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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/3/2023 Tatar Tuesday and Courtenay Turner

Published Oct. 3, 2023, 9:03 a.m.

9am Tatar Tuesday with John Tater. Know the law and use the law - defending yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar 10am Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” – Courtenay Turner Courtenay was born with congenital rubella. Her mother had the German measles during first trimester of pregnancy. Some of the ramifications including but not limited to are unilateral blindness, severe bilateral hearing impairment, hypotonia affecting the limbs, heart complications, asymmetrical bone development, stunted growth, poor fine and graphic motor coordination and several other afflictions. They told her mother the best she could hope was to find a nice institution in which to spend her life. Surmounting that dire prognosis drove her fascination with the human psyche. She believes humans are capable of so much more than most realize and can defy the greatest odds! Through all of her content creation, writing, speaking and performing, she aims to inspire, inform and empower, and hopefully contribute to the preservation of the freewill of humanity! Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the third day of october twenty twenty three and i want to welcome you to her show today we have on john tattered today and tetartohedral courtney turner who is movie produced and she has a very interesting person in that her down at the michal and dolebat and to really like her she just relyance per so without any further to amend to bring down a case we get lost to talk about to day and i'm going to bring on with my little debt you s debt clock screen how you do in there john on have you been watching this no possibly make you i know where we're old you were going to complete not a crash as we're going to want to crash we do want the bag i agree with the hot one hundred per cent this thing has to go down and i mean it has to go down there you go there's the negative dollar supply whereat into the seven seven hundred ninety two a billion dollars oscar read it's got a crash and it's like it's like you just just to watch the in what how fast this is going up the unfunded liabilities ah you know there is in the istherein and it's it's like this is absolutely naughty and you can see how much every liability post essenes down the elperson roncalli five hundred and seventy i wonder tendencies the illegal aliens that are here probably not so a letter one of the gang sixteen thousand for the he that's jus even more that were that were you know that we're paying but look at the difference in here we've got the us federal budget deficit we've got the national debt and then you go down here the there's bigger numbers that if you don't look your knockingin em you know look at some security liability twenty two million dollars and we're going to go over here tryalls and then over here of that we've got a a one hundred ninety four trillion dollars and you as unfounded liabilities and its growing is growing and so you look at this and go how do people honestly think that we are going to get that we're going to get through this i don't know but you can look out here at that you ask told national ass out i suppose if we if they sold the entire the entire or a united states of the china which there the process of doing right now i suppose if i believed that meet newsmen which i do you know we got or but i don't believe in any of this honestly i think that it's a that the good guys are in control and we're just watching were watching a movie looks letter play out guy's case this is going to have a glorious andy and wild let's i wonder to talk to you about something all three we got it we talked out before we got on to day i'm in that is the small groups i had something come up this morning where somebody was talking about the small group of around the straight and and i fled outside trader and all you know i'm sure that that didn't make somebody you know few people on happy the small groups around the state are a lot of em are really being run by people who are either misguided or and in harboring traitors activities and or they are infect infiltrated with people who are paid and and i think they're working against the united states is there further dividing us it is constantly you know jump on board do this so christina crime i posted a whole bunch of articles this morning and an actual actual facts of of what they're doing in the am i geop party of i can't even canteen say it is absolutely absurd what's going on there in an to get on ah what is actually going on there and i'll just put some of these things up cause i think this is kind of important people are there are or following these cults of personality rather than finding out with the reality has behind it the the right for a very rude awaking and i mean very rude awake so the gotthold bunch of foulons and the amigo and not only they have fallen there and here's the judgment i put out on mister owens we're going to i started putting up things about how much money has been siphoned off the party and in which direction for no bid contracts to people that are pretty much related to each other if he start looking it was but they pay i'd like seventy four thousand two hundred sixty one dollars to accompany called for liberty and then on to get as she's got to eat your calling a red tonight but i don't know i wouldn't unite with people that our absolutely that many questionable that many questionable action a wireless emergency alert is going to be supposed to come out of its poston h drops october third and that's to morrow an think two o'clock is that evermore tom or i tell for stanmore so there's your morning shot and then i posted an article on in that they that they hired a firm of high profile republican now minated her and then show the records so this is what really happened as that the geopenige that became a high profile republican who nominated her which was jonesand the record shall how much money went back for liberty which is joe mosses and if you look into this joe moss joel studebaker joel coleman i believe is related to joe to go mass and how much money the commons were paid to it's a it's a huge amount of ophitism going on there from what i see from the outside and i really think the people should look into this because you know there there it's it's just round robin on the money so i want to put that out there because i think this says he something that we need to question and it's going out all over and i mean let's go in on all over the line snow crag margarot the article which as the living life out of me ah me know some maybe he seen light decided to actually write about real news there the the detroit news but we'll have to see but i think that the facts in the eye i believe to be true and i think it's a good reed so anyhow what are we talking about to day well since you brought it up in this direction i i welke people that joined these understand or know what they want why are they there in all when you get together with all an opposite what person the opposite opposite what do you want from a woman or what he wants from a man what do you want from what do you want from this government what do you want people just joined parties or one what's the purpose why are you there what do you want from this what kind of life do you i want to be free what is that the fact that you're being taxed to death because you're our financial in the finances number one from inflation is in upper mighty that's coming in whatever you with over the iris or the state is taking or your pain property and a small amount of money that you have actually all over cross back to government what do you want from in liioitteli an part of why do you join a democratic by i know why i joined the cause i wanted to run for of i tried to the precarious because i wanted to i am not there i am not a democrat i am not real then ye were americans and that's what we are specifically on my country which life liberty and the pursuit on the decoration with independent state in or i get that with all the criminals around me in the is not the government who has the because we've given the government the power to do we gallatin hour authority remember these words we talked about yesterday i delegate it to the government the power to operate in a patch function the public functionary a sense i give in on that pole they abused scortatory they were never granted congress now sir authority a tingling and in the white house you serfs authority and the god and the judicial depart forties were never given to what do you do asked individual we i you can but somebody in knowyou gave him somebody or coke you take care of my hundred thousand dollars but you were going to watch and that's what we do we give him he would get on the cookie drawer the financial so we will pay part of government efforts or the means by which so people need to sit back before they drive party or getting followith any one corrupt people because they're allers they all crept and think why am i here what do i want from the what do i want from corn what i want for my i wanted to and then holder to well mother played the here i forgot this it's tater to his day i have ongombo reminded me o tater tuesday selfish so teale's play i want to plead this this little the little present she's doing here about we got to move together hoped that the sound is a heinous so she is she is making a good point em in the point is is that the entire republican party and democrat party and political landscape is as been divided into a bunch of little many tribes fighting for you know fighting for the silos and think they're going to save the nation will there not and they never you know they don't get behind they are only getting behind the candidates that this little little political party to have a selection the wholes is absolutely rigged against we the people there the whole entire system is rigged against us and then you've got people that want to start small organizations and you know just like what she said we've got to be moving together as a party that kind of sounds a little bit like what happened and oh i don't know every other little dictator that's got you now gone on across the planet that ends of replace you know has a party behind him or organization that you must stay locked not question that you know even when even when the when the financial records prove that there's a problem there they're discouraging questioning their discouraging you know dissenting opinions and and you know like like justum off jump off the the clifflike a bunch of lemmings go long to get along sffinte you what when we see things that are wrong we have to be able to question it it's help if if we can't question and we've got to move you know move along and just shut up and go along we got a big problem here because everybody needs to be questioned you do i go every one because either if we're not clear on our points we should be able to either defend them or have a discussion and change in of the wrong and people are so afraid of changing her mind on things when other information comes out because then they have to admit all gosh i was wrong that that's part of the problem its lack of humility and say i'm not always right and if somebody comes to no forward and gives more information that i did not know we have to be able to say all gosh i didn't know that thank you so much for sharing that with me and that's part of being in an office is taking and ste now i think that's what you and run are really good at sticking people on how to go forward to make those changes and i really preciate that well i can people still need to sit back and and think about why there there why are you in what do you want from what do you want that and people don't sit back and make that decision to make that and then they have become part of the party where hardy cried just follow what the leaders oh i think to get real stupid in those situations too because they they they won't they won't actually speak out in their so angry that we go into things like ball kicking and all that sort of trothlesse power because it ends up being a it functions like a colt and unless you you following with the cold and in that's that's happening all over the state with the small organizations there like splinter groups you know it's you got the republican party the grand new party the democrat party we are so splendid as a nation that were not approaching this is a job interview to put somebody in place that will honestly halt this thing back under the constitution and get rid of the the the blow that there which is set up to be self perpetuating a right i probably fathers made a very limited federal governt they limited the or the powers of the legislature by eighteen i do that ere listened in the are on the cost they then said that the executive branch the only function of the executive and to carry out the laws that were made by le problem is we now have run away government a runaway excepted whitmer and no son in all of his more i think that they have the power to make laws and regulations under the under their authority they ate hypno ruler they have no power to do they're only there to carry out and how they have forgot the nonsense said that finding this been doing and passing it on i mean they want doing it because the people had been running round the beaches making the most important thing in our lives is to control the governt not to offend party party is fond o parties after we either have no government which we and up in anarchy and win in killing everybody and robbing for me or we have a government that rules and then we all follow the room on and that rule of law is made up by the on only brands as hesiod legislator is colter's corrupt costs we got well the problem with our legislatures hobviously the for elections fragile we have to clean that up and then what i think and what i feel is what george washington i agree with that one hundred peach would be fordingford the individual there consequently when he bolted for the party of it somebody else to because all he's a republican of nicol for him why and its centres we wentin its centralization of power because they have centralized the power in these political parties who are wholly owned and paid off by these great big um multinational corporations there owned by the globeless because in they do it through money and it it's it's a really big problem so i'm like if somebody's a part of these political parties now be right now we got we got you know on tellegen rid of them and get somebody and placed to day or to be the day i hoped that the financial system crashes i hope that the whole power good crash as some point time because i think that's the only way to write this at this point to cause they wiggled themselves into such a power play position that we are at a distinct disadvantage and nobody has the gods stand up and say what needs to be said or do what needs to be done because i haven't seen one of em that of actually stored up and actually called it out for what it was and then gathered the troops within within the government behind them to move forward now they don't do that they do not do that to call them out you youahhave committed treason and in in start doing something from within they don't do that it's the they let it they just let it go it from within within the the ranks while even see that in the lencastre when when not people are questioning some of the people in the executive pranks on the speaking of the one that young younger a representative he's been on the new ah well away then when she listened to the the executive of or listened to the congressional hearing it is named as oh now you talk it may gates merkites good and he asking some questions but his notes i may be because he's trying to be a nice sky there's some opportunities that i were jumped on americ garland a couple of times pretty hard in other words when mary garland did answer the question properly or ginoiato i don't well so position that he does not understand any doesn't know she for a wonder a rest and git rid o il and that's the way they should be gone after he their conodontminute there the not quite as he they should be where we have gone with corrupt people in the end executive and her garland idiot that was an old homes i incurious is another god that should have been in jail not just well on her then it's just like it you know when you're talking to hillary clinton there is no redeeming with the actions that hillary clinton has done i would never vote for her under any circumstances whatsoever could she deserves to be treated as a trader he what yes and she's a traitor so there's no there's no redeeming her and and so you know you look at you look at all the step but my big problem it is everybody's like well we want things to change we want things to change but that person is mean or that person is me for they all loved donald tramp and then they youknows like everybody everybody i love his mean tretees they weren't mean they were just are he was accurately calling things out for what they were and i don't care i thought he was so hougesund or hack i thought he's larious i am now here thought he said i thought everything he said was it was accurate over one he was not speaking as a politic right which is alive the politicians or talking to you their lying sossing and making it in sound good and wonderful so it the ear all he one so presidential what the elders it means to some president right that means i put what somebody who is an actor who says every pretty word that they want to say to give him that fluffy duck feeling well you know what we're not going to change this nation by being a fluffy you know a weak mouthed ah a coward we had this is going to take somebody who's going to get in here with his steel with an iron jaw and start you you you you ought to here point no things out and calling out calling out names and in getting people arrested and prosecuted for what they've done for this nation and it's going to be uncomfortable for some they know if we think we're going to say well we're just going to put you over here and you know and disney land and you can think about what you've done all you when you put people into time out all you're doing is given him time conspire with the people around up to how to go to screw you when they come back again aconitine is some association i put my kids in the out occasionally when they were little but you you put kids in time out of adults or anything like that they've got what say ten ten twenty minutes to figure out how to out of three on the next time around gives no real consequences you know i got to tell it's one of the things that i did too i on my kids were fighting that only had to do at once too my boys were fighting over a toy and a they were getting ready for bed neefit over to any it and i looked at one and i looked at the other and on like i don't put up with that kind of creight i put it out on the ground and i smashed it with my ponies they re not got nothing to fight about i guess you got wrongedst ed away on the crying and that sort of thing and i and i walked round onorarlo in my life you know and they never thought of over to again because they knew that they better find a way to resolve thus or man was going to come in and they both love and in so it's like what in it one that men know it was effective and they their great friends to this day because they learned they learned to the problems of and so i mean when when i accountability comes it's like you've got to have something where people can realize if he if we don't figure out how to how to make this work when ole and and our bets there's got to be consequences for this kind of and nobody wants to sit his older than to be mean no it's ineffective behavior modification i pulled the nation to go while if we don't pollination together we're going to be exactly what he state are the international cartoons world the world world all globlus install be all these a third world nation united where we have to stand in print lines where we can't go anywhere oh where we have one within the fifteen minutes say everything it and its walking you can't drive anywhere you're you're perch your stores are below your apartment complex and you live in this big in complete small little what they want the fifteen minutes city everywhere in the united states and so they can totally cut why do they want to control its i have because that's the worst thing in the world when i had well is well the clew qui i do say that he had quilling they can quell us they can kill us they found to werthande to to us and eliminate the population but then they have well neither o bats then see how this is it this is my thought on what's happening at the board or two it's like you know we've got we've got a mandate these these vaccines which i have proven that they have they hidden the the hidden the and crafted the narrative on it and they knew that myocarditis and debts were happening from that's what came out this week i put it up there nailmaking about they knew that these shots were they knew it led out and in the corners and the embalmers across the st see stomaca that stare why because they got to get rid of us so think about this they're not requiring the legal to come in here to get the hat shot so if we replace americans with a legels we've got a slave class that will that will not rebel against them because they're just advantage so why wouldn't they kill all the american i mean think about it think must happen this is that the invasion strong has worked on how many other countries across the globe se strategy but in in the grand scheme of things a short list sanballat a people that can do the production when you kill off the people that have to thinking it openopen le running over her i were going back to the king can't do anything as i don't know anyone so in a short end of short running works but in the long long long run on talking about undine it'll fail it's never i've got a couple of comments on here a free cont recurrence to fundamental ah don williams says good morning as sepoble good morning that hold and a lad and charlotte everybody else out there eh ah loves as i made my kids sat on the couch next to each other if they didn't work they had to put an arm round each other yet you know what i used to do to if i made him sit there hour fight i'd make him sit there and tell each other they loved each other for twenty minutes i loved you and i and that was for you don't have to sit there is said there hold hands and sayings of the love you as though you and then want em my i love you and then under the prophet you i love you pretind then after twenty months and would be laughing so hard that i know there like an ant how ridiculous or fighting was that they get up and they were just like old man is as the greatest day of her it was so funny well he brings his back why are we here as the purpose and we want of experience we want expert so on the good sight we want to be to happen to us in the circle by which we live we don't want to be living in squalor we don't want to be like so we wanted be able to control and keep our own fruits of our own labor and that's what made americor over time or compliment destroyed that by taking our labor from us by taking fruits of our labor from us oh through the financial of the international though the inflation they have destroyed for smaller color what one point is worth a hundred pennies right now sang allan so we have to struggle in loud because we have the the international take over creating money we should kick out what is the night think that signed the bank he reserved and he should have been booted out aloft and said in his sure is along with the love of the other presidents that had been in often then fore seen or people were not present cr they should have been treated as such and we as americans and capable of understanding that it we two men onthank that politics something we don't have to pay tention politics rules your life whether you there twice for hours is constantly doing something to so you're going in and we can't live without it we certainly cannot live without government without rule of law case rule of law will be absolutely the worst that would be ane beating upon people and taking advantage of her neighbors we don't want that either we have to have a government there can be controlled that we will how we had the tools to do that's the law as the constant the supreme court cases we've been talking about on first us been well sure verses road i colootolah first sir remember that there or all these cases are our tools by which oh we have understand that the now what they are we have to know we have then be it understands the constitutionally gives the legislature eighteen for that's it eighteen go back to the first amendment are the first article look for example they are a vagotonic pulse as owashimasu re coin money doesn't say print money in says conn no state can make anything but golden silver coin a tender in payment of debt yet we pay our debts and paper regard we get speaking ticket and we paid them in paper we can't do that the cost as no state can for so the pay in something of the stay have taken all and run the dead come we have to be able to go back to the cost where we had established the the i follows lost and if anybody in this country starts running for offices i'm going to protect our commorancy the first person you ought to throw on you're icke you have no idea what your job is you are therefore should resign step down and let somebody that really knows what get it off until we can get to that point of people and understand that we have a republic and not a democracy we are going to be wallowing whaling around and of strong his helping but tromp is not the total as does manage to kick over the government and change it we will keep it because we don't even know what it's supposed to be we have them something we have to something that's sustainable and that means you don't the long run and that means you know we have absolutely have to something that is he's not going to live to forever you know it's like you you you want not you want to people in places that are actively working to replace themselves go too you've got constitution of so what don't you go to the it duties and there are no meaning ramanathan with what outdon't i don't like this version can nobody's going to be able to read it and now i'm going to try to do good for section let men into get round us set that the type is too small hang out a minute refinedbut her one of the pedal and see if i can get the some to every time i bring bringing us up it's like i haven't saved an then i'll clean out my my cashnow you know the next thing you don't land like i'm a messorgo on the constitutional the constitution contratador alsatian a good copy of it here what do you want epithet up let's go back to the the gasometer amerighi article once i got it and this is a nice big black thank you so much for the constitution sothereor okay can't you sell up the power to lay and collect ex the debt and provide for the common the at all to these impulses in anim the duties impulse an excise taxes are what trop was tried and he was in taking another words most of these our coming from important goods from other countries there not coming from from our pocket that was never meant to be we were never meant the big end to our somebody else was but we allowed to federal reserve in and in the federal reserve process they were able to print all one however i real money cause what is real real money is a medium of exchange real money is has founded and it's not proceeded tale a real hot stage by a handle yes like gold is silver as he will fall paper money as you believe it has a dollar one spend that dollar seminatione it's vateline monopoly money and the only reason i works and play in the game this fish believe in it that's right costebelle in it it has no intrinsic value well consequent when it has no intrinsic value the people that run the printing at those of the people they are getting the value the minute he comes of the printing press they spend it spend it at a not more of a value of what the current is that there making the print the dollar to day in the long spineola were worth the way to three months and inflicting you not therefore had a hard time getting my arms around years ago was the fact that do you like you know you think that money has an actual value i mean all of us at some point time had to believe that money had actual value or it maybe you didn't even studying his relief years i like her not to go you know it was like you know you know in your kid you're like okay you know you're spending your dollars your work and your taking out trash and your moon lawns or whatever you're doing and you really have you as you've got something that you can buy things on the has valley and then you who you wake up one day and you realize wait a minute there isn't a there is an a fine amounted dollars or coins or whatever in the world because if they want more money they just print it and throw it into the pond and that dollar it your holdin on to becomes worth less and less and less just because they their flooding at you when that's a very simple as to quarriesin but when you're a kid and all a sudden you're your thoughts about what your earning come crashing down around you and done what it's kind of one's hard things to get your arms around and i think there's a lot of people that are still out there that believe that our fiat currency is act actually ossonval doesn't although i got a correct to just go a little bit here panoiki it when i was secured we had silver back there you go remember the horrers nickels and dimes well not to the quarters and nines and half thousands in norse what i wrote that they took all that they changed the for so the i was one year old with that point time so i've i've not not have the privilege that you had southergate ones sinthe other side of that corn that they didn't do it over night they didn't pull the silver out of the they did immediately pulled it out with it still had a present value of silver for a period of time the time i remember driving ever cling the saves and that was still in gold was gold was still part of the international change so a gasoline prices we a pretty and then when the feat currency came in while on board bloom as it has gold is or paper as prices are now away up in the before almost for orange in michigan i don't know what what it's like i heard the kelpie oh man but that's the consolation face then sorry odes estelle's go through these powers of congress here meant gestoso the parlors of continents to borrow money on the credit of the united state to regulate comers foreign nations in among the seven the to regulate commerce you know we don't want to have ohio the charge of the exercise imports i the federal government and of course another point to establish the uniform rule of naturalization uniform laws on on the on the subject of bankruptcies coin my hope to coin money regulate the value thereof of foreign corn the standards of the coin money as we go through this and if anybody finds out words as to coin money means to coin out of golden he can change that hopenothing tho i in changed the you have to have a you have too certain mode of the volt a bennettthen reanimating like there i do not manthis chequing money regulate the value there never been meant his law a congress turned this money over or turned the prose money over to the which i parentbeing and you do that now he growes too that the mother says of a nineteen sixty four shortly after j f k's permanent removal presently so because he he actually did the u s a treasury are you ase and he had the right idea i have not on in there not people one the other hand to provide for the punishment for counter fitting the securities and current of the united the recent pole of consaitis federsee anybody who was involved with that should be underlined ye see miss smith pitiful prayer yes crenellations or race a right endorser is come the money of the account the to establish a post office and postal rome and this is part that then remember how in by we didn't have a radio we didn't have i have in information travelled by s part of actually in the first moment with a established the post officers so roads the information got from pointed appoint be when it this is a very important point here his canoe we do need posteros now any more becase highways springs back then the establishment of our founding fathers in her thought prose the communications to promote the progress of science and useful arts concession of science fathers involved in or the real weaponized ebonized a information as what we have promote the process of science and useful securing the long a limited times to authors and invent exclusive rights of the if written in writings and somewhat destroyed by a totally destroyed the whole copyright and pat and structure is a descent so here again is part of the requirements of the legs must not something this is not a shot the low now on it euphorion ap jumpthat to fire a canting to constitute tribunals inferior vespree court yea and people are complaining about the district courts not the time of one card in insignificant it has nothing to do it congress has the authority set up intrusional tribunals that our inferiors to help with the love of deegan did i yea and common one the tract out of her okay constitutional arch the two tribunes to define and punish piracy and felonies committed on the high seas and offences and again where were when people say where in the admiralty and were in a maritime ah to declare war granted letters of marque and reprisals on land and water gush dare this is driving me nots i know it's as this annoying a to raise and support an army but no appropriations of money to the use shall be for longer term than who that's that that i stick one for what's going on right now isn't that an ice yep you that if you'd have a standing army you would have that you and eventually used that standing on the dead in the simple war which brought on the cold familitary can against the sviluppato even oh people he connotating to get rid of the police the corn of the matter here is at we are all his supposed to have a standing army for we can have a caffre and the net and a learning prose group of people that can train military we are standing as her violin your job mister legislator as you are quilingourt requirement that you hasten or violent violating we've got to go to get mebecause i want to get through all this this is great we don't have back in the hit the spasmatical to get through all these to day to provide and maintain a make rules for the government and rigid and to provide for calling the laws see invasion what is the most it's the wee the people at any wanton the ages of is a sixteen and sixty five we shall all hopesfor fire but you might peetrified to forty five eighteen forty five okay i the i the esprit but anyway to provide for the the call for militia we ought to let we must be the a trained in weapons absolutely all betrayed in we have an understanding of all to provide for organized a arming and the a and for the governing as parts of them and point and the by hundred percent says that we have to have weapons that we have that we have the right to her all of this is part we are chopin brought up with rifles and i knew how to use them and knew how to clean and knew how to take as part of we were all out and what hopes going to school that's what we get half a military all arethis parton i thought was one his prose he temainte now they have an altis when i left the were they a robber rightful roy that had they were made of rougher believe that now i can't say ochre silliness we actually had them one grand in our hands semlin the symbol of the and now he shot me but he did they no no we do okay i how came were on the last come here they have let ye i've two more laws which shall be necessary and provided for the you got to go up one two axe exercise exclusive legislation i asked me great his sizesthose s whatever overset not exceeding ten miles ten square hers that ten square miles brought up that tenscore miles is the organic act of someteen a rating subdivided not to exceed the tents for miles as may by school states are like authority or all places all places spite son of the legislator in which the same shall be erection of forts magazines arsenals as an to make the laws which shall be used provided the carry for growing or in all other powers by the serves there backing up just the moment here ah where says that answer miles since people have been thinking that we're all the united states is all parts ten square miles to did not give congress those people had come up with the half baked patriotic ideas here probably different a and also ianthe face chirological we were all contracted to the case while in its hole bring yourself back into the schools and teach civics and life skills and actually firearms training and train people to actually get involved and be involved in self governance you know where word and we condiderit worn trouble because ragtown when you have you no sort another way to divide us and some of the sender nonsense that's going on instead of actually protecting our nation and standing as americans we've got a real problem it is just we go back to the beginning the show it seems like we're so splintered into so many smaller groups that we've lost our combined purposeof one nation under god protecting the individual rights of each other is a you know we have we have like one job to jorian we screwed it up and so i mean that set out like a northern in the mitisoukou you were given one job to do and discredit out feetand and the scar creek is much of coming but i think i think it's often i think it's impered of that every one take the time to learn what it's supposed to look like we we can't be self governing if we don't even know what that is and in no how persistent have a freedom and in that we fight for its liberty is as you know our freedom is so precise and we need it we need to stand together to fight or it in windwe fight for for one person we fight for all of us if they go if they you know infringe on the rights of one of us they've attacked all of us there attack of the rightful president of the united states donald trump isn't a tap on all of us and like he said he's just standing in the way the arrieros here a short i know a part of our duty as is to actually learn about what self governance looks like what the constitution really has to say what are rights are lawful right is not the non sensory here people going let's grab our charges and pitch forks and let's call take a look for no take this it's like no that's exactly what they want us to do so that they can now they can you know shot us down that is the stupid persons metalka don't call on stone smart people and and and abide by the law in the lawful prise in its right there that's all we got to do so any courage even to to join john's group on wednesday night and in listen what they have john and on and crown have a lot of wisdom and the step to take back his nation now all the people that i have on her yon is the one that i least grace you know because if you're wrong and gentle don't he'll tear him into avinionae i've got you know i've got a tater i don't know how many times in a tater gettin taters like when he steps in because you're wrong and then tells it okay i'm sorry i'm in class here i see i have my promise i won't do to get in mercator please be nice to me but that's what you have to do as we have to be able to be okay with being corrected and you know and who cares about the mean to read her or whatever set there's a point time where a good as chewing on the nation is required you do to get people going in the right direction somebody needs rescue sorry we're going to chew the asses because it's like the i that point time they are a liability to the nation in right now on tureen asks in christina croose liability to this nation into an ass on all of these little political groups that have popped up that think they are going to be the hero with five or twenty members no you're not to ockington to save this nation by sitting there as a pariah to think you're going to save the nation and then colwork you know the republicans a down across that all of us there nothing more than a priorate this nation and you know what it's got to stop we need not eleanor dripping men how do they play on everybody's got everybody can complain i o what's wrong with nobody has are we free everybody was in his hoosieroon while once you get your whole group to get once everybody's in lockstep with you what do you prorastomus trying to figure how to pay the bills after she moved the money around in a hole bunch a little little counts and such i'm pretty extra soshe's got to be a toning most to her time before in jail time at this point time so i'm not thinking that i've got a lot of of you know faith in that whole situation it's time to go scorched earth on these a bone heads out there you know it's it's like notices what will retold to do posted direct serve notices struck them and once we instruct them we can go after them in a legal contract to either you neither in or instruct do what through the law your own you know available to do this is another thing is that if we're goin instruct and we got to have a little more intelligence out there you know and i mean intelligence in the population of americans to know what they can instruct him on if you're goin to trick them is well i've got a little special needs grow over here that's you know i'll protecting the rights of calicoes the nation because we like a tri colored cap that is the least of my of no know that's the most non racial cat out there so we're going to need money to protect the calico that's not what we're supposed to do if they don't even know what they can ask them to do within the constructs of the law and so a till we get more educated were trying to screw at this point the but not one for a hot here for john john and i and rod and all these people out there who are professional asked cures on tatartussia there everything we need to know it's right there tater to sayand he oreheard here thanks renovanda gorius love you piece as you remain and i really appreciate you know your meanness your tottering and whatever is he not mother is factual it's accurate it's holy things accountable the wit needs to be snapped his onothis kindergarten round up time of government wherever he's got a feel good about everything we are in war and it's time to start actule a dull horse heading and ready to take this mention back and if you want to go play in the th if you want to go play in the sand box and go plain to stand back and get the hell out of the way were real americans in adults are ready to take the nation back and fight for the people at onepainted sand bottae the right to play in the sand on see you now there you go there's down as little ran forth he for coming on i've got my next guest a courtney turn or relected talk to her too and she isn't she is she is not a mean as i am she's very nice verse had i horehound as the now well going to the two of you to the thought let's feel good about them were old fifth of this the things to come in on to the john i love you pieces and i really appreciate all the time you know as the teacher to teach history or your military career everything that you put into an all of us cause i'm an tell you what i have i can i can tell you i have learned so much for me that i never knew never heard nor verse shall be county never heard margaret versus mass and i've never heard i never heard the until you brought him forward and so you know what am i nobody has to feel bad when they don't know just the old men at i didn't i didn't know i ain't when we do when we are instructed that's a beautiful thing to be able to say well i didn't know that thank you so much for teaching us and now we can move forward and say you know we that we don't know what we don't know until we know if you got some like john out there who's willing put it forward you know go and join their group and figure it gits get the thing figured out he'll tell you exactly what needs to be done and if you if you're not getting it you probably going to get an askowinanya probably deserve that so without such i'm going to bring on my neck as the eminent oduce the i met her at the michael and doll ah the michael and devil ah even in endeither to tell everybody oh you let's go tell everybody how to get in contact with you it's john de tater at yo ho not come that a or or you can call me a seven three four ninths even one karger on my daily less than you'll get a ine the time we have yeah you notice the coniston every single wenket like nine o'clock oh tooesday there's a reason for that cause he's probably the smartest guy out there that youtalked conetoro the other day and he you know and i just i just really preciate everything you're doing so much so we will see you next week tuesday colebrooke before that sir and you have a wonderful day it had takes to quit break here and i introduce my next guess courtney to her thorne you guys got a love her now who morenineteen welcome to the second hour of brandenburg is not work i am donebringing it so the third day of october twenty or twenty solve gotten of coffee and me if you believe that or not any i want to introduce my next guess and i matter it icelanders of election crimes in poesy in down there which it was really nice to take very lovely person and her story is really compelling you know where every one of us his challenges in our life at when you have people that have overwhelming challenges which they are able to conquer and move for and use it as a it's an inspiration to all of us corte turners the whole host of the corne turner pod cass w i l which is what is movement and one show coming out the right voice is also a speaker and arial acrobatic performer having spent her academic career largely set in the world of philosophical and psychological and being a passionate athlete and performing artist paved the way for the world in which his currently emerge many they know her as the host of the corte turned a process where she boldly seeks truth i like that and a diving into the myriad of deep topics born with a rare as elise surrounding a loss ethice or surrounding issues on help fitness madison philosophy psychology followed ticks geopolitics cultural as sighs she however she is all human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are a unique creative turner corny was born with the congenital rubella her mother had german met measles during the first trimester pragmatics some of the ramifications included but are not limited to or unilateral blindness severe by lateral her in apparent i thot don't even at so sore hip hypotonia affecting the limbs heart complication a symmetrical bone development stunted growth poor finding graphic motor cordination and several other they told her mother the best she could hope for was to find a nice situation in which to spend her life surmounting that dire prognosis drove her fascination with the human psyche she believes humans are capable of so much more than most realized and can defy the greatest odds through all her content content creation writing speaking of performing she aims to inspire in form power and hopefully contribute to the preservation of the free will of humanity and with that sad here's mr how are you to and how are you i'm going well think you wonderful i so enjoyed our visit you know when we were at my miewndoo just such a beautiful human being and and soaping i can't believe you just little little tiny person too and all of the chorobates you do is just beautiful thank you so much i love meeting you answered good time yet with a lot of fun so what's ever in courtney world to day instintly no you were just reading that off and i realize that it had caused sothewerk hearing up to do the next one cause essedris uniting for the sovereignty of every one that we did won back in june on therein fourth and franklin and the sea it was fifty three acts he did about twenty six hours of content that are all upon the website now we had speakers we had musicians comedians i did too rioponces on each day we had studiosissime ready to do the next one that also where is the next one looking june florida i we're hoping south florida for the next one we have just talked to his sponsor and it's not quite enough to do costemarie mass in event of so were still seeking more sponsorship but we're going to do with that sponsor won't do like a a many one into a fund razorback's can be october twenty eighth we need to confirm with then he that's that's awsome so i told her twenty eight he said ah yes otettaman rechoed of the confirmed with the sponsor with the pen osaheta has fought these sons like a lot of fun you know i would go down to that except for i've got a wedding by one of my daughters is getting barring one littorina couldn't get having in her hand make sure that everything is kind of running here but that's something a lot of fun and i look for to see and you know you eentiest tour so we loved it come up by you as well so wherreting to go every few months and at least through the election well it sounds like just a wonderful it's a wonderful a entertainment but also education opportunity for people now so that you can you kind combined functions and a people can be informed and educated on what's really going on while you have time to did to kind of like process there's so much of it there's so much de process out there that i think most people on their heads are on a swell they don't even know what to what to watch anyone yet they get so overwhelmed and i think sometimes like even if you can process all the information some people will get left feeling a little black billed you know it's like especially if they are if they haven't heard a lot of the stuff and then you start to hear everything is going on and can feel like a lot of dooming gloom but i think if they if they successfully robbing you of your joy then then there's no point right so i anei think the information foliamorta but i also think we need to have fun though the companies actually called fond it's the freedom don't be network oh let's citein hear that when before so let's call how how how fun is that yes oh how i so anyhow so i i'd like you to tell everybody your story you know i introduced you a little bit but i'd like to eat i tell them all of the things that you've gone through and the you know whatever you want to talk about this the time is yours you know old is nicklebeian know you have a lot to say and in your you just you disappeared with him be thank you thank you so much well guess so if you have read off on my entering the world with little bit unusual and so my man was sick during first to mister pregnancy she had suspected that she was sick and she went and had a tiger reading tests if the baby meaning me with afflicted when they did that the doctor was his sleethe read it as being one twelve and they believed that the tiger was actually one twenty one if he had read it as one twenty one my man would have pennon so where are grateful that the doctor read it as one twelvemonth's born as coronstone in the middle of the blizzard and my dad's a huge football fan so he wanted was the game i have since not learned a you know to be punctual so a from the start i was hardy and not arriving conveniently and so they tried to induce labor but when they sought the adoral itrested crown some of mamma's tideswal headaches the of my life oh are you familiar with those i had on one side oh ye so i have never had one but i hear it was quite for it all that she really couldn't lift her head she couldn't hold me and when she finally did she things were on and so she kept asking them to do of unhorst and they kept telling her they knew the doctor's dislike they had suspected he made a mistake they were covering for the doctor and so they kept telling her everything normal all the tests were normal and it so when she after while siderealize that the one the big things she was noticing was one of my eyes was not focusing asking about it and they kept telling her oh you know babies as don't poke is and shall be one eye is wysthe other one rolling up in the top her head that doesn't make sense so she thought that it looked a lot like her father some internal grandfather had just had one he had finally found it doctor who confirmed i was born with a cataract and my left eye the three months old did a cataract removal proceed carrick procedure back then was buried different than his to day in today's pretty retin most people are in now you know and fully recovered within lesson twenty four hours but back then it was a lot different they pulled the iris they left the prebend the bretna pretty shortly after they had got back and do what's called a written old clean when they did the retinal clean out they found pigmentation behind my side did i and they decided that i was born with congenial rebell at that point which means that they had determined the thought that my mom had permeates during first from messer prigs about point they hold my mom that i was going to be completely blind gaff otestate retarded and hitchens that the muscles didn't wouldn't develop and most likely i you know that i wouldn't walk or function in that the best she could hope was fine nicestthen for me to spend my life fortunately my mom did not believe them and fortunately they were wrong and but i was born with several challenges so i am blind in one eye i am hearing him hard by later i learned how to speak by reading lips so i didn't actually get hearing as he most secure the old i had heard her gryonis a year old i was fore with hionic limb so it just affected the muscles in my limbs and anghiera sent to growth of things that you had listed here were here so about soon they knew that there was going to be all of these challenges my parents from my birth and it was called a wrongful birthe because the alternative would have been to a working and so i was i get the qualify everything you know i could find it therefore people understand it i don't think my parents thought i was wrongfully born and i'd prodont even know that the lawyer thought that but that was the angle that the and i think you something i am pretty passionate about i do share it because i think that there is a huge is one to be lies were sold is about the value of human life and it's one of the ways that they can promulgate things like the eugenics movement like the abortion agenda and the reality is that life is an incredible miracle scientists have actually determined that worse something like one in four hundred quillinane of being born that sounds like a miracle to me so and i know that i really do firtos to be here so i am very grateful for the mistake i think the ultimate lesson from all of it is they just don't know you know they give you all of these prognoses we do all of these testing him being have been around for some longerthen all of these like the amniotes even existed and worse still here to day so i think you know the the realities we don't know and i don't personally i believe is that it is not for us to decide i don't think we get to decide whose life is worth living and whose isn't a bean so through that i learned i talk about how movement was a huge part of my aid developing skills to overcome because my proposition was obviously challenged by the stipular sons which can and i don't think people think about you know i think more and more now in the realm of athletics people are starting to understand that you know the role of like nero muscular cordination and the hand i cordination and a lot of the neurological propriate copses components that go into not just athletic performance but they really are so valuable for every day functioning so in we had a bunch of little things that i think were incredibly valuable like i had a baby nurse me in a wet sand box she saw that she said it she could see a had really determined personality and she said that she thought if she put these toys just slightly out of red that i would probably like weed through the sand to try and get to the toys oh that's cool so clever so clever and she was right and the sand creates such the wet sand creeds s that the hope was that it would be stimulus to crease some sort of a neuromuscular stimuli that would lead to a coordination hopefully heerethrough which successful and in my mom had the idea that i had a patroon my side did i ever the day my childhood so has essentially blind and deaf every other day almost flinted off every of the day my child had and she decided that we should build me basically being my grandfather actually built the beam and the regardedthat walk on him for a full week were whether or not i had the patchnose till bind up every other day walking on the theme and if i completed it for a full week my reward would be that they make the being narrower the thing so they did that and then one of the four years old i went a camp and i know his kind of a new environment and is a little bit nerve racking and then i saw the gymasium and there was a balance then of course i ran over to her i felt super familiar and i totally fell in love with human so that's been on i feel like that on a huge part of my being able to develop cooling mechanisms and a skill cooking skills to overcome lot of the challenges with which i was faced not just physically but in need also teachers shall toabout your your place in the world that teaches you mindnothing all sorts do homophily to you a lot about like discipline you know telegrafica can and that sort of thing which were very very useful i think for an imagination people don't realize how much play is in volt we actually had it so it was kind of any between periods so the rebelleonis didn't really exist any more and we found one now that the rose about institute and they were the first ones to reassure my mom betows going to be okay and she said why nobody's thinking that and they told her that it was because they could see i had a very vivid imagination and that with my cooping mechanism so a lot of them were thinking i was going to be artistic because i do a lot of mimicking but what they said was that the i could not recognize that i didn't quite forgotten you know i wasn't able to participate and communicate in the mainstream world so i was trying to bridge the gap by mimicking and creating my own worlds one of things i did was i created bubbleand i love bubbles and the kid i i don't think i'm goin akin that but i would blow bubbles and i would invite people to bubbleland and then we would speak but language cock which was essentially gibberish keats are masters of improve one of the first rules of improve is yes and you never say no but or but why in and children can to be masters of him proecise there the playful in their curious and they haven't been conditioned to you know so there there still kind of in that exploring o i don't know what is this and they go along and the indian there that exactly that too exactly and so magically we just understood each other perfectly and he but yeh that's what they said they said it was my way of figuring out i bring people into my world that i could learn there and then replicated you had some really amazing people around you too that you really creed on now talk about how you know this is something i've been pondering it's like asking you know asking a question of what are you building to share you know and in when when the people the people around you were building their resources share with some one when the time was right then yet needed that knowledge that creativity and that ability to go to go forward so what are we building to share they were sharing themselves in beautiful ways with you and this is an arisen even you talking about it is just this assentandi story i love this gee you're put me in happy land right now to histogenetic combining i'm joining you here in bubble land and have you langoustes isely nice thank you yet we we need some of that i think you know they're there there's a lot of things to be a concerned about in the world right now but we definitely need somethin so sir thomas more about it but in what olstappen when else did you know what was the next chapter i the now after ominious like that you know the earlier years in some ways were actually so i know that sounds probably strange to people but it's before as you were saying kids typically don't have the ego they don't have the conditioning they don't have the awareness necessarily to know a true rejects and so then when i was younger and kids were actually much more and a much more you know willing to play and go along and i had a much bigger circle in the gold holder got much more challenge you know they sectarianise and i i think i don't think most people are impervious or escape you know the world of brutal kids and bullying but i detest the definitely got more challenging as he got older but i you know i think one thing that really always carried me through was my imagination so i was always able to pen of build my own morals and dive into the kid is a very very habiteraient bill worlds whether or not other people joined me so i think that really carried me through and then certainly the gnostics and having identified horsesnow and water skiing the thing being able to fourchettes words and have that sense of learning it one thinks i talk a lot about is to he to the cross the coach and the personal trainer for while one of things you hear a lot and scores in a fitness communities as they always talk about work your readiness work your weakness and i would get so frustrated in like no work your straits because i don't think you should ignore your weaknesses but i'd think that your strength are your unique it and i think we're all endowed with unique gifts and he and strains and then it incumbent upon each of us to discover those harness those home them so that we can be of contribution to the world and it so yes i think that that was a huge part of my developing those and learning what were my strength will work my weaknesses and how do i deal with that and i one of things they talk about before i before i went so was an actress and then i became a speaker and i would do aerial acrobatic performances and in my features it would talk about movement as a metaphor for life and using physical training to help overcome adversity and other areas of light i know most people on a wicked spanierin met all the physiological emotional psychological and mental benefits of physical training but a lot of people don't look it he don't necessarily see the philosophical and think ruselem have been one of the few who really talked about it but it's a really great tool and i do think it's a metaphor it really hopes you to understand your own path in overcoming adversity though i would talk about that and talk about how you know my own story and how it was a huge part of that ah so i don't know i know where you want to go ochsenheimer do it to go with it since like i think i think that training is is a it is important you train your mind you train your body you the more you sent stagnant and feel like you have no power of the more the less power you're going to have you know you every single day we should be learning things you know exercise i you know how many people say that when they retire or when they quit work they start to decline so onyou know i saw that with my dad before he died too you know when he stopped started watching though the western his holding was i just wanted my chair in march the western and he's the guy that was busy every single day and you could watch set to line and so you know we white choose our path forward god has given us the ability shoes are pack if something's bothering you you know run towards the fire don't run away from it a lot of time winesthat adversity it to your point that adversity is what makes us groll and it oshimensis i think we want to run away from entstehende with that ye that's exactly what you should be seliniote on your little pony his words out and take that challenge no today you will in no i think that kind of leads to where when i'm doing now because in twenty twenty i was living in santa monica and it was it was so incredibly awful like i can't even begin to express how depressing and how anxiety inducing it was for me i think was for a lot of people but everybody was most of and i didn't realize how much i still depended on all the numerals and lipreading polarity of speech into all the cooking monisms i sent my entire life developing were then suddenly strike for me because every res woringas irohete that any thing about that they had to be absolutely a horrific it was awful i hit my with so incredibly depressed and anxious like i felt and on top of it it was really do cronian i mean they would they were resting people for being on the beach i would go a my i would go like an hour and a half just to go for a hike with a friend justices like a naked face and have a conversation in it was it was pretty bad i'd get yelled at in my like they were called me my building of manager recall me to tell me i need to be wearing a mask like as i stepped out of my door i know just in the hallway this is still part of my home in holelike though if it was pretty bad and i started you talked to people i started speaking out on such a media when the lock down first happened so i was actually scheduled to do a pool competitory very first one and i worked so hard on his lake really worked so hard on these ten it was much more of like a gymnastic cohen with vertical bar of the post to her onto for thesemore familiar with i know either sport but a internacieco have like the uneven bars and there hand in parallel to each other whereas in pool it thoughtlessly vertical but it was a very gymnastics style reine they worked really really hard on andandof course the lock down happened two days before and i had he was still working was working two gems at the time and i can't prove it but i got a fire from both of them oh i'm pretty sure that it was over politics it was the first time i started release saying anything because i just couldn't really keep quiet any more at some point i decided that you know i know enough about the mouse struggle sessions and that other colchicin work out so well for them and i don't want to be part of the problem so i think i need to start speaking so the first day the lock down i had decided well is a good opportunity to write i been wanting to write now i have time so i at the end of ten hours had this beautiful white screen staring back at me and i knew enough about the created process to know that i really couldn't force it i mean to decide it was just too anxious and they ordered eleven books that day and then decided well i haven't had much time to read either so now the goree opportunity to read and as the sertorian which was great it was great for me to spend that time and think it the right thing for me to do with that time but then a port i wanted to talk to people about all these things i was read had started talking on mine religious posting i didn't think it was anything controversial to be really one and you know maybe some medical journal which apparently were incredibly controls i had then a lot of just i went kind of back to my i could come roots of philosophy and psychology but i think your world few and seeps through and i guess a lot of people and my entertainment and circus spheres did not really share my worleson realize hoseinie i muchreally muzzled myself either i never really thought of myself as somebody who ah you know i it's not that i would go looking he started by a bit never thought of myself we would as somebody who i in a wooden speak their mind either and i realise i really have been a suppressing just because i didn't want to alienate everybody around me and i was kind of in a sea left us that made it very difficult for me to share my views and so bunter people who were more a line to started reaching out and suggesting that i set up and i know nothing about mancasting though when i share this story in people find this hilarious but somebody who heard my birth throes like you need to be on ruin that was like what's the room in why do i need to say on it i fell picked what the recantationshe i now know who are organised out of the bespattered looking into the world of puchasing and the whole idea is terrified me as i don't by many thondere that i could have naked face conversation and that that i see my life who spoke iicome to six months of even organological interface i still love the idea of being then have meaningful discussion so invited people and i committed to six months of just reporting conversations i told them that i might not even are them that i just wanted to have conversations with people and will see what happened and so i did and then i know i really enjoyed it i found it really cathartic and the guests who ever and seemed to enjoy it though i started to her bow and other people seemed to feel like it was sectatorem and made them feel like they weren't alone and so we kept going and her over three hundred episodes that this including one on medesimos at the he that politely great in tackled something that you are afraid of it i can relate to that a little bit too i had no idea what i was doing and then this like you know he just moved forward and and i think i think that's how a all a whole bunch of us who were alternative media have really become the news people realize that you ought to mainstreamed there not us this as this is in illusionthe are part of the propaganda machine it is not real life and real real life is so different than what was manufactured by hollywood there can i tell it us what they were doing cause it's their bunches thingprogram yes about to say nysether you know and one sellbut but you you know you look at the news and it is propaganda no one wolf came out with something that showed that there was evidence that came out that showed that they were creating a narrative shot down the proof that they had been given that the shots were killing people and some so all of these things one when we when we don't let our sources in actual have real discussions with people whose lives in effect we're talking were talking to ghosts were talking to things that don't exist and were listening to them it's all it is isn't illusion and it in it's really it's really sad and how do you trust in allusion you need to talk to your real purse who hath speriences that you can talk things out and i really think the shift in in the values that are of the like your pancaste just been one of the greatest things that happened as a result of covenant everything had happened with cover that or the government going totally rye his men had alone wonderful teaching i mean i find out who your real friends are you find out you found out what you really believe about things cause you have to make so garden i think that that's ten extraordinary yah i mean i always say you know took me really long time to find the transition that i found the high speed rail and now in trying to catch up oh so basil let my way of saying that i was really late to waking up i mean i was very much asleep before i conon i started out i started the poncas saying that you know if we could just like i thought that the republican party had been come controlled opposition for the left and i have now come to believe they were created to be controlled opposition for the left and i really started it just kind of you know we just get the right people in office we can just fix this whole math now that's not to say that i don't think we should definitely work especially locally i think that is important to build communities and get involved in know the fit generation more fare tiling that a local action leads the federal impact i think the that is absolutely on target and i do believe that people should give very actively involved but it now or are systemearly iwoned wait with tenotehage and hope it behind me carol quick wrote that in the six yeeshing republished in the seventieth but he was an archivist for the the sea for the council of foreign relations and he believed that they had been selecting our elected officials for well over a century and he wrote that the sixty so in to this corruption game has been going on for a very very long time i think it has been exacerbated and magnified especially with the advent of technology and the machines of their using but one we know they have packeigo well beyond just the machines with the ballad harvest saying you know the constitution says you can have you botone day somehow they've decided we can you know we can have monsoonwalleri menoetius just the suggestion to these people there is is just the suggestion we it's kind of it's just a guide for us now it's wooland you know it right at hononkerotin accolyte treason when you when you are in violation in which is like all of them that are sentences right now you only we don't see anybody that has the gods to step out into the right thing and it's become self serving political industry in my opinion i i hollered but i think one of the things of a covets your saying it so it's so great that it has won so many people so many people who would never have even thought even look because i just couldn't do what they pocrisy en i saw that actually a lot in the finiteness because like wait there is the help crisis don't no shops and liquor shops or open but the jim hoped the close we can't get for her like nothing made sense you know who it was like i thought there was a health emergency i thought there was some sort of byres you know there everything like an i don't subscribe to the traditional narrative around my roses into the actual definition of byres they have from latin is actually one i think that's much an accurate description i think cotinginae is what you said engineered a yes in lots of cases of oneshort diving into the history of vaccines in most of them have created by a weapon as a whole like long rabbit hole but yet i know there a few solidities that come out every two years in the election cycle that should be a first clue that something's wrong it at relishand when you start i don't know anybody there that yetnobody can show me an example and prove me wrong but i don't know anybody who has gone down the rabbit hole and done deep research on back who comes out proves because when you really learn what his indies things that they are poisons though the fillers the aivan there there fills with metalsthe reason we have such high allergy rites now is largely because of vaccine ingredient number fifty seven vaccines is actually the part of the reason we have such an arise in peanut allergy my sister haven't be on apoxiomenos in the notice was kind of personal to me ah ah and part of the reason is because as humans were designed to be able to invest things like peanuts things like eggs which are also very high no elegy a source to day those are also a very large percentage vaccine must vaccines have egg produces in them and what happens is where our bodies are designed to injust them break them down usually we don't have a problem however we were not designed to do is havetherefore plods when their injecting your blood stream your body sees that is a foreign agent and freaks out goes into protective mood you get a histamine response then what happens the next time your mode sees that same a for an entity now this time you may be in jesting it where divine to be able to handle and you know processbut because it remembers that object of being problematic it goes into an attack mode to and then we have a history in response it's one of the reasons why we're having such high in people didn't have allergies at the same rates especially not to outof the foods that were seeing to day i mean there's also other factors like all the gems and all the pesticides and and gather there in latelie the glissades are such a problem i mean when you start looking at bar starting out as the company to manufacture mustered gas to aunt then all of a sudden at the end of the war they decide to go into pharmaceuticals because that's he should sertinius me this is accompanied that his killed created to have make a killing comicals and they go into that and that now they've they've merged with monsanto tecpan sancho is the gem o you know and the round up with a round of friddy crops and such i think every if it's it's really a shame and is a farmer what that what the whole thing with the life states is it doesn't necessarily kill the weeds it does but it kills the soil the soil is a living it's a living changing organic composition in its it's it's a world all of its own with withered on the bacteria and the bugs in it they kill the soil i know therefore the plants have no nutrient i exactly that the soil is so depleted of nutrients and mire feoistic ent in nutrient and they chose won a lawsuit against the lipsso but the sobsnicki they are so now you're you can't go and by livetosee round up to go and put on now on your crops not individuals can't do it that doesn't mean that it's not still in everything is in all the products is still on the mast beknow so also is everywhere so the basically just took it out of the store like retails a good does that do but that's a sneaky they are why do the same thing in past control where where the peskin troll it's sort of like creating little a little of a cartels all the industries of become cartels and they've legislate to protect those industries as a merrier for entry so we can't have it but their little cartels that they created and regulated they all get a good all the toys tottering or harmful yeah there there so omany examples and they take in so much of the profiteering right like like cannolo for instance write that it was world wore two artillery greece that they had an abundance of like what we do with this oh we can put it include it's literally wore wartwort agrees is is not edible stuff and it was actually called repeatwhat wasn't very popular so they changed it to canadian national oil hence can ooo and that is all of life to state also so ye it's a it's a very sickly cold it all it always makes you wonder because when they when they harvest the wheat they'll spray round upright before they right before they they however sweet and that really shock it's cut a shocking because its well you're going to get that in the wheat i wonder i was wonder if that's why there's so many elegies notches the cause hechamos but i think it's because like the lifecases that they're putting up right before harvest i i think so too i i have made your reactions to both seed oil and i don't actually have a gloom sensitive i've been tested repeatedly but i think it's the life say i think life see is actually worse i mean there are people who are selinaand you know understand that glutton can be a problem for some pole i actually think the life estate is worse because it's more pervasive and i agree with you i then there's there some i don't know i do think that it just i mean there's so many things my eyes have been opened to but you know coelive us the it was kind of the cattle for a lot of us to start diving into the i know a lot of mom started diving in because i suddenly realized what the kids would learning and school and you know the omigosh what is this common corphat is critical race theory and with my kit learning this and so we we had a lot of people home schooling became a much bigger trend which i think is and half stick i i think that you keep start to realize also that i know a lot of mons he think we cosslett then but i have a lot of friends who had got very overwhelmed by the idea cause they're like a todos home and like please please don't oh you know like that that i really encouraged them to do more of like a self directed a tape learning a new come people call unschooling be i think that we'd be so much better off as a society if everybody were if keys were there curious finance they won the learned at that's how they develop up right and if they were able to discover their passions and let that lead they would thirtenly going to be curious and if you give them the environment and foster out in urthathen they'll learn i know most of what i've learned has not been freschool it's been noted and i've done some pretty deep research i the lever was very little from school i think most of us do it's like a you know the i couldn't wait to get out even the only i know he did it he is cool absolute aided it when asked eh what i heeded it too mostly because of the social environment and i most of what i and also i don't you well with arbitrary rules and authority i just don't i must have a diverging personality but i don't i just didn't never did all of that and some most of what had learned who was really because i will say i was very fortunate i was given some leeway to do my own independent research projects i mean i fosfor it but i did i mean i didn't independence study et in high school and philosophy i wrote to edyfie p casesho this cestode on dreaming alsis so know as able to do had both fieldeach as well as a review of literatures and present for panels ah yes i do i was given kind of leeway in that regard which i'm very grateful for it but it was kind of like whatever the mandatory thing was that was like well i don't want to but i meant didn't there said forgive me little all you know space i'll go and investigate it's not that i don't want it learn or it's not that i didn't want to do work it's just said i didn't want these arbitrary you know boundaries relearned think yourself ye are instead of following the program exactly yet would ye me literally what the educationists sonsnine to do right so to do don't oh it was pertected on the three tier pushrods which was designed after the battle of jannat in eighteen had saved it was stirring the napoleonic qarsthe lost the battle of gen they realized they lost because the soldiers were belled and so they decided in this she the english translation but essentially they said they needed to breed it mindless obedient soldiers and mass with the education is designed to do it was then exported to the united states through a series of events but in hercalled pch de program now no fences apaches there their wonderful people in some people have some great knowledge as a result of it in or doing wonderful things with it but i think it is the pinnacle of indoctrination and the evidence of this is that the founder of the pecherais build heuerigerthe was actually known as raphaelites also known as the father of the father of psychology now he's disciple was william jane as the father who was the first peach student and head the other american psychology and he had several other a students i knew this was at leipsig university ah he has students like a like a to william james was one of them there was a john dewey whose largely instrumental in bringing over this education modelwhat was it the humanest manifesto which was very reminiscent of adam byshops without wilhemene he was a disciple of i'm banking on who it was it come back to me i but also very relevant in that hole scheme i yes sir hol education system was like literally designed to breathe these kind of automatons and rode and critical thinking process and it was oliver's born at as i now things like people who i can't prove that you know it was a direct descendant of the destining was from the luminary but i think the fact that a new people i found do we who was oh he was scipawisset at stanley and gilman so and they were out like that the whole thing really sounds sectorregion would you look at it how how the thought process of then brought on it's it's a it's a religion it's a it's a club it's a special club that people get in one there in doctrine then to it then then you get a chance to progress it it's stocton's it really is a cult and in give you letters to make you know that your part of the cult and that he that you're cool to signal to the initiates there a yeah i had so actually that was one of the principles of the limenaias that they want octove ed and they said that it because desasirse towards the coming atheist and then atheists was a step towards the one sentence so that that was the trajectory and they thought of the easier if you know he started with the east the i'm not saying adios you know become col testeso sly not true but that was there a mine set and that was the reason why they were recruiting specifically death or pool people who had their got one of the poles was to overthrow christianity overthrow a western civilization they wanted to overthrow nations monarchies to him all her have told control control alonehas centrolineal governance i you know i mean it's always had different names like i think back then it was called like the order for the new ages and hence the new age movement was very much a dormitive of that but they now they called the great recent but yet the new world order reweledest nothing new here is just good regarding you know all regard to tate and at all at all goes to the same and in the same and as you will be as god that that's where all this goes she their trying to sell every one the lie that you are a god unto yourself the ian the not stick wore over that is it and so so and you look it but look at the the machinists that they use the same thing out o alexander the great use here are the conquerors all used the same thing there are four part and are the the pharaohnate give em give em you know to take over the schools religion entertainment theatre and its forts and you will own and entire one and so then i kind of where we're at right now and look at house hollywood's part was in these the united states we had halted we have hollywood had it every knows now i think that that they're nothing more than a tool and people were placed who wed marched to their march to their tune and so you know we've got hollywood we have the sporting and escryre ligion a most of the church is completely apostates told it was going to happen and so you know you you can rely you can really see that this has been carried through through many many governments throughout history and that throwing baillie bit burning kids on the altar ah for sure the attack on the the you know the unborn is absolutely its sacrifice it's a sacrifice and i i'm going to be really interested how many live babies were this whole nonsense of doing a portion of the twenty eight days after birth i'm not believing that there actually killing i think they're selling on the same thing with with late term of portions that of mobs have no idea what's happening to those children and are they actually dead i don't think they are i think they've got to the pre yeah or if they are then their selling their organs ah but i have frieseland i think it's a form of sacre no i think so too i yea i will hollywood of part of the reason why i started the callisecas cause i come from that world and i used to say that you know i used to say kind of figuratively that i felt like an order to be successfully you had to bark with the devil but now i kind of think thisspecially literal of i do too it's like it's as these is the free time to be alive and see all this to tell us about more of your experience and hollywood because you're producer is the producer actress i started out as a theatre actress i had very very strange i started as in her science and a major in college and then i wittipols phy and then a graduated in and went so ataworkin and my parents really question where they went wrong a anthistiria so sere out having a theatre company city i really loved the tracing i would have loved to have a musical theatre career but i love her saying another people don't love to hear me said there was a slight a derailment on my musical theatre career he could take but i as i get down then we've got pelle you fell and i did some independent fellow i got him all impiety and now i never really had tremendous success in that industry this point i am in i think grateful actually i think my soul was spared but what i wish he because i wasn't i had friends who were you know much more successful and i could see what was happening with them and i felt very dark but you know what i certainly had people approached me with all sorts of things that in i just wasn't willing to compromise anything in a way my night oeteae kind of play to my advantage i just like no i want nothing to do with that you know like intestine right i i now pass upon what could have possibly been in terms of success great opportunity and i just ontik realized at the time goes like the stone and but what a cheese and this was now that i have done the research i have done on tavistock it's so like now i can see it so clearly but they were pushing message and it is never meets sense reality in orotalt to that little bit yah i don't low to keep guides on capstock so that was in twenty twenty i had a friend who massaged me and made agesasete me this video housenever heard doctor john now and he sed me this vireo of him doing a speech about the committee of three hundred i call to write afterwards and we were like fourth thirteen the morning that night and talking about it i started reading all of his books of drunk home and was a former and my six and he bohireen books and several other monographs and one of them was called the hummel and that book on amazon recoils from spytells i with then what do they not want you know that i do think that's like the equivalent of modern game banning is the expensive to the masses and i've seen that with so many books actually and looking round like i there's so many that they did make it so expensive you know most peoples can ford it or not that's not how they would spend that kind of an so i read the pedee first she didn't and i read it three times that week and it for me i think i i i think it's riveting material of anybody highly recommending people research it by for me it was a convergence of kind of all three errors my interest and passions and experiences because its origins of the so a industries is still psychology achates social work you know the whole history of secessia science really was coifed by the tavestock institute the philosopher so the convergence of like the frankfort school and the fabian socialists and many other philosophers authors actually their very first meeting charles masterman who was appointed to helminthes is acinetenlehre before the first for war it was because it's osntatious the moresnet security under in covert means so they yahgans had a propaganda bureau said the briton's decided they needed to have one but the purpose of it was actually true garner acquiescence to get the britons and the americans in true the first world war they actually appointed edwards who many may be familiar that name he's both book propaganda he was also done double nephew of sigmund interestingly enough he's nephew is a mark adorns who was the founder of the prominent a yellow went to my own mother had it all in the family i want to family so he and lip men were appointed to head what was called the creel commission and the pero in the united states and the trio commission of the mission was to sway popular opinion in favor of entering the war an so ye have but master men he brought together in their first meeting it was a twenty five authors some of whom i was very disappointed to learn like rudyard kipling became part of this propaganda machine if is on my all time favored poems but ahhsa bit dissappointing but it several names you would know like chesterton and each wells of of course and so there are a lot of really big names and they were up into nineteen thirty five and they kept it secret and the purpose was to put out these pamphlets and say people in favor of war so from really that edaioth pretty early on but it goes all the way back we look at the ancient greece that you talked out you know sort or theatre oh of course literature poetry has always been used to manipulate and sway public opinion but have a stock really codified at because they studied human psyche they were doing all of this test a lot of it was done under the guise of a war time red but they were doing all this testing this is of course where we got the name have stock actually came from it was have a sack square but it was also named after the eleventh marquis of tavistock who was actually a descendant of a william russell who was the founder of scones his partner of a was a long so tough a fonso half and that was as shikastah persentiscat her and older of colombo's yet who is the present right before woolseners and wilson was the new world order president wontyou sarching into the staff it's like it at all kind of connects why you make as cannot when you may start making the connections you can see who is as you know you could see he start getting a rings out in foresendan i think that's worth ivbecomes really active in making it as to valuation of some of istenour ney of you red kings dethroned and what's your pen if what have you ever read kings dethroned i have not no ohomi left who is on whose author there has the author of what the king kings dethrone odereither was something else he question posted the chaplein and then had passed on yeah i yell looking to it no i haven't read that one heard of it so he is the it's he so it's so fastening you know what i think the thing is that we're really learning too is that everything is so upside down and nevermore to you know the things that we've been taught just and we are taught to accept in the government schools the the history is right written by the vice and the ones that are in power so when they're telling us something a lot of times we need to go on half isit direction and start looking for truth because because the hehnesse the truth of what we're being told is probably not we've fed exactedthe a hard thing and you know isoscele will say you know i want the night states back i want my government back what are you willing do you understand that what your besieging up for it you're going to have me willing to change ya opinions to embrace him new things you know to go set with people that are on the opposite side and a what you believe and listen to what they have to say without listening for response it's listening for information on the sad gerald hickson it's about astronomy teaching that astronomy teachings were all lies oh interesting as an notithing no man's really interesting of three shatterment yeesten in more immortalize here and my screen chats your hate so ye it's a oweevee taught so many lives and it into point about like people saying they want their country back i think a lot of people actually don't know that much about the founding of our country denotat their country really is supposed to be now lent think they do i think a lot of people don't and when you look at our founding fathers lot of people think that they were people who have done some of the research and into who they were i think a lot of them think that they were so prescient and it well i do think they had a profound understanding of human nature and human nature seems to be quite consist i circumstances in technology may change but you know her nature really where were cenotherae as we were a bostoneers ago but what i think relieves is that the they were battling the in a sing things were battling to day i you know you could say verses it really was an ingenous that when you start looking into things like the french revolution so much of our founding was modeled after the lessons learned in the french revolution e when the illuminati was infiltrating the masons they saw how the division this is part of my washington warned us against the two party system because he said it was in it he knows an entrapment for frnningen that's why we shouldn't have him we can see the dangers to day we saw the of course what happened with the knowerwhat they were the decoration independent don't know how many times that i should actually really get to the exact number but i think they said usurpations may be thirty and we looked at a i i think that number might be like in the hundreds of thousands so i'm pretty sure you're right on that one in the cattle off the rails that i don't i've got it don't know how far this off the roads universe is going to go but but it's incredible and as a whole is a country we don't even we because we weren't taught that an there's so much it was hidden for us just to be a man if ulation that that were kind of at a disadvantage and were playing catch up right now yea and when you talkin bout good birds as evil so if you put it into the framework like you be put into a biblical framework for you know i bertheletus that i think that the the enemy ere the anti human crowd he be there very much against humanity and i call them the parasite close they i do really think that they want to put us all into like a transhuman leading to post human world that's controlled by any high port mind that the program were rend of siloam tapers and the and to do to that too is to be radically human and i mean radically in the sense of i know the etymology of the word like deeply rooted in humanity and so i think that you know when we we we think about that the good verses evil the it's the same kind of insistent that there they technology changed to their ability to enslave humanity has change the ways of they can do that has changed now i know there looking for technocratic teckover i think they petted and if these these various systems over the years and over the theenations whether it be like the capitalists or socmens and i think that's the big one more seeing right now a really we're starting to the more with all the indios and to a more lower world wide type of fascist structure but ultimately i think their paving the way for technic the taper the factious take over a but it's always these dialectical games that they play rights i i say that those people have a is like a view you know in the christian religion you have a true now that there's a trinity right the trinity is a and there religion witurnity that they worship is the triple ees and i call it the first one is like distortion so i they distort the manipulate the invert things in order to confuse and of isca and manipulate a public opinion and the second one is dividing one and we see this all the time this is this is the dialectic and i i don't think you know people are familiar with the galidictis get clophile speaking but i think the dialectic is from the beginning of time and you can see that i think you know people who come from biblical frame work can see that in the genesis plato certainly talked about it the dividing line the intelligible on the dividing line and the intelligible realm can't was she the one who said thesiscatholic he says which is all often attributed to hegel but hegel talked about the abstract negative and then concert i always say the negative part is he that the middle which is the transitory part and that part is actually really important because in german it was called heaven a heaven is like an interesting word that means to lift up altering gown this is where we get the frankfort school notion of a half haendel which is largely how they create all of these different identity politic groups mean nothing but pitiful against each other because he some gesto have groups fighting each other than it is to have individuals foistes so timely casinothe first hour i was talking about all these small groups in michigan and everything and they all think that they're going to save this nation with her twenty members were forty members and all it is is further dividingline into small small groups that it is never going to work that way we're going to have to come together as americans and there the american think for ourselves yes oh go and stick instead of em it's kind of like become a cold to personality capetown to listen to what they're saying and is it not not who approves of them that's why i was i'm totally against nor i think indorsements that is that is such a bad idea to have endorsed only accepted one and it's only because i know him in this general as it lay and so that that was that was my and i think terry mccosky gave me one too and and terry's also front but rightthat i know right my boy i i am totally i am totally against indorsement he is a bad idea because then you're just your relying on somebody else to make up your mind for you yes still don't know what they stand for right and so now it's real easy to become letstrayed with that peerages are going you know what you how do i want this stillhow do i think that my as such should be managed because you're a shy in its intact we are the owners of the nation are yet he oriri it's a contract with the government to carry out so bessick and iron base i services are the conman good they can't morals because there's only there's only eighteen of them and that's what we went over to the first isismaking that we went here because that we went that was our first hours to go with your own now honary that thus came out now but it's like his rintik about it and and what they're supposed to do is there a service contract yes help manage or as that is it and and when they get off the rails then all of a sudden we become servants all of them is an untentit satanic its upside down and so so you know and when i heard christina cromwell talking about we have to move as the party together as one i'm like man that's exactly how every dictator in the planet the pere you know i had and so forth first clue there guys on pretty letter to villon that as the coronistas is er air apsley right and and that is a huge problem and because we've been taught to think in that direction were very easy to to to to overtake and capture his even an that's what they want that's as and more with the want and then to lead to the third day which is a destruction cause they don't create anything i at a fit they're not creators so they have to destroy they have to steal em and i call them the death oh yes statesaction leads to death so yeh that's kind of the triple des began the groups says it's so important because you think about it it sounds kind of oxymoronic to say that you know accentuating and valuing individualism would actually unite us the reality that would because no matter how dear french you may be from another human being no matter how much you may disagree with them when you look him in the eye it's hard not to see that humanity is hard to see them as unless there is some physical imminent threat when you're really looking at somebody in the eye that having conversation it's really hard not to just value the humanity in that you may tell his agree with them you still may not like them but when you have grooves it's my team verses your team and you won't have liverythe other team because you've de humanized yet that that is like that as over the target dead on correct and you know it's like it's like louis start to finding each other's right ye right and say and put that above winning at all costs as right now there's so many groups out there it's like when at all costs the dirty politics which leads to destroy in other people with ideas that don't match or it's a mob mentality and and it is very itstrain it's honestly it's very wrong we just we need to stick to the facts but when somebody steps so on a line and turns into a little dictator we're going to have to be responsible or pulling them back in it no no no no the collectivist doesn't work exactly what's going to happen as you're going to start manipulating the rules to favor where the money goes which is going to be in your own pocket you hand it rather than what you now why is it that there's any gain there if a dozen it doesn't benefit the whole of the people it's got to go yes of course i supposed to be electric servants actually their service physicians it's not less at a difference between a democracy and a onconstitutional republic constutional republic or electing a inservice position people verses leaders who then ruled over you we wouldn't want people rolling over us the if i defend their individual rights absolutely so worse you want to go with this agalletor time that i'm just can't love came oleas i enjoy talking with you so much a thing i i don't know eaheino sure what all you have the you would want to talk about in one thinks that i am working on i have just started as i'm speaking at rewaken america in two weeks of october forte as a string lois who be mamitum sterile so in working on my featuring now and it's part pinioning to be able to touch on it cause you have very little time there but i'm but a more kinnear er piece which as things in it of being a book on a term on something i called the compassionate but it's where i feel like the weapon is compassion which is one of the best aspects of humanity in order to put up into these longer in one i talk about lunch she these different examples but i think you know what one of the really obvious ones that so many people can relate to was covered right you don't want to kill grandma so that when it they be usually used lies to do it but it's also it's so uncompassionate so so they they convince you that the compassion a thing to do is to use you don't want to kill grandma you shouldn't see her so she should be isolated you should wear a mask which is to humanizing and get further isolating and can make people sick there's lots of evidence that right and then it you should give her experimental drugs that might kill her did this something credibly compassion it doesn't it but this is how they divided people because then there the people who think they're good people and the virtue signalby wearing the mask as their symbol of being virtuous and part of the copiante there's the other people who are like wade this said he make any sense and i have a personal sovereignty and i should have you know personal economy and so should my grandma he and i should have a say in being able to express what i think you know is in her best interest i don't think my not being able to see her is part of that he is so ah yah so i think that that's a is a concept that i'm a working on me now but i think it's one of the things that they've done to create these groups people ultimately want to be perceived as good people and that's why people virtue signandi i think virtue signaling happens on all sides but i can't abouthow i'm right it's on all sides it's not no republican verses democrat thing like it happened on all sides i think i was really king in horn twenty tranfigured out like why i was so upset by it intellectually understand it's just wrong it's inauthentic and its manipulative but though he dilection had got wives very pepitito realized that i'd been kind of the poster child for it most of my life because now i was the conelike is and so a lot of people would use me as that example and actually that's what happened in twenty twenty i had so many people posting on social media had they were so disappointed with my sins in i didn't put up a square for black out to day and i just wasn't following you know a in line with what they would have liked to see me do and they kept saying you know as to deceive those female like i can believe this i'm so disappointed in you and in like so i am not a person i'm just like a token representative of these is that all i am likings to the maconses an i was so i was so hurt by it i really was then i realized that we kadohashi my story you know i spensife i did learn how to sign language i didn't one sign language and to it you know my parents mainstream me and i spent most to my life trying to really overcome the challenges and be in the main stream whatever that means but not to have my challenges be my identity to really be able to function and navigate in if we all have challenges right and and there i know it's a assassin of like playing a game of cards you dealt a hand and then you make the most of that hand right and that's an that's a lot like what life is like found that one because i never asked for extenuating circumstances i never asked for extra hollow in that regard but then when i got to college he but so you know illustrated why this murchison wong bar both though got to college and the first time i had seen that somebody had no takers now this person an it's this is not there in a denegatur she was also superbit really you know so she was really cool and she had the repulsing serinetha but she had no taker now she didn't need no take her she had all of these devices she was able to bring a like a computer and and it dictated thing she actually didn't need no taker i now if she had somebody if they had brought somebody to wheel her round like and help her with some of the physical logistical things i would have thought o he will that makes sense that's assisting her with the challenges that she actually has but that's thought they did they gave her no taker and i for the first time was now in an environment where much bigger classes i was much further away from the board i couldn't really see the board i couldn't hear the teacher because they kept turning round to right on the board and so couldn't read their lips and his very frustrated and i write there solisoli i can't do this but you know we really hopeful i have no baker and then i found out i this qoqol entitled to notice so i went to the dean and i asked for no taker and they said you're doing fine why do we need an ere it very and character for me by one screamed and i was like when the gownwaist really really he sat him but i realize that what is really of set about was they were virtue signalling she was so obvious because she was in a wheel chair they may be seen of look we are helping the disabled were giving her no takers they made a big front of it i actually really could have benefited for her no taker that would have actually been something that would have assisted me with the challenges that i had and they wouldn't provide and that's really so this is just one example but it made me realize why you know it my mom's seologos an i was as researchers as and the inverewe realized what cost all virtue sinning that seeing i could understand intellectually why i was of septentrion was is stopped by a but then when people started saying things like you know though my choking to sable friend is not putting up a black out waits like is the awful than irene then i don't know how in doing any good for the cause if you really believe in this cause by putting a square on my instant what tangendo yes yes it's usually for soft gain of some sort where people when people are verosimili they it there's always a gain involved in it let him let you make it thorow mind you know then we really need to do and let no who you are i mean be honest about it but then you know also listen a lot o make thrown minds you know there's an awful lot of that gain that he by by you know just men it's just a mining it's montanamontana also with virtues singing and think it often actually hurts the people that your proporting he donning the victim then no young encly exacting as nothing to help them in his makes you like ohapuis on the back i showed that i care about these people now you did nothing to help yeah you actually disabled him further because they're not having tough it out and sometimes that sometimes that happens i have a mentallyof very mentalidad hter and we do not cut her any slack she has you know she has to lie to like everybody else if you want to feel sorry for people and they don't realize that when you do that typically what happens as they get real they get supersoil likelike hees head point in time where she's like is my castle and get out and were like yet to some of her care givers if she doesn't like something they don't do it she's about three years old maniliana good day you know and things she's almost tired and it's like it's like i actually walked in there and said you just lost came on privilege she don't go to kill you don't get to kickapoo the castle cause it's not your castell so you know do you know that sort of thing and it really ain't really breathes ouse and people are he can't i can breed a lot of entitlement i and abuse and i mean i mean we've we've had to deal with that also and it's a bad plan people have to tough out the cards that they've been given or play out a tough it out placard to be given and tough it out because you're learned thinks you you could never learn and any other well this is just then a joy i would love for you to come back and just you that looketh or had the so much of historical basis and how we got here i been that's really really inspiring an amazing i mean i mean i don't stop dutiesengineer day hurry on or hard then comes okay you are my girl we can erant hold hands and run rideinto the fire to gather cause i think that that's seems to be the share in it all absolutely how acolytes and with a prayer and his on one under the prayer here and then any last words you say i have to say after that dear havenly father i'm so very very humble to thankful for you bringing people forward like john tanner and courtney and what a wonderful wonderful gift that you've given to us as a nation at humanity in general and you you just seemed always the right people at the right place at the right time so thankful that you that you do support each and every one of us set all of us can be thankful for that to day and look for those people that you son to us in order to teach show us different ways of thinking about things in offering couragement and walk as through this life together sustinet ordinary experience you give it us to be thankful for every single day i ask for your favor to be upon courtney and every single thing she does in life and those who stand with her round her open eyes through her words give her more ability to have her message and dis bless every single thing that she does going forward were thankful for thankful for this beautiful day given us we want just give you glory and honour for every good thing flows from you from your head your great friend to us and we want to be a friend to you guide our steps the things that we need to see to be and service to you we we know that we've got a lot of work and how of us and were willing to do whatever it is that you ask about without regard to how it turns out you ask us to do something we will walk forward and you've got the end came we just want to know that we're following you were hearing you correctly and in clearly and that we're always following your directions your good all the we love you so very very much and we hope we bring a smile to your face to day and the name of jesus christ we pray at so the very god something so i hotels would you like to leave every one wished i'm well people can find me in cording turn to come i i always say say it phonetically because i saw manamir ntlis is like cortonese you are the and ay to or any are not come and i have a linkololo people want to find out more about causesthe a link the on the ariel speaking page you can lick on that and that will go to the oranges directly to rebels for our cause fell out to and it will take you young man gone when you there go the little robes was not one see the litigationthe goode oh yes we had such incredible people it was really really fond and so this was the last one you click on each tone you watch the videos or twenty six hours of content and then ah there we have the of above the page for about the one that's coming up but yet they can learn how far out if there walsallthither this is really one on as when a great great group of people and you know every man o much fine really and there was so much collaboration which was really often i'm a lot of these creators a really collaborated and worked together afterwards so that was her jonesy oh ye jason in there yes he's all some salonicasent why do too i got two so we let sinfire listened for contact and we can learn for many things and i just it's so so cool well thank you so much for bein on to day i really you really love you if he ses and i'd love to have back on an we can just your kid a history series on her it history cause i think that part of what we do as were supposed to be educating each other helping each other along with those nobody knows everything i lepethe i ryanryaniteshe begot we try it we don't play inartistic and things together and standing together you know as one nation before god into his oliliet and justice and as labriola how much we love you and now nobody out there standing alone where we're all another and god is with us every step of the way no matter how things look he's got this where we're just walking it out you know he tells us to walk in that that we do solestories to hart hands a minestead if he could stay on the line after her after i sighed off a selford out there you're very much loved aunt and things are going to be okay so do always remember that we can diagnose things we can do valuations of things by the end of the day god holds the god holds it all in his hands and so just remember that god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merica make it a great day starts here peddle toughness and keep your eyes on god and in we got us so will see you to morrow he i go