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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/1/2022 - Live - Jeff Swift and Todd Mackey

Published Sept. 1, 2022, 8:02 a.m.

Talking with Jeff Swift and Todd Mackey on manufacturing in Michigan Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning this is donna brandenburg welcome to brandenburg news network it is september one of twenty twenty two and it's a banter people day here in michigan i'm not sure what happened the weather because normally we have a lot more clouds and its little more dreary here but but the last few weeks he had to spectacular weather which i'm really thankful for it and enjoying it so today we have two special gas on we've got jeff swift and we have time mackinder going to be talking about manufacturing in the state of michigan and also how to bring jobs back to michigan i'm not going to waste a lot of time to day on a news or in doing clipper anything like that i think we're going to go right into the net of this because honestly it's going to take all of us to bring and put michigan back together again we all know and i think it this is fairly significant i posted on it the morning this think this is my telegram channel have got i've got blue ones coming on very good but it's like the left is like it's all the republicans falter his like it's all the democrats fall actually they're both correct because it's a common unitary that's been at fault for when i hear people blaming one side or another my my my reaction is to both the leadership of the republican party never stepped up some in a quote when i wrote this morning agreed the unpartisan or elections they stand for nothing and they do nothing what happened under their leadership is the leadership it wasn't just the democrats who were responsible for warfare on our business schools livelihood freedom a dead third party murder in nursing homes and hostile the republican leadership was also guilty because they said nothing they stood for nothing and they did nothing they played the republican social justice carewe are better than them and but the question is this who can draw the the dams that i'm going to call him dinas because i don't believe that democrats are democrats and the republicans are republicans at all the democrats in name only the republicans are republicans in come and the republicans and the democrats control the top the republicans democrats dinos republicans arias they controlled the house and the senate so who are these people and what are are they honestly the marks as who are involved in the communist takeover of michigan the united states of america out without alterations time to restore self governance of by and for we the people who are the rightful owners of michigan and good news and hang and furthermore we need to if we want to restore self governance that means we have to stop up so yesterday i was in lancing with board of canvas and i was giving them a good thrashing in front of the board talking about how why would we do protect the boat when they can't run the elections that we have right now they lost ten thousand my signatures they prove in their complete and utter neglect and encomenderos negligence and a cat and confidence the very minimum and then the reproductive freedom at so poorly written look as if i'm in a post again and the fact that there were forty three errors in this constitutional amendments of these revolt michigan constitutional amendments valrosa that that are supposed to be on the ballot november the board of canvassers actually did a good job and they turned it down which means we want round one that was that was extraordinary that to see that happen but but just reread them and that the tiles are misleading the mistakes in the reproductive feet freedom proposal is absolutely absurd they have run on sentences it to go into a legal form and be part of the mission constitute should be a shame on all of us just because of the way and help or they were written so with that sad yet we unvitiated it was also and i wanted thank the board cancers for listening to the people yesterday and in fact turning turning it down based in rejecting it based on on their their good wisdom in this the thank you for every one to thank you for one who participated yesterday and going to lance having your voice is heard and for all of us we had a voice as her yesterday and that way it's going to be chang a this weekend starting last night we are blanketing the state with dolores and i masonries a billboard grave pitched into us and we know where they are wanted like easter eggs if you can find him because truly we have them all over the state this week end which is going to be a lot of fun and also i will be at the perusal parade in a roman monday i believe we will have people walking the bridge up on the machine monday also and i have a bunch of speaking engagements come on our second guest isn't going to be able to commend to day's got a conflict well well we were got upon timere so we've got a bunch of speaking again to means across the state and they're going very well our numbers continued to go up because i do believe the people are waking up to the fact that what we have currently is a mark sistership on both sides who are taking over a state and taking our with that said let's talk about how we can rebuild this and i'm going to bring on my and the morning in how are you morning good how are you doing thanks for having me yeah so jeff and i have known each other for quite for quite some time and i have a tremendous amount of respect for him he is a very well respect a business man and he's got a lot of good information and to do with marketing in the state of miss kinnison tremendous success he in an indifferent in including bringing technology to the state that that could in fact bring bring a new era to manufacturing and introduction of good sources in state of michigan so i wanted him on this morning so that we could start a discussion of what's wrong how to fix it and what the new innovations are and how we can move the state forward so good morning and i'd like you to do an introduction on yourself my name is jeff then a lifelong western in southern michigan kind of work my way up through stomach and then landed in grand rapids i years ago and love it old life has been about manufac there was in the machine i or management and now i'm more in the consultant kind of running through all of those different areas i always learned some and i'm starting to see changes not just michigan but how we do many sometimes scary but it's in as you know i do not he the intervention you're going to go into the history of it and then the history and then the innovations you're so in manufacturing obviously we we had some so in the sand at things go on to mexico not really become the last everything going to change and in grand rapids we are really heavily in the tool and i in major industry some one the largest to uncompanied in the country and in michigan in here and grand rapids down town one the commercial these guys are monster companies that employ a lot of but there's a lot of challenges that they are given and there is even that of being absolute and what they're doing is they used to make their dis here and they would see across to the east side of the state and then they had those stamping dies with going is it to and they would make the production over there a very easy and she our industry but we kept it in closed stay in michigan and the modes of ohio and but now when i say now i'll say the last at china has come and what they did as you can he is ninety per cent done over there the stamping dies and these are very then going to a stamping facility and detroit they make roofline they make doors on person years ago when i was going to china david made percent now over there and then we would just over here to make sure the time were right quality wasn't one on now over the subsidizing come join in and they seem really lucrative they very seethe michigan manufac they get into these join venus and then they slowly bring em in and then the government and then they take them out or they steal and that's happened to several copies i rotil was one in pretty much they do duration and radiator and they went to me and in china duplicates it then subsidies between company and then run out the company and then their love figure a figure that's happened to viking court hastings where they make all of your year overhead sprinkler in every office and every bit and then they go over there and they do and now they're getting into the gibes running people out because the government is subsidizing the complete when you're on your and it needs to be but i think now that michigan as an realize that because a lot of people are getting talking companies have been business for years that are now that and that's what we have the ah well when you start giving getting control and or preference to foreign entity you've got a real proud one because in that what's happened with our elections are elections are buying large interfered with by for by foreign and and we have no control over it at that point time when we're not counting and and a controlling them locally and we all saw a real problem with china by all of our land there there it's almost as an invasion through economic means when we talk about our manufacturing going overseas and or any of our companies and if they like a set of the bean if they are being fine by the government the government is in fact kind of like purchasing in a round about way those industries so that they on the industries and put the entire united states out of the it's no secret what they're doing they'll put the chinese she is come right to the joint venture of the american company and a certain point the thousand persian being did and now it's only eighty thousand dollars to buy the cane are buying they don't need the best they a good inch that's something there's everywhere and i think that in the anteus in michigan their finally starting you know the room now and words are getting and that this can be and there's a company manufacturing and bethabara probably the second largest other than as and were i the third may be employer and bear the struggles a little bit he same thing to do it do venture and they went to china and then some of the engineers went from gaston subsidized company and they were casting even with the gas we were and so when your ten twelve million dollars d what do you do at that point you you bail or do you just and in there and they're coming back and so i think in michigan in that particular area they're getting but we have our challenges here on shore and i think the challenges that we have in sure are even more important and that is labor everybody thinks that you have to go get a for your degree you know we want to give as for college i don't know if that person is just doing a the arts what are they doing i don't know but why do i have to we're going to give them what about the tree the right now domitian in a month that you don't need a plumber electrician machines that may saw the part programming yes and what can i mean how many i school kids can go change the royal chase the brave doesn't happen there have been are enough time to then she and that point there's needs to be changes there needs to be the vocational schools have a quite a bit of attention i think that is just my person and you went to a vocation ah that allowed me to realize what i wanted to do only i might have thought that i wanted to go into machine of that but i didn't know him so i went to the school so why did all the way to college inexpensive the fees and then find out that you really don't want it or whatever the case the vocational schools as we because not everybody is to be an ecole on i a smart they're very aptitudes that high level there maskells or onetree high but they want it they wanted caneletto something using their hands and making but i think if you know you become governor when you become governor to me it would be i would write a letter to you as you to really into well insistence brandenburg when going to get these vocational schools monfort catherine funny a place to start with that that people are need to i call the fly will there's a very small turning of his fly went a little bit more horse power to get the thing spending people to understand that the vocational schools greasy and dirty and for drop out actually for very intelligent going to get dirty you go into a toledo now and you running a million to a million and computerized video game looking machine yes and of very clean you can eat and there's a couple of schools already staring now my friends i vocational teacher and coopers the and i was there just about two weeks ago and he was showing me the difference that they've made in the vocational program by what it needed it immediate an money an bigger come the smattering auto came some of these companies that are very large in the community and anatomical junket he has a place in one as a school down town with his name on it he has a at technology centre right by you tell or opinion town to sighed about robotics in machine and all of that and they're putting a lot of money and last year they turned out every kid had a job coming out of some going into the and they go to work and an archimedes that the wise man a grand he and these kids have a payin job all summer long and if they like it they continue to go into he in eighteen command then they could go into it to and i in it a hundred thousand plus year job and no student loan a you're getting paid it makes a lot of sense to me and i said this too that our universities are money laundering organizations at this point time for politicians you look at people like ron wiser whose head of the republican party the people put a hundred and fifty million dollars into the u of m and when you look at the outcome of it it is not in their selling people the fact that the college education is the only way to go where they come out with two hundred or three hundred thousand dollars with the debt and may be had the opportunity to earn forty thousand may be fifty thousand dollars a year mackintoshes job category or no jobs at all in those isothermal abigor attaint there the trade goes i am for fully funding trade schools and for having life kills in the high schools rather than this nonsense marcianus like abernathy's no there's no go to the lunarians and in back to what she said about the ten thousand dollars think about the absurdity of giving some one ten thousand dollars when they have loans that are a hundred and fifty two hundred thousand dollars or more its almost i should be almost an insult to the cause there not going to solve any from all they're going to do is give people the option to grab that money but there still going to be in the same we can position with that type of debt from going to college and in it it's kind of it's kind of a misleading it's kind of misleading a kind of out in my opinion a lie and then you have people like yourself and myself i put myself through college and i came out with about five thousand dollars worth of death and in instant loans and i had that paid off in a year and a half and i didn't any one to pay for for my education i didn't that in all i was working like three two to three jobs all the time and i never took it for granted that this was something that that i was entitled to i am a great deal of a pride that that i was able to go to college and that any of them any of them you know there are grants you can get to go to college but to come up with that kind of death and in that bewailing to work nor to work your way through it or maybe you you post oneida little bit like you to to go to trade that's another thing i think every single person should have a not just somebody that can spit out answers to it our education system right now we'll go back to that that's a real problem they are not teaching critical thinking at all all their doing is they've got they to if you can answer what the teacher puts in front of you in the way that they want you to answer it than than you get a pass on you go but that doesn't mean that that they understand how to apply the knowledge it does it just means that they can give they can give the teacher the answer which really sounds to me like indoctrination it doesn't sound like an education at all awearily catherine this but i didn't have i went to west i wanted to go i knew i had my tree but i also wanted to go to call i probably wanted to go there intending and have boerhaaeve expensive paragot if you think but i wanted to you i did my business and then he gave me the option to see what i wanted to do with machine tools may be i wanted to stop it may be i wanted to manage something i didn't know but i needed that after sadly the only thing that i took out of college began for years to mature and that obviously i got the and what i want you know is something i would say is a communication hotel with different types of people culture i grew up in a smaller town so when i went to western you get the melting pot and and you you mesurier up in a community and you deal with people you with people and then when i got out what i took out of it but i never took while i learned that and i learned that and not anthropology because they made me take the anthropology classement using not using oceanography and are not using advanced bowing ay you know you pay a amount a hundred aureolas per hour or invent for and then i had a student on and i had to pay that back in a hat off to the government at the time they give you a percentage achieve right so gives you a interrogation and get a job you have your degree you get six months in us start paying your bill to me that responsibility anything that probably takes respond yeah and then if for any type a debt you know it's like people have to be and i don't know if they're not getting information that when you do take on dat what you know credit cards a student loans are so some one has to pay that if you don't pay it some one else is pain there for you and that doesn't feel good to the rest of us who actually pay our bills and don't expect somebody else to pay them for us i mean it's a hard pill to swallow when you look at other people that are or by and large treaty as in a game the game and they don't realise that the throwing that debt on somebody else's back to pay their way and only the whole breakdown of the family and the family being able to expect things out of their kids like my kids were doing their laundry at ten years old i like you know this is i am not your slave labor as mom i'm here to teach you but i'm not going to i'm not going to pander to cater to you and going back to the i think that in the schools i think we should kind may be give a very skeleton janitorial staff and have the kids actually helped take care of the schools clean the schools have certain jobs they need to do and carthey actually gain the ability you know i don't you know you know that i own a bunch of income property and i was talking to another guy at last night that also as an com property you know you know it's really struck me as in the last years see the the condition that we get and ours are pretty nice our houses in our apartments are pretty nice i put a lot of money into rescuing properties and preserving them and make it nice for people right and but when people move out it's sort of like they just sort of like leave and i would have been so ashamed to leave a house in the condition that i've seen expecting somewhat else too you know pick up after me you know like like that sort again somebody to wipe your behind in my opinion you know it's like should be it should become and sense that that you're an adult when you leave a place and we don't wassamo places professionally clean when you leave a place you should not you know leave like a truckload of garbage for somebody else to take out and carry out and you know leave it the way and that's the way i was brought up but honestly i tell you that i don't think that the people that i don't think a lot of people even know how to they don't even know the first step or what cleaning materials you should use in that you know that should be really rudimentary knowledge or how it was and i think it would be shocking for people to know that when i when i purchase a i got a gone through a lot of buildings and houses over the years and something that is really shocking to people and this comes from the churches and with the white good intention of helping people they that he would give away clothing to devise for people to take but what what you find out when when you you purchase purchase doings and houses there's a certain section of the population of what they do is they'll go to a different church every week or every other week and the load the car up with clothes and with with a thing to help them in such and then they wear the clothes for maybe you know a week or two weeks or something like that and when they get dirty they throw it in a room in the apartment the door and you'll go into these places and i warn people and i said now i'm just going to warn you you got to have a little bit of a strong stomach for some of this but that's what we do you know you have to be willing to do this and there's going to be you can usually tell when you walk into the house you are the or the apartment you're going to walk in and there's going to be one room in his ah a facility of the dwelling that's going to be lor to sealing hack with cloth and it smells like to i i don't know jim jim bag whatever you wanted to call it it is absolutely vile the people just just where the clothes and they never wash throw it in a room and then when they vacated the landlord will have to get somebody to take it and it doesn't get get donated this is a so so disgusting it goes right into the land fell and an there's nothing also can do it and they just walk away from the disasters that they create and i don't think that a lot of the churches are people who are trying to help people that are in supposed unfortunate circumstance now that they are being played by professional canadian a lot of animate and they just leave other people to clean up after them and i think that if we if we got some of them in a school level you know we actually had the kids become responsible for cleanly for doing the landscaping for help no not talking about heaven to all because but i think they should do a good of this so that he and then they will never look down on somebody who's in a service industry again to because they'll know what it takes i agree i think maybe the two things that that we need to keep teach the kids who early in dimension a thing about me and anchoress ability of sometimes as they have apple cart or a credit card its infinite some black care because it going and going and going they don't realize and you know i know from my kids we live on the lake we have a boat the clean that thing inside it outward the boat and it's not that it has to be spotless all the time just that little bit of responsibility but also important to teach proud of what you do and show a little pride you know what that room why does it have to be filled and the clothes all the way to the top take some pride in your cleaning goethe longer and then hang it put it away i tradition lemaitre year old boys every day i have this battle because they put their shoes right in front of the door that i have to as sitting there in a and so i have your sleeping come back down here and you got to take care your shoes something take your dishes so those are those i come lifeless in their free continue to be responsible and have some pride in what you do but not a one hundred percent understand where compound i think it has to start early we have to test early and i think we forgot about life lessons on responsibilities in this world i'm sorry life not about to every time i walked down the street i see marian it's not an intimate it's something that we all had to work for to you know to have as i did have anybody giving me that sort of thing that in any way shape before you know if i wanted something i had to work for it and i think i think the cutting some of these entitlements is going to get people feeling that responsibility for the communities the people around them when you realize that that you're not an island in it albert do you know to go from one one in gratification thing the next to the next to the next it's a bigger world and there's a lot of there's a lot of need out there you know and i think we can look for opportunities and a start with our kids and then were seen they were seen the down side of that once you get into business and you look at the carbrook that you have to deal with every one i know that's business companionship almost impossible to find good help that isn't looking at their watch every minute of the day and an end you know waiting to get off work to go play there so they're distracted when they're there and you can give people a tactless to do but if there's a dumpster fire that's just off the check sit there and watch it burn because it's not on the check list so when they go back to the checkless like not my problem not getting paid for this it i you know when you're working for a company or working for some one you're getting paid for your time and you know it's it's your time that you paid for and in my experience with somebody is a stellar worker a good company will will notice it right off the bat that one or of good bosses and that's another fine to get into is what what did it takes to be a good leader a good boss because we're a little bit on the deficit side of that all if everybody starts with himself and i'm going to go to work to day i'm on to do i'm going to work every minute that i'm there now distracted in order to make this company more such and then you know in that if i have a good boss you know that that's going to be a reward because your value as a person in that position goes up it's not just it taken for granted and i look at it this way is that each one of us are a product in and of ourselves when we put ourselves into the work we are we are every single day we are proving a that we are worth or being paid and were delivering ourselves in our service or labor as a product it's not just an entitled position shouldn't be any way you know now in you know my mentors were in a year old and a sea old men and business they always talk easy things never lie work at the the people right i mean these are all free things also do something something that you love don't worry about the money that money will come and you see love that's what i did and so you know in the early nineties was manufacturing the sex thing that everybody on our reality wanted to marry a doctor and a lower i took a job in he was twenty thousand dollars country year i didn't know how i was going to pay for my car and my heart something i love and that the money came after but when people ask me i know how many years have you were i said i have never worked to her head i never work i don't feel like it's work i love what time passed so quickly that an you see other people and i i do some people and i know one is a doctor but that's where the money was so this poor guy is making great money but he has no life because he's always at the door doing something absolutely to me is not living at i think in desertis coming out here my plea as when your governor a vocational schools you know really ran that up because it sold and we have to yes we do and we need to get the government out of the way that's another thing that all of us who are in business overburdening administrative worth nothing regulations and rules that you have to comply with in a couple of the companies that that you know come of our companies monteith if i had to start from scratch in those industry i don't think you could do it because it takes too many years as if you build upon bill upon bill upon and you you learn as you go but the regulations of increase to such an overburdening or overburdening function of the business that if you got that dump in you all at once there's no way you could keep up with it or comply with it and and it that has to be cut down because our own government is the barrier for entry into into industry and most of it is absurd now some of it could have been worth while some point time but if we got rid of that we went back to a tap estcoit we vote every day with our dollar if a company is not doing their job and we have lots of competition we need lots of different companies to lots of competition it will settle out who was actually performing and who is not performing an in a business capacity because people say these guys are horrible they sup and they won't go there they will find a company that's actually customer service oriented and actually they meet their needs so the here i get everything out of the way that that throttles competition throttles businesses from getting into these industries and in promoting energy is a big deal when you look at how many of our companies went down to tennessee because the tonnelle authority actually does a good job with energy and michigan is a colossal failure we have failed if if i had to put a check list together to evaluate michigan and how we dealt with our infrastructure the roads all of a sudden we got reconstruction everywhere how can we had no broken instruction for the last hat almost four years and all of a sudden in the last month we've got construction going on everywhere on federal roads right addingtonian roads but it sure looks like we got a lot of money going out the water the water system i think we got a lot bigger problem than flint and bathrobe nobody wants to talk about that elephant in the room because i think it's going to be much bigger of an issue you know and and looking at the just the wrong the raw energy promise we have here with with our power plants trying to manipulate the state into the green energy which most politicians all in stoppin he is a fossil fuels to get them you know which reason a fossil fuel you know it it it relies on and you know petroleum coal and such an i don't think people understand that none of this is free and none of his works apart from a fossil fuel you get you get electricity from what in the ottoman i somehow it doesn't dispoot there you don't disturb the white witch on and bambaev got electricity and not not this point time so it's it's not it's not clean it just it's a it's a double layer of energy something you always i think you reminded me you know i get fired a couple of things and then you will kindly set me straight because you tell me don't get over work then thinking think about what you're saying and look between and they did little deeper figure out but i remind me yesterday to articles on reading work toinette and oh gosh said enter toilet every but what about california yesterday saying he ended you know i must be electric do not do we will be reducing the electricity because you only be all the use of much because our gods are over you now overwhelmed and were not the how are you going to to accomplish what you just ask everybody to do absolutely insane for them to say whether people just roblado i sensed that must be and interesting a watch box now but that's not always the correct one either and there is things i would come to us what is going on think it through look deeper dig you'll find your answer okay so i go back and get my hands than the iron appears in a i am i was at the bow all right i used to have believe in fact news but they're just as bad as every one else at this point in time and what was really interesting as when they leapeth information on the elections had a time and pretty much predicted the ratios and everything who want and if it came through several different sources and then all of a sudden fox jonson in oh yeah we were just in a task like they were bigoted deciding to make an excuse for these little affiliates you know everywhere and are you kidding me why didn't you lay this out you couldn't you could a blown the part said the only thing that we tested was that we've got bob back there in the back room whose including all of these numbers and showing these ratio there's no way they showed like a million votes that were in the system to predict the outcome of all they were running a million votes to those systems no no possible way some one was have i put those numbers in an that's all they test so at the primaries in i voted and i feel so so happy i go there and i give my license and they check me and they got me in the computer system and then i go in my little secret little boot and this is me you know i'm going to make a difference and then at the very end i stick it into this dominion machine and i told the older gentleman it's amazing how good i felt when i walked in here kimmerian sticker on my what i do for america and then i have to stick it in this machine right he said you know we've had it for years and that's just how it and at that point i walked out because my vote men what a recantation dominion i like you i like your sound effects because you know what it is it sounds like a shudder you you put your e put your ballet in the dominion manseriche and you dispute it in a shudder because they're going to they're going to spit out whatever they want and how i theoretic abundance and the alessandria and and then janissaries they seventeen people and the propontine gone and pity only one item in that they could find unfortunately she just as all eight people the people that walked no i think it was the suffering at the i was i didn't vote in the common unitary primary to it was just there for republicans and democrats and when i jumped off to the tax payers party ammon you know i'm a little bit on wavering and stuff like that so soon as i jumped off her public indamora party and like why would i even take part in this i am not going to be part of the two party there are more than two parties and their acting like this is that he like the whole nation is run by two parties while there are first water not two parties the one party in their working gather and it should never be just two parties it there should be any parties at all honestly in my opinion george washington warned against the parties because they're nothing more than special interest and what are they there against we the people and just for to intercede and go i didn't like well this is going to be interesting thing for me but i can't vote in a in a primary that i'm not a part of his republican or democrat is that it feels like a lie to me cause they don't believe in them that have not partout now they are at united we stand divided we fall a lot of truth to it because that's the goal right now looks like they just want to divide and it doesn't matter what they want to divide every the he and i but a look at the candidate senonian side and reading some of the articles even riding calmes me cringe because the all high and mighty riding to he goes to our church and he's in a soup and he alike is the next one in line for but an he goes outside and there's nothing that he then a line how he should how he should conduct and it eats you know and i don't know a lot about the other candidates but when i see certain people they preach one thing and they do the other thing and i agree with that it's a real problem and you got it do is watch the actions because the actions tell you where the hardest on you know on things and it's funny it's just funny but age to do is look into things a little bit and you get all the answers and not follow the news or the the narratives are something but go in and do your own research and look around a little i think it through think it through as their double becominer not because if there is probably not a problem you should be called in this the dominie brandenburg whose network you taught me i have to dig deeper because you always want to believe in the beginning when you hear the news and did you hear about this the homecoming people are actually dig a little bit they don't take the time and they take that surface news and crazy ungiven day if i go to the woman i talked to people is crazy curative in the where did you hear that and you know that if that's a fact or not and will get i walked a ruined me that okay i'll let you go with them but you might want to go here and really look there's so much deception out there and there spending the story all the time it's just the ballot on the ballot that we turn i have not heard one honest accounting of what was said over over the you know over the bouthillier myself in the tither candidates there was not one honest accounting in any new source of what went on and what do they do they did it in order to demonise us not as of the ballot and to it is actually quite i think we would have a defamation case if we wanted to because they were a lodging for a front broad but for adhesion in a court of law they never did any do diligence on it they just on their opinion from i don't know i turned in twenty seven thousand five hundred signatures and i only we only saw ever sine proved that the ever looked at twelve of them in only two on a two page report for and it is they can say whatever they want they throw it up into their you know thrown into their you know but paid for mainstream media and everybody believes that with an when we start critically thinking the going wait a minit fore they working for what are they trying to achieve are they trying to get the same people back in so that nothing changes and they can keep stealing for us and treat us like we are their subjects in tyranny pretty majeure that this is exactly what's happening you know yet the big diligenter think yet you always find you know you always find a theorist truth and it's there but you got us sometimes look for it to get better source and i really do believe that citizen journalists are are the best way to accomplish where it's somebody who besides you don't want i want to dig into this and fine yet to the truth now i get criticised by a lot of people because i will talk to every one i don't care which side that theron because i don't believe that some of the people they say are bad or actually bad but likewise i don't believe that the people that they say are good are necessarily good i think that i think that we need to choose our believing the snared in find out for ourselves because they have they have information hit pieces on people that are not controllable and who will not jump into their and protect them protect the criminality it's all about building are not works of a spend actors and and at the end their hiding things from each other i got to tell you a story i heard i don't think i've told the son before but i think this is significant while we're on the subject it is a retired congressman told me this story in and he ran into some one in the cross he got out a horrified and in the person got up and it was a supposed woman and when they got up and looked at each other it was actually another person in congress who was dressed up and drag they looked at each other and and they looked at each other and agreed that they weren't going to tell her you hit me on the road and had you dress your dressin up and drag and pardon winter one way protecting each other and that's just one instant oh and i mean that's one of those things that's kind of a crazy as a crazy story but but it is they're doing that guaranteed the the carleton about here you know and in hiding so that they can they look like their another side of the isle for each other but they're not their protecting each other and there making it it's all about the illusion that its them taking care of their business and their aloof with none of them do and given a rufous no no no no this is absolutely about them protecting each other so that they can one of them takes the gut get away car in this direction one of them takes the getaway corinthian and annis a distraction or that's exactly what we have let's go back in a manufacturing again i'd like you to talk about some of the sand sea machine that you've been talking about because i think that another answer for the state is to increase entrepreneurial as so that we can we need to break some of the anti trust violating multinational corporations that have you know then waging this economic warfare against our nation so just so you know i do know another one this is something that bandolero or the model has been over the years in the sus been going on for a long time they would always place the barnes nobles right next to the local bookseller that had been in business for there they're doing the model is there it's happening on american soil and they're doing it in the small watch what happens with the stalls a developer the developers are guilty as all get out was stromling right next something and putting out a business with the do as they build a steal and i know people to do this that had done this on like despite the bill the stroll to the run it for a while the kind of runnin to the ground a bit in our tax structure encourages and then what they'll do if those satirical where they're not telling the new owners as they've got another plan right up the street in their plan as is to get the money out of the current stepma aided in a bated your tax and they will go down the road built another strip mall and watch this one turn into a blighted property doesn't matter then he grabbed the money and they were on and in this and it happened this is how the tax structure is at all for creating a lot of the blighted the areas of our inner cities it needs it might be sustainment in college was about martialled making bottoms in the ghost town at marosin the ghost town toinette in all towns and white of hardware store for one all the way down on the city in the middle of the city between the two and when i chinese products my soul in chinese products and they get it cheaper than what could be made may be here why are we not terrifying this why why does there not why are we not an evening out the plain field if the if we're talking about going to china they've got no one i re mental to deal with they don't care they're not having to do environmental compliance and been work without seriously we shouldn't be as as they come in here and and have no regulations no rules they can sell whatever they want that's coming from overseas it's not a fair market at all so i think i think we have the obligation of tarsome of this banished no no i agree with you there's a lot of where young people want to get into business for themselves and they do want to buy a scene see machine and they want to put it in a pool bareheaded you know with a large garage i get started and they make parts because they do they want to get ahead in life they don't want to work for the man may want to do what they love but actually get the share in some of that money and that the best these guys will work eighty ninety hours a week is not uncommon when they worked for the but when they work for them the man under the company that you know making the profits they look at the clock as the miserable the same thing there still making the same pride and its responsibility and i agree if you can somehow skilled trades in the sense world aeacus companies the other builders that are made in the u s they do help schools and technology they put the sentence into the tax centers they can't county and it was a case intermediator convocation then the hollaender the grand rapids community college its but that doesn't satisfy because what they're not doing is there not marketing you have to go search them out and find out what it is and i know when i was in high school they had job fairs that came to ascites people would go and and talk about how can be and i've taken a couple kids that are just one they want to be an engineer and their smart man they don't really want to go to college because they don't want to sit in the classroom and go away from these stone or they want to do i've taken i porter i a million a year company that they can adore their own little university and then bring people in an help to pay them to to learn hopefully that you'll see what their own stay on with but what what can can you don't be twenty two twenty three years old figures have a house of his own in a carrion and no long standing you know dead on the books other than a market pretty good that morality two twenty three camooflage with a three hundred thousand dollar debt and you have to study oceanography anthropology where you goin to get that it was that's a good thing yes but before we end there is a positive thing that i had it was a kind of a task that my wife and i did my my nephew in years he was going to master and he had six and they were you began and so they all stayed at i wanted to make sure they all have breakfast because i got i got to talk to i'm always to the the eighteen twenty year olds are sixteen or twenty some year olds are brain was and they don't understand what's going on here a country so i was asking you know what your thoughts are less and what your thoughts on singly these guys are starting to get it because i thought for sure they were just going to start amenities a republican doesn't know what you onderstand and when i was asking him questions the undersea yes of fraud that the government is fraudulent don't believe what you hear on since and b s i call it fox news whatever it is they're starting to get i in these kids were from all over the place they weren't all from beddington the same town they just went to asterisme job anaemic in company to make money for the surprisingly you take this little tiny white pocket of melting pot of i listened to him sounds like people are starting to see the light of the that's going on in a location believe it was like this the best breakfast he ever had are you guys were completely opposite and what you i hope in a member there's more of these type of kids there you know what we do we are going to vote we understand what's going on and we got to do and i think the internet been really good for that because people have the access to alternative sources rather than just turning the t v on sittin there being programme you know you can in fact find you know you can and find in fact find good information if you're willing to look for you know what i have alice that i look at that that i know that i don't believe everything that i read i never do from any one i look at it sometimes it gets me to ask say things like well even though this is a source that i i bully usually reliable i will look at it all i think there are bacheeta little bit and i might look one step to the right or one step to the left but it'll point me i use it as a pointer in a direction to look for more information and i think that that that's been valuable and there's but sobeide anything or any one with a blanket let's not trust and be lazy and just let him feed me information is the death of a critical thinking right there you know you just you can look at it and go awesome seems arentschildt out to find out their really telling the truth or if they backed it up or if if this is just you know denomination in the wind here and and more than that all they had to go on if you go into the airport every airport there is running winter in asia it would everything in europe is the best at one side here is the araucanian fox as you can't get anything except with their ever the narrative that they want to get i have really i it's indoctrination it's greatorex's let's go back in taking you to be talk about his titorelli interested in the technology and these little scenes that that are oronta about them a little bit because i think this is a love the idea okay select before we had on that let's go and look at what they've done with all of these with all of the gasometer here the zone the zoning and the zoning board and had a decent amount of communication with songbird most seniors that we have around i've got some real problems with the way they conduct themselves because you so much conflict and for interest in onions as well as the city councils are a township council erostratos amount of conflict interest latimer operates a lot of em own real estate companies are the real to that is a conflict of interest in they should not be in those posts they are going to one based on what they can make money on a right to farmin right to farming people don't realize a supersedes all all other zone regulations you have the right to feed yourself in right of they will try a strong arm tell you don't but you really do in it also tintefleck that we never own our own property we are least holders of our property out care if your properties paid off if the government can come and take your property for not performing an any metric you don't own that free and clear you are in fact at least holder at that point to the government who truly owns tirante proper dates so the one of the last zoning boards i went there was a younger guy and he was trying to comply with one to two heavy business in his garage and the only word i got up and on like hay an able this guy the atthributes on a gout of the youth's way you know this is not your business as his as his property his business it's not a year business and you have no right to regulate this whatsoever so get out of the way i mean i was absolutely right in her face about and and i never met the guy before it does he ended up being on the agenda with refugee settlement that i was fighting on the guise of a door organization but is really what it was and they they granted him the ability to do that well who the agathe the right to grant anything on that level they don't have that right we if we get all of this zone nonsense out of the way and let people you know let people you know let them you know it's not about letting them it is you know did it out of the way so they can have the freedom to provide for their family start businesses and in its time the one though i have to go to something that's that's a larger thing but but to stop people from making a living or starting businesses in their homes a tremendous assault on freedom's life liberty and the pursuit of happiness it needs to go away so okay so let's go to these little sense machines and how we can so it machines is a computer numerical control it can be a lad that can be a mill basically caring most of the time as caring medicare what to a lot of these people want to get an entry level sense three aces at two axes lay in a three down over back and forth and in and those are the entry level and you could buy him for you know eighty two hundred thousand and you could put him in i call the party couldn't put it in your because you have to have a different type of to run riot in material storage to for some rare the pressure but these guys they work in a shop they one to break out on their own decoying they can't go out to the industrial because like you said you can't just do it in your house you have to go find a facility and rapacity in an industrial one area where all of the industrial park it was more expensive in its you can have an old woman a lot of these successful owners started in a collar i brought the power in but they already might have had polemarchus they could have been farming and they might have had a wilder in tourdestelle takes a lot of and it could be to twenty who could be for forty four whenever the case may be of power and they start making a couple of things in the after work they would say he i can make you you know i can quote that for you i can do that after we call it overflow many companies have overflow because if there making a hundred thousand parts of customer once we to mandioca break that machine down and re program and get it going just for a hundred just now comic that guy in the polar he and make those had at seven dollars a part well to be able to go home at night and that week he made an extra seven hundred dollars maybe he makes dollars a week it is his pain maight be fifteen hundred a month by that machine to operate the first week makes pain for now he had forty five hundred dollars extra to even pay down the long or to a to the income of his household may be his wife could now i have to pay for day care and have a family atmosphere god knows we eat it in the school system in our families or broken right now because he need to rain i know onliest in three cases machine and somebody pull bar but it really could make a difference once you grow it because what if he buys to one's man three thousand he might be operating that full time and he can quit his job and his appeal it is special come there but moses guys have that child when we next saw her at grows up in his ten twelve thirteen he sweeping the floor as these cleaning his loading stuff and eventually a fine is operating and by the time is eighteen and decides what he wants to do does he want to follow as that but in these guys not uncommon for a guy that has three four machines make it a few hundred thousand dollars a year these guys are and if they land acota then they go to a higher and he has a robot that's the thing you can find labours hooroo to it and now this one person can and run three machine i just as and to me it's what america was made you know we made for right is to be an entrenched as of become capital but you can do he same thing we we started in a small place in waybill it up in five years and had an factoring you put that you put out there as when you start with business start with these huge businesses you start with very very small but a small business and you grow at that response landon yet once again a money man intimate you don't to doubt load that that hamstring you when you run in the problems you have to have some cushioned belt into that in the way you do that if you start small and then you build to build the company up and your learning every step of the way as you build and you grow so that when you do get big enough you know he and some of the pressure that that come with a very large so if we could get all of these inspections and regulations because you got to pay for a lot of these inspections you got to pay you for you've got to pay for the license as you've got to pay for certifications and training and you know you go through like like the has mastushita the certain some of this is good to have a smart person will get that train but i don't think that it needs to be necessary compulsory and most of the train and that the regulations are absolutely none we are i had i had at my companies we went through at the entirety of us went through labassandre right decameron the pas and patrin or comes in isidore look at this going going i can't i can't even i don't even know what to say he was detraining led past pain and a gift of at one point time bringing a sly and of a bat with raby and i am looking at this going all right to what whether you even doing an eight or training and he was running out of matter something so he did throw some up on the screen and sick you know and we have bad and in rabies and i like what are you wasting your time with us for our one it if if this is that simple that you're wasting eight hours of a labor hours per an eight hour train you only have four hours of actual information stainton to make it seem like it's a a ancestry qualification don't you think that the kind of and you know and i'm like i'm not putting up with a sad you know we all know that the ear is the largest loder in north america is like another don't want address anything so it's like they get because it's too too then they expected rest comply where they lie ahead mahound of craft into the colorado river and turn their turn there you know turned the other way and look away for me so i don't know it's it's none again i go back to the responsibility and pride the guys that are open in the shop they have contained they have the oil tanks they take care of you they know where to go with it unlike the normal typical american person probably that changes his own boys got two quarts of four courts of oil he probably goes to the corner of his london they don't get tristram these guys when you know lady the educated from where they came from to take care of i see tall on many places i was how many vehicles get thrown into john yards full oil and an iron and ann a pasture that all this onondato talk about that because you know why not tell the ground waters all contaminated around it the jumpers more oil you know like with a pipe line in the street people have a lot of misconceptions about it it up in alaska they have they have gisarines of four wheelers who had little and pale a sand shells picking up any drops oil that they might find out there which is kind of funny in itself and one walmart parking lot coming out of the coming out of the cars sitting there we have you know we have more or environmental issues right there than what you can you know then what you shake a stick at but now we want to talk about that because it's all about it it's all about dat distractions from the real while why do you let the big companies get away with look at the they started mc general motors corpora holdings or corporation holding not down the thirty sixth street which is loaded full contamination violent under their bankruptcy and in their freer and notabilities beautiful little condos for conustre ridente top of it and nobody gets in trouble when we sold our open the eta came in in the we saw the building a tuition and it was a amount of parts for millionaire found oil and had to go to an et and we had retaken and in confounding our building and were talking parts for million why i get the domino thirty years he come back on that company for who knows how long they can come back on somebody else for something somebody else did for years and years and years and until intil the bankrupt the company in order to take the land nor the business quite often get safonoff to their little bodies who have government jobs and they never get in trouble for on the ensuing it and it being in the little little you know backroom close that nobody talks about again because they hidden the reality for people as long as it disappears into the government all going to be okay now beaten tion to what's going on and i was i was at a county meeting one of the counties in the state and they had the odd day this is going back to the government getting preference over we the people by people who have maybe never ever held a job so what the kind of like pirates really it looks at piracy me so the in this particular county they were talking about taking any foreclose property instead of putting it out on the fair market that decided the county needed to have first right just that property at the lowest possible price which was not even fair market value that the county he would have first right too by that any any for crooper over the people of the county and unlike the thessians right to me it seems like you should you know you should be getting a fair market value for it and not into or goose highest better you don't just say well it goes to the highest bidder after the government has at first crack something really wrong with it so when it what else besides osongo trade schools we have we have starting small smaller industries of small business in homes entrepreneurial ship apprenticeship working in companies that were you know we can we can help train people i don't think that high school should necessarily be twelve years i think that we should cut that back a little bit get people into the trades quicker than that because by the time they are eighteen years old they should be prepared they shouldn't just be in my opinion you had eighteen years old and you should be able to you know your young your strong you should be able to hit the ground running not not just you know not just be hamstrung into more and more you know over burdened regular item in it working you know so in our factories in germany it's crazy that's what they do at fourteen they sat with their parents and they decide what they want to be when they grow up and a lot of this is the pride is to be in it despite the engineers and the technical people and the people that assemble these sense machines and fix on and the application engineers there's some in the best of the best but they start their apprenticeship program in fourteen and they have a big orange strap around her there are and when they walk around the building during you know work out fiancee the orange that means there they are promises and there there for five years and then they leave in their experts by attention to their sonnet twenty years these guys are fernand they made and that the dance the path that biteth a parental them too in a low negotiation you go to a factory or a specific job is the grandfather the father the grandson their proud this is a right thing for them an honor to be able to do it my grandfather for that's what happens in the pipeline industry is passed down through generations you don't just walk into the pipeline industry which is pipeline construction and go you into work pipeline because it's neat hold it such a in advanced at with high risk of of injury and or so you got to do things that exact you got to be perfect at it there's no mistake you don't make miss a lot of the people that have worked for us over the years we will we will see say like the grandpa was in it maybe the grape was a tin man and then his son becomes you know starts into into it and he is the elder he moves up to be a tie and or superintendent project managers of people in every step of the process in order to make sure and then the other nicing about that is that they because they work with people within their families this is past down as an absolute skilled competent incredible incredible trade you know their watching out for everyone because they're also working with the people that they love so safety becomes an absolute number one on their less it's not just plugman to a corporation somewhere they know the people that their working with and they they you know they become their own family and take care of each other it works better than any any system out there it really does because they have personal relationships where the people if they work with and and they take care of each while also you get the reliability the but right now for one dollar the loyalty is no more for a dollar they will jump to morrow and go to a and you look at the resume and they been here for eons and they've been here for six months and they just keep jumping and that that's the nor and i don't get it because there's a huge investment as you are an employer you understand the investment turn over is so cast training the bring him you bigstaff you get i said you and i and all the sudden name they see another dollar an hour and the moment is no more also i you know when the guy starts out in his garage i keep saying the broderson sibity but he's working hard and he will work and as he will work sundays he will get up in the morning and be ready to go but as you know you see that the third generally say first generation bells at the second chatteration keep it and then those two had met around as a working so much and then when the grandchild comes along i don't want them to have to go through our life i want them to have good and they right to the ground and had no clue they never swept the floor they never started at the bottom they only know what the top is when they get out of college and a lot of em can be knuckled because they never they don't care and that's what i think a mile miss what i deserve on obligated to take this and as i weren't needs to change his the time come on the part he yeah it's it's an interesting dynamic and and you know mistawassis like west michigan we have so much industry here we've had we have our state is really over the years it has a history of being innovation being created if we've got we've got a wonderful position where we were we set in the united states were trying to you know tulerit between and a part of two very large cities grand rapids is nothing to shake a stick at i think we're at three point three or three million people in the greater grand rampant area we have such a diverse we have such a diverse industry base here in a strand service as well as you know our matters were correctly i have a big problem with the way that the medical and mean industry is being run hearthrug problem with that i think that we've got some anti trust issues i think we have some huge anti trust issues with these big corporations like black rock arabella and vanguard which really realistically oh if you want to call it what it is for an inner its foreign interference in our government on a on a an economic waste for it is its warfare its ensconce warfare if we can go back the strength and the things that made the state really imps the things that made us really impressive were you know the innovation in the inner and the industry that came up through but we if we can decentralize it going back again to have more competition we've got to get away from these big corporations and lots and lots of of small choices and whoever does best job went angry out of work to do aforementioned coming on to day and i really created oh you know what i've got somebody else coming on here let's bring her round before you leave and you say i am molesting she's and hello seasonable o god how are you so yet every good here so anyhow i wanted to say to thank you jeff so much for being an to day love to have you back on a general talk about more specie as i like talk about robotics a head i've got a little bit of a sensoria robotics in my bank ground and annoy know we owned bukawai trenchers so backbiting that we all which is the great big wheel trenchers and one thing i wanted to bring out to you as that when we went into coveted out is a lot we had bought the company i think in nineteen it was an eighteen or nineteen and it was failing badly it was going to go out of business so we decided to pick that company up and a lot of the looters and such coming from china will we decided to do some digging here we did a complete product redesign and found out that we could find products in the united states cheaper than what they can produce a machine there there also as some misconception on the fact that china china is always a better oftenest note were talking for us were talking like you know it thousand pound trenchers were talking you know the big the big guys that work down in the antaean of our companies was working on the wall for president trump on the border for borderland so the big trenches were wet the that were what we had working down there was we were going and it's interesting but you know any of this manufacturing and you know better as to doing it it's how helpful when you have people that actually had the experience and making you lovely wife i set my and and and god bless you and yours and in your ear your sons are his sons are some of the nicest kids you will ever meet you there was so we have they are the work i hope they are most of the time always there always amazing to have a great dejection you beginners yet he so whatever aermotor to day oh not much our daughter as stiletto day care so when we was upset sad when they first start going that is man to it always herd is mom you know hold at our heartstrings and at that even if my kids are under my kids are all but one in the thirties you know you still look at em and i always tell you know you're going to be three years old to me for the rest of your life i'm sorry but i'm always going to look at you and say i'm so proud of you but i'm sure you don't know everything you need to know or have a skill actually make you know to meet for life that's a man thing you know once i wonder that in one you know with my kid when they get older you still look at being younger yet you do yea yea it job is a man you know it's like you love him but there's a party you that always sees them as you know as beautiful treasures from god that are so sweet and and loving and just you know you know child ontoirely they know that part of him that is still there no matter how old they are you you know their co personality and you want to preserve that you still want to preserve that that innocent childlike you know beautiful spirit soul in them that never change his man's always mom for the rest of their life and you you and the sidewall i would always say that i think god appointed me momie plan at cause i actually feel that way about every one is unanimity of like a ten year old girl that's what i see is some one who you know is you know getting their feet under a little bit and starting to learn about you know they want to do what mom wants to do they want to learn how to cook and it's such a such a beautiful thing the time goes by wait till they're in the sand you relates confession believe so what's happening with melissa what's happened in calmet's appendicitis are what do you want to talk about to day i think my commendation did get any mail yesterday i began to and you know i don't know i got theodote i don't know what they call themselves the mahometan republican or there i think it's so republican party of macon and i i don't know but that's irreconcilable so that a group that was made it was made before and then they just change the name they wanted to take over the macaroni to so they literally changed the name yes every body can make a group anybody can make an organization and even he can make a club right and it make it official but anybody can't hold a convention there is actually states and so we do have a lot of delegates that are confused here in the company actually a lot of them go to a lot of these delegates their children go to school with my and there's just a lot of people involved in policy but a lot of them a lot of the mothers are confused because they don't know which where who the chairman of konkrook there are truly confused like they ask me questions all the time and i feel so bad because it's like worster with some day that doesn't even know you know background at all and starting over from the beginning but and i would not come party if it piracy of the party fits pretty well that it seemed like a piracy move where in even the twenty go against a judge's order and she and i don't understand that you know i don't in what were you saying well they're going against the judge's orders and making a boon the fly like the board of elections did you know how are we ever going to have any anymore or anything that works in a lawful manner if people can just make up make up things as they go and just say i'm not going to pay attention to this not going to do this that or the other i'm just going to do whatever i feel like doing i'm not there and that's pretty much our party or state party has proven themselves to not care and not follow any any protocols any proper pro calls they stand for nothing they've done nothing and they just go along get along to with any one who will further their agenda that's it then they have no loyalty to anybody so the state hardy know obviously we know that our hutters alterable we now that we have proved and when people just referred to ran miser i think that there's an issue there because there is a difference between a bisharin a coacher be samana a chair she has the equal she has equal power as the chair she now going into the hat round wide are was a global now it is you know it's much on duty as the cocher with the same amount of power as the chair to do something about this but she's not she's actually doing the wrong thing and she's continuing to do the wrong and continuing to side with the group that literally violating the law is you couldn't make the stuff up you literally could make it up and then we have the attorney general canada the nominee and no republican party that actually telling people the exact opposite of what legally what the law he's telling people that eric hastily as the chair when we have paper work from the court saying that no he has not what they did at that convention was wrong it was not it was not law whole the judge said this is you know a contignation mark parnassus but i don't know i think they have the mail lest for as you know maybe it's just maybe it's a delegate that may and that's public for anybody the delegate so so it's no use is it what it is is that we're talking about here is somebody who just walked in against the judge's orders made up their own little republican club and claimed ownership over me concentre as a republican it's not absolutely but i think they were making progress in that direction because people know they know the truth and i'm really positive on that so that really good but it seems haviland it seems incredibly lawless here can i make up rules and fly as you go you can't just say well you know we don't agree with this so we're just going to erskine you know make a brown club and come create confusion so nobody knows what to do in to moralize everywhere at the right complete and they have been doing it for a while yet sorry dat i think my head fontrailles but behind yes i am every time i want you off by but yet the marrow was the group i just want everybody to understand that and syne was the group that actually did not want to corrupt the adit the group that was against effort candidate that wanted it was pushing for a front of odette if you talked about the machine they would bitterly fond and ran a candidate against you and amaranthe exact people that our train that are claiming that they are now the new mahogany republican party and end in those are their beliefs and their claiming that and as an extreme because talk about republicans no mark or an holds our elected officials accountable for their behavior in the way that they both while all anybody that anybody that's doin anything is getting a tap you know i think that i had somebody that called me a right establishment rhino and i'm like clearly the enlisted to me for five seconds you know and yesterday i got a call at the end of the day of course he came under her and no number or they didn't have a number it and told me that i was a waste space on the plan that i should never be born had the sword and that i probably have no farandoles i just started laughing i think it's my i just started laughing i'm just like that happened to me natural time you got it's like all right sir go back and that's righthandiron in your whole little troll go get an herbal tea and a rookie you feel and a kind of interesting so i wanted to move on to something here the the reproductive freedom initiative as well as the protector of the voilating yesterday and it's always a good day when you can you can beat up on tommy's in a inherited them their tale because their arguments are so pathetic so that we have helped had the are they rejected the balloonist to enshrine abortion rights in states can and some reared this notice but there was a couple of things about this that really seemed an shows that that the news media is in fact and spinning the narrative but i'm going to go ahead and read this michigan state border canvassers has rejected a balance eating to enshrine abortion rights in states on state board canvases denied the initiative into after its two republican members voted against putting the proposed constitutional amendment on an oar i had i insert something right that if they had a two to one and they turned it down and why did they have to to do vote and kick all of us of the ballot changing rules that's exactly what the athanor i the cicisbeo but they they rejected the abortion initiative with the two votes so unseen aulista even though i'm really glad that this that they rejected it once again were seen the true colors of the melians that we have there and changing the rose got a win yesterday so that's one of the focus on right at the great when but yes that is very concerning wyatt how immigration right supporters of seven business stays to appeal the boards to the state down he crept leave supreme court which we found out that the voting machines stacked the court according to information coming out of of graphic catherine aright in the pa this has been orientalised they stacked the court by her or boating or failed on she a mission given actual election as among the races that would be insane ballinger a vote down the brandenburger abortion is the mirage as a significant issue in the race and the us supreme court overturned rovers as way now it goes down here a little bit further and i i got to say that this is something that in the little bed to turned about of course they had to go in there and talk about what he and i noothing a little bit have you abortion rights on the believer would almost certainly be a boon for democrats in michigan a swing state were borders will be deciding what the democrats keep control of the state wide offices including governor and secretary of state governor gratian other democrat abortion right front enter listen what they the other democrats have put this issue from an canter in the campaign and after republicans chose business woman turin as the geoponica democrats retreat in a lasting opposition to abortion included cases of rapine insist so number one tutor was not there the only candidates that were there was myself and ate and addie who was seated seated councilmen and words i'm not sure why she even got into this article and there was a complete lack of the fact that who was actually there fighting because god forbid should be mentioned brandenburg's name in that the democrats and the republicans doesn't matter we want to make sure that we don't come you know spinning spending the narrative and choosing our candidate comes from soerine again but i would that we had that nonsense aside and with the nonsense of sight of having the process being in being able to reject it where they solarite same that is it is a picture is going bright we have a tremendous wind that the board of canvassers rejected now it's going to go to the supreme court and so everybody we had we won round one and that's a really big deal and so i feel really thankful to god that we were that we one round one i mean that was amazing but we've got round to and assuming the fact that they're all working together which they are the democrats republicans the judicial system in everything going to require every one two in fact step up get involved in a deep around too so i think it we thereabouts heard and i continued to fight that fight and it danaidean did it ever come up during the conversation yesterday with the borecambe that the language and this as the opposite of the actual title yeah i brought that up because i did speak and i said first of all this is an embarrassment to the state because it was so poorly written there there were run on their forty three airs there were run on there were like no breaks in the came down to the actual wording in the document so it wasn't even written correctly i mean this thing is a complete and utter embarrassment not only on the subject matter and the fact that that the titles were deceptive but also in the actual writing of the proposal or the language the language in this is it for the concert for the mission constitutional amendments mission constitutional amendment to have the sun or books anything to be taken seriously makes every one of them and i said this i said it makes every one of it it makes every single person involved in this look like it complete and other unprofessional moron going forward because we can't even ride he absolutely and now it is it's an embarrassment that we would have something that is a michigan constitutional amendment so tribute to the lousy education system we have in the state amongst other things i can't even imagine any one would have taken the seriously even just on the writing and it really shows the low you people that are involved in even writing as i can seem to me like god confused her language and it was it was confused the language of babble on recovery very thankful for because i do believe that god had a hand in this too even continues the melange they turned it down so that was brought up and then we went out to a went outside and there were some wonderful people out there that were out there with signs and such and you know bringing brandeston and and does well as talking about the fact that this is murder and i do believe that that it is murder and i think that you know looking so so that the chinese the culture of china which there's some big very very good lessons to learn from other cultures china is does have some call to not the chinese communist party but the historical family leaning of of the people of china were not necessarily war with people in china the victims of a chinese commentary activity to when you look at the the traditions they count a child a year old at our so they counter person as being an actual person which we probably all should at one years old at but so i think that seeing that it's not a human being at the point of birth is crazy this is not you know that that person a person is a er at conception and i think and i feel very strongly about that from conception to natural death what the democrats and the republicans are going to do because i just looked at a questioner that i'm actually going to answer this question but i'm going to qualify this whole issue because the issue is as that we have allowed this to go on for so long all to a failing on every single one of our part so i have a very big problem with telling people what to it with with people telling other people what to do but refuse tanget in an help so i say that next words out of anybody's mouth is is what are we going to do to if we actually applied the law and upheld the law i'm pretty exposure that rape and incest would probably trickle off down to zero if we did it the right way sole right to hold the bow and then that issue kind of goes away it goes away it may take us a little point time to get all the bad actors cleaned up but it's not going to take for ever and we can in all of our fault that we let it get to this point we actually allowed them to take god out of our homes out of our families out of our school and left a generation abandon it to state where when you pull got out satan's going to walk in and it's going to corrupt her up everything you know than the bad bad behavior going so i think that we're going to have to choose scoop you know scoop up all of these people in arms of love and acceptance support and find out how we can actually help solve this problem not just not just say one word answer but what's the solution we've listened to this debate go on for how long and nothing has been so we had it we had one wind from the federal level to kick back abortion the abortion as she estate level that was a great thing katerina over is what was but it also now goes back to the state so we're going to start it all over again at the state level and we can't just let up on this if we don't have a plan in place to help people out who are in unfortunate situations and they need help so part of the problem and i very much believed that is that you know we have to be part of the solution and then going forward because this is as a huge multi faceted problem now i do not believe that our state should be funding abortions i don't believe it responded at all because now it would we find abortions when we are finding the abortions we are showing or as a state our approval of such activity and by doing that we are violating the rights of people who believe that it's murder and using their tax money which makes them complicity in something that they will even is a crime the argument is is that that that the fund needs to stop immediately because we are violating the rights of many many americans just due to the funding of the people running it we are truly violating the rights of the of the human being who is it is not a mere to the world so there's all kinds of rights that are being violated and the person who is the mother i mean there's there's all kinds of discussions we can have on this and many levels but the other thing i've got a big concern of is that how many foot final parts are being sold there literally trafficking human beings and i think that we can't get away from this issue that they are selling and trafficking fetal parts we have a big promise need to come to terms with it so at this point in time i have a very very easy time saying that that abortion is absolutely wrong and to mackinson level we are we are the moons are being destroyed by a sudanese from our government people are destroyed their sick about finding something or being forced to be something that they consider as murder the whole thing is wrong tapped but we are that we are not getting to the core of the issues to solve the problem i think we should be may be i think we should be finding if we want to find something let's let's find detection and getting two tiefer women if they don't want to have any more kittery know ingrato big farmer right there instead have they want to do this we should be i would rather see that done then this then finding a bore and in the bible you know because i have thought about you know even getting your topside but the sexton's whatever is that going against godward i mean could be you know god does say in the bible side the god creates life and takes life it's not our we don't have the right to change that we don't have the right to you know even take away our ability to bring children into this world on whom do we have that right you know i quintana but you know obviously as it is there are a better action are yet is it more moral as the more bibles it on to save lives absolutely you know if if we just have women go get you know eternal about birth control what's the problem you know i know that they can fail but you know how in the world and i don't trusteeship but you know what about what would what taking birth control why why are these women going and having all these abortions in what way do they need why do they want a portion so bad will be back what you said the selling these parts you know and here had has been a doing the and it just doesn't get on the news but it you know that there was a documentary i recently watched where they found a train on one of the train of cars and the train cars and sooba in a second i saw that but there that's going on it's going on now and so i mean i think you know right off the bat or tax dollars should not be used to found abortions varied and mister and my personal belief is that a person a person no matter how small will go back to whoever you know doctor sister you know that a person a person a matter how small a conception to natural birth and i do i do stand with it but now an we've got a whole whole culture that is then built around and so the bill good that does not necessarily understand or a line with that and it's going to i think we're going to have to start solving some of these problems and said that just talking about it and say okay i'm on this side of the fence i on this side of the fence and were never going to agree so nothing ever get so so we're having tremendous amounts a baby is being killed and human beings being killed and sold off hearts by part because were not willing to do anything if the incomes come our own worst enemy in political so it's like it's like what we've got to start we scatter start ah upholding the rights people not to participate in funding what they believe is murder i i think that's a that's a great place to start right there and then now we put in some mechanism to to enforce the law you rap if there if somebody's a rapier or commits incest yes what you've got some penalties that you're not going to be able to recover from this has got to be something that is serious taken serious and you know it's a lie if a woman allege as i think this is a sense of a woman alleges rate pretty easy for a woman to allow rape and then walk away and destroy a man's life i don't think that's right if they've been raped we've got to be able to have them be able to get some more for help immediately he sotha you know they quite often though though do like a scraping or a danite often solves the pregnancy problem right there because they're getting help immediately and instead of instead of feeling shame about the situation you know we needed to have better better resources to help people in these situations and we have if you put out a check list on any of those society has failed abysmally from top to bottom and every one's getting hurt all the way through these are where where people are getting hurt and in being forced to participate in things that they do not want to participate and in that that on both sides of the aisle and an so against i'm so against that that the end we were failing were failing you know the the whole the whole into has to be treated as a whole atlanta about what it does to a woman's body abortion and what it does physically and mentally right abortion it does harm the mother absolutely it harms the mother major later sense there's ten motions with it it takes away i believe it actually away from your life and it not alone of the time these places are not saltese places are sterilized the dirty there in the middle of you know a really bad neighborhood you know they the doctors ornamentation medical actors license i'm not sure but i do know that women have had serious health problems later on in and i know that it has to be just it has to be a mental you have to have mental issues that you're going to deal with the out your life well they're selling them something that is not true that there's no consequences for when you know i'm mum i knew when i was i knew that i was pregnant immediately i immediately knew when i was pregnant and you know i have had friends that have had abortions and i listened to their story and the grief that they carry with them their whole life once sinks in and am i i had one friend that she remembered during the abortion you know realizing part way through oh my god i just killed my baby and the realization hit her as she and the stops too late and i have another friend that same thing she the horror of realizing because he said oh it's not not a problem and realizing later the destruction of the whole thing i am there is nothing good that comes out of this nothing but and and we need we need to we need to stop this practice if it is a practice that has long range consequence not just by taking a life at the baby but the mom the community around them and the fact that we have institutionalized the ability to to sell human body for profit that is good that is encouraging farinha if you have some who has a very hard time providing for themselves but they see this as a way to make money turned it into farming human beings that we know that he be proved in a court of law this and it happens across the globe not just for trafficking shoulder in sale of children the sale of body parts it was proven in a corolla there's been this sisera cases out there so it's easy to find and i don't even have to tell me where find it because you don't even have to look too hard to find it you know i have to be a great research or you can be and a very poor in catherine the source out there and so so i have so much more respect for babies for the unborn and for babies that are born i listened to a i listened to a conversation at one of her ex president was involved in a chicago and it was about what happens when a baby in a box to burton as born life what do you do and in it was a thirty came to the conclusion that a second doctor opinion could be sitting in there and they can literally kill the baby on the table with just a second opinion while you've got two people that are that our just that or looking to sell that baby for parts traffic that baby i'm not even sure a lot of them are actually killed i think they are actually so and i think there was a there's enough in attained man out there but but even if they decide to kill the baby on the on the one table immediately after the abortion this was the discussion that was had and i heard it and in what where did they have the right you know the parcel birth of portions i mean they stick and scissors in there and they came into the brain and start hack in a way they killed the baby who was about ready to come out and then what happens if a baby comes out in the stove they killed it on the table and then they saw the body it's just like with red cross you know so sullenbode's sentient of the blood that's taken it not to help people but as a commodity to the bit to big farm and so all of these things it would been sold our whole life we are sartain questions of getting real gansers of what's happening here i don't think that the majority of people really understand what is going on behind the scenes in that really unfortunate when the real truth comes out on what's actually being done i think that the shock of the and it's not just the abortion and it is the things that are happening to adult people who are being traffic i think when they read was actually happening to these people the absolute shock and horror is going to be an awful lot for people to deal with but it's you know but in no way we will one brown one yesterday i don't want to get to more but about it but i am going to continue talking about these subjects and i'm not going to shut up over them it affects every single person on the planet it affects every one whether they want to think that it does or not it affects all of us and where we linger we go on we go all so in a huge a huge victory was happened yesterday and i think that we should just thank you jesus thank you god thank you jesus thank you god for the ground that was gained yesterday and we ask you see it going for i to get moving here because i'm actually i've got a very important meeting and chianti the afternoon yeah so i'm going to be meeting with a very important person that that i believe was lied to seriously maligned been characterized but i want to go i want to talk to this person and see see for my self i want to i want to talk to this person because i believe that they were also armed like i was and i believe this is going to be a great meeting and almost a historic meeting because i think we're going to start bringing the state together in in ways that we could never imagine because god isn't a ghostly with us and he is paying away to bring sides together for him to be down that way later if now in an up for a long or can that would be great and i know i'm going to get not for talking to people i did not for talking to people all the time that people have already demonized and stuck into categories as this person that would never having talked to them and only listening to news media or political party spinning their backgrounds of amiot for myself and if that don't go if if we can pull things together and and we can pull things together and people people want to work together we have to be open to this we can't just sit on both sides of that name a lobby bombs of each other constantly just because we want the right we have to bring people together i think it there are to the late the party has certain people and like your saying they delight about that and they have devised these people and they were actually people that they wanted major but somebody else was brought in and they had something that the party did agree with whether that be you know wanting of her union it whether that be just calling them out for their corruption not wanting to use one of their political consultants i mean it goes it anything that you do that they don't agree with they have to be fully inflated in the european you don't allow that to happen they are not going to allow you yes and so i know i don't mean when i win when i say we've got to get together both sides i'm not talking about the establishment unitary i'm talking about people that or that or it's it's the traitors the people that's all what we do not have democrats republicans we have trade we have traitors in the unitary which are misleading people and i mean good feller good people in the democrat party there are good people in the republican or the leadership is a unity and we need to welcome people whether the democrats republicans that just want to and that want to get away from the political parties and just be americans we need to be americans and we need to talk to any one and every one who is willing to fight for the constitution thought the right given by god guaranteed by the constitution and defend those loud voice and i continued to work for a lawful process and we need to have a little bit of humbleness to do that because sometimes it's going to be people that we may be don't agree with but for right now i guess what i'd like to say is let's go ahead and say a prayer because i'm going to need to get on the road here i've got about three hours drive and and i just want to praise prayer to day because this was such a big deal to see the you know that that the board of canvassers a very very bad a proposal to be on the ballot which allows the killing of human beings rather than upholding those rights and we just really have to be thankful for gods so do you want to pray to you want me to her heavenly father for the state that you've given toni and a saying in actually help and wanting to help and so selflessly she wants to you know a solution the about career it's not any of the and thank you so much great when that you gave us allowing your children to have a voice to actually have an actually to come into the world the way that you i like mass murder of to you are the only person the only one a create life and a life thank you bringing all our that you just put your hand on her down preserve over mark and that for the right purpose and we know that you are behind god and we thank you for day and the let your will be done and i want to say another price thank you god thank you jesus so much for each and every person that showed up there yesterday thank you for giving us given us your favor and we ask that you would break to its over this nation hosiery is this indoctrination spelled with an act people to believe a lie rather than the truth so thankful for your mighty move and that we can just we can look to you and say it's not because of us is in spite of us in this because you love us in your favors upon us and we thank you we thank you we thank you in the name of jesus we pray in will you ever bring a day and i will be taking you i got a call here i got t get on the road and then i've got a call with a pastor for more mature and then i'll be on the road and then i have a very wonderful a new friend that i think is coming and coming alongside of us to help them and i very much like this manitoshaw you're going to see him around and then my meeting a significant meeting this afternoon over in the detroit area and praise god for the door being opened for us every day at the arbella around michigan should be out to day so he wouldn't keep their eyes open on the please to go and visit my website is called thinking man brandenburg brandenburg for governor do come if you can give if you can give we would ask for some donations because it is very expensive to reach every one in the state of michigan and its unrealities people can do it we need help passing that information post post post called email better draw outside who knows you know whatever you like and do i wish i had often hunted campaign man under out there that decided the campanian be a manager in every city and every city in every neighborhood and every priest the ride every single word on telegram and i do all the post that is at brandenburg the number for you can you can communicate with me there i respond to the texan and in there and and and i saw good anyhow you're in her thoughts and prayers every single day we love you were fighting for you that of a outstarting for you it's going to be a great day it's a glorious time to be in this kind of an epic fight worth thankful that we had the opportunity to stand and fight for what we believe in and that includes you your rights and those you will be luck so god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america so