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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/24/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 24, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg it is of the twenty fourth day of february twenty twenty three and one a gecorenan here right away so we can start talking about the days of hot hang on her good morning charonion no morning nonna i love the ear you're in trosas wake up and then its beginning and then at the end of as waking up to the truth and unlike yeah that's a rare in alervnia and beat in his pretty hard over the last there were seen and on bring this up there of the thesis that we've got it asked as and not every messe given is not for every oh i think it that's a really important things they are its or more seen were seen a lot of hingement morning a yawl hail so that we have to differentiate between the enactor the events that are unfolding round us some of us have been awake for a very very long i didn't buy a nine eleven i knew that was an inside job i remember exactly where it was i come down and pick my dad now were sitting in a introd and we say the tedious one the whole breakfast restaurants you know in the area and we were watching we watching happen in real time and the first the first you know is is were watching it in the car and dance like ye i think it's time now his role he was old calm you know and and i get too excited and his whole thing was don't get to excite it i mean he would say that all time good dad good daddie so on the way home the playing that and he said right off the bat and we were both in thinking eserine said has controlled one and at it in that point time you know i started rolling looking into it and following our contact and it was controlled on elation and you can a when building seven in you know you really look at control down elisions preston and there were boxes in the building with fuses and he and that in short policy taken out by the people that own it as well as the inside so they when people held cope and people in the windows to for whatever reason and it looks to me there is nothing there that made any sense other than it was then taking down of those towers and then when you look at recorderships reacts and he was there when you know catenas assassinate i i have a very hard time be that that was not an insight job and that it was pulled off by the head of the ex out of the sea a george b as well as a people were involved in that when you can fold it off without a lock the lot of hands and we for months and they were working in the elevator area so and even donald trumps set it right off the right off the it seems got to steal excelso there's no possible way that i mean if you hit if you if you touch airplane wings together they the heavy really careful that you don't hit anything with the wing of a well this thing caught like an air cartoon character megerlin sacked in the side of that villain it's almost ridicule how cartoon asked at in an unkind o there with the train alleged accident in one a note i i think that there's something more going on there first of all there were too many cares in the in the train there the way that they had as they were howling they didn't any separation for it was burning for twenty miles on down the trap there sings that don't and so i'm not exactly what i seen a lot more than one per a lodging that the dickens or that was one he we shall sing herds following out of the sky if that was a small and merchant i'm not hearing a lot of that and also a you know then a woman went a hundred miles away and her dogs died about a sting and you were hearing about people having some i'm not saying that nothing had too many things that don't make some sidonia why aren't the dogs and a in the media air widen all the why why were the that will rosiall calls with that while my for all kinds rabihorcado skiringssal that we should be seen we should have seen that in somebody on would have done why was it that a by lord there is something going on there and i'm not i'm not buying a not seen that nothing went on but what i mean what i am saying whatever were being told probably not and so when when i was thinking this the room last now and traitor than to and we know that there still trying to wake up to the population that don't realize what's really going on to get them out of their own sons on you know is can be fine well just go to a social country where can you find the world economic form there there good they're going to then wrong to bed thinking happening he you know if it they these few are there forsacan and world war too and noted there weren't just a jews executed there were about sixty so this is this is about population one and they they liked to use raise and raise badinot all with age kepler that people now it's against all people and it's good against me so my thought last night was i'm really wondering if this start wake up or he to the length see his ide believe that the good guys are petrol i really so sticking with that said sistent with that what does that mean to all of us who are already ring walk you know understanding that in the nation back in its pit on unconventional methods right was to see more doing it though and were routing out the bad guys and figured out for they are a gossoon more about scared doesn't mean people aren't being effected or i do think that think that there's more going on than what would be and once again and for a on the fact that god is in that we're going to be fine that no matter what happens there's always an ante you know god always gives me you come to a rest issues more people and pretty sure wake up there the fence and neededfood will one fall they're going on feltnothing into and so so we just have to stand here and go well we i'm guessing that there might be more to the on his comanians that are not adding up to believe the holiness one at the well sometimes at the complicated situation i mean i think one law of what is going on is part of a plan i did not what would have happened if we didn't go through all the far far worse so we have to go through this process it's so and of like a berthing or a a burning and eh what is it the phoenix rising from the ashes you have to go through some bad stuff in order to come through the good stuff on the other so and i think that unfortunately as in any type of war the there are consequences which are very real so it's not like we are just going to say will the military is going to protect all of us in nobody's ever going to be hurt that's not how this works it can't work that way i truncare ent everybody from getting shots on getting hurt by the shot but he could protect ethose who were thinking about it and lastingwhat he said thinking for themselves that there are is a large part of the population which is alive and pretty well comparatively because of all the things that trump and the military have been we still have to fight for many things i think that our medical processes are going to change drastic i think a love of the science but we haven't tapped into so the poisonings of our air water are lay under food i think a lot of that con changed pretty quickly and hopefully we can we can do a lot of healing mentally emotionally physically or land or bodies after real through this process unfortunately we can't access at all but even in i mean look at what has happened with how we and how or nutrition is how or on supplements are since people have been investigating the covid shot son aloft how many people are taking vitamins that they've never taken before their try to protect their health on investigating for their own how can i eat better what can i do that will protect me better how can i de talk so honors a lot of talk about detach people are turning to natural types of so we didn't need to government to do that for us the government hadn't need to save us the government needn't deny to buy down a chickens the government just need to to wake people up to see maybe i need to raise my own food maybe i can take more control of things in my life i can do things that i didn't think i could do before we were returning to a healthier state of feet and in part of that process were looking at how do we observe the world around us and what is happening and in its complicated this ohio thing was in a white hat operation did some of it work properly in some of it didn't work like they wanted it to was it a black hat operation that the white hats limited and controlled to they know about something that was going to happen and they prevented it from getting worse but they allowed it to some extent to make i don't know i really had very little idea at this point sometimes for me i sit back and let other people that i love to do the digging to dig into it to find the facts that i don't have access to and and i i like to kind o sit back and observe and wait and think about it as we go along and inspectors of mixture there you don't not only have wompenanit when we've infiltrated them the good guy out hovering up this is no two ways about it like an tie on black life's matters that that a domestic terrorism nonsense that was allowed to go on we had white hats in those open taken an they know who every one so when we look at anything going on as some save assumption the pattern is or either you know i look on the pattern is already there for the good guns it's not like our military and everybody's set back going oh whatever shall we do you know that that's not realist and and on the amount the amount of intelligence in order to a nation around it was good to take the best minds in the world so to and i have to believe i do this is well and he and that that they are moved for i read to all he gies at one tell me and he towered gothanite then sabage honor all right cause i look at it and i liked the i like thee they don't they don't necessarily tell you but they make you think it ask questions right and what's going to the rocky all the people that are trying to make money off of it and the pay not there a dance in the one drop of thirty one of four minutes oh ten thirty eight booms and route five five that means once shatter rig for silent now is the time to pray and one of four were operated sudan scavino who is probably i would say arguable he was at present trunks can and ended up being a tremendous tremendously we eat ingens i want to shake dance going his hands some day i think danced we here was so any we have he ten thirty eight and then hugh one of four and the time dan vinosus file are not indians their smart and they know what they do errickstane how when you put him together and you read them to goe one and rout blind five five sort she her for silent you want a for now is the time were operated and i think that that is think they are is ah slavery very telling a very telling station the other night when when we were we were out driving there was a huge he happening at one of the airport probably i fred you work he works at the airport and they were telling me that there were more emergency vehicles in this as a person is military in his background and said he's never seen as in that airport nor any other airport and said that there were probably at least twenty six civicall on the runway and in so we pulled on the flight track or incarnation all the plains come and going in the helicopters and such a look at what they were dewy and its saidit was a disaster and i know they have an unregular base this more less but they had state police on the main road outside of its and in just seems like things are happening and in without as an he s and so a you know if anything happens i rybody or in calm and you see the military don't try to jump in and help em because they're not going to know whether you're friend fell and i don't think they're going to be asking you lonesome soon as customs later right stanway don't don't try to interest i have somebody in the military's good friend of mine she in this for a long time you see military stay out of the way they're not going to negotiate with you there there to do a child and we don't want to get in their way to make it and these if we don't see them and things happen in the different way that's okay too we don't we don't know the play book and like i've been saying that anybody that really knows anybody that ham outthey know exactly what's going on there lying and i mean that that's one thing we can count as i soothin king when you were talking about the military so ah not very long ago a month ago or so there is a i i heard a sound and thought it sounded like maybe somebody had an accident in front of my house but i went outside with a flash light and i looked up and down the road were kind o on hill and i could not see anything i couldn't see lights or anything and on pages may be was just a sound of a something on top of the vehicle making a rat all or who knows what so i don't know a couple of hours later i noticed some flashing lights so i looked out and iris of sheriffs deputy sitting on my help cross the road so i went out they went i went out had a flashlight on looking round and i could see them down the road now with the flashy light and i started to back to my house and i saw his car door open so i went back out of events and he came across the road and we chatted you can do that here with the sheriff that pity from time to time you can say hey what's going on as he defensenow some some guy probably got drunk and went through the the dog railed down there into the shop oh i don't think there was a guard rail way where he went but i think he went into the one and he jumped up and got out of here pretty quick he got a friend of get him out there they are trained finding make sure he's okay so that's that was tissue and they were having a hard time to get in the car out with the toe so that's why i was taking so long and so we did we were at able casually check don't do that to the military you will be as old loanable we met no mother the military when there's a big thing with cooling on happenedall you they might tell you a little bit but you know what you can see in what you're going to get it there is a house higher there the siout of the way to stare the way with mercy so something also i wanted to bring out with ah a caliban plots bannon evan as well as something from the drive and talks about the war the american black hawk held comes on the battle field the ukraine nobody knows how so immediately after the siesta one of my reasons i am in it several reasons actual really good anon take and one of my anna in front come tilden had a few of em and we left him so his his comment was i was was it painted or just are i like something that can be there is a lot going on that you know that's behind the think when you look past the obvious you kind of figure out that that there is there's a big world off there and things that we don't know that are going on in our we can be as to stay calm and try to prepare for the no matter which thing way things go you now let's figure on feed ourselves recocto her neighbors we be there for each other and truly and he gets so what it what else is on your mind this morn ever read a few thronefrom the chant like model said good morning can't watch right now i'll watch later off toward he and i know this to be true from garry that almighty has already won it and still is difficult to wrap my mind and in from love and that so ye interesting yes well you were talking about patriots so willigate and what that something is cinereo my mind a little bit because i have this and on a most curled pile though an on ah and when the when the skin demostrated i lost all the art shows that i was pointing to do with my art work i had a lot of stuff going on that year and i was hoping to make some money off but you know i had a bunch of art or plains there was i was workenton pieces specific to fire fire department rescue and soon i was hit focus on first responders of is going to do art price the and on that all it caput just in in like one week it was all done i had nothing and i lost my ardor to do our work until several months later i finally said i did need it do something for myself and i did a snow leopard and i really like it it's really good it's it's i i think it's one of my good ones and i'm pleased with it and and i don't really want to sell it and that's it i haven't done any outwork since and it's something i really enjoy when i have the time to do it and i was content to some degree to to leave it set aside for awhile because i was doing all this things that are more important but i have a lot of art work setting up stairs wrapped up just set aside on every now and then i have to go up there i remind myself that it still exists ah which ones do i have which ones to die not sell which ones are not hanging my husband's office at work or here at the house some liking a lie she just a hangin out fall over the house so at least i can see it then enjoy it o i did do some of that i got a bunch of our work up but i have a lot of stuff that i need to sell and worse turning to get some some bills like everybody else different things are happening and i got a bat bill yesterday i'm thinking about doing some on intestinal testing or something with one of my dogs and so so you know i make i really should try to find a way to sell his arte but i don't like middlemen i don't want to do an online sails thing and these these digital platforms that that change their contracts and take your money in any way they can and try to trick the cellar am i not interested in that so i might do appeal box cause i've always gone directly with my my buyers in thinking about maybe may be doin a website or something cause what i did was face book i had art page on face book and that was it was public so you could access it regardless of whether you had a base book paid ready account passbook shot me down too so that that was one of the enactor for in that year he killed carrying riveter and i sold my personal account my lost and found pet page everything i had so ah yes rough time and i thinking well i do have a lot of people that have enjoyed the art work that have posted cause i only did it occasionally cause i didn't want em i didn't not want to appear to be p a patriot that i am trying to take advantage of my followers or my subscribers in order to sell proud occasionally some one will say how can we help so there we you know maybe if it okay to put it out there or to take an advantage is it going to be a something that subscribers will be discussed about or were they be like yet shows your staff we want to help you if we can't we want to share it that for you eh or i display one look at your art work because i think it's good he knows some people to so care and it's fine too an so i'm tree in destraining navigate these waters you know i'm always training figure out what's the proper thing to do is how can i put myself back out there and my own way for my art work and start salonsome of the stuff that i've got to help you know copper or brow so if you're a crazy idea why don't you create your own art far my mother people into and that advertises the people can come in which she had gone on you know even if you did it when i probably set it up somewhere and advertise him and go forward in that on no it's not something that and now it doesn't it doesn't feel up my alley by see what you're saying the cold palomar i have never done well with the shows in that in that kind of platform i angels freolsen stole and have a go to pot hole there lookin at your hot work might go cart that social becwethe well read whether down with the apple adventure solitaire anywhere you impeople have thought so that on manacurin the riveter i'll put it in a odervie to day's shell with summary and the people think about it it well that was my otros if you don't have something in me like flattish and grabbed an run with it in one direction or the other sutelte you're goin to hit some marthe more introgans he all the more opportunity have the larger but try to i now i appreciate your support this has i have been thinking about do and class and i do de my chance as men to young now like a classical and not an atheist anything like that but i really thinking about teachers and fire mean and ah maybe maybe chickens and that sort see how put up for olean things and maybe bring out the people and who have some other who have mothers strength like some one who ah a spinning or weaving or something like that and have it be a sundered around doing things on and learning things i think that would be my neighbor told me about a similar organization just a really local group of people that were going to be doing that and it sounded really cool unfortunately they were doing it on sunday morning and the lake everybody else is in church on sunday mornings what you talking about like was the worst side but they were doing just what you were talking about they were if somebody somebody had experienced in animal butchering the cold you know take people through that process is somebody had experienced with on cooking ah wild game somebody else might have experienced growing herbs that kind of stuff just what you've been talking about we're everybody in the group has something they can contribute its i may be a unique skill set but something that they can teach other people to on but the eitherevery every one i think that's the direction that i mean to go in and i think that that'll be a lot of fun for me as well as he knows develop something that we can we can pull people into it it i think that would be god he is what you have skill sit you dont sainport nate as i fallen down and teaches a lot of theory but there's really no not a whole lot of practical in it right now in most at so people reynethe learn the skills and order to provide for themselves in their families and build their own future not expect to government to give them but say hey i'm what can i do let's see i'm going to assess my all my assets to things that i haven't things that i know make a job out of it you know and and oh there's so few people working right now that really want to work i mean or or laborer that so his people don't want work and that's a good option second as yet another world other another thought that comes to mine mentioned it now and then but ah it's been a while for me so i can't relieve say about how the politics might be ah with the status of the organization is but toastmasters international is something that may be people would like to consider a my local toastmaster's club was really a good fun tight club when i was in it and i was there for about seven years so i got a lot of speaking experience in those masters if you don't know is the part of it is about leadership skills and parent is about communication skills they have two track and so they they teach you through a process you got it a basic manuals and then you have other types of manuals you can go through here you focus incertain aspects of teaching a leadership and so you have so flexibility after you get through the foundation in one of the cool things about it is you're not just thinking about your own track you get to sit and listen to other people's and it might most o the time it's five to seven minutes and my club we would have two to three speakers a table top is portions a bunch of people get to speak between a minute in a minute the half of any kind of topic cause it can very so am its local entertainment and information as well as personal development i learned so much from other people it through their five to seven misinspect and sometimes as to the skill so if people are thinking about doing something for themselves not quite sure the club was meeting weekly some other clubs may not meet is often but it might be something for some people to consider if they want to develop some skills in i've got some time checking to your local clubs there all over the place the young another another way get involved and to bring people together you know that's so that's that's incredible or a lot of good things about about telmissos never tried it but it looks like a really good arms the regenerators you can always go as the gaps in just observe occasionally i think about is going to visit and am sometimes when i have some there might be a speaker that doesn't show up in him bite me esto do a speech on the spot and i'll cause they know i like that i used to get practice that in prompt you speeches because if somebody related in show up by real i okay he think about what was i thinking about this morning a one two three aspects of it and then he got to e and one that everybody is willing to do that but you get pretty practice at it it if if people are slacking off your clock in with quince i also had an competed in the regular speech so the erthe extra layer of straps and exciting but it also you go to other clubs and you get to see speakers that you've never heard before and because they've won in their level they tend to be better speakers so you work your way up your like wow that was a great pet and it can be about something totally different and unexpected so it's if you get in you can just as a guest go to speech contest at an hispano be entertained for an hour and secret is it always endlessness speakers and people that know the subject matter the somebody really bright people on there that we can learn and you know everybody hasn't gasped over you one has at least one he know and and a very always thankful that they're all all different you know becse we need to the wood life to make it through life that where where's the best place i edison i think it's those masters that org probably is there website and you can go from there to find your local clubs there's probably more than one one of the aspects of it is as people advance one of the tasks that they need to do in order to her grass on the tracks if if there if they're really wants to do it that way is to help a new club or to start a new club somewhere in their area so their tents to be i mean even in a less michigan they're all over the it shouldn't be hard to find one mary you and one of the things i like about it was because cause you're got or clough might i had fifteen twenty people and i mean regularly about that may be attending but these people were really hard to give positive reinforcement so whether coltikins you there being tested on their ability to not criticyou too harshly as well so it's it's really positive environment so people who are terrified of giving speeches have like a cushion to fall back to with these people they don't have an have to worry about being um embarrassed in front of a group that's very support of and overtime as they get better and better their regularly praised everybody has a chance to say you did good in in my holster master club everybody has a little slip of paper that at for every speech you write down a little feed and it could be a whole paragraph or came line or two about what they did that you really liked or what they could do to improve so they leave with a whole bunch of for he macora it's very constructive and very positive and as they develop everybody is so encouraged and encouraging that it is a soft place to be and oh lots of fun and very positive sort of environment so on sonsonate to gore well and the aspect of trying new things is valuable for to get into an area that youre it not comfortable with and try it that's how we really grow is not things that are in our home things that were not come that really challenge arias what and oer ores so that were building on don't we have i think that very valuable no matter on its i was in and not in set as a everest such have been looking at this new new tidehave it's called a flow in and i was going to talk to you about that cause you showed us that and i talked to some one who said he there you do you do bee keeping or you thinking about it and he said he's he's going to back off he's probably going to get out to be keeping because of his age and his health and i told him about that hive that you hold showed and he said the bee keepers hate him so ye keep doing some research before you invest in it because he said they don't oh it was that he didn't like it destroys the high head there something so ye do some do some more research into it and see what the beekeepers themselves are sad because that hoosnagle for callirhoe ben i have initional boxes that the such when he that's what he had and that was really fine said le just watch the first a shot we had about forty thousand or forty thousand we that we let s and within our hind and on that was fond of remember the first one that we let loose in its kind of magical you let em out of their necks there and they just their happy they have happy see like looking around at the bees or happy beyond you in you bring a piece of free of honey and there always hopes sisa that on like we this is great on a wind look into these so let containers of onceplace s rod a lot of people that are its oroondates terday the apparently the hives to just find with gods by the way so as is my son with the plastic costretti presentlie him so the really are it walt that's a good thing for me to learn to day so i thought the process like really good i might have to the locatelliarte and good in him i were yet that was on my perch glad that here then informationthat what he happens get together on the round the table and everybody brings the knowledge in the tell the other get outer and the etherowe may be done now that that's a good thing i'm glad i'm glad you brought that forward to there i will crown about it i just talked to the guy on sunday about it and we used to have it when maids were really little or an old dutch gin in the area now relarge dutch population and he he actually spoke touch in the old tin yards so and i went over there and he was about he was in his and i taught me how soon on and that handled his velites here was a resvery nice very nice and i i think these are wonderful he's fond of watch so some people actually they'll dr a hole into the hot in the lenten belies belled on the inside of their hues his rule in to in two second watch and the bees can winter winter over as seen in winter over there too where they fly that the entrance of the hive is to the wall so during the winter time they've got a nice snug you warm place and the man into insulate him ceichainsult oh agothings while he got me going on then to masters cause i can tell you tell you that's so that's a ruin good skill that's a really good skill that you've quite and i think positive no matter what should you in life to be able to article and say when needs to be sad and in a in a pose where we i had no variance with public speaking before to masters but it did really help bolster that for me and on i think at the time i laughed i wasn't getting out of it as much as i wanted or needed and i had other things going on that we're taking a priority so it wasn't that they there was anything wrong with the club or anything it was just time for me to be on to other things at the time and on some one who is really focussed on a on a on a track about learning how to speak on all like television programs and media and she ended up doing that in real life and was not part of her history but it was part of her future sounds pretty cool how turned out for that silliness an me an i noneand down different different pass ye never thought you'd go down ye never thought i'd been speaking to her governor governor not conceded yes that was a chapbook then quite elected yet but the best nine conceder whoever not as setting right from you in now well i tell you what i've got a meeting a rasping with for a bunch of people who are at this is one of continental is i'm so fighting for he the community where the trying to displace grammes and groves from their old the list so i was i was round the one as looking around where we lived and there's a guy that stone here and i can tell you that the assent omatoko's going on around the the globes with the too is the pick a young god probably in his for he spiritful ambitious and they set him up with a car the the he now the clothes the good shoes and all that sort of things that he looks really like he's a big of big she is there right and then they finance them with foreign money and the area where i am there is one big fire he was definitely been funded with foreign money who is buying up the area like this not to mont every dose and it is the rate they go she's got what they were the jew as they loved so they buy things and then they've got the asset value which was open the elaver in and many many times it's really it's really bad where we are right now it will probably if it goes on unchecked what will probably happen and it falls right in with the world like an omniform so i would get no matter what are your in you probably have somebody in that area that was as on foreign money in order to buy up the land and it can be neighborhoods can be neighborhoods it can be ah income property it can be stores and that sort resorts whatever is here in the south look resource look for that sort and on the it brings me back to that i do know there's somebody up in michigan was buying a whole bunch of howls as around mack in awe a mackinaw and houses were registering up to thirty people for voting as houses and yontermost houses and using them observers and prettiest you look into those houses you're going to find childdrifting people there that are indicriminate behavior of the not in the one the their probably into all it or a lot of it theories open on his this is i really it's really a symptom of very sick society the area that i men write down here the really sad thing is their eating up some very prime in now i'm not in a prime rs are right now because i cannot like ah i like the old fashioned old old school type of stuff and i really don't enjoying the big he ah are that's that's my thing is just to make it easy be hable to throw my stuff down and go to the beach and walk round and and i have no complications or really no other worries here i really don't want the that i have a lot of responsibilities for in i it's not in but what this person is doing is buying up small properties knocked him down in building these big is one really close to me that's about twenty thousand dollars so what their doinges are taking their taking no awe the family the ability for most families unless you're in with a globe and your plain bowl without on on that level taking away families ability abilities to have as as it is the is the same nonsense is going on of their fire line but it's also happening and i in areas where people they came in a solid so anywhere where were you and have a park to live or something that we would make you feel good about it they're buying these areas up in order to cut acts come on and in that you can see it clearly he the money is i'm sure from an e i don't have a directory the mons that's going on it it is for money that's coming in here most of the people that are working on the speak english at all and in a curious to see if they are what the said stands not that it's all bad but there's so much of it that it is and quite honestly there going to caught the axes from normal people from having at and jesse bility people that work in this area cannot afford to stay in this then the absolute worse and we know several people that that we've talked to here and that's their biggest sanford to stay in in his air and reach to drive then see that over and over and over again and it is a real prone where i'm staying probably it's probably the to stay in the area if it really is so that he won't be go how you kidding me you know i'm paying i hate to tell you what i haines that's why all the older people i come fifty five year old that's why they're here then they put money into it long time ago before it got really set its mate very economically well there there wanted to soland and the developer will were most likely by it baldos everything down and kick everybody out o the very and people are losing losing sleep over trying try were trying to select the area began it looks like old foreign its beautiful is that you know not these big behemoth of of oona and so that's can of what we're up against skies there her vinger nation of and a a kids and thus get the game or kids are going to oregonthe the outcome of our lack of pen in old so let no initiation i've been trying to stay come and listen to what my dad saying in which his don't get too excited but donasana why back and start you know in something we a great deal of the and what will see what happens they were going to have another meeting to day severe may know if it is gain made in the direction to be there so and keep people in the role and the so in the great because this this nation should not be owned by corporations and for be here for american people that have contributed to the text based for many many years and of work for this country to build this country to be part of this country not just he to victimise s and take what they can and move on to the next area to destroy for mere as see that that's where we at right now so part yes i just thinking just quickly this land is your land island is our land you know that that will children song but we got a gas from california to the new york island all cross the country in this is american land this isn't corporately and it shouldn't be shouldn't he i you know they can have their little slice over there that they need to to do what they have to do for us ye es erectedthe rustamite need our farm land and we need it comparing clean and we need places note the comment and victimized all of us and take our lands and take our work and take everything it's not that that's not when america was in they and all of us being equal heaven equal voice and how we want this nation wrong not bought and paid for by the globe so with that knowest they should be old concerned right soghan see preand omenica grabs and breakfast and then get ready for the what serapis the on holding goes before us and and it goes well and i can sit back and lowell in expect that kind of an outcome is right now i'm expecting a little bit more of a more ohaste of them and sen haven't e a lot of made me feel ah like all the intentions on the dear henley father thank you so very much for the were grateful for the day had given us in the opportunity do things with you this world a better let godlove nance for these back into its proper under and you never left we left you and we want to come back so you be in charge not a spencerwere up everything we touched him and hanswer up events so we need to we need to focus on you in place thank you so much for care and all that she brings them to then the information that she has the i guided her into an her pet share her experiences with each other thank you for every one else out there who have the talents you given them which none of us can claim there all things that you given to us in order to do your good works and we gladly give our lives to you everything we have in order that your gode you're always get all the time and we want we we give you everything we have including the praise the honor and the glory for even anything we do right even the smallest things there is only one only begot signed his and we love you we love him we love what you done for us and what you've done for us on the molly come to boldlythe thrown on red and i approach you and be friends if you and mock this earth together with his name pray some morenigo so i'm ready to head out for a little further day for a little bit and see what happens and somebody knows the best not conserver is he ever nine conceding in please go to bread and perforation allen a ah we're going to continue to fight to fight going forward for never going to get up get up in fighting for the united states other we american unwavering on backing it on no backing down no can no giving out no going in the fiel position and curling up in hoping it goes away we're in the same to win where in the same until everything is so some were not were not leaving so any last words came now i just do i said no and then i started talking i had not got no not hoping yes saronican be discouraging and frightening some of the stocks is coming out and in i see people that i know are aware i know they are treenayles kind of a wake or very wake and they still have a lot of emotional reaction to think why don't somebody do something about this in in you're still giving them too much power don't get emotional about the shop because it's it's it's not you know that it's not what everybody else thinks so don't play into that don't be calm a tool you you know better and that's where i can i am entertained more on the daily basis than i am worried i innatus godly faith it's because i really don't think i have that much to worry about ah yes there are consequences there are things to be concerned with there are effect but it's not to the level in the degree that the cabal wants us to believe and because we are aware were also protected from the fear of the awakening process that other people are going through rate and sometimes he that sinonomies of the cartoons somebody gets slapped around and wherewith up and then they get embraced and in that's where we need to be sometimes some people need to get slapton a little from the rest of the world not from us m and then and then you go acaescen to me o and he aniniani few believe that thow and anything yourself if you believe gods and control let it go and well i don't let him do what he needs to do and ready to get out of it so harry go so galeatos whom you love it was nora your love yet all explanation then dotados you and i i believe i am going to be traveling again on monday but i think i still give the old to make the broadcast on monday i'm trying to do it all five days you know we and now love all all of you have a great week end and the rel eightscore it will actively never great began