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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/1/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Tim Parker and Scott Aughney

Published March 1, 2023, 9 a.m.

We are splitting the show today into 2 segments. 9:00 Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker 10:00 Scott Aughney - Special guest Scott Aughney talks on election integrity and legal action update. Redeeming Grace Church - Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning and welcome to brandenburg news network this is donna brandenburg my good friend doctor tim parker how you doing i am doing great conford to this passage at one of my favorite preach render i thought we got all kinds of second this is what happens when you work from the kitchen to all right so hang on him entwined pope had one mover in on so yet this lot going on to day is in their tone there is ah not only in our world in our state in our country yes there are a thick corot yes so angery out there welcome to regret redeeming grace the and ah we are the first ordeined to split things up to day and so we got we've got rid redeeming grace church for nine ton and the scotlandthink talking about a lection tigre and what's going on and well you'll action write now because there is a lot more winnower not hearing it in the news because they're distracting us where the train derailments and all all the nine sons going on and try to make his being afraid gussie started to day on we got all his good no matter what we see around us we can have faith and all the thetetus and control and that he that our father is scottis and ah so anyhow what we talking about to day we are going to talk about the story of jonah and i got to believe that most everybody out there in the cold sayadio land has her story of jonah many times i could be hyperbole but i said he i probably heard the story of joan a hundred to times and oh i always believed that jonot picked up as almost everybody in the church believed within seconds of benton overboard and he left three days and three nights in a floating hilton ii we actually had a a a man from england comprachico we back in dominates and that we actually sent a missionary team to do church planning and england i went to swindon and he preached it joan died and was resurrected and i thought oh no that's that what i heard and was not on now honorfirst in on the tongue of the whale with white on the shore right so he prompted and me a search and i there is no doubt in me the jonah died i am convinced that tax of jonah pictures it explains it and ah i have always a when i've preached this i've preached jonah and then i go to me to do the clincher ah in matthew sir were switched up a little bit to day we're going to start in mass how a word to go through this passage because it be one thing if we read john it away i don't believe that to me it's a little bit different when you read what jesus says because of you oh there are stories of not jesus death and resurrection and all four gospels tone all toonot christ being resurrected in the lord's table teach but this is one passage a lot of people don't know this passage and it's just interesting to see what goes on about it so i'll say that my belief is that physical and or spiritual resurrection is a perfect picture of the ontological reality of nero and when i say an so logical i make a distinction between a pistopal logical and anthological epistomological is how do we know and that's what what i would to cry about joan it's not what i heard that so it's like it's not what i know so the ontological realities sometimes has some totally different in epistomological reality and so the antologia reality is the essence of it and i'm convinced that we are new birth ontological and then we change our minds so other people would say on one only change our sin for mine and then we create if you will and otological reality is like knowexpects but so i just want you to pitcher thinking caps on and because it's like you know we had to ask i would gather that ninety nine per cent of the people would say oh no johnny got picked right up when he got thrown overboard ah they would never imagine that he died and had to be resurrected in order to go tenant so we're goin not we're going to base fly through first two chapters chapter oneinto one is the whole story before he gets on the ship what happens on a shop endelecha pter to his when he thrown overboard and not and we'll try to go through chapter stree and four and next week which is where he gets to menowand preaches and whole city pre much repent so this is a tancredi ble story so if we look at a as you pull up matthew twelve donna i want to ask this does anybody know about the sign of jonah oh because jesus speaks about this in this text as if his people no what he's talking about and i go to say i've never heard the sermon on the sign of jonah this might be one ah if you will but i probably would say everybody else o goin to hang never heard of servant in that either so late let's look at this here it says then some of the scribes and pharisees answered him and the reason they answered him as jesus was talking about trees manifesting whether there a livorno because so it's like your fruit will show who you are and jesus was basically accusing them that there fruit didn't exemplify what they wanted to portray to the common people and so they were kind of blast in jesus here and he says they said teacher we wished to see a sign from you now here he jesus god in the flesh is standing right in front of them teaching he and he has from the beginning of his ministry and nurse nono we want to see a sign but he answered them an evil and adulterous generation seeks for a side but no sign will be given to this evil and adulterous generation except the sign of the prophet jonah and that's what i think of for readiness would say wo wo wait wait what is the sign of jonah i think jesus pretty much explains said her and in a watch shoeless and while because a lot of people will say tim i i don't i don't believe what you and i would say it now i don't want you necessarily believe what i teach but if i am representing god's truth from his word i want you to believe that and i think that's both here and in the tact so jesus said for just as jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great so will the son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth and i don't know but you down of ire that as one question reciprocally quation state so that if the first part is true the second parts true and if the second part true that means first parts now somebody my servant i just i don't believe that if you fall into the category you say well you need to explain to me how you read that is different then an equation the well and i think that that a problem that we human beings have is that we get stuck on what we think we know because the pre conditioning instead of reading things that face alan is at face value it shore looks like in now if jesus was in fact god then also joan was in fact god but i never rough it before you point it out you know it that you start with what you what you know is the child i sped and in tilsome points out something different you don't you don't even see it so i think i think that's amazing yes so it is i want to bring you to the little quick teaching on now there's there's a lot of even as we talked about last week we spoke a little bit of otterville but i think there are a lot of people in the church that do the same thing which jesus they stay chases give us a sigh god give us the sign so that we can believe while i i think what's esssays there to them is equally true to us to day when we seek for sign were that believing the truth that he gives no i think that we've talked about paradin paralysis in not since we've been on this is deftly one of those stories that will bombardo your pardon oh i think it will shatter them and you'll have to see things it let in a different light and so i want to shall he do that so when when i think of signs and i hope it nobody gets offended by what i'm saying i see them as what i called glittering i know it's like everything that's sparkles isn't gold so you don't where there it's tongues robethon read bibles ah the gift sides is like we we sometimes seek for things and yet god gives us his word he gave us christ he gave us his spirit it is like that should be sufficient but sometimes it's not so ah when we think about at the evil and adulterous generation seeking for a sign in some ways they they are looking for some thing that will answer their questions of unbelief and yet the reality god gives some one that answers are problem and so that's just an not shall a quick of observation that i think we need to understand oh so what jesus goes on to say he says the men of nineveh will rise up at the judgment generation and condemn it i saw those pagan people that repented are going to judge us jews well that's what jesus has said so you can imagine how hard this hit them but he says for they repented at the preaching of jonah and behold something or some one greater than jonah is here and his pace callsand you don't believe me and yet the net in bites believe jonah and a boy that's that's what they're going to get condemned for remember the words of a john sixteen convict them of sin because they do not believe in me and so that's what jesus was saying there now from the might say while tim love say that you are right and joan and died and was resurrected before he could go fulfil the ministry that god commanded him to do what is it what is it mean to us and an i'll say this that we are not redeemed by the message or the ministry of jonah but we are redeemed by the life by the death by the burial by the resurrection by the ascension of paul especially takes us through all of those elements implorarit into the middle of its what i encouraged people to to start to think about maybe if you say what never thought about that then start chew on on his see how important resurrection is even in your life and and is the resurrection because ah ephesians too four to five says basically but god made us alive when we were dead in our sense and trespass so it's that made alive is it's really like he resurrects us from being dead this is what classes were just went through close one thirteen says god must take us from the kingdom of darkness and transfers into the kingdom of his so that speaks of resurrection there and and if we think about this because paul gets into what took place ah grandin's fifteen where he talks about reserection and we might see that as just a body resurrection but women of the things i wanted to ask people to do to take this idea of resurrection sometime this week sit down pray to god and open first corinthians fifteen and reach chapter first prints fifteen with the idea that resurrection is more than just a passing from this world to be into the land of the living it is really descriptive of new birth and i am convinced that when we see the birth in in that the paradigm of resurrection it will change our life it will change how we preach the gospel and weaken encourage others to do the same that would be the benefit to me that that we will find in the reality of the death and resurrection of jonah in order to go ah so i do get excited about that now that's home back in o no not you turned it to joan so once we understand what jesus was talking about the sign of jonah and i would say if i didn't explain it while enough the summary of the side jonah is that we must be resurrected from spiritual death in order to do god's ah so god tells donerather the first first on the word of the lord came to john of the son of emetinised scolding and of that great city and call out against it for their people has come up before me dirybudd knows sorderet much did the exact ups and he went in a different direction so i want a maybe we'd like you by the to you wanted to run away from me a hurry and keepe see wings yes i think he wanted to run away from his own death and now for it on did he really do he ran into his own death and he was sebastian to him okay so we talk about that in a minute done what he thought o ka let's just the stage for tarsis oh and i'll ask the anybody know word tarsius was since i'm pretty much from detroit i grew up south of detroit everybody at least knows pretty much the mitten of michigan so if we laid a map of the united states across from a the the whole israelite mediterranean see map basically we can say that joan who was in for here at when he got cold to go to nine joe he runs down to detroit and gets on a ship now if you immediately go west of israel that is the mediterranean sea if you go to the northernmost part of the mediterranean sea appoint the literally called the sea of tarshis and so he said to be from the city of tarsia so in some ways it would be like oh people from detroit going up to the ah the top of superior that's where that place would be if he went there and for where he was supposed to go a sickly joan was commanded to go to lesse albany new york but i believe that really the torches that he was going to was the tir shisten spain which would be like twenty five hundred miles north west of where he was in japan so he would be like going from detroit to see at and may he wasn't just running away he was really running away there was i think like totally god in the opposite direction his thought was i am one here and in so let's let's think about this for a minute and i i want people to you know we can so judge jonah said chona what were you think but i want to ask people what would we have done let's say ten years ago god had told us i want you to go over to i ran where the ice is boys are beheading those christians and how monotope ch the the what would we do i don't know too many people who say that i put me first in line we sat siberite up for that he never they no way god i am not going to go and eat those he an i think joan actually thought maybe maybe i'm not even getting this word from the lord maybe i've just had maybe it's a eight something bad this morning or something because if you remember he was a prophet jonah would know that the babylonians sanassarian were very very evil people we dug about the luciferians to day that will fly people cut him reopen a just you don't cut open in and take your organs in the the babylonians assyrians were known to be that cruel to people they would if they went into city and took a city over they would literally just lay the belly of a pregnant lady open and let her be befall often and we might think that cruel but joel and knew that these days were the people that were going to come after his people down the road see anither ye deal with other they're going to their gun occome and get to some point tie that's exactly where i think the united states america is becase or fighting against satan as aarons who have no regard for life and its estimate a time unless they get put in hot so i think i think joan actually ah believed that i'd rather die than go to enable and so him rotting was not a big thing ah letfreedom little bit further ah so i said but the lord hurled the great wind upon the sea is in first for in there was a mighty tempest on the sea so that the ship threatened to break up then the mariners were afraid and each cried out to his god in a hurled the cargo that was in the ship into the sea to lighten it for them and we read but jo had gone down into the inner part of the ship and laid down in the past to sleep i think he was perfectly at peace in running from god in being in full blown rebellion and it's not a good thing but just as jesus slept one time in the midst of a horrible storm on across the sea a galilee forremember his disciples woke em up in so lord lord do so oncas were about to die and jesus said oh give little faith here i the son of god and in the back of your boat your word what this would be kind of what you're saying god has his and so that's basically jesus wakes up in pretty much says god has his own you little thing he rebukes the storm and it goes dead silent and then they were really afraid who is in this is kind to what we're going to see with these sailors so the capped i think that when they were thrown cargo over they went to the bottom and we grabbed the cargo hisses where they found jonah and so they bring em up deck and the captain says he oh what do you mean your sleep or arise call out to your god perhaps the god will give a thought to us step we may not perish and they said to one another let us cast lots and we know the lot fell on joan then they said oh tell us on whose account is evil is come upon us what is your occupation i were you come from what is your country and of what people are you he got a realized and in cure but any of that till this great storm but this great storm caused him we want to know who are you his wife talked most ourselves and we can't figure out anything but here is ere's jonah given a testimony and on no man you but he says how a hebrew and i fear the lord the god of heaven who made the sea and the drive yinhenhame were exceedingly afraid and said to him what is this that you have done in the man now that he was fleeing from the presence of the lord because he had told them so we don't read all that joan a sad but basely he told him i'm running from god he hes on me to go to ninohuani going over here to tires and there like what i mean they didn't believe in jonah's god now i think they will think he did write there on her mentholis are on the line yet what we see is then they said to him what shall we do to you that we the sea made quiet down for us a girl more and more tempestuous i think even as their talk and his itworse all the time he said to them pick me up and hurled me into the sea just like the cargo throw me overboard then the sea will quiet down for you for i know it is because of me the discreet tempest tempest has come upon you they heard him but they they're like now we're not going to do that so they tried more they rode hard to get back to dry land but denisons they called out to the lord or let us not perish for this man's life and laid down on us innocent blood for you for you lord have done as it pleased you now so what there saying there is i think they were crying out to jonah's god but they knew that this is what we have to do but they set don't don't put his murder on our hard an i think over he went so they picked up join hurled them into the and the sense from the raging then the men feared the lord exceedingly and they offered a sacrifice to the lord and made bold i think this at least manifest new birth or a real crisis of their fate and whether they really believed in jonah's god or not i'm not sure but if they did gonecould n't even take credit for that like in my rebellion they gave to he it's possible but it's like a a kind of strips dono of any real credit and so we see you on a pole back up as a plot oh i think your bible if you had your bible up to scare showed me last week verse seventeen is action the first verse i think of chapetones on the lord appointed a great fish to swallow johnanson was in de pelionthe first three days and three nights now here were yet without knowing what mates who twelve said we would read that and say see yet he was in the valley to fish but it doesn't say that he lived in the belly of the fish three days in e we just as so that right so joan prayed to the lord his god from the belly of the fish and i'm on to say that i break this down and i will try to explain it to best way that i know how oh i believe that there are four sections of prayer here plus a commentary in the middle so i almost view this tons like a a doctrine sandwich so we see a bread on top we see a a death scenario in the middle of the westovers at the bottom so that just gives you my idea and let me explain what i'm talking about here cos there's a lot of questions over the whole book over the whole prayer i should say even a so let me let me explain what i think goes on and if you can put your pace down little bit down a week and maybe look at the whole text at once to to to nine maybe not if people have this text in front of them when do you want to write number one in your ah in your bible or something i'll say this that after years of pondering number one john pre death prayer in two three and four i'm convinced that as he is going down before he dies before he breathes his last in his dead and in floats to the bottom of these he says in verse three for you cast me into the deep into the heart of the seas and the floods surrounded me so in some ways he's even giving his acknowledging god sovereignty for you cast me into the wasn't man did you did ah and the floods surrounded me all your wives and your billows passed over me that i said i am driven away from your sight i think he knew that he was going to die cause i got a belief maybe he didn't know how to swim and he is going to the bottom like a rock yet i shall again look upon your holy so that would be what i think was his first pre death prayer and that would prompt number two his or death prayer and how would be too too go go back the way so because he prayed that going down when he came to he said i called out to the lord on o my distress and he answered me out of the belly of shoa cried and you heard my voice now they struggled jews did it that time hebrews they didn't have the new covenant belief that we do about death they believed if they died they went into souse ah and yet what we see in the new covenant pulses on now absent from the body your present with the lord but they didn't believe that so that's why he said i hontoon from your side o monobe dead some day some day i'll see you again in your holy one now here is the middle section or of convinced almost that joe does and out of the body ah it's almost like he's out of his own body and he is telling us what happened to him now i would say as we evaluated even the first part and if somebody says white why do you think he was dead oh it would be the questions that we would have would be well where was he picked up what was his condition when he was picked up and and then what happens to begin with in chapter in verse by there he says the waters closed in over me my life the statement just at faced by i don't know how you could say that he didn't lose his light now something i say will tell this is right before the whale picks and mop and he lives in the hilton well as it out a side because we know in the normative sent so i think that phrase of verse five says he lost his life the deep surrounded me we're not talking sir for this were not talking to me of the sea were talking the deep sorry my sire will tell how deep and see a mediterranean sea it averages five thousand feet that's almost a mile there's one section that it is but seventeen thousand feet so the mediterranean sea was not was now low like i think lake superior only goes down to bonafous and so like to give you an idea oh so when he says the de surrounded me i think that's exactly what happen asas weeds were wrapped about my head now where after roots on the mountains in the so that would be like the valleys of the mountains how deep is that it's either wasn't the mountain tops the mountain peaks in these it was the mountain valleys in the how deep was it i don't know four thousand feet deep maybe i i'm just convinced that where he was he was as deep as he could and that's where oregon to find it i believe that's where the fish picked him up so he says i went down to the land whose bars closed upon me ever i think the last part of this is that's what he would pray after he was resurrected yet you brought up my life from the pit o lord my so the third part of that would be just the depth scenario oh the fourth would be a pre de prayer into shale when i life his fainting away i remember the lord and my prayer came to you into your hole on so again when his life was fineaway i got to believe he died maybe thirty to a hundred feet so the surface of the water and in just going down lisette and so you say well then if he died he would had been resurrected espion dry land alive i'm just saying that there i believe was said in after he was resurrected i believed it to eight nine with said after he was resurrected so he said those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope stepfast love this and be a phrase here coming up i would say if he was going down and was going to die and believed he was going to die would he pray with thanksgiving i'm just saying now i don't think that would be the first thing on your mind thank you god the coronatae my life from me but if he and i i got to say this i mean i know we we know that early and even america that they the said i mean i heard that they would tie a string to somebody's finger and strang would go over out ground so that if they came to they could pull on his string or a bell or something i can't imagine what it would be like for him to wake up if you will inside this it then i know what it is i mean what what would he say but he d say lord i give thanks and i will sacrifice to you i will i will pay my vow and salvation belongs to the lord at his convent a minute thirty seconds had he pretstre verses and in the fierce in sudden lord spoke to the filth and it vomited jonah how upon the dry ground that's a real fast long through afflicted well i think about him moving forward at that point he got about a star as the person could go some what could make him afraid at that point you know yes have i have are an get have already been you know in the belly of a fish had been spent out on a thing i guess i can make this thing work by toneandreas hing to people who are likely going to cut me open and in till me there anyway i redaven there i'll bet it on its see this before peaches year for ready died with you were buried in him you were buried into his death you were you were put into his resurrection what what do you have to lose right do then we can gain his es entrance into the land of the living so it's not like the bars will close around us when we die where we're going to be set free and so that would be the new covenant picture now i just remember the story of lazarus and if you want to go to john allen will just to i think this to be interesting to at least tie in the resurrection of lazarus because that was one of that's what i call john number seven sign is it downeven john eleven forty or forty five to fifty five because when lazarus is resurrecting that's when they begin plotting to kill ges and they also want to kill that ris you know as we know ye ye can't have truth going on if we got if we're running or narratives right down in so one can get rid of our preconceived notions because there's so much that we've been programmed to believe and not in the world instead of looking at it and trusting that god's leading us step by some into the the truth not what the world wants us to believe but what actual truth is solacious run to his repast is said manythe jews therefore come with marion had seen what he did believe in him but some of them went to the parsees and told them what jesus had done and i remember when jesus stood out sighed the to tom olazara sir john thirty sick the shortest person to bible jesus wept and everybody goes home man see how much he loved him but that wasn't it at all jesus knew that here i am god in the flesh and i am going to resurrect as man and yet you talk about a sighing since one the sign of lazarus in of resurrectos man and many of you won't believe in so in he see it you know either you into believe that you either believe it without signs and wonders are you reading never well because you not that people will go from one side to the next to the neck and it's almost like it's that that emptiness is never felled that way that's chase and glitter there you go so thank you for saying it i say and dana sins will not bring people to fit that's like her and stanley for one you know claims in a we men craig also that if you believe in the resurrection you're regenerated and i do say who two ooonow we see that people did but it's not so much believing in the resurrection jesus said i have no resurrection in the light so are we believing in jes or we believe in in these there's a different and so i make that difference so here it says but some of them went to the fairies and told them what jesus the chief races in the pharisees gathered the consul and said what are we to do for this man performs many sides if we let him go on like this every one will believe in him in the role of will come and take away both our place and our nation oh ye right but what of them confossis present your said to them you know nothing at all i don't often still hear me down ye can sunder cause everything went black here oh yeah i can still hear you can here your sterling on perioiki rock with in the so in his tone in his toe but so what we see is said to jesus when would he resurrected were back on there would he resurrected the as her assessed he lifted up his eyes and said father i thank you that i you've heard me i know that you always hear me but i said this on account of the people saying around that they may believe that you oh this is the same thing i think to the resurrection of lazarus to me was the first thing jumped off the page and i started to police in new birth resurrection ah this is what i challenged people with an ottring to find i got these papers all out words but how get there okay so i wanted to say that when we understand back to the statement to jonah said salvation is of the lord i remember one of my seminary professor said that it is so not about i mean because i hear people everywhere i think their deluded their deceived they don't have at least mature faith but it's always about were about me what about me look at me what about me it's not about you it's about in living out from and so i am convinced that joan had a story to when he was resurrected we don't know where he was geographical but he he may be had to either take a ship back o israel before he could get to nanifapoto him awhile i mean i think i i think i felt that he the will spit him up on the shores of nineveh nineveh is the only water around in a bus the tigris river i mean i guess maybe the way i could have gone you know up through the channels but you know we were not told any of that how did he get from we know one year so i wasn't next to the mediterranean sea so maybe you know he went up through the black sea and down utter no but but the fact of the matter is can you imagine what it would be like the recently resurrected and realised god gave me a second opportunity to go do what he asked me to do and that's what he said i prayed that i would keep the vow to do what god wanted me to do and it's a he had a story to tell jesus had a story to tell and i hope that every one of my listeners has a story the his cards if we'd been resurrected by god in the new birth we do have a sort and that's why i could with excitement and with bold that that's how a great passage is the great message and i i i know that there's so many people that need that that hope you know the fact that the resurrection or resurrection starts now it's not when we die and we can walk upon this earth with the god doing his doing what he asks us to do because it to see and state is ourself in him as keeping our eyes on him not alone going on round us because to the christian it does not matter it really it really matters not because we know that god's in control he's got this even when things look like is like their bad it's going to be ok oh i just wanted to say if the body one of the first times i did preach his message was that he was minister presbyterian church in porter paybody wanted to go to their sight you could do a search engine for westminster presbyterian church and port aramisch gan and then they how all the sermons given by year and i preached to both of these in july twenty fourth two thousand sixteen in july thirty first in six and it is just beat a different version but to me the story of jonah especially surrounding what has i said he got in and if we think that god doesn't do this you think about god calls all of us if you will in a sinful state i look at abraham he called abraham it's years down to road and we see that he was now burst do what god originally called him to the prophets the avvisasse harry got isaiah talkin and yet he had that vision seeing christ on the throne and the angel had to come and touch a hot cold to his mouth that any set of redito god i mean so we see jeremiah we see the apostles i think the apostles went through the whole life of christ i don't think they were new birth till after s was resurrected and so we think oh we were different now i don't think we're any different i think we're just like that god calls us it may take us years before he brings us to faith but when he brings us the faith and we know spiritual resurrect were ready to do his and that's why i instarred but else where god takes even all even you don't be learned so much more even through our family than we do of getting things right over you know every time and we can take all of these things and not beat ourselves out by it but realized that god even put these things in our path to and a loud them in order for us to grow and have a richer experience going for i think i think it's so so significant never never meyourself up over something that you did that cause we've all done it you know we all the things that we go and what was i think you at the time and then you get past it and you learn and it steals you to future about make you the person you are to day and every day we can wake up in the morning every day and go you know what god give me one more day to do better to day than i did yesterday and to learn more to love more to work for him you know his good purposes and in the wonderful new start every day to wake up and praise god say what yo goin to day let's go take you now let's go to this you and i i would say that we all i mean again on people don't think about it this way but we have a pre cross light post crossed and when we were pre cross i think a lot of people as you said we beat ourselves out from what we did back then while we were we hated god we were in full bloom rebellion against and that's why i loved it the book on collation speak the under verses to me were really about all of the garbage that we went though but yet god is sufficient to i think move heaven hell and earth and our evil dead sole to bring us the faith if we're in faith if we really mass up then we could say ye i'm pretty much embarrassed by that it's like when so we have a pose cross in a pre crossed life when we understand that we won't be so on ourselves but if we've been resurrected we should be committed wholly to the and god give us a nod when we do something that were not supposed to do even even if it's not like necessarily assent but you know have you had that i've had that where i'll know something and i'll i'll be hadin one direction and all of a sudden he like something's not right here and i don't know what it is and kill redirect us if we listen to him even in our walks just some things that he you know that he's telling us now that this business is this is not the right place and it's sort of like he kind o like directs us like you know like this so we can navigate these waters and stay on the path he rule wants us to be and is not this a family on our part part this leading to where really were he wants our lives to go and in it could be a great adventure you know can be a wonderful adventure if we listen to him and try things we never thought we could do or go in directions that we never thought we would go and the know really cruel hit the potential that he put into to be effective on this plant a serve serve mankind in his goodes i go one hundred year time down on because i think you want to be on attend with somebody else so when i just my last word in an ill case in prayer is that anybody after her says tim i never see it like that don't beat you so never then not like that i'm going to tell you that right now it is that that you know i i can i can tell you thank you for from the bottom of my heart too because honestly i never never saw that and in the scripture that he died and was resurrected that's this pretty significant is that isn't masinissa's amazing how how you know god one step at a time the stories the gentile jesus with a land setting out his foot vision that we all broke with in sunday school and teaches us more you know more probably what actually was happening and how we can apply that to our lives and which really draws us in truth to a true relationship with god you know it god jesus entis so i i wondered courage people don't do beat yourself up because you never saw it but if he see it and now on my goddess just like the truth singin asked god to show you things and i do think that this will change a lot of your paradyms when you see it this oh i am convinced that one of the greatest plows in the church we don't understand that spiritual resurrection the heart of new birth and so we prince a lot of gospels that i think miss the reality of newburgh and so i want to encourage you learn don't hesitate to howl or say tim areally restless explained in lobular but i just think if you let contest he will teach and i think that the truth his very evident so just believed the truth and god will give under state beautiful for was possum our haven he father think you for this thank you that you explain it and i think that you put it in a light that very few realized lord this has been one of the greatest as as for me for many many many years and i thank you for everybody that heard it i prayed that people would be be sent it out i think it's a critical massage that people need to hear and i do know that it was challenge or parents so that we closer to your truth rustlethe truth of the gospel as we will see that joan a preaches in not in the next two chapter lord but everybody to day encouraged them we know that there is so much going on that one scourging we don't really know sometimes how to process the but help us to trust in you this donacidae beginning to realize that you're in hard your king and you ran as to live in your kingdom with your boldness and power and with your armor sister see greetinks you and god fly's loss him to day give your favor held him and make his body hole and and really just so continued to speak through him were so thankful for town and we ask our blessings on him in his fit your in favor in everything he does you haven't creationorigin you have a hard lesson othe day and apple point in and catch that to once they had you want so had scouted it all bring in this as a good side wanting on where is got how you do in de mornin kenny her me to day done ye i can't we get that we got the audiophone or esterday polyodontidae bought a new my profound in the microphone a clearly set the feed back as to go back through the microphone someway and someone much smarter than the figure that out so we did get it fixed so that we can all be on to day anyhow so i thank you thank you tell and we look for to doing it again next wednesday i one died like we do every week so we refossion got in too parker i don't know if you've heard any of my messengers either to day or before but may be did hear your for michigan is a crack i i i am from jackson michigan southern michigan in one i met election investigator and i am i am also former atheist so to i i will try to my best i am involved a lot of things right now by i will do my best to i i to look you up and look up some of your ministry on line yes pessitions a message to day but there's a lot we'll get through now each other i know jackson well eh you have a church camp othertwo my sisters once spring or worse you do repute church camps in the still in the area here but i i i i spring harbors actually on the other side of the metrople but the hope i for the most part i think there's a lot of solid people in jackson county and i i think it's a beautiful county i think there's a lot that sockarooster you have very blessed day and take you to go god biseriate oregon have i they got he got how you do in i'm all right sorry i i i just got back in you mitcolelee and was perfect so i'd like you to do it introduction i got to teleodont there and i met scatteration quite a while ago whales were unandi was so impressed with scott and what he had to say in his thoroughness on on election investigation to to write this nationswere constantly striving to put the truth out there and you not were never going to get into mainstreamed the there bought paid for and lying through their teeth in their native tongue which is lies so we're going to have to continue to do we're doing right now which is cicendeletes together and we talk about things and we we trust what we find because what's coming through the news edipantes there didn't it's made to de so i have a lot of respect for scott and what he's done and i wanted bring him out and let him tell everybody out there exactly what's going on and that the ah the work that he is the good work that he's doing in michigan he can you introduce yourself further please and then i let's get right into the ye yes thanks let down embryosometimes unless there's my name schadathan from jackson michigan and i'm an independent election investigator in addition to being an a dry wall contractor but he i don't have a lot of opportunity to work my own business or my music careremus can as well because my involvement in the election of vesication and having my own a technical expertise is become quite an asset i worked hand in hand as an independent with a election integrity and i love those guys i cansados guys been and all that submission term guys is the first stuff a gender general neutral term in michigan geelays so i i love the people that work for election tenoryo yet you is very solid organization i think they do the best work out of these election integrity groups ah they have some exceptional people as i mean to thinking and they have thinkers with the election of terity force there is a ah there's a woman named johann who is outstanding by i i think all the women better involved with the group every one from going now they all bring very very solid as tributes to the alone in terms of our election investigation is not just integrity we are talking about is investigation and i tell you what i have been working on this for proximately eighteen months now and is very disturbing what we uncovered it is very disturbing you mention the media and what we do know is the media is being hand fed stories from the miscontrol actions from the mission torney general's of and actually to day there is a very very important meeting going on in lancing that is being run by the michigan bureau election arms or that cantgood ah i tell you what i am going to be going some information from the meeting an i soon some of this is going to have to do with the deployment of proposal too but i was just informed last night of another meeting that when in within the past few days i with the mishongnovi and its specifically had to do with centralization of the election prose specifically taking more and more of the the the i i the election process other the hands of local clerk we're talking about township clerks and and city clerk a putting more and more of it into the hands of the county clerks and the michigan girl elected and those that understand the process the actual lections are run and managed not by the girl flections not by the county clerk the wrong and managed by the local clerks that would be the townships of the and what they want to do is take the management and the execution of the elections other their hands scalied more and that is a very very dangerous i am approached the things it is dangerous to all of us especially those of us have been investigating this process for the past for in my case a eighteen months see anton uncovered the extent of godefroi and law breaking that is going on it is deeply disturbing to think that they want to centralize this more because it is quite clear with the motive is they don't want local clerks are county courts of weber may be talking to us the investigate they don't trust the public teton trustle local clerk they want the ability to manipulate our election data they want the ability to basically manipulate the results as these and i tell you what we have an opera i shouldn't if you want to call it an operation ah a project that it is currently on going that we began about a month and a half to go and it is called locus standi and we are curly executing this a project in a county and we have eight ten others that were are currently trying to get started in what locus statement in terms of its side in terms of its language it's actually latin or essentially mounts to a legal term in sand it means that you attain a status that you show that you can file either a a complaint in criminal any criminal case with local on horses or you can file a lost okay and in the case of locus standi for these counties we have the proof that the election records of individuals within the county county residents and it ranges everywhere from the up down to southern michigan but what we have is the evidence to show that these people have had their elector records altered and amongst many other things and they have the legal authority to file a criminal complaint of we have one particular law i don't want to repeat it over the line but we have one particular law that is actually a public records law but what this law does is gives a county the ability prosecute to indict prosecute i investigate popovici als now their areas of the state of michigan essences public officials is anybody if you are a victim of a crime in one particular county with regards to your public record you have before you this is not a new law it is ben in place since the nineteen thirty but this particular law the counties the ability to vestigate in die and prosecute in the cases of the election data pigofficials from the state of michigan within the counties and that's that's how thing and we have this i this particular a project going right now i'm actually speaking to a contingency in isabella county evening a day have just gotten started on this and we're going to be talking about the specific on the evidence and once we assembled whether called their individual voter history then we're going to stumble be the group of individuals then the county ever going in the case of his bellaccount we're going to the county shire we have already been discussions with several prosecutors offices and several long forcement pistols as is taken this while to get a some sort of a coalition now these counties are still working independently what we're trying to bring the law enforcement to communicate with each other and that includes with sheriff darle down in very county who has been on this investigation for quite while it is ah it's taken us a while to get other counties involved however what we've been able to do and show that this law is applicable the laws had been broken there is pure etive i it's actually a fourteen year felony to violate this particular law and we have a tone of evidence and it is quite clear and what i ended up doing to try to help build the long forcement coalition is i decided to start contacting and that seems to done the trick it's still working progress but we're getting more and more communication with the prosecutor's offices after i took that this particular law to them and explained this is what's happening to the election as the laws being broken we need the investigation were doing everything we can to put the case together without you having to expend a time of manon and we understand that i am it is a significant undertaking for law enforcement that has not done election in estes and i think the burlestons and dan en essels office the turnin generals office were banking on the back that local law forces he's not typically investigate election crime even though their part of the misconception requires a long corselet the take an oath of office to enforce all the flock so there told me within there rockthere authority and their jurisdiction to investigate these crimes and this particular law has what's called a venue prosecution there three options one is to prosecute with an inocent that the county with the center of state government number two is in the county where the perpetrator committed the crimes but the third one in the most important one and with significant in every county is you can prosecute within the county where the victims red and in the case of the counties of were working and its where the voters were while this this is amazing and i i i feel like this is such a big subject that i just really like just letting you talk and educating people on what's going on because this is very much a very new topic i'm sure most people out there and i tell you what is significant about what we're doing with this locus standi project or investigation if you want to call it that we are doing to front of diet were pulling the evidence together to show there election records have been altered okay some of the data that should not be deleted has been believed unlawfully and that includes both federal law and state there how ports to teletata and i think you're probably aware of that i mean yet their telling these corks teletata that they should not be billing and i been discussions all across the state with corks and other public officials to show them not be believed there not allowed to delete certain types of election as and this particular vesication the locustan investigation it basically we harvest the evidence from other histories okay that's prodonnere most the one enciso but to show there election day this not match comes out the court what we've been able to to determined in the investiat process is based by the michigan bureau blaxtons is operating two database really there keeping a day o base what the corks look at okay a cube that the corks look at and then there's a second cubethat they distribute to the public through voitheth misangere election in a guoidcant in circles that is called cooking the book ah yes who what's amazing so what's the response from the prosecutors as well as the sheriffs as you guys are moving for and how many people does it take in each county to do this are you looking to set up teams and each colony as you go forward do you need people what do you need what can we help you with well i tell you what it's good to bring this up let me let me talk discuss prosecutes talking with the prosecutors to supplying line because we myself i'm a technically i am a whistle lower in all the counties except my own year and jack but his other counties i whistled the people there going to be filling the criminal complaints and me the whistle or we have to be careful what we discussed with the prosecutors we have a fine line because technically they are not to supposed to over them until they get the case in one so there's a fine line with that so all i am discussing with them and those that have sat down with me to talk to the prosecutors with discussed the law that is all we have discussed is the law and i am doing this perfect the prosecutors and give them a continued opportunity to eventually prosecuted i believe joslyn benson jonathan raider of the director of the michigan girl elections and a few other people the mischina burial of elections i am thinking like most of em there because what i saw there you know there's a few there's a few good people in there i believe but that historically this this troop of people they have been running our elections board elections needs to have a serious house they there those that have been there the rotchanasatien there still there is matter of factors of woman named larry borbone who is the main communicator the calico and she was actually hired under root johnson from my examination of her resumed she was hired under rote john she is still there and she has given a unlawful instructions to the county corks and am i i can't speak on anybody i am maybe there are few good people there is people but i can tie now somebody from jackson county that was in the county courts office here in jackson county that now works were to be elections i am very sceptical of of her right now this point because of her involvement in the mishna burleton there may be some people but i can tell you it is a culture of lawlessness at the michigan bureau election and when not people understand yes it was stolen that said i it's not the votes two counts allottees but his adopter that really master using and the same thing is going on to day our nation is being destroyed and you don't have to go in destroy every sane it is only these ka states michigan pennsylvania superintending a takenit states exactly you got about covenants that you need to focus on controlling their elections you have now the everywhere just so seven or eight states control their lecture process and you'll be able to take down this country destroy the constant and i do i told spoke the beginning there trying to centralize this election they don't want me investigating what i am doing now they would like nothing more than to charge me criminally okay thank you not believe in transparency they believe in control they believe in criminal actions make no mistake about ends not one party it is o were of we are fighting to free nazis in planting but i'll carethose counties it is the republicans that we are fighting and whether it be an i'm not saying all the county clerks i by most of the county corks that we have talked we have had the challenges and i think it is because of misconnections is in their ears there afraid their timidated these are tactics of adelpoller most these clerks are other ware of the history of adolph at work how he came to power how his people came to power how his policies and it was with the use of who didn't question him corks didn't question his policy and it breaks my heart in this state the history is repeating it because i tell you what i i ran for state chair the michigan deope most people didn't like me most people in sorcery name i don't care i don't care that i wasn't nice i wasn't trying to be nice i was not trying to make any friends i was trying to speak you want no what i was the only candidate from to the bottom get rid of the selection system it doesn't matter if you raise a trillion dollars what most became that they did not focus on this they focused the money they focussed on being nice they focused them unity bullet me tell you most of the republican elective officials in the senate and the house the believing unity they you know what they get elected that the whole is the party system is a system set up to draw the wrong type of people it's not related in either you a hundred per cent the party system is poison and its poisoning this nation the people there in place all by and large are only there because they have been hated and selected in itself they don't get corrupt when they get there they work core and honestly this works system works like how the mason though senate other day the whole system works like how the man people to go up the rank right they wriggled one two and three and then once they get to three they either find out if this person is going to be compliant with all with a whole kittool what the masons are selling which is luciferianism all our water they're going to go forward or they stop on the shore not quite ready to progress yet that kind of none and this is what's going on in the republican party the democrat party the whole pricenone t we have it starts at the bottom with the with the lower level politicians do find out the pole compromisable our people are going in they they want to find out if people will will you know lock with what's going on there and if they don't that person will never never be able to be allowed to go that they long to venerationis me because they they had the they they sunk people to me i had you know of extortion i had coercion i had a been tried to be bought off they tried by the off and all that stuff and of the pateroles i could see this whole money game right from the beginning all about our elections are bought and paid for and and don't don't ever think that we have a choice in these elections because we do not and it's because of the party system in its not the democrat party it's the unitary system that is rigging the entire thing and their rage the raging it from top to bottom or your hugothen i tell you what i got bowed a somlis ers may have heard i got bored and i made two statements that i think i got blood for him you know what i i didn't i'm not apologised in prating i haven't i have got nothing but compliments from people that contacted me directly thanking me because i called the geopende egates then skin and they work i called them fit skins and i said this party has a thinking problem you have it thinking probably want to what i was not wrong there are some few of few exceptions i think there's some wonderful patriots in the goop with their fields in the there find number the jackson jope there's a few exception but for the most part the jackson jope is one hundred per cent it is a country and there too many well it's the the the party system is a system that has the psychological make up of a you've got yourself they do not rightresin the people in their districts they get it they get together have coffee decider drinks decide what everybody's going to do to stand united on hother choosing as a asstonishment candidate and that's a it's put for now with that somebody said where is coon all this not i like christina crike her as a person very very much and in the people in there the i like that are i think are trying to do the right thing but in order for me to see this ballto the and i want to see the destruction of this party system because it is too if somebody isn't on board with destroying the party system ultimately we got a problem because all the money that's pour it into these parties is and i heard it i heard it myself when if the trumpeter and washington from from the goat the departed that were there were only two in this to make the delegates elgood on atowishcoste you have not the lady knows down to gets to want to be part of the club to vote the way that the global is sitting at the top one and this to steer this his party into their puppets would all reinvited who had all evenly and how all right now do i believe that we've got a couple doubles agents in their guess i do i believe we've got a few people in there that jumped in the snake there were willing to try that put themselves out to tear the sang down from the inside out i do believe that that's happen and and i do i really do so we've got to be real careful when we're when we're deeming ising people as an individual but the process the party the party system straight from hell to destroy this non i you know what that was my thing when i started running i was out to destroy the party down to its foundation god connotation and you want in a wad i like christina koromo very much myself i am the esters i met the porte his cigar he was a piece o garbage candidate malsevera of the other ones in the only people that i i mean there was only a two other people besides myself that i was behind which one that i ran i want to tell them to a i i'd like to go back the investigation but i guess the point of trying to make about the geepee and christina and where in hurt athing from her yet o ka my thing is that party that gape it is beyond repair it is beyond repair the party system i am a proponent a word two things either a nooation which means i would draw my boat out of the and i tell you right now i don't believe it matters because i've seen the evidence i've seen the fact that they are elections are all being manipulated havilandwho toot toot in this great exactly but the other thing is i'm i'm thrown this round i'm talking to some people i try to find a way to get independence none affiliated people elected two on notjust talk in as i am local officials i'm talking in county or even state we have to find a way to get independence elected and you know why i don't buy the money thing i'm fed up with it most those candidates talked money money money money what it's onosmas money they can raise her cotonwood how are they going to stick to this nation how are we going to go back to the constitution and enforce a contract that they are spot that they the sworn oath to that there that you ought to uphold that as this is the contract that with that he protects our rights constrains the government what they are there like the you know the the you know the hungry that hungry hundred caterpillar on is issing to continue to eat and eat and eat with parasitic okay the government is a parasite which feeds off of us and exists for the furtherance of itself and for further growth and protect itself has no no intention of serving the american people or not or anything petterment like an animal it will do everything i can to survive yes and it will try to grow and be what i treat it like a an organism and right and that is what the culture of the party system is is building and has been building aprentice and i think we need to find the way independent elected i wanted to follow up with your comments about dealing with the prosecutors dealing with people deal with some dese others the prosecutors is a fine line i can tell you this though the credit some of the prosecutors i've spoken with have done the referrals to the lawenforcement agencies which is what i the onything i asked in jackson caranthcan of all right exactly in jackson come we have a prosecutor named jerry jaraca he claimed to be mister prolis prosecutor okay he was good to stand up to gretchenthat and dated isel i'm going to prosecute anybody who does motions in this county you know this and that yodatet and i went to him and march okay i told him at the time we cannot go the michigan state police on this because other involvement in other cases and we have concerns about instructions a justice and you know what jerry jurgen conde he blow me off at that point and then did everything he could to duck and hide from and then when when i finally got black widely public safety here in metro jackson a load a metro long force agency the fire put the cake or try to get the case to give all he did with silk or report the chief the chief of a public safety a man might juster the one investigated okay they said this really needs bigger bigger in law forcemen involvement we warned them about the michigan state police there involvement and you wanted to what i is been brought to my tension by some attorneys the bigger picture number one he turned general he stated michigan cannot even get involved in our investigation because we're investigating the bishopville the tourney general is the legal counsel for the michigan durablete so that the conflict of interest number two because of the michigan state polices involvement were sure life what with i call them dan enesles naughty nine there's the nine to day e nestles accuse a law breaking of course she won't do anything about other law breaking she ought it only serves as behave select the prosecution that great of hitler and i the michigan state police are compromised now they can't touch these cases either which relies which leaves it to the local law enforcement which is where were and torturation county and i tell you what we have named we have in a lawsuit seeking compense story peter tive damages out its probably down the roll before we can file it but in this county jerry jurgenson is be served and in he has been made how many give him one final opportunity you we do something this case and push along forcement muscat or we'll go and take you drive your body into court discuss me that these linforce went officers from from a bride of local long force met occluding the jackson the current jackyour and prosecuted the we have reached out to before including one in southwest mishgan named julian ac for pratt who refuses to see my evidence ah in my investigation is totally separate from cheerless when i've been investigating to different in his and i've done some investigation for his investigation but i have my i maintain my own and that's what makes the locust stand you nate is we maintain ourselves as an independent state wide investigation that is a county level now and by an i guess my thing is with the long forced you have not to office there are laws in it and i cannot i dump found it by how hard it is ben get long forcement to do their job because you are obeissante their body not those lower levels i tell you what it is with whom force of what i think is pig think number one the sheriffs most sheriffs and state of michigan have no guns they want to get to the retirement pension and that is they don't want to ruffle the feathers the figure you get involved in lection ivestigation you may not get reelected okay that's what it is with maybe sherips okay somebody other log forcesother freight they're fraid of little frulein dateness up there in the ages office their frayed of being picked on in the newspapers by the media okay i don't care i care about the rule law that was my hole arguments with the gopi could care less about not being nice to you the priests and delegates you want somebody i taking on be disciples of jamie glasser he seemed to be the priests and delegate to room allegedly and o they were more to hattakonnich i was not trying to be nice and by i came when i believe is and you know what the truth is a narrow road i don't care whether you talk in jesus christ or sigh the truth is a narrow nat includes law and i tell you what all we ask for is cops to do the job now a unique thing about locus standi we the public and myself the whistle lower and election integrity ford or putting together the beginning the bulk of the case of the beginning were going to put together the evidence i am writing inventories for every each and every individual the inventors of the ther evidence were pulling together affidavits statements of residence and we go boot to the sheriff's argent in where we believe we have a shurf's working with and that's when we get the case open i myself and others are giving recommendations on search warrants unseen and i can tell you myself i think there need be more people subpoened than people the michigan barrelle tion i talking about several republicans in the state of michigan clouding one fool that lives southeast west menamaso in and by i tell you what i believe this is part of how we get this thing shut down is this crime investigation now i believe i generate they if they don't have somebody watching your show this right now they will have somebody on it because no and the men for doing a job but the lake probably to provoke him a little bit too ghostit's like you know there's some of us that cannot be you know that cannot be backed down on our anormesol this nation back from this global crime syndicate possess exactly what we have and the parties system is part of it yet what you just said you're not backing down okay now where barnetwas in tom petty song i won't back down the sheriffs i think many of them feel intimidated by little frulein dana because what she's going to do so cheerfully cheerfully not free to her idol okay he's got astergance and i think many of the other sheriffs are freed okay they see what has happened what she's done to do in that was the point the point is not her going to specifically after darley the point of her going after these is not the point the point is to intimidate the others yet the more so if you set her more this is ordered she you you are for rhinotherapeutical trick of of dictators and tyranny and all fell the master of it stolen linen they all use it poll pot poor part used the come our route to do the same exact thing send the warning shots over the bow and that that is what is going on from pain eneses i don't for her to get me in the grand jury i would love that because i backed down as to and and i tell you what some of the stuff we have on her i had there on the governor and i i've got her on law breaking but i keep in my back pocket by re needed someone why i am i can tell you this what excites me about the locust standing investigates what excites me about it is not the gepidae had it with the jingle they've convinced me the jackson county geopon convinced me that parties were less the party systems what i excited about are the individual and liberty i think we'll be preserved by god first because it's god that gives us with secondly it is it is the individual of the individuals that will defend liberty it won't be to geo piece hard it will be these individuals so let me tell you somethin i rapidly dropped off i'm not right now i don't know who i would even support is the presidential candidate cause i will say this about donald to i believe he'd become part of the one and i tell you why when he goes out him and there fool michelino go out and indoors met the perneis he election integrity i can date de perle or landeens is hold the drop oh you know what down trump didn't let me he didn't i mycclantune me as far as i know they didn't invent they didn't get a the other candidates but they and they went to head and met the pernoscens the portland what work he and i think he didn't minimal work if he has some counties matter fact i argue that that case had nothing to do that i don't believe necessarily an i'm not saying i could know i believe there is another explanation and how answered county occurred and i think my explanation is proven by the recount numbers but i'm not i don't want to go into that it's another another animal but transitory cried a too because i'd love to have come back on on friday and sir afetigan going this againonetwothree me get back with you an act because i i got to see how it tonight pans on i got to have some prosecutors i have to talk with tomorrow's let me see the pends on that baby possibility could have helped us with loss and could i helped us may think but man the porte was afraid a little frulein dana and you know what there ought there were people with got that ran the etanand tes that were that were there towards the end ten or eleven and most loved in having christina i love christina coronis a woman can i she's wonderful why concern about her i just don't think she has the personality to destroy this party down the foundation i therenothing that christina is the real deal and i think we're going to be real surprised at what she what she does because we're will will will see so but but i'm exenterat now i don't know if you know this that i wanted the first is there of the the constitution part of us take perspiry in michigan his ample as are known her and i can tell you i take to somebody from the national party who believes in most people that i know in that party believed in canning rid of the parties on the that is there is truly that that a becroup of people truly believes in restoring this nation to the constenton that it was in the meeting this past week and what is definitely a statesman the there is none of this this this none of his politics nonsense i see in the other it's very much his person is more qualified unterminated by people will stop down i said you know what nobody really wants a position they'll take it because it's necessary but the batting is more like it's not for political ambitions in like you know it's like a it's not about how it's a people will sit there and sick you know what this person is you know unobtained that i watched it happen this person is more quarrelled i really you know in the bilena that persons really this person is more qualified for this position but i'm willing to help in what ever you need that's the proper response right there it's not the fight to the finish do you know about and glory and all that sort of thing you know it's like what is it takes to take this nation back are you willing to stop down in order to have the more qualified person being placed and i i want to take your point about donald trupenie and ill begive seen some of this to general flint was a friend of mine indoorsamerican i got t tell ye he's a friend of mine i love him i know him and marry i had i had lunch with mary last week and i will tell you that these people are brilliant there not plannin the realm of normal nonlocal politics this is not what they did and when when president trump said that he was giving this nation be look at his track record that in not the words that he sosonees sary but his track record and running his nation was to give the nation back to the people all of his policies were and so when i look at what he's doing a lot of hens hill kill accomplished his gold dislike general plan will there not to come out i tell you what they're going to do these people are high level intelligence were not like oneround an they're goin to say we're going to get this done we're going to get the stock but and what i really believe that they're doing as theretherein us think to for ourself don't necessarily follow us that these candidates herself and go with your own got thee because the endorsements have to stop the money has to stop the parties have to stop and we have to go back to daring to be americans thanking for ourselves and being involved in self governess if if work on the poor counting were were not so covered right down it if i can make this statement though regarding donald trump i think it's i think it's important tracer ok don't trump does not have a real solid track record about pick to work in i don't care whether to administration or some these other people okay general flynn i don't know the guy personally i know this if i was going to do with endorsement on a particular office i would want to examine everything in terms of the options okay otherwise i would not do it endorsed that i don't care who general plan is i am critical if that's how the decision making process is being done don't trump again this not have a real solid track record and i am i specifically blaming him no the people there advising him okay and if general plan and down tromp and like lundell all indorsed man to pernel without talking to the rest of us his wilenow he's been trying to get evidence that i have attained legally for his lawsuit and i have refused because i think the guys a quick and i will trust him handling my evidence okay and if this is the thought process i'm in the thinking just like you but i tell you what if they're relying on narrow i that is not well thought out and if flynn if don't trump if my clew all these people if this is what they're doing to relying on somebody else to make their choices that may be they made to quit doing the indorsement maybe they need to reassess how their doing their their choice process how their doing their thinking the gape as thinking problem many of these leaders have a thinking problem we all have to learn how to think in order to save his country but i'll be honest with him i i think it's very narrow road and the thinkers i think a very narrow the the people we're doing this locus standi a session to night in my pleasant and you are not so great the people are coming there is i know some of them their wonderful wonderful we have to exercise or crevecur ex i got endowed i think it more i love voluntarily i got bold at the state convention because i shall the gopas o thinking problem you want o what i was not wrong i was not more on afternon or not wrong or and i tell you what myself i don't care who don't trump is i don't care who my condell is i don't care who general flinders i went not what your mind i want an old who you are entered your mind and your heart and you i want to know if you want to be the leadership position i want to know how you like and you know what the gape the priests and delegates jackson gopi they don't like me cause i'm not nice you don't what they're more happy to sport on top and he was brash not nice either what you want and again my quit my thing without trop is this your decision making prose i am deeply deeply concerned over that so i'll be honest with you myself i think that will trompart the swamp now the same ship that he was critical of i think him lindow and maybe others are part of that same song and there were a lot of good other candidates i thought mark portant i i like many qualities about my fronds nei everything save with mark we all had different but i thought they both brought things to the table and i thought they were more the slashers like me and because the geopened be smashed and i i love christina but on what she's not the only problem with the george i'm not single heroes the central at succomee end the state office not the only problem to deal pep more stores county topics are disaster because i picked terrible leaders they picked terrible leaders and loves minister or pare the problem too in the way because for whatever reason jesus what into the temple i tore down the front of the temple because the money changers and i tell you what the postles my co chair was a minister of an independent bible church in coldwater michigan i talked about this many times and the apostles been a bunch of nice peaceful hippies i never would have been excited they were troubled make and you know what that word tegimas is the trouble maker that's why percolation the twinethe no confidence in it any more or the party system i been it it's its a corrupt system then i think needs to go we need to find ways to get independence elected to office a i can't i can't say you're wrong and i like your passion about it because i feel the same way about the party system it's too easy to corrupt it i'll never be a set that is going to work for the american be we have to dare to be americans and a thing so i'm going to images that throughout rebottle to your things just because i i like your opinion i and i and i respect it everybody has the right to the opinion but if for me as i in my thinking prossess my thinking process as the higher good is it to endorse candidates within a corrupt or is it to give the government back to we the people by getting them to think and sometimes we win by losing or peering to lose that's what i think that those endorsements were about because a president trumpsor men there were terrible conon had a couple of them that were actually in my opinion were actually a good endorsement so i have to stop there and say do i believe he's a good guy gedeihet can't i can't territon nobody's nobody's perfect but there's a lot of ye he stepped up when he didn't have to he did not have the stuff into this roll at all and neither i nor general fled put his entire life on the line sacoback orellano guy i trust general plan so when i look at his endorsement not only it you know of course i was like you know what to do in there so then i had asked myself knowing that he is a good man what's the purpose in the only thing that i could think is that the purpose is is that they are trying to teach two and not run to these endorsements because if they if they stop their indorsements there's going to be some more on that's going to be a self proclaimed guru that's going to jump in place and start indoors people and build themselves up as the next lambing for the people to follow if people don't learn to stop following following and be a leader and the only way you do that is by stop following think for yourself do your own research and critically think ercertainly pray about it but then trust that trust yourself don't don't trust everybody on the planet because most of people he politics ninetynine point nine and in nine personal the liers chiefs and ties so you have to you have to think for yourself and then dare to have the guts to follow for which you know is to be right instead of jumping into these political colts following in sin the money ye gainst the winterwhen making them well you believe that you're going to divide the party if you don't jump in with this a party with more or less the problem they are using psychological tactics to in fact make the people participate in oh we don't want to stand out we don't want to say something wrong we don't want to be the one to by the party well you know what maybe it's time to divide the parties now set there as americans and have the gods to be revolutionary enough to have an actual impact on it for this nation and oh no they may not approve of me how horrible could that be you know distemprance yet if i can real quick i hate because i hear that the i have to throw some back at you it's ro quick at what i gain my fort my former co chair and i discussed someting and it is something about people going to heaven who goes to heaven and nice people don't go to heaven it is saved people they go to heaven some of them may be nice but because you're nice it's not does not mean that you're going to heaven is mere fact a cavalry along with jesus there were two people that did not live nice lives that were there with him a cavalry one of them went to heaven according to christ and one of em didn't and that person neither one will live very nice lives so i this kind of ties into my whole thing with especially with the pearl to pernel deeply did i do what we all have floss okay i'm not perfect myself i think the party so the dope and for me it was the last ditch of ford and i needed to gate where the geophone because i've seen so many problems with it i needed to gage is this even sevigine and i don't believe it is because in need to be destroyed and i think myself a baby two others were the only ones capable of destroying it and they don't want that it is it is a system that is the cult what every one i think or to call it his when raisinsonly a colt yes and i think that is a great articulation of what the political party system is more then to it is a political cult and you don't wish of beothik their living treats out there to the delegates naething we're going to give you a few cookies to see if we can itselfe follow the path in owensboro crop one at a white post yet that's why they test you at local levels to see out of tootling and get me i won't and that's why they hated my gods and that's a most the county jokes didn't like me because i wasn't nice i'm singled out jack and but i know claronet like me and i there's a few others out there that filled me repulsive witches in i think i called them out said there were thence skinned and they complain about the camps iculture but they had no problem canselling me so has the tromometer we can desirance of issues but i got tollotson on you big love because you had the guts to step up and speak what was on your mind and not fall in fall in with on whenever orrery the people the revolved with this locus standi vestigation many of them they epitomize i believe courage okay they're not afraid they're not afraid to step out and be alone and stand alone watch we have to do its interest he those of us that her willing to stay alone you yourself i think you better my set and i tell you what be established on people i don't care whether it's democrats or publicans whether she fools and jacks and county government they don't they they feel i somebody who has got to stand alone and somebody who stands with rule of law and that's where asked for is rule of law promise have so many laws on the books nobody wants them foresman more while we we have this this is a great discussion and i i love have i really love having you on here and i thank you so much for having you don't have the fortitude to say what's on your mind regardless of i agree with you or any one else is like i would have any one on here that would speak their mind whether i agree with them or not because all of our voices are important and that's how we come to from to the poor and so i wanted i want to i really thank you for that and i'm going to i'm in a hole i really want to throw a soord like you come back on friday because i won't hintberi tell you what i'd like to know how isabel account goes to night because i'm very excited to me with i was excited to me with every group we met with at a group from the upper peninsula we met and noirmont and i we met with a grouping alpina recently working over the piave been doing evidence presentations throughout the state and we got one coming in monroe county and monteleone a later the later this wanton will be in isabella in my pleasant to night but i can tell you a ii don't want to i have an old web site but i can leave my maladdress anybody would like to try to get hold of me they can reach me the see of seven that's she always in octovian then the numeral seven gilhaise have in all political westering to transform that into something else so hatswhile hopefully when geordie going to have back in again for sarcastically i really like your opinions and all just igret most of em actually so they gondoliere's right to disagree with me to do that to you can disagree with me all you want now still give you a nice big hug when i see and say this is great where lingistica and that's what got to do is just agreed that that's that's okay it's okay to work your connanand i ought i ahold these tis all about as we get to do that so i'm goin to worry on top this so manbut i always ended the same way so in the i'm going to go say a prayer and then i give you last words and then we'll come off ye solorese e the dear youneither thank you so much for scott and for his his courage to say exactly what's on his mind thank you for all the people who are willing to stand up or the united states and dare to be american not any other title that we got to stand together to restore this nation as one nation under you with with the constitution protecting the rights that you gave us were so thankful for each and every person out there let her know that their love and the tornado and that we really care in their so many good people fighting behind the scenes we were we really after i think help every one focus and i would ask that you and help all of us locus or maybe not what's right in front of our faces but the real truth and what's really going on behind the scenes because it we know that that's that's where you are your ear with us every step of the way you're leading us down this path and we are restoring this nation and we are so grateful that you that you have and given us your favour and that you never ever leave us altogether to his turn to you and your right there helping us with all our problems and with the decisions we need to make in order to walk with you on this earth we sold thankful and we dis want to say we love you and and thank you for all that you have done for us both to day and in all our days and to the same would pray a soorasen with forgotten or do come because i am not conceiving the election and we are we're going to continue to fight on and till we write what has been done because there's been crimes committed in our election process as well as in the government of this nation because we have criminals sitting in the seat and they need to be removed and they need to be prosecuted for violations of their atom office for doing a you know extortion racketeering money wandered i mean you name at their old guilty of all of it and i and i believe we need to be on prosecuting those for treason with the accompanying so i mean it well let we can arrange meeting for god and you know let the court systems are left the let the thus trial system figure that out and arrange meeting with god and he can sorted out from there see and that's a great i ate as one to say a people can pray for her a isabella county a contingency for to night i i i really look forward to get a light excellent people coming to night and i i will keep you posted by i will do everything i can i'll know i'll have a clear picture to night i whether not i can make a back up friday bold to everything i can ah within that because i think it will be interesting what we discovered about this meeting to day in lansing and i'll have some clear pictures on some things going on in this vellacos i am told that there is some new evidence is just come to light and i will be in trochitis i will see what happens there but i listen thank you so much for having me in let me talk i let me talk about locus standi a little bit and i were moving along we still got a lot of work to do what we've got a lot of couragious in individuals and that's what liberties about egsception ousts heverybody out that it thought there god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america god bless him a lectionary for two we were we love you and i'm so thankful for what each and of personal there is doing have a great day i'll be on to morrow with carniverous on friday so have a wonderful day remember the god isn't control and it's going to be a the