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BNN (Brandenburg News Network) 9/13/2023 Pro Se Process Dr Graves & Sheriff Dar Leaf

Published Sept. 13, 2023, 9:02 a.m.

9am How to Win in Court - Dr Frederick Graves. For the past 37 years Dr Graves has been an attorney, winning cases by doing what his course will show YOU how to do - step-by-step, quick & easy! In 1997 he started this online course to help everyone who can't afford a lawyer by giving affordable legal know-how and solid confidence to tens of thousands of people for the past 26 years ... good people who are winning without a lawyer! 10am Sheriff Dar Leaf Sheriff Dar Leaf has been the Sheriff of Barry County since 2004. He has so much respect from the people of Michigan and has a long list of fighting for Election Integrity, initiated many investigations and is currently being charged as part of the 9 associated with investigations on the 2020 election. Facebook: Twitter: Rumble:

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good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am donna brandenburg and its the thirteenth day as the number twenty twenty three welcome to the show to day i hope you're our day started at wonderful i think i need to get a cool and thro where i say something like hay this is detained twenty two but i have quite got the figured out yet so it is one it is it's like real news for real people by real people ask the kitchen table there you go so i want to introduce my first gas this morning we've got a doctor frederick gave a grave on this morning and at ten o'clock sheriff dare and i got to tell you i'm so excited about today i assigned up for doctor graves case how to win in court and this is where i found that through talking with the bronson brother's right you know the the process of lerne is always you you meet one person or you become acquainted with something in a book or something like that and hopefully every single day were learning something new or getting were getting less ignorant of what we don't know i mean that is true in my case and we moved forward some one introduced doctor frederick race sopistry seven years doctor graves been atorney wanting case is by doing what his course will show you what to do he's theather of this course guysyou know what i think this is a xciting in nineteen ninety seven started this inland course to help every one who can't afford a lawyer by giving a fordable legal now how in solid confidence to tens of thousands of people for the past twenty six years good people who are winning without a lawyer and i think i think olynthus is one of those things that we've kind of been seeing come up but is relatively a new subject to a lot of otonabee involved in the court system in many and i mean many business law suits i think there's a better way to do it because the law is honor side the system of going through attorneys i don't believe is at all in so we're going to have to try a new method here but anyhow when i welcome doctorgood morning are you wonderful the more you get to know me i'm just wonderful every day right it's estienne day to go forward and and a fort for me to serve the serve the lord and you know and a deservir and we're disconto keep goin smiling or face and you know it now back down attitude so we were hid a wonderful discussion before we came on lineand i'd like you to to tell her pretty of our listeners what you were saying to me because i think this is significant well you were talking about your case and how dragged on for ever and it cost so much money we miss lotion the a bunch of money and and i wanted to make note of a novel by charles dickens actually the heseveral that point of the same thing but the one that really stands out is called bleak house the leak house electrons and in in that the whole story is about a case the case is called the jarndyce case and anybody's been round the back any like the time at all with the the sleek will will know that the jarndyce case stands for this premise that the longer you will now your lawyer to keep working and you keep paying the all your heat will continue to work and drag things out as long as possible because that's how he makes his money and and so the jarndyce case real briefly young couple wandered to get married and the young man had an expectancy if he could only get the the probate settled and he went on for years and years and years and when it finally got to the end of the book we realized the lawyers had basically enjoyed all the proceeds of the wonderful estate and the young couple were just left in the lurch it should not be that way but it is that way and may i just broke quickly go further we have one of peatling about in a legal reform well i think legal reform starts with education that we are not going to change something we don't understand when we say that again it's a good one i like that you can't change something for the better you can't repair something that you don't understand and so what god's given me the ability to do for the past more than a quarter of a century is show people that this is not rocketsone everything i learned in three years of a school can be talked when eighth greater mabiyage a whole week but there's not that much to it it's really very simple when you take it apart and look at its peace just like him one more engine it looks very complicated but when you've taken a part and he really isn't that much to it and when you take a part i lawsuit or a legal proceeding and you learn about the elements you earn about motions and hearings and what you really need to prove and how to prove it that's it yep i may some overly simplistic but if i hadn't proven this for over twenty five years and helped more than at least more than fifty thousand people then you could just laugh at me and say all he is not well no thesepeople there that now that when i tell you nothing but the truth well it's so it's all the oviedothe test case for you so brand burgher is going away into the prose that and wade into it a little bit and if if i can if i can make the thing work than anybody can make it work so we're going mereesee we're going to see how this works out because i think i dink there's a ton of different directions that we can go in it's it's really interesting to me how there's a difference between civil and criminal case is out there and how they play these in almost a chess game and in especially if the government is hiding something in order to move a civil case ah or criminal case in front of a civil case such as a criminal case you are presumed your presumed ah ah you are only get this backwards wisigothis ishmaelites me innocent and in as in a civil case your presumed guilty and you have to prove your innocence and when when you look at how the case is go it's kind of like well somebody might file a criminal case in order to if they can if they can take it down in a crown case it affects the civil cases and saw that that's as much as i can say about right now but but i think it's i think it's really i can't articulate it as well as i'd like but i get the i get the general the general flow with things well i won't i want people to understand that the wet there is a single elements i call them the essential fact elements as not too hard the central fact elements these are the things that have to be proven whether it's a criminal case or civil case in most cases there are three there aren't forty two or a hundred and nineteen there are three sometimes there are four and a very few rare cases in what we call a cause of action or or a crime there are maybe five things should have to be proven in a criminal case after be proven beyond an exclusion of a reasonable doubt and in a civil case you just tapped to have the greater weight of the evidence to support what you alledged but there's only this usually theirs three i can a breach a contract case wegeler was a contract to leggedthere was a breach in the ledge you lost money and then you will edge the facts that support each of those essential elements and then to prove them using your five discovery tools what is so difficult i want to get this into the schools i want to get an into the home school and then into the private schools and eventually in the public schools i believe the american people will demand that this speed on i may not live long enough to see it happened but i have been working very hard to try to get people to realize that we can do this in a i need the team of people i can't do it by myself no not in create a twelve year curriculum by myself but i know that it can be done and i know that people of every walk of life have been able to pick up this course that god has given me the skill to create four year and make it easy and quick to understand i desist not to make any sense to me why we don't have more people who who will who will fight for what's right and stand up for what's right and take responsibility and realize the maybe i have to learn a couple of words may be to learn something about essential elements and what emotion is but it's not rockets and i think that people allowed ourselves to be bamboozled by the legal profession into thinking that somehow all yours are smarter than you are and there not i mean you know things about the you know the oil pipeline industry that i don't know it all so people say well yet but you're a lawyer you must be really clever no it's not that i think the key to all of it is to get to the point where you begin to realize that you don't have to be clever to understand this stuff you shouldn't have to be clever it should be something that a fellow ichi's coal in the mine all day longer wipes tables down at the restaurant those people should know how to do this and i stand for the proposition and have proved this for twenty five years they can learn this the truck driver i know who called me one day have rockridges i don't know how to thank you splandid i haven't had i haven't even seen my children for years now i have sold custody and it's all because of your course and then you turn around and you try to explain to people it's it's not the graves is so smart it just to somehow god showed me a theramin to all this that we can all every one of us learn and make america wise again at arneson make america wise again i like that the god so so when a person gets started in to continue educate all of us because i don't even know if i know all of the questions to ask to actually get to the most youthful information for people we'd love to i just tingerica what say you came to you came in my office and courseeven up the office and have this dispassion to get the into the schools before i passed away at least get the ball rolling in that direction but if you can my orchaeston over problem so the first thing that i do is i try to find out what are the essential elements so i do a little legal research just get which is possible now with itself one like the hold of myself on her to go you can do all this with a self one couldn't do that thirty years ago at tolook at a bunch of books and the law library you could never figure it out now you can so you you you look it up and you find out okay it's a case of tories interference or it's a case of fraud or case whatever it is so you find out by doing a little research i find out that the online you will find out what these elements are the essential fact elements of the case now you know what you have to allege and what you have to prove a large and proof and then moved the cord legend proven moved a leg and proven move more this is really too isnele and prove and move and nobody told you in a nobody in the legal profession in the history of the world is ever made any effort whatsoever to teach the lieson that is really comes down to alleging and proving and moving and that's it when our prosecutor files in crime against you he'll ledges that you did certain things and it's just two or three facts he asked to prove murdered some one's dead if they got approved some one's dead it amazes me there actually getting convictions in these courts be stupid lawyers are allowing somebody to get a conviction in the court for murder when they don't have a body the person just disappeared and and there's nobody dead and the whole system is completely out of control being rung by people that i don't think have a grain in their head but they went to law school and were up were all supposed to be impressed i'm not impressed i i think that we get down to the point of understanding that somebody's dead somebody intentionally caused the death that has to be alleged and has to be proven that's it reach a contract seemed thing there was a contract people signed an agreement or or he made a promise all solombo for two hundred and fifty dollars or whatever that's it it's not rocket science america needs to wake up america needs to be made wise american needs to understand it this is something that belongs to you i could reach over here like a grand a book by william blackstone but settled the west more anjoy telling the story it's just fantasie i want to tell everybody people had a forty five caliber revolver of good horse a bible and a copy of blackstone book commentaries on the walls of england and they headed west and they started little towns made my not ha been anything but the place to tie up your horse and get a glass of whisky and they decided we were going to make a town here and they did it with blackstone spoke and they started having cords they started and forcing the law and but when you get right down to it it's so so simple and it's not right is like dickens understood when he rode all these books hard times as another one which is about whalers that were just abusing these and the people don't know any better the bet that's how the west was won people went out there and he said we're going to have all in order and to day we have a host to be plot there that they think will own orders the enemy and you wisely understood the very beginning of our little chat here the loss on our side it the only thing you've got between you and chaos but when the people themselves don't understand how to use the law and how the law works well then we've got to job to do we need to get this into the schools and we need everybody to understand that how do we import do tom is may be not the best thing that and sliced bread but is certainly better than having nothing or just going around being angry and opset because somebody took your children away or some o trinsic your home away and you paid for it i mean this happens and we can do this we can make a difference if we can just people just get people to understand that what you have believed is complicated is not rocket science it's not differential calculus you don't have to learn german it sees so why not why not tell people why not just get to the point where we make up her mind that we're going to be law biding that comes first and you can expect the law to work for you if you're not going to be all abiding wolbeding believe in this method that's been presented to you and purchased for you by the blood of far too many people that gave their lives secure your right to walk into the court house and present a pleading and say no i will be heard you will you will let me call witnesses i have a right to be here and i know how to be here and you can't kick me out and i've got friends if here in the gallery that came with me to day and they're not in the letopisove kind of hicks we are going to be heard we are going to call witnesses we are going to make people present documents answer questions under oath and if they don't do that we're going to enforce the and have those people put in jail most people the hearing thus right now had no idea that you actually have the power to put people in jail without a voler just play understanding how to do these things i can teach ah greater in a week end makes no sense not for us to all know this thing for i think i think it's just to have so extraordinary and and i i've been really enjoying going through this and an understanding understanding what you've written in here because i can tell you before before you know a few months ago you know you know a little bit about it you for whatever reason god is truly flooding the nation with people it's not as the bronsons with there's other people who have had prosessiner ewed several of them somebody from oregon somebody from new hampshire the bronson brothers and to morrow i have somebody on that's th'idan amazing winds and texas so that so that's really that's really exciting so i please continue i'm very much enjoying his well i met the bronson brothers twenty years ago out sally said he we had dinner together there interesting fellows but there there also many other people oh what tears and example so let's say lady comes home she's been she's been a bussing tables at the restaurant all day long do hienough money to pay her random the children and the children are gone and they're gone because somebody lied about her they know they searches using o kilkane she's doing in a naughty things others are whatever but it's not true and so she goes into coursedoes n't know any better she's she's there she's trying to fight sepius to get her kids back well it's it's a nightmare it's it's an absolute clutch but she could follow the action for slander a civil case separate civil case and in that civilcases she now has five tools for discovering and the whole hand up here he comes for not forty seven of a hundred ninety two nothing than an average american cannot learn five once called request for admissions you do this in writing it won't have to go to court here's one called request for production they have to produce documents if they don't do it there's a process you have them put in jail i did this i had people put in jail because he didn't want to answer my questions and then here's one called interrogatories big word interrogatory who is too hard to learn interrogatory that i had learned that to interrogatory you learn your learned you are on big bite that doesn't scare anybody he goodbit interrogatory just a word it's a written question they have to answer under oath in writing and sign it the oller doesn't sign it they have to side and if they don't want to answer the interrogatory and interrogatories asking a question that is a material question it leads going to help you get to the resolve that you're seeking and gore you can have them put in jail so you have three tools for discovery that are in writing then you have depositions why don't you can make him sit down somewhere under oath and answer questions in a room where the cork reporter and the lawyer on the other side and they have to answer the questions you then show them the documents they produced you show them the the things that they admitted you show them the answers that they filed in response to your interrogatories and you say are you lying now or were you lying then you've got them you've nailed them you've driven a nail in their head and then if that doesn't work you have supina power you can get information from their telephone company from their bank from the stock broker you can get all this information with these five they're only five there really are there's only five of these things and they are super powerful in i wished the pomonian i we we got along down the road and she'll say my my i spied with my little eye wherever it is and i'm trying to figure out what the heck is she thinking about and usually we figured out and twenty questions well you got twenty interrogatory some state you've got thirty of them there's hardly anything you can't figure out that you can't nail these people and make them produce all this information so that you then have you got it then you move the court your fall what's called a motion here's one of motion as it is real tough the all you kindergarten children out there pay attention now it's so cold we call it a most she in in hegerawe call what emotion and what it is removed the court to sign an order or were we there must be more to it let me think missing or moved the court to sign an order so in your motion you tell the judge what the order is you want him to sign you may actually attach a sample order that you think may be he would sign it just like that so that's all it is people if you move the court now before you moved the court the judge is sitting there and he's in this position but now i've moved him now he has to do somethin it do if you'd just wouldn't learn this stuff and then when when your children come home and say that the boys are getting into the girl's bath room or that some of the stuff that's being taught you don't think they should be teaching if you would just learn this stop you don't have to hire a lawyer who wants a hundred thousand dollars or whatever you can't afford my god i i ran a fishing boat and key west i you have a hundred thousand in didn't i many times a dinwitty dollars look like i couldn't hire a lawyer if my children came home complaining about it's going on in the bathrooms at school or what their teaching the but now everybody can hears this knowledge to go up against the corruption fix your world make america wise again we can actually do this for the first time in history the world because now we have the internet you don't have to go to law iver you don't get to little town i grew up in we had two all yours they both had to spend a huge amount of money to keep up with the books because these books come out every month you had to get a new set of books to find out what changes in the law now you don't need a set of books it's right here it was never possible before where are the best resources for for looking things up that you know like for doing research and finding cases or fine information well google scholar doesn't really go job in all in on the webs spun on the course in the course there's a link for online legal research all it does is gives you a really cool way of putting in a handful of terms i could could put in a contract sensual fact dolmens and then you can choose which courts you want to search you you choose that united states supreme court the supreme court of your state and the pilotcoats of your state and you click abaton in no and now you've got a whole bunch of cases that are going to tell you what the essential elements are for four precontract or what do you have to prove if you've got a dog bite in almost the dog on a leash to the dog have a history of being aggressive if work were poor where your children and her neighbors yard when the dog bit them these types of things that the law considers in a dog by case well it's it's all there for you you don't have to buy ten thousand dollars worth of books to keep in your office any more this is the thesis two thousand twenty three this is doable it never was doable before and i think everybody should be super excited i get excited because i this this is really taking off for us where really really really helping people to realize it isn't rocket science and because of the internet were able to get this out there and god willing if i get my way this is going to be a school we're going to have this in the schools were going to have a big screen up in the front and every one nowhither are going to get to go to a class who got all class this afternoon and they're going to learn something that's number one entertaining got to be entertaining it's going to be educational and it's also going to be empowering entertaining educational and empowering reempower the american people through their children through billboards we've got the magazine justice is on the trade mark for the word justice for a magazine get this one miss brandenburg why if we've had we have life we have guns in the moon know we have hot rod was what do we not have their or magazines out there still to also have you or they have a website presence weder too we own the word justice there's no magazine called justice then something so miss something needs to be fixed and i think with the help of good people like you we are fixing it with more and more people are beginning to wake up and realize that we've all been calmed by this idea that lawyers are smarter than you are they aren't i'm not i just think hostiliter they certainly they certainly made at a very mystical area to try to get involved an you know and and made it as hard in that i think the thing the problem one of the props that we have is that there's such a threat to going into a legal situation for molosol because it's real easy for them and the big corporations are whatever to paper you to death through a civil case which you are going to spend the rest of your life to fending yourself and if you don't have that this is this like anything if you're not prepared before you get into that situation you're reacting and so you're you're trying to react to the to the blows coming out you and i think it's just like training for any sport or any anyhow profession rating you have to be trained for it beforehand so that when somebody once somebody you know throws upon chet yet you you know you know how to react to it before they land the podand soiling the schools is a great idea how much work have you done for that also for to get it in her and what have you done in order to get it in the schools is i like behind us on a million per cent well we formed american justice foundation in a two thousand eight i believe it was and we have a bank account we have a papal account and and we're getting started and we just purchased a home in tampa florida which is where we're going to try to get this get the office open and hire some talented people but i don't want to get too far down we talk about that another time you privately perhaps but i think what we have to understand before we're going to get to that point if i can go there i would like to that the the collingwood's some thirlebec of all this idea that we call america i mean what is it really we don't understand it americans do not understand the position of the judiciary it kind o like men a little hide hide hide de place you know i like the wizard of as behind the great curtain oh the judiciary should never have been politicised the idea that they were going to get a literal judge or conservative judge that just horror if we if you do if we can talk to john jay who was the first supreme court justice of the united states supreme court back in the eighteenth century if he knew about this he would come unglued there's nothing about the supreme court should be political at all if they are supposed to look at the law what is the law say and force the law not not whether this group once this or that group wants something else or in all or what's politically expedient or or how is this going to promote the economy of the united states of america and somehow that comes to play and in a case between individuals now was never supposed to be that way but it has recently become more and more increasingly that way with cases like istessa new york times were the soldan i could probably make a big long list of a not going to do it right now back before the beginning of the twentieth century back in the eighteen hundreds if you would read a pellet court cases you would probably say it makes sense i like that that's the way it ought to be that judge made a good decision we can all agree with that now you go up into the twenty first century and you start reading some of these cases they don't make any sense at all in light of it make make sure this is clear in the light of what i would call the traditional principles of the american spirit the idea that that we really are supposed to be equal in the eyes of the law that a corporation is not a human being is no no am god's screen earth corporations should be treated the same as a human being may come on we're americans general motors is a wonderful company but they are not americans there an american company and in a work for us and these judges should be working for us it should be liberal or conservative than he to enforce the law and stick to the law like noyoudont have an opinion when you're but no i was hired as a navigator on a very very expensive a hundred and forty eight foot yacht belong to mister rider rider trucks i was the navigator so here we are without in the middle of the ocean heading from miami up to booth bay maine one summer and you know i could have said i think we should i think we should go this way i i just feel like that would be a good idea let there's one's pretty cloud over that way let's go over toward that cloud and maybe some day we'll get to boothbay no no we had this thing called a compass don't know i just see things so simply i want pole world to see things simply i wanted to teach children how to see things simply i really do miss brandenburg with your help and the help of a few more thousand people we will get this into the schools to see things simply the way they're supposed to be the american way the simple way and if you want to go to if you want to go out to sea without a compass i i won't go i'll do everything in my power to the point of drawing blood if that's what it takes to keep you from taking people that i love out on the ocean without a compass and yet we have a nation that is increasingly trying to cross these these angry seas of political foemen without a compass well we have a compass it's not a hard compass to learn so simple compass and and it comes down to the po handful of things that we could be understanding about what a contract is when it really is not what so many prose people think it is nausites praise ideas are coming from i just can't imagine where it's coming from but the but the idea that we had responsibilities to each other to behave in a reasonable and rational way with regard to our friends and neighbors and not to try to hurt people and not to try to take advantage of people and all this was established through these old old old appellate court cases the created what we what really is truly the common law that people don't people use that word wrongly constantly but the common law including in old had rivers's baxendale and brown versus kandalaks versus kirksey and paul's graft verses long island railroad and all these old cases that we could be teaching to the children with animation with animated videos no children just jumping in their seats to cake wait to get them all class for but it has to happen at some point but america is bill on this wonderful idea that we the people this is our government it's not they not then there's not some conspiracy if there's a conspiracy in this world it's a conspiracy of ignorance is the enemy of our souls the liar the enemy of our souls and when we believe eyes there can't be any good come from that read your bible in oasisthe father of honest and we that we believe this stock and we foment this stuff when we promote the stuff and we need to stand against those who who for one reason or another hopefully out of ignorance and hopefully not intentionally promoting wise we need to stand up against the say no no no there is light the end of this tunnel there's a beauty in all this there's a nobility in honour a kindness a courage we we were americans nineteen forty three when i was born would not god we went over seas to fight somebody else's battle on flander's field in the world war on we didn't have to go that we did and we didn't bomb hospitals we didn't bomb schools we were the good guys now i don't know what we are and if you were to ask somebody from another country you know who are we what have what's happened to us i think we've lost our soul we've lost our first friend you remember that you know or our friend hanging on that cross from those nails an an i wonder maybe we're not doing what we need to do to try to protect the innocent and and i think we have the ability to do that to build this nation again to make this nation will again and it starts and must begin with the law and enforcing the law and making our courts do what courts are supposed to do but you can't repair what you don't understand if you don't know what is going to look like when you get done please don't mess with it just back of and learn what is supposed to look like so that you can make it right make it do what it needs to do why understanding what it is how it works and it's not rocket science if it were rockets science i would be just wasting my breath right now well and i and i think that this is a tor point we need to spend the time putting the work in that we need to in order to understand so many different things you know we waste so much time and i you know like i don't know i vinette for thirty some oders but it took to just be entertained it's the bread and circuses saying and that's how he salettis chases springs here and there in one usedanother things on you a unicorn or vapour or distraction or this news door that news item and you know we're trying to gain all this knowledge but it's created knowledge from those that are trying to waste our time in my opinion instead of taking and putting our time into actual research buildings that's one of the biggest promises that i have the school system is so like oobe sixty this year and i home school my kids and they're all you know their own thirties i'm thirty sons such i i didn't see any point because the school systems right now are indoctrination camps in my in my opinion and they're spending most a time doing the the whole nation down instead of teaching anything that actually has in any educational value to provide a future for them when you got corn in the schools when you've got this all this nonsense there is no place you know around children you know they should be out there playing with rocks and you know in in a sand box in such an order to to learn with the world works like and learning virtue and all that sort of thing so to see this going the schools i think it's fabulous well get me a hundred million dollars and we will get the office and i'm not i'm not joking get me a hundred million dollars i go open the office in tampa i will hire twenty four extremely talented people they will begin to put together this curriculum from k through twelve and we will teach america what america is supposed to be without being political and without being religious without favoring any particular schism of society we will stand up and say look this is what america is it is a mechanism it is a mechanism good government is a mechanism that is to provide for the peace and safety and prosperity of individuals and it same mechanism needs to be functioning not only here but in uganda and around the world and it could be but we need to set the example america needs to set the example we need to show the whole world look we made it work it's not working now but we can make it work and we can make it work and quickly as may be a year or two wouldn't take that long if i had a hundred million dollars it's not for me i don't need the money i have money i have my own income i don't i have i won two houses in the motor home and two cars and in i had boats i had yachts i don't need all that stuff what i need is smiling faces in children who were sitting in classing while this is really cool i'm so glad somebody's doing this and he having those children go home to mammy and daddy and getting my and daddy get out of the out of their own insanity of believing that the skies falling the sky isn't falling we can make america wise again but it's going to take an effort in it i can't do it alone again in a hat talked that money you know if you want an office with twenty four people producing these curriculum materials and billboards in articles and things for you know the new york times and the chicago herald tribune and getting this word out to making the lit the lamp and have a pasitive something to say instead of all this negative negative negative i mean come on people it's time to wake up and do what's right and stand up for once right and believe in what's right and stopped thinking to your so wise when you can point in something that's bad look there's something bad to that listen to me i'm so wise i know what's wrong now you're not wise by knowing what's wrong you're wise i having the courage and the wisdom to learn how to fix what's wrong that's wisdom not telling me what some so sick of hearing people tell me for twenty seven years since i started this thing in nineteen it seventwenty twenty six years doctor graves on me just tell you how terrible it is is just now i don't need to hear that i know how terrible things are so what now let's roll of or sleeves let's get together what's caponeta siloa's bring america together let's all get wise what's wake up and realize a we can take this country back from the wakeless we can take this country back from the liberals and the conservatives he can get every back on the middle line on the center line we can get that compass established on the ship of state and no where we're going and we don't write now we have no idea who we are in my opinion i may be wrong but waving a flag doesn't make you a patriot any more than worrying a baseball cap makes you a baseball player since sane it's time for us to wake up and be saying and be wise and and save this nation which ought to be the light of the world christ is the light of my heart but america has an opportunity to be the light of the world and to show the world this democratic republic idea it works we've made it work we are protecting the little guy and we are strong and we are going to promote this vision the george washington had in william penn had and john adams on all these wonderful human beings were ready to go to the mat the redegi e their lives and everything they had because they believed in something that people would men had women had been talking about for centuries before seventeen seven and the people need to know these things and it's not something that's it's not it's not difficult it's beautiful well it certainly is a waking out process for every one you know i think there's stages in involved in this repeopler or really first sought the veto realize that there is something wrong and worse still waking people up out there there's a problem when you've got even even two people out there that think that bidens do it a good job in office we got a problem i mean man can't even say a sudden and in an intelligible sentence you know and so i do think there's some some advantage to looking at things in evaluating the rook costs problems so that we can in fact see a broad pitcher of it but you're absolutely right we have to have it we have to have some actionable items and i think this is one of em so to your point here on this too is the if anybody wants to ah take the take the initiative here i think this is not a bit at way to go as to sign up for the class your class and take this course and figure out what we need to do in order to fight them in a lawful legal way i have people call in all the time and they they want me to say all you agree with me i want you to agree with me and have your torches and pitchforks somino i'm not going to agree with you with us there is a lawful process to do everything and i'll say it's time to load the plains up to get wayabsolutely because they all committed trees but there's a lawful process to do that we don't take to the streets that is the last thing that we want to do we herthis smarter way a better way but it's going to take some work it's going to be is the antithesis of dewey what you know burn let murder dead black his manners and in thief's the antithesis of that its approaching us in a in educated metered way strategically going after going after a year really think of it as a stool if you go after the legs and a stool you know all you to do is go after come in starts getting on stable and all of a sudden at falls and we can do that in a legal way but i had somebody called me yesterday that i wanted to get me on the wenington rallies necessitas like a jay sick son up to me with all bunions or something and my next guest are ehe was involved and looking into the white kidnapping case which once again it was an fbi sat up the ja sixing was an fisiolgia through history and look at how many things have how many of these things have been set up by bias it's overwhelming that the majority of them in fact or set up she don't be stupid don't get sucked into this grab your porch is an fit pitch forks were going to go off there like like you know i'd be a bunch of ogres and insidestep it when we can all empleose to the for just brockway we we've we've come to the idea in large part because of the medium to think that the political process whether it's pitchforks and torches in the street or in no geet my guide lector whatever that that's that's how you make america great again that's not that's nonsense it vreili if you read william blackstone if you understand the things that i've been trying to teach that i really do need a hundred million dollars if if you an if you understand these these common law principles that the truly are the wisdom behind all this the promised this this opportunity we have to to make the world a better place for every one notes here but around the world by promoting this idea that we have to have government so what kind of government are we going to have and there's this element the people don't understand called the judiciary politics is not the answer politics is part of the answer but it is not the answer there is a missing element and that element is the judiciary going to the courts moses invented the court idea he so wanted started judges way back winders a book in your bible called judges and in the peep the decidable we're going to have a judge in every little town at one person or two people a couple of guys there a gals they're going to be appointed to hear all the grape soon grievances and in an if they can't sort it out then they're going to report to a higher level judge and were eldonand up in jerusalem it's a great idea but the people don't know how to use it and as charles dickens so well illuminates in his book bleakhouse about the jarndyce case if if you leave all this in the hands of all yours and you believe that ye that that all yours are smarter than you are and you don't know how to use the courts oh my god no wonder things aren't working the court is the power of the people william blackstone says that right in one of his maxims he uses he uses a strange expression he eased the courts are the theatre of the power of the people that's exactly what he says in he wrote this way back when the end by theatre were like we talked and i in world war two we have the european theatre in the pacific theatre of the theatres where the action is where the action is so the courts are the theatre of the power of the people and the people don't know this my gosh we've got to do everything we can to get people to wake up to these fundamental truths the theatre of the power of the people is in the courts its not at the polling booth it certainly not setting fire to police cars that the way you get things changed as you go to court and you get a judge to sign an order you follow motion for the judge to sign an order and when the judge signs the order guess what it becomes a dow a court order is law just like a statute is low or or or in anything a street side the speed limit side its law and when the judge signs paper now people with dark skin don't have to go to school in a separate school you don't have to ride in the back of the box and you get a rest they have to give you a miranda warning all these wonderful things that we have to day you know that the me to chew eat the food that you get at the grocery store for the most part of holes for in it was when i was a child the things were changing because somebody went to court and we've all got the idea that well i can't afford to go to court so i guess my kids are going to learn whatever it is they want to teach the kids school a cat do nything about it there's a conspiracy in it's all poromochin my gosh oh i just don't know what i'm going to do now i don't have to do that any more i've proven this for over twenty five years the average american has this power to exercise this power in which is the theatre that is right down at the county court house you walk in there with a piece of paper called a pleading and you say you're going to hear me to day these people going to come in and answer my questions i want to know why the boys are in the girls both through i want to know i want to make explain this to me i wanted have him sit up here on this stool and answer my questions i want to put him under oath first and if they lie i want to have you put them in jail that's what america is all about that's what does boys died for adelante beech in normandy please where you as make a miracle wise again were you in the military gave a military background i was befriended by a four star general in the in the emarine corps and attended ansarig adier they befriended me and a whole lot of admirals and captains befriended me over the years and they told me i mean general walt was swamped he said he said to me with tears in his eyes as he told me about the things the horrors that he were going on and he sat there in his living room which just the two of us some day and any said frederick never give up the fight so in fighting and i'd like to not be fighting alone i'd like to have people to would fight with me i really do i believe this is doable i don't believe it i know it's doable i've proven that is doable but it's going to take a whole lot more people than just me and you it's going to take a an office building filled with people who are inspiring the entire nation to believe in america that we have the courts we have the power the power the people is in the courts that's where it is it's words always been and a rich had been using it cause they can afford lawyers and a powerful then using it because they can afford lawyers and the little girl that comes home and finds that her children had been taken she's got no power and one she knows what my course teachers and when we get this into the school's first grade through twelve teach the whole picture not just how to win in port but hatless baxendale and the old principles of contract and tore and egg shell principle and the tipsy coachman principleall these wonderful things that i learned in law school they're not rocket science give give me some talented people with the can do animation and it people we will do this we will absolutely do this and we will not stop until it gets done cause it must be done or i won't even say or it must be done and i will do it if i get the help i need what's easiest way the people can get hold of you we go to how to win and court do come and down at the bottom maladdress and phone number how do we not going to college i can't forget that how do when in port do call the power of the peoples in the court william blackstone it just we can bonpland out for everybody to be i just want make easy for people so this is where you need no need to go eighttheres pho number eight six six low easy so etsii five to nine three two seven nine and or you can go to law book at jurisdiction dacoities just extraordinary i'm so honored that you don't tapontonan be able to hear what you have to say i really oh my me i mean you don't for some one to put toconfute to gather and do some of the work so i mean there's no reason for any one out there i feel alone or not have a place to go so an i'm going to pull us i'm going to pose to direct like i my telegram channelthat people can go to that you know go to that link to find you there so on my onmiscience such that we can hopefully get sommorostro in this case i do think this is really interestingand love to see some more eosinophil love to do it i would love to do it just a video series with you and help you accomplish that i would do that you could do that on brandes net work i would actually give you a channel for that and i asiaticke off everything and sensesjudicial on a little thompson i said let's witleslie all of these yahoos out here and do something else so we created and andrews not work in order to have a place where people can go just like you to have her own channels and be able to get information out there without censorship is knowthatthati of what we're doing right now i would be really excited if you wanted to move in that direction and i would help you to to get the information out there to people i think it's extraordinary thank you so much i any last words for every one to day so it needs to be done it must be done it's doable and what said tell us it must be done needs be done stable so let's do it but i need a team of people to do it i'm just one man i can't do this alone i can't create a twelve year curriculum alone i can't put out a magazine just a magazine i can't do this by myself i need the team and the office where were we have a home in tampa with his purchase and we want to do this in campthere s a lot of talent down there to wonderful place to be an we were going to do it may be not to day but who knows maybe to morrow somebody will come along and say lo we believe in what you saying and we want to make it happen and now we'll go from there we that's caligo a little place down there i'm pretty pretty were pretty near you actually on the on the now round the bay there so maybe this winter when i had sold for a little while usually go down the fire for a little while during the winter time to get out of the extreme cold here and meditated go head dinners that gather you know and meet your wife and such it would be a lot of fun so we'll thank you so much coming out in a really preciate your time and your wisdom and all the work that you've done and i hopefully hopefully will continue to put this information for out of people so that they can be empowered to go to the court system and fight for themselves defending themselves in court without a heavy expense i think it has to be done so thank you so much and you have a really great day and will be talking sonthank you thank you very much yet but my he everybody she wasn't that great this is my manages take a quick break here and i'll be right back and with sheriff dale a injust a minute he who morenineteen good morning welcome to brandenburg news network i am don abran and me and it is the thirteenth day of september twenty twenty three second hour of brandenburg news network this morning and i've got my my for my next guest is sheriff darle sheriff or leaf has been a sheriff of berry consinto thousand four he has so much respect for the people of michigan and i've known for a while and i'm really always always encouraged and interested in what he's doing because the skies the fire he's fighting for election iteghe's initiative many investigations he's part of the nine that are associated with her investigations in the twenty twenty electioneers i can see it back stageramon there on our side could see it here and i'm going to add a manner then we'll start joculator he dared do in right answered with concameration an see if i can get up there now are you i'm doing great how are you but this be better if i was on a computer doing this from myselfright nowhere find how it ever you want to do it doesn't matter this is real newsfor real people by real people at the kitchentable so however you join in his painted me ononwhat s happened and we got a lot of self coenant there it's just incredible what's happening a doordained where you want me to start the work we want i've been i was looking on lying to day it's really funny because i decided to try to pull up you know some different things that you've been doing and such and it is the amount of cases that you have out there it is quite shocking actually you don't people think that nobody's doing anything but i'm not tell you what we have at least one sheriff in the state i think you're the only one cause i'm not seeing anybody else do you know jack out there you have you are all over the news all the time and you have you have a knack for the trouble maker for people that are part of the establishment that want us screw round with americans and i love that about you i'm not the trouble maker in the principle trying to discipline the children who are doing the trouble so they go saitogonnay say itbut you know what you know what i mean it's like you re enter out there actually doing something where most people are doing nothing right yet and i don't know if you got a copy with you so case state place one of state police in one of his miscegenated police report on the elections if you get a chance get a copy of those and that were really actually support the two thousand mules documentary that was out a couple of years ago in they were to look in all local word talking i think you'd get him in want together yesnothe other new sources which was i give a rather tame ohne to conservative news spirit garry ponies thank you gave with the cane it listenedthere and when you get to be a black dot copy one a bunch of they have to black out certain things for information sometimes as the protect people sometimes as sierrated to just get help i call it see if i can get it here and any how does it just go ahead and and keep talking and i'll see if i can find it basil what it is is that when working on these october of it so for before the general election and twenty twenty there lurk clerk from the city of muskegon contacted moskittos gen and they started investigation and he got the michigan state place involved and they started a call it a task for and he after doing their investigation fonehope around the search were inserted buildings and one of the buildings over and i think the ligistrre oh they found something automatic firearms of stuff thither always trying to band silence sir i capacity magazines loaded on up i dropped forms and and cards the use for do i look credit cursores ofercan people for going and getting these ballots signing a man turning a man on a good old fashion gallop back to i don't think this is a right one of the i can't see it very well i see yes lieutenant anderson he looks like a police report rather yet there's a police report right there yes that's it this folly want of them right that's got the equipment that they found that's making this went from muskegon the grand rapids to detroit area none and other areas on the way and now then he turned it over to the fbi because they said it was multistate and all this time the news made has been telling us others no widespread border fraud rough wonderwould you call this we have no thought it and so has so has done for name also there's no voter frond and the there's no no problem how is it that they can that she could have swapped his underneath the rug and his passion on the fbi like while i did what i did i rispose to i kicked it up picked it up sistershe still his responsibility to make sure that this is prosecuted as she notes sort of he can prose so they're all in the wrong right now of my correct i i don't know what's going on i don't want to come up to a judgment on that yet i i don't know if they're still continuing with us but i have yet to see anybody get indicted on it they seem to be folkestone and met the fernand de rendon and then the sixteen electoral law of these positions are called that really hurt her case the hair herherself a this is i think tells about the the investigation of the machines is that is that part of it the conditionated mass i've been in onforeseen height and i've never ever seen in the tourney general wontdo list of people that the never seen that happened before that would be more political than it would be and i really shook my head when i saw that stuff i go wow sans morialta hack job more than it is going after somebody criminally as funny as i mentioned that some sheriff's otestate and as miser returned generals of were gone then he told him what had happened they send what yes exactly i was my reaction so none the less ah it is what it is and i keep these attorneys and your thoughts and prayers and their families and the teredines i the stop that come out in that report and no charges have been filed on that yet but they were going after all these other people i know that verily bothers is a bother you more about the nine or the sixteen this matter is the fact that it doesn't sound like it being equal crossed the party lines there making it more about political party than they are male if it didn't make any sense to me that that nestle would bring charges against the sixteen at this point time why now because it doesn't make any sense to me there were she doesn't have anything to gain so it is it is it's kind of like i think a lot of us have been sent here you know dislike scratch in our heads going what what is she what does she think ye this has been done for how many decades and all of a sudden now we're going to call we're going to call sixteen how it doesn't make sense did make sense either for the for the night what if it what do they their comin the nine if you guys what do they call in that like some people call it the nighty nine or something tightening then that yeah so well let let's see where else we want to go with us to day is there any oh is there anything else that you want to tell everybody about that's going on that they should know oh and when they had my picture add up there as one of the naughty thing i got a laugh that was confident of the near and my deputies here that working on the case that do anything wrong we were pretty straight lactose he note rules and we also have an en linforce have the back of your head if your handling a big kite then you cheat on some and then you ought get this arrest il olethron out a court and asherbody finds out that you've got the rule so you can't be theo and so when people are asked me where you relieved when the grand jury that wouldn't die you and isadore wasn't worepo it cause i know me and i know my staff elliot with that how to do right thing you don't have anything to worry about when they bring charges and to sort o like you know they can't seem to get anything to stick on the rightful president of the united states president donald de trop again i've never seen anything like this before my ferther it it's really it i think it's really disturbing for all of us because it it looks like they're weaponizing just like they weaponized a lot of the three letters for letter agencies during the lock downs and such it looks like a weapon ization of average thing against just you know people's rights our voices and in you know the elections and such as well as president rompiente can do that to him they can do it to any of us right the difference shows as he hasn't money for the attorney's rest of us do not and now they call at low fare and that's alive and well esther a pale well ah philevery and on on that and what you seen with lafare going on oh it lowtherhall ah they have unlimited funds to they'll either sue you into compliance or the i tie you up in court so long this erranti bankrupts so do your getting punished one way or the other ah you're look at the likeableness i over there in the batter and the stop there went through and on the low fire they'd deuterus even then did get him to wave there right was speedy trial next day and other two and a half year sitting inside the federal jail there waiting for a trial and so at their basically your doing sweating you off there go now it's coming out to lightly what's going on with his joys see and the treatment there getting inside those jails i here tirit now i run a jail and i would not tolerate that i it's not tolerated by law period and for some reason to think they can get away with that indeed thet he violates federal laws and violates the treaties we have done through the united nations fund human treatment so going on the other going what what do you here is happening in the jails and it then the jesi think they're political prisoners i don't think that there there you know i think they turnipon cal prisoners yes they have got the me anything that was an insurrection if you go look at the go look up the military definition of an insurrection and talks about being armed and i didn't seenobody that was armed there and then compare with happenings sir compared to what the bellomont for did and just the dollar a month i mean two million dollars worth of damage compared to two billion dollars worth of damage and the people enjoy sex or getting hammered and the people in the more the bellman the antipater getting their hands land then excuse was as that the beams fighting for civil rights that's why i didn't get hit so hard now going has that got to do with damaging government for a party i it's really really moshup and again this part of the law ferr'eting into enemy territory when he even going over these judges ah they have not the american i know of what are you seen any differences in the court systems of and you know you mentioned the judges because that you know the how much money got thrown into the elections for these judges by somarasah it was i think his retentent two million dollars for the supreme court and was constant and i don't know what they spread here in misery yet you can see that they definitely bought the unit it sure looks like somebody bought influence and to because you can't you can't have that much money going into elected offices politics or anything without without money driving the entire shell i mean that's that looks really that that's an easy one fair at that one as so much money a driving the show it's what you getting for your money that you don't put in what do you trying to accomplish the and that's where is mere the inshore follow it though so solacing get in cougouacou ersa tions about the the office of the sheriff and how that functions can you educate everybody out there on how the sheriff's office really works and ah what responsibilities arsike if for law enforcement i like the sheriff's office that's that is it seems that it was set up correctly and it's the the foundation of law enforcement in the united states and my correct yeah it comes from overseas from centuries ago and you look back at i was was named king alfred the great and wouldn't happened as when the danes or the likings were trying to take over great britain they were gaining the vikings were gaining on mananap end as all these chiers whicher we call him counties overheard in his country with all the shires had thrown kings so all the kings decided to pool all their power together and make king alfred the commander in chief of the united the military and we do that over here and he united states re have it states in the commander in chief of the military as the pen and michigan read eighty three counties and the governor would be that man executive they can call upon to the malicious and then the like my county has sixteen townships and each township morse to have with the cold one hundreds and when hundreds ah i told currently counted and with that was that was your arm people checking your land and protecting your laws so they had a share to the sheriff has been around since thing alfred the grey chase the danes often the great britain oh so you're in united states we elect our sheriffs which makes him the only elected law enforcement officer in con we have powers all the way back to the old common law and thus we have the powers of the statutory stuff to have temporised and so it doesn't make sure sheriffthe lo horsemen of through the county and also a chief conservator of the and that's what we're trying to push lately as conserving the peasant not so much enforcing every law which is the policy and if you look at the word police and powhasset her spell very similar a people call him policy and forces that's why i she such an important office a complete even said that the sheriff is the most important executive office what's difference between policing and what oh and a constitutional sheriff you know peace keeper at we don't we don't look at it the i say we don't look at as in force every law that's all there we look at it that sometimes you can educate people maybe separate peoples if two people start a flight called the orderly and that's a crime i we go and we separate him i i've had it before were like we were all upon two guys or iustnes big lockfast entered really really tired during a hands onder knees lying up against the day and we are for holdouts day i soon sowerness yes sir about you yes sir are you guys done saying what you got to say to each other you sir are you going to behave rest of the night you gusher we move on readin making a rest to you so that's my being by maintaining the peace the god avers started here is a man subtle things was girlslikewise those two they got a slice faster still good friends to this day why get that involved in these that's maintaining the peace where policy you are going up made the arrest and there had been from the court or to cost their money attorney fees cork time for which we take up time for a more important is that you would have so ye peace officer you on to police officer you tell me i rather a peace officer quite honestly because you know people make mistakes and such and as long as its keeping the piece some i think so many of our laws are just extraneous and unnecessary and were pushed through first somebody had a pet project right but i don't think they had even even would stand out to scrutiny by the standard of the constitution a lot of our love our laws and our a bureaus and that all that sort of thing really is not allowable under the constitution but there there so if we could do it through a piece mechanism rather just then just adding more laws i think we're better off ah like a traffic in fort troy career when i said out on the road forcing traffic if i hold the teenager over the fire when i take ten over i read on the reading my ticket then let the insurance company profit from it what i would do is that hanabu iness card and give him twelve or sartenty four forty eight hours for his parents to contact me then if they did i'd be knocking on his door issuing the citation in front of his parents and telling appearance i gave an opportunity to get out of it and he did but i had one hundred per cent compliance and in not saying that happened a lot that he very rarely actually we still that's the peace officer understanding your role in government and parents and and in their powerful position they are his parents ah that's good at bent thencontent ning or upholding the right of parents to raise her children and to deal with things as i don't know about you but but things get to mormon dad here and it was always much much more of a problem than if it was out there because mamma didn't like are you kidding me you did what i remember making one of my kids stand up in front of a going to pologizing to a hired somebody teach kids something specific and when my kids got mothers little but right in front of everybody i said you're going to public cetologist to that teacher and you're going to sit down and you're going to be quiet you don't learn what they get that with humiliation factor of that was begged by it did change his attitude just a little bit it needed to so that it was a good thing so what else can we talk about to day about to the constitution and what's going on in the united states i think this is a good opportunity to educate people on what you know and what they need to know about what's going on right now in the united states in the counties in the state of michigan everybody focuses on the bill of rights first ten of them its and i teach legal portion of concealed pistol ass not been encouraging them study the whole constitution look at the limitations that are put on government as the people are in power like telling the world that oh this constitution is so stomachy raced it's really not i don't see how limiting a government his rage so this my tryin push right now is god look at the limitations of the president united states and next time all these executive orders start coming on as executive order to really only good for his employees there not for i were going to be a free people same thing with the governor we are separation of powers they should be checking to see what that means what what is it with co equal branches of government what did our founders mean by that what they establish look at the brilliance of it i and also to check the history i i like looking at softlike you hunger you know who that is the oferthose if you don't hesitated started the printing press and what had that do i that took a knowledge to hold other level and next in all this country started doing their own printing press in its funny the first book he printed was the bible that other bible and then you go looking you start looking at said samuel rather for you know the same rather for his thou are not north he's the one to coin the phrase that all men are created equal and he started the concept of constitutional government limiting government then do look at john locke you know john locke was such an important part of our constitution and the declaration and a people call this declaration of independence and nowheres word independence and there by the way i just called the declaration and they was certain looking at these people and see where they were coming from and then tell me again stemless well who showing it is chemically resist but people want more power and we want to limit them still that's where battling i look at the judges look at the judge's authority is i ride on down to i was the proper role for the united states senate and or congrs then take that same and mentality go look in your own states constitution start looking out with limitations here in your governor and the branches a government there that's just as important as knowing what you're bill greater so when they start throwing round all these executive orders again cause is coming i they'll give you the confidence to stand up and tell him now how is the best way to to loom in the i and say no besides carrying around say like you know a copy of the court cases and of you know the i know not on the court cases but the laws that are on the books as well as the constitution of what what would you say is the defenceof somebody wanted to institute on constitutional mandates as how first edged sheriff and place and when they come out with these mandates and all that the like bones with the big one here in michigan i mar given that speech other and non rosemarkie and i sat yogis were holderess there are based all arrested i think as we of put it still as what it was they took away your right of free will and that's the basics of unrest to what did you do wrong i well we don't want to spread in the wires i said well are we going to sentiron guilty how do how do you know i have that vires and and then when they started moving people from the hospitals into the senior homes i bought leask at the sawaine here if you're forentani why you loving people that are the virus into the senior homes were the most vonerable and it is so worse than that because how are they moving on their moving him through ambulances michigan rears struggling to keep ambulances on the road could we don't have enough employees so now your opposing the this i just a whole bad idea if from the beginning and i can't take a chase to rabbit on your her but man thing has to get rid o keep chase in youlike that a man thinks getting that knowledge so you can make that stand yeh why i didn't know that we were having trouble get keep an ambulance is on the road get your very countybut sixty three sixty four thousand people we have four ambulances oh wow oh is it if employment terms because i know that like what the first responders the pay for first responders is not good right now and the pit the piece scales are reskewed treatment by the left un first responders so was to even when i mean when you keepand on that eh well i went to the nine eleven ceremony over in lancing and just support from a both sides there towards the first responders i was a little disappointed and there is there's quite a few republicans there but the democrats there is a handful and they should have been everybody and for some reason they've got the graduate i don't know how you explain to against first responders and i should have bonapace house especially as doing a ceremony for nine eleven i had no idea that there there was a problem there so what's best way to fix it besides the grudge mash you know change people's minds i mean we we cannot wepene we cannot be weaponized and should not be against each other i mean everybody's got a roll to play and you know you can you can disagree with that but that doesn't mean that you treat people in this respect and such you know you can you can do it in a better way i'm besides that the pay for people that are first responders i heard is not good at all and i mean i mean that that really does need to be brought to the fore front i think how much do you want to pay for an ambulance right as her boils down to ometer insurance companies can be paid for it so now your paramedic you're allowed to differ bolte your low to do drug therapy oxygen spreckley a drag but i it's i technical and it's really hard training cause you have to understand the drugs of which you're putting into somebody and whether it be a stroke a cardiac you an you name it and i lot of people don't want to go though that heart and training yea i would say and and you know all kinds of liability etc i mean that's that's really a selfless self less of profession again into teltacka what's happening down and i think it's a new mexico with the second amendment violation by the governor down there that that's just blowing everybody's mind yeah i never gave very starting the preachment on her i think he personally i think it was attested around to see how we respond to it there trying to make it a public health problem with the gun ownership and we all you really wanted to get rid of a public helps problems do that the band lo most shootings are somebody's under the influence of some it's not normal for you any take another human life but if you get drunk as notice you out of your more you itself if she it's a very unconstitutional order and i was very proud of his sheriffs when he said no we're not doing that in art yet that's great well that's what we need meshonganawe need to she all of the sheriffs to stand together and just say you know tell tell what meridans and crew cronies to go pound sand somewhere because because you know we're not going to do it in and you my hold think over one is do not comply don't comply they tell you to do something sonontona just don't comply they don't and the right to do that but we all feethave sheriffs out there to find enough like you have do you know to find egosand giving us so soon now facing a recourse you know i interpreter than half of the sheriffs and the state when i was campaigning and i was really shocked about how few of the sheriffs actually understood the roll and that the best answer that i received to jowett would be a bonefire you actually had a governor who who abided by the constitution and the best answer was as nothing that governor could do for me get out of my concontantly run the county on lakethat i just won the prize where he there for understanding the the proper jurisdiction and you know it was a good answer you know might i was going on what could i do if i was governor but he took it in a battered way and i thought that was that was a fantastic so i agree with you there's force great queston as a civics class and they said what's the proper role of one this is for everybody out there in government what is the proper rle of government do not that answer is its forestration and i begin to let you answer at because i to protect people's right and then then i had somebody at a commissioner's reading while back applying for a some in one of the committees they have throughout the county and he ended his our interview with yes the rights of the many out weigh the rights of the few and i sat on a way to it that's a communist state and we've been going to suck down this communist or whole here the reality as i protect the rights of the individual and i not protecting the rights of the any thing about that that's an accurate accurate state so we are not made i were not whoever has more money rules where a constitutional republic ruled by the consent but at go ahead i'm sorry where country of laws not of that means as is the loss must be equally distributed to everybody oh let's see i'm on to go to the check here and read a few things we've got did you know they printed all the federal building bombings on the money oh somebody put that out there the money there's a thesis you fight if you off i've seen that other the folded in money and it shows you know he looks like nine eleven in that sort of thing i have something i say see that that's really interesting so i what else do you see coming down on the pike for the election integrity well the engines again they're going to try and mess more and more with these the trying to make or more stuff constant and their actually making it easier and easier still how so well not identified that means you can come in from another state for one day go and invoke the stay of few days and leave as at legal all could we have that rector and both the same day and that that open that door for that so that's not see are they in re targeting local is now by sending people and from certain areas held a movement to an area like for a school election to make sure they get the people of mine on the school board that he on that's that door opened up hearing right now is ten days for an election of monterotondo on paper or move into a certain area and then thirty days later this is miraculously moved back home and that's one of the things we're kind of looking into her seprately happening parting these is jested in the den opened up that door that's why we had in the low before he had registered to vote somebody days before an election and rather than voting and registering avoiding these i've been wondering how that came for the register devote the same day what was the impetus behind the who started it how did that get put in place i'm not sure who the brainchild was its sound like they have a regular committee the in trying to make him in several states and alice said in one of their meetings never good argument on them i then i was young when they did the a brandnew law here a proposal too by the way when they did the recount on the proposals proposal to and the and proposal too forty two per cent of the ballots of their wonted to recount were not record some law alter the shores of these seals are broken you cannot count reconcile and stertorous stand you should be all to recount that was just because the seals broken he keep these suppers and eralitas we as a inforcement should probably be taken those and putting up a door evidence because somebody broke the lanercost and then a proposal three red do with the abortion never seventy two per cent of the were not recorded savenach i didn't know that was seventy two i heard the forty the forty two per cent i didn't hear the seventy two per cent that is esendike just absolutely sanitated me ye it's like they can do whatever they want and then you can't go back and create a trail or even look into what they did because they've they've made policy so that you can't you can't even you can't even investigate it and anybody that's investigating or even speak it out on this stuff as youeventually attacked and i you know i mean what a what seriously mark is militant tyrannical process we have gone on right now i mean munitis really disturbing i think it's i think it's disturbed somebody else written nine days of early voting connected not to the internet all all this go stuff going you know it's like it's like i i can't even believe that we can keep those machines and place their counting the ballots in secret it supposed to be open counting it should be voteadoption and public hersthere is no public colonyof any of this stuff and i i don't see it being fixed in hell we get the tehachape ballads back in light i don't think we can do it with it with the machines and what in your opinion is the best method to i like to ask everybody this causatively some misconteth best idea of what's what in your opinion is the best method for getting rid of the machine how lording operacin drop and laughing in the hemesine that that's like that other the incredibly easy mended i toastthe take action as people what is our best action to get rid of these machines so the cors clerks malevole is a township level is that what what is it casewelte rid of the machines or roll never have an hostinee half there othersand the ballotbox stoppings when going on we've been voting here in this country and paying people devote is another thing has been going on that's why those are all the illegal and when i believe they said it was a sucker box and not not a hundred percent sure on that but the bottles drop boxes and the put him round all the under and with that dead is opened the door for people rode sir putting all these balances in these boxes and her excuse was as that we that way people in just walk to the ballotbox and drop it in there of evil with it the clerk and i will then it put him anywhere on the ruler as in the people of rule harris after drive farther so i it was definitely a move of his postobit the big cities and not the areas and what we need to do as we start need to start making this so it's not all about the big cities otherwise liked miss situation like new york that the people an upstate new york ely have no say with her governor as it's all done into your city i personally i like to see a getting away from the democracy and getting back into the republic and every county has so many electorals forder governor as what'll happen here soon as everybody be campaigning at detroit and in forteviot all perpendicle oh they're trying to get rid of those electoral college here in the country and do popular bowl all which did so just give all the big cities all this power and it wasn't intended be that way on the wellreputed in this democracy thing in really he pushed communis it is night day voting and that's got to go they got a game plan here and very count him that sure exactly what it does i looked the clerks and lead but nine days of early voting then we are to go willis extacies three where had you got by these ecroach nes and some like their line in the pockets of the people made and are they the ones don't money into these ridiculous rules i the computerized voting i believe that's got to go to his way had to get to many reports out there for all rome country that it said that they were well wondered ports of these machine designed to be had in that clime carnes he resign yesterday and you know as he was in he's a whistleblower that was was basically highered to create a resister in such sad onothis is you can't use us but this is how you would you would rig you know you would rig it and one they do they used it or did he tell you the company his work forth the name of it ah i don't know if he did tell me that probably did not letter yank his wing and there's the i got a newspaper article you want some of your email ades and i'll send you the article and still interested in an article as he ain't company was commines party and they had the contract for dastand are united states are or as oh you're kidding me also i concourses that probable as lie deeper and that's why i say there don't run or lections or run by soft and a mile back to where we were on the elections once i can if i can figure it out on contract for elections licinforum date in her times twenty twenty two ah you den us is this this this connected to eugene you and can act too i don't think it's connected this is fact and two thousand and now when cicutis worked for them now three had piperic that that was all about it now that's a new one i didn't hear about that one so hang out a second all i can text you my i can text or my email if you kessanion from where you are right now or i will your life i'd have thrown dick urinator gate you're a senator to don't say in on line causesis one of us if i want to bring things up quickly i've got much money he mails when i began here god just no i'll put it here a minute and then that that's can a crazy i had no idea ah and then you have people like a pack hold back a cold back robieson that computers all shut down and the twenty twentieth election strong called ego i that is a iterating that they were worried about russian and her parents that said that that was a wrong they should have been asking how togethermost computers on and that an accurate collection regentagainst e the go and the bolts especially like a georgia her ear voice is falling off as the i don't know if there's something in front of them in my counterstain but i'll try try that again i have better now ah that's better or anyway beckholmen toned that when all those a computer shut down i pity told everybody he we're worried what russian interference passes that was wrong question of reddy's asking the question shoreboth how did you do that how did you have control of all these computers or you can shout him down and when they turned to back on there is a big jump in bolts he that what they call the hockey stick on the grass and there's a hundred and seven thousand just georgia he went from one for what for or a job and i cracked me out because so in donald cromford that's showing charging him criminally when you have that kind of evidence it it seems pretty open and close doesn't it yeah an i've been arguing looks ticket to a jury on to jury decide yahandka a great idea i like that so did you send that to my so that mailison the article i have to find the article ohannassian in thick a little more with me carloo this on lying because i think that's i think that's pretty significant is now clinched not say that this week so that's that's pretty that's pretty interesting thing as there to whitey'll be right back this was one scan this and then i'll send it to you i ka cool all this in cotiscoli find out the stuff you know just even when we're on line here i love it this is sanseverina free press january twenty fourth of two thousand five shouting and mencioning it justinthat curious right see there free press a january see we can bring it for in up he is could be really fun we might be out on adventure here guys let me see yang and they get this buried in your pretty well we'll see what happened to think that i need to meet to get it from from diritto because it's it's going to take me a little bit to turn find this once or was his way in die here for a minute and see what see what we can bring up i get my computer up here and okay i'm some were adventuring to day i came in besides also torino as some think you how do i to yes somebody else said who stopped the count oh that's a good question yea that strong al cane do you testedthat again i don't not to get out of this to get back in again sharing and estimate already del re quick i had you in here i know you then other mails a to me so should be in there somewhere i was a beginning letter again he see she you i try this you're all beseitigen sin one do you manage i'm pretty sure i have you and here maybe i don't this in maybe i haven't sent your name i think you have but the vases been taxed i've got to long tex threads all over the place you know ah i see you lose said don i sent you the link to clinton curtis's testimony on a lection hack as i was thinking did that two thousand five his testimony as we were back into the thing or not chator going for screens going here so it's always difficult ecco i got the last part of that on agrees as a dog come or was it beginning part i got the rest of it in others as shows doubt then a disappears or fast on my phone her okay here we go out hang her young love and another on a pretorian of her for governor not come could you that when to his foes wilsoni got right sons with right and i think this is a good process well tea sometimes that it's good it takes while actually investigate things and find ah okawe got it so signed on after dave lodging at repton peneroplis an for florida a friend and former running me to jeb blush as if the great and undetectable computer code that would control the vote morton as bacon two thousand at a side was here i don't if i can turn it then this program about we not streetroad at here but here here it is so i can pose this for sure as i ah curtis produced a program that would flip the bolts to produce a fifty one forty nine tally for any candidate any rase this man operation of the tally could be done from any voting machine and the network simply by touching and visible buttons on these so it is you listen to this to tell it could be done from any voting machine and the net or so they're all length together the thirtieth or the sweet that there avowed that their all linked together because all the machines even for different companies all stopped at the same time and had the same pain come back up kay what mestengo back to the man and i have another friend out there that just sent me this if we can go back into the mat as is you don't you don't understand in order to get the contract we have to hide manipulation in the source there's a petty law there called the source the productive government contracts including information technology contracts with masoandro the minority had disadvantage the woman on an enterprise readingfor the paper here i'm trying to entrain i got so i got to it you'll hang out a minute will find the site i don't see the the video on that particular email and if you can send it again i don't see the lank take now there's somebody to set me something on the chat so if they can re sounded i don't see the ah um i see the comet with there's no link and there on the mail so he could reach could resounded again maybe i can get it that way so i'm i'll be i'll be looking for in a few if you send it now and his article on discompany ang they have nasiotas and they were basically downloading tons of information i mean gigabytes and handing it off to the little chinese guiding henry e so i responded all this just last march i think he was arrested for attempting to send anti tank mists to the capital of chap coming as china this problem that has been going on for a long long time we're just aware of it now then i think that's the process of everybody in america actually waking up to know what the truth is is very very valuable we see if i can now there was a bodingly think bodilie had he had the one to let me see if i could pull that up as one of clinches yet here it is i had the er i think his testimony there is the no i went to milan you have meddled article here questioning and this bacon two thousand still while these machine siauliai i got one to hang out a minute oh it's it's a face book link and ah ah he asked the indopacific can get this up this is a difficult one for me to get to my computer for my phone estaminet and ah we've got i saw this video out there lessie i can get it it is it on rumbleton you get it out roland here will do this way we'll get this handle hand not pretty pretty crazy stuff that's all i can say follow the money like they said back in the seventies all the money marie that debate with donald trumpet the republicans had first one before he was president they were getting on him for a thicken money from polos clinton and of representers name over their new york and don trumple from the open wicofortius o course i did look would have gone i had for my chair laughing pegasean told the truth right i think he's i think he's absolute larious i like the rightful president of the united states stopreset donald j trump the rightful president of the united states i think he's absolute larious smart witty in your face says that easy said as was my he says we're all thinking you know in were all thinking that hess has he got to say at i'm going to see if long token gets as to me and we can put it up here moni so here yachtshe's so much irrefutable proof that our elections are being run by foreign entities i i don't understand why we've stalled out and not just said a right guys in time to scrap this angle back to zero that's why i've costly said i am not going to concede the twenty twenty two election and i'm not i were not going to stop until we write at least the twenty twenty and the twenty twenty two election and clint make a me to very good point of her how do you know that donald trump wanted two thousand sixteen eleven he is like he's like we don't know and you agree with that i absolutely largely a is ben that but little is sped the hanging chad's pang and now confident present bush was all knocked loose slid oh how d you be so confident on that and i was really weird and twenty sixteen you are so right we don't know of it will bomb ever want we don't know if the bush is over one we we don't know i mean i mean i don't think that we've ever had an honest election as long as i've been alive yet your half to question it and i mean that's my opinion that we've never had an honest election as long as i've been alive now this that made the documentary selection as they're talking about day i always put it this way almost like they're taken or it sure seems that way it sure seems like a discos back and forth all the time on his going to see horace if you're able to send it to me there yogi and we'll see a fight will see it comes through on that email address ha one not see it yet so that's okay yet he was talking about a selection coed yesterday cause i i don't know you know i've come to the point in time and that i just think i think that there's two different you know we have two tears of not only justice but what actually happens here and the tagsore said to get that's what i'm seein as a global crime said yea when when we when i first got out that we are looking into this election i again i been kind of glad chitapore its nests with a stick before that and so was really suspicious of anybody call on me i didn't know and all that and i phonecall with weird other there number that's calling you shows up on your phone here and it was tom really really i ble numbers claimed to us from italy and i to e got got inachians gottreich and i got it now you are and so finally i said cause rossus icious have it finite us down upon him and not an kickin myself for that i wish her had to ponnobori had all the and that was back i might have met twenty twenty one early but that's weird stuff like that happened and i had the people from all round the country when they are somebody landforce looking into it they were really frustrated they couldn't get their local or their state agencies of looking to it i did not know their state and muskegon city was looking into their stuffs i removed the happy of joining their task force and in securing information whether and in one of the frustrations i had was i had too many people all don't don't trust this place agency there got democrat leader don't try to wonder estate police and that one really kind of made me mad most of the troopers i know would jump off a cliff before they told him to have a lie you know so and that there's a lot of guys out to greet us in that state police i wot done a good thorough investigation and a demand was i say that cutting out someplace brains and technology they would have to be able to look into it's so it's you know and i think this is the quandary that a lot of us are in is that people don't know who to trust any more so you know you kind o got to take the time to dig into things and see what's really going on you know o and that that propaganda makes everybody paranoisten knowing whom to trust and trying to an tryin to pull this up on that hang out other problem we had they i don't know who did it but they said judges have state wide jurisdiction or get these search warrant sign for county aid that are coming from county see over for hours away from a judge over there and in settavaye to minute hear ah how is that possible cause the people in comedy a did not have a say with that judge was in cans now they do the same thing with the license one licensing or in inharmony with the circuit court judge and i am gone why don't i get to say and who that judges cause i hate people license in my county here and i talked like licensing for restaurants and stuff like that so that's another headache have it's autocontrol i cockatooer judge shop pintadoes friendly to laforce ent and signed ridiculous search warrant rather than really looking at over oh i've heard it all over the place that you know i mean i and here i've got one right here finally found it guys is pye i found i've heard it all over to place the judge shopping or as we call equal branches of government if they've got state wide jurisdiction and i guess all sharifs due to them same thing within treasurers and clerks and everything else now the i don't hear time swallowing that pill and where do you take it to calne well there's there's the question where do you take it to challenge every mean if ever it there's this there's no bounds on what a person's will sidon a job category then we have complete chaos you take it to the judges decide whether not they're going to give themselves a schisme take away their power ye here's here's the here i think i've got it here he otometoge all share the screen will show all show the video here a minute of his testimony of recon see what we're talking about here this course will you please say to the peregrine he where you saw torres mr carewould you please faculty for the river a name is pliocene to hearwere do you reside how is he for in what is your profession you look will you please speak of the microcontroller tessalace programmer this secured is other propriam that can be used to see what the fixed elections yet how you know that fetiches because i tolerate thousand irepresenting or present congressman company and the company i work for in metaphor at vigo the sakais back it was bringing the lection it we took the most fifty one for me as ever he wanted into two and the separation in what that programme that you design be something that election pedicils the pike the county worse collections could detect the never set mister wisenstein was again they would never see it so how on such a such a program of secret program that fixes the election how could it be detected you would have to few of either the source come or you have them proceed and the count these hard paper against the acetosohas yous i must or curtis if you had been half you were others with your professional excites and then asked to decide of protected program there were protect the ohio mentions from against against such software to fix the election could you then so if we then ask to make a program efficiency boltonoryou design program working of procedure or protocol of protective ohio against this kind of pre now you have to look at the source of the casket probably programmes for both for all parties to look at the sorcepan determined their anything in that he should be then and he is the simple program your anion to persons tolleshunt red lines of cottons i guess nothing are you aware of whether there was any protective action in ohio against this kind of boring through software i don't know you don't know i don't know you were you are not asked to assistant in development that he protected system decrect now it was in europe have you gone revenall the elect results no higher no am here live the availability of such so of bringing software and he testimony has been given under oath of substantial statistical anomalies at rose thisdifference s between extolling that and the actual collated results you have an opinion whether or not ohionhentaheron presential lection was hatched yes i'm that was i made if you have as the pulling down that is near the cliff from the lot then is probably and you got money is under oath because you give it is true yes we were half i was as fond torphicon pressmen at that time he was hegeso florida gen increses which have cut their were corrodyes and there corporator more to has he had time he with his spear the house of florida to ices the honanese was the woes of the berlinghieris if the santritter ouse i do what the police she comes you wish the lobes forgetting in the prices we had hastilycontrived endeavprise his work computerites pocahontas your noninflationary hessein a she consoles while we speak of coroneting por previous for two thousand worchester ever spress why you want the colcorton now i am elerson that they were trying to keep your guns which ceanothifolia so i brought up the doctor ocation of wot you would look for the source code how you would make sure that you didn't get the vanishedshe had received because it leviathans alone of lookingandand i the pertectorate tom just think fond i handed that into this gainsayers from force yours and she said you don't urstand we need to hide the crowd in societies as the hellenodicae cases prolocutor sonorensis use i no the eye i was rabblesome kinaston to i think you said is for you assist the consolaciones question would you just repeat what you certain terms of vertybree he is cossonnerie different for the vote and if they were you would conclude washin i look on cluessome one played with montenegro her possible to operate nothing is definite something scared one or the other of our to selection ootthese with rellement this one for the question is sure for the moment that such software as she found isoelectric above whose house oscitare greeting the factitious or yes you give them shines and they have not in pasha refinishing you happened you know soatime or to them that there descend these as takes the scenes he compiled with a cold though possibly of lines of like teasomething to do you might you might you might not lisithous cause they are destroied strong that i censorships pine cometistes ah instruction firstquestion testudinate either or both either botocuden actually see what's in there she felt known as the communist relentingly unable or running in very smolts and three potetschiki eetself mistfor the questions reiseiners topeople to sure that as to the election sonsothers fresh to the mosotones tepefactet in firing thatford i hear patriticos orderations to thousands of the shades and that the wiered for sins that true insanocecity jews if he did a simple congulation machine ostendisse light so plain the cichlopasser calculation sent so if you shore not fashion him a crowd in such population changes for pacostiphos or pensipenondosan you gasteromancy or you could make it so there possessing on it like the concatenations where you would punchinella corospondance care ah i know the play tetralogiesor happen with that people have done by shoesthese she became of the captatores articles on antoinette not one ever returned on ironing oh no words no veramente he altindisches so the carringtons the swissthe resultsinfluence at and the assonancethat pesteredsoon igolotes new work thether they do talking of so nonresistance however anythingvegetable not but she looked at the source contestatur and safe there each thank you consentienti don't i homoiothermic teteucha the civilian takhonaha totonteac and the onontios ben lot of whole despeceries confederation ship to the president that a peisistratan as supposedly confined surround hold them to the chorus oh beenseparated in your work if your co oh have you heard if you was kind of discussion to be no people i have sense of any how i should set the open i too you other low siebenter stewart such your credibility to can be stated once again or there credentials a programmer in work from passing with the vicomte for on presentation other elements of my story as the scoliosis this happy also in dessicates and they were visiblenothing considiration of his kin byword and having office saisissement and see right and he was happy pension for the otandos contractors cineration intentions and he was fond of the holy assurance go for software he is a more having lost oilbarrel of woolcot contractors to the asseverything they set that too yes for where all this and just last more to think he was arrested for tempting to say and i take this lechis to the capital will come his thin as horacistas and or that think hildegonde hundred dollar fine and no time thank you i shall minimesthe betterthank you were there to one who incredible how can we have in faith in anything that's going on out there in or no elections systems all the probe you come across next his even this think of lo the warming her as more and more people are start to do that because they've been like to so much on everything else so where does it begin and where it is the going to end well you know you do do is look at grand home making one point six million dollars on a hone stock in a game and she have there's so much unjust enrichment going on and a conflict of interest is just its crazy and you know you look at the windmills and the goshen stuff go to and owned by the comes things party and we've we've got a real problem i mean even even when you look at the the solar nonsense that this is this is this is crazy we we can have a zero carbon foot on pretty easily at but what they've done as they've made it illegal for us to distill farmers used to be able to produce alcohol they could run the rather quitman on it but they they've choked a town not the government they choked as stone i think it's the shame well deveny last words to say to me this was this is an extraordinary thing for comintana yetthere's a lot more coming all peatterson a worse still then investigating stuff her all and hear and what we're trying to be very very careful make it very colony s as i a i just don't have the man power of the budget be going all out to california investigating stuff and i pray for those the trooper and the city officer and the clerkethereof for doing the right thing and doing their investigation and i said is keeping attention and more more selfwill become or not all than that not for me i'm just talk it from all round the centre i think so too i think the good guys are in control i'm going to keep saying that it's as amatter of of waiting than putting our trust in and god and going forward so we've got muttered to set a carbonised i'm carven yes carbon is good but they want to make everybody all paranoid about it so i be you know you it's it's carbon neutral maybe we should say carbon new tother is in many ways to do that but the way they're doing it with the windmills which is you can't break a wind mill down there's there's complex a complex of materials and in the window blades and such and you know you can also look at the solar panels while that's great are they making it with clean silicon silica or the isisi contaminate we don't know we don't know where this going for there's some cropthat's that better yet dickory in or oil from where are we getting it for or able to drill or one which is lacking her oil so were we buying the binotonous country and the ever offindhir pockets i heard just justice tly that part of the infrastructure bell that they can't that they a basically the state of michigan alleges that we had twenty one wills or there might more but that's what i know in the state of michigan that they basely set were set where were leaking so they stood the company took over the wells and camped them that this seniorly great strategy if you want of force in entire state and to on to the electric power grid which is not built to handle the amount of electric that they want to put on and how do we get electricity by burning something or having it now like big reservoirs or something which also requires power to to you know run part nothing nothing runs without without i hate to say it there there at with a technology where he have right now you don't you don't just materialize electricity out of the air it's got to be produced somehow if people are missing that component and when people were not that their oilers also by products of oil and when if they stopped his oil production there drilling all that other ripple effect is gone contain her releveray bad ye you do look at like a nigger seats on your chair more than likely as some type of oil by product at your paints a i mean i can go on and on if i sat down upon notforgive in one as tercentenaries therethere's much that we have that's based on in a like you and the refined when they were fine oil you get so many different products out of oil that i don't think anybody understands how much that just stopping heilprin is going to just grind us right down into a peasant class of people living in little grass hot and now is in its it's nonsense it's it's there it's another yet another attack on we the people so people led to get out dicated well cut keep coming back to that so ill a carsescress wernon water to de seesoap the nuclear plant energy is the key to a stable economy correct and a cheap energy so bring gollingford there so anyhow he me last words i'll have to get on haemmerling for me at the front door there all things were being one for such a long time and being with us have tell me got that testimony thank you so much for coming and i'm in to go head in adinfer but i'll let you go i know your best right now in so long gay to day but i'm glad that i'm glad that i went ahead and played that when clint was on yesterday eh eh i didn't get a chance to play the whole video that he had there but i think that it was really super super valuable i let i like dorle's got a meeting that meats on one of the days of the week every couple of weeks that's really fond meeting to go to if you want to see people argue out the law and andretti cases together it's it's really fun you know it sometimes we bogged down and you oleus looking for things honestly this is something i've done for years with a bunch of research friends is that we just go in and we we try to find as many things as we can to put her with out there to get the truth out in front of all of us they do think it's it's valuable sit'tidae and move on to our days dear heavenly father thank you so very much for dornford grave said all the very people there out there fighting for this nation it's a wonderful day when we realise that you've given us everything that we need to bring the nation that to one nation under you and were thankful for that because you always are right everything that you do is done through love and that you care about us and your plans are always the best and were very thankful for that thank you for the day had of us guide direct our steps letter body know how much they are truly loved that you're with him and all together do is just turn to you and you will be there you are there they just need to turn to you and you'll have the answers for them and things that are perplexing and give them the peace of passes understanding thank you so much for bengeat friends we want to be a friend to you and gesontheyt to be like you we want to be like you and all of our ways and jesus christ precious name the real god bless you god bless all those whom you love and god bless the merica make good choice is to day it's up to us to make good choices don't steal don't lie don't truth if you don't have an example be the example for yourself and for others and will see it to morrow i have a to morrow i've got another gal that that is one some processit should be really fun and another person with sheriff's actions from down in texas sostrata great day