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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/15/2023 - Redeeming Grace Church - Dr. Tim Parker

Published Feb. 15, 2023, 10:51 a.m.

Redeeming Grace Church online church with Dr. Tim Parker Tim was in Church from the cradle, over 69 years ago. Two Christian parents left a strong Faith-legacy in his life. Church attendance does not ensure new birth but Christ’s Faith and Grace lives boldly in his soul. Saints love God differently; he primarily loves God with his mind as he provokes disciples to love and good works per Hebrews 10:24-25. He loves to evangelize and teach God’s Word – especially biblical Grace. After a 37-year career with Chrysler as a die maker, he pastored Smith Creek Bible Church for 4-1/2 years and now holds a doctorate in philosophical theology. He authored three books during his doctorate program. As an active part of St. Clair County We-The-County, he worked to abolish the Covid mandates, especially in the schools. He was an active part of the SCC Republican Party but divorced himself from their charade. His new desire is to provoke a renewed understanding of our founding documents so a truly Christian/patriotic church can free itself from unConstitutional government-infringement and be free to establish Christian roots everywhere in our Constitutional Republic. We discover true Freedom In Christ’s Gospel to live in liberty, above tyrannical control. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the fifteenth day of february twenty welcome to reven a grace church i am going to bring a actor temperately doing i'm done great disported don if that it's a beautiful day and every day's good as long as god is on thrown he's always on the throne so we had good news every single day he in no ill before he started so as to disobey knows that there really talk before and come on mine cause there's a back stage saying and before i start the line broadcast so to ever tarentaise that i kind of i really believe that godly governance in in in all is part of our duty he has it also telling the truth in a lot of what i do here you know it's it's news in its interpreting the news a little better or bringing more things to the to the table honestly and i and i think this is an important as that there's a few important things going out as her cause i got a real problem with all the stump he happening like the shooting and michigan there was a gala showed up the sun shows a survivor from sandy hook i didn't think there was the survivor from sandy hook at a regardedless when we know that there is a lot of nonsense going on with that sandyhook shooting years ago including all of a sudden at hugo look as i looked in taxoceras when i started digging into that and all of a sudden everybody owner on homes in the area didn't make any sense to me at all and the tax record proved it out not got that old document there's something going on there and having somebody pop up and survived two major shooting at a school be a one six school once in i am not buying any of this there is you know there's too many question the more questions going on and i want to bring this up at this two things i want to bring up one long is for the for the oh it let's start with it with start with a train video first cause i was the non that pretty hard yesterday and i am having a real problem with what believing this because as i said before the reading with the reading the orifice readers on every single corner of every car all the time they know where every cares i know that because we own oral and in an intimately work with rail cars and how the systeme so being on the inside little bit it like no not buying us but then there's something more that came up and i think this is fairly two to one you know put out there in just going to play the set he therefore residents were forced to temporal leave their homes after the train to rail the palestine and other sad palestine was whether said there earlier the small a releasing hazaris chemicals and the vinelander sprang out chose of the betraying of per beyond fire twenty miles before it reached the sirhassen of the tracks the rail of the footage gestantis captured by security camera and equipment plants on insolent ohio for aeration is the reporter of four or fishbroiled kt kch k and omenista that rite there because i am not buying that i am not buying the scenario there first saw they had the they had cars materials when no degrees of separation and the way that this thing was stopped it's crazy that's that's number two and then with that much fire in the dark for twenty miles some one somewhere the readers would a pick this up on the track is as the as the car was moving forward so and also all these cemicals were in selangor carsthe steel on the side of of the tank or cars is is very very thick i got to tell you i'm not not buying the either the leak i'm not buying and not buying the scenario and i believe that there was an incendiary that would have had to have ignited this the way that they did i have a problem with it big promittant that that security camera picked this up twenty miles before it got to east palestine i like some one somewhere when i would have seen this and said something unless somebody was covering it up or it was ned so that's kind o that's kind of ware where i am with that so then let's go let's go to the next man on her that that pulls things in quoth another thing and so now what they're doing is the their talking about this whole this whole nonsense with the th flosuffy and not that i think it's all nonsense but what i am saying is that we'd better start asking questions on this because a lot of this stuff is overfed so here is here is the son frishman blocks spot i really do enjoy going to a lot of the i do alternative news so an in pick of things from multiple queen ace that he has included okay i look at everything and i will not have somebody say oh it's againmercy theory don't look at this nonsense look at overton to check this out but what i wish youlook at is the people behind the people behind grasped going on there behind grossly oh that's number one now we're going to go to the next one down here and this is a lot this one in my opinion is a lot more telling and noses canned now listened to what john kennedy says and look at the people around him as an onoor one monontonous and so she with her were told two thousand like that's what i took away from the nor okay all right that's all kinds of weird and and the the fact of the matter is that the coming out with all of these narratives and the narratives and things happening the weather balloons and its tone tragedy on one crisis after another and what i can tell you is that there was a move that was white noise that was put out that actually had extras in palestine east palestine and it was about a train ride mermet and calicos and so i think that there's a lot here we have to be really aware of the fact that this hole ufo the balloon think of the end and now this there is a narrative in being built definitely a narrow there's a pattern and a narrative this being well and i think every single one of us needs to take a critical look at everything that we're looking at coming across the air waves and in really do not let it put you into a state of panic or her it if you if your panics or your full of fear that's not of god and its controlled reaction to a psychological or psychological warfare and we do know that when we it is a part of any war that probably ninety per cent of it is thought in nineteenth be more the his thought without ballistic sol about mind control its all of crating narratives and getting the population to go in a direction by creating a and so in him this sit back and let's let it play out with with nor mine and keep her eyes on god that's number one but number two is go if you want to do so channel and are not seen chantilly channeling spirits okayanything like that but what what i'm saying is it move that move that dress energy in the action such as calling people down there and or few got away to help them move into action rather than to an inaction or fear based whatever shall i do sitting here and doing nothing cause that's exactly what they want us to do they want to do moralize people and to inactivity because there are frae so that's that's where we put the brakes on and say no where we're not going to buy into this we're going to move into an productive action in order to help our fellow man son with that sun welcome to redeeming grace thoughts i think that what you're saying is he is true because i guess i'm wanting in if you have to look at everything that goes on to think a first raters the pride couldn't do worse job than the people that are supposed to be running everything ah things don't add up by god to us look at people jack and not listen to him smile about people dying oh not talking about this ah is this it real i don't know but there's a lot of things out there like we get on you go across the hole united states and nobody really noticed it's like i don't think so ever any time as and it without with that sutoto one of these shot over as the the one now longingly shot down over michigan which i don't know if i believe any of it any more you know that they did scramble fighters cause we could see the i see things you know on on the trackers the light trackers however the first vessel they shot missed and they they allegedly say they don't know where it is right hit it with a second well i want to know what the heck is going on with the first one and are you kidding me right so i want to i want to take a look at his just see what happens here and see if there is a problem with the an i'm going to make a imamate a prediction and we'll see if i'm right or wrong here on this but i want to see if something happens and all of a sudden that pipe line line five takes the vessels the shut down stand mishka's just see if the skulls in that direction or it hits another part of critical infrared or if it is all sad disappears to reactivated at some point type i don't know we don't know what's going on here but i would like to i'm going to be watching this to see where this miscellaneous stanyan go with it but when that sat on ministering here and now bring bring up close and we will start yes oh go on service in a quick prayer here and then we can i will hand morganore going to pay some one colossiansi that for a few weeks early on as this from basically last we a let's pray heavenly father is we received christ jesus the lord help us to walk in him rodet built up and established in his as you made us live with him helpless replace erroneous thinking to live boldly in him to make god's word truly known as were bombarded with false narratives even some of what we just talked about very possibly teachers to discern your corrective truth so that our lives proclaim your gospel of grace in jesus amen his name and you don't hear sanethe thing tip there is a church right now that's going on a seven day revive all its chachipe and a university so grey and whenever things go over to go over on we can we know god's going to show off then and be there for his children and his ear from an i hadn't seen that my wife sent me noticed that and she said i how one of our professors was mentionthere the doctor to booker she is a southern seminary professor i had for five classes great great men loved and he was mentioned in an article self assisi was pretty cool and i and all i can say is it's just more aidence that people are waking up there finding out we can't we can't coddle god we we've got to get serious and so i too would applaud what were on i mean we need to see more of that but so i did mention grace and people should know that that's the doctrine and i talk about more than anything i believe that that is god's exalted doctrine so i just i wanted just talk a little pit oportet before we get into the text and were going to start in sixteen and word to flies this was to things to get into a chapter three so here's what i'd say eh as the greatest biblical doctrine and when i say that people want to exalt law of sometimes or wholly nosed and i think we there's good reasons for both those god does seem to he exalts holding us because ah he does say be the holy as i am holy if we understand that grace is always in my my always a holiness producing anti ah that clarifies the little bit why i can talk about grace maybe even over holding it oh so grace is often over used and practically deluded many definitions and descriptions falls short of what paul presented and i looked a last night a ran through the commentary all the words of the talk about grace in new birth and there were like twenty nine of the thirty two passages that i could say dealt with the paul author does so he he really talks about grace oh some say grace as god's favor without stipulations or conditions some see grace as god overlooking in oh i would say if since in the same sentences grace oh we don't understand grace because mercy deals with sand grace deals with collins first of all to new birth as an end to causes to be sank to ah some say grace is synonymous with lock where law is mere approval no matter the conduct some sea spiritual magic dust to sprinkle on ace that bring god's disfavor without belabouring a point grace is used to justify on holy behaviours despite what prescriptive teeth about god's character demand salvation gospel or church i think that paul shops a crescendo of grace in salvation in redemption in those whom god knew birds grace is necessary for god to effect regeneration justification and i just want to say if anybody does on our stand i like fiction and sanctified together ah biblically i think it we can separate them to talk about them to show differences to me if you're justified scripture says you will be sanctified and if your sanctified then you've been just so there's no disjunction there biblical peak our salvation and sanctification or the outflows of grace that god works in us and paul continues to demonstrate gracessoon of god in us to believe and to be wholly it's not as mysterious as something how anatis mystery ah impulse day and are so i guess i would ask if for i had the ear of everybody is there any question about what i just ran through but i wanted to hold in just a little bit o what graces so oh i got to say i thought it there are two huge passages and galatians chapter one fifteen to twenty and i think passage we went through last week was another very big passed oh it's just majestic in everything that paul writes about and i i've written a law the years and i have just so intrigued paul i take little pieces of writing i mean if you look it ephesini think we get it study fusions for a hundred years six small chapped harriet classesfor forts mouchetes indeed it is so pregnant with god's and i just i i marvel at the spirit behind the men who wrote god's word we've got understand that i i mean if anybody's seeing craiked you know the certain things that the did chinese men would teach him wax on wax off and you now talk about waxing floors and so it was it sometimes i almost read paul and he talks about poor off and put on and so there there's a sand step we we have renewal that i think a lot of people don't realize so as we close last week and we're going to run through these verses without much commentary and enrol paused before we move on says let no one pass judgment on you in questions starting and sixteen if you want to put it up down to sixteen to twenty three ah that no one passed judgment on you in questions of footing drink or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a sabbath these are a shadow of the things to come the substance belongs to christ in an small verse there reminds me that almost describes the whole book of hebrews there's all these shadows and christ fulfils every shadow and the substance is in him let no one disqualify you and and here he touches specifically on what they were stumbling with insisting on a son essistm and worship of angels going on in detail about visions of without reason by his sensual mind and not holding fast to the head from whom the whole body nourished knit together through its joints in ligaments grows with the growth that is from god mere take a baby it is so innocent so incapable of doing anything for itself in it and it grows unless you're so major she and paul wants us to grow into maturity so in verse twenty we could say it's he it's a big if if with christ you died to the elementary spirits in the world and again here is puttin his teaching rite in the context of where they were at because it was the elementary spirits of the world that they were stumbling over so he says if with christ you die to these why as if you were still alive in the world do you submit to regulations don't handle don't taste don't touch referring to things at all perish is their use according to the human precept and teaching these have indeed an appearance of wisdom and promoting self made religion and a solecism and severity to the body but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the le so paul says look you gas are getting tripped up with things the pretty much me nothing and yet if anything what you should be worried about stopping the indulgence of the flesh now that may be part of that so he might be including what they were writ giving tripped up worth as being an indulgence of the flesh i see this a lot with some of the things that people get into oh i know sometimes all cares manic movement they couldn't get into the weeds and make things so critical like this is some port in yet rely to me when you when you divide it all out it so a kind of comes up with zeros ah i think of this being a love in math but to the other day down i was reading a whole section on all of the young kids that have died with this supposed fact there were sand that it was like a hundred times more than i've ever seen before so like they said it typically a coroner or medical examiner might see one child in his whole life time had the hard tack and yet they see about a one a month in and yet what they were saved was you know it was a hundred times more and yet what they said they don't doesn't show up and real numbers and they said well why this is their bed bath but it is accurate mass but they use it to distort basically a hundred times zero is a hundred i mean a hundred times zero is still zero ah i said that wrong and so that's why they even though the the reality of death is so high it doesn't show up in the numbers intact to me is ah they are to do something to show numbers accurately and the almost doing things to make sure they don't show him accurate there's all that there is always saying and ulterior mono yes i we see that all the time and had some of the stuff that we were talking about that you were thrown based clein alarmed up over a it's like what what are they really doing i tell you i just got something like that to the rail does it all michinacas rush rush to pass me and got control lost after missions state shooting go and eatonton in that and that that just came on and i mean that they just strictions at or or unbelievable and we we have to really ask your questions honestly if you wants to build in him go back to the scriptures you know and that's wordthat's what you say and had so that's what we've seen and very time its shoes school shootings it is the very first thing they talk about is gone content and and the reality is people had no gun control realizes that you could pass a mean gun control laws is not going to prevent any of these there have i clambered to their base and it's your sad is it's all distortion i think we should put past government control hoursrather there tis comeback to the constant imagine that donation my man yeah well well well okay so what's that let's get into a chapter three there tell i know what's coming up staff of an in there to the stricter nobody it was a man had said and i did the terrebonne somebody just put a bill for her on all at me when we read in its unalpine to precede that gits real rolled right in there no patentand endogamous as ever tenses gateway pon it and every time his shooting democrats rushed to infringe on the rights of the law bited citizens who didn't do it of the the case of the shoot him as he every our mistresse universis no different and because democrats and michinaga more power and twenty twenty two men terms the plantos deane crest looking aconitine gone control loss will dis com commines after the mass shootings democrats on two state legislatures in one the two state legislators and twenty twenty two men terms giving the control of store major seats of power in government precedent more wan reelections in now she didn't the cheated their way through it the party elshite to push through ganpatro legislation that has been stone walled by hesitate republicans monday's mass shooting gives in the opportunity to hurry the legislator so well were focusing on wather bones and or focussing now in the train of dromenagh they are trying to push through ponente he scented the were trying to move up even more worried we were targeting right after the first we can arm that's for planning for a buck we want your spon quicker or such as usual spot suspects are calling for mark gone so that's that's what happening there so i pass an article later but yet in its discord and then do evil and in rilliet's kind of what is going on here in ossian in that area his distracted with things that pulled the boy from the truth it is like satan has his play day i had that's what he happens so oh wonder for basically is what got hit first so he says if that new have been raised with christian here he's talking about that spiritual resurrection the things that are above where christ is seated at the right hand of god in again when we see that this is be one place where people would say see he has not god because he seated it to right hand of gott when we read the right hand of god that is if you will language that talks about god's authority so christ has god's authority being seated in the rahan with and so don't ever think that christ does not have full authority of the dead set your minds on things that are able not and and and boy should challenge every one of us at times what do we wonder we plant our mind some time or have to do is look at what we do it's like i know there some people in churches that give their life to things in the world and imagine that there their mind is on help that's a very tenuous rope i think her trying to walk because paul goes on his son's for you've died and this is this burst rate here is one of the most just because there's something about and i need to get is a thing here on garry's death that i want to grab as an object so cause ave put it over here it's like we die and we're in christ hand and christ is in god's hand there's nothing more secure then what paul is teaching it here in his verse so he says when christ who is our life appears then you also will appear with him in glory so here some things here we got to ask ourself have we been raised with christ have we died with him is our life hid with him is christ our life oh and i think a lot of people they could not answer in the affirmative and i would just encourage people to do must to answer that i am for it a antiques tions may be for you or anybody get commenter now i think that the hidden in christ is now you look at things that can happen around us and there's a lot of times that wolves walk right through the middle of the disaster because we are hidden in christ as from them as it meant were not subject to the same thing sinners on and on centers like but it's a different experience hang on down a scuse me a minute from enemies time for just one second and take her ftes for men in some talecomes back an i can tell you my experience right now eh that when when i was in india i honestly felt like i had like cotton all the way round me and even though there were their people in the streets that were killed there the weak right after we were there and it was very very bottlethe were changing they were changing over of the government was changed over it looked that they were going to be closing the borders and that looked like it was the last you don't the last really ego that take off for mine to so that we can talk of yea i can tell you that when i was in india i felt like i was mopped off in a like just head like this whole little in all action of cantonal way rom in even though people were killed for i was that week afterwards there were snipers around there was it was very very followed all right i walked through this whole thing no inand it was with absolute confidence that i was i was walking with god and he had absolutely no and i think that when you do walk with god and you can go through any situation and he he he literally surrounds you his presence with with every protection that you need so that when you know you you know what so true when one we stand with christ we know it's not that you know people think well that's a exstitent overagainst now there's no arrogance be god's testimony speaks in our soul and in its why i believed that even in romans at it it mentioned st you know because we we want to tell people what if you do this and as ye you're you're new birth and yet a scripture talks about the the spirit fears witness with our spirit that were were new born that's a testable we would be deceptive if we didn't proclaim so it's that arrogance it is reality in our so sermonless report of a liccetere lit it has nothing to do with any of us and why why oh it is that way i don't know i can't answer that question but i know that that i was really taken back by the by that experience of of that much and it was very tangible very very tangible an experience from those men and always tangible i mean a lot of times you know you're walking in faith where you just you you know you just know what you or your trust is not an he thinks are going to go is just with an ohio or how things are going on here for the cotocoto nonsense the one on a michigan and dissobey knows there's no not one person out there should come should on listen to this unconstitutional nonsense going on any more than then we should have with the job or with the masts that this is where we take our stand vita we had a knowe had a prior experience with them telling us to do something as unconstitutional are as any one going actually i listen to this this is the and a push in the street or any of us can listen to it i will not and had so i'm glad we have leave you like he in front dana and yes we should not bow to tyranny under hiding circumstance ah i'll keep beating at drawn me long as i have life so my dear paul moves from the poor and to put off in any gits back into a put on in verse twelve so we're going to run through this and i just i want to say i feel for people that get so burdened with sin and i hear people talk in it it's like they they feel like they have no hope that they can't overcome anceps jumping on me in beating me up and i can't fight back i feel for people like that first of all because sometimes it might mean that they're not new born i would say they doubtfully don't understand the power of grace because paul teaches in i hebrews that we can go boldly to the throne of grace to receive grace and mercy to help in time one and i would say you know some one may ask all who when is that tim to me it's every second of every day i need grace and mercy every second of the day so this is why horscrt talks about be be constant in prayer be in the attitude of and weak and always ask for grace and march and i think we could ask every second and it still wouldn't be enough but so we have it at or at our finger tips if you will grace overcomes and so paul says here put to death there for what is earthly and now you might say what what what is it me to be here he's going to explain it sexual immorality of purity passion evil desire covets so which is of the to idolatry on account of these what he just talked about the wrath of god has come in these you too once walked when you were living in them and paul says something like this in so many places in scripture and here were in cassion's i didn't write my book my last book on clashing to was hincasen clashing one thirteen talks about tested god was transfigures from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son so because of that i asked people who what's where's your address we mentioned this last week or are you do you have an address in satan's kingdom mrs your address in god's in but now you must put them all away anger wrath malice slander and unseen talk from your mouth do not lie to one another seeing that you have put off the old self with its practice has sent and put on the noses which is being renewed after the image its creator and this is where again one of the things that i was talking about i do not believe we can image christ until he has new birth to sir we see a right during verse when god puts on the now self that is what we can image are re creator here there is not greek and jew circumcised uncircumcised barbarian cynthia slave free but christ is all it scythian what is that mean scipian is a person and it was more a believe i have to it really check ah it was more like when you canopeo le with their noses in the air so he's making the contrast here with the barbarian with babe the snooty people so the like hot lot less the bee demegorgon way to put it and i am the me see if i can without spendin time port to ah here maybe i'll find it later but what there was a lot of things that we could contrast there i guess i'll find it may be later she lets a let me just see if i can go down and pick it up it's got to be abe won't jump out at me sometimes it's amazing that things kind of hide now however then you look at it you see something new which is amazing and you know that the god grace to your mind what what has he once to deceive for the day if he he no i i agree so a writ let's let's move on so here again ah i see it to begin with in this chapter he says poor poor one and any suspicion put to death poor in then as god's chosen ones holy and beloved compassionate hearts kindness humility meekness and patient very with one another and if one has a complaint against another for giving each other as the lord has forgiven you so you also must for so this was a passage that compared to pales teaching about the spirit are the gifts of the spirit in galatians five it's it's a very similar list that he gives here oh and in verse fourteen is a is such a good first because we talk about being in harmony this is a word if we hear in the assembly environment and above all these things put on love which binds every thing to gather in perfect harmony and i might say that love is the divine glue the ties everything together men weaken we could get in to chemistry and talk about finding this kind of what paul is talking about that love is a binding agent holding all of god's together ah i would always say i believe that grace does as well and when we understand grace makes the cohesive reality of what god wants in her life oh his next verse or member a good friend of mine who almost fifty years ago he taught his now he passed away maybe like two years ago it was the ah he was good to almost fifteen years older than me but good friend and not so when we think about umpires or referees bold the whistles and call fowls the e try to keep a game moving making sure that everybody plays by the rules this verse paul says had leaped the peace of christ rule in your heart so some ways wicked put in let christ piece umpire in our heart and that's that's the same thing that we read from paul and other ways steadie live our life and the spirit pricks our soul there sottin wrong so this is how the piece of christ can rule in our heart and i won't say that we could all was use us because we can for our own our own self our hearts trot jeremie seventeen nine there dare bundantl wicked but so the peace of christ and umpire in our hearts which indeed you were called into one body and be thankful and now here's where again he he gets into the summary if you will of this let the word of dwell in you richly the chin and a vanishing one another in all wise singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to god and whatever you do in word or deed do everything in the name of the lord his giving thanks to god the father true he i can think of people the live probably been accused of this many times its people will say him your your so heavenly minded you're you're of no value to us here on each in i think sometimes gain as we talked last week down a people just strike at those who strive please hinto god if so much easier for us to pull somebody like that down to criticise condemn them try to silence it rather than trying to call to their level and now i so often think about paul paul told his people follow me i follow christ and so this is to me the real leader in christ it's not it were anybody of ourselves we are who we are because of christ in us and were pursuing and for us to say hey i mean we're not perfect we serve the perfect one and so as we pursued the perfect one who are just calling people come join me in this right it is a good ride more you pursue christ white what it it's sure brings joy to our sole in our joy reciprocates as paul talks about the singing his saw spiritual songs and sols ah happy thankful he and then living in a way then we understand that our life a pursuit of i think he had something real critical that's critically important there and that's the fact that human nature human nature wants to drag everything down its when her either of of the person who has of having or a person who is of the earth right and when i say of the earth i am saying that the king of satan rather or the kingdom sat or king regathers now this no metal ground and it's a is a real tell tale thing when people do not celebrate excess of other people and they they the was a wantedroom down and like a anthesterial important statement you made the we should be so happy i mean to see them look back i'm going to use the lone ranger as a an example here when when people did wrong and in that time the people who are were near them in the towns they were sad that they made a bad choice they didn't low and were happy that this person got knocked down they there was no joy and watching some one failed a person who is closed i believe is one who celebrates any and all successes of other people and and what seems to be the amal of a lot of people as i'm glad you're doing well as long as i'm doing better than and in it justify they justify themselves were we should be happy for every one who makes it a of strides and a positive direction and in look up to them as something as a water doing really great you know what i'm going to try to do better in that area also and not try to bring him down look look to others as an example when they have as now is something to drag down into the dirt so that so that we can justify our bad behavior because that's what that's what human nature quite often does and it's wrong in had brings right back here and we could go full circle back to that second phrase of first porte that what you have high lighted there fourteen to seventeen if would we fulfil that that is where we get the perfect harmony we what everybody's poland each other along it's like you know somebody has to be leader somebody's out front maybe somebody's done most of the teaching of the price or whatever but it's a collective i mean as the teacher that's as what jesus said you know without his disciples we couldn't you know without diminishing who he was said seewhat what are you it's it's the disciples as to people that come along in an if we can understand that we're all in this together after that we all sang swim together oh i think it would help people little bit well and look at this everybody wants to be the leader and wants to know you know be in charge until they get handed the responsibility with the critic some when things don't go wrong perfect example is down to and general flint quite honestly how many how many arrows and darts and the leaders that that we throw at when you have a good person that stopped up to try to do the right thing and in any any honestly any word of criticism to what there to what they're doing instead of stepping up and said you know what i'm willing to help what can i do to help they wanted to criticise and i fix my problems it doesn't work that way you you have somebody that's a good you don't just like your friend that you've been been defending over there on your side in the state and you don't to that point that you start off and you've you've stepped up to defend a good man who's been malines's not that i having unrelenting oliver leaders no matter what we say or do their human and their going to make mistake and so when leaders do make mistakes which we can expect perfection out of our leaders but we can't expect you'll say you know i made a wrong wrong to sit in here we're going to try to write it in this is what we're going to do because we're human but this whole this whole nonsense that we've got going on in the united states of america and the world generally just shows me the spiritual bankrupt ness of the individuals who know you call on those people that do have evil intention because there are people out to the have evil intent you know greheimrat now i take the guns like why why would they want to do that because they're going to come and kill us that's what they've done then she only thing that standing that second moment right is the only thing that standing in their way of absolutely achieving their goal of killing seven eighths of the population as sir stated goal of the world i cannot form and this is the only thing step to standing in our way they will drag us out in the streets they will shoot us they will kill us and there's nothing that we can and so you call him out for things like that right a people such as like like president trump for general flint or people who are in this no to actually fight for this nation and individual rights as well as the rights you know that then there all given by god there not given by men neseit are given for it by god you step of an you go how can i help and get the gang your i o that was one of the i mean i do not want to port president trump an on a pedestal but i got to say that in my lifetime ah maybe next to ronald reagan he for my perspective did some of the greatest things it had the greatest vision warning america to thrive in goodness and i couldn't bold leave how fast they went to just destroy they through darted him twenty times every day michael flinn didn't get one day in office i mean so it's like a it is so tragic in this is why i really believe don and i still still with love to see somebody like you sitting in the governor's chair and michigan we have so much to learn because i think what you just said we we look for our government leaders to do this you said for me slave got to be willing to do it with them you know there there to help us do government that's what self government is but we don't know how to do that i think everybody thinks well i got a good idea well i don't know sometimes i do something that i go oh my goodness i don't think i don't think we know very much at all about how to do that andrew well i won't think everybody together go ahead now and then also watching how fast people turn their backs on all others as soon as their expectation isn't that man that's a bad guy and then they run around in the jump in the pit with the naysayers and start of sitting back and going well well well think the off base a little bit maybe i should actually reach out and talk to them for see if we can get this resolve in a godly way in but do it not as it is a person who stands the and just fires at one after another and for other after another and you know with one of the things that was probably one of the most heart breaking things i saw is when the attacks when on general plan over over a prayer that he set and i i want to say you know what the good man he's got a really good track record right i'm just thankful that he's off there saying a prayer at this point in time because i'm watching all these people sit back sniping at a good man who have you now he put their faces in front of the camp on taken any hits and now they want to go after him that you want to know what comes out of my mind mouthtathe point in time i look at them and i want to say shut thy hell up as that is honestly what i've seen is it helsel coming out of their mouths to go after a good man his doing so many positive in and and how you know it if you if you think if people could think that they can do it any better than they better put out and get up there it's put up or shut up and you know in when it comes to the criticism right or or standing by but the lack of standing faithfully people who have served we with with distinction who put everything on the line the lack of faithfulness two two two good people expecting them jesus christ stop in on the earth at that point time i know i am not i know you're not i know that i haven't i haven't seen him incarnate stepping on the planet so we're stuck with each other at this point time and that holy and perfect individuals that we need to incourage them it in and there are patent evil people out there there are definitely people out there if if i'd had my lissanoure on like they be isopel o they have this thrown in with satan himself there is no coming back from that some point time and you can see that like when they abuse children when with somebody goes down that path indian with the ispeople at that moment time someone who thrown in with sat right and only god himself contend effect that kind of a change when somebody goes down that deep in the evil and and i do believe that there's a point time were there probably not going to come back out of it okaybut when you have good people that are standing there doing something when the majority of people just sit back and i said this before we have a professional chincas there's an old way to say it and is sometimes this time it to throw it down and say this is what we have oh this person does this time marches person does that so much what are you doing you settin there behinor are you actually getting in the game in how many people out there should have reached out to general le and i an honestly said you know you know people are like word genteel sold hers that's great i love it i was too i am in dontille i would never bent down and there in and the cost to people that are good in some instances and fatsome writers there is two to one in the field you know i mean that told us this is going to happen the infiltration is there but i guess the point being is then that did you reach out to the sky did you reach out to general fingido reach out to to a president quiet your mouth stop the subversion and in buying into and snipe in at these guys who have clearly put their best into it to try to restore this nation or you know were you supportive and this this is if there not if if you can't support him and you really believe that the it that people are evil will then you better get in place to remove them because we have a way to do that but i'm going to tell you right now i i will be thankful to the rightful president in this united states for the rest of my life for actually stepping up nets dolldrum i am thankful to general general i am thankful to for all he's done he single hand only stopped in front of the boss that was going to take this nation out of the train to and and stopped key was derailer to the deep set single handedly this man stood up and said i'll stand out i'll take the arrows and there was a lot of good people behind these guys that said yet we're with you and there's a lot of us who would never turn our backs on and there there needs to be more people that plant their feet in that faithful two good people around us and don't buy into don't get into the talk or or the sniping or anything like that now somebody needs to be exposed because it truly you better have evidence and put it to an issue or real facts instead of ages don't like it i don't mean the manilamen you know and haliotoidea honrado pleased grin back the mean sweets i loved i love his men cause he's accurate and oh that's the perfect to me the application of paul's message we have to for it to be in christ we have to put away all of this there is so easy if he sets and we have to put on the substance of an an imported that is getting in the game and helping the leaders successful to give were in this together and on sorry that we have such a distorted picture of our government where are our federal government state government is at the top of the total poll it was never intended to be that way our leaders were supposed to be servant later no we're all in it together and part of making a change is getting back to that but done you are so accurate that when we sit back and chirp and throw stones and throw darts and i do bring people down because supposedly it makes us feel better we're not going to go any where good and there's no doubt it general fled and on we're going a guest the deep state going against the very heart the kingdom of darknes yes and people got a realized that i don't think dave too but it's like we we've got a check herself and if we can't lift up good people what are we have going for right and your people say about president trump through like a well he couldn't build a good cabinet where is he going to pull for you got about nine i mean look at letting onunder stood brings around his i got my my wake up call here someone and so a door opens set me tub the sand and of their gongorine it we're going to go out were going to go get something to eat or something right and i want everybody out there to know that i've got the greatest husband in the whole world he is of very very good man and he has been support of of these but going back full circle to those video i played the grassless got handlers around him i saw pompeo and de santos drop like pounds and a day we i'm not believing that even them standing there at this point in time there's too many there's too many anomalies there and there's too much that's being control so it still holds me to stand for a stick to those things that are good the bible you know show things like that that's an issue not now the snow is nonsense of all nocentes people down is shall the evidence and let people make their own decisions on on what the if it's just like well i don't like the way they do thus know that's not good enough he sat moneron you know you've got to stay with the actual actuality right i i kind of think that just in that video or shows that both grass le and the candidiore control controlled so what does that mean the good guys are in control and it means that any one that lost standing their right now is probably being told exactly what to say and exactly what to do and so now the same thing with these faults likes i'm going to guess that if this here's another down and prediction besides the mescal kay i'm in to do another ten the prediction of the gun control the if they in fact ram this down our throats in the state of michigan began in people actually listen to this unconstitutional nonsense by a defect of government stand your ground but what it is going to do is it's going to expose every single law enforcement out officer out there as well as supposed constitutional sheriff if they stand up and if they do not we know that they are in with a deep state and their just as guilty as every politician sothisis going to row out all of the cops sheriffs deputies that the people that are in law force the shoulder hand of their actually when the cab with the organized crimes seneca this running ess that's been running this nation or if there actually going to stand with the people of mishe and and in the people of michigan you stand your ground we are going to stand our ground and wore no expose these guys see which ones they all because the will is he god they've got an they've got blackmail over over the top immersedthat right now i still believe that that's that that's where my my x rodin was the blackmailed garantee guarantee and and in like it's like i i feel really bad about all of these situations is blackmail stop what you can to find out who's going to state he is a traitor and were in clinostat out from top to bottom and ah you know i think that this is what's happening right now some enjoy the show you now move past the pop corn and gets mice scream i mean i thought it's a hero herewith here we ah so i must ortosa in closing night i hope people you know how or ah there's so much here paul talks about give him the game over ocotes out classon next week and then we will move into a jonah a love of consolacion and one reeswas out here round me the toilworn were so says that the colocolo of people those on elsemaybe dolphins yes well down at you have a great deal as closes in prayer and you fortsattes fast and give joy regard our heavenly father lord we should all be challenged by when ponteach lord help us o for of what was as to what makes us so that we don't glorify you an image or re creator how was to put on the things that allows to with perfect harmony image and likeness is everything is a tout ce clair in paul makes it very clear and as book to these people that were larger so many people confused to day with these narratives help us to stand firm some people don't know what that means so we have to help others to even learn how to stand for be quiet before you see what goes down lord we want exposure we want we want your kingdom in his to reign supreme lord may we exalt you in that way his name the men his name pray man thank you so much right serodine men brandenburger not come go and check this up i i've got some other things i can talk about the new law suit with served yesterday silvianetta about the new law suit and tho i'm so it now and i think i could be professional doessometimes just keep he that eventually done wrong you know and i'm not going to be on to morrow i think we're going to move that to friday some probably friday morning but i'm tomorrow in reserving for a for family time and sold that's that's what the plan is there so we but i will be posting solissator sestajone too brantford my telegram casts on directly and i do answer all the text there sahuaro you we love very one whom you love god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless america seeson the other side here