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Published July 20, 2022, 8:29 a.m.

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good morning this is donna brandenburg and i having a lot of fun experimenting with this welcome to be an brandenburg news not work i'm going to try to do a life stream in the morning and see if i can get this working so that we can share actual news not not not the fake news is out there but what's really going on so to day at twelve o'clock i have a special guest stephanie lambert coming on and others he camarilla i have a staffelaer coming up and she's going to discuss a lawsuit which is his great aim in the state of michigan this is going to be very very significant she has a whistle blower who has proven a eleven a plus eleven percent error margin or error in one of the counties in when you extrapolate that data out if it comes to a lot of a lot of of votes that were tampered with approximately a hundred and fifty thousand of them for the state of michigan so right now i'm doing a test i'm trying to figure out exactly how this works how we're going to do this best and and such so i've got the comment section up go ahead and and postomani donald from travers city nice to see you where we're going to continue we're going to continue to do this for a few more minutes and and i'm feeling pretty comfortable with the so i'm in a run to earn to one of my areas that i do research in and start talking with coming up on line because we truly have a lot to talk about there be besides this lawsuit i think every day were coming out with more and more information and you have to say that my opinion on this whole thing is that nobody really wanted to solve this election problem from right from the beginning if they did they would have taken the different tack then going to fraud right away they should have really gone after it for failure because fraud as if to prove fraud is a very difficult thing to do and that a legal term we got into the weeds on that when they tried to when they kicked all of the republican the fabric and candidates of the ballot and allotted with no proof not no calling witnesses for anything and the whole process was basically left up to for people to decide who is going to be on their bellowell the same thing with the twenty twenty election when they started talking fraud right away it was a red flag for me you have to prove you have to prove for that in fact is a is a u fifty your fight that's not it that's not a quick fix but what i can say is i believe that there is some value to it because they were proving or exposing the amount and the types of of problems we have with our elections are lexington been honest for a very long time we just know it now so that's valuable and dolcino state constitution call it maladministration that that is true it they had a violation of constitutional rights due process if you read i posted them i posted the actual lawsuits including the affidavits that were filed and when you when you read on you you can see the errors that were out there so i think we're going to continue on with his whole lawsuit this whole of soda as we march forward in november so they the kind of dead myself a favour but they all so kind of screwed up the their own path because i hadn't made up my mind to to dump the jumpoff for to tell the republican the republican leadership to shave because they never they never stop for donald trump in twenty twenty they didn't stand up for any of us candidates in the last go of a ringing the election so decided to jump off and go with the us tax payers party and that's exactly what i did i was asked to run on the s desperate for i really got going with the republican party it was a natural progression for me my my goal was to get to become the governor of michigan for no other reason that i want my state these the struction of everything that's going on is heart breaking for all of us and i really just wanted my state back i wanted to see it restored is a constitutional republic and in that with a values that we all really love opportunity freedom for all under the constitution fought the founding fathers sat up as the way that the united states should run so no danger of mister maladministration is enough to reform alter or abolish government you are absolutely right and in there is a statement in in the constitution that talks about when a government becomes we have a government that we have agreed agreed to were agreeing to their governance and when a government becomes corrupt we have not only the right but the duty to change the guards change the old guard out and replace it with with the government that that represents we the people of the people for the people and by the people it's not constitution but is a great way to see ah done article one section one says we the people have all the political power that is absolutely correct so that that's what we're going to do that's what i set out to do it wasn't the allegiance to a political party i really hadn't been involved in anything politically i just didn't even know anybody in the republican party because i really believe that case and thieves and i wasn't too far off from right going over to the us tax beer party which is the constitution party absolutely a a a a good good direction to go i think that i think that we're learning how to beat the corrupt politicians at their own game were finding better strategies to take this nation back and put under the people and that's exactly what we're doing so i encourage every one to go into the us to expire party of michigan to join and show your support there is a bunch of very wonderful patriot there who have been working for a very long time to reestablish a a an honest and rightful government which is simplified redoubt simpler times where where we get rid of all of this nonsense is regulation met a decentralized we need to bring it back to a local local control in not only the schools but they created various for entry really and really really bad we the people are learning a were learning obligated to cutover ent yester exactly right constitutional notices and affidavits are the procedure for correcting government correct and and i think that there's going to be a lot that we're going to talk about in the direction in order to restore more of a common law process the way that works right now as judicial system is absolutely broken were were doing litigation from the prose the prosecutors are decided what which which cases are being brought forward so it is very much outside of the hands of we the people right now which is a so i'm going to go into read through a few things here and we're going to see what happen on the news and bringing it forward and then i'm going to cut out for a little while and get back on at noon with stuffy lambert she is the attorney who was bringing forward the law suit and it is by the whistle blower is by benjamin are cotton an delileo of so we're going to go we're going to go over this and let her speak at length about thus i think it's going to be very valuable so donald trump put out a tree yesterday his congratulations a danaan b c fake news just called the race but in the case of reporting on that face for so we see a few people that are actually ran forward some some information down trump says the story is a mustered for all those that pretend there was no fraud in the twenty twenty presidential election remember the rights are almost as bad as the democrats themselves and in some ways worse and having gone through this process with the corrupt republican party on wiser had made a donation to bidden which tells me is in fact a unitary i don't care what any one says it doesn't come from the people i realized that a most republicans are out there are on and working with republican party because they believe that the system right thing to do and this has been the only option for a long time you steers party gives us a true choice with a true conservative candidate myself and i go back to the fact have gotten dined on this and i really don't care i believe that i am the only true conservative candidate out there and one that is not going to back down no matter how hard they punched me i'm going to keep coming back and just gives me racket feel something do something to go back to go back and show their complicity criminality and truly stupid to hit him with so so anyhow lactose you to thank you so much for dominantly stream i'm going to keep talking to the people in the comic section here and of so here's something from the conservative tree house here comes joe biden sat declare national climate emergency as soon as to morrow skippy that's going to be great the whole climate the whole climate hopes is nonsense and we can go over that at length far as the wind energy and alice i as far as wind energy though wind energy fraud the climate change for on the whole thing is a fraud then we can't even go back and talk about how they have termed out they have turned and created a term for a petroleum products which is ossified new flash in it is not it is not a fossil fuel in a yet is it that was determined in a in a meeting with the rockefellers and they decided to to a label petroleum products as a fossil fuel because that satisfait a a mind set of scarcity operator out if we're going to run on a gas with an roil that it is not in fact true that is one lies that has to be uncovered its serene resource and we will never run out of it they they find they find that being made by by bacteria on the ocean floor while as it's all over the place so don't do reburning out don't don't let them inside fears how he kind o have got all way along we do faith in an action knowledge about what's going on without fear the vitamins tertio is considering the depth caracoline change emergency in response to critical congressional inaction on the issue clear when an if such annunciata's unclear though the white house has been considering a move as early as wednesday two sources familiar with this discussion on these morning told the hill that the announcement could come wednesday morning the same day that bid is expected to discuss climate during a trip to massachusetts there are also told the hill that climb in emergency was under white house consideration like a sound like the same thing they did with we covet are going to create a threat were going to create an emergency and then we're going to provide the lock down again and manipulate the prices that's exactly what they've been doing with with gas and oil were going to manipulate the priceless seethe one here that's popped interesting engineering in flippant was coined a big oil to blame you for climate in doing between saving face and saving the world the appeal of doing both of his pen to tempting to rest oil companies would love nothing more than for you to dedicate the rest of your life to carrying the weight of reversing climate chain through a guilty checklist of climate conscious living but it turns out that the concept of tracking your carbon footprint at tredway of measuring your personal impact on the environment is a market in term coined by an advertising firm and deep peace payroll of course if we create a an emergency we can eject the price and blaming yourself retrace blaming yourself in your life solicitate change as an artifact of big oil advertising campaigns designed to perception away from the primary role that fossil fuel firms pay play an ecological calamity according to a recent up at in the guardian by renowned author rebecca sat this is this has been a large problem for for for ever since we've been using fossil fuels they remember their their job is to keep us running running round and being afraid to be afraid of the and the use that fear in order to manipulate things do you remember when the co brother line the colonial pipeline was shut down or the product was still was still going through the pipe all the time but they had their billing soft were at the product never stopped flowing but they are able to put fear there in the people and saying that it was half the only thing that was accesserunt and they were able to manipulate the price for up of a significant and really should designated as a criminal act and a fraud upon the public in my twelve go back your little for a while there are yesterday i i touched upon the license plate reading and what they were doing for surveillance under the bridges and two surveillances we move around this is this is surveillance without just in probable cause and i brought up the fact in my telegram channel i i fact right every word on my telegram channel in a here a telegram so if you're talking to me on my telegram chinaware and bird number four am i you are in fact taking to me yes as he a good article on automated license plate reap are you a license for readers alps or high speed computer controlled camera systems that are typically mounted on street poles streetlights highway overpasses mobile trailers or a dance to police clodpate or medically capture all winelike numbers come into view along with the location date time data which includes photographs of the vehicle and sometimes its driver and pass in an up loaded to a central sir then pursued the information collected conversely police to find out where plate has been in the past to determine whether vehicle was at the scene of a crime to identify traveled panes and even to discover vehicle though her like their information with thousands of other ages that sounds coordinated mass surveillance and they are doing the same thing they did nine where they instigated or the he put in play patriot at the there's no there's no way that they could had the patent written within three days which is when it came out after nine eleven this thing was sitting in the hugest waiting for a crisis i turned to believe that it was a created crisis i love most of them are tobias for so what they're doing is they are using venders a third party to the collect information on the public that saw the get around spidireen an a tap into their information now they did this with with another situation which is called by his where they use other countries this is this is how our government works they find work around to get their spy in on and as an so fine eyes was a program that was put in place in order to use other governments in america wrong and butt the legally got around it they didn't ethically get around it but they legally found a loophole in order to spy out americans without a warrant their using outside outside entities that they contain so i would i would say that there there are some for out there in selecting her open it open licensor seen at is one of them through this a little bit here as technical your car track the rapid rise of license plate readers a small but wealthy town is north of gold gate bridge has an unusual distinction it's one of the first towns in the country to mount automated licensed play readers piers as its dictionary only two roads going in and out of the town dilatory commending i i don't think it's it's it's not it's not a bad idea to have some to have some surveillance but i guess we should be talking about it guess i'm not really a fan of it it is in fact relying on the honesty of the people gathering gathering the information so i'm not a fan about really and certainly not a fan of using third party to sneak around the law get round to arkright to privacy which is exactly what they're doing they're getting away they're getting around a constitutional right by using third parties and seeing as and i'm not entirely lord automated number plate recognition and recognition and there's other names for it altogether recognition on images to re vehicle registration plain plates to create vehicle occasioned to the building of file on every single cars in these parties concerts television road rule and force me cameras and cameras specifically designed for the tap it includes checking the vehicles registration and whether their license electronic collection pay for use roads so we know that they're doing now privacy issues have cost concerned about an pisachas government tracking citizens movement of his identification error higher rates and increased government spending critics have described it as a form of masurenland that's exactly what it is it's master vallance and we can see how much set up with head by the concerning to all of us that making january very concerning and how easy it is to set people up when you know where they are and you can but to change the information into what you wanted to automatic license flat readers like legal status in policemen for law for the proliferation of all pathology raise serious civil rights and civil liberties courts law makers and technology venders must take a merican drive according to one survey eighty three per cent of us adults drive a car at least several times a week and jurisdictions would limited or no public transportation driving may even rival cellphone use is modern cars connect people with work love school prayer and protest they also leave a day a trail historically it would have been virtually impossible for law enforcement to routinely survey all drivers however with the growing use of adminicles flat readers alps police can now receive alert about cars movement in real time in review past me movements at a touch of a button a porter valuable and police investigations and for non law enforcement such as helping government agencies to reduce traffic in curb environmental pollution a great thereof course they're going to throw the suit with a climate can surveillance climate change and probably tight and with it scores the chinese communist but legal and political developments of failed to adequately address the risk pose by this highly invasive technology recent events crystalize on going concerns with black lives mangostans taking place across the united states in the wake of the lointaines laforce men agencies large small deploying their extensive surveillance are small to montepoole in a way this is using the technology that was meant to take a town for or against the bad actors i think we need to put a put a lid on a bunch of the stuff if we if we or enforce the law we wouldn't be problems as we blue tooth and vehicle track now there are atlantis beetroot pedestrian in bible tracking is going on in one that holding on to a blue tooth enable device they are carrying they are able to bear using the single that will honestly that talk that's how we found the the tracking pinnell phones for the fraud that was committed in the twenty twenty election the video pretty interest and i'm getting all kinds of articles coming in that i could post on the to have a discussion on how we the people want this to proceed i think this is a valuable discussion we need to look at in fact all all sides of this because there the outsides are also are also he has had the to anyhow what else did you guess like to talk about to day think i'm going to jump off for a while and i will jump back on at twelve o'clock and see how we can do you suffer she's bringing forward to an what's happening with the lawsuit we have i believe a proximately fifteen attorneys that we will be bringing out having to do with elections election integrity on and that bradbourne not work in the next few few weeks and continuing to bring on guessers in order to to have red rail reporting from the people who are working in the censers the lot of people that are working in many directions to restore the state of michigan so i just want to say thank you for doing me this morning will repose this and well we'll be reposed in us and i'll be out at noon with stephanie lambert have a really great morning god bless you and i realize that god's gap this weep were working together to restore michigan or not taking down there we are going to return the state to the people and that is entirely what i intend to do with proper a form is not followed the result is nullified on its absolutely great comment thank you so much and we will see you at noon