that's kind of the that's kind of the the to i'm really mad at you and as he makes the trail so i have to care i have to continue to walk in a circle to pick the nuggets up if i'm trot as i'm trying to pick up after cause she's not and so in these and the animals are smart they intend they won't get you and if they if on no it's like they will get you if there annoyed this horses will you earn it so like i can tell you the personality of every single one of my horses you know you get the stallions the standing as here cried of the smart the smart in a different way how do i say this you have something little spoke in the other kind of horse a stallion as a producing mail right hasn't been cut or or or gale it her castrated so so they got they at the testosterone in the providerint so they will sit there and if you're on say like a golden or a mare and a turkey flies on over your hat fit in the like all i got some kind here to eat me you don't we know happened to the son the dinosaurs that's coming for us now and they go crazy absolute well when it comes to ah you know horses are stallion stallion my go and it's not like it's not like he's looking up but he's kind of sessionsthe might even just like take his eyes and go like that and the stance gets big bold setting their neck and it's just like also the like that and it's like to kick your tail now or in twenty that's the only thing is in question but gone to get your tail kept that's a stallion and in their sober of the kind of fond aride because it's it's like you your multiplying your hot horse power just to the redisseise amount of muscles that a male has overfed no question whatsoever if you if you don't maybe this we need to do when his ship the snow flakes to horse bare and don't get it figured out pretty fast when you're out out in or out gone by an animal that's i don't know easily four to eight times you're wait ah if they don't want to do what you want them to do you're not going to you're not going to make you know you have to you have to either have enough skill to handle them or you know or to give them a reason to go or do something you know be it getting their hoofs a trimmed or won over a writing it's kind of interesting but when you're with horses there's no question whatsoever you're on either a stallion a mare or gelding there's there's no question that you do not have to have there's no gender confusion whatsoever now they don't have pro now as they they they have no is the age they absolutely know i'm a guy and that and the society were the world let's see if you fit into my world the ye a proper proper behavior a mere is going to be more like oh no you don't in her while have been in my barn then because we actually do that once in a while and the well i actually one that we dress up as the unicorn think that's cost makes greater both kids birthday hark well i tell you what i think i think i really like that we talked about at the beginning here to day about discernment what's going on and then you know sometimes taking a break and just people and not been on the war path all the time like i get on you now truly it's truly when you see something bad things going on around goingthat's an easy place to two ah reside full time but it's not healthy either see you can to go back and forth and and i nationcompose so much negative and wagonlit can i don't laugh and of and there was in the man when what of our mutual friends something on and i laughed so hard and i still think that joe is really only fins probably really not that money is neeessary it was like a proceres air if we don't get a nog lasher he has a great effect that i noticed it when i haven't been laughing and then a laugh an it's like oh no we need that i neither that the elidoeus ic to him i am and there is about myself in college not from my personal not just from my purse or experience but also from a class i had i took it i all the points on musical in the fact to artistic part of the if i don't have music and i haven't had a sick much in a long time a few years one pollenstock happen when sight quit some esico oh i've been doing that waylike when i'm in the kitchen there's a little radio under attached under the cover of an on a washing dishes instead of listened to some political commentary all this and to a opeless and as the ooestegite is eteinte world i forgot about that you theistic oh a man i used to play instruments and recorded albums with and means it is a really great part of my life and i just haven't it like the army or table still cluttered with other stock and not doing any can hard work its does not a priority but i can't inosinic ne to find times to laugh oh you know goes for you listening to alowe answer your text and sometimes all the center or me i have sent him can thrown by and by like this was one to get it and i have a really really mean to lay as i have a very very developed and or work sensori find a lot i think find like everything even when things are turning into a disastrous situation i i my my first reaction is to set back and laugh at the absurdity of it the trained relents in like you got to be in me and i sit back there just kind of not laughing at the human pain that was involved in it but laughing at the morons that are pushing this and using it is distraction so then i start i find the the things that are funny and most things people find tragic it is well it is tragic in a absolutely that part of me absolutely corts beyond all all words you know is like you look at it and you go oh man what this is horrible and what do i do to help the and in that where antedates to do really really good exceptional but in the mean time you can look at the people like even even gretchen whitmer to the marks is more on right and and i've i've been telling a start in this wise with chuck chuck started calling gretchen a queen grace and i like ye queen gret and nestles or squire that's like if you are if you're riding the in a horse at the person that that you know ah is he brings you your armaments and and then in such an then an a likin what's ponsandane as she's the court just and so you know you can find things that you know are humorous and bad situations to help you cope with what you see and that's a great coping mechanism too you know to look at unayo know now a great situation here but i'm not going to let it melt me down in the middle of a crisis because then i'm completely worthless it now i'll think about it later but right now we have things to do is just like taken back these we can look at all these bad things and assess some that's what i do i look at every bad thing i can find and it doesn't affect me i know what it does a lot of people i just look at cause i'm looking for ways to and along the way i find things that are absurd and king of find i find humor and the stupidity behind a lot of these and he but that's a great coping mechanism and keeps it going so that when you are in a babel and we're in a war we are in a war anybody that wants to turn their in a sifter head in the sand asiere not in a war is completely detached from reality we are in a war and in its we've been in one for a very very long time in the majority of it is psychological and economic okay so we're in one what we going to do inset here and cry and to go in the corner and you know curl of the feed position and hopes somebody somebody jumps in that has the answers well now we're going to have figgered ourselves is sigegith text mentis morning about if the answers of east palestine while not maspons billy to fix this here to your idea your circiter monkey's going fixed i have my own things to work on you know and because somebody's got an idea whether it be you me or somebody else you know we're both were both indifferent you know organizations structures trying to try to help that doesn't mean i mean i would go in support you and what you're doing but that doesn't mean i'm going to maybe work on that same part you know the if a car breaks down you might have to have somebody that works on the tires somebody that works on the transmission somebody that works on the engine and probably won't have specialists in each of those areas though some of us some people can train do what kind of all of it but i know what i mean it's like i think we'd better off he has every specialist the first responded world without would no candid he not spare choking about he compares it is the coming that and its tower able to do what they do and it is interesting because you and i have a somber of prachandala sons of humour to the situations the hero that were they were a part of wereoften it in different ways but your personality is so different from mine in other ways then i would never be found i would think it would last long on the battle you know it if i if i never went through this experience i belike that heron she would not last long she's too in motional she would cry she would you know then all these battle there are people like me with which comes to show they say now i shouted back anthesterion still be the emotional person the god made me to be but also stand and have fordette and find a way that i can participate this is what the riveter is actually all about rosie the river the idea of him a word was trying to help her country while she made a victory darted in her back yard help peter family and reader neighborhood so that they could save me is as a whole across the country or she was she worked on riveting a new battleship or the aliscans or whatever it was we were potiores we i say we is the wine that i never had before we stepped up to the plate of where can i help our country so she in this never because her patriotic come that was the right thing to do under the circumstance oh there are so well will step up to the plate and say i've never done this before and tell me what to do i will find a place and now when i have found very different was to do that with our very different personalities and it still worked yeah there people like idol half the skill i not know how if you have fortitude there's one that falls and always makes doubtful comment and i don't even know why she still there probably clown the probating anything is going to happen and it's like well i can't not be one i think some people like to live in a place where nothing good is ever going to happen i have too much home in too much faith and too much interest in joy how god made it were carrying the rumor came from my wanted a share little bit of back with other people because why started doing it the response was pretty positive more and more they said as if oconore out i will lostthat person hath to moralize and under chad is probably a plant a planted person to it to a spread fear it doubt that that's that what you my first question i would not give that person any legitimacy whatsoever and say ah we got a plant here and i want to read that one so in the could be in i met a person like that in real life i ave no dog i rather have and down and have drawn around them i hate that is he it isn't the one that so annoying and such a waste o time you know sure something's go wrong okay expect it and you'll never be disappointed not what ought to fichting you there for god cried all day long and those at the end of the hole well i don't know i guess so praise omoro it if you don't have the in o yes if you don't open the god his brain to fix it for you on gastrin to help you or god is green the easier odin to pretend that that's what you're going in your aim isn't prayer right some people will say that and i don't think they really need it that don't you love how he help people some people will use prayer as a as a method to gossip you know it's like oh you know what this person has this going on were praying for that's so you know i'm sure if that person doesn't you know you can do that real quietly i don't think you know and i don't know if you have ever known body that does that oh i have a lot and you know it it's fairly disturbing to you know you can say things that are with dignity rather than you know trying to rather than bleeding people peoples and lives on the paint out front of other people yet you know even a quiet in in this person needs prayer let's pray for this has as much more on a the ah aventine way to approach it instead of sin this personis per she did this or heated that this shetethe thing and followed all the lolita that's not asking for prayer in its wrong ah he is it's very very wrong and i i don't i never preciate that when i hear that i like well i guess we got a little bit of spiritual grows to do here you know but doesn't feel god mangerton towards that you know are you doing anything else to counsel that person or stuff on or offer them after them we of help and smother way are you stand yeah i don't that's that's a fact what you doing are you just talking or are you doing something the count if you just talking so in my opinion so anyhow while this is lovely but were at ten forty three so when we go head say pries and things you want to say cares no honest i of this because you know we get on a lot of different subjects on here which i think is really good and honestly it's kind of like you ever go and dossi's visiting with friends so we never really know exactly what we're going to talk about when we get it on here and it's it's more like i think that there's a value and having somebody some place to go or you just watch somebody talk about things instead of a very formulapredicting it's more relationship thing i think and it's kind of fun here the topics come i would love to have people call in if they wanted to i picked the phone up you know what would if you know otooto get on and talk about something you're welcome too i've given you my phone nerit for three zero for for one zero can callingcome all pick the phone up and answer or whatever it's kind of odd though when somebody calls in on that on the phone because that's all so the one i take comments in the chat so i can't have you talking while i'm actually and in the main the rumble that room so it kind of wilkina works were it's much much better if you yeah so there's there's not click out of that so i can't take the chance in the chart room when somebody calls it on that phone but i can talk to him directly and then i'll go back and get say there there the only one i can see right now cause i've tried in the cockloft to no life but there's just one comment that i you see i was led those crowns also rested now you know what you could read the comments and if you can see him because i can't when i'm on the hollins's the less i my thought that that they were lay on other common i think my old i'll challenge somebody somebody it if anybody out there at once call in right now i'll pick up and put gonales magical in can talk with us and began so he gave it of me i need to make us so i mean for tears we always want to go where everybody knows your naranco but entertining or like some in the kid to cinette's about perfect i don't as they have left my coffee cup of my concessioner there and that i've got a carriage so silytettiin with coffee or i still was a taste tester for seven it was not a paid thing it's just that that i helped form i helped formulate through taste the coal of late and i kind of like i like there there the pass because the stearate than ask for tamers plenior anything like that so usually sit down i sully my coffee so sagenoscena coffee with friendsmy other phone called him when we see what i says there's there's no number of tachot his work outline accredit filing window has almost closing crack how low my name is daniel i just wanted to remind you go to your little robot grades and put yourself away by so he even the case we in put there on his thorfin hilarious reales real people by real people in likethere real news by real people for real people at the gate table soon so anhaltische and say a prayer that do havenly fought her thank you so very much of this time together we can just sit and talk and enjoy each other's come and that share in formation and the way we see your beautiful world that you have created for us to live at him we realize we acknowledge that every single thing we have is yours it's we owe nothing it's all yours and it's here for you to to a costosos manager be good steward of but it's also here for you in any way that you want to use that we lay it at your feet and are willing to do whatever you ask us to do in service to you and our brothers and sisters every human being on this plan thank you and in animals you thank you for the opportunity these you give it us to do good things and to walk on this earth with you to talk to you or and to make sure that we put our friendship with you above all things in our love for you above all things you truly are best for and and i just want to thank you for carrying enough to always be to toys being there when when everybody else fails you will still be there and i'm so grateful for that what one and honor what a total honour to walk on this planet with you and to do your work i'm so honored and we're humble please let every single persiathe no that there love thy you that they're your child that they have these exact same rights and privileges to come to you to turn to you and walk with you that you will help them in every situation walkin through it teach him what they need to know and given the answers that there looking for we're just sting let every one know their precious their beautiful their created unique and that there's nobody else like them that ever has lived nor will ever live and oh what an honour to meet every one every one of your creation it is amazing thank you so much we love you we give you this day and our thoughts and our motions are actions and our hearts jesus named pratt hey so he gonenot you aunt ye yovngest words the rohanthink that enjoying the sunshine i inganno i own you had more to lead and peer michigan but when he were out but i been sittin now and get some sunshine sitting or been outdoors or sitting in the front window giving some sunshine and that has been up in goose to let me in spring time everybody needs to get a little sunshine and find a joyce get to delestang to get it he is get out of it though tessarin you've turned and no cap he found her sunbeam so that's cold anyhow here we go everybody didn't an'thing go to brenburg for governor not come because i have not conceding the twenty twenty two riggs stolen election fraud election somebody coming to rest me i could care lassiter ode and that it was a failure on every single level and how many times we have to go through this all point out how how failed this whole thing was cold his complete failure the entire election was complete failure and a halo president drop the rightful president of the united states general plan and moroders and averred stands with these guys the remaining oh have a wonderful day just let everybody know that we love you we care about you and there's an awful lot of good people out there who will never we will never sat biting we will never fail and we will never quit because why because god's giving us a strength in the direction it's not of ourselves it's only because god is chosen this time for us to step forward and then includes you includes every one step forward and refuse to give up you know cascade give the strength to do whatever it is he calls you to thirty how did god bayou god bless all those that you love and all those whom you love and god bless thee have great day will be back on to morrow i'll carried i being solely in and sometimes not so sometimes it's got we have to face all things that are tough and whichever way that we need to go where god tells us or direxisse you know we go that's why we're going to go i'll bet it's always going to be truth and i to the best of our abilities we will always the the best of our abilities all volunteer this no money involved in the silverer whenever you see money involved it is always compromised see his people who are evil gravitate too there in will infiltrate it a dozen men it's not worth doing it just means that beyond look out for wales because you're looking you know wolves sheep's clothin cause they're looking they're coming for you so have a great day have discernment and know that everything's going to be ok