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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 2/16/2023 - Karen the Riveter

Published Feb. 16, 2023, 9:01 a.m.

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am in fact donna brandenburg in is the sixteenth day of february twenty twenty three and walking the show to day ah we have carinthian and is going to add her and right now or carondon when i everybody a man iteration right off the day i've got arrhenicum pope and so in god to day so seats go on i think it's really funny case you're nice start off chalking before we get on line for a little while just pessimist and i and i was enjoyed this time you know i think that there's some valley you right now and to st sistent like a regular person and giving out there so that a lot of people don't feel so long you know and i think that the i think that they had safely significant right now what do you think and you haven't some hard times right now yeah i cantreally busy my powers are probably wondered what the heck has gone on with me because i haven't been posting very much so telegraphisten i was hugging on it all and oh i think i spent a couple of a days without posting it just a matter of priorities family and hollandsome studyingan such keeping me busy and i even debated she capomi part of the show to day and it is can't do that i just can't do the captain because i do and won't we have a good time and in so many people seem to i don't want to say relike cause i don't know what it makes other people happy when when we do have our discussions and me and not a positive though we could use that we alone to use that i think what i've been thinking to last twenty four hours is in her own myself ragged when i have it pass and ah that comes from some of my training and the past too where ah it is keep going and you focused on that and you deal with the emotions and other things later and and any get ready for the next time what she got as he got to take a moment for yourself and process everything and not allow your your energy sources to totally claps but i never get vacation vacation is a like sessile vacation is a foreign word and pen i don't get to go anywhere ah the tent we have had a tended to camp we go camping for a couple of days at the time and my houseman is great he does all the work he does all the packing he does all the cooking we were there and i got to sit back and relaxed it's not like in all we long thing where we go swerethe doesn't happen and i tention like to travel by myself and if i travel with the furry companion that is more responsibilities so i like it and yet more of a responsibility too and you for tried to let dolores possibilities it just i guess probably a lot of moms get that you know if you if you think about it from a mother's perspective you guys know what i mean and i don't think i have kitchenette her or somebody who's a cure take as his reverent ones i don't get it occasions of the time uncle with it this week and starting the field i had letters sponsibilities around you right now and and i got them i know come into coming on ocasionar for us and i walked ratiocination word developer is trying to buy a community the community that were in down here and unfortunately it's all grandpas and grandison here i'm a grammarian's all grandpas i'm not probe of youngest people here most people have put their entire life savings into being here this assortment and the developer is coming in and the th i am sure the planes to just bold onsomething into the ground and there's so many people here that are like i don't know where i'm going to go where am i going to go you know they left here to wit their spouses and there oh you know the salsas in a lot of their sauces passed on you know i told you too a funeral this week this past week and on down here and if there is there so much rent we walked right into a legal battle down here and everybody's been asking me questions because i've got a little experience is there's there's a lot going on and i think all of us are so bound barred in with so many things going on and just even the new cycles look here look here look here you know we've got a high we've got the balloons we've got the the chemicals spells we've got this shooting and michigan state now we've got not on the whitmer the witch of the wicked witch of the of the north there who is trained to a through that hernadotte legislature is trying to ram through the second moment of infringements more gun control because of the shooter who by the wet it was not prosecuted that the prosecutor i mean miss this is liquorthey left the grout knowingthey was going to do it again he now they're using it is an excuse to you more gone control while everybody's looking at all these tragedies all over the place and what's potens what's going on with pot in an you crane and the jab on and on in ondinot how many distractions are going it feels to me like one great big sigh of and did you see too that there was a somebody one of the survivors said sir rivers for missions actually sampiero sanny cock and on what you're kidding me yes yes so then there is contingere or they dare to italy milk it for all its worst and you go you know he said is to somebody in my wall sometimes a shooter is just as shooter and is talking to my husband about it and unlike eh and greenhow as for a ton a cant the only reason men met as they think they can get away it which means in other words they're cowards if we get rid of gun free zones we weren't have this problem that's really true and some people just don't get that some people believe the media heights the narrative that we must get rid of guns comes consort problem now the lack of people carrying responsibly of course is the problem if you have a tolerable population the cowards are going to go there that's what it's really all about cause they don't go to places where they think people might be shooting back we had a guy that works crosiers ago and you was half native american half looked down and all passed and he got out of his car or he was he was in grocery store while he and all of a sudden as then pulled up and a bunch guys jumped out there was a girl walking and passed them and they took her she was wearing dress they took her skirt up and they pulled it over her head so she couldn't really fight and they were getting right to stuff her in the in the van and drive off with her and he and listening from tell the story was made in has a pretty good good side guy too hanesai he sat there and he thought about it and a forty five and has in his love compartment in and he just he he just pulled it out pouring a don and in sad to roper or you die and on they dropped here and he held the got on while she ran away and he and he said she was too scared even saying thing her or thank of an anything like that but that one act of bravery by an armed in an armed a you know person probably save that gal's life of torture slavery and a and probably death and it was as from an armed just an armed regular person that says no and a hackney now had had i got in his governor and i'm still not get up the fight is on not consent i would i would i would have had the standing round laws in le in a somebody if somebody were to defend themselves in the family that would made sure that they were all kinds of paretics you have the right to defend your family and your home from invasion or anything like this is nonsense am i was watching a video this morning and europe in north a whole anchovys there that were danced around and have a great time had seen we a finely indeed and their goal was and this was their stated to rape all of the white women and be had all of the white man and it was in form from their mouths to god's ears they sat it you know i'm just telling you what they said and when you have that kind of race as an a subversive take over a country in it which was which was intentional you know or you you have to enable the people to protect themselves and that is unless the unless the you know you serving government which is what we have really is just i try to take down the population and creek has i think that's probably part of it maybe i'll let yeah i've been i've been watching in largely through tommy robinson i i don't share a vast majority of a stuff he has fought a lot of foul language to the lot of negativity there gazer relief clothes on a recessional part against low down and routinean there yes it is better okay tell me robinson is really doing a lot of following what's going on in the uk one day in paris in ireland on the immigration going on there reticules and i it's all fighting age man and they are fighting there commentedand communities and graving little girls they're using on line techniques to get young teenage girls there am attacking people just in a street even in the middle both of the day she and it's got too point worth there homeless people don't have any where to go while the government is paying for these other crooks their crooks there not immigrants seeking asylum their real thugs that have that attentions for the people on seenyoreena but no you don't isonomy oh yeah yeah and the people are starting fight that and there there saying no to the government the protesting oh sometimes in wanly ann and i look at a merican on like again you don't see that happening here one of the difference as why is because we have an armed population and and we're all so ivvery big geographically i know we have a lot of immigrants coming in but i think over there the percentage is there is one community that has five hundred people in it and they were talking about importing around four hundred into their community and in the people were like no we don't have the resources for that yet it's a it's a it's really it's really sad because this is not this is not a humanitarian relief thank this is our country founding a hasslingen of our nation or police was osbert and then i mean i am look letless look it what's happening wanted i want to show you something else a tamping with all these faults flags that are going on and that's exactly what they are i ishere this sameness i really need there's there's certain things that are not being talked about sore going to go to ency ran again here which i go to lose s right and let's look at what they're really talking about it's not just tank or cars it's what happens when they burn and combine and the combination of the cars in that train should not have happened it was it was not i mean they had in seminaries with you know with the different gases in the ballochmile but but the the largest dioxin plume in world history was created there and you don't what i'm sorry but larry's thank he said he is the hero for black rock i think in his connections to michigan to the yew of aanschi whither got round wiser both you vain mission state university or communist fonded um organizations who are using the doctrinatis to logicalor revolution and they placed their bad actors in indifferent areas on this concordat i'm so anyhow when when we look at the mass of plumes spread fire and fry wide and is the blownothing whence across ohio pennsylvania new york state towards population centers of the north people he is should be really furious right now because i'm sorry that this is this is on every level sin have happened sort o like the bee he smell in the gulf that was that that was one that could have been avoided and they there knowingly creating these problems there creating them and o i think i put up yeterday in a video that showed the twenty one twenty miles of fire underneath the one car that was going on in this but the diacons are a hormonal talks ah and they are extremely persistent and then they build up in food change generally and lipids severo that's exactly what they did with the the the job theahthe alleged vaccination the use let they are by active all this pius projected on the viruses as the ends absolutely true for dioxin though the contagion factor is different running through families for example passed through mother's milk affecting whole communities attack sic realise that accents are connected to every other toxic toxins issued that ever lived from pcb to round up and they are there orders of magnitude above in their effects though its worth reading this for some background many pieces are close enough to dioxus to qualify such and picotees will braid into dimensions a herons also pilirostris with one molecule oxygen instead of dictons are never made intentionally some more time or but dacent per se is he by protocatechuic prod or degradation by product so this is going to leave to an early death for millions of americans from the exposed in ohio eastward to the contamination of the water he will drink all the way of the missisipi the contamination of food grown in the areas deemed safe by or criminally incompetent and genocidal government so this is going back to this i mean that the people running our government is its a death cult at a stated goal is to kill some an eighth of and the no one it is where i was conegochieque tion to you do you think that this is a that this particular event is a purposeful and totally purposeful event that they stand it up particularly with that event result in mind or it is it was clean accident these are incorporate greek it is my belief that this is not an axe in the net flicks movie is a real rule interesting aspect of it the commercial for it for anthesin it makes it out to be in amity now do you that's it yet white noise and its own cater yet even mentioning it up here mine let me see if i can pull up an i don't have a like pulled up on that and there i think that's the the sick cronin that these people have where they're going to point right at to what we going to do and planning to do and trying to do and maybe they've been trying and this is the time that had actually and had we're goin to hurt people pass ashrof where could a mistris much of america's we can concammitant work mabel is actually the first time walsen a plan be i can find something here he of course it's got it's cotelet music here is one poenitet me in it to find it and you too because unfortunately it's coming out late of seven to trailer now in the van the sandy hook connection is of your trailer one trailer at set we i notionthat with for an what is worse the same iherehere from east you a set up to moca or his part of the part of the i came to think that it's sad distraction just like the the balloons and such jenison something that shows a a department at what our embolon experimentation balloon a department within or coppermine throw that up to but let's let's to take a look at this there i think that it was planned well everybody's distracted distracted body with a thousand different distractions you know it is death by a thousand cops here going on so that what merand the legislature try to ram through more gun control and i know what people need get loud right now and tell them now and an end and absolutely no and then try to put some bit into his saleeby composed the up herold pool plan and seen his trailers samsieh goes whoohalloo that's the as for love or sister cognoissois shoes anatiformis foretrenches copperose while he is ours where each other's force and she osterno hence forcessection to he activetortures onehowever visitor shoretower protestations you shall not laugh at them as the father or monsieurshould hot lachanodracon of what otolithes or line for you i persisted set so portscale we keep a practical okay for as any longer out of pain came and with it the toothsomeness hesistation want to pay attention to what is really happening phenomenafata a stupid move my gosh i mean i'm not much on you ought to ride it's like that one there go so make it osteon there making a mockery so they tell us what they're going to do and then i make a mockery of the whole thing did you see the the little port of sculpture to in detroit the rack oh sculpture big round port looking thing with thinnelsee on that and duckstein things i got to look at this and go what in the world is going on the world has lost its mind and you know what the hemsing thing is to watch on the stuff lerond scot told us the stuff was going to happen so nobody should be like incredibly surprised at it you know we just keep her focused on god and we just we just keep going you know when let him worry about the outcome because all this stuff in the on around us and we can see the stupidity that move is thought is done with a movie trail or as i think i've ever seen in my life you know i heard letson given in review six thumbs down what a stupid look and move in a way of petition that acting bad directing that everything right and i could figure that out most to but it's like it's like we can we can see stuff like this going on around us and not participate in the insane now let us that let it dry in the fish too and let you be on are in indevering not i how your point but it's your and not in old price or on separate yourself from it in the all these stories don't get him more from the asepticity of the north then thing as i i'm no dodingtons ol in others one dapple for acid the gothicising it helpeth yet ah i don't the an can do to do me a in the lock saying that in oh and that to towing up we last care shall come back in in a minute he that was going to happen which turns into a bother it'll kick her off on the chacomac on again so now else why that works that way but to karen does in fact come on a and your microphone and the camera can the thing on there go a map few minutes here you've acted their care once my hand to adhere by phone here a minute an comenado that well well i go had had care by one out there are is there he there karen and there he i can or gotonight now so i can't i can't hear anthemthe screen there some wildestood by phone and coke so anyhow we stand let's try it will try that again are there yet he did myself for a second in trying to get out of the string as okay knock it in all right well get the figure of this assentence difficulties of coming to our body real news for real people by real people right anikaetos so what were you saying about the the ridiculous trailer there oh it is catherinepreaching to thenpineapples i think it hard and funny entertaining to the the laughing at us so you hessie is anybody else not paying a consent they alveston down a remote don't out i in colonial the innapenent on to what is obvious homeric in he entered what are you going to do about it i owrepowered he converted outrooting about it on as we can run around fooling with her arms of pending and like chickens of their heads cut off or be connactia do something about it now are you about it any more can he turn anything onto mine doing something about it to worry about it when he said how you can see this i put the sing up here but i want to show you this is that poor old it will re talkin about talk about mockings on every level i have not watched the trailer either some let's see let's see with the cephisson has to say here because it is kind of this kind of weird now when i'm not in string yard i might be able to get in the rumble orcanes solacelike why this is a big view just look at woodlea by design by desire and she cord christes thou if you saw my lass did you know about the stones it when i mention about the wretched but it's cold transcend a come on gas really you give you can idleapart i actually became or before it i prayed standing here was show you there you don't happen vectorborne with us so as he was protegant his the equistis to snail wild the sound then in an wot's again was uskebach and got an men that this whatiwhatihoe to yeh don't think is going to end well just just saying you know you can't take the creator of that of the universe and marcomans i he'll just heel just get over it and it's going to be fine it's just going to be fine i don't rely think so you know how capitoline other gods see yeah so i caught i thought that was kind of and going to go back to you not being washed chap right now for a minute so anyhow that's kind o that's kind of what was going on there almost a little bit little bet eh this point it is a bad choice as people are making but this is a lot of questions you don't hand around the mission university shooting repeated father or someding to shows on from sandy hook train the raiment with big plume and et that's you know about about spilling all of these gashers another question i have the right so that this is this is done i just so things out there people are going to say oh no she's a terrible person for say in this lot if there were that many chickens and dogs dying how come were not hearing about human being you know though you don't like masses in moments of human beings dying on the spot like the aunt they are saying the animals one above the tower if it just because they're smaller and more susceptible well i would think some one again the dogs i mean if you got dogs you've got chickens i get with the chickens dat's like the nerite call mine i get with fish and the you know in and such but you know it's it's conspicuous because i had not heard of mass of amounts of birds dropping out of the sky i would think that we would hear about birds dropped on a sky and i've heard nothing about it actually really you know having much even beings drop upon the spot if there was that much of it in the air you would think that you would see even with them saying to evacuate they were evacuating while they were blown this thing up and it was it was in when you see a change below apelike that that's not just to set on fire that's a blow at opposition my pent you know it is it looked like an incendiary so but in any at any rate so then there evacuating people while the thing is speering these the diacons and the vine chloride in the in the air and she what why is it that we're not hearing about mass of the mounts of people going to the hospital i have and have you now in no year asking her very good question i also wondered about all the purser's father's cause they kicked obediebat in kinpurusha swan as massa would protect right there was at that crocheted over and in arizona a what wood they this be out there is a i got to think and that is in fact what it looks like when that comical comes out of the truck i'll have to look that back on again once again i was looking at the people around it standing there basically yet look at her burn you know bibliothapte here you don't the iididn't they they weren't acting like you would in a hazard as situation and they were allowing the cars to go past in is like some and something is not adding o something is not heading up to me and ohiothe so we were going to dishappoint a watch this i think her way through this i don't i don't know there's just too much does makes in one antotic sir who you think about pale running for beter oh large no okay a very very large and i hate say it but when you look at em can i amostrarle honestie serapion she was in with mccain large child tracker one of the largest in the history of and then all of a sudden she steps down he seems to be kind of the same are all there parents is i don't believe that she she quallies as he is american as of the stars of her parents and wore she was born so i don't think she even bessy qualifications not the somerton never three when you look at president will president tramp dead with her he gets here job to get her out of the way in or you know what watch he was wet president thomas he wasn't isn't thank like like a normal person he now be forty five super here all right so he gives her a job in order to set up the ah let me let me seven other person in in place basically he moved rotton the side where she wasn't effective at anything and i thought that was pretty berlin our thought i and this can whereinto myself she leastmight in little goody o clip she was doing him interview in while the reporters speaking he is sericane shot have the hat was a shot hand me one was not i don't ever now it was this here like they did not teach her how to look at the camera and a knock ere it people home the reminding you shifters were welly wide hooped like as she listened the care rather rest and crushes he do something pon you know talk about the squirrels in your back yard or whatever but send their serenate camera like that probably isn't going to ring a re so or legitimacy now is just too many things there that are just weird you don't want okay so i i had those the two idiots i provided posthaste the one with the senator canidy and such with their little handlers around them and i sit here think and you know what probably i should say ninety nine point nine per se suche myself on a legal troubles right there all compromised they're all compromise i think the good days are patrol and kind to saving of so celeste let's think this thing through with ohio the vissians shooter than ridiculous balloons just just wait we're going to war to see it one of that that first missile that went off water find it right next the line five oh no we just lot lying five in then we then we find how lover could this had happened for it and then then all of a sudden what what say okay there's either there's either two there's only two ways where this king in it in it its dependent on if you're going to make a decision re and whether you believe the good guys are in control in the bad guise so if they as are in tetrol that's it you know that that's the only action you have that right and whether fightfight but in the end there's southport if a good guys are in control which i firmly believe because if they were there several people that would already be dead by now because of speaking out against the sotoba to the condenser control one question answers that right so so general plinstle they were taking him outright so good guesser control and in a general charlie flanchard of the pacific ah the pacific command there now no no no no if if by bigand the deep state hate the if if they were actually in charge general charlie flynn would have been gone he would be gone in an chalicodomes therefore i based on some of those and you have to believe you have come the conclusion of the good guys are in control faced on a logical evaluation right so with a good gas being a control on going to make up make some proprosition and we'll see if downes got the figured out and in fine wrong on wrong so so goes some wrong a lot of men all ashoare is jesus which as we that that that that missiles get a mysteriously show of right next to lying five in all knowanything five is now blown up rat let but maybe it's not maybe this is all for the mediate to get people after dead bee hives getting that get me hey and show them what they would have you know it's like you got to show people this is what we thought we wanted and now we're finding out no no no no what the break sounded like what is it your someonesomeone walk came do not want to be a somerset do not want our government not desired the irons over us shipping in all these as these a paid soldiers to take our nation down i am kind of wondering if that is going to happen will see if that see that miss shows up somewhere by critical infrastructure and all the sudden something's blown but not really gone tis for the well yes i think they are the real consequences to war but as we were talking earlier i compare what we are experiencing to what it appears that other countries are experiencing and i know we have we've got it easy and we got it is you because there people protecting us along it was kind of thing was going to happen and he now working to protect us from the damage as much as they can the cocoanut you all who do know and her acting on all behalf we may never know your names i believe you were there god knows it'll it'll come out in the end all people that are fighting for this and do in the doing right thing there's so many good people out there their fighting together for this you know love you guys who all are friends out there you guys are as on a chase something all too that i thought was amazing because i i am not believing that the the guy sitting in the white house his furie years of comparison of de nomon here in ready an i've done most cunning at hagatonsek is easy to be yet that's an easy thing on to the clean of antinosin on her anarchic oh i don't i don't lay out in the sins i here he got it so daponte who is this guy who is this guy beorgan to the college is that made in the past yeah i've done some den en osier all of em you know what there's too many questions out there you know there's just too many questions out there that's not five in this is not that's not two thousand only two pores that guy not same guy doesn't even have the same had it had bossed to poor if he had actually have divans enter deserves of inward better than anybody else how actually in receiving or oh i want to help on a shake that guy seen that now he gritting and how she preserving your country do we have are yet you were highly entertained ascensiontide secnesses yeah thasianyoungest a great jack you know the greatest one is any fell up the stairs and just have going and kept going to cut going and who i mean i'm pretty exercere a guide that was not old who would be getting up and were and and continued to move on and then then claris words were on now is i love the skyes something else on a rock in university how many more and now indeed i gatheredthine yet allows to defend ourselves and carry on camp yes i think that's a good idea every one should be carrying everybody should be i read it into it shot has on you like a boss love me make er i think on the th and ileawede your brilliant so what else is going out and kills changes subject he can agonisticon get something i share sonsof by its mighty check did and and i didn't go to all my hand all sideswhen too few to see what whiteminster lang for what am i thought is interesting most chosen to have an allegedly changed his tone on mailing balance asistanceand not centers will as one of those things when if he starts throwing a little a legend support for alan balance than the media gets shut down the kid criticised him for all gone against it any more go partedthat one yes there are tons of honorable right eh why don't we just round em all up the mainstream meaning at the traders that have been out there i think that would maybe that's what they started the sending press over by the the thing in east palestine here the spell where they jocondale they they like ought to one the porters down for being there with the cameras and so take this with make their set a presedente and as i been thinking about whereof i know that a simple story of a thing testintos the time lying where it had twenty fifth i'll be down peters from the states were rounded up and they were informed about this sembly and they were told and struck it do not interfere with them in the course continentobeying in the gens les seenister raceways emerson then a an everybody knows i think all the politicians not all the congress people know about the assembly so lacking what's happening right now in this i called a coraones and all the sudden you've got a number of republicans who were to have been that usually there by candor they are the coin more patriotic ones in the last few years oh well not voices for tried to do what is right and he is just going after all monies i want to kintoonie disinvested in an i want an eves and oh what it seems like a tackle gaining traction now i was always like well of the cave here happened over kind here because the cold to be just talk of investigation we have thronedecorations and maybe as ever on the tenorist montero en est but where in i do bout it when he chendonniaha to ganache make some actions which happen impact or or not made very small impact but and and in a shift in how their operating and in wondering again was really in charge of are they actually working for the lot of questions out there because they the narratives are changing but were certainly being kept busy with or or you know look here look here look here you can't get you can't even get a lock on anything in order to say are it i'm going to do this and fight this without the narrative change in a hundred eighty you degrees every five minutes you know we're just it's just had on a swivel like this constantly and and to the old to evaluate you you really have a difficult time his swan tom odophone odon'tophore right after another in the getsingers shouldn't believe on one about this couple years ago that this kind of thing was good happen and in every now and then i feel like this an acceleration and he'll make none of it all you know all the sudden oh it seems like theirs or happening and more quickly than i it makes me wonder what going on in me at the cityanother all the fathers something's happening that you could kind of the common but they are bombonon well i will the little more of a long right now than we were about a week ago well i think we all the farm land and everything else that that this emphasis of you know as far reaching as it looks like it may be i guess the rest of us that are kicked and gear and get some get some mo chickens going and get some more some food production going so we can help our nation on well be very patriotic thing in order for us i'm in order for us to a be able to estop up and and help take care of this nation and in multiple ways you know every single person is going to have to bandtether just like he did and during the past you don't wars that we've had where people at home stayed home and worked you don't think of the slack here you know and i think that that something we can all focus in ones being prepared and looking out for her family and her friends and our communities and when we see somebody who is who is in danger of her we need to be stepping up and offering to help unnever mandeso be orful time focus right now how do we help what are we do not eselhafter golf game or an help after this it's like while i can dickinson's in need right now and we need we need the lay on of side and in his jump and you know and tell me of the same figure out so think that's going to goin have to happen oh and i think i think some of of their better start a now calling out these corporations like black rock and garden a state street cap it all an air bellingall them is domestic terrorist organizations and hide hit him with as much legal forces we possibly can here's another in doremember when the game stop attack went on the hedge on i ran i was in pain attention i understand that at the time but i was i remember reading about him later old man i was obsessed by that that was one of the funniest things i think that i wot cabinet was hold on to people decided to go away and and ah it up and if i very large hedge pond and it was really funny because it was it was basically it was an attack a stock market type tackey that they attacked the rest of us they they turned it around on him and it was it was fond to watch it really was it really was serious to watch deuchandoris back ye ondines i was it was like invasion of the frogs i tell you what on the stock market and in it was it was really fond of watch and you can look it up and read stored what happened it was it was fun to watch it in real time and i will thinkinabout that the other day it's a man i hate to say it but this whole system the only one of the only ways i think we're going to get around it is it's work going to have to have a cadi think it's coming i think it's arystotle which means what are we do to prepare for that well he should have some things on hand for and remember that we're going to have to spend the other to care of each other this is not a big deal i mean we all have skills and we keep we can and will help each other i'm not really all that afraid of it is is something that needs to have then happened before his going to happen again probably unless we can get you know unless we can make sure that god is is a acknowledged in his rightful place and we start behaving herselve as an asianic but now oh i think it i think it's it's going to happen but it sitting on man would be amazing if if in one day everybody just decided to say you know screw you all straight and all of you big fans of you know black rock then bore all of em and just say sellian try to try to put him under because the we could do it you know we could do it if we wanted to but that would mean that everybody esterlie that the god he can't be our money any more can be put in this nation a similising you and i'm thinking about and in region is forgotten about it the concept of victory garden for a camping it used to be that it was really easy for people to half their own garden in their own flock echevins on so on that they were people that they entreprenant that they could a patriotic man to because it was something small and everybody can do at home take care of yourselves and your family in neighborhood with victory darker and on you can live on one tack in addition to the little footsteps to get from the conference you can get your so gather and halting like that which ever nobody rolling meads hoeseason assented here in the room over the the room riveter and norman rockwell ten that's where i get that hamerton solly but oh all those women got into work because they were feeling patriotic and i wanted to do something to help their country and everybody stepped out everybody's stepped up and his dead whatever needed to be done here you're doing something for your country well you can do that too angry body can do it now all were it workable widow in her old place and in it may be it's a digital warrior may be it's running for governor it if it could be just growing botardais he never done it before inviting her in boston a larger they saw there a regarding and the moscian right next to the hospital it's right officer man the criminality and community gardens there's a garden we not in a church yard in mosque and his where several people in the neighbourhood that effects from that oh why not it sounds the long on most of the train nobody does anything else for me the the neighborhood instead well sprouting and drawing my congress i reinoso in the growing micro greens anybody can do that no matter where they live and i mean i do believe that even whether i said an apartment or house there's no excuse every there there are ways to do this no matter where you live and i think i've been i've been working on putting this together so that i can actually make you make a little little lock to be on he exactly what they need to do in order to have you know just something on hand enough to be able to feed their families because you'd be your families you know it's not it's not on an overcombe thing especially if there's the crisis crisis doesn't last forever he just got to get past the crisis part of it so if your prepared for our nation to go in through a crisis time then when we come out of it cause we always do then you set up to do you know walcott's a really really excited day what did i do here for turning in and by his own in a decolorations and teniano ierat's going on i am he clove and the software inter i have no idea what half an all of a sudden doeslike motthaven days on the cantilation what that was i on that was so i have no idea what happened but one of the one of the videos i had pulled up to start plan well at any rate you know what i'm to get back to my day and i know you are going to get back to yours i think this carting cutting the show down to an hour while i'm down here is good is a good method and once i once i get back to the michigan again well we'll go for the full time oh ever pray for stonehere and and the situation we have with grand is a grandson knowkicked out of their houses consorting brightonthat our neighbor or neighbor gregg and his wife cerrito for the more of these sardinias words to stand at all allpray well i think you just served as an exile what you were talking about before you saw need before coming to her help in you said oranges i can do something out in em down as got a howandiver ole opechisco ectosteal sophronitis god has as a number of callings freebut helping your neighbors definitely one than you practice and he seems light it alose you wherever you are where will you neighbors happened to be as where you must be called in to help and with the serious good example of that and come i seeing you on this delay and rumbles iahrather danites the balls up in the air reactions like a seer and oh you don't get making shone like something ll do and how and when were the war sometimes we don't get vacations we were always finding something that needs to be done to help them for to help all theirs or to tell the country of large so any happen kickapoo put on your big orlandini by branches and do what needs to be done we we've got since challengebut it's okay but also as on finding you can wear yourself regianito don't take a little time to take care of yourself too and itthat's why backed out of tarentelle halite bit this past week i shared in a game little priority room for myself on this itacross and so you say compared the carefully self that way so i moistening or no let the distractions where he well and one powell be back again so that is in control that's i got then the old gods are are in control and gods and control it's all we need now it up and keep running the race till the end dear have le father thank you so very much for the stake we ask that you would come alongside any one who is experiencing difficulties or stress or anxiety over what were seen out there turned their eyes to you knowing that you will protect us you'll fold this underneath your wing and protect us the spattle sures regardless of of what it looks like around us and we we trust you we know that your your well and your plans are always good trust you we love you we know that everything is going to be okay and that a and in that are you are with us thank you for being with the gregentius that you had blossom is here going through their the cancer treatments and such an easethat you would be with all of the all the people were getting kicked out of the holes right now and worth to stop that plan so that something can stay in their homes and give us your favour so that we can arrange thus in order to help everyone involved and be real positive a repository for individuals not for corporations that for money but for individuals to keep their homes and not lose everything that they put into into this part of their life thank you so much for the your presence in walking is through all situations we ask that you would give every one and calm as were going it through through what the country is going through right now shaking off all of the criminal component components which had taken our country camp the fault we walked away from the youalways been there but it's time for us to come back and we ask that you would continue to draw us closer to you seethat are we are truly walking on earth with you it is possible and we thank you for that thank you so much for the stay we love you and jesus saying i pray for her or go there go there dominating even got you brinborion or dock come the best known concedere er none conceited and i and he just let you know that we love you and all people that you care about and i bless you god bless all those in ruland god bless her thank you carin and you have a great day you don't get yourself refreshed you something do something to make so happy tie do i oloros some may be in etogo some drying and just you know put some had colsonand and with it my heart able is covered with other stuff making no one there you go there's your projects for the day makino or table there you going discutere right so areas have a great day god bless the ill and will see it we'll see to all right