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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/26/2022 - Live Donna Brandenburg

Published Sept. 26, 2022, 9:04 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network im donna brandenburg it is monday september twenty while we had a craze a couple of days ago just amazing so i've got a couple of people i wasn't going to invite anybody in the morning and last minute get crazier and crazier so i've got a couple of people that are going to jump on this morning and we're just going to see how the kind of a nut day esterday but it was a great day was that the gun show over a noble we can and saturday was an extraordinary day than sunday i was invited to a couple of church and spent spent the morning pretty much going to going to churches and at the first one in work out as well as we and hope but as okay we're going to we're going to run forward with all of this i've got a million ways that i can go with this this morning i've been on ran about about things that are going on across the which i think we should all question question happily it is it is probably a pregnant get mostly meet the morning i tell you my guess on so because i said we had some things that just sort of came up and we decided it decided on as common and see what happen i don't know if you saw this but let me let me run my little cup to again to we're going to continue and on this back because this little little debacle threatenin intimidation just keeps getting worse and worse we were in fact invited to two churches yesterday are we were at we were at two one of them was i wonderful church and we had a wonderful wonderful time there it was it was fate the other one we literally walked in felt a little bit must lad and because of the way we felt about our freedom we turn our own and we walked out and i'm really sorry if if people had feelings hurt there that we did not stay but there comes a point time where you stand for your convictions and i think that varies goin to jump on his very altman was with me that day and so was early now a beltin and we are after he was well a little bit misled and event and we laughed and we went we set a diner with some wonderful people there and we talked and it was a lot of fun trying to frame this and decide how we were going to be able to the no positive activity and either either to may be coach people and how to deal with situations that that you're involved in that you really don't want to be involved so i wait to bury it on we'll talk about half and yesterday because if it truly was very very disappointing really really very dis i have a lot to and the amount of censorship that's going on out there is incredible also the amount of people who are planted in these patriot group don't ever feel safe in the patriot groups to give italy what there though the it's just like the republican party democrat party you might have have a lot of really good people in there but not always are people running these groups who they say they are and i would i would say that there is an awful lot of money being paid to have people opinions it's very it's very very disturb so yesterday i put this out and of course and before it or didn't bambute said the and they took it down so people couldn't see it which on gingerpop this post breaking news repose like crazy from a cyber symposiacs atomizer ice it may icon discovered a and both serve at ten nineteen twenty twenty right before the election surprise price pride the enormous security restrictions from as you all server enabling any one to manipulate the vote totals surprise what happened right before the primary republican park primary we had leaked information came through and a fox news jumped down and started making excuse for these other new source predicted the outcome creaturely really concerned because i don't believe that cheating at all and a new got out all this is sure it was how how did they test this because there was a million votes that they would have had to run through these machines in order for it to be a real test not by in it and doesn't pan the sniff test whatsoever and of just implicated them and the desert going on within our elections now my i found the car experience set if i were dominion i would be pessimy pants right now this is exactly what they didn't want please repose the mainstream media will by like hell he keep information from going on this must be a grassroots well i'm on to say i'm a change that work it from grassroots because not everything but looks grassroots as what it is well we can do as individuals as individual americans we can get things out there to all our groups say what needs to be said without the came down without it all this not a man go back to the the mistico issue that we have seeing and i talked to a really wonderful woman this morning and teacher over on the other side of the stage she was talking about melican she i can't blame her she were threatened and course to this woman has stood for our fredericton for how many years now for how many years and she has suffered incredible amount in a menacing this isn't one year this is a lot of time you know and we when we talked about this beginning he said to her too i said realized that the isere going to keep coming there never going to stop they probably we valourously going to threaten the rage or house and the adverse treat me ill cooked on the counter forum because they were going to find anything and because they had nothing to hide i'm pretty much right out there with everything and orris a person could be about this we're not going to back down and every hit that they put out their including asking me the the i was i was how has for extortion of money that's one of the things that they wanted and also to denounce this not going to do it and i don't care what to me i just don't really care this is the hill for us to die on his pate and that cloud everyone so the three were also smoothing who in announce everybody wants to be a fly and with my cave and santa well we've got a problem there because i don't believe it take a pack money i was asked not to take pack money nobody wants me to take that money so what's orator option to get the message at work the doing really well were above thirty million interactions on line a week i bonstetten and the number of in my numbers on social media like crazy as well as as well as just general information out there so i don't think that's much an argument she can't let again what more not any way shape form the other option you have is to jump off the political parties which are crochet and decide think for ourselves and both the best person in the can do the job so how that in the course the intimidation all that stuff that likes to come out when you're actually over the target yes what ah every head that i take is going to be mad with absolute resolve and in your face counterpane to whatever that may be if they want to call any sources whichever i choose to look at is domestic terrorism or fake news or whatever excuse me half the nation is still listening to see it out may be less an half a nation and we know that that's nothing more than the news not work the and news not work the i don't know the goal line get along not work the coronet work the indoctrination that were whatever you want to call these network contrast to the slackness didn't have stand up and say it was right they started making excuses for what was going on out there with with the not believing it for one minute not one minute i said before bob in the background was imputing an totanus surprise the the election actually and you got this post it was put out there from a siberian that basically removes all security restrictions enabling at eton and one to manipulate the boat total we've got the indoctrination police telling everybody which is the political parties so much because this is but mourned place and many other things and people just went along go on gelong and our experiences with the churches yesterday kind of crazy it was crazy so we walked in and in a way it was a situation i feel bad for everyone but once again i will not participate in something that i believe propaganda and lie and with that said i am going to bring on veramente mine a very high you doing on and terminating coming on and i know you came on i called the more now is just going to do the pinioning baron because we talked about how to help other people through a bad situation when something comes up how how do you stand and walk away from things which is what we did yesterday and you an early and an i oriole and to the great and how to handle the situation there was no way i don't care what any one said if somebody asks you to do something that's against your belief is things that you stand for you have to take a stand do not go along genta's exactly what everybody in our state capital dead with gretchen wimmer's on constitutional loons her attacks on the people of michigan it was an economic attack had nothing to do with coventry none of the things they did actually work it was fear mongering and i was thinking this morning when i got up honestly i saw yesterday in that fear mantinean only teaching people to be afraid so i'm to go back to what i said in the second church which is the god fearing wonderful church that believes in believes in service to god the holy spirit and salvation by jesus christ which gives you an unwary no courage to go forward we did not sit in our homes cowering we got out there and we were certain people i didn't shut my thing down we had shot anything down an nobody's goin to tell me i mission when in history dead christian sit down we were we are called to jump in the middle of disease fighting for for people not a band barepoles save her once it's getting in the fight for real and actually it proves out what we really have an and god or not whether you're willing to stand for something regardless of the personal consequences that you will endure as a result of those to i felt really sorry for the people that were in structure there because if they had gone against what they saw or even somebody believed in it they would be fit facing an excruciating amount of being very spirit rose up on his right but in it was it was a little concerning so we meant because i rejoined her very join me as i do want to get his perspective as a counselor on what we saw it was it was kind to stir men and in very adventure the day before at all not the day before but had been talking to people before when we git to reason out the okay your back i said not yet i said you had been there to that church before and you had talked to people before and there was no mashonaland or people taking our temperatures or something that i saw that i believe i saw and i thought so there was a post there and it looked like face oregon where there putting their faces up to the camera and i didn't get firm that but i've got a pretty good grasp on technology in a technology company and what was seen there was a little bit disturbing to you know you were there and you talk to people and there was no no mention whatsoever a correct no wanting i think that is really affecting the electorate and the body of people in general is the manipulation of information and i seen him so for example a lot of people i know well was anything other than the there a conventional information to get them he even nilachal the channel every now and then or do a little bit of background tonometer than the with overmastered says to you know that that's the challenge right now it seemed like a reading and jane in some one way that we do the idea at the really encouraged to just be lazy as you know you know just whatever i heard on the radio on the morning comedy so i is it that's it you know whatever i tell you i say i know you know without a but i would have you heard the the the liberal comedian whatever her away and so you know when i come down to it put on a man you just think that an some go away that which is supposed to do and i as we saw yesterday unbelievable yet i just went dark i hear you are does that i can hear you but i was not so as you maiden there are no i talked to i've been there a couple of times you know to make sure everything was with a set up and everything is going to go really smooth i was all glad because the park and give new knew who we were and you know he was all had atoned up and every year and then when we got inside that you know they knew who my point man was everything when we were exerted not before with that man very condon thinks that the same yes are you discomfiting and you like everybody walking up to the door with a mask on and then you got these robots up there a check in the venture very body down a mass of the member they were also take one life that they were all to tatters they add this woman that he had to get past the guard dog there with the taken the temperatures there you know i hate to say it but you know if you're keeping people out of your car they don't wish to wear a mask that sign they have the right to do that but i have the right to walk out too and i do not believe at this point time that we are seen anything other than a fear mongering mated oh well starosta with i started that outside to say it but i don't need to say another just at okeefenokee to people need to understand that is so to gain to wickedness that made that hole as the evil evil that's what that is it's you you you cover up your guide your godly in order to get you not to give in to some spirit of fear which if you know anything about scripture you know the spirit of fear did not come from the lord not where i came from so if you represent this perarie your capitulating and now the retreat that you know when we want them here nor the gay runs over there i guess he was the least i awareness yeoman to east right there i oh i didn't see him at haworth we will wonder where to matters were serious now noisily you know like as you say mitteldorf you lester was no no way for one soever i was a deal where the ambulance we were not wearing an there my going to the screen period and not i i said the whole idea and that's not the first time i've been to a cut in the end i had to leave because they wanted me but on a man and i i was telltale we went to my curators we would the time i was there at the attentive was standing round the circle and hands and now they would another was one delineation which is often you can put him as one you want but it's not no more noisome and do some guy was standing back he didn't want to hold hands and he was standing outside in the so at the man and i my face but i do my part to do an if you ask carthon i don't understand it why are you out in public you know the gun show even with the people of around manually think you got to catch a leaf and you need to be out in a gun so that man that you really do really well in the wind his go to a gun so hagoromo whatever it is the reason that you do my fioretti just insanity and i you know and so to yes you know i like through in a handful of stones through a chain link what the ironbound then you know i hate to say it but i would bring it up you got sixteen also in front six teething are you kidding me this is our you know to have a big group of people who are totally that that the man is to work and we already see joe billing along the beach by so willamette don't know how many vaccinations and boots if thou be co you know i like at what point do you realize that the vaccine doesn't work they love the lion to you about the you know in the whole matter it is is it rational and in saying i am but this is i guess and of the scripture bearing out of a delusion a great delusion and that they would have either would not see and ears that would not hear by day and really i remember some of the tiger saying that after we left and i told some people about it yesterday because you were saying how sad it and how really that really struck a spirit of the sadness of it all because it was because you know what i saw i think i see the same thing as you do that all of these people are doing the vast majority i'm not saying god can come into their lives and change their oogie them a revelation time in the future but as i want to know those people i'm saying no law that that is the road to corruption and introduce you to it amadeo the road to go up in a wide travelled by many they were probably it the dead which is ever made no let that man devoured there was probably twenty times the place has a capacity of a thousand people or better i know that place was you know and to watch them all definitely olive remembered that no member has deformities walking in there with these men on and it was great go down right gray watching you know and not thinking at all of these people are just following along the unformed under informed and in just complaint and it's indication and you know it and i find it utterly a that parents would would actually indoctrinate and help their children have a spirit of fear going forward into the threading them to be controlled when you have a spirit of fear on any level you are nothing more than at the theater under the threat of the next bully the next milly's going to take you out because your spirit a fear when you stand up to a bully or any form of evil that it will but it's going to take people that are going to stand up and i'm to tell you what i'm fairly disgusted with the fact that that we have taught that we have given our children a world that they are afraid of their fraider thing they're afraid to talk in a people their fraid of you know and in some of this is as meriendas we haven't we have not enforced the laws and remove those people who are a threat to the siennese going to have a change that we are going to have to change the way that we deal with people who are true that we're going to have to be able to have the have the intelligence to be able to identify a truth that and interesting with the mask my my first question is where is the money you know we all know that there is payoffs made during cover people to instigate and to carry out mass mandate we know it was happening we know that the schools were being paid in the millions of dollars for a shut down why are you pain it down should be by logical deduction it cost carimata seems like it's to me you know and so anyhow i i am really disgusted so disgusted at with it what i saw there and you know that it was it was kind of a kind of a judas in the way by people believing someone is doing something in their best interests which it may or may not have been because are lost very again one can get him back round here all right well rejoin her again very keep under rejoin that you know so so i mean when when you look at this and when somebody says that there at that they're doing something and your best interest whether it a political party a church a a person in your life they can use that as a way to abuse you and or really masterly messiou know that sort of users do they try to they'll tell you that you reorient but their actions will be utterly opposite of what they're talking about in it you know and it's okay you know you got to set boundaries i get to set around if somebody told me to do something that i didn't believe it i tell to pounce you know it's like no way no way no other way not possible i am not going to capitulate you know it's are our businesses were the we were our businesses were threatened we were threatened in our reality the up which is owned by black rock primarily threatened that they would not be delivering any rail cars to if we weren't a fully vaccinated the so many responses that was shut her down should see the attorneys they were flopping their legs are like wine haughtily with we are not going to be responsible for killing people and i believe that that's what's happening is that they were killing people they weren't desiring us to protect they were using what we thought as a protection two in fact and they were getting paid for it too through the care that they were getting paid hundred thousand dollars bring very back they were a hard lot they were getting paid i was saying that we cannot trust people always say that they're there for absentees their actions will tell us exactly whether they are and for our best interest or where there they are not most people that say that now that her out away from me because we don't have the protection of our strong family unit they've done that on purpose the first step is telling us to denounce things that we don't you know that to get us to capitulate and once you're on that capitulation train i'll capitulate to anything got to take a stand with the things you believe it and not waver of it because the next thing is a goin to be another step down not tapped another such a until you're settin in a box car loaded on your way to the gas she and a gas chamber can look like an like kneeling your arm and never ask on your face or a mass gandourah and isn't it surprising that there's a around that of you the way i mean why did they choose i'd like to know a man bring my friend lodge again right now because he or he's going to come out to morrow because we been talkin about all of this threat and coercion to our candidates if you're over the target you can be taken he you're goin to be taken flat and gassalasca and down he logical you do i mean i'm goin cauheme well i can't thank you for getting in the morning last night we were taxed and back and forth and so is and what we were seen you know and in the throat in the concourse that make people back down when they need to they need to plant their feet they need the live out what they really been trust in god in all situations go forward fearlessly and realize that the outcome of our actions is god's business it's not ours our job is to walk and or to stand and not waver on our faith period and a story that's it the rest anybody that wavers outpoint is is you know sometimes sometimes at some theatre much heat they taken enough one can't stand any more i get that i get that and some of us are just tougher than others just because maybe we've been with through more and were seen you know so i mean getting on i wanted to bring out in room back on tomorrow and we're going to talk about the money exham and that it were talking how many people have gotten payoff though in the back door not just the pat money or dark money but there is direct payment are going on and people telling candidates and that if you do not formation done i'm i'm pulling your funding and i'm an go after you on line like there's no to morrow and we're going to take you out yet definitely definitely personating you for having me on one privilege of god bless you at yeah these politics they are definitely not for the week is a lot of learning going on but a lot of these a lot of these politicians are seasonin how to how to corruption works and how to pick candide that they can hold a shape and now they know how to exclude the candidates that are are threat to them but yeah we've seen it first hand and how it does a lot of people are getting here with good intentions and they lay realized that they and the snakes will be like and you know that they have not even with the tail between the legs you know that tried to get you on the ballot and i've been standing behind you since i so saying you first campaign and last year and it's a lot it's a lot to learn and in excited and to be in here and even even in like this morning i made a post and how it enheartened a present delegate what stand against the party establishment and support on then we could easily stick it on them and make history and so many people jump on and say the same thing like they are conditioned to say the same thing i believe the same thing and likeness last night as plants and his plans out here in the grass room people who just say these little catch phrases and i just read like wildfire across the air the grass the people who don't do their own research such as a saying that about for dinosaurian you know is just sittingbourn to have a bad one anatole who've been in politics for a long time and a still farther ochterlony and his we are an unprecedented time you know we just had a lection stolen from us nothing has changed within the election laws nobody in the republican party stood up for during passed two years and we did put in our faith we just won't put our faith in the system again as the definition of insanity nothing has changed what they want to believe that our we can we can support establishment pick and everything going to be all right you know so that's just restrain along with a lot of candidates experience as well and we seen it blasengame and time again yes and you know and i think as we were talking you know i would legitimist of these aspeaking out about oh you know about for regenerator whither i think they're paid provocateurs most of them that they're out there you know when you get in the patriot groups you know an i take i'll take screen shots i spoke around in there a little bit you know i'm a good little sluaige back in there i'll come in under different names as i want to know if you are talking about they're going to say you you watch people like i'm going to hate i'm going to throw it out here you watch me like truth to who sits out there talking crainte person is a godless power because they the snipe from the shadow they were to have the disc the nation came out and told they are and have actual debate and when somebody says that there on a hundred different channels as a moderator that is a full time job is fact opinion political operatives machinist a lot of boothland they come on and they start these little expresses little rumors and people pick up on them and run with and miss horrible but that's the way the game he was a game to all of them and the olive and livelihood and i again he said it perfectly to game to these you know it's almost like a video game let's see which political people that actually stand for america can they knock out so that they can stay in political power i mean that's exactly what these people are all about and you can see him in almost all of the political art the grassroots groups they all been infiltrated you can see it if you get in there and the gas lifeboats of manipulation another thing i want to mention it you know people some people say we've never heard of don abandonment the brine people who still ask me who is manager and who is christiano a lot of people the average every day worker who don't care about politics or is informed and on goathland who who is up to the present aisopion people around them and in their neighborhoods of who and what is going on and most people don't know and people could no more about on the red ember people were it onto believe what the establishment party wants them to believe a man may they make those stablishment promethean weirother party would never win eligibilities this in that you know you would not good cannon he was right in front and i and i got to say that it's kind of crazy because i'm over thirty million interactions online week so i am pretty sure somebody's heard of me and then i also o i'm so far how to tutonian real numbers it's not even funny and how increasing delegate said that there bodies you know as an individual the voting for me because in the supporting me but they won't come right out and say it because they don't want to they don't want to buck the establishment that the part of but you it's it's amazing how many republican prelates that are like a bone for brandenburg and but their afraid come out and say and but it's a lot of the people that were going for a people that are without this posidon the political chocham and in every one involved whether they've been in politics or not people recognize truth when they see i think that we're appealing to a lot of people who have i can't tell you how many people have never wrote before i'm registering to vote because i'm going to be voting for the first time for you on so i think that you know the people that are in the republican and the democratic chambers that's how they are they're like a special interest club and you know it's like it's like if you don't get outside of your little thought prison that's all you ever going to know i mean we should be talking to every one i hope bernieres come and talk to me you know they actually had some great ideas on his sure so you know you want they want to throw the baby out with the bath water but i'm going to tell you what we need to be listening to every one because nobody you know the republicans are are you know the republican party is nothing more than a propaganda piece of crape at this point in time the underneath it that are trying to take it back i lather they're doing what they should be doing it was a heroic thing that happened over in any i'm so proud of each and every one of them this election cycle though it's too little too late we're going to have to do something brave and get off of it and at the end of the day i think that all the political parties need to go away because you can watch the pressure that is being exerted against the people and every single category in order to go along below the air you know when i first met don the first thing one first thing i asked her about was what do she think was her strongest asset in terms of a public appeal that she said when i get out in front of people and i i can people like me and what i found persons what he actually gets in front of people it is really like a i don't know another word for it other than magical you know and i don't use the word lightly it is a really competent to watch her actually talk to people and tell them the harcourt it was the big compelled just by that and the energy of an we just tell the people the what the thing that my own campaign for state senator turn turned out to be i ask that as i walked up to people to the knock on the door and people had never heard of me and then one of wistaria talkin it actually engaged in conversation prevail i find i do you know for example the whole thing seems like a such appeal battle and i think so for example you benton it to solicit about people say well i never heard okay well here i am you don't and now at this is my story part of the reason that ever of me if he there is a unified effort to unified effort as any god loving features of any candidate no after you wipe out all that the gallows love with you left with the gods people who will be moved by money by you that is the people will be motivated by everything self god tell me i did a good job lord tell me tell me i ferretting lay or can be guided in your word and the true and i'll get my reward my pats on the back from you you know the lot of feature a hardcover someone in the spirit and you know dog in a boat appeal and how many people there i've never seen any grassroots campaign i've never seen it or heard of it when when the dannemarie irving inroad personal appearance talking to people made goehausen and verbose who might be won we went into a diner that we had the avowed a little bit of time we got me loathe did we walk down in the church after they tried to hereditary to corwin face recognition where they have protectors too was only a gone between my eyes and the whole time and as the stupid mass there and it's like i may ambush us with that i'm sorry it was an age they could see on the more that now they were his and there i followed in there and that all of a sudden at the door whom they dropped them they dropped the bomb on us and were like no here we're going to go we're going to go and breakfast and we had some wonderful adrian she's an assent you know honestly at i was thinking well this is the cross we bear what were the part of price we pay as believers you know why did i think plain was dotted work at a lot of the people because i you know you do wave from picture in the incident even occur we were playing plainly highly visible from the way we were i mean listen you know we turnout the three of us and we we were you know us in affluent to the side every one who came in and not three of us stand in near and as there was no controversy about well you know are we going to be allowed to sit in you know one of the guys came over he said what we hope in this desolate gray you know referring to a mass mandate and you know i told him it absolutely is when and i know that people were listening and i even the security guy i think that they really admired walking on in there i think a lot of those people who had said you know what that matter the matsuminatoya knowing a man so helen i hospitalieres earnestly you know though they may careening right then and there though they may have just gone on and there i'm sure he had that planet acetyline don't people they had the courage to stand up and you know that usowa start they wait a minute make i that you know what that's right that i kept really doesn't make it a yukon that was good at work because he died at otaheite situation that was also a revelation of this gentile though i noted that the type situation exist i never seen it with such a sharp contrast from that you and after a atheromatous and of more to my little church which were the half filled probably fifty there and the spirit that over to the whole place and look you might think this is just an exaggeration then to diagonalise true and i did talk in and then the whole room under you know on her why he is in the aisle wellman was like the sorry but this will never noisily yeah i mean it's just a partition really had in and cried here he loved the roumania up to for relatively short time and introduced one and then when diana i hope i see here i got up there then times a very talking with outside talking at one point the patron walked up behind her like like dietitian lady notionate and started habitues though other then i and but but in nettie to what the pantasote you're trying to cut kittened let a buffer and then you can start on a keralio go if they exactly happen a man i got up and i started talking and people really wanted to hear you know i'm like they're all a bunch of the politicians are a bunch of liars cheats and the and that's another no back and down from that i mean we have to continue to call us out and you know an you an i low to cousin this go on for such a long time in michigan and and we know the players that are involved in this and right here over going to a second barry again we got a great lethewards at first very everywhere opposed mary aerial right so your back on again salernitano not indeed in the entire that would be a coronas we had the whole theotime with the toe and it was a blessing but it was a real well the audience love her and i matthiette o still listen to but in payment it was one you there to you see i see you i can see okendokenda or there we do just if you have and another for coming up soon so hoping to see him in here and and i may be he can tell you even better in an i can it was a really really magical and i'm looking for it to more those more tolerance as we go forward in this campaign and getting down the outing front of more more people and and i love you don't know this but yesterday at the gun shows not yesterday but the day before did a video and april had it i don't know if he knows he well no but april had the video how to and you are a violent i mean you were making a really compelling case so we really hope that we get more individuals like it can get out and get his message out because this is real ramonti is real real people who be message saintly was a hot it was but a transatlantic the first time i met lad to oliver and he wasn't he wasn't too sure about me is like well i'm going to come in time to eat i'm going to i'm going to be you know me you know we're just going to do this and try to be objective about this supine start talking and i'm like well the first time i atomically arrested me as a sheriff which was terrenatans over the barn and it was it was such a nice time we had you know and alagon a horse and we talked on and he had a nice interview and such and it was really really wonderful and you know it's like you you tatyana to be and realize how many of us are being brought together god himself that is bringing us together in order to bring the truth forward and i i just i have so much respect for you and i was really trying to get the second journalist a group together in an asatagon body that we both will not mention her name right now but we know sabotage is group in order to really support citizen journalist in the i believe in the whoever is out there i wanted a jump on you know anything that logic puts out there because i i tell you what he's a good man and his ability to bring truth in in an to a new form at or an exposed truth for it is extraordinary i've never seen him waver on anything i've never seen him get off track in anything all i've seen from logic is montebello you'll come back on a get him sure all i seen him logic is absolute unwavering truth and i've got so much respect for you you you you know you truly are you know a very godly man in your into the right reason see how many how many things that you really have walked away from from money and from then you wouldn't compromise and in that something i really appreciate about you and i really would like to see you i wish you could all time i wish full time that you would be able to go for the citizen journalist then once i get it off as her oftener we're going to have to work on this for the and the centralizing this fate news media crap atout there as the only way to get the message out there and hold together a people like you that have good channels that we have done in an amazing amazing amount of work to bring the truth forward so that people you know he can people go listen what they're saying the assent same thing and there there saying the same thing in its it's bringing truth to the forefront and i i really you know as we had you and i were median eaten hobbs and was part of that group and i just think that the amount of truth that that journalist bring forward i mean you know i try to do my part with that in brighton so that people can say hey things aren't may be what they appear don't listen to what your being told lessart asking questions because the truth is out there you know it's like it even got as that you now seek me shall find that doesn't mean sit there and let the you know the news media which only deals in crab you crottat you're willing to swallow and tank at it you know not not not a great deal so like an connor you could see on his insolent that i know that you graciously came on this morning because we were talking about the money flow some of the things that were happening with melissa and some of the other players in the state with the black mailing really black male corinth intimidation is going on yes i said and i wanted definitely touched on that more to my hero come on to but i wanted to say watercolors across the state the country whatever from our ages and what not people are hundreds for the true and i recognized her it titanotheres it enough you know and when they hear it they they know it and they they are they love it and you know one of my first ideas now when by row i was i protest andronichus i let three weeks protest cause you know they was they were to as on the rest and then one of the last at a bound the lantern and killed a fourteen year old toady he got out for three hundred and twenty five dollars to know and in front of the court house and then going off for life two hours and was this sharing it sharing it and love in a heart in asonante just you know i was in tears i was just out there you know he another thing on my heart how sick i was with the same tenacity in the world and going off and people love every bit of it you know i'm not messengers private messages for weeks people massagetan you are but you are on fire you know and why a raccoon everybody in the otanethi you are filled with the spirit you know what i'm saying that i know that people was hungry for the trottoir quite two jobs to go for a time and journalist and a citizen journalism just just spread the gospel is spreading true from my perspective and i do believe i have a unique perspective from what the lord has allowed me to go through and what he's probably through throughout my little thirty seven years the street smart that was a drug king pathros high up is always the smart stood it an i got caught up in the drugs and rose to the top in that then i walked away from you know making a hundred and fifty two hundred thousand dollars a year and that walked away because the holy spirit was calling me out of it i knew the lord had a bigger purpose and uh nobody understood but i knew that the lord had some history for me and you know i have a college degree i got street agree and i i have a biblical inhabited in the bible so that trusting and experience rather a lot of these snake politicians and they hate me then you know that they thought they could control me when i first came on the scene and then they learned quickly that you know i would i was a warrior for god and they they do not like warriors for that and you also a privilege out here represented for god and fight in for you know our country and i blessed to be given more and more and more the like i said when i first met domain she was genuine and as she has had my support by every since i first seen her on the stage and her i seen how this talisman he of the ballet and i see how condition the patriot right for one you know bill bailey oh how you talking to him this morning when he first heard donation her and rallied behind her and was raising awareness and if she got kicked off the ballantyne like we have the support you know and a boat for dominion is a boat for whitney not a sanative though he knows he that not as the best candidate he led to believe that hilderman or conservative and we had the rope for her but he don't do as much bananas we doing to the corruption and what not but you do mind a even good hearted patriots they are our law to believe that we have to go along with this stablishment all the time people need to wake up and stand against the stablishment like we did at the convention at the last convention a showdown the times are changed we not playing you a you know and we utterable in and i i say it's the pillage and to learn and i love to learn so i'm glad the lord got me in here at the young good age a nice ripe young age come berangere is amazing and is what we need to do and as i ran my campaign and it was a small campaign and i knew i wasn't on it the most votes but i knew i was to stand true to my principles and jesus christ name everywhere i went and i was long it up get out and get people a lot of people who never voted rotifer me as well and is just as excited times you know neither no matter what the outcome of this election is on the throne and the true warriors are no rally and rally more and more and a power crisis go manifest in us more more and we don't do what has to get done now it is a last thanks for coming on today logic and let's see this again to morrow and then i want to drill down on some of those actual money issues when we followed the money weaken get to the truth and out of the situation because we can see it how this polished you know it's like we've got the best selections money can buy look at the amount of money that is are in the vases of stone in this elections are bought and paid for from the bottom to the top the inattention even if you don't believe it i even people believe that they that the tabulated they counted the boats correctly all you got to do is look at the amount of money this poured into this and how that money exchange affects in and truly is determines being put in place it's incredible were outside of it and what we're doing as we're going to break the we have to break the system i said that from the minute i get into this that we're going to find a better way to do this and we're going to break this corrupt system we have to do it anybody that jumps off these political parties is going to be looked back on in history as someone who was actually brave part of the second revolution to take the station back who was it making intelligent decisions rather than to go on to give on dislike or are more onbolted up in landing to go along with these ridiculous mandates that were handed down from white and that as they all fitted they all they all fall in linseed not getting orestes as voters right now do we go along it along or do we actually make a decision the state back and actually rely on god i mean god can take our smallest effort and cream from that and i think that's what's happening right now the support that we have outside of the political system is just a twenty personated the statistics but it putout the other day twenty per cent of the population between twenty or twenty and twenty twenty two has jumped off the political parties that is huge that you totopotomoy party or a different part and nine per cent of the population is absolutely justified in disenfranchise where the political parties so you know you've got like you got per cent there that still that either you know are just you know a clueless about it or maybe they're in the pay of these parties so it's hard to say how many people we have out there that are paid for a paid agent if you want to come agents or representatives of the system this system is so big we know that people in school systems i know one person that took a two to continue the mass man ate agoing going on and how many much money were poured into these schools that went a construction project i was cockatrice every church okay we were in highland park and i said what if there was a school in the skin that got a thirty six million dollar covertly packed right what do they do they use thirty two million dollars to do a construction project to build these castles for for our children and there's no no proof that this money were putting in these buildings you know were building castles were not building children were not genuine satterthwaite and take in this this is such a lie and sham it's like i want to know who owns this construction companies and what there are relationships to the people within the school who are at war grannymother and as there's a painter because sure doesn't make any sense any other way what if they take the thirty two million dollars and that in that mystical and put it into an area so like where we were her island park yesterday were driven on the road and all these buildings are empty but their beautiful doings it would take much to reach the tires street like the two to help people put together small businesses and and help fill futures and putting it in the school building with no outcome understood sir and i was much of the money across the state and this is an a one off this happened in all over the state do realize with your mount of money that we blew through during this we could have created we could have helped so many people create not to stray their businesses to create businesses help create foes in community it kept the money in the community by creating joy the whole thing easter aline and you know i loosening that we have discussed about the platform was he with these urban agricultural opportunities to yasser headed through hierosolymitan west side of the state from the mistaken bedawee like a lot of lot of making property but a lot of vacant and a lot of the houses have take it down to the antiques but we kind of got into another subject before i got opportunities but a lot of i happened here with the car down of the of the real structure that can be read to do with uncompanied and be the came in and didn't have to do you know her in the federal money came into dechirant and that was late pacifically for the demolition of a abandoned property what again another scandal a body in it you know one first calopogon the company were not a bissonnette construction on photo be worthy in the city got no hold the bag this arouses our nobunaga and i done was the ildown on that is going to come down to some of these construction bonds than these open builders companies have a bid from these worthless bond holders and then they pay off somebody in the city whoever is whoever domini to reach but a terminating for these bars is being paid off and they did in this disconsolate on the jail that was like a thundered million dollar project they got basically he found desolateness know that the sister of five years and who's runnin off with the money probably the same ones that are making donations to the indoctrination universities you can see what's going on there who are somebody for the republican party be able to make a hundred fifty million dollar donation to the you of them and he is a land owner as well as somebody who has part of the globe is atlantic atlantic counties menstruation higglestonian notation the blighted areas you know easy this is going to be to turn around in the summons to turn it round that actually we we can actually turn the surround fairly quickly and you know with somebody that that has the desire to that is not part of this they couldn't pay me offerin any way shape or form if they met with anything there's nothing that that and i know these people about there like you guys are the same way my happening to stand down to this and so as being somebody who has a pretty strong farming background i mean we've been talking about the imitator quite a while we have to be able to feed our people we've got to cut out these large multinational corporations that can hold our food supply has and we need to be other people while that includes not allowing these these worthless developers to develop every single act of our of our ground and put people into little boxes so that now their dependent on the we need some work or farm land is actually protected and were protecting it in the area so that we can actually utilize it so when i was lucky the ostenburg about this i have to you about logic but honestly if you have a half an acre of garden which you look at montanelli the lad in the cities look at his unattended forty nine ah my hundred forty nine is going to be a boy approximately half an acre so you have two it was just say you have two or three lots that are down a half acre farm will feed nine families chickens and two goats you can feed nine families entirely from that now you look at these areas and side as some of these urban areas so you got for example they took down a big plant grand rapid bout a hundred twenty acres sits there vacation they're going to slam it full of a oi'm sure industrial type stuff in there but what if you started looking at reperusing this for in an specially in the areas that we've been going through in detroit where you re purposes in your able to put out like little store there in the sethian that you can do you could do so much of food production in the city within a city detroit with all abandon and i help you will have their own you know their own son or there teach them how to put up food we need some can or estimate some processes in the state we need to keep the food production within a state of michigan instead of all of our beef is going to going to basically there might be complementary going to chicago for the processing of me when they got a hollow back in the state how it what kind of crazy as that going on you know it well and we can have all of these for enter spoke in turn it into the productivity for the people that are there and read bill the committee community tearing them down is just not the heart and you know we had a lot of discussion on an farming you know sir which is the soil valuation as such how you do this with the best fertilize beseiged by far is horse manor you know it really is its satterlee little black you know little black notes gold is what we call and because foremostly they are it is it is the farthest prior fertilizer in my opinion put in anything you know chicken manure in one farm girl chickens too hot it will burn your crabs unless you put it on at the right time of the year and so on you for out of water on it if you use chicken or but but horseman or is it doesn't smell it breaks down fairly quickly and in a rich as so if you if you started looking at these other ways of doing the not the guy get my head for he abandoned in all aerially put down another commercial fertilizer he's going with turkey meotis year but put it out at the right time of the year you can't just put it on right before you're going to be doing any harveston to break down and get into the soil right can't put it on to earlier the nitrogen it's really you and talk about science we'll talk about farming science and farming science is by our own people is what needs to happen because we won't poison yourself national corporation sure how well but we won't and then we can create jobs that way i mean there's so many things that we can do truly make this state absolutely glowing with opportunity with a better community where no one is left behind you know and and the sadness and the division of people which just to stop all of this nonsense we are human beings and we need to come together as human beings caring for each other you know and it is like i intimated subienkow trying to shut the hollymount on my mouth you with it other people yeah and we we all keep fighting for our you know bodletonbrae broadened the passion of many shelidah the pasargadae fulsomely now he livingness and on the road to destruction and the enemy tamaseseites the people who want a parodist and they try to get the boats you know you can all you need is a good commercial to her getanittowit all the money and power torches gomerils and make everything bitter likenesses for really hold the line and we got to start taking care of each other and exposing what truly going on if a challenge that we get the strap engrand guidance from god too to overcome and to fight i excite in time for sure but not being to hadria just batiouchka you just said i actually quote me when i introduced ontray headboard to destruction being wide travel by many i said the same exactly when i have to do soerakarta o great and grace not cantos it was a huge probably twenty times more people there that were at my church so any way of and that as you say in the entire community needs to take people like yourself myself one right now is the sinner what is going on silently and you know in her campaign here one of the things where coordinating is i have a group of people a close circle people i can count on i do unpacified i'm sure that you have a following similar and we all have other people in our circle who have the dean set out a message to and this is the denial of a vast roots this is this is one thing and we are really really focused on in this campaign is getting our message out to our room our group is sending it out to their group so much appreciation for you like because the very first time i heard of you ever to day is monday that was saved at the guns show and i knew that you were immediately not knew who you were personally but i know that your word ospirin was i knew what your message and i you so i want to call it by a perfect but it is close to that as we can get to which we come firstly my goal will be here in the very near future to coordinate with you and some of your son your followers and we're going to get down a message or we go get the lord's message out as talented and without this lady an office god doesn't do it whatever guy less to do we go to do it and in few people really get it the way to do it listen to what you say may believe lady not quick to give complemental that you know i'm really a kinetic you know not a donation about that some but the two timanyoni when the spirit comes out it's hard to deny it i saw a video i see it now i already understand why we why winitarees of us a talkin right now i'm told me gettin you appreciate you know the good in me is the guinea you know is a blessing you know it's all got menander him who are changes us transformed us in and he he makes up in renews our mind creates eustace riparian you know it is because of him immoderate it and i let you about brother and sisters and trewhella to meet you weatherbeaten also much more stuff over and learn from me from both are you know i am the young butler i got a lot to learn and i love to learn and i excited you know well i really preciate you both coming on here to day i'm going to let you know what this is a great place to stop the broadcast to day i had all things that i was going to bring forward but she now what we'll do that tomorrow will will do that to morrow and i think that's a good because i mean there's there's so much good when you just are surrounded by the family of god praying for each other who care for each other who will step in and you know do the heavy lifting and it means to be done and carry us when we fall you know and give you grace give grace to each other when you know somebody's heart do good you are there when there are succeeding as well as when their failing in saying come on you can either do better or come on a pick you up when you need somebody to stand there with you that's the way we're supposed to read we are supposed to treat every one the way that we would want to be treated well what's that well you know we want a nunatalmute criminal element who has turned her back on god i'm talking about people who are our god's children there's a difference there the definitely otherwhere in dividing time right now god's deathly dividing people up in her there allegiance to you either going to follow god or you are lost and those people who are patisserie i suggest they start repenting immediately the destruction of children and the i've been really considering throwing some of the stuff out there you know the pan i stuff and though it happens to very small children because the oregon a need to come to terms things that we may not believe actually happen in their happening to very small children these lilavati children i mean god so at melton i'm kind of there with him you know i really i really appreciate what donald trump said when he said that drugstore drug dealers leaning they need to be put to death because they are killing on american people some of these big drug dealers they are murderers their murdering people i had a friend of the semiskilled with one what are going to do just excuse is lingo on to kill someone else i don't think so i think i think there needs to be soonest for a and we can't continue on in a bleeding bleeding for these people they know and their doing wrong they have a chance to turn around redintegratio of them to turn their hearts to god and move away from these evil evil activity but when you have somebody who is victimizing children at two years old three months old and you cannot allow this sort of thing to go on they are not likely to repent their not likely to be rehabilitated when somebody can victimize child a three months old and in it is time that you know well that god deal with him we can arrange the meeting leonora's going to happen to them from there i will go and seek said that want that girl that was fourteen years old and was as a rat after that for three dollars the lot of guy what is wrong with our society who does not stand up with with no back down and tuteloes it's because we had gotten with us langannerie so let's have a lady prefatory he ran my mysterious we were all praying people say your turn up money the only father we come together to day we thank you for this this picardian you for what you do and our heart and across the arm starcross the world we know we are up against the king of darkness and we know many people are unaware by you have made many of your children aware lord don't need you we need your guidance and your grace and your strict to endure and to continue to fight and and to wake well brothers and sisters in christ for we need your grace to show people how to fight we need you in our lives or we lift you up we give you honor praisingly lord we know so many christians so many believers who are completely oblivious and unaware of it a lot of the evil traits or we know so many brothers and sisters and criteria importance or of the consecution i may be fully aware of the scripture be unaware of the ear the constitution and how it was built of biblical principles and that how we are supposed for our liberties and freedom for weeks we just thank you for awakening us and trusting us on using us nor an arm we pray for those who are brindavoine and who are weak and illnatured through a different types of things or pray that the light your light shines brighter and now we pray it as children of christ weaken on out of friand lift up and support each other or we predecessor and help us to stay focused on you lord and being more christlike we we just love you so much and thank you for being everything that we could possibly need a more lord and lord we know that the enemy is to divide us especially when we start to day on meteorologic other beretanee we are above the division and we want to stay above the division at through you we can or we need you we love you and we just thank you so much for having in these panes times we live in through we know why we are here and are or are we just give the glory to another we live thank you so much thank you for everything you've been doing and use criminal trial yet so much litigiously so much such a good man and i am so proud i'm really proud to stand with both of you and truly your guests from god so as we antispasmodics i want to make sure that we tell everybody out there you are not alone the beretani other so many of us fighting for this nation and fighting for the things that are important to you we are all of the carrier and i thought you in a prayers we are concerned with the same things that you are concerned with and we will never never never that down by the strength of god we will never be down so at any rate we love you we love everyone that you love we are concerned about them so we're going to end this godless you god blessed all those whom you love and god bless america thank you tomorrow