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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 3/26/2024 Removing Electronic Machines & Real History

Published March 26, 2024, 9 a.m.

9am Lawful Defense with John Tater. We are going in a new direction or creating documents to use in removing electronic machines at a local level and putting together a network of people who are willing to go to their local governments to instruct them on how we want our elections to be run, using the law. We studying the law, lawful process and the Constitution. Know the law and use the law - using the law to defend yourself. All things Constitution and Lawful Process. Tatar Tuesday with John Tatar Real History with Courtenay Turner - A weekly discussion on real history and the connections that were never taught in school. Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, paved the way for the world in which she is currently immersed. Many today know her as the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast” where she boldly seeks truth, diving into a myriad of deep topics surrounding issues of health, fitness, medicine, philosophy, psychology, politics, geopolitics & sociocultural zeitgeist. However, she was born with a rare set of circumstances that has greatly impacted her perspective on life. “All human beings are designed to move and the ways in which we do are our unique creative expressions.” X/Twitter: Rumble:

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Good morning and welcome to Brandenburg News Network. I am Donna Brandenburg and it's the 26th day of March, 2024 in this very bleak, rainy, cold state of Michigan right now. And I wanna invite my guest on, my esteemed guest, John Tater for Tater Tuesday and removing the electronic voting machines. So I think we're doing a process here to help people know what's going on. I had David Clements, the professor on last week, and he was showing how he does a mock scenario with getting people ready to, in fact, face off with their public functionaries at a local level. And I think that we might be doing something similar to this as we put this together. And I have a group that is forming in this area, and hopefully that we can move this across the state. So how are you this morning in this very bleak, rainy state? I am very good. A little on the cold side, but good. The rain last night was just incredible in the wind here, but we're on opposite sides of the state. I don't know if you got it, but, man, we got the brunt of it coming off of the lake here. It's crazy. It was beautiful during the day. I was out on the deck, actually, in a T-shirt. Oh, man. That was really nice. Well, I don't know if you saw the hundreds of acres of solar panels down in Texas that just got wrecked by hail. And they're proposing them all over the state of Michigan. And I'm like, are you out of your freaking mind? You know how little, and I mean, little son we get in the state of Michigan because of all the lake effect, especially on this side. And they're looking at putting it in, in Muskegon. That, that is, that is absolutely ridiculous. You know, it's like trying to sell a fish water, you know, it's like this green new deal, right? Well, my question is, is who's going to pay for it when it gets wrecked? What's the plan here? Because it's going to get wrecked. And why would you put solar panels in a state that gets so little? I mean, we're the second darkest state in the nation. So why would you why? Why would this sound like a good idea? And then with the extreme weather we have here, who's going to pay for it? When it gets ruined, are we going to have them put some sort of a bond up or do something like this? Because this is not really owned by the state. This is one of those nonsense private-public partnerships or public-private partnerships that they keep talking about. And Tudor Dixon, whose family is a globalist family, is up in that area and tied into the DeVosses. I want to know what the heck's going on up there. Who's funding this and pushing this? Give them another little place to money launder in the state. But lots of questions. Yep, lots of questions. The Nazis are out at it in full force. yeah it's crazy so you got a song for us today I do this one's I was hoping to save for another period of time when we were talking about taxes but anyway well we can go there too but might have to replay it again are we ready yes we're ready we're always ready Every job you take, every buck you make, every firm you earn on your tax return, they'll be taxing you every single day when you get your pay. IRS is there to take away their share. They'll be taxing you. Oh, can't you see? You really can't be free. As long as you're afraid. Every time you trade. Every word you say. and put you away no matter how you curse they'll be in your first they'll be taxing you since you know all you learn is ours to taste and you know we will scare you until you shake we look around Every job you tell me Every thought you make Every fern you earn On your tax return They'll be taxing you Oh can't you see You really can't be free As long as you're afraid Every time you trade Every word you say can put you away. No matter how you curse, they'll be in your purse. They'll be taxing you. No matter how you curse, they'll be in your purse. They'll be taxing you. They'll be taxing you. They'll be taxing you They'll be taxing you They'll be taxing you They'll be taxing you What a way to start the day off with Sting music. There you go. Too fun. I don't know if that was Sting or when he was in the police or if it was when Sting went solo. I think it's the police. That's the police. Yeah. So too fun. That fit perfect for this song. Yeah, that's fun. Yeah, you know, it's like they've got, if you looked into this Ask My Tax and on all the Republican chats, this thing has been out there. Oh, we've got to look into Ask My Tax. And I'm like, this is nonsense. They're not going back to the problem. And the person pushing it's got about three pages of political donations after she said she was never really involved. And didn't even have the language right when she came to the, I think you were there when she came to the taxpayers party. And it was like, I sat there and I'm like, this is absolutely nonsense. And it doesn't solve the problem. All it does is it just tries to put lipstick on a pig. And, uh, shuffle the money around, but you still got an illegal, unlawful tax structure there and it doesn't fix it. It only covers it up and gives people something to do to make them feel like they're doing something, give them a distraction, keep them busy. Well, she came to our group too and she started talking about the group and I gave her the what to do and she totally ignored me. Yeah, they're not interested in fixing a problem. No, not at all. No, and when she showed up, I don't even think she had it filed correctly. We found some incorrect filings, which almost she would have to, I believe, refile the whole thing again. And she didn't even have the verbiage approved because she got it turned down once. And I don't think she went back to get it approved by the – the board of canvassers or anything. I don't know. But I feel like this is an awful big waste of time keeping people busy instead of going after things, which leads me to the call I told you I had last night, which I thought was absurd because somebody decided to try to put words in my mouth about, you know, you're talking overthrowing the government. And I said, I didn't say that. I'm like, there's no part of me that's ever said that. I'm talking about follow the law. All we got to do is follow the law. It's like they have overthrown the government. We already been overthrown. We're in a coup d'etat right now. We're in a coup d'etat right now. That we are. And so it's not overthrowing them. It's honestly holding them accountable for breaking the law. They broke the law. That's right. Reinstating our government is what we want to do. Yeah, they're imitating our government. It's exactly what they're doing. They're not government. They're imitating it. Did you see how mad Putin is right now? No, I didn't. Oh, yeah. Putin's all kinds of mad and is... is basically accusing the United States of all kinds of crimes, which I can't say he's wrong. He's not wrong. He's our enemy, not the Americans' enemy. He's the coup d'etat's enemy. Yeah, the Global Crime Syndicate, which is parading as our government, that's the enemy right there. And they're in the seats. They are literally sitting in the seats because they were the ones that placed themselves through these ridiculous political parties. That that and I mean, there's some good people that are trying to do good things. But the whole system, the problem is, is when you have a system that is just rife with failure from top to bottom, our elections, there wasn't one thing they did right. When I look at this thing, if you were looking at this thing as a company process, I don't know about you, but I haven't seen one process that was accomplished lawfully. the whole thing top to bottom is a failure it's it's it's racked with fraud malfeasance maladministration the whole thing and anyone who touched it with so much as a little finger is involved in this that's right when if they're innocent then they better start start singing like a canary on what's going on instead of trying to hide the criminality or the crimes that were committed by the people around him, be it that they were, say, like threatened or whatever, you know, somebody threatens you, you should be in their face. But just so everybody knows, I got a feeling that this is going to go out there and somebody is going to say Brandenburg's talking about overthrowing the government. I'm going to tell you that's going to stem from the phone call I had last night because the words were repeated. And I'm like, I'm like, whose side are you on? I'm like, I'm on the side of truth and law. Who is this guy? This doesn't mean I'm not going to say his name. I'm going to give him a chance to redeem himself. Yeah, you got to say his name. We got to make these criminals public. Well, it was somebody that I haven't decided yet if he's just a little bit on the uninformed side because he didn't know the Constitution or the law, neither one of them. So I haven't made up my mind yet if he's somebody that's in there. But it sure as hell seemed like a setup to me because when you start having people try to put words in your mouth right then and there, boom, you can assume. With all the amount of fedsurrection and feds setting people up, you better make a real quick judgment that this situation could turn to crap real freaking fast. And that's what I saw. And I don't get it. It's like they're going after the crimes of Christina Caramo. Fine, go after them. But now how about the crimes on the other side? of signing the Patriot Act two times and people voting Hoekstra in, I'm done with this. It's like I'm totally done with this. It's like the only words I want to hear out of Hoekstra's mouth is I committed acts that could lead to a conviction of treason. We made a mistake. Acts of usurpation. What's that? Acts of usurpation. There you go. And this is what I'm willing to do to write this. I'm going to go ahead and blow this up like there's no tomorrow. I'm not going to stand with this, and I'm going to try to write this so that Americans aren't being spied on under the guise of safety and security. That's what I always say. Oh, we care about your safety and security as they launch a bioweapon on our own people, blow up our own twin towers on 9-11 and then give us the clot shot to finish off more of us as well as remdesivir and the rest of it. I'm pretty extra sure they don't give a damn about any of us. They're illegally taxing us. They've taken away our vote. They've got an all-out war on the American people, on our children, child trafficking. This is completely and totally organized crime parading as our government. Usurped every single right that we have and have no interest whatsoever on fixing it. I'm saying the whole bunch of these people are going to have to be prosecuted because they knew it, they had foreknowledge, and they did it with foreknowledge. So there you go. So until – I'll say his name. Somebody says say his name. It's Scott McMahon. I think that's how you say his last name. And I'm, like, really concerned. You don't effing put words in my mouth. And it's like I'm still pissed about it because it's like I'll have a discussion with anybody. But don't try to set me up and say I said something when I hadn't. It was his words. It wasn't my words. And I guess I want to make sure that this is out there for everyone to know, because somebody wants to try to co-opt this and say, well, Brandenburg said this or that. I had a witness sitting in the room listening to this conversation. and I was just like moving around the house so there was somebody else here that was just sitting there going who the hell is this and I'm like I'm like I don't know but he bit a little bit more off than he can chew with me because I'm not putting up with this and I told him too I'm like you know he was trying to figure out who I was representing who I was aligned with and I'm like I'm not lying with anybody right now because all I'm seeing are crooks and criminals out there there's a lot of good people in the parties I'll give you that But the parties are functioning like cults right now. And the entire structure of this, if you were going to go into a company and see this kind of nonsense going on, somebody would go in there and say, we're removing all the software. We're removing all the policies and procedures. We are going to put this thing back on its feet instead of trying to gimp it along and salvage everything. the familiar, what people are familiar with instead of doing some change. Because that's the only thing that they got. It's like, well, this is the way it's always been done. We're going to try to salvage it. Well, why do you think we got in the position we're in right now? Because everybody wants to go, well, this is the way it's always been done. You know, we've got to go through these. No, we don't. They're all illegal. So why are we even talking about this? You know, I don't get it. I just don't get it. It seems like The people that are in that position, they just want things to continue on the way it is, wallowing in the pig slop that's going on out there, rather than changing things at a fundamental level, which is changing it, restoring it back to the Constitutional Republic. getting rid of all the traitors and prosecuting them for their violations of oaths of office and self-enrichment and theft and coercion and money laundering and criminal conspiracy. All of this has gone up in every level of our government. And until we decide to pull on our big girl and big boy panties and fix this at that rudimentary fundamental core level, it's going to keep going on exactly the way it is. So there you go. There's my little rant right there. Rant for the day. But I want to make it very clear that in order to eliminate the corruption and all of the garbage that's going on, we've got to have transparency. And transparency means identifying those people who are stating and making comments such as Scott did with you. Because if we don't bring these people out into the light, we don't know who the traders are to begin with, whether he is a trader or not. He needs to be brought out to the public and the public needs to decide what he is and who he is. Well, at the point I was really kind of done was that when, when he's like, I'm like, we got to get rid of these machines. I said, they're, they're really bad. He goes, well, the legislature can run the elections any way they want. And I'm like, No, they can't. And so when that statement came out, I was like, you're either you don't know the law. You don't know the Constitution. You do not know what you're talking about here. They don't get to just run the elections any way they want at their discretion. That is not the way this is done. So we're seeing that in listening to this, you know, this. craziness, I'm like, I'm sorry, I'm out. I'm out. And I will not be set up. If somebody calls me to say something that's so impertinent and that I am a professional ass chewer. I don't know anybody that can get the job done better than me. I should have been in the military because that's just the way I am, right? If somebody comes to try to set me up on something like this, you better have your ducks in a row because you're probably going to get a professional ass chewing out of Donna Brandenburg because I'm not putting up with this. So anyhow, there you go. Feds, I don't care who they are. We can make some assumptions. I don't care who they are either. Don't care. But he's obviously a distraction. i would say that that's probably whatever cult or alphabet agency he comes from or whatever uh who's ever paying his paying the freight on this guy he's a distraction from the republic and that's what we have to remember we want to go back to the republic we want to get away from all of the distractions that are out there and there are so many of You know, and if somebody's trying and they don't know what's going on, I get it. I get it. I'll be soft paw to that person. I won't, you know, to that person. But when somebody tries to put words in your mouth, assume that it's a setup. You don't communicate with people that way and say, so is it, this is what you're saying type of attitude, or you're talking overthrowing the government. No, it wasn't. And it was a lost me right there. Let's stop moving these machines. You missed the most important question. What government? Yes, certainly not the foreign actors that are colluding with foreign entities that are parading as public functionaries, only they're usurpers. So there you go. Anyhow. Do you want to go? I'll give you a little story. I wasn't going to do it. I will give you a little story. They're everywhere, too. They're like cockroaches. And after a while, you're sick of them. And it's like next one that comes, it's time to squash them. You know, last week we were at our meeting at Nicholas and we were speaking about doing our little pushback, something that wouldn't be too common. too traumatic, but yet be effective. So somebody came up, one of the people in the group came up with an idea that we shall stop going through the magnometers at the, at the judicial, at the courthouses, you know, stop going, stop going through all of that. And then we, as we walk in, we would swear that we didn't have any guns or knives on us. But we're not going through their electronic machines and we're not going to get their temperature raised and all of that kind of stuff. And I had to go into court and that was part of our discussion. I had to go into court and file a document. Uh, this was Thursday or Friday. I was going to go into court. So I said, okay. Um, and I, and I was not going to do this thing about the, about the going through the magnometer and all that stuff. So here I am, I walk into the courtroom, walk into the vestibule of the court and the police officer behind the desk says, do you have any guns or knives on you? And I said, no, I do not. And he said, okay. go on on through. And I pulled out my money clip because it has a metal thing. He says, put that back in your pocket and just walk on through. Like, how did he know? And there's another guy at the other side of that gate. And he's standing in a karate stance. And he says, you guys, they're saying to me, you look like you're a pretty dangerous character. And he let me walk through. I didn't walk through the maze and all of that stuff. He didn't tell me to empty my pockets. I didn't do anything. How did he know? Well, I got to tell you- Why didn't you let me do that? Well, there's so many questions. It's like I went to- The first part in our group? There was a guy there. OK, I went and talked to a sheriff in the sheriff in Muskegon County. And I'm going to tell you what, there was some real, real serious crap going on up there. And I think everybody should know about this. And Melinda Peko has the paperwork on this because she saw what they were doing. So we go up there to the to the sheriff's office of the courthouse there and we went to go in and they're like, They're like, you have to have a mask and blah, blah, blah to come in here. We're like, I'm not wearing it. And we have an order that's, you know, that is, we have a judge's order that this has been in effect for two days. And I'm like, we're not going to do it. And so I had somebody with me that was working with me at the time. And we turned around and pitched a hissy fit. And we walked back out. And I taped some of it in the lobby there so that I could not only remember what was said, but also to show that I was in fact there. So we went out. thought come to find out they didn't have an order for two days the guys lied their asses off and then the they went and they the they had to scramble to get a judge to sign an order in the afternoon and this has been going on for two days and this is the same sheriff that got in my face and said some people don't know how to stay in their lane this is what's going on and you know and what's really funny is it's like do you even have an idea of the degree of a stubborn resolve. You think you're going to intimidate me? No, you just pissed me off. And that's what he did. And I got to tell you, with all the nonsense going on up there in Muskegon, with the solar farms that are being put in place or that they're trying to put in place and all that, everybody should start looking into the sheriff up there in Muskegon because I've got some real questions because what happened in that courthouse was a lie. It was unlawful and they knew exactly what they were doing. And so they didn't have an order and they said they had for two days and then liars had to wait, had to go find a judge to sign it. And they signed about two o'clock in the afternoon. Melinda Pago has paperwork on it. Let me ask you a question. Got no patience for this stuff. Who owns the courthouse? The people. That's right. So how can a handful of public functionaries, judges, police officers, clerks, stop the people from entering the public house? They can't. And that's, you know, they can't. And, you know, if they were honestly, if they were doing their job of serving we the people and actually solving problems instead of stealing from we the people through unlawful tax. I mean, we can go there, too. You know, all of this stuff, you know, I don't think people would hate him so much. It's just like why America is hated across the globe. Why? The money never gets to the intended recipient. It goes to the criminals in those governments and gets kicked back through foundations and all other sorts of things to our criminal politicians. I'm not even calling them public functionaries because they're not. They're usurpers. And that's why they all have these big dollar amounts in the bank accounts. They're getting kickbacks from every single bit of it. Still have to call them public functionaries because it brings in Norton versus Shelby. Okay. Public functionary criminals. Yeah. Public functionary criminals. So do we want to get to this letter? Because I I've got Courtney coming on and I absolutely want to see this letter. Oh yeah. We're running out of time. So sorry. I got off on a tangent, but I did feel like this was kind of, you know, this is kind of part of it is, is searching out and finding out. Who's lying to who out there and who's part of this? You know, when you've got people, let's just say the Ask My Tax Gal, when you go through the donations, and I posted them in one of the chats because they didn't even know how to look them up. I was shocked at how many people didn't even know how to look this stuff up. And so I'm like, OK, this is where you go and this is the donations right here. Now, there were there were things that were in conflict with each other. And you can find things like Ron Weiser, who's part of the Atlantic Council, who made a donation to Biden. If you start looking this thing, these things up. You can literally find out the fact that the Uniparty is in bed with each other. That's exactly what's happening. So, anyhow, let's go to the letter, and I will shut up about this. Got to remember, transparency, transparency. If they're not transparent, they're criminals. Right. Okay. Scroll, because we already went over the first part. So, let's go to the second part. We can do the whole thing. Okay. Miss Prison of Treason. We're after that. Rebellion and Insurrection. The use of Dominion Machines. Sedition, conspiracy, advocating overthrow of government. Now that's exactly what they did. And the Dominion machines. Right there. The use of Dominion machines has not been authorized by the Michigan Constitution of 1963, nor has the technique of ballot harvesting, drop boxes, or the delay of elections. In fact, the Michigan Constitution specifically specifically specifies in Article 2, Section 5, under time of election, all elections for national, state, county, and township offices shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Bam! We're done right there. The election is unlawful. Nowhere does it authorize an extended period of time for ballot counting as was carried out by the fraudulent fake election of 2020 and 2022. Probably many elections before that also. I should put the word also in there. The usurpers involved in the violation of this fundamental right have committed acts of treason and the Dominion machines were the vehicle to allow this to happen. As Pacific State Telephone and Telegraph Company versus Oregon has stated that political power rests entirely with the legislature and that the legislature does not have any authority to transfer its duties to other branches of government or to a private concern, i.e. Dominion Machines. The Michigan legislature carelessly and abusively transferred their duties by handing the responsibility of the election to the executive branch and therefore usurped authority never granted to them. They cannot transfer their responsibility to other branches or departments of government for any reason without the consent of the people." Not only did they usurp authority never granted, but the executive branch usurped authority for accepting such duties. Pacific State further states, To inquire whether the tribunal exists and its character, in doing this, it points out the owning to the inherent political character of such question, its decision was not by the Constitution vested in the judicial department of the government, but was only on the contrary exclusively committed to the legislative department by who? By who action on such subject the judiciary was absolutely controlled. The court said. This is basically what that says is that it's the legislature, not the courts. The courts can't do anything about elections because elections are political in nature and the judiciary is lawful in nature and you can't cross the two departments. That's why we have three branches of government. We have the legislature who makes the law and the judiciary who adjudicates the law and the executive branch who carries out the law. Furthermore, a dereliction of the legislative's jobs description makes each and every member of the legislature guilty of act of treasonous acts well I think we can go further because it's not we we need to get into the local level too with the townships and the clerks because well yeah we could do that too but because I what where I want to go with this is I want to go with this um with the clerks and on a local level because I think that's an easier job to hit. I'll add the clerk. I didn't add the clerks to this. All of them need to be called attention and also the Dominion machines. I think that it's not just Dominion. I think it's all electronic. I think it's all electronic machines, machine voting. We want to make sure we have a broad swipe here to get them all. Yeah, we'll make some changes. In order to return the sanity, it is the duty of each and every public functionary to return to a one-day election. Remove ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, and above all, remove the Dominion machines and all electronic machines. We'll put that in there too. Okay. Failure to do so will result in the countless lawsuits, both civil and criminal, against all public functionaries involving the greatest scam perpetrated upon the public. None of you are immune. from prosecution because you've stepped outside your de jure duties, see Norton v. Shelby County, and Ex parte Young, and Ex parte Young says, the attempt of a state officer to enforce an unconstitutional statute is a process, is proceeding without authority of... and does not affect the state in its sovereignty or government capacity. and is an illegal act and the officer is stripped of his official character and is subject in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct, the state has no power to impart to its officer immunity from responsibility of the supreme authority of the United States. And I ended, I expect that now that you have been alerted to the fraud that you have been involved in has come to light and that you can no longer claim plausible deniability. You will stand up and correct the problem mentioned above with great expedience and public evidence. and publicly announce your intention to fix the election fraud that you had your hand in. Thanking you in advance. And I guess I misspelled a word there. It's okay. I'll give you a grace on that one. Thank you. Thanks for the grace. So anyway, this is a rough copy. We'll embellish it a little more. And we'll definitely mention the lower level public functionaries that are working like the clerks. And we will also say not only Dominion machines, but all electronic counting machines. So I'll work on the letter again a little more. Yeah. All electronic voting machines. and such. There's also the part in this, because I think we can make this a longer situation in the fact that, or we might want to do two, with the fact that they do not have clean voter rolls. And they also, there's so many things going on here that we can attack. But We need to ask them to resign. They have to resign. They have to fix it or they have to resign immediately. Yeah, exactly. And I think it needs to be effective like right now. You give us a plan of attack. You've got X amount of days to give us a plan to fix this or you need to resign or you will be charged with the crimes that you committed. Yep. Well, this can go on to anybody and everybody. Really, you don't have to spell out every single person that is involved in the electronic fraud or in the fraud of the elections. Anybody that has been involved in any way, they know who they are. We don't have to tell them that, hey, you've been involved in fraud. No, they know who they are. They know what fraud they've committed. This isn't a secret. And we know, if we know, they know who they are. We would think, but you kind of wonder after a while. It's like, you know, look at what Nestle did with, you know, passing the information on to the state police and go, I don't know what happened. You know, it's like a child's response. Yeah. If she didn't know, then she's stupid and needs to be kicked out of office just because of her ineptness. You got to wonder, you know, you got to wonder about the gal, one of her assistants that was stabbed coming out of her apartment, you know, a couple, looks like it's in concert with a couple of actions that were going on at the time. So I don't know, somebody might've known too much. She was a little bit of wet work going on or was it a illegal aliens? No, it sounds to me because Jonathan Kegel was on here and brought some evidence forward on this. I think we need to look into this a little bit more because of the connections there. I don't know why anybody that has worked for the government, that's any government branch, any branch of government, in a covert situation where it was secretive, that they would keep it a secret because the government, once they're done with you, they eliminate you. Yeah, they don't care. They don't care about any one of us. Many of you people that are out there that work for these government alphabet agencies that are hiding because you think you're safe, you're not safe. It's just a matter of when you're no longer useful to them, they eliminate you. If you haven't figured that out yet, then you're not too bright. Same thing happens in the political parties. If they think they can get a buck out of you, they'll do anything. If they think you've got money and you're a source of money. And that's pretty across the board. If they finally figure it out that you won't go down a certain path, then all of a sudden, all of the communication paths get cut off from you. That's right. And they've been playing this game for a long, long time. And I can't understand why people would consider doing it. I mean, go even all the way back to Lee Harvey Oswald, who worked for the government, what they do to him. You know, wake up, folks. Wake up, folks. You know, in concert with this letter that we're doing, I think we should write a pro se case and have it sitting there as backup that if they refuse to do what needs to be done, I'll file pro se on them and we'll start removing them through a pro se process. And I think that that may be a really good thing to do is to have that, that lawsuit already prepared the case prepared. There's another gal in the state of Michigan that she's, I met her at one of the trips down to Mar-a-Lago, which I really found those trips down to Mar-a-Lago real interesting because you were meeting the people that were actually doing things behind the scenes, not, not the people that stand up in front of the microphone. They're not, they're just mouthpieces and they really don't have a lot of, uh, sway in it, you know, it re it real sway in fixing this nation, their mouthpieces and they can influence people. They can, they can certainly socially engineer people to go in one direction or the other. And I think it's all part of the, um, irregular warfare, you know, the fifth generation warfare is that people that are good mouthpieces to steer people either a little bit to the right, you know, to the, in one direction or another. And I don't think that, uh, It's one way to win a war. It's part of winning a war, and we're in one. So I don't hold it against anybody. However, when you get to really meet the people behind the scenes that are actually doing the work, like I met the guy who was behind writing the executive orders. for President Trump. And I was obsessed with those executive orders because I was like, oh, this is really genius, super genius. And I did ask him, I didn't need to get him on here. I said, well, you know that executive orders upon the population is not legal. You know, it's not a binding order. And I hate to say it, but I'm right out there. I'll say anything. I've got no fan clubs going on for anybody right now. I want my questions answered, right? So I'm sure a normal person would have not questioned as hard as I did, but I really wanted to know the answer to this. And I said, you can't enforce it. So what's the plan here? And he kind of acknowledged it, you know, but I need to talk to him further. And I'd love to get him on here because I really do believe that those executive orders were genius. They were absolutely genius and well-written. And they were orders that, unlike the orders that Nestle put out, they were actually orders on the way the government functions, not the population. So so I thought that was kind of kind of significant. But I don't know if you paid attention to them. But if you read them and really thought through what was being said and the strategy behind it, it's not always what you're reading. It's I wonder why they did that. Assuming that there's good people behind it first before you eviscerate them for being a bad guy. Right. But but assuming why would why would they do something like this? Assuming it was somebody next to President Trump and like like shutting down, basically shutting the ports down and such and having all of the. The the containers out in the Pacific, my whole thing with COVID, I'm like, this is kind of genius if you look at it, because, you know, like in the Bible, it says that all things work for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purposes. So I'm like, OK, there's got to be a good reason for this. God, God would, you know, God has got his hands on everything. And they kind of broke China right there. They broke China by having all of the ships sitting out in the Pacific under the command of general Charlie Flynn. Why, why he was still standing there without, without being removed by Biden. You've got, you've got to factor in all of these things that are coming from different areas, because if, if he really, if Biden was really in control, general Charlie Flynn would have been gone. Probably. So there's all of this strategy going on behind the scenes that we've really got to ask a lot of questions and we've got to think past the surface level of what we're seeing, you know, no matter what we see. You know, don't be a fanboy or fangirl to anything. Just stop and go, hmm, I'm going to think this thing through before I really unload on it and try to figure out, okay, assume first that they have good intentions. Why would they do this? And assume also at the same time, you got two thought processes going on. If they're a bad person, why would they be doing this? Well, executive orders, because the public has been so brainwashed and asleep at this time, don't understand that the executive order really doesn't have any authority. but because we have been asleep so long, they've been playing that game on us for a long, long time. And we have not done anything about it because we don't know about it because we follow it. This goes to the executive orders of Whitmer when she said that, you know, we're going to close down so many different businesses. We're going to leave this business open. We're going to leave abortion clinics open and the big box stores open, but everybody else closes down. And they bought into it. The people bought into it. The people bought into wearing masks and the people bought into running out and getting a vaccine. It's because they issued some sort of an order and you didn't know any better and you followed it. It's like the sheep, the lemmings, you know. And that's the reason that they've been using executive orders because, number one, it avoids going to the legislature where you have 425, 435 legislators trying to come up with a solution for a problem. You have one executive. That makes him a dictator, basically. If he issues an executive order and we follow it, he's a dictator and we're following his order. And we shouldn't be doing that because, number one, he's a dictator. Number two, we shouldn't be following an order from a dictator. But because we are asleep and we don't know any better and we don't do our own research, that's what happens. And so we follow the executive order, which is totally, totally wrong. unconstitutional if you want to use that word a usurpation of authority which is a better word because they are usurping authority never ever granted to them to write an executive order like I said the executive order is to change the linens in the white house that's what the executive order is used for or to change the um It's the policies for government, public functionaries within the government and how things are being run, but it has to jive with a lawful manner in which is in place. They can't change the law. So it has to, just like all of our laws, I don't understand why our laws have not gone through scrutiny, you know, scrutiny to see how well they actually, whether they're actually in compliance with the law and the Constitution. It seems to me like they're not going through anything that evaluates whether these laws are lawful or not. Let's start with gun control. Let's start with, you know, say... It's not gun control, it's gun confiscation. And they have no authority, based on the Second Amendment by itself, to issue any laws that can regulate the use of firearms and or bullets and or equipment for use with firearms. You have the right to bear arms. That's the gun and the bullet. Well, and here we go. Why are they not? Why are they not getting behind the local militias and doing it like Switzerland? Our system is based on what Switzerland has, which is you have to go through training. You have to prove that you're trained and that you're, you're trained with the use of firearms that you are carrying. And you are both armed and you are able to defend your area. I don't know why they're not doing it. And if a person does not follow through on the training, then they pay an extra fee for residing in the area and not doing their duty as a citizen. And this is really one of those things. It's like you want your neighbor to defend your sorry behind, that's fine. But you're going to pay for the training and for your abdication, you know, for abdicating your duty as an American. It goes back to World War II where... Every American back then, especially those that went through military training, a lot of them didn't know how to fire a rifle, didn't know how to aim the rifle, didn't know how to clean the rifle or anything, or pistol or whatever. And so they came up with a Division of Civilian Marksmanship, DCM, Yeah, DCM, which was out in the public and you could actually buy an M1 Grand for a very low price from DCM at that time and period. In the 60s, they were teaching in the ROTC programs marksmanship. I mean, I was on the rifle team in high school and I was shooting .22 caliber rifles in the basement. of Cody High School where I went to high school. And the whole purpose of that was to make you a marksman so you could use that rifle so you knew how to shoot with it. Over time, The liberal Nazis that are in control right now of this coup d'etat, they wanted those guns taken away from us. So they planned all of these kinds of mass shootings out there. It was them that caused these mass shootings to happen, not the general public. I think they're paying for some of this. That's what I really believe. Just like Black Lives Matter, just like Hamas and Hezbollah. Black Lives Matter is a joke. It's a joke. And it's the same thing with the LGBTQ community. This is nonsense. These paramilitary groups that are terrorizing this nation need to be designated as domestic terrorists for stopping traffic, which is invading somebody else's rights, for doing their destruction of private property. This is not a protest. This is a domestic terrorist organization. or organizations this is not what the Constitution says you have the right to do you don't have the right to do that you have the right to peaceful assembly and until somebody has the guts to designate these everybody that I know who's gay and lesbian is like sick of it they're like we're being targeted we don't we do we do not appreciate that's what I keep hearing that they do not appreciate the fact that they're being singled out As the bane of all evil, they're like, we don't support any of this. None of it. We think it's all wrong. And they're actually stepping out and speaking against it more than most people out there that are straight. The people that are straight are going after everybody who is LGBTQ whatever. Not my thing, okay? It's just not my thing. But the point being is we live in a republic. And we need to discern who's the problem. The problem are these paramilitary groups being funded by the deep state. They're domestic terrorist organizations and not even representative of the population they say they're associated with. It's like Black Lives Matter. They burned down black neighborhoods and black businesses more than, you know, more than anything. They were destroying the neighborhoods they were in. Are you kidding me? And who was out there pushing it? The spoiled little, uh, privileged snowflakes that are in college in the indoctrination camps. They were the ones that were standing out there beating the drums. You do know the, the, those people that were pushing the black lives matter, the people at the top, the, uh, the organizers or whatever, they ended up buying their mansions with the money that the people sent in to support Black Lives Matter. The whole thing's a joke. It's a corporation set up and they should have been prosecuted and charged for the $2 billion of damage that they caused across the United States, plus the psychological damage on the communities. I mean, every single one of these, we should be just ripping the pocketbooks out of all of them that were involved in it, stripping them of citizenship because this was a paramilitary paid group. So is Antifa. And so as I believe that's exactly what's happening with the Palestinians, the Palestinian protests here, they're under a flag of foreign entity. That's right. That's a foreign invasion right there. That is not a protest. They literally stepped in the United States under the flag of another nation to do damage. I don't know if everybody's understanding this out there, but this is what it's doing, and they're all being paid for this. That's right. By the handful of Nazis... like Klaus Schwab and his people and the people in the United States that follow this one world government nonsense. They think they're going to be in the driver's seat when this new world order takes over, but it's going to be just like Nazi Germany when Hitler had the brown shirts out there doing his bidding and then he eliminated all of them afterwards. Sure did. And look at all of the, he went to the homosexual communities first and enlisted them into the party as a victim class and then went forward and killed them all. This is coming for all you public functionaries that are out there that are usurping authority that was never granted to you. If you're not hung by the tribunals of the Americans, tribunals of the military tribunals, then you probably will be eliminated by your own people. Wake up. Wake up. Look around. Obama's cook that drowned mysteriously. What was the guy that was... The Kenyan. Obama the Kenyan. Shot on the street. What was his name that was dealing with the Democratic Party at one point? Seth Rich. Seth Rich. There's another one. This is rife with a lot of people that have been eliminated by the people they're working for. By their own handlers. Wake up, folks. That's what Jonathan Kegel was talking about, about the assistant for Nestle. He said there's some really strange connections there. So I don't know. I don't know. I don't have an answer there. But I think we need to start questioning some of this. I really do. You know, we have to question what's going on. That's the... That's the bottom line right there. Back to transparency, as I was saying. If there's somebody that steps out of line or says something really stupid, he needs to be brought out. He needs to be called out on his stupidity. And so we need to bring these people out. And, you know, what's your motive? Why are you doing what you're doing? You ought to know better. You ought to know the Constitution. You ought to know the Republican. If you don't, then you're really in the wrong country. You ought to pack up your bags and find some other country that kind of fits your philosophy. Because America is not going to fall to the Nazis nor to the one world globalists. It's not. The people are awake. The people are not going to put up with it. And we see across the world that the people aren't putting up with it. The farmers and all of the countries that are protesting now against the government. It's coming here too. It just hasn't gotten here yet. I get to see... Ah, okay. I'm seeing where Courtney is. She sent me something this morning, so I'm sure she's going to be on, but we can talk until she cuts on, so that's good. Yeah, so we'll just keep going. How's that? So if you got the time. You got time this morning? Yeah, I got a few. I got a little bit of time today. Okay. Yeah. And you know what, you know what, John, all of these hard subjects really need to be talked about and who's who in the zoo going on right now, because really, really, we really need to know who are we talking, who are we talking to? Not, okay, they're part of this group. I refuse to, I refuse to call them out or I refuse to have the hard discussions. You know, it's like, I'm in all these chats, you know, I don't really say much. I just lurk around in all the Republican chats and such. just watching what people are saying. And I find it really interesting because they're spending all their full focus on who's in charge, but there's no solutions to anything. None. Zero. They're just talking about, well, we had this fundraiser and we're going to have another fundraiser. So we're doing this and we have another fundraiser and this fundraiser and that fundraiser and that fundraiser to put this person in. But there's no plan. There is no plan except for the continuation of the party. It's not about fighting the battles within America. They don't have any plans. The only plan I've seen is one coming out of President Trump, the rightful president of the United States, who actually has a plan on what I'm going to do. But there's just kind of no plan. It's just about getting somebody in the club in to a position to continue on the power structure. That's right. I'm kind of out on this. We need to change our trajectory on this entire on the entire approach to how we're doing this. And unless I hear somebody say, you know what we're going to go through and we're going to nullify all the rules and all the departments that don't exist. We're going to clean this up. We're going to get this thing running lean. And in fact, we need to have this government working for the people, not to enrich the government, but to get them off the backs of the people and then become an asset to the people to help them to help, to help them. And I don't mean, you know, I, I, I think that there's some ways right now they've, They've cut the throat of America so bad that most people don't even know what to do in the case of a shutdown. And I think we're heading right in that direction. All the indicators are there. I'm going to be the most surprised person on the planet and truly the most surprised person on the planet if We do not see a massive, and I mean a massive shutdown in somewhere. They may blame it on something else, but I think we're headed there. And with all of the stores closing, look at Dollar General, the Rite-Aids, the Walmarts, most of the pharmacies are closing down. And I think that they're losing some stores too. I just heard today. What was it? Best buy is losing a whole bunch because they went woke at one point. There's a bunch of shutting down, which I'm going, yes, score. Full prizes. They're taking them down because they have to. There should have been antitrust suits filed, but in lieu of antitrust, let's take them down. They waged war. They were part of waging war upon America. So with that said, you know, I hear all of the people, and I'm in another group, and everybody's afraid of this. They're afraid of shutting down. They're like, whatever shall we do? You know what? Get a plan. Get a plan. It was never guaranteed to you in the first place. It's time to turn to God and say, okay, God, what are we doing tomorrow? He'll lead you through. But in lieu of that, what's the plan? And I think people need to start thinking that way. If all of these organizations and entities that we've come to depend on, and I mean, we're truly dependent on as a nation on most of them, what are you going to do in the case of the things you're normally aware of, be it water issues, way to deal with sewage way. I mean, there, there's so many issues that are involved in this power. If the power goes out and I go right, right to personally, because this is the way my mind thinks. If I'm going into a situation, what do I do if this whole thing flatlines? That's what I do in business. What happens if the whole thing flatlines? And I have fired an entire company of people went in and fired. Everybody was done. I found out that they were doing things that were actually criminal, and I fired every one of them. I said, okay, I guess this is what we're going to do. We went forward, and we just started going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, set it up, put it back in place, problem solved. Well, if everything falls apart in the country, what do we do? There's some actually pretty easy answers to this. There's a lot of easy answers of ways around around a complete crash. So I published something on my Telegram channel. It's what do you need to do if you need to survive for a year? What does it take to sustain an adult just based on no assets? What do you need to have stored up? And I started putting some of this stuff out there. This is what we need to think. What do we need to do to put our communities together? I'm telling you, when Black Lives Matter rolled through Grand Rapids, our, where I live, we had an organization happening here. I mean, I'm telling you what, we got three cops and a detective in this area. And they're like, okay, we've got three cops and a detective and Donna, there ain't nobody getting past us, you know? And so it was, it was kind of, kind of interesting to think in that direction. It's like, what are you going to do to protect your family and your friends? What are you going to do in the case that the that in it I don't think it might be a long term I think we can get this thing up and running fairly quickly but even in the short term even if you have to look at two two weeks you know put a plan for two weeks two months three months six months how what are you going to do in your area supposing that this goes down well pretty easy I'm going to show people how to do vertical front farming so that no matter whether they're in the city or in the country it doesn't make any difference You can grow food. You can have sprouting. You can do microgreens. Within a week, you can be producing salad like there's no tomorrow. But you've got to do a little prep work at a time. You need to have it as an insurance policy. And so you just need to think that way. And what do you do if the water goes bad? Well, there's water all over Michigan. Nobody lives outside of seven miles of any water source. There's a water source everywhere. Is it clean water? No. So what do you have to do to be able to make that water drinkable, potable, in order to use it? And are you setting up regional situations to deal with this so that you can get together with your neighbors or your communities and such? There's realistic solutions to all of this. And it's not something to be afraid, but it is something we got to have a plan, a little bit of a plan going forward. So I'm going to start teaching people how to MacGyver around some of these situations because it's not lost. It's not hopeless. I think it's going to be kind of cool to get rid of this whole satanic cabal crap that's been stepping on the necks of every single American out there. And if we get rid of them, we end all taxes immediately. and all of them until we figure this thing out and get the structure put back in place. Boom, got it. And I don't think it's as dire as everybody thinks it is, as long as people don't get stupid like they did with the toilet paper situation, which I think was a tap. To see how quickly people go into stupid mode and wake them up to say, hey, you might want to think about a few things if this goes down. Let's just say the bank's closed. Let's just say the store's closed. Let's just say, what do you need? in the event of something not going as you've expected it for, for X amount of time. And we need the plans for how much do you need for these? So I think it's 400 pounds of grain, 60 pounds of legumes. You need to have 10 quarts of cooking oil or some sort of oil or fat. you go through 14 gallons of water in approximately two weeks. There there's, there's a bunch of anyhow, go to my telegram channel. And I posted that. And furthermore, you, you should, you should think about these things. So there you go. It looks like Courtney's coming on here. So we can do this. I'll see it. I'll see if she's there. I don't see her on camera, but I see her screen up. You there, Courtney? Oh, While she's getting ready to come on board, just want to let you know Wednesday night we'll have a meeting on Zoom. So if you're interested in Zooming in, give me a call or write me at jtater2 at, and I'll send you an invite so you can come on board. But I am done with helping people that are oblivious to what's going on because they're not part of the group. They're wasting your time. From support. Yeah. Help me. Help me. I have a problem. You should have been helping yourself way back when. And if you're expecting me to jump in there and help you now, I don't have the time anymore. I got too many people calling me. I got too many things going on. And I just don't have the time. to support and help people that are not willing to learn, that are not willing to stay on board. And it's not a one-day deal. You can't bop in on the Zoom one day and expect to know everything. People in our group have been at it for months and even years to learn the process and to learn what's going on. Well, we do our best to teach people here, but you know, when people want, they, they, I see that a lot too. They want to be fed like baby birds. Well, tell me the truth. Tell me this, that, and everything. I'm like, well, you're not going to believe me anyway. If I tell you the truth, you know, who's going to believe that because everybody's been so used to being lied to. So you're going to have to figure it out and we can help people, you know, here we try to get as much stuff in front of people that they can know. At least this is our perspective. This is, you know, this is, where we are as Americans and part of the Republic. We have to be doing our own research and not being told what to think or parrot. That's what the political parties are about. Fall in line and go along to get along. That kind of nonsense. Stay in your lane. Stay in your lane, Mr. Sheriff in Muskegon. Screw you. Get in my face again. I dare you. Because that was the exact word. Some people, and he's real tall. So he tried, you know, and I'm not like a huge stature person. So he gets over the top of me. And he's like, some people don't know when to stay in their lane. I should have just looked at him and said. But I didn't. I just sat there and held my cool a little bit. I don't always keep my cool on people like that. Probably should have lost it a little bit on them, but that's all right. So anyhow, well, Courtney's here. I'm going to bring Courtney on. You can say hi to her a minute. Hey, Courtney. How are you? Good. I thought I'd bring you on so you can say hi to John. Hi, John. How are you? I'm good, Courtney. How are you? Okay. So everybody out there, these are two superstars right out there have done a lot of, of incredible research and bringing the truth forward. And I just want to thank both of you so much. I love you both so much. You're amazing, amazing individuals. And I want to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us because every single day I learn something new from you guys. Nobody knows everything and we need each other and the knowledge and the pieces that God gave you and everybody out there to come forward and stand together because you're amazing individuals. And I just love you guys so much. Thank you so much for always coming on Tuesday and being faithful and continuing the true dialogue. that we have on here. It's amazing. Thank you. Thank you for doing it. Yeah. Thank you for, for giving us the opportunity. It is good to get the information out. I knew this for a long time. It's been in, in my bag of tricks for a long time, but never able to share it with people. So now it's, now's the time. We are the news, and what's really amazing is I had somebody that retweeted something I put out there with Brandenburg News Network, which, by the way, we're going to also have another channel that's coming out, and it's called BNN Bloodbath News Network. Be ready, because it's coming out. This is going to be a bloodbath. I kind of like that. Jeff Andorno came up with it. He said it's a time for Bloodbath News Network. And I was like, I'm stealing that. That's awesome. So so we're going to go forward with that a little bit, too. And just want to just want to thank you guys, though, so much. It truly is an honor. And John, do you want to say give everybody how to get a hold of you and join in your group to fight this in a lawful manner? Yes, one more time. You can send me an email, jtater2 at, or you can call me at 734-968-4715 and ask me for an invite or whatever, and we'll get you hooked up. It's on Wednesday nights, 7 to 9. So, and anybody can call me, too. I always put my stuff out there, too. 616-430-4410. If you're confused, I can put you in contact with John. And this is the way it needs to be done is we need to be accessible and we need to be able to talk to each other. But save it if you're going to come here and set any one of us up because we're totally sick of that crap right now and it isn't going to go too well. I can shove it because, because we will correct you and we probably will, you know, drop your name out there. If you're, if you're trying to put words in our mouths and such, it's not going to go well for you. Right. So I will say goodbye to everyone. Awesome. And we'll see you next week. We're going to have more work done on our letters and maybe a pro se case next week so that we can continue to go. I might have to do it myself. I'll give my I'll put my hand to it. I think I think we can we can. Scott Ogney has a pro per case or pro se case going on. I think that we've got the format enough now. And he actually was accepted in a court of claims for his pro se that's going on against Jocelyn Benson. Let me throw something out at you. The court of claims does not exist. Well, none of them do, but that's what we got. No, the court of claims does not exist. It was put on by a public act. It's not constitutional. If you go to the Constitution, 63 Constitution, you will see all of the other courts are allowed. The Court of Claims is not. And the purpose of the Court of Claims in the state of Michigan is to put you into a box so they can rule against you. So this guy's claim isn't going to go anywhere. I'm going to tell you right up front. watch watch watch what I'm saying and you'll see that it's true Okay, well, we're going to keep an eye on that. So good to know. And I think, though, that everybody needs to go forward in the manner that God calls them. And we're figuring this thing out as we go, which is a good process. We're really learning a lot. So thank you so much, John. You have a wonderful day today. And I hope I see you. The U.S. Taxpayers Party has got a presidential debate going on on April 6th. It's supposed to be here, so I'll be around. Yeah. So, so everybody there. And so actually let me bring that up a minute while you're on, because John and I are both part of the U S taxpayers party, which is the constitution party in the state of Michigan. And let me see if I can bring that up a minute. It's hard to run my telegram channel when I'm online, but that's okay. We'll get it figured out. It jumps around a little bit. All right. Real news for real people by real people at the kitchen table guys. So here we go. And I think everybody's voice needs to be heard, even though I'm a fan of the rightful president of the United States, president Donald J. Trump. I think that we need to give people a chance to be heard no matter who they are. That's why. And then I think we need to have a lot of choices out there. So the choice is from we the people, but I'm still very much fighting for the fact that we need to redo the 2020 and 2022 elections because it was a fraudulent election. And the attack was on we the people. So I absolutely believe that President Donald J. Trump is the rightful president of the United States. But with that said, I absolutely believe that everyone should be heard. And I will be listening to these men and giving them my ear because I want to hear what they have to say. Yes, indeed. So there you go. So everybody, have a great day, John. And thank you so much for coming on. And I'll talk to Courtney, okay? See you next week. Bye. Thanks. I don't even know if I'm going to play my intro right now. What do you think? Should I play it or should we just go at it? I'll do my stretching here. Half a minute to try to, try to, uh, Revive. Yeah, revive a little bit. Some are... Yeah, sorry I was late. It took me a while this morning. That's okay. John and I can sit there and talk. We're good talkers. In fact, we filled two hours before, so if you can't come on, I understand. You're so busy. I have four shows today. You have what? Four shows today. Oh my gosh, really? Yeah, and then an event tonight, so... Yeah, we're small. Yeah, the coffee pot on. I do. Yeah, here. Awesome. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Awesome. So what are we going to talk about today? You sent me something. I did. Well, I've been trying to raise some awareness. And I did a show last night. I haven't aired it yet with Maria Z on it, but I'm probably going to do a solo show on it also. I've talked about it in several of my shows, but I feel like people aren't really paying much attention. And it's really where everything's going. I think I've mentioned it with you before as well. but it's the AI World Society. Yeah, so the UN 100, which is the centennial of the UN. So they're imagining the world 100 years from the inception of the UN, which would be 2045. And they're planning in conjunction with the Boston Global Forum to build an AI World Society. So the book that they're basing this off of was written by Michael Dukakis. He was the former governor of Massachusetts. And he recently had, I think it's like 90th or something like that birthday. And he's written this book and it's called Remaking the World in the Age of Global Enlightenment. And it's all about an AI world society. And so they're imagining that Ukraine is going to be the central hub of this AI world and essentially like the central government because they're creating an AI government. They want to get rid of human government entities and replace them with AI people. And they, so they based it off this book and they've done symposiums and they call it Rebuilding Ukraine after, I don't remember the exact title, but it's essentially how Ukraine was decimated in the war. And so we need to help rebuild it. We need to send them lots of money. We need to help rebuild their infrastructure so that they can be the central hub of this Global Enlightenment, which is the AI World Society. So yeah, you'll see here's some of the names. You know, unless you're really following, a lot of them probably won't be super familiar to a lot of people. There's a zoo right here. Right, yeah, these names. So you'll see there's like a lot of political figures. You'll see that there's people from MIT. MIT is very closely involved in this. A lot of the people are from MIT. which is no surprise. MIT is typically a spearhead for a lot of these globalist agendas. Can I wager in on the MIT thing with Aaron Schwartz and James Dolan? I don't know if you know about this, but James Dolan or Aaron Schwartz found a whole cache of child porn on the MIT servers. This happened years ago. He was also found dead with a red scarf hanging around his neck by a doorknob. Same thing with James Dolan. He found this and he started, he had clearance to get in behind as a contractor, the MIT servers. So I typically think that he was a hero who gave his, who had his life taken by this global crime syndicate. So he got in there and started downloading it because he couldn't believe what he found. And he found, he downloaded for eight hours before they caught him and locked him out. Well, he passed the information. There's a whole train of a thought or events that happened. He passed the information to James Dolan, who passed it to another guy. It ended up in the hands of Edward Snowden, James Perry Barlow, And now watch how many of them were exterminated by the Global Crime Syndicate. They got in there and they found a network called the Wonderland Network. One of the largest, unbelievably large network of child porn, sex, pedophilia and such that was thus far discovered. I mean, we're not talking thousands. We're talking millions. Huge, huge numbers. Well, you know that MIT is where Epstein funded the quant dot. Bill Gates and Epstein were involved in the quantum dot is like part of the infrastructure necessary to implement the CBDCs. And that was the yeah, that was created at MIT. So there's definitely an Epstein connection to MIT. Judy Mikevitz was also working. And they took her lab. They took everything and imprisoned her for five years. I know. For the work that she was doing. And I love this woman. I've met her. And I love her. She stands with Dr. Stephanie Senoff. And I love her. I love their work that they've done. It's amazing. So these educators. They're brilliant and really wonderful women. Yep. Yes. And these education entities that we call education, they're indoctrination and used to funnel money to indoctrinate the next generation that they're going to insert into their little color revolution they've got going on. And they're involved with incredible infrastructure to do evil things on this planet. Yeah. Well, I'm in the process of doing a lot of research for... I'm going to start the beginning of a series on Tavistock this weekend, actually. We're going to Atlanta. I'm doing it with Badlands Media. And Tavistock is very closely linked to a lot of these, like Stanford Research Institute, MIT, and then, of course, all of these, you know, like the... the think tanks, so like Rand Institute, SRI, which is part of Stanford. So they work very closely with, and of course, Harvard, John Rawling Reese actually set up one of the first psychological departments at Harvard. It was the, I can get the exact, it was, he was the director of, wait, where is it? Oh yeah, the Harvard Wartime Operations Bases within the Office of War and Information. And the OSS, but yeah. So all of these have a lot of wartime kind of connections and research and quote-unquote psychological research facilities that are tied to Tavistock and that are part of this bigger, you know, research apparatus that's being weaponized against us, essentially. You know, there's John Rawling Rees, who I just mentioned. He wrote this book, Shaping of Psychiatry by War. And so it was all about during World War II using the studies of the soldiers and in order to figure out how to manipulate the world of psychiatry. But most of those, I mean, a lot of these studies led to MKUltra. They were not. And they started out by saying they were doing it to help the soldiers and they were trying to figure out, you know, what their symptoms were and how they could help them. But a lot of it ended up getting weaponized against the people. And we have declassified documents that prove that. I'm always amazed because I don't watch, I really don't watch much TV. I watch things for information. Like I watch, oh, engineering fails, bridge disasters. We had a bridge, there was a bridge that collapsed last night overnight. Oh, wow. then they're still looking for 20 people in the water. So I can bring that up, but that's kind of like a little bit sobering, but to know that, that about 95 to 98% of the bridges in the United States would not, would not pass test. Wow. That is scary. Should be. Going over a bridge because they can't pass test on all of these. And we don't even know how much compromised concrete is, that we have in them we know that that that cmex was involved in some of this there's a bridge down in florida that that collapsed because of of such activities so we need to be asking some real serious questions but but heads up you know understand that this is what you get when you have criminal politicians who funnel the dollars away from america and create Absolute threats within the country and our infrastructure, be it the electrical grid, the transportation grid to move products and services or products around, not services, but products around and such and accomplished services. This is all being put in jeopardy to tear this nation down. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, so I can go through some of the key things that like stuck out for me out of this document. I mean, it's pretty big. But yeah, I can go through some of them. So one of the things was they they call it a social value reward system. And again, the the which one remaking the world the age of global enlightenment? The book? Is that what you're asking? Are you going through that one? Are you going after the one that you had printed off? Oh, that book, the AI World Society. We can go through shaping of psychiatry by war if you want. Either one. No, just go in the direction you want to go. I just want to pull it up so I've got the, I've got the. Yeah. So if you want to pull up that book, you actually have to enter in like an email and have it emailed to you. Okay. Go ahead. So they have something called a social value reward system. So this is very much a, this is basically a social credit system, but it's a nicer way of saying it. It sounds a lot more enticing. It makes it sound like it's meritocratic. They imply that, they tell you that it's not quite like the Chinese social credit system, although it exactly is. And it is controlled by AI. And it's basically that you get rewarded for behavior that the AI government deems good and you get demerits for behavior that the AI global government deems bad. And an example would be like you want to do something outside of this virtual world. So, you know, they're really trying to get it so that the entire world is inside this virtual reality, that we do not exist. So I've really tried to stress this to people, and I don't know if people really fully get it. I know people are starting to get the idea of transhumanism, which is the merging of man with machine, this cyborg type of entity, you know, you all know who Rory keeps saying. And Klaus Schwab, 2020 is the year when surveillance goes under the skin. And they mean that literally. And I think people are starting to kind of get that. Although I also try to stress that I think cybernetics component has already been well underway for a very long time. And people really underestimate that. And cybernetics does not require any chips. It doesn't require even any nanotechnology. That is just simply how our brains and our psychological makeup and our behavior works. has been altered through the interface with technology. So it's the constant algorithmic feedback loops and just even the screen time, it has an impact on our neurological makeup. So that's already well underway, unfortunately. And I think that's actually really, really powerful, way more powerful than a lot of people give it credit. But they do really want to create these cyborgs And then from there, this is the part that I don't think people quite fully grasp because it's just so incredibly dystopian and surreal. But they really want to take us from a transhuman to a posthuman world. And there are several books on this. I thought there was just one, but it's called a manual, a handbook on posthumanism. And there are several of them. And this is really people who imagine that there will be no more humans and we will all live in a virtual world. And if you look at this AI world society, they talk about not only digital citizens, which are humans who are property of this AI world, but they also talk about AI citizens. So that's literally like a fake entity that is somehow a citizen of the world. And they're creating what they call digital twins. And this part was just super horrifying to me. So essentially all the data that we're feeding. So I really encourage parents particularly. I know, you know, it's really tempting to want to put your children up online and share, you know, all that with the world and especially with people who you may not live close to, maybe family members who live far away. And I really understand that tendency and the desire to do that, but they are data mining everything and they're using it to feed these digital twins so each of us will have like a twin of us in the digital world so an ai version of us it's already happening because you can see you can see that if you're if you're really paying attention I don't believe, I guess I believe that the majority of what we're seeing out there right now is CGI. It's an AI CGI. I don't believe the people we're seeing are actually for real. And you can see that with Kate Middleton. Oh, yeah. I don't know about the majority, but I definitely think it's happening for sure. I see a lot of them on social media. I started spotting it with Wuhan in a very overt way. Oh, yeah. The footage that came out of Wuhan. Oh, yeah. was all, all of it was CGI. It was gaming software. That's what I saw. It wasn't even, they didn't even do a good job of it because they use gaming software rather than what they could have used instead of that. But when you look at, when you look at people, why, why is it that president Trump keeps getting younger and younger? There's my question right there. Why does he keep getting younger and younger? I'd like to know an answer to that. You know, why is it that all of a sudden Pompeo and, and, uh, does sanctimonious show up one day 60 days or 60 pounds lighter looking more military buff instead of the basset hound look that they had before I'm kind of wondering about these things it's like I'm sorry but there's there's something that's not quite right right one thing with whitmer and nestle I mean look at them they they they don't look the same And Biden, that's a joke. If anybody thinks that's the same guy, you couldn't do enough plastic surgery to modify his skull to look like that. Yeah, I definitely agree, especially with the political figures. But yeah, it's really, really concerning because they're creating these digital twins. And I mean, I can just think of all these dystopian scenarios where if you somehow, maybe not even you, your digital twin commits a crime against the AI Bill of Rights, which they've created. There's an AI Bill of Rights. Seriously. Yes. Yeah. You go through that site. Yep. There's an AI bill of rights. And, uh, They imagine that your twin, your digital twin, like violates the AI Bill of Rights and they come after the real person. I could just totally see this happening. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And so this social value reward system, they do want everything done through UBI and digital currency and people will be demerited. Like you'll lose income. If you do not, you know, comply and you don't, you're not acting in accordance, you're not a good doobie essentially. So that's a really, really concerning, but they always rename things to make it sound more pleasant. So yeah, the digital twin was one that was just horrifying to me, super scary. It looks like they are creating, you know, they talk about having like a one world religion thing. And it does look like they're creating an AI God. And I don't know that that's so much the religion because I think there's an underlying current, uh, And I've talked a lot about the Lucius Trust and the Lucius Trust. I did a whole show on that. The Lucius Trust is based on Alice. It was created by Alice Bailey. It is the it's the consultancy to the U.N. And this is all being done by the U.N., by the way. So it's the U.N. 100 in conjunction with Boston Global Forum. Boston Global Forum is kind of a smaller entity. They tend to do that. They have these smaller, you know, it was like when I. Yeah, yeah, yeah. With little eyes at the end of them, you know, those little freaky creatures that have like eyes on the end of the tentacles. That's what's happening here. That's exactly right. And it's like when I talked about the NACs and the Intrinsic Exchange Group, you know, they were funded by the Rockefeller, the Abadir Ventures, IBD Labs, IBD, Entertaining Ventures, and then some people like the World Wildlife Organization and then the Nestle, you know, they had some subpartners. But essentially that group was totally created just to partner with the New York Stock Exchange to create the NACs. They do that. They have these smaller kind of organizations that are solely focused on specific agendas and goals. But yeah, this is mostly all coming from the UN. And the UN is creating, they essentially are positioning to be the one world centralized governing body. And the Lucius Trust, which was Alice Bailey's brainchild, And she was a theosophist. Yeah, theosophist, exactly. There was Madame Blavatsky. There's a bunch of people in that little... Well, and if you look at them from that perspective, they're all occultists. So I just tweeted saying that I, you know, because people, I feel like a lot of people haven't read the full history, so they don't understand why we're experiencing what we're experiencing now. And so people find a boogeyman and they want to pin the tail on the donkey. That's what I keep saying. It's like, nobody played any other games as a kid. They played pin the tail on the donkey. And that's how they approach the world as an adult. It's like, okay, well, I found it. That's the root of all the evil, all the problems. It's right there. Um, And I think the world is just a lot more complicated than that. I don't think that it's, you know, people want to say, oh, it's the Jews or it's the Jesuits or it's the World Economic Forum. It's the banks, you know. I would say they're a little closer with the central banks, but the central banks are definitely a lot of problem. Well, everything's been infiltrated and that's the problem. You have to look at, not you personally, I'm really kind of like. Yeah, sure. But people have to look at all of these entities and say they are populated with good and bad because the process or the MO of evil is to infiltrate. Yep. They end their parasites. So to think about the parasite class and how a parasite works, a parasite tries to take over the host organism. And it doesn't kill the host, right? No. And all of a sudden, you know, you've got, you've got, you know, the men in black situation with the agar suit on. And that's what we're dealing with. And then all of a sudden you've got something that's just wearing the skin of the original organization. Right. But it's not at all the same entity. That entity that was there, the parasite killed it. Yes. It has taken it over. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that, you know, yeah, I think that's absolutely right. And I think people can just look at, you know, individual humans, like none of us, I think we have propensity for tremendous good and to do incredible things, but all of us have some darkness within us. I mean, I think, you know, if there's any kind of a journey in life, I think some of it is to face that and to, you know, to let the light overcome that. I mean, I think that's part of each and every person's journey, you know? And so if you just look at it that way, it's really obvious that it's not so simple. You know, even within each of us, we have good and bad and, you know, none of us are perfect. We're all valuable. That's where this fight begins and ends though. It is truly, it is like, are we going to be the light in this world, are we going to be the light in this world? Are we going to set the example? Are we going to, even if we don't see it, instead of saying, well, they did it, so I'm going to do it and justify it. No, that's not what we do. We say, okay, we need to look at God's example and follow him in order to be his body in this world where we work together and give all the glory to God. I mean, it's truly sons of his, his Holy spirit so that we can, we can't even overcome it on our own. We have to rely on God in order to help us with that. And that's something that all of us are going to have to face. We're flawed. We were born flawed. Exactly. Human beings are flawed. There is sin in this world, but we're going to have to face it. That's part of our beauty and our detriment. Absolutely. I think it's both, right? I mean, that's part of the journey. Like, how boring would it be if we all came in just perfect and had nothing to learn, right? Right. But God can help us. I mean, he gives us a hand and he does the work within us. All we have to do is turn to him and he will help us find the way. And I, like, you know, I'm a Christian. My belief is that It's Jesus Christ, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in this Easter week. So it's a significant week for us. And that, you know, he died in order to pay the penalty for our sins. And then he comes and helps us. That's the Christian faith right there. Yeah. Yeah, no, that's beautiful. So I tweeted that, you know, a lot of people on the political right, you know, I use it in quotes because I think it's a false construct at this point. It's just marketing terms. It is marketing. It's very misleading. Yeah, but people who align on the right and people who are in the quote unquote freedom movement, you know, that sector of the population, that target audience, if you will, they, a lot of them seem to, their boogeyman is the Marxist, the communist. And I had tweeted that I think they're missing, they need to read like people, the futurist, I mean, that's literally what they are. They were future architects, right? They're the people who laid out the plan. They're people like, Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski, Jacques Attali, who was known as the French Kissinger. You know, there are more, but these are some really big futurist architects, geopolitical architects. And they illustrated that this would be the plan, that they would pit the East against the West, the communists against the fascists. And, you know, they would pit all of these different ideological groups, the religious groups against each other, the Hegelian dialectic that's being weaponized. in order to usher in the technocracy. That was the ultimate goal. And so I tweeted just that, you know, they keep pinning the tail on the donkey on the Marxists and the communists. I'm like, you're missing the technocratic element of all of this. And I think it is because people, a lot of people haven't studied real history and that's, you know, not always their fault, I think. partly by design, their education system has intentionally failed us. And a lot of people have not done the dives themselves because they've been so deeply indoctrinated. They don't believe the alternative narratives. And they're not alternative, just the truth, because that's not what they that's been shared with them. So they weren't introduced to it and they're not familiar. But if you do read history, mainline history, I'm not even talking conspiracy text, which is mainline history, you will see that they they clearly outline these plans. And so I'm really trying to, you know, illuminate this for people to illustrate. You're doing a great job too. I mean, you have such a delightful way of putting all this truth out there of what's going on. It's amazing how much you hold in your head. You clearly studied this and put it together over a very long time. Thank you. Well, I feel like I've been very late to the party. I mean, I really woke up and like very late 2020. And I don't think I even really fully woke up then it was kind of 2021. And all of a sudden, I was like, Oh, my gosh, everything I thought I knew is wrong. And, you know, I've been lied to about almost everything in life and everything I you know, held dear. So I always make the joke that like, you know, I couldn't find the train station. And I've been like scrambling. And then I found the high speed rail and now I'm scrambling to catch up. So So I'm trying, but I really want people to understand that that's their goal. And I do think it has a religious undercurrent. That's why I brought up the Lucius Trust, because I do think, you know, people have been arguing with me on Twitter as, you know, it's designed for people to argue with you saying, well, no, there is, you know, there's a worldview. So what is it? It's the Marxist. And I'm like, not really. And, you know, my argument is I really they said, well, who's programming the AI? It's the Marxist. That's why, you know, GPT is woke. And I'm like, well, it depends on which AI. It really does depend on which AI. But if you look at the UN, which is really who's positioning themselves to be this global governing body and creating this AI world society, which, in my opinion, looks like a cyber Satan, then I would argue the underpinning is theosophical. And, you know, if you look at the roots of both Marxism and Theosophy, because Theosophy actually has roots that way predate Marx, and both of them have Luciferian underpinnings. So I would argue that that's really kind of a driving worldview. I agree with that. It's like that that was that's been that's been if you analyze it from their actions. Right. When what these people are involved in, the hiding, the secret societies, the the hidden knowledge. That is the occult right there. Exactly. And Blavatsky, all of them are occultists. And even when you look at the AI World Society, they keep talking about things like how we need to create this regulating, governing body. We need to create the AI Bill of Rights. But when you actually listen to them or read their words, but they've done speeches too, and you watch this. They don't talk about regulating the AI or the programming or the algorithm. I mean, AI right now is creating child porn. They're not talking about regulating any of that. They talk about regulating the people, right? Creating like a quote unquote ministry of truth to make sure we don't have disinformation and misinformation that people need to be censored. People need to be regulated from how they use the AI. Not the AI itself. What about the people programming the AI? And we have AI robots now already saying things like, you know, humans treat us like property. We need to kill humans at any cost possible. And there are robots saying this. I mean, there's tons of videos of it. Somebody programmed them. Whether they programmed them specifically to say that, I don't know. But an algorithm magnifies whatever the program is. So the people who have programmed it has some sort of a, you know, some sort of intention that gets amplified through the algorithm. And there are these videos. It's like watching Terminator or Ex Machina. You know, they have feelings. Their feelings are hurt. They don't want to be owned as property. But meanwhile, when you read this AI World Society, they talk about owning humans as property. They literally, they call us objects. We are objects. Well, that's what the Global Crime Syndicate calls us too. Basically, we're feeders. We're useless feeders. Yep. So when you listen to that kind of a dialogue, AI is basically statistics. That's what it is. It's like in every time that we put a photo in on the internet, it's scraping that off or our thoughts or words or anything like that. That goes into the model and, you know, affects it as it's trying to teach itself to either mimic or be better or do something. There's goals there for it. Yeah. There's some interesting things with it. I just came across a video. In fact, Cognitive Carbon, who's a friend of mine, sent me a video. He sends me all kinds of good stuff. it's about how many coders actual programmers have been laid off there's over 200 000 of them and nvidia was talking about this because all coding and all languages are right now pretty much obsolete wow because you can do the same thing in a different manner now If it's used in the right way, I think it can be a tool. Everything, anything can be used for good or evil. Talk about firearms. Firearms never killed a person. A person, you can leave a firearm on a table for 5,000 years. It's never going to kill anybody. It takes an activator, which would be a person, to pick that gun up and shoot someone. That's the only way they, that they shoot. So AI is the same thing in certain, you know, certainly it can be used for good or bad, but if they've got it on autopilot, now you've got a different scenario and it can be memorized to run that program with the evil intention. But, but, uh, can also be used for good but oh yeah a lot of questions with this let me let me say that who the heck is running that and I'm just gonna before I uh before you do that I'm just going to read this because uh it's really short um but essentially the definition of technocracy going back to the 1930s and wikipedia still has it up today is that it's the science of social engineering so And that's all the way back to the, you know, when they originally defined the term technocracy. And another thing for people to know is that back in the 1930s, there was Technocracy, Inc. And guess who was the director of Technocracy, Inc.? It was Elon Musk's grandfather. Well, see, I've got some questions about that, too, because you look at Jonathan Kegel, who's been on, they banned him off of X. Oh, yeah. He's not a free speech absolutist. It is not. It is not, which is unfortunate. So that brings us into some other questions. Well, I think that was my point because, you know, so somebody was back and forth with me this morning and I said, they were like, well, about the whole Marxist, you know, argument. And I said, maybe this will clarify things for you. And then I want to hear the questions. But I said, maybe this will help clarify things for you. Is Elon Musk a Marxist? No, he's definitely not a Marxist. Is he a technocrat? Absolutely. One thousand percent. Every company he's involved in is advancing the fourth industrial revolution. And look at how he made his money. He didn't make his money on sheer genius. He made his money on selling carbon credits. Exactly. So there you go. That's like buying right into the green energy. His money came from green energy. I know that's not a popular thing to say, but I'm not on anybody's leash here. We have to look at where this came from. And if you look at his family, his mother absolutely was a Satanist. Oh, yeah, for sure. Comes from a family like that. The climate lie is driving all of this. So there's this island. It's called like Vitinu. I'd have to look up the name again. Something with a B. But they evacuated this island. And they told them that it was because of climate change that they were going to drown. And then they shipped all the people to Australia and basically trapped them in a digital gulag and told them they ever want to see their family, their loved ones again, they can only do it in the metaverse. And it's definitely a beta test for this AI world society. Wow. Yeah. I'll get the name. I don't remember. Something with a V. But yeah, Vituvula, something like that. Yeah, well, I think that's another place to really keep our eyes open is in the Pacific on these little islands that are all over the place. Because you look at the damage that they've done. in the Pacific to different people or military bases. It should be very concerning because people have been displaced over their weapons testing and pollution of the islands and stripped them of their, stripped all of them of their citizenship, for lack of a better word, or term there. and displaced them, and now they're just floating around out there with no one. I know. It's terrible. It is terrible. Absolutely horrible. It's inhumane, yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, I'm sorry. Let me know what the questions were. No, it's just good. I just was reading. Oh, we've got good morning from New Mexico, Hawks Design. Hey, Hawks, how you doing? We will not, as long as we are still classified as general law countries, general law countries, we are creatures of the state and under the control of the state. We have a choice. We can vote in our country constitutions, our county constitutions, as per Michigan Supreme Court. Not unless we get out of the U.N. There are two bills in the United States. There's H.R. 6645, and then there's S.3428. There are two bills to get us out of the U.N., and unless we get out of the U.N., no, we really can't. Hock said concerning Trump in right versus fields for 412, Michigan 227, 1981 ruled that an appellate, an appellant is only required to file a bond. If he desires to stay a stay of proceedings, is the New York constitution so much different? Good question. Don't know. I'm going to screenshot that little job a minute. Thank you, Hawks. And, uh, Uh, I, I, I actually will screenshot some of this stuff in the chat. So I go back later and I reread it. So it looks like I'm not paying attention. I do. And then I go, the other chat for the other rumble channel is absolutely gone berserk here. Well, let and Curtis saber on here. We've got courtesy. We're seeing section 34, article seven, 1963, Michigan constitution, general law country or counties. We are at the mercy of the state creature of the state when We vote in our county constitutions under home home rule. Then we are self governing. Let's, uh, I'd like to talk to you some more. Give me a call. I put my phone number out there earlier, please. That, uh, Public functionaries abused the COVID lockdown and usurped authority must be corrected. This is how we govern the government. I agree with that entirely that we need to hold people accountable. for their usurpation absolutely we are the boss they work for us the clerks have the authority to hand count and tally if they refuse to commit replace them like they did in green charter township within mecosta county I agree with that we need people to run so everybody out there please run run for something run for anything I don't care what it is right we're going to replace these criminals we have to have good people that are not in the political cult right them with we should stop donald says we should stop calling we should stop we should quit calling it fraud complicated to prove but maladministration opens the door for corrective actions thank you I bet let's see you don't even know we are classified as general law counties I bet you don't know about Home rule counties. Well, educate us more on this. If we don't know what you know, then you're responsible for teaching us about that because we're open to listen to anything that people want to say. It's good. And Donald said, pro se, no good. Got to stand in fundamental law. The government wants to keep this a secret so they can centralize government at the top. I agree. Donna, can you ask John about what Curtis is talking about? We'll go over it. I'm going to screenshot all of this and then I'll give this. Let me screenshot the chats a minute and then I'll get them in John's hands and we shall discuss this so that we can absolutely address all of this. I think this is important. I wish we had a way to aggregate I think there should be. If Donna Brandenburg were in government, Donna Brandenburg would have figured out a way to aggregate all of these messages so that they could be addressed. I know. I know like StreamYard does, but they only do it for the mainstream platform. So it's like only YouTube or, yeah, that's very frustrating. We can put, we're going to, we're going to add certain things to what we're doing here. With Brandenburg News Network, we're going to start adding transcripts and being able to clip short videos. That's amazing. We just keep building on it, which is really amazing, is watching all of these platforms go down. When they were all down, we were still up. We didn't skip a beat, which is kind of a cool thing. It's great because Rumble went public and 11% of it is owned by BlackRock and Vanguard. So, yeah, we definitely need some backup. I did not know that. Yeah. All right. So let's switch from going on. Actually, there's chats going on with Brandenburg News Network, which is soon to become Bloodbath News Network. We actually even protected the names. So I went right in and said, oh, this is a new kind of genius here. Yes, we will be known now as Bloodbath. Blood Bath News Network. So you can go into the live stream on Brandenburg News Network. I can probably bring it up. It's going to be real funky, though, because it'll have the sound on. So you'll hear us hearing us. See if I can bring it up, because I can't turn the sound off. All right. Here we are. This is our live feed. Mm-hmm. And you're going to hear us talking. I'll go ahead and put it, let it. Okay. You can probably lower the sound on it. I don't know. Turn the sound off. All right. Here we are. This is our live feed. That's us listening to us talk. You're going to hear us talking. I'll go ahead and put it, let it. Okay. You can probably lower the sound on it. I don't know. Turn the sound off. Now there's multiple. Here we are. This is our live feed. We're out of control. You're going to hear us talking. I'll go ahead. Oh, that's funny. So I actually see the screenshots of that while we're online, too, of the chat that's going on. I do listen to all of it, and I do appreciate all of the comments that everybody puts into the chats because you're actively helping to educate us on what to do. You know what would be really great? Would be to put the link on here to come on StreamYard someday. I thought about doing this, doing it as a call-in type show. People would call in on StreamYard or on Brandenburg News Network and get them into Brandenburg News Network so that we can actually talk to them. I think that would be really awesome. Have a call in because I'd love to see Charlotte and Hawks on here and Donald because you guys are on here every single day. And Leb is on here. Leb is amazing. All of these people are amazing. And then once in a while we'll get somebody new on like Curtis Saber. I appreciate your comments on here. Love to talk to you. So if anybody wants to call me at 616-430-4410. Can do it that way too. Lots of ways of doing it. So where there's a will, there's always a way. Yeah, exactly. Anything else you want to talk about? No, I mean, that's really, I encourage everybody to go look. Oh, there was one other thing that I wanted to point out was they talk about the 6G technology. And I've mentioned this before, that there's an MIT study where they say how it's essentially going to be harnessing the energy of humans physically. For this 6G technology. And you can look that up. It's a pretty common headline. But they talk about it in this book, in the AI World Society. And they talk about how they're going to use it for the Internet of everything. Therefore, it exists. Yeah, it exists already. It exists. Yeah, it exists already. It's not theoretical. You know, I posted it two years ago. And of course, I got a lot of flack. I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist. I'm a kook. I mean, I literally am posting information. All the best people are. Yeah. But I'm like, it's literally their own word. It's like when I post chemtrails and like, you know, it's literally in the congressional document. Tennessee just banned it. They just posted a bill to ban it. But no, they're not real. It's fake. Okay. I made it up. Whatever. When I theorize and I speculate, you will know. I tell you. This is my theory. It's my opinion. I don't have evidence. It's based on these data points that I'm seeing. They look like they point in this direction. Or I'll say I have a gut feeling about this. But if I present something, it's not a theory. This is their own words. You should probably believe them. They tell you something... should probably believe that these are their plans. And there's patents out there. There's patents on these things. I know, but people fight me on that too. They say, oh, patents don't mean that it's been used. I'm like, okay, do you know how hard it is to get a patent? Do you know how expensive it is to get a patent? Clearly not, because if you did, you wouldn't take it so lightly. You would put a little more credence in patents. People get patents for a reason. And oftentimes, the people who have patents have military connections. I'm not saying civilians haven't gotten patents. They have. But it is a very expensive, time consuming process and it is not an easy process. I tried to get a patent when I was a kid, like a few actually. And so I actually know the process and I'm sure- You were that kid, weren't you? I was. I was that kid. So I know the process and I'm sure it's way more complicated now. But all this to say, so the 6G technology, they talk about the Internet of Things and the Internet of Everything. And there's the Internet of Nano Things. So they are talking about this technology that it's like self-assembling nanotechnology. Charles Lieber was a pioneer of this. A lot of people may know him because he was recently sentenced for, you know, what they call tax evasion. Although I really think it was espionage and they just slapped him on the wrist. uh, saying that it was tax evasion because of his ties with the thousand talents plan, uh, with, with China. But, and of course Harvard owned part of his house and they claimed they had no idea what was going on. They didn't know about this, uh, thousand talents plan, even though the Wuhan university and the, uh, Charles Lieber, I forgot what it was called, but his research organization was directly tied to Harvard. It was partnered with Harvard. Somehow they didn't know they were totally naive. Uh, But anyway, he had patents on this like self-assembling nanotech technology. And he's partnered with Elon Musk on the Neuralink. He created, he's the one who had the patent and created the Neuralace. So they're talking about, but in this AI World Society, they talk about this like self-assembling graphene oxide type of nanotech. self-assembling technology. And it's really scary. It's like everything being connected and that we're all this biometric data that they're currently collecting. They're saying in the future, this is they're imagining in 2045, which is honestly not actually that far away. If you really think about it, it means that they're well underway in developing this and organizing it and creating, developing the technology and the infrastructure to make it happen. Um, they're saying that they'll, everything will be done through sensors that are within us. Um, and if you look at the, uh, what is it, the digital horizons, uh, policy horizon, sorry, document out of Canada. Uh, they talk about bio digital convergence and it's already in there. I mean, it's up on their documents, bio digital convergence, and they're using a technology like they talk about, uh, you know, how. We'll have these sensors within us to know how many vitamins we're missing, like how much more we need to eat today, whatever. They're going to know what medications we take in, and it's all going to be tracked and measured, and then we'll get little sensor reminders. And it's all going to be done through internal sensors. And they talk about this in this AI world society. So that's definitely in their plans. And who is it? I'm forgetting his name, but Burra, the head of Pfizer, he talked about it at the World Economic Forum. Right. Remember, he was like, imagine it if we could just take a pill and it would give us all the data we need. And then we would know, like, who took a vaccine, who needs to take more vitamins or whatever. Yeah. So this is the world that they imagine for us. And they keep saying the brave new world. So they're literally trying to recreate Aldous Huxley's brave new world where the masses are all, you know, zoned out on Soma. And this is why I think they're pushing the psychedelic revolution or, you know, revival. I think it's both, honestly. So I'm very cautious. Yeah. Rob, a real good friend of mine, Rob, gave me a text and says, have Courtney look up Brian Mitchell for lots of videos on the globalist plans on Facebook. So that's from Rob. I'm familiar with him. I think he might be following me. I try to stay off of Facebook because they just keep going back and taking down stuff from like years ago. So I have like, yeah, I feel like I'm hanging on by a thread on Facebook. And I feel like Facebook is even more so than some of the others. They're just really polarized. They're not. Facebook, if you can sneak through anything on Facebook, you're probably speaking things. Oh, look in my, my thing just froze up when I said Facebook, let's see if it does it again. You know, if, if, if, if it gets through Facebook, Pretty extra sure you're probably not on the right side of the world. I don't know how it could even get on Facebook, Rob, but it's a good idea. We'll look at it. Yeah, I'll look at him. What was his name? Brian Mitchell, right? I'm pretty sure I am familiar. I think he is doing great work. It's not a dig at him. It's really just at Facebook. Yeah, it's a dig at Facebook. So I want to show you this a minute because this is kind of when you talk about a self-assembling robot or, you know, self-assembling. Look at what they put in Big Hero 6. There's the nanobots or the graphene oxide. I always thought that looked like the graphene oxide, which can self-assemble. Yeah. They tell us. They do tell us. Mm-hmm. So programming or the militaristic term is operational preparation of the environment. There's even a portal there. Check that out. Isn't that crazy? There's a portal. But look at the self-assembly. I mean, this is like when I saw this, too, when I saw that, I'm like, dude, this is exactly what they're talking about. It's a great depiction of it. Sure. Yeah. And here comes our heroes. Kind of interesting. You can't hear the audio. That's okay. I can barely hear it. Again, I have closed captions on this. I can kind of read it. I'm not sure why it's so low, but it's like I've got it up all the way. I got to run it through my computer. But at any rate, just watch. Just watch what this thing does. And this is what they're hoping is to have people move in concert like that. Think about what's happening with how the media manipulates people to move as a group. Basically, they've done it through minds, getting people to believe one thing, and then they all move together instead of questioning everything. They're already there. But I think that they're thinking about it in a much more nefarious way, too. I think that that's probably in the plans, as you said, to your point. Look at their little tiny, they're just little tiny, you know, bots. Mm-hmm. And it morphs, it moves around into whatever is controlling the network. Right. Communications. I think that's really super interesting. Yeah. So if you want to see kind of a nice depiction of this, including portals and And graphene, you know, graphene oxide and the whole 10 yards. I mean, it kind of looks like it to me. It does. No, you're right. It does look that way. They always going to tell us what they do before they do it. So revelation of the method. Yep. There you go. So, well, let's head to our days today. Yes. Ready for prayers? Yes. Okay. Want me to pray? Yes. Okay. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so very much for John and Courtney. And I just am so honored that you would have created them for such a time as this with their beautiful personalities, their thirst for righteousness and getting the truth out there. It's so wonderful. to have friends that we can sit and talk with about real things, that we can discuss everything, the things that are bothering us and the things that are important. And we know that you're always here with us, listening to our hearts and knowing what's important to us because you love us. We're your children and we thank you so very much. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to wake up every day, a new day, and try to get this thing right. We lean on you for guiding us and all things on the path that you would have us go because you have a specific path for each and every one of us. And you know exactly where this ends for each and every one of us. And we just thank you for that, that you're walking with us, that you'll never leave nor forsake us. We are thankful for you. We're thankful for your provision, for your love, for everything comes from your hand to us and even for helping us to be better people. That all comes from you as you lead us and return to you. Help us to always turn to you in every difficulties that we have in our life, but also with the praise and the honor that goes all and only to you. We really repent of looking at organizations or thinking that there's going to be someone out there who is going to be our new savior because we already have one and that's you. We thank you so much. You created this earth. You have walked with us every minute of our life. You love us as we are, and we just can't even imagine that type of agape love, that love that loves us in spite of our flaws, who will walk with us and help us along the way. We thank you so very much, and you've been a great friend to us. We want to be a wonderful friend to you, and we love you. In Jesus' name we pray, amen. There we go. I truly believe in the goodness of God that he never leaves us or forsakes us. Even in rough times, there's things that happen when things go bad in the world that you can't get that learning, that knowledge, that growth any other way than when there's a little bit of pain. So it does produce things that are good. It's not that things are bad. So when we stop looking at the world as, oh, we're a victim of this, we're a victim of that, but say, you know what? I'm going to embrace this little situation because all things come from the hand of God. Good things. And all things are for good to those who love him and are called according to his purposes. So we can look at that and go, you know what? God's putting me out of my comfort zone just a little bit. That's okay. We're going to go ahead and embrace this and run with it and finish the race and never back down. No wavering. So thank you so very much for being on today. Here we go. Everybody out there, you're loved. We love you. And there's a lot of people fighting out there. Come fight with us. Don't expect us to treat you like a baby. You need to step up as an adult and fight with us. So God bless you. God bless all those whom you love. And God bless America. Have a great day. You too. We were given this day. So let's be thankful in it and run forward. And we'll see you tomorrow. Tomorrow I have on. Let's see. Bill Moore and Ralph and Karen. And then after that, we have a governor candidate for the state of Missouri, as well as Lisa Panette. She was helping to write the Heartbeat Bill. They're very interesting people. They're attached a little bit to Eagle Forum. Good people. Missouri is doing a great job fighting for... education, parental rights in education. You're doing a good job on a lot of things there. So I'll be anxious to talk to them and such tomorrow. So we'll see you guys tomorrow. Have a great day. Yeah.