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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 8:00PM 1/19/2023 - Issues at the Border Special Edition

Published Jan. 19, 2023, 8:10 p.m.

Join us at 8:00PM tonight as we share information and ask questions about issues at the border. Exposing and asking questions about individuals/activites which need to be asked. Why are people who ask questions being threatened? We are asking for help - get a pen and paper ready...join us researching and spreading the word. They can't hid if we throw their activities out in the light. Save your not contribute to felons who pose as humanitarians... Tonight more on scammers at the border... Michigan is a hub for human traffickers... Facebook: Twitter: Rumble: #Donna4MI #Brandenburg4MI #Brandenburg #BrandenburgForGovernor #ElectionIntegrity #FYP #Elections #Governor #Trump #Michigan #AmericaFirst #BNN #BrandenburgNewsNetwork #imwithdonna #Standingwithdonna

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welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and welcome you here to night a date nineteenth day of january and o'clock in her special addition of issues and bowe could a gone an he intraffichule decided to go issues of the border cause acritical mangled actually so an i'm goin to an genarion it on haiterent and he is a doin in in regenkarte so i he saw the red donogh and are you in great so i wait got a lot to colioloro last night you're somebody am getrewer of your son in me or my consort was the second in that there was a it was kind of interesting last night ah to day we had and last night we had all kinds of threats and responses from ah the people that we were talking i know the people in the situations we were talking about lasting which i thought was kind of amusing because quite honestly if ah if they didn't have anything to hide they would have just you know settle the truth stands up to questions and if something is something can't be questioned or people are afraid of questions i my first thing is what are they hiding you you have to be o ke would being questioned for your activities and behavior not jump all over somebody whose questioning when when something comes up and i find that the really disturbing so anyhow you want to you on a start out to night and will will just get the ball rolling here and continue on to lasting yes give a really quick red cap in case anybody wants now are really happen and chants to a call in she she's having a winter storm and isn't getting internet service let me see if i can add her to this i chold on i shan't i do it i think i should have you any cover here so we're all set he goes here both on the call and right now and oh so good good to see talked over body and led you on your to night to look through a re cap elastic what one of the the the old for all is is that that people are sending money down there to organizations and pete who they have not voted and when when we've gotten in behind the scenes and taken a look at some of these to thee there is a humorous tions we need to be asking in people's back are they in fact felinis it appropriate to have a fowlinside who has criminal sexual conduct with somebody under twelve years old working at the border with kids i think this is the significant question to ask and i think we need some answer to this i know personally i there should be all kinds of red flags going up when you see the amount of back grounds that are a fleshed their sons there is a there should be all sorts of questions asked and answers to to thee so i would not want my kids in the care of some one who had a sexual criminal sexual conduct or conduct with a minor in their background and it appears to me as an outsider here is too little bit a commentary here we should be asking questions we do not know who these people are that were voting and office we do not know who these people are and these non profits or even the ones that don't have an on profit that continued and take money and ornathwaite we don't know where these kids we don't now to get down there going so i really feel strongly about this that we didn't get some answers to her and we ask some questions this this this whole situation down the border is not just sort of a failure it is in abysmal failure on how everything down there is being handled and the ones that are being victimized them as our children and it is our responsibility as an adult and i don't give a rip who comes on and decides that they're going to threaten me or say whatever they want to say threaten away because i i said i was on the colassit was some real and on snaps some take forty you know taking and on that has like a forty i out there but actual real as and i sitocatis is what we got going on i'm pretty sure that we can kick up connections to the fiftieth level out from these people and one the galls on the chapsies about an hour so if they if they have done nothing wrong they don't anything to worry about this is investigative journalism and this is what we do we look for things especially when children are at rest or adults orders there is question and how things are being handled it should be able to should be able to stand up the questioning without threatening people to shut them down or anything else at that if their threatning to shut them shut every down we got poland one of the things they did and mediately after we got on the phone as they started calling me so you want to talk about despairthey were coltellini everybody that i have in a mission conuenticle to out there and which is about as big as a bunch of both she is you can possibly thrown on the table but what do you expect from me like individuals there there out there threatening because they don't want to have questions at they don't want to answer the questions and this is a big problem so working out working to go down through this in working to keep going and till we get some answers the answers and everything were putting out there is public domain it's all out there this is public domain and the other the records in the past are their past records in this sort of thing it's all public you just got to know where to look and so that's kind of or doing here and hand might go dolhain the chane said when you start asking questions and to do get a founded it's because they're hiding something and that's exactly true that the there people that can't withstand questioning to find the truth our highest and repeatly renaglandin tone when they turned that question can and into accusations and threats against the people asking the questions guarantee you got em big problem huge problem so were it kep askin questions because i think people should know who that where their moneys go now jo you just are you just added a scream right here do we want to add this this much he mere chat jasper's back girl oh i call her big bird christy angle ish ers ne treating you in your own chat i was suggest that you remove your video with my photo as it relates the imitating as i would like to address this narrative to his avonover accuse anybody of human trafficking this is not only in attracting edition and i put a disclaimer of the beginning say we are not accusing any one of the we've got questions to ask at the border because he's so much human trafficking going on down there and and financial misappropriation and all the policies are wrong that it if if somebody can do anything wrong they got nothing to worry about the words asking questions to bring people into the narrative here to find out what's going on down there while in as we said on the last show of the everybody that watched it in recall ah we said statepeople in that woscon dog and a little tree that i could have put to it it was the people they send to attack us when we ask certain questions or show certain these the people that show up now if you don't you don't like that were questioning what's going on at the border we you don't like why we're asking why operations and groningae joe smith a gay roger ah is linked to these people why he was sharing their boast why these people all linked together the spellings with these things on their background if you don't like it that's one thing but to attack and threaten to this is something that they've done you can ask me cos on the one more over a year now grasses was right there she's gone through we doing think we got into it on the last show what she's got gone through a rather now to day i do have an audio that i can play you get him as it the one that was threatening you i think people should know how far people are willing to go he shot up the truth and and in what there the how crazy some of these people are as this is not god crazy i can let me get that downloaded but i will say this we have never accused these people of the things that used of asking these here hark rore going to hear about to day and many others have been accused of human trafficking we have a screen shot will share in a little bit of mally and your chat blaming this man trent that i interviewed last night who helped her lady escaped from her husband who trapped here to this one who did all i got her set in a safe house can now the husband knows where she lives in his vendocin her online he claimed in your chap that that man killed his child hill his child where the one trying to get them here he did not kill his child this was some sloppy stuff that ended up half a or over and ended forcesplain it on the hot the said tomentosa yet if i can interrupt really quick i is she that's the other thing that they have said quite a bit about us is that we've killed people that we've driven people whose suicide as well and that we've made these most heinous accusations about people and that we that we will accuse them of what that were accused them of heinous acts as well which we've never done we ever threaten their lives we've never tried to kill anybody we never said that we were going to kill buddy nor have we driven any one on this it aside and those that have committed suicide we didn't even know their names until after we were being accused of such a heinous act so that's something that i want to write i want to put out there we had no idea who these people were until we were told that as what we did so i'm going to play this audio if i can figure that part out i and there it is it's already to form other people how ere that really delight his count of people ah so i none of us can control what anybody else does with any of their accounts are in equal message amaranthine i have no control or so i have no control over legatine controller less i only have to tell of myself and he further there narrative and agenda i've i have five hundred accounts on three book that i then say i have stocked and harassed and threatened them with at three feet of that is it one of my accounts all completely knocked and i have reposed that with a different one so i have three total on the one according to them i'm weary joe oh harry erlidiol on the love that it used to be poor he called they would use redcastle not arewhich will have spends money fo you know get our devices benaguacil willy turn over this all i use is my eye one period i don't have a piece i don't have a home computer nothing and they will soon cleid out that no no gosecote have continually accused me of being in pain that i have fretted this i've done that and so on and so forth well and i think when it comes down to we all have to realize it there are so many people that are being victimized within the system you know from financial crimes to to and unnastan that their guilty of an i've seen in this this thing at the border is an as in abysmal failure and their human lives on the line here we all should get willing to talk about this than great every one on greaterness not work because pretty much anybody to go on and tell their story and oh aunt but the better have something to back it and i can tell you what when somebody comes right on in sartorises of being and human trafficker eh you know all you're going to have to really convince me that you are going to get on here to have it in lassiter's is preshuate than a comportance rung of a child who has been caught whose been caught or called out for bad behavior so here i'm in polanaise joe he is wanted to upset you forgot i am on that his mettle comes i soon had and and i haven't talked to angina or while he inacostbile leonce speak with her a lot more ah if she's connecting with joe and at all or laceror less or any of those people in that group she's going to want to dist inherse as say talking mother thought on pete good had i have already filed my report and given all of my evidence so has tool and a few other people on the authorities in texas so involved the authorities of michigan or involved the comptrollers involved does people are in vague plucking trouble i'm an i will be kind hacking i will sarah and filing a report i am trying to contact cybercrime i'm not really sure whether their direction to delevan suggestion joe has decided to post and pictures have ne from screeches from a stem and bellecean areas out acting like a naked when i'm not anybody can see that would deal whatever then he encourages people to go and search in tossetini news in and i did go ahead as is like to winterhope's last time i checked he knows there was on my face super and poised on somebody with like double the boots and it was like a laughable one cartoon like that so obviously not me but i went ahead and i did go it see what was popping up down the first thing that topped without he is mister skin dingy a one how to five rating because i won't do deity and holmes and i wasn't died and the whole article that threatens basically state now we're all undering landing and if we will ever seen the ossetines said she doesn't do you leave them on bubble baffled off so then they go on to say that my i cooled with half something anti had a the only friend of soothing i've never had one of those at anyway an you know that i have those accounts in that the pictures have been we forswarted looking just to see how helicoidal late they are and it's not comical it's actionsthat i don't know who these women are by this obviously not me verie very obviously not me i'm one is a i think fortify being of orley i heresomeone of her eyes said does not is like she's enjoying it there's another picture of a destined she literally being like spread her crosses like hands being as bread spreading it elgyanother nother picture you know that the crown back whenever i took thought lopping seas like i literally looking at people pot hole brink screen shots still on photos you tolkien trafficked as they weren't even if it enormities they ben leave their being vicied in her somebody who is supposed to be and against not a being whom in children and the positing the exposing you know people for for gristing or not doing the right thing is to litterateur aging people to venereal denis me then he dashes on the the scene in my movie where i make out with the girl added does father to stay that i would lessen in the moving that was my wife in the movie so are they against gazing lessens so while their claiming that everybody again to the brown man and this so racting with we set no yo dancin it's in not em we don't not like talking cartolini people that stealin like people that don't benefit anybody and harm people in our evil for as you know that you all her out the radway i'm go back through an hundred per cent it is just as evil eye with better you my bottom dollar they are all bought and paid for the paid to try to close that the vision and to cast light people and try to harm people should do stratafor and what in fortitude one and ever to keep people crime pushing forward in during the right thing an i i mean a try to file a restraining order on one talk to in a turning and he also states on her that my mob was foresigned like is she doesn't work with you know that echousin retired for quite a few years sin care of my many and my paw a that she would for organ harvesting in company ah no you do packingtown she did work she worked for company called negtur nectere you can donate you in body when you don't ate just like you know on your diversions donated to medical whatever you are giving a peter body the utilized for hi there medical training here bissendorf the bible organised saysomebody else an you know that's the case they also tastetheir cancers and different things clothes the medical professionals can go and there's facilities with all the training in the surgical equipment is the big production it's just the same as as having like isometrical but he bade afternoon i have medical school in many hopes yearly have to go through some type of training in your field or specialize or certain hours that you have to dedicate it see my mom word take and somebody would call they harbored would call and they have sixteen thirds ends and they are training them how to go a but stanton a heart satined sixteen hearts and in all the equipment that you would need not noticecome to put his stinted but all that and in the estility in longest so my alsostound my mom and go through and see you know who has donated if they have the heart he now collecting get some ready whatever they have goats the hand organ harvesting organ harvesting literally steel organs from people and kill people three people for that salter organ and and i now their organs for ampechonion grind the organs and put them in in there the food companies human in food you know on his game now jollinesses people know these things that aren't stupid there acting like they don't know and they're trying to tame things but they're saying that my mom is in maltecor an harvest you can say sheriat me you facewith my family and my friend joliot find a hole anywhere on the god damplan it where he can hike and i will make sure that his death is slow and sucking painful and i will paint along the god gen blaghennoi not i don't give us she when it comes to protecting the people that i love and care about the same thing after the thing that ication passion i have for saving the other children they are doing nothing but farming people they're not saving anybody and i will make sure that his life is open went but with the wrong person i been quite about everything and plain my five de chess now art of war i have my strategy nobody knew i was turning in all these reports atthis was talking all these people or that have this attorney this was before they even mentioned and my mom waranother get desperate there no getting the attention that they want to know there losing for starting to talk a lot funny over most needs is latinised pocastra the bird all of them had i only forty five minutes into a two hours and fifty one minutes to cast and i have to stop every thirty seconds and screamed he pored and send it off all these other people because they are toddling on themselves and it is just it is unbelievable but i want to make sure that other people that i love and care about people at are fighting really hard for things especially in this state so angie now you anybody else cut might have connected with joe and my bad so sorry my dad i thought he was a good person i introduced i i would take that back if i could go after i went before the old expose him and stop him but i don't want any of us to get wrappin any of that on the keep your terence from these people for sir priest by that word and then any any information you you can have any is probably enough of her ah but here we go i will show you what was actually said on the as you all know they have cuse human trafficking also special are they accused her of being carawesh wn that ah and we can show it so this next odo is their both the pose referring to where she's asking christy a igher check your messages after saying that citie ah some mental serious mental help this one rather you see where she says check your messenger see these of the people that are coming up with each other to come after us here's joe as above this right here he lies and i can i can explicitly show you that he lies as on one of our eyes view he tries to say that lest i has links to human trafficking her family who is from mexico one of her family members rescued another fame family member from a boat so he puts this out there nobody checks him on it but as this is right here this is blurred out you get banned for putting anybody in their underwear if you're on the right page i just got band for posting somebody's screech out of somebody's posts where they were in their under mac under were and o laughing about it or whatever in my personal account because they were in their underwear that's why that's cleared out this is a still shot from her movie that is available on the internet if you type what i said her nonsense about a people are opposing my picture on other people that has nothing to do i'm telling people how to reach and find the things that we have found to ask the same questions that we have been asking i have not accused her of human trafficking i have not accused her of any such thing like they've done to here is the next one of second post where she claims i accused her mom of organ harvest fortunately for her that narrative is false when you harvest organs from a body either above board or below board that is organ harvesting that is what its cold so she's all upset about that we didn't say her mother's name i say any addresses or any clearly see we posted the link they were rated for i do believe it was taxed purse here is my point right here now of course we are not like them and not play we are simply pointing out the hypocrisy that is what was set because these are the people it surround these people at the border these are the people that promote these people at the border at the ambactes with links that hollywood and ties to see these he has been put on the run for over a year and called the human traffic or her son's face and address and name by these very people that were showed you just she has had to move to two separate states to try to keep her sons forgive me if we're pointing out the hypocrisy they sent to attack us whenever we ask iris nothing wrong with asking questions and we should not be fed as to as far as this phone call from to day go to this message that i have from to day goes i contacted the police office he assured me that i haven't broken the law with any of these if she does have a lawyer he must be making some money somehow offer for whatever reason and the officer that she teamed up was was with was mentioned in the last she as the officer constable springers from to be a member of the board he has watched what has happened to lisa he has watched for over a year joel slandering and bad mounting good but he wants and has said enough that is a police office that i was in one i welcome it bring it i have holders upon others of evidence and you have a conflict of interest that your helping this girl with to be on the board to know these people and you know full well the joel is full i can show you in just a few minutes how floripas because we have some paper work joe of embezzlement so people are running of bake and po is friends like the pasha title spread this room or like a wild fire for over year unchecked which is why our ejects that's why it started once we started researching who these people were promoting and sharing that's when we started finding the people with all these criminal offenses on their background i'm sorry orsomething wrong here and i'm glad that you told people digging his well because we want to get to the bottom of this now where other people are hurt slandered and the fame by these people along with aching for doing not compose at the border you can fall at the border but if you're not helping the people are sending your money under the guise of helping you're not actually helping you are just filling people's money and lying what's really disturbing and what i heard is a the the call for having a specially home school mams and dance come down to the border with their children you know right retinitis is not a place for children as adults were supposed to be their protecting our children we should not be bringing children down there for any reason whatsoever you've got the cartels that are down there you've got kids that have had horrific experiences and it is human rapine when there brought up here with the coyotes raged along the way and all this is not in sentand we know we not so he and mine so for any one out there to have if there are targeting home school mams or mons edentate believe or no and say oh come down to the border and help with it this is not a place for children this is not a field trip this is not one of those enriching experiences this is a place of crisis and it is not appropriate to bring children down there because i believe that they are just getting put in harm's way and he i cannot even imagine anyone asking people to do that and here's the thing is that she can play victim all she wants she just as recent as the early winter late all him up under our page making those exact same accusations at least in others and included me in it now for building the web site that her experiend ask me to build so here we are she wants to play the victim cause i'm pointing out that these people associate with these people that they claim i'm sorry if you if you want to if you want to present yourself as a public figure she has public figure type pages on facebook i'm an actor somatico is like just like our page it's up age it's not in the cone she probably has regular account to don't know long story short you're a public figure there's worse set about her on the internet than what i show people on the internet posting about her from when they knew her and hollywood and saying awful things about her jesus seemed to care about that she only cares about us cause we defend ourselves against and the fact that she seemed up with this this particular officer in general is very shaky if you look at what i have on the board i've got the paper work here the paper work that they refused to share ah this is the deb a certificate that ah joe asked for i showed you that in the last one he didn't want his name on this for whatever reason he doesn't want his name on any is the device for that is the proof that in here we have it them abandon it i dare abandoning it because joel and of the ashes well turned on the ah you might have done mutely so for this one essnousee i think at least that you got to tell me what this one is because i don't really know nay said that like the is the receipt on how much we paid for to have that registered within this with the city am i actually paid for that one which is a whole lot of money i mean that was that was very norman and then what is this and that is when i got noorise em and you was with us he was pretty stockbut all that so that made it a christian paper work for october i believe the date was a either the fifteen between the twelve and the fifteenth is when we made it a fiscal and there's the abandonment on the first page that you showed should have been while you go back to the beginning you see and upon top where it was abandoned his that is registering as an nonprofit organization that paper work we removes some of the stuff because and some of mark's name was on their we don't want jolthead that cause we knew he would post it that is a consolation right there where we rode it and because obviously with don't want anything or any kind of address showing and that was sent to do that again is what you just saw with the addresses in there and that is also the abandonment from start to finish within the city here i there is registering for one prophet don't fret come in sand that and as time went copertas we protest wasn't that a crosstown i on my calycanthemy going see freebecause the celery the ontonagon and five on seniors so bad and then raiboskeles beforehandwas a being done and they wanted to do the wellses and i for that megadore that time it was nearing the time of cogitoso everything as we all know was taking a long time though we had to have a back up land so he went in registered as the dibasic you see the paper was there in the even on propior animation you can go ahead and there in sure people are going back to sup on this the once you a five for enough popular coniston people had in sarsing that you are not popular on ization once you are de not is what you go a head in the taxes on the time that we were plied for hector asheton to the time that you were denied what if you had sated the contingents uno as usual i now drinkwater minute no it's pulled her head in my chest and lashed over a gettin over being sick okay and so those are the banks that men's right there that gold has refused to show of money coming in and coming out and am deposits in all that that's all put down there is nothing that were hiding i have been waiting for this moment because it won't point they said it was a hundred thousand and they said it was five hundred thousand anthesai we sold tons and tons of money and you will see the last statement on her of a hundred and twenty somethingas i think it's right there actually the ending balance when we close the account was a hundred and twenty three dollars and twenty eight cents that's a whole lot of money for it for you as to still i mean that sounds like thousands of dollars on to think so we showed that lisa last time where a male said that it was hundreds of thousands and then corrected it four hundred to her forty seven he you can see that these here this is a less transferring money from the papal because the official papal hadn't been approved because they had been approved rotembo she was forced to use her own papa to take in some ponds of people wanted to send the papal iris depositing it what you will notice is that there's no deposits or anything from joel or that you know any one else now here's a deposit from toshiton pane for gear thirty dollars i brought the total up to one hundred and now how much did he she claim that you i she said so what they would it depends she because she was sending money to me to give to joel because she went he was helping to pay her bills our pig has builds on sorry so it depends on what story there telling because in she was anyoneinto men mo an i have the text messages that i think i sent you a copy of those pepsis though i would take money out to give to him so that he can pay his bills cosseted her body for his bills i got that as billie good time to talk about two on looking that the coming up there's a lot of good people i'm pretty sure that had been snared in this and we are to be really careful to let her we know that whenever some one is involved in cure criminal behavior they are they do not there not respecters of persons and when something goes wrong or is not carried out properly almost always there are many many innocent people who are victimized by by something that's that's just wrong so make sure that we need to make sure that we're not oh you know that we're were protecting also the innocent people that i'm pretty sure might be rolled into this and that's an that's exactly what we're that's the whole point to the existence age upstanding before your money these people will attack it's all of those people that we set attacked you will the screen shots and a little bit here unless you want to do it just get it over with now i know her i mean i think it's pretty interesting because you know i've spent like sixteen sixteen eighteen months now get in attack publicly from incredible variety of speering lies in such case this is what happens when people are so far away from god that they just a few things and they they don't care about the truth and they don't care about you know they really don't care about the truth and self for me to be attacked as kingo in be kind o boring at this point because most of the attacks are pretty like a sun before the pretty low ice it's not like therestening there's nothing there but people will say things without having any responsibility or countability for what they say and it's really too bad because you know we have to be re accountable for for our worth and i i do feel strongly that people need to be able to you know say say and put the truth out there but like i said before the attacks the attack should be your first clue that you've got a problem and in that exactly right and for her to be if she's really got a lawyer and she wants to come at me this if this officer is constable wants to come at me this is exactly what he's gone up mark also he's going to send me by email stan copies of all this and we'll be will be slowly addeding in these to the page one jewel in detached they continue as recent as a last month ere ostrof the month before it was somewhere around october november if i recall correctly i not on the record here but it was you know all winter early winter as she came up under the commons making the exact same claims about this and mark and you can see right there gwalior animation they the most that look like they have right theirs two thousand some dollars so even the forty seven hundred sounds like it's a little high at this man and i really i really like the proofs that you guys are putting out there i mean that's what you know anybody can say anything but unless they are proofs or unless there's something to back at it it it matters not it it's like you know i mean you've got to have you've got to have some proofs there and just cause the attack and somebody says something about any one you know you have to do your home work yes and that's the like i said re started this page after over a year of attack it will about a year of attacks of from non stoppers started in may of last year that i started he started us in joel's own screened shots of his own post to de bunched o sail say one thing in this post and then another thing in this posted it to lycon tradict itself like if he's going to lie like this on face what else is he lying about in order i mean we were trying to illustrate the skis not being honest with that's like a as i repeated that's when we started noticing these people that he's promoting and digging on with her connected to joanna and every one else started digging on this and they started finding some stuff that we were seriously concerned and a lot of it starting we started finding to the majority of it words the end of last year beginning of this year and we've been now putting that out these people as i said on your last show we're going to be done with them completely we're not going to talk about them on the page any longer we're going to move on and start exposing what we find cause joanna's actually found quite a bit for one of the next shows an who some of these people we're talking races were talking as some of the worst people you can matter of fact in my show last night you want to pull this up the sky her your favorite your body here he ah is now actively sharing posts from the guy we spoke about last night who was calling obama the inward or repeatedly in one video a verralyest ng his wife who is from colombia and calling her a colombian echo or w h o r e a in front of her is mally is just as upstay either thin watch it or just chose to ignore the davideis tence still sees from this guysropes where he tacks and docks so this is from the melt down after our shell down to raneberg has allowed these people to make all salegastis against us publicly on her network no one gave her permission to run these odors chosain in these gangsters and she needs to be exposed so so the false allegations that she claims we made they haven't told us what those are considering that we've shown you the proof of everything that we said about the bad people and all we said about these people here was that they come out and attack us when we post hos things and here you see they ended up having a giant melt down about us having the show we showed you on the show that night that they were actually doing it and in real time during the shell this is the melting down writing an entire novel chap this is actually i think mally he accused the i used to murdering his kit here's mally frol account here this is the guy the traffic is white this vireo is from that the the strip club that he was drunk to by andre bon who wore on to focus on to it he was in a hole other town that he's never been to told that he was going to end up at a for gaillon a to or fil shoe for video and ah and it up and ended up being there at this place where andre frequented and magically somebody was filming pretty much only the and then they tried to blackmail ah and here is christ calling everybody scum bag liars and that were panic were not hanging ah all mission junior the sharing their bragging about all the the troll comments that they made a the original on your page i think ah whatever a video on your page and here's mary you ain't no more another bible sharing proudly their screen shots of when they trolled the live like we said they would do why don't you let us talk miss donna don't you want people to see all the evidence and not just what you attempt to control really you how you continue to try three views on that show gobblecock as there obsessed with we know who watches you show down and we respect those people and we hope the listening made false elegances of against myself and others you know i beware of who you donate two in support exactly our point then i have made no allegations against any one in pointhiere brings stuff all here so that we can ask some questions and i you know the the the conserve is they made allegations and started calling out rybody you know a human traverson and for asking the questions and in that seemsseems pretty prespect to me and in so yes them complaining that i replied and blocked them when they wrote all of this in our channel on telegram all of this is from one or sparing your channel that is spanned by the way when you do that in any channel that's considered span when you see replies that's the one where on on they shared this as evidence ah against and for tokoiwa cock of the locking and fanning people to be go and make a goin make countertestimony and then when somebody goes to defend them or else to a question about it which i have screened shops of saying as you come back on her i'm locking you and then all your comments so that's started over and monsig and blocking everybody from king to tell the truth and for the truth coming out it has been done on that side or and twelve however many months yet it's been this way for a very very long time i was getting in getting paid to run your page on telegram as well by the way and then you see oh oh i bet you might he is and i do not gamble and then we have galinameros everybody putahow they tied to you on that narrative that where he had or were at operatives and cannot or mine not the gatewardens up and hears aught that she shared this posted i made saying you're going to shoot down a because you're photos appeared on an hermidas from last night in regards to your red you man trap anti human trafficking efforts good luck we didn't say you were all doing that we simply illustrated that you defend the criminals in these organists the clowns like to pretend they are saving kids indirectly relates spermic so what you are saying is that your pages in which you placed our photos and accused us of being part of a thousand worse are now open game thanks for the information and then she's like thanks shall the elevating you provide by the way is she's always getting evidence then she tries to say but she has more followers than you and all this he that it's not even my page to there which is interesting it calawassee a ophidon know when the chief they don't know when to go they don't know what to do that i have on their side have since seenister those letters had been collected in said that they were a joke and they were baked and then continued to slander of fame and lie about these old now here's a growd on hers on merely gone right you'll tell how to see because i have been told several times to leave us alone and not hard to be dead and have been sent cyanescente yet they have been and in here here we have this is er in right here the air and guy from that one picture that i shared with the last tie with the guy with athos you strange to say that you have three red stripes and your logo but i see for if i'm not owning correctly somebody correct me but or just put michigan governor through one do you and i the i there's the the stripes are there because it reminded me of my fancies though montrond around the horses i streetstrike and this became a conspiracy theory for probably about i don't know eight hours set how long do we with kind of crazy as when i was listening to this last and i saw the video are thus screened at last night and having having him sick i am legion i mean i am pretty exeterthe last on my saomoto i am pledget was somebody that was deemed possessed yes who has told thee i mean i can pull that right out of the bible and in said something like that i've a little bit of a concern there it gets better i stole i know i have it in here i relishing this as can of amusing reading these things and looking for her in ironware i've seen i mean they're going to crawl their kind o like suck at it your temoerature out male audience here's the alley again mister i'm not i'm not anonymous he tried to claim cheering and other non anonymous they are not an ons they are low i co people trying to pose as such an effect in the anonchet that i was in at last night talking about this all the real and on were pretty much laughing about it exactly and so are we his tattered and coronations santiagueo get taking it as a comply they are not an ones they do not have there not part of it they actually stuck pictures of our accounts and use them on a bog is live stream if it's still boissire they melting for three days straight now by the way are epitomised up there it's like you don't like i can't find it now but the air and guy i cesare had it up in the folder the errand guy says never let a berg onanything in so that's the type of people were kneeling with and i already posted it to our page so put it on here and saying it is already up on the net we've already got we've already got him saying all that when you came on for the last show i saw christmas he and you so i don't know what its point was the not that it matters not we have in getting my christmas tree down because you know what during during that's exactly what it was i was shooting a downy one to do why we care of a bizzy christmas this year and i deeside to leave it up a little hanger to enjoy it because we worked most of the seas on that so there that's what the christos drew is out for anybody that wants to do any of the hocus pocus to donon my point is as that he was trying to say that because you have a jewish sounding last name you're not allowed to run anything never let a berg that's what he's trying to say oh is that what he sayyidholding weekend i guess we don't think in the demented way of half wet you know that's kind of one of those half what come and that somebody may you now try to make something on nothing you know you you can't make comments like that and so the guide now is absolutely ah you know saying something that's in abhorrent statements and and i stupidly abhorrent statement so to boyou know what what a what a terrible thing to say and you know it's like they were asking to come on the channel when all of a sudden when they realized that they were failing badly you could watch them go through this and all of a sudden re groups the troops and i try to come back at it we're going to be real nice now and we want to talk to you after we have had a lot okoshite for how long and now we're going to get on and were going to take part or little halson and come back and want to talk to you like a saint a dull you'll probably already older yourself as a little bit not in that category of sanity and so you know in some blows if that badly and then wants you to just say okay thanks for kicking me and the tea oh yes we're going to sit down and have coffee now you know i ever got think it's going to have less care a rope ter float because we want to tell our side of the story is that the part where you're going to say that a bird whether their jewish or christian were never could in fact be able to run something or is it going to be you know it's like what it impertinent i hope the anti dofinally for the jewish i hope they come after this more on with her you know i mean do some really good out there gus go after the sky and order you know or any any of the other nonsense that's all there are they are they willing to come in and say oh maybe i made a bad statement there and called you a human traffic for michigan before i had my head out of my bed yet not the thing we claimed that you're doing it because you met lisa for the first time in your life you met her on a tuesday within that amount of time you guys set up this network it's super cool out as diathesis the first time it's like jumping on the stream yard as the first time that i've talked to any of these lovely people except for joe i know joe and i'm known don't for joe for a while so this is kind of like unsubstantiated none you done holes i've partly have had three octonis lander the shame i and tied orein your reputation so now with a well you don't want that oinversei hans i anisotropy won't lithionite n months of this there's nothing that can give that he has already been said sons may give in resht could care less in now i thogood example of it flopping when it comes down to wanting a truce and then going on their word come put that upright now it retorted riederer her degrading in defending and slandering and then then they anderloni say well if they would just stop and with all and yet and i did in comes the sack it's like a troop and then all of a sudden they realize okay maybe we may be we have made a mistake we have had a miscalculation of some sort so now we're going to jump to the big sucker perfect example would be when mollie wound up in my ideas the other night threatened me with my a picture from my hoobah cropped making looks superstar then i posted it was like old i'm in a unless show every one that's your and lying prick and detonation like this after my photo album all that's he askerwell i like the one that they passed on me i hed throw that up there oh ye this oh this is like a then i ran soslayo god you can at times i asked like grey times for what critics have we committed what time have i committed her and his like oh i never said you did on my the after months have you claiming that we were cartel that we were human tracking that we were doing all this embedsman shot really and then he goes ahead and start slandering me some more and then and i you just got help yourself they really shot apply for a job and landseer d c to thathealth se people they just like keep talking out of their behinds and whatever they say becomes the instantly picked up by people that don't do their due diligence to find out what's happening i mean that's that's honestly where i get tripton this is like just as you say it doesn't mean it's true you have to back it and you know you ecomonic people like that there's going to be some of us who are going to be like you kind of blow your chance there you know why why would i you know i'm not i listened to the people that are so graciously donald trump with he lessens to people in the media that come after him on cluasach and it's like i wouldn't be so nice you know quite honestly i would kiss their behinds for any reason whatsoever they start talking to me that way hit the world lucky go find something else to do or he slap somebody else on the face as this one's not open for business you act like a dascombe you know you need to act like a deshalben if you want to talk to somebody and having the truth out there for asking questions and in you know putting things out there where you already fluid if you were a kid at this point type due to gas a been grown and for life you know just for bad behaved in or for you know for bad behavior and or if you in you a start out on the attack like that probably not going to get a second chance with any one that's no that's the thing i said that the dichthacantha over trying to get to the bottom of a thus going on at the border yeah we we do back we've done back to the forefelt while finethe talk about us we talk about them make kind of fun of him or whatever because like we're not doing anything wrong why are you freaking out at us so i that's ending after to day on the page not because of anything they've done we're not rest scared of her teeming up with this cricket constable in texas on that scared of any one because i have more than enough evidence to prove that we've been defending ourselves against quite some time in fact when they figured out i started that pages on my name started in it up into a big long story joel which tell about all the embesilement and all this that never occurred now i my name's then worked into it he added me or comatic now when they are lingonian ody that's been questioned needs to say i understand why your concerned about this and sin luck let's go through this and in substantiate what what's been done and if they're saying that you know the people took in like hundreds of thousands of dollars and stuff in it turns out its tasty falls then who is the ones that are going to need to start you know digging themselves out of the hole that they put themselves in the aisthseis me this constable knows it's all what is he doing i well and if he if he's heard that that a video at all where it says that she wants to paint the walls with your blood i would think that he might want a really think this through a little bet for his you know you know for his ain follement with somebody who is a leggin and threatening murderer and torture and now these are the people that are on on the border any way shape or form i don't think that's adult behavior what's soever you know that's like that's like you know this is this is naughtiness this is absolutely this is absolutely naughty and now what i'm sorry but all these non profits you know i can tell my opinion right now is the already proved that the non profits just because they say they are non profit there under different scrutiny than a progenitor prophet can compete and the problem with a nonprofit is its sole misleading because think people go all this is so nice we're goin to give it to an on proper these people are working volunteer hours there doing right thing now there not this is a legal type definition where they don't show a profit on the ballots but i can tell you that the ones that i've taken a look at her hand blushed with and in a brush with in the past is that what they'll do is the create other sub attidis offer the side and they'll pay themselves in other way to griff off of them in order to they can make as much money as they want they could even make a lot of money on an individual basis the caught the non profitthe prophet on the balance sheet which means every sentit comes in has to be disturbed and here's the all real oversight to see where that money goes which is a big concern and look what happened during the election oh look at look at on what happened here the election where the non profits that were stashing they were stachetone for ballets they've already proven that they were using not propre stachels and so an everybody walks round storied and in wonder and the bar concern i see as this is that they anteveni have in on prose there taken in money and i if i'm understanding this correctly my understanding is correctly that they don't even have an on profit or non profit state most of them do not ah the jason her son that runs the border angels that has that and see criminal history i'm he started a non profit last year ah immediately started promoting from it and trying to raise money from it i hadn't been approved yet but as we all know he had the right to do so in or he didn't inform his bodies that he was doing that while not being approved he just won't hand started doing it and left them in the dark on it so that they could keep slandering less and everybody else that so they operate i guess so i started running it he had to go to ford it to do it cause he's a falling or allows you to start in on profit within i think it's ten years of being released from prison or from whatever home whatever you've been released roll whatever however were not really clear where we're going back through his background cheke and off she sat by him other people the border the have those background checks and die and if following leads with them es background with his background checking kind of appears that some of these charges were not ten years away cording state law from him starting this not profit he shone well that true there should be a complete disclosure on this if if you're especially when it comes to being around kids and and taking care of people in a vulnerable situation there should be complete disclosure on this kind of stuff from a background without being having to be asked without having anybody you know dragging this or of of the dark i mean you know this is something that like like a people like might windowthere that came right out and said this was my past it's a little color there is some problems in my back i respect that i respect anybody that comes forward and says look this is the truth of what happened and you know and you know it is trying to stryngmaker things but when they're not following proper protocol from what i've seen from the outside and tell me if i'm perceiving this wrong because this is my perception my opinion of what i've as that that i'm seeing that you know it looks like and in please correct me find wrong it looks like they are not following any type of a of a policy procedure that has accountability and it seems like it's kind of a free for all this army correct oh as far as we can tell ye eredetet well in an i want to say that any of them if you've got something in your back ground you should become a clean on this and in re realistically that i i don't believe that somebody with any any type of criminal that round or any type of that or should be working with children and i just do i think that that's one of those things that when you see somebody as when i saw that yesterday this stopping yet you know a criminal or sexual contact with the child under twelve that it uttered a battery that is in the mediate disqualification i should be the persecutors lyperosia to make a difference because causeeach lden came to the camp he was that some he was still holding the child or around children eh and home settled children on top of it so why were they asking home school children to be down on now to be down there you know on the wall wavelet's kind of weird i find that to be really weird when i wanted to leave i said you know i want to get back to my family and shoes i wol you should just bring your family here i i don't want iwaltknow that and in all arietta my family or most safe pinconning and the mid west to the ersparter at recanati makes no sense bring children down there and the definitely and eighteteothe atomately but his ortheris very anti government so i can imagine she cared about and in professor taxes or anything like that will be a loss altaicae things i mean this is just dead its like in the united states of america we have policies we have procedures we have the law and you have to have you have to be operated within the law and if we don't like that we can change that in a lawful manner and i mean that still possible if people want if people want to change the i mean there's nothing wrong with that you don't like the way things are run too you know we have the right right now to remove to a government whose been operating out of tyranny but there's a lawful in a legal way to do it and that's not like showing up with guns of blazon and being stupid and then abscedentibus ing down there in the angry one in the government is corocondame can citizens nettchen country to and there's something about in white water said about changing laws that the coultart is it is he there because like you said i killed corticiferous was that we can not now it's that even removing people we have what we have a machinist for great for removing people from office who are in fact and violated their old voice there's others of way to do that you know there is certain things round kids so that we cannot tendonous to protect children and in what you know what we've seen not on the boonoorong but a good down there there's my term i call it good somniculous would the other problem is is that with this right he has this he has his word that he built here a while in the state of florida i get where he at florida was it season john south somewhere in the state of florida and some of the people that are on that board are private investigators who know only know that he's a felon and there is just that they don't care they don't care and they the same one of the same individuals meets him in dallas tex up north knowing that he has a record knowing exactly who he is because she has existed and she doesn't care she knows that he goes to the border she knows that he has axis to children she knows that he has access to the spending she knows all of this and she's okay with it and she's a part of the board so there is a much bigger problem within as there is outside while as it's it's a cancer or hold government is become a cancer and i do believe that i have met in that hardly any one that's in office that i believe has a is actually got the integrity to do what they will be as every one in michigan that's an office committed teresa they committed explanatory at the trees and every one of em dead and if you know anybody that really is dug into the constitution and the law it's pretty that's a pretty open and shut case they walked away from their oath of office and they committed treason hogarth in the jew anasa something you were you look like you want to say something i had got lots to say is if good matter otherwise go on go on and say what you need to say ilissus sent something on from allepo and it's my personal lestock georgia i said my earth is last comment before she blocked me is i blocked her and she in predicted it is to look in on a block her i told them in a block hark some tired of seeing as she shared stepped directly from my page and then talked crops she doesn't come to me for stoneland besieging to you she's got to be upset it's on very and here she is upset because i blocked her and then she tried to say that i sound scared mistake my anger for being scared and is really crappy the natasha as teamed up with a shady coppet were actually trying to figure out what his connection is to try to get after me you go ahead and do what you have to do i am unafraid of any of you including him i have got nothing wrong in the companie spoke to tonight said no one a scared of any of your her intimidation to actions or fair tacitosque il doter watch and right now folkesworth and sloperton she has all your her house and and comments as she stares as accion y somehow where the one sad are stocking and creeping air of the lake all black hat is out like coast colic comments and they say that we we i think there should be a full investigation of this whole thing quite honestly and i think it not i think it lies to be a otopotee called the in winter lake called it so i just picked him in this was five hours ago i just pocketableness account georgia land its she makes a post about it don't don't you think don't does everybody out there agree with me that i mean i think this whole thing needs to be investigated that it that's all and ganwehis wasn't meant to end with just a scream shot we were taking for reason i have been waiting to be investigated for the better half of twenty months now twenty months i have been waiting they have said i have been under investigation that i was most to be sitting in prison that i was wise to have a sasonof everything under the sun i have been waiting for twenty long months and nobody has shoved up have not received the single phone calls i've got nothing i'm still waiting i've not yet in my big base works i have not stayed quiet i'm still waiting i think geseasonet all of the stuff together and i can get it to some actual investigators that will go right down tryin on in if you don't i get me everything there will throw this into some investigators to really see what's out there because you know i think at the end of the day you know if we have a concern that we have the right to have these things investigated because we do this is this is a problem that i have with a lot of people that are here dealing with the border or dealing with things that are wrong and such is that they sit back and they do nothing while the thing to do is to investigate it investigate the entire thing if if there is nothing that done that's tesoroni not that anybody sandringham point is that we have the right to have this investigate and and they and everybody should be okay with being investigated for the good of the children and the people that are our being you know perhaps not treated fairly and such we have otiation to step forward and make sure the skits and vestigated and i've got the exact perfect people who have who have a great connections and in very high who have you know like the one gallachan last night so i slept on pretty sure we can find fifty connections pass this person quick in the one galsada will have it within an hour to what happened now we doubt with this they these are the people that they used the troll and landed i didn't had entosthe list the other day because the pear to be one of those people she has attacked us before but she's a little so what what the whole what we would need a move on you now i think as we need to defend to show the damage that these people cause beyond the board and what i'm talking about is someone named andre van ik a king a kai a ka maajan acupado is the one we told you in from the interview that i did last night you can watch it on rumble as well so that to trent to that club in question under the guise of a being for gaillo concert elmer whatever video and trent was in the town that he didn't belong in oh he doesn't live there he was there for a political event and what was he going to do walk she was hotel not knowing anything about the city some of the season florida aren't very safe we know from visiting this one ah so he's like okay fine will do this this andre guy had one of the people working at the club be call them film this man and then that is when joel began to try to blackmail the hole now i was going to get a testimony from him i did not have time to night are you can you can see this all or my show if anybody wants to review that after this is over then gilcrease this woman shepperton here we see roamed this is this is joel no gethered up here it's i think it's from an eye phone screen shot so it's trying to small soles forgive the quality but for some reason i phoned to windows computer at least my windows computer but there are the son conversation between join andres well donald chump junior has an important message for every one the thesis him greeting this guy's name to try to promote the sky this is a pattern we showed you now here is him using rot talked the bounty hunter who ah you can you had been you find that you can actually pay this idea doorthat's from an at called cameron patios celebrities to give you shot out they did that i even have oh one second there is one morning to a t while you're doing that i'll explain everybody whose writing this down from the last show was keeping track of all these names remember this one this is one he damado this is the person that would take money from magagand and all the people that they would i gess the best way to describe it together strings or make it seem like they were doing big i and here's rage this is joel promoting this one this woman just as recently as a couple of weeks ago shared i thought i had it in the folder but i don't see ah a positive post about the obama's in he is promoting somebody called margot jacksons already double messages this guy tried to act like i know that this guy was ripping all these people off but here he is promoting a missis one small example one in promoting this sky over an over an over an old he knew that he knew that andre was a criminal because he won money got out of prison he sure does in midst that i think we oneanyone lelegian what his past ah here alleged i tried to say didn't know about his past he says he knows him since two thousand and fourteen do we have that one joanna i don't see he i'll have to try to find it and get in oh no i think i drug everything of you're got got on me joe here is another one this is actually natasha herself promoting andre von the contact with him up all the way up an elector of last year we know this mandrake as we were told to montandre by a asasociated he was caught violating basion here she is i count my friend and brow let's go brandon by morgage there she is promoting him is responsible for what has happened to patriot as any one else ah joe was dating her at that time i'm sure joel told her or hope don't hold her i don't know maybe not about everything that he was involved in in the past we've got a model paid that is dedicated to talking about andre bons camming these models and led we have go to the main and as rain shadow talbot with a called his boat scamps as one there to the name joe the main colder older o amon amon the one that i already downloaded ok ones older i see it rights on downloading it now i'll put it up on screen sorry about this guy's we lie literally were dealing with the tacks while trying to get this ale but this is all on or page as well operations and so ninos on so this all this information we've already put out there as well so i can get this up on their fore you and there we go this is joe telling i think it was you right joyana i here that's back in october twenty twenty one when i reached out to him a very interested in what you have to say he said he created operation tensioning stocking about andre his mother that's what the laws far go at the moment or an what's what the wells fargo at the moment are then there's a voice he says one and evan yes i know all of that i was attacked in the media with him back in two thousand in he admits knowing him since at least two thousand if with them leaving cause and bangs actual legal name they never took any money from people though we never took any money from people remember meeting matthew knows beyond set dad that changed so behind the scenes he's calling the sky andre born a face book he's calling him magas which i find to be entered the story that they pushed was that he was a jackson wedded by the by whitney houston and germain jackson germain jackson meanwhile if we have the photo photo of i just found the other tutors to stalking about to somewhere we have the photo of old andre's mom and i can promise you she is no whitney so when did you upload the man fled i'm so nowi'm going at right now my pieces without a sword oh okay i thought you mentitis up there right now so anyway he promotes this deep mosina dive on face book with natasha's other peoples so what andre does it one point and lesaca incipe up on this one he creates an account like these as a all at least to talk about that one though he created an account that on he created an account using my name and somebody told me about it and it was like what i thought account come from because i won't have always only had two accounts i always had a back up account just in case a man then i had my regular account which backed account doesn't do anything for me cause he gets taken down anyway and so when they told me about it i was like what you talking about you know and so i went on there and i was like what the heck like this is exact same picture that i don't do that and so all tatt him on the phone and i was like some i said i'm takin care o something right now i said somebody has another account under my name and he said oh that's me as i take it down you didn't give you permission to do that i need you to take it down i right now i'm so i guess he was sending people messages using my name trying to talk like me i don't know what he told anybody i'm not exactly sure what was going on what was being said or anything but he was busy me reato i do know i'm by friends of mine that he was actually sending friends requests two of them letting them know that he was like with a lot of other people selling magna at that time you know i've had that half in all the time since i've been running were people will will conoit and then try to sell or give people financial advice and as salable i do not give it a financial advice on line or any any other advice like that you know and but that is so common and it's it's so dishonest and it's it's really indicative of a really disturbed person yeah yeah i so that's what he did so and the funny thing is is that joel now this was happening also now i'm why i don't know about like immediately now joel has made statements that i knew that that andre was doing this and that i allowed it to him even though he knew at the time that i did not allow it to and i go out for her there because she actually and adopt teeming up with some people that claimed that he scanned her before i even now she came up with and she found out the first hand accounts for he and joel denied it so it wasn't oke with him when we were friends it was okay with him after the one so he contradicted himself there as well i mean but you know that's the way he works and done in and here's that here's in that the part too to everything that we say we have we have everything to back it all up and everything that we talk about there is nothing that we don't were not able to back up is the given and i mean we can sit here and say oh we poop that this time and we have it to back it up when it comes there is there is nothing more that they can do or say it's right there in black and white did you onto and if that photo to the screen then sorry the esary rowodon nowhere he said didn't he go on right now but yet i think this was when he was investigating right guys it so that the time exposing the illuminati by having their simple on his isle record that he promoting this is the name of his this is the name of his production company music company or whatever so it's important everybody whose writing this down all the anonoho this noted if this note to dropping his joel has smith is a one as to her up in family and this is the guy the tried to accuse a guy this is joe by the way ah of human trafficking for going to be all to a strip of under senses let's say and that's the right there that strip o her that that story of that's your club is somebody called him so that he can go out back to that strip and that's why he's in pajamas with those girls he wasn't there that night there's joe with his wrapper bodies and this is andre von posing with i don't know who this person is honestly there's batlike multiples or i don't have a clue one could you remember who this is i thought you knew no idea a coster's so nice and calling a sonnerat i female so oswald then and then then at the col train we and here is joel and andre from drummer please two thousand and sixteen before he started promoting him to ah the mogimont is being a jack so that's just a couple of examples and how far back their friendship when and then come twenty was it what it it was a twenty twenty one i'm going to say when all that happened so sometimes july twenty twenty one is when he started promoting this guy give her take or nagana have to i'm sorry i don't have a calender around but ah ye his when he started promoting the sky as a jack this sky so now he went on this not not joel but andre von went on to a dating some one named making wellthat's ere the last show that is that is john walsh's daughter don walsh ran oh what was that dvesho the crime she in the name of it having a blank a maritimos light if americans northward so what he did from there ah is like you might not much like he did to trank er not trees you went ahead and made count set up for you hears em belittle hard to from a knife on again guisian very sorry about that but you'll get you get he set up a fake account the poet people's heart string on speen now here and this is the gestapo if he's out there he has to start backing to patois a big baby like misson blobbering on conversations in the third person and what not and and one needed two hundred this is the person that they scanned this is that this person a this is actually japeto handerian under making walshe's account than my correcting this joanna ah that is suppose be a text message between begin and end by echo from what it looks like it looks like andre but it does make otosis it's going to get blue but i can now looks good from here he peasantly for you so this goes on and on under this megan wolchow oh play there's none more and there asking for money either way so whether this is meg in or if this was andreeand kate thought that she was helping beginwith her cid seesawed forty five hundred for each kind mother was sending a money she thought she was sending money to help magitian her kids back celebrity life from the family it was all a lie on wombo and that picture oh that's that's definitely as soon the take away from this is is that when people put things on line they may or may not be who they say they are and people need you approaches with extreme caution oh it wonderif he was dating her and then came knew this i do have testimony by from encas about nine am i you have testimony she laughed if you wanted to play it about how she got into this and how she learned about andrian and maganwan and all in this is andrionopolis supper laquic if the honor before we ah we do that though this is andre van himself under japano ah thing that he's going to pay her back for the money that everybody including joel is plain that was never sold so here we go i really need my money i'm going to give you all until december twenty pretty generous if you ask me well i have somewhat good news my district busento me that i can or request my whole sales in comes so they don't send little by little soon working on that just didn't want to tell you until it was done and something bollamore relates i wish you could take esther esther is the child that joel and natasha and all these people christie and molly keep all claiming and k and all these other people took from a from and here he is begging her to take the kid at some point we also have a screen shot of him saying that he's the one that called seeps and this never happened from anybody on our and nobody on our in called we had no interest in me and whatsoever you only interest we had in magan was the fact that she still trying to get people this got taken by see the only interest we have in this obviously the interest in that odd jipato used her a name get money from people and did she know that he did that or did she not know that he did that we are unclear on that as far as i'm concerned i don't know she now she now chinatreaties i thought that because men oracle renshaw we met is figured everything out and i actually found real men wash and i am in an astrolable times man you've got to say something you need not warrantable like he's he's he on the big following and you never know he's probably so talking to these peoples scammon crop out of whom under your name she won't say anything and then when i would start to speak of she would turn a gaslight in me with her own kids sat up put her kids and danger of this note you're putting other people in danger by not seeing anything if you're not to say anything that i'm going to say something i'll leave you out of it but something needs to be said she don't want anything beset and now we know why yet so that's that's the start that's kind o how how this dad joe as he saw i mean there's a lot more screen shots joan if you are if you want it upload him promoting andre over and over and over again that's why i know you got him some but for now i think we can play and case testimony ah how she came to be ralph friend i am the screen show of him saying that he's calling see gass on began it's on her now so we've got the screen shot up there now of in sad claim that's another ah accusation that's been thrown at everybody a it is here that's another accusation they've thrown it people are calling keeps on making walsh nobody on our end has done that and we he much prove it and here you go here is stranshaw hiding the film strip as it gets in the way and you ere we go ray here this is de parogon achondritic king kailet he pops in calling sips to tester smoking marijuana pregnant and facts in fact is not my child or girl exposed her and some of years pies oh no so and so is just as corrupt as he says here dad is she forgot one thing have you spoken to her i am the king of controversy he she doesn't need me on her bad side i've got nothing to and these are all things we've shared to the page yet these people that attack us and here by the way is that screen shot of anita macdonald sharing their tasseled for taken in money andres the screen short of that text message was between him and i ah that was a conversation that we had o ka essnousee that much like you and i told you about all this i keep it in my head either to glad we got everybody here well and i got to fouch there so much information out there and the more you did and to this the more things are just making ask questions and you know what what's the biggest concern is or how many are there people being taken advantage of are the kids being involved with this is this is the a you know when when you there's a lot of people out there that are willing to take advantage of people's good hearts and put their trust in them to do what they said that they were going to do and if they're not if they're not doing a mean let the buyer beware i that's the other part is that people are have to be responsible two check people out and to know who they are in fact back in her giving money to and if this person is is worthy if they if there worthy of having that trust or if they're just doing it as a stammer these are the questions that need to be asked and a man to go back to this entire thing is so convoluted it is odd to me that there's that many organizations that are that closely tied together to see it seems like that that's the kind of a red flag to me because why if their work can be other than wire they just work in together under an organization what why have they got the fragmented into pieces that's one of the questions i would ask as if i were investigating this why why is it that they have to have all these little little entities and why are the offering that way it is i just kind of odd and o'donohoe the same people they joanna knew andre at some point they tried to use her a sleeping with andre for money and in reality she has a recording of him that we've shared the page that and they still since excusations all of these have made these actiacus ations against joanna like they ignore the truth that we put on in the pages she shared him himself saying in an ever has he as sobecause and kate and done goneeither harder money to these compotation because she is speaking out trying to get the truths there also saint and about her to well i think i've really think it we should do is compiled these compiled all these documents and turn them over to some one who can truly investigate the entire thing because this sort of behaviour that it you know it sounds it sounds like in my opinion it sounds like fraud and financial crime you are and you know that's that's kind of what is you know that's my opinion of what i'm hearing but i would never say that unless we you know you could prove that or it was investigated to find out exactly what's going on here and what and if people are being hurt from this then this too you know you know sir certainly then come and ride out and make you some of the the fault statements just out of glass chuesday the attack on that these people went in to a personal level instead of you know instead of right away he we we we really want to we really want to clear this up if he have the questions and sad you know it just went right into rat into an attack moeotis awful and and i'm sorry i can't take somebody seriously that's got this mone thing owenton i mean i had literally i'm i'm stuck right then and there oh you know it's a dillyand i think this is important is like when we see things out there they don't make sense and we know it's bolshinstvo comes up with something and the mice and the gaze and the rats you know we've got it's like and then the mice have a mutiny he can't even you know it's like pestitch it an attack or a mutinous might of what are we even talking about it's the isis none and so so like for me once how do you take somebody like that seriously right from the cargo i wouldn't i couldn't take somebody seriously when his ritrattatine of of nonsense and then you know it but but you know you got the thing you got the sort omental ity all over the place look at the tv of angeles look at the lick at that you know the the ridiculous tevang that are scamander all attack man this is not like a new thing out there is the people that are are truly praying the good hearts of people that really wanted do the right thing and you know politicians do at tibetan gels do at this people that do it you know in every sector or made in a ball trying to tug a people's heart strings and in its rule fortunate so i knew should just how this thing out there and see you now see can i i think so bad plan to see if there's further connections to him because we throw this in the middle of a whole bunch of a non she realized that there is a huge as i very high probability that there some misrepresentations going on here as well as damaging to other people in order to commit some sort of a and one to say the word which your i'm saying you know and i mean i mean it's not a crime to be stupid some people are just stupid for then there are solesme people that are evil and that prey at people that is a crime in fact and so you know it to investigated finot's going on i think soreally really could be interesting because you don't this whole thing at the border and the intentions of people in what's going on down there it is every one's responsibility to speak out it is ever you know what we had another buss now get this we had another boarder crossing thus called tornado though that wettimore in michigan to day now you ask me if this is some post to be something that's transporting migrant workers up here i were where the milligan scuse me i am like i'm like this is something that is absolutely going to it its effecting not is it where we go on we go on it's affecting them it's affecting our voting it's affecting people on a personal level it's affecting the kids in this pipe line that it requires people to go down that border so we can't go human trafficking this entire operation and i'm not talking about people were talking about i'm talking about the border and what's going on down there and our government and his pardon is finding human traffic and its goings all away in south of the border where people are put into the pipe lines were kids are being ring were kids are the huge over that border to hornwork mon honorine bows and the remains of children and and skimming people to bring you know to bring children down to the border please people do not do not do this this is this is a bad bad idea it intended and wanted to have a huge party ran at the or to polizeidiener hangcoor while a tree and ah he ethiopic sunrising intonations and everything for those big party go off and the cancelled that he wanted all those donations to they claim they hadn't taken any besides the head so this is all about you know changing change the plans or manners they're so much financial questions and need to be asked here it's not even funny exactly heah soon because every part of this is a is every every small shot you don't part of what's going on down there that's wrong it's got to be a dress because it's like the thecompliment the people were talking about ortako anybody down there at that border the the proletaren accomplished by a thousand it's not one it's a thousand of em and its distractions it's in it surrounds money as surrounds kids it surrounds drugs it surrounds the enoynting you can think of and and there there accomplishing it by a thousand we in seethe problem with all of this as a whole despite everything that has gone on in the last twenty months or so and we and not just a set on her right now but more of us than are in the background i have helped people have helped families in get to where they need it to be even if it's such as on the table even if it's just pills blankets whatever the case or just to put him and save houses or even to look for a missing child weak and even put it out there in fear that we're going to get a tack and that's the most unfortunate part of all others because we can't get the help that we need because a people that are on the other side constantly looking at us waiting to attach and that is messing up everything that which trying to do to be able to help families on a consistent basis no hearty we don't we have an asked anything at all anything from anybody could we use it heck a wicked because we could use somebody getting some blankets were not at weeting ask for money but we could say hey look this family needs blanket we can't even do that if we tried at all there's no way we could do that it waved they live lessoning a proper golfinian even open cause i have the same name imagine if we opened one that is actually her or one of lost eidomen you imagine what we would get out of that we can't do that we have to go and some of us have to go and pick up the side job so that that money that we get from a side job can get dedicate with family so that we can go ahead and help them out though it were it sixteen hours we got a good pool another eight hours shift so that we can give to that family because of people like these people that are consistently attacking us some of us aren't sweetly and fortuities so that we can go and do for another family and that right there it's not fair to the families never like an as marion caught as a humanitarian crisis of the border and you know the fact that we have the open border down there and people are or the there's a lot of evidence the people are being grabbed down there and the dump off on our side and what are they going to do were they going to go we are not equipped to handle any of this and that border needed to be shot down and you know the the smarter way to deal with his whole nonsense would be if we want to help people who are really a really in danger who have promised them in their own communities and their own countries if we want the actually do that rather than bring them here because now you got somebody who's molonho away from any one that could protect them or or or help them to to enable any of these people to move or to move to another country is absolve wrong it's it's so wrong and not only is it wrong in that in that regard but it's wrong because we we don't have borders we don't have a country and how many was the ratio of people that are coming out to where fighting age males and not families or kids that are unaccompanied i mean the whole thing is absolutely a disaster the entire thing is a disaster and like a son when good people do stop up try to help you've got you've got them working working full time and more than full time while the people that are may be diverting funds or scamen off to the side i mean that's that's unfortunately the amoo elot of people felt the hide jack a good organization or good effort in order to make money because of course this victims there and they can pray to orondates the losers you know well this has been really interesting is there anything else that we want to talk about to night because i think this might be a really good spot tostock in the white we can always come back into this again there to waneise one last thing on my and here i am an actual tracking survivor through the sepsis and just twelve minutes ago aaron made eight another comment try to paint me as a horror these are people that are saying that their helping tracking survivors helping kids were being trafficked and their painting one who actually survived in his fighting like held together boys heard painting her as hard oh they had tried to discorio to all expense and it's disgusting and they all use the house pipes save our children they all you other contithat i won't let him in i want to give it any props you know save the children all there by loris em you know so the animals but that he criedto degree clander to find a stivers and i have actual documents tobacco everything i've said and yet still to this day we have not seen a single document even show that joel was ever even in postergare joe merry in that most sichereren he never will when i understand he had told that story some somebody else and uses it as the sole that's what i was told on greatgrandsons hartstrings and they say it he and feel bad and that's where the donations real in or the bias are and by his march that he is petacas an antillean pototan i'm tired of people using this movement using survivors using these kids that are still going through this as a weight to fill their pockets it's disgust and it's got to stop stops sending these people money they're not helping at the order go back and watch their videos and look at what their actually doing verses what they say they do you don't have to be super sicardot the don't have to i cannot think of the thing but it had water all his accountsample hment and people that he's helped are saved or anything like that he omitted that he helped his little brother and he i'm raised montfort or went on cotton the furniture or to them up in the same house like where's his receival of you know not fain that you know they say don't think i came rather an to go help come mister you to a kind ester i don't you know i don't believe not either doesn't have to be broadcast it for the good deeds that you do but she there's i don't there's not one thing that he's done that how has helped anybody else if you're taking ternatans you are responsible and you should be responsible to show people how you spent the money and they and when there was a board for tenoning they were actually taking notes on what money was going were and then they were accused of because they rode on the banks statements they did that to cover their tracks out as that even make send so they were doing that because they knew when they did become an ambo they had not only had the bible to show where all this came from where went so on they knotted it siwash beginning it was a lot of lake he pales and so long coming in when they you know on the web site they they had planned on me building the financial page in showing everybody this went to this this went to this this is is got a lotted here were putting the societo open a safe house and whatever san marco texisset say and then we can put up a battered woman and there if she needs to get out of the house this was all the plans joldewin any part of any of it i didn't want to be on the board he even told me that he didn't want to be at meetings at the time until the very end that is he decided that he was done with he also wanted a trust fund in his kid's name he was adamant that we got a trust fund in this kid's name which they laughed at right i don't i i read a thing levemente about nobody filling their tack as like lillian people and not hitherto as on land do it under with that hand hilary thing under his name will say that we'll save that one will see that's concentration yes i remember that in some out landish thing that light not one worsewould go forth on the long moan i like a suddentthey fall guy he heard a ohitachi arataheno a lot o line of questions to be asked here because it sounds like there's a lot of relief really e unfortunate people that have been harmed and that's really too bad so i anybody have the other last words to night then wellwillenda at this again i am good i think we should come back at it again and we can up where we left off to there's no more not love for a lot more to donaldson vo a will send you the link to our online cloud sandwatha in on passed it on to other investigators and anybody that wants to dig into this and see what what oh what we're talking about her look look it i'll send it to some people that are really really good diggers and ah i think they would be interested in seeing this because i've passed on names and contact up here in michigan and things that are suspected and they they really do like to look into him a little but because we have to we can't sit here and stop lustand just love this continue to go on and so i think we'll do so that i think that old be a good thing does anybody else know it how but we pray and then work we just go in to last words the good and one okay dear emile father thank you so very very much for every one that had the gods to come on this show to night we prayed for those people that are making wrong decisions that you would send your holy spirit convict them to change their ways and and live life in the way that would bring glory and honor to you we prayed for especially to night look or thought and let her know how much you love her and help peel her heart let her know that she is a precious child of yours child of god and that you care about her and none of these horrible things that happen to her when she was being traffic were her fault it was the result of some very evil people that oh that unfortunately broke trust with her and did not protect her dear henley father he asked for ever single adult out there to understand the solemn trust and duty you give us to protect the children and do the right thing to protect the people around us we are our brothers keeper and we take that very very seriously guides and directs and every single thing that we do in life i ask that you would give every one who's out there a special special measure of healing convection and that everything that we do would be the honour and glory that you know that it would be on earth as it is in heaven we love you very much we ask that that the truth on all levels would come out that you would silence the na sandcars that you would confuse every plan of satan and any any bad intentions any evil intentions and the andirons from getting to the truth because we are digging down to the truth for what for the children that's that's our solemn duty in what you ask us to do thank you so much for the night we love you and we pray tis all in the name of jesus our lord saviour and a in so there you go so ah any last words here to night just on a tank you for giving us the boy cannot and opportunity to a tree the conformation and loope know what is going on and these people are other and may exist yet i think we need to expose every every evil deed we really do because that's how we're going to take nation back that's being that's the patriot has been able to get out there and and look at the hard scotched that is happening makes some determinations and then see the justices in fact one solteros just sorry out there knows love you to her hand sir shall we love you we love all those whom you love god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless merriwell see the next time were on watch my telegram channel and everybody else will be posting will post you step every out there a prayer for everybody here thisthis program to night a sonofman the way because i think that that's what we need to do is we use stand together in love and healing for the good of it up each each of us because where we go on we go all to take in his