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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 10/21/2022 - Live - Braden Giocobazzi and Sany Kiesel

Published Oct. 21, 2022, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i'm donna brandenburg and it is let's stroganoff it is october twenty one twenty twenty two and we got a great show on to day you know i got to tell you i absolutely love bringing a people that are with the election integrity for this is our number one is and i tell unless we get this thing figured out we are never going to have a free we're going to lose our country honestly and i did suppose to a morning on telegram and i think this is very signing the thing is that we just like are being helped along by a wonderful wonderful polite the morning nattered a couple of poles because we really need to pound this you know quite honestly this election and tiger arleon tertius a tabac significantly trafficking in the human tracking that's going on i want to throw this statistic out there that over one million shoulder and vanish each year eighty three thousand each month and two hundred to two thousand seven hundred per day a watery think about this and it is my opinion that the united states government or government is guilty a human train and child trafficking because they have they have put policies and place i and it really weren't really became a big deal as under the clinton administration the adoption and safe families they basically in sanitized removing children from their homes from their families removing children for money trafficking this is human trafficking and they really made it a legal they made it legal to kidnap from families and i think we need to talk about the quite honestly it's lawmakers that were involved in a created the policies which enable and encourage this to happen your matters i've heard several people out there shooting off their faces of don't vote it doesn't matter any way an election these people are evil they are true truly evil if they're trying to stop you from going to the polls denote a we're going to have to force the we're going to have to restore godly governance and honesty in our elections and in an aureate integrity in our elections and without said i want to bring out my special gas brain a wintry his name is gegaasi and sandy keys and i won i am so proud i'm so proud to stand with these people and and i'm a pose the link to their website given there and help these people they need some donations they also need you to pass her on their information they need to show his bookers and election workers and they have training to do you know everybody anybody that's running around going i don't know what to do i don't know what to do well there's several things you can do right away get out there and both a vote a amadeo the election june adolescit party vote for the candidates fillin algarobas do it with a non sharp pan a bring her own and i like the blue ink pens my and and get in touch with these guys and give him give hand here and in restoring the selection and without an amending on brannan he good morning muttered brad morton a guido in i got to say i got to chase some it is great to go to see something funny so i've been the havelot of discussions about how many people i'm going to fire when i'm in office because that's really neat needs to happen for non performance and the system you know it's kind of it's kind of a crazy time right now and we really need to we really need to start fire and people for non performance which i think is so one of we were talking about the fact that i love present trump right i really do because why the job done i don't care about as mean tweet that could care less about it it's not the words at the actions of these right are so funny i think this is absolutely hilarious and i want to think rachel for sunday me that gift because i think it's it's amazing he the dolls how then praise command him and come i got a motion or on the thing here there you go kind of what the background seventeen phrases and she got it at a here discount and i think this is very funny so at any rate good morning how are you don't get to agatha the big day it is a big day you know it's like it's every day were chipping away at them and were winning all of us that are fighting for election integrity that are fighting i take back this this nation we are winning by the day and talk about panic the deep states and total panic in their making i know yesterday there is a big lawsuit that it seems like the judge laid the macedonian benson's office as well as on the writer i don't know we're going to get into that today the reason but say it seems like we may have climbed back in election integrity in this that's really exciting what congratulations to everyone involved in that that's a that's a big that's a big wind and you know when we actually prove in a court and you know in a court of law in a legal way that they are in fact not following the law and by their own words making up police the by their own addition and so i mean they're hanging themselves on their own words which is kind of amazing and are they breaking the law sir piers yeah i would definitely say teresa she issued some lawless guided to the people i mean we get caught i mean we can cause election that is all the time it sure seems like to the secretary of the state is the one that has been denying me the right to a free and fair transparent election enter on government is breaking its own law there making of things as they go so and that includes every one that's involved any one that has touched this thing the twenty twenty election has broken the law they have they have absolutely in my opinion every single person in lanciotto treason they laid down during the unconstitutional mandates they refuse to carry out a free and fair election there was failure on every single level and that would be under the category of breaking the law i hope they soon estill get in the news about it you satan the foot deep stay i bring so that lanison big thing but at election integrity for we also have our own lives going on with respect to the boding much and when they were whether they were certified or not and that as a vertebrate that we get that educated in court as well what were showing or what we found is that your counties in michigan ah had machines that were not credential and forty eight counties i believe had machines that were improperly protected by an organization that was not accredited to do so so basically meaningless opinions the vast majority of all the countries in the shouldn't have had the machine would not have been considered so and i'm very proud to be standing with election integrity force on that lawsuit with election terry you know the big thing is but also looks forward and requests not be used in the future he certified they shouldn't be used in our election otherwise you don't know what level of suffering them you don't know anything about and certainly when you go to the public viewing of the as before the elections when the public can come in and watch the you know double checked the really no no weight in that you walk in they let you look at one machine they had they run a stack of ballot through what love of soft wares on the machine or a sort of right to any of these questions they won't answer they said that you have of fothad information and if you send him a filter to answer the and then they numbers on it that says what the machine can and they hand you a piece of paper and say okay this is what it should say does it say that that's and then they ask you to sign off that the machine was they look at one man when i went to our little township pelorion they had the hallway completely both sides of the hall lined with at one machine they ran ballot though that we didn't know what they and then they asked us to sign off on it saying that the test was for you i didn't ast and beyond there i believe at the end of the night when you is supposed to his tabulated cases that come out at the end of the night but if somebody were not so one of the inspectors on a problem the way that sandy did and the ensign telling whether somebody else would but sign on their behalf because not everybody i think has to sidney i need so many and so somebody else could just come in and fill that out and then nobody so in this case one of the people at work in her office the worker who was so it didn't really matter that we designed but i strolling and said do not sit what's really concerning it i mean this is really concerning because this is if if i were to predict a future knowing how these evil people work for running the my guess is that they're trying to avoid risk and putting out when it is this has not been done properly who are they going to hang it on the people that are signing those and you know they're going to try to they're going to try to you know they're going to try to push reliability downstream to avoid it which is really bad and i'm really concerned about that everyone that out there be very very careful what you're signing to take responsibility for because they will push it and then the other thing is that as the foil a concern of mine is that how much their charging for the information that we own as the people of michigan their charging us to information which we already paid for so wrong on every level we should have that information out there except and so that we can we can hold them accountable two things we have requested that information become free because they are paid for it in the so far cricket right i mean obviously which still paying for all of it and he still tens of thousands of dollars at retire going for all this stuff around the state i mean it's so expensive no normal president can do it if we can barely do it which is why we really do need to nations because we have to do this every month the so that we can establish patterns as you know we've had a that we released in the past so still being added to the system every month to the twenty twenty elections and to being removed as well and then added i think a hundred thousand votes based on the day to that we have this is the end their own data now without the able files which cost so much money to get them for the whole state which no normal person can do too expensive nobody would know this and they would have the latest file and you'd never know that all these changes had occurred in the past if you weren't looking every month and that something that only election entirely forces doing right now which makes so unique in michigan and in this because we were smart enough to do that we recognize that that was a and now we're doing this consistently every month but it's very expensive many of your years are willing to epictetus or whatever we could really use every dollar now all of our stuff does come from orations none of us are taking any salary everything we get in either goes to buying for data or buying you know or or file was every time gets used for those kinds there's no there is no way to volunteer to working tirelessly many of them have full time job in hours every night every week doing this and biting that day so so critical and we wouldn't be able to find all the things going on that we do and even when we by the fore dat qualified voter file because that towel record here in michigan legal record for the vote and for whose allowed to vote even when we buy that we can only get it and back to the boy issue and how much they charging his one thing you know i can go beat the drugs and beg as donation so that we have the money to buy them but we have other voice return in just fly out and when they deny are only option are only option is to file lawsuits for we wanted to get shop were that was loaded on all the in every county thing they stick you know computer download the information of what on the they just denied the foes and we talked to at the attorney said we had to file a loss every single county as it the data that we wanted and they wanted you know they were willing to do their retain or feast what they normally do they were willing to work for half of their normal rate that was is not that that's just really really horrible later agatha why those donations are shown portant because that allows us to we exactly what we need to do i just money and it takes me nor to do it and then in order to be that even though we're not taking salaries they need they need some kind of i think i actually set this thing this life stream on rumble upon her i'm going you have to make a change here i had i had a problem with a length asistente got on the morning sanditon we had i had the wrong line that i put up her i'm going to see what i did wrong he it serviceable servers i'm not sure why this is this is not like streaming right now let me see what i did because i would very much if it's not lie streaming is probably that recording so hang on a minute let me see what's going on cause looking right somebody up here he recording because they know what's on you tube and face book and but i record on a record on rumble and it is not coming on my rumble channel and i do not know why they allow you to talk about this on well i talk about everything so but i don't know why the i don't know why all the time off they did kick me off for a little bit there but i came back and he not when he got somebody that can come i otherwise that it'll be tideholes because we won't be able to we won't be able to record it and bewailing automatism body come on at a can see it on rumble so i don't know why i'm not let me let me make sure that we've got a there is all right now i feel but okay we're all good so little blotches this is what you get is life then and for ordinary tables it's real it's live and sometimes that looked the sun came out look at my hair doing it look the centre i got to get a problem yeah okay so i an thanks can for bring it up that you could see it because otherwise i would sit here and filled with a tilt so any urgebant what were we talking about the processes all messed here and we really that the whole process from the from the top to bottom is running as a candidate that i've seen so must they have been able to do one thing there hiding information for us so we can't hold him accountable and this goes back to why we need honestly and fear elections tieck to a curdling because if we don't have honest we have been policies and they take the reins and were truly cut out of the press self governed aissa you are qualified bodily the file that allows people to vote there's no reason for it to be as inflated as it percent voting population registered to vote the dead people that a lawsuit was filed on it instead of a those dead people of the not that the lawsuit putting them back on to voters i'm sorry i'll say she broke the law you're putting down boat voters you know it's like please somebody somebody some for this place because then we'll throw everything out in corn and have the soul over the place you know the if there if they're doing improper prose they are literally declared war on the people of michigan in their communist infiltration of our nation take over all systems institutions the money laundering bees and they have broken the law and i can prove that what you can you can watch where they're moving the money around and once we all wake up and get done with her nose we're going to write every system here and maybe it may be have a whole bunch of people on plans to get maylike to see that happen and the heroes that they are going to be left standing or going to be people in the election tiggity force and such who are actually doing something to take back disappointed with our breathed with our legislatures la sweet they voted and negotiated with joslin benson that if she removed the dead voters to open ballots two days or a military people and people through the internet and why was our legislate it the criminal to do her job of taking dead people of the rules well antisthenes shows how how how complicity they all are there all complicity in this and this is a national security in issue of national he gets to open the ball two days before without what really blue my mind was the fact that we have a pre processing suner the absentee ballast with no oversight they can see with the envelope what a person's body this is really concerning lingered the gudeman worse with this ruling because now you have two days of reprocessing for any clerk that wants to which oenotrian floors that i'm teaching with me for i so now not only do we need to towns for one day of an election but now in three days worth of pulci that around in the morning until at least a night people do whatever they do during this reprocessing face the clerk is allowed to verify signature without anybody watching without any oversight at all verify that she's doing her job for and that but signifies a correct using some kind of relation now the name of this operation of a sahara probably an authorized to do that and then to you i love to see that right but then process there are a lot to open the envelope and then look at the ballot definitors when you open that envelope of purney's good anything with those ballads when they're not being looked at right i mean nobody's convayed look at the valdarfer going to the want to or don't want to nostromo any palace that they don't like that never happened and so the problem is that how are you going to get change in there to make sure that nobody is doing that and right now where we are we have a huge initiative lonesome in this is why it's vitally important now we need thousands of them the state in order to cover three days were of an election now that used to be one day and now it the new normal is that what a haven election for a week or two and a yell well and what go home talk about the numbers right we have roughly sixteen hundred clerks in that so now i've got sixteen hundred three days up to the election and we all know that nothing's done on the day of the election you still have a little bit afterward for maybe five if people can more one day that math out for how many volunteers while five thousand and i mean and look at the proposals which are extending those days too i mean this is this is if you if you had arrange your engineer to procedural nightmare for this to actually destroy every single pot process or or anything lawful you were looking at it right now where looking at a destruction of our and either people stop out step forward and help with this process or don't contrition of us who have been trying to who have been trying to move forward every single person out there take this information and send it out to your not works sound a warning a lot you know alarm to every one you know because we are at the end right now this election will be our last election forward that has any honesty in integrity and less we stop in november of twenty twenty two that we will not have a second chance the polls the way we expect our elections to be carried out and all i can say is is wherever the military is and the other a you need to stop up and help defend michigan against these criminals who have infiltrated our state at the highest level of government but that down this nation and destroy self governance under tyrannical rule one of the things that you said i mean one of the issues is that you have politicians and office that aren't necessarily caring about the election of the law but they want a good son by so it seems like they pass this amendment a couple of weeks ago and as long as they can get a good sound by saying we removed twenty six thousand backdoor the roles they don't care about the other for things that happened or whatever it was that were ere i am the one good thing ever that everybody goes home yet we should have negotiated that right it was like a tree it's my acre by in a park and in canada children this is what it's like you know our politicians are like that creepy guy in the park that handing a canyon corneille one under for as they is a paramananda drive off without retaining now the gateway car and this is in its horrible you know well this is a good seat will be the nail in the coffin for elections this totally by it were we are not partisan organization and promotion be a non partisan land for all of michigan to vote against so egregious doing to the state with respect to order ideas and how euston any more and i you're going to have doocey where and who's going to be supervising all event and how are we going to make sure that all these boats already difficult enough try and verify that these elections are being run smoothly and with already just found out that which is proved again that the secretary of lawless guidance all of michigan there counting boards and their potatoes to make it a moral pig and so to make sure that there's a fire between both parties and between various election workers and falcons that potent creating rules to opposition to fight themselves rather than wake up and see what's going on at the top level and i think that's what this ruling the other day i mean with one of many things that the ruling prove i really to come together and unify through free and transparent and the only way we can do that is if people get up and they donate the groups like ours so that we can get up and fight on your behalf because we are here for democrats in here for republicans we had her for a fair and free process that will bring people together because leetlest two years how this country has become more and more by force letting in a the reason for that it's because of rules like half the roof like weariness to right and instead of having people come together during an election trained to the themselves apart and that's not natural it doesn't have to be it's really too bad you know the divisions and the united states are terrible the political parties are our absolutely crumbling and falling apart because they are involved in it and in the destruction of america as well as dividing people up and i i really believe that we should get rid of the political parties at this point time can they have so spectacularly failed just go back to being american if you were going to design a or as perfect as possible election going forward i mean i have some ideas on this i think we have the same day voting voting in person may be only allowed the military to have absented ballots because america has got a soul lazy on doing their own homework of it on their other politicians deciding to get out i mean we can all make it the coffee shop but we can't make it down to vote for a day you know one one day you know every so often it's pretty shameful really and but i think we need to go back to paper ballots and i did see a ballet that what was it actually looked like money had to counter counter fraud measures baked into the paper and i really thought that was a great idea to treat like currency with a serial number and so that we can actually track it and not only do i think we need voter often occasion but we need voter verification is the ability for the voter to follow their ballot all the way through the and i did some of programmes in our company and i said this is what i'd like to see done in our elections how could you know how complicated with this be in the answer was quick take us a week and a half to program all the time with our ranking right now elapsed would you be if your paycheck went into some perhaps while often does that happen it well one of the canopied is well and i said from the beginning it's like you even look at the fifteen per cent romarin between the number of votes cast compared to the number of registered voters that is a slam dunk and i said it right from the beginning however started talking about fraud right at the beginning is an idiot because that is a legal term though it may be true is almost impossible to win that because we had thousands of people involved in this and that was a fifty year fight we could ended this whole nonsense day one if we would have just said maladministration we fail fifteen per cent fierce as an eye is unavoidable and in contested failure on our election and in an deserted day one but now they went right into the legal repeal area and the problem with that is as that fraud in this situation is a year even if there was fraud and i believe there was if we're going to win out into a battle the when you don't get in a battle to be right and that was the first misstep i saw in this entire process was it important i think it was probably important to go through this sense how much fraud and failure and maladministration the rose but if we really wanted to win it we should have not you know we should have gone directly to one issue not with the attorneys goofed and deserved a day one and that's that's where we failed with us with the twenty twenty election so base i go back to that again that fifteen per cent failure and to your point and i said the bee if we had had fifty per cent are made on a retirement funds are paycheck the value of her house and everything we would have been up in arms screaming right now i look at what look at what other resident in the white house is done in the whole administration the statistics right now that each and every american has lost thirty seven thousand dollars in value resident in the white house in took off per cent of their network whatever their network was thirty per cent of their network monteverde is thirty seven thousand dollars per person of not worth the loss in its going to go off with us inflation going up and if you look at you know you a good point about the look at our qualified voter our love stay qualified bonepile must and when you look at how accurate is not to find the case it refers the pretty easy in our state is the auto in the auto industry standard her men just over million voters should have our our qualified boat we have four million voters history records that well and then add to that the nonsense with one going on and i've got iambi questions about this because conny know is based on oissel as mission state and they said there's a couple of professors involved in this and i dug out because the way back machine and the internet is always good so you know you know digitalis and found an article that they tried to scrub where with her was given too to connect and several other agencies i want to know who you know the connection between the grants and the funding where the people that were actually running for office is undeniable and i mean i mean you don't you don't have to be too intelligent to pick this out that the people sitting in office funding and helping to find through grants cannot as to one point eight million records of our voters of our poor election work a better sitting on the severance black mailers nightmare are not nightmare this is a black black mailers dream the two of influence our elections in big deal well i can speak to the conic thing yet because that still being shot one thing i can say is that when you talk to lawmakers and i give you one example of something that i talked to a republican i represented and one of the questions he asked me and this is a real question why would somebody wants the unelect what's in as though like it magnifies america has lasted on where the largest corporation one don't think somebody would want to infiltrate that in giving annette i have it not for years yet and the same republican representative now if you look at our gates twenty three million dollars is something and let's say we have three hundred fifty million people in in calculation each of your boats by that standard is where the osity five grades and you messantia paper right and make him just throw a ball back or a doll at their not worse that they have when they get out of office compared to when they get in of so either that guy is a complete not more or he's trying to cover us trap on being part of it so the republicans and the democrats as one party is a communist un apart their working to gather you can see em work in together and there's not one of them that any better than the other because you know they're using all of these labels to try to supple in you know and it's really unfortunate the counting stations are any indicated when i seen human behavior has been illuminating and that is that when people are given a set of rules and they do those set of rules one way for a very long time you come in and you explain to somebody using hard data that proved it a hundred those rules are not finding the problem that you guys are having and because the rules are run and you're looking in the run place and you try to explain that some one think it defensive because they think you're telling them that they they don't do it now how to do their job and i have been with these rules for so long that they just like the process must the process is always been that way and we who are you to come in now and they know as while they think that they do and necessarily militia it could be laziness could be a granite a lot of it is just general human psychology where go go and get along and ending in a sectarian you can't imagine that it would be a composite be as bad as some guy is telling you who just showed up his younger this is and this is the problem that they we had germany to you know and world war i you know people were being killed right underneath their noses and so many people wanted to just look the other way not get involved and or denied at this was happening because society certainly would not do that well yes the wood and so with ours and so has it been going on for a very long time i don't believe that we haven't had an honest election since before an we are here all kinds of rumors about that but i wasn't around there and i haven't you know i wasn't looking at the qualified voters back then listen listen to her out radovitch talk about it and chicago a about it a long time ago and the nothing new under the sun here i mean in going on for a long time it's now we have the means to actually find their fine with their and you know they created weapons to wage against us as the people of michigan and the you know the people of michigan and you know what the great thing is is that really smart people such as you guys in election integrity and other people some in our military and such a smart enough to grab those tools and use of a against him and i think that that's exact how were dragging the soul in the light you know the fight starts with dry any fight starts with dragon things out of the shadows and getting it into the light and i think that with that everyone who's been fighting for this has been doing a spectacular job showing everybody what has happened and i got to tell you every one of you every one of you here working with elections hegarty force are you know there you guys are here you guys are american heroes in your warriors and we on behalf of the people of the state of michigan you know and the united states i just want to thank you all for the tireless you know that hours that you've tirelessly worked for with no compensation and that you are amazing and really smart you know when i talk to anybody from election integrity force you know i get a variety of people you know all that i talked to as well as you know i can't tell you how people have talked the monteneros the and i always enjoy our conversations truth behind what you have to say been trying to be very fat based and an honest we need all the volunteers a lot of work and we need to everybody getting aged in the i think for a long time we all sat back watched over me we were never worried that if we are involved we were going to lose our times are over you know if you really look at may say that the elections have been being interfered with since before kennedy but what really brought to the so many people voted into and voted for what their choice was and it wasn't what the early the world or main stream lined and so the things that have brought this delight with being pulled out and you know over inflated voters and all of these things coming to life you know you brought up the point about you know we should montfort away reddin now very much then but we know a lot more now for the last two years we've been learning every single and for people who haven't gotten in this game yet we certainly want to bring them along we want to have them join us we don't want them to go reinvent the wheel and go up that learning come the way we did we want to just bring them along and get them right alongside of us right now and that's why sauterelle er right now is so critical because the more people we can get engaged and the beauty of the plunder is that this is a way when you mention that we sister was right dorothea isocrates two years to build the infrastructure and the knowledge based now we have it to be a hero now august going to do is sign up for one day may be to right one day of your life to go in there and you not alone in there you're going to be with a full team of people i it do go elsewhere you'll also have a tipple that teuton pocal away but by doing that right you don't have to spend two years of your life to imperative that we have people for just one day and that can change into in the way and i don't mean regulation i mean that that it'll make sure that you can change the process so that its fair and open and transparent by seeing them and we will dine in subjective gotten a review from my train all of the instructors including myself had been through the worst of the work at the center now the hunting and so we train people for the best of cases and the worst case if we train theoretically if it went down perfectly how the canting court would work and then we trained and show you exactly how it did go down and taste put you through the scenario experience that an be ready so that when nothing happened if nothing happens right you'll be totally satisfied in totally relaxed the old time and you'll be able to be peace and lawful the whole time because we will train you on the law there's very few laws that you need to know this very little work you have to put into this other than coming to the course for a couple of hours one night and then reviewing the material once or twice before you go to we will provide you with water that you can take in to the polling places in the amounting board that will ground do that have the laws written right on them and itineration of you that can wear inertron none i always feel comfortable and somebody comes up right your face it tried to assault you or tries to let you and entreating the run things if you go in there thinking i don't know enough or there's no way i can do this i just don't know anything at elections everything you need so you in about an hour to all you have to do to be a hero in this this class become a full challenge don't it one day of your life to protect the michigan elections and hopefully get some of your friends to do really the pole challenger in the last line of the there's all kinds of ways to catch from before and then we hope that we do but in the end if it makes it into those connors and into this point a challenge is the last line of defense against any kind of pride so we really do want people to sign up spend a lot of time here talking about how the elections have been rigged for years the problem with talking about that without a solution is that it makes people apathetic and make people give up in the rain reality what happened in technical not have happened we had enough for challenge who were educated in the our program to know exactly how to win the challenges that they make and to know the law and if we had no lawyers in in twenty twenty two we been asinetto years along with some of the parties sure unlike any twenty we're going to have enough lawyers in there who are educated in the law who can come to your aid if somebody is bullying you or gaslight in you and we're going to train you beforehand to know exactly how to escalate things legally rather than verbal or physically or rather than just backing away sinewy and acting like a little mouse we can't have that either an you so well that you will be able to be asserted no matter how small you feel you'll be able to be assertive and knowledgeable about all the featherfew things that you need to know in order to be at sign up to be a polander and never get a pathetic about this one crack in the dam and then the flood of troop and organising the eyeballs even if you don't really challenge anything when you're there just the bit that you're there is going to prevent people from doing things sign up you can go to lexington peleton and you can put your information yet we still have a few more classes coming up out we have online classes and we have an imprisoned in genesee and there are just trying to dry the and and away county so training the in prison training are great because they are props and we get you involved personally we walk your on the table from the simulation and you can see everything and we're just trying to drive the income that for the end or the week before the election before that week and when they start the day of the two days of free and i want people sign up will add more people need to just go there since come a part of this but no one ought yes all of them are bad all of em are misleading and that's a big big problem all all of the misery and and this is what is the result of this is the result of having our entire system raged in the only way we get it back as to unrigging to the polls and vote so you know like when we talk about the problems it's not to demoralize anybody it's to get everybody out there behind to get movement you know if something you know you can't sit there and just go on was me that nothing is ever going to change will if if you have that kind of an attitude probably will never change you know we have to be the force behind that which holds people accountable and that everything we need to take this nation back as in our constant we go back to a car the cat a constitution republic a godly governments and while so that point at that john benson handley laughton of nobodies now these people were famous that donatello of money people at the figure it out that there is a problem they came together figure out how to write it right a proper to the re and do all the right things to make things happen and what happened who has millions of dollars and is supposed to be the pre eminent scholar and elections that's how easy it is for david to slay it yet active this is an a lot of people that when this last right and nothing special about them they just put in the time and effort the blood sweat into to and sacrifice you know a few months of their life make sure that it happened and any other person the same thing that last i from what i've read mark aliis law firm to be that i don't know if you have markolsheim attached to the democrat around the country and the clintons and all of that the judge denied it because the case was so good an end for whatever reason right they keep the right out and then johnson benton and the democrat party that's a lot of money that's a lot of power and a lot of people would look at that and say a man can't beat that it's been two years and all i've seen as much of and then all of a sudden all it takes is that one wind and that might turn things around so all it takes is for you to just get up for friday give us a donation that we can do things volunteer to be a polander one day and you could affect this maybe you're the one the major piece of prouder in this state that can shift the opinion to where needs to be some people understand that we're in right now and how precarious were right or of were in a really prepared by where we could tip completely the wrong way and a loose free and fair lecturer or enough people to be polyandria up and put in a little bit after it we can set the other way and have the most transparent that we've ever had for a former right i mean like you said with her problems with elections for maybe i we had fried for ever now we have this really an everything transcript and using their own methods against them might sever committing fraud at the it we have all this date to now and i were able to turn it round in a good way we could have a better system than we've ever i believe that i believe that a direction that we're going waking people up and i don't mean won't people i mean a way people that understand what's going on in the world is it really is an exciting time to be alive because you know i really believe that god's bringing all of us together who are you know who are truly brothers as s and were moving forward and people that just really want to see this nation put back to what it should have been or what was working in the early days where people people were living under tyranny and they knew when they rode they found documents the way out of that tyranny because why are we reinventing the wheel because they are had that figured out with a founding do and so if we go back to the systems that work and then you know we can use the technology that developed in order to go back to those process big government out of our lives a little bit because such a huge amount of her patient and over each going on right now that they have no right to do this or so many alphabet agencies they don't even have the right to you know the feeling so badly look at the entrapment that with the bit keeps going on and on i mean there's so many examples of it it's unbelievable and how a very very horrible governor with a mark the governor can you lie them and weapons these ages again there this cannot be understated the weapon is our ages against the people of well to what i would say is that i don't know but the camel election a lot of people like your cowland you're doing your process and then there's somebody up to change it the process and then somebody out of the canvas the process you may not even realize the reading fraud right or that or that problem going on one of the misconceptions that i think a lot of people have who believe that there's election fraud is that all these people i just parted every one is quite some cabal against them in reality a lot of these people are just showing up to get their four hundred five hundred bucks and they think they're doing their job right like to say earlier and if they were be made aware of what they were doing and somebody explained it to them they may question it right i think he is much smaller percentage of people who actually understand what's going on and if the proud the ones that are committing it and allowing it to happen and understand it i think that percentage is very low and so the rest of these people that are complicated it and don't realize it or may be are constant a serious so when people mention it might i think you can change their opinion on that and them up and i think that's the vast majority and i would agree with that you know generally people who have criminal intent a people that that are kind of like ah they have no idea what's really behind this they really don't because you know the problem is who have really good heart see people who are criminals and thinking think while they look like me so they think like and they don't that associate feathery and people into their victimization cycle you know and because because they first you know it's like they get they get you to trust on and then then you think you're doing the right thing and and you may not be you know i guess i look at the politicians and lancing their every day they're getting to look more and more like the child catcher on city chinaman you know where cadotte things sound great you know what a just watch was behind it because behind it is a is a prison that we may not be able to crawl out of again and it should be very sobering to every one when things aren't always what they appear and we need to critically think we need to do our rear we need if you got a good heart out there you need to get involved if you want to see things done crackly by it with with a local process and you love america stand with us that is people not a ton of pleasure is a lot more of us than there are of them all we got to do is show up how we get involved turn turn the fake news of turned the toff do something you know we become a nation of people who just we talk but we are not working you know and that's a problem you talk about things look good prop to is a great example of that right because you read the summary of prop to and your life i should vote for but when you dig into it you find out it illuminates it eliminates it eliminate anybody else from being able to audit what industry in the world every single solitary in strain the world has an outside independent audit group that comes the quality in the artistry you have the ice the industry in the diamond industry of the but yet we want a castle law that says the only people who can add the quality of their work are the people doing the work yes there ought to be emselves hittites it so that the sucker private independent donations to run are completely makes it so nobody has to show in a book mandatory drop all over the i allow all reason absentee vote and not only does it make these laws makes them part of our but when you read the summary of it is to beautiful leave for this everybody will have a better right to vote it a beaver to vote that's not what we need we need to to vote no and same thing with one on terminally doubles the terms and in the they say oh we're goin to vote for turmits okay we just voted for you know larger terms and proposition three with very concerning to me as it takes away all prenait so with the amount of child trafficking we have going taking gramercy now give him up give him a bag of candy and say don't you want to be sterilized that you can and you got nothing to say about it there is leaving our children wide open for victimisation not only for abortion sterilization at a young age and the parents can say nothing and i think everyone should be very issued be very very clear this is the government grabbing power it with each one of these proposals in order to continue their quite he having told control i mean listlessness sounds like william you know really it really does you know you will owe nothing and be happy you will have no rights and be happy and they have more i know inspection but what you say is an we have free proposals and it's never been easier to affect your state more than it is right now by simply bonington something and so even if he don't do anything else right you can go and vote no one prop two seconds of your time to just fill in about and that would be a greater effect in this state than probably any other thing do for the next it because all these properties in dramatic common probably in perpetuity you seen the video i didn't know there's there's a video out called i didn't know it an a proposal three and it's it's it shows the scenarios where you know what the implication voting yes on proposal three years and i mean think about it every single pronando there think about it if they can grab one of your kids and say teachers i actually have a bunch of teacher friends that i know that because they were told not to tell the parents what was going on with the child you know mark came in and wanted michelet hide that from the part and that this is a real thing going now let's just expand this ten fold it and and look at what it is while you know in the schools which i become you know a surveillance nightmare for you know it's like just go back to world war two they've done exactly now what we have i mean we've got the we've got the play book we can we know what they're going to do they can grab your kid and say in school they really want to be a girl so you have nothing to say or you want to be a boy or or they don't want to have kids to work on a just sterilize them and you have nothing to say about this you have no right you have no recourse and in the last few days i've talked to several grand parents who are our legal kidnapping government the grandchildren no rights no recourse to have the family protect these children and or two and in its like this is exactly i mean our governments becoming child snatchers they can generally mutilate our children they can sterilise them and these proposals furthering their quest to turn us into little nothing drone what i would say to that is that regardless of what the policy is that being proposed any votini has the right and the obligation i would i would go out and vote for or against it and it's never been an easier choice right what you want a boat for so don't get apathetic but you better take action if you care about any of these three proposals that are unhealed which are very serious the very serious implications regardless of what sir if you don't do anything if you get if you don't get up off the couch and you remain apathetic you not going to have any effect on it and if you don't go tell your friend another was going on with brettone other ones they're not going to do anything about it either because they have been long to sleep by a false sense security but everything the good news is is that all they have to do is fill and that no vote if they don't want to vote for something so impolite that's why prop to is so important we don't if we allow prop to though we give up and any oversight we have of our election and that means that anything else they want to do in the future that is not good i wouldn't control through controlling the while while some of the props may be bad two is really where our focus is is no falls into it falls into our vision statement of unifying the united states to transfer entrusted and if we don't have that we have in every future can do whatever proposals they want and they can make them come out however they like them he recourse to even look at what was done because we won't have the right to be able to add it any he if you think that your election may have found now you don't even you won't even be able to tell itinerations at you never it's never been an easier and your elections or the foundation of the bed rock if we lose them nothing else matters be sure we fortify this now in a legal way right i don't mean fortify it the way that they may afford by the last election i mean strengthen the unity among all the people in michigan regardless of their party and by making them aware of what's going on and then i and then they have to go out check and now in that but and then we need people to sign up to be polled challenge everybody goes out and check to know and that a and then we don't have anybody watching the post for how their voting to counting on then we still don't have a wind there and and then to the third bread in mentioned really we need those do you know we have fifteen more lost that are already some are written for to we get out a lot more wind like the wind we had yesterday just get had the in fees to pay the attorney and those are all based on things we found in the last and those are things that would protect our elections going forward at the pile so i'm going to make a statement everybody stop donating the political parties because we already know they are corrupt and do something for the people that are actually doing something instead so of a in up there and land senor whatever and spend it all their money on bosinney thing else it's going on up there and put it into somebody who's actually working for us not creating laws that our working against us and i think that a good place to pitch dominators i force a really do these gods are amazing and just really really want to thank you and every one who stands with you i think i such an honor to know you and i stand with you now and in the future is there anything else you want to close with because then i always closed with a prayer they just like to remind people i'll be training with the result recesses and it's a lot of fun we ad a little bit humor in there and we will train you to be confident so if you feel afraid or like you don't know it's going on or like it's too overwhelming for you've never done this before after you do this in his hour and a half class you'll feel totally comfortable and you'll feel like a you've got some friends wherever you are that will be on your team when you doing this that you're not alone out there and that is actually going to be maybe enjoyable sign up for the class and a deuce say that you met me on a brand he did yet got you guys got to go out there and and catch bad guys in action and you know it's like this kind of a nice opportunity to actually put your time in a something that will make so much of a direct sobbed guys right i mean if you think about the workers at how often do they do it been doing it for they've been doing it for maybe thirty days of their life you know where their partners and were just trying to make the people want good point but you know i'll just go back to you know you know every the saying as it rolls down hill right to catch people at the bottom doing things wrong it's going to lead you right up to the top and that tom is going to lead to the people that are sitting in office who have allowed without fighting for this and who have absolutely been involved in this from minute one it comes from the top in it goes down and good people get snared in this a plan but i'm pretty sure a plan a version of this name and so we're going to catch the bad guys along the way anyhow there go hostis that right i don't see them if you're going to see anybody so leave these guys so anyhow the news anyhow dear heavenly father thinks so very very much for each and every person who stands with the election and terreforte and we asked that you bless every effort that they are involved in that we bring the service and that we have honest free and fair elections you gave us a as a great great and it requires maintenance it read it really does and when things get broken we need to get in there and we need to back as a republic self governed the people in charge not the politicians and we asked that you bless every single person that city out there and with the with a motivation to get involved that you would make it rain they would have so many people show up that that they have to buy more coffee or something you know and and that it would be a great day so much for bread and and thank you for the beautiful day ahead of us we ask that we do all things to your honour and glory and that that all things would be dragged out into the light for every one to see so that you know so we can fix them and and and go forward we with every single person out there if they feel alone if they feel afraid or intimidated or let him know that there's a whole bunch of people that are fighting for this nation and the things that are important to and help them to stand up and reach out so that they are alone to the people that are standing with precisely thank you so much as i do is wonderful day this is the time to show where i do less ah then you manethonian within he was like i was actually entering to get in front of the camera i can go bigaroo not con and i writing word on telegram which is brandenburg for mi we started brandenburg news that work and that has already been launched on our servers without a very good varatic cable which were you know what happened it is a tube and some of these other not jobs decide to take a downward is going to replace him and make him a relevant so now brandenburg news network is up on line and we are going to continue to bring you the true well and say what's on your mind because we are told the first moment right whatever it is that you want to say and i bring forward things that that are important to you so anyhow i have a wonderful day we love all of you you're not alone your in our minds every day we share about you which are about the things are important to you and in people that you care about so were building the nation back together as we peep god bless you all those whom you love and god bless america thank you so much brain ananda for coming on to day you guys are just absolutely wonderful and now that you are real american heroes and just so proud of you so proud of the work that you're all doing he listened with every four sadoleto in this all over the place here you know what latitude in the comments or right nobody has an excuse now i thank you namonamah on the there or be square go ahead and up you know ganlook em up and get involved these guys ego no setback all right my son have great day guy appeared weak we have a lot of events going on the week end to so if you get on the telegram channel anybody can jump on there and and join us this weekend we have even going well to day and to morrow as soon as i osterias i will be jumping in my trunk and having out so have a great day