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Published Nov. 6, 2023, 9 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and it is the sixth day of november twenty twenty three and welcome to brenburg ah my brain is still a little bit on wedding time from the week and my daughter's wedding was absolute beautiful gorgeous and we had we all had a very nice time really different when you have wings in a barn it relaxed its more relaxed and quite a lot of fun any of so there's my wedding up dat it was wonderful and i'll be sharing the surest on on light over this it was just a lot of anyhow i'm getting back into figure out what's going on in the world and not just not just stuff full time wading wading focus and i wanted to do so my first gas ter to day checkshirt had you on jock in morning donewhile come in one glad to have you back or for a weekend of i do what is get to very busy and they are exhausting oh i'm i'm still i'm still drinking okashi is my seckint comico he hopefully in about five or ten minutes here all actually be able to wake up and make sons but any up what's out let's talk about him in to start the south with video here a minute and let so had and i'm just completed as to set talk about ingerman i towsontown historical locations like this one stone and origin the middle of the strong circle out it is an absolutely extraordinary if you want to watch documentary like otway a producing it go to history it teethes like nan sexforty and if youse the cod time line when you check out you can especial introductory looks like a good resource did i go to the and you section of parliament was due to open just after search party had the cellars below the old parliamenthouse one of em the freshest of five he found the strength and one not the fire was fortysix bowels of too low a parliament twenty times or they arrested first link and the chain of the greatest terres conversing as even if i have succeeded they wanted it would have and most holding out in english strict the first who can impress princess the lords bishops the gentry the churches recognition for misprint oh but it's the comportation strike the rush he had sunday the twentieth of may sixteen of contain just off the string men met in a member room veto plan the assassination of king james i and the destruction of his entire governt this cone fotelon was not the brainchild of the interest guide for imagothe summons of a young man come robert cites this kilifela or he is the man with the rise the man who recruits he's the man who has the idea of blowing off the halesowen so we will ready to call in kate's is like rather than go folks like ersari think the least attractive resmelt among the comportatis everybody agreed the consenting he was who if you met work over so initially that i don't what a lord robert kateto such a drastic plan of action on the sorceress he seemed hardly the time extento in queen elisabeth appeared to have everything going to him he was a young nobleman with a dashing reputation as a swordsman and man of action he had and he had connections but in a country as aggressively protestant is queen elizabeth nothing counted against robert catesby he was catholic and prodded he knocked as it picric out on with a very st and the catholic should not be passive ouitoto better their condition of the seventy years since the english reformation most catholics had learned to keep their heads down and their faith to these seven attended church with to not catesby he was part of a network of wealthy catholic families who refused to chosen spread to some trickling fines for non engenderings government called reticence ericson his somebody consolating word recusare to resume and recounting somebody who refused to give somebody who will not change well i'm catholics not categorieswhich like the people in eastern who to trickle for who people behold many ways citesenes optics was sathisthe and oppresion as agreed to go along he held the recess of ten in a workshop manners catesby's cousin and living a private catholic prices were sheltered in secret children sent to be edicated in catholic schools in their own eyes the presents were a league minority in struggling to keep the true faith alive but to the authorities people like can well anteocus in cases men semaneros where do you think chocarreros son isopolitisin i can get me i think that we've qualifies races i'd like yes i wore when i go with it and it's a perfect led in it i think it's the exile in so many ways done it in so many ways we ve things going on others and michigan other is in england or rather an end isa latinit is about this agreement it is about up so many thing cyr seinte as a rule he was a poet initially he turned catholic he came actionsfrench warrior in a way you were ever worked for this paitians he being a completion tired of being in a bin suppressed as on a the five was he put the gun powder underneath the and moving for an got it which actually is the take off of he never did set it off but the whole idea was they were catholics could not hold on i could count the interesting because these rebels refuses as they call we were erfuse ec to day because we believe that this selection had claws their problems with we don't believe if we know at the elections and they need to be fixed if not will never be will never be cleaned or never behold and so we became be a class quite as refused i take a look at what's really there and we turned about countless first it was really sistroid but it was a battle back in old in a way was good for us in america because happen was after henry the eighth obviously pulled back for the count apologist of informed the churcher england he consoled because he wanted he what it inerrabili and because of that he couldn't get one with his wife cost in course he had no provincesirish of this other story but he is it one on ohthat's what i've been tomberlow he wanted to know but the annealing was prompted but one gate at his from that point and colleges were her sore there now in reading to punever queen is cos at various has called the case they are burned taking so bring the sake three he for heresy anyways she was really brutal in elisabeth took cover and a low poor more so are not settled but really i was more of the o wing and it went back king james went back to oh after cape and and that was all the thing that caused the guy passed but anyway the old thing i get that here is that that the suppression but you know that collected cannot oh very royalty of the other royal family nor can they they can never be a monarch in england to even the is in justice is the same thing that we fight the good thing that came out of all this was that sir walter drake and i am sorry sir prechista and sir woll perley and of calais america won't became america and that led to because of religious freedom of the sought out new laid in a way i wondered to day because everything that's going on what land will we seek out we continued down this road the bite now in distraction and all this suppression that we have what land will we go to have freedom once i don't know i don't think there is a place to go any more it's weather stand and fight for what we believe and for this nation or we lose it all because there in there isn't any more and the whole the whole world right now is so is so connected by the globe less that that you know i mean i think think think really long and hard where you goin to go that has to come and you know i have heard so many people over over the year sook if president trunket and office i'm going to go to canadashall know somebody a family that went to way the hack up north there and none in manola and it in it was it was it fortoor that that very reason they let and in it like be to me that's that's a traitor that does that mean sir they're her choice to do that or not but i know you hear some one people i'm leavin i'm not going to stay in the state of michigan i'm not going to stay here the one you goin to go it's like an isn't this worth fighting for you know you can you can turn tail and run and go somewhere else eleven all your family and friends i shall kind of a lack of commitment and lack of you know like a commitment like a lot for the people around you and instead of standing in fighting in making this right i guess i have a real problem with that oh you're here rightthat and in her you goes back holdin talkingall the inviting her michigan a bright who cares who really cares began say that because in the process alopicus we're not in control anyone and you you at the nail that what with the goblestone folks has exactly crack and they do control uslike a or not they to me was but we have to fight we have to be willing to say as why think what her so many people they talk about a well read really what do you do when i down there a protest in her you can shires and there's a way a protocol that no strange effect of right now its holly a wastethe oh you've said it many times and i agree with that that you know and he had what are you chief what is he what is the goal are you ever going to achieve it answers now unless we get back to what we get back to our faith we get back he we cannot achieve it without it and that has been where we been wronged along and we try to do it her own i also with her bringing the piece from from all things from the federal as the editor of the federalist a efencuman right and in these short little pet i'd like to read it because it really gets to what we're talking about what you and i've been dealing with for so long as was at first glance the conception of human nature stated reiterated and depend upon it the fodderless passes usual sense of the word realistic in or not to be trusted with power because they are selfish ashen full of whims caprices and prejudice miner not fully rational calm or dispassionate or over the nature of man in the constant it has had these characteristics draw recorded history to soon that it will alter for the better would be of a trail of generations on board in the sixth letter hamilton percipies the lessons of history and asked whether his not evident that women momentary passions and immediate interests have more an actor imperious control prehuman conduct in general or low or remote considerations of policy utility or just he was writing it opens to the most popular national constitution of the age and he was seeking to convince all preguntbales in new york to popolocae to its adoption yet later in the same letter he writes at any one who expects americans to behave otherwise is engaging in reveries in the colossian extravagant of those ideal theories which have amused us with a promise of an exception from the imperfections we tis an evil is is to society in every shape the thin oligoceneby god leave it because what we've been porknot as man in his sfairoeide os back to some of the other things we discussed another episodes grellichegreliche monteseoco man has said propensity yeah an end we've been they've been trying to brain washes for a long time and say oh you know that were we not going a lot of different directions here i'm afraid you had her but but because we really caught you know it's the people the bible can talk of people are evil down to the we are we are sinful and that world word has in a version people of such an aversion to the words the sun nature is is actually very very easy to get your hands around it's like what is sent what what is it sensitise for it's an imperfection and when you look at the first son that was out there then of putting putting yourself no raising herself up rather than rather than sitting back is like wine when you see for example there's a lot of levels to this okay there a really or a lot of levels but even in a very shallow level when you go to the political rallies are the political gatherings or that sort of when it all the and that but but it's also you know when when we look at it we have to really think about what are we fighting for what are we fighting for is it fighting there holds the personalities is it a is a one system over the other that's our new sports team we getherin is at the new cult personality there of the idoeknow it's you look at the act how protocol the things that defend in pre whether you agree or not you know it's a lie i'm not catholic i've gone to click catholics you know i'm christian i rarely go to church that's you know we we have gatherings that and are borne on the weekends and our animals on the i think in that god told us to do as we see take you know we're suppose we don't just walk away from that sort of thing and so i mean i mean there there's what's the commitment to each of and ingredient of our lives so that we purify ourselves to be more like all your puritan and other things that come to bide his galatians five persons nineteenth one and the king james pilosis now the works of the flesh are manifest which are these and all preporition inclines viciousness idolatry which crop hatred variance emulations wrath strife seditions heresies enderson is reveling and such like of which i tell you before as i am also told you the time passed that they which do not do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of god the fruit of the spirit is love joy peace was suffering gentleness goodness his temperance against such there is no law and they that are christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections the affections and the lost if we live in the spirit but is also walk in the spirit let us not be desirous of vainglory provoking one another in being one another that last a glass two or at last light let us not be desirous of being gloriette and edindon in restructuring from the bible the fighting is is nonsense you look you look at thought you look at the palaces you look at the order how do you create or her and defend defend the people around you what in alike my doctor is is most and there the wonderful people i don't i'm not moslem i'm monson and you know i have a very very strong beliefs if you don't if people don't agree with us and what we have de while we're still to treat with honour and respect though there is there's a passage you know i went to a studied messianic fore and there is a very there's a lot of misconceptions about what was being said at the time in the bible because it taken out of contact so very simple one is when abraham planted a tree for he if it was kind of a joke really when when it was sad that he planted a tree for shade because he planted eight tamers if you don't go to the original test you never got to know that while the tamers tres slow growing tree on the plant he was never going to see shade either where he is kind and probably not as grandchild he did this for the future generations and not for himself and that's that's a really significant difference in what we've been told or songora there's more to that story than you know i've been i've been you know absolutely you know i'm a tack on on over this just over the issue i've been viciously attacked or and one of the things that people miss in that the point of the first old of free of your daughters to the to the mob outside he pacified them is a real problem okay there was it was in just about about you know em what people say it's homosexuality in such a man now they'll drill down right on that one is and there is more to the dynamic than what was tied but it was also about hospitals and how people were brought in and how strongly the juice of the and so i mean i could i could probably do a very long talk on this but during down into into the issues and just creating yet another enemy to instead of instead of a settin church as that with the is all about that we sit in church and we just talked people that agreed with us or do we reach across the aisle and and try to be held what it would i jesus i came here reach out to people to be the savior of the work came to divide also but the division was between good and evil and in the there's the takes great discernment to know the difference between these we don't do and we don't have dialogue to day in northern he and obtained were right there on and evelina's why would talk about the colic and the protestants in england whatwas that they were in the same in the same mine said wayotherwise right who is wrong with decide that i think we know decides that wesserling that do and lasithe new group that you were going to hate now casethat bethought us to do these suddenness of for growth and division it's like a i don't have probed with the chinese people i have a huge problem with a set i don't have it i don't have a problem with the victims that are in palestine or in ise is that this is the ruling this created all of this all of this concoquere is o it's all based on actually did of me this morning i didn't put it out but i create means and sometimes a sonnerent sometimes l but if you know the this is nonsense and we're going to have to get past if we want to survive the battle were waging right now its bole between good and evil there are spiritual forces at work and there's no two ways about we're going to have to leave behind some of the we do want hate in or we want to handle is her somewhat and not be motioned if there's somebody out out there that's a ray is that's riping children are pacified our duty is to defend a poet the children and does that mean that we that we forgive me it's not about forgiving them or whatever it's about taking care of his there are there are things that have to be done it tosses if you have a dog that bites and it do you make excuses for him let her matlose on a rampage to go on and bite and moll and maim others answer to that is now and as the farmer that is absolutely a very clear cut roll you do not allow something an animal come in to damage the herd conform down and in that in that family business not making excuses for him and i'm not making you a parody or i am you know an example of people and inhuman on being the same however there are similarities in the way that we have to handle some of this brutality and viciousness you can't let a rap assessorial ravish is continued to do it justly jeffrey overset he said you let me lose an i'm on to go out an i'm in to do again and it's going to e i truly wish under the operation of a of a very evil ante i never got it ever got his coststen sevier i may not at the hand of the justice i guess of natural law of old oh because you got to get taken care of but when we talk about you know what we're talking about his o goteaban against man and antinomian and rely is the evil that out there we we do have to stand up and thuswhile remember his what is evil look moore face will is the bicoloured as von helping we know that but how do we end how do we end like candles in a mass with the palestines and istria and israel or even america democrats against the republicans same thing as his crops to divide people sure it not everybody in that democratic a rail is bad not everybody indeed i policies the sister has had on the entire system is for it is set up for corruption that's that's my problem with it's not a complaint isn't with the people though there's some very evil people that have invaded all the so themselves are complete and got up set up to give deferent those who would take advantage of others who have no moral code truly run in the operation san or or the other part that is the so cold and in in in fall victim to the till evil and night i go back though the days of the french revolution would let up to it with rooper and in comasina the some of the others were in the the tried blueskin louis of france and in the course to the editor the idea was the trim and that was to take care of the take care everything to make a right well that was it at that with just the getting tea was the sense of law as this if people were falling the law they were decided they were making laws as to go with almost like were relit now in this country i laws are being made whatever they feel they're not there's no previsto the ability or to mankind or natural law it is not what a certain roopee want and we are not then more than slaves this is the tyranye seen a developing overtime it is of a moving or socialism and eventually the communism in soothe this not on were on overgrace to be and olilie we know where that will lead i'm in no otorgo head and throughout a throwing a hard pitch her instead of a soft ball but i'm going to say that i really do think that socialism and communism this sort of a soft mask or because what's behind it is luciferianism the system is a luciferian ah organization or hierarch and the way that operate you are you going on to get you you are only aloud certain things they that people and unless you're willing to do horrificis you do not you do not you are not included you do not poke it's not based on which actually believer feel it's how much can they control you and give you things that they know that you are well you have a a a a weakness for in in the reward through the compromise part of the and as to their own detriment in their own essay person is he has on a problem with with maybe a lower a lower type of a so a lot of the people in hollywood if anybody's been paying attention even for a short period the that one of the first things they do is a spot especially on or to the males sodome and and that's a that's to see if there to see how far they are to compromise and in this is many many people after that take in it goes from that to the next to the necks of wild back i heard of of a a music star that was told to give up his mom and leave town for three days and he literally gave his man of as a sacrifice that killed her and he got twenty million dollars deposited in a banket there's many stories like to see what people are willing to do for money or power to be right or anything age and imitate now it's the same it's the same thing that judas was offered with his the thirty pieces of silver worth than to sell your soul to do something you will not be able to recover you're not going to recover from from some of these the they are deep wound that that people have to come to in and of their own self to realise how evil the neatly whether its now or later there gnasthome to terms the fact of what they did and the only way out of that but one is truly by understanding that you can't work your way out of it you can't pay the price for some of the things that these people have done like you know killing babies dismembring people or whatever i mean it's all out there i've seen it all i'm pressure you have tooth an it's a people have got it will get to the point of realizing how corrupt human beings cause of that sin nature and the only way out of it i know to have peace with god to is through salvation is christ because jesus paid the price that not one of us on this planet has the ability to pay and you know you know jesus saviour of the world and when you realize that god himself gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life between us and god you can leave that anything that's hurt ful that you've done behind and walk forward and realize that every day is a new day a dozen giving an excuse to go back and send again that's not one o but it gives you your feelings with the things that you have fallen down on the things you've done wrong realizing that we're all in perfect and that we can forgive ourselves we can also forgive others and move forward in love and service to each other without holding a grudge without having any unforgiveness behind us or anything like that you can walk away from and its look a new star and in its its beautiful your your totally no you're your okay you know to two gave that peace on galatians a five and then was he of guise like atascoso or page and in there reality is there centered on an godward hose and i was going to read a little bit about hobbes or the comfort you claimed it and refitted by reading about the bible the three things that hobbes spoke about that or that really are the the disiare the at this section of man competition distrust and to desire for glory and insist earchman kind in this state of war which robs the natural condition of human life the situation exists with natural passions unrestrained incethantly he shows the state of war should be distinguished from wars ogresse some for the natural state of war every individual faces each other individual as an enemy it is the war of every man against every man the total absence of collaboration is where tacklethe total absence of cooperation makes us miserable and renders life solitary poor nasty relish in short tons hops prescription for the state of nature proposes that what human beings one above all is to perserve their lives and their goods the fear of above all his violence at the hands of others this desire to preserve yourself against the thread of violent death is the core of obscene psychology how suggests his account will be ratified by honest introspection so too she missed it i got my decree that really gets gets into it oh but we really got to talk about really where it lies it really is about more and one to get back to that one get unity through grinson full sir cole back for here we are talking about with ariostaen herself created yester and by the way my portion yes that's right happy birthday so you chalkfishing saventy right he of loather seventy years and so people that might be a little a little in reality what i was getting out with it breathed it back till circle became what's true drove that was the session brother than cooperation looking for things some people look at an evil and the use evil to justify and i think that's the problem is hobbes that does work begins and it begins to his three year and so it was cernuscolo boarded deal with it means a propensity free while the discernment is between the two which is what is truly evil and what is just kind of human beings being kind of dirt there here and beings are will derby and it in it takes us a while to mature and so really and we're going to make mistakes god gave us free will now gave us the ability to make and all every one of us is going to make a bad choice in her life a real bad choice of some point which brings us to realizing we need god we can't do it by his and that i think what he wants the ability to have a true relations in with the true relationship there has to be fed there has to be the ability to actually not be coerced or intimidated or anything like that and if you have if you've ever been in a really bad relationship i have and i think most people have some point when you're under that kind of a poet or or abuse or whatever whatever it may be you're not truly free and you can never really love in those it as you're just trying to stop and i think that when we look at people and how they grow especially when we when we're yock it takes a lot of patient a people go through those to make to fall a few in and here it won't let's forget back to the prodigals then and you know i've heard it i've heard tacked around the church my whole life to and but but what's missing there his life the oldest son was looked at with favor but one to think about him the oldest son he followed the rule he followed all the rules he he stayed faithful he was you know on board with taking care of the fort and that great but when the younger son came back he knew what was on the other side then he came back case of love and the older son absolutely furious the fact that he had done everything right and he followed the rules in this that the other his the younger son came back an absolutely was willing to take anything just to be there with them because he came back because of not duty and duty gets rewarded there's no those about it on no bout you there's a lot of times i i would rather have love over type of i'd rather see somebody make a few mistakes and actually now why there why they are in relations or why what what love really is not just they all the self righteous and of doing everything right sitting in church sitting buts in the seat paying the tone per cent which is shows me right off the bat how how ignorant somebody says is giving that the tone per cent that was and it wasn't it wasn't too the church cos attacks on tait that was the the holy language he he which was law that was there they were the judges they were the law right that one or saint was to run the country or to run their the nantion o is it wasn't a tax and tablets of america is so far away from anything that god ever intend and the boys of biblical a mount really that they determined to run the court system to have the sanctuary cities and sanctuaries wasn't to the iwhat we have now is totally face in the bible really has a wonderful wonderful sat up for how to run a nation justice for all its it is really quite amazing but of course you know the we've been put under this spell of trying to destroy everything you know even wants to destroy anything and good look bad and bad look good you know do what thou well you know albert and a in alice to crawley and all the people who were hard coarse that that truly have stepped in to lead people way from god his pure love not a just telling you what you shouldn't do and and i based on based on a spell you know as we got some interesting things going on in the world the water it now that a really going to test our faith and i rely say that mrs she was going on in here when we look at that israel israel as a country and we look at his land and we look at god comes when we look at catoctin complex i got a tea i was reading the other day i'm still i had a still spitting on god promised to the israelis what could he promised the socinians or clings reinack to sabriera ham vanished of isfield he became their he became her oh wait a bit i was promised him de means so guess it's not clear i got a doll i always i called my minister the other day cause i'd like him to tell god grant enough about it to make my head still so i'm not taking a lot more and those in let's go back to the bible let's go back to the bible the descendants were abraham's descendants right and look at what jesus said whether there is no difference between jew and gentile were grafted were all grafted in these divisions that are problem i was studying some some of the progression of history and sought arabia and how oh my goodness how convoluted the the the arabs can't even get along the arabs can't get along with each other and you know you've got the jews who were infiltrated by the gazarians who were here said you got two levels to the jewish nation you've got the the zionist jews who are the money people and then you have the jewish people that are on the ground you got the the chinese government you've got the chinese people that are on the outing rob you've got the united states government which is a beast system all in itself including all his political party this exactly what the bible was taught and we've got the american people who are just like pretesa live our lives leaves long and less and in these the governments of the world who are so evil people who are evil congregate and move into those spheres cause they want power and the love of money either some and agree and there's a great articlatine too on not whose land is it really it relies the base was in raised to work it raises as many questions as to her you know who cares i mean honestly it's at that point in time you know that this is this is none no no i was kattatois if it is this sense of the fact that all polly god will decide in ingots tesselation but i'm just all trying to sort it out in me it's the thencising when we go back to because it is the the rub if you will how do we solve that and as boone then the account sometimes to solve this disagreement and why can't we all does man to willing to send out and tried to reach and forget all the carnage and bloodshed damage and everything else had gone on do you give your scene the there is certain of this a certain sect of of of jews that believe that they should be no bad on this and i have a huge respect and they they speak out about about that sort of thing in its more of a is a is in mind such to be of service not there missionaries with the same way your missionaries would go to any land and their here oh this is this for me as work goes back to you or we hear of god's kingdom over all is that is that where we operate as protective held somenois in here and there hemostatic tohorite people on hurt people they are on the opposite side of any issue with same thing with with with china or the jews anything or you here to help or are you just here to that's where the that's where the wine is drunk a kingdom is the kingdom we should all be a part of and strive to be that's where there's s where we get along that's where we strive to take care of each other and in granite it's antipope's hearts turned that direct we're goin to have a problem the governments are evil but ongoing others stop cites later so the alike it's like she layer is as like an onion an onion has layers people have layer systems i oh it's tar people's and in an individual bases are we going let them use us are they are we going to be part of their little fifth generation warfare this thing would have been settled long time ago if people would stop fighting each other and refusing to buy in to the narrative that the post to keep us fighting so he stopped looking at them and holding them accountable is truebecause what's going on is so feeling that that old thing because live because were selling good in goods and in the process of the military industrial complicandis finding company our countries look at how much money as being passeron and founded this is this is incredible i agree and to stand the bill well we are but we will point or with his oppineilla what kind of a one point of egotist we're not going to pay more of the time the system crashed as which i think is not too far off it looks to me like word goin to have an incredible oh you good work for the day and crowdalert i expedition a crash i think the global economy is the way this is seabeco last and what's not i don't know if anybody really knows but that's okay you know it's like anything you can't even make a plan and tell you get into a situation and be able to assess the schools you have at you know at your finger and in section houses and passes by three i have to recross to me to housebuilt in one round the corner which this was all out and nowhere odalisk the economy so important we have these colors in peoplecannot cashwhether close to me but not back close still it's like all my gosh how are people going out as she yeah i don't think i write i think we're going to see a catastrophic failure here at some point and a and that may be one of the bags and only ways that people's hearts are going to turn to god when things get real serious and we go back to meeting each other in order to go you know to survive and not a bad thing i mean i'm i'm not afraid of it i think this is going to be great cause we just we just rally the troops which is each other and we won't fail as people that's why that's why i'm not that concerned about it what just get back to the y close to and that that's really that's really kind of exciting to me where we ideanegroes the propers were versethat same thing their preparing for because she i know that his condensers very close i'm i'm of the line that i'm of that mine said is that we all should be preparing but we should be preparing not just for us think about people around her that what happens what i mean look at what look at that the power cut over and in palestine happens if the electricity goes off which i try to push us all with these nonsense eve vehicles that the power grew cans in michigan you don't eat your house you don't you don't eh you know so so what you going to do you know i genthenteon you're not going to have water and unless they can get the water supply up and running real quick and if you're on well you better have a generator or some so that you gondolayou can run ye can you purify water from a lake how are you going to what happens if the entire system that's you know that's what i've always done in any situation i don't go to you know i'll go to the boss i'll go to the kwahes of the entire thing melt on the tarmanant and if it doesn't all melt down all the way well that's agin me you got a couple more assets to work with and stud of astart for he either way you go to go to nothing and you build from there and hopefully have a few assets that will come along the way as there holding back from and but nothing isn't a bad thing we shouldn't be afraid of that there we started off with the humor systems that we have so whatsoever we go back to nothing yet now it's like it's a god will always provide he can make a he can make a tree below in the middle of nothing you throw seeds in the ground prodesse it's going to produce and and if we don't have the you know the non geo oh you know seeds you know we have all the gemonense the livesand up ready poisons around us where theventy to poison instantly with all the stock is the matter he's got to make something grow he can he can feed the masses was with you know you know five loosen or with love as bride and and in fish chololteca can make it work for the turner are or thenchen back to god instead of cold great war it becomes how great he is i don't see that is a bad in i like leader there there leaving his found the wrong path you kind o i see it and i say what a wrong with these people why why you don't want why are they to him with their doing all the costanoans the the having the solar or the solar fires and michte we don't disentitle the perone it's still helped rising with the windmills de he may go on this green energy now it's not yes the shistakoostees although seller sells that really could with the break and you get that cabin tell you right out or you get still i chose as the result of it but man tolman i see him popping just got everywhere whose cold who's goin weidmeyer vegetable ever besides this the chair that's in of his just as batter worse it's coloconhi like those going to whose as the air is miscegenated the after these eolithic developers should be illegal either one in all the truth you should own the land yourself no corporations should own this land in athen problem there randomly eating up farm land and it's sort of like you know people are leaving good resources like look at the look at detroit to traits only got a population of five hundred thousand people at grand rapids is one point with two or one point three and people so think that all detroits speaks that he know it's not is it is it is not the big city the greater detroit are is because it's sort of like it's it's very parasitic devout developers by nature or parasitic the things up and you don't see i don't mind builders it in golders are a great thing but as the developers developed these these large tracts of land to put us in the fifteen minutes cities or whatever else it no different than china on in the land if you look at the dynamo they're getting their long sorts of problems so his government and use our taxes they further to the siccative what out we halfaouine cut with the thickest to get landon there's so many cases at their school sees have pre common good but they toronto aid the belper and we look at one of the look at the ball burst in nimichagan we will get a bed harrow was felled by public money but who made the money this vouchers collected the recesses the echeneis money yes and they founded it in the developer octava whither all the money and then i rigosamos anson elaine boards zoning boards and township boards look atter township board and rezoning board and find out how many real tors and developers are on the should be a huge red flight to the they're no different than china owning lands colcestrensis essesed weeds are money that's been eased and no you had rather got realtors what not friend my real church but i got to tell you that we got a step back and look in those whose benefit the down in no in order to shores they wanted to put they wanted to build more houses gray decoche will that was the agreement we me years ago theteen ninety one or two keep that land like for nursing no boy ever be anything else is not compatible with a stronger well there they were working a change in this one there were looking in destestation was on the fore to new see exactly that to stop if we got it to his right for the people that there the people that are there the ones that will soccer and no better what we do there the ones the word community is people of likeness of like minds so should we maintain that wearious best we can yes and developers with the dew as they there looking at densities they want to make the most of moumone for what they're going is as old about money and then they quite often they leave and they leave the towns or the townships to to upgrade the schools the dacoits there's no benefit to any one only the benefit to the stupid developers a parasites and seen the whole community upgrade the sewers upgrade the water upgrade the powder grit the schools i mean byron son or here look at the development you know we've we've been able to save some of it off but they break the master plan that the residents want threaten everybody to silisious but asked her pitieguathe through to that because i got test the vines well he is of his living document no it's not not men to be in the living die me when you will change it it's not when you don't want it and the argument is that is it's really bad other part that you mention to is that i leave the city they do they they have a short life there in the city they don't suffer the pain if you will petonep rience the as the problem i got well this is that holbein its nature sid if it's done in any in a controlled way and the citizens have iginpos have real in put this example gelccan come to or within your property they only have to notify those within three hundred feet of the pope orationthe do tofore anybody wait a bit it there everybody's impacted in like ouse the noreshoure schools is thensample into candor shores the problem is everybody's going to feel the impact of never own because the croghaglin it wasn't going to change anything else so you don't be more cars or as he hypenodes even does studies are not in required him to do the studies come think of that so sir i don't like your going to probe in intensity you had more to it of and then anthedon shop boards that that are going along with the nuns they are all getting a pair of somewhere i'm going to tell you that right there or there in bad with him because you look at the amount of developer that or on these boards and i tells you all you need to know about self a self erichsen on just a look at goshen goshen is like the poster childless people that are of there that were were getting paid big money for the tracks of land around that by goths they were voting themselves without cardboard yes this tool look at it i think it's white river towns i do there it might the guy what he had had a conflict of interesting the supravisor and he lies the land of this big solar quantico what is a desendants a matter of perception support thing is the cockatoo things contains some dangerous noncompound and if they lecount the intendiment who is going to pay for he's going to go to the persons has got all this had meantall your right in your body and so we go so sorry we didn't mean it you know that's the hero do it's jest like the wind'll plate i you know i've we've we've had i've done you know i supported and i instigated as study with western illinois university and some grand students looking at ways to optimize the rail yardand the one thing that we looked at us so i'd like to look at it how are we going to fix the problem with these windmills because when will blades have a very short life it's all composite material they don't know what to do with you can sit there and disney land lay out there everybody that thinks that when on her do the greatest itgreen ottery you're green working it at a disneufisme fancy i'll say fancy i fancy version squat little but when you look behind it like with eve and the coal walt mining and the lithe and mine and am your the thethethe women blades and what are you going to do with em aren'tyou can't break them down we can into on or about the no it well in the order leeches they got like they've got a ton of oil that has to be he you don't three hundred or more feet up in the air and you are got to change the oil every three months and the nose cones of these things have a cool and that they cannot that's worse than free on people don't even realize this they had the th got rid of free on they still have a cool the noes corn on these shoes and in its worse than free and every like ye green energy in a like this is public education or education in america to turn the entire nation into children that their basing decisions on fantasy rather than actually researching and finding out the complete in in its real it's really too bad it's i don't want to be bothered with a truth let's just keep going the way we're going and then we'll deal with it after we have to clean up the cad me am and all the other that's in our bodies and in like the least are not from that we on the poles has got to go into the his gongorists to the light good luck with that great entertainment yet light and you're going to be around to clean it up and you're going to be round to i here the problem no you're not an is goin to clean up the land afterwards and the peas in all the plasticizers that are in our water and how about all the drugs that have gotten through and or municipal waters why why don't why does anybody think that we're having if fertility issue that we've had for years how much birth can is in a water how much how much many other talk the pathos the or in our water system there like oh it's fine just drink the municipal water with our for eye which is a girodet of the onon industry that they had to get rid of a to so they convinced it's going to help your teeth no i doesn't deposits inside your bones and everything else has put the poison on he actually does something even worse in forms with the water a surtoot of oecophor asked deposit will break down to down about can it obdormientes so bad right on contour skin yago delos when the great epistole practice compostela overheard the time yes i know what the ingots its cumulative so well problem a criterion a dizzy his solved one problem if it's poisonous poison and their messages been a flat out lie just like with the oil industry and the in the gas industry all we're going to run out oil we're going to run on a gas and five years often news flash every one were never going to run out of gas their line in order to manipulate because these are greedy it who will use anything to destroy human her in menelek there's no doubt about it at the summit total letter genever changes as some told of energies that is then are you look at have done herself early know that otolithe jacketthe justification go this cleodorus transferring you bet your norashen to a clean energy those they will tell you that it's clean in his lot and are you doing his transparency so we go to we go to an electric vehicles while we need more energy where we're going to get their energy we don't have enough electrical electricity and a great orgon to get it so albego to with energy and in solaris great one had cost asseverating in teleport of this as the other forms or gathered we can use we are now why were the why we coming up with he so many decent things we can go to and is hydrosilicite is a foolselves i think that's a great idea do hydrogen hydrogen of euchre the innominate onto can you get water i see guys that's wot you are to figure out what we do but don't know chacktoole hindenberg you know we got to have the gothaische about while anyhow i think we're going to see a scare about coming out here i really do and i think he's going to be some real they're some real you know tough things coming how to us and you know we're going to have to together in our way through this that's going to be okay i'm not worried about flat lining anything we'll get a figure out we always have god with us and if it takes us to go back to some form of flat lined existence to get to the change humanity to know what's really important instead destroying each other then so be it then will you not we'll get a figured out it's going to be okay godoachion with that was the whole promise of to day as he stand this top of destruction is found to osirit you're wrong it doesn't work that way and cannot work that way really what i pass was to to do is what we try to do the past people of i abused the we have no people to day there busy nose the gopas time to say we can't see i can't say that he didn't have a good idea and getting rid of the system that was there that was clearly and trenched and complete and other evil so you know i'm i'm not not a fan of the you know i'm not offend people have always had the power but the only we we have the power when we work together in a lawful and we have the right to place the people there you know it's no no tersities we don't mean to go that far all fighting does is begot more fighting we need to stay in a lawful manner and the only way to do that is to get together and agree on this we sow out number them you know we soon number all these criminals are sent in in the seats to night and funny we need to get together god ol make away always doth will check my next gestis going to be on her the last words i got already with thanks again i'm doing the old leave you with st hiding his coat and mission politics because he spoke i just like the bridge the prince thought they could just woolpakkere my inlook what there left with it in bed the revolution if we don't know secretior out we need i done ified the problem it were cosolations to that simple is not hard in sosyego to set out and talk we hold you redingote criminis and stay with the system that works in that actually defendants people rather than that builds a cult it within the united a problem wishford and defied which is the best for humanity has just that simple and has what and we doing it may be practitionerall the way to go so dirigieron thank you whensoever at davos see you monday radio he all right so so that was saw next guest in breton jason ike he jason how you doin great how are you going down i sanioris always got to talk to you and i thought i brinnaria on other roitelet bit over to but thinks for waiting for the what's happened i think we've got a kind of a neat little legal of date we can get in so here because there's lots going on and i and i am always proud to be speaking to a individuals and i of i mean the s certainly you know every organization has as good bad and it but i mentally what e i o i love ye i love you and joan and sandy and the people that are i have truly donaver in manner fought for this at so welcome what's going on thank you and we really got you good shot out to the volunteers they did not omit after last year ah in the the ant hour ah and the last hostile minute we managed to pull off the recon and december last year and that a that recount included five hundred volunteers across these i heard sixty priests and dead findings of that we will find out exactly how how much we can actually save this that on this last ah no target let's talk about the lawsuit because we're fineing we're filling a lawsuit the safest adonai and ye apron it the lawsuit is a predominantly focussed on the results which twice whites who election eh and i've been told i can't go into too many details because the lawsuit has not been officially filed yet we had a couple of setbacks ah predominate due to attacks on the attorneys that of forced them to redirect rise so unfortunately got with all the few things but we supposed you followed last we where we've been delayed should be out this we i wish we all set and ready to go and i will probably have to do another meeting to talk about ilbearer when it comes down to with my potatoes is that's a findings indicate is no way no no way in anybody's right mind that they should have certified that eton ah and we're going to see and the details the findings that not only wise the lections ballads tampering and all the rest of the stuff that we know that goes on lethe we probably have some sort of various activities going on elections and any one who says all actions and their illusions of dependableness there's too much to gain yet and you know you're just talking to your previous gas boaconstrictor developers and all that there's a lot of money that comes out of the taxpayers coffers and that's the most secure means to insure prohability prohability is secure and through the tax ah so you've got large ah bankers well bank roll a development and there secured by the taxpayers and so what do they do these developers that need to make sure that those contracts gets they had to make sure that those people that are willing to secure those contracts or in the positions to vote yes ah it's just sets up and very very bad a flood system for corp and a serf lie and so like the people who are in charge and are making the rules and profiting off of those his are are completely super from the intention of what we were supposed to have of weed the people in the wee people are only sat up just to serve them and provide them the parasites that they are with their funding to continue to selfe exactly and we will we have a is now the serfs are arising up he searched what's going on and i think that one of the most critical aspects of what we're going through right now is that we do have debating dialogue some that you were just talking about we have to have an open forum between ah this serves that are labeled themselves as republicans or democrats oh we we all are americans we hollered oh there's no reason for us not to see idion things and come together when ah it's for our common good ah it for the greater now in our state or municipality but or humanity we really need to stepback in and were on the brink of world worth three rain now and were being pitted against each other once again oh just like we had ye and a dividing between whites and blacks now we've got countenanceand israelis nonsense it's all it's all men to be divisionary tactics the people against have to learn to come together at some point and yes there i'm not on tonecessitythat all we we need to stay these and we need to a work through our old ah i understand that every time my agent dispute when i was a kid from my brothers i may have gotten into an argument you may get gone fistic but afterwards which we were brothers the one you know we hogg made up we need to learn to give back to being able to do that where do we find the common ground to get back to fixing the real problems so are facing and you are talking about some of the engine energy she ah i over ten years ago was really an excited or liquid there for i'd a ra reactors and the guy i was following that was talking about the technology was formed as scientist is named pers and ah he created fly enters when i started following learning about all these different nuclear technologies that were out there that were being surprised and it was like an is just ridiculous we can be so much with this technology and we could be set you know decentralize in our power grad as you can make a a reactor that's safe it recycle the waste of previous fast reader eaters it can be scaled to size based on the the community and there i don't require mass of containment vessels alice fast breeders and so they were so all these great characteristics and then they were going into some of the by products and how they could be used for space travel for the batteries that are used in spacecraft and ah the bismuth for medical you know all these different things that were by products that we would be benefiting from if we had the in use and they were just by a so not only are you getting ah this wealth of energy at a very portable ray you're getting rid of all the historical nuclear ways your created much of by protestthat open up space exploration and vance medical ah the medical or industry and treatments for answer and all sorts and that was over ten years ago and here we are to day talking about and in its perpetual when we get into the same state of affairs were eating one against another all metics stracted and divided we really have to come together and see you know a michigan there's no reason for us to not be able to unite around a common issues especially the flint waters that in that immensely in packed democrats more than infected republicans were republicans till from the democrats wright went there the people that were were administering that there and then denies it i just bet the last the criminal convictions against the people still have yet not fixed the font water situation completely of score do you ieremia or do you think that there was you really think it's both to can only be if he neither be negligent or deliver it and he who deliberately botching is is negligent and you're right but i'm not going for a man who had shethere has been delivered in tension all over this so many levels that every single situation truly the investigated to the point of finding out the deliberate destruction of not only the state but the nation young herringyou know when you look at how much how much s been on the electric vehicle industry and that serve plating or the green energynot i now going back to the taaoora we haven't put enough in enough resources into even spring things like thorian has right now what i'm when i i believe to be true is that that they can't we can't do there they have no way to actually build anything that will work with it right now because they can't cool it and so there's their some stole some fine points that need to be addressed before we can really put something like that in a and as we're distracted all over the place where electric would barrels of the sort we came yet to the solutions that need to be created long term solution a clean out that truly that truly will work in a good take a while for a se dagoes you know it's not going to come half an over night yeah well what actually is going back to the corruption aspect of it what got me interested in the thorium reactors was when i curse plain addio clipse of nicks scuttling the thorian reactor project ah after i had had run for ten years at a reactor running per ten years ever he had one in operation in the united states it was attested reactor and i i was operating for ten years they shut it down because they wanted the fast breeders which were being developed in southern california in order to win the elections they needed provide jobs and so he listened to this one call conversation between nixon and ah in another individual you ought to look this one out horsemints out he said look this was all politics do only reason we do have the technology to day is it because it's not viable it was already proven viable but because they wanted to provide jobs and win elections him everything comes back to elections people we we cannot secure our nation and we can advance our technology we can do the things we need to do to secure humanity because of the corruption the great that is destroying our elections look when you have none citizens that our being allowed i get drivers licenses and the d m b or the secretary that every time you an erect with them you get a option and the default is to register to vote guess what now you have all these legal legal that are here they're going to be able to vote they are going to be in the boat eroles and they may not even know it but now what else happened to weeks this over two weeks ago they approved the border of bog on state canvassers ah approved the use yes and asked and dominion ballet on demand is as in we have no elections guys were doneyou can't print ballots on demand you can have some one in the back room somewhere or ning of ballads to these legal aliens that now have been registered to vote and assigning the ballast to whoever they want look the breaks all sorts of problems and this supply chain and the security of our elections and will be already have issues where are bald basses are being broken and they don't have any chain of costers that show where the seals even came from how do you know that those baser even legs all of this stock is called into question oh how do we fix and we don't take it i keeping the same people and power that continued to perpetuate these problems we have to start to henry calls folks and i think one of the big ones that the democrats are getting on board with his recalling attorney general dan a nest because she has proven especially with his flint water situation aching that lawsuit in an the almost families the children that died from in it contaminated water then they have no justice there is no longer a real potential frescos ispeople have all died for what and still have not resolved christ they put out an article saying that they resolved from what i've heard from several water tested a has benders that's not true and that it's actually across the state there's issues in our water it's not just isolated that's one thing that's spent that i've been talking about for quite a while it's like if you think that that the point water and the bethowt rs or in anomaly your absolutely wrong go it is going to be found out o ominous on my my prediction my prediction hat here it's going to be found out it's everywhere the only reason why they had a problem with flint is because they refuse to put an attitude and there that that they could hope for it was he really minimal that would it capped the corrosion and all the problems in it eppie and somebody mister and then they tried to cover it up and all his entire state at this point in time i i don't think i think we're going to find out how in all of ours how much were dealing with with these underground lines its of its gankoma and i think that i think it's going to be shocking to a lot of people really do why the we don't fix it if we don't talk about it in the hornero lem only causes people to have cancers and died of a lead poisoning all his different things be false problems but i want to bring back to the the lection aspect if we really want to have secure elections and ah the people you have two camps and the promoters and one can what to improve valet acts right they want to be able to get as many people to vote as possible and that's their idea of demon and then you have the other side the other camp we need to be able to have security to know that our elections are legitimate and not so totally corrupt that we can't even tried people that are being elected are elected for nefarious means or by or an agents or other intentions one of those issues that we have and it was semented i believe in the twenty as a ballad in its was the ability to vote an on de oro now going home registered to on the day of the election the problem with that is in our empty all in our code that an elector has thirty days the reply any as a voter so if you register to bow and you cast a ballot and they certify the elector within thirty days how do you ever pull those ballads bad potentially bad ballads there could be some one came from out of state then they signed it away her saying oh yeah i just ain't got a chance to druggister havelok great so we had ten thousand people you know give bussoo from chicago a or from cincinnati or in toledo or something and they come up and they all across the border and swing you know for example the deedings district is rateros the border from illinois and indiana and that's a democrat district while i both she's democrat in both nomocratically have rural farming community typically all your cross the at the stay the rest of the cone the publicans save so and their family is one of the wealthier families since also been the family that's been in power in that jurisdicion for the longest out of any family that has run and held office the dingles of held that a jurisdiction the longest in all of the one ah for at any one family timehasty holding power and a particular one if he were to be asking questions right there where that with that you know i won't know that the sherewaters the people asking the questions he we've got in so complacent at all really said partial place once partial at in the dept and then the inner cities of the inter city people understand that elections are you can go and ask miss ayer oh we've got a witnesses ah in testimony from people you james keith is done gone an interview people both selling their ballots oh yeah they come run every year or of the bole epistor ballot malinalli and we handed the armenian whatever it is different prices anecdotal stories from all over the cross the country and then one in in my back yard and a grand rapids rather can colony were guy said he was one fifty dollars first plenty of people in the inner cities that fully understand how corrupt the elections i have accepted it and have just gone along with they there like with there's no way they fought against it he fought against it and before we started arguing about whether or not machines were corrupting elections republicans after down cropping in elected twenty twenty back to twenty sixe go back all the hated to twenty thousand to the gore democrats men a calling this out as an issue the whole time republicans lose one election and all sodden now there's probe machines people we all have common ground here which is the town the same page we all understand there's problems in our elections but we if we only complain when we lose then we see like sore losers and the reality is no or elections have so many you've done such a poor job of implementing security measures and holding ourselves to prove standards of are election machines should be held on nist standards they are not the whole apparatus for certification is a joke we and with only way we had the democrats were trying to dismantle the ace because sixty per cent of the funding of the aswinas lary that of two testaments or find machines and evaluating machine and finding better solutions for our election sixty per cent now was years ago i haven't looked at the current by an answer situation but democrats in congress were trying to remove the a over five years ago there aware of all these problems they know and now all of a sudden their silent what is that tell you they got fed up just like in the inner cities when they have realized that the elections were being stolen he got that up or they do you can't beat em join that's the moniche right have been abroad that's what they do we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard folks we will not advance as humanity we will be stuck in his that they used to control and people down we don't rise about we need to you night we need rally behind the people who were actually talking about the issues and actually want one at these in insome people have have espoused that they would do things and then when they get in they don't do em and the something to be said or the corruption once you get into these some of the fighters i think once we get critical mass will come back on board and i know that he we have to hold people speech i have told them account in say he not you promise this where is it look with mccarthy we finally held held to accountable finally got a little bit of justice we said hey no you promises to the jases you promised us one thing after another and you failed to deliver where are we still don't have the secure border and the democrats proposal for secure in the border was to allocate more money to help register people to come across help them in the process of coming into the does he is not is finding an invasion to me doesn't it you it is one hunter per cent there absolutely fundennes n this is his treason if i'm not going to sugarcoat and acetic any more i'm so tired of my trying to walk around the terminology and everything you have wine corn ocenica the trees in right off the band i mean hold the whole thing was it it's not just the ones on the top it's every one sitting in the seats cause nobody said anything there they're all of em are quiet they're not fighting for anything they're not making this an issue and there not asserting their upholding their oath of office they are not bringing to to the table to things that need to be to hold to to to write any of these it i will i there's a hand oh i would say that we have about twenty to thirty that eh are you know there's polly about a dozen that are playing the game but then there's about ten that are real strong fighters and stay on task anecathen then there's about ten that are in of in between i would say there's about thirty people that we have that are in that pactions very difficult ah what you get into a position and you don't know the actual implications of some of the things their second author thoros of a fact right and whenever you pass a policy of you allocate onsets your being sold on the first order of that the money's going to bring in job though it's going to create business is and that was going to generate tax revenues second there or of fate a third order of facts where that money coming the tax revenue generated or reborn how much of it is going to stay cycle in the economy and at what point does the money get injected into that local economy there's a lot more ah involvement in to thinking out the entire process than just the same well we're going to throw money at this and we're going to fix it by it by throwing a fourteen point six billion dollars out israel how does that solve the problem or the crisis well i and we already have one of the most robust budgets for defence and a defencefor country in the world there's no reason why we can't allocate or reallocate training dollars that i won't be used because we're redeploying people a that money was already alleged so why do we need to add additional money there there will be some additional costs because instead of training and one region now we've got to have you to get the people to another each i'll give thee i'll give you that granted these are unexpected budgetary expenses in order to stave off the world war and to show strength and for with or a standethe allies then i wouldn't disagree with no when i owed her however ten points six billion dollars is no small drop in the back what's it going for we don't even know that money is that god inforceth sack we might honor not being asked weaken we can throw money that all over the all over the planet is getting to the people i'm going to say no as we haven't solved anything we have only just made the problem worse because it's going from the hand of one globulis to the hand of another gold in the i keep going like that back and forth back and forth taking more and more away from we the people making a tougher of all the stuff that they've heaped on people's back and there's no benefit there's no benefit to the tax money were paying in any more while in that's that's the whole point of having to look at things from second thors of in our congress people don't look at those things they ah they have peeped their surrounded by people who are saying all that matters is volts all that matters is how much mining a rayonnant it's all you have two years this one thing i hate about congress is that it's a two year term so as soon as you get in your learning the job and then your fund raising for your next came i gehennim an i'm on a i am nestor for the staff right there on that one because the problem isn't the two year campaign and getting back into it cortication again for my opinion the problem as is that is that it i cannot okay so i mean he's divertere it is truly the only thing they exist to do to your point is to re campaign to re the problem is the system is broken we can't continue to have to have the money drive every part of this and to get rid of all the industries that exists off of campaigning while then that's my point is where i was going with that is that the people that are surrounding these candidates feed them this information saying hey you you need if you want to get this a bill passed you need to ah you're not going to be able to get in this session though you're in a mitegetting the next session you need to start campaign he will form for them with the information and they will steer and direct their campaign where the cloisons them to be directed to and that's where we need people who are leaders to get in there and be like no i'm not i'm not taking every iota of your information that you feed me as honor sent actual i'm goin to have bedosele and i'm going to make my own determination the problem that i was getting too is that a lot of these candidates are recruited recruited to run they have no idea what their actually getting involved into they get handed from a thing in some piece of legislation that they're going to propose that's going to get them elected and they get put into this machine that they don't even wholly understand so they can be turned out as just a mouth piece or the lobbyist and the special interest and in this is where a grass roots candidates feel like they can never win or never get in because they'll have enough money and they're always told the same thing oh you you need this much many millions of dollars in order when that race he'll never be able to beat on the canto cosily tell though the one thing to discourage people from running for office to tell him that you need to have millions of dollars in order to win and that basically millionaires if only people can run for accusato sell your soul to a bunch of that is not true the negus rate back to boating democrats will say hey we're going to give you this this money give you there literally give me voters take right that especial what they are he we're going to give you student longs that's a pricking kick back asserted antlerantler prandere use what are they doing or going to pass legslation that hollies of their debt that's a pricking kick back their buying there boats we have to stop this is exactly the problem we have in our system is oh well i vote for him because i wasn't going to have have any more studios he's going to come on people seriously there's others a lot more in crete integrities in our system and second on thoros of fact of were all that money's going to come from words agnaecal going to end up and how does he get back to the after so lower than money and up and up in the act on banks do it he loaned out for people to start businesses will guess what we're having it ever shrinking small medium sized businesses in our country every thing being sente the conglomerate who are by license you're not going to borrow you're not going to borrow money the barriers to entry for new business is ever increasingly larger and more unattainable people trying to enter the market the more we perpetuate this system of a the des lobbyist owned the country and we're going to keep creating and reinforcing monopolies and do hopples dry place the more that we continue to reinforce those the more we dissuade people from actually creating new system and that goes back to the innovation and all this technology that out there that's been suppressed that can get its own legs because it's not part of the system that ssold i am intolerent with you on that in what you just said it had that's one thing i like bajasen we are oh yeah in i think that i think that going back to a chuck and i were saying the entire system is so flawed right now that the individual you know the individual he has has very little impact and then throw the media and on this is only an arm of criminal global enterprise that sat against the even you are good person and you get an office how you going to get a void you you're not going to have a voice you're not going to be able to get to the people in the traditional methods because the amount of ability to overwhelm with propaganda by the media and silence those in study having free discussions i mean if it's a real it's a relish in which is exactly why i started bradborne not work i was kicked off o you to by the kicked off a face book i been throttled life head head my snuff taking down over and over again they can't have an honest the armor of the things that keep them in power or the salaher you at you're not mishgan no i've not on the scentactually in south carolina meeting with several a governor candidates and other congressional candidates in word discussing exactly what you're talking about which is overcoming those hurdles and our campaigns so i'm down here with a with mackarness virginia great guy who actually got receved and worked with other states ericcson ah sister bad has been used to while it's supposed allegedly cleans the voters anyway eh as we found out and seen as it doesn't actually or or maybe they make recommendations but the states actually don't use all more maybe they do something else with those lists that they get from ericthe point is is that he was one of the the the leaders and the sectaries the sayis current sectary state and west virgin and i that was fighting against eric so e were here discussing exactly how we overcome these obstacles and how we build a coalition of candidates that are all fighting for the same thing and how we can work and mutually support each other to overcome the messages the the message sillythat's being done to prevent us from being ingaged with the broader audience with or constituents of when we build this coalition and we worked together from all state ah tackling these issues we are so much stronger together as the and we are individually and that's really what ah it's awesome about being near with these ah the rest of the candidates running for officers crosscountry i gotter candidates and just at this so informative to because we have gusarates that i haven't even thought of women that are nominal work in the northern and all cross then a weeping from the perspective of conservatives that their states that are just lost that's not the case there's so many people fighting some of these states that we think are lostand will never turn red or that there just to corrupt look comoroto piscinis good egothe talkingabout all that these other states have great eaters who have won battles and are winning and are moving at ride up the ash lons ah and there there continuing continued the game ground and advanced and we need to or that a mutually but also we need to take a step back into their old there are some successes on this battle field were not feeling wrestle winning were actually advancing who we get so caught up in our daily routine and her daily lives that we be to see everything that's going on the rest of the world around us and how much is chained changed over time we were in a state just a year ago where thirty per cent of the population was still wearing back there was still wearing that look there's no reason to wear a mass unless you are legitimately sick in your trying to prevent your mucus from getting contaminate environment of people around you nieuhaven to go get medicinesor something like that like there's some legitimate reasons thirty per cent of the people that is not a legitimate per cent of the population is caribou that ah and then when you're not using the right kind of mask should use him and ninety five or one that actually he produced a particular in their using either cloth or cerchia massing you can't wear such commas all day and think that you're being effected that anything ah as far as mitigation sorry going on this diatribe but has just got go head this is too he theewe have one so much ground when you look round now and the most i see is one per cent wanted to per cent and in some states and a few different airports i've seen may be five macmoyer cent of people who are still wearing asonantes to one of the big indicators of breaking that mind control of that fear based mind on right that's been weaponized people do not i'm in because their chow concerned their too fearful ah these contrived ah vaccinations to each when he gets you a well that's it like animals you know it's sort of sir true i'm come back to that again courses do stupid things when faced with new conditions conserved free of everything as i they don't use em in the grand canon that his mules because mules when they get spook they stand a horse will run in a run in any direction doesn't matter it is it's reactive and if they can get us to be fearful and run we will run to our own dismiss instead of stopping thinking planning or feet and getting a plan and for we have so semitonally around yes so back to our or winds right that to show that we don't need to be fearful the democrats overturned that election and connected and that is an because of male and balance and then we had albonitens in rissigen origins and influencing holds and all these taxes were starting to season their not broadcast i don't want us to know about it it had been in and its their starting to realise that mandbales may not be their best weapon especially if we turn them against and a people are the spectrum or prostrated but they're all trying to figure on the problem and ah republicans are all on trying to get ah the one turn out to win elections through laberge mala balloon i'm not a huge supporter of marabouts i think the chant it goose rendus ne me needed of him ah in masses ah but if they're going to create these broken systems we need to exacerbate on its show them how absolutely sure they are soon the constitution let's go back to the egothe problem is as that our election system is absolutely ill legitimate they've broken the law they have gone off in every diruption from the constitution of what is allowable and they just made it erlsete go in order to win at all cost rather than have the voice of the people been this roypoint that i have we are supposed to have one day voting we are supposed to vote in private men that bolt goes into machine they were they broken the law because it's being counted in pride and i mean we can go right down the list of what you now just you know the fine grain of what's happened with the chain accostasse but go right back to the base six the basic soprastante working a on the way that these elections are being wrought just in the first there are machines involved in a per and then on the other fifty other counts of what's wrong with us and realized that the entire elections is stoppered foes the entire running for office lately illegitimate and broken there buying our elections there placing their puppets we do not have a voice and i agree that there's a lot of problems but if we don't get on our shoe boxes and roger run for office in show this to the people and talk about it to the people who believe in the system and what an are using the system if we don't get up there and show them how this is where are the laws are and how we can then ah we tend not how a credibility and they tend to that decimate or greecebuilt becos if you don't run for all this for one if you don't run and we don't get people ah expressing the concerns and showing the capability to be able to leave in those capacities than an it goes back to apathy will then wherowhero's no one to both for its lesser to yeeld yototowee now we need to stand up even if we have to work within their morally bankrupt system we have to work within it so the passepoil ty in order to constantly turn the tide to the point where i actually have no those where we have such an overwhelming turn out that they cannot deny it looking as from county for example they have to just slip it that the head of the back because it was so a gregious right so when we overwhelm the that we say no more that's what we want and we have that we only do that when we get people out there your run for office at everything look at this we actually there was an election and can't county my and thirdness of this ronororaka a school board race was overturned last year so don't tell me that we can't overturn elected in wishing don't tell me that there isn't the fairies things going on in our elections and michigan or right so we have the ability and we are winning the information war on this space by in the space okay so we just cratometer up an we are we are doing it were on the right track we can win elections special heworthes and when we get our message out and we are getting the message he no and the tide is turning and we will get good people in the congress and in other places of power hande will start trying this time it's nothing to happen overnight it's going to happen when a long hall and it's going to take many years and veintavos thinking that we're in it ten earthrossetti republican and that mission is what we should be working constantly we need to make sure they were not destroying each other's narratives by saying don't boder don't try if you're not going to be in the state at the time of the election and the omelets are legal go for it i don't have a problem you it's better that you vote than you don't vote at all also try to vote in person as the primary always try to show up in person and be dessals be the optimal objective is to vote in st if you're not going to be able to vote that day for whatever reason it we have nine days of early vote vote early and try to vote is close to the election as possible don't try voting weigh the hecko try to vote is close to the election as possible if you can get generenerosity you when you when you first crown give them more time to go and manufacture ballets and allocate him to the people that the are in their own domain right like the you're going against the democrats and democrats have low voter turnout and they see that we have higher voter trent they can just go in now with ballot on demand sitting back room and they'll lections and singing ballads to actual voters and guess what you're all the askothios some bolder roll a cards in an we already know that people like rock the vote have a paces to the voters but a few that her corrupt or or or deputy clerks or the just election workers from the venders with access that are doing your bolt configurations and actually running your election because you're not going actually running or election working through benders that run your election you have so many potential attacked factors and this entire surface is way to beg for you to mitigate all those that let's be realistic and less at least have transparency and count bill if we asked to see the ballast let us see the for combat when you tell us now we can't see the ballots that's now transparency now we just have to apron this suspicion that you know that is broken and that it's flawed and that the results aren't what you say they are when you hide and when you tell people all we let em see now you let us see one box and one priest now that's not letting us see the ballads and in obowen we go to do are count and you already have all the bolts held before you open the door nobody got to see them with the seals or anything like that you could have done anything there was no outside observers you then you open the doors and everything was already laid out and then sat up and nobody was able to observe the chain of justinthat prose dear there show many problems comes the transparency just raises more so all we want is transparent and clean election and we know there's going to be some shining there's going to be some one who votes for their son art it's of a university or some one who gets their balefire dead ram or grandpa or something and they're going to send in the ballot it that happens and is going to happen i it was in her happen i mean even a lot of love like that people hevttetett it when you'd be able to if they are he tows and stop justifying this and i and honestly it's like it starts with personal accountability and to your point we are not going to fix this unless there is absolute anticipation on all levels of cover and when people are don't like these then run if you are i don't like this then run if we see things in our talking all the time but what's wrong we can't fix it unless we have more people than are willing to rotten omewhat do you hear it even if we can take the thing you don't different people you know out of the system who ilemtein to replace tag you're all it you're going to estop up and get in vols when when people decide you don't i may not have all the answers and you may not have all the answers and none of us but if we're willing to step into those places and figure it out as we go we have step but we have to learn the processes we have to learn the responsibilities for the and guess what when we were in these things we become more effective voters and we become more engaged activists within our communities because even if you are not wendolen the system and the responsibilities of those positions and you can be a more engaging individual in your community and you can help engageante others the more we learn how to manage our sister the more we take the control back from the greedy tourists just running and and keeping us a control through death right we have to stand up and we have to running for these officers that all that oevel although being on all way down to dogcatcher he we need to to get in there you know county commissioners and sheriffs of the most soothe most worn loquentes did cohritiers poor priories that number one most banged of the back which woos we like prosecutors how many people have actually looked into any of these prosecutors backgrounds the cases or anything they worked for who did they were yes when you have people from perkins coat that are are now your prosecutors and there not enforcing the laws whose fall is that we have to start taking account accountability for our own negligence we we've been so distracted by bread and circuses we failed to realize their system was being taken over rate from altronde so what we need to do as we need to it into these bolder guides we have to help build them and help educate people on in these are the principles this is what this person is done in their pastures that they have approven track record of being for me one a civil servant of through and through all my whole life i been andedited tottering miteinander in my country these other people we i mean i've got three people of my race two or two maritornes ones to a natural adviser and fellerairing against what you justice i mean the third congressional district of michigan and ah my opponents are paul hudson he ran and fell to when the supreme court raised last year ah in michigan ah i've got michael marki who a failed together at get number of balance signatures tenon of the ballot for the gonorilla's last year and he got no new comer that with just at of the race a samegil and fear oh you're let and i his obitual nobody also attorney those are the three opponents that i have i just had a debate montego and all other was invited then shot here the initial account i won the debate and you know i don't have an i beleue great i'm not a harder grat i am not tied i've done some protection details for some some wealthy people so i have some some connections that help especially when you're talking about running for congress and an that's one of the reasons why i felt at peace with with ronny and the enconcession races asia realized i have sufficient connection to actually pull this thing and and i that's why i decided enemy know what i've already been a branded bassador for the united states for for some time as a special force is green grey ah and i do versethe countries and multiple cot three cones a round the world and so as a as a congiongesseno representative house at much different i've had to work through statutes and laws and a work though titles finding allegations and fishery responsibilities so why not at this point we need people who have some of that experience in their life they can apply it and in actually care about the constitution and having everything they do based in the confounding principles of here onygates i found he documents for one well i'm i'm really glad you ronny and i think you're you know i've dovegot now you little bit in the de believe that you're on the right track and you certainly are knowledge of and i always preciate that what's eleven o'clock do you have any more thing else that you want to talk about here or are we ah we good to go i think we're good go i want to reengage we i want to talk the details on this lawsuit and i also want to talk to me we we need a once we file this when you do have a full detail break down of the enterprises and what transpired in love to go through it i been asked that a to actually to move because they thought it was enthralling how all this transpired came down so i weren't talks about that but the lawsuits goin to be a big deal but also we have we have to talk about essential recall on the attorney general and ah or complaints all all the teeth three witches a withernational and benson or all attorneys and some of the things they have done ah or contradictory to the requirements of polignac we we need to your oscan gessmann as is well discommission yet he so in i'm really so i'm always excited to be on a lawsuit with you no matter what we filled because you know it's it out there just just continuing to swing and refusing to stop fighting which i always i always enjoy a lock as once it worn't it were in a land something at one of these one of these law suits and and in four lawful elections and like you said this most important thing that we can do so soon really exciting beyond this and i went when you think that this is going to be filed well i i don't know the exact time or day but overhovedet could be it could be later to the i'll get along now as soon as as soon as this thing is filed that our loss who gets piled let me know so that we can talk about it tell pollit's going on and let her know that you know they're actually our fighters or willing the p to back down because i ain't still not conceiving the twenty twenty two election i will not to liars and thieves i am not i'm not ohiothe twenty twenty election i'm not kinhan of at this point time on no but is certain certainly we need to write that twenty twenty election too i mean this the rightful president united states his president donald j and then the entire system is flawed but but even even to say that and tell we get something that he has accountability that carried up we will never ever know the and in this is going to be a process to dig through this salute rightful present the united states donald j trump president donald j trumpettree tones make sure that nobody has a problem understanding clear direct and to the point ah and i am thankful for it off and everything that you know all my bodies there are doing to make sure that we do would have a friend far lection and then everybody's voice as being hard was the prayer and then as soon as as soon as we get the same file let me know and we're going were to flip that cameron were a start talking about it so the people know that truely there are fighters who are not backing and cogon here anyhow dear have we found the think he so very much for everything that true patriots and people that are part of your kingdom or carrying out right now in its very exciting time to be alive there's so many changes happening which are wonderful we had to change we had to go forward and we have to restore this nation under not not above you where you know the problems that are going because you have the way out of everything we acknowledge you as a creator of this world the universe and our father our lord and our saviour were so grateful for the provision that you've given us in the oldest of captivity that you bring us long together that you strengthened the bond of love be each other as brothers and sisters not in competition with each other but here till land a helping hand to help each other stand when we fall forgive each other when there's true repentance and a whole people accountable who are committing pure evil on this planet we are gratefully give us a of a corn rich now a difference between when somebody is having a problem and when somebody is truly committing a crime with intention to her mother and we dismantle you know that we love you thank you so much for being a great friend to us we want to be front to you in the name of this christ a man any last words dason thank you so much tonefor being a fighter and staying in the fight and and you know having this voice in this this way to get out the communication that we need to to break out of our silos i appreciate that so much so here he got guys heart hands time oh you know if they can gonionotus all of you god bless all thus whom you love and god bless mr dare to be american don't let them put you in a pan to manage as a group rather than individual you count as an individual you you you can with your feelings in the things that are matter to you and the people that are important you that counts your created uniquely by god and that that's all that anybody needs to know or go on right there and i tell you what we will fight for your individual rights were at whether we agree with you always or not we're never going to greet but what we can agree on is to defend and protect each other and all for in and mastic is exactly what we're going to do please go to branger for governor dockham because i'm still not conceding the election i have not going to concede the latter's chief we're going to continue to fight on and have a great day essais choice totnes section began montargon tatertate tuesday and courtney turner again real history can be as sarcomas